American Idol 2012 Spoilers: Top 6 Song List Revealed

The American Idol 2012 theme this week is Queen and now we’ve got the Idol spoilers on what songs from that catalog will be performed tonight during the Top 6 performances. Read on for spoilers to find out which songs make up the playlist from Queen and what was selected by the Hopefuls for their second performance.

We’ve got some great Queen hits coming our way tonight and a few surprises are mixed in there. Here’s what you’ll hear from the Top 6:

American Idol 2012 Top 6 – Queen:

  • The Show Must Go On
  • Fat Bottomed Girls
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Save Me
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  • I Want It All

American Idol 2012 Top 6 – Hopeful’s Choice:

  • Dance With My Father – Luther Vandross
  • The Climb – Miley Cyrus
  • Ready For Love – India Arie
  • Bold As Love – Jimi Hendrix
  • The … – … … Band
  • Tattoos On This Town – Jason Aldean

I’m surprised someone was daring enough to take on “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Good luck with that one. Who do you think snagged each of those Queen songs?

As for the Hopeful’s Choice list it’s probably safe to assume that Skylar is doing Jason Aldean and would Joshua be covering Luther? The “…” song could be a Dave Matthews Band song, possibly “The Space Between” “The Stone” or “The Maker,” so that’d go to Phillips. Could Jessica be going for that younger crowd with a Miley song? I’m not so sure about that. Then Hendrix has to be Elise, right? What do you think?

American Idol 2012 spoilers Top 6 song list




      • And now let me correct myself. I had two “…” in that song list for the unknown song, but I checked the picture again and it only has one set of dots. Could be something other than “The Space Between” unless they just weren’t that careful or I’m over-thinking it.

      •  Hi Matthew,

         The singers choice   is an easy one to figure out who is sing what.  but Queen! I hope my favorite does not choose Bohemian Rhapsody,  but then again if someone else sing it and happens to nail it then it is still bad for my darkhorse, crazy little thing isn’t it? LOL

        It will be fun tonight!  Thanks for list you are always very dependable.

    • I’m hoping it means an original song that he does with his home town band. Anxious for an original from him.
      Thinking Elise will sing  Save Me and Hendrix; Jessica will sing Bohemian Rapsody and Ready for Love. Hollie will probably start out the show, and Skylar will end both sets. Joshua and Elise ….hmmm, Elise will sing FAt Bottom girls and the climb (although it would be a kick to see Phil sing those, what fun!)

    • How about The Weight by Greg Allman Band? Just saw a version with Levon Helm. It would be timely….

  1. Hollie: The Show Must Go On & The Climb
    Skylar: Crazy Little Thing Called Love & Tattoos On This Town
    Phil: Fat Bottomed Girls & Dave Matthews’ band song
    Elise: I Want It All & Ready For Love
    Joshua: Save Me & Dance With My Father Again
    Jessica: Bohemian & Bold As Love

    this is what i think 🙂

  2. For the contestants choice I am predicting:
    Hollie: The Climb
    Joshua: Dance with my Father
    Skylar: Tattoos on this town
    Elise: Bold as love
    Jessica: Ready for love
    Phil: The space between

  3. If tonight is going to be a train wreck, I’m crossing my fingers that it will at least be an entertaining one.  I’m really looking forward to Brian and Roger.   They’ll make watching worthwhile no matter what.

  4. not too crazy about the song choices tonight.  oh well, let’s see what our contestants do with them.  especially “bohemian rhapsody”.

  5. why should anyone be singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” its a very difficult song for a solo performer..well good luck whoever you are!

  6. Please don’t vote for whoever sings “the show must go on”,”save me” or “I want it all”. They are just playing it safe! This is insulting to the audience. Come on, take a chance, show us what you got!

    • I’m sorry, I can’t fathom your logic.  What is “safe” about Show Must Go On?  Freddie really pushed the vocals on that song and it’s very melodic.  Quite beyond P2s abilities, and one that would reduce Skylar to screeching.  I don’t know which of them drew that song, but it’s challenging.

      • Week after week we hear the slow ballad type “safe” songs. Rather than listen to a funeral dirge, I was hoping this would be more upbeat and fun. I was also hoping the contestants would challenge themselves this close to the some range and versatility! Kudos to whoever is doing fat bottom girls and Bohemian rapsody. Other challenges would be radio ga ga (the ultimate challenge), killer queen, or somebody to love. I want to go to a concert not a funeral (sorry freddie-rip)

      • Watch the live aid video featuring radio ga ga. Now that would be a challenge. I consider the songs I mentioned safe slow almost ballads. This close to the finals, its make or break time. Win some new fans by stepping out of your comfort zone. Show us what you got!

  7. here’s my thought..

    Dance With My Father – Joshua LadetThe Climb – Hollie C.(its her audition piece back in season 10)Ready For Love – Jessica Sanchez (it will be AWESOME)Bold As Love- Ellise testoneThe … – … … Band-Philip2 Tattoos On This Town- skylar

    in Queen song dont an idea!!!

  8.  My guesses…
    Phillip – Fat Bottomed Girls & Dave Matthews Band
    Skylar – Crazy Little Thing Called Love & Tattoos on This Town
    Hollie – The Show Must Go On & The Climb
    Elise – I Want It All & Bold As Love
    Joshua – Save Me & Dance With My FatherJessica – Bohemian Rhapsody & Ready For Love

    • I’d rather hear Phillip sing Crazy Little Thing Called Love, I pray we don’t hear it sung in country. 

  9. I wonder if Elise is doing Bohemian Rhapsody. & I think Luther is good for Josh but also a bad choice b/c I feel like he should be picking things that are more this time and current. I think it could hurt him

    •  Hi Cenge13,
      I hope Elise stays clear out of Bohemian Rhapsody and do something else, “Fat Bottomed Girls” will do.   No pun intended. LOL

  10. All i can say is.. the heck BB Chez did not choose a popular song again for ‘contestant’s choice’. Ahh. I am certain she’ll be singing Ready for love by Inda Arie. On the other hand for Queen’s theme, hopefully she’ll be singing Bohemian Rhapsody. Yep I know difficult song, but I only see JSan singing it.

  11. Colton fans, to make a point to the judges, vote against their favorites. It is like voting for Colton’s ghost. Ghosts happened when people in life get ripped off and treated unfair like Colton got ripped off by AI judges.

    Let’s haunt them for what they did to Colton. Vote for the ghost of Colton by voting for the judges’ anti-favs; vote your choices: Elise, Skylar, Phillip, & Hollie for the most impact of an anti-vote. Vote as many times as you can, like they did to get rid of Colton.

    Long live Colton’s ghost! Help it be a force in the AI to the end, haunt the judges for their bias and unfair favoritism. The other fans of the favorite contestants mocked you as “Teenie Bopers” and told you Colton was terrible and deserved to go, especially the JessPushers. Some called him Colon. You know what I say is true.

    Remember…how cute Colton was until they killed him off.
    Don’t you miss him?   🙁 🙁

    • Actually I don’t miss him, at all. Been a fan since Season 10, but I think this top 6 are a lot better than him, though I would rather see Hollie go home last week, not him. Anyway, don’t worry, only one will win in the end.

    • wow i am a colton fan.

      you get lost because you’re an epic looser!

      what a shame! you’re tryin to drag colton’s name on your immature post! 

      a colton fan does not think like you i would like to believe. you are an embarrassment to the messengers!!!!  go kill yourself!

      • Well at least I know how to spell LOSER correctly. Colton would be sad if he would see your post asking someone to kill herself. Who’s on shame now? Opinions are opinions. I’ll respect yours, u respect mine.

    • No offense, James, but as a rabble rouser you suck.  Your post is confusing and meanders all over without any conclusion.  I’m on the Hollie train and I don’t give a rat’s who leaves next, because at this point their national exposure is enough for people to know which one they’ll support when this farce is over.

    • wow!!! You are totally one super MEAN and VINDICTIVE human being and to think this is only because of a reality TV show “American idol”…
      Hopefully you’re the only one who’s feeling this way because this is just simply sickening & saddening (even if you’re just trolling around, still very disgusting attitude) Yeah Jess Pusher are irritating but what you just display and said is simply the worst.
      Hope you find some peace deep down there in your heart

    • No use crying over spilled ( and sour) milk. No , we definitely DO NOT miss Colton Dixon. Please don’t single out Jessica in your hate appeal. No amount of pandering can turn the tide against a real talent and winner. Bless you!

  12. I agree about Bohemian Rhapsody, I can’t believe someone picked that one. It’s going to be very hard, I still think it will be interesting to watch though. I can’t even picture who will be the one to do that… Good luck to them..  I think Phillip will be the one to do Crazy little thing called love. 

  13. Jessica singing the  “The Climb” by Miley with a new rendition just like what she did to Beyonce’s song Sweet Dreams will be great. I hope she sing this song compare to India Arie’s Ready for Love which i find it boring.

    • I don’t think so… this song obviously Hollie will sing it… 🙂 Just wait and see tonight’s performance 🙂 Jessica will sing Ready for Love by India Arie … 🙂

  14. Dance with my father.. Joshua
    The Climb.. Hollie
    Ready for love.. Jessica
    Bold as love.. Elise
    The space between.. Philip
    Tattoos on this town.. Skylar

    With queen song choices.. I am not sure! :p

    Go Jessica! Vote for your faves, no hating, no bashing!

  15. dance with my Father – Joshua
    The Climb – Hollie
    Ready for Love – Jessica
    Bold as Love – Elise
    The Space Between – Phillip
    Tattoos on this Town – Skylar

  16. jessica – ready for love  &  the show must go on  ( or bohemian rhapsody)
    joshua – dance with my father & iwant it all
    elise -bold as love & bohemian rhapsody ( or  save me)
    skylar – tattoos on this town & crazy little thing called love
    philip phillips – the space between and fat bottomed girls
    hollie – the climb and save me ( or show must go on)

  17. The Show Must Go On- JoshuaFat Bottomed Girls – PhillipBohemian Rhapsody – EliseSave Me – HollieCrazy Little Thing Called Love – SkylarI Want It All – Jessica

  18. No group/trio/duets songs? Boo boo

    Darn jessica did not choose a popular song.. cmon girl sing something like Listen, skyscraper, without you, etc. Cmon follow Jimmy’s advice. I know you’ll nail any not so popular songs.. but there will always be people who wouldn’t appreaciate it just like what u did with ‘stuttering’. Sing popular songs puhlease.. okay im just disappointed with her song choice, again, this week. I hope this wouldn’t bring her to Ryan’s stools o’ sorrow.

      • Hey they should play the shell game with the bottom three. Put them under huge coconut shells and move them around and have the judges pick one. The contestant revealed goes home! Whadaya think?

      • I’d rather they put the loser on the one stool that has a drop zone so they just disappear through the floor without singing goodbye.

  19. Jessica should sing a Beyonce song. Why “ready for love”? It’s not a well-known song (like Stuttering).

    • I, and most of those not yet behind her, still would like to see Jess do well and she would with a younger, fun, party song, not a diva ballad.

      She needs to win new votes, she already has the votes of those who
      like diva ballads. It’s called “expanding your market” . With a good
      younger, fun, party song performance she could pick up votes from groups
      she isn’t getting votes from now.

      Are you afraid she can’t do anything but diva ballads? Stop selling
      her short, if she did this and did it well, she would win, otherwise P2
      or Skylar has it.

  20. I want it all = Elise
    The Show Must Go On = Phillip (in tribute to his long lost friend Colton)
    Save Me = Jessica (LOL)
    Crazy Little Thing Called Love = Skylar
    Bohemian Rhapsody = Josh
    Fat Bottomed Girls = Hollie

    I think they all should wear those skin tight jumpers that Queen used to wear and a fake mustache that keeps getting caught in the microphone mesh….eeeeewwwww!!!! I think I just threw up a little in my mouth…yuck….uh oh I think I went to far with this post….I think Branden said it’s his favorite group of all time. Oh well…I still think it’s funny. 

    Dance With MyFather – Luther Vandross = Josh
    The Climb – Miley Cyrus = Hollie
    Ready For Love – India Arie (don’t know this song, listening now) = Jessica
    Bold As Love – Jimi Hendrix (Haven’t heard this one either, seriously) = Phillip 
    The _ – _ _ Band = Elise (What’s this?) 
    Tattoos On This Town – Jason Aldean = SkylarI think? 

  21. Bohemian Rhapsody is too risky… i never thought someone will pick that song this week.  If Jessica Sanchez sing it, though i know she’s great it’ll just make her The Best or The Worst.

    And i’m thinking The Climb probably will be “The Song Of Death” this week. that song is for amateur. If Jessica sing it’ll make her to bottom 3 or worse eliminated. 

  22. Joshua: Bo Rhap
    Elsie: Save Me
    Skylar: Fat Bottom Girls
    Hollie: Show must go ON
    Phillips:Crazy Little Thing
    Jessica:  I want it all

  23. I am almost certain that Hollie will sing The Climb. If she nails it technically with emotion it will be the best of the night and gain her votes because she is playing to her age. (plus the song will fit very well with all the judges criticisms.)

    Once again Jessica doesn’t know how to play to her strengths and picked ANOTHER boring, unknown song and that doesnt always sit well with viewers.

    This week will make or break one of these two girls. Sorry I’m only comparing these two but I honestly think (as far as girls) these two are neck and neck for the leader spot. 

    I’m just hoping Hollie does amazing and keeps on making it through.

  24. bohemian rhapsody. how do you compress that song in 90 secs? woooot. and it’s a bit dark too. 

  25. WTF? the climb?
    obvious choice
    josh – dance with my father
    hollie – the climb
    jess- ready for love
    p2 -…….band
    elise – bold as love
    skylar – tattoos

    what i wish/want
    josh – ready for love
    hollie – dance with my father
    jess – the climb (one of the worst song ever but i think if she’ll sing this song, she could make a good rendition/version of it)
    p2 – ……band
    elise – bold as love
    skylar – tattoos 

    Probably josh will sing bohemian rhapsody ( or jessica)…

  26. Wait! We got to take into consideration what Jimmy said last week. After thinking about that I am almost sure Jessica is doing “The Climb”.

    So what does that leave Hollie with? Ready For Love?

  27. I can bet that songs from the Queen and the contestant choice is in order …
    1. Joshua
    3. Jessica
    4. Elise
    5. Philip
    6. Skylar

    It means Jessica will sing BR … A challenging song …. Joshua’s Dance with My father is so predictable.. Good Luck AI !!!!

  28. Oh Gawd. I just watched the group song ‘Dancing in the Streets’ last Top 7 Week and I am so amazed how cute Hollie and Jessica were laughing together at the end of the performance.

  29. Hollie – The Show Must Go On & The Climb
    Jessica – Bohemia Rhapsody & Ready For Love
    Phillip – Fat Bottomed Girls & The Space Between
    Joshua – Crazy Little Thing Called Love & Dance With My Father
    Skylar – Save Me & Tatoos On This Town
    Elise – I Want It All & Bold As Love

    Thats what i guess 😀

  30. The only AI alum that I know of did Bohemian was Constantine…

    Anyone else did this song in the past?

  31. hollie gonna sing the climb…….she sang it at american idol 10 audition last year….i watched it….

  32. why does everyoen want joshua to do luther are you people stereotyping? i mean phillip did usher last week but that was ok. but you see luther and assume its josh.  What if jessica was doing dance with my father come on now stop that steroetyping. And if he does do it and rocks it you still complain about his singing ughhhhhhh people

  33. Whoever singing The Climb will nail it and send the original artist to the hall of “shame”. LOL

    • I have a feeling Hollie will sing the climb. That was her audition song last year, if I remember correctly, after JLo gave her a second chance.

  34. jessica….BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY….time to take some risk…it is gonna be GOOD….TRUST ME

  35. i like this comment about Jessica Sanchez from a voice coach, he says:

    in just 1 performance (talking about Nobody’s supposed to be here) she uses these kind of vocal qualities,styles and types:
    Raspy/Husky, Airy, Fading, Strong, Faint, Piercing, Melisma, Falsetto, Rich, Growl.
    She got the breath control, Adrenaline, Sustain, Power and Endurance.
    The switching of Chest.Throat and Head voice is definitely hard but she nailed it…
    She can play the music whichever way she wanted.
    Only those singers that were considered as legends can do so however, even if she was young, still she can be 1 of those legends.

    • you are always putting this comment in all the topics posted in this page! its so annoying, although i know that your comment have sense! and i am a fan of jessica also! but, you seemed  like spamming the comment box by posting this comment all the time

  36. I could not be more excited!! I knew Phillip was going to do a Dave Matthews song!! =]

  37. i wish jessica sanchez will sing the song of steven tyler i don’t wanna miss a thing celine dion my heart will go on and all by myself 

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