American Idol Results: 2012 Top 10 Elimination

American Idol Results - 2012 Top 10 elimination show

It’s American Idol results time for the 2012 Top 10 elimination show! One of the remaining finalists will go home unless the Judges Save is put in to play, but if not you’ll still get a chance to see this singer again on the summer tour.

We’ve gone through our elimination predictions for tonight. The poll results have shifted a little since this morning, but Branden and I are both still expecting a DeAndre Brackensick elimination. If he does receive the fewest votes then I won’t expect the judges to save him.

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American Idol 2012 Top 10 – Bottom 3:

  • DeAndre BrackensickRyan reveals DeAndre is safe
  • Erika Van Pelt
  • Heejun HanRyan reveals Heejun is safe

Now Erika will have to sing for the Judges’ Save. Did it work?

No, it didn’t work. Erika was voted out for the second time this season. I don’t blame the judges. They can’t use it on someone who wasn’t a fluke with the results.

American Idol 2012 Top 10 – Elimination Result:

  • Erika Van Pelt

The following singers are safe and make up your American Idol 2012 Top 9:

  • Hollie Cavanagh
  • Skylar Laine
  • Elise Testone
  • Jessica Sanchez
  • Joshua Ledet
  • Colton Dixon
  • Phillip Phillips
  • DeAndre Brackensick
  • Heejun Han

What do you think of tonight’s results on American Idol 2012?




  1. Im looking foward to haley.
    but i know deandre is gone.
    but hopefully im wrong maybe heejun will bite the dust.

  2. i hate the group numbers…its an insult to them as individuals to put on these dog and pony shows…lol.  i am starting off angry tonight…lets talk about Phil…that will cheer me up.

      • SalvX boring ?  not to me.  the others are boring…Skylar is an exception other than last night..she was bad.  but Phil is going to be a star no matter what Idol or your audiophile says…: )

    • …no, it’s not just you…  I was shocked, I actually liked the group number.  Didn’t have to mute, for the first time ever.

  3. HeeJun needs to go.

    Jessica, Phil, Colton are sure safe for me. 🙂
    Elise deserves to be safe also [despite of the issue with her attitude]. I need to see her a lot since Lady Gaga has been avoiding the media [Just joking]. 🙂

    • I have a problem with Elise. Her attitude and demeanor present her as unteachable.  This is a very tough career and learning to glean from each experience and be thankful for them is key to a long career.  She has a good voice but I am put off by the above. Sorry Elise. Get over yourself, please.

      • Hi Cheri,
        Attitude and demeanor?? , Unteachable??  She is a mature artist not an amateur.  And if you are paying attention she has more than just a good voice.  By the way what is your qualification?

      • You get over yourself; hater, if you’ve never been in a singers’ competitive shoes., and they ARE BETTER THAN you’ll ever be, don’t knock their attitude. She’s not a robot!

      • Unteachable? I think you are mistaking her for Heejun Han. He is a ridiculous joke who can sing only marginally. Only Steven Tyler is calling him out on it and refuses to accept his foolish, immature behavior. He sounds like William Hung, singing with that accent, and straining his VERY weak voice. He makes inappropriate comments that a twelve year-old would make. I seriously cannot watch the show anymore when little teeny boppers are voting on personality instead of voice. As far as I am concerned, when Jen Hirsch didn’t make it, they lost the best voice within the broadcast area of Fox television. I blame the judges for that, especially ignorant, untalented Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson.

    • I’m not quite sure what this is about her attitude? I’ve not seen anything wrong with her attitude.. I just feel that she is having problems opening up….

      • Yeah, that’s the only thing I can see about Elise. She even tweeted that she’ll be smiling everyday so that the people will not be mistaken with her attitude. All she needs is a little opening. Maybe let’s give her a break. 🙂 How about next week??? 🙂

    • I agree that a lot of people thinks she is bringing up an attitude. It’s just that her ups and downs and her attitude is bringing interest to AI. I’m pretty sure that she’ll not last til’ the end, at least.

  4. Think this year idol has been the most boring! I think Skylar needs to go as well as a few others. DeAndre needs to stay.

  5. Whew!  So happy Skylar is safe…the poll numbers were not good.  I think she’ll have a much better performance next week.  

    • I like Skylar, but she needs to quit oversinging her songs. Both she and Jessica push way too hard and it is not becoming or really marketable. If they would both learn that the quiet, soft, sincere parts need to be felt and used to bring in the audience, and save their punch for only a couple times in a song…they would do much better.  When young people oversing and push their volume they are just asking for vocal cord problems and a short career.

  6. Damn,but ryan likes to scare people…lol thank god hollie’s safe..the group numbers are definitely better than last years..probably because now they are singing live.

  7. So, 3 of the following 4 will make up the bottom:  Deandre, Heejun, Erika, Joshua, ’cause no way will Phil, Colton or Jessica be in the bottom this week.

    • I disagree with Erika. She is a natural and I hope she continues on in the competition.  Heejun is cute and funny, but his vocals are just not there.  Deandre has such a layed-back persona…I think he really appeals to the teen-girls…so I think he should be ok this week.

  8. YAY!! SO HAPPY my 2 favorite girls are safe Hollie and Skylar!! hope the rest the results are good. bottom will prob be heejun and deandre.

    • Right with you on Hollie and Skylar! Now that they’re safe, I’m fine with whatever happens but I hope one of your bottom two goes home.

  9. Gheeez!!!! My work is killing me!
    I’m glad that Elise is safe.

    I know Jessica will be safe so please update me guys with the results. 

  10. So Heejun and Erika will join Deandre as bottom 3, ’cause no way Phil will be there.

    • That was strange.  Not Haley, but the song.  Whoever wrote it was definitely sampling Rod Stewart’s “Tonight’s the Night”

    • I find it amusing that people who don’t like Haley will always go out of their way to say something nasty about her.  The song is about to break into the top 10 pop songs on iTunes so the eggs on the haters.

  11. Loved Haley’s song!!  I didn’t care for her look though.  I can’t wait until I start hearing this song on the radio. 

  12. yeah listen to jimmy and end up lee dweezel…Phil tell them to Philll OFF…Let Phil be Phil and jimmy you are showing your ego now.

    • I love Phil and his sound but some of what Tommy H and Jimmy are saying is true. Depending on the market you are trying to sell to, image plays a part.  I love that Phil is all about the music and I agree whole heartedly. I think a little dressing-up, adding a key piece to his wardrobe, and maybe a little color will appeal to a wider audience. Once he has made his mark then he can stay fading into the background and let his music speak, but not everyone can truly HEAR the music without judgemnet on what they are seeing. 

      He can remain himself, be true to his trade, and offer the senses a little more color appreciation at the same time…for some vision is their most prominent sense, for others of us it is our hearing.

    • Just because PP did not listen to him putting down the guitar. That’s is low, Jimmy!

      • jimmy has a big ego and you are suppose to kiss his ring…Phil is just Phil..he is not going to put on makeup and flashy tommy clothing to pimp himself…Phil just rocks…and I am sure the beatles had a lot to say about what they wore even in the beginning and did not turn to some has been fashion designer who paid big bucks to have his face on tv.

  13. i like erika’s look…..i would like her to be around at least next week.  Heejun should go home…he has been the worst the last two weeks

    • I didn’t like it. The performance was naff. I thought we were at the Tiki Lounge when she started rubbing up and down on that pole. I don’t like her voice and she reminds me too much of Madona with her on stage antics and trying to be all sexy and crap. She is a beautiful girl but she needs to tone it down a little on the sexing it up and pole dancing. 

      • Hey taymaro ,  how often do you go to strip clubs. seems like you know a lot about pole dancing. and Haley is sexy and hot ,hot ,hot.

      • Absolutely HOT! No doubt about that. I have been to a strip club once in my life but you see that crap all the time on TV and in movies. That type of antics on stage is a turn off for me. Makes me think of a cheap easy slut. Sorry that is just the way I feel. Someone who is sexy without even trying is Edie Brickell….yeah that’s more my speed. Beautiful and sophisticated. Someone whom you have to use your imagination to imagine them in a compromising situation. Not someone who just puts it all out there and leaves nothing for the imagination. Sorry if that is not your opinion but it is definitely mine. 

      • You are right. I guess there is a market out there for that. There is also a market for porn and drugs and they will stand the test of time as well. 

  14. I sure don’t understand Erika being in the bottom 3 AGAIN. She always sings incredibly well, and I thought her new look was great! Why is she not connecting with the fans? Damn I don’t want to see her go, especially after she did that complete makeover.

    • Hi Dan,

      I feel the same way.  Tell you what since you like Erika, I’m sure you also like Elise, so move over to her camp and vote for her next week
      I am sure you don’t want another good singer go home for no reason.

      And that goes for all Erika supporters, move over and vote for Elise,
      support the one who loves to sing.  I know she will only going to get better and better as she gains the confidence moving on to the next round.

      • Nice try, Ed.  Your pimping of poor pitiful Pearl the Precious Moments statue is bordering on desperate.  She stinks.  Period.

      •  Hi EdWinter,

        Not back from school yet!  you don’t even have a driver’s license, right?

    •  It seems like this is a young person’s show.  Contestants over 25 have a hard time connecting with fans who vote.  Erika and Elise may have the two best voices on the show.  But they are always in the bottom 3.

    • Erika went home because she does not fit the kids image of what a pop singer should look like. Erika is soooo talented and mature but because she has a few pounds on and not 17 she got sent home. Thats what happens when kids vote.

    • so disappointed….. erika is a star and just wait , you haven’t seen the best of her yet..  we will hear from her!!!! 

      • Hi Connie,

        Me too.  She was one of two that I really like.  Now that she is done,
        move your support to Elise, she is the other one  and in danger of  a
        voter’s conspiracy.  I still don’t understand all the bad write ups she is receiving from this column.

  15. Ok Heejun posse you had your fun..he is a nice funny guy, but he has really sounded horrible the last two weeks…and erika did earn her way…please stop voting for HeeJun unless he sings well…

      • entertaining, funny, but really SalvX sounded? compared to erika?  I have not been an erika fan, but i really liked her last night.  she should keep that look..maybe tommy helped her or maybe someone else…but she looks good…sounded good and deserved to stay more than heejun in my opinion..we are always point counterpoint…lol.

      • I agree, Heejun sounded great and entertaining last night and didn’t put me to sleep so I voted for him.

        Its hard to vote for people if their performance makes you want to go to sleep

      • You are the ones that make it difficult to pick a good singer instead of a cause, just saying QUIT!!!!!!

  16. this is unbelievable….erika is wayyy better than heejun…what a joke this is.

  17. Wow.  I sure thought (hoped) Deandre was heading home.  Or Heejun.  Erika is probably the weakest girl left in the competition, but Deandre is awful and Heejun is only hanging on ’cause he is entertaining–not because he can sing well.  Sigh.

  18. Casey James  released his new album a couple of days ago…hear its good…i need to download..wonder if idol will invite him this season…surely he rates an invite.

    • Thanks for the news.  After that shocker of Erika going home, I needed some upbeat news.

  19. Look at Jessica’s outfit. she’s very fresh and young! love her sense of fashion!!!

    • DeAndre had single performances who were better than all Erika did on Idol.  I think some of you just really cant appreciate an original singer like him, who got some much range, soul and swag and put his own flavour on songs. He got a voice of a succesful recording artist. Erika would make a good bar singer

  20. this is quite predictable. Though i wanted heejun to go, i know he has a lot of fans out there. I know he will be eliminated (if his performance is still awful) next week or next next week. 🙂

  21. Erika was never my fav., but for her to leave before HeeJun and DeAndre was so SAD. It’s déjà vu all over again.

  22. Erika was Eliminated? She is one of the best singer in the competition! Its not fair! 🙁

    • There is one more in danger of a repeat incident, and it will be a shame if these manipulators succeeded in sending her home – Elise is an singer/artist and not a cover girl.  Mover over your support to her 🙂

      • Do you realize that the way you’re hammering at people to support Elise is going to have the opposite effect?  Cramming her down everyone’s throat makes people dislike her.

      •  This is exactly why I am doing this, people already dislike her, so
        hopefully this will turn things around.  Read previous blogs and check it out first before you start throwing the hate on me.

      •  At Shane,

        Obviously, you have not heard of politics, maybe you are too young or to naive.  When you want to know who are your opposition , you flush em out.  That’s how it’s done.   It’s better than crying when it is all over
        like most of you do when your favourite goes home.

        I am doing this for the sake of being fair and being a musician.  Elise is an artist not a wannabe.  I am sure you know that already.

    • yeah, but apparently we aren’t judging on talent, seems we are going for who puts on the best comedy show

  23. I like Heejun, with that being said I do think he should have been the one to go tonight either him or Deandre would have made a good second. Stupid teen girls.

    I missed the big group performance so I didn’t have to be tormented with that. Didn’t care for the Lana Del Ray performance, but I loved Haley and I wasn’t a Haley fan last season. I’m going to search for that song. Anyone see Casey Abrams in the audience?

  24. Unbelievable. Heejun was way worse than Erika last night…can you say popularity contest…

  25. F**** all american teenage girls who dont know how to vote…why send Erika home

    • That’s a little harsh but I understand the sentiment. Teenage girls are part of America though and you should just be glad they don’t let them vote for president…LOL. 

      My twenty-one y/o son thought Colton’s performance last night was just horrible. So there you go. It might not be just the teenagers. I ask him what planet he lived on. While it wasn’t the greatest I’ve ever heard it was actually pretty good.  

      • Good for you MOM but in the end it was his vote over you even though it stunk!!!!~! There needs to be rules just like the other shows. There should be a limit on voting per household and cell!!!!

      • LOL i know and i apologize for the outburst. Wish i was able to vote. Elise, Erika. Jessica, Colton, PP and Skylar gave good performances last night but they just went ahead and voted for the comedian

    • Not exactly madness SalvX but I agree she did a great job last night and tonight. She just doesn’t have the support of the public. I think this proves it’s not a singing competition after all. It’s a popularity contest and the young voters have the power. Just be grateful they can’t vote in political elections yet. LOL

  26. America you have made another mistake:  Erika you will be a great performer…You Shine!

    • And there will be another one, if we don’t do something with this crazy voting patterns.  Refuse to send home another good singer, support
      Elise next week to ensure her chance of staying on.

  27. I hate that Erika is gone…she was amazing…Heejun should have gone home….I think we need new judges….on this show….to them..everyone is amazing and wonderful..but when you need them to cowboy up..they just don’t step up to the plate….they need to put their big boy pants on and get to work…this girl should have been allowed to stay…

    • America voted, not the judges. and i think the judges made the right decision not to use the save coz there are more deserving people for that 1 save. 🙂


    • No,they were right to hold on to the save.Remember she was a wildcard pick,and has been in the bottom every week.Yes,the girl can really sing,however she has no fan base.The save would have been wasted,she would just go home next week.That save could be needed to save Jessica,Joshua,Phillip or Colton.Sometimes we don’t vote because we feel one of our favorites is sure to be safe.Well what happens if a thousand of us are thinking the same thing?I am sorry Erika had to go,but she was boring.Hollie is boring also,trust me she will be gone within a couple of weeks.Can you imagine going to a Hollie concert?I sure couldn’t,however I would buy her music.I love her voice,but I close my eyes when she sings.

  28. Heejun safe Erik out. How could that happen? Erika’s last performance knocked it out of the park! Heejun will go next. I can’t believe they did not save Erika. While she may not have been able to win it all, she is certainly top 5 material. Thankfully she will be on tour! Good luck Erika, you will go far. Great new look as well. Gosh darn hot!

  29. I also have to disagree with Jimmy Iovine about Phil. He should just be Phil. My respect for Phil went up a bunch because he just wanted to do his thing. Phil got this far in the competition just being himself and so far he’s the only one that I can honestly say I’ve been voting for every week. Phil should continue to be himself and if he gets eliminated then he should get eliminated just being himself.

    • I almost agree but I didn’t like his comment last night. Sort of the same thing as Heejun. Their attitude isn’t in it to win it. They are getting a little cocky if you ask me. Phillip needs a wake up call in the form of a bottom three scare I think. Also I think the judges might have saved Erika but because of the voting process it would have been a wasted save. She is just not popular among the main viewing demographic and would have landed back on bottom again. 

      I am in no way agreeing that she deserved to go home. In my opinion Erika was the best of the night last night and absolutely amazing tonight. She was followed closely in second by Jessica last night though. 

      DeAndre is extremely talented but he really has to step it up. Heejun’s attitude of “not trying to be a star” is not very good. If that’s the case why is he there. He should have manned up and tried to give up his spot to Erika. I really think that his comic routine is a smoke screen for his lack of self confidence. Asians are all about saving face so if he pretends not to be trying or if he actually doesn’t try then he wont be humiliated when he is eventually eliminated. 

      All that said they lost one of the best vocalists in the competition tonight but that is par for the course for Idol. They lost a lot more talented people than what we are left with before the live shows even started IMHO. So it’s no shocker to me. 

      •  I didn’t think of Phil’s view as cocky but more as an “with all due respect I think it’s best to stick with what I’m comfortable with.”

      • Comfortable doesn’t win these competitions though. They are always trying to get the contestants to step OUT of their comfort zone. But I like Phillip’s style I just didn’t like that comment. It did sound a little cocky to me. I think his head might be growing a little bit. I do think he needs a wake up call because it does matter what others think about you when you are putting yourself out there to try and win a contest like American Idol. 

      • I didn’t think Phil was being cocky.  He is a simple southern boy…he is not going to listen to a has-been fashion designer.  And its more about Jimmy’s ego when it comes to Phil.  Phil was never rude or dismissive…I think their hollywood feminizing ideas are completely wrong for Phil.  Let the others like Colton play dress up.

      • I agree. I actually like Phillips style but if you go back and listen to his comment he was like he didn’t care what people think. In a contest like this it definitely matters. But I agree with him not going with the whole TH look but he should have just said “that’s just not who I am” instead of stating it like he did. It sounded a little disrespectful to the designer and the judges. But you really can’t blame him at the same time. I really think that TH wasn’t that much of a great designer even when he was very popular and I didn’t really follow any of his suggestions for the contestants. Everything he was saying was pretty general stuff and not really any great advice. His company is just trying to climb back on top after being beaten down by Abercrombie and Fitch. That’s who should be styling the contestants. 

      • I wish someone would call Bruce Springstein or Paul McCartney and ask them about Jimmy’s comments with regards to Phil. 

      • True, True, and True sometimes I think they keep a few duds around just so they have someone to illiminate..I think there should be more transparency in the vote results and also time for new judges..

      • Agree with Taymaro.
        If Phil just wants to be himself, fine. But why deliberately defy both Jimmy and Tommy, who have been in the business maybe even before Phil was born? It just screams DISRESPECT. It seemed to me like he was saying “F* off, I don’t need you. I’m so good. I can be a superstar on my own.”

        He isn’t a bonafide star yet and he already acts like that. It sends out the wrong message.

        Erika should not have gone home.

    • I think  Erika would have been better off  if she had just been Erika.  I personally think the makeover hurt her.  It was like she was a new face in the competition.  Some might have liked it, but I found it to be hard looking.  She had such a sweet soft look before.   Jackie

  30. Erika? She is so much talented than Heejun. I don’t wanna live in this country anymore ._.

    •  Yep I agree, this voting system has been an ongoing problem and the producers don’t care to fix it because they like to say they got 70 million votes.

    • What is surprising is that Erika received the lowest votes considering that  she performed way better than Deandre and Heejun.   But it’s not surprising that the judges did not save her,  considering that she’s really a bottom 3 dweller.    I think the SAVE is reserved for a contestant who usually doesn’t belong to the bottom 3, who performed very well during that week,  but somehow received the lowest votes probably becausee his/her fans thought he/she is safe.     

  31. They should of let Heejun go insteaqd of Erica my opinion. She is a much better singer and better personality.

  32. You have got to be kidding. Erika was so good tonight. Sorry, but DeAndre or Heejun should of gone home. Probably DeAndre. Oh Ryan, are you sure you read the card right?  Just can’t believe it. We were all totally shocked.

    • You want another repeat next week. It is going to happen again with Elise, so lets get together and vote, vote , vote and tell others.

      • I’m telling everyone not to vote for Elise simply because you’re being such a crusader for her.  I never miss an opportunity to tell people about her crap attitude, crap fashion sense and oversinging screech.  and I’ll keep doing that until you stop.

      •  Hi EdWinter,

        C’mon and come out please ! I have suceeded already.  Bring more hate  please eventually the bloggers here will realize who you are and all the non-sesnse you bring here.  Go ahead tell everyone, as much as you want.  I dare you .  Do it day and night untill yours pop out, LOL

      •  Hi EdWinter,

        What happened ?  You stopped! , By the way , do you have a driver’s license yet? LOL

  33. What a heck is with America? Why they keeping Heejun?
    This guy has to goooooo home.
    Not fair Ericka is a great singer.
    Heejun is not a singer, maybe as comedian actor works.
    Wake up America !

    •  It’s the teen girls doing their power texting to get the good looking guys through.

      • Teen age girls are not voting for Heejun, stop coming up with delusional excuses except for the fact you didn’t vote for Ericka

      • Blame it on whatever you want to but America voted and it is what it is. To sell records and sell out concerts you need more than a good voice. You need the whole package.

  34. im so glad jessica and hollie are safe 🙂 i dont care about the rest. lol. honestly, erika’s performance waasssss more amazing and believable than hee jun’s.  but, america voted. we cannot do anything about it and judges is still right to use the save. erika’s been in the bottom 3 more than 1 time.  and they will use the save for the most deserving contestants (jessica and hollie). hehehehe

    • Hollie better get her pitch under control then.She really did sound awful last night.I love her voice,however she needs to pick songs she can handle or get control of her nerves.

      • hollie is great but is not ready for the title YET.  Hope she catches up fast with the stiff competition. anyway, jessica or hollie as american idol winner? i have no problem with that. 🙂

    • you said you don’t care about the rest except jessica and hollie. then why are you commenting on erika’s elimination?

    • I totally agree with you……even though Erika was really talented they were right to not use the save last night! It should be used for the most deserving contestants like Jessica or Hollie if they are ever in danger but I don’t think they ever will be! 🙂

  35. Tonite is the last nite that I watch Idol this season and maybe forever.  Erika has more on the ball than several of the others, especially Heejun and DeAndre—what a joke.  I believe Jennifer and Stephen wanted to save her but Randy made the final decision.  Don’t they know a good singer when they hear one? 

      •  Yeah the producers have really listened for a change to the voting system for 11 seasons now, but if the ratings continue to fall then they might start listening.

      • They should let everyone score all the contestants 1-10 after the performances and then send the lowest ranking contestant home. Even then some people wouldn’t vote honestly each night but I think it would be more accurate than it is now. That would be more like a singing competition to me. We shouldn’t be voting for an individual person each week. Just judge every performance and then if someone has an off night and gets eliminated so be it. But it would be a better gauge of the talent IMO. 

    • Don’t quit, get even, vote for Elise, she is next in the hit list and for no reason at all. Reverse thos madness !!

  36. idol has reached a new low! they just kcked off the best singer in the show!! INCREDABLE!! I will never watch it again!!

  37. I think they will use the save on joshua since he is not popular enough to be on the top 5.   Judges can no longer use the save past Top 5.

  38. I am a sixty-seven year old old male ands I thought that tonights elimination of contestants was the worst I have ever seen.  How those two cut up, other than talented boys got saved over such a beautiful older female singer, I do not understand.  I, as before, blame this entirely on young females who know too much about the voting process.  Can only hope that one gets voted off next week.

  39. AMERICA WAKE UP! Tonight’s vote off was totally wrong…Should have been either Heejun or Deandre, in my opinion.

  40. I love the people blaming teenage girls, like they voted for Heejun?  Maybe DeAndre but I doubt they voted for Heejun.  

    And Erika has been in the bottom two every week, it has been about time for her to leave.  Nobody here complaining voted for her, and Erika isn’t that good and didn’t have a good performance last night. 

    I predicted she would go and I was right

  41. I see why the viewership is down 34%.  Hejun begging to go home and they keep him lmao.

  42. It’s not the teenage girls who sent erika home.  It’s her fans who didn’t bother to vote for her.

  43. When I think of Deandre, I think of being isolated, surrounded buy four padded walls, with a straight jacket on, being pumped full of adrenaline, and being forced to listen to a Deandre Birkensak cd to be deliberately driven insane!! but then for a change of pace they put in Heejun’s cd to continue the torture Feel bad for Erika, no way she should of gone before those two! Good luck to you Erika

    • Too harsh on DeAndre. I can’t understand why people can’t appreciate a unique artist like him. And he works so hard too. Don’t you appreciate and respect that?

      • I’m sure they all work hard. It was just a bit of humor, that’s all. Just something about his vocals I find off-putting. I’ve stated that my favorite is Josh cause I think he just has more vocal range than anyone else. But a lot of people disagree with me, it’s only opinions so don’t take it personal. I’m sure Deandre is a good kid and I wish him well, I just think everyone else, with the exception of Heejun, is better

      • It’s funny that you would preach about appreciating and respecting people that are unique, when you yourself cannot appreciate or respect Haley  who, in many people’s opinion, is far more unique than Deandre. 

      • I appreciate Haley. She is beautiful and talented. I just don’t like that song or the staging of it. I am not the only one who thought it looked like a stripper set. And I think someone could have came up with a better break through single for her first release. It’s not gonna be a big hit. She should have hit the charts with something a lot stronger than that. I am afraid she is going to get lost somewhere down in the thirties on the top 100 with that if not lower. All I am saying is she should have hit the ground running with something a little more main stream and grew her fan base first and then slip into her genre of preference and bring those new fans with her. An artist has to have a first release that has everyone asking “Who is that?” and then they will look for more music and they will become a fanatic of the singer and all of their styles. Now if you don’t care about developing a larger following and just want to play to your certain crowd that is a different story. But most artist want to gain the largest following possible. 

        So much hostility on this site. Some people just can’t have a discussion without gettin all pissy about it. 

  44. Heejun is the best by far guys, its a shock he was in the bottom two.  He may be one of the greatest singers I have ever heard.

    • What planet do you live on? I’m gonna take your voting privileges away as of right now…LOL 

      • Heejun brought life the performance shows I was asleep until he graced onto the stage and delivered his stellar performance that kept me entertained and smiling.

        He woke me up just in time to also hear the amazing Jessica Sanchez.  So I say Heejun and Jessica finale because Colton put me back to sleep when he butchered piano man

    • So you really were serious about this. I see Heejun got some lenses in his glasses this week. That was really bothering me…LOL

    • To be honest, I thought William Hung was the best singer to ever grace American Idol.  His rendition of “She Bangs” brought tears to my eyes.  What an amazing preformer.

      • Hi SalvX,

        You know Garfield’s Principle”?  ” If you can’t beat them confuse them”.

        Although I must admit he made a name for himself, his singing style found its way in creating  a new genre “The William Hung”, just kidding William, how are you?

    • I think Haley was smiling at the end of her performance because she knew the judges couldn’t say a darn thing!

      • Of course they couldn’t, they weren’t there!  She taped the performance 45 minutes before the show.  The judges chairs were EMPTY.

  45. Erika is wack!!!!! That’s why she went home!!!! Duces! Maybe her fans should have voted more, bottom line! Obviously she lost some fans from being in the bottom since how long?!?!?!?

    • a cow in labor?  really?  they are that talented?  who would have thought?  hang out in barns a lot do ya?

      • I never heard a cow in labor before but I am almost sure Skylar doesn’t sound anything like that. She is a typical female country singer. Cookie cutter if you ask me. But she does perform and I give her an A for effort. She is very personable too. I like her. Just don’t think she will win. She will have a good career though.

    • LOL. Agreed on the ugly outfit.  But you must be referring to a very rare cow.  Wonder where I can find such a cow.

  46. I wonder how many votes were contributed by vote for the worst voting.  In any case, Erika got the exposure she needed for someone to take note of her talent and great attitude.  She’ll have time before the summer tour for more development as she finds her niche.  She’s just been getting better and better.  (The top 9 listed in this thread should be updated to include DeAndre and Heejun.)

    •  I don’t think that many. VFTW has something like 5,000 followers on twitter, so maybe 7,000-8,ooo votes came from their supporters, not more, which is nothing by american idol standarts, that get like 30 million votes each episode.

  47. Wow! Some of the comments are unbelievable.

    First of all – AI is NOT a singing competition. It never was. A show, based on home (multiple!!!) voting is a reality show, a likeability show for most. A real singing show would  consist professional judges who’d make all the decisions.

    Speaking of judges – I’m sick and tired of these “You could sing the phone book” comments. I mean, of course they are professionals, but they fail to deliver it on the show. I hate it when people who’ve sent Johnny Keyser and David Leathers home before top 24, and have chosen  Jeremy Rosado over Jen Hirsch, are complaining that Heejun is not taking the show seriously.
    Of course he’s not! Because this show is NOT serious. It’s for entertainment purpose only!

    Second of all – Erika is a great singer, she really is. But she lacks fire, she just walks slowly on stage while singing, making it look a little pageanty  (unlike, for example Skylar Laine). It shows. She’s a good singer, but not star material. So I’m not surprised at all she was eliminated.

    Oh and by the way – Some of the comments sound like it was actually Heejun’s fault that people vote for him. And that Erika got eliminated. Well – It’s not!

    This is what I thing will be the elimination order from now on:

    Joshua (But the judges save him)
    Elise (unless someone gets Pia Toscano’ed)
    Skylar and Hollie

    Phillip, Jessica, Colton.

    • Well first of all you complain that Erika is not a good performer and then you put one of the best performers to be second eliminated. How does that work? It doesn’t fit into your reasoning for why Erika left so early. I don’t understand this show this year. I agree with everything you are saying and that is what I have been saying all along but if DeAndre Brackensick leaves it is definitely not going to be for a lack of effort. He puts everything he has out there when he performs and he has vocal range and makes every song his own. 

      IDK I have no explanation for how people decide who to vote for. It has to be just the campaigning going on back in their home communities. Some communities just go crazy when one of their own is on the show and other communities are just too complacent about it. If you are from an area where there is a big enough population but yet the pace is a little laid back then you stand the biggest chance of winning. (i.e. Fantasia, Scotty) If you are from a bigger city where everything is going gangbusters all the time and people are just too busy to bother with the show and either trying to make a million dollars themselves or out all night wining and dining clients or clubbing it up then you are not going to get the votes. 

      • Hi, Taymaro.

        Deandre is a better performer than Erika, but  he’s just too Milly Vanilli for me 🙂
        Unfortunately I can’t vote, I live in Israel, but if I could – I would vote for Heejun – because he’s entertaining. I can’t wait to see what’s he gonna pull off each episode. And for me – that counts.

        Of course if it was a real singing competiton – I would have voted for Jessica, no doubt! But I’m just playing by the AI game 🙂

      • The explantion, that becomes more and more obvious after every God forsaken week, every God forsaken year, is that the folks that get the most text votes, win.  I work nights so even if I could text vote, I would have to go to the bathroom and vote, and I certaintly could not be in there for 2 hours.  lol

      •  I’m from San Jose CA, just as DeAndre is, and I’m happy to say that DeAndre has been on the local news coverage here and seems to be getting a lot of community support (people are driving around with “Vote for DeAndre” on their cars).  It’s a big city though, so I don’t know how much of the population is voting, but at least he’s on the radar here.  I, too, think he’s a very talented kid and I’m rooting for him.  I don’t think he’s even begun to show what he’s really capable of, so people are just writing him off.  I’m REALLY hoping he gets a song selection this week that will allow him to really show-off what he can do because I. too, think he’s one of the best singers in the competition, but just hasn’t had the right song yet to really blow America away with (as Hollie, Jessica and Joshua have had).  He needs a really powerful ballad that allows him to hold the notes that none of the others can hold because I think he could really shake things up if he did.  Fingers crossed for him! 🙂

    • Responding to your response. I actually agree with your list here. I wasn’t saying that I didn’t but the reasoning doesn’t correspond to your explanation of why Erika was voted off. That’s all I was saying. Heejun really needs to go. He reminds me of ….what’s the kids name with the faux-hawk? It makes a mockery of the show and the judging is already doing that enough. But I agree he is interesting to say the least. Actually making the show out for what it is. A bunch of BS…LOL

      •  Erika was voted off because:
        a) She wasn’t originally voted in by America. Wild cards almost never last long on the show.
        b) She’s 24 years old. That’s old by the teen voters standarts.
        c) She wasn’t entertaining enough.
        d) All the stuff I said above in my previous comment.

    • Your conceding that there is a Pia Toscano effect, yet this isn’t a singing competition. 

      All i have ever asked for is for there to be ONE vote per device, and you would have a better understanding of who was AMERICAS Idol, not who was THE PEOPLE WHO COULD TEXT THE MOSTs Idol.

      • Exactly! One vote per device. But unfortunately that will never happen. Too much money involved.

      •  I have always said that their is a certain contestant that this show is promoting right from the start and that contestant is gonna win. And that is why the best performers go early. They are a threat to the person they are trying to promote. They don’t want their star to be over shadowed. Why don’t they give out the voting totals? Because they are rigged. That’s my opinion and I have always felt that way.

    • well well well. . you must be the authority then. . HAHAHAHA. okay man. . you’re the best. . you know all. . HAHAHAHA

    • DeAndre is EASILY one of the most talented and original people in this competition and it’s such a shame that so many people cant see it and think that Colton is better;D DeAndre has more talent in his small finger than Colton will ever have. Whatever, AI was never a good place for singers with swag, souland great performers – Todrick Hall, Jermaine Sellers, Shioban Magnus or Paul McDonald are the best exaples. Everyone of them was outlasted by much weaker and less interesting singers like Stefano Langone or Aaron somethnig.

  48. I think all the performers need to step it up and actually get more creative and entertain us more like last year. As for Haley’s performance being sexual, “free” I believe that is what she is feeling in her music. I think the sound system on stage was off just a touch but the props were awesome and creative and entertaining to watch. I would watch her in concert and be totally entertained.

  49. Where’s Branden? I want to read his post on this shenanigan. I know he has something interesting to say. He needs to give it up over there on “The Voice” side. He’s not getting very much participation over there. I don’t see how that show is outperforming Idol in ratings with the lack of participation on you guys blog site. I guess people are watching instead of talking about it. LOL IDK

      • Ed! Where have you been? Your girl is still in it. IDK why but she’s still there. LOL j/k. I want to give her a drink of water. Her voice sounds a little dry to me.

      • Hi Taymaro,

        I know 4th rank according to the survey last week, not bad for someone slotted to go home 2 weeks ago.  Expect to see more of her.   😀

  50. Phil is the most talent contestant in AI 2012, however he should trying some new challenge song choice, new fashion… to get more vote

  51. i’m quite worried that girls will leave the competition first before the boys. so vote for jessica and hollie!

  52. obviously these so called voters results are fixed, Heejun over Erica ? Give me a break !!!!

    • Are you people actually voting? As many times as you can? You have to call and vote on the site too. Learn how to multitask people. There is enough support for Erika on this site if only you people would vote. You can’t complain about the teenieboppers and then refuse to use the same tactics. So pull those specs down to the end of your nose. Learn how to use a keyboard. Get on the AI website. Use yours and your spouse’s Facebook account and any others that you have access to and vote, vote vote until you drop. You can vote 50 times per Facebook account and you can be calling and have your phone on speaker and keep redialing. It’s not only teen agers that can do this. The technology is available for us all. So what you loose 30 minutes sleep on Wednesday night. You’ll catch up the rest of the week. And you guys are on here blogging so you can do the same thing. Quit conceding defeat and get in there and VOTE for heavens sake!

      • Taymaro…Im not going to get into it with you AGAIN about this…but we simply dont have time to vote as much as they do.   On the other hand, we are and will continue to be very upset about the bias.  Its obvious.  Its real. 

  53. I can’t believe that Erika went off tonight – she was good last night.  Elise needs to go

  54. Like Pia Toscano’s elimination, Erika’s elimination is a result of overlooked talent. Once someone like Heejun gets past the real judges and into the hands of the voters…well we see what can happen.
    You could tell just from the looks on their (Jennifer, Steven & Randy) faces, that they got backed into the corner, not wanting to spend their one save this early. David Leathers and several others were better than Heejun and even Deandre (in my opinion), but didn’t even make the cut. The judges are simply missing the mark way before the voters ever get control.

    • I agree that Erika is an overlooked talent,  but am not so sure about Pia Toscano.  I think Americans agreed that Pia was top 2 material. In fact,  they were so confident about her that some of her fans didn’t vote as much they should have, thinking that she was already safe.  I bet, if the judges hadn’t already used the save,  they would have surely used it on Pia.   

      • agreeeeeeeeeeed.  Thank you for pointing out the ever so obvious that some people fail to see.

  55. geez america…. heejun really needs to go… like seriously… this is not a comedy contest, yes he is cute… funny but i am now kinda wondering how did he make to top 24… are the judges choosing based on how adorable or funny the contestants are?


  57. I thought Erica had an amazing voice and I can’t understand why either Deandre or Heejun didn’t go home.  Is America too superficial? Do they not like big girls or older ones?  just don’t get it.

    • Hi Lauries93,

      Same here!  It is starting to dawn on me that this is being blamed on the teens,  but I am wondering more and more that there is another group of fans  or rather Non-Fans of Erica and Elise that is behind these. 

      Suggest you go back to earlier predictions and blogs.  Check out who are doing the most complaining about Elise &  Erica.  You will discover that they are not teens at all.  See for yourself and like me you may start wondering that  the last several Idol winners  were all guys.

      Use your imagination,  maybe mine is running way too wild. 😀

      • You are gonna have to clue me in. I don’t have much imagination. What group are you suggesting? I think I know but I’m not quite sure.

        I haven’t complained that Elise has a bad attitude, I just am not as big a fan of her voice as you are. It really does sound a bit too dry for me.  I think Erika was a great singer. But you got to play the game by the current rules and not what you wish they were. You got to go gung-ho with the voting and encourage everyone you know to do the same. 

        All I do here is play the game Ed and you forced me to pick early. With the X Factor it was a no brainer for me. I was a Melanie fan from her audition. But with this show it has been hard for me to find a favorite. I finally found one and it just so happens my decision was based on a plethora of factors and not vocal ability alone. I know who I would like to see win but I also know who is going to win, I think, so that’s all I am doing is playing the game.

        So you need to explain or hint further at who you think is swaying the vote so I can see if I agree with you. 

        I was tired of all male winners on these shows but we broke the curse when we got Melanie a win on The X Factor so it is okay with me if a guy wins this show because when it’s all said and done I am finding it really hard to care who wins it….LOL just sayin! 

      •  Hi Taymaro,

        You taught me a brilliant strategy you used at Xfactor and it worked for you and Melanie.  So, if  you have not noticed yet, I am doing a mini
        campaign for Elise to turn the bad publicity she got into support.

        I’m just having fun, whether it work here or not.  I invited supporters of Erika to move camp to Elise.     🙂

        And I don’t have any real hard proof of what I was suspecting, it could
        be just good old fashion paranoia, ha ha.  More like a hunch since I do
        smell some real bad fish in this group, but very hard to pinpoint.

        I have attempted to flush them out but, I think I’m only flushing goof balls and kids out in the open.  Time will tell. LOL

        I do like your comments regarding Deandre.  He does work hard and is really serious about the competition.  He needs to pick his songs carefully and fit it in his style.  If he does he can go a lot further too.

  58. Heejun simply does not have the talent to compete here. Why he is continuing to be safe is a mystery to me. 
    Erika should have been safe tonight. 
    Once again, the voting system shows its flaws. 

  59. U can’t even understand what heehajun is saying let alone singing. He should be gone not erika

  60. I love Heejun, but I think Phillip’ gonna win the whole thing. Jessica is good. Fantasia is good as well, but where is she now? Only Carrie underwoodkelly clarkson’s type who’s gonna success after american idol.
    Heejun is going to be success on his own ..

  61. I have been an Idol fan from the beginning. I am so disappointed that Heejun didn’t go home. I can only hope he goes home next week! Will he be another Sanjia?

  62. Heejun needs to focus on  his vocal than his comedies !!!!!!

    He has not improved his singing since his FIRST audition.   He is too busy making up jokes and comedies for entertainment.   But he is a nice kid,  and he has a GOOD HEART and helps those kids in his home town.    I don’t think he has prepared himself to be in this kind of competition, he said a few times that he expected to have gone home.   

     He needs to improve his singing  and get rid of that stupid looking hat, and wear more decent shoes rather than flip-flops in front of the camera.   Come on, flip-flops in front of camera ?  Did anyone try to help him dress better ? ?   I think he needs a lot…… of guidance.    

    He needs to perform better and dress better in order to respect this competition and respect those who put him in the top 24  !!!!!!!   


    • i agree…i love this kid but he need to sweat a bit and get serious to move on to the next round… 🙂

  63.  the cougar/tween/twink war on idol women wages again.. expect a pathetic, annoying male contestant to win again this year! it is so stupid to hold a singing audition when this contest is no longer a legitimate singing contest!

  64. I think American Idol should put in another new rule – If they feel a contestent should GO because of attitude or whatever they should be able to do it – HOW WILL WE GET HEEJUN  OFF NOW.  He obviously has TOO MANY FAMILY voting and what a scary thought that he could WIN.  I am almost at the point of not watching anymore – HE STINKS and we are stuck with him

    • He will not win Ok. The fact that he was in the bottom 3 proved that not much people are voting for him but obviously greater than erika’s 😉

  65. The girls are always boring. They’re always slow, and not catchy. I’m a Colton and Philipps fan this time! 🙂

  66. I want Deandre and Jessica. Let’s just hope they improve their performances and they will be on the top. I’m liking Colton more and more. A rockstar m/ I also like Skylar. Joshua, bleh boring. Hollie, so overrated, simple voice, nothing special and pitchy. If she improves it, she will be a great contender. Elise, same with Joshua. Phillips, ugh. I wanna punch his face as if he will win with all his groan and moan thing. Scotty McReery is enough. We don’t want two AI Country Winners straight in a row. AND HEEJUN – the reason I almost stop watching AI and just visited the internet for updates. he can sing (of course, he wouldnt be in the competition in the first place if he didnt have any talent) but I’m so sick of his corny jokes and comedies. Whenever I see him, sorry for the word, I almost puke and curse under my breath so loud my room mates turn to me. He should have gone last week instead of Shannon. She sangs kinda bad but she was loads better than Heejun. The fact that he wasn’t even in the bottom 3 makes me wanna drop a nuclear bomb in front of the judges. And Erika being sent home? I feel sorry for her, when she was crying and I’m like “Don’t worry girl. Bright future awaits you.” And heejun, I hope you become serious or else America won’t but it anymore. Being in the bottom 2 is enough a warning for you. As for the other people, I hope we vote really what we think deserve the best. Well, that’s American Idol, the contest for looks, comedies and  popularity. I hope they bring the original judges, especially Simon. He will bring  justice to the competition. Fingers crossed for next week. Good luck to your favorites.

    • Punch in the face, puke, curse,  drop a nuclear bomb in front of the judges? Can you say anger managment.

    • You almost had me until you claimed that Simon would straighten things out. I think the show was taken way more seriously when he was there but as far as him being just in his comments, I don’t agree. He was on point a lot of the time but he was just mean and nasty sometimes and some very good talent paid the price for it. Siobhan Magnus is one I can think of that he just loved to criticize and he was to blame for her leaving the show early. 

      So everything else I agree with and I kind of agree with Simon needing to return but not for the same reasons as you are stating.

  67. why is Heejun still on there, he just totally sucks,, i can never understand a word he is saying.. Elise and Erica both blow him out of the water.  Heejun even knows he sucks and doesn’t belong there

  68. Punch in the face, puke, curse,   drop a nuclear bomb in front of the judges? Can you say anger managment.

  69. I never had high hopes for Erika but she deserved a longer run. She’s a pro. For me this season is about Hollie and Joshua, 2 glorious voices I hope we hear for the rest of our lives. Philip I don’t get. He is hugely likeable w/ great presence but he outsings nobody. His vocal chops are the most minimal of the finalists. Elsie is unique. She won’t win but I like more every time. Of the really great singers this year, Jessica has the best shot at winning if she takes it easy w/ the overkill as of now. Still pulling for Hollie or Joshua.

  70. shocked is better word for it  i think there is someone on top that should go and go now

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