American Idol 2012 St. Louis Auditions Tonight

American Idol 2012 makes its final stop for auditions tonight in St. Louis.

After last night’s decent auditions in Portland, Oregon, can St. Louis give us more of the same? We’ll have to see. I’m actually hoping the days of featuring bad singers aren’t completely over. I hope they realize next season how boring the audition episodes were without them.

One thing we will get tonight on Idol that we didn’t get last night is an exclusive sneak preview of Madonna’s new video for her song “Give Me All Your Luvin.”

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  1. oh wow!! mad donna’s video and more inspiring auditions!!  can tv get any better??  i’ll just have to watch and tape those “petticoat junction” reruns.

  2. Finally the auditions are over looking forward to what appears to be an interesting Hollywood week!!!

  3. I think it is terrible how the Eastern Coast side to include the Panhandle of West Virginia and other Southern States  doe not have easier access to auditions.  You are missing some great talent.  I also think that there should be separate categories for male and female and then genres.    Us older people are just seasoned, not washed up.

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