American Idol Spoilers: Nigel Lythgoe Hints At Top 7 Songs

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We’ve got some American Idol 2012 spoilers for you regarding tonight’s Top 7 performance of songs from “this decade.”

Nigel Lythgoe has been teasing out details on what we can expect as the remaining seven finalists make their selections from this past two and a half years of songs. Read on to find out what we can expect tonight on Idol.

First up was his reply to a Twitter follower seemingly confirming at least a song we’ll hear tonight on American Idol if not also the singer attached to it:

So we should be getting “You & I” by Lady Gaga which might be performed by Elise Testone. It’s possible that Nigel was only confirming the song selection rather than the finalist performing it.

Next up we’ve got details on one of tonight’s duets, yep those are back, and two of the other solo performances. Lythgoe reveals that a Gotye song will be performed as a duet. Considering their big single right now is “Somebody That I Used to Know” (watch it below) I’d say it’s safe to expect that selection. Along with Gotye’s “Somebody” we’ll have two covers of the original American Idol, Kelly Clarkson:

I’m not sure what’s “ironic” about doing Kelly Clarkson songs, much less two of them, but that’s what he thinks about it. Clarkson has released one album in “this decade” and that was “Stronger” so it’s another safe bet that we can look there for tonight’s covers. Her two big singles from that album are “Stronger” and “Mr. Know It All.”

That gives us three of the seven songs set to be performed tonight on American Idol 2012. Who do you think will be attached to perform each of these three?




  1. If Elise is doing You and I, she’s trying desperately to have a Haley Reinhart moment…
    I guess Hollie or Jessica might do Kelly Clarkson, it will suit their voice…and another Kelly song could be a duet or group song (Stronger perhaps)
    Either way, tonight promises to be a big night with popular hits…FINALLY! Enough of the 80s and Billy Joel stuff… :p

    • What does Elise have to do with Haley? They are completely different singers.  I love Kelly..I can’t wait to see who sings her.

    • Gary, Elise is a Super Haley R. In my eyes. Soooo much better in all aspects. If its her song, she’ll knock it out of the park. She’s picking out the best song. Vote 4 her tonight Gary.

    • Billy Joel tells a story. Only good arists can tell a story not just mimic what is heard on the radio or IPod.

  2. I read on another forum that jess is doing titanium by sia, hollie jessi j’s who you are, joshua a rihanna song, and skylar a band perry song…we’ll know for sure tonight but I can’t wait…good luck to all of them.

  3. I’m going to guess skylar and Hollie are going to be doing the Kelly Clarkson songs.. or maybe even Joshua

  4. I honestly don’t like Kelly Clarkson at all . But I will be watching the show anyways , I’m glad for the mute button! If you like Kelly’s style you will have a good time tonight , there’s still 4 other songs , I hope they will be better than the other 3 someone choose to do = (

  5. Here is the OFFICIAL LIST of the top 7 and the other songs (duo/trio)
    1. you and I – lady gaga
    2. stuttering – jazmine sullivan
    3. don’t know how much i loved you – kellie pickler
    4. perfect – pink
    5. love the way you lie- skylar grey
    6.give a little more- maroon 5
    7. runaway baby- bruno mars
    8.somebody i used to know- gotye
    9.what doesnt kill you – kelly clarkson
    10. dont you wanna say – jason aldean & kelly clarkson

      • agreed either jess or joshua…ltwyl could be hollie’s or pink’s perfect…we all know who skylar’s gonna be…or she might surprise us..she said in twitter that she’s doing something different..nothing but wait and see…

  6. i am sorry to say to you nigel but i know longer watch american idol after you let deandre go and did not save him, I do not understand how you can let jimmy lovine be so obvious on how he felt about deandre he picked he be in the bottom 3 before he even performed so i have to believe you really do not count americas vote you already knew who you wanted in the ones you showcased through the auditiona and hollywood week but to do that to deandre good thing he is a better person then all of us and left with a positive attitude and not like heejun and erika blaming other people. and the only reason why i read this was i saw spoiler and i thought you guys were getting smart and going to bring deandre back now idol will be boring with your ballads and the guy that stands there and never moves and has a raspy voice i am done with idol and now a fan of the voice you guy should be asham he is 17 and was raked through the coals by bloggers and jimmy

    • Yeah~ I really don’t like what Jimmy said about DeAndre even before he performs. I could have been a big discouragement for DeAndre and had a big impact to the voters~ 
      It was Jimmy fault I guess nothing to do with other contestants, 
      But.. American Idol this season, I believe has a lot to offer and great singers are still there~ 🙂 I still encourage you to watch AI, Christine~ 🙂

    • Deandre was the best singer, I loved to hear his voice and hope and pray somebody gives him a contract because he’s amazing!!!  I don’t think he was at the bottom last week because I kept voting for him along with many others, but I tend to think they have already picked out their winner because no way did Haley come in third last year,I still believe she was second. I’ll miss hearing Deandre tonight because Ithere is nobody left that brings magic, you know makes you want to stop what you’re doing to listen. We pretty much hear the same old stuff on the radio now and it’s nothing new.

    • You don’t watch … but you ‘blog’? That’s really funny.

      I think your a paid hack.

    • Ugh..I WATCHED the video..listened to the song. The song is kind of blah and the video is disturbing.

  7. what i think the top 7 song choices: 

    “You & I” – ELISE
    “Stuttering” – JOSHUA 
    “Didn’t Know How Much I Loved You” – SKYLAR
    “Perfect” – HOLLIE”Love The Way You Lie” – JESSICA 
    “Give A Little More” – PHIL
    “Runaway Baby” – COLTON

    “Somebody I Used To Know” – COLTON & ELISE
    “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)” – JESSICA, HOLLIE & JOSHUA
    “Don’t You Wanna Stay” – SKYLAR & PHIL

  8. “You and I” (Lady Gaga)
    “Stuttering” (Jazmine Sullivan)
    “Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You” (Kellie Pickler)
    “Perfect” (Pink)
    “Love the Way You Lie” (Skylar Grey)
    “Give a Little More” (Maroon 5)
    “Runaway Baby” (Bruno Mars)
    “Somebody That I Used to Know” (Gotye)
    “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” (Kelly Clarkson)
    “Don’t You Wanna Stay” (Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson)

  9. Well the two Kelly Clarkson’s songs probably will be song by Hollie & Skylar.  I’m thinking.  We know Elise is doing “You & I” which leaves only Jessica and I can’t see her doing Kelly C.  JMHO

  10. Well that’s ironic. Last year Randy “I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-saying” Jackson said that “You and I” isn’t a good song, it turned out to be a number 1 hits. I wonder what he would say tonight, probably kissing Gaga’s ass by saying this is one of her masterpieces.

  11. My wife liked Deandre and I didn’t. I was sure the judges would save him because of their comments in his final performance. But they didn’t.
    I didn’t care for Deandre  extra high voice, it sounded like a guy trying to sound like a girl. Randy’s comment about him using his real voice toward the end was right on and I agree. I think if he had kept it real he’d still be there. 

  12. If Jessica doesn’t sing the Love the Way You are, I will be disappointed.  She loves to write rap songs and she should sing it too.  I am 100% she will sing this song tonight.  I’m so excited.  I saw this song sang on X factor twice by a gropu and solo.  I’m sure Jessica will nail it again!! Go jessica.

  13. Well Branden got “You and I” by Lady Gaga right.  He said Jessica would/should sing it though, and I said Elise.  Let’s hope I’m right.  I think Jessica should do Mr Know It All.  Hollie or Jessica might do Stronger but I don’t think anyone should do that one.   I have a feeling it would fit Jessica better though.

  14. ryan shouldn’t ask the judges who is the best or worst , its not fair to the contestants

  15. the judges are very unfair to Holly. She is all American with a great voice. Just because she is not dressed in Steves kind of clothing or as out going as Jennifer or as showy as the rest of you….give her an equal chance. Get over yourselves and really listen lately.. You judges should be ashamed of your attitude.

    • Couldn’t have said I better myself. I love Hollie. She has been my favorite since top 24. Go Hollie!!!!!

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