American Idol 2012 Top 6 Performances: Queen For A Day

American Idol 2012 Top 6

Tonight on American Idol 2012 the remaining Top 6 finalists will take to the stage to perform a selection from Queen and one song of their own choosing. We already know those song spoilers but we’re about to find out who does what so let’s settle in for some great performances. Get ready to vote for your favorites!

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American Idol 2012 Top 6 Performances – Queen:

  • Jessica Sanchez – Bohemian Rhapsody – 1-866-436-5701
  • Skylar Laine – The Show Must Go On – 1-866-436-5702
  • Joshua Ledet – Crazy Little Thing Called Love – 1-866-436-5703
  • Elise Testone – I Want It All – 1-866-436-5704
  • Phillip Phillips – Fat Bottomed Girls – 1-866-436-5705
  • Hollie Cavanagh – Save Me – 1-866-436-5706

American Idol 2012 Top 6 Performances – Hopeful’s Choice:

  • Jessica Sanchez – Dance With My Father – 1-866-436-5701
  • Skylar Laine – Tattoos On This Town – 1-866-436-5702
  • Joshua Ledet – Ready For Love – 1-866-436-5703
  • Elise Testone – Bold As Love – 1-866-436-5704
  • Phillip Phillips – The Stone – 1-866-436-5705
  • Hollie Cavanagh – The Climb – 1-866-436-5706

After the final performance I’ll add a poll so you can support for your favorite. Share your thoughts on tonight’s Idol show and who was the best!




    • TMZ is full of crap 99% of the time. They never have a source and then if something they’re claiming happens they were right, if not then they act like they didn’t say it. That place is the biggest source of bull ever.

      Ryan Seacrest is definitely hosting tonight.

  1. I cant sleep last night waiting for tonight performances! Now im ready to vote! Let’s the American Idol begins!

  2. Jessica performed already? I’m at work.. So sad I cant watch live! What was her song?

      • The soft parts were really good, but when it switched to up tempo it was kind of weak.

    • He he he… you didn’t expect her to nail the song, right? but she did! Let’s give her credit for being fearless as Bohemian Rhapsody is more of a man’s song and only Freddie Mercury can do justice to this epic song. Jessica is certainly an idol without a doubt.

      • Many Jessica haters were hoping that she slips. But it was not meant to be! Jessica always nails her song, Queen or no Queen!

      • what are the comments of the judges when jessica sings ¬†bohemian? are they satisfied with her performance?

      • no she just didnt¬†
        sing well at all!! should be in bottom 3 and go home now or very soon

  3. Jessica did not get rave reviews for BR.¬† Steven Tyler said the rock part wasn’t here thing, but vocals were good.¬† JLo said she thought she’d be running on stage with the sneakers she had on.¬† Oh, and Randy has a “YO” pin on tonight! ūüôā

    • Who cares what the judges think? As for me, I’m voting for the best singer. End of story.

    • Elise has long been one of, if not my favorite performer. But, she did NOT have the moment she needed to keep her in the competition. You would think with being able to sing ANY SONG you want, you would pick a song that she excels at. Her Queen performance was far better than her performance were she had a wide open slate to choose from. And that should not be.¬†I fear we wil be saying goodbye to Elise tomorrow. Even though she was far better than Phillip on this night.

  4. I miss you, Freddie! An hour ago, l was wondering who would sing the Bohemian Rhapsody, one of the hardest songs by Queen. I’m glad it was you, Jessica!

      • Then you never heard country singer Dwight Yoakum cover “Crazy Little Thing Like Love”, did you?¬† It was great!

      • @2f0230ca97c277243e48707576e2ccf6:disqus¬†In the first place the song is Crazy Little Thing Called Love. ¬†In the second Freddie wrote it as a Rockabilly song so that mitigates the oil and water reference.

      • @Templar:¬† Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s “Called” not “Like”, you’re right.¬† So I put in a 10 hour day and I’m waiting for AI to air on the West Coast, and my brain is fried,¬†OK?¬† Actually, Freddie wrote it with Elvis Presley in mind.

    • Jlo: sounded beautifully…vocal was beautiful…expected more rock vibes

      RandyJ Jackson: I loved it! ..Suggested Jessica’s interpretation was naturally good…GREAT performance over-all.

      Steven: proud to hear that…you’re good tonight.

      • The judges are being bullied by fans/haters to not to praise Jessica even if she is delivering the goods.¬†

  5. Jessica’s fans got their wish. She sang Bohemian rhapsody. First verse was good but when she hit the chorus? Not so much.

  6. Skylar did a good job on vocals but not very memorable tonight.¬† Steve thought the ‘energy and the passion and the way you hit the notes for an 18 year old girl was fabulous’.¬† JLo said she had goosies; “powerful”.¬† Randy said “one of¬†your best performances so far” and¬†“Dude, She’s got to have it”

    No mentoring clips yet; kinda odd. 

    • look at skylar’s video on youtube… it hasmore dislikes than likes duh? how can that be awesome?

  7. Seriously? Skylar was really pitchy, Idk why the judges keep pimping her to be overly amazing. Her performance was great, but not that great.. Randy had the nerve to say Hollie had pitch problems singing rolling in the deep last week, but he had yet to point out Skylar pitch..

  8. Pleople, we can’t watch the show live. So, please, tell us what’s happening! THANK YOU!

    • you can see the youtube vids¬†¬†ūüôā¬†go to rickey[dot]org and you’ll see the performances there ūüôā


      • Actually, i think the judges were rather cordial tonight, when they said “they all had at least one great performance tonight”. And with the exception of Phillip on his worst night ever, I agree with that statement.

        Jessica’s second was was her best of the season.
        Joshua’s second song was his best of the season.
        Elise’s first song was one of her best of the season.
        Hollie’s second sone was one of her best of the season
        Skylar was consistently good on both tonight.

  9. I wish the judges would just SIT DOWN. It’s frustrating that every. single. time. Joshua preforms they stand up. Obnoxious.¬†

      • ¬†you can say joshua is very talented but it is not enough to please “ears”.

    • they do SO to joshua and skyler coz they want these two to be in the finale,,, YO YO YO (as randy always say) AMERICA ¬†these two are great…. aiiiiiiyyzzzzzzz and yaaaarkzzzzzzzzz… its really obvious that these three judges are rooting for joshua and skyler,,,,

  10. im sorry, but i just don’t like joshua. and the fact the judges pick them as their favorites just pisses me off. HE DIDNT DESERVE A STANDING O

    • I am not normally a Joshua fan. Not even close. But, ballad he sang on his second performance was his best of the season if you ask me. He even toned down the gospel act, yet he still gets no respect from this crowd. Yes, I think the judges over praise him with all the standing O’s. But that second song touched my soul like he was unable to do all season.

    • He made it his own and he did it without all the gospel style screams. Yet, he still gets little respect. Humm. I wonder why that might be.

  11. Joshua did Crazy Little Thing Called Love.¬† Standing O and major pimping by the judges.¬† I say ‘meh’ and I”m a little over Mantasia….er, Josh.

  12. Josh did great but the fact that the judges always stand up after he performs is pissing me off. 

  13. jessica should have gotten the standing O..joshua?????what???too much pimping i guess!!!

      • On her sond song, she was GREAT!!! And this is coming from someone who usually feels little or no connect with her performance.

    • Elise should have had at least half of a standing “O” ¬†Like the judges are just trying to stay seated. ¬†They NEVER give her anything. ¬†Really shameful.

  14. Elise was awesome!¬† Steve, Jlo and Randy all in approval.¬† Steve: “You made that as classic as it is, even more”.¬† Randy compares her to Janis.¬†

  15. Joshua? Another Standing O? We have a winner guys! Obviously, thats what the judges want to happen. They want Joshua to win American Idol! Ok, Joshua was good, but for me, he doesn’t deserve to be the american idol. Although he can make records.¬†

    • This too many undeserved SO for Joshua wouldn’t serve him good. The people watching at home could not fathom why the judges keep on giving Joshua SO for his performances that are same as the rest of his previous ones. Votes would not be given in his favor.

      • they r doing it becauce 2 weeks ago he was the only 1 not to have SO ever, guess they r trying to make up to him

    • its obvious isnt it? they like joshua ¬†and skyler to be in the finale,, thats why it irritates me,,,,…

  16. JSanchez sang Bohemian Rhapsody? My my I am afraid for her…that’s such a difficult song…AI contestants who perform BR are mostly males…I hope she did well though.¬†

      • I wish I could but I’m from the Philippines. I can’t vote. And even if I can vote, I will also vote Elise and Phil. I strongly believe Elise has the rock vibes to pull off a Queen song just like her Led Zepplin song before.¬†

  17. My Rankings for the first performances


    • Why dont the judjes just wear t-shirts saying dont vote for Hollie. They’ve been trying to get her booted off for weeks. I’ve lost all respect for J-Lo and Steven Tyer used to be a favorite of mine but I think the acid has gone to his brain. Randy has alwas been an arse.

      • Maybe you really don’t have anything for J-Lo and Steven in the first place. You should have replaced them as judges if you think they don’t deserve to be there. Losing respect to someone just because you disagree with their judgment only shows that you don’t really know what respect is. I wouldn’t be surprised if, at many events in your life, you feel you’re not being respected.

      • i would take back ditzy paula in a heartbeat.¬† randy cannot fill simon’s shoes and lopez is as authentic as a three dollar bill.¬† tyler is in another universe, beautiful as it may be

  18. I thought Hollie sang good, but audience didn’t like it, JLO CRAPPED ON HER, not justified at all and Randy too.

    • what did the judges say about Hollie? I’m not very impressed with her anymore but I don’t like the way the judges treat her >_

    • what do you mean the audience?…the ¬†stupid judges that are always ganging up on her did it again..but we all knew it was gonna go that way..either they give her some faint love to get us her fans complacent or they totally throw her under the bus..guess which way they went tonight?…she and elise were the best of the first round.

  19. Only Elise nailed her Queen Song…..Sorry, I did not feel everyone did as well including Joshua.¬†

  20. I hate Joshua’s performance. I’m over him, I’m over this scream-singing, the song doesn’t suit him, etc. It just doesn’t work at all. I don’t even want to type any more about it, that’s how much I dislike it.

    • Well fortunately she has a fan base and the judges can do nothing about that.¬† For whatever reason the judges do not like her, not sure why, she is adorable and very talented.¬†

  21. All Judges said Skylar and Elise best for round 1.

    SO WHY only give Joshua the standing O. JOSHUA must be voted off.

    This totally confirms my complaints about the judges’ favoritism to Joshua. Yes if I was Skylar I would spit on them…all of them.

  22. Skylar ROCKED THE FIRST PART OF IDOL ! Get it DONE SKYLAR ! She killed QUEEN NUMBER ! Yeeaah !

  23. Listen again to the performances…Jessica sang the BR with great justice, considering it is a really difficult song. ¬†It was rock at it’s original – ¬†non-noisy, vocally controlled version. For a 1-min song…IT WAS SO GREAT!!!! Again, listen again…

  24. (not a big jessica fan) but i have to applaud this 16-year old’s courage to risk everything to sing Bohemian Rhapsody! I really commend her for not staying in her comfort zone; for trying a different zone. And… it was great! charging my phone and laptop.. getting ready to vote for elise and jessica, they are the standouts. bottom for me are joshua, hollie, and phil’s so-so..¬†

    • Jessica nailed that song but still no standing O from the judges damn i’m so pissed right now

    • yah…i couldnt agree more! i like P2 as well but it seems as if he never go out of his comfort zone! its always d same…every week…its starting to get boring!

  25. jessica! wow! what an emotional performance.. amazing rendition of the classic  dance with my father! for me,  she definitely gave justice to the song.. her and elise should be the top 2.. josh is off tonight in my opinion. getting ready to vote for jessica and elise. 

  26. jessica just had the best performance so far, her dads gonna be there tomorrow which means she could go home.

  27. I’m so tired of Joshua being shoved to our throats by the judges.. Other contestants tonight far way deserved standing O (elise or jess). I think this would really hurt him in the voting.. If its not Joshua going home tomorrow, Hollie it is in my opinion.

    • Josh just blew it out the box on Ready For Love. ¬†Another Standing O [but Steven was pimping it big to get the audience to stand up, too].

    Let me tell ya jason aldean is an amazing country artist and tattoos on this town reminds me of my home town and the fun we had there i miss it everyday im away at school and to hear skylar sing that warmed my heart. amazing just amazing.

  29. wow from the comments here I seem to be getting the impression that Skylar is the dark horse of the competition. 

  30. i think its only right that jessica is not getting that much of love (by means of standing O) from the judges because it would just rob voters again saying that they are pushing for her to win already.. right timing will come. gonna vote for her, elise, and skylar tonight.

    • I remembered she sang it during her audition last season…I guess it was her second song after she choked on the first try and the jduges gave her another chance to try out.¬†

  31. So far the tonight has been short of bore…The bottom three are Jessica, Elise, Josh/Hollie are in a tie for last all of which could change on the performance of their last song

    • You must be forgetting that the judges are pushing for Joshua. Disgusting! But I have to admit he was pretty good with the second song. His best.

  32. and the judges stand……………………………………………………….

    • The consensus was that it was an outstanding performance. ¬†No standing O, but all in all excellent.

  33. Joshua screams again and judges standing O, and praise him the god of AI.

    These judges are sick, reject their garbage and send Joshua packing!!!

  34. BEST RENDITION OF THE SONG dance with my father again…FLAWLESSLY executed..LISTEN WELL….why are the judges not standing when she gave them what they want…a super obvious connection!!!!!!!!!

      • That is not surprising, she could sing like Adele and the judges would not like it, they will always find something wrong.¬† She has probably given up.¬† When Colton’s name was announced last week she looked so surprised, she thought¬† it was going to be her.¬†¬†

        These judges are so unprofessional, so blatant regarding their dislike for her and just the opposite for Joshua/Jessica. 

    • another unsure vocal belt out for her..she needs more training..control…she opens her mouth so widely, and loses air drying her pipes and choke.

  35. Why do the judges ALWAYS stand after Joshua performs, even if they admit someone else has outperformed him????????????????? ¬†I don’t get this………..

    • Next week, they will stand all throughout his performance. But i doubt that, he’s going tomorrow. ūüôā

    • Favoritism is the only answer and why we¬† must send him packing get rid of Joshua tonight….he won’t sell over 100,000 no matter what he screams.

  36. I could not be more excited!! I knew Phillip was going to do a Dave Matthews song!! =] 

  37. i like this comment about Jessica Sanchez from a voice coach, he says:

    in just 1 performance (talking about Nobody’s supposed to be here) she uses these kindÔĽŅ of vocal qualities,styles and types:
    Raspy/Husky, Airy, Fading, Strong, Faint, Piercing, Melisma, Falsetto, Rich, Growl.
    She got the breath control, Adrenaline, Sustain, Power and Endurance.
    The switching of Chest.Throat and Head voice is definitely hard but she nailed it…
    She can play the music whichever way she wanted.
    Only those singers that were considered as legends can do so however, even if she was young, still she can be 1 of those legends.

    • Elise is just not American Idol material…Oh yeah she’s good…but…really…..ZZzzzZZZZZzzzZZZZzZZzZzzzzZZZZZZZZ……

    • it’ll be josh or hollie…skylar was one of the best tonight. her and phillip will be safe.

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    Jessica Sanchez has been one of the most watched and tough
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    showcase her incredible talent that made everybody around the world vote
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    American Idol Season 12 Top 6 FinalistHollie Cavanagh was an early favorite of the show. After coming back
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    grabbed a spot in the top six. She has been an underdog since the top 13
    started; can she still pull something off to help her proceed for
    another week? Or even win the competition?Joshua Ledet is a church soulful singer. His voice was just pure
    talent but he lacks something and I don’t know what it is. I have a big
    feeling that if Joshua continues to do what he is doing now he might be
    in the final three or even in the final night.Phil Philips is the girl’s favorite. We cannot deny that he is
    awesome in most of his performances and that makes him a big contender
    for this season’s title. He is good but we cannot say thatit will be
    enough for him to win.Elise Testone is another underdog. I was not expecting her to be
    part of the final six. She is awesome and her voice is unique. She is on
    the other hand inconsistent but due to good supports from her fans she
    might stick to the competition for a little while. She needs to step up
    and outshine the others in order to win.Skylar Laine is a country singer. She is nasal in some of her
    previous performance but still she manages to pull them off and give us a
    pure satisfaction of a good performance. Skylar keeps on unraveling
    some style which made her not boring. She is wise and that could be her
    ticket in the final three. Skylar deserves to be the winner but there
    are others whom just like her. She has a huge fan base also but as I
    what I said before, the competition is unpredictable.

    Tonight the final six performs again and we will see if we can envision in advance this season’s final five.

  39. Steven Tyler your in trouble when you get home to night ! Lol your eyes told exactly what you were thinking ! Lmao ! You were to awake this week ! Enjoy your taste of words , & sence of humor !

    • I hope Jessica gets an A++ for “Dance with my father”. Maybe he’ll give than mark to Hollie’s “Save me” and a B- to Jessica’s. Wanna bet??

  40. Elise was amazing tonight.¬† She has such great skill.¬† I was not impressed with Holly or Phillip tonight, although I normally like them.¬† Joshua also did not deserve the SO….what gives with that…..Randy is very biased and is trying to push him to the final….He still screams his songs to me instead of singing them…..

  41. Rankings for the 2nd Performances

    Jessica 80% safe
    Skylar 60%safe
     Hollie (Americas bottom 3)  
    Phillip 80% safe
    Elise (Americas bottom 3) will go home
    Joshua (Americas bottom 3) should go home

  42. im a J.sanchez fan but i feel so so happy for Hollie for that standing o.. genuinely happy!!! right jessica fans?

  43. IMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Best for round one:

    Best of round two:

    MAYBE SAFE: Hollie
    i think going……………………………………………..JOSHUA
    WE WILL SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Good assesment. Don’t entirely agree but very indicative of the performances. Actually thought Jessica was the worst of the Queen songs, but then why would anyone in their right mind choose Bohemian Rhapsody. Thought her second performance was better than Skylar but not as good as Hollie.s. Elise took too high a risk doing a Hendrix number but great in her first number. As far as Joshua goes I enjoyed his second round performance but didn’t get the love the judges gave him for his first performance.

      • Sailor: In regards to Bohemian Rhapsody. Sorry but nail it she did not. Thought her second song was excellent. Like I said though Bohemian Rhapsody was a crazy song to choose other than the fact it is very well known. Very tough to do a song like that justice in the limited time you have to perform. Didn’t think she was terrible just thought all the others did a better job with their songs in the first round. Would have been much smarter choosing a different song, but I guess that is the song most of her fans wanted her to sing.

  44. Ok based strictly on tonight’s performances my choices are:¬†
    Bottom 3 – Elise, Skylar, P2
    Top 3 – Hollie, Joshua, Jessica
    Only my opinion, not how I think the voting will go.

  45. The judges are so predictable regardless of how the performer sings except for two of them. The judges should not be aloud to do standing ovations. Audience yes. Judges no. Too much favoritism this year.

  46. In my opinion…

    100% percent safe > Skylar, JessicaMostly Likely Safe> Phillip, Elise
    In danger> Joshua, Hollie

    Who should go home? Hollie
    Who I think will be going home… Joshua

  47. i think Joshua must go home so the judges can become more objective this time!!!!They are defining American music as jumpy, shouty (is it even a word), gospelly-screamy (doubtful word, not totally bad). Notice his voice when he sings baritone, HE CAN’T SUSTAIN a flawless (even decent) and controlled singing voice. he needs to shout, jump, roll-over (if so) to conceal his flaws…¬†

    • ¬†Are you sure you’re referring to Joshua with your last sentence? (he needs to shout, jump, roll-over (if so) to conceal his flaws). Our dog does the same. ūüôā

  48. MY TOP 3 (UNBIASED): Jessica, Elise, Skylar

    MY BOTTOM 3: joshua, joshua, joshua

    +just an opinion..

  49. Wow!!! Jessica will be singing Bohemian Rhapsody it’s the song that queen made them popular that decade,a song started their career in that year.
    And I know it is most hardest song that queen ever released,this girls taking everytime the risk when selecting a song.I’m hoping this song will show everyone ¬†her pure vocal abilty she got.
    Dance with father this is I’m waiting for all AI11 contestants to sing since the beginning on the season11,thanks Jessica Sanchez sing this for us now.
    Luther Vandross & Celine Dion has the cd for this, but Luther owns the original version,noe just waiting for Jessica version now to compare.

  50. To me Josh is still the best…
    Jessica does not fit and really to set record straight needs to be re voted off.
    Colton did not get a save and deserved it as much as Jess…..
    Get rid of the save

    • Mediocre on the Queen song especially since the group sang part of it in the opener. ¬†Second song sucked BIG.

      • I disagree, Templar, with your opinion of Phillip Phillips’ version of “The Stone.”¬†¬† I thought it was a great performance, but not a grand-stander.¬† It’s not supposed to be loud.¬†¬†
        Although Tyler and J-Lo were lukewarm in their comments, I thought, Randy saw what Phillip was doing and gave him props for being himself.   That is what this artist has been doing from the beginning.
        I was quite uncomfortable seeing how awkward he seemed with the group-sing.¬† That isn’t who he is.¬†
        Phillip shows you his soul and his heart.¬† He’s the real deal.¬†

    • You must remember that these contestants are not yet professionals. We’re judging based on potentials. She has lots of potential that can be developed. Winning the top plum will definitely give her a boost. If the judges can express their biases,¬† why can’t the voting public who is the ultimate judge?

    • At the risk of repeating myself, she’s a boring,bland, predictable 16 year old choir singer. There are thousands like here throughout America. She’s good on ballads but beyond that shows limited range and versitility.

      • between a thousand like Jessica and a million like you. I would go with a thousand talented people than a million idiots.

      • @f837ff7c0e828e7beeeca573dd22778f:disqus¬†No she isn’t a choir singer. ¬†She’s young and she lacks the life experience to add weight to her emotions, but her second song tonight was world class.

      • sorry Jessica haters, you will still see her next week….SAD TO SAY, she is currently leading in DIALIDOL…so sweet dreams guys…LOL

  51. Why did the authorities of the show permit that Fat Bottomed Girls be included on the group medley performances and later on be sung by P2?

    Anyway, I am so glad Hollie did justice to the second song. Jessica all through.

  52. It really upsets me and my sister that the judges only stand for Joshua,¬†¬† they have never stood for Skylar,¬† who was ” so fantastic to night” per Randy.¬†¬† I think she does great every time.¬†¬†¬† So why don’t they stand for her?????¬†¬†—may be they are against country singers????¬† just saying.

      • the judges were¬†already¬†tired¬†to sit down¬†….they have ¬†back pain….that’s why they stand up….

      • i like your comment ANGEL28… makes me laugh..LOL ¬† ¬† ¬† ………………….AND TO teamCD(NOWP2) you got it right dude…

    • cause he’s next to get kicked off and they would prefer Hollie go first for some strange reason.¬†¬† She was in my top 3 tonight and Josh in bottom 2

  53. Joshua could poop on stage and the judges would give him a standing O. Honestly, I thought all the performances were mid level tonight except for Hollie’s last song. I like JESSICA but she reminds me of Pia. Very strong, talented, god given voice but she is kinda boring in my opinion. Not that she isn’t talented but she needs to be in a record label that can give her more excitement. Then again she is only 16 so what life experience does she really have? I get drowsy when she comes on. ELISE, is talented but I agree when people say she isn’t American Idol material. Her song choices are all over the place and when she picks a good song she does well. When her song choice stinks you don’t connect with her. SKYLAR will have a great career outside of Idol and I wouldn’t mind her winning. I think I rather hear PHILIP’s original music before I can judge if he will have a career outside of idol. JOSHUA would do great on broadway but he is freaking annoying on idol. HOLLIE has a great voice but I don’t see her having a career or a strong market.

  54. jessica sanchez sang dance with my father amazingly my gosh it was indeed very very good over the top

  55. I think Phillip Would sound good singing a Joe Cocker song like the song You can leave your hat on. I really like Phillip’s singing style.

      • send Joshua L. home…..¬† he is in the bottom 3 according to dialidol…courtesy of his 2 standing ovations! LOL

  56. Really have fun watching them performing tonight specially jessica Sanchez she is a very talented . Hope she is gonna make it till the last finally of American idol …
    Go!!! Go!!! Go!!!! Jessica were here to support you ! ūüôā

    MJ of Chicago IL

  57. I’m sure there will be some that disagree, but my take on tonight:
    Elise:  fantasic and best of night
    Phillip:  second
    Hollie:  third, or maybe even second with that last big performance
    Skylar:  just kinda ok
    Josh:  hated it
    Jessica:  hated it even more; both songs. 

  58. Hollie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. can i ask a question…..

    which contestant has a vote swamping and which has a fastest vote..????PLEASE…

  60. I thought that tonight really gave the contestants a chance to show versatility. ¬†All of them did that, some more than others. I couldn’t believe that Joshua got 2 SOs again tonight. When the judges do that, they don’t have to comment. It’s getting to the point that they should get up when Joshua starts to sing because it’s no surprise they are on their feet at the end. JLo’s comments gave no doubt that she thought Joshua should win. This biased attitude ruins the entire show. And Ryan should not be allowed to ask the judges who they think is best or word the question in any way that is meant to influence the voters. We are not sheep. We can think for ourselves. We do not need to be told how to vote. No matter who leaves tomorrow, it will be a loss. I have gotten to appreciate these final 6. They all add something to the show.

  61. Judges are irritating as hell.¬† I dig hearing songs I haven’t heard that much or not at all.¬† Who wants to hear something that’s been on the radio a million times?¬† Lopez:¬† not everyone is into techno beat¬†dance on the floor club music–get a grip.¬† Thank you Phillip for the fat bottom girl song.

      • Bender, the whole point of searching out new talent is that they are individuals who stand out from the crowd.¬†
        Performing a song that was made famous by a much better known artist, EXACTLY as they did defeats the purpose of the entire competition.
        The songwriter does not expect his/her song to sound the same, no matter who sings it.  They want to hear as many interpretations of their work as are possible.   That way, their song says something different to everyone who hears it.
        Phillip does each song HIS way, which is what makes him¬†real.¬† He’s not just performing up there.¬† He’s ripping his heart out of his chest and showing it to you.
        Early in the competition he played one of the songs he has written, and it was beautiful, soulful and I wish it was one of the songs in the competition. 
        It won’t be.¬† But, what better way to actually show us what he is capable of doing, given the chance?

    • let’s keep on going you guys..i’m getting through mostly with the 5712 number…hollie for top 5!!!


      #JUST SAYING….

    • Maybe because you are calling from another state. I’m from west coast and I tried calling 3 or 4 of those numbers and they are all busy. You have to wait until ai finishes the telecast on your region.

    • Yes, the contestants were all very good and the show was one of the best, except for judges comments. I no longer have any tolerance for Randy and his childish jabber.

  62. I don’t think the judges should say anyone ‘should’ go home because they are all so incredibly, amazingly talented. That being said:
    Joshua is an amazing singer, but he is not current!!!
    Jessica sounds too much like Beyonce/Whitney(not that that’s a bad thing), she just doesn’t sound original & she doesn’t have an emotional connection to the songs she sings(she did cry in her song tonight, but no other time does she connect with a song the way Skylar or Elise do).
    Skylar is a pro!!! She has an amazing voice, sings and performs perfectly, and you can tell she connects with her songs!! She seriously is the whole package! Can’t wait to see her in concert!
    Hollie is great – just because she’s not the judges favorite, she absolutely deserves to be there, she has an incredible voice!!
    Elise is awesomely talented – amazing voice, great vocal ability, and puts her soul in to her performances!
    Philip Phillips is just crazy talented. He has an awesome, unique voice, and is such a rock star!  Would love to go to a concert of his!

    • You say Jessica doesn’t have the emotional connection to the songs she sings, yet when she sang I love you by Whitney Houston, Steven said she just made 40 million viewers cry.. how ’bout that for no emotional connection..Hollie’s a really good singer..powerful, but she’s the one that lacks emotional connection to her songs..too technical… Elise for me is a good singer… who will do great performing stints in Vegas or some nightclub lounge or bar… P2 is a gifted artist but bores the heck out of me… After maybe listening to 2 P2 songs, I’m outta there! Skylar is very good all-around.. she’s a great performer, but another country winner? Please God no! And Joshua… now he maybe going over the top on several of his songs but the man has soul and also a great singer… So for me, my top 3 would be Jessica, Skylar & Joshua… ¬† ūüôā

  63. Oh gosh, Hollie’s duplicities. =_= Some of her songs she’d already sung and posted in¬†YouTube.¬†

    • Can we all say the same about jessica? I think yes…I’ve seen her some people are unbelievable.

      • you’ve seen her videos but have you seen any video of Jess singing “bohemian rhapsody” and “dance with my father” if yes, then give me the link

      • Moussie…Jess Sanchez song choices on AI are different from her youtube videos. Hollie’s rolling in the deep and climb, she did both on her YouTube. She’s been singing them for a while. Lots of practice should make it perfect. But Jessica learns new songs every week and delivers them with great performance. For me that’s a sign of a good artist. Beside, if you compare Miley’s talent with any of the ai contestants, I think anyone of them is better than Miley. Sorry Miley!

      • you guys are telling me that jess didn’t sing that jazmine sullivan song before? or the beyonce song? i mean c’mon there’s such thing as lying to your own self…

  64. If you take time to vote extra, give Elise some help, she doesn’t have the huge fan bases like the others and she did good. Help her.

  65. Skylar and Joshua were the all around top 2 of the night. Best performance was by Jessica though with “Dance with my Father”. I’ve been bored with Phil Phillips since the top 24…and anyone who thinks Joshua should go home is out of their mind. He IS the strongest singer in the competition and the only one deserving of that many standing O’s. Hollie was smart with the Miley Cyrus choice…not that hard to sound better than the original!

    Skylar (she’ll be safe)
    Joshua (probably in the bottom 3…possibly going home…but he deserves to be in the top)
    Elise (probably in the bottom 3…might go home)
    Jessica (probably in the bottom 3…but she might have saved herself with her 2nd song)
    Phillip (he’ll be safe…but I am bored to tears when he performs)
    Hollie (probably safe, but she is the weakest “performer” left in the competition)

    • Joshua is very talented…but he is not better than the others! They can ALL sing, and deserve to be there. Joshua is too gospel-ly…not that that’s a bad thing, but he is not current & would not sell as many records as any of the other contestants! Skylar, Elise, and Philip have the best chance of selling records! There are too many singers out there like Jessica…& though I love Hollie, she is not as different as Skylar, Elise, and Philip.

      • @566987db6b451dabd4096b3b78aad85a:disqus¬† I agree with your comments about the record selling, but Joshua is still the best singer in my opinion. They all deserve to be there, but someone has to go every week…and I think its Hollie’s turn (even though she had a strong 2nd performance).


    • Easy….easy now….. your putting IS’ & S’ where they shouldn’t be….. ¬†and missing some ing’s too! ¬† ¬†

  67. It’s my first time to vote via calling. When I call the toll free? Is there any special thing that I must do¬† (say or something) when i dialed those numbers?

  68. The best of the night was PHILIP.¬† He is a very talented musican/performer.¬† The poorest of the night was JESSICA.¬† She hit her peak about 4 weeks ago and has gone downhill ever since.¬† Skylar is on a roll with two great performances tonight.¬† But, Philip is in a league by himself – the total package.¬† The yelling of songs by some is getting very tiresome.¬† Sing – perform – don’t yell a song! Jimmy was missed tonight – where was he?¬† We needed his comments and perspective.
    The best – Philip
    2nd – Skylar
    3rd – Joshua
    Going home?  Should be Jessica after a lacklustre night.  But it will be Elise.

    • ¬†What Kevin! jessica is the poorest hahaha¬† ur a big loser kevin u cant connect coz u dont knw how to sing…

    • The poorest, most misguided observation goes to Kevin…¬†definitely¬†a William Hung fan..

    • i agreed…i mean do you enjoy jessica’s concert if she always sing like that…..always same….boring….

      • @22d681cbdea1cf96ac027120da2a475b:disqus¬†…what do mean is better go to CIRCUS than going to jessica’s concert….HOW COULD U SAID THAT…….I LOVE JESSICA…U KNOW…SHE’S FABULUS….

    • Kevin, great minds think alike.¬† I agree that Philip is the most talented and genuine performer of them all.¬†¬† I record the program in order to FF to his section and am NEVER disappointed.¬†
      He touches my very core, which is what a blues-man does.  They are who they are and you get to see that through their music. 
      Philip has music in his very soul and we are luckily there to witness the birth of a musician whose talent will only get bigger and brighter.
      This is the real thing, people.

  69. I think Branden is still sleeping after he heard Philip Philips sing. That’s why no posts are still yet about the review of the performances.

  70. To Sanchez’ fans :¬† Don’t forget there are two phone numbers to vote :

       i)  1-866-43657-01   (if busy call second number)

      ii) 1-866-43657 -07

  71. Joshua is the best all around. If Jessica would would just be herself…..whoever that is,she would win without a doubt. She sounds too much like Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson.I think she is really great,however tonight when she sang her second song that was the best for her. She needs to loosen up,she tries to hard to be perfect and it tends to get boring. Say whatever you guys think,Phillip was the worse tonight hands down.

      • Nooooooooooo,I don’t hate her!!! Make no mistake about it the young lady is talented.However,her performances are very robotic.I wish she would just loosen up.I think they are all great.But,I like Joshua better,it doesn’t mean the others are not talented.It’s just my opinion.

      • robotic? what do you want her to do while singing? do you want her to do the “teach me how to dougie” dance while she’s singing

    • ¬†I’d take 1,000 times over screaming Joshua. He will never sell over 100,000 watch and see, no one will buy him.

  72. It would be interesting if the judges¬†comments were aired the next night before the elimination, so they had no input for the voting.¬† No standing O’s either.

    I think their favortism sways votes inadverently. All six contestants are pretty good…..but some voters will vote tohelp out an attacked contestant.

  73. ¬†I don’t know.. at this time .. the competition is so tight …

    Voting rapidly for Jessica though .. go go go …a Landline, cellphones, VPN, Skype, MagicJack and on facebook

  74. What
    a bunch of crazed self-opinionated the majority of the posters to this site
    are. The majority push Jessica down our throats; condemn Joshua because the
    Judges like him.

    you all just appreciate that not everyone can fit comfortably into the musical
    tastes of your own liking.  All the
    remaining contestants are worthy of being where they are and it will be up to
    the majority of the American voters to pick the eventual winner.  The majority of the posters here are just
    annoying Trolls. (My apologies to those few who air their views with respect to
    the other contestants)

  75. Im not¬†against Hollie but i think the song “the climb” has a hex a super hex that anyone who sings it in this competition¬†¬†leaves the next night hopefully she overcome this hex!

  76. Get real people Jessica is great but, it all sounds the same!! Nothing really unique and different than any other performance!!!! 

  77. people say jessica sounds like other singers like beyonc√©, at least she sounds good and she does not sound like donuld duck who learned how to sing and screams a lot like well you all guess who….. peace guys….

  78. based on my observations, the ranking of top six is will be like this [unbiased]
    1) Jessica Sanchez
    2)Phillip Phillips
    3)Skylar Laine
    4)Joshua Ledet
    5)Hollie Cavanagh
    6)Elise Testone

    thats my opinio,n only based on my observations! [im a hollie and phillip fanatic]

  79. You guys take this way too serious…..I like who I like!!!! You happen to like Jessica…..I like Joshua!!!! Big deal,don’t spazz out.It’s my opinion.

    • if you like joshua, fine!!! but don’t mention jessica if you have nothing good to say bout her and by doing that no one will react on your comment ok, simple as that

  80. I really enjoyed Hollie’s performances tonight. Joshua and Skylar are good. Least enjoyable to me are Elise and Jessica.

    • Hollie just needs to let go of her nerves.I think she does not understand how well she can sing.I think the judges have beat up on her too much.She is so damn petrified.I wish they would cut her some slack and ride Phillip a little bit.Tonight he was just off putting him and Elise.

  81. Mercury had a big voice, same as Jessica  the only she need is to try to hold the note little bit higher than Mercury, men she will did it..

  82. ¬†If you guys look back to top 13, I said….”Skylar is the dark horse
    that could sprise everyone and win this thing.” so maybe I’m not the
    retard so many of you like to call me.

  83. The Judges already know who is going to win.  And most AI viewers know too!  I believe the trio are totally inept or very good soldiers.  Total disenchantment with AI this year!

  84. Jessica brought tears to my eyes tonight with her dedication of “Dance with my Father,” to her Dad who will be returning for another stint in the Military.¬†
    God Bless him and keep him safe to come home to his family.

  85. In the group sing, there was only 3 standouts.  And two of them were Queen.   I personally like to hear Queen sung the way it should be done.

  86. Jessica starts to get weaker week after week… she sets the standard so high that her performances starts to push her outside… Hope she can survive another week. Her performance this week is just okay for me…¬†

  87. If the voting trend continues, then i’m afraid Skylar will go home tomorrow!¬† (source: dialidol)

  88. Elise was amazing!!! I WANT IT ALL! A+++++ definitely! keep her safe guys! plsssssssssssss.

  89. I am not a typical Jessica “crazed out” fan who votes for her regardless of what she sings or how she performs. That is why it has a lot of meaning for me to say the song Jesseca sang on her second performance … touched my soul in a way she has never come close to doing before. By far, the biggest moment for her all season in my viewpoint.

    • To bad last week Jessica got caught talking crap about Hollie should of went home instead of Colton. Jessica has everyone fooled. She is not this little sweet and innocent girl that she portrays herself to be. She can sing but her big head will loose this for her. Skylar and Joshua is the only 2 there that can work the stage. So if you want to vote just because someone has great voice but nothing else…go right ahead. I don’t think Jessica will be that big if she wins. Maybe 20 years ago but not this day and age

  90. Proud to be Pinoy..your the best Jessica Sanchez..wish you be the 1st pinay american idol..

  91. Yes,I agree if dial idol continue it must be Skylar Laine  will voted off tommorow.

    1.Joshua Ledet……………………………………10.581
    2.Phillip Phillips………………………………….10.127
    3.Hollie Canagh…………………………………….9.601
    4.Jessica Sanchez…………………………………8.655
    5.Elise Testone…………………………………….6.708
    Skylar Laine…………………………………………6.557

    you can see in this prediction that Elise & Skylar are at the bottom,now if the trending will come out like this for tommorow more possibities that 
    Jessica Sanchez
    Elise Testone
    Skylar Laine
    are the bottom 3 anyone of them maybe kickout.

  92. I’m afraid Elise is going home. She doesn’t deserve it, she just doesn’t have the fan base. Too bad. Joshua the screamer should be the one going home

    • Yup…Joshua is a screamer…and a tad feminine in the voice department and mannerisms, which may be a closeout factor. This has never been addressed.¬†

  93. Latest DialIdol Score Tally Philippine Time: 2:00 Pm

    1. Hollie Cavanagh – 11.335
    2. Philip Philips – 10.419
    3. Joshua Ledet – 9.883
    4. Jessica Sanchez – 8.347
    5. Skylar Laine – 7.193
    6. Elise Testone – 6.266

    Better watch out Chipmunk! Haha.

  94. OK, I am not seeing it mentioned. So, I will be the first to bring it up. Phllips first song was a bit better than average and his second song was his worst perfornace of the season. I am the kind of person who votes on how one performs on that night, as opposed to who my favorite is. A strange concept for most, i understand.

    And based on this week, he should be the one to leave us this week.¬†¬†But, it won’t happen.

  95. really, really impressed with Jessica’s song choices this week…she really took some chances and she backed it up with solid performances…Queen songs appear to me, to have given the top 6 some trouble…good thing for the other 5, they were able to sing something else to redeem themselves…IMO, this is a tight tight race and anyone can win it

  96. based of the performance alone … there’s no way that Jessica would be in the bottom 3… but there’s this voting system that only opens for American citizen…We Asian, can only vote thru online … Now, im worried about this dialidol…i hope this is not accurate coz Jessica is in the bottom 3 right now… Let’s support Jessica guys! She deserves to be in the finale… POWER VOTE FOR HER!

  97. Jessica has nothing to be ashamed of, even she if she is in the bottom 3 or be voted out ( hope not), a 16 year old girl with a golden voice. I wouldn’t mind if Philips or Elise wins, they are both great artists. Kudos to Jess,Philips and Elise

  98. IF youre a real Jessica Sanchez fan, you would admit that Jessica ruined bohemian Rhapsody, but at least, she made a good performance in Dance with my Father [im a jessica fanatic]

    • “ruined” is a bit harsh for Bohemian Rhapsody and “a good performance” doesn’t begin to¬†do justice¬†for¬†her rendition of Dance with my Father, one of my favorite performances of the season by anyone. ( I’m not a Jessica fan) But I did give her some votes last night!

  99. Can we PLEASE be given the power to vote the judges off!!! Getting tired of their “expert” opinions.

    • I have heard them called “The Three Stooges” and “The Three Little Pigs.” Are there any other “group names” that apply? When I think about them, I need a good laugh. They are destroying this show.

  100. I don’t like how the judges are pimping Joshua.

    Oh come on, 12 STANDING O’s. What the hell is wrong with the judges?

  101. All SIX did an amazing job last night, NOBODY should go home !!!

    No particular order :

    1.Hollie¬† –¬†¬†One of her best performances last night, love her voice, wow!

    2. Jessica – “Dance with my Father”¬† touched a lot of souls,¬†beautiful interpretation of the song, love her emotion.

    3. Elise –¬† Amazing and talented¬†young lady with great voice, like her smile and laugh.

    4. Skylar РReally like her beautiful tone and country voice and she is the best country singer this year for Idol.    

    5. Joshua –¬† Inborn amazing¬†voice,¬†very talented¬†young man and¬†has a lot of potential.

    6. Phillip  РVery unique voice and presentation style, awesome guy and will be very successful and can go very far. 

    It does not matter who goes, they are all winners !!!!


    • I agree with most of this except that I think P2 is getting boring. It’s a shame too because he does have talent. He just needs to show a little more variety. I think that the Dave Matthews song may have ended his run on AI this year. Impossible to tell though. Guess we’ll find out!

  102. skylar¬† you¬†¬† are doing¬†¬† a¬† wounderful¬†¬† job¬†¬†¬†¬†keep¬†¬† up the¬† the¬† good¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† work¬† you¬†¬†¬† get¬†¬†¬† my vote¬†¬†¬†¬† every time¬†¬† i¬† watch¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†this show…..:)

  103. when the top 13 was revealed… my top 3 favorites were, jsan,phil and hollie…. but as the show went along… i found myself rooting for jessica phillip and skylar….. and so far i think skylar laine will be one of the more successful idol alumni..(ofcourse pp and jsan will)… ¬†and as for last night… jessica was not the best for me…(but still voted for her and other 2)

    my 1st round ranking:

    my 2nd round ranking: 

  104. Jessica’s Dance with my father is much better than Ledet’s both performances! But still no standing o for Jsan?! the heck!

  105. I am so glad to have this wonderful diversion two nights a week, because I must admit AI has been entertaining this season, whether the producers have been pulling strings for ratings or not.

    This is just something I noticed last night. The band was excellent; really top notch. I’m surprised more people don’t mention this from time to time, because these guys and gals really know how to put on a show – both the backup singers and the instrumentalists. ¬†A band that can cover such a diverse range of songs so well deserves more recognition. They really do provide outstanding support to the singers, and should be applauded.

    Here’s the thing: Elise, Joshua, and Skylar, when they were on stage last night, all came across as stars. They were the ones my eye automatically sought out on screen. ¬†All three of them were stellar on both performances, though I preferred one song over the other in each case.

    Jessica was good for her second song, and Hollie was good for her second as well, but for me they don’t have the star power the three above-mentioned do.

    I am not forgetting P2. Totally, utterly, and completely overshadowed by the AI band last night. I felt as though the back-up singers carried him, dead weight, across the entire length of the first song. His second song was a disaster. The saxophone and violin were wonderful, however. People compare him to Dave Matthews, and now we know he can’t sing Dave Matthews.¬†

    I was also disappointed the mentors allowed Jessica to try to take on Bohemian Rhapsody after all the talk about her singing songs suited to her age. I was quite miffed that they allowed anyone to sing Bohemian Rhapsody at all, and cringed through the whole performance. Singing that song made Jessica look bad. It made her look… I’m going to say conceited, though that’s not entirely what I’m going for.¬†

    OK, her singing wasn’t bad, it never really is, though rock is obviously not her forte. But Bohemian Rhapsody is a 6 minute song. It’s an epic song, an emotional song, it’s FREDDY’S song. How could they, was all I could think. I do not blame Jessica for this, I blame the mentors on the show. Shame on them.

    Next year, I think they should narrow the allowable ages to 18 – 25. Sixteen-year-olds are really too young for this competition. They should be focusing on school. Plus they usually don’t have the stage presence to rival the older guests. The reason for lowering the other end is that people tend to think the singers over 25 are too old, though I disagree. This would also help streamline the selection process during auditions.¬†

    Final note: Did you notice how Elise dominated the Queen medley at the beginning of the show? She was awesome, and I hope she doesn’t go home ¬†tonight.

  106. I thought they all did a great job, my only complaint the musicians behind Phillip really carried the song..he got lost in their aptitude…they were awesome and i found myself watching them and not paying any attention to Phil. The musicians and the back up singers on this show are some of our finest. I once again was bored by Jessica, although the song dedicated to her father was wonderful…she still is boring or too young or something for me. I loved Sklar and I really was impressed with Elise and Hollie. I was very glad to see Hollie get a staning O from the judges. Finally…she is a sweet kid and I was glad to see her do well.¬† Not sure who should go home, but I am afraid it will be Elise…I hope not because I think she is awesome.

  107. Folks need to get over this Jessica girl.  All the yelling and screaming needs to go.  Even Joshua is getting on my nerves.  They both have nice voices just gets old hearing the yelling and screaming all the time.

  108. i think i will be happy if the four grls made it to the top 4…. and jessica sanchez and hollie cavanagh on finals!! it will look a diva concert!!!

  109. but i dont want anybody to go home they are all great ………….this was the best season of american idol….

  110. Both polls I’ve checked show Elise going home.¬† I’m hoping for it to be Jessica, young snot nose wanna be with the big attitude and never gracious.¬† JLO was a sight to behold last night in her deep from the sea amphibian looking outfit LOL!!, it was one of the ugliest outfits I’ve ever seen.¬† Anyway back to AI;¬† The next American Idol will be Phillip, all the way!!

    • Yeah…she was ugly, despite all the cosmetic help on that tired 43 year old big-butt demonic dancer. Not hot anymore…but sure is greedy! Last year she was superb, but now she is a depressing woman on the make. She wears her ” i just ate a icing sugar lipstick” which makes her look sick, like her lips were stuck to a frozen parking meter or wrapped around something covered in flour. She has been inconsistent, but her new giggle/laugh and squeal all have the markings of doing a line or two before the show, which is consistent with her current life, with her boy toy young enough to be her son!

  111. Discouraging judges this year. Jennifer seems wonky…giggly…loud. She should do a drug test before she goes on. She plays cat and mouse with the performers, overpraise one week, critical and cold the next. I loved her…now I despise her.¬†
    The voting is of course rigged. last night Fat Randy told viewers to vote for all the singers, as that is allowed. Nice! Typical american politics. Crooked. Jessica at her age..can rival Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. She has showed this. Now she needs big tunes to finish. She sang for her Dad…a vetran from Iraq and Afghanistan shipping out again. ¬†Jennifer Lope-ass didn’t get that? A kid barely 17 saying goodbye to her Daddy…the front line war guy all her little life? Wow!
    Joshua can sing, but he has this “lisp” issue….a tad feminine. He also is a choir screecher from the south, and his big notes are like a tom cat screeching on a post under the moon in mating season. he could break glass with that squealing. No matter…jessica will be around for decades. Jennifur Lopeass has no right to sit in judgement of singers, ¬†because she can’t sing.¬†

  112. I like Jessica Sanchez, she is a great , natural gifted born DIVA who could sing any song. She has a powerful voice . I cant wait until she have own single/ album and music videos. Please vote for her untill finale.

  113. Who is going to listen or buy Jessica’s music, there’s not a market for that music!!

  114. i need jessica sanchez to win i love her and im 12 and i started to cry when she was about to be kicked off and i love her i hope she wins so far she has more votes then every body else so yay

  115. I am on pins and needles for Jessica- i ferventlty hope she makes it ; but please do not dish Hollie. She is cute too and a doll. In fact, I love all of them-except Philip. Thankfully, he did not go too much into his constipated look last performance.

    ¬†VOT! JESSICA!!! please………….GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!

  117. Aqui en Vzla estamos a capitulo atrasados, pero quiero opinar y me parece que Skylar es la mejor me parece mas sincera, canta bien y es bonita. La Srta Sanchez no me ha gustado porque es una ni√Īa muy arrogante hay algo en ella que no me gusta

  118. whats the go with Americans¬† Jessica can sing but is it any different then we`ve heard for the past 3 decades? Phillip has everything ,performance .sexy, talent and across the board performer. Get real everyone, do you really want an Idol that is not really American, she make good” videos” for asians. not americans

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