American Idol 2012: Top 6 Performs Tonight

AMERICAN IDOL 2012: Joshua Ledet. CR: Nino Munoz / FOX

Tonight on American Idol 2012, the Top 6 will sing for your votes. After last week’s shocking elimination of Colton Dixon, we and the contestants now anything can happen. So let’s hope they’re taking Jimmy Iovine’s advice and will be ready to put on a great show tonight.

This week, the Top 6 will again sing two songs. One song will be from the Queen songbook and will include a medley with original Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor. The other song can be any song. Be sure to check out my Top 6 song suggestions and join the discussion on what you’d like to hear your favorites sing.

Be sure to check back later for Matt’s live coverage of the performances and for my recap shortly after the East Coast airing. With fewer and fewer Idol finalists left the competition is getting tougher and big favorites are inevitably going to start being eliminated. Don’t forget to show up tonight and support your favorites on American Idol.

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  1. should be an interesting show.  how many standing o’s tonight?? and for whom??  and i hope jennifer takes a bit more time with her wardrobe.

    • She inspired Josh last week with her abs. Maybe she needs to wear something more revealing this week and see what happens….LOL

  2. Elise is gonna kill it! Gooooooooooooooooo Elise!!!!!!! :] rooting for you all the way!

  3. Can’t wait!!! Wanna see who will stand out the most tonight especially they’ll be singing QUEEN (one tough song to sing especially for the girls IMO)
    And yes hopefully JLO will give more time to her wardrobe plus I read she and her current BF will be performing live “their steamy video” next week… «(°o°)»
    GOODLUCK to all of them, for sure they make us all proud!

    • Honestly, I don’t think ANY of them should take on Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s too big of a song….and it has to be sung in a certain way. You can’t change it up…and a diva girl singing it would be a total mess.

      • Jessica will sing it great. You’ll see!! Make your opinion after they sing, not before!

      •  @117b750a6c68bae9244ce3dcdc1e5a6e:disqus , you say she’ll sing it great, and then say make your opinion after they sing, not before?  Please, don’t contradict yourself.

      •  make ur opinion before or after the performance respect one’s views of what to come, anyone can do the same, its freedom

      •  Hi Pally45,

        I agree 100%.  The problem with Bohemian Rhapsody is it is one of the most popular anthem and loved by many music fans.  Most of us knew
        all the highs and lows and breaks and choruses.   All it takes is one mistake or sing it below the pitch and it is all over.  It is a mighty big song for anyone, I don’t care who it is.  If you are not Freddy Mercury then don’t bother.  I have heard a number of good covers in the past many years but still nothing compares to the original.

        There are a few classic songs you do not touch, this is one of them.
        If you do, then you better sing it better than Freddie and Queen or loose.

        Just saying……………………………………..

      • what?! radio gaga?! hhmmm…not good…i just dont think its a good choice for her…unless she puts a little spin, or better yet, a big spin on it! make it her own!

    • If you loved her. You wouldn’t want her to sing that song. It would be like a dead sentence for anybody. Having a good voice doesn’t mean she can make it good.

      •  Haha anybody remember when Kellie Pickler did it?  PERFECT example that Bohemian Rhapsody is one song that just shouldn’t be touched, because nobody could ever measure up to the original.  I did enjoy Constantine Maroulis’s performance  of it years ago, but it just should be left alone.

      • @ Iloveusa914, Constantine has a version when he was in that Queen Tribute thing on broadway that is actually REALLY good.

      •  @Pally45 I’ve heard it 🙂  HUGE Constantine fan here.  (I suggest looking up his performance of Cohen’s “Hallelujah,”  very moving.)  I think he did a fantastic job there and on AI, so I don’t really fault him for it.  He’s one of very few that can pull it off, and I do not think Jessica is part of that few.  Even if her voice was right for it, her age isn’t and I do remember Jimmy saying last week that she should be more age appropriate. 

  4. I expect a “moment” tonight — guessing it’s Elise or Phillip…..we shall see!

      • She has a track record of always singing beautifully everytime. Deliciously beautiful all the time.

      •  In your opinion.  In mine, she’s had quite a few not great nights.  Like when she sang “How will I know?”  I thought that was very bad.  But that’s my opinion.  And no matter how good somebody really is, everyone screws up now and then.  She’s human and it could easily happen.  I don’t think it’s very fair to vote for someone for what they’ve done in the past.  If it were that way, we’d only need to hear everyone sing once and it would be a one episode a year show.

      • Iloveusa914: You guys are also human and fallible….Not everything you say is right.You’re misled and deceived by your own feelings! It’s all delusion and too much pride rule over yourselves!

      •  @ Robertomkat, not everything you say is right either, and not everything Jessica fans say about how she’s always gonna be great blah blah is right.  Did I ever say that she for sure was going to be terrible?  Sure didn’t.  Just saying she COULD be.  Only thing I don’t like about Jessica is her voice.  Her fans, however, never seem to make any sense when they speak.  Misled and deceived by my own feelings?  They’re MY feelings.  I’m allowed to feel that way.  I don’t like her, and not everybody does, and not everybody ever will.  Get over it.

    • Anyone care to bet Jessica gets the pump spot and at least one standing O. So rigged if it works out that way.

      • You sound like a spy in the ai prod!! lol! Peace!! Lets enjoy the show be it rigged or otherwise! 🙂

    • Yeah, im all set to pick up the phone already 🙂 i know she’ll be grest tonight! Im soooo looking forward to every jessica’s performance!!!!! GO JESS!!!!! KILL IT!!! You gotta have your moment tonight! Who do you think will get the pimp spot tonight? Im guessing its gonna be hollie!

      • Guys have you noticed that they are trying to pull down Jessica it is because SHE IS THE BEST in AI>>>!!!!

      • Trying to put her down? No one is putting HER down. Most of us are just saying, she’s too young. She’s very much like a puppet or a robot when she sings.

    • don’t worry jessica gonna win…’s rigged…that’s why colton go home because his voting line was blocked and jessica voting line wide opened by PRODUCER….COLTON was the closest challenger to jessica because colton has many votes….and i’m sure phillip2 is the next victim …….JUST WAIT AND SEE…

      • I hear you but I’m thinking Phillip is going to win this year. He’s standing out big time from the rest of them.

      • @0f2a3e9ce8e748fb9f3049226bb36417:disqus …talk to the american idol producer about that……I LOVE PHILLIP2 TOO…but after colton elimination and jessica saved…i think deeply  ‘is it rigged’……i search google about AMERICAN IDOL RIGGED…..and there were so many people talked about it……and it happened since american idol 2..

        and i started thinking,…that it’s true…


      • WOW what a very nice story. HMMM… nice accusation. HAHAHA stupidity and narrow minded person. GEt lost..>!!!!

      •  I heard on the news that there was a voting fraud..but I’m unsure whether I believe it.   Regardless, Colton deserves to be there more than all the others.  He is a true ARTIST (along with Elise.)  The rest just do really phenomenal karaoke performances in my opinion.  I did read somewhere that some Jessica fans decided they were going to start voting for everybody BUT who they thought her biggest competition is.  That could explain the elimination, but I’m really not one to believe any conspiracies without proof.  We’ll just have to wait and see who wins.  Sure will miss Colton, though.

      •  My bad, Phillip is an artist too.  Very good at making things his own and just being himself.

  5. Everytime somebody fairly popular gets shockingly eliminated, another contestant seems to get a sudden increase in votes.  Very interested to see who all of Colton’s fans decide to switch to.  My guess is Phillip or Elise, depending on who does better tonight.  With a theme like this it’s so hard to say, because somebody could bomb the Queen song, and kill it on their own choice.  Very hard to say.  Hope everyone does their best.

    • I agree with you.  Since Elise is a singer sonwriter and a very good musician, the true Colton fans that enjoy his type of music will gravitate towards the rocker singer sonwriter and musician in Elise.  Phillip may get some votes of Colton’s, but it should be geared towards Elise.  Since Elise is singing rock tonight with Queen and probably her second song as well, she will be on top tonight.  It should be an interesting show! 

      • Should be very interesting.  Especially for people like Joshua and Jessica who seem to sort of rely on their fancy runs, for lack of better words.  Depending on the song choices, it will be harder for them to do that. Tonight could completely flip the script.  I’m excited!

    • Good thing you remind us, the season is in its way to end soon and yet Hollie never has a standing ovation yet…………..

    • Hollie has the voice and talent to sing Bohemrian Rhapsody and I hope she does because people will see just how great of singer she really is. But whatever she sings she’ll sing it well.

      •  Hollie couldn’t pull it off.  I like her a lot, but she just couldn’t do it.

  6. Modesty aside, If Jessica will take on “Bohemian Rhapsody” she’ll do great with her own cover version of that Queen anthem. I’m not worried a bit because I know she’s going to nail it!

    • Bohemiam Rhapsody should definitely be on the set list for tonight! Jessica would do it justice for sure!!!

      • Apparently, you have never really listened to Bohemian Rhapsody if you think Jessica can do it justice.

  7. The top 4 should be: Hollie, Jessica, Elise & Phillip. I hope Skylar is going home this week. Last year we had country vs country in the finale, I think that should be enough. Plus, I can’t stand her nasally voice.

    • Nope. Randy had the too four correct. Joshua has been way more consistent than Elise. Elise is just too up and down, and watch her her body language and attitude sitting on the couch on thurs nights, it’s not good. She absolutely destroyed ‘let’s get it on’, sorry but she needs to GO next. Jessica, Joshua and Phillip are the most deserving top 3, really hope that’s who it will be.

      • Any normal person would have an attitude if they were treated as unfairly as Elise.  She has every reason to be unhappy.  She can come out there and KILL it and still the judges criticize her and she’s in the bottom.  She is an extremely talented woman, even if you don’t like her style.  I don’t like Jessica, but I’ll admit she has some talent.  And Elise, definitely LOTS of talent there that nobody appreciates.  She is not wrong for being angry.  And she ALWAYS smiles politely and says thank you to the judges before she shares her feelings on what they said (like any true Charleston lady would.)

  8. i so want JS and P2 in the finals! hope they kill it tonight! will be voting for them non-stop! gotta get my phone ready 😀

  9. For this Colton Dixon Fan , I’m not voting at all ! I voted every week for Colton and it took one Bad Night, to get Him Booted = (

    • I was a Colton fan as well. To make a point to the judges, vote against their favorites is like voting for Coltons ghost. Ghosts happened when people in life get ripped off like Colton got ripped off by AI judges.

      Vote for the ghost of Colton by voting for the judges anti-favs; vote Elise & Skylar. If you have time vote for Phillip & Hollie too. Long live Colton’s ghost, be a force in the AI to the end.

      • HAHAHAH James… VEry poor guy.  Just admit to your self that you are such a losser….!!!

  10. I have a feeling that joshua will get another standing “o” from the judges!! Darn!!! He seems to be getting used to it already! Com’on josh, give it to someone who needed it most tonight! Youve have your fair share of standing “o”s. Whatever! I just hope that judges will be more objective and helpful with their critiques tonight! Im starting to get tired of hearing “youre beautiful! Its beautiful! You sang it beautifully! It was delicioius! You did it again. Youre you.” com’on guys, it wont hurt if you explore other terms in the dictionary! Peace! Im going to enjoy the show tonight! After that, i wont be posting anymore because ill be damn busy votimg for my idol! Ciao!

  11. Im not even worry of  Jessica’s Song choice

    she can sing anything and killed it..

    just excited for  her winning this season.:)))))))))))))))

      • Yes she can but for Eminem to sing songs that Jessica usually sings ……… No he cannot………….lol

      • yes Jessica even knows how to rap. Look at her videos on youtube. She even covered empire state of mind. 

      • come on @2317117722e9f8f569661a6e325a1d24:disqus …don’t be mad…im just kidding…

      • it’s ok friend…..don’t worry I am not a sensitive person…..we come here to interact by exchanging our views and mostly for fun for sharing our thoughts because we have idolised contestants from our different preferences of music…….I just hope of another awesome performances of the contestants tonight….thanks friend

      • OKAY…OKAY,…..U GUYS….jessica sanchez can RAP…….(weeeeeird)……STATISFIED!!!!!……..WELCOME…

      • Thanks team CD (Now P2) ….. it’s obvious yours is Philip while mine is Jessica since from the start but whats exciting in other hand is we are happy and proud of sharing our own sides or ideas for all of them…..Honestly on my own opinion, Jessica is the best of the remaining female finalists while Philip is also the best among male finalists since the very start….and I believed there is no way for comparing who is a better singer of both of them because distinctively they belong to different styles for music……..They are the best 2 for me by the way……Hoping for Jessica and Philip in the finale………….

  12. y in this competition the good looking guys always favorite to win…,
     is this a real  a singing competition?????? 
    imagine 5 years……….. come on…
     pls vote who is the best singer so that we can called it singing competition…  

    • It’s not a singing competition. It’s AMERICAN IDOL not “American Singer” as I have seen someone else say. It’s about more than just the voice. I have always heard Simon say that and it’s true. Let’s vote for the purtyest one on the show who can sing somewhat. OKAY!


  13. debate intelligently, but debate does not determine who is really good, its just personal comments that does not count, comments are full of biases, it takes professional judgement considering all aspects of the performance to choose the winner

  14. America let’s vote again for Jessica tonight! Let’s make the total result to 60 mil. Get your cel., landline phone , and comp. ready!

    • If she performs well and something other than the boring diva ballad style, I would vote for her….the point being, lets see how people perform first or would you vote for her regardless of her performance.

      •  Thank you.  THIS is why the truly most talented singers almost never win in AI.  People pick a person and vote no matter how bad they do.

  15. I hope all your bets win. There’s no point in arguing who’s the best. Let’s just respect each others’ choices.  Let’s start strategizing to make our favorites win. Good luck and God bless.

  16. Everyone needs to vote for Phillip Phillips tonight. I’ve picked him to win from the start(almost) and he is the most all American person on the show. He looks American and sounds American and he has that “All American” outlook on life. The perfect American Idol is Phillip Phillips. 

    Next year they should allow “no votes” too. The recording would go like this:
    “Para español, oprima numero dos! To vote “yes” for contestant “3” press “one” to vote “no” press “two”. 

    Then we could cancel out the power voters with our power “no” votes. LOL 

    Just sayin…………

    • Excellent idea! I guess I’m going to follow the Jessica fans lead and vote for Phillip no matter how he does.

      • Many, many, MANY times. The whole two hours. With 2 phones and online with multiple Facebook accounts. All at the same time. You gotta be able to multi task. That’s the only way to lock him in! You can get like 20 votes per minute on speed dial and if you get into a rhythm that’s about 50 per minute with these three things. That calculates to  6,000 votes per person. He needs 10,000 people doing that to get the 60M votes he needs. So vote, vote, vote!!

    •  PALLY and TAYMARO are 100% stupid persons trying to please themselves by fabricating stupid comments that indirectly hitting JESSICA. Shame on you guys! Dont act as if you 2 are the leaders and owners of this site….RACIST!!!!!!! Dont try to defend yourselves coz its obvious!!

      • we’re stupid?  Nice moniker by the way. How many times do I have to tell you..I’m not the racist one here. YOU are. I vote with what my ears tell me..not my eyes. Unlike you.

      • Who’s pally? I am just trying to drum up enough votes so that Ryan can announce a big number tomorrow night. He get’s a kick out of doing that and it’s the only way I can think of to thank him for signing on for another two years. I don’t think AI would be the same without him. 

        Now we just got to get Randy out of the way and we might have a pretty good show.

      • Is this that strange guy that came on the site a few weeks ago with weird and hateful comments?

    • Oh my you are a quirky one, aren’t you?  I actually found ur post to be funny and original.  Imagine that if you can!

  17. Colton fans, to make a point to the judges, vote against
    their favorites. It is like voting for Colton’s ghost. Ghosts happened when
    people in life get ripped off and treated unfair like Colton got ripped off by AI judges. Let’s haunt them for what they did to Colton.

    Vote for the ghost of Colton by voting for the judges anti-favs; vote
    your choices: Elise, Skylar, Phillip, & Hollie for the most impact of an anti-vote.

    Long live Colton’s ghost! Help it be a force in the AI to the end, haunt the judges for their bias and unfair favoritism.

    Remember…how cute Colton was until they killed him off.   🙁 🙁

    • Hahahah. What a desperate move from a Colton BITTERfan! I’m pretty sure, Colton fans are not desperate like you!

    • Isn’t Colton a Christian.   I’m sure that would involve being forgiving.  I think you are doing the opposite of what he would want

    • Colton is gone and for good reason . Give it up already!! He will never be back ever!!!!!!!!

  18. Queen:

    Who Wants to Live Forever – Phil
    Somebody To Love – Jessica
    Fat Bottomed Girls – Elise
    Don’t Stop Me now – Joshua
    You’re My Best Friend – Holly
    Crazy Little Thing – Skyler

    I think

    • P2 – Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Jess – Love of My Life, Skylar – I Want to Break Free, Hollie – To much Love Will Kill You, Josh – Radio Ga Ga, Elise – We Will Rock You

    • joel andrada…with a name like that i’m guessing you’re  a wanna be white…you say shut up and then respect…i think you’re a very disturbed person. fyi…filipinos have been a part of the u.s. since the 1600’s. you ought  to control YOURSELF so you don’t make such a fool of yourself trying so hard to be what you are not.

    • If the basis of your argument is that because she is of Philippiano  decent…that would rule out Hollie as well because she is British not american…just sayin’

  19. What’s the deal? Don’t we usually at least have a leak of the song list by now?

    • Queen Songs for tonight (the list is out)
      Fat Bottomed Girls
      Bohemian Rhapsody
      Save Me
      The Show Must Go On
      Crazy Little Thing
      I Want It All

      Dance With My Father – Luther
      Ready For Love – India Arie
      (Something) – DAve Matthews Band?
      Bold As Love – Jimi Hendrix
      The Climb – Miley Cyrus
      Tattoos On This Town – Jason Aldean

      • My Guesses:

        “Dance With My Father” – Joshua
        “Ready For Love” – Jessica
        Dave Matthews – Phillip
        “Bold as Love” – Elise
        “The Climb” – Hollie
        “Tattoos” – Skylar

      • Queen Guesses –
        “Crazy Little Thing” – Skylar
        “I Want it All” – Joshua
        “The Show Must Go On” – Jessica
        “Save Me” – Hollie
        “Bohemian Rhapsody” –  Elisa 
        “Fat Bottomed Girls” – Phillip

  20. Elise should sing Mercy by Duffy for her song choice.  She would kill it.  Don’t stop me Now is a great Queen song and I agree with Branden that Elise should sing this song.

    • ITA . . . even though the show is over, I would love to hear Elise sing Mercy. She WOULD kill it. That girl is head and shoulders above the rest, and I love all the contestants. They are all incredibly gifted this year.

  21. Who will sing what?

    The Show must go on
    Fat Bottomed Girls
    Save Me
    Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    I Want It All
    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Read it somewhere, not sure how reliable it is though

  22. I will not vote for whoever sings “the show must go on” or “i want it all”. What happened to radio ga ga, somebody to love, killer queen. I want to feel like I’m at a concert not a funeral (sorry Freddie-rip)

  23. saw the set list on facebook today…
    crazy little things called love
    show must go on
    bohemian rhapsody
    i want it all
    save me…

  24. Hi Branden,

    How reliable is the song list that is apparently  out right now that includes
    Bohemian Rhapsody and Fat Bottomed Girls ?

    Thank you!

  25. If “Ready for Love” is indeed one of the song choices, I hope Jessica does not perform it. I have heard the song and it is quite a laid-back-verging-to-boring ballad (no offense to India Arie, she’s a great singer), but that song is not for American Idol. Though Jessica has the ability to transform obscure ballads to stunning and captivating performances, adding her own flavor to them, singing that song might do her harm especially with its message. She might put off some of her fans because the message of the song totally contradicts her age and her personality. Don’t rush things Jessica, you’re still young. I really hope she’s not singing that song, but if she does, let’s pray that  she’d be able to put some twists and her own imprint in the song. 🙂

    • Jess’s poor song choices will be the end of her. I’m so disappointed Jimmy didn’t do what he said he would do.  JessPusher you are wrong, I want her to succeed, but it’s getting tough with these song choices.

  26. I think it’s ridiculous how so many of u are looking past Joshua. Surely he has the best voice in the compition. But then again I guess it’s in what’s your flavor.

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