American Idol Launches Clothing Line At Kohl’s

American Idol Kohl's Authentic IconAfter Tommy Hilfiger appeared last week on American Idol 2012 as the series’ new fashion mentor I joked that next we’ll get a fashion line from American Idol. I shouldn’t have said that because now it’s happening. This is totally going to ruin my plans for releasing a line of Heejun Han mittens.

The new clothing line from American Idol will be sold exclusively at Kohl’s but you won’t find it operating under the Idol banner. Instead the new digs will be labeled “Authentic Icon” which still uses the same initials as the show: A.I. Check out a preview of the new clothes in the gallery pictures below.

You won’t want to wait too long if you’re hoping to dress like your favorite American Idol 2012 performer. Starting on April 20, 2012 the clothes will be available in Kohl’s stores and online for just six weeks. That brief window nearly lines up with the American Idol finale. The Authentic Icon clothes will be available in the Young Mens and Juniors sections. No word yet on if Randy Jackson’s lapel pin accessory line will also be available. Keep those fingers crossed.

Will you be rushing out to buy Jessica Sanchez dresses, Phillip Phillips t-shirts, or Heejun Han suits?

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Source: AdAge




  1. I think Jessica’s style is intersting, I still remember her outfit ” Love U I Do”.

  2. Now J. Lo will have competition at Kohl’s!!!!!!! Awwwwwwww…

    This show is really irking me lately…Now they are going into the clothing business……I thought this was a singing competition!!!!!  Did I miss something on this show???? or did I just not get the Memo!!!!

  3. I haven’t worn striped pencil leg pants since 1969.  Not going there again!  You can’t make me!

  4. American Idol is a joke!!! You still isn’t Simon Cowell! Just go off the air if you can’t do no better! I mean really??? BORINNGG!!! I didn’t really care for Paula, but Simon and Randy pulled it together. JOKE! Can you say X Factor?

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