American Idol 2012: Top 10 Preparing For Tour

American Idol 2012 Top 10 tour

The American Idol 2012 Top 10 are two weeks from embarking on their Idols Live! Tour and the group gathered in Los Angeles yesterday for the tour press junket.

During the press conference, the Top 10, minus Phillip Phillips (he was at the event, but didn’t perform because he’s not as rehearsed as the others following his surgery) gave a sneak listen to one of the numbers they’ll be performing throughout the summer, “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Republic. We’ve got that below, thanks to MJ’s.

It sounds like the group just teased a lot of what to expect during the show, with very little absolute details. According to MJ’s, Jessica Sanchez will be revealing a different side of herself, perhaps the real her, during the show. Elise Testone hints that maybe she’ll be doing “Whole Lotta Love.” Skyler Laine will be doing two solos. Find out more details at MJ’s.




  1. The first part of that song was bad.  Then, they sounded good and like they were having fun. I love the picture of all of them.

      • Jess is the only one worth listening to, the others are just feeding off her great fame.

    • The first part was the opening of Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are” I think. 

      Also Amy has corrected me. Evidently it’s “What Makes You Beautiful”, which is what I stated and then after more thought I edited my post and changed the name but I was right the first time according to @1a667f80e480797ea3830ccdaaa06bc6:disqus .

  2. I think you mean. “That’s What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction  Branden. LOL

    • it’s called “What Makes You Beautiful,” but it is by One Direction

  3. to me, elise looks the best on the pic, then philip, colton, de andre, hollie, etc. the worst is heejun, lol, peace heejun but idk what the photographer had against u.

  4. Sounds like they may be doing a mashup of Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are” and 1D’s “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful”. Maybe giving us a little tease?

  5. joshua, colton, hollie, skylar, heejun, elise, and de andre seem to really be enjoying the prax. way to go joshua, that’s it man, dance ur heart out. heejun, who was calling or texting u dude, please no celfons while practicing, lol.

  6. it’s been a year and i’m still reeling down the saddest turn of ai’s events when pia toscano and stefano langone didn’t make it to the finals. well this year, at least joshua was # 3 and jessica # 2. it’s still fresh in my mind how people loved and cried when pia rendered her riveting performance of keys’ “empire state of mind” in chicago last year. hopefully, it’s true that pia’s gonna be releasing her debut album next month. 

    any rate let bygones be bygone and i really hope that ai would change its voting system to “one person, one vote” in the next season. the new system will get rid, hopefully of a group’s (such as the “vote for the worst” movt and others) attempt to rig the outcome of the voting. 

    • Isn’t funny how different people’s tastes in music is! I didn’t like Pia at all. Boring to me. After seeing Stefano perform this year, I see why he wasn’t in the finals. I was for Scotty all season was very happy that he won.

      • i know, but it doesn’t really matter who wins for as long as i know for sure that it’s a one vote-one person type of voting. look at me, for example, i can’t even text and i’m not really used to have my celfon with me. now i have to be told to vote so many times so my “idol” will win? this kind of voting system is really discriminatory to people who are a lil older than 16 (lol). 

        anyway, there has been a u.s. president whom i didn’t want to win, but he won. it was sad but it was ok knowing that everyone has had his or her fair share of choosing which one to become the leader of this nation. 

        but in Ai i actually knew someone (my own “idiotic” but favorite nephew) who is into this vftw (vote for the worst) stuff and he was actually laughing at me during the voting and sometimes would jokingly hide my fon when i’d be in the bathroom, and there he was texting, calling, facebooking to vote for the worst as he was told to do. and then after that, he still had the heart to ask me for a new fon after seemingly overusing his celfon. so, poor jessica only got like 10 votes from the old man and philip got idk how many thousands or zillions of votes. in the end though it was fun, at the expense of quality musical voice. 

      • I think it ws more than young girls voting for Phillip but I would go alone a one vote per person format or even 10 votes per person. 

      • LOL. I really need to start proof-reading.  I think it WAS more than young girls voting for Phillip and I would go ALONG..not alone. Geez.

      • pally, there were young boys too who voted for philip, lol. yeah i hear yah. 10 votes per person, okay, just like in dwts. see, in dancing w d stars, if it had been unlimited voting, i’m sure william levy would have had won, easily! lol

      • @Pally45:    I didn’t mind Pia until she was eliminated.  That is when she became diva supreme…the whole Mark Ballas thing, then she dumps him after that romance didn’t make her a star.  Stefano, meh….but Scotty had talent and was happy he won.   Poor Carlos, you need to think about anti-depressant buddy,  you’re always angry and sad.  Boohoo.

      • Carlos,
        I agree that voting needs to change. If it doesn’t I’m not watching next year. I don ‘t want to waste my time watching when the outcome is the same, WGWG. I’ll just find out who won on the Internet. I only watched and voted this year because of Jessica. My hubby also surprised me with tickets to the AI tour. I’m excited to see all perform but especially Jessica. He’s really not an AI fan and I hope Elise will perform Whole Lotta Love. He ‘s a big Zeppelin fan and would enjoy that.

  7. HAHA. Heejun is really funny during interviews, but there are 2 things that surprised me :
    1. He said, He’ll be on TV doing comedy (shows/stuff)s??soon as we wouldn’t expect. :))) HAHA. Hope he succeeds in that. yeah~ :))
    2. He’ll being doing album in Asia, released it there then to America. (I have a bad feeling about it though but still hopes it will go well as they would expect it.)

    • I’m sure he meant One Direction but I hope they don’t sing that song.  This little tape above sounded awful!!!!!!

  8. The song is called “What Makes You Beautiful” and it’s by One Direction, not One Republic…

    • Joshua is just one big g a y
      Ho mo and makes me sick with how he acts like a flaming fairy. It seems like all black g a y s are like that.

      • that comment above about joshua is not mine, most probably by an impersonator by the name of lordkalvinreklein, as he is the only one who always goes against me and is out to destroy me. another “enemy” of mine on this site is named Vanessa. please be advised. as u have read my previous notes i’m not into that type of uncouth language.

    • yankees… the reply to u is not mine. it’s an impersonator using my name. there are 2 people who are often, if not always, angry with me, namely lordkalvinreklein and vanessa.

  9. It’s ONE DIRECTION not ONE REPUBLIC, Branden. 🙂

    Anyway, I keep on replaying 0:00 – 0:02 Jess and Colton’s hands, SO CUTE! 🙂

      • the comment above is not mine. it’s by an impersonator, most probably lordkalvinreklein.

    • lecx16, the reply comment to u is not mine. it’s from an impersonator who uses my name. either lordkalvinreklein or vanessa is doing this as they are the only 2 people i know who are often against me. 

      • HAHA. Why would I? This is just the start of her big career. AHAHAHA. :)))) And is this ‘americanidolnet’ what do you think I should talk about??? :)) Xfactor? LOL. 

  10. I just read on Jango Radio news that Jessica is going to do a 10 city solo concert tour in China this fall. I don’t understand why she is skipping the Phillipines.

  11. Help I’ve had my identity stolen like I’ve done to others so many times before and I don’t know what to do.

    • report it to the moderator, mr hitler, i mean lordkalvinklein, or are u vanessa, lord?

    • lordklein, did u report it to the moderator yet? yeah, why are they stealing names like that.

    • hey carlos hitler, u write like pally 44 or 45. i just analyzed the way u people write and it seems like, u, carlos hitler, could be pally45 or 44. and carlos5118 could be lordkalvinklein or vanessa. so, jessica fans, we have 3 possible culprits: lordklein, vanessa, and pally45/44. i’m still trying to think the possibility of mmcrell’s involvement as well.

      now why are the 3 of u ganging up against me? just be a sport u guys or ladies. we’ll just debate and have fun. why do u have to change names? or if u wanna change names, don’t use exactly d same name as mine. anyway, it’s cool for as long as people know who writes what.

      so now jessica fans, this is my verdict: 2 or 3 pro-philip fans, 2 of whom happen to be anti-jessica as well, are trying to “assassinate” my character. there is only one motive i see: divide and conquer. they are going to divide the jessica fan base by destroying my credibility. now, without me here, they think they can win for they think that none of u guys can defend jessica fiercely. so this is a challenge for u guys and gals. let the evil not outshine the good! 

      by the way, one of them, vanessa, writes in another language other than english; it does not look spanish and i presume it could be one of the filipino languages, since i saw a word in spanish in there but as part of i supposed a filipino sentence.

      • Stop accusing me! I was camping this weekend when all this nonsense was going on and didn’t even have access to the internet!

  12. Jango Radio now has a station just for Jessica Sanchez singing the national anthems of all the countries of the world. They say on the station, that her fav anthem is the Cuban Anthem

    • hey pallypolly, wassup? is that really true? wow, nice that Jessica is well known in Jango radio? how come ur handsome hero philip is not there on that radio. i googles his name and i couldn’t even find it.

      • You must not be spelling his name correctly. I just went out there and he is there. Personally, I prefer Pandora radio but whatever.

  13. Vanessa 1 day ago in
to Pally45

Original one and only Pally
    45!:  What I read was that Phillip would
perform Home…a nice song suited
    for his style of singing.  This is
broadcast for PBS so it’s not going to
    be a party down sort of
thing.   Don’t you just really really wish
    Carlos would go
away.  I won’t go on JS threads avoid all
nonsense.   He should respect us in the same way.  But my
is NEVER.  He enjoys being a tool too much!   (I have a
    bit of a
burn myself…never learn first time out in summer, especially on the

    hey guys this is an “evidence”
    that vanessa and pally45 would want me to go away. vanessa also wrote once that
    i did not exist anymore in the same way that jessica did not. she is a hard
    core phillips’ fan and she cannot stand jessica’s fans especially those who can
    put up against them.  vanessa wanted me “fixed,” is that it; i
    mean, really, is this a threat that someone might eventually
    “obliterate” me? 

    she thinks i’m talking non-sense. i guess
    what she means is she wants me to side with her all the way and appreciate her
    idol phillip phillips. well vanessa, if u can’t stand living in a democracy,
    then why won’t u b the one to go away and stop wishing that some people would
    go away? and now, ur trying to disparage me before JS fans by
    “impersonating” me outrightly by using my exact blog name? who do u
    think u are? a queen? take it easy, ur not the only smart one in this world,
    much less in omaha. 

    just focus on the issues and argue as a
    fair lawyer would, just to the points without having to dig into the personal
    ones unless they are consequential to the case. last but not least, i do not
    appreciate ur wishing me and jessica sanchez dead. 

    • the bottom line: pally and vanessa (and klein) CANNOT STAND the fact that someone in the jessica fan base is intelligent, learned, and literate. they can write for all i care and i just wish they just write and write without wishing me and/or jessica non-existent or dead.  

    • What IS wrong with you?  Good God man, let it go. It’s like you think the whole world is out to get you! No one wishes you or Jessica dead.

  14. My Jess friends, I have good news about Jessica. She did a short interview with TMZ today and expressed the direction she is desiring her career will take. She said she loves J-Pop and intends her first album to be totally dedicated to J-Pop. She said people have made such a fuss over Phillip turning any song into his style, but that AI would not allow her to do the same until now. Jessica said she is sure fans will be thrilled when they hear her version of the National Anthem performed in her new J-Pop style.

    • que tal tocallo, como sabes todas estas cosas pero de todos modos vamos a ver como va. 

      let us see how these go in the end regarding jessica’s future.

    • correction to ur grammar, tocallo: She did an interview…
      and expressed the direction she WAS desiring her career WOULD take. She said
      she LOVED J-Pop and INTENDED her first album…. She said people… etc.

      last sentence: Jessica said she WAS sure fans WOULD be
      thrilled when they WOULD HEAR her version…

      be consistent with ur tenses: “she said…”
      requires a another independent clause with a verb in the past tense. the past
      tense of “will” is “would.”

    • lo que alguna vez su version del himno nacional, estoy seguro que seria mejor que cualquier cancion cantada por philip. (whatever her version of the anthem, i’m sure it would be better than any song sung by philip.)
      definitely, as a song, ssb is a much better musical piece than holden’s “home.” ssb’s notes go from low to high reminiscent of shakespeare’s iambic poetry which highlights accented syllables from low to high so as to emphasize a message. same is true with ssb. 
      say, for example in the first line… oh, say can you see, where “say” is contrasted to “see” in low and high notes respectively, and in the last line: “free” and “brave” are likewise emphasized using this low-high note accentuation. 
      such a beautiful song with matching iambic poetry, but some people would rather make it trite and shallow simply because of their “hatred” against the singer. too bad some americans have lost their class of dignified and noble citizens.

  15. I’m really disappointed with JESSICA’S WALMART EP!! 

    1- Change nothing
    2- I will always love you
    3- Sweet dreams
    4- Stuttering
    5- I knew you were waiting

    No “And I’m telling you I’m not going”?
    No “Dance with my father”?
    No “Everybody has a dream”?
    No “The prayer”?

    I know she was great in every song she sang on the show, but there were better choices. “And I’m telling…” was the best of them all.

    Do you remmeber she was voted out when she sang “Stuttering”? It’s not the best choice for her. Hollie’s has her best performances in her EP. 
    Why Jessica doesn’t?

    I love her and always will, but I’m so angry with the producers of the show. They don’t want Jess to succeed. They gave her an awful song for the finale (Change nothing), and also the worst songs in her EP. 

    I hope JESSICA’s DEBUT ALBUM has great songs! I know she can be one of the best singers of the modern era if she want and the music bussiness let her. She’s got the voice, the age and the spirit to be the best. 

    Tommy Mottola, please, make her the new Mariah and Whitney!!

    • she’s better than mariah and whitney. jessica’s younger than mariah and is not throaty; whitney is dead and jessica’s still alive. 

      por que alguien le haga como ellas? i mean, why would someone have to make her like them?

      • No, it isn’t. But you can see the track list on the walmart official website.

  16. JESSICA SANCHEZ will be in the forth season of GLEE!! I can’t wait! I’mso gonna watch it!! 

  17. Jess fans, more good news

    Ryan Murphy, producer of Glee has confirmed Jessica Sanchez will appear on multiple episodes of Glee’s Season 4. He said “We are so excited to get Jessica as a guest cast member”. He explains that Jessica’s character, Bebe Sez, will be introduced as a young 16 year old mixed race (“Flip”) illegal alien from Mexico. Her parents have abandoned her in the tomato fields of Ohio, leaving her to live all alone in a large fruit crate.

    Another new character, Carlos (played by William Hung), will be introduced as a mean and self-serving singing Filipino pimp. His life is plagued with one failure after another. Carlos meets Jessica at a soup kitchen where the cast of Glee is singing “Hits for the Homeless”. While at the soup kitchen, Will Schuester hears Bebe singing with the group sing along and uses his extensive Spanish language skills to befriend Bebe.  He invites her to attend school and to join the glee club. Will hears Carlos’s singing and emphatically tells Carlos to stop singing and that he isn’t welcome at the glee club. This inflames Carlos with jealousy and he immediately becomes obsessed with Bebe and in controlling her for his own needs and purposes. Bebe moves in with Carlos into his mother’s basement and Carlos convinces Bebe to become a singing prostitution in order to obtain the luxurious lifestyle she had been obsessed with since age 5.

    For months, Bebe does the singing Prostitute at night and singing student during the day thing. She soon grows tired of the exploitation by Carlos and his mamma. Slowly, through her involvement with the glee club, she discovers her life’s dream and purpose. Bebe loves to dance and sing the national anthems of the world. Naturally, the glee club supports her efforts and puts together a fabulous show of the world’s national anthems, starring Bebe Sez.

    Unfortunately, Bebe becomes pregnant and infected with multiple STDs preventing her from doing the show. Bebe now hates Carlos for the mess she thinks he put her in. Carlos commits suicide by chewing on an electrical cord and getting electrocuted. Bebe is relieved and overjoyed with her new freedom from Carlos. She gets an abortion, finds a good STD clinic, and finally gets to star in an encore presentation of the “National Anthems of the World” show. Bebe gets lucky, a Russian movie produce, Putin Robthemall is in the audience and immediately signs Bebe to a contract to make the “National Anthems of the World” into a movie. Bebe makes millions, marries Will, and sends her parents a bag of rice. As Will’s new wife, she is open to additional appearances on Glee.

    • carlos: hey, tocallo, what is a ten-letter word that starts with gas?
      Carlos: Gastronomy?
      carlos: no
      Carlos: GasKidneys?
      carlos: no
      Carlos: Gas-Philips? Gas-Jessica?
      carlos: no
      Carlos: What?
      carlos: a u t o m o b i l e

    • carlos: tocallo, what do “glee” and
      “kidney” have in common?

      Carlos: the letter E?

      carlos: no

      Carlos: What, u crazy dawg.

      carlos: both require only One. u only
      need 1 kidney; the producer only needs 1 in glee

      Carlos: Only 1 needed in Glee? Well, I’m
      sure it’s the Idol Philip, right?

      carlos: yeah, of course.

      Carlos: Oh yeah, O Philip, my paramour.
      Are you serious buddy?

      carlos: oh yeah, he’s been picked to be a
      good model of the “how not to sing” episode.

  18. aha, carlos, u have a new name

    so what?

    vanessa doesn’t like that, u know.

    everybody takes aliases for fun, why not?

    well, only if ur pro-phillips like
    pally45 or vanessa.

    oh well, i can’t beat that my friend.

    ur impersonating, carlos!

    what? i don’t even know who is real here
    on the web; how can i impersonate someone whom i don’t even know?

    ur stealing names, carlos.

    u have stolen mine and now u say i’m the

    but how can one steal something that is
    of no value, anyway?

    so ridiculous, lol.

    and now, what, ur gonna punish me?

    oh yeah!
for what?

    for not liking philip’s voice.

    alright, alright, guilty as charged!


  19. El pobre Carlos se ha vuelto loco y parece tener un trastorno de personalidad múltiple.

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