American Idol 2012: Top 10 Results Show Recap

American Idol 2012 Erika Van Pelt

American Idol 2012 said goodbye to another contestant Thursday night, which means the person from the American Idol Top 9 who gets the least votes will still have a chance to earn the judges’ save next week.

After a pretty snoozy opening group number and a pretty lame Ford music video, Ryan started building the Bottom 3.

He pulls Hollie Cavanagh, Skylar Laine and Elise Testone to the stage. At first thought I was like one of these girls is in the bottom 3 and it’s Elise just like I expected. Then I thought about how confident Jimmy Iovine was that Elise would be safe this week, so I thought about American Idol Net’s poll results and thought it must be Skylar.

But actually, Ryan was just pulling a fast one on us and all three of them were sent to safety.

Lana Del Ray takes the stage next and does her best to convince me that the state of popular music is dire. Luckily there’s a mute button.

I un-mute the TV when Ryan comes back for more results. But first I have to sit through a Steven Tyler Happy Birthday number, fully equipped with Aerosmith’s Joe Perry. Guess Tyler’s bandmates don’t hate American Idol as much as the rumors have said.

Next up for results are DeAndre Brackensick, Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez. Of course how this batch plays out couldn’t be more obvious. Jessica and Joshua are sent to safety and DeAndre takes the first stool in the bottom 3.

Haley Reinhart returns to sing her new single “Free” and as far as I can tell it’s called that because it’s free of a hook. The song just kind of sat there, doing nothing. Meh.

More results as Ryan calls the rest of the group up: Phillip Phillips, Colton Dixon, Heejun Han and Erika Van Pelt. Gee. I wonder who this is going to play out. Phillip and Colton are of course safe. Heejun and Erika join DeAndre in the bottom.

After a break, Ryan sends DeAndre to safety. And this surprised me. Not only did it knock me for a loop, it ruined my predictions from my recap last night. And I was going for a perfect record this season.

Ryan tells us it’s Erika who is in the very bottom and I can only imagine it’s because of her drastic makeover. Because there’s no way Heejun or DeAndre deserved more votes than Erika.

She take to the stage to sing for her life and it’s obvious that Erika isn’t a popular enough contestant for the judges to consider their save. And Randy gets to get his rocks off by smugly delivering the bad news to Erika that they are not going to use their save on her.

Bummer for Erika and for us as we have to suffer through that horrible farewell song again. *Mute*

What did you think of the show and the outcome?




    • I agree… HeeJun acts like this is a joke. Erika over HeeJun? Really? I thought HeeJun should of left even on the first show. I was totally shocked that Erika got eliminated over JeeJun….

      •  I’m not all fond of the girl singers but when I heard Erika singing when I was in another room I had to go to the telly and see who it was because  I liked what I was hearing. When  Hee Whatshisname came on, I left the room. I think he’s a smart alec (wanted to use another word) and not funny at all.

  1. Can I ask you a question Branden…if you are that bored with American Idol, all the mehs…the negativity…the fillers…the music videos…then why do you write for AmericanIdolnet?

    • Brandon just has to say stuff to keep the discussion going. The Ford video WAS lame and that del ray chick did nothing for me.

    • Yeah this is a discussion site centered around the show. I am sure if anyone were having a discussion on “The Voice” side he would spend more time over there. He didn’t pick the show but it’s hard to talk about football if you didn’t watch the game. Branden is cool. Always opinionated and always keeps the bait can open and interesting. 

      I could do without him trying to push one contestant over another sometimes but this year his hometown bud didn’t make the cut and I can’t tell from his posts who his favorite is so. I guess this season you have to pick the “best of the rest” so to speak…LOL

    • I think Branden’s sarcasm and deprecating remarks can be hilarious and quite endearing, but sometimes he is overly negative and dismissive of the show- like his unreasonably negative review of Haley tonight. I thought Haley was great!! She looked gorgeous, her singing and voice tone were fantastic, and she had iincredible confidence and stage presence. Definitely far more than a “meh” performance!

      •  exactly… if branden doesnt like haley at least he should have acknowledged her…she deserved more than a meh….childlish..

      •  Branden to me was being polite.  I have nearly never cared for Haley’s vocal renditions nor her attempts to act the seductress.    

      • He did not say that Haley did not look gorgeous, or that her singing and voice tone were not fantastic, or that she did not have  iincredible confidence and stage presence. He said the SONG was boring and flat and it was. The song will be played on radio where it will just sit there and all of the attributes you mentioned will not change that fact!!!

    • Yeah, nothing seems to be good enough, not even Haley’s new single, which by the way I thought was the greatest part of the show.

    •  I sometimes feel he is writing for Vote for the worst instead of an AI “fansite” lol….
      for one. haley’s song was good.

  2. I was just glad that DeAndre was safe for another week. That kid works hard, gives it his all and really puts on a show. I still go back to his wild card performance and how bad he wanted it and still seems to be pouring his heart and soul into every performance. Steven seemed like he thought that “Only the Good Die Young” wasn’t supposed to be an upbeat happy song but Billy Joel performs as such on stage also so he didn’t know what he was talking about. At least DeAndre is seriously trying to perform and Heejun has just publicly stated that he didn’t want to be a star. 

    At the end of the day Heejun should go and Erika deserved to stay if it were truly a singing competition but we all know it’s not.

    • Taymaro,

      I agreewholeheartedly with everything you said.   Diandree is…how do the youngsters say it….the SHIZNIT.

      • Don’t know about Shiznit but I just think is an all around good kid. And his actions and talent level are appropriate for his age at the same time and he does not take his position on the show for granted. He just has a good attitude and his head is in the right place and you like to see good things happen for people like that. 

        Some may think he comes across as full of himself with the hair flipping, and while I am not a big fan of that, I think he just likes the hair and has probably had a lot of comments about it. Obviously he thinks its his second greatest asset after his vocal abilities but that’s not flippant (forgive the pun) it’s just his age shining through. 

      • THis is a second reply.  I agree Taymaro, I love his hair flipping and robot side moves.

    • I agree that Erika sang better than HeeJun and as stated if this was a singing competition than HeeJun would of gone home. I found last week for HeeJun all over the place. If that was a recored version I would of thrown it in the trash. I have heard my friends sing better than that. Erika, was willing to do what ever for her chance to even change her hair style (which I loved). I have enjoyed Erika singing and thought she had potential. I can only say that at the end of the show when I saw who got eliminated was a total shock. I usually don’t post to websites but this elimination was so messed up. I am still in a state of shock over this. I Erika ever checks these boards I hope she realized that some of us disagree.

      •  It has become evident that we are watching a popularity contest and not a talent contest.  Erika was so much better than either of the other two in the bottom three, and when she was voted off, I turned to my wife and said “What the **** is wrong with the American public?”  Then I rationalized that the voting is probably controlled mostly by the demographic of young girls 13-17 who don’t vote for an old lady of 26, but who like DeAndre’s hair and say that Heewho is sooooooooo funny.  I don’t think that Erika would have won or even made the final 3, but she deserved a better finish than the other two (one of whom will be around for at least two more shows).

      •  Idol IS a popularity contest, dominated by tweenie girls with lightening-speed text abilities, who vote for the “cutest guy”. Thats why the girls always get voted off, no matter how good they are.  DeAndre may be a nice kid and all, but NO way should he be in the top ten. I think He, HeeJun and Hollie will be the next three to go, and Colton, Phillip and Erica will be the three finalists. JMHO.

  3. I actually like HeeJun’s schtick and I think he has a nice, soothing voice. I know he will not end up being this season’s AmIdol but I am glad we can hear him a few more times.

  4. I was sorry to see Erika go, but I think after making her a wild card the judges were right not to save her. Hope this gives her enough exposure to get a record deal. Heejun has been my favorite but he has to get serious. If he wants to go back and teach, I say good for him. Glad Phil stays Phil. I think Elise is very talented but she seems to struggle with how to react. I think she will miss the CRAP out of Erika. I think Jessica is great at seeming like a diva when she sings and then turns into a humble teenager when she is finished. I think that will take her a long ways. Anyway, didn’t want Erika to go, but I like everyone!

  5. Hee Jun is safe and Erika goes home???? Are you kidding me??
    Maybe America saw a different show than I did cuz in the show that I saw, Hee Jun SUCKED!

    • Actually, all of us know that Erika is a better singer but Heejun has fans who are willing to vote over and over again.  Unfortunately, although a lot of people liked Erika, I can bet you that not even half of them voted–and with the ones who did they probably voted a few time–against Heejun’s fan who probably did 100 times more.  Because this competition on the number of votes,  America go all out and vote for your favorites so they will not end up like Erika. 

  6.  Muted the tv while Lana del Rey was on? No wonder America’s music blows nowadays. People prefer to listen to Rihanna, taylor swift and all them shits rather than a brand new artist whos actually different. There’s still hope left though, lots of people really do appreciate good music.

    • I agree Anton. Although I actually do like Rihanna, but Lana del Ray’s song was eerie, sad and completely mesmerizing…very unique and artistic. I really liked it!!

      • Yes, but it was a recorded performance because she is too shy to perform in front of an audience.  There goes any idea of touring.

      • Rihanna is a studio made artist..and even that isn’t very good. The woman sucks live and I swear to God..she’s tone deaf. Everything is sung very flat. But hey..she’s pretty…let’s make her a star for the the teeny boppers who are all a bunch of sheep.

      • Go to the American Idol site.  IT states that Lana pre-recorded her number.  Same story on Slezak .

      • Templar said Lana’s song was pre-recorded “because she is too shy to perform in front of an audience.”  Templar, there’s a difference between pre-recorded and studio-recorded.

        Lana herself admits she’s an artist who’s a far better singer/songwriter, than live performer. But she did sing on stage before a LIVE audience- she just did so earlier in the week instead of Thurs night. Many of AI’s guest performances are recorded before the actual results shows.

        Is Lana shy, uncomfortable and unconventional on a live stage?  Of course!  But I thought her performance was poignant, captivating and delightful!! 

  7. HeeJun will not yet go home. This guy has this appeal to people that regardless of how unpopular his rendition of a song, he will always shine because of his humour. Remember not all who  is BEST in singing gets the Gold. Sometimes those who never won a contest makes it! Take it from Lady Gaga, she said before, if she ever joined AI, she surely was kicked out sooner than anyone else. Jennifer Hudson didn’t win remember? But she is one of the most popular alumni of AI. Colton is my bet though….and even if he will not win, he will surely find his niche in American Music History after hi AI moments.

  8. american idol is an awesome show, but why do they have to bring a certain number of guys and a certain number of girls? i don’t think it’s fair to some of the guys/girls that performed better, but didn’t get a shot because of the gender quotas. so is this truly AMERICAN idol? idk

  9. I didn’t care for that dress Erika was wearing. Maybe that’s why she got voted off. Oh she didn’t wear it last night did she? She was the best of the night but she reminds me a lot of Liza Minelli. She was never very popular either was she?

    • no she wasn’t, and never TRULY shined with that wonderful voice.  Even though its not a singing competition, singing WONDERFULLY keeps you in the competition longer, that is…unless you are Pia Tosacno, Melinda Dolittle, Chris Daughtry, etc etc etc etc etc

    • I know Liza won at least one Oscar plus other awards. She spent a lot of her early years paying off her mother’s huge debt. For that she deserves a lot of credit. Her version of “New York, New York” is still one of the favorites. She was a talented dancer in her early years. As far as “popular,” can we actually define that in terms of today’s You Tube and reality singing shows? It was a different era, and I think she was popular, but more on Broadway and concerts than TV. Check out You Tube. I think there’s a clip somewhere with Judy Garland and Liza performing together. Sometimes we’re so much in the present we forget the talent of the past and how they could wow an audience without all the fancy lighting and theatrics. Edie Gorme (s?) was another
      underrated singer. If you want to see what I mean, check her out on You Tube. (Sorry, don’t want to sound like Randy)

      • Replying to Domino, as in Fats. I wouldn’t waste time telling you about anything. You’re as funny as Heejun.

  10. I felt the judges were sooooo disappointed when HeeJun was not the one to go.  I think Erika has a great voice, but her stage presence just isn’t there.  I love her new hair style though.

  11. Oh well, it proved teenieboopers rule once again,  Erika may be fat, but she’s much better singer than DeAnre, who just ruined Billy’s song & is so obssessed with his own hair during the entire performance !

  12. wow, you are Mr. Negative.  I don’t know why you even watch.  Why don’t you just not watch and read someone else’s story.  MUTE

  13. I’m glad the judges didn’t use there safe tonight I think there just saving it for in case someone like Phillip  Colton or Jessica gets sent home and I really liked Haley’s performance tonight   

    •  With “vote for the worst” and Asian support, it is no wonder HJ is staying alive!

      • As much as VFTW supporters (and frustrated Idol fans who want someone to blame) would like to believe the VFTW votes throw the competition….they have NO effect on the results. Ever notice how VFTW goes through about 7 picks every season b/c America keeps voting off the worster “picks”?? They’ve got nothing to back up their narcissistic trash talk- bleh!

    • I hope they use it for DeAndre. I think he has a break through performance coming though and may not need it. I am hoping anyway.

      • I feel the same way too. I really hope he comes through with something mind blowing next week, that will knock everyone away. I think he really needs it. He’s very talented, and I hope he stays in. Maybe with Heejun’s attitude going down the drains, this’ll give Deandre at least a couple more tries to win the hearts of American fans.

      • As much as I appreciate his style and “” Friend with J ” , I believe they will not use it, coz they has been saved  before …    

  14. Whoa Branden! I try to be civil on your blog for the most part but I’m trying really hard right now not to get too insulting with you. I have to say that you must have gotten your music critic credentials out of a cracker jack box to say that Haley’s song was “meh” and had no hook. No hook? WTH are you talking about? A two-year old could find the hook on this song. I think I should start an AI blog. At least I’m a music pro (actual studio and touring musician) and it drives me crazy to hear such nonsensical criticism. But I will agree that Erika deserved to stay over He-jun. He’s a clown who butchered the BJ song and acted like a fool. That was insulting to a good singer like Erika to be voted off before He-jun. I hope we are rid of him next week for such a pathetic attitude. He does not deserve to be on this show. Thank you and good night…

    • yes i shall follow your blog tj. 

      you can be subjective as long as you want but be professional. you can show your favoritism but please do not discredit others who you see as a major threat to your favorite. that’s Branden unfortunately.

      I agree Erika shud’ve stayed as Heejun massacred BJ song last nite. 

    • Okay you can get started on me now cause I didn’t particularly like this perfomance by Haley either. It looked like a stripper set and she even got hold of the pole a time or two. It was like a bad Betty Boop cartoon. All that was missing was the “boop oopie doop”. I was waiting for it. I’ll be surprised if this song goes anywhere on the charts at all. 

      • To each his own I guess. I think the single is great and I thought her live performance was just as hot! Its also racked up a lot of views online, too, so it seems like a lot of other people are taking to it as well. Only time will tell, I guess.

    • Haley’s song was meh and it sounded like the songwriter was sampling from Rod Stewart’s “Tonight’s the Night”

  15. As I posted before, my bets were Jessica, Hollie and Erika.
    So am a little bit sad to see Erika go. But that’s how it goes. Popularity plays a big role, especially in the early rounds. But as the show goes further, singing criteria will eventually rule.

    I am beginning to like Colton. He seems to improve every performance, and I am reminded of David Cook.

    Hollie has to control the nerves. I feel that she’s trying to hard.

    My top choice is still Jessica.
    Next is Hollie.
    With Erika out, Third is Colton. 

  16. Performance wise, it should have really been Heejun that has to leave, but aside from fan votes Heejun had great performances from the auditions to the competition itself (Top 13). We have to at least give credit to that. As for the elimination of Erika, it is truly sad. From the very beginning she has never really had many fans and I think that given the chance, she could have even made the top 3

    • You’re right. I think this more a case of who had the more solid fan base, and that, no doubt, is Heejun. Erika has struggled to build up a strong fan base, and it’s come back to bite her now. It’s too bad, because I think she has an amazing tone to her voice, something that America needs to hear more of.

  17. I think it will get harder and harder to see people go since this season has the most talented group ever. But some people need to show that they can really sing and start to be creative with their phrasing. The mentors are dropping the ball they need to make them understand that they really have to believe in what they are singing, that they have to make it relate to them personally so they can make us believe it.

    • I was surprised to Erika go before HeeJun or DeAndre but sooner or later all three will be gone along with others we may like .Results ( judged by public vote) don’t always reveal the “best” as much as the “most popular “and voter loyalty.Lazy voters sometimes send the wrong one home.My concern is the top 3 not the bottom3.I predict Jessica,Hollie and Phillip.The side shows they call professional “artists”were not impressive.Hope they don’t quit there other job!

  18. HeeJun has a lot of Korean base fans and somehow catch the audience heart of his little funny antiques ….This is voting game. I think he will still last of a couple more weeks…but definitely not the finals!…I’m not a fan of HeeJun but I like his personality.

  19. It’s great to hear from Billy himself emailing his appreciation to Colton and Jessica’s performance. Straight “A” s according to Jimmy Iovine himself for Jessica. Wow for them two.

    Jessica V Colton Finale. 

    Phillip doesn’t have to change I think that style works for him well (man on a guitar, never a boring moment with him) but is that enough though? I dunno, I like Phillip to go to the finals too. OMG, i dunno.

  20. When I heard Haley’s singing “Free” at this site before the show tonight, I couldn’t wait to hear her sing it in person. I was disappointed with the results, but then I realized that it was probably the Idol acoustics at this theater. Haley’s voice sounded so much better on the clip provided at this site earlier. No wonder the contestants sound better in the auditions than they do now. Heejun may think he’s funny, but the joke is on those who vote for him. He seems to get worse each week. How could Erika “sing for her life” when Randy started shaking his head “no” during the very beginning of her song. She had to see it. It took a lot of courage to continue when he did that, and I think it affected her performance on the rest of the song. The contestants on “The Voice” are getting so much more from their mentor/coaches. If Branden had put the whole show on Mute tonight, he wouldn’t have missed much. Don’t criticize him for being honest when there just isn’t much to praise, especially on the results shows.

    • IMO Heejun wants to get voted off, now.  He made the tour and will get paid for that this summer, so if he got voted off he could coast until the tour starts with a guaranteed summer paycheck.

    • I think Randy was shaking his head because of disbelief that Heejun is staying and Erika got voted out.  Actually the other judges were shaking their heads too–feeling bad for Erika

      • How would Erika know that? She doesn’t have access to the inside information you seem to have. And, if that’s the reason for all the head shaking, why didn’t they save her?

  21. Heejun… Nice kid. But his talent doesnt even compare to the rest of the groups! I dont even understand how hes made it this far! Cannot believe it.

  22. Hey haven’t you guys know it yet? AI needs rating they are aiming high that’s why they keep heejun cuz he’s an entertainer and it can boost ratings ! Ok

    • Then they should revamp American Idol… HeeJun for me doesn’t boost the AI ratings. Have you ever noticed that everyone is talking about Jessica, Phil, Joshua, Hollie and Colton?

    • No it’s not OK. They have lost viewers because of this nonsense not gained them. Fox should cancel this show and Comedy Central should pick it up if that is how they want to gain ratings. 

      The comedy part of this show should end with the bad auditions and the live shows are time for serious competition. This part of the show is all about work ethic. Who will sing like it’s their last performance every time and who will get lazy? That’s what we want to find out. All the great performers deliver on their obligation to their fans without being in a competition. They know that the fans are their meal ticket.

      Great artist don’t say things like Phillip, “If they don’t like it then that’s okay. I’m not performing to one certain group.” To say that is to almost say you are so privileged to have me perform for you. You should feel special for being able to hear me sing.

      Great artists feel just the opposite and appreciate that people show up to hear them. They are flattered by that and try to do their best to entertain and not let them down. That is work ethic when it comes to performing. Any great musician knows that good singers come a dime a dozen and they are just in the spotlight temporarily and do their best to stay there as long as they can. Some of these cats are getting cocky and think they are invincible and the best thing since sliced bread and that is going to be their downfall if they don’t change their attitude.  These kids should be even more concerned about their longevity in the music business because we now have auto tune software that can turn the most mediocre singer into a star instantaneously. So they better get up there and sing like there’s no tomorrow and learn to appreciate their fans and learn to try and cater to them as much as possible and do what ever it takes to always be picking up new fans or they will be in the realm of falling stars long before their time.

      • you are one zillion percent right on the money!!  how many of these kids have “paid their dues” before auditioning?  in the long run, however, 3/4 of them will just be memories twenty years down the road while the real talent is still working in the biz.  the true stars, clarkson, underwood, daughtry, hudson, and, of course, the best of them all, lambert, will be making great music for years to come.  they all work very hard to make each performance perfect and truly love what they do.  it’s no joke to them

      • what a novel you got there…write a book and profess your sentiments there… you are one biased ^&*()%$#@ !!!

      •  Hi Taymaro,

        And yet they still say Elise has an attitude problem. I agree definitely,
        good point.  Sing as if it is your last performance.  How many of them did that last Wednesday?  Erika was robbed.  It is too bad that this great show has come to this, all politics , limited quality singing and  a whole lot of crap.

         I know , I am still here, but not for long.  I wanted to see how far Elise will go until she is sent home.  After that frankly , I am so done with this group.  You can see why, I don’t mind good arguments like we did in the past, but senseless and immature ramblings, sorry nobody is forcing me to be here, so ……………….. just saying, LOL

      • Ed…..I know this is a very frustrating season but don’t quit on us..
        Its nice to say some familiar names.  My pick has not won since Carrie Underwood but I’m still here putting in my 2 cents…..LOL…

      • Hi Ed :
        I know u better … U r being So fanatic …. If Elise got eliminated , U will never watch the rest of the show >>> WHY ?? coz there is No Talent left. C’mon, I know u r being upset coz of the ” Attitude thing” going on and on on this site and probably other sites as well . I hope it’s just a moment …   If Elise got eliminated , stop voting but PLZ, don’t stop watching + this site needs some rational openions and thoughts from u (except the last one) *wink* 

      •  Hi Phyllis and Ali

        Yeah! friends,  I am already refreshed.  Thanks,  you guys are the best.

    • It’s not the show. They don’t want him to stay. It’s the Vote For The Worst crowd.

  23. That comedic show HeeJun presented really worked and got him saved from being voted off the show. If this continues, please rename American Idol.

  24. Was anyone else irritated by the lack of recognition paid to Casey being in the audience last night?  I am frustrated that Erika got sent home…but just like Jennifer Hudson, you can be beautiful, but if you’re not thin, you’re not “in”!  America refuses to move on anyone who isn’t a size 8 or smaller.  Sad…I think that’s why I’m liking the Voice more and more.  Blind auditions allow for a person’s talent not image to be the priority.

    • Voice is no different, we’ll see how many over weight ladies are in the top 10.  The blind audition just gets them on the team.  Trust me the coaches now are looking for more than just voice.

      • Whatever happened to people getting by on their talent? Now they’re very pretty, dance half naked, and cant’ sing a lick.  They’re all studio made!

  25. Heejun is shit he should have went home he ruined that Richard Marx song last week and I just want to punch him every time I see him cause he is a stuck up arrogant prick who couldn’t even smile and accept the p diddly was telling him (he was crap) some advice. Ericka was good and would have only been worth the save as she had to be told she was in the bottom 2 with that idiot. Its getting a joke if the judges use the save on him then 2 new judges next season I reckon alanis morrisette and Jon Bon jovi / richie sambora*

    • Great! Don’t make it HARSH…. He’s not a disgrace, actually. It’s just that he performs averagely on the show.

      Don’t make it sound like he should be exiled. And again, don’t talk about Race here. This is not Youtube. 😐

  26. Erika ….. !!!!!!  I am really shocked  ,,,, Just a catastrophe .   She is more talented more than half of the contestant.

    • don’t exaggerate please! We all know that all are talented that’s why they are picked among the rest. It’s just that one may rise above the others in many different ways. Of course, someone has to be eliminated. And yes, I don’t want Erika to go too. But she will soon anyway it just became early than expected. And as much as I don’t like Heejun, he will also go so soon for sure so it’s OK for me. 

  27. wow i have watched this show for years and almost didnt watch this year because it has changed…. but really im completely convinced now that it is fixed and rediculous… heejun is not the best there were others better without him and i cant watch this shithole of a show anymore… not worth the time

  28. I didn’t see the results, but the othe TWO could just go home NOW.  They were the poorest performances this week.  I have picked the top two every year since Idol began, and most of the SHOULD wins, over the WILL wins.  This is one of the mostly talented seasons.  A couple years I didn’t even bother until the last few shows, they were sooooooooo badd.

  29. I am so pleased to see Heejun stay this week – I loved his rendition of ‘my life’ – it’s meant to be up beat and he made it fun. I found Steven Tylers comments over the top and unwarranted. I am pleased to see America is not as stuffy as the judges and recognised Heejun’s talent. I hated Colton’s rendition of Piano Man – you couldn’t hear the piano as he squealed the words. I have been a Billy Joel fan for 30 years and I think Billy wouldn’t have liked it either. just saying…

    • Are you just trolling or did you truly miss on the show tonight that Billy emailed Jimmy to express how much he enjoyed Colton’s version of Piano Man. Billy specifically singled out Colton’s performance (and Jessica’s too). You’re certainly entitled to your own opinion, but it’s silly to say “Billy wouldn’t have liked it either”

      • maybe he/she watched a different show… or having signal problems lol! Jimmy actually said that according to Billy, Colton did a great job!

      • Good come back. Props when due, Colton did a great job on Piano Man last night. And if the original singers singles him out for praise, that’s a whole other level of stokeness. Who are we to b!t@h and moan about our least favorite singers, even when they nail a performance. Colton did a good job!

    • Yeah, it would be creepy if BJ talked to you that he doesn’t like Colton’s Piano Man and he’d prefer HeeJun’s My Life. Talking about Colton, that’s what you call creativity. Talking about HeeJun—-that’s what you call Fashion Entertainment.

    • Oh come on. He might have been entertaining but only because it was the cheesiest thing to be shown on Idol in quite a while! Half the time a person couldn’t even understand what words he was singing. It was horrible.


      • Its not that I don’t like HeeJun.  Its just that singing is not his best asset!!!!!!  If he appeared in a comedy show, I would buy a ticket to see him……Its not personal, he or Deandre should have been eliminated before Erika.  Thats all most people are saying…

    • if you would have listened during the show last night, you would already know how Billy Joel felt about Colton… Because Jimmy Iovine said that Billy Joel emailed Jimmy and said he LOVED Colton’s Piano Man…  

  30. Okay guys, Heejun is safe because America loves him not becauae he is funny but he actually sings good. He has a nice voice. That’s why judges put him in the top 24, okay? He’s taking it all serious he’s just a funny person that’s why most of you guys think that he’s not serious at all. I hope Heejun can prove you all wrong! because i know he can do better than that! And he’s really a nice dude he volunteered to help the special children right. That’s why He gets a lot of blessings from God.

  31. I have been reading how hard everyone is being on Heejun.  I don’t think he’s a great singer and there are others I think are much better on the show.  That said I think we have to realise that this show is looking for an ‘idol’.  The judges refer to that a lot (well more in previous seasons).  I think Heejun knows he’s out of his depth but people are voting anyway. 
    It’s all subjective and I hope for Heejun’s sake people don’t make it too personal. I am liking Phil and Josh but I think they are all a little one dimensional this year from what I’ve seen.
    I Love It anyway.

  32. Guys, get serious…. American Idol has absolutely nothing to do with talent… the only thing that will win it is how many times each contestant proves they love Jesus and they thank God! The religious lobby is the decider in this “contest”. 

  33. Heejun should NOT have even made the top 24 much less the top 10. He is nothing more than a clown. Maybe he should get a job in the circus because that is the mockery he is making of the music industry. Erika should not have gone home. She did a great job on her Billy Joel song.

    • What’s sad about this show is that we truly don’t know the numbers. Maybe the producers are the ones playing games!

  34. Heejun is clearly not as good as the others, not even close. The difference is he never sang before Idol, while others are singers since they were young or kids. I think he made a lot of progress in this competition alone.

  35.  American Idol needs serious voting. We are again suffering to music because of little girls and tweeny bops who vote for their crush on the show. We need the talented ones here.

  36. i love heejun but id rather lose him rather than erika… not for 2 to 3 weeks more.. heejun starts to be a joke.. 

  37.  My official complaints for the last show – Oh man, where do I start?

    a) Everybody saying Heejun needs to get more serious –
    Heejun – I know there’s like zero chance that you’ll be reading this, but please don’t. Just don’t. Never listen to anybody who tries to make you come out as someone you’re not. You’re hilarious and entertaining! I love you just the way you are. By the way – why didn’t you choose that song???

    I’m gonna repost my previous comment from another thread:

    I hate it when people who’ve sent Johnny Keyser and David Leathers home
    before top 24, and have chosen  Jeremy Rosado over Jen Hirsch, are
    complaining that Heejun is not taking the show seriously, and saying big words like “this is a SINGING competition”.

    Well, HELLO! AI is a reality show.Does anybody can name here a serious reality show?

    b) So judges – go home and get the sticks out of your whatever. Especially Steven Tyler, whom I adore, but suddenly got all “serious”. He was just too mean.

    By the way – I say replace all three judges with just one Peggy Blu, a coach from hell.

    c) Again – sad to see Erika leave, but people, come on – That’s hardly Heejun and Deandre’s fault. That’s her fan’s poor voting fault.

    d) J.Lo is not pretty in pink.

    e) I absolutely love Jessica, I think she’s amazing and has the biggest voice in this show, but to think of it – I will probably never buy her CD. Sometimes she sounds EXACTLY like Jennifer Hudson, it’s creepy.

    f) Also nor Heejun’s, Hollie’s and Joshua’s. Too predictable.

    • Okay, I think someone should answer that one.

      a.) Yeah, for a singing competition like AI? I mean, c’mon. HeeJun is like taking everything too comedic. He’s entertaining, but that voice, to me, is just mediocre. Try to replay all of his performances. I guess his best was just his audition song.

      It is really a singing competition—-can’t you define the meaning of the title???

      b.) Do you even listen to the Judges? It’s still his opinion [even if it’s very lame]. The factor in that is he may influence people—which is too obvious. And again, replay his performances.

      c.) You’re right. It’s not Deandre or HeeJun’s fault. But, everyone is just expressing their opinions just like you.

      d.) Hmmmm…. If J.Lo is not pretty in pink, try applying as her personal stylist. What style do you think will suit her by the way?

      e.) Jessica sounding like J.Hudson? Wow, I wonder what kind of ears you have there. Jimmy’s years of experience in criticizing voices are trustworthy. It’s basically your opinion. If you think you won’t buy her music, so what? You’re not the only prospect.

      f.) If you won’t buy their music [or any idol 2012’s music], please leave this website and try coming back next year. 

      •  a) Okay, about Heejun taking everything too comedic. You’re right. But that’s just how he is. Can you even imagine him going all serious now? And he’s got a big fan base.
        I’m not at all saying, that Heejun is one of the best voices out there, cause clearly he’s not. But he’s got a nice tone. He is also funny and very likeable, and that’s important too.

        And yes – I can define the meaning of the title. IDOL.
        Not American singer –  American idol. Just points out what I said earlier, so…

        b) I listen to the judges, yes: “OMG goosies, singing the phone book, what kind of show is this, for me it was a little bit pitchy/pitchy all over the place, I wasn’t jumping up and down about this, etc.” Nothing new.

        Actually I do appreciate Jimmy’s comments, he actually says something new and helpful.

        I actually did replayed some of HHan performances. Well, if he’s SO bad,
        then why did the judges picked him to be in top 24 in the first place?

        c) Yes, and I’m expressing my opinion on their opinions.

        d) NOT pink! 🙂

        e) I have musical ears with perfect pitch and almost two degrees, thank you 🙂 It’s her melisma and tone, that reminds me of JHudson sometimes.
        By the way, I begin to understand, that criticizing Jessica is not an option here, although I never did. I said she was an amazing singer.
        And yes – Thank god I’m not the only prospect for Jessica.

        f) Aww, thank you for pointing out that I have that option. I’ll strongly consider this. Thank you again 🙂

      • Not gonna make this long-long…

        a.) Good, then. 

        b.) Yes, you’re right. All I’m saying is that you shouldn’t listen to them as they aren’t that consistent.

        c.) No problem with that… 🙂

        d.) Then what would you like to suggest? Not wearing pink is too broad.  

        e.) Okay, then stick to that musical ears of yours. 🙂 She WAS an amazing singer?…… She still IS an amazing singer.

        f.) Thank you for considering.

        To all your comments, thank you. Please do come again! This website will embrace you with arms wide open. 🙂

      •  This thread is weird, it doesn’t let me reply correctly… oh well.
        I know all my posts are too long, so to make this even shorter – I’m not a stylist but I’m enough stylist to know that NOT pink will be great on her 🙂
        Both JHadson and JSanchez still are great singers, you’ll have to cut me some slack here, english is not my native language, I make lots of mistakes 🙂

      • Yeah, sorry about that. It’s just that there are some parts in your post that seems opposing for me–what more I can do but comment. Anyway, I you have a great analysis with the idols. Sorry for the rude comments. 🙂 Peace!

      • If you didn’t invite the viewers to participate in this website, you have no right to ask anyone to leave.

      • @1e6c7bd9b183cb588624b692358d5f8f:disqus 
        Oooops, sorry if I sounded offending to you. I can’t please you nor anyone here. All I said is that if he or she doesn’t appreciate this season’s idols, he or she has no reason to waste his or her time here.  Anyway, if you think I am too offending, I’m sorry but you have no choice. I’m here to comment—just like you. 🙂

      • Joe, You are not the only one who tells people to leave this site just because they have different opinions from yours. But, you are one of the few people who does care about not wanting to offend people, and I appreciate that. You’re correct–we all have the right to comment. We all also have the right to continue here if we don’t agree.  Peace

    • I’ll reply too,

      a.) He shouldn’t get more serious and you’re right. People criticizing     him is so not true. He can sing.  He just a bit pitchy from time to time.

      Oh yeah, btw, this IS american idol but whats the problem of having fun.. ( for people who dont know what it means, it means do something unseriously )

      b.) Once again you are right.  That coach from hell ( along with Jimmy ) should be the judges. My father called them to positive, especially Jennifer. He said bring back Simon or whatever his name was back.

      c.) Yeah so true. People! Please stop blaming people so much. If You still want to do it, join American Idol. There, I said it.

      d.) 100% true

      e.) I don’t like Jessica all that much ( she screams a lot sometimes ) and she doesnt sound like Jennifer, dont think so.

      f.) One question : Predictable????

  38. Can’t believe the voting for this show, Heejun should have gone home long ago. Erika much better than at least 4 or 5 of the ones left. Take away the teens and tweeny bops phones and we may have an honest voting system. I am so dissapointed in the show this year. Jennifer must have the final say on who is saved. Sure she is saving it for Josha. This season sucks,should be the end of Idol.

    • the show should have ended after simon left.  the only thing keeping it alive is the occasional “diamond in the rough”  who comes along.  this year it’s jessica, hollie, and p2

      • Yeah I reviewed some AI episodes from where Simon was still there and the quality of the judging back then (even with Paula) was so to the point. The criticisms no matter how harsh seemed to bring the best of the finalists.

  39. I am so sick and tired of the voting on this show. Erica was superior to the Heejun (his silliness is getting beyon annoying now) and Deandre who is one style. But this is so typical woth this show. Hopefully one of them is gone next week. It also shows that a women has a hard chance of making on this show. If the final two are not Jessica and Hollie, then it will prove this show is biased.

    And is it me, or are others getting tired of J Lo and her “I’ve got goosies” statement. I miss Simon; he truly would judge better.

    • I AM sick of the “goosies” thing with J Lo! It’s’re 40..not 4!
      Oh..and I don’t think the show is biased against women. You have Kelly, Carrie, Fantasia…is that it? lol.  I actually like Phillip the best so if he’s not in the final 2..I say the show is biased!

  40. no sincerity;and,even less of a voice compared to this group, pong is still there,dawg.only thing jumping off is fleas.i mean,PLEASE!

  41. Too bad Erica’s new look ( which IS stunning ) could not save her…I felt that she performed a lot better than Deandre and HeeJun…ah well. I was really looking forward to Haley’s performance and was dissapointed… BTW…Happy Birthday to Steven T.

    • Again??? Are you sure? Oh God, I hope it’s not Phil—-I’m afraid it’s ’cause of his kidney stones.

      I’m not guessing Jessica, Colton or Joshua.

  42. Why are you people so against Heejun? Is it because he’s Asian? He, at least, brings some life to a very dull show! I, also, give him credit for the work he does. Do any of you help other people or do you just complain? At least, he’s doing something constructive. He can sing and he’s like a breath of fresh  air to the show. Can any of you complainers do that???
    I think Jimmie and Steven are racists, too. Of all people to criticize Heejun, Steven should be the last one to do that. He has made a complete ass of himself for years. Any 60 year old who would strip on TV doesn’t the right to say anything negative about anybody!

    • this is a serious singing competition. I admire Heejun’s sense of humor but AI is just not the right place for his comedies! 

    • Oh my. Don’t bring that racial issue here. This is not about him being asian. This is about his voice—his performance. 

      Stop bragging to about all this racial reaction. It doesn’t ring a bell—-you’re just not making any sense. Jimmy and Steven?????—-What about there praises for Jessica? Dude, you have a problem. A real serious problem. AI audience doesn’t talk about races. They talk about the next singing idol. 

    • Again….Seriously… think its racism?  Give me a break….Hee Jun  is not a good singer……he is OK…… He should not even have been in the Top 10…….I don’t care what nationality he is, he is not a good enough singer for Idol.   BUT I can see a sitcom in his future.

    • we’re NOT against heejun because he’s asian.  he just NOT a great singer.  he would be absolutely BRILLIANT in a weekly sitcom.  GET THE PICTURE!!  nbc or cbs should sign him

    • Heejun tries to sing and tries to be funny. It’s just that he isn’t that great at either one. Sometimes he acts like he is funny by accident and other times on purpose. I don’t watch this show to see bad comedy. I watch it for good singing which is not one of Heejun’s strong points. The fact that he is Asian has nothing to do with the comments I just made, but maybe it has something to do with those who are his fans.

  43. The judges keep saying this is the best year, better talent this year than ever before.  Being an AI fanatic I have followed it every year….can someone explain to me how this year’s crop is SO MUCH BETTER than any other year?  I don’t see it.  This year is lackluster for me and I’m really tired of such sweet judges.  Give me some reality here.  Erika should have stayed and either DeAndre or Heejun should have gone.  But hey the show is ruled by the young female voters……

    • I think this is one of the weaker seasons. Don’t know if I’ll continue watching, not because I am angry about eliminations or voting. The talent night and results shows just put me to sleep. Seriously!

  44. i am so sad for heejun…i like his voice…his simplicity and his candid humor…  i hope & pray he got over the negative comments and take it as constructive criticisms to challenge him to perform better next week… aja! fighting heejun han…we love  you!

  45. While I thought Erika had a good voice, I was not at all surprised by her elimination. She has always been in the bottom 3 and I guess her reaction last week (after finding out she was not going home but Shannon was) did not endear her to some viewers. She lacked the likability factor which Heejun has a lot of. I really do not think Heejun was making a joke of his performance. I think he wanted to have fun and not sing ballads. Unfortunately for him, his persona makes it hard for people to take him seriously.

    I want to comment on P2’s defiance vs the mentors — it will cost him. I mean come on, the mentors were not exactly telling him anything to do something really bad.  For example, I totally agree that he should not wear gray because it makes him look pale.  I also thought it was high time he ditched the guitar to make America see what he is made of.  He screeches and his performances will get old after a few weeks.

    American Idol is a platform for them not only to be signed but to learn as much as possible from the mentors.  I think among them, Jessica has been the one that showed improvement over the last 3 episodes.  She seems to take the advice seriously without really compromising who she is. She is a diva on-stage and a student/quiet teenager off-stage.   

    • Oh please. Phillip does not screech. Personally, I don’t care what he wears. He is easily the best artist on the show! You want to talk about screeching…take a look at Jessica. She has not shown the most improvement. Are you high? Her best night was th eWhitney night and then she sucked on Turn The Beat Around…this week was just okay.

      • Jessica has been getting the “too much vibrato” comments from IWALY.  She seems to be controlling it better now.  I think she has improved a lot.  

        Philip is very good but I agree that he should sing without the guitar soon.  He is very likable and humble.  I like his personality but I think he needs to get out of his comfort zone to prove he deserves to be in the top spot.  I just feel that the advice given to him were not all that bad and I wonder why he did not listen to them. That was what I meant to say.

        And no, I am not high. Never have, never will.

      • Agree with you.  Jessica needs to limit/control her vibrato…unpleasant to listen to.  Phillip rocks!  I don’t care what he wears.  He knows who he is, has a unique voice and is very attractive, so it is pleasant to watch his performances.  

    • I get from u that u expect from Jessica to get better and better … I will include Elise as well .. .. It’s not easy to live up to such expectations especially after IWALY  …
      Jessica will sing a beyonce song next week !!  Don’t miss it. 

      • Oops, forgot about her. I also think Elise has been really taking the feedback to heart.  I like her style.  She is so talented and I hope we see her in the final 2.  Actually I hope 2 girls reach the final 2. I like all the girls.  🙂

    • If its garbage stop watching it. You watch it you call it garbage you still watch it. Doesnt make any sense…

  46. As long as teen age girls run the voting bloc there will always be a Deandre and a Hue Jen. Sometimes toyboys can sing, often they can’t. Last night was the case with Deandre and Hue Jen..American voting will ultimately ruin this program.

  47. Erika, has a great voice, I think they’re nuts for letting her go if anyone should have went, should have been Skylar, she mimics Rebba and is a terrible singer in my book.

    • Sorry to disagree, but I like Skylar. She has a good voice and stage personality. I think she is her own person and wasn’t manipulated by the “fashion police” this past week. The fact that she resembles Reba should not be used against her.

  48. I truly believe Heejun has been consistently mediocre at best and to hear Jennifer refer to him as a star, that had to be due to his work with the kids he does at home, not his singing or performance abilities. I honestly do not believe that Ericka should have been the one to leave and realize it was America’s vote but when people can just keep voting over and over again for 2 hours it comes down to who has more friends and not about talent. HeeJun should have gone home.

  49. SERIOUSLY……..HeeJun & Deandre are better singers than Erika?????
    Come on America…..Kids please stop voting for the guys only and teen contestants.  This is a singing competition and they are making a joke out of it.  Seriously, AI is in trouble.   Nigel, I wish y ou were reading these comments…..why not do Teen American Idol……It will be a big hit….

    • on a completely different note, just read that “trespassing”  is being released  may 15. usually takes 5-6  days on amazon so hopefully i’ll have it on the following monday.  IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!!   now we’ll get some REAL music.

      • Thanks for the update.  I am sooooo excited.  Something great to look forward too.   YAY!!!!!

    • I was thinking the same thing.  Teen Idol..if Simon were here he’d be having a field day with these kids.  I mocked someone the other day and got beat up by the posters.  Simon always, whether rightly or not, gave his opinion of hair, dress, etc.   You have to get tough or get out.

  50. Same old Same old~!!! The contestants with a bit of uniqueness in their voice go home ..K.Clarkson,C. Underwood,J. Hudson, James Durbin and one of the grestest Adam Lambert are what Idol WAS all about. AI in the past few years has gone way downhill….

    • Hello Rose……I can’t agree with you more.   Last night was such a disappointment.  I am trying so hard to love this show like I’ve done for the past 10 seasons but for some reason this season is weird.  The judges say its the best talent season ever……Whatever drugs they’re on I need some because I just don’t see it that way.  Do they hear things we don’t or do they just want to pride themselves on thinking so?  Its becoming a comedy fashion show.  What’s happened to the music?

    • Uh, Rose..James Durbin was on American Idol 10. Since we’re on really can’t say..the past few years. And actually, I like Scotty McCreary a lot better than Lee Dewize and I would say his career is going a lot better than his..or Kris Allen’s for that matter.

  51. I am disappointed. I think Hollie is not listen to anyone that gives her advice.  I think Jessica is getting sceechy. Elise looks mad all the time. Heejun, well I don’t know what he is doing… Is it just a joke for him and making fun of Idol? I think that is disrespectful. I like Phillp, I would like to see him on stage but I would listen to him on the radio. Colten didn’t listen about his hair, but when he sings not so rocky songs, he is beautiful. Joshua has a voice and feelings of an angel.

      • There’s a girl and a guy’s side? Really? I thought you were supposed to vote on talent, not gender. Where have I been? Good to know.

      • so ur saying that girls cant like guy singers? so ur saying since im a girl i cant listen to coldplay, muse, maroon 5, gavin degraw or anything like that? i can only listen to people like dev, or nicki  minaj or Jessi jay or selena gomez? i really dont understand why girls cant like music that boys sing. everyone has their own style and this year the girls might not have the style that some people like. for me i hate country and ballads, so mainly that leaves me Colton and Phillip. they are my favs weather u like it or not.

      • pally45 ”   I’ll vote on talent but still  U an Me are not in the majority.
        U know the teens …  they will vote for >>> u know the rest

  52. The people at Vote For The Worst are taking credit for keeping Hee Jun in the competition, but it has to be more than that. I just don’t know to whom he appeals. He cannot sing, he is NOT funny, he is a smart-a** and when he got crtiticized he said somehting for which I will go out of my way to forever chastise him: saying he wanted to show the real him. The guy God had called to work with these kids!!!  Stick it Hee Jun!!!

  53. This is so shocking why hee jun is not out in this elimination round. Just like last elimination, shannon was out. like wtf? She can sing better than Hee Jun. I think everyone vote him for his jokes.

  54. Heejun is a poor singer. He needs to go home next. Just about everyone sings better than him. He must have an awful big following. Whatever happens Heejun staying on the show for too long will cause the better singers to go home first, which is really very unfair to his peers. I see the top singers as #1-Jessica,#2-Holly, #3-Joshua. Good luck to all!

  55. I am surprised by the comments here. Anyone who watches Idol in the past few years know it’s not about who has the best voice, to go deeper in this competition. Sadly, sometimes popularity and personality will carry you a long way, although I doubt anywhere further than top 7.

    • I still believe, America will get it right. When it’s true that personality or looks has a lot to do, it’s not always the case. There are still winners from the past who deserves it (couldn’t be the best but is more deserving of the award). Carrie Underwood for example. Fantasia  who doesn’t have looks like the others won also despite being in bottom 3 many times. Taylor Hicks couldn’t be popular to teens but won. 

      The truth is we cannot say what America is really looking for. Whether we like it or not, everyone is talented. It’s a given fact. The determining factor is whether you outshone and emerged from others or not. And maybe you’re right. That someone who is popular. If you’re forgettable, you maybe couldn’t win. 

      • The past winners you mentioned all won in years before every tween and teen had cell phones.  Now they gather every phone in the house [Mom’s, Dad’s, sib’s, even Grandma’s if she has one] and maniacally text for their faves. There will never be another winner based on talent unless they limit the votes.  

    • Totally agree.   Like everything else in America, being young is winning.  Look at last year..the final two were 16 years old.  This has been trending since the show is 11 yrs old and the kids watching it then are now teens and they tend to vote more.  I think if the Pia’s and Elise’s of the world want to win a contest they should shuffle over to the Voice where it’s a bit more relevant at this point in time.  All that Jessica, Hollie and Colton have to do is show up.

  56. EVP must be asking herself why Chicken fried rice is still there and she had to go on Thursday. Perhaps it is no longer a talent contest but political contest to keep chow mein in there because he is Asian?
    There is no way that fried rice is staying, the system is a fix, no way did America vote for EVP to go, fried rice cant sing, he’s out of tune and he cant pronounce the words, this is not a bar sing a long.

    • I’d like to agree with your point but I just can’t. Dude, make things sound objective and choose words that are not that racy. Chicken fried rice? You’re making fun of HeeJun’s race. Go back to your couch and eat a lot of junks. I guess you’re so good at that.

  57. In response to; JoeLand0208  about me being racy or racist, not at all I live in Indonesia. I remember once walking into terminal 4 at heathrow airport the terminal for America and thought hey who the lights out it was so dark with blacks.
    In fact it was more like spot the honky!

    You lot are so sensitive get a life, talk to me about being racy, you yanks call everyone dude, that’s an insult for the start. Typical yank, you like to agree but you cant bullshit and you should be good at that because that is what your country is a load of bull, so deep in it, at the end of the day all I need to do is delete you, so it doesn’t worry me what you say punk!

  58. people should start thinking that this show is not solely about how a contestant sings well, there are also other factors involved such as personality and ‘idol’ material. Just appreciate the show for what it does and just vote harder next time for your fave contestant if you don’t want him or her out. 

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