American Idol 2012 Top 10 Performances

American Idol 2012 Top 10 Performances

American Idol 2012 Top 10 performances are ready to go tonight after last week’s double elimination. Let’s all hope for a little less drama this time around. The remaining finalists will be working with Diddy and Jimmy Iovine to refine their best picks from the catalog of Billy Joel hits.

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American Idol 2012 Top 10 Performances:

  • DeAndre Brackensick – Only the Good Die Young – 1-866-436-5701
  • Erika Van Pelt – New York State of Mind – 1-866-436-5702
  • Joshua Ledet – She’s Got a Way – 1-866-436-5703
  • Skylar Laine – Shameless – 1-866-436-5704
  • Elise Testone – Vienna – 1-866-436-5705
  • Phillip Phillips – Moving Out – 1-866-436-5706
  • Hollie Cavanagh – Honesty – 1-866-436-5707
  • Heejun Han – My Life – 1-866-436-5708
  • Jessica Sanchez – Everybody Has a Dream – 1-866-436-5709
  • Colton Dixon – Piano Man – 1-866-436-5710

We’ve got a poll below for your favorite American Idol singer of the night. Share your thoughts in the comments section below!




  1. The ball is rolling. Give it up for your Top 10! Who do you pick? Who will own the night?

    Who knows… ūüôā But, it would be great if Jessica will nail it again! ūüôā

  2. Deandre seems a little nervous and jerky….don’t like the song choice..i will give him a C…he could be in trouble.

    • I thought he did great! He has great energy when he’s performing. Unlike a lot of the other contestants, I love how he picks upbeat songs to show that he has rhythm and vibe. He can do ballads and uptempo and I hope he stays tomorrow!

      • ¬†Deandre is below average. SHouldnt be in top 10..he will lower the overall calibre of talent. He should go, no question.

    • I do, too. ¬†She made that change at the perfect time. ¬†At first I thought she looked a bit like Kris [Kardashian] Jenner, but it’s really more of a Joan Jett look. ¬† Deandre was great!

      • I agree, Erika’s new look is pretty eye-popping .¬†Shows she’s brave and has style, which could be used as an asset. Not to mention her vocals are very rich and nice to listen to.

        I loved Deandre tonight. The kid is fearless with his uptempo “island vibe”. He’s showing off his diversity, which is good.¬†

        Although starting off the show can be hard to get votes in the end, I hope America does the right thing and keep these 2 in! 

  3. i made a joke last week that maybe Josh could sing sitting down, since his movements really distract me..very feminine¬† and spastic…i was hoping he stayed in the chair.¬† but i think he was just ok…

  4. Skylar: complete failure.  Clothes [hippie tulip look], song [pitchy, strained].  Just bad.

    • I think P2 should be in it for the long-haul.¬† He is so great!¬† Colton D. impressed me a lot last night also.¬† Still not crazy about the hair on that boy.
      Anyone else think Heejun needs to start showing he’s more serious about winning?¬† It seems his goal was to make Top 10 and tour.¬† I really like the guy and he definitely adds something different to the usual mix – but his performance wasn’t stellar by a long shot.
      I think last night was a little harder to call.  Most everyone did a good job with their chosen BJ song.

  5. Somehow, unfortunately P2 decided to channel Lee DeWyze and off key at that.  Total crap!

  6. So far from the comments sounds like Elise has been the best of the night…hoping Hollie changes that

  7. who¬†do¬†you¬†think¬†will¬†get¬†the¬†pimp¬†spot?/////¬†hope¬†it’s¬†jessica¬†but¬†i¬†kow¬†they¬†really¬†want¬†to¬†put¬†someone¬†else¬†so¬†their¬†3rd¬†horse¬†will¬†come¬†true

      • i¬†know¬†it¬†wont¬†be¬†jessica¬†bec¬†theyve¬†been¬†trying¬†to¬†tone¬†her¬†down,¬†but¬†who¬†know..¬†even¬†last¬†week¬†i¬†got¬†a¬†feeling¬†it¬†would¬†be¬†colton

    • Hollie is one of my favorites, but this was not good. ¬†The look was so-so, but another ballad and she didn’t do it well.

      • Yeah this song didn’t have any huge notes that she could shine with. And I felt her look tonight made her look any younger

    • Agree that Hollie’s voice is really strong. ¬†But how come she didn’t nail “such a small song”?

  8. hollie does look nice was ok..but i really hate this song even when billy does it…she did ok.

  9. Lose Tommy Hilfiger. He can’t sell his own clothes, let alone dress someone for Idol.

  10. they had to give elise a standing O because she needs to be out of the bottom 3. plus not to mention those girls that needed to be shown on TV for the public to know that ¬†she has good personality. although too planned & schemic I think she’s one of the best in this season.. ūüôā

    • Even with the standing O and bringing her students on stage – I think she’s still going to fighting an uphill battle.¬† She’s got a great voice – I’ve always thought so – but her personality just doesn’t seem bring forth and warm fuzzies from the general mass.

      • ¬†Hi Noodlesoup50,

        That’s it, I have to add that one on my must have characteristic to win idol next year.¬† Where can I buy those “Warm Fuzzies” can I get them on-line?¬† Just kidding, Noodlesoup ,¬† I am in my weekly lobotomy session, got to entertain myself, or I will loose my mind, oooops¬† ūüėÄ

  11. HeeJun i like the attempt..glad no sad ballad..but very pitchy and the low register was a miss…but enjoyed your choice…but it was karoake at best..but at least we didn’t fall asleep.

    • Yeah, he had a good go at it. At least he tried, and did alright. It wasn’t amazing or the best, but he’s not gonna lay down and give up, which showed in his song choice. Good job HeeJun!

    • For me it was the first performance of the night that made me feel good, the singing, not the best, but it’s the performance I liked the most. Go figure.

  12. i¬†am¬†not¬†a¬†heejun¬†fan¬†but¬†he¬†is¬†actually¬†great.¬†not¬†mediocre,¬†is¬†just¬†that¬†his¬†wrong¬†choices¬†of¬†song¬†makes¬†him¬†look¬†like¬†an¬†ordinary¬†singer..¬†he¬†got¬†something¬†in¬†his¬†voice¬†but¬†i¬†dnt¬†know….¬†just¬†picking¬†the¬†right¬†song

  13. HeeJun was awful!¬† I can’t believe the judges let him off the hook, especially after the way they tore up Hollie!¬† Most of the song HeeJun was not even singing.¬† When he tried to sing his vocals were all over the place.¬† Terrible.¬† Hollie did very good except for the one bad “bump” near the end.¬† Cannot believe the judges (again this year).

    • For the record Hollie was absolutely awful heejuan has a great voice he just isn’t choosing the right song your just pissed Hollie is going home tommarow lawlzzz

      • I think we should see Skylar going before Hollie.¬† Just think Hollie could use more help in her overall appearance – cut out the sparklie duds.¬† I keep looking for Lawrence Welk’s Orchestra to be backing her up!

    • I hope her performance won’t hurt her in the ways of voting. And is it just me or does her hair look MUCH better straight?

      • ¬†I actually thought her performance was good. She put a lot of emotion into it. I felt the song, and I don’t think the judges gave her enough credit. I might be a little bias, just because I love Hollie’s tone so much ūüôā

  14. She did good..but she does show off and over sing things..and doesn’t really feel the song.¬† Diddy hit the nail on the head..but she is so young

    • I still can’t get into her doing the pageant arms and that arm keeping pace when the music ascends. And she does over sing.

    • Yes, Diddy was right, but his comments referred to her rehearsal. Should we not comment on the live performance instead? Jessica listened to her two mentors, took out what was wrong with her performance, and wowed us yet again.

  15. HI  Mfav one is  Erika  van PElT  Phillip Phillp   

  16. I wonder when scientests are going to take this girl to a lab and try to clone her vocal cords xD

  17. Heejun’s performance made me smile ūüôā the vocal wasn’t at his best but he was the most fun to watch…..

  18. Jessica is a perfect copier and hard to believe for me…there just something not right about her

    • completely agree.¬† She can mimic any song perfectly. & Is it just me, or does she seem kind of phony??

      • say, were you referring to Hollie? robotic, studied but not felt? I couldn’t add the technically perfect because it doesn’t fit.

    • actually, one qualities if a good singer is that it can mimic voices of every great singers. A voice that has no limits or boundaries be it a big voice or just an ordinary one. And Jessica can nailed them effortlessly. ūüôā

    • another preacher blah blah blah…how can she copy???my goodness you’re dumb..the singer is original sang by a male singer…she did a women version and she killed it…another issue just to brag down Jessica??? oh my gheee…just look and listen to Hollie’s performance ever since her fans are claiming that she has a huge voice, have a beautiful range..but for me here she is…—-> inconsistency of her vocal range, kinda flat on some notes, CAN”T SUSTAIN notes till the many times am i going to tell you that Hollie is Overrated! whew! Heejun is for sure ¬†belongs to bottom 3…3rd time outstanding ovation for Jessica is already an achievement for her!¬†

      Jessica can sing any songs…and nailed her last performance…what’s new???? THE WHISTLE!!! beat that!¬†

      Hollie – nothing new…boring!

      my 2 cents. lol.

    • Who do you think she copied this time? Surely not Billy Joel, because this song is relatively obscure compared to his other songs. ¬†I didn’t see any video of it before Jessica sang it and it wan never mentioned in the forums.¬†

    • Hahahaha…. I was laughing at your comment¬†@cbae4a2a90440d9464f02a0f7ee4f893:disqus¬†. How can she copy Billy Joel? Jeeezz….. Is Billy gay? ——— HE’S NOT!!!!! And Jessica—-is a female contestant!¬†

      Please, review first the original composer before you start commenting about the contestants–Especially Jessica!

  19. Colton is cliche…fake punk…sorry..just be yourself need to be a tough..we know you are not…why not be least Phil is just Phil…he doesn’t need a costume.

    • Maybe this is who he wants to be.
      Phil may just be Phil but he’s also very cliche. If you look back for the past four season people exactly like Phil have won.
      The only artist who is TRULY unique this season is Elise

      • Phil IMO is the guy you call when your car breaks down and then he brings the tow truck. ¬†This boy, while pleasant and polite is NOT a singer.

      • Maybe Elise is unique and can really sing but her attitude and frowning on stage and in pictures really suck!

    • True. I always said he comes across as being more emo/indie/alt rather than hard punk or rock/grunge, whatever you wanna call it. He should stick with his style and run with it, otherwise America is gonna reject him for trying to hard. Come on Colton, you can pull it together!

    • you dont know what your talking about your TV is probably broken or something. stop being a hater Colton is the Shit!!! He can out sing you anytime.

      • i hope he can outsing me…and i am not in the contest.¬† colton can sing, but he likes to dress like something he is not.

    • Except the judges laid into Haley night after night, whereas Elise gets praised continuously by them. The two are similar in that the audience just seems to reject them no matter how hard they try. Hopefully you’re right, and there will be a turning point for Elise like there was for Haley (Rolling in the Deep) where the rest of us will start to recognize the hot talent this girl has.¬†

      Speaking of: Did you guys check out Haley’s hot new single “Free” on iTunes, she sounds GREAT!

  20. Ok this song, piano man, ¬†i have heard in piano bars from coast to coast….Colton was just average.¬† he needs to get a hair cut and stop pretending..he is not a rocker from the 70’s…he is a nice kid from tennessee…nothing wrong with being who you are….

    • Yeah, especially if you insist on flying the Christian flag. Modesty and humility are Christian values. His style is confusing when he tries to put out his message.

    • I totally Agree…I Love Colton…He is definitely getting my Vote and¬†will be Safe…

  21. Jessica is just an ordinary singer
    But Phil is the unique and out the box singer

  22. I was shocked that Randy Jackson did not know that “Shameless” sung by Garth Brooks was one of the biggest hits ever. J Lo & Steven also seemed puzzled.
    How can one give open opinions if they don’t know music or the artist?
    I am going to focus on the next coming X Factor where true feedback is given. Even if it hurts! Who is Randy Jackson, I know who Perry is!

    • Agreed! The kid is multidimensional, can turn on the swag when needed, the sex appeal if that’s what it calls for, or the happy, rhythmic island vibe if the performance needs it. He can be our balladeer/reggae skank master, cause the guy has got¬†BrackenSICCKK¬†skills!!

      • ¬†I think he has mad vocals and crazy potential and if given the right song he could bring the house down.¬† He’s been under the radar for the most part, so I don’t think people really get him or realize that he really is one of the most talented singers on the show.¬† I’d love for him to sing a really powerful ballad where he could really blast off and show off his vocal skills holding both the high notes and the low notes.¬† His octave range is insane and nobody else on the show can hit the notes that he can hit and he does it effortlessly!¬†¬† I’m so hoping he gets to sing a song that will display what he’s really capable of before he’s voted off.¬† He’s one of my favorites for sure and he’s another one who is unique and identifiable if you were to hear him on the radio.¬† Some of the others, like Holly, are great singers, but they aren’t unique or identifiable, in my opinion, so I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart from any other ballad singer if I heard them on the radio.¬† Just my two cents.

  23. Ok lets see who Phil will have back next week for The Phillip Phillips Show?  Phil stands alone..
    if i had to pick a bottom three i would pick Heejun, Deandre, and Hollie or maybe Joshua…..I would send HeeJun home…I really did not call it last week at all…but i would watch an hour of Phil alone.

    • I am sorry but your obsession seems like a medical problem. Haha. I agree Heejun has been the worst two weeks in a row, he NEEDS to leave!

    • Sadly you are right on 2 accounts, Deandre and HeeJun, although I think HeeJun has a stronger fan base. I really hope Deandre can stay as I think this guy has something. But alas, it’s up to the rest of you, America.

    • Sean you are like the kid in grade school who makes fun of the girl he secretly likes. ¬†You pick on Phil so much its obvious. ¬†You loooooove him.

  24. jessica sanchez is the most amazing, unique, pitch perfect singer on the competition wow she’s the best

  25. 1. Elise
    2. Colton
    3. Jessica
    4. Joshua
    5. Hollie ūüôĀ
    6. Erika
    7. Philip
    8. Deandre
    9. Skylar
    (BIG GAP)
    10. Heejun

  26. it’s hard to say who the best is at this point, but the ones who should be going home soon are…

  27. to me…. not a good week.
    phil def did the best with the song. I love Skylar just wish she picked a different song that showed off her voice better. Same with Hollie. Jessica needs to take Jimmys advice and not try to show off, theres something so fake about her when she pushes, just be true and switch it up go up beat. Colton same thing really, trying to hard to prove something, just stay natural and true like phil or skylar or joshua. over all i think DeAndre, Heejun, and Erika or Elise are my bottom picks.

    • are you kidding me??? Jessica??? you just envy her, worst you want up beat song…why not others also like Hollie???

    • Jessica did listen to Diddy’s and Jimmy’s advice, and that’s why she came up this amazing performance. ¬†There are several areas that Jessica has to work on if she wants to be a great artist and singer, and she’s smart enough to listen to sound advice. ¬†No worries, she is quite young and has a lot of time ahead of her, even after Idol.

  28. The way I’d rank em now is Phillip, Jessica, Colton as the top 3.¬†¬† I mean overall, not just this week.¬† They’ve yet to have a bad week.¬† Sorta like in college football, those would be the undefeated teams.¬†

    The one loss teams would be Hollie, Skylar, Joshua, & Elise. 

    I think the bottom 3 should be Deandra, Erika, & Heejun.   Heejun heads home I believe.

    Going into this I had em ranked (overall) 1) Hollie, 2)Joshua, 3)Skylar,
    4)Jessica,¬†5)Phillip, 6)Colton.¬†¬† There wasn’t a big gap between those 6, so a good or bad performance tonite (which happened) can shake em up a fair amount.

      • Someone here wrote that Hollie twitted tat she was going to do an upbeat song this week. ¬†Whatever happened to that?

  29. If the poll will keep going like that for the next coming weeks, I would probably think that the three highest votes would be in the final 3, ¬†Jessica, Colton and Phillip. But yeah, it won’t be Jessica, it’s gonna be a battle with the two boys in the finals, there’s a big chance of Jessica not winning the Idol.¬†

    But i really want Elise to go to the final 3, at least. Like Haley last year, well, who knows? 

  30. I also meant to say, I HATE Tommy Hillfinger.¬† That guy is useless.¬† I hope his comments aren’t on the show every week.¬†

    I’m glad Phillip told the guy in a nice way to get bent.¬† He’s not enhancing these kids, he’s brutalizing em.¬† I’ll give him credit on Erika, but the rest he was worse for em or no factor if they didn’t listen to him.

  31. There will be a time when a good singer, I mean, A GOOD SINGER would go home earlier than we will ever imagine. Yeah, even Jessica. It’s like Pia last year, some people will think that many people will vote for that person, and that will lead to a shocking elimination, again.

  32. I’m so sick of the Jessica Sanchez chick they are really over hyping her yea she sang it great but parts of the song it sounded like she was screaming and to me she is like Melanie Amaro yea she sings great but that’s it for me

    • She sings great, and performs like a pro. She puts me in mind of Beyonce. She’s fantastic, the complete package!

      • Wrong! ¬†Beyonce also dances and has sex appeal. ¬† Jessica is just a scared parrot.

    • so agree! she doesnt have the full package and thinks she has to push and show off which makes her come off wrong idk the word maybe a little too show off-ish idk. just not the best thing coming and going this year. top idol winners¬†have been kelly, carrie, and now scotty is doing really well and they dont push it they stay true to themselves otheres like jennifer¬†hudson, daughtry, Lauren alaina who didnt win are doing their own thing and staying true and doing great. true idols.¬†

    • ¬†Sorry.¬† At this point, Colton will be the next Idol.¬† He is a true performer, a true musician, and a great singer.¬† He looks like a star and performs like one.¬† His Piano Man was the best vocal on the show this season.¬† Amazing!!

    • If she isn’t something is wrong.

      What I want is a Heejun Jessica finale,  Heejun because it would be hilarious to see the reactions, and Jessica because she is amazing

      • Heejun in the Finale? You want to justify that AI is a big joke? I mean…please

  33. Jessica was simply magnificent tonight….¬† However, I have to say that Elise is extremely talented and she did an outstanding job as well.¬† Jessica, Elise, Phillip, Holly and Colton are all really great singers and performers…¬† I love Phillip because he is “Real.”¬† Elise has a great voice… and she’s got her own style when she’s up there…¬† Holly has such great range in her voice…¬† Colton is a great performer and Jessica is amazing…¬† she’s off the charts completely.¬† It’s a tough competition this year… They are all really, really good!

  34. Best Of The Night: There were 3 I actually enjoyed the most… Elise, Jessica, and Colton performances. But, the award goes to……¬† Elise! Such a unique voice she has..

    Worst Of  The Night: Heejun. Need I say more?

    Bottom 3: Heejun. DeAndre. Erika.

    Going Home: Heejun. Well, I want it to be Heejun, but, I’m like 90% sure he will be staying -____- .. So, with that being said the bottom two will most likely be Erika and DeAndre..

    • well, vocally it was Heejun. Did he ever entertain you tonight? People will vote for him because of his quirkiness. But yeah, he’s gonna go home anytime soon, after DeAndre and Erika probably?

    • Even if Heejun lacked a bit of the vocals, he was entertaining and its hard for me to say he was the worst vocally because the first half of the night put me to sleep.

      Heejun woke me up and so he gets my votes a long with Jessica

  35. Another BALLAD for HOLLIE?!!! Tha’s not good. She would¬†
    surely¬†be typecasted as a ballad singer. that’s all. ONLY BALLADS!!! Sing something new, something fast for us girl! Tire of you singing slow songs even if you have wonderful set of pipes. You’re only 18! You should be lively on stage and everything. I mean, not all the time. But you have to show what you’ve got. Eerrr

  36. erica van pelt transformation was beautiful…as was her perfomance….absolutly loved it!!!

    COLTON is an ADAM LAMBERT wannabe
    PHILLIP is LEE/DAVID COOK/KRIS – so tired of them
    SKYLAR is half of LAUREN

    JESSICA is the most unique of them!!!

    Dont know for the others

    • DeAndre is Naima-ish

      Erika is a typical rock singer (which is great) Heejun is unique, well in a bad way, KARAOKE KING, but he entertains, yeah?

      I would say Phillip is the most unique coz i’ve seen many people who sings like Jessica (but not as good as her). Elise is also unique, well not that much, but she sounds very great, for me. ūüôā¬†

  38. Sean and SalvX i heard next week they are moving the set out to a lake and Phil is going to walk across it…I don’t know why you think i am sick about Phil…I just can spot talent..Phil is awesome and that dude who said Phil was like the tow truck driver…hmmm..where do I need to tongue out at SalvX…got to love my Phil…hey if you are reading this, why aren’t you voting..i got my phone on speed dial…Phillip Phillips ‚Äď Moving Out ‚Äď 1-866-436-5706

  39. Jessica has an amazing voice…any song fits her..go go deserve to win.

  40. I think Hollie was great! Anyone who has heard Joel sing Honesty knows he sings it “pitchy”. Since she admittedly just learned the song, I thought she performed it spot on how Joel meant it to be performed.

    • ¬†Sorry.¬† Colton owned the night BY FAR.¬† His Piano Man was the best song done this season.¬† Amazing vocals, amazing on the piano.¬† Jessica wasn’t even second best – Mr. Phillips was that.¬†

      • ¬†I luv Phillip and Colton and am hoping America finally¬†understands true musicians….alternative music showcases creativity. You get it I agree 100%.

      • colton’s performance was crappy. not his best. he’ll be in the bottom 3 tomorrow. but don’t worry, he will not be eliminated because little girls will vote or him.

      • thats your opinion but for us, jessica is the star of the night and with her standing ovation from the judges, that is the proof that she own the night

      • Yeah, you are quite right about that. That is Joel’s signature song. It’s unlucky Jessica didn’t get the chance to present the song instead of Colton. But I won’t say that she wasn’t second best and Phil stargazed than her—Phil’s like doing the same style every performance. ūüôā

    • ¬†sorry but their are at least 2 who could beat her,she’s not a complete package like colton/phillips and she lack stage prowess/presence

  41. The only way Heejun stays in it is if Howard Stern starts a “vote for Heejun” campaign!

  42. I love Phil Phillips music- please wear another color besides gray…..Green is good!!! We want to see the music coming from you, not just hear it! Color will let us see your emotion in the music and allow us to feel what your feeling while singing the song!!!
    Great job!!

  43. heejun knows his not gonna win….but his there for the fun…and his enjoying every minute of it…plus the summer tour,,,,how can he complain……

  44. If Elise Testone goes home tomorrow… I just don’t know if I’ll enjoy AI again ūüėź Heejun deserves to be in the BOT 3 honestly…

    • ¬†i agree,elise has kicked butt 2 weeks in a row,i had her with a top 3 performance last night behind colton and phillips with brackensill last

  45. Jessica Jessica and Jessica , the gifted vocal cord, yes you are the ONE..a dream! an IDOL!

  46. I thought the judges were unfairly critical of Hollie. ¬†I thought she did a great job. ¬†The best, though, was Philip…LOVE him! ¬†
    Last week Randy, as all the judges, was critical of Jessica and now this week he says she is consistent and always has a moment…hmm…both can’t be true. ¬†I didn’t see a “moment” tonight, and certainly didn’t see one last week. ¬†

    • You never will because you have already made up your mind to like one contestant and dislike another. It is as simple as that.

    • i think judges were even too kind for hollie tonight. it wasn’t good! the audience agreed to that. they didn’t even booo the judges when criticizing hollie on her pitchy squeeky performance.

    • ¬†I agree with you. I think they were a little too harsh on Hollie, but I think it’s because they know her potential. I only heard one pitchy part last night, but I like Hollie’s tone so much that I may not even notice it. I think that Jessica’s voice is much more trained.¬† She has so much control and can do so much with it. That’s truly a gift. Still- with some lessons, I think Hollie could perform just as well.

  47. This year has some powerful yet beautiful singers but i have my top5 i no the judges have some tough decision to make

  48. Please have the singers take a long look in a mirror !¬† Also, I would like some upbest easy-rock songs.Phillip took the change to sing and play his guitar,but not another ballad. If Jessica would have sung a more upbet tempo song, she would have received my vote. Tell you how old I am by this story.. In the early 70s, I went to college at ‘The College of New Jersey.’ There was a snow storm, and he showed up at the small auditorium at TSC or Trenton State College. He does have a lot of upbeat songs that the Idols could have selected.

  49. look who’s talking…what do you know about whole package??? your opinion is just one compare to many who likes shut up your tasteless mouth and just praise your idol here…

    • You just saw hollie’s video, yet you have posted critical comments of it earlier. Obviously you have it in for Hollie. That was not even close to the worst performance. I thought it was one of the best.

      • ¬†holly has a much better voice then jessica does,its pure,no gimmicks like growls or over use of vibrato,i wanna see holly and jessica just sing a song straight without all the gimmicks

  50. Jessica exellent tonigth again, keep it up we love you and support you co’z we’re proud of you….

  51. OMG…Beyonce’s vibrato, Jennifer Hudson’s powerful vocal and Mariah’s whistle all trapped in one small body. ÔĽŅ Such a very moving moment…made me shed some tears…u definitely put yourself in that song girl. Great job JESSICA. God bless you.

  52. Wooohooo! This show is starting to get on fire! Though, I would love to get rid of some of those Tommy designs presented on the performance night! ūüôā

  53. I wish the best for Jessica Sanchez, she is really impressive!!!!!!!! second is for Philip Philips he is a good singer too…….. I love u American Idol!!!!!!!!

  54. I love American idol ! Heejun I liked his preformed se a lot. I think he is going to win . Heejun you are #1.

    • ¬†she constantly over sings and her vibrato is starting to bug the hell outta me and why does she constantly cover her mouth/face ???

  55. UGH! I’m so tired of Jessica always being first! SHES NOT THAT GREAT! Phillip and Colton are the best, everyone knows that – but not everyone wants to believe that. VOTE FOR COLTON AND PHILLIP (because i cant…)

  56. Colton and Phillip are the best. Not only are they both AMAZING, AMAZING singers, they are also INCREDIBLE musicians! They are the only ones that play and sing in the top 10!!!!!! if people can see true artist, they are seeing Colton and Phillip – not Jessica or Elise or anyone else. VOTE FOR COLTON AND PHILLIP!!!!!

    • ¬†i agree,colton and phillip are ready to go have concerts right now,they have stage presence,they dominate the stage and they can play and sing the heck outta of the songs now,the rest all have holes in their game still,jessica/cavanaugh have great voices but lack star power and stage presence

  57. Jessica Sanchez, doesn’t have pray in hell wining this show, sooner or later, i bet sooner going to have to use that save, and that when she will be out.

  58. I think Heejun is fun and this is what we need in entertainment….. if all else fails maybe he should be a comedian.

  59. Jessica, Phillip, and Colton were the best. I’d say Colton won the night.
    Joshua and Elise were very solid. I love both their voices.
    Erika, Skylar, Hollie were competent but nothing special. All have had good moments but none of them really impress me. Very middle of the pack.
    Erika’s makeover was a good move.
    Skylar needs to stop singing angry.
    DeAndre was sub par.
    Heejun was a mess but so entertaining.
    I’d say DeAndre should go home based on last night.

  60. Way to go Jessica! What a great performer!!! I love your imperfection. You show that you have a feeling when you say if you are or aren’t comfortable with your song choice. And the most amazing about that, you sing it with grace,¬†versatility¬†and ¬†pride. It shows that you are not a Robot. You are a total packaged performer.¬†

    There’s no reason for us not to love you. ūüôā

  61. Bottom three for tonight:¬† Heejun,¬† Deandre, Colton.¬† Philip is the only guy that’s a real¬† talent. Think he will be around until the last GIRL wins.¬† Ladies much better than the guys this time.

  62. Erika should not have gone home.  Something is wrong with this voting process.  I am not going to watch anymore!

    • Something is wrong with the voting process????? Something is wrong with America!

      Heejun is a big¬†joke and does not deserve to be there! He is taking somebody’s place and it is totally wrong!

  63. I really want Jessica to leave.. She’a already popular enough, it’s not really fair¬†for everyone else. :/

    • ¬†why should she leave? there’s no way for her to leave the show! why should a deserving winner leave the competition? she’s in it to win it!

  64. Wohoooo! Jessica is safe… Love you Jessica, we’re all rooting your performance every week. NO worries, we’re here to support you all throughout!

  65. I guess my comment was removed cause it was negative. Once again I think it was a tough night for songs by Billy Joel.The worst for me was to see Diddy as a mentor. That was hilarious. 

  66. Tonight’s vote was total BS.¬† No way that Erika should have gone and Heejun, Deandre and Colton still there.¬† Not one of them is better, as good as Erika.¬† So who¬† are the judges¬† waiting on the “save” for??¬†¬†¬† Should have used it tonight for Erika.¬†¬† Think I’m pretty much done with¬† AI.¬†¬† Heejun had already said, “His Dad has twenty cell phones and knows how to fix the voting”.

  67. Phil does not suck. He has my attention and excitment from the minute he opens his mouth. I would definately march to his drum!

  68. Why do we all not see how the telephone poles went for the contestants if the polls are anything to go by then EVP should not have gone last week and she has every right to bitch about why she did go.

    If the telephone polls are not posted then it must be political and a fix. If heejun gives another comic piss take and he doesn’t go this week then it is a fix and political.

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