American Idol 2012 To Colton Dixon: Easy On The God Stuff

AMERICAN IDOL 2012: Colton Dixon. CR: Nino Munoz / FOX

American Idol 2012 contestant Colton Dixon shared details of production’s guidance on how the singers should handle their official American Idol Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Colton explained to NBC’s Today Show that it was suggested that the finalists should avoid potentially polarizing topics like “The Voice” and Idol’s ratings. I’m kidding. The no-no list from American Idol 2012 production was more serious:

“When we first started the Twitter and Facebook stuff, they said beware of political and religious tweets,” he told “Just because it can turn off voters or whatever. But, you know, being a Christian is who I am. It is a part of me musically. It is what I want to do after the show — go into Christian music.”

“But I think that (the producers) also have a mutual respect that that is a part of who I am,” he explained. “I am not going to hide it, and I am not going to stray away from it just because I am on a TV show.”

Colton has certainly not strayed from sharing his passion for his beliefs despite those warnings. His Facebook page includes updates like this one from Friday:

I am no different than you. We were all called by God to be His messengers. Let’s spread His love to the nations!

But Dixon certainly doesn’t bombard his page’s fans with scripture as a quick glance over the page shows it continues to focus on American Idol 2012 and asking his supporters to vote each Wednesday night. Out of the over twenty most recent Facebook posts the Idol Hopeful made mention of religion only twice.

Without getting into a debate on religion or poltics, do you think American Idol contestants should be free to express whatever they want or is production’s guidance good advice? To be clear, I haven’t seen anything from production that indicates the performers aren’t already free to do as they wish. They’ve simply been warned about potential fallout.

Source: Today Show




      • Exactly…..but using your “discretion” you know darn well that most people will read the title and the first few lines, form an opinion and stop reading….. and by the end of the article you realize that it’s all about nothing.

        Just an article designed to split people down the middle…..and cause back and forth jabs…..there is no “news” here…..

        Christians will get defensive, and non-Christians will get defensive because the Christians defend their faith and then harsh words get spoken…. 

        If you can give me a purpose to the article I’d be happy to hear it…..otherwise, it’s all about nothing….

      • Colton goes on a national platform (Today Show) to discuss his work on another national platform (American Idol). He explains Idol production suggested they stay away from politics and religion. Colton says religion is too important to him to shy away from and sticks by it.

        At the top I explained production suggested they not discuss those
        topics. Same for the headline. I never once said he or any singer was
        banned from discussing it. Then at the bottom I reiterate what was said at the start, that there was
        no prohibition of speech. There was no “hiding” of information until the end.

        All of that was reported above without bias and yet you say I’m attempting to drive a wedge and cause controversy. I was neither critical of production’s guidance nor Colton’s decision.

        You’re the one who is desperate to make this in to something it is not.

        If you’re looking for “a purpose to the article” then you better skip the next post (Heejun Han packing for the tour) and probably most things here. The only purpose is to discuss American Idol events and topics.

      • You tell ’em Matt! Wow, never saw this defensive side of you before. Can’t blame you though. That’s ridiculous to say that you are somehow trying to be divisive by bringing up Colton’s dedication to his beliefs. I found it interesting and informative. 

        Since this is a popularity contest that is one of the things that some viewers want to know about these contestants. Something like that can be a deciding factor for a viewer/voter in this competition. After all we are voting for people at the end of the day. If the voting were say….you rank every performance on a scale of 1-10 each week and the lowest ranking contestant goes home then we might have no need to get to know each contestant and who we are voting for. 

        But this is good information. It was one of the reasons I actually like DeAndre this season. He looked up raised his hands and thanked the Lord when he was given a second chance before he even got out of his seat. I think he is just an all around good kid and I also think the same about Colton and if either of those two would win I wouldn’t mind a bit. I wouldn’t have thought that Colton would be that religious even though I noticed he used the cross in his name on his logos. I am not saying you were reporting this for any particular reason. It’s just good info. We need to know the personalities and make decisions based on the complete package instead of just one factor. Since we all have different taste in music the decision can’t be made based solely on the performances. Who we think did the better job each week is purely subjective so a contestant’s personality can play a key role in that subjective determination. You were just reporting facts and that is exactly what you are supposed to do.

        I personally think that Heejun was wearing those glasses with no lenses that he wears on stage and he thought Phillip was a pair of socks and mistakenly stuffed him in the suitcase.

      • The bias was implied in the title “Easy on the God Stuff” — maybe I missed it in the article where the producers said that? 

        I think saying “beware of political and religious tweets” is one thing  —- but you taking that all the way  to “Easy on the God Stuff” showed a bias, sure.

        What is “God Stuff” anyway?  I realize to you that it’s all the same thing.  But referring to someone’s religious beliefs as “God Stuff” sounds a bit biased to me……

        But, hey, it’s just me………..

        Were you not hoping for a discussion like this when you posted the article in the first place?  Wasn’t that the point of the article?  Because there is no news there…………that was my only point.  It was written to have sides drawn…..

        You succeeded!  Congrats!

      • Hi Matt,

        You know that I am one of the guys in this blog that enjoys your articles. Having said that , I can understand Bahloo200’s concerns.

        1st – What is your reason you brought up this subject about Colton’s Christian beliefs and where he stands in his views about his christianity?  Since this blog is about finding every little positive or negative news about the singers, I believe this article will cause more discussion than you can begin to imagine and I believe you know this all along.  After all we already established the fact that American Idol is not just a singing competition anymore but also a popularity contest.

        So, I am not that naive to realize that those who does not believe in the christian faith will now question Colton’s motivation.  Whether it will be on a positive or negative way , time will tell. Again let me point out that
        there is no right or wrong about the information since Coloton is not hdidng his faith, quite obviously.

        For that I adnmire his resolve !!

        3rd – If you did not want this discussion to take place you would not print this article.  Is it right or wrong , that is for you to decide on your own.  Just saying……………….

      • @ @d0264fed0e11d690ea3efbe22c6f7a47:disqus   Ah, so the article now has a purpose after all? What a relief.

        Your perception of bias does not equate to my intention of bias. Nice try. If you can’t understand the parallel between someone saying “beware of doing [X]” and “go easy on [X]” then you’re playing semantic games to support your narrative.Not every article here is about “news” which you’d know if this isn’t your first visit. I can try to dig up something on gas prices and Syria, but you might be off reading CNN if you need only “news.”

        “To you it’s all the same thing” seems to be rather presumptuous and ignorant. Are you implying I’m not a Christian? You would be wrong.

        Telling an outspoken believer to stay away from discussing their faith shows a lack of understanding of that person. Hence, the “God stuff” is a possible perspective of production who underestimated who they were giving that advice to.

        The irony isn’t lost here on me. You’re advocating production’s stance to not discuss someone’s religion while simultaneously praising Colton in another comment for bucking their advice.

        @ @d2c4e8b902a48a74153aa98d14563f26:disqus : The point of posting the topic was to give insight to production’s process and a contestant’s reaction to it. As clearly stated in the article, Colton was able to successfully accomplish what he wanted to do and production didn’t stand in his way.  The question then becomes, should contestants stay away from those topics as production suggested?

      • So Matt, in two posts you managed to call me Desperate, Presumptuous, Ignorant and that I’m advocating that production not talk about religion?

        Actually you are pretty far away from accurate on all of those.  I never once questioned your beliefs… fact I don’t really care what your personal beliefs are.  Nor should you care about my personal beliefs.

        The point I was trying to make was that you took something simple:

        Colton’s Comment: “Beware of political and religious tweets”

        and you created your title:

        “Easy on the God Stuff”

         — and to me that appears that you equalized those two sentences……hence my reason for typing “to you it’s all the same thing” — so not sure what was ignorant or presumptuous about me pointing that out.  I thought I was just trying to clarify your comments…..

        I think when you created the title you were going for “Shock Value” — that’s all.  And as far as production sharing their view — again, they can do as they please. 

        If this morally diverse world we now live in — “shock value” to drive division is very common.  All you need to do is check any headline on any website having to do with news, politics, religion and see the same thing….

        I just think it needs to be pointed out when it happens.

        Great site though — and to quote Jim Rome “Thanks for the Vine!”

      • @d0264fed0e11d690ea3efbe22c6f7a47:disqus You’re continuing to argue semantics on the title? There wasn’t some nefarious plan as you seem to hope. The title used is shorter than “American Idol production executives advise contestants, either as a whole or during individual discussions with [insert each individual singer’s name], to avoid invoking religious or political statements.” Kind of lacks brevity preferred in titles.

        If a person is trying to lose weight you could tell them, “beware of fatty foods” or you could say, “go easy on the cake.”  Really not sure how you’re blind to that phrasing or the similarities between them.

      • Matt:  Bahloo and Ed tend to have the same effect as a helicopter in a septic tank, so don’t concern yourself overmuch.

      • I just find it ironic that this innocent little article now has people bashing a kid for his beliefs…..

        Not liking a kid because his voice stinks is one thing…..

        Not liking a kid because he talks about his love for God in totally another……

        It’s sad really….

      • You see Matt , this is the reason why I said what I said.  It has now became a discussion of beliefs or lack of it and no longer about the show
        called American Idol.

        To make matters worst, this page will now be oocupied with people with no respect to no one including themselves and  only looking for an outlet for anger and despise for people that have faith in God.

        You have to make a choice on what subject you want discusserd in this blog.  Is it Politics and Religion or is it about a singing competition.

        I have seen and read your explanation, I am sorry to say I still do not
        understand what motivated you to print it just the same knowing what will be the result.  To me it is not news anymore since most of us already knew Colton’s faith and religous convictions. 

         Time will tell how this revelation will affect Colton’s chance in gaining support for his quest to be the next American Idol.

    • While I love Matt’s writing and his site I find your opinions interesting! For some strange reason I cannot tear my eyes from everything you have posted here! I might not agree with what you write about I still love reading it! Color me strange….

      • Thank you …. very well said, and I appreciate the honesty. 

        I’m not what one would call overly religious.  I am, however, very conscious of other’s feelings about religion.  I think that in today’s society it’s become acceptable to put a “non story” out there as “news” — just to draw a line in the sand.

        Matt, this was not meant to be an attempt to criticize your work.  I enjoy this site most of the time.  I enjoy some of the back and forth between the fans about who is great and who isn’t…. but when you take the time to put a story out there about religion, you have to have had an ulterior motive otherwise why post it?  Your job is to draw attention to your site — I get that….that’s all I think I was trying to get at originally……

        This is a NON Story — there isn’t anything of substance…..but the title made it appear that the Producers singled out Colton and told him to “COOL IT ON THE GOD STUFF!” —

        But that’s not what happened at all.  That’s why I think that people should be careful of how a blog posted is positioned…..the original story was just about Colton talking about his faith — and letting people know that he’s not going to change because it will cost him votes.  Especially if he wants a career in Christian music —

        That’s the real story here…..  “Colton positions himself for career in Christian Music – won’t hide from his beliefs” —

        I’ll move on to HeeJun packing for the Tour 😉  Much less stressful story!

        I sure hope he can sing “New York State of Mind” again — I’d like to hear the studio version of that.

      • @d0264fed0e11d690ea3efbe22c6f7a47:disqus : The “original story” source article from Today is entitled “‘American Idol’ producers warn Colton Dixon that faith talk could hurt his chances”. You really think I’ve warped that headline in to something completely different and off-topic?

        You’re again being very presumptuous to claim I “had an ulterior motive.” Unless you’ve managed to get in my brain then no, you don’t know that, and no, I didn’t. Until I read the original article, I didn’t know Colton was a Christian or even an outspoken one. Did I think badly of him for it? No. Did I think Idol fans might also be interested in character background on Colton? Yes.

        Maybe you should skip trying to interpret what others are thinking.

      • I am sorry! But I do not see why every one is carrying on so much!!! This blog is supposed to be FUN!  Right??? Who cares one way or another about whether one is a christian or not???  I think this converstation snow balled. Quite frankly, I wish we could just change the subject!!!!! Lets go back to liking each other and having fun converstations. No pun intended intended Matt. I like your writing. And I like Brandens writing too. Poor Branden is alway saying he hopes no one is going to kill him.  They do get snotty with him Matt. I guess it’s because he doesn’t talk back like you do. I am hoping this one that has talked about Colton being a christian will just move on to another issue. In the 10 years of watching American Idol. And being on this blog I have never seen anything like this!!  Can we find other issues to talk about.??? I hope so. I have several friends that have talked on this blog for ever too. And I do not see them saying anything about this subject. Well I am going to get me something nice anc cold to eat. Maybe ice cream and CHILL.

      • Please, Can we just knock it off????? Cutie pie. It is nice to know! I am a christian too. No we should never be ashamed of it. But this coversation has snow balled in to arguing. I like to come on here and see what other people think of the contestants performances and etc. Nice smooth easy conversations. The hair do colton is wearing is in now. The glams are wearing it like that too. ADAM had his hair kind of like that last time I looked at him. Oh and Matt it must have been either a glitch whit my computer, or the blog. It is working fine now. Thanks for the help though. Sherry K

  1. nice to know Colton is a Christian.. I am a Christian too! and I admire him for being bold about it!! It’s not something we should be ashamed of. It’s something we should be PROUD of…he is performing well with his Broken last week!

    •  Thanks Cutiepie — you just made my point from earlier.  He wasn’t being BOLD about it.  He was being honest about it.  The article makes you think he’s being BOLD…..but he’s just being him…..

      as all good Christians should…..

      • If you don’t think Colton is being “BOLD” then you’re missing something. Production tells the singers they could face negative reactions and an adverse impact from viewers by expressing their views/beliefs. Colton decides to not hide who he is and takes the risk of alienating fans and votes.

        Here’s the definition of “BOLD” for you:

        bold: adjective, -er, -est. 1. not hesitating or fearful in the face of actual or possible danger or rebuff; courageous and daring:

        So either you have a very different definition of “BOLD” or you’re saying he did hesitate and/or was fearful of actual or possible rebuff. Maybe we’re reading a different article up above.

      • Actually I am replying from your post below because it didn’t have a reply button. 

        This title made me continue to read. It didn’t form an opinion for me at all. This article was about Colton. It wasn’t about the American Idol Show. I don’t get where you have a problem with this article. In this day and time it is indeed bold to express your religious beliefs in the midst of an event that really has nothing to do with religion. Look at all the controversy surrounding Tim Tebow this past year. So amidst all that how can you say it isn’t bold to stick by your guns when you are told to steer clear so as not to alienate yourself.

      • This is to Matthew Boyer (GTP) WOW Matt. You really let someone get under your skin. I have never seen you like this either. I know you can CHILL. Getting mad just makes your blood pressure go up. Is all of this back and forth doing any good??? Good way to give someone a definition though. Have you a nice big cup of ice cream, or a malt Matt. And by the way have a great day too! Smiles. Sherry K

    • Proud to be a sinner that has to go to church every week to ask Jesus for forgiveness?  Hmmmmm…….  I think Colton needs to resign as a contestant, go back home, sing in his little church and if a Christian record label wants to sing him up, then he can go into the Christian market singing for Christians and not bringing that crap into other people’s homes.  I certainly get sick and tired of some young kid, or a wannabee celebrity trying to profess their religion.  I am not into it, i am not buying it, and i don’t want to hear about it.

      • With the risk of being reprimanded by Matt for disrespecting someone in a post, you just proved yourself as ignorant as the assertions you have made on this page. Why do you suggest someone who chooses to believe in a higher being, “God” if you will, do so only in privacy or only in the presence of like minded individuals? If nonbelievers such as yourself want to ever feel free to state your own beliefs and not be criticized for them then you have to be willing to accept the same from people who do believe.  Nobody is restricting you from stating your opinion in public and those of us who have the need or whom choose to believe in a higher power should be subjected to any such restriction either. I don’t care what you believe or don’t believe. That is your choice and I have out grown my days of trying to convince those such as yourself to adopt my own point of view. But I am not going to be pushed into hiding my views at the risk of possibly offending someone of the opposite opinion. After all, what the atheists have been striving for all of these years is that the general Christian public accept their views and beliefs without reprimand. Give us and these contestants that same respect and you will be a lot more successful at forwarding your own cause.

      • look richard it is not that big of a deal if he professes his faith. as other people have said i am a christian and proud to be so and so should he…

      • You are making everyone puke!!!  Can you just move on to another subject? If you are not buying it and don’t want to hear it ~~Shut up and don’t listen anymore!!  You are begining to look like a freak.

  2. I think there is an “image” the producers recommend potential idols (and that word should make a Christian antsy) to project in order to garner as many votes as they can. That image needs to flow into their online persona or the contestants could lose voters… Colton can choose to follow that advice or do his own thing… nothing wrong with being you, but if you are saying you are a Christian for the sake of a label then don’t bother. It is more important to live each day (no matter the medium) to make others ask “how do I get what he/she has-why are they content and at peace” …that is how others want to know about God, not because you say you are a Christian but because you live it. If Colton has to tell me he is one for me to know then he has already lost my vote.

    • Ms. Whirl Alot 2003, I halfway agree with this and I think that DeAndre demonstrated it when he thanked God for his second chance. And then he doesn’t have to talk about his religion. It was evident in his actions. So good points you’re making here.

      I wouldn’t have picked Colton as a particularly religious type but it is still interesting information. 

      • Why did DeAndre thank God?  God isn’t a judge on American Idol and God doesn’t text message it’s vote either.    I think that when someone says “thank God”, it’s just an expression.  God doesn’t really do anything and it’s funny when people think that God does everything…

    • Taymaro, Don’t get so up set.It’s OK. I am a christian!! And religion is just not a good subject for this blog!! Just like some people can’t talk about politics. I do know where you are coming from. NEVER be afraid to say what you have to say about God ! NEVER!!! I do not think Matt knew he might be starting a bon fire with that subject! You are right too. We set an example by living each day with our Lord. No worrys. Matt is a nice guy. Sometimes moderators just try to say some of the things they feel. And it’s OK. It is their job. Matt is not going to reprimand you. All of us have the right to say how we feel. I am going to get a cup of cold ice cream and chill.  Bye. You don’t ever have to be pushed in to hiding your views. By the way you know God loves you. And that is what is the most important. Have a nice day. Sherry K

  3. Colton, you keep up your beliefs in God, he is the reason for everything. Without our faith all is unclear.

    • Jesus said if we follow him we will be persecuted. I don’t think a big deal needs to be made about it. But I often mention God when I am talking to someone. Some people come back with an Amen. And some people do seem to be uneasy with it. But as a true christian I shall continue to talk about God. They are trying to take God out of every thing. The schools. The money printed. The court rooms. I am not saying the idols should carry on about God. But if they do have something to say it should not be a problem. Are we going to make our beloved Jesus a subject like gay was such a NO No for a long time? If you are a christian follow your heart and if you wish to speak his name. Or say something about him. DO IT.

  4. If the religion thing hadn’t been mention in this article I wouldn’t had noticed it as much. That goes to prove that the media are making it more of a big deal that it needs to be! I find Colton refreshing and love his music!

  5. Good for Colton. I liked him from the beginning not even knowing he was so Christian. I hope Steven Tyler doesn’t get a talking to about his foment to Joshua’s song last Wednesday “I saw God in your eyes”. Hey that is what I told my friend in a different way I said “God is with him”.

  6. I find it interesting that he (Colton) says wants to be a Christian Contemporary Artist, Kudos to him for saying it. There are, especially now, a lot of haters out there.

    • If Colton wants to be a Contemporary Christian artist, then American Idol is not his forum for it.  He should resign from the contest and try to seek a career on a Christian station with a Christian record label.  Christian recording artists are usually those that don’t do well in the mainstream market.  That’s why they go Christian.  I have dealt with Christian artists before and they are really full of themselves to the point where i just don’t want to deal with them anymore because they usually end up being hypocritical, two faced, and dishonest in how they conduct themselves behind closed doors.  At least, those are the ones I have dealt with.  They are always trying to push their Religious crap down your throat and it gets old REAL quick.

      • Other than the fact that you disagree with his theological beliefs, what do you think about his talent? I don’t think he tried to push it down anyone’s throat. He just mentioned it and the press picked it up and ran with it. He is allowed to state what his beliefs are the same as you my friend.

      • Richard apparently you don’t know much about christian artists/bands like Jimmyjack11 said there is christian rock bands out there and theu are doing very well one of the bands on hes list news boys I have gone and seen and you wanna no something when I went and saw them there album was number 3 on a chart where Justin Biebers was number 4 on the chart 

      • why do you think American Idol is not for a Christian singer? Pretty bias, I am sure someone as prejudice as you has some other issues also. Sad

      • Richard, Quite frankly I think you are NUTS!!! Why do you persist in this BS about whether Colton is a christian or not??? Personally I think you are one of those trolls that like to go around on the chat boards and cause a rukus!! Why don’t you just get off the subject and move on to something else??? That would be too easy wouldn’t it???? Just keep stirring the pot. Makes you feel good! This goes for your stupid book you wrote below too! I mean dude you just cannot quit can you???????  If everyone would just not answer him he will quit. Who the hell are you going toi talk to if no one answers?? People you CANNOT CONVINCE Richard of anything. TRY NOT TALKING  to him anymore and see what happens.  

  7. yeah its been a question since  the beginning of this season that what is that crusader flag he always want to mention… i mean what does he mean????!!!!!!!!!! and i’m a muslim from IRAN

    Wikipedia: “The crusaders comprised military units of Roman Catholics from all over
    western Europe, and were not under unified command. The main series of
    Crusades, primarily against Muslims, occurred between 1095 and 1291″The Crusades were a series of religious expeditionary wars blessed by the Pope and the Catholic Church, with the stated goal of restoring Christian access to the holy places in and near Jerusalem”

    • and i should say that i like his voice and singing and i think he is talented   i got shocked by his elimination last season and it made me happy he came back this season….since the beginning  i’ ve believed that he should be in 3finalists… 

  8. Colton, then why are you on American Idol in the first place, if all you want to do is sing Christian music in church?  American Idol is not a church that people go to in order to listen to Christian music.  At least, it isn’t supposed to be.  BE REAL.
    IF you just want to sing Christian music in church, then just bow out of the competition and go home and sing in your local church.

    • Contemporary Christian music isn’t your typical hymnal music that one might hear in church. It is popular and modern but expressive a different message. He (Colton) can be there for many reasons just like all the others but he can also spread his message to all that want to listen, that are not Christians. Remember Amy Grant, or maybe not but she was one of the best contemporary Christian artist for 20 years before she sang popular secular music, she hoped those that were not Christians and liked her music would checkout her Christian music and therefore her message! It’s all about being a witness to the nations and what better platform the American Idol!

      • Why don’t you go back to your atheist gathering place and listen to what ever music you listen to. If having to hear a Christian tune or two along the way offends you that much then it seems like you would tune out and quit torturing yourself. You seem to be your own worst enemy in this situation.

      • Ron, I think a lot of people who have not listened to christian music are not aware it is rock. Even if it is ballads, or rock. It is for God. I sure do remember Amy Grant! She married Vince Gill. Country singer. Both were unhappy with their marriages!!  They have been married for quite awhile and have a daughter together. I think they are soul mates. At least I hope they are. How many people find their true soul mate in this life?? I totally agree with you about Colton, or any other christian. If we are christians we should not be afraid to say so!!! Jesus told us we would be persecuted if we worshiped and followed him. So I am a christian. I don’t go around screaming it out. But I do talk to people about religion. And it is surprising how many say back hallelujah, or amen!

    • man who are you to attack a boy for attention. Perhaps you don’t believe in America either

  9. Personally, they should NOT allow religion to be part of the contest.  Meaning, no singing of religious songs, no vocalizing their belief in a particular religion.  It is a turn off for some of the viewers and it reflects on the producers and some of us just simply aren’t watching this show to be thrown religious crap in our face.  What would happen if some Muslim started discussing Allah?  Boy, there would a MAJOR problem on your hands if that happened.

    Personally, I have noticed a trend of a lot of Christians going on Americian Idol to get their fame, promote their little Christian BS and then we never really hear of them after a couple of years.  They give us some sob story like they are special because they sing in church.

    In all of the years I have been watching American Idol, I can say that pretty much none of them I would actually give a recording contract to, since most of them are NOT classically trained with a college degree in music.  I would rather they get classically trained singers with a college education first and THEN let them work on arranging either their own compositions or remakes of classic songs and give recording contracts to those that have gone through the rigors of college studies.  Having a college degree means something and American Idol doesn’t do anything for me in terms of finding that special someone.  There are so many of their released recordings where they use Auto Tune on the vocals or some other form of vocal processing because by and large, most of them have pitch problems, not experienced people and only a couple have actually had an actual career to speak of, and they still aren’t creating the REAL DEAL singers that can hold up to the greats.

      • Wow, He does protest too much. What a drag!! Why not just drop the subject and move on??? Because no matter what anyone says Richard is going to go on and on and on!  Who is trying to push religion on anybodys face??? I have heard Colton say Thank-You God once or twice.  I don’t think that is pusing religian in anyones face.  It is best in my opinion to just go on and enjoy the show and forget about the ones screaming about religion inn their face. Matthew (GTP)  I am smiling at your face Matthew!  Wouldn’t another subject be nice??   No wonder my good friend Phyllis G is not on here anymore. I am sure you rememvber her Matthew!  Because you used to talk to her!!  I haven’t seen her on here this year????? Keep arguing and see how many more leave. This is supposed to be a FUN site. Not a drag.

    • Why do you keep watching all these years then if it does nothing for you? Is your life that empty that you need to fill it with, what you call, meaningless BS? This was all started as a platform for amateurs to showcase their ability, get great advice, improve their techniques and launch their careers. 

      If you think none of these people are any good then don’t watch the show. Don’t read these forums. And definitely don’t write your BS in them and force us to have to muddle through all of your crap to get to what we want to read. You are really more ignorant than I thought. Geeesh!!

      • Taymaro, He is one of those people who like to argue. And just go on and on and on forever arguing!! And as long as someone keeps arguing with him it will not stop.  I think your statement about his ignorance says it all. 

  10. I have always wondered why someone would go to church, take Jesus as their savior ask for forgiveness and then have to constantly go back week after week after week?  Weren’t they forgiven for their sins, or was it only up the the last time they were in church?  So, what kind of sins are they constantly doing week after week after week?  I don’t even want to know, if you ask me.  Is there any proof that they actually go to heaven?  Has anyone gone to heaven and come back to tell us how great it is?    THINK ABOUT IT.

    • Those are great questions Richard and there are even better answers out there.

  11. You say you follow Jesus and then you talk about God, then the LORD. Well, which one is it? Colton.  Jesus didn’t die for ME.  I wasn’t alive back 2000 years ago, he didn’t know me at all, so how can one die for someone that wasn’t even born during that timeframe?  Jesus died because a bunch of CHRISTIANS crucified him, because they wanted to continue to drink alcohol, do drugs, do all of the bad things that Jesus was against.  Now, does someone have to go to church, read the Bible, praise Jesus publicly, and wear the crucifix and do all of the stupid things that reborn Christians do in order to go to Heaven?  What is Heaven and how do you know it is great?  Have you been there?  Do you have any home videos of Heaven?  And how do you know that Christians are going to Heaven?  Maybe, the Bible you are reading was just an ancient form of Amway like scam.  You know, those Amway types scams have been around for a long time.  Oh, and BTW, it is scientifically impossible on this planet to turn water into wine.

    • again are you serious commenting on things that you no NOTHING about makes you look like a loser man

      • Yes, Vgribble. he thinks he is making us look like loosers. When in truth we are the winners because we know Jesus!!

    • You are sick Richard. Just very sick. If Jesus didn’t die for you then I truly feel sorry for you!!! Isn’t he sick Taymar?. Yes it is a good thing Jesus was not bound by any stupid laws of science. Jesues is so much more. I am so glad my eyes and mind are open to Jesus each and every day of my life. What a wonderful world. I have friends who say they do not believe in Jesus!!  And I say ” That is your problem. Not mine.”

  12. Hey Colton, you mentioned on your Facebook site that you like the Book of Psalms.  Well, that was written by King David, who was the second King of the Jews.  It is from the Jewish Torah, just to let you in on a little secret.  It is one of the many aspects of the Christian BIble that was plagiarized from the Jewish Torah.  Do you know what the word plagiarized means? That’s when you take something from one document and put it in another document without permission from the author.  Of in this case, it is a form of copyright infringement.

    • Are you cognizant of the fact that all of the regular posters on this site are laughing at your egotistical meltdown?

    • I don’t think the author was still alive to give permission when the Bible was written. The Bible is a compilation of what Christians consider to be Holy Scriptures, inspired by God. It is entirely appropriate that the book of Psalms is included in the Bible. All the books of the Bible originated in the Holy land in case you didn’t know and were originally written by many different authors. Also all of the books in the Bible I have are preluded by crediting the original author. 

      Why are you reading his facebook page if it bothers you so much? You are an idiot!

      • Hi Taymaro,

        Don’t waste your time with this guy.  He’s been waiting for this opportunity to let out bad steam.  People like him who thinks he knows the scriptures  but it is clear to me he does not understand it at all  because if he does, he wouldn’t  say what he  just said. 

      • This is to Ed. Sorry I have to squeeze it in here!  Hi Ed! Nice to see you!!  Have you heard anything from Phyllis G.?  I miss her!! But I know she does not like to get on a blog where people are arguing

  13. I would of never guessed that Colton was christian good for him you know there are alot of artists out there that are christian singers and people dont even relize it

  14. Seriously people? American Idol is for any artist pursuing their dreams etc. Even if someone ends up wanting to sing in Church why can’t he enter a competition? Maybe he’s exploring his options.

    Who are you to say what American Idol is and isn’t for, for a contestant? Many see it as an opportunity/ a stepping stone or maybe just the experience.

    Richard, you are really coming off as someone who’s generally prejudiced against Christian artists because you’ve experienced the worst of them.

    Maybe he will end up going with a Christian record label, and needed American Idol to get exposure.

    Anyway your points are really quite silly. For example:

    “….and not bringing that crap into other people’s homes.  I certainly get
    sick and tired of some young kid, or a wannabee celebrity trying to
    profess their religion.  I am not into it, i am not buying it, and i
    don’t want to hear about it….”

    – dude, then don’t watch it. it’s just a reality show.

  15. The article mentions that the producers advised contestants to beware religious posts and tweets.  This article brings the topic of Colton and religion to the attention of a wider audience and basically begs a debate on the issue.  I’m not sure that’s respectful to the contestant.

    • Thank you……….you are much better at words than I am… managed to say in 4 lines what i tried to say in 500…. 😉

  16. You know I find this hard to believe since last year scotty won and everybody knew he was christian  

  17. I do respect his religious beliefs and his open-mindedness towards Him . But, hey, let’s get back to their voices! Where are we again? 🙂 

  18. race, religion, or politics.  what’s all that got to do with a SINGING COMPETITION!!!!!!!!!  enough already!!

  19. I’m glad Colton is a Christian. I am a Christian too. It makes me happy to see a Christian singer(:
    He has an amazing voice and I’m happy that he’s standing up for what he believes in. He doesnt care what others think of him or judge him for his religion. And if you really liked Colton by the way he sings then it shouldn’t really matter what religion he is…

  20. I think the Idol production make a good point, it can be a turn off when people feel their being preached at for not being super religious. It could easily turn away voters. Colton has the best chance at winning, but pride and self standards could put him far far away from super stardom.

  21. Okay. I meant to write about this when this first came out, but either way…
    I have glanced through some of the comments and I do agree that the fact that Colton wants to get into Christian music after the show did make me change my mind about him winning and giving him my vote. I respect his belief, but I don’t want to vote for a guy who may win and then do Christian music. I am not religious and neither do I want those type of songs on my iPod. I am really glad that neither Lately or Broken Heart have any religious ties, and do hope he keeps it that way until he is eliminated or wins (which I doubt). This is not being unfair by any means. It is just how I feel and I am glad this topic was posted.

  22. You know It shouldn’t matter if  hes christian or not this is a singing competition It shouldn’t matter what kind of genre they want to do after the competition its suppose to be about how talented they are. You know through out the seasons of AI there has been christian and everybody knew they were christian  that have made it to the top or have won so whats all the big deal now    

  23. The people that say there not going to vote for him just because hes christian and wants to go and do christian music after the competition  obviously shows that you don’t vote for the talent you just vote for someone that you think is good looking or someone that sings the genre you like to listen too

  24. Go Colton!! Speak the word of God!! <3 I hope he sings "Keep The Faith" Tonight! When I was told to tone down my "Beliefs" I Kicked it up more<3 So good job Colton!

  25. For goodness sake! Lets not get started on the religious aspect of Colton again!  I truly thought that was over!!!  He is a christian and has a right to say so. AND THAT IS THAT~ I don’t think anyone has told him not to discuss it. We left the last blog arguing about christianity!  I think Colton put on one of the best performances tonight. I love the song. Loved him playing the piano while singing. He is sweet. Him and sister both seem to be very nice kids. They are polite. Pleasant. Both look nice. I mean can we please give this religious stuff a break!!! 

     I think it has been over talked to death. I am a christian!  And no one who is a christian should be ashames to shout it out loud if they so choose. Now can we go to a new subject like Colton’s performance tonight???    And who do you think will leave tomorrow???
    Smiles. And good night. This has been a long day!  God bless you Colton. There I said it.  As Bahloo2000 said we need to drop that subject Matthew. Did you get some ice cream, or a malt and chill?  It’s good to just chill for awhile. We shall she who goes home tomorrow. Good night!   Sherry K

  26. Colton dixon is, in my opinion, the best one on american idol. I think that him and the other contastants should be free to express who they are. If their religion is part of who they are than they should be able to express that through their music and through their posts online.

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