American Idol 2012 Spoilers: Top 7 Song List Revealed

We’ve got your American Idol 2012 Top 7 song list for you courtesy of American Idol to go along with Nigel’s spoilers from earlier. There will be seven solos and three duets/trios covered on tonight’s show so get ready for a full two-hours. Read on to get a spoiler sneak peek at tonight’s American Idol 2012.

American Idol 2012 Top 7 Song List:

  • “You and I” – Lady Gaga
  • “Stuttering” – Jazmine Sullivan
  • “Didn’t Know How Much I Loved You” – Kellie Pickler
  • “Perfect” – Pink
  • “Love The Way You Like” – Skylar Grey
  • “Give A Little More” – Maroon 5
  • “Runaway Baby” – Bruno Mars
  • “Somebody I Used to Know” – Gotye
  • “Stronger” – Kelly Clarkson
  • “Don’t You Wanna Stay” – Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson

American Idol 2012 Top 7 song list

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen the bottom songs on the list turn out to be the duets/ensemble performances so that’s what I’d be expecting again tonight.

How do you think these songs will be assigned throughout the Top 7 finalists? If Elise Testone is really doing “You and I” then that’s one off the list and just six more American Idol performances to figure out. Let’s hear your ideas in the comments section below.




  1. What i think: “You and I” – Lady Gaga: ELISE “Stuttering” – Jazmine Sullivan: JOSHUA“Didn’t Know How Much I Loved You” – Kellie Pickler: SKYLAR“Perfect” – Pink: HOLLIE“Love The Way You Like” – Skylar Grey: JESSICA“Give A Little More” – Maroon 5: PHIL“Runaway Baby” – Bruno Mars: COLTON“Somebody I Used to Know” – Gotye: COLTON & ELISE“Stronger” – Kelly Clarkson: JESSICA, HOLLIE & JOSHUA“Don’t You Wanna Stay” – Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson: SKYLAR & PHIL


    • I totally agree with you Patrick about Phillip singing Bruno Mars. I can totally see him doing that. If he is not the Bruno Mars guy tonight I think that he could be doing Maroon 5 and Joshua could be doing Bruno Mars.

  2. Elise – Gaga, Jessica – Jazmine, Kellie – Skylar, Maroon 5 – Phil, Bruno – Joshua, Skylar Grey/Eminem feat. Rihanna – Colton

  3. “You & I” – Elise”Stuttering” – joshua
    “Didn’t Know How Much I Loved You” – Skylar”Perfect” – Hollie
    “Love The Way You Lie”OR”What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)” – Jessica “Give A Little More” – Phillip”Runaway Baby” – Colton
    DUETS:”Somebody I Used To Know” – colton and Hollie”Don’t You Wanna Stay” – Skylar and phillip
    then whatever song jessica doesnt use her and joshua will sing or group performance

  4. Elise: You and I
    Jessica: Stuttering
    Skylar: Didn’t Know How Much I Loved You
    Hollie: Stronger
    Joshua: Runaway Baby
    Phillip: Give A Little More
    Colton: Perfect

  5. what i think/want:

    elise: you and i
    jessica: stuttering
    colton: give a little more
    phillip: perfect
    hollie: love the way you lie
    skylar: didnt know how much i loved you
    joshua: runaway baby

    somebody i used to know: colton and elise
    dont you wanna stay: skylar and phillip
    stronger: joshua, jessica and hollie

  6. What I Want:

    Hollie: Love The Way You Lie
    Jessica: Stuttering
    Elise: You and I
    Skylar: Didn’t Know How Much I Loved You
    Joshua: Runaway Baby
    Phillip: Give A Little More
    Colton: Perfect

  7. You and I – Elise
    Stuttering – Joshua (or Jessica)
    Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You – Skylar
    Perfect – Hollie
    Love the Way You Lie – Colton
    Give A Little More – Philip
    Runaway Baby – Jessica (or Joshua)
    Somebody I Used to Know – Colton/Jessica
    Stronger – Elise, Hollie, Philip
    Don’t You Wanna Stay – Joshua/Skylar

  8. Elise – You and I
    Skylar – Didn’t Know How Much I Loved You
    PP/Colton – Give A Little More/Runaway Baby
    Joshua – Fuckin’ Perfect
    Hollie – Love The Way You Lie
    Jessica – Stuttering

    and the three songs in the bottom of the list – Somebody I Used to Know, Stronger, Don’t You Wanna Stay – will be for the group performances

    What yah think guys?

  9. Shew….. this is kind of complicated.. so it makes me anxious, excited, and nervous for the show tonight.

    I feel comfortable in saying that Elise will do You and I, Skylar will do Kellie Pickle..
    I think Colton will be doing or should be doing Love the Way You Lie but I’ve read comments on other sites that say Joshua already confirmed her was going to sing this song. So IDK

    The rest of the solos I honestly am not 100% sure. I think Joshua would do great on Runaway Baby… but it’s hard to tell.. I’m pretty confident that Phillip and Skylar will be doing the Kellie Clarkson countryish song duet.

    I think tonight will be really interesting

    I’m also interested in seeing if Jessica is really going to sing this stuttering song.. if so.. she will probably revamp it into something spectacular.. atleast i hope so..

    Anyways looking forward to tonight!!

  10. Just listened to Stuttering on YouTube.  Never heard that song before and it’s awesome.  Right up Jessica’s alley and she’d kill it.  Can’t see any of the other girls singing it.

    • yep. that song is so cute. like the lyrics and the style 🙂 Jessica will surely kill that one 

  11. Excited muuuuuch for Jessica’s performance!
    JSans represent and vote vote vote till will cut all of our fingers!!!

    • So you don’t want to hear them actually perform first? She’s liable to get outshines again. Ha. Just yankin Your chain. Vote vote vote for JOSHUA then!!!!!! Lol

  12. i love the way you lie for sure is goig to be for skylar, i want jessica do that, but if not, i hope she will sing  perfect by pink.

  13. “You and I” /Lady Gaga = Hollie“Stuttering” / Jazmine Sullivan = Phillip“Didn’t Know How Much I Loved You” / Kellie Picker = Skylar “Perfect” / Pink = Elise“Love The Way You Like” / Skylar Grey = Jessica“Give A Little More” /  Maroon 5 = Colton“Runaway Baby” / Bruno Mars = Joshua

  14. Oh God, this week is hard to decide who should sing what and for the first I feel like nobody deserves to leave and all of them could win the show!

  15. All fantastic so far.  Jessica who is not my favourite really looked sexy tonight and sounded like Lena Horne.  Much more depth than usual.  Hope she takes Jennifer’s advice.

    Colton looks better and better.

  16. I can’t stand “Jimmy” and his B.S.. Who cares what he has to say? I know that in all of America why do we have to listen to his opinion. This is American Idol, let America decide without his influence. Get lost JIMMY!!

    • But if  you really look hard, he has the best review in all honesty–the jduges are overrating everyone–except Hollie–i think Hollie did a lot better today than last week.

    • That’s because he is signs the artist and not the people. We only buy the records and Jimmy is just being honest. Can you stand the judges?

  17. I really wish the judges would not comment as much. You can tell each week who they want to go. All they can think about I’d Jessica. They never have a positive thing to say about Hollie. Just plain tired of them.

  18. Elise Testone, Lady Gaga is by far one of the most influential music people of our time. Your performance tonight was nothing less than amazing. For the first time in American Idol history, I voted tonight. That vote went to you. I’m a soldier in the National Guard and a big fan of the show. This year a big fan of a gorgeous singer named Elise.

  19. Eventhough Jessica can sing, she is unlikebale and fake. Doesn’t deserve to be an idol.

  20. Jessica’s in the bottom 3 in dial idol! Please vote for her! pleaseplease! We can’t let her go home! She’s one of the best!

  21. I didn’t like the song Jessica sang so it didn’t matter who sang it.
    The judges poo-pood on Holly again, nothing new here.
    I happen to like her. 

  22. It kind of pissed me off when the judges dissed America. It is OUR vote afterall. If not our vote you should rename the show to Judges’Idol. Stop trying to cram Jessica down our throats…we will vote for whomever we want. You judges only have ONE save. It’s gone, you were saving it for jessica anyway, but you can’t next week, then what? Anyway, Jessica lacks one thing she needs to win this thing, that is charisma. She is cold and has no personality.

  23. We have witnessed your prejudice towards Joshua & Jessica. We believe they are talented, but I think the turnout from last nights judging from people of America was telling you, they aren’t the only talent on the Idol this year.

  24. I so think America got it wrong. Come on….Jessica and Joshua have the best vocals there. Skylar screams every time she sings, Phillip Phillips is boring! Hollie is good but stiff. Colton has come along way. Eloise has a unique voice. Come on vote Right!!!! Of course it don’t matter cause the majority of the contestants will get a recording contract anyway.

  25. I needed to share that public please look at Elise and Phillip, they have music uniqueness! Please we don’t need another country American Idol. The three youngest singers, and I adore them they do need some crowd maturity. Goyte song Elise and Philip sung was magic! They do need to chose the right songs to showcase their voices, come on America their style is so new and fresh it can change the music industry. kindly…

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