American Idol 2012 Finale: Top 2 Performs Tonight

American Idol finale Jessica and Phillip

It’s hard to believe we’re only one day away from the crowning of the American Idol 2012 champion. Will Jessica Sanchez buck the trend and be the first female winner in five seasons? Or will Philip Phillips become the fifth guy in a row to win the title?

Before we get there, the Top 2 will take the stage tonight and sing three songs each. One round of songs will be picked by Executive Producer Simon Fuller. Another round will be their favorite performances of the season and the final round will be the song they’ll release if they win.

What do you want to hear the Top 2 sing tonight? Join our conversation on that topic and read what I think the Top 2 should sing.

The one-hour American Idol 2012 show starts at 8 pm on Fox.

Be sure to check back later for our live coverage of the performances and for my recap shortly after the East Coast airing. It’s the biggest vote of the season. You get to pick the winner tonight so don’t forget to show up and support your favorite contestant.

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  1. Can’t wait :)) these 2 will kill it tonight!! But my vote is fOr js to win!

  2. based on voice jessica should win.  based on looks and the voting system p2 will probably win.  doesn’t really matter at this point.  they have both gotten the exposure they need to have a career in the music biz.  and they will probably go far in their respective genres.  and now, fox network, bring back hell’s kitchen!!!

    • They are completely different singers. I wouldn’t say based on voice that Jessica should win. I like Phillip a hundred times better.

      • I agree. People don’t get that they are completely different singers, but Phillip deserves to win, and… GO PHILLIP!!!

      • That’s your opinion. Mine is this. P2 will win because he’s cute.Jessica will win because she is that good . Also according to Jimmy Iovine.

      • Yes, P2  is so unique and has such charisma that he draws you in.  Jessica vocally is superior to P2.  All a matter of taste, I am for P2.  It will be a nail biting evening.  They are both amazing and I wish them both great success.  I will be happy whatever the results.

      •  american idol needs a female singer for this season!  we had a lot of male singers coming from al… so we need for a new young diva !  thank you…

    • I don’t think so for the voting system to favor the other party. JESSICA SANCHEZ and Philip have their own respective ways to gather, invite and generate votes especially that voting system goes fairly global. Anyway, they are 2 different amazing singers. Many of us are rooting for a one particular finalist to win but at the same we cannot deny the fact that the other one whom we less favor is also deserving to win.
      Yes, I have been for JESSICA but I have to admit Philip is also that good.
      I am starting to set up all the alarm clocks again tonight. Good Luck to the one with the BEST voice.

      • To quote your post, “voting system goes fairly global.” Perhaps this is the reason we’ll never truly know the legitimate winner. This is American Idol – geographically, it means that only those in the United States SHOULD vote; so that statement is a bit disconcerting.

    • Philip has never been in the bottom two i don’ t think so i guess he might get the title altho i’m rooting for JS!

  3. I’m really looking forward to see both of them take on the stage and set fireworks in the nokia theater. Both of them are very deserving and I hope they will be able to give America and the rest of the world the best AI Finale evahhhh! LOL. I hope jessica will win and the whole Miami, Florida is rooting for her. 😀

      • boys especially WGWG will always have a huge fanbase 🙂 but you gotta believe….jess has tons of fans as well, no clear winner here…its a 50/50 thing for me, it will all go down to how good they’re gonna perform tonight…..

      • If you take out the VoteForTheWorst factor, Jessica has a far larger fan base.  This is substantiated on almost every social media site.

  4. I think this will be the last “great” season of AI. It will be downhill from hereon.. Can’t wait for X Factor’s next season. There, we have a real judge in Simon Cowell! Ryan, go with Simon!

    • Agreed. I don’t think they can duplicate the talent they had this year. I think every year from here on out will pale in comparison. I really like both of their voices, but think Jessica is way more versatile. Her voice is beautiful and tender when she wants it to be and has that power and swag when she wants it. She is so so good. I don’t think there has ever been someone so good on Idol, and she is only 16. Crazy!!! I can listen to that voice over and over and never get sick of it.

      I am going to miss the anticipation of hearing what she is going to sing next and the performance(s) each week.

      • I think you are right  with the exception of Adam  Lambert.  I believe he was the best Idol ever had on the show.    That being said, I do believe Jess will win and both will have amazing  careers.

  5. please ,please vote for jessica sanchez she deserve the title she work hard for it………….. goodluck jessica and GOD bless you tonight,same goes to philip.

  6. In addition to having a dry spell for the women winning AI , Jessica may be the first one to break the ice in winning American idol after coming back  from elimination after the judges use the “Save” on her.  That is of course providing that Jessica’s camp will out vote the P2 camp.  We will see.

    I am more excited on what kind of ridiculous and often over the top comments the 3 stooges will give tonight, and of course the much awaited announcements  this week on who is leaving and who is staying and of course most importantly their potential replacements.  Yes I said it in plural form.

    I know I am one of the ones that did a lot of complaining this season
    some of which are very valid gripes and some just to stir up a few  of the resident vultures that lay in wait waiting for an opportunity to pounce on
    poor innocent bloggers that only wanted to express an opinion.  Yes, you know who you are……………………….LOL

    Enjoy the show tonight, good grief 😀

  7. I don’t understand why they had 2-hour shows full of filler stuff all season, then cut the finale down to an hour. How does that make sense?

    • it’s because of the time slot. idol regularly aired on wed, for the top 2 performance, they take tuesday as other program’s slot.
      i think 1 hour slot for top2 perform is enough. it would be boring if they make it 2 hours. it only 6 songs total.

  8. Goodluck jessica! I was rooting for you since audition days!!! Soooomexcited to see you perform in the finale!!! 🙂

  9. If Likes for this comment reach 200, you have my neck at stake if Jessica won’t win this whole competition. I mean, you know what I mean. Jessica all the way.

  10. Good luck to P2 and Jessica. Both should have an excellent favorite performance moment. The two songs chosen by Simon Fuller, and the two original songs should be interesting. Historically, the original songs have turned out to be a little less than stellar, and Simon’s choices have often left the audience wondering “what was he thinking.”

        Hopefully, both singers will be healthy. It will be a shame if P2’s kidney stones, or Jessica’s alleged sore throat from last week, hamper the performances tonight.

    Like many others, it seems this race is too close to call. Either contestant could win. I’m pulling for Jessica because my music preferences lean more towards her style than P2’s style. P2’s style is perfect, if I want to sit around with friends, have a drink or two, and just chill out. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to sit around and chill out for more than a couple hours a week.

        For the fans of Colton, Skylar, Elise, Joshua and Hollie, do not feel badly for them, because, the AI experience has given them exposure they never would have had. Neither Adam Lambert nor Haley Reinhart won in their seasons, yet both are in the current top ten for album sales on Itunes. If you support your favorite post idol, they will be successful.

        I’m looking forward to tonights performances, and tomorrow nights crowning of the new American Idol. It will be fun seeing the top 12 all perform again. It’s been a fun season.

    • Look, people really don’t understand how good Phillip is. They say he’s an average singer… But, he’s a true musician. A professional songwriter kind of musician… I love his raspy voice, and I really hope he wins. I’m routing for Phillip! GO PHILLIP PHILLIPS!

  11. Jess is a little girl but she unleashes the beast inside everytime she sings. too bad in the end “scruffy knight in the shining guitar” will slay the beast (‘s chance of winning). ^^

  12. im so excited! cant wait to hear and see them battling it out later! wish both of them well! i really like jess, she’s very sweet and simple and amazing vocals for a 16yr old girl! Her range is just incredible! P2 is very humble as well, i like his uniqueness, the way he makes every song his own! i like his rendition of volcano and beggin’…and yah he’s cute, but its not only d reason why i like him! Im leaning towards Jessica a little more…im really amazed by her vocal ability and i also I want a girl to win this season, enough of the WGWG 🙂 but lyk ive said in my previous comments, whoever wins is fine with me, they both deserve it! Goodluck to both of you!

  13. Tonight is very exciting and the most exciting part is Jessica to sing her signature song.  Can’t wait to hear it tonight.  I blieve the next American Idol is Jessica Sanchez.  There is one very good reaon why and I can’t tell you after the show or maybe tomorrow.   I am so excited and will keep voting for her no matter what and I am sure she will do great as always.    P2 is  a great singer but now it is based on who will get the most votes but I am pretty sure Jessica fans will be right behind her even stronger tonight……..   JESSICA SANCHEZ FOR THE WIN ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dont ya mean Phillip? She doesn’t have a gallon of talent like Phillip. She has more like 2 pints and half of a cup.  Phillip has a three gallons and 3 cups! Well, out of 4 gallons of talent. Phillip for the win:)

  14. Middle East is rooting for you JS. We’re excited for your performances tonight 🙂 God bless you!

      • Jessica is also extremely popular in Asia (China, Japan, Korea, etc…..not just the Philippines).   I was just over there and honestly, they all cannot see why Phillip was even allowed to participate.  The pretty much all ask, “Isn’t this a “singing” contest”?????   It’s a little embarasing for me to have to answer that one.

      • I know right. One of my colleagues told me this morning that she knew JS when he saw my browser with this blogsite opened LOL! He said he likes her 🙂

    • i’m leaving in arab country also and all of us here are rooting for jessica sanchez ,she is unbelievable talented .we hope she will win the title .she deserved it.goodlucj jessica ,middle east people are so proud of you.

  15. Jessica wil win tonights performance. And she will be crown as the next American Idol 2012! Guarantee!!!

    • I think for p2 it will come down to his song to appear on his album.  If he comes up with an amazing original song then the win is his.  JS needs to not sound like the covers she will doing.  Amazing voice but I think she struggles to get creative.

      • Jessica will win!!  There has been enough Southern Winners n’ WGWG’s, now time to switch it up!

    • I heard that the voting will be for 4 hours afte the show, not 2 hours like normal.

    • Finale voting hours are always longer.  Last year, lines were still open when I woke up for class at 5 the next morning.

  16. These two contestants are awfully close to each other. Phillip’s girlfriend must be jealous already. 😛

  17. i like p2 and jess there my fav. but if u looking true singing talent i go with jess..she is amazing 4 her ages..

  18. Why is everyone still posting that our votes matter?  Am Idol is staged.  The producers have already chosen their winner.  But whatever… all keep playing their game.

    • then why are u still here posting comments? :)) if all this is staged, as u clearly stated in ur previous comments, then WGWG wont be winning for 4 straight years!!! AI people would have picked diff singers with diff styles in every year!!

    • You’re right…..the AI people “staged” Jessica’s elimination in the Top 7 to wake up her fans.  Next, they allowed the worst singer in the group to skate through to the finals just so they could have a girl as the winner this year and break the WGWG curse.

    • Well.  we can only hope for the “real” result.  But whatever, Jess has come all the way to top 2 that is she doesn’t win this, I am pretty sure that she will come back with a bang after.

  19. They are completely different singers. I wouldn’t say based on looks that PP should win. I like jessica Sanchez  a million times better.. JS is the next AI..

  20. be real guys…we have to hear ’em singing in the radios and cd’s..not just watching their big photos on billboard and magazine covers…just wisely vote the idol who has voice quality,lung power,full of emotion’s to hear,idol material,techniques and style and i think it will be…….Jessica doubt!

  21. any chance that P2 gets to sing his original song for his first release?  that would be killer!

    • I wonder if his ‘original’ might be one of the songs he has already written??  That would be interesting and a peek into what you will get from him in the future.  I definitely think that he will lean more to the genre of his performance of  ‘Volcano’ or ‘The Stone’–that seems to be his sweet spot & that would be ok with me–really enjoy that style of music.

    • sad to say but AI wont allow that…so its much better if u dont win AI, u wont be stuck with the AI song as ur first release :)) unless the AI song would be a killer (I super hope so)

      • I wonder why they wouldn’t allow it.  That’s the worst part about winning AI. PP is an artist and shouldn’t be subjected to a song writing factory.  He is the best but i kind of want him to lose so he doesn’t have to put out a crappy AI album.

    • PP is a song writer???????    name one noteworthy song that he written. 

  22. Vote Vote Vote for Phil Phillips, the true musician with a whole lot of other good things going on.  WGWGFTW!!!!

      • No, JS s the worst. You’re a VoteForTheWorst website member. He has talent unlike that . . . girl (hopefully) you’re voting for.

      • This would be incorrect.  Every social media site has Jessica with the most fans.  Phillip does have the support of VoteForTheWorst, so he does has a hidden advantage there.  Phillips has also had to sweat out the last two elimination rounds with Hollie and Joshua, while Jessica stood by and watched.  The Top 7 elimination night was an mirage.   Jessica fans didn’t think she needed the votes and chose to save someone else (ala Chris Daughtry for whom the “Save” was created)

      • @ Guest. Of course every social media site has jessica with more fans. The filipinos have swarmed every site like ants trying to sway everyone over to  vote for her.  We still no not know whether Phillip was in the bottom 2. However…with people thinking that, it could be to his advantage and make more people vote for him. I hope so.

      • Just don’t think about and vote and hope for the best.  God bless you,  Jessica.  Good luck to both of you.

      • Hmmm… We don’t hold the votes—to o bad. I’m okay with it if Phillip or Jessica wins. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that I am betting on Jessica.

  23. My top 5 for this seasons was: Jessica, Hollie, Joshua, Deandre and Colton. So ever since only one left I’m rooting for Jessica!

  24. I have watched AI from day one (inception day) until todate (11 years), and the finalist I was able to predict. But for this year finalist, really it’s a 50/50 for both Jess and P2, I love them both, but would prefer it to be Jess. Good luck to them both, either will do.

  25. why am i blocked, cnt post on the latest article?! i did not offend anyone, did I?

  26. Phillip is the best performer in American Idol.    And Jessica Sanchez had already been eliminated once, so she got saved by Jennifer Lopez and that was not right.  It is up  to America to vote and not the Judges, that it’s why it is called American Idol!  I guess it must not be America’s Idol after all.

    • i bet if that if phillips was voted off and was saved, you’d say otherwise.

      • But he wasn’t and wouldn’t be. So, I guess you have just been pwned. ;]

    • judges’ one power to save was made known to the public long back, it wasn’t a surprise at all

    •  Amen.  I hate the judge’s save.  Even if my favorites were the ones being saved.  We vote.  Let us decide.

      • did you just say, you can’t follow “RULES”?, sounds like it to me.
        Rules are rules weather you like it or not… 

        Gheeezzz that save has been awhile already, will you get it over with!
        It’s like trying to teach kids that there are certain situation that you need to follow rules coz that’s just how it is.

    • And the save is part of A1–why is that not right?  Just vote…amd hope that your idol wins and I will hope that my idol wins. 

    • The save has been in effect for a few years now. Why all the sudden is it “not right”? Sure a much better use of a save than that one they used on Casey Abrams last year.

  27. i love this show it gives people a chance that they might never get otherwise             and i hope it never goes off the air and i hope phillip wins

  28. The VoteFair website has Jessica as a 3 to 1 favorite (74% to 26%).  According to a number of websites, VoteFair has been the most accurate all season.  Another website with many more votes represented had Jessica leading 71% to 29%. 

  29. Attention all Jessica Sanchez fans…….do not let the people at the  “VoteForTheWorst” website steal the contest.  Tonight you need to VOTE  VOTE  VOTE   VOTE

    • Tonight you need to VOTE VOTE VOTE for the WGWG!!  Go Phil Phillips, you rock our souls. Your music is my new drug!!  Love ya buddy

  30. Please of course she is good, she has had voice coach since
    the age of 4, she was home-schooled so they could make a diva. Her Mom is one
    of those obsessive mothers like the dance mom shows or pageant shows for little

    Can’t even imagine how good Phillip would be if he had vocal
    coaches since the age of 4… voting for P2…

    • The “vocal coach” at the age of 4 story is a lie people.  I have read that she has never had a coach.  No name has ever come up as a coach.  She was home schooled in High School and attended East Lake Middle School.


      • Actually I believe she went to the Hollywood Voice Academy, which is vocal coaching.

    • Jordin Sparks was just a few months older when she won American Idol.  I didn’t here much about her age at the time.  Maybe it was because Jordin is a big girl and Jessica is tiny.  Now we size descrimination.

      •’s posters like you that make people not want Jessica to win. Look, the girl has talent. I’m just not into that diva kind of stuff. You keep saying stuff about how horrible Phillip is. Just stop. They both have talent..and a lot of it. I’m rooting for Phillip because I prefer his voice and style of music.

      • Are u some sort of stupid cow ? The girl is 16 ! Discriminating her is like abusing a child! Get a life mate! Tell u what if r fan of Phillip then f- king vote the man! Don’t get it why teens fantasised him he is so f-king ugly crooked nose long chin ! Now this is cyber bullying mate chew it!

  31. To me, it comes down to…who’s music would you BUY and listen to? For me, it’s Phillip Phillips…so Jessica has been taking singing lessons since she could barely walk…doesn’t make her the better singer/performer, she’s just had training…vs Phillip, who to me, has a God given gift of a singing voice…no it’s not perfect…that’s not what makes me listen…it’s unique… it’s not about boy with guitar vs girl who can sing… Jessica makes me nuts, mostly because she’s only 16 and I’m afraid she’s put her all into needing to win this… if she doesn’t, I hope she has a support group to get her through the loss, as she’s said more times than I can count she’s been working for this “her whole life”… my dear, you are only 16…your life has just barely gotten started!  Good luck to both of them, as for me, I will be dialing for four hours…for Phillip…and “I’m an old lady gramma”… not a swooning teenager who doesn’t know music…

    • Amen. I couldn’t have said it better. Jessica is like one of those toddlers and tiaras kid. I actually feel bad for her.  You’re right..hopefully she has a good support system..but I doubt it. Her mother has been pimping her out since birth.

      • OK. Let’s try this:
        I feel bad for @Pally45 coz she is so consumed by a 16 yrs old girl who is only trying to reach her dream.  Hopefully she can contain herself especially that fact that she is old enough to know better (not to judge & not to presume).

        If you are a Mother, hopefully nobody criticize you(as a mother)  the way how you criticized JS parents because nobody needs it even you, yourself…

      • @Cr8zyOlgal, Yes..I am a mother. I have a daughter. There is no way on God’s green earth that I would force her to be something she might not want to be. Jessica has no idea whether she wants to sing or not. It has been foreced on her since she was a little girl.  Making your child practice something and making them be home schooled so they become socially backwards…does that sound like good parenting? She never even had friends!

      • You are so disgusting–you are actually condemning Jessica and her mom.  The girl has a dream–you are being mean to the mom and you don’t even have any idea how she is as a mom.  I bet you, you’d see things differently is you have a kid who can sing that good.   Peace andlove be with you, Pally

    • Gotten to that age and Jessica is only 16 and still perhaps  the top 2 contender.  Funny, makes me only realized that up to now reaching that age you still do not understand music.  All you see is your age difference.  How about distinguishing voice power compare to your Pp?

      • @Manolitio..why do you have to be so rude? She just stated her opinion and now you’re saying that she doesn’t understand music.  Just stop. You like Jessica. She likes Phillip. Big effing deal!

      •  It’s people like you that make me vote AGAINST your precious overrated already voted out once Jessica. 

    • ha ha ha really? a grandma actually listen to Phillip2 type of music? You’re just voting for the cute guy or you’re Phillip2 grandmama admit it!…lol

    • Phillip won’t sell much here in uk we have great singers who does his genre . Matt cradle far way better singer and guitarist. I won’t waste my money on Phillip . Brits in America vote for the robot singer ! She can sing anything ! I’m do amazed with Jessica oh my oh my oh my x

      • I just went and listend to Matt Cardle. He is a very good singer but he sounds completely different from Phillip. He has a totally different sound.

    • phillip is Unique ? LOL
      why is he being compared to Dave Matthew then ?


    • P2 is so talented and he is unique.  No one  out there like him.  The fact that he is cute and sexy is just an added attraction, and no, I am not a tween, but I am young.  Both of these contestants are  so very talented, it will be an amazing show.  I am a P2 fan but will be ok with whomever wins because they both have great futures ahead of them. 

    • What is wrong in putting it all to win it–don’t we all should have the drive to do that in order to succeed?

  32. there are some people here who know what rudeness means without knowing that they themselves are also into it.  come on, it’s already the finale, let’s just support our favorite please

    • I totally agree with you.  I am keeping it positive but it is difficult.  This site has been pretty positive all day and all of a sudden it is getting ugly.  A couple of folks have signed on that just want it  to be negative, why???  Can’t we just cheer our contestant on and wish both success.  That  is not difficult. 

  33. i pity jessica’s mother, some people have already convicted her as if they know who she really is.  and some are even talking about being rude huh

    • hey gary!  somebody’s always on the lookout for this type of post, lol :))))

    •  Trying to figure out if “That’s All” and “Stuttering” will be the past performance picks since they said those were their favorites, but other than that they haven’t even given a hint.  Too easy to guess who’s doing what I guess.

  34. They’re both plenty talented, but I plan on voting my little butt off for Phillip all night long.  Go Phillip!

  35. Tired of hearing the chop shop version of what Jimmy Iovine said about Jessica & Phillip. Read The whole interview on zapit. He did not say who would win. He did not pick Jessica or Phillip. He was answering questions and commenting on both of their talents.

  36. BORING finale ..Jessica is obviously way better. Should have been a J and J finale. That would have been some real..

  37. I agree that both finalists are good singers. Jessica is without a doubt a diva in the making. She has sung songs way better that the rest of the lot. Philip tries to be original with his renditions of the songs he performed but I can only mame a few which I believed “worked” for him somehow. In the end, it boils down to what America thinks: should they go for voice (which is definitely Jessica and what this contest is all about) or looks more than voice( which is Philip and what America has been choosing for the past 4 seasons…except for David Cook who I believe deserved the title). They both have bright careers ahead of them but I’d still root for Jessica. Good luck to both! Jessica FTW!!!

  38. I hope they do as well with the song written especially for them as the two from last year did.  If you keep up with country music, both did well with their songs.  I’m axious to hear what they will perform.   To have gone through all they have experienced over the past months, either one deserves to win.  I am actually going to base my vote on the performances tonight.  Phillip’s style is not my favorite but if he does as well as he did with his last song last week and with the one song from the week before, I’ll probably vote for him.  If Jessica belts it out like she has, then she’ll get my vote.  I might even do a 60/40 with my voting depending.  I’m definitely not going to spend a lot of time voting since I question the validity of the count. Nonetheless, I’m going to enjoy the evening regardless.  Still might have to mute the comments from the judges.  Just don’t know if I can stomach one last round of” Dawg, you’re in it to win it; that’s crazy, it gave me goosies; or that was beautiful.”  I have no faith in their opinions.  Jimmie’s, I like.

  39. Jessica will win. She has a lot of fans all over the world. The whole Philippines will be rooting for her.

  40. viewing party tonight and tomorrow night,,,,all over the world,,,,,particularly Philippines  and mexico,,,is like  Pacquiao fight,,,,,,las vegas odd makers are given jessica to win….place your bets now,,,l got mine already…….

  41. whatever the judges say after they’re done singing,,is not gonna affect the voters,,,they already made up their mind who to vote……

  42. Attention: P2 fans , please get your ovaries away from your ears tonight . ( I copied this somewhere . Sorry if I offend anyone this is just too funny ) PEACE .

    • There are plenty male p2 fans.  Though I am female, I enjoy his VOICE, PERFORMANCES, and ARTISTRY.  The good looks are just the icing on the cake.

  43. This is a singing contest so please vote for the best and it is no brainer to say JESSICA Is the best in this competition according to Jimmy and the judges. That being said, we have a clear winner. Am getting ready to vote.

  44. GUYS, whoever is your fave please vote!!! if your rotting for jessica then vote HARD!!!haha She must win!

  45. Nakakahiya yung mga Pilipino dito. Akala niyo kng sino kayo kung angkinin niyo si Jessica Sanchez. Proud niyo mga mukha niyo.

    • As I always said..just be humble.  Support Jessica but don’t put down Phil.  They both deserve to win.  I am just hoping that Jess will win but I know that Phil’s fans are also hoping for the same.  It’s almost over so please be nice to one another. 

    • And for the record–there are only a few who are doing that.  Everyobodyelse know that Jess ia American/Mexican/Filipino. 

    • Would you stop complaining and just watch American Idol? with your babbling and babbling your making a lot more haters of Jessica and btw Pinoy din ako pero hindi ako genyan kasi I’m well aware na may ibang lahi si Jessica so please, quit your babbling. :p

  46. lets VOTE JESSICA SANCHEZ! enough of guy winners. its been 4 years and guys have been dominating the reality tv show. ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE.
    this season should be GIRL POWER! the women of American Idol are more successful than male winners and they were able to sustain their career as a singer. Kelly Clarkson & Carrie Underwoods. Lets also count Jennifer Hudson who didnt even make it to the finals yet she is successful.
    FRIENDS. PLS VOTE JESSICA SANCHEZ. no more cute guys for this season. looks can be deceiving.
    Let Jessica Sanchez be the FIRST youngest winner.

    • You do make a good point, that by and large, the only winners that have a good post-idol career, are women.

  47. So sad josha wasnt here. He is the consummate entertainer. Also would love to see 2 of 3 judges replaced. Getting very tiresome. The standing O’s , the b.s. and on and on.

  48. How about with all the money spent on clothes, advisors, etc., how about a tooth for Jessica?

  49. please……….. america  you we need a new young female singer from american idol! we had already  a lot of male singers from A.I.. so please… help jessica vote  for  her! 

     thank you… God bless! 

  50.  both philip and jessica are great singers! but  i think america  need a new woman   winner! 
     that’s all thank you……….






  53. Finale night was a total flop for Jessica is was the worst I had heard sing in all the weeks she had performed, no need to phone PP won it hands down, Jessica gave it away, not old enough to say hey this isn’t me i DONT like song.
    PP finale song got the audience involved, Jessica was boring,dull wouldn’t  sell 10
    I was totally disappointed in her performance, it lacked professionalism for a young girl who had performing since she was 3.
    who ever picked her songs she be shoot.

  54. Remembering their moments since then, both Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez had 4 solo standing ovations. But I think Jessica Sanchez has a slim edge better than Phillip…so i bet her to win American Idol 11!

  55. Tonight’s finale was a flop, it was the worst final I have seen since the series started, they may as well stop phoning now and give it too PP, Jessica gave it to PP she was terrible, no connection to or with the audience her last song was shocking it wont sell anything if she wins. PP songs was catchy the audience were clapping and he had the audience at his feet. Who ever gave Jessica her last song should be shot. As Jimmy said last week if Jessica does not kill it on the night she is out, And to be honest I was totally disappointed in her. All series she was ahead and on top tonight she was the last by a mile.

  56. Phillip Phillips pulled it off again. He never ceases to amaze me. All three of his performances were great last night, but the last, the one he will record if he wins was the best ever. He has such talent and originality!

    • phillip is the best, they picked the best one so what can i say but right on and i wish i was younger.

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