American Idol 2012 Schedule Change Means St. Louis is Final Audition Episode

American Idol Pittsburgh auditions

The folks at Fox kind of sneaked a little change in on us. Tonight’s American Idol 2012 auditions episode in St. Louis is the final of the season and we’ve all realized that, but it you check back to the original Idol 2012 schedule you’ll see that wasn’t supposed to be the case originally.

Originally, there was one more audition episode scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 8. It would have apparently featured auditions from Rutherford, NJ, which were stopped after the producers’ round, according to multiple sources. Who wants to put money on the reason being because of a diva judge move?

At any rate, I couldn’t be happier. I’m ready for Hollywood Week. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, this year’s American Idol auditions epsisodes just haven’t been cutting it.

Of course that leaves us with the question on whether or not this change will effect the start of the live episodes. It seems somewhere along the way we’ll get an extra day from Hollywood or Vegas … or some dreaded clip-type show. We’ll keep you posted.

Are you happy we get one less audition episode than first thought?




  1. Definitely agree….Auditions this year have really fallen flat…so ready for Hollywood Week~!!!!

  2. there’s only so much foreplay you can tolerate before you get down to the real deal.  enough with the auditions already!! let’s get to the meat and potatoes.

  3. I hope it means an extra Hollywood/Vegas show. I couldn’t be happier that the auditions will finally be over after tonight.  I think they should shorten the audition episodes and give us more Hollywood/Vegas as I believe that the auditions are the least popular part of the show.

  4. YEA!!!!!!!!!!  I just want to get on with watching Hollywood week and picking of the top 24…  I wish in coming years, they would shorten the auditions and Hollywood, its always so drawn out. Nobody (at least people Ive talked with) cares about the crappy singers, or the funny ones, we just want some good entertainment and see the good ones and route for and comment on the ones we like.  so yea, cant wait to start seeing who makes it….    my fave so far is Baylie Brown, 

  5. YEAH!!! This is awesome! One less boring show filled with filler and people that are talented that didn’t make the t24, simply bumming you out. 🙁 anyway, I created a disques profile this is KC still. lol

  6. One less boring audition?! What about all those people who woke up at 3AM To audition in NJ?! What about the people who would have been on tv?! I auditioned and made it to the second round and got a lot of camera time and I’m furious!!!

  7. Hey,

    Can you update us on American Idol for this current season please. Has Hollywood week been shot already? Are the top already hanging around waiting for the live shows to begin?

    Johnny Keyser went to my school UCF in FL and he is still out in Cali so i assume he is making it through Hwood.

    Any updates would be great.


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