Heejun Han Already Packing For American Idol 2012 Tour

The American Idol 2012 summer tour might still be a few months away, but don’t tell that to Heejun Han. He’s already busily packing for the cross country tour and it doesn’t look like he’s traveling light either.

Heejun posted a photo on his Twitter account as he readied himself for the big event by packing the essentials like socks, toothpaste, and Phillip Phillips:

If you could pick any of the American Idol 2012 Top 10 singers to pack up and take with you on a trip, who would it be?




  1. I heard… heejun takes care of phill(his roommate)…very good..
    beautiful friendship…good luck..

  2. Omg, I’m so sick of Heejun, he makes everything a big joke. His voice is to average to even be going on tour..

  3. I’d take hollie and jessica, for their singing and for the fact they would be really easy to pack. I’d leave elise’s bad attitude out, but want to hear her sing at the show. Skylar seems like she’d be fun. Heejun of course!! Erika so she could be like a fun chaperone. Colton just seems like a cool guy, so yes. Phill….. probably not (please dont attack me). Not deandre, to much hair for my suitcase. Also joshua just cause he’s amazing, and hollie’s best friend 🙂    

  4. I thought he was packing up to go home. LOL… Okay, seriously—-He’s good but not great. Honestly, I don’t see money (unless he brings some Kpop group with him..). 🙂

  5. i thought he was packing for the comedy channel to premier his new sitcom…. which is where he belongs.  he’d be brilliant in a half hour weekly comedy series.

  6. i think jessica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))
    she`s really AMAZING &  GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD

  7. l will give heejun another 3 weeks…before he gets voted off,,,,just for the laughs,,,,his not even concerned about that…..he can’t wait for the live summer tour,,,around the country…l remember last year,,,season 10 they even went overseas…particularly the Philippines….and l have a feeling they will do the same…including south korea…oh boy,,,,HEEJUN..will be in cloud 9

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