Jessica Sanchez Will Embark on 5-City Philippine Tour

One of the first things American Idol 2012 runner up Jessica Sanchez will do flowing the American Idols Live! summer tour will be to hop back on a plane and head for the Philippines for a 5-city tour.

The solo tour has apparently been set for October, but no specific dates have been announced yet, according to the Philippine Daily Inquirer. The cities are reportedly October in Manila, Bataan (Jessica’s mother’s hometown), Baguio, Cebu and Davao.

Before her solo tour, Jessica will be joined by the other nine members of the American Idol 2012 Top 10 during the Idols Live! tour stop at Smart Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City, Philippines, on Sept. 21.

Jessica had a huge Filipino following during her season 11 run. Are you guys excited for the solo tour? Who is planning on going to a show or five?





  1. only the best go out on their own after idol.  just look at adam.  good for you, jess.  sing your heart out, baby!!

  2. i’m gonna her solo concert and gonna watch as well the idol tour with the rest of idols…hmmm this gonna be awesome.

  3. ooooo…ahhhh…wow…amazing
    Jess’s actions make perfect sense to me:
    1) If you can’t get gigs in US, head to Asia, they buy anything they think is American culture and it’s easy to sing old Pinoy songs you have known your whole life.
    2) When bitter about losing “American” Idol, what’s the first thing you do after it; spit in the eyes of Americans by going to Asia.
    3) Forget you’re an American first and allow the nationalistic pollutants in your blood to get you to turn your back on your adopted country.
    4) Wow….super wow….if I were a non-Pinoy American or Mexican Jess fan, I’d be totally insulted as she just spit into those fans eyes by making her true colors known…no doubt her mommy dearest is behind this, selling tickets on the internet herself and collecting the money directly.
    5) Can’t wait to see the “American Dad” episode to see how Stan Smith deals with an American Idol contestant that turns her back on her country just for a quick Philippine Peso. Most Americans wouldn’t give you 3 cents for a Peso.
    6) Actually AI is probably behind this…they probably wanted to clear out the recording studios for Phillip and the other real idols so they can cut new tracks to sell CDs.
    I think you should expand the tour…hit on the small towns too, maybe be gone a couple of years…Good luck Jess, bye bye  🙂 🙂

    • Now….obviously I am not a huge Jessica fan, but come on Lord Calvin….this is exactly the stuff that the Carlos’ and C. Greene’s do on articles about Phillip and others.  Read the article if you must…but then walk away….the same should be said for the ones who trash Phillip.  It is sad that you guys get your kicks by tearing other people down….what does that say about you??  Sadly, I think it says volumes about all of you…..and the truth is not a pretty sight.
      Good luck to all of the ‘idol’ contestants….they are all working hard & deserve well wishes not attacks. 
      I on the other hand am going to find my information elsewhere…unfortunately this sight is no longer about expressing excitement about a ‘show’ or ‘idol contestants’… is about who can tear down who worse….not my scene.

      •  I am LordCalvinReKlein and the sworn defender of the faith, I have no choice but to be on watch and strike with my massive sword of truth when it is needed.

      • excuse me, i don’t write like lordklein. my comments are focused on the music and the quality of the singer, and never did i insult any of u guys. but, in fairness to lordklein, he’s trying to be satirical, let him be as this is a free country. let lordklein write his piece and let others write their opinions. why do we have to tell people what they must or must not do? it’s their time, it’s their computer, and it’s their personal business to write an opinion on this site.

      • Mmcrell, you seem to be “making the rules” on commenting on Brande’s articles. In fairness to Professor Greene, I would say that he has never insulted Philip’s being a person in any way. Mr. Greene only criticizes and judges the way P2 sings and the quality of his voice.  He has written at length about Itunes sales based on facts; he has made observations with his own conclusions about the statistics and trend of commenters as he tries to hypothesize what could possibly have been the case–in a particular scenario or situation–in regards the “allegedly” unjust verdict of Philip’s being the declared winner of the Idol. Mr. Greene has made suggestions to the wanna-be contestants of the Idol and he tried to rank the previous Idol contestants according to his own criteria. 

        I mean, if we believe in our American freedom of expression, we should just leave people’s comments at their face value and let the reader decide what they are going to do with them. I thought that we Americans or non-Americans who have been to College and beyond would know the meaning of DEBATE to enhance and clarify issues that are clear to some and yet obfuscating to others.

      • You are anti-Jessica. It’s okay. No need to apologize nor explain your case. Just let go, make your comments known and let others react to your comments as they relate to the issue at hand. It is alright if you are a big Philip’s fan; there is no problem. Let’s rock and roll with our skills to repartee. 

      • To LordCalvinReKlein: What is it all about your “sworn defender of faith”? As I’ve observed, you seemed to be raising the banner of nobody but Lucifer!!! only evil is in your thoughts… Is that the kind of faith you are trying to depend?  Jessica’s supporters….”Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” 🙁

      • he is trying to be satirical, but i guess he does it when he is on the rocks, lol.

    • for your info lots of international artist in America doing Concert in Asia especially Philippines because we love music. And even David Archuleta has album here in the Philippines ang singing Tagalog song.

      • to pally45, what has happened to david archuleta? just wondering what u’re talkin about…

      • @carlos5118, Well..he hasn’t been tearing up the charts or anything.  I’m not saying he’s a failure but he hasn’t been a raging success either.

      • Carlos5118, to answer your question about David Archuleta, he is big in Asia and always seems to have music charting in the top 10.  His Forevermore song was #1 for weeks.  He’s done about 6 albums, done a TV mini series, written a bestseller book, was the youngest guest singer to head the Mormon Tabernacle’s Christmas program, a sponsor of a clothing line – & hair products. He sings in Spanish, tagalog, latin, & some french. He has been very fortunate and is now serving a two year mission in Chile. Hope this answers your question.

    • here we go again with the nastiness.  can’t everybody play nice, children??  or is growing up too hard to do??

      • Don’t mind HIM/HER, or do I say both. HAHA. :)) As for what I know ‘Lord’ is being use by gays just like some famous people. :))))

        I don’t even mind to read comments from LordCalvinReKlein ~ :)) *skip.

        I hope P2 don’t lose supporters because of him/her. Good thing, I still love P2. 🙂 

      • let him be, it’s part of what we call the “imperfections” of the world. his way of writing is a good example of a bad satire. i think (i’m not 100% certain) that he writes even when he’s drunk and that’s a talent, in a way.

    • The National Crime Prevention Association is trying to stop cyberbullying. Bullies who would be afraid to say words in person become brave when they think they are writing mean and nasty statements anonymously. Think again, there is no such thing as anonymous in the Internet. Anybody can be traced. You should only write what you can say publicly in person.

    •  she was invited to do concerts in the Phils…. Just like Beyonce, LADY  Gaga,KATTY Perry,Justin B, Justin Timberlake,Adam Lambert,Usher,JANET JACKSON,MAROON 5,AND A LOT MORE American artists already had concerts in the PHILS. SO WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM? none of your business.PHILLIP PHILLIPS, YOUR IDOL TOGETHER WITH the other top 9 are going to have a concert in Manila this SEPT.,and i know that he will be well received by the FILIPINO AUDIENCE.

      • you forgrot the Menudo and Ricky Martin! and bruno mars and enrique iglesias, thalia, and pres reagan who sang “dahil sa iyo” with imelda marcos.

    •  I´m waiting for the moment, when Phillip fans are happy about the success of Jessica and Jessica fans are happy about Phillips success. Both , Jessica and Phillipp are very talented in their own style and deserve to have a great career.

      • Well, friend, you will be waiting, I guess, for a quite long while. I do not see any Philip’s road to success, so how can I ever be happy for him? hahaha … peace to you Philip, handsome guy, I love you. But I prefer Jessica’s singing to yours. Nothing personal, just a matter of taste.

      •  Pally, is great that you can see in the future !
        I´m so tired about some commentors here, who can not stop, to praise their favourites and the same time they put the others down.
        Only time can tell how successfull both Phillip and Jess are doing. But until then everybody should wait with such pessimistical comments, how “Phillip will have no success” or  “Jessica will be only successfull in Asia”.

      • “Most uncultured americans are…” I thought LordCalvinReKlein was an Englishman; that’s what he claimed to be in his other blog. Are there such a thing as “uncultured Englishman?” Just wondering, lol

    • Let It Be Known to All and Sundry, especially to His Royal True-Orange Highness, LordKalvinReKlein of the Philippians, who has insulted King Philip’s descendants, namely, the cousins of Philip Phillips in the Philippines, this humble and heroic response by a daimyo of the Yoyo, the Professor of the Razor’s Chair at Windsor:

      1) If you can’t sing, forget about going abroad to have a gig. LordCalvinReKlein, all the more forget it, as you might not even have the means to go anywhere at all except at your desk with your vodka, lol.2) When happy about winning, that’s the best thing to do: defend your Idol to the hilt because, no matter what, he’s not gonna catch up with the loser–such a dreaded twist of destiny.3) Remember: If you’re an American, you’re supposed to know the world and tour around it if you can. Jessica, you’re very lucky that you have this privilege to go around the world, especially in Asia, know to be the Cradle of civilization.4) Triple wow, wow, wow, weeeeee… If I were Filipino I would not have been any prouder to see that Americans like Jessica Sanchez and Jeniffer Lopez are stepping on the Philippine soil.5) I can’t wait for LordKlein to donate even one peso to the “Refining School” movement so he can go there and learn to behave as a real human person. But perhaps he or she is just a little child using his/her dad’s computer; or maybe he/she is just a loner who wants to disturb the peace of well bred intellectuals like his/her arch-enemy, Carlos, whom he calls “Carloser,” but who wouldn’t even bother to downgrade himself by replying to LordKlein, lol. Let us all give him/her the benefit of the doubt.6) Yes, of course, LordKlein, AI is behind all this as AI was all behind Philip. And I heard from your mother that you’re behind all this as well, and you’re here in Jessica’s site precisely to spice up the “cultured” conversation by injecting venom into your already garrulous tongue.

      7) Peace to you, LordKlein. In fairness though, sometimes you bring a smile to my Philip-like handsome face, lol. Just take it easy though because not all can decipher your–though not eruditely written–attempt at satire in the field of write-up elicitation. 

      Nothing Follows

    • LordCalvinReKlein I’ll pray for you. That you find true happiness, so that you’ll stop tearing down other people’s lives. Dear be happy for other people’s blessing. Pray for them instead. You will be happier if you’ll do that. God bless you!

    • I think you’re going back to childhood… You sound like you don’t have a class… I’ve asked you over and over again…Why are you fighting and insulting a 16 year old girl?? Mother Superior,what’s a matter with you? Are you insane?  Are you in your period again or menopausal transition? Here is what Wikipedia says about you. “For some women, the menopausal transition represents a major life change, similar to menarche in the magnitude of its social and psychological significance.” Take care Sis!  

    • Go, go, go Jessica, go go go Baby Chez, chez boom— boom boom boom. Congratulations to you, girl. You are my Idolette!

  4. Commenting here is prohibited awhile ago? just wondering why..Hehe. 
    AI back in Phil again~ 🙂

  5. Good i’ll be in the Philippines by sept. so i’ll be able to watch the AI tour there. SO EXCITED TO SEE jessica, Deandre and Joshua.Hope to see her solo concert too.HEARD  too that JLo will be having a concert  in Nov. hope i’m still there  to watch.Good Luck to all AI top 10 in their upcoming concert in Manila!!

    • If I were you, I’d take a pass on seeing Jlo. All she does is lip synchs anyway. You might as well just watch a video, rather than spend your money on her ticket.

      • Jlo is cool. How I wished I could be in the Philippines. Do I need a visa to go there?

      • I have no problem with lip-synchronizing as long as it is her own voice and as long as it is not in the context of a competition. Philip was lip-syching in some parts of “Home,” especially when he could not reach the notes as in that part when he did the OhOhOh….  

      • Jennifer Lopez cannot sing. She is a totally studio made product. I hate going to concerts and it’s not actually live.  The last few years, though, I’ve come to realize, a lot of the so called singers out there, can’t sing..they’re studio made. Rihanna comes to mind..and even her studio made stuff sucks.

    • i hope to see u guys in davao in september when summer is gone. i’m expected to be in chicago from philly in july to watch the idol concert in the arena with some jessica die-hards. then i’ll enjoy the rest of the lovely chicago weather before hitting the islands for a well-deserved tour.

      i’m sure the people of davao are all excited to see jessica sanchez. i heard that the mayor has arranged a grand motorcade with pacquiao, who comes from neighboring city gensan, in another cart as well. the ateneo de davao society in philly, manhattan, and new jersey will send contingent reps to cheer on the group’s behalf. 

      • Carlos I’m happy that you like the windy city. It’s my favorite city and I lived there for so many years before living with mom in Orlando.

  6. a tweet from @19News, 19Entertainment that is, ”
    Contrary to many false reports, @JSanchezAI11‘s ONLY performance in the Philippines will be 9/21 in Manila as part of the ‪#Idol‬ Live Tour ”  and now I’m confused. :)) Anyway, God bless to the Ai finalist~! Excited for the tour~ 🙂

  7. This site will be alive again because of Brandens blog on JS. I will just count how many times LordCalvinReklein visits this page…

    I wont mind him Lordoftheassholes..because he is useless and bitter of the people with talent. He is on denial stage. 

    •  Yes LikyYouNot, I”m in complete denial that you are wildly talented.

      • We are not talking about my talent here, we are talking about JS talent….read properly!

      • Yes, of course, you’re right again, LordKlein. Your venomenously garrulous tongue is very talented… 

    • Yes, she got deported. Is there a problem? Her father in the US Navy will collect her after the concert.

      • Yeah, she got deported with millions of dollars in her purse. Better stay abroad rich than live like a rat in LordKlein’s stinking basement.

  8. I’m so happy for Phillip, rarely do we get such a hot talent that is so
    cute and humble. Too bad he has a girl friend. He is going to be a

  9. wouldn’t it be helpful to have original matierial before going out on a solo tour?

    • Original material like “Home,” which, actually is a poor mimic of the country 60-70’s?

    • None of your business, unless you have money to bring him around the Philippines.

    • Philip can’t even sing. Why would he venture into a concert. He’s better at the movies.

    • Yeah why not a Philip concert! Come to the Philip Phillips Concert and get a free kidney stone at the rear of the Hall, he he he…

      • Hey Lourdes, are you LordKlein’s partner? Yes, I agree, a concert (or cancer?) with free kidney stones…

      • Really rude Carloser,
        that is like saying “come to a Jess and get a free STD in the rear of the hall”

        BTW…do you like me so you try to steal my name?

      • Lord Calvin, I have someone trying to steal my name also. Pally 44. You know what they say, though. Imitiation is the most sincere form of flattery. :”)

    • Used-up girls? Are you referring to those who voted for Philip Phillips, my dear? Oh yeah, they will be the ones to occupy the front seats at Philip’s concert, and they will get, not only the stones but the kidney itself, har har har…

      • What is your malfunction?  Why are you so fascinated with Phillip’s kidneys? Move on. You’ll feel better. Nice name by the way. Ya know what they say…imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Aw shucks, you shouldn’t have.

  10. Congratulations, Jessica Sanchez. I will convince LordCalvinReKlein to repent and come with me to your Philippine Concert. It will be my very first time in the islands, ever. I’m now excited and if ever LordKlein comes with me, I will ask him to kneel before the statues of Gen. MacArthur and Gen Dewey, Americans of integrity and dignity, unlike LordKlein who has degraded the name, “America.”

    • Apparently you guys must respect this Lord dude cause all you do is talk about him all the time. who is he? Calvin Klein?

    • As Lord I have one duty; to defend the crown of King Phillip. Nothing to repent when one is simply discharging his duties of honor.

      • LordCalvinReKlein, “Silence is eloquent.” Chatty, chatty, blaa! blaa! is like a woman vendor in a fish market who likes to gossip!! lol

  11. I envy you people who are in the Philippines. How I wished I could skip school and tour the Philippines with some Filipino-American classmates and friends in New Jersey. I’m really happy about this Concert of Jessica. 

  12. Mabuhay Ka, Jessica. Mabuhay ka Pacquiao. Welcome to the Philippines, Jessica. Here you will see a lot of refined people and mestizos and handsome guys, much handsomer than Philip Phillips and Ryan Seacrest!


      If you like short,pale skin, little slant eyes, black hair and everyone looking alike with small junk

      • Okay..I was going to say something about how racist your comment was but the small junk part made me bust out laughing.

      • Filipinos generally do not have pale skin, we’re a delicious shade of brown.  And slant eyes pertain more to the Chinese, Koreans and other Asians.  If you want to say something about Filipinos, get to know them first.  Otherwise, you’re just another ignoramus.

  13. Contrary to many false reports, JSanchezAI11‘s ONLY performance in the Philippines will be 9/21 in Manila as part of the Idol Live Tour

    Jess just retweeted this. The solo tour is not legit.

    • Although, she also tweeted thay she is super excited for the Idol tour in Manila.

      • Pacquio just tweeted me: there will be a re-match tomorrow between him and Bradley and Phillips will sing the Filipino National Anthem because the American one is too high for him.

      • @678b0bc24f98e3df37ea3ed132b1badf:disqus  I don’t think he can also give justice to the Philippine National Anthem. just sayin’..

    • Har har har… Yeah and Pacquiao will do a concert too. He just tweeted me, har har har…. There will be a 5-city concert in RP by Jessica come October.

  14.  19 Entertainment

    Contrary to many false reports, @JSanchezAI11‘s ONLY performance in the Philippines will be 9/21 in Manila as part of the #Idol Live Tour

  15. Gee too bad Jess can’t do a concert, maybe Phillip will do a solo concert instead, he has much more materal and his sales seem so much better than Jessica’s

      • I have never seen so many stupid comments about someone’s health issues. What is with you people? It’s not funny so you can stop with the lol after every statement. 

  16. WTF, I come to read about Jess concerts and all this thread is about is attacks on some LordCalvinReKlein…WTH???

      • Phillip is very lucky to have loyal fans like you watching his back. Seriously! 

        But in the U.S. we are allowed to have other opinions and we are free to express those opinions. That is why we are so proud to hear our national anthem so eloquently delivered by an individual that embodies the very spirit on which this country was founded. I’m glad Phillip didn’t sing it. He would have just messed it up IMO! LOL 

        He’ll come back next year like James Durbin with a voice distorter and have everyone asking how in the world did he ever win season 11. 

        And I will be serious once more and say that I hope he proves me wrong on that! Although that is my opinion, I am not as heartless as some might think and I wish all of the contestants well in their future endeavors!

    • Me too, unlike the other pages. Lauren Alaina only got 4 people to look at her page, and Phillips, still only Jessica’s fans fill it too.

  17. apparently, Jessica’s one and only concert according to 19 Entertainment twitter is 9/21. I actually saw it coming since American Idol know most Filipino’s want to see her, they will have the 9/21 concert as expensive as possible. business is business!!

    • I just heard on an FM Radio here that Jessica Sanchez will be doing a 5-city tour in October.

      • I think, the Filipinos should give them a treat!! Tour the island… Boracay, Davao, Cebu, and Tagaytay… Maybe big hotel resort owners offers them free accomodation and tour around the island of Boracay and Davao…as an exchange for AI hotel promotion.

    • 19 Entertainment..Producer of American Idol .. had this in their Official Twitter page.. 19 Entertainment

      Contrary to many false reports, @JSanchezAI11‘s ONLY performance in the Philippines will be 9/21 in Manila as part of the ‪#Idol‬ Live Tour 

  18. When she get here in the Philifine!!!ha ha this is world idol is all about!!this how the philipino peolpe express there star! why she should be a legend!!She just 16 we are godpering peolpe@ lets see how pilipino will react when she got here in ur shore!!u will be stand ha ha Jessica crazinestt a@ superstar is born!!God bless us all amen@@@cde2a4f56c90c847070b10a2c69a77e6:disqus 

  19. news from the grapevine, entertainment weekly:

    LOS ANGELES, California —
    American Idol Season 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez has BEATEN Phillip Phillips
    to the punch after the Mexican-Filipina announced the release of her first
    self-titled debut album under record company 19 Entertainment Ltd.  Entitled Jessica
    Sanchez: Renditions of the American Anthem by a Mexican – Filipino, the
    album contains 7 tracks – 3 of which are live recordings of her performances of
    The Star Spangled Banner from the Memorial Day
    concert in Washington DC, Pacquiao –
    Bradley Fight and Game 1
    of the NBA Finals 2012. Aside from the 3 carrier singles, the album also
    contains minus-one versions of the 3 live performances, where fans can
    sing-along and feel like Jessica Sanchez herself. Filipino fans of the
    16-year-old should not be dismayed, as the album contains a bonus track where
    Sanchez hums along to the Philippine’s national anthem Lupang Hinirang. 19
    Entertainment Ltd. CEO Simon Fuller explains that Sanchez still hasn’t
    memorized the words to the national anthem of her mother’s birthplace.

    “Fans will be amazed by her soulful humming of Lupang
    Hinirang,” said Fuller.

    Phillip Phillips, who was
    crowned Season 11′s American Idol, recently
    went under the
    knife to remove his kidney stones. The 21-year-old singer
    had to pass up the opportunity to record materials for a new album thus Sanchez
    was the first to release one.

    • Im a JS fan, but im not happy with this 1st album…..a national anthem album? i hope this is a joke.

    •  I can’t help it..this is bait isn’t it…
      ” fans can sing-along and feel like Jessica Sanchez herself”
      Carloser & chrissy, get your Tina Turner dresses and spike heels on…when the album comes out you can re-live your fav fantasies…please upload the vids to youtube.

      • Well…I did recognize that I was being baited…You must admit C&C.
        Somehow…I could just picture you 2 guys doing the Tina Turner number in full drag…I couldn’t resist.

    •  Guys I am serious for once…………
      AI has hit a new low…come on…Jess really is much better than this, this is so wrong to do to her, let her make a good solid decent album…this is BS!

      • i finally gotcha with urpants down lordkalvin, ha ha ha! of course, it is a joke, lol. see, u don’t do ur homework before posting. i knew it; u would make such a comment. lol

      • Lol, it seems that Carlos5118 is the cleverest and the best commentator of all, LordCalvinReKlein. 

      • As you know C&C…yes I support Jess in my own way….she has a right to make a good album

  20. Way the go Jess i’m so proud of you i knew it that you’ll make it big with your music carreer u will make money then Phillip i allways  cheered u on, ♥ u sweetie GOD BLESS U and FAMILY 🙂

    •  lol..who the Pinoy’s?  

      See, told you guys, now people are going to always associate her with boxing and violence

  21. What was meant by “turning out like David Archuleta”.  Nobody explained that.  I love David and I’m so appreciative of the Filippinos for recognizing his talent and doing so much for him.  His Forevermore album is filled with beautiful songs…….I’ve been really waiting for such an album because its music that he does best.  I believe he hasn’t gotten a fair shake in the USA but, so it goes………

    • Who said something about David Archuleta? Anyone should be very proud to turn out like him!! DA is a great steward of the music industry and up until he left for his mission he was turning out great music regularly. 

      There is absolutely nothing negative about turning out like David Archuleta, NOTHING!! For someone whom everyone thinks is doing so bad he still shows to have a net worth of at least $5 million dollars. Now I know that doesn’t make even with Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey, but it’s not really all that shabby if you ask me.

      But more important than the financial success is that he has maintained his humbleness and is just an all around great person with a heart of gold and compassion for his fellow man. He holds his faith as his number one priority and his success and notoriety haven’t gone to his head and that is saying a lot.

      • I said it because they were saying she was going to be a superstar like David Archuleta. I don’t think anyone would call David Archuleta a superstar. I didn’t mean anything negative towards the kid..just that he hasn’t been all that successful. Well, he hasn’t been here, that’s for sure.

      • That depends on your definition of success. I think he is doing very well.

        You to have to be a mega star to be considered successful in the music industry.

      • @Taymaro, I honestly didn’t mean anything bad. But, seriously, I have not heard a single song of his since he left the show. I have not seen him on anything on TV..nothing. Where is making all this money?

      • I am sure he has done many personal appearances as well as concerts both here and over seas.

        He is currently on mission for his church and will be away for two years. As far as the following songs. Some I like and some I don’t. But then that is the case with just about all artists.

        A Little Too Not Over You
        A Thousand Miles
        Angels We Have Heard On High
        Ave Maria
        Contigo En La Distancia
        David Archuleta
        Don’t Let Go
        Don’t Let The Sun Go Down Down On Me
        Dream Sky High
        Falling Stars
        First Noel
        Good Place
        Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
        I Wanna Know You
        I’ll Be Home For Christmas
        In This Moment
        Joy To The World
        Just Stand Up
        Let Me Go
        Let’s Talk About Love
        Let’s Talk About You
        Look Around
        Melodies Of Christmas
        My Hands
        My Kind Of Perfect
        Not A Very Good Liar
        O Come All Ye Faithful
        O Holy Night
        Other Side Of Down
        Parachutes And Airplanes
        Riu Riu
        Save The Day
        She’s Not You
        Shop Around
        Silent Night
        Smokey Mountain Memories
        Somebody Out There
        Something ’bout Love
        Something About Love
        Stomping The Roses
        The Day After Tomorrow
        The Long And Winding Road
        Things Are Gonna Get Better
        To Be With You
        Touch My hand
        Waiting for Yesterday
        What A Child Is This
        When You Believe
        Who I Am
        Works For Me
        You Can
        Your Eyes Don’t Lie
        Zero Gravity

      • i have “zero gravity” in my iphone; crush and ave maria too. thanks for d info taymaro. i thought for a while it was christopher greene writing the list. david a is one of my very best singers. just imagine, if david archuleta, jessica sanchez, arnel pineda, and charice ongchangko will hold a concert together with jennifer lopez and her boyfriend…wow, manila will be stormed by more than 20 million people so that even manila’s luneta park wouldn’t be able to hold them.

      • @ Carlos, see..if you were to hold that concert here, it wouldn’t even sell out at the state fair.

      • taymaro, i couldn’t find Contigo En La Distancia on Itunes. donde puedo buscar esa? 

      • i mean, yeah, hay “contigo” alli en itunes pero no es por david archuleta. those songs were not by david a.

  22.  Hey..maybe you can sing the national anthem with Jess…a classic, reunion of old and new

    • Jessica is gonna help me secure a brand new set of dentures:) How is that for charity? 

      •  Wonderful! I give donations to American Challenged Tooth Society (ACTS).

    • She only just begun, she hasn’t released any album yet and you’re too quick to judge…. 

  23.   19 Entertainment..Producer of American Idol .. had this in their Official Twitter page.. 19 Entertainment

    Contrary to many false reports, @JSanchezAI11‘s ONLY
    performance in the Philippines will be 9/21 in Manila as part of the
    ‪#Idol‬ Live Tour *********Also … for ” Supposed News re: Jessica’s CD ..Google Jessica CD 19 Entertainment .. look for the Blog ” So What’s News ” .. it’s Manufactured no worries to those who are in true fashion  ” crying ” about Jessica’s maltreatment in the hands of American Idol ….. tsk…

    • Is she going to do the 5 city tour or is she not? Please, Mr. Greene, where are you, help us!

      • Olga, it seems like neither Jessica nor AI has confirmed on this “reportedly” scheduled 5-city tour of JS. I haven’t read anything more to this effect. We’ll just have to wait for the official announcement of TPTB of AI or of Jessica herself. Branden himself is not sure by the way he employs “apparently” and “reportedly” in his article above. 

      • No she isn’t. But she expects to release her first album hopefully in October. 🙂

      • Danjamen, who is your source of your categorical and seemingly certain reply to Olga’s query? I haven’t heard nor read anything from an official source, or are you the Official source of information of AI or of Jessica’s camp?

      • @Christopher Greene… I mean, it was published on that Phil Nat’l Inquier. Yes it’s still up in the air and has not been confirmed by Sanchez, her promoters, or AI. In pertaining to her album, she stated at recent press interviews yesterday at the AI tour rehearsals that her album will hopefully be out by October, although she could not give any information on a record label yet. Once the AI tour is over and AI restrictions are released, she may be more open to giving more info. Just a fan here clearing up the air and as fans, we should just support her at whatever she does.

  24. sorry folks for the upset about JS’ first CD album. of course, it is a joke, lol. i just put it there to stun some people and i succeeded somehow. likoy, take it easy; take the hint from nina and go from there, lol. until later, u guys, gotto go back to work. thank you nina, u are the best.

  25. Hello guys, do you think that LordCalvinReKlein is being favored by the moderator? Just wondering, because LordKlein, in spite of the slurs and insults he has hurled against Jessica and Filipinos, has never been banned from this site. There was a commentator who was banned because he associated LordKlein with Branden and that commentator was not even as harsh and uncouth as LordKlein. Come on Branden, be fair.

    • I think that the moderator only takes LordCalvinReKlein with a grain of salt. In a way Klein is harmless because what he writes is either funny or untrue. You can’t be insulted by someone who’s into spoof or satire or parody. I am against any form of “ban” or “censure,” unless there is a clear evidence of a writer’s inciting rebellion or overthrow of government.  I suppose the only problem with Klein is his inability to come across as a “cool” guy with some messages to share in a satirical way.

      • Yes Crissy my love…you would think the name “ReKlein” would be ample notice that satire is about to ensue. Any thing more obvious, there is no point. This is a problem with much of the world, Brit humor is unknown.

    • You are not being honest. I have the thickest skin of anyone on this site. I am constantly attacked on a personal level when many times it is not provoked. I am called dis-respectful names and people try to make an issue of my sexuality (which is funny since I don’t really care). You never find me angry or being the initiator of meanness.  I certainly will return what is dished out upon me. I defend my freedom to express my opinion as I do for anyone else.

      I never refer to any group as Filipinos as I was taught that was derogatory and that Pinoy people prefer to be call Pinoy and that it was the correct way to refer to them in a respectful manner. Therefore, I call them Pinoy…yes, out of respect.

      I ask Ms. Greene to count the number of slurs and insults fired at me, Jess, and Phillip. As we all know…most of the slurs and insults are fired upon me.

      Ironic that those who so wildly praise Jessica for singing the national anthem that is supposedly about freedom, would be the same ones who want censorship of one who has a different opinion.

      I think you will find the only person that I know who was banned was saying very derogatory and insulting things about “not straight” people in general (not about me personally)…and yes I support the moderators for banning them for such a thing.

      • LordCalvinReKlein, some men have a way with words as well as women, and they can write at length. Just to avoid any confusion as to my gender: I am a straight male, not a woman. Hence, you can address me simply as Christopher, Christopher Greene, or Mr. Greene. I live in the United States and please stop referring to me as “Pinoy.” Thank you.

      • I agree with you whole heartedly! The insults and slurs that have been thrown at you and at times, me, have been a lot worse than anything you have dished out.

      • some filipinos take offense being called “pinoy” by non-pinoys. i can call my sister “names,” but i would be offended if a non-relative or a stranger will call her that. it’s like some terms that a group of people use to call themselves within a certain group but can be derogatory if someone outside that group or/race will use the term.

      • It’s because you’re very provocative! You’ve insulted jessica and her family atrociously!!! Why would people call you such and such if you think you’re innocent?? You’re so maldito!!!

    • neither am i in favor of any form of ban or prohibition or censure. people should just be allowed to express themselves, but it’s a rule of thumb that people must be responsible for what they say or do. one’s freedom is limited by the other person’s freedom. the problem with lordreklein is that he can’t sustain the element of satire or brit humor throughout his writing. he could have used more elegant words.. etc etc.. even if he means to demean someone. otherwise, then he can just express his displeasure in plain language but focusing on the topic or issue at hand.

  26. 19 entertainment tweeted that this is not even true and Jessica retweeted it too. I am so glad they’ve cleared this. Jessica is hoping to release her first album by October so that means she’ll be busy here in the states, if it pushes through.  I’ve read rumors that the producers were trying to get her to do this tour, but without any confirmation from Jessica’s label, they’ve already spread it as if they’ve had a deal. Jessica needs to focus on making it big in the states first, this is very crucial since she’s just starting. The AI tour should be enough for the Philippines to rejoice.

    • Couldn’t agree to you more @Cool-like-me
      Jess has a great attitude and in time, I’m hoping for her to succeed here in the states and worldwide. The Filipino community needs to let this girl breathe and do her thing. They are too quick to jumping to “their own” and I’m worried that the over attention strictly from the PI will only limit her to being famous there. I’m Filipino mixed and just seeing all the media hype from the PI is becoming overwhelming. being too quick to jump on news saying JS will be doing a solo concert is showing bad publicity from the PI and is probably causing a lot of stress for JS. Let her take things day by day and support her by buying her music and going to the AI tour.

  27.  19 Entertainment

    Contrary to many false reports, @JSanchezAI11‘s ONLY performance in the Philippines will be 9/21 in Manila as part of the ‪#Idol‬ Live Tour

  28. Just released by the Phil Natl Inquirer:

    MANILA– The
    reported Philippine tour of  Filipino-American singing sensation
    Jessica Sanchez  carried by the Philippine Daily Inquirer and 
    its  news website  was refuted by her promoter in an email sent to
    this reporter. Renen de Guia, head of Ovation Productions and promoter of the
    Idol show on September 21 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, sent an e-mail to this
    reporter to refute the announcement which thousands of people have reposted
    online. “There is no truth to the news item you put out the other day (June 19)
    in the Inquirer on Jessica Sanchez’ performing in 5 cities in the
    Philippines after American Idol. 

    Jessica’s management company 19 Entertainment has
    tweeted the following: ‘Contrary to many false reports, @JSanchezAI11′s ONLY performance
    in the Philippines will be 9/21 in Manila as part of the Idol Live Tour.’”


    Apparently, De Guia and 19 Entertainment were
    caught unaware by negotiations being undertaken by other promoters to bring
    Jessica as a solo act to the Philippines, where her mother, Editha Bugay, was
    born. The source,  who gave the go-signal to break the news that Sanchez’s
    Philippine tour has been confirmed, may have acted in haste, said a second
    source connected to Radio High 105.9 – the Manila FM radio station involved in
    the negotiations. “It was a premature announcement. There are no confirmed
    dates yet, although there are indeed negotiations ongoing. The Philippine tour
    may or may not happen,” said the second source who requested anonymity due to
    his crucial role in the deal.

    In the meantime, he encouraged the Filipino
    public to watch the Idol concert featuring Sanchez and 10 other finalists, on September  21 at the Big Dome.


    • I think it’s a good thing for her not to tour yet in the Philippines. Let her release her album first so that others can know what kind of artist she is and music she has to put on the table. From there, if she’s a hit here in the states, the turnouts for international concerts will be bigger. The AI tour is only the beginning and those in the Philippines who are fans of the contestants should go. It’s good publicity for the Philippines and a once in a lifetime experience for the contestants. For now, support JS by Purchasing her music and going to the AI tour. I hope to see this girl succeed.

  29. Lol…You crazy Jess fans do enough on your own to confuse and befuddle yourselves without any help from me.

    • You can help us consume our English tea splashed with vodka so we can recline with you, LordReKlein.

  30. A) Now the Score Board on Branden’s Articles:
    1. Jessica Sanchez’ Concert Tour: 144 comments (51 commenters) June 20
    2. Greg Holden’s and Philip’s “Home:” 88 comments (26 commenters) June 19
    3. Lauren Alaina and Dad’s Day: 6 (6 commenters) June 18.

    B) Between Jess and Phil, combining those who commented in 1 & 2:
    1. Pro Jessica: 45 (nobody hates Philip; they only  dislike his singing ability)
    2. Pro Philip:   17 (3 hate Jessica to the point of vanishing her from the earth)

    C) Regarding the Commenters: four people write at length and/or comment often:
    1. Christopher Greene (Pro-Jessica)
    2. Carlos5118 (Pro-Jessica)
    3. LordKalvinReKlein (Pro-Philip)
    4. Taymaro (Neutral, sometimes Pro-Jessica)

    D) Commenters who are often “angry:”
    1. LordKalvinReKlein (Pro-Philip and Anti-Jessica)
    2. Vanessa (Pro-Philip and Anti-Jessica)
    3. Mmcrell (Pro-Philip and Anti-Jessica)
    4. Lourdes CalvinKlein (Pro-Jessica and Anti-LordCalvinReKlein, lol)

    • Seriously!!  I’m angry….that is hysterical….but I guess if calling you out on your posts….then angry I am!!! lol!!
      I am not anti-Jessica….just don’t prefer her to Phillip….as a matter of fact I have defended her many times….just ask Lord Calvin.  But, again if that is anti–Jessica…than I am guilty as charged and will have no trouble sleeping…..goodbye Christopher….Carlos….Lord Calvin…have a nice life.

      • @Mmcrell…if you look back in history there are a myriad of hate lists.  One of the more infamous was the Hollywood Hate List which barred musicians, artists, writers, etc. from work because of their political and/or social beliefs.   List writing can be a dangerous thing and for Mr. Greene to opine his personal thoughts of others in a negative narrative set up as fact is not suitable for a social website discussing a reality television singing competition. 

      • Vanessa, it is not alright to hate, as in hating to the extent that you wished that Jessica did not exist in this world. My list is not a “hate list,” but a list of the types of comments being written on this web site. I have made a list of statistics based on what you people have said and I never have any intention of suggesting to put people under a ban or censure because of these types of comments. It is way below my dignity to do that, much less to “hate” people and wish them ill as you have apparently done to Jessica and other commenters. Much as I don’t like Phil’s way of singing (I use Phil as others have called him Phil as well), I like his personality and I feel sad every time people (pro-Phil or anti-Phil) make fun of his health issues.

        I believe that animosity can be avoided in this site if we argue with people based on what they have said vis-a-vis the issues raised by the article rather than focusing on the the type of skin or teeth or height or health or sexual preference or religion or anything personal or irrelevant to the topic at hand, which can hurt other people’s personal feelings.

        I am not commenting to hurt people, but if they are hurt because of what I say, then they just have to argue as one would fight in a debate and not as someone fighting with venoms in one’s tongue.

    • Oh please. No one hates Phillip? They only dislike his singing? Riight. That’s why every other post has some comment about his kidneys or his kidneys stones.

      • I think Mr. Greene’s only referring to the 2 recent posts. It will be interesting if Mr. G will go back to the old posts.

    •  Oh , thank you Christopher Greene .. I shall proceed to copy and store .. it helps to know … what and where the posts are leading to… esp for non-regulars..
      This Site has been favored during the AI competition and we usually browse for tidbits and esp the Ray Chew Song Spoiler List …. but since the show is somewhat on hiatus ( from our TV screens ) … there’s time to go further to the comment box.
      So it was with apprehension that we read of posts that were actually not factual .. or one that was a fact of a non-fact.. ( the one about Jessica’s 1st CD). That was horribly rude ..after we hunted down the article, and discovered what publication that was.  Sometimes’ll be great if Links are allowed here just like Facebook… when I try to post post goes into moderation and I never see it again..
      Anyway… thank goodness for Google … and I will hereon … be prepared to hunt down what is posted in the Comment Box for veracity…

  31. @lct, He has had 6 albums?  Okay, I’m thinking he must be taking the Philippines by storm because he certainly hasn’t done much here!
    lct wrote, in response to Whattttt (unregistered):
    Carlos5118, to answer your question about David Archuleta, he is big in Asia and always seems to have music charting in the top 10.  His Forevermore song was #1 for weeks.  He’s done about 6 albums, done a TV mini series, written a bestseller book, was the youngest guest singer to head the Mormon Tabernacle’s Christmas program, a sponsor of a clothing line – & hair products. He sings in Spanish, tagalog, latin, & some french. He has been very fortunate and is now serving a two year mission in Chile. Hope this answers your question

    • thank u pally45, i made my own research as well yesterday. someone below also replied to me already. now, to add to ur info, as of feb 2012, david a has sold 1,108,000 albums and 3,327,000 tracks in the u.s. 

      i didn’t know he was a mormon but he looks like a good “mormon boy” missionary. there is a musical coming up on broadway entitled, “the book of mormon.” must be of interest to david a since he reportedly was inspired as a boy at 6 by the songs in les miserables.

      i think i hear what ur saying about ur concern of jessica’s not ending up like david archuleta, but yeah, ok… 

    • pally45,
      i wanted to reply to ur comment about lordklein’s being “insulted”
      but i couldn’t make a response there anymore. i wanted to say that the
      “slurs” and insults that lordklein received were due to his own
      making. for example, he’d always (as in, ALWAYS) refer to me as
      “Carloser,” but i just didn’t pay attention to it since i didn’t
      wanna go to that level of “name-calling.” but i guess the moderator
      saw nothing wrong with it since it appeared like a “joke” of some
      sort. the thing is he didn’t have to give me names like that. i can multiply
      examples, but anyhow, i pay no attention to his comments anymore by not
      replying to them directly. like i said before, lordklein’s problem is incoherence
      or inconsistency in thought and style of writing. 


      for the rest of the readers, they couldn’t help but react to him in a way
      unbecoming of civility like what lordklein did to them. i don’t think that the “pinoys,” (a term
      which for me is derogatory if a non-pinoy says it to a pinoy), who are blamed
      for admiring jessica, don’t need to be reminded that their “idol” has
      slanted eyes or whatever kind of teeth. as for philip, i don’t agree either
      that pro-Js should make fun of his kidney, but i guess i’m still a product of
      the old generation which believes that it is okay to demean a man, but it’s NEVER
      okay to insult or cast aspersions to a woman’s appearance.

    • pally45, re concert of archuleta-sanchez, etc–maybe not in ur state; there are other 49 states, remember (?), not to mention texas, hawaii where most residents are of filipino descent, new mexico, california, new york, and hey, don’t forget, new jersey! if they went to arkansas or iowa then u could well be on a roll.

      • However..if someone is selling out in California AND in New York, odds are, they would sell out here.

    • Archuleta: 8 albums released; Cook: 4 albums released

      History of Release of Archuleta’s albums:
      Hongkong, Indonesia, Singapore: Nov 10, 2008
      S Korea, US, Canada, Philippines: Nov 11, 2008
      Malaysia: Nov 17, 2008
      Australia: Dec 6, 2008
      Taiwan: Dec 12, 2008
      Japan: Feb 25, 2009
      Brazil: Mar 11, 2009
      United Kgdom: May 11, 2009

      David Cook’s History of Release:
      US: Nov 18, 2008
      Brazil: Mar 11, 2009
      United Kgdom: Apr 5, 2009
      Japan: July 7, 2009

      • Well, maybe they aren’t the greatest then since David Cook is still listed as more successful than David Archuleta.  That’s a lot of albums in a short time. Does Kelly Clarkson even have that many out?

    • The Philippines was part of the United States Commonwealth as have been Puerto Rico and Guam and Cuba (until Castro took over). When Japan lost to the US in WW2 in 1945, the US built two huge military bases near Manila (1 naval, 1 air), which were functional as such until 1995, and the US built roads, bridges, and public schools patterned after the American system. If you go to Manila now you will be surprised to see places that resemble the DC’s memorial park/mall, the Lake Shore front of Chicago, and a bridge as magnificent as the ones u can find in London, France, and San Francisco. 

      In 1945, the Filipino elite through the leadership of Manuel Quezon requested the U.S. that the Philippines be made an Independent country. The country became independent of the US after a referendum and approval of the Philippine Congress, which voted for Independence with a margin of only ONE vote. Without this one vote margin, the Philippines would have had the same status of the present Puerto Rico. 

      After the war of 1945, Manila and suburbs (which had more than 5 million people at that time, now i think its close to 30 million, including the 40 mile radial suburbs) became the American bearer of “anything American,” from democracy to Elvis’ Rock and Roll to Madonna, Archuleta, and now Jessica Sanchez and Philip Phillips, and the Voice, American Idol, Britney, Paris Hilton, etc, etc. Manila’s movie houses are showing American movies, much in the same time as they are released here in the US. 

      As Japan did look up to Manila in 1945 as an American city, it still does to the Philippines now especially in the field of music and entertainment. So, when you said, “Archuleta must have taken the Philippines by storm,” it is not a small deal for the Philippines is the American music capital in that part of the globe, not to mention that is also the Christian and Catholic capitals of Asia.

      • I never ran into this piece of American History in High School, or maybe I was not paying attention then? But I know that I had Filipino-American classmates who are lighter-skinned than me, lol.  Thank you, Mr. G for the history “lecture.” 

      • That’s. Starting to get annoying, you go on and on. I know more than you, keep you place.

      • mr. greene, please be advised. that’s not me commenting. it’s lordkalvinrekelin trying to disparage me.

    • I do not know where you get your source, but wikipedia has archuleta’s track’s having sold a total of 3 million+ as opposed to Cook’s 1 million+. There is an objective way, however, to find this out and I will do just that in the days to come so that we will not be “fighting” in the air. Why fight when there are facts to help settle the issue?

    • Kelly Clarkson has had 5; her fifth album, “Stronger,” was released last October (2011). Now I dunno why both Cook and Archuleta stopped releasing albums. I know that Archuleta became active with the Mormons.  I’m not really into guitars per se and I don’t follow singers with guitars unless they’re in a band or with a voice like Elvis or S Perry.

  32.  19E squashes rumors via twitter that Jessica Sanchez
    will tour the Philippians in October. “Contrary to many false reports,
    @JSanchezAI11‘s ONLY performance in the Philippines will be 9/21 in
    Manila as part of the ?#Idol? Live Tour”

  33. do you know there is a humor that jessica sanchez will soon join the glee? how true is this ? i have no idea .somebody knows about this ,please share with us. thanks

  34. Jess on Glee, makes perfect sense as she sings like a high school musical wannabe star

    • GayKlienWadd

      You know nothing at all you’re so
      G a y you can’t keep your eyes off young boys…

      • jessica fans, lordkalvinreklein has just stolen my name. this is not my comment. please be advised. if the commenter uses uncouth and improper language, then that is not mine. 

        yo puedo escribir en espanol. la gente que pueden escribir en espanol, favor de contestar. 

      • hola tocallo, que paso, no digas asi. hey impersonator, that’s not a nice thing to say to a fellow man.

  35. jessica fans, there is someone impersonating my name. please be advised. that person could be lordkalvinreklein or vanessa or any of the frequent commenters who are anti-jessica.

    si puedes escribir en espanol, favor de contestar..

  36. I just read on Jango Radio that Jessica will be doing a 10 city solo concert tour in China this fall. I don’t understand why she is skipping the Phillipines

  37. Help I’ve had my identity stolen like I’ve done to others so many times before and I don’t know what to do.

    • tell ur mother about it lordkalvinreklein or vanessa, then report it to the moderator.

    • hey carlos hitler, u write like pally 44
      or 45. i just analyzed the way u people write and it seems like, u, carlos
      hitler, could be pally45 or 44. and carlos5118 could be lordkalvinklein or
      vanessa. so, jessica fans, we have 3 possible culprits: lordklein, vanessa, and
      pally45/44. i’m still trying to think the possibility of mmcrell’s involvement
      as well.

      now why are the 3 of u ganging up against
      me? just be a sport u guys or ladies. we’ll just debate and have fun. why do u
      have to change names? or if u wanna change names, don’t use exactly d same name
      as mine. anyway, it’s cool for as long as people know who writes what.

      so now jessica fans, this is my verdict:
      2 or 3 pro-philip fans, 2 of whom happen to be anti-jessica as well, are trying
      to “assassinate” my character. there is only one motive i see: divide
      and conquer. they are going to divide the jessica fan base by destroying my
      credibility. now, without me here, they think they can win for they think that
      none of u guys can defend jessica fiercely. so this is a challenge for u guys
      and gals. let the evil not outshine the good! 

      the way, one of them, vanessa, writes in anot
      her language other than english;
      it does not look spanish and i presume it could be one of the filipino
      languages, since i saw a word in spanish in there but as part of i supposed a
      filipino sentence.

  38. Jango Radio now has a station just for Jessica Sanchez singing the national anthems of all the countries of the world. They say on the station, that her fav anthem is the Cuban Anthem

    • lordcalvinreklein, what are u doing on this site? just accept the fact that there is someone other than u who can write in style and at length. i dunno what ur motive is but i think that ur going way below the rule of reason and civility.  

    • on second thought, this one does not “sound” like lordklein but pally. perhaps pally is the one impersonating me? but why? and yet she writes like lordklein sometimes and vanessa other times. whatever, jessica fans, just letting u know that some philip’s fans are persecuting me as they are jessica. why they’re doing what they are doing is beyond me. but life moves on guys for as long as u, especially the regulars, can “discern” which carlos5118 is writing. but i can tell u their style of writing: pally is a little bit formal but anti-jessica; vanessa is often rude and anti-jessica; lordklein is sarcastically rude and flamboyant in usage of words and anti-jessica. 

      well, as for me, i feel “honored” to be given such a big attention, and for that i can say that i have already “won.”

  39. hey friends, i got my name back. lordkalvinreklein and his friends must like the name “carlos” very much. now he says he’s trying to impersonate carlos hitler. if u read the threads carefully, u will notice that there are 2 people who are clearly anti-jessica: lordcalvinreklein and vanessa. vanessa seems to be pally45’s friend as well although pally does not really show a lot of “hatred” against jessica. mccrell or something also writes a lot of insulting words against jessica. 

    i guess some or all of them don’t really like me because i can put up with them and wrestle with them tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye. these people cannot stand healthy debate and they just want everyone to like philip phillips. 

    it seems like the “enemies” are not only persecuting jessica but also persecuting those who can defend her very well.

  40. Hey Jess friends, just to let you know there are multiple impersonators on here impersonating me or impersonating others that I have impersonated. I have counted at least 20 impersonations in each of the last threads that impersonate someone other than the supposed impersonator. You know this is me because I never uncouth in my language and I’m the world’s biggest Jess fan impersonator.

    • vanessa and pally45 only have one goal: to destroy jessica at all cost. it’s pathetic but it’s happening. but life moves on. that’s the problem when people can’t really behave as real people but instead resort to antique tactics of deceit.

      • I never said I wanted to destroy Jessica! Now you’re just making things up! I was not impersonating you. I highly doubt Vanessa was either.

    • Impersonation is different from adopting aliases. This is very common in the  internet. I don’t think Vanessa’s name is really Vanessa or Pally’s really Pally. This is all part of what we call “Reality TV.” What is real on TV is different from the really real.

      You cannot impersonate someone whom you don’t even know or imagine in real life. Impersonation sometimes denotes something bad. But, here on this blog, we are only like having a game by exchanging comments or arguments. The problem, however, is oftentimes the pro-Philip base would get infuriated at Jessica’s fans and they think that only they really know the game and that pro-Jessica’s supporters must be “banned” or “removed” from the blog site.We can have as many aliases or as many emails as we want. After all in AI we are used to that practice where one person is entitles as many votes as he or she can. The problem is when pro-Philip fans accuse the other camp of doing some “bad” things that they themselves do.

      In using aliases, you can’t just presume that there is only one person using one computer. Don’t presume that those 20 so-called “impersonations” come from only one person, lest you end up barking up the wrong tree.

      • No, my real name isn’t Pally, it’s a nickname and 80 percent of the people I know call me that. I have never come on here with any other name than Pally45.  I never asked for anyone to be banned. Although, I could have for some of the names I was called.

    • Is there a rule that people should only comment here under one name? Is there also a rule that one person should only use one computer for writing comments here? I mean, can’t 1 million people use the same computer? After all, one person can vote vote Philip (or Jessica) a million times, why can’t 1 million people use one computer for heaven’s sakes? 

      Yes, there is only one Pally45 on this blog site. So, since Pally is a common nickname, why are you and Vanessa complaining if another person uses the same nickname to the extent that, POSSIBLY, Branden or Matt or Taymaro would get involved in a vicious write up to irritate carlos5118 and thus make him go away as Vanessa and you would have wanted it. 

      The “ban” is alright if people use aliases to steal credit cards or big money or whatever, but here, we are only having fun. And hey, maybe you didn’t notice it but you are the only Pally45 here. Nobody took your “alias.” I say “alias” for surely Pally45 is not your real nickname, is it? Your nickname is just Pally.

      Anyway, bye for now, as it will take me a few days or so before I can have my own internet and computer. 

      Peace to you, Pally45. There is already so much war in the world today. If the Jess’ and Phil’s fans could only withstand one another’s comments and argue intelligently and to the point and not resort to sinister means to put the other down, this world would be a better place. As some people would often say: Hey, we can disagree but we need not disagreeable.

  41. vanessa and pally45 and lordcalvinreklein have one thing in common: to degrade and humiliate jessica sanchez. vanessa even went to the extent of “vanishing” jessica and me on the face of the earth. she is uncouth, rude, and jealous. pally45 is her friend and so is lordcalvinreklein.

    • Okay, now your paranoia has gotten the best of you. I don’t even know Jessica Sanchez. Why in God’s name would I want to degrade or humiliate the girl? Carlos, get a hold of yourself man…you’re starting to sound a little bit off your rocker here.

      • Is there a rule that people should only comment here under one name? Is there also a rule that one person should only use one computer for writing comments here? I mean, can’t 1 million people use the same computer? After all, one person can vote vote Philip (or Jessica) a million times, why can’t 1 million people use one computer for heaven’s sakes? 
        Yes, there is only one Pally45 on this blog site. So, since Pally is a common nickname, why are you and Vanessa complaining if another person uses the same nickname to the extent that, POSSIBLY, Branden or Matt or Taymaro would get involved in a vicious write up to irritate carlos5118 and thus make him go away as Vanessa and you would have wanted it. 
        The “ban” is alright if people use aliases to steal credit cards or big money or whatever, but here, we are only having fun. And hey, maybe you didn’t notice it but you are the only Pally45 here. Nobody took your “alias.” I say “alias” for surely Pally45 is not your real nickname, is it? Your nickname is just Pally.
        Anyway, bye for now, as it will take me a few days or so before I can have my own internet and computer. 
        Peace to you, Pally45. There is already so much war in the world today. If the Jess’ and Phil’s fans could only withstand one another’s comments and argue intelligently and to the point and not resort to sinister means to put the other down, this world would be a better place. As some people would often say: Hey, we can disagree but we need not disagreeable.

  42. Yes Carlos5118, it is I LordCalvinKlein who is stalking you. You told me you loved me, you were my first, and then you just used me and threw me away. You walked on my heart with your spike heels.

    • pally, vanessa, lordklein… it’s okay. just be fair with jessica and, if u must change names a million times like voting for phillips so many times, which i suppose is “normative” in cyberspace, just use my mother’s name, Vanessa Vanasha, okay pally? vanessa? branden? matt? lordklein?  whoever? 

  43. Vanessa 1 day ago in reply
    to Pally45

    Original one and only Pally 45!:  What I read was that Phillip would
    perform Home…a nice song suited for his style of singing.  This is
    broadcast for PBS so it’s not going to be a party down sort of
    thing.   Don’t you just really really wish Carlos would go
    away.  I won’t go on JS threads avoid all that
    nonsense.   He should respect us in the same way.  But my guess
    is NEVER.  He enjoys being a tool too much!   (I have a bit of a
    burn myself…never learn first time out in summer, especially on the water).

    hey guys this is an “evidence” that vanessa and pally45 would want me to go away. vanessa also wrote once that i did not exist anymore in the same way that jessica did not. she is a hard core phillips’ fan and she cannot stand jessica’s fans especially those who can put up against them.  vanessa wanted me “fixed,” is that it; i mean, really, is this a threat that someone might eventually “obliterate” me? 

    she thinks i’m talking non-sense. i guess what she means is she wants me to side with her all the way and appreciate her idol phillip phillips. well vanessa, if u can’t stand living in a democracy, then why won’t u b the one to go away and stop wishing that some people would go away? and now, ur trying to disparage me before JS fans by “impersonating” me outrightly by using my exact blog name? who do u think u are? a queen? take it easy, ur not the only smart one in this world, much less in omaha. 

    just focus on the issues and argue as a fair lawyer would, just to the points without having to dig into the personal ones unless they are consequential to the case. last but not least, i do not appreciate ur wishing me and jessica sanchez dead. 


  44. My Jess friends, I have good news about Jessica. She did a short interview with TMZ today and expressed the direction she is desiring her career will take. She said she loves J-Pop and intends her first album to be totally dedicated to J-Pop. She said people have made such a fuss over Phillip turning any song into his style, but that AI would not allow her to do the same until now. Jessica said she is sure fans will be thrilled when they hear her version of the National Anthem performed in her new J-Pop style.

    • correction on ur grammar, tocallo: She did an interview… and expressed the direction she WAS desiring her career WOULD take. She said she LOVED J-Pop and INTENDED her first album…. She said people… etc.

      last sentence: Jessica said she WAS sure fans WOULD be thrilled when they WOULD HEAR her version…

      be consistent with ur tenses: “she said…” requires a another independent clause with a verb in the past tense. the past tense of “will” is “would.”

    • lo que alguna vez su version del himno nacional, estoy seguro que seria mejor que cualquier cancion cantada por philip. (whatever her version of the anthem, i’m sure it would be better than any song sung by philip.)
      definitely, as a song, ssb is a much better musical piece than holden’s “home.” ssb’s notes go from low to high reminiscent of shakespeare’s iambic poetry which highlights accented syllables from low to high so as to emphasize a message. same is true with ssb. 
      say, for example in the first line… oh, say can you see, where “say” is contrasted to “see” in low and high notes respectively, and in the last line: “free” and “brave” are likewise emphasized using this low-high note accentuation. 
      such a beautiful song with matching iambic poetry, but some people would rather make it trite and shallow simply because of their “hatred” against the singer. too bad some americans have lost their class of dignified and noble citizens.

  45. Jess fans, more good news

    Ryan Murphy, producer of Glee has confirmed Jessica Sanchez will appear on multiple episodes of Glee’s Season 4. He said “We are so excited to get Jessica as a guest cast member”. He explains that Jessica’s character, Bebe Sez, will be introduced as a young 16 year old mixed race (“Flip”) illegal alien from Mexico. Her parents have abandoned her in the tomato fields of Ohio, leaving her to live all alone in a large fruit crate.

    Another new character, Carlos (played by William Hung), will be introduced as a mean and self-serving singing Filipino pimp. His life is plagued with one failure after another. Carlos meets Jessica at a soup kitchen where the cast of Glee is singing “Hits for the Homeless”. While at the soup kitchen, Will Schuester hears Bebe singing with the group sing along and uses his extensive Spanish language skills to befriend Bebe.  He invites her to attend school and to join the glee club. Will hears Carlos’s singing and emphatically tells Carlos to stop singing and that he isn’t welcome at the glee club. This inflames Carlos with jealousy and he immediately becomes obsessed with Bebe and in controlling her for his own needs and purposes. Bebe moves in with Carlos into his mother’s basement and Carlos convinces Bebe to become a singing prostitution in order to obtain the luxurious lifestyle she had been obsessed with since age 5.

    For months, Bebe does the singing Prostitute at night and singing student during the day thing. She soon grows tired of the exploitation by Carlos and his mamma. Slowly, through her involvement with the glee club, she discovers her life’s dream and purpose. Bebe loves to dance and sing the national anthems of the world. Naturally, the glee club supports her efforts and puts together a fabulous show of the world’s national anthems, starring Bebe Sez.

    Unfortunately, Bebe becomes pregnant and infected with multiple STDs preventing her from doing the show. Bebe now hates Carlos for the mess she thinks he put her in. Carlos commits suicide by chewing on an electrical cord and getting electrocuted. Bebe is relieved and overjoyed with her new freedom from Carlos. She gets an abortion, finds a good STD clinic, and finally gets to star in an encore presentation of the “National Anthems of the World” show. Bebe gets lucky, a Russian movie produce, Putin Robthemall is in the audience and immediately signs Bebe to a contract to make the “National Anthems of the World” into a movie. Bebe makes millions, marries Will, and sends her parents a bag of rice. As Will’s new wife, she is open to additional appearances on Glee.

    • carlos: tocallo, what do “glee” and
      “kidney” have in common?

      Carlos: the letter E?

      carlos: no

      Carlos: What, u crazy dawg.

      carlos: both require only One. u only
      need 1 kidney; the producer only needs 1 in glee

      Carlos: Only 1 needed in Glee? Well, I’m
      sure it’s the Idol Philip, right?

      carlos: yeah, of course.

      Carlos: Oh yeah, O Philip, my paramour.
      Are you serious buddy?

      carlos: oh yeah, he’s been picked to be a
      good model of the “how not to sing” episode.

    • philip and jessica looking at a full moon
      while waiting for the result of glee audition:

      jessica: philip which do u think is
      closer, the moon or london?

      philip: hello….  we can’t even see london from here, and
      u asked?

  46. bravo jessica, congratulations. the fans of phil are in a panic mode. let them wipe their faces with their own tears. 

  47. aha, carlos, u have a new name again! 
    so what?
    vanessa doesn’t like that, u know.
    everybody takes aliases for fun, why not?
    well, only if ur pro-phillips like pally45 or vanessa.
    oh well, i can’t beat that my friend.

    ur impersonating, carlos!
    what? i don’t even know who is real here on the web; how can i impersonate someone whom i don’t even know?

    ur stealing names, carlos.
    u have stolen mine and now u say i’m the thief?

    but how can one steal something that is of no value, anyway?
    so ridiculous, lol.

    and now, what, ur gonna punish me?
    oh yeah!
    for what?
    for not liking philip’s voice.

    alright, alright, guilty as charged!

    • tocallo, Carlos, gimme a ten-letter word that starts with gas?
      Carlos: gastronomy?
      carlos: no
      Carlos: Gas-Kidneys?
      carlos: no
      Carlos: Gas-Philips, Gas-jessica?
      carlos: no
      Carlos: What then u moron?
      carlos: a u t o m o b i l e (starts with gas)

  48. El pobre Carlos se ha vuelto loco y parece tener un trastorno de personalidad múltiple.

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