American Idol 2012 Top 7 Performances: Songs From This Decade

American Idol 2012 Top 7 performances

American Idol 2012 Top 7 finalists are coming at you with the most modern hits yet: songs from this decade. That means tonight on American Idol we’ll hear selections from 2010, 2011, and 2012 on the stage as the remaining finalists battle it out for your votes. We already know tonight’s American Idol song list thanks to the spoilers, but we’re about to find out who sings what on that list.

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American Idol 2012 Top 7 Performances:

  • Skylar Laine – Didn’t Know How Much I Loved You – 1-866-436-5701
  • Colton Dixon – Love the Way You Lie – 1-866-436-5702
  • Jessica Sanchez – Stuttering – 1-866-436-5703
  • Joshua Ledet – Runaway Baby – 1-866-436-5704
  • Hollie Cavanagh – Perfect – 1-866-436-5705
  • Phillip Phillips – Give A Little More – 1-866-436-5706
  • Elise Testone – You and I – 1-866-436-5707

Phillip and Elise have the first duet with “Somebody I Used to Know.” Skylar and Colton perform “Don’t You Wanna Stay” as their duet. Hollie, Joshua, and Jessica come out as the trio with “Stronger.”

After the final performance I’ll add a poll so you can support for your favorite. Share your thoughts on tonight’s Idol show and who was the best!




    • Top contestants- Jessica, Colton, Phillip
      Middle Ground- Hollie, Joshua
      Bottom- Elise, Skylar
      This is just my opinion. Jessica from the get go has shown that she has the voice and the presence. She is a real contender for finale, if not the whole title. Colton has a great idea of who he is and he shows it week after week. He hasn’t had a poor performance to date and he is consistently holding steady. Great finale contender. Phillip puts his own spin on songs and does what every great American Idol contestant has done. He doesn’t sing karaoke and he’s so very unique. Another great finale contender. Hollie slipped a little, but don’t count her out! Everyone knows how much of a powerhouse she is in the vocal aspect. Joshua has some real pipes. He still may need another great performance or two to get farther than fourth or fifth. Elise has never really had much of a fan base. Sometimes I see her as kind of arrogant? Am I the only one? Skylar… I don’t like country… sorry. This is my opinion mind you, only my opinion. I am not stating facts or asking any of you to agree with me. 

  1.  American Idol Season 11 Top 7 Spoilers
    “You and I” by Lady Gaga
    “Stuttering” by Jazmine Sullivan
    “Didn’t Know How Much I Loved You” by Kellie Pickler
    “Perfect” by Pink
    “Love the Way You Lie” by Skylar Grey
    “Give a Little More” by Maroon 5
    “Runaway Baby” by Bruno Mars
    “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger) by Kelly Clarkson

    • No… Jessica belongs in a karaoke bar. She has perfect pitch, which is nice, but no originality. She has a good fan base but is far from setting any records.

      • i think jessica, joshua and hollie are all karaoke at this point..its always the orginal arrangement..but all three could overcome that.  they need work. but all three have talent…just no personal direction.

      • you can’t deny her talent. So what originality are you looking for by the way? Like Lee Dewyze? Kris Allen? (Where are they now?) Do you think that Scotty from last year is original? And I just hope you know how sing babe.

      • Having a very huge fan base of Jessica that bothered you this time?It shows only that this girl has a real talent ok’  you  feel nervous is it not?
        Just relax there,afterward the one you’re betting will take the 2nd and I hope it will be ok for you.

      • are you sure man??? your idol maybe good but jessica SANCHEZ is THE BEST! just listen to what the judges comments…. listen to the PRO’s man!

      • To Mary and Skigal,  singing original song is not karaoke in my opinion.  The tone is different than original.  No one can be same as original.  Plus this is live. Go the AI in person so you can tell excatly what karaoke bar is vs live perfromance.  I hope you love music thats why you watch AI.  And not all of them maybe some does karaoke.  And skigal you can say anything you want to jessica, but i believe she is already past that since 7 yrs old. Sorry, thats the truth. The poll, the votes and people already spoken here.

  2. Just don’t get the colton thing.  i know i say this a lot…but he is so average. and i never like the fake rocker look.  get a hair cut and sing better. i know that makes colton fans mad.  but he is no rocker.

  3. waiting for Jessica Sanchez to kill anew…. go go go, little girl with a big voice, it’s showtime Jessssssss!! 🙂 Good luck!!

  4. so i like the song “somebody i used to know” but in not into this duet dont know why exactly just not the best

  5. So Phillip’s wearing a grey shirt once again, defiant?? Elise totally outshined him on that duet. PP looks just so awkward and uncomfortable without his guitar. We’ll see what he does for his solo, but I’m sure it’s gonna be more of the same. Sorry Mary, I know you’ll disagree with me.

    • skylar amazing colton alright voice cracked a good bit and the duet was elise and energy but pretty good

  6. Let’s just respect our own idols. We all have our favorite(s). They do have differences, pros and cons. Don’t bash a contestant just because it doesn’t satisfy your ears and eyes, better yet doesn’t gave you a damn goosies. Every idol has its pros and cons that’s why they are in a journey to develop and improve. Win or lose if your a true fan, you’ll support that idol no matter what. This contestant doesn’t directly state the future of your idol though. It’s still a long run ahead in the real industry. This show is still going and airing not to cause people killing each other just because of the contradictory they have in each idol, but rather to gave this hopefuls a chance of being an idol by someone. Respect all the contestants, you’ve given a wide sense of sight not just to see what you want, wide sense of hearing not just to listen on one, and god gave you a sense of feeling to give everyone a chance to be heard and to be appreciated, not being judge this early just because you simply don’t like him/her . Let’s just enjoy the show.

  7. This was jessica’s best overall performance..not pitchy or fake vibrato…and i felt it.  really nice.  she was into that song..she is growing up fast.  good job.

    • But she is sooo boring! The judge was right sooner or later she has to show some upbeat diversity. She, if anyone, should have picked a Gaga song. Her predictably bland choice was sort of a poor representation of the past 3 years in music.

      • she’s boring to you?  nobody can satisfy everybody. but those 37% voters  said they’re satisfied. if she did what you want, how many %voters would be bored? not you. definitely not you.

      • Really? Your comments are hideous! Jessica is very versatile and shows her diversity to music. She showed how great she can sing ballad and fast songs, R and B, rap, etc. So get a life dude! You are failing 100%!

  8. Omg, Jessica slayed it once again…. i don’t know where she is getting this so much soulful emotions….. goosies. 🙂

  9. I lived Jessica’s performance! I know Jazmine Sullivan sang it well, but I loved Jessica’s take on it! Appreciating her R&B skills.

  10. ok i love bruno if i am ever going to love josh its now..though bruno is sexy to me.…but sexy. 

  11. Crap! Didn’t like that song, but…. Jessica nailed it. Blah blah blah… Come on Josh, show her up man, you’ve done it before. Yes she deserves the finals, but so does Josh.

  12. Jessica is trending in the US via her Stuttering perfomance, love is overflowing, she is making waves….. 🙂

  13.  Jennifer said, “That was really beautiful, in the middle you started
    digging, you have an amazing opportunity to take America on a ride, I
    would love to see some Joshua type performances,
    take us on the ride.” Steven said, “Every time I hear you sing I forget
    where I am, you had the nerve to sing that song and Jennifer’s shoes.”
    Randy said, “I love the arrangements you do, you set the bar really
    high, that was superb at the highest degree, the control, you did an
    amazing job and slayed the biggest fish of the night.”

  14. actually i’m not familiar with this ‘stuttering’ i went to youtube..I was actually amazed..Its one of a heck difficult song to sing..bravo for jessica cos she nailed it

  15. Jessica you don’t need standing ovation. The comments from the judges already say how good you are and is deserving to take the crown. I also don’t know the song and now it’s one of my favorites!  Adding this to my playlist once it’s out!

  16. here is my josh problem..if you wanted to buy that song…would you buy josh or bruno?  i would buy bruno…josh needs some serious coaching..he has the voice..but he has no personal direction..he copies..and his mannerisms are not sexy..i will leave it at that. 

    • Well Mary, at least he shows some diversity, unlike your boy Phillip! And that was actually a dumb question, I think most people would buy the song from the ORIGINAL artist when it comes to Every contestant. These kids are singing well established songs from well established artist, so to say you would buy the already established version over an amateurs, well……..DUH. So are these contestants gonna sing a song better than Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga and the rest of the song choice artists……..NO , that’s why they have been hits already. So the basis of your argument falls flat, sorry.

  17. ok josh was ok. no bruno mars but good… and seriously ryan skylar and colton are def not a couple shes even says she has a boyfriend that shes been with since she was 14.

  18. Josh did better in my opinion tonight that in the past. He sounds much better when he does not wail as much! Good job Josh.

  19. i respect the haters all around here, this is a singing competition… Jessica might not be that very good if she doesn’t have haters…. no body wants a loser, if you are being talked about or being hated that means you are doing a great job to intimidate some…. 🙂

    • That’s right! 🙂 And you know what people? Who cares! Thank you for talking about Jessica, It just proves how good she is to take all your criticisms and be the best.


    Jennifer said, “That was really beautiful, in the middle you started
    digging, you have an amazing opportunity to take America on a ride, I
    would love to see some Joshua type performances,
    take us on the ride.” Steven said, “Every time I hear you sing I forget
    where I am, you had the nerve to sing that song and Jennifer’s shoes.”
    Randy said, “I love the arrangements you do, you set the bar really
    high, that was superb at the highest degree, the control, you did an
    amazing job and slayed the biggest fish of the night.”

      • maybe it’s like piercing through your soul?? hahaha! it’s just JLo who feels that for Joshua. Anyways, good comments from the judges.

    • The hell with JLo… How can she compare Joshua’s to Jessica’s when all Josh can do is scream and cry…. 😐 It’s just JLo.

      She doesn’t have the sole RIGHT to compare contestants because each of them is unique when performing. 

      • Wah wah. Just cause she praises Josh she’s a crazy, don’t know what she’s talking bout, loser huh. Get over it. They see how awesome Josh is, and they know more about talent than you. Ha. Go Josh, 2 more standing O’s than Jess. Hahahaha

      • Wow… O.o….. JLo just knows what talent is than any of us—that’s weird. 

        First, She is not the one buying the songs, that’s our job. JLo, like the  idols, is a singer and we are the listeners. And, JLo is entitled to give her ipinion but she doesn’t vote. The voting is still our job.

        I’d better listen to Bruno Mars. And I know that’s your opinion but get it straight. JLo has been crazy for weeks with all her inconsistent comments.  Skylar, Elise and Jessica are better than him tonight.

  21. If Ms. Laine and Colton are dating- and they break up- Skylar WILL snap Colton like the twig he is

  22. Ok then!! My boy gets Another standing O! He mixed it up with an uptempo song and cut out a lot of the runs that a lot of people have said they don’t care for. I still love him doing the ballads and showing off that big voice, but he proved tonight he’s not just a ballad singer. And yes Jess did kill it so as ive already admitted, so dont jump on me jess fans for supporting my Idol favorite. Great job Josh!!

  23. colton slurs..i hardly understand him.  he thinks he is cool..but he is a nerd. nothing wrong with a nerd if they can accept that.  skylar would do better with Phil or even Josh.  Colton is too much of a diva.  poor skylar.

  24. skylar is amazing! VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE SKYLAR!! such a great voice!! one amazing power house rockin country girl!! loved that duet and her solo was i’ll say it again AMAZING!!!!! VOTE SKYLAR!!!!!!

      • Please don’t speak for everybody else.  I’ve read most of your posts throughout this thread addressing comments by non-Jessica fans and, while I am responding here to one of your least brusque remarks, it is evident from the rest of your vile posts pervading this discussion that you have undertaken to lambaste every single person who dislikes Jessica.  What gives you the entitlement to always have the final word on who the best one is or who deserves a standing ovation?  This is a forum in which everyone has a right to opine – your view is not the only one that matters and certainly not the only one deserving of comity.  You should try to grow a modicum of civility and learn to respect the perspective of others for a change.

  25. Skylar and Colton did good. Does anyone else think that there actually is something going on between the two of them?

      • You don’t think she would give up someone who no one knows for someone with money and who can sing?!? He seems like a nicer person anyways ha

  26. Jessica Sanchez is surely not STUTTERING!!! I so love again her performance this week! That’s what I love about a great singer and a performer, that you can sing with clear diction and deliver the message right to your heart and soul. PERFECT!

  27. Sorry but I think I am just getting caught up – I know who Jessica Sanchez is …. She lost on Americas Got Talent.  Wasn’t there a girl from AGT last year?? Is this show now the AGT reject talent show? 

    • That was when she was 11…. How are you at that time? Anyway, I won’t mind.

      That’s not a AGT reject talent show. There should really be a point where as a performer, you will loose because the title is not meant to be yours as of the moment and there will be such time that you will bag that title. Jessica did not bag that title when she was 11. Who knows. She might have her time now so quit hatin’ and just enjoy the show. 🙂

    • there’s always opprtunity baby.. and i commend jess for that. if you have a dream, go for it!

  28. As soon as the show goes off, everyone pick up your phone and call 1-866-436-5701 OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!!! Great job Skylar! Best performance of the night!

  29. Here we go again with these stupid judges….MY GOD..unbelivable..they didn’t even want to clap.

    • They didn’t clap for Hollie? :O What did they say?? I still can’t watch here lol.

      • Hollie is lovely  and  a really nice kid but she’s just not ready for this. She needs more experience when it comes to singing techniques. She has a huge voice & long range but not quite the kind that would get a record deal…but I love her & she’s adorable…I wish her the best when she goes out of AI.

  30. Jessica is great and incomparable! Bitter will dislike yhis for sure but i believe that people will try to pull you down if they feel that you are a threat to their idol…

    • She is not a threat to anyone…I think my daughter (who is 2) could perform better than she could. 

      • Really? Well, that’s because you’re her mother. If your daughter could sing that song perfectly—have her aution in America’s Got Talent. 

      • Next year, AI should lower down the age limit to 2 years so we could watch your daughter perform! It’d be phenomenal! GO SkylarRocks’ daughter! GO! GO to mommy!

      • Yes, your daughter could kill the song…if she sings through the nose..nasally, nasally!

    • 5 standing ovations for Joshua, and 3 for Jessica, I think the judges would disagree that she is incomparable to any of the other contestants, talent wise. Talented..,,, definitely, but she’s not miles and miles above all the other contestants as so many Jess fans believe.

      • Didn’t sat it did. My point is that Jessica isn’t so far ahead of the competition like so many believe. Josh has done just as good as she has but doesn’t get near the respect because he has a different style. But at least the judges notice the talent he has, regaurdless of what people say on this site. That was my point. Standing O’s are great when they’re for Jess, but not others, that has been made clear already on this site.

  31. Hollie just cant win with the judges i feel so bad for her shes so much better than they make her out to be. maybe not the best in the comp. but i loved it tonight better than last week. im rooting for skylar and hollie!

  32. True music lovers appreciates the song and how it was sang never mind the singer…those who bashes singers even if they did well are haters…i bet they have miserable lives to wish for bad things to happen to others…

  33. Jessica is phenomenal! She is going to WIN this year. The judges just can’t give her Standing-Os all the time for the others to feel that there is still a competition going on. Looking forward to another outstanding performance next week Jessica! 😀

  34. I knew it! Another SO for Joshua! When will the judges realize that it’s not all about screaming for a performace to be SO-worth?! JLO, I doubt if you know the word “restraint’ when you pointlessly compared Jessica’s performance to his! Argh!!!!!

    • We know better than listening to JLO’s stupid comments. She’s not believable as a judge in the first place. She can’t even sing like any of the contestants. She sells records only because of her huge a$$

    • Uh. Did you actually watch? Where was the ‘screamung’? He actually toned it down a lot and changed it up by doing an uptempo song. Don’t hate cause the judges recognize his tremendous talent and you don’t!

  35. and how dare JLO used the word “dynamics” while praising Joshua when what it actually means is knowing when to belt out and when to tone down – which is what Jessica exactly did!

  36. No SO yet again for our DIVA JESSICA! But they only had good praises for her! I sooo felt the angst and soul in her performance! And she looked stunning too! Another fantabulous ensemble!

  37. Jessica you made me cry when you sing that song!!,, your the BEST … We love you!!! Win the Title for Us.. 

  38. i don’t even know how they can even compare phil to colton…colton plays to the 15 and under crowd..Phil is for adults..of course i could just watch him and be happy..but he is very talented. love that chest physical. 

  39. sorry phillip that wasnt your best good but not the best. maroon 5’s version is so up beat and great. like i said good but hes just not full of energy tonight wonder whats up!

    •  His performances have been lackluster since Heejun was voted off. He lost his muse!

  40. who picks these songs? Why do most contestants pick the most obscure songs possible? Only the pink song was popular.

  41. oh yeah jLo you think deandre and heejun should still be have no credibility.  keep pimping josh and colton.  they will be lee dweeb.

  42. The judges have officially pissed me off, seriously.. Hollie did good, what does she need to sing like WHITNEY HOUSTON??

  43. ok phil you can go home now..the judges and this show are beneath you.  you got what you would be justice to go home and their ratings will drop…you no longer need them…let them crown colton…christian rock hit….1000 downloads.   jesus was a rolling stone…

    • Mary you sound Like a twelve year old little brat. Good grief, cry me a river. He was not good, and again did and sounded the same as he always does….. Growl, make face, growl, use guitar, stand still…..Bad tonight!!

  44. Ok, I can’t take anymore I have to comment….I think the contestants are all good …really like Jessica….

    Hollie, every week she finishes my living room goes wow and the judges rip her up.

    From time to time all the contestants make me cringe being pitchy seems like they all get a pass….

    Frankly I loved Simon Cowell because he told it like it was and gave an honest critique

    • I agree. I miss Simon ! The current judges are confusing the public by not giving the right criticism.

  45. Like to know why the judges are so against Hollie? They always have negative comments no matter what she does.

  46. loved the 3 together but sorry jessica tired to out sing them and when pitchysome  and screamed  some but overall this song was good. Hollie and Josh really stood out. I just dont like jessica upbeat nor that much anyway esp. when she pushes to try and out sing others. sorry again jessca fans i respect your opinion and this is mine.

  47. Shows that Jessica cannot go upbeat! She can only do ballads or low key r+b. This is her weakness.

  48. are the judges stoned?  if they want josh to win..lets crown him and show reruns of cops for the next few weeks…why waste our time.  i am almost wanting phil to be voted off, so i can quit watching this silly show.  i will watch until Phil is gone.  i do like skylar and like elise sometimes..jessica had a good night..but less face it, without lots of work..Phil will be a star, skylar a country star..and the others will be working car dealership appearances with that Hung fellow from years ago.

  49. I do not stoop down to a low-life hater’s level. Sorry. Why don’t we just enjoy each and every Idol hopeful with their performances? I wish the Top 10 will hold their concert again in the Philippines just like last year’s batch. I would be so in the front of the line to watch and have fun with them…

  50. All of us must accept the facts that Jessica Sanchez is the most quallified to be crowned.Mostly of all the news sites are trending for supports with this little girl……………..Wow almost perfect everytime she steps on the stage,hoping that she will not be in a bottom 3 as many were expecting.

  51. I think as of right now here’s how everyone will end up:
    Elise: Touring rock artist
    Jessica: Pagent girl
    Hollie: Disney/Nickelodeon
    Skylar: Woods woman who ends up taking over he family’s store
    Colton and Philip: Own a boardwalk tattoo shsop together- getting high or wasted every Saturday night
    Josh:  Broadway

  52. Just expect the unexpected, that many people will pull you down if they think you are a big threat to their AI11 idols.
    Just do your best everytime you’re on the this contest.

  53. 1. Skylar
    2. Elise and Hollie
    3. Josh
    4. Jessica
    5. Colton
    6. Philip

  54. was good to ok elise..but i think enough to beat hollie but not by much.  bottom three…hollie, elise and not sure..of the third.  maybe josh but it should be colton.

    • I’m a bit worried that it might be Phil. Haven’t seen the show as it is on tonight in Australia, but comments aren’t looking great for him. I think someone will sign a contract with him, though – many people like his quirky style (and boyish good looks)!

  55. my rankings best to last
    so VOTE SKYLAR!!!!!!!

  56. the judges looked bored…… as if there’s no competition anymore!! lol Jessica doesn’t need a SO everytime she performs, people are glued to her everytime it’s time for her to sing…. 🙂

  57. See, P2’s non-receptive attitude is finally taking its toll! The judges are now realizing (which should have happened weeks ago btw) how boring and naive his growling can get! 

  58. I’m not surprised Jessica’s taking over the poll every week. You never fail to impress me Jessica. Go for the crown!

  59. OKAY! Here’s the thing.  “I hate her/his performance” is better than “i hate her/him” 

  60. We definitely need new judges next year! Com’on, they had nothing positive to say to Hollie’s performance! And i thought it was really good, the judges obviously hates her (shes like the Haley Reinhart this year)
    Randy is really getting boring and old. “yo yo yo” seriously?! “you got to have it!”
    Jennifer is really pretty but meh, sometimes she doesnt even know what she’s talking about! And she judges the competition not by vocals but by popularity and favoritism.
    Steven just basically sits there and just agree with everything jennifer or randy says. He doesnt really judge much!
    Judges this year is more on favouritism, i mean seriously when have they said something positive about hollie’s performance they’re not even helping her!

    Jimmy should be the judge! He’s way better than the three of them!

    • i agree. hollie deserved more than what the judges gave her. they are so inclined with the other contestants and they want hollie to perform that way… they should know that each artist has their own style…

  61. Any of this year’s contenders will not stand a chance if they joined season 10. I mean… with talents like Hailey, Lauren, James, Scotty and Pia… these Season 11 kids would not go very far… #justsayin

    And not to mention, these kids are selling in the market today

    • tend to agree with you there…music these days is so diverse it is hard to find someone that makes you go WOW…haven’t heard that before…I don’t like Jessica because I have seen it before.  I want to see an artist that makes me go WOW and the last time on Idol that happened was Adam Lambert….


  63. Skylar was very good – much better than last seasons country doo dahs, colton was also good – just don’t care for his sluring, but I really like how he puts the song together and he hits the notes well. Jessica always does very well, I do wish she would put something more into her songs, I would say bland but good bland. Joshua does scream sometimes, but it was very good tonight – not phenomenal but deserved Standing O.

    Just waiting for the others 🙂

  64. So Joshua got another Standing Ovation? Why don’t they just stop the show and give the crown to Joshua? Its oviously that they want Joshua to win. They give him standing ovation eventhough his performance is not good! Joshua is always shouting! LOL

    •  Agree. When he releases singles, better call it “Shout” or something coz it’s all we will hear. Screams, god.

      • We can’t deny that Joshua is a great singer. But he should sing softly. Not always shouting. So that we can hear his natural voice. 🙂

    •  You are right!  They are always pimping Joshua for some reason, and always bad mouthing Hollie.

  65.  For the first time, I’m not impressed with Jessica. She failed me. Now, I’m kinda rooting for Skylar or Colton. If those two improved better, that’s a BA BABOOM 😀

  66. 1-866-436-5705

    that will be the number i will dial if only i was in america…

    so come on guys. start dialing. 

  67. This is getting really ridiculous. I mean they are not even trying to hide the fact that they have their favorites. List of AI favorites this year and how you know:

    Jessica Sanchez—they always praise her using words like legend, the one, perfection, captivating

    Joshua Ladet—always a SO and never a harsh word or criticism

    Colton Dixon—always talking about his looks and tbh he just looks average to me. Of course I’m no expert on that issue…LOL

    They actually jumped off the P2 gravy train this week. His duet was terrible and his solo was just the same as every other week, just so so IMO

    Elise Testone—She gets the pimp spot more than anyone when she is in trouble. 

    If it isn’t rigged in the voting then you can bet it is in the comments and the way the show is directed.

    •  Taymaro I agree.  The judges are trying to manipulate voting to get the top 3 that they want.  As proof, they never have anything good to say to Hollie who is certainly one of the top 4.  Cmon, Hollie blows away Phillip and Colton for example, but the judges are constantly pimping both of them.  But UR right, tonight they let off on Phillip some.

    •  Maybe so.  I don’t understand the judges comments on Hollie though.  I think she did a great job tonight, along with about 4 others.

    • actually you might be wrong… hollie should not be eliminated, no one should be eliminated. randy , jennifer, and steven should be eliminated…  they aren’t good judges and they’re not even as perfect as what they say on their comments…

  68. looks like the Pia week is here already who will be the casualty? hope not Jessica or Phillip!

  69. Never mind that the judges are now rooting for the ultra-screamer Joshua! America simply knows that Jessica had the best, MOST DYNAMIC (hear that JLO!), and most emotive performance tonight! Still, Jessica FTW!!!!:D

  70. Here we go again.  Without reading any of the other opinions, I will see that Jessica nailed it again.  Well – I don’t think so.  She wasn’t even the best of the girls.  Philip was the BEST of the night by far.  If fact, the guys ruled.  Colton was terrific at the piano and Joshua was very very good.  The trio only pointed out who the best singer is of that threesome – Joshua.  Prediction: the Bottom Three will be all female.  Judges: don’t even think about using the ‘save’ yet.

    •  Yes, I don’t think Jessica did Kelly very well….Actually, I’m really not sure she’s as versatile beyond r&b as people claim she is. Sorry Jessica fans. She’s great with Beyonce-like songs, and has impeccable control of her voice…but those are the types of songs  she should stick with.

      • for me, that’s what I like about her, not sticking to what she can do best, risk-taker, try not to be boring enough~ 🙂 just my opinion~ 🙂

  71. 2 Judges esp. JLO: Ba careful with what u wish for, u might just get it from Jessica next week! She’ll bombard u with all d screams, growls and dynamics that u want….and yes, she wont stop till u give her her loooong-deserved 4th SO!!!!

  72. Are you kidding me? Jessica is mechanical…..she doesn’t put her heart into her voice! It’s like the difference between playing the piano and being a “pianist”

  73. Here are the facts why many likes Jessica Sanchez?
    1. She can make an unpopular song to be popular. 
    2. Paying attention to all (good or bad)comments to mentors,judges,and followers these are the reasons why she is very popular nowaday.

  74. Who’s safe tomorrow (my opinion):
    Colton, Elise, Jessica, Joshua
    Bottom 3: Phil, Hollie, Skylar

    America’s top 4:
    Colton, Jessica, Phil, Joshua
    America’s bottom 3:
    Elise, Hollie, Skylar

    Who will be eliminated: Hollie
    Will the judges save her? Maybe, depends on which ‘save’ song she sings

  75. Well here’s once again I want to explain what an opinion is. I got accused by a Jessica fan of not being allowed an opinion because I’m not a musician. Let me ask, isn’t this show supposed to be about our opinions? We vote for our favorites right? So therefore the opinions of the public are a major driving force behind this show. Who’s voting on this show? Let’s see. Probably your average high school teenager, or your soccer moms, or your doctors, or your lawyers, or people who work in grocery stores, or people who work in restaurants, or your ordinary housewives, ect. Therefore probably the majority of people calling in and voting aren’t people who are musicians.

    Also let me put it this way if I’m not allowed an opinion on music because I’m not a musician then I shouldn’t be allowed an opinion on politics because I’m not a politician. Or I shouldn’t be allowed to have an opinion on books because I’m not a writer. Or I shouldn’t be allowed to have an opinion on movies because I’m not a screen writer, director, or actor. Or I shouldn’t be allowed to have an opinion on video games because I’m not a video game designer. I could go on.

    Simply put my opinions are just that, an opinion. Just because I might not be into Jessica isn’t reason to claim that I’m not allowed an opinion because I’m not a musician. Really this is getting out of hand. Not only that I was accused of not being right in the head because I’m not into Jessica. Really people are allowed their opinions, you don’t have to agree with them but you shouldn’t attack them because you don’t agree with them. I simply state my opinions and explain them. You have a right to disagree but please don’t attack people because of it.

      •  Yes she did have a good performance tonight and I predict that she will be safe tomorrow, but I am not that into her. I don’t connect with her and I believe that it’s a mere impersonation and not something that she’s putting her own spin on. That’s just my opinion so please don’t attack me for it.

  76. The judges try to influence the vote every week by ripping up Hollie…Hollie does pretty good every week!

    • I tell you it’s about competing with the other shows and other networks. Idol needs to have the right person win this year and it has to be a better singer/performer than “The Voice”, The X Factor, AGT or idol will lose the rest of it’s credibility as a true singing competition. If they lose their respect as a true measure of talent then all the real talent will start going to the other competitions and AI will fade into the sunset.

      This is evident by the absence of sob stories this year. They are really focusing on the talent and if America gets it wrong in their eyes they will make the correction. You can bet on that. They are trying to manipulate the voting but if it doesn’t work they will not allow their chosen one to lose this year especially.  

      So we can vote how ever we want but in the end whoever they want to win is going to win. 

      Bottom 3 Tomorrow night prediction for me:


      Hollie goes home.

      •  No chance of P2 in the Bottom 3…Elise, Hollie and Skylar will be the Bottom 3 with Hollie or Elise either going home or getting the Save.

  77. 1.) Joshua Ledet- because i like the song and he does it well.. 
    2.) Jessica Sanchez- because she is good every week, very consistent.. I don’t get it why the judges didn’t give her a standing o.
    3.) Elise Testone- because I remember Haley in her.. She again redeemed herself from last week. 
    4th.) Colton Dixon- I am glad to see he is soften up a little bit and feels like he is singing this in heaven.
    5th.) Skylar Laine- Her performance was kinda forgettable.. I am sorry. This is only my opinion
    6th.) Philip Philips- Sigh. The judges said it all. -.-
    7th.) Hollie Cavanagh- Another ballad, and simply forgettable song.. I have a bad feeling about her. I want her to stay at least top 5 🙁

    Bottom 3:

    If I were to choose based on their performance , it would be:
    Skylar Laine
    Philip Philips
    Hollie Cavanagh

    Eliminated: still Hollie (sorry holliepops :()

    • The only reason Skylar’s performance is forgettable is because everyone else went after her. They obviously don’t want another country winner this year. Going first is almost always a kiss of death.

      • I hope so.. But if Skylar eliminated tommorow, it’s pretty obvious that they will use the save.. I bet the judges use their save on Jessica, Joshua, Phil, Colton and Probably Elise.

      • Elise would totally deserved to be saved…she has an awesome voice…..goosies every time….still don’t know why she keeps hitting bottom 3….just demographics, which is silly, it’s a singing competition!

    • I don’t think they would save Skylar or Hollie tomorrow night. If it’s Colton, Elise, Jessica or Joshua they will use it. It would be interesting with the judge’s reactions tonight to see if they would use it on Phillip.

    • For me, Phillip and Elise, most likely to buy their albums etc. But I am now voting for Jessica. 16 years old, she is incredible, and should win this season. Because she is so good. Phillip, Joshua, Elise, Hollie, Skylar and Colton will all be successful and I wish them the very best. 

    • I don’t like that song. The lyrics are corny. She sang it well but the song is just silly…..stu….stu….stu…..stuttering. Du du du doesn’t th th that ju ju just so so sound si si silly tu you?

      • Then you better Sta….sta..a….art fu….fu…fixing that mo…….mouth of yours. 🙂 That song is not Jessica’s composition. T…t….tell it to the composer if you have problems with the lyrics… XD
        …..just saying…. 😉

  78. The judges should be eliminated tomorrow. Please get Simon back so Jimmy will have an easier job to do.

    • yah, you’re words may come true but to say that “america is done with you” is absurd… some hollipops are from america and they aren’t done with her. 

    • Oh, I don’t doubt she is going home but it’s not because America is done with her. That was just a horrible way to put it. This show is so obviously rigged it isn’t even funny. They aren’t even trying hard to hide it either.

    • I love Hollie and the difference between 1st and last is taste and the taste of voters. Can’t dis any of this crew, I even liked Colton tonight.

    • Don’t say bad words to others than your favorites just be be fair to everyone anyway, Hollie few more hours to she will be off stage anyhow be caaaaalm…………..Thanks
      Jessica Sanchez FTW.

  79. All right…lets get serious here. These judges consist of TWO….. OLD  has-beens and a wanna-be.  Tyler only likes the girls he can get “close” to,  Jlo only likes minority, and Randy is afraid to upset either of them. Hey……he calls everyone “dude”. Did any of these judges attend Julliard? where are their credentials??

    • You notice what JLo was saying to Skylar. Now they are having a hard time hearing. So now you can’t hold them to any of their remarks because they really couldn’t hear good enough to judge….HA!! 

      It’s not that they are hearing wrong. It’s the producers manipulating the show through Jimmy Iovine and rigging the voting and not only that but also placing contestants strategically during the show to ensure they don’t get as many votes or others so they will get more votes. Can you all not see that. When the judges are commenting and also Jimmy tomorrow night be sure to pay attention to the subtext in their little spiels. They are like puppets on a string.

      •  I agree about the judges and producers.  However, I think Jimmy usually tells it right.  He nearly always disagrees with the judges.  But yeah, the judges are truly screwed up crooked.

    • You say, old has beens..excuse me…there is way more to say about experience than teeny bopper opinions

  80. Wow look how close the voting is! Jessica is standing out but look at the rest. They are neck and neck…LOL

  81. Lemme just reiterate how fabulous and innate Jessica’s fashion sense is! I mean, she always projects this divalicious and sophisticated aura that The Doomed Hollie just can’t! And the earrings that she wore during the group performance just made her look fiercer! Yes! She’s the total package! No doubt on that!

    •  Hollie is not doomed but she would be if the judges get their way.  They are bad-mouthing her trying to reduce her votes so their favorite Jessica will have less competition.  Jessica is a great singer but so is Elise, Hollie and Skylar.  The four girls are the top four in my opinion.  But hopefully Hollie is not doomed.  Phillip is the next one who should go.

  82. Hollie did awesome was so proud of her tonight ..Skyler you are the best I still can’t get the song you did out of my head …Great performance by those two the rest were mediocre in my opinion….

  83. Those are some pretty even results, except for Jessica which I totally get. That girl is incredible. Each of the others are even at 10% and that sits well with me cause they are all so good. This could be a very good year for AI.

    • Well this site is available internationally and that makes it possible for  Jessica’s Filapino fans in the Philippines to vote here on this site but not in the actual voting for the show. So that might not be realistic for Jessica’s votes on AI.

      • Yeah right! But there are a LOT of people from Filipino & Mexican Communities voting for Jessica! Even the ambassador of Mexico (in US) said to the Mexican living in US to vote for Jessica!

      • Hey moderators, I’m sure you use google analytics or Woopra, and you know how many visits from the Philippines. Is it possible Taymaro could be correct?

  84. Jessica Sanchez I think should win!

    Classy voice, powerful, unique, own style, putting flava and beautiful arrangement on piece! Amazing! Best! Very Consistent!

    BOTTOM 3

    5. Skylar



    America will vote this time next to KellyC., FantasiaB., CarrieU. & JordinS. and cut off the male trend winers from David Cook to ScottyM.

  85. If they say karaoke singing … then everyone in the competition is singing karaoke style because they are just singing other artist songs. If its their own composition, own song, original song … then its not karaoke singing. Sometimes when they change the arrangement of the song to make it their own the judges wouldn’t like it unless it’s really a great one but that’s the job of their musicians already. Song arrangement is not part of the competition here.

    Therefore, in my opinion no one is really original artist here. Even Philip because he is not the only one in the music industry who sounds like that. So, I’m just judging these contestants based on the quality of their voice. Also, my no. 1 criteria is perfect singing … no sharp no flat … no out of tune of course.

    • Because there are no decimals displayed. The decimal amounts add up to the other 3 percent.

      • Hi Taymaro,

        Remember what I told you, keep a watch.  Those one liners will soon start and I am curious who will be “IT” this time. 

        My darkhorse is still breathing and possibly will survive another week.I told you Win or loose, it really doesn’t matter at this point.  She will
        make good music later and will do better after Idol.  She did great tonight and her singing were effortless.

        Tonight was a better night compared to last week, everyone tried harder and performed much better all around.  There is no sense to make anymore remarks since I am really getting tired of verbal swordplays with these guys. I find it is useless to argue an opinion when minds are shut tight and no room to grow.  Hard to follow up on this site anymore.  I also noticed some of our familiar friends are no longer loggin in and or have shun making comments avoiding these out of control non-sense.

        Let me tell you frankly it used to be fun loggin in to this site. but alas……………………………… just saying…………………….

      • I don’t think anything can be done about it Ed. I just scroll through all the nonsense to get to a real comment. I usually post what I think about the performances but when I see an injustice with the show I feel that needs to be commented on as well.

        Yes your darkhorse is still in for now. She is on a roller coaster ride but she is still hanging in there. Still not a big fan of her but I am trying to be less subjective about her but I can’t make myself like it any better than I really do. 

        Colton’s performance stood out to me last night. Mostly because that is the only one of the songs I was all that familiar with. And not the Eminem version either so I didn’t miss the rap part of the song. It’s not a bad song if you leave that out…LOL

        Everyone did well but there is just too much manipulation going on with the judges and Jimmy as far as trying to influence the voting. It’s kind of a turn off to me and I feel compelled to comment about it with the hopes that they will figure out that viewers aren’t going to tolerate that forever. 

  86. JESSICA SANCHEZ = A sheer talent with a burning desire to excel, consistent, a total package (she can sing songs with different genre)… 🙂

  87. Eventhough Jessica can sing, she is unlikeable and fake !. Doesnt deserve to be an idol!

  88. The poll ratings is this true?
    Jessica 37% why the 2nd in rank is only 11% for Elise Testone and 10% are battling for the 4 AI11 contestant?This is a strong signal for crowning Miss Jessica Sanchez already,to be winner in this long running singing contest.

    •  Not at all!!  Have you noticed the difference between the poll and the results each week?  The only thing we can compare is using the “Bottom Three” as a measure and actually something doesn’t add up–pardon the pun.

    • As contestants are voted off, their votes will go to the remaining ones.  So far I see 37% for Jessica and 63% for not Jessica.  Hmmm, too early to tell who will win based on this poll. 

      • If I were to follow your reasoning, then it would be 11% for Elise and 89% against her, 10% for Phillip and 90% against him and so on.  Like my friend told me, you can make statistics lie for you.

        Anyway, we shouldn’t take the results of these polls as gospel truth.  Only a few thousands cast their votes, and anyone can vote repeatedly.

    • None of us knows what the real score is. We’d better ask Ryan.

      For now, Continue voting for Jessica America! Let’s support her all the way to the top!

  89. That’s what’s good about Jessica.  She can take a relatively unknown song and make it BETTER, more DYNAMIC, STRONGER, more POWERFUL than others can do with “hits”. 😀

    •  Exactly what songs are you referring to?  She YELLS them when they’re slow, and can’t keep up with the rhythm if they’re quick.  Not a performer.

      • Man,  open your eyes and ears….  You’ll know what mrjeddai’s talking about.  Or perhaps, you sleep on the couch during the airing of the show….  hehehe….

  90. I want Phillip or Josh to get the save this week so holly and Jessica can both be put down next week. I’m sick of them. The only reason I don’t like Jessica is because her fans troll everybody else and make me dislike her.

    • Two aren’t being eliminated in one week because Jermaine got DQ’d and if you think Jessica is going anywhere until the top 4-2 you are crazy because like her or not she has tons of fans

    • Jessica is one of the best Idol contestants ever, to think that she’s only 16 years old.  You must learn to appreciate great talent.  I bet you can’t sing as good as she does.. hehe..

    • I quote “The ONLY REASON I don’t like Jessica is because her fans troll everybody else and make me dislike her” – Dylanjrvs.Then what are the things you like about Jessica? You said the ONLY REASON. Then there must be MORE and MORE reason for you to love this great talent. 🙂

  91. Shut the HELL up about Jessica Sanchez, she is the most overrated contestant in AI histroy.

    • Couldn’t agree more but she already had 1000s of fans on her own YouTube videos so they are always surfing the net to troll the other contestants.

    • Could not disagree more, this is a 16 year old kid, you don’t see room to improve? 16 years old, 16 years old…just so you get it this kid with perfect pitch and an incredible voice is just 16 years old. If you don’t like her now you will most likely like after she gets a little experience and professional training and the best song writers and producers and are you ffing kidding me. It is our job to encourage the young ones, if they blow it, so be it. But in the beginning we say yes you can. Jessica, yes you can. You are amazing, be a great singer, that is your destiny. 

  92. Have any of you had trouble voting on a landline phone?  I can call with no problem on my Verizon cell phone but get the dreaded “All circuits are busy now” EVERY time I dial on the house phone.

  93. Another note it’s sad that America (or the tweens) don’t vote for original talent. Look at past seasons starting with clay Aiken. Then following after with Blake Lewis Adam lambert crystal bowersox and Haley reinhart. They were all unique. This season we had reed Grimm and Jen hirsh and creighton fraker. But they didnt even make the top 13. That already says that America doesn’t like originality they only like karaoke singers like Jessica Sanchez. If Jessica was to win she would be lucky to do as good as lee dewyze. Everyone else is unique but unique doesn’t win.

    •  HAHAHA! “Karaoke” thing you said…you don’t know the meaning of this don’t you? you just learned this “karaoke” word from Simon….

      Do you know what “karaoke” means?

  94. I played the past seasons and I liked the Randy that I saw. This show is nothing but all the praises with the clothes and the popularity and the favoritism.

    1. Simon Cowell – He is not after the idol itself. He sees to it if that person can sell. Top quote: “My advice would be if you want to pursue a career in the music business, don’t.”

    2. Paula Abdul – Yes, she’s lovable. She’s mean in a kind way and I love it. Yeah, she stutters at times but hey, I love it every time she talks. Top quote: “I’m speechless.” —>See? She talks straight! XD
    3. Kara Dioguardi – As a compser, she’s reliable in criticizing talent. And she’s kind. 🙂 Top quote: “Alright, I’m gonna give you another chance, but you’re skating on thin ice.”
    4. Ellen De Generes: I really loved her when she was on AI. She really has a good humor and she is sensible. Top quote: “Im gonna tell right now who I think is going to win. I think the person who’s gonna win is… a girl or a guy.” —–> Good thing she didn’t brought that gay issue LOL

    Bottom 3:
    5. Randy Jackson – Like what I said, I liked the Randy before than now. He has nothing more to offer and he judge awful. And what is more annoying than this quote: “Hey, ‘yo!….. Let me tell you something….He/She is in it to win it!” —> Yeah, anything else?
    6. Steven Tyler – I have so much respect with this guy until this season. He’s all about the fashion and girls. Is he—? No…. He’s old to fancy with teens btw. Quote: “….But, I love the dress. I love the dress.” —-> You can have it if you want.
    7. Jennifer Lopez – What is with all those inconsistencies when she’s judging??? And with all those favoritism with the guys or should I say she wants to be the only judge who cares. Quote: “If I’m Beyonce and I was at home sitting I’ll say ‘Hey, I’m gonna do this in my next concert!”—-> What a fail. 

    Tip: If you’re gonna really judge the idols, better check on them on their rehearsals before sitting at the panel. And please, study their performances first so you won’t look and sound stupid.

  95. what if jessica or joshua is voted out, will she/he be saved by the 3 judges?? just a thought since the whole america populace will vote. might regionalism be a factor though…

  96.                                         my rankings.                                                                                     7.Phillip Phillips. HA can’t wait to see the look the jugnes faces when he’s in the bottem 3.                                                                                                                                    6.Skylar Laine. unforne i think she’s going home just becouse she went 1st.              5.Elise Testone. not her greatst.                                                                                            4.Jessica Sanchez. just meh for me.                                                                                     3.Hollie Cavanagh. why when jessica turns an uptemop song into a balled it’s great. and when hollie is’s not?.                                                                                            2.Joshua Ledet. i actelly like him better on uptempo.                                                      1.Colton Dixon. i don’t know that vison but i do know the other one and i thought he was better than it.                                                                                                               rememer please feel free to disagree or agree this is my rankings OLENY!

  97. We can’t deny the facts that Jessica Sanchez was the most popular AI11 contestant this time,many followers are expecting to be their winner at all cost.
    She can manage to sing unnoticed song to be popular like she does mostly in stage.
    1. It does’nt matter anymore_ unpopular song this decade.
    2. Everybody has a dream_Unpopular & unnoticeble
    3. Stuttering_mostly everyone does’nt know this song & never heard to them only today.

  98. Jessica stood out in the trio performance !  I thought Kelly was singing the song for a second.  Wow… Great job ! 

    • Joshua, Jessica & Hollie do good in their solos~ 🙂
      But For me, their trio performance is worst but love the song~ 

  99. I wish when we are voting the message would say something like “Thanks for voting for No. 1, Skylar.” (using this week as an example). That way we could be sure numbers are not mixed up with the contestants, or they were changed from the week before.  It has happened sometimes in other seasons. I’d just like to be sure I’m voting for the person I want to vote for.

  100. if you want talent…….. jessica sanchez is the one to vote for! itaas mo bandila natin jessica…. go pinoy! go pinas!

    •  🙁 Im filipino but pleeeeeease…this is an American Idol…she is not pinay or pinoy now,  she is american born in the US…her dad is mexican… What you are posting might be a reason for loosing her chance for the win….tsk tsk tsk

  101.  Im pretty sure you can tell the judges/producers have an agenda now to get you eliminated for whatever reason. They did the same thing to Haley Reinhart last season. Just keep fighting and singing your heart out! Theres only so much you can do to fight the machine that is Idol, but your performance tonight basically summed up everything you’re going through. It was great Hollie! Never give up and most of all have fun with this whole experience!

  102. Hollie has become this years Haley with the judges, especially Steve Tyler and did you notice the absolute silence when he pulled her down this week. Last week, he was equally as nasty to her and the week before he was booed for his comments.

    If someone can take the raw talent Hollie has and make her believe in herself and break out of her nervous shyness on stage, she will be great. Notice how much more relaxed she is with others and off-stage.

    I feel bad for her but she has been the target of the judges for a few weeks, especially Steve Tyler and it will probably be the end for her this week. 

    However, by far the worst performance of the night was by Phillip who sounds and looks the same every darn week and offers nothing. They criticize Hollie for not connecting so please tell me how he connects when he hides behind his guitar every week and sings in the same manner with that pained, constipated look on his face. Of course, Tyler praised him but at least JLo and Randy told him the truth. 

    There is nothing different in his style and this week was his worst performance. But I’m sure the girl vote will save him but he was the worst of the night.      

  103. It is not the flaws in singing that plagued Jessica Sanchez…its the bitterness of the fantards of other contestants…

  104. It is funny that Colton said he  will not date Skylar beacuse she has a gun !!    hehehe……. I can tell he is a good kid and  I like Colton.

    Skylar, don’t go around and shoot those rabbits and bambi  at your back yard,  it is not good for you and your soul.   You have beautiful and powerful voice.   Keep developing your talents in that direction, and leave those animals in the woods alone.    Learn from Carrie, she is an animals lover !!!!    Hahaha…..

    • AI, I had the same thought last night about Skylar and the gun issue.  I wish Idol would steer away from that issue because it won’t do her image any good; this is probably costing her votes.

  105. go jessica.. ur so amazing ! the filipino’s proud of u. stil strong ;; gogogo gurl

  106. Jessica fans: Just ignore those people saying negative things about Jessica, just keep voting for her.


  108. It’s hilarious how the Jessica fans say she was the best no matter what! I’m a huge Phillip fan but I can admit he wasn’t all that great last night. My order for last night is.
    Now, I know that will probably not be the bottom three but I’m just saying…you people need to be honest with yourselves. Jessica was boring last night, Phillip was boring last night…and Hollie just seems so scared.

      • Honestly, I was bored. She can sing. But there is no way I would ever buy a CD of hers. She sounds like ever other diva out there. YAWN. Actually, I like Elise’s sound the best. She’s different.

      • @e2cda677ca8daf153fb0282a01c6bb48:disqus you said it already! YOU DO NOT LIKE HER. That is why you did not get what the majority is feeling right now. C’mon you would never appreciate someone you do not like. Just respect other artists, if you do not have something good to say better keep it to yourself 🙂 Peace!

  109. Recently,  the judges give more SO’s to Joshua than to Jessica not because they prefer his performance over hers.   I believe the the judges want a Jessica-Joshua final,  and since they know that Jessica is far more popular than Joshua,  they need to support him more by giving him more SO’s to make sure that the two will meet in the finals.   I am not a Joshua fan,  but I believe the judges want him to be the one to fight it out with Jessica in the end.  

  110. i have never seen a poll this close. it also gives me hope hollie can survive this week, which i think she deserves to.

  111. Jessica has a strong voice but all that power house sound just is too much sometimes.  I like to hear a song sang not yelled and blowed out like she does.  She’s young and if she doesn’t take it easy on her vocals she can very well blow them out, it happens

    • I just relistened to all of them. Skylar was good but not as good as I remembered. She sounded shaky at first but finished very well. Still loved Colton. Hollie wasn’t very good. was actually annoying to listen to with my earbuds. WAY too many runs and it was just blech.
      Phillip was actually better than I was Joshua. Elise was awesome!

      • I can finally confirmed that @e2cda677ca8daf153fb0282a01c6bb48:disqus is a certified Jessica hater! Spread some love man!

      • Swaggernaut, number 1…please stop with that over-used and lame word “hater”. I don’t like that kind of music. Period. That doesn’t make me a hater. Geez.

  112. It is for sure that they (the judges) want Jessica to win.  They have been so against Hollie for the whole program.  A shame really,  she is very good and I think her confidence is broken because of this.

  113. I think that all the contestants are great, but I hate when the judges pick on one person, like Hollie, she is just as good as most of the seven, but does lack experience.  They should not shoot her down.  When she gets more experience look out.  I think she is great, and amazing how well she takes the undo criticism.

  114. Colton, Elise and Joshua outperformed the others last night…

    I like Hollie, in a few years she’ll really be great.

    Jessica really is entertaining and seems to have all the support, but I thought Adam Lambert was a sure winner at this stage of the game, but he lost in the final few weeks.

    The judges really sugar coat every performance…..uhhh, sorry Hollie


  115. I hate jessica she is bitch hiding behind a good voice! I believ that American idol will loose its amazingness if she wins

  116. I Love SKYLAR. The way she sang that song. OMG!!!!!!! The best performance of the night. Jessica is also good, but I like skylar the most, cause she’s putting everything to sound good. But Jessica, her voice is their, so thats why she’s good, SHE DOESN’T HAVE TO DO MUCH. I like skylar cause she’s wants to stay on top.

  117. america are you f %#@%* crazy, how can you vote out the best voice. american voters your crazy,stupid and dont deserve to vote anymore get the f %#@% of here

  118. Please do something about the phone lines. The reason for tonights very wrong final 3, is becouse you can’t get through. It took me the whole 2 hours to get through to vote for Jessica and Joshua. Iwas calling every couple of seconds .It s crazy!

  119. The reason for the very wrong final3, is due to the phone lines.You can’t get through. It took me 2 hours to vote for Jessica and Joshua, I was calling every 3 seconds. Its crazy!

  120. I think first off Hollie should have been the one who as in the bottom three, Jessica should not had been in the one going home and i agree with the save i just don’t think the judges should have went up there like to me is shows to much favortisum to me.

  121. Holly has a beautiful voice.She seems shy, but she will grow out of this.Her voice is mature and more developed than Jessica’s voice. The judges have their pets and everyone knows that they love to pick on Holly, even when she sounds perfect. They will never admit that she is good. They don’t want her to get into the top 3. #1-Holly, #2-Jessica, #3-Colton or Joshua The rest should be history! Good luck to all!

  122. either this was fixed for ratings or American teens are idiots!  Everyone of these people are superstars and to send Jessica home, is crazy!!! This will be my last time watching if American can’t recognize true talent

  123. for me jessica is the best of them all…just listen to her while she’s singing and you will know..what im saying…haha

  124. voted for skylar because i like her and country music, judges you should not tell america who to VOTE for

  125. It is clear that the Idol unlimited voting scheme doesn’t always work . There are many viewers who will vote numerous times for their coolest idol. We all know who those idols are. Jessica Sanchez doesn’t fit the ‘hip’ category so she now gets the votes from the more sophisticated & mature viewers who vote her ability to deliver with the best voice this year. She certainly is not surpassed by any idol voice I’ve ever heard, and I’ve been watching since the beginning.  But the best voice is now not  what idol is all about. It is more about hip presentation and cool stage presence for the majority of the voting audience.  I get through all this by believing that whether Jessica is eliminated before the final or wins the whole thing, she is headed for an amazing  career. Hopefully, top music industry song writers will tailor songs just for this phenom.  Jim in Massachusetts

  126. Whats up america, the three that were on the bottom should have been on the top, especially Jessica she has been the best since the start…..wake up and smell the coffee lets vote like we know what we are talking about….Hollie has messed up quite a bit and Philip Phillips isnt that great either…..Jessica and Joshua have been on the top of there game since day one

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