American Idol 2012: Top 10 Performs Tonight

AMERICAN IDOL 2012: Erika Van Pelt. CR: Nino Munoz / FOX

Tonight the American Idol 2012 Top 10 takes on the Billy Joel songbook and we’ll get to see what impact Tommy Hillfiger had on their style.

It’s going to be interesting to see what songs contestants like Hollie and Jessica choose this week. Hollie needs to speed things up and Jessica is best slowed down. But there don’t seem to be any obvious Billy Joel songs to fit both of their needs this week.

That being said, check out my song suggestions for the Top 10 and feel free to add your own suggestions. Also, check back later tonight for the performance numbers and the weekly American Idol recap.

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Update: American Idol announced on their Facebook page that Diddy is this week’s guest mentor who will be working with Jimmy Iovine to guide the remaining Top 10 singers. That should make for some pretty worthwhile sessions.




  1. New york state of mind.. honesty or piano man for Jessica. I think she’ll nail either of those 3.

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    • Piano man for Jessica?  Hmm…interesting.  I like New York state of mind for Colton.  Deandre should do river of dreams.  Hollie for…hmm…Im not sure.

      Rooting for Joshua and Hollie and Jessica!

    • If anyone should sing Piano Man its Jessica and figuring somebody WILL sing it, I want it to be Jessica.

      Im going to cringe if Colton sings it,  which is likely.

      Honestly I hope nobody sings it, because the only singer that could do it any justice is Jessica.

  2.  whatever song they give to jessica,she can sing it,and she will nail
    it..i really believe in her talent..jessica FTW..i cant wait……

    • Jessica is a great singer for her age, but she can’t compete with the likes of  Phillip or Joshua.

      • Jessica cant compare to Joshua or Phillip lol?

        Jessica is 100x better than Joshua and Phillip combined

      • i juz 2 say… watch out on  the finals…. i know she will bring home d bacon… she’s 1 of d filipino pride…. go Jessica…. show dem wat u’ve got…

  3. i think jessica can sing and nailed any song of billy joel and this time she will mess up other contestants of AI. good luck to ms. jessica, we are rooting you!!!!

  4. I would love to hear Jessica sing New York State of Mind.  She can belt that song out.  JMHO…..Also looking forward to hearing what Phil  P. will sing tonight, he always puts his own swag to the song.
    Not quite sure how this night will pan out, should be very interesting.

    • phil2 should do well tonight.  won’t see the show until the weekend.  ranger game tonight, friday and saturday.  all games crucial even though they’re in the playoffs.  besides, it’ so much easier to glied through the commercials and inane filler.  when is our boy coming on??

      • I haven’t heard a date  for our guy yet but its definitely something to look forward to.    I don’t blame you for DVRing it and watching your Rangers play, this is exciting hockey now.  In the days of my Islanders, we had no VCR/DVR and I could care less what was on.  My house had the Islander games on, thats why my boys are such big hockey fans today because their Mama was a hockey fanatic.

        I’m sure tomorrow you will hear all about tonights show on this site

      • to my namesake-without a doubt i’ll be here tomorrow and the next day and the next……….on a completely different note, do you know what odds the sportsbooks are giving the rangers to win  the cup??

      • My son works in Race & Sports on the strip, I’ll let you know when I talk to him.  I’m positive he knows!!!!!

  5. I love Elise’s voice.  She has an original bluesy sound.  America needs to listen to her sing and vote for Elise.  She is very unique and not boring like some of the others.  I believe Elise will do well tonight.   She probably would be able to sing many of Billy Joel’s songs tonight.  It will be interesting on what she picks. 

  6. This entire article is an indictment of the American educational system starting with the banner  “Top 10 Performs Tonight”.   No s on perform, Branden.  Then, as one scrolls merrily through the comment section, one finds a plethora of misspelled words, grammatical errors, lack of punctuation and a general laziness that makes me wonder where everyone received  their education.  I have to leave before my head explodes.

    • actually my highbrowed friend if the speaker considers “the top ten” as one entity he could use the performs…but sorry we lazy common folk make your head explode…or is it makes…hmmmm…well providence perhaps the New Yorker is doing a piece on American Idol which would make you more comfortable…we just want to have fun, not have our posts graded by a frustrated high school english teacher….we just ain’t your cup of tea I reckon.

      • Not really.  If they were performing as a group called Top 10 it would be correct.  As they are not, it’s incorrect.    If people are this sloppy about the person they present to the public, the mind boggles at what their private lives look like.

      • stephan and providence, assuming they are two people, must be a real hoot at are not writing novels or text books…you people are a bore..self absorbed and pompous…so i guess if you find a typo in a novel, its into the garbage…….and stephan if you hate americans, why hang out in site dedicated to american idol? maybe there is a country you approve of that has a site you can comment on, without heads exploding or getting irritated…with heads as big as you and providence stephan, it must make quite a mess when they explode.

    • as a former reading teacher i would tend to agree with you, HOWEVER, these posts are completely informal and shouldn’t be corrected with a red pen.  lousy grammar and punctuation would drive me mad if these were formal articles or letters.  i don’t think the writers are lazy or ignorant.  just informal and using the vernacular.

      • I hesitate to weigh in on this, but proper spelling and punctuation should be second nature by the time you leave school.  Personally, it irritates me when I  find misspelled words in a novel I’m reading.  I’d give a pass to posters to whom English is a second language, but find the sloppiness of those born and educated in the US  to be reprehensible.

      • to stephan-i underline typos i find in books and also write comments in the margins.  and correct spelling and punctuation are second nature to me.  i’m just a rotten typist.  but this is not the place to debate proper english grammar which isn’t really taught anymore (not politically correct).  IT’S ABOUT THE MUSIC!!!

    • Then please leave, and stay gone.  Just remember not everyone cares enough to apply full MLA or APA grammar style to their sentences on a comment section.   Give us a break please.

    • Oh, well, we are so sorry if we’re making your head explode. As far as we are concerned, This is not a formal place and our posts are not scored or paid. They are purely informal and not meant to be marked with a red pen. But, if you can check all 114,372 [and still counting], I’d love to correct my grammar and punctuation all for you. Relax! You are not reading some articles or novels here. 🙂

  7. i am not sure about these themes…seems the only person who can pull off Billy Joel is Billy Joel….Maybe Phil could do the Ballad of Billy the Kid or only the good die young……Jessica New York State of Mind…Josh Captain Jack….Skylar maybe should do billy the kid….deandr rosalinda’s eyes…oh this is going to be interesting tonight..i hope everyone does well…i see disaster.

      • That’s awesome! I honestly have never heard Billy Joel’s version of Shameless..only Garth’s!

  8. Really looking forward to the show! I don’t care what everyone says, I don’t care about the ratings, American Idol is- and will always be- my favorite show on TV!

  9. Jessica’s “Turn The beat Around” is still in my head all week long.   I can’t get that out of my head.     It was  such a great performance and it was way beyond her year .   I really don’t care what the judges had told her about the so-called “constructive criticism” BS……… The comments were BIAS,  DISHONEST and UNFAIR .   THIS GIRL ALREADY GOT IT  !!   She has prepared herself for this show since she was 6 years old.  “SHE IS IN IT TO WIN IT” !!!!!!

    To all Jessica haters,  I feel sorry for you all and get over it  …………  hehehehe   (LOL)

    • I agree that Jessica is an awesome singer…but to say that the judges were not spot on with their analysis is pushing it.  If Jessica wants to blow it out of the box everytime, she needs to choose the right song. 

    • Have you heard the previous versions of “Turn the beat around” the original by Vicky Sue Robinson is the best and then Cristina did it. Compared to those versions Jessica, whom I like, was mediocre at best!

  10. I think Phil will probably be the best tonight. People saying Jessica can sing anything…go back and listen to last week. It was mediocre at best.

    • That’s a possibility, but you can’t tell people who they like to be the best tonight. We are just saying Jessica can sing anything, not Jessica is the best at singing anything. If that’s the case, then it would be named “American Idol 12: Jessica and Company”, wouldn’t it?

      Go on and shout out for who you like. On our part—-it’s Jessica [Though I love Phil’s music, too! Go on and check my oldest post in this page.]

    • She wasn’t at her best I agree, HOWEVER she still outperformed every single contestant.

  11. I think most of the women are going to struggle tonight. Has anyone every heard a woman sing a Billy Joel song.Tonight is the men’s night to shine, we can’t be to hard on the women but I expect only one guy will make it his own, Phillip Phillips.

    • I’ll even go a little further and say that tonight is so much of a guys night we should see, at least, two men in the bottom three.

      • But — Elise and Erika have very coarse voices– and should handle it well.  In fact I think Deandre will struggle more with BJ than the girls will…..

      • That will make the evening interesting, to see how some women handle there song choice.

    • Ariana Grande and Sara Gazarek both did nice covers of Vienna and And So It Goes, respectively, so it can be done.

    “MY GIRL/ BALDWIN HILLS” ON Youtube!!! You won’t be disappointed!!!

  13. My 4 favs, in order:
    1)  Hollie
    2)  Phil
    3)  Skylar
    4)  Joshua
    5)  Hoping Heejun hangs around as he is entertaining, though not as good a singer as most of the others.  Wouldn’t miss Deandre or Colton were they to go home soon–I tape the show and skip through most of their performances.  Had enough of Jessica.  Like Elise and Erika, but they are not really Idols… 
    Looking forward to hearing what everyone will sing tonight.

    • My favorites are pretty much the same as yours. I like Phillip a little bit more thna Hollie though.

  14. I think Jessica and Heejun are the two weakest contestants.Phil Phillips will go right to the end in this competition.

    • Wow, I like your post. I wonder how many “weak singers” are being given a standing ovation for being at their best. 

      Jessica is not a weak singer. Of course, Phil can do it [It’s obviously a Billy Joel]!

    • Lol…Jessica is one of the weakest voices, even when there are people like DeAndre and Erika?

      That is like saying ADELE has weaker vocals than Miley Cyrus

    • Jessica will be the “Pia” of this year. I, for one, can’t wait. She reminds me of a wind up doll. She can sing but I’m very bored with her. LOVE Phillip!

  15. if heejun ,,survived this week ,,,good for him,,,after this week,,lm gonna give him another couple of weeks….this is as far he can go….GoodLuck,,,,,,

  16. Pr63….Hey Girl…..Vegas odds are 4-1 in favor of your guys to win it all!!!!!!! Good Luck tonight!

  17. i can’t wait for the Phillip Phillips show to start…lol…wonder who he will bring back next week?  I hope he has stayed hydrated this week..i worry about my boy.

  18. Please Heejun i hope you have selected something fun and upbeat…if you do i love you just the way you are, you are probably going home…

  19. Now the coaches are making them dress differently, because of an Idol clothing line????    Are you kidding me ??  This has *GOT* to be the *WORST* American Idol season ever.  Had to force myself to watch about an hour, then turned to Buffalo Sabres hockey instead.  American Idol has truly lost me this year as a fan, and I won’t watch anymore shows… just not worth it this year.  Hope this is the last year for Idol. 

  20. what a bunch of idiots! does no one get that phil phillips is trying way too hard to be dave matthews? dave is an original and unique musician! this dude is pissing me off! get your own thing, phil! quit acting like, and trying desperately to be like dave! he’s a copycat…not an original! stop saying he’s original! he’s a fake…and a ‘bad’ fake! do your own thing dude! quit copying!

  21. So..what did everyone think? I LOVED Phillp!!! He was great! I would definitely buy his CD today! I think Deandre and Heejun should be in the bottom three and if I’m totally honest, probably Hollie. My prediction is Deandre, Elise, and Erika. I thought Elise and Erika were great but America doesn’t seem to be warming up to them. 

  22. They keep saying how “original” Phil Phillips is. Are you kidding me?! He is trying way too hard to be like Dave Matthews. He even tries to make the same facial expressions, and odd foot movements like him. If you’re going to copy someone, at least try to be a little different

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