American Idol 2012: Top 11 Results Show Recap

American Idol 2012 Top 11

It was revealed Thursday night that the American Idol 2012 judges will once again be able play the judges’ save card, but that did not stop one more contestant leaving the show this week.

Before we get to the elimination, let’s back up to the top of show. Tommy Hilfiger fills a good ten minutes of time telling us he’s going to make Phillip Phillips stop dressing in Old Navy flannel and stop allowing Hollie Cavanagh to dress like a 60 year old politician’s wife.

Next up we get our weekly American Idol Ford Music video and a visit from the ghost of Jermaine Jones. Literally.

Ryan finally starts building one of the most predictable Bottom 3s in recent history. Called up to center stage were Phillip Phillips, Skylar Laine, Elise Testone and Joshua Ledet. We’re apparently supposed to be shocked that of those four only Elise is in the Bottom 3. I wasn’t shocked at all. I called that in my Wednesday night recap.

Following those results, something called a Demi Lovato takes the stage and I play Words with Friends. Ryan returns to the screen to continue proving me right with my predictions from the other night.

Taking the stage were Colton Dixon, Shannon Magrane, Deandre Brackensick and Jessica Sanchez. Gee. I wonder who’s going to be in the Bottom 3 in this group? Shannon joins Elise on the Bottom 3 stools.

Daughtry sings a song and I take a nap.

Before we get to the rest of the results, I have to say I kind of like Jimmy’s recaps. And I love someone FINALLY calling out judge Randy Jackson’s constant contradictions. Yes please.

The final three contestants are Erika Van Pelt, Heejun Han and Hollie Cavanagh. I think we’re supposed to think Heejun is in the bottom. But I know better. Heejun and Hollie are safe. Erika is not.

So your Bottom 3 is Erika, Shannon and Elise. Just as I predicted. It’s immediately clear that the judges would ONLY save Elise of these three. And since she’s immediately sent to safety by Ryan, Shannon and Erika are doomed.

Ryan tells us that Erika will join the summer tour this summer (right before it gets canceled) and Shannon has to sing for her life. And the moment she started singing the SAME song she butchered the night before, her fate was obvious. WHY would you not sing your best song in that moment? I know they can. They can perform any song they’ve previously performed. And she chose that song again? She kind of asked for the elimination.

The judges saved their save and Shannon says goodbye set to Scotty McCreery’s horrible farewell song.

What are your thoughts on the results show?




      • Wait for next week. I tink it will be his turn then. How he even made it into the top 24 to begin with boggles me. His voice is boring, with no character.

    • No one deserves to go home, they are all talented and I enjoyed all of them… I think Elsie needed to go, as she is boring and strange.  but since it was Shannon, sorry, good luck to you

    • yeah, she was trying to hit high notes but pitchy all around… she’s got talent but not yet right time for her.

    • It’s actually a very good song, when sang by Tim McGraw…can’t believe they redid a song that’s not more than 5 years old, instead of coming up with something original.

  1.  some kinda predictable elimination…She’s not supposed to be in top 13 anyway! 

  2. That means Heejun is about top 7-8 with Deandre, or even better. Actually I was bored already with him, except he does something special next week.

    • Heejun is absolutely horid.  He did not hit a single note.  If anyone thinks he did then you are the same ones they make fun of in the auditions because you are completely and uterly tone deaf.  Shannon may not have been great, but she was 1000 times better than HEEJUN.

  3. Everybody saw it coming unfortunately for Shannon but I want to believe that the next one to go home, should be Heejun….I still don’t understand why he is in the top 10… This is my top 3: Joshua, Jessica, Deandre…

      • Deandre has potential, and he made a bad choice with this week’s song. He’s shown he can perform, which is more than I can say with Heejun.

    •  Well, you got two out of three. Joshua, Jessica and Phillip – not necessarily in that order. Deandre? Seriously?

      • The tweens consider Deandre a gorgeous model. Good looking young man. But He should not be on the show to much longer. He can’t sing that good

      • Joshua sang good this week, but overall he is boring
        he can sing, but he is not an entertainer

        oh well I love Hollie,  yea
        then Skyler
        Then Jessica
        then I dont know

    • Yeah! Deandre totally! Brackensick is some hot, hot talent. Have you listened to his studio version of “Endless Love” yet? Man, that kid has mellow romance in his voice. 

      • As a matter of fact , yes I did, and i listened to many covers Deandre made in YouTube and that guy is pure talent but unfortunately many people don’t see that . Just the fact that Heejun in the top 10 is an example of it…and with all respect to everybody that loves Phillip I am the one saying Phillip really? …it’s a matter of taste at the end….

      • People keep forgetting HOllie.

        All it is is Jessica was fortunate enough to sing “I will always love you” instead of Hollie, and Joshua had a great performance(and once again, it was overhyped…the best ever on Idol?!?)

        And don’t forget the power of the country vote…Skylar is not going home any time soon, and has a MUCH better voice than some give her credit for.

      • Good question, now I’m in trouble haha, Hollie is amazing but I don’t like her song selection, if she improves that, she could be unstoppable…

      • I love Hollie. Personally I would like to see two ladies win. In either order — Hollie or Jessica, Jessica or Hollie

  4. poor Elise.. she’s far from the worst three last night. I still have hope for her though, last year Haley was in the bottom three so many times early in the competition yet FINALLY America got her (though ultimately she lost to the power of tweeners vote). It’s sad but I think this year is going to be the same as last year. It’s just a matter of time before all the vocal powerhouse gets voted off one by one (yes, even Jessica).

    •  Hi chaos86,
      not too late yet, next week show your support and vote for her, and those who were in Shannon’s camp and Jeremy’s camp, move over to Elise.  😀

      • No Elsie is not good, she just okay
        she has been in the bottom twice,
        not enough support for her

  5. Why is Shannon hated again?? I really don’t get the Shannon hate at all -__-
    people have been dogging her and dogging her all week long. The girl is only 16 and she sings great. cut her some slack. Her last song tonight was sang beautifully, with her performance(one sweet day) she def should have stayed over Heejun, Erika, and Elise.

    •  she’s pretty, she’s young, she’s tall and slim, apparently a nice girl, and a great singer. she may not be mariah, but she sings better than the autotunes divas nowadays. people dont handle success and wealth that well. she is mainly hated because she might embody all that the teenage girls dream of having, and might never have. I really really liked her!

    • Shannon is gone – great.  How can someone kept on singing out of tune those past two weeks and she is in the top 13! 

    • because her  father is a famous pitcher who pitched in the world series and she comes from a silver spoon life. It’s the wannabe’s that don’t like shannon its called JEALOUSY!!!!!

      • If it was just about fame, then Jim Carey’s daughter would have made the top 24. I think Shannon has potential, she needs some training though. I definitely thought Heejun should have gone home though. He’s kind of funny, but not a great singer.

      • a parents life only gives a child a good life
        but that child has to make her own way
        and Shannon is and has
        she is talented and pretty
        she should have stayed

    • Yeah she sings great…for a 16 year old. She doesn’t have the maturity to compete in the long run and deserved to go, even tho I felt that Heejun should have gone with her.

      • Heejun should not have even been in the top 24 as stated by someone else earlier. He is funny, comical, but he has no real singing talent.

  6. You are snide and sarcastic. LOVE IT. Does anyone else think the product placement is getting crazy. Last night they had jimmy pitching the phone and the beat box. They should have pitched a bail bondsman for Jermaine. Sorry to see Shannon go but I was glad to see Elise stay.

  7. I don’t agree with you.  I liked Shannon and thought she should be given a chance.  The Korean did not do well and should have gone home.  I’ve said all along.  this is not a talent show, this is a popularity show.  Yeah Randy needs hearing aids.  I have perfect pitch and I didn’t hear any of the “flat” notes he described.  Stephen can’t sing he only screams so he should keep his mouth shut.

    • “The Korean did not do well”? Please keep your racism to yourself. That’s pathetic. Oh, and you have no taste and know nothing about music.

    • “The Korean did not do well….?” Dude, Can’t you read names on the screen? Don’t stereotype any of those contestant. It ain’t good in the eyes.

      • You should not put anyone in a class of people here on these comment. It is in bad taste.  The Korean as you call him has a name. His name is Heejun, do you get it?

      • You should not put anyone in a class of people here on these comment. It is in bad taste.  The Korean as you call him has a name. His name is Heejun, do you get it?

      • @e57875e725bf340f3322fb3e0042f3fc:disqus I think you replied on wrong comment. It should be addressed to @a62f7debe1d778b2bf493e95a0985200:disqus  and not to me. Thanks!

        I still love HeeJun’s humor. 🙂

    • Your “perfect pitch” must need to be tuned, because she did have a couple of bad notes. Not that I’m hating, I thought she did a decent job, but she definitely didn’t have a spectacular performance and there were a few pitchy moments.

    • OMG Steven is one of the greatest frontmen of all time. Of the whole panel he actually is the most qualified. He is an outstanding songwriter and musician. And don’t forget he’s 60 something. I saw Aerosmith twice, once in the early years, the dud had the pipes to do whatever he wanted. He isn’t the king of screaming for no reason. As a musician he obviously knows what he’s talking about.  

  8. You  like the twang singing of nasal Skylar and you don’t like Daughtry ??? Now I understand where you are coming from and I’m sure they have a cure for what ails you at the hearing aid store….

    •  Hi Deb ,
      Me too!!  Next week show your support. Vote for her and tell allyour friends, this is not over, she has a good chance to win this.

  9. Heejun should have gone.  Elise and possibly Erika are the only females whose records I might one day considering purchasing but I doubt they hang on very long.  Instead we will see Heejun, Jessica, Hollie, Skylar…blah, blah, blah.  Same old stuff.

    • Wow, I totally agree with you.  While Jessica and Hollie are very talented and will likely go farther here, Erika and Elise seem very marketable, and could have cross-appeal to many demographics.  I’m older than the typical AI watcher/voter and think Erika is a breath of fresh air.  Love her charisma.  Doubt she’ll get far with AI voters, but I’d be interested in seeing what kind of music she makes once she gets bounced off, and might actually BUY it.  Good post, Lightness     

      • I totally agree with you. I think Elise is the most talented of this group and will one day be selling records. I also think Colton & Philip will be able to market their music someday. I will vote for Elise because the tweenie-boppers won’t because they just don’t get her kind of music. I suppose Janis Joplin would have been voted off too for being too strange. Oh well…This is my first and last American Idol.

    • To be fair, I think BOTH Hollie and Skylar have great voices, and know what they’re doing, and could be great one day.

      Jessica has a powerful voice, but I feel like would be lost in the shuffle in the mainstream music scene.

    •  Hi Lightness,
      I am glad you feel the same way. next week vote for Elise and show your supporting her.

  10. Shannon will do fine outside of Idol.  She proved that she can carry a tune, she’s beautiful, classy, and as her video montage showed, tons of personality.  Nice job, Shannon.  I’m happy with the top 10 (yay Elise!), although Heejun needs to prove that he really belongs there.

  11. Heejun the snail boy made it through again, wow! He’s like a snail, they’re not that bad , they’re not that good, just annoys you that they’re still around, enough out of my big mouth

  12. Why is everyone bagging on Heejun? I mean, come on. He wasn’t that bad… Sure it wasn’t his best performance, but he still has an amazing voice! He’ll always be my favorite, next to Colton and Phillip~ 😀

    • Yeah last night’s performnace was bad but it is gonna be the only bad performance. He has voice man! 

    • You answered your own question.  “He wasn’t that bad” isn’t enough, anymore.  He was the 11th best performer on Wednesday, which is fine when there are 96 singers, but a problem when there are 11…

  13. Good result. predictable bottom. Just the way ”most” of’ the viewer liked it.

    3rd : philip
    4th: joshua
    5th : colton
    6th: deandre
    7th: elise
    8th: heejun
    9th: erika

    whoever wins between hollie and jessica…i’m fine with that. they will be great as well as to philip. 

    • I like your list!  Except that you left out Skylar.  I would like to see her finish in the top 6, so that would push all from Deandre on down to one lower finish place.  I would really like to see a girl win this year. It’s about time! Either Hollie or Jessica would do.  I think that Elise and Erika will cancel each other out.  They are the 2 oldest in the top 10, and that’s not a plus in this contest.

  15. I cast all 50 of my votes last night for Erika because I was afraid she might be in trouble and she should not be leaving yet.

  16. America got it right.. She had to go.
    But i don’t understand why Elise was in the Botoom 3, she did great!
    She needs more voters!!

    •  Hi Leli
      you got it, more voters, vote for the one that can actually sing for a change.  😀

  17. thank god elise is stay, she’s one of a kind. beautiful rasp voice…
    i’m ok with this result. 

    •  Hi Lea,
      tell your friends and the rest of the bloggers what you just said, and don’t forget to vote for her next week.

  18. three girls in the bottom 3. geez. it’s obvious the main voters are 13-16 years old girls. i think yesterday the guys did somewhat worse than the girls . heejun and deandre should’ve been in the bottom three instead of elise and erika. out of three girls, i agree shannon shall leave. she’s the weakest among girls.

    • Agree completely with your observation, but we saw this last year too.  There’s an early season voting bias against the girls.  Last year we saw five in a row voted off early, before getting around to booting guys who were clearly inferior talents.  I expect the same again this year.  I expect the “country” bias will keep Skylar in longer than she deserves, and the 13-16 year old girls will ultimately vote Phillip as 2012 AI.  (Unlike Scotty, Phillip would actually be a deserving winner). 

  19. It should be ERIKA first before SHANNON! Then next week will be the time for her. Then Elise..then Deandre..then Heejun…then Joshua Ledet..then…Skylar..then Colton…Then Hollie…
    until JESSICA and PHILLIP to the finals!!! i’m not America so i will not be the one to judge who will win. hahaha

    • Joshua? Heejun? They are good! Don’t you hear what the judges say about Joshua, they gave him a standing ovation! 

      • Because the judges are always an accurate representation of how America will vote? Not that Joshua isn’t good, he’s amazing, but I wouldn’t base a whole lot on the judges. Especially Randy – I’m pretty sure the only words he knows are dude, dawg and yo.

  20. I thought she should have gone. I am glad the judges kept their save. She should have sang her best song of her life. Elise is from the samallest state. R.I. its going to be tough for here to get alot of votes. The top ten are awesome.

    • She was born in NJ but lives and teaches in SC,incredible talent too bad the show demographic is skewed so young..

  21. Well, I like Shannon, and I’m kind of upset.  What I can’t help but think is that, Brandon, you’ve gotten both eliminations exactly right!

  22. Elise in bottom again, hard to believe. Heejun should have gone,don’t understand what America sees in him.Jimmy should be one of the judges he is the only one that can see real talent. Randy has been on show too long,time to go.

  23.  About the fashion changes, I hope Tommy Hilfiger won’t mess too much with the contestants. I kinda like Colton’s sense of fashion. Don’t change it please!

  24. The end result was very predictable. Did anyone else notice who was not in the Ford Music Video??

  25. I agree!!! Her performance getting worst and worst..i am happy with the result…

  26. bottome threee were not correct.  should have been elise, heejun and shannon .  of the three i would have saved shannon…but not by much.  hee jun was not at all on his game and elise, in my opinion has been terrible week after week.  just my opinion. 

  27. I feel that Heejun is weak and he should go bases two bad songs and presentation. I know you disagree from you projection but let’s face it he is weak.

    • he knew he deserved to go to go back and watch the elinmation.
      Heejun Suckz
      vftw new person will be ehejun or erika
      i would go for erika she is the worst.

    • Totally agree with you…..HeeJun should be gone but he is a fan
      favorite and he is going on the tour.   He should never have been in the Top 10 to start with.  I love his dry funny sense of humor but this is a singing competition.  I guess I keep forgetting that its really a popularity contest based on the teen and middle america votes.  JMHO

  28. Erika should have went she killed her song.
    the court date is to be announced.

    • Oh its this coming friday.
      Erika is being sued for the killing her song and is being sued by
      Bryan adams for 1 millon dollars.
      if founded guilty erika will have to pay 1 millon dollars amd
      go to jail for the next 20 years

      • I think it’s time for you to move on. Shannon’s eliminated. It’s time for you to support other contestant worthy of your vote.

      • to tyetus if your jessica went off would be picking strawberries with grandma no you would be crying and moaning over your fav didnt make it to the tour when she made it and deandre and erika didnt.

  29. which is the best performance on idol so far?jessica’s i will always love you or joshua’s when a men loves a woman?

    • i totally agree with you Jessica or Joshua should win this although i do love Deandre and Erika as well. Joshua is sick <3<3<3

  30. I love Jimmy’s comments!  Thats about it.  Very predictable and Shannon was the right one to go home!!  Jimmy really tells it like it is. 🙂

  31. People need to wake up and vote for the best singers.  This is not a popularity or comedy or school contest!   Elise is one of the Best singers; even Jimmy made very positive comments on Elise’ talent and that she is here to stay.  She has a very unique voice (One of a kind in the IDOL Contest).  I’m sorry to see anyone go, but for now Shannon’s fans need to unite and vote for Elise.  Heejun and Deeandre are weak.  Philip is the male version of Elise.  Both Elise and Philip have a raspy voice and they both play multiple instruments and are multi talented.  Young people should unite and vote for the Best talent:  Elise and Philip!

    • I believe it is rigged i voted for shannon over 2 hours last night.
      and i could barely get through.
      and then deandre and erika didnt make it far and square to the top 10.
      and they get to go on tour.
      i will not vote for deandre or erika i dont know who i’ll vote for.
      but i might become part of the vftw.

    • Agreed 100%.
      Elise and Philip are very unique talents.
      Heejun is nothing more than a Karioke singer, and the longer he remains on Idol, the more and more it looks like the show is “fixed”.

    • Agreed 100%.
      Elise and Philip are very unique talents.
      Heejun is nothing more than a Karioke singer, and the longer he remains on Idol, the more and more it looks like the show is “fixed”.

    •  Hi Valerie,
      I am with you on this one 100%.  I have an idea!!  Let us start a support campaign to turn this thing around for Elise, who I believe has a great potential to win if only given a chance to show her true talents.

      So, I am calling on all those Elise fans who would like to see her have at least a fair chance in winning,  as well  i”m calling on all the people that supported Shannon , Jermaine , Jeremy to move their votes to her.

      My suggestion is go back and listen to her one more time and see how
      she did last Wednesday and you will agree that she did very good and do not deserve this bottom 3 treatment.  This voting pattern can be defeated, we just have to combine our efforts.  So………………. 😀

      • Hi Ed, I doubt if your campaign could work….Elise was not voted in the top 10 so she doesn’t have much of a fan base.  The female voters will not  vote for her……Sorry Ed!!!!!

      • We will see Phyllis, time will tell. 😀  This voting system can be defeated
        We can bring good singing again to this show, it is upto us to change it.
        We are the ones voting.  Don’t be sorry, game is far from over.

        She was supposed to go home this week, I guess not right?

      •  Hi Phyllis,

         I forgot to ask , did I hear that they are covering the works of Billy Joel?  Very good indeed , it is right up there in Elise’s Alley.  Talk to you later I got some campaigning to do, LOL

  32. America (as usual) got the bottom three wrong, but sending Shannon home wasn’t a huge mistake.  The bottom three should have been Heejun, Shannon and Deandre.  I’m shocked at the disrespect for Erika.   Will she win the competition?  No.  But bottom three while Heejun and Deandre sit on the couch is absurd.  She’s charismatic and confident, with a solid and distinctive voice, and I think she’s worth keeping and watching for a while… I think she has more talent than Elise (but respect if you think otherwise).  Top four to me are Jessica, Hollie, Phillip and Joshua, with Colton and Erika just outside.  

  33. That hun should have gone home.He stinks and is not funny.He is obnoxious.FANS GOT IT WRONG THIS WEEK.She would not have lasted too much longer though. Come on fans get it right ,eliminate Hun,he does stink and is boring.

  34. Wish Shannon the very best… She is still 15? or 16?.. She has a lot of time to get where she wants be.. She seems to be a nice girl too.

  35. To Brendan,

    Can you please write a review that represent what happened at the results show and not what you did or thought?
    Your article is confusing and if I were your boss, I’d have you tested for drugs.
    Good thing your not up for elimination.

  36. The demographics win again………Teen girls and Middle America…..
    Will this ever be a singing contest again….It hasn’t since Season 8…….
    All three of these girls are going home eventually.  We all know that they are not going to win.  I have to laugh…..the judges are all praises for Elise but last season they were so critical of Haley because of her growel, etc.!!!! Haley was 100% better than Elise.  

    • i think the show is getting tired and the judges as well.  where are the superstars who are supposed to come out of this show??  i can only think of four and we both know who the biggest one is.  again, the voting system is absurd.  have a great weekend and watch ‘in plain sight”.  last season, boo hoo. that’s quality television

      • Since Season 8 Idol has been such a disappointment.  So many of the blogger are gone since then.   They said they were going to leave after YKW didn’t win and they stuck to it.   Some times there would be over 300 comments.   I am still a big fan of the show but I really wish the voting system would change.   I’m gearing up for DWTS now……I watch The Voice too!!!!!! Anyway enough complaining, things are not going to change anytime soon……Have a wonderful weekend….Enjoy your series finale……(SOB)

    • Phyllis, I’m replying to a comment you made 5 hours ago but there was no way to reply. I’m not only disappointed in Idol this year, I’m disappointed in the blogging. I miss some of the bloggers who used to comment here, especially Coondog. I think this may be the last year for Idol and not because the talent has been exhausted because it hasn’t. Idol is killing itself. The show has become predictable. The mentoring is not helpful. It’s almost like watching the contestants being drawn into quicksand with the contradictory comments they get. How are they supposed to know what to do? No wonder the initial tryouts are often the best performances of the season!

      • Don’t discount the fact that a lot of us are discouraged by the voting policy.  If the true singers have no chance against maniacally texting teens, what’s the point?

  37. I don’t always agree with Branden’s comments, but I completely agree with liking Jimmy’s recaps and the way he calls out the judges. I love having someone of Jimmy’s stature who sort of holds the judges accountable.  Jimmy was spot on…the judges (Randy in this case) are always contradicting themselves. This week it was Randy with the “song choice matters, but now the song choice doesn’t matter” (all in one show!). And I can’t believe Jimmy didn’t call out Steven Tyler on telling Jessica she should stick with ballads. Last year the judges hammered Thia and Pia for singing ballads, saying they needed to show more variety. But now this year it’s “stick to one genre.”

  38. Get rid of Jimmy, it is so annoying to listen to he’s opinion.  He is not a judge.  Cringe everytime he makes a comment.

  39. Heejun???? Oh come on now..there is no way he should be on the tour..its not a comedy act..its a talent competition and he has no talent…that just proves to me that I will not shell out that kind of money to take my family to the concert. Something must be rigged for him to get in the top ten.

  40. Never thought I’d say this ,but I so miss Simon and his brutal honesty. American Idol has turned into a popularity comp, not a singing comp. At least Simon had the guts to tell America that idol votes are for singers, not who the 10 to 15 year old girls think is the cutest. It happened last year when Pia was voted off, and I can see it happening again this season. While Shannon’s performance was not that great, Heejun’s SUCKED. He was off key the entire song, and he didn’t even make the bottom three? It’s no wonder the Voice is killing Idol in the ratings. I wish the judges had the guts to tell America to wake up, or Idol shoud limit the votes. I’m so sick of voting and having my vote not count. By far the two best singers this season are Jessica and Holly. Let’s see if my theory holds true. Idol should be reamed The Teeny Bopper’s Heartthrob, cause this show is not about singing anymore.

    • you SURE got that right!!  simon is sorely missed for his honesty and no b.s. attitude.  if you were great, he gave you a standing o.  if you were terrible, he reamed you.  the judges now have the backbones of jellyfish.  and the voting system, for the umpteenth time, STINKS

    • Yeah, and we all know Simon isn’t coming back.  The Judges these days are kinda odd commenting on them. Well, at least, I can see Simon in the eyes of Jimmy (I always talk about him). LOL They should place him a seat in front! 

  41. Come on Ed……’ve been around AI and this blog long enough to know that her chances are slim to none.   Don’t get me wrong, I like Elise but after what happened last year with Haley, its just not going to happen so forget about campaigning and go play golf :).  Have a great weekend….

    •  Hi phyllis,
      I forget to tell you how stubborn I am , now you know! LOL
      This is just a beginning, ask our friend Taymaro how we did
      on last year’s XFactor.  😀   Golf has to wait. LOL

  42. I don’t understand why Heejun has not been voted off yet. Jeremy sang better. They both should be gone.

  43. This is a very acceptable result, but not what I expected. That said there’s something I want to kind of get off my chest.

    I read a few comments mentioning this Johnny Keyser guy, and I didn’t know who it was these people are talking about.  Not by name anyways.  So I looked him up on youtube and I do remember him a little.  I’m just very disturbed that this guy did not at least make top 24.  I only watched his audition again and it seems he got eliminated after group week.  But someone PLEASE explain to me why someone who the judges didn’t want to stop listening to and who got told “you’re gonna be a star” did not make it further.

    I didn’t hear him sing enough to be able to say he should be on the show right now or anything, I’m just really annoyed at how the judges acted towards him and then eliminated him.  So that brings me to the conclusion that J.Lo is either stupid or she doesn’t think before she says things.  You don’t tell someone they’re gonna be a star and then eliminate them.  Plus the “best thing on idol” comment she made is pretty ignorant, even if she meant only as long as she’s been on the show.

    That’s just how I feel about that!

  44. I still think that Heejun can nail his performance anytime soon if he’s gonna be staying a little bit longer. His auditions were actually great than his live performances. I think he’ll nail it if he chooses the right songs. 

  45. Shannon has a beautiful voice but I think she should have been held back to try next year when she when she has more maturity. It’s too bad because now she can’t come back…

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