American Idol 2012 Top 5 Results Show Recap: It’s Now Down To Four

American Idol 2012 Coldplay

American Idol 2012 said goodbye to another contestant Thursday night and while it wasn’t as shocking as some eliminations, it wasn’t exactly an expected one.

At the start of the night, Ryan gets right down to the results. He pulls Joshua Ledet to center stage even before the Ford music video. I’m guessing Joshua’s performance the night before was just so well-recieved no one could imagine him landing in the bottom, so Ryan sent him to safety.

Next we get the Ford music video followed by a taped performance by Coldplay that’s edited to seem live. Then Ryan gets back to the results.

It’s Hollie Cavanagh and Phillip Phillips he pulls up this time. Hollie had a great night the night before and Phillip and his illness have caught up with him as his previous night’s showing wasn’t that great. There was a lot of speculation today among bloggers about Phillip’s fate this week. Some believed he’d be in the bottom. That would mean everyone this season had been in the bottom one time or another and that basically never happens. Idol historians, tell me a season that happened, because I can’t remember. Phillip continues the streak and is sent to safety. Hollie is the first person in the bottom 2, which is a familiar spot for her.

Carrie Underwood returns to the Idol stage to entertain and then it’s back to the results. The last two are Skylar Laine and Jessica Sanchez. Something tells me the votes for these two aren’t as obvious as one might expect or they wouldn’t have sent them up for their results together. So be advised Jessica fans, Ryan might have sent her to safety, but it seems like she may be slipping toward the bottom. So yeah, that means Skylar joins Hollie in the bottom 2.

After another canned Coldplay performance, it’s time to find out who makes it in the Top 4 and who heads home. It seems pretty obvious that Hollie would go home, even though she had a good week. But America decided they wanted to keep her around and Skylar is the one getting the boot.

Skylar takes the stage for her final performance and she delivers it like she just won the show instead of just getting eliminated. That’s one more sign that she’s a true performer and is ready for a career in music. Skylar had sang her spunky little self right into my personal Top 2, so I’m kind of bummed to see her go. I was hoping she could do some Reba before she exited the show. Oh well.

So you’ve got your Top 4: Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez and Hollie Cavanagh.

What did you think of the outcome of the results show? Are you happy with the Top 4?




  1. why skylar????????  in  million years i’ll never understand.  she’s fabulous.  but  not to worry, some label will scoop her up and she’s got a long, lucrative career ahead of her.. there are still two bodies there who really don’t belong, and two outstanding singers still left.  i thought hollie blew it away with “river deep”.  and jessica singing “you are so beautiful” was not just beautiful.. it was MAGNIFICENT.  i STILL don’t get p2, and joshua is good but not nearly as great as the three stooges portray him to be.  at least adam is coming back…the BEST singer ever on idol, j-lo.  pay attention on may 17

    • Let’s see:
      JLo said Josh is one of the best singers in 50 years whereas she’s only 42
      Steven said he’s top 2 best singers in Idol history which I doubt he watches Idol since beginning. Had he watched from beginning, he’d have known Leona Lewis and her “Bleeding Love”! Simon mentioned her couple of times in Idol plus she performed once in Idol..

      • the worst part of the show is the judges and their inane comments and actions.  the standing ovation has completely lost its meaning and relevance.

      •  Steven says Carrie Underwood is the best so he is linking Joshua with Carrie’s abilities. All 5 are good and  I wish Joshua well but I have seen his talent  type in churches for many years. I do not get that he is original at all. His exposure on American Idol and hard work will create a music career for him.

      • Have to agree 100%. The comment from JLo was the stupidest I have ever heard. Best singer in 50 years?!?!?! What is she nuts? And Randy stating that he’s best singer on Idol EVER? What is in those drinks they’re having during the show.

      • Not to forget, that few weeks ago they claimed Jessica to be the best singer ever.

      • Jan, 

        And I’ve seen Phillip Phillip’s type on street corners singing with their hat/cup out.  That doesn’t mean he isn’t good.  The show doesn’t necessarily look for the most original person out there.  They look for someone that can connect to America period.   Plus original is relative.  And even if you’ve seen people like Joshua in churches where are they in the recording industry.  He actually stands out.  People keep saying he is gospel but I think they misunderstand the term.  He’s a soulful singer that some people really like.

      • everyone needs to stop hating and get over it..these judges, jimmy, everyone know what they’re talking about

    • jimmy has to sign her becasue the consestants sign a contract saying they will work with 19 recordings/interscope records
      hopefully jimmy signs skylar and colton right away

      • Exactly. My top two and I know they will go far, no matter who wins, because as past seasons have shown, the winner isn’t usually the one with the best career!

  2. Hollie must have a lot of supporters…Skylar’s spunk was only going to get her so far and making the the top 5 is no small feat. I think it will be Jessica and Philip in the finale.  Josh deserves to be there but America “girls” love their white boys with guitars!  We’re all duped into believing this show is strictly about talent….it never has been and never will. 

    •  Not fair statement. Reuben Studdard won without a guitar or white skin. He was from Louisiana next door to Mississippi where Joshua is from and got his start in church just like Joshua.

      • Not to mention Fantasia and Jordin, girls but not ur typical pretty Carrie type winner.

      • Ruben is from Alabama not Louisiana.  Also, he won before every kid in the US had at least one cell phone.  Idol is ridiculous with their unlimited voting policy.

      • American idol was a lot different back then.  He’s from Alabama not Louisiana.  Also, when asking where they are now… you can ask that about most of the contestants.  It’s been a long run for American Idol.  It’s hard talent found through traditional means to last this long.  What about that Taylor guy…where is he?

    • Sad to say that since Jordin Sparks winning season, the couple of years turns out to be GIRLS-Go-FOR-CUTE-BOYS! Very irritating!

  3. Yeah. Skylar did amazing with that last performance~ 🙂
    Oh. before I forget, Carrie. wow. great job~ 🙂 Nice song.

    • Thought Carrie was shockingly shreik-y and pitchy last night. Didn’t quite seem herself. Something was “off.” Did anyone else notice?

      • No. Everyone was glued to the results that no one noticed or even cared about Carrie’s pitchy performance.

      • Really? didn’t notice it. I didn’t focused on it since she’s not a contestant anymore. I just enjoyed the performance. 🙂

      • I’ve posted before that I don’t think the acoustics in that theater are the best for transferring the sound over TV.  During the Finale when they move to the Kodak Theater the sound is always so much better.

      • I thought she sounded like she was losing her voice.  Could really tell it more when she was talking w/Ryan after her performance.  A little hoarse. 

  4. Skylar was my favorite that girl had some spunk and grit.  Very talented she will be signed on with someone she has too much to offer not to be.  The ones left now I don’t have a preference of who I want to win.  I know I would not buy any of their cds.  I would of liked to see Skylar and Elise in the finale but oh well those two girls will go forward with a singing career.

  5. Enough with the girls getting the boot.. Next week should be one of the boys going home.. Hopefully it’s Randy…
    Say what, Dawgggg ???!!!  LOL

    •  When Randy talks  is when our family jumps up and get a drink, snack,or takes a bathroom break. LOL We don’t listen to his  WORDY chatting.

    • It shouldn’t be a boy girl thing.  If that were the case, along with Teen Idol, they could have a all girl show, then an all boy show.  That just isn’t the way it works.

    • Jimmy: you are fired RanDy

    • Hopefully all of Skylar’s votes will transfer to her bestie Hollie.  I think Phil was hoping to go home.

    • Next week should be one of the boys going home”

      Hello!! There’s only one guy left in the competition, so are you trying to say that PP must be booted out next week? 

      LOL. I’m just trolling around.

      But seriously, think about what I said. :>

  6. I have to agree with the results. I love Skylar but she seemed to be one of the three who have the bootout potentials.

    With regards to the top 4, I would rank them as follows:

    1. Joshua Ledet
    2. Jessica Sanchez
    3. Hollie Cavanagh
    4. Phillip Phillips

    Many would say Hollie is out of her league, but the fact that she do perform beautifully with full of surprises, that will make her belong to the final 4.

    Phillip always sing artsy, with no surprises. At this point of the competition, every performance must have a WOWing factor for it to be memorable enough to keep someone from the bottom. Phillip, I think, does almost the same thing every week.

    For me, I would prefer a Jessica-Hollie finale. Or Joshua could replace any of them two, but Phillip could never replace any one of them.

     For me he must be eliminated next week.

      •  That would be sweet because they are best friends like Lauren and Scotty were last year.

    • True, and she has had to get up and sing for her life for the past few weeks, knowing that the judges obviously are pushing for everyone but her.

    • Phillip is awesome, he brings something new each week for me he’s the only one that stands out. I love to hear and watch him sing. We have lots of singers with who can hit the high notes.

      • The only thing new that Phillip brings each week is a new way of murdering a song by ignoring the melody and meaning.  Making a song your own doesn’t mean making each song the same…that just boring…making it your own usually means adding to the original, not taking away from it.

      • I kind of feel like being able to hit the high note is a little harder than making those strange faces and movements.  

        Though you don’t have to do it all the time, I feel like the high notes show more talent.  

    • I feel the same way~Either JS,Josh or Hollie in the Finale. 
      Although P2 may have just be one of the finalist having a steady support~ 🙂

  7. The Country Vote just wasn’t there this year….not sure why.  I didn’t like Skylar at the beginning but grew to really like her as the season went along.  I did the opposite with Jessica who I was blown away with at the beginning and have grown to really dislike her as the season has gone along…….

    I think that as with last year when we lost Casey, Durbin and Haley over a 4 week period — to me means the best don’t always win.

    I am hoping Joshua wins, P2 second, Hollie third

    • Whenever there IS a country FEMALE in AI, they will always be compared to Carrie. Last year, Scotty won country hearts through his down to earth deep vibe voice. HE was NEVER compared to any idols before, making him original. It seems that when a contestant gets compared to other artist or an AI winner especially, they kinda lose the votes..(eg..Lauren Alaina)

      • Scotty can sing and they tried to change him but he just kept being Scotty, he was humble too. Nothing fancy just himself.

      • Lauren also had weak performance skills and lacked the polish of others. I never quite believed she got 2nd place votes.

      • Lauren was too young, just as Jessica is too young.  They should raise the age limit to at least 18, and 20 would be even better.

  8. I had Skylar picked as one of the final four-She will be picked up by a major label-she is a complete package for a record label! 

  9. It’s amazing that 4 girls made it to the top 6, but now they are getting picked off one by one. Jordin Sparks was the last female winner…and it’s time for another. I’m so glad Hollie is still here, but I would have liked to see her make it to the top 2 with Hollie. I’m sure Phillip will make it to the end, which is not fair. He is talented and cute, but he is not growing and expanding himself like the others.

    I hope Hollie can at least stick around for one more week. I really wan to see her in the top 3.

  10. after Skylar was elimanated i will never watch Idol again…She was the best one on there….Where were all you country fans….?  She was so good and we all voted for her every week…Don’t like any of the rest except Phillip…..anyway i hope she will get a contract with some one out there….

    • I’m not going to stop watching, but I will stop voting. I will not throw my votes to someone else. By not voting, it is a way of payback to the judges, producers, and sponsors. A low number of votes says that something needs to be changed for Idol to contine. We all know that changes need to be made. Don’t vote any more if your favorite has been eliminated. Not voting is a vote for show improvement.

      • People have been saying the same thing for years.  It doesn’t work.  AI doesn’t care.

    • you sure you’re never gonna watch ai again?????????????????????????????????/hahaha

  11. I was very happy to hear Jimmy’s comments for Jessica…I definately felt uncomfortable with how they dressed Jessica…just as I was uncomfrotable with the sexy dancer they had behind Joshua in a previus show…AI needs to clean up their act!!!

    That said, very pleased Jessica and Hollie made top 4…sad to see Skylor go but for Hollie and Jessica to make the top 3, they are gonna need votes that would have been directed toward Skylor…if Jessica and Hollie perform the way the did last night, next week, they will be top 3 for sure!!!

  12. Oh, please Branden. Give me a break! Just two articles ago, you mentioned that no one really is a hundred percent safe and here you are, advising Jessica’s fans to be more cautious for she might be slipping towards the bottom. Of course! All of them are dancing with dangerous fire. Phillip was also slipping as well as Hollie. Joshua might be slipping without us noticing it. We don’t hold the voting percentage. We even can’t rely on dial idol as well as this site. All of us are nothing but predictors—-and voters.

  13. Joshua Ledet &
    Hollie Cavanagh. They are the top 2. This is so obvious to me.
    Phillip Phillips and Skylar Laine are just plain aggravating. Jessica bothers me but I can’t pin it down. So there you have it. My 2 cents worth. Now back to working on my boat :^) 

    • I hope you are right.  If Hollie picks up Skylar’s votes that could easily happen.  Joshua and Hollie have been my favorites since the beginning.  I’m pretty sure that Phil is worn out and wants to go home and rest up for the tour.

      • Phillip may have kkidney stones but’s its no reason to send him home. You may not like him but alot of us do.  

      • @yahoo-KJGWLBCJB3HWKIAJ7WEBR4U644:disqus Did you hear Jimmy last night?  He said Phil has wanted to go home for weeks.  If he leaves voluntarily he breaches his contract and misses the tour and all that $ he’d get for that.  His only option is getting voted off.

    • ugggh Jessica bugs me too for some reason but I can’t figure out why either lol..and agree on the Phil & Skylar comment. Phil NEEDS to go

  14. Joshua Ledet &
    Hollie Cavanagh. They are the top 2. This is so obvious to me.
    Phillip Phillips and Skylar Laine are just plain aggravating. Jessica bothers me but I can’t pin it down. So there you have it. My 2 cents worth. Now back to working on my boat :^) 

  15. You people who don’t like Phillip obviously don’t like anyone who doesn’t scream through their performances.  Phillip is the American Idol type, talent, looks and personality.  The whole package.  That is why Hollie, who keeps sqeaking through is still there, she is the idol type, talent, looks, and personality.

    • Phillip is good, but not that good. He is Joe Cocker reincarnated. I agree Joshua sucks and is getting me on my nerves with the screaming. If he’d “sing” the songs, he’d wow everyone.

      • I tend 2 believe Phillip feels a lot worse than we know.  Did you hear Jimmie.  How much does it suck for him to be sick now.  But he’s a Southern boy and just ask Neil Young, they are tough.  Hope he feels btr and performs btr bc I love his style.

      • Oh Lord @e68534ca86b914093fe18bcee73089d8:disqus , ever you never heard the song Southern Man, it’s a frigging classic song by Neil.

      • essa, about kidney stones, they can make you sick but it shouldn’t put him out. I know from much experience, the attack hurts but the pain does go away He just may be taking meds right now so if he has another bout with one it won’t hurt as bad He had trouble with his equipment the other night during his song. I’ll keep voting for Phillip. He is awesome. 

      • @yahoo-KJGWLBCJB3HWKIAJ7WEBR4U644:disqus , I remember he had some sort of surgery at the beginning of the season.  I noticed too that piece come out of his ear. He mentioned it on facebook, but he doesn’t seem to be a person who would blame anything or anyone for his performances.  I think he’ll come back strong.  I also hope you feel btr and don’t have any more attacks…ever!

    • He screams through the entire performance.  Really?!  The entire performance.  Now you are exaggerating.  He is a performer, which we really can’t say for Phillip.  While Joshua could tone it down, he doesn’t do it the whole time.  It’s his thing.  Just like Phillip likes to look like he is in pain the entire time.  People may not like Phillip because he is boring and awkward to watch.

      I can think of a lot of winners that didn’t fit your so called “idol type”

    • you fucking sure??? the Idol type? he who doesn’t listen to others, especially the mentors.. very arrogant!

  16. Fix, Fix and more fix. Look this is being set up for Joshua to be in the final. Let’s face it. The girls fall all over Philip. He’s good, but he sound the same every week. I still wish for Hollie and Jessica as the final two, but who knows. I still say we should see the number of votes each contestant is getting as I do not believe the results.

  17. I tweeted Skylar to do a Reba song weeks ago. She should have listened. Oh well, she will be a country star, but I predicted she would be eliminated on Thursday. She had bad song choices last night.

    • Reba would have been great 4 her and appealed to her fans.  Who knows what the future holds 4 her, maybe Carrie will help her.

      • based on Carrie’s performance last night, I find Skylar better than her.. =)

      • Replying to “wondering”: While Carrie Underwood has a great voice, she doesn’t have the personality on stage that Skylar does. Carrie, to me, comes across as methodical and cold. I’ve never been to one of her concerts, but her Christmas TV special was about as warm as a snow storm. This is why I like Skylar better. I don’t think Skylar was ever “classified” correctly on Idol. She’s a little bit country and a little bit rock. All that was ever mentioned was the country part, and since a country singer won last year that put her at a disadvantage.

      • I was just wondering bout ya.   Agreed, it seemed like Carrie had a sore throat.  Skylar’s cool, she’ll do great.  She’s got balls!!

    • She could only pick from the approved song list the producers give them.  Maybe there was no Reba on it.

    • She could only pick from the approved song list the producers give them.  Maybe there was no Reba on it.

  18. And I wanted a Jessica vs. Skylar finale, well, looks like we’ll never get a two-girl finale ever again! I miss you, Season 3….and of course Skylar will be missed, but I’m looking forward to seeing Skylar perform at the finale with some star, hopefully Miranda Lambert or the like 🙂
    As for the Top 4, I think the contestant showing the most growth and maturity is Hollie! She is peaking at the exact right time and has stolen much of Jessica’s spotlight. Jessica is still very good, but REALLY needs to bring her A-game, not just scrape through week by week, she needs another MOMENT (like her I Will Always Love You, which is why she’s still in the competition).
    Joshua is neither one of the best singers in 50 years nor one of the greatest Idol contestants ever, so sorry judges, but I disagree. He’s good, but not a GOD.
    And Phillip, I still don’t get. Really.
    What I would like is a Jessica vs. Hollie OR Jessica vs. Joshua finale. But of course, we’re going to get another WGWG winning it all, and disappearing after June.
    So well done, America!

    • Jessica has had a bunch of performances just as good as “I Will Always Love You”. Actually, when I go back to listen to her performances, that isn’t her best (in my opinion). Just because the judges haven’t been jumping up and down over her, doesn’t mean she hasn’t had a moment.
      And for the record, I Will Always Love You may be the reason she stood out in the first place, but she’s still in the competition because she is very consistent.

    • WGWG Yea!!!  Just what we want, go Phil do us a favor and win this darn thing

  19. Gonna miss our little spunky, sassy, “Thick-boned” country girl! Good luck to her! :’)

  20. Skoutlaws! Time to convert to Holliepops and vote for Skylar’s best friend!!! Go Hollie!

      • Skylar said in her post elimination interview that she was happy it was over and she is looking forward to the tour and reuniting with Hollie.  I think she’d be happy for her votes to go to her best friend.

      • Not true.  Skylar said she didn’t want Hollie to get voted off before her and that she was ready to go home.  

      • @25ec7cf1afcc411464c89781fc53f8eb:disqus do you really believe the girl who on Wednesday night professed to JLo that, yes I really want to win it all, was ready to leave?  Don’t think so, she’s just trying 2 keep it together.  That’s like saying she wanted Hollie 2 win, they’re friends, but let’s keep it real!  This IS a competition afterall.

    • hollie may have a good voice, but her performance level is crap! If an excellent performer will not win, why should we allow a crappy performer to win?

      •  Because American Idol is about the journey, growing and developing. And Hollie is showing the best journey so far, the way she’s improving and learning….I’m personally so proud of little Hollie!

      • @Leah…I haven’t heard too much praise by the judges for any of their performance levels.  That’s JS downfall, as well as Hollie.  Come 2 think of it, Skylar did get a lot of love for her stage performances.  A lot of good it did her.  And…Joshua too, they like his moves.

  21. Its riged should of been Jessica r josh going home!!!!!!! Gonna miss u Skyler

  22. After Hollie probably goes home next week, I can’t quite decide who will Jessica Sanchez face in the finale. Jess vs P2 or Jess vs Josh?

  23. Personally I am not disappointed with the results. May be bias, but I’m from the southeast, and have heard enough country already. But I also do not like her voice inflections. It’s an opinion, take it for what it’s worth.

  24. Skylar is the most prepared to move on right now.  The fact she did a Miranda Lambert song, and Lambert herself only finished third on Nashville Star, shows that she understands the world is ahead of her.  She will be fine, just may have to work a bit harder without being pimped by AI.

    Phillip should have been sent home, if for no other reason to get his health in order.  Frankly I can’t see buying a Phillip album or going to a Phillip concert and watching what we have seen all in one show.

    Jessica needs to stop acting like a novelty act near a US naval base.  “You Are So Beautiful” was Jessica at her best, “Proud Mary” was Jessica at her creepiest.  She needs to get rid of that to be seriously considered an artist.

    Hollie and Joshua need AI the most right now.  Their personalities don’t appear to be Type A and I think they need the AI cocoon to help get their careers started.

  25. I was very happy 4 Josh, he looked so proud and humble. Phillip looked relieved, Hollie looked like oh no, not again..felt bad 4 JS since they really trashed her appearance so much…and poor Skylar’s eyes were so sad.  But, someone has 2 go every wk, that’s the purpose of the show.  Love Phillip, but if the very best singer/performer is supposed to win, I wouldn’t be unhappy if Joshua took the prize.

    • you felt bad for jessica ? really ? you’re a certified jessica hater you faker ! look at your past postings ! 

      • Just bc I’m not a fan doesn’t mean I don’t have a heart.  They all looked sad last night, including Jessica. 

    • Joshua never looks humble to me. More like smug. Lol, the guy can SING though, so it can be forgiven.

      • He is maybe what 20 yrs old?  In a talent show, no he isn’t smug.  Everytime Hollie is in the bottom 3, he consoles her.   I think he’s shy.

    • we taped the show and then fast forwarded both their songs.  they ain’t the stones, that’s for sure!!

      • As a ps to that comment…Dave Grohl recently said at an award show that music should be someone opening their mouth and singing and that he still jammed in a garage like back in the day.  He hated all the bullshit of lights and computers and all the nonsense that has nothing to do with music.   I would love for the Foo Fighters to be on the show, but can’t imagine that would EVER happen.

    • No, actually they were very cool to watch and if you want proof, go to their concert if you can.

  26. Someday Jessica might be able to have a personality and sing like no-ones business, but, she’s nothing better than a school performer right now no matter what her voice is capable of….that is NOT “Idol” material folks…not now, anyway.   A year or more from now, yes, maybe.  However,this is not supposed to be about looks, sympathy or race…this is about who can bring the BEST VOCAL and performance in ALL songs…Jessica fails to do that. 
    You made Holly wait a year or two before you accepted her…you should have done same to Jessica.  — I am so tired of the Idol Judges being two-faced to contestants.  You can’t defend one contestant for the same thing you blast other contestants with!  No wonder you get contestants like Holly so mixed up during the season.  She has more talent  and tries to perform with your advice and does better than Jessica does in spite of all your confusing remarks to her and the others.  Remember, they aren’t just listening to your comments to them, but listening to what you tell everyone else too.– Stop the standing ovations!  Please remain seated till you have seen what America sees and hears on their television and computers.  Believe me, you will see what the “screeching” that Josh and Jessica get in their performances is terrible  for us.  Don’t get me wrong…really like Josh, however, he get’s to parts in many of his songs that the screeching is absolutely unbearable.–I really wish Nigel had more time to be involved in this.  He’s a darn good judge on SYTYCD….and, yes, I know Nigel was a dancer and not a singer, but, art is art…he has seen enough to be a great judge.  Just my opinion.—Love Phillip, and understand his health has been keeping him from prime performances, however, he’d do better to leave now before he gets hooked into AI contract that may hurt him more than help him.  –Skylar had been the only one strong enough to have been able to survive that contract and retain her spirit and soul.  — 

    • Hollie is cool, every week, especially in the first few weeks, they picked on everything she did.  She stood there and took it.  But, the next week she was better, and took it again and kept on getting better.  At first I thought she was a blonde version of Jessica, but she’s proved me wrong. Maybe there is something to be said for not being judges’ favorite bc she is still standing. 

      • @hehehe.   Oh Hell no.  Haley growled and slinked around, ick.  Hollie is adorable, although I am a new fan of hers, I like her and she is nothing like Haley.  Elise had more of that Haley vibe.  Geez, I hate when people compare and now I’m dong it.

    • common sense…iwill have to disagree with you about what you said about jessica…can we all be reminded that she’s only 16 years old and yet has brought stellar performances in AI…if she’s not IDOL material then why would so many artists praised her? can i name a few? jennifer holiday, jennifer hudson, beyonce, adam lambert, akon, colbie calliat, jesse mccartney, latoya jackson, pia toscano, haley reinhart, lauren alaina, kris allen, melinda doolittle, stefano, matt giraud….and a lot more…..some of this artists are grammy award winners… is it safe to say that they are all so stupid and dumb for praising and rooting for jessica?! Im not even a jessica fan, coz i was rooting for skylar and P2 eversince AI 11 started…but i hate to say it, that JESSICA SANCHEZ girl is really amazing, considering her age, how she can hit all the high notes, all the runs and she’s not even a professional yet…anyway i respect ur opinion, i just have to disagree…

      • Very well said. How can just somebody says she’s not good.
        She may not be your favorite but she’s definitely an amazing singer~

      • OMG @Katrielle:  Give me a break…every single day u list people u deem 2 b  famous singers (LayToya Jackson?!!!) and go on forever how wonderful Jessica Sanchez is and now you claim ur not even her fan.   WTF.  It’s only the intellectually lost who argue!!

    • Jessica and josh to the fnale!!!!! Woohoooo!!!! Best vocals, best talent, like pro, unbelievable!!!!!!!

      • Their records will never sell; they’ll be unknown before they’re known…………..

    • Hollie is way overrated. They should have made her wait another year. She is pitch quite often, she can’t do the more complicated runs (well she hasn’t tried so I’m gonna go ahead and assume that’s because she can’t yet) and her falsetto is weak. However, her natural tone is quite beautiful so I think she is a diamond in the rough. Jessica’s vocal ability is astounding for anybody, let alone a 16 year old. Though, she needs to work on her showmanship, which will probably come with time and experience. They are my favorites out of the final four and I am totally hoping for a Hollie-Jessica finale

    •  I agree with you that art is art…and singing, unfortunately for most, is ART. Even if you don’t dance well, as long as you can excellently sing, everything else follows. Otherwise, just dance. When a singer is soulful, the jive and and swags go with the soul in the singing. But when you’re just a gimmick artist, someone without much vocal ability but does a good performance simply by putting a lot of add-ons to it; it’s like having  a main course with a lot of delicious side dishes, therefore setting aside the real flavor of the actual dish. When you remove all that hocus pocus on stage and just find yourself in a spot where you need to sing without much backup, I’m not sure if it’s even nice to listen to. Jessica can sing, with or without back-up; and that for me, is true art.

  27. These are the predictions of order I made before the first show.  Seems like I did pretty well over all.

    13.  Jeremy Rasado – Actual: Jeremy
    12.  Jermaine Jones – Actual: Jermaine (though not voted)
    11.  Ericka Van Pelt – Actual: Shannon
    10.  Heejun Han – Actual: Ericka
    9.   Shannon Magrane.  Actual: Heejun
    8.   Deandre Brackensick – Actual: Deandre
    7.  Joshua Ledet – Actual: Jessica Saved – Then Colton
    6.  Colton Dixon – Actual: Elise
    5.  Skylar Laine – Actual: Skylar
    4.  Elise Testone (obviously she is already gone so maybe Joshua is next?)
    3.  Philip Phillips
    2.  Hollie Cavanaugh
    1.  Jessica Sanchez

    • I thought Deandre would end up at least top six or five but then again he failed to connect with everyone with his wrong song choices. I also thought Hollie was number two before, I guess she’s just overrated at the first few weeks. She’s rank 4 to me now, next to go since I don’t see any of the others left going home before her.

  28. let’s not be complacent guys.. let’s not put Jessica down… vote vot vote!

  29. Just listened to Elise’s and Colton’s studio songs. Cant they just bring any of them back and kick that Hollie or Joshua out of the competition? God. They placed real talent to trash. Hoping for a record deal. 

  30. The judges obviously are pushing for a Josh v Jessica final. I can deal with Jessica, ’cause I enjoy listening to her. Can’t stand listening to Phillips or Josh anymore. Hollie is my favorite of the bunch, but needs to stop lidtenibg to the judges and just get out there and perform.

  31. Been noticing PP getting banged up by critics in the net lately. This began when the judges started cooling down on the dude. These judges can really swing the mood.

    • Everyone in the competition gets bashed on the internet. Phil is the same as every contestants and shares flaws just as the rest. I dont see why he shouldn’t be criticized when everyone else, good or bad gets bad reviews. Unlike before when he was untouchable, I know its bcuz of his huge fanbase esp. girls. There are only 4 of them left meaning less variety for the critics to speculate on. Besides, they should’ve seen his redundancy few weeks ago. Even the judges are too late on being cold towards him, now he’ll get stuck as the idol who keeps on singing the same way every week.  

    • You’re missing the subtext.  Phil wants to go home and the producers want to let him go home, but until he stops getting the votes everyone’s hands are tied.  He’s fighting a debilitating illness and can’t even make the Ford commercials because he’s worn out. He was hoping to get voted off last night.  He’s tired to death of it and is only phoning in his performances.

      • You people need to get over Phil wanting to go home because he’s sick.  He will be standing tall and proud when the curtain comes down on America Idol season 11 as the WINNER!!

  32. I agree how can JLo say Joshua is the best singer in 50 years she isn’t even been alive that long geez.  I’m just waiting to see if Joshua(Mantasia) is going to sing Fantasia’s song Collard Greens and Cornbread LOL.  What a waste of votes in my opinion.

    • J.Lo didnt say hes d best she’ve heard in the last 50 years….what she said was he’s one of the best singers she’ve heard in d last 50 years….u can go on and watch it again so you’ll know…peace…

  33. I dont like the facial expression of Phillip while singing, he looks like with mild autism.

    • Girls thinks that super sexy. Earns him alot of votes too. Mild autism, haha

    • I, along with many other woman, find that look hot!!  Look at Bruce Springsteen as an example, star emote their feelings on their face while singing.  Love it

  34. Happy ? No , but must except the facts ! I really enjoyed Skylar, her voice, her Excitment , & ability to put on a good show . I will truly miss her on AI , but I know we will be hearing from her shortly =) Someone will offer her a record deal NO DOUBT IN MY MIND ! Can wait for Skylars first of many CDs to be released !

  35. i really think Phillip should have gone and not skylar. Phillip is boring!! I think Jessica has slipped and now believe the new American Idol will be another male in Joshua.

    • Nah, Jessica’s fanbase is way larger than Josh’s. They don’t care if Jessica slips up, it just means they have to vote harder to keep her in.

    • Yeah, it looks like someone removed the seat from Phillips stool when he sings.

    • Most talented musicians do make weird faces when they sing because that shows they have feeling and emotions in all that they sing.  Go back and take a good look at Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler, Bruce Springsteen,  and so many more.  Even Coldplay, Chris Martin was full of expression through his 2 performances last night.  Please stop babbling about Phil and his “painful” expressions; they are not, they are what a good muician does.  Get over it.  Phil will win for sure.

      • u sure about that?? hahaha.. u are funny. i don’t even know u’re so called good musicians!!!

  36. I was excited about this season’s AI…at the beginning. Now, however, too many of the truly talented have been “axed.” The judges are not really judging “on the square.” I see much maneuvering going on. Frankly, I’m getting tired of the predictable “fauning” over each contestant! Elise had real talent, yet, was “shot down” by the judges after every performance. DeAndre, also, has a remarkable gift but was given “mixed messages.” The best critique comes from Jimmy Ioveen. He says it like it is. I respect that and him. At first, Jennifer and Steven were a good addition but are becoming predictable and tiresome. Bottom line: “America Idol’s on tonight.” Response: “Who cares?!” Meh. ~0:-/

  37. You gotta watch this video!  Unbelievable.  Then watch her sing Whitney Houston’s “I have nothing”.   Finnish Idol has an amazing talent.  Thanks for sharing with us!

  38. This is how I think will happen up to the finals.

    P2 / Jessica –  Final two

    This is based on votes which I think Johua has more edge than Hollie but it;s close.  I have seen both of them fighting for the same spot.  P2 could be the winner even though I am a Jes fan.  Jessica might win the whole thing if all the voters from Johua and Hollie switched to Jessica. 

    Regardless of the performance which I think all of them can perform and sing great from here on, it depends on the votes now.

    Wonder whats the next week theme is.  

    • i would rather see two girls in the finale…of course, since skylar gone home…hollie vs. jessica.

      when did AI have two girls fighting in the finale? season 3 only right, diana and fantasia.

      • the rest were boy vs girl or boy vs boy…

        im sure it would be a blast!!!

        Holliepops vs Jesspushers LOL

  39. Good luck to everyone–no matter who goes home now–fans will be upset–get behind your favorite and just enjoy.  Will miss Skylar’s spunk–would have liked to see her and Phillip in the final–two singer–song writers.  I know this isn’t everyone’s choice, so don’t go crazy on me–just my opinion.  My only request is that Phillip goes crazy and does something like ‘lil wayne’–check out the youtube video of him with the G&S band–he is not boring!!  Makes you wonder after watching that–is it the performer that gets stuck in a rut(lets be clear I don’t think he is in a rut) or does the the show put you in a rut??  Something to think about–because yes they get to choose their songs, but it is not always a wide selection that has been cleared for them.

  40. Well what do you now…Jennifer Hudson appeared to perform in the show and Jessica
    was voted off, now Carrie Underwood sang andSkylar goes home…hmmm…what a coincidence don’t you think?

  41. Whats the deal with Jimmy Iovine?  I am tired of  hearing his opinions on result night! If Idol wants 4 judges then add him with the other judges. Its plain overdone with all the criticism on everything the contestants do. This is the best year of contestants for Idol.  I have my favorite , just as everyone does. But, they all deserve to win!

      • Omg you noticed that too? He totally doesn’t give a damn. It seems to me like he’s TRYING to get voted off each week, and is surprised when he doesn’t. XD

      • So cynical, one way or the other, they are all gone in a few wks.  Then what r u going to do all day?

      • @b07ee9675e285e5a7058df5c5e861797:disqus Yes.  just like Jason Castro when he mouthed “Don’t vote as Ryan read off his numbers.  He wanted to go home.  Phil is worn out battling chronic kidney stones and the stress of the show.  He needs to get better before the tour.

  42. hollie is a very lucky girl…she’s like lindsay lohan in the JUST MY LUCK MOVIE….. 
    to get hollie voted off…an unlucky man should kiss hollie….so, their fate will be changed….LOLOLOL…I LOVE HOLLIE….FOR THE WIN…HOPE SHE’S WILL NEVER KISSING ANY GUY UNTIL THE END OF AMERICAN IDOL 2012….HOLLIE FOR THE WIIIIIINNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………

      • Poor Phillip just got dumped by her!  The guy is due for some good luck, although I guess he had it last night.

      • TROLOLOL…actually i love them both…i support hollie because she did great performances this week better than p2….and i will support p2 if he did better than hollie….if both hollie n p2 did great , i will support them both…but if hollie n p2 did bad performances,…I HATE TO SAY THIS, BUT I WILL SUPPORT JESSICA…..BUT IF JESSICA DID BAD PERFORMANCES…I THINK WILL GO AUDITION NEX YEAR…..LOLOL…BHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….

  43. They should replace the judges or better, add another unbiased, honest, smart and frank one. I’m not saying Jimmy, but he could be. He deserves a seat with coke in front of him more than any of the judges not just recorded commentaries and AI will be more real. They keep on giving them many advice but then it conflicts with one to another and messes up the contestants. I think it happened to Hollie, Elise especially Deandre since he was younger and open for all the pointers the judges tells him. I really thought he would go farther than top 8. Sometimes they gotta learn not to absorb everything and to still base their performance like song choices to their own hunch. After all, they are the reason they got themselves a shot in AI, not just the judges. Judges are just people too, gives imperfect judgment like everyone else. From my point of view, they need to be more rash to really provoke someone to step it up. The only thing the contestants should do is know what judgment needs to be applied or not. If they get cut because of sticking out for what they want for themselves, at least they get cut as themselves, not what the judges says they should be.  They be leaving the mansion with pride. Besides, its not the best talent that wins, its still American Idol, like a package. And everybody knows AI isn’t just about singing. 

    • Jimmy would be a bad choice. He pimps Joshua way too much. I’m surprised Randy isn’t more critical of the contestants. He is a musician (I saw him playing guitar in the background of a Mariah Carey performance) so I just don’t get it.

  44. The best among the four is Jessica Sanchez.
    No doubt about it and I feel she will win
    the title of American Idol this year.

    • Jessica didn’t get that much love, in fact none, for her first song from Jimmie.  Not only on trying to outshine Tina (impossible) but for her poor taste in moves (he said ur not Beyonce) and clothing (embarrassingly seductive 4 a 16 yr old girl).  This was the discussion by the pros not me, although I agree.  Yes she can sing, but alot of her fans take the word Idol literally.  Root 4 ur fav, but be realistic.  She’s a teenager with a great voice.

  45. it wasnt skylars time to go…if we’ll base it on wed night perfrmance, it should have been P2 (eventhough he’s one of my favorite) he’s starting to get boring, i dont know whats up with him…i hope he gets crazy next week! Joshua is good but overrated, too much pimping on him…even if its just a so-so prformance, judges keeps on giving him SO….he’s good but not that great! Jessica has legions of fans, and i hate to say it bcoz im a skylar fan but she’s really amazing, ggrrrrrrrr! how can a 16 year old be that good? injustice! hahaha!  where is her voice coming? Hollie? most improved i guess but i dont see her winning AI 11…..Final two on my opinion will be P2 and jessica, basing it on their followers…..they have lots of fans! ideal final 2 for me? jessica and skylar! but skylar is gone :(( so im gonna root for P2 and Jess on d finale

  46. The reason why I am starting to hate AI is because it has become a popularity contest. Based on performances P2 should have gone home and I am still shocked as to why he hasn’t landed in the bottom yet? Skylar had a better night than he did (and I am no Skylar fans as you all know) but yet she gets the boot. The way the voting has been going the past couple of years its either the votes are fixed or too many teenagers are voting.

    • you’re 100% on the money about this being a popularity contest as opposed to being a singing competition.  someone said the other day that the votes are being manipulated.  it that’s the case then why bother voting!!  the show has lost a lot of its appeal lately.

      • Yes the votes are manipulated and as Matt pointed out they even state on their site that they reserve the right to do so. It is supposed to be for the purpose of correcting unfair voting issues but who decides what are fair votes and what are unfair votes? The producers in conjunction with Telescope make the decision and the fact that the producers are involve reeks of foul play. Now what is the process like? Obviously they can’t go over 60m votes one by one in less than 24 hours. So that is where I suspect the MP3 downloads come into play. If the votes are disproportionate to the number of downloads then I would think they match the percentages. That is purely speculation though.

        As far as it being a popularity contest. It has always been that. It’s not just about the voice. I don’t know how many times I have heard Simon say that in interviews. I don’t think it’s supposed to be just about the voice. But when you have someone that has as little vocal ability as Phillip and someone who can sing as well as Skylar and Skylar ends up going home, then the outcome is a little unbelievable. I guess sometimes a contestant ends up with a lot of talent and the rest of the package to go along with it. (i.e. Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Scotty McCreery) but more often than not it’s the other way around.

    • AI is a popularity contest due voting and a singing contest because it shows the vocal talent of the selected contestant…but thats not all, theyre looking for the whole package, remember the full name of AI via nomination in Emmy Primetime as reality competition — American Idol: The Search for the Superstar (something like that)

    • I’m a teenage girl, and I really dislike Phillip Phillips. He has an extremely limited range, he’s pitchy most of the time (he was DREADFUL last night pitch-wise), and he looks awkward as hell when he’s singing lol

  47. All I can see is Joshua and Jessica in the final blowout.  Of course, Joshua is going to triumph because of his ability to deliver both in performance and vocal s.   While Jessica is able to deliver vocally, her performance is below par as compared to Joshua.  So my hope and prays is with Joshua.

  48. What i look forward at every result show is the comment/opinion of Jimmy Iovine of how each contestant did during the performance night. He is always correct! I always agree with what he is saying.

    On the other hand, what i don’t like about the result show are their guest performers because most of the time they don’t sing good. The contestants are even better singers.

  49. It was time for Skylar to leave.  She had one style and was not really too versatile.  All her songs seemed to sound alike.  I do wish her good luck and hope she excells with her music.

  50. Just out of curiosity, Branden,  how do you know that Coldplay’s performance was canned?

  51. Hey @JSanchezAI11 Just watched you sing “Dance With My Father” online. Killer job! You did Luther and me proud. Good luck! – Richard Marx ‏ @richardmarx

    Lastly, @JSanchezAI11 needs to win @AmericanIdol!!!!!!!!! – Colbie Caillat ‏ @ColbieCaillat@JSanchezAI11 YAY,JESSICA!.From the Bottom 3 To The”TOP FOUR”! ONLY GOD Can Make Us “The HEAD and Not The Tail”!…SING &SOAR, “SOUL ANGEL”! – Jennifer Holliday ‏ @Jennifersspot

    hey@JSanchezAI11 ….I’m ready girl! Kill it! She’s got my VOTE! For real! She’s unbelievable! – Jesse McCartney ‏ @JesseMcCartneyJessica Sanchez better sing. Jeeeeeez. That first run was nuts.#futurepopmegastar – Adam Lambert ‏ @adamlambert”I know I shouldn’t be saying this, but I kind of want her to get voted off so I can sign her,”  – AkonI am a Jessica Sanchez supporter (isn’t that obvious already?!), She’s done well to be on the Top 6 and I’m sure that somewhere, somehow, she’ll get a record deal. I, alone voted 250 times last Wednesday night. And I intend to vote each week until the finale. Of the 10 million more votes this week than last season (totalling 58 million votes), 250 of those is mine because I never cast a vote on American Idol. – RYAN SEACREST  

    • –O my!–is this for real?—that’s pretty obvious, Jessica runs the show. I only watch AI b-coz of her—

      • Yes, it’s for real 🙂 She get’s A LOT of praise from celebrities. That’s why I can’t understand why people hate her. You may not like her style, but there’s no denying her talent. She’s best technical singer on the show (Jimmy Iovine said that).
        I only watch because of her too. The others are talented, but they’re a dime a dozen.

  52. Joshua,  I totally agree with JLo when she said you are the best part of the show.  Sing your heart out baby and show American why you deserve to WIN!  WIN!  WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!


  53. So I haven’t seen any comments about what anyone thought about Coldplay.
    I’m a big Alt music fan, but not a Coldplay fan….idk i just always find them boring. What did anyone else think?

  54. Jessica Sanchez runs season 11. She’s a threat not only to the other big voices, but to everyone. They said it themselves when they talked about the  Save being used to Jessica. Others would’ve not persevered more if it weren’t for a huge threat like her. Nevertheless, they were all good at what they do. But she’s great.

    • Careful with the word….. Everyone is in his/her own game. Threat is such a bold word, don’t you think? Besides, it’s American Idol season 11, not Jessica Sanchez runs season 11. ….

      I’m glad that Jessica is in top 4. 🙂 I’m so proud of her!

      • Yeah yeah everyone has their own game and Jessica’s on top of hers. Threat IS a bold word, and this season, Jessica is that person. They may all be a threats to each other, but she’s a bigger threat than the other ones. I agree, its AI season 11 em’ jus saying that she runs it. 

        And I’m so proud of her too man!

      • I stopped watching AI a few years ago, but I got interested in it again because of Jessica. She’s incredible. I can’t wait to see what she ends up doing. I think she has the makings of a star, because if you look at her youtube videos, she has covered a bunch of current songs and she kills them 🙂 Jessica FTW!

      • Yeah, but…. a BUT but. Anything can happen in a competition. She don’t just run the show. They all don’t just run the show. We make them run the show. Our votes are the fuel that keeps the show on air. I say we keep VOTING! 🙂 With just a few weeks more, I can’t be so confident. .^_^

  55. I don’t know what all the buzz is about.  It was Skylar’s time to go.  AI has always been a popularity contest except for season 8 (when Adam was definitely the more popular idol and we all know what happened that year).
    Phillip P. is very popular with the younger set and so they vote all the time (they do have a lot of time on their hands).  I guess I’m the only one that thinks it should have been Joshua.  There is something about him that I just don’t like.  Maybe because he really is a gospel singer and I really think that is the path that he is going to take after Idol.   I don’t think his vocals are always on especially when he  screeches at the end of every song…..
    Well no matter who wins it was a very talented season with a lot of variety.  The Top 5 will all get contracts……..

    • This might be a stupid question (lol Kelly Pickler) but what happened Adam’s year?

      • Adam sang fantastically all season long.  He changed up songs, he changed Idol.  But the majority of Idol fans are middle aged regular people (there are stats to prove it).  Adam was runner up to Kris Allen, who was a sweet guy who sang ok….but nobody could come close to Adam.  A lot of people voted against him bc of his life style.  In the end, tho Adam was gracious and sweet and went on to become famous.  Yay

  56. I enjoyed watching Coldplay and Carrie Underwood.  Carrie’s song, “Blown Away,” is a Future Number-One Hit!!

    I am going to miss Skylar for sure.   She will make it on her own!  She just might be better off NOT winning because she won’t be tied to any American Idol contract!

    • The top 10 are tied to Production 19 for at least 12 months unless 19 releases them from the contract after the tour, as they did with James Durbin last year. 

  57. The only reason I watched was for Skylar. To bad Canada can’t vote. I don’t even really like country music but when she sang country, I loved it.

  58. I’m mostly happy with the top four. Though, I think Phillip deserved to go before Skylar. I knew that wouldn’t happen though, because he is a wgwg, and they are always popular 🙁

  59. Skylar should NOT have been eliminated. It should have been joshua or Jessica!!!!!!

  60. Have you visited AI’s Youtube channel lately? well it seems our Joshua is enjoying the sole spotlight as his 2 performance videos are the only ones not set in private. I mean, come on! where are the other Top 5’s vids? Why only feature Joshua Ledet’s videos? Did someone in AI messed up or it’s just pretty obvious AI is heavily favoring our screaming Josh? hmmm, any thoughts?

    • I couldn’t find any of the videos from the top 5, but I’ve seen a lot of comments saying that his are the only ones available so it must be true. That’s ridiculous. I hope that the judges and producers know that that sort of blatant favoritism just turns people off of that contestant.

      • Visit the channel, then check on AI’s playlist. Sure theyve uploaded 11 videos from last night’s Top 5 performances but only Joshua’s videos appear. I already PM’d AI authorities via Facebook but I still have yet to hear from them.

  61. Hollie and Skylar were room mates and obviously became great friends during the finals. The hugs they gave each other and the tears from Hollie were testament to their friendship.

    I wonder if those who voted for Skylar will shift their votes to Hollie. 

    Phillip Phillips seems to be doing his best to get voted off with sub par performances the past 2-weeks and we know he is not well because he has not appeared in the Ford Shots for the past 2-weeks.

    Kidney Stones can be extremely painful and I wonder how much longer he can persevere. He may ask the show to eliminate him next week so he can get the treatment and/or surgery he needs to ease the pain and protect his health.


    • phillip does need to go. Kidney stones are very painful.  He should have gone last night before skylair.  You can see everyone around him improving and he’s actually getting worse.  I don’t see him going along with any changes a label might want. I was voting for skylair. I’m going to vote for josh.

    • Here’s the thing: if he just leaves he’s in violation of his contract and can’t do the tour and won’t get paid for the tour.  His only hope is to be voted off,  just like Jason Castro.

  62. Here, at Lanaken, Belgium, we find this Top 4 top. It’s always a beautiful show. Thanks for that. And yes, we hope, joshua Ledet will win the competition, so that his music can be heard in Belgium as well. Grtz, Roger S. from Lanaken, Belgium.

  63. omg i’ve just realised that Phil will be in the top 2. He was the weakest top 5 performer, he was flat and I dunno the songs he was singing.

    but fact is !!!! whatever he does America doesn’t care ! they will vote for him no matter what.

    I can feel it! Phil is your American Idol for sure. I LOVE IT !!!!

  64. I think skylair is great. I think she should have been in the top 3 with jessica, and josh. I don’t think phillip deserves to win or still be there. He was good at first and fizzled out. This was  my first season watching AI and it will be the last.  I think the voting should be limited to 10 per each phone, etc. 

  65. I didn’t even notice that Coldplay’s performances are taped… wow! 
    I think I have loved this Elimination night because of them LOL! I always love Coldplay 🙂

  66. So happy Coldplay performed. They are my favourite band. I hope Phillip wins. I like him a lot. He is very original, there are not many singers like him. There are many ballad singers and stuff – but not much Phillip swag. 

  67. Philip should have gone home. He is not much of a performer (it is actually excruciating to watch him sing) unlike Skyler who was amazing in her stage presence (she was so much fun to watch!) and he is also quite a boring singer. He doesn’t do anything interesting and his performance of Season for Loving was disastrous. He was the worst of the night and he wasn’t even in the bottom two. Even Hollie who was consistently pitchy did wonderful on the show… 
    The only reason Philip is still in is because of the girly vote. Sad. 

  68. For now on, I am logging in with my twitter account “AgapeAgent” because
    I’m tired of the sick person who keeps logging in as James and posting
    crap as me. So if it’s not the twitter account “AgapeAgent” , it’s mot
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  69. Very sad to see Skylar leave. I thought Hollie performed well and hope she makes it to the finals. 

  70. My suggestion is to reform the voting system. Set limit on the number of votes per person/phone.  Remove online voting. It is prone to fraud (Easy to mask the IP address of a computer). 

  71. I am very surprised at Skylar being voted off and at the same time I am wondering who these people are that keep Hollie in the game.  I sure don’t see Hollie as a great singer and would certainly not buy any records she might bring out!  But my best wishes to Skylar for a great career in country music.  Now, I think the winner will either be Joshua or Jessica, they are my favorites of the top four.

  72. I was very disappointed that Skylar had to leave. I am a country fan and was pulling for her. Hope she gets a record deal. At the end my votes went to Skylar. I don’t think I will be voting anymore this season.

  73. Phillip Phillips is going to win American Idol, and its a shame.  WGWG lives on again.  When oh when will the judges see that this show is a farse now.  We have quit Audiophile, and haven’t watched the show in 6 weeks.  I wonder what else is on?  *Flips channel*

  74. I am very disappointed at the results. Phillip Phillips should have been the one voted off. The man just CANNOT sing. He does not open his mouth and allow the words to flow freely… he sings between his teeth. I love Skylar and even though that she will not be the 2012 AI I know that her music career will soar. I KNOW that she will sell more albums that any of the other contestants.

  75. I was not happy to see Skylar go…. it should have been Phillip Phillips. The man cannot sing. Anyway, I know that someone will give her the opportunity of a lifetime and her career will soar. Good Luck Skylar.

  76. I thought Phillip should have been gone last week. But he has that girl age group from 10 to 16 who is voting for him on looks not talent. Shylar has the whole package,voice and stage perforance.He is just not in that class of the ones left. What a shame to have her go,but she will be selling records when everybody will say Phillip who!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. I would say that Hollie and Jessica are the best top 2 in the’s time for the girls to be the next american idol winner in this season….JESSICA and Hollie will be the best contenders…Vote them guys..let philip and josh go home..

  78. Joshua Ledet should have been voted off weeks ago!  No one I know can stand listening to his low-rent preacher style of screeching – except the sycophantic judges.

  79. I hate that Skylar got sent home last week, because I thought she was by far the best singer this season.  So now I have to choose between Hollie and Phillip.  Both are weird & quirky, but they have moments.

    Phillip totally rocked “Have you ever seen the rain”, but the second song was meh.

    All I hope is that neither Joshua Ledet nor Jessica Sanchez win…  All they do is screech and scream, and they lack any real musicality.  Joshua, in particular reminds me of Arsenio Hall’s role as Reverend Brown in Coming to America.

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