American Idol 2012: The Top 10 Performances of the Season

American Idol 2012 is winding down and while there’s still technically six performances left (Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips are singing three songs each tonight) we decided it was time to compile the Top 10 Performances of the season. The decisions made aren’t based solely on vocals. Other things like song choice, stage presence and audience connection were also considered.

In reverse order:

10. Vienna, Elise Testone (Top 10 Week). Billy Joel ween was mostly meh for most of the contestants, but Elise took on lesser-known “Vienna” by Billy Joel and came out on top. It was an emotional and connected performance and reminded people that Elise was a serious contender.

9. The Climb, Hollie Cavanagh (Top 6 Week). After weeks of bad critiques and trips to the Bottom 3, Hollie pulled out a version of this song that put the original artist to shame. Miley Cyrus could take some lessons from Hollie on this performance.

8. To Love Somebody, Joshua Ledet (Top 5 Week). Joshua had never heard of this song by the Bee Gees, but he took it on like it was one of his own. It was emotional and powerful and kind of surprising to some who didn’t know Joshua was going to blast his way to the Top 3.

7. Stay With Me, Skylar Laine (Top 24 Week). This was way back at Top 24/25 when we first learned that Skylar was full of spunk and energy. Little did we know she was going to command the stage for a number of weeks to come as one of the best overall performers of the season.

6. Piano Man, Colton Dixon (Top 10 Week). At this point in the game I think just about everyone thought Colton was going to sing his way all the way to finale. And when he pulled out this song during Billy Joel week, the deal seemed to be sealed. Of course he didn’t make all the way, but with performance like this one, he could have.

5. It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World, Joshua Ledet (Top 4 Week). I think just about anyone would check this performance as Joshua’s best of the season. I think if he had performed this one a week later, he might have ended up in the finale in place of Jessica or Phillip.

4. Wind Beneath My Wings, Skylar Laine (Top 8 Week). Skylar spent most of the season moving around the stage with her signature sass, but she surprised everybody when she slowed things down with this Bette Midler hit. I was actually surprised just how amazing it turned out, considering what a tacky, dated song that is today.

3. I Will Always Love You, Jessica Sanchez (Top 13 Week). This is the performance that put Jessica on the map. It made non-fans fans and made her fans love her even more. The timeliness of Whitney Houston’s death added to the emotion that Jessica was already delivering.

2. We’ve Got Tonight, Phillip Philips (Top 3 Week). It was hard not putting this one in the No. 1 spot. Phillip was out of his comfort zone on this song. He was vulnerable and it was beautiful. The emotional, connected performance coupled with the video of him crying during his Top 3 homecoming parade sent the performance over the top. Jimmy Iovine called it the best performance of the season. And while I agreed at the time, I remembered one that had everything we could ask for in an Idol performance. And that performance is …

1. Whole Lotta Love, Elise Testone (Top 9 Week). I’m probably going to get hate mail over not picking Jessica or Phillip for this spot, but if you really pull yourself back and evaluate this performance you might get it. Week after week, Elise picked the wrong songs. She was flailing and her days were numbered. Then she pulls this performance out. It was the perfect song for her at the perfect time. And it was a perfect performance. She did things with that song I’ve never seen on the American Idol stage. Pretty damn amazing.

What were your favorite performances of the season?




    • ¬†If you disagreed that much, then you should have post your top 10 songs and be careful, you have to put the songs that were not in the list above (since you said you’re 101% disagree). After that you just have to wait how many people will disagree with you then.

      • “I Will Always Love You” by Jessica Sanchez was the most popular by miles ahead, hands down.¬†

        Check the statistics scattered around the net to believe.

    • I don’t disagree at all – -Elise with Zeppelin was absolutely amazing…. perfect choice for #1 —

      I didn’t like “We’ve Got Tonight” as much as others — I thought Phillip’s versions of Movin Out and Volcano were both better — and excellent…..

  1. I totally agree.¬† Elise definitely deserves that spot with that performance.¬† And I agree with all of the others as well.¬† Except I might switch out Skylar’s “Stay With Me” for Phillip’s “Volcano” but that’s just me.

  2. I was disappointed. I mean where is AND I AM TELLING YOU IM NOT GOING? I mean…its a shame that u dont get to appreciate that performance ūüôā

  3. Just watched Hollie again and totally enjoyed it.  I read her bio, she did not start singing until she was 15, that young lady has come a long way in 3 years.  Thanks Branden, this is great.

    • It’s because Branden made it clear from the very beginning that Jessica is not his choice. His will choose everybody except Jessica. That is crystal clear.

  4. I don’t know why “And I Am Telling You” is not on your list.¬† I have been searching other blogs for¬†American Idol Season 11 Best Performances and they have And I Am Telling You in their list.¬† Just Wondering but I will respect your opinion.

    Can’t wait for the showdown of Jessica and Philip tonite.¬† Both of them deserve to be on the finale.

    We are supporting Jessica.  I am sure she will give explosive performances tonight.

      • Thanks for your thoughts Matthew¬†and I still respect Branden’s Top 10 List.¬† Probably, he does not want Jessica’s performance¬†for this song.¬† Anyway, that is OK… but what is important is the admiration given by Jennifer Holiday for the outstanding rendition done by Jessica.

      • Jessica’s song was not included in his top 10 simply because she/he ¬†has always been aversed to Jessica. period

      • @28d6a868438c603b9735c6aab7c617d5:disqus¬†: And how does that explain him including her other performance which he liked better?

        How have you all not run out of tinfoil with all the hats you’re making?

  5. I missed¬† Jessica’s performance of ‘I Will Always Love You’,¬† just watched.¬† All I can say is WOW, amazing, what a talent.¬† I am a P2 fan and am hoping but Jessica is amazing.

  6. one of my favorites is Jessica’s “You are so Beautiful,” so clear, simple and pristine…on the other hand, I loved her “Am I’m Telling You I’s Not Going,” a force of nature that can’t be denied! I also rocled to Elise “Whole Lotta Love.”

  7. for me the best of the season was Dance With My Father Again by Jessica. She not only showed how good she sings, but connected emotionally to the lyric to allow all of us to really feel the song

  8. Here’s my top 10 in no specific order.

    1. And I am Telling you… Jessica Sanchez
    2. Rolling in the deep… Hollie Cavanagh
    3. When a man loves a woman.. Joshua Ledet
    4. Whole lotta love… Elise Testone
    5. We’ve got tonight… Philip Phillips
    6. I will always love you… Jessica Sanchez
    7. It’s a man’s world… Joshua Ledet
    8. Stay with me… Skylar Laine
    9. Reflection… Hollie Cavanagh
    10. Time after time… Colton Dixon

  9. to all jessica fans here, it’s pretty obvious that this site dont like her that much, eversince. so we should not insist how great jessica. but i just wanted the owner of this site to realize that fans of jessica make this site famous ūüôā¬†

      • I found this site last year and it is amazing.¬† How fortunate we¬†are that¬†it is open not only to America but internationally.¬† Perhaps we should all appreciate it.¬† Thanks Matt & Branden, you do an amazing job and I do appreciate it.

      • I, personally, cannot wait for this season to end.¬† The people on this site this year have been unbelievably rude and obsessed about one certain contestant. They have made the rest of us defensive and I must admit, I’ve said some things I’m not very proud of.

      • Way to go Matthew, you are so right, the jessica fans are way out of hand.¬†

      • @e2cda677ca8daf153fb0282a01c6bb48:disqus:¬† Totally agree with you, I too have made negative comments that I am not proud of.¬†¬† Negativity is infectious, hope next year will be better.¬† I do not remember it being any where near this bad last year.

        @gtprods:disqus :  This is only my 2nd year on this site.  Have you seen other years with this much negativity?

      • Hmmm. How many years has this site been around Matt? Y0u have 42K likes on Facebook. Last week you had almost 16k votes in the poll on this site so the JSan fans make up a small percentage of your readers with that comparison. That means you had quite a few readers before Jessica Sanchez showed up on the scene didn’t you? So how is it that Tina thinks that Jessica Sanchez fans will make or break this site?¬†

        I have been a reader here for the past 3 or 4 years and I think that some of the JSan fans have discouraged a lot of your long time readers from posting here this season. In that way I think some of the JSan fans have hurt your site rather than helped it.

        Most of the JSan fans only found this site this year and when there isn’t a filipina in next year’s American Idol they wont be here. At least they wont be able to claim that a filipina is the best singer ever. That would mean that they would have to admit that Jessica isn’t the best ever as they have all claimed this year. Hopefully your loyal readers will return full force at that time.¬†

      • @taymaro, haven’t u seen the weekly tally of votes here? thats the only proof that jessica’s fans are really the biggest number here. ok let me rephrase my word, for matthew, its not only jessica, but let us open our eyes that jessica always leading the votes here, and its a fact, and it was shown every week. im a fan of philip and of joshua too, but i dont like the way you guys treating ¬†jessica. u had said too much of jessica, i saw every week, what u guys said. and u cant blame all to the fans of jessica, coz u guys are pretending to be innocent but u had thrown too much words to jessica.

      • The votes on here do NOT matter. You¬†live can’t vote. Simple as that.

      • @pally45, we are talking on this site, the popularity on this site, not on the AI itself, before u comment take a look ¬†first on what we are talking about.¬†

      • @2ffd5c10e53edeef9269c944825c4257:disqus , Jessica fans are way more cruel and rude.¬† Then, they go and put others down any time they say anything less than praise for her.¬† Even something as nice as “She’s talented, but I didn’t like last night’s performances” has gotten people labeled as racists, haters, horrible people, bad parents, and many other ridiculous things.¬† At least all of us will admit she has some talent.¬† Most Jessica fans have said Phillip has no talent, and that’s not true.¬† They’ve criticized Joshua for screaming, when Jessica does the same thing, and way more often at that.¬† There have been AWFUL jokes about Joshua’s sexual orientation, when nobody even knows what he is.¬† Don’t even try and say it’s the ones that don’t obsess over Jessica that have the problem.

    • To be fair, the filipino posters on this site who bash anyone who had a favorite other than Jessica have turned people against her. ¬†And they have given people a bad attitude toward Pinoys in general. ¬†I never had an opinion about them before, but now I see them as rude, pushy, aggressive people and will avoid them if possible.

      • seems u knw filipinos very well, and how they are called pinoys, hope u are not pinoy too. ¬†lol and besides, its not about being what is ur nationality, its about how u appreciate a person. jessica fand here dont bash any other contestants, jessica fans just answer the bash of others. lol

      • Wowww….because of this
        Site discussion u will avoid filipino people in particular? Very nice….goodluck hope u will not need filipino along the way.

      • @Tina Yes they do make very vulgar remarks about the other contestants and call fans of other performers names. ¬†Scroll down to the bottom of this page and go back to earlier weeks’ articles. ¬† ¬†Many of their worst posts had to be deleted because they were so vulgar.

      • Pushy and obsessed i think are the right words. Im a filipino and i like jessica to win coz i love pop divas and i also like p2’s music because of his singer-songwriter-rocker artistry. Most of the time i find the comments here of jsan’s fans very distasteful. Sorry to say but yeah it made a lot of people turn against jsan because of fanaticism and obsessiveness.

      • Please be careful and DO NOT make generalized comments about Filipinos. Few obnoxious comments do not make the entire people of the Philippines obnoxious. People¬†reacted ¬†negatively to a negative¬† comment. So let us please be civilized. This too will pass, AI has evolved into a¬†popularity contest and WGWG always wins year after year since Jordin Sparks. This year won’t be any different. Your Phillip will be crowned Wednesday night. Congratulations.¬†Filipinos as well as Mexicans and other Jessica fans will move on. FYI: there are rude people in EVERY culture, not just¬†among the Filipinos, and I deal with them day after day¬†in my job.

      • If ur a real music lover, regardless of the kind of followers they hav, u wouldnt be turned off for its not their fans ur following its the artist! But if u dont the like the artist perse, everything about her/him wouldnt be okay! I am a fan of jessica and to be perfectly honest i was hurt by people comparing her physically to hollie and i mean really really rude comments from hollie’s fans but i never took that against hollie becoz i like her so no matter wat the bashings wer, it wasnt her anyway! People who dont like jessica are the very people who never liked her in the first place! Even if she wud be in tears while singing, people who dont like her will stay say she hasnt connected with them! In short we all hav different tastes in everything including music but to say i dont like jessica becoz of her fans is just a lousy way of saying “i dont like her!” in psychology, wud u be turned off with a girl or boy u really like just becoz she or he has an obnoxious brother?! sure u wouldnt..

      • I was gonna vote for her once Josh was gone but not anymore bc all her fans bash Joshua

      • @b5578be41b30e8502f1ef8de78fe0940:disqus¬†Hi. ¬†I don’t care who wins because my fave has been eliminated. ¬†Whoever wins, good luck to them. ¬†I just want a ground swell of people raging against the voting policy. ¬†10 votes per device is reasonable. ¬†The unlimited text voting has destroyed Idol’s credibility.

      • I have heard this mentioned miss than once. But, the only rude fans I am seeing are Phillip’s fans that say jessica is ugly and bucked toothed (which I do not see at all). I will admit that Jessica’s fans can get a bit annoying with all their “be sure to vote for jessica” comments. But, never have I seen anything rude, vile or vulgar like i have seen from Phillip’s fans.

      • You can’t be serious Foxstar. I¬†have personally¬†been called stupid, deaf, a b*tch and many more things. I’ve seen people told they must still wet the bed and suck their thumbs. I think a lot of these comments get removed by the maybe that’s why you haven’t seen them.

  10. 1.  I will always love you Рjessica sanchez
    2.  And i am telling you Рjessica sanchez
    3.  Everybody has a dream Рjessica sanchez
    4.  Sweet dream Рjessica sanchez
    5.  stuttering Рjessica sanchez
    6. ¬†we’ve got tonight – philip philips
    7. ¬†fallin’ – jessica sanchez
    8.  piano man Рcolton dixon
    9.  dance with my father Рjessica sanchez
    10.  you are so beautiful Рjessica sanchez

      • @facebook-100000596955081:disqus¬†yes…that’s my point…commonpeople speak…common people like…based on figures and facts brandon…1 person’s opinion is not common yet…you tube views…AI individual performances likes…they are the bases of the ranking….

      • I won’t argue on this matter. Can we just let Youtube decide what are best performances this season through numbers of views and likes?……..or simply ask : What are those performances that have reached more than 1 million views?…………
        And I Am Telling You is not even included in the list with in fact critics considered it as one of the best performances in the history of A1 like I Will Always Love You rendition. Hmmmmmmm whyshould I be surprised? that’s unreliably Branden’s own list.¬† He is entitled of his own choice and I have due respect for that.
        Good Luck again JESSICA SANCHEZ, we support you and we all love you!

  11. Because we all have different tastes in music we will all have different opions on the Top 10 performance or even the Top 3 contestants.  Reading comments by Branden, Matt and the other folks on this site have actually helped me see all of the contestants differently than my original perception of them.  I am a P2 fan, Hollie fan, and because I just viewed Jessica singing I Will Always Love You, today became a Jessica fan. 

  12. 1 – Vienna – Elise T.

    2- And i am telling you – Jessica S.
    3 – It’s a Man’s World – Joshua L.
    4- All the man that i need – Hollie C.5 – Oh Darling – Jen Hirsh‚ô•6- Piano man – Colton D.7 – Love you i do – Jessica S.8 – We’ve got tonight – Philip P.9 – When a man loves a Woman – Joshua L.10 – Georgia On my mind – DeAndre B.——————————————————–Worst performace:ALL HEEJUN.——————————————————Best groups:
    1-Jessica, DeAndre, Candice – It doesn’t matter anymore
    2-Phillip and Joshua – This love

  13. elise ROCKED zep. (not as good as adam, but pretty damned good)¬† BUT..there was no completely riveting performance this season on par with “mad world”. “summertime”, and “billie jean”.¬†¬† all in all, there were some really good performances this season

  14. i dont know why colton doesn’t get stand o for piano man..huhhh

    • I know!¬† I didn’t think I would like it, but when he sang, that’s when I became a fan.¬† It was great.

  15. Quit bashing Branden.¬† This isn’t “Top 10 Jessica performances” for crying out loud.¬† Other contestants are just as good this season, in my opinion, and probably his too, because he obviously has a brain and a good ear for music.¬† It’s his opinion, and he’s allowed to state it, just like y’all state your opinions.¬† If you don’t like it, don’t visit the site anymore, people.¬† Jeez.

  16. Yeah, you’re right about one thing and that you’re gonna get a lot of “hate” mail about this article. ¬†But because it’s your own, and nobody else’s but your opinion I personally do not care. ¬†I just want to disagree with you because I tried listening to Elise singing this song and immediately stopped it right before the chorus. ¬†She is that annoying to listen to. ¬†I’d rather hear Joshua hear singing that song (inside joke).

  17. Here’s my top 10
    10. When a man loves a woman- josh ledet
    9. Dance with my father- jessica sanchez
    8. To love somebody – josh ledet
    7. Sweet dreams- jessica sanchez
    6. No more drama- josh ledet
    5. You are so beautiful- jessica sanchez
    4. Whole lotta love- elise testone
    3. I will always love you- jessica sanchez
    2. It’s a man’s man’s man’s world- josh ledet
    1. And i’m telling you, I’m not going- jessica sanchez

    • I love Elise’s rendition of that Led Zep song ¬†over among Idol rock performers. But juliet simms of ” the voice ” would run circles around her in the same rock genre.

      • Totally agree, she is great!¬† I loved her version of It’s¬†A Man’s World.

    • I can get behind this but I might put Man’s works before And Im telling you and I would put when a man loves a women before no more drama

  18. I completely disagree. my top 10( not specific order):
    1.Whole lotta love- Elise
    2.Piano man- Colton
    3.Everybody has a dream- Jessica
    4.Volcano- Philips
    5.The climb- Hollie
    6.Masterblaster- Deandre
    7.When A man loves a woman- Joshua
    8.I will always love you- Jessica
    9.Wind beneath my wings- Skylar
    10. Dance with my father- Jessica

  19. stop bashing branden. So what! if billiboard charts say jessica’s song lost to lady gaga., beyonce, adele, maroon 5, BEP, kelly, .do u guys want to bash billiboard charts too

    • lol jeremy, are u ok? what is the entrance of billboard here, there is a basis on billboard, arent u thinking? ¬†u have to think before u comment lol

  20. yeah! i really like elise with whole lotta love, i think that was the first time that i take a look at her,
    but why dont you put colton with love the way you lie?

  21. What? How about everybody has a dream?? Volcano?? Colton’s everything??
    Your list should be based on reader’s votes.. Smh

  22. My Top 10 Performances:

    10. It Doesn’t Matter Anymore – Deandre, Jessica and Candice
    9.   Wind Beneath My Wings РSkylar Laine
    8.   I Will Always Love You РJessica Sanchez
    7.   I Knew Your Were Waiting For Me РJessica and Joshua
    6.   The Climb РHollie Cavanagh
    5.   Love You I Do РJessica Sanchez
    4.   Volcano РPhillip Philips 
    3.   Stuttering РJessica Sanchez
    2.   No One РElise Testone
    1.   The Prayer РJessica Sanchez

    Please Branden. Save your anticipation. I don’t even care whatever song you like best. You’re just giving people the hint to talk about things that are out of the line

    And Oh, by the way. Matthew, no one said that Jessica runs the show. It’s a seasonal competition. The people who tune in to it and the temporary contestants that you are talking about make this site run, not just the show itself. ¬†

    So that you won’t look defensive, just don’t reply. Let the viewers do it. Your job is just to post an article. If you can’t respect what has been claimed, you have the power to delete and ban them. Don’t take this personally. Everything I have said are just plain opinions and we are unique in giving one as long as they pass your “Commenting Rules”.

      • So what, Helen? ¬†Does that kill you? It’s just nothing but an opinion. If you’ll have yours, I will respect it. I have mine, respect it.¬†

        It may sound offensive that’s why I said if you don’t like it, then flag it. But you replied proving that I crashed your ego. No hurt feelings, though. Have a great night, baby. .^_^

      • Joe is the rudest and biggest bully on the site…. An over the top Jess fan who has turned many people off to the site and seven them to another site where many of the old regulars from this site moved to because of the annoying Pinoys. Once the Pinoys leave after Jess’s defeat, they will return. Braden and Matthew should have blocked these fanatic Pinoys from taking over the site, it ruined it for normal people.

  23. mine would be:

    10. Love the way you lie – Colton Dixon
    9. The Climb – Hollie Cavanagh
    8. Stuttering – Jessica Sanchez
    7. You got it bad  РPhilip Philips
    6. To love somebody – Joshua Ledet
    5. Wind beneath my wings – Skylar Laine
    4. Time after time / It’s a man’s man’s world – Colton / Joshua
    3. We’ve got tonight – Philip Philips
    2. I will always love you – Jessica Sanchez
    1. And I am telling you – Jessica Sanchez

    Do we have the same list?? Like if you have the same songs in mind.

  24. Timeout everyone, Branden just gave HIS opinion as we all do on this site everytime we comment.¬† He did not ask anyone to agree.¬† You don’t have to be rude, you can respectfully disagree without bashing and then¬†post your own opinion.¬†

  25. Since Phillip is my favorite, I could say he should be listed in all top ten spots but I think this is a pretty fair and accurate list.

  26. well..i can’t imagine jessica’s win any grammys….why not u guys talkin’ about joshua…his got more stand’s o than jessica..helllo….she’s not talented

    • if you really think that she’s not talented, you have to get your EARS and EYES get checked immediately.

    • hahaha, jessica is not talented? thanks for ur negative comment for her ūüôā where she is now? on top 2? and u wer saying she is not talented? grow up jeremy, not just lickin some other toot toot!!! lol

    • Bitter….BITTER….You know she’s gonna be a HUGE star & that is because of her undeniable talent!

  27. worst american idol season 10 performances from the TOP 12

    5. Bad Romance – Colton Dixon
    4. Eternal flame – Jessica and Hollie (no practice i guess)
    3. I believe – Joshua Ledet (sorry, too screachy)
    2. Masterblast – Deandre
    1. All HEEJUN performances..(hahah,, sorry HEEJUN fans)

  28. We all have our top performances~ It’s just about “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.” #lala ūüôā
    Me, I probably can’t say my top 10 in an instant, It may take a lot of time. ūüôā
    Because definitely, This season offered a lot of great performances~ ūüôā

  29. my Top 10 would definitely include most of the songs by P1 and Jessica :)) no need to hate Branden guys, its his opinion, we all have our own taste when it comes to music, and what would u expect? he’s a guy…Most guys would love to hear rockers or acoustic artists, i mean a few would love a Diva right?! what would you feel if ur boyfriend loves Cher or beyonce or Mariah so much? :)) boys will be boys but it doesnt mean they hate these divas….right?

  30. I just want to say how AMAZING this whole season turned out to¬†be… I PERSONALLY do not understand why Beyonces cover of “sweet dreams”¬†was not on the list ūüôĀ¬† I did not make the list therfore I will not fuss lmao…


  32. I am not gonna say that this isn’t the top 10 best performances of the season because it probably is for Branden.

    I am going to simply list ten performances that stand out in my head as memorable.

    The ten performances that I remember most of the season are as follows:

    Love the Way You Lie: Colton Dixon

    Volcano: Phillip Phillips

    Master Blaster: DeAndre Brackensick

    Sometimes I Cry: DeAndre Brackensick

    Georgia on My Mind: DeAndre Brackensick

    Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around: Elise and Phillip

    I’m So Excited: DeAndre and Hollie

    Ready for Love: Joshua Ledet

    And I am Telling You: Jessica Sanchez

    I Like It: DeAndre Brackensick

    Piano Man: Colton Dixon

    This list is going to be different for everyone depending on who your favorite was I think. 

    This is off the top of my head without looking back at all the performances. I had a hard time remembering 10 specific performances and being able to pair the song with the singer. I really did. I guess that shows how I felt about this season of American Idol. In contrast I would like to list, 10 from seasons past off the top of my head to see how many I can remember compared to this season. Here goes:

    Bridge Over Troubled Water: Clay Aiken

    Imagine: David Archuleta

    Flying Without Wings: Ruben Suddard

    Hallelujah: Lee Dewyze

    Uprising: James Durbin

    Wow this is harder than I thought:

    Angels: David Archuleta

    Mad World: Adam Lambert

    All By Miself: Pia Toscano

    Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me: Clay Aiken

    The River: Scotty McCreery

    Woah, that was hard. In order to make this list I had to be able to envision the person on stage in the actual original performance, the song title and the performer’s name. That was hard to do off the top of my head. Harder than I thought. Only one female performer in that entire list. Hmmmm.

    • Oh yes I really really loved sometimes i cry by Deandre……that was a “hands down” performance.

  33. The list could be debated until the cows come¬† home.¬† What’s accurate though is there’s a good mix of singers.¬† Last year Haley and James pretty much took 9 out of the top 10 w/ Pia getting the other.¬†¬† This year made for a much more¬†compelling season.¬†

  34. Jessica supporter here.. but My Top 10 would be. it’s obvoius that most of the top performances came from the last persons left in the competition and it’s true..

    10. got it bad-phillip
    9.Sometimes I cry- deandre
    8. Bleeding love – hollie/everybody has a dream-jessica
    7.One and only/vienna- elise
    6. When a man loves a woman-joshua
    5.You are so beautiful-jessica
    4.pianoman- colton/we’ve got tonight-phillip
    3.and i am telling you- jessica/
    2.I will always love you- Jessica
    1.Man’s Man’s world-joshua

  35. Jessica supporter here.. but My Top 10 would be. it’s obvoius that most of the top performances came from the last persons left in the competition and it’s true.10. Wind beneath my wings- skylar9.Sometimes I cry- deandre8. Bleeding love – hollie/everybody has a dream-jessica7.One and only/vienna- elise6. When a man loves a woman-joshua5.pianoman- colton/we’ve got tonight-phillip4.whole lotta love- elise3.and i am telling you- jessica2.I will always love you- Jessica1.Man’s Man’s world-joshua

  36. Branden has the right to his opinion. I somehow agree with his choices. Other people have their own top list and that’s their own prerogative. Let’s wish the last two standing the best for tonight’s performance!

  37. I wish they would let all of the top 10 sing for the who season and then base who wins on their total accumulation of votes for all the weeks.¬† That’s the FAIR way to do it.¬† Everyone makes a bad choice once in a while or has a bad night.¬† This way, they would be able to have a chance to make up for it.


    Vienna, Whole Lotta Love and Stay With Me were spot on.¬†We’ve Got Tonight and I Will Always Love You were obvious choices.

    Though, I was expecting When A Man Loves A Woman instead of It’s A Man’s World.

  39. My top  30 American idol seasons 1-11 performances (in my opinion)
    (1 song per singer)

    A Change is gonna come- syesha
    Bridge over troubled water-Clay aiken
    Freedom-Sioban magnus
    I can’t make you love me- Allsion iraheta
    I who have nothing- Haley Reinhert
    Inseprable-jasmin Trias
    Somewhere over the rainbow- katherine mcphee
    Don’t rain on my parade- ¬†Latoya london
    I Surrender- kelly clarkson
    I will always love you- jessica Sanchez
    Man’s Man’s worls- johua ledet
    Mad world- Adam lambert
    Falling slowing- kris allen
    Always be my baby- David cook
    Imagine- David archuleta
    God bless the child- jacob lusk (not on love show but part of the a.i performances)
    One and only- Elise testone
    Home- melinda doolitle
    In a dream-Bo bice
    Don’t cry out loud- diana de garmo
    volcano- phillip phillips
    Try a little tenderness-Nadia turner (also Taylor hicks version)
    I’ll stand by you (carrie underwood/pia toscano)
    Circle of life- jennifer hudson
    out here (on my  own)- Thia megia
    Rhiannon- didi benami
    Straight up-  andrew garcia
    Jesus take the wheel- danny gokey
    Flying without wings- rubben studdard

  40. I thought i was totally block and ban from posting here…since a while ago I saw a yellow tag flashed on my screen saying i could not post anymore…then ive refreshed my net and violah..i am back…LOL

    since everyone is posting their fave performances, here’s mine…
    10.   Hollie РPower of Love
    9. Elise – Vienna
    8. Deandre – I Like It
    7. Joshua – No More Drama
    6. Skylar – Where Do Broken Hearts Go
    5. Colton – Everything
    4. Phillips – Volcano
    3.  Jessica РEverybody Has a Dream
    2. Phillips – U Got It Bad
    1. Jessica – Stuttering

    This songs listed are on my phone and on repeat for quite some time now…and of course I am a Phillips and Jessica Fan…Best of luck on your performances on the finale…

    • alternative songs:
      Joshua – If You Don’t Know Me By Now
      Colton – Piano Man
      Skylar – Wind Beneath My Wings
      Phillips – We’ve Got Tonight
      Jessica – Dance With My Father…I Will Always Love You…And I am Telling You…

  41. Best ever AI song…Adam Lambert, Mad World. The list posted today is as close to correct as possible but I may have moved Hollie up a few spots.

  42. My top 10 performances would be
    1. Joshua- It’s a Mans World
    2. Joshua- When a Man Loves a Woman
    3. Jessica- I Will Always Love You
    4. Joshua- Ready For Love
    5. Jessica- Dance With My Father
    6. Joshua and Jessica- I Knew You Were Waiting For Me 
    7. Hollie- Bleeding Love
    8. Hollie- Power of Love
    9. Colton- Love the Way You Lie
    10. Skylar- Wind Beneath My Wings 

    • So…you a Phillip hater. Your list contains the most boring performances of the year. Zzzzzzzz

  43. I think Jessica’s rendition of Stuttering deserves to be on the list but as this is your site, your blog, your opinion, I respect that. ¬†Talking about the finale performances, I hope that Phillip and Jessica will have the best times of their lives performing on stage. Both will be successful in their chosen genres of music. I just hope that Jessica wins. ūüôā

  44. JMHO…..I’m not the biggest supporter of Jessica but her “I Will Always Love You” was THE closest rendition to Whitney Houston I’ve ever heard.¬† Jordin Sparks did wonderful but not as good as Jessica but I’m still a bigger fan of¬† Phillips” music.¬†
    On another note… one was as good at renditions than Adam Lambert, hands down…….the BEST ever………Again JMHO…..

    • as far as adam goes, it’s not an opinion.¬† it’s TRUTH!!¬† by the by, i assume you’ve heard “trespassing”¬† what thinkest thou??

  45. Boy Branden you must have really enjoyed Elise Testone version of “Whole Lotta Love” it was ok, good club version but when you’ve heard another Idol contestant sing the hell out of the song (Adam Lambert) she kind of fades in comparison!

  46. SEASON 11 TOP 10 SONGS









    9  VOLCANO


  47. 1) Joshua РIt’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World
    2) Jessica – I Will Always Love You
    3) Jessica – The Prayer
    4) Skylar – Born This Way5) Jessica – You Are So Beautiful
    6) Jessica – And I’m Telling You
    7) Philip – We’ve Got Tonight
    8) Skylar – The Show Must Go On9 Philip – Moving Out
    10) Joshua – When A Man Loves A Woman
    11) Jessica – Everybody Has A Dream
    12) Elise – Let’s Get It On
    13) Colton – Piano Man14) Hollie – Bleeding Love15) Wind Beneath My Wings

  48. “I will always love you” by Jessica Sanchez was the best performance of the season. I remember when she got 60% of the votes in this poll when they were 13 contestants.¬†

    The second best song was “An I am telling you”, and you didn’t even mention it? It’s so much better than “The climb”, “Vienna” and “Stay with me”.

    Ok, it’s Branden’s picks, so I might say I’m a little surprised Jessica’s in his list, since he’s hated her since day 1.

  49. I love this site and the bloggers/writters/list compilers… I live in SA and we only get to see weekly instalment on Saturday… I read this faithfully after each show, love the insight, sometimes agree, other times not.¬† This site has been around way before this year and next year, I will log on when all goes live again… Branden and Matt, wish we had your fresh view on our local idols.¬†

  50. 100% agree on  Elise for #1 with Whole Lotta Love!!! It was amazing!!!!!!!

  51. I agree that Elise deserves the #1 Spot for Whole Lotta Love.  She was amazing!  What a performance.  The Best this season for sure! 

  52. Brooke White singing Let It Be should be in the all time top 10 list. 

  53. I personally didn’t like Elise’s Whole Lotta Love performance, but I understand why many people did like it… she had a lot of energy and she had a great outfit… I think it really showed her style… She just wasn’t my favorite in the competition. I really enjoyed Vienna, though, I must say!

  54. lets VOTE JESSICA SANCHEZ! enough of guy winners. its been 4 years and guys have been dominating the reality tv show. ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE.
    this season should be GIRL POWER! the women of American Idol are more successful than male winners and they were able to sustain their career as a singer. Kelly Clarkson & Carrie Underwoods. Lets also count Jennifer Hudson who didnt even make it to the finals yet she is successful.
    FRIENDS. PLS VOTE JESSICA SANCHEZ. no more cute guys for this season. looks can be deceiving.
    Let Jessica Sanchez be the FIRST youngest winner.

  55. Where the hell is Colton singing “Love the Way You Lie” I wasn’t even a fan of his but when he performed this i was amazed and thought he won the competition just with that song. Definitely best performance of the season, if you don’t agree go re-watch it on Youtube. Prepare to be in awe


    1 – Jessica Sanchez “And I Am Telling You”
    2 – Joshua Ledet “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World”
    3 – Elise Testone “Whole Lotta Love”
    4 – Skylar Laine “Wind Beneath My Wings”
    5 – Jessica Sanchez “I Will Always Love You”
    6 – Phillip Phillips “Volcano”
    7 – Hollie Cavanagh “All The Man That I Need”
    8 – Elise Testone “Vienna”
    9 – Colton Dixon “Piano Man”
    10 – Jessica Sanchez “Dance With My Father”
    11 – Jessica Sanchez “Sweet Dreams”
    12 – Phillip Phillips “We’ve Got Tonight”
    13 – Hollie Cavanagh “The Climb”
    14 – Joshua Ledet “Ready To Love”
    15 – Jessica Sanchez “Everybody Has A Dream”
    16 – Skylar Laine “The Show Must Go On”
    17 – Skylar Laine “Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You”
    18 – Joshua Ledet “When A Man Love’s A Woman”
    19 – Skylar Laine “Where Do Broken Hearts Go”
    20 – Phillip Phillips – “Still Raining”

    This is just my opinion, so don’t hate me! There are other great performances. Season 11 was my favourite season since Season 6!!!!

  57. My fav song of the season was¬† Weve got Tonight by Philip and Elise’s Vienna.
    Also, third place, 1 of the best songs in the show, Empire State of mind by Erika. That was FLAWLESS.

  58. I was a big fan of Elise and I loved her version of “whole lotta love”. But, best performance of the entire season? No way. My vote for that honer would go to either Jessica’s “I will always love you” or Joshua’s “It’s a man’s world.

  59. I could quibble about some of these but not your first choice…Elise was amazing.¬† Her full version of Let’s Stay Together is also one of the season’s best.

  60. How did you arrived at your ranking?..if this is based in your own taste then sorry I totally disagree with you…it should be based on facts and figures…

  61. My top 10:
    1. Whole Lotta Love – Elise Testone
    2. Man’s World – Joshua Ledet
    3. I Will Always Love You – Jessica Sanchez
    4. The Show Must Go On – Skylar Laine
    5. One And Only РElise Testone
    6. Stuttering – Jessica Sanchez ( I like this better than Am i telling you idk why :)) )
    7. Somebody That I Used To Know РPP & Elise ( this is a duet but i really love this so much HAHAHA )
    8. Piano Man – Colton Dixon
    9.Beggin’ – PPhillips ( i really love this one don’t know why!)
    10. ¬†Oh! Darling – Jen Hirsh ( too bad she didn’t make it through ūüôĀ )

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