American Idol 2012: Top 12 Performances Recap

American Idol Joshua Ledet

Not even an American Idol 2012 contestant’s disqualification could save Wednesday night’s performance show.

I’ve been watching American Idol for about seven years and have been writing about it for three, and in all that time, I think Wednesday night’s show will go down in history as the one with the worst song choices ever.

I don’t even care that there was some added drama with Jermaine Jones’ disqualification. The real crimes were the song choices – eight or nine of them to be exact. Terrible, terrible song choices.

On to the recap. As always, I’ll review each performance and assign the letter grade I think each deserves.

In order of performance

Phillip Phillips, “Hard to Handle.” The first bad song choice of the night. BUT surprisingly, Phillip turned it out. He’s just such a natural that he can take anything and make it his own. And he did it again. And fresh off surgery! He’s a star. Plain and simple. (A)

Jessica Sanchez, “Turn The Beat Around.” Someone didn’t live up to her showstopping performance last week… and it all started with that tacky song choice. The only thing tackier than the original song was Gloria Estefan’s remake. And that’s the one Jessica technically covered. Lame. Of course Jessica is a great singer. But she doesn’t seem to have the power to sing absolutely anything she wants. She had a couple of weak moments. But it’s OK. America already loves her. And what I think doesn’t count, so go easy on the death threats when you see her grade. (B-)

Heejun Han, “Right Here Waiting.” Speaking of death threats, really go easy on me when you see his grade. First of all, Richard Marx? Really? He just out-lamed Jessica’s song choice. And aside from that, I just don’t believe Heejun when he sings. It’s like he’s playing a part or imitating someone. It’s hard to explain. It just seems kind of fake. And sure he’s funny, but this isn’t “Last Comic Standing.” Even the judges are starting to realize he never should’ve made it into the Top 24 (*cough* Johnny Keyser was robbed *cough*). (D)

Elise Testone, “Let’s Stay Togeter.” She was born in 1983 and she picks a remake. There will be PLENTY of chances to sing 50 year old songs on American Idol. Those make up about 80 percent of the themes each week. Why couldn’t she have picked an actual song from 1983? That being said, she handled the song perfectly fine minus a couple shrieky moments. (B)

Deandre Brackensick, “Endless Love.” I got excited when I thought he might be doing both parts of this song, but I was disappointed when he only did Mariah’s part. I’m kidding! He did a fine job. I was just bored. Which is the theme of the night. Again, with the remakes. (B-)

Shannon Magrane, “One Sweet Day.” Finally, a song that doesn’t suck. Of course she’s the last person I’d pick to sing Mariah since she doesn’t have much of an upper range, but whatev. I was OK with the performance. I didn’t love the run at the end that the judges thought was mind-blowing, but that’s OK too. (B)

Colton Dixon, “Broken Heart.” No one on the planet has heard of this song, but I think at this rate, that’s perfectly fine. I still think he should have done “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaac, but what do I know. Nothing! He did his thing with this song, and luckily, his thing is pretty damn good. Colton, right now, is unstoppable. Hopefully on their little date, Chris Daughtry advised him to get kicked off the show in 4th place if he wants a post-Idol career. (A)

Erika Van Pelt, “Heaven.” Bryan Adams. Seriously? Ugh. Is Pat Benatar music banned from Idol? Why did she pick this song? She ended up making it her own and I enjoy her voice every time she sings. But I still think there was a better song out there for her. (B+)

Skylar Laine, “Love Sneaking Up On You.” I think that’s some Bonnie Raitt song I made fun of at a middle school dance, but I’m not sure. (Broken record alert) It wasn’t the best song for her, but she did her thing and did it well. (A)

Joshua Ledet, “When A Man Loves a Woman.” Another TERRIBLE song choice! Another remake! Ugh! I think Joshua is an amazing singer, but I was not tearing off my own skin and jumping out of windows like the judges were. “The best thing ever on Idol,” JLo? Did you really make that VERY bold statement? OK. If you say so. I guess I better give the guy an A or I’ll have holy water thrown on me. (A)

Hollie Cavanagh, “Power of Love.” OK, so this was another remake (did you know Air Supply did this song before Celine Dion? Don’t even ask why I knew that). But I was OK with that. Most people think it’s a Celine original, so I’ll give it a pass. Especially since Hollie nailed it again. I won’t lie and say it wasn’t a little boring, but she sang the hell of it and that’s all that matters. (A+)

Now comes the part of my recap where everyone gets confused and thinks I’m telling you who should be voted off the show. When I’m really just telling you who I think might be at risk based on how America MIGHT vote. It’s just all for fun. I encourage you to tell me who you think might be going home as well.

100 Percent Safe: Jessica Sanchez, Phillip Phillips, Colton Dixon, Skylar Laine

Most Likely Safe: Hollie Cavanagh, Joshua Ledet, Heejun Han, Deandre Brackensick

Possibly the Bottom 3: Elise Testone, Shannon Magrane and Erika Van Pelt

Possibly Going Home: Shannon Magrane

My Thinking: I think there’s a possibility that Heejun could trade places in the bottom with Erika. But America might still be buying into his schtick for at least another week. I also think at this point, Shannon, Elise and Erika are all interchangable when it comes to how the votes play out. And as always, there’s room for a big shake-up, so no one can be confident in their predictions.

What are your thoughts on everything?




    • Shannon shouldn’t be in the top 24 to start with. There are a lot more deserving.

      • well she made it in the top 10making it to the tour so yeah i think she does deserve by the way i know tyetus1000 is the same as zayib-011993. so both shut up and listen.
        erika and deandre dont desevere it never got votes.

  1. Wow Joshua. Just wow! 🙂 Hollie, Jess, Phil, Colton and Skylar are def. safe.

    I’m afraid for Heejun. Shannon and Deandre for bottom 2. 

  2. I might agree with the bottom 3 tonight although Elise could be eliminated base from last week results. Well, the decision is in the hands of the Americans… Good Luck. 

    • I think Elise did better than Erika.  Erika should go Elise should be giving another chance. 

  3. I think they expected too much from Jessica.. But she can’t sing another ballad after last week, she did the right choice to go with an upbeat song, unfortunately the judges were right, it was not the perfect song choice for her.. BUT there’s no denial that she’s great. She’ll be fine!
    I also think they’re too exaggerated with Joshua. He’s good. But not that great.. Jessica is still better.

    • I think the exact opposite. They exaggerated last week with Jessica. She’s good. But not that great…Joshua is still better.

      • Ha please Josh is not better than Jessica. Josh has to scream into the mic to get his voice up lol. Jessica is way better and will be top 5 while Josh wont.

      • I think Jessica had the better vocals than Joshua especially when she pick the right song for her……..Joshua is just good. Among the 11 AI contestant she had that range…she would be the one…talent wise.

    • Jessica ain’t all that.  She tries to sing songs too old for her, and she oversings.  She will have to try hard to stay with the pack.

      • She has no choice but to sing songs that are too old for her she is 16! Besides what song could she have song on Whitney week she had to sing a Whitney song and she did a good job because how many people do you know that can sing that song and not mess up?

    • I think that Jessica’s bad song choice is deliberate. She can’t nail every song each week. The show runs for about 5 months. It’s American Idol its not Jessica Sanchez the Idol!

    • I am in total agreement with your comments on Jessica. She really wanted to show that she can sing any type of song, be it a ballad or a fast number…. She did well but I can say there is  a far better song she could have picked…..

    • I’m a Jessica fanatic but honestly, she did great but not as great as last week. She has a pure talent and i know that with that talent, it will bring her to the finals. SHE IS STILL THE GIRL TO BEAT. why? because THERE WILL BE NO OTHER THAN JESSICA SANCHEZ in this season :)))))

      • I don’t know why everyone keeps overlooking Hollie though.

        It’s clear Her and Jessica have the best voices in the show, while Colton and Phillips are the most unique.

        Skylar is the only other person that could break up that top 4, because she’s SOOO far ahead as a performer, and knows how to sing(she also has a VERY underated voice)

        Hollie could have just as easily killed “I will Always Love you” as Jessica…but didn’t get the chance.

    • I’m a Jessica fanatic but honestly, she did great but not as great as last week. She has a pure talent and i know that with that talent, it will bring her to the finals. SHE IS STILL THE GIRL TO BEAT. why? because THERE WILL BE NO OTHER THAN JESSICA SANCHEZ in this season :)))))

      • DREW, i agree about Jessica. But disagree about Hollie. I don’t think she can handle ‘I Will Always Love You’ as great as Jessica. Hollie only has a big voice but having a hard time in hitting high notes.

      •  I agree about Jessica too.  I disagree about Hollie singing I Will Always Love You.  She cant even hold on to that last note of Power of Love. I would bet Jessica could have sang Power of Love far better than Hollie.

  4.  I like Heejun and wouldn’t mind seeing him go home, but I think he has the fan base to stick around for another week or two. He made a predictable song choice and it was quite boring. I’d have to say my pick to go home would be Shannon, but could be easily exchanged with Erika or Deandre(sorry but his performance was pretty forgettable).

  5. i think jessica’s version wasn’t bad. they  had to criticize her at least for once. she cant be that all good.

    heejun i guess should go home

    • I just hope Jessica takes those criticisms constructively. Obviously the 3 judges like her and wanted her to get better and better….. If its all praises, that would not help her realize the “danger” it would bring…. competition has long way to go… and she needs to be on look out everytime…

      •  Yes a long way to go.  Just remember what Jimmy said ” If Jessica will go home, then we must all go home” 

  6. i would add hollie and josh in the definitely safe category, but i agree with the other spots. LOVED HOLLIE!!!! and ready for shannon to leave 🙂

  7. Its more of like a strategy to jessica to sing an upbeat..Atlis at this early stage she already proved to the world that she can do an upbeat..

    Most likely in the coming weeks, if Hollie would still be the same, people and judges will start to question if she is capable on doing another thing than singing diva-ish songs…philip will always be philip, he got it already…

    Colton…Ahmm. it was ok. good. but i think he should choose a popular song next time

    Heejun is in big trouble. I bet he will be part of the bottom 3!

    Joshua..jacob lusk the coming weeks, people will no longer follow him. He does have the voice but i don’t think he’s capable of selling records.

    Skyler…she’s cute but not that great

    Erika.elise.shannon..these girls are sure in trouble whther they gve an outstanding performance or not

    Deandre..His performance was beyond lame. it was boring and all over the place

    • Joshua is nothing like Jacob Lusk.  He has a lot of emotion, soul & talent in his songs.  Plus, he has a lot of rhythm and can sing the heck outta some rock & roll.

    • Got to disagree. Josh is nowhere near as bad and corny as Jacob. Hrs got much more range and better pitch, and doesn’t even come close to all the ‘yea’s’ Jacob put in his performances. This is not, ‘who can sell the most records, idol,’ it’s a singing based show and Josh can outSING anyone in the competition with the exception of maybe Jessica and Hollie. It’s unfair for him to be compared to Jacob. It’s only because he is black and his roots are gospel that he is being compared to him, but he is a much better and mire skilled singer than Jacob by far.

    • Zayib,

      Comparing Joshua to Jacob Lusk is laughable.  Jacob Lusk had ONE amazing preformance all season.  Joshua has had 4 already.  Joshua is superior in every way.  And by the way, to your comment about him selling records…there is a huge R&B following in this country.   As well as a huge gospel following.  Ie Jennifer Hudson…Ruben Studdard…Fantasia Morrino

      • THANK YOU!!!!  I’m glad somebody said it….  Some of these critics act like R&B and Gospel don’t exist….  Both are billion dollar businesses….  Joshua would excell at both – as well as, Hip Hop and Pop….  DUDE IS AWESOME!!!!

    • Dude….  Stop hating on Joshua….  He is absolutely nothing like Jacob Lusk and I was a fan of his too….  And if he doesn’t mae it to the finale, which I believe he will, he is already a star….  Trust me….  Dude is going to be huge!!!!  I bet some record exec can’t wait until AI is over to sign him….

    • “Skyla is cute but not great”?!?

      Performance wise, she’s had the best 2 weeks on the show(Jessica had a better week last week, Joshua this week, but Skylar was great BOTH weeks)

      She’s twice what Lauren Alaina was, and the ONLY true Country singer on the show.  She’ll be in the Top 5, and has a chance of being the one girl that can knock Hollie/Jessica out of the top 2 girls IMO.

      • I totally agree with you about Skylar.  She blows Lauren Alaina out of the water both in talent and personality!  I haven’t always been a big fan of country music but I think she is charismatic and fantastic!

  8. Jessica did great tonight….. In fact, i kinda like her performance tonight better than her rendition of jennifer hudson’s i love you i do. She just proved that she’s not simply a balladeer. Of course, you can’t expect her to belt it out all the time…. She delivered exactly what was needed by the song! Love her choreography!! I think she will be safe this week!

    My top 3:

    My bottom 3
    Heejun (sorry)

      • I disagree! I feel like Jessica has become over confident and needs to focus on why she is there! Holly and Philip are humble and challenge themselves every week to be the best they can be. Going home? Heejun? Skylar…. She has become boring with the screaming country.

      • Boring with the Screaming Country?

        I get that some people don’t like Country Music in general, but to act like Skylar hasn’t had 2 very good to great back to back weeks, while everyone else was good one week and bad the other, is ridiculous.

      • @457028f857e9c78acba524a2b75ac9bf:disqus Of course, that’s what American Idol is all about! Having the confidence to take the stage. What do you expect from her? It’s an upbeat song and she’s a performer! It’s really hard to do an upbeat on that big stage, ya’ know?  It needs big loads of confidence. 

      • Yah right JoeLand0208 and she filled that stage with confidence and great voice, love that

      • @IzeIzeBaby:disqus Ya’ know what? I’m having a feeling they’re [some of the people] making a lot of expectations from Jessica. She’s a performer, not a robot. She may outshine most of the songs (which she usually does) and at times, may flaunt (which I haven’t seen, yet). The confidence that she has, at 16, is already great! And, it is matches her vocal ability and style.

      • i believe so too. They are expecting too much from Jessica. As in too much that it becomes unreasonable. and I cant believe steven tyler said Jessica must stick to singing ballads only! while randy said the song choice does not matter but would frequently say “i thi k that was not the right song for you”. nah, i cant believe the judges. they’re very inconsistent!!!

      • Got to like that! They think it’s not the right song for her…. Most of the people didn’t. Sticking to one genre will make her boring. Look how versatile she is!

      • yeah right. i really admire Jessica for taking the risk on her last performance. and she’s great whether it is ballad or an uptempo. I would like to see the others specifically Hollie and Heejun to leave the ballad zone for a while and show the audience that they can sing other kind of songs

    • I agree with your top 3 though I think Phillip overall over Joshua so far.  But tonight I disagree with Branden Joshua made a great song choice and had the best performance.

    • If Jessica is not safe then the judges will have to use their free pass. 

      Branden…Are they getting A free pass this season?  I haven’t heard anything about that.

      • Jessica is good, however Heejun should be the one gone tonight.  He was terrible and boring.  I don’t think the judges got that quite right with him.  There was so much better talent then Heejun

  9. I don’t care who’s going home this week, as long as Jessica and Hollie make the Finale!

    • Yeah!  Want a girl to win this year, and it would have to be Jessica or Hollie.

      • I think a Jessica and Hollie finale would be awesome, in my opion they have very strong vocals and I noticed tonight that Hollie has started doing the finger lifting on her microphone like Jessica does which wasn’t as very noticeable before the judges mentioned to Jessica. Im just not sure if these two will make up the finale because singing styles are similar.

      •  I noticed in this post that everytime we talk about how good Jessica is, most people liked it . Just look at the comment above me.

      • I think Jessica should win. Colton should go home. He’s a Adam Lambert wannabe

  10. Jessica Did Her thing Men i mean who could do those things on any of the other contestant..shes the real deal and FTW..

    Shes just showing That she can do Up Beat! The judges just cant move on to the lastweek performace but hey she killed it, It was Awsome performance!

    Still The One to beat!

    • She’s great…not the one to beat, not after 2 weeks of the top 12. 

      Still a LONG way to go..

      Pia was the favorite after the first two weeks last year, and that didn’t last long either.

  11. I don’t think Hollie gave a very good performance tonight. her last big note was shaky. i want to see her sing uptempos. let see her singing capability. I think Jessica is still better than her

    • Izeize,

      Agree to disagree.  Hollie’s performance was > than Jessica’s tonight.  Jessica had a number of shaky notes. 

      • SalvX, im also a fan of Hollie. Even though she did good tonight (with another ballad song), she was not as good as jessica (who took a risk and dang an upbeat song).  i really want to see Hollie do an uptempo song so we can have a fair comparison between the two. But i doubt if the beautiful Brit girl can handle fast songs. sorry for being judgmental. But i still want Hollie and Jessica in the finale. 🙂

      • Yes, she’s better TONIGHT, but she still needs to show her versatility by doing songs of other genre.

      • Hollie sings by the numbers, lacks confidence. As if she was just waiting to belt it out. And that last note…do i need to say more?

      • Let’s see how far Hollie goes singing an upbeat song.  
        At this early season, Jessica is the one and hopefully, she will really be the one in the final episode of this season. :>

      • Dont get me wrong, I LOVE Jessica.  But it just seemed to me that there were a few shaky notes in there.

    • Jessica is not as good as Hollie!!! Hollie has a better and richer tone and sings with a little more emotion. Jessica is great, and even though she performs, I don’t feel anything from her performances. I will say however that I liked Jessica’s song better this week than last week. Last week she tried to sound too much like the original, and although it was good, it was not as great as everyone made it out to be.

      •  I disagree. I their last week’s performance if you will look at Hollie ( not only her actually, most of the girls) they dont have this flow from their voices when they are about to go to high pitch, as if they will make a small preparation before going to high pitch. Compared to Jessica, you cant even hear her breath before changing her pitch. That is music flow.

      • I agree. If Jessica is 95 % when it comes to singing and performing, i think Hollie is just 80 %. she does not have enough stage presence. though her voice is solid and beautiful i have this feeling its only limited to ballads, power ballads, soul, or maybe R&B. But I like her too

      • its the other way around. Jessica is better than Hollie my dear. Hollie’s tone is solid, fine. Jessica’s voice is big and solid too. But jessica has a great stage presence not like Hollie who lacks confidence. and her voice has limited capacities. I wonder if she can do upbeats

      • Try telling that to 40 million people voting for each AI contestant. It’s your opinion that you can’t feel anything. But, others did. 🙂 I dit.

        I always feel her performance since Audition day.

    • It’s the second week of the top 12.  Plenty of time for her to do an up tempo song.

      And honestly, I can’t see her being much worse than Jessica was(she was OKAY at best) last night.

      People, I realize Jessica has a great voice, but this is FAR fom over.  I really wish Hollie had the chance to sing “I will always love you” instead of Jessica, because I’d LOVE to read the same comments about her that people are saying about Jessica.

      BOTH are great, and will be in the top 3 IMO, unles Skylar knocks one off along the way(not out of the question either)

      •  I dont think Hollie can sing I Will Always Love You as Jessica.  Hollie cant even hold on that high pitch. Even her last note in Power of Love, where she has to hold on that last note, she didnt.  I cant feel her

    •  You are right! Even on the part that she has to go up on the last part she didnt.  At the end she even made a preparation to reach that high note then cut it right away.  There is no fluidity and soul when she sings, as if she is thinking too much about the song.  I bet Jessica could have sang it better.

  12. OMG I must be getting deaf or something….Skyler is the worst nose nasal singer I have ever heard scream out a song and everyone raves about her. She jumps around and covers the stage with crappy singing and screams above the band so I guess it sounds good on the stage, it sure sounds snotty=nasally from my TV….and it’s a new set too….wow no accounting for taste in 2012….

    • if you got a new HDTV without surround sound, its quite possible it IS your tv set.  HDTVs are known for their video, but it usually takes a supplemental surround sound system to really make the experience last. 

    • Skylar is not as good as many past country singing contestants.  She won’t win just because country singers placed high last season.  If she can survive into the top 6, someone will probably snatch her up for a country recording contract.  Remember, folks, that’s what it’s all about: exposure, so a singer can get a contract somewhere.

    • I agree I am not a big fan of her voice not even for Country every time I hear her I think Karaoke.  

    • This is a joke right/

      She’s twice as good as Lauren from last year(and I LOVED Lauren) and already works the stage at a much better level than anyone other than Phillip.

      She is a nasaly singer, and it WORKS for her.  She’s a country singer and knows it, BUT has gone off that path already with Witney last week.

      She has a very good chance to be not only top 5, but to also knock off either Hollie or Jessica from the top 2 girls(remember, Pia was overhyped like Jessica last year)

  13. Shannon should have left the show last week.  It’s just that America voted for her to stay on longer.  I guess there’s no escape for her this time around.

  14. your opinions are worthless. you are not a singer at all. you wish you were doing what they an do. stop hating if you cant personally relate

  15. Elise Testone was the bomb. Best performance of the night. watch out for the studio version.

  16. The final few are already nailed to the mast this season.

    Going Home in the next 6 weeks will be (in no particular order):

    1. Shannon – inconsistent and not singing tunes at her target age audience as Cowell would say
    2. Deandre – the key Idol fan base (16yr old screaming girls and not old farts like me that write in here)  have Colton and Phil to swoon over. They don’t need a long haired hippy as well.
    3. Elise – great tone but needs to do more to make songs her own. I say stick behind the piano and pretend to be the singer/songwriter.
    4. EVP – Erika oh Erika. If you wanna be the rock chick (which she could be) then she needs to act and look the part and not come out wearing red prom dresses.
    5. Joshua – not connecting with America and in danger of already being the Jacob Lusk as ppl have rightly pointed out. He needs a coach like Adam Levine. If so, he could go further.
    6. HeeJun – doesn’t have the vocal range to compete with the rest and America has no idea what record he would make an be credible. Rather than his comedy, his great work for a charitable cause endears him to me but he doesn’t have the vocal talent. Otherwise he could win.

    That leaves the rest to slug it out and any of these could win it:

    1. Colton – crazy female fan base, makes songs his own, and is kind of dark and twisted in song choice. Vocally not as strong but has stage presence. Piano based songs could win it for him.
    2. Skylar – super nice, has the big country vote with rock chick voice. Could sell lots of records. Alas not good looking enough to win the whole thing in my view. Sad but true.
    3. Jessica -her vocals are amazing and she’s hot/cute. She can win but she needs to pick the right songs and most of all make them her own. She hasn’t proved the latter yet.
    4. Phil – unique style, good looks, instrument player. He needs to change it up one week and shock a few people otherwise they may get a little bored of it. Otherwise he could do it.
    5. Hollie – wildcard. Stunning voice out of small pipes. America’s white hope. Can she get out of ballad mode. I’m not sure and nor is America.  

    Hey that’s my view. What do I know?

    • I don’t think Hollie or Jessica will win.  Neither one of them are versatile enough.

      • thats what you think, see? no one give their like on your post. sorry u are so wrong!

      • Jessica is versatile enough to be the next American Idol. She had proved it tonight. You must know it unless you’re deaf :>

    • Colton and Phil over Deandre! You obviously have no clue about music. After stating that Colton is “vocally not strong” and Phil is a “little boring”, Deandre is rejected because “we don’t need a long haired hippy”. Get a life and open your ears.

      • Amen. Vocally, that ‘long haired hippy’ is far more superior than the other two. Don’t get me wrong, I think all three are extremely talented, but Deandre can sing circles around PP and Colton.

      • AI is essentially a popularity contest.  Phil and Colton seem to have a bigger fanbase than Deandre.  I am not discounting Deandre’s talent, but it’s votes that win this contest..

    • I like your top 5.  I guess I like Joshua a little better than you do and think he will last for a while.  He’s not Jacob Lusk redone. However, I don’t think he’ll win, so I’m happy with the 5 you picked.  I want Skylar to do well, but I don’t expect her to win.

  17. Now Jessica knows this week how Elise felt last week.  Jessica killed Whitney last week, and Elise killed Tina Turner this week.  Jessica and Elise are tops in their genres, as is Skylar in country.  Now I really feel bad that Johnny Keyser lost out to Jermaine as the 13th pick.

    • I don’t think Johnny Keyser was ever really up for consideration of being brought back. He said it himself, he had no idea until the promo’s aired and his face was part of the supposed four. It was Jermaine all along, and no one else but him. The producers just used pretty boy Johnny’s face for ratings because he had somehow built up a quasi-fan base from his one audition. You were baited.

    • Really?  *scratches head* And try to fill Scott Weiland’s shoes?  Hmm..interesting.

      • I just grabbed your crotch….with my mind!!

        Something about Phil reminds me of Core era Weiland…pre heroin

  18. “No one on the planet has heard of this song,”  Really?  I’m one of those older viewers whose kids are too old to try out for AI and I know Broken Heart!! When it comes to country music THEN I don’t know the songs LOL
     Have to say that for the most part I agree with you in how things will play out tomorrow night–oh, I disagree with a couple of your evaluations of the performances, Branden, but it’s nothing major.

  19. Diana Ross and Lionel Richie ORIGINALLY did endless love, not Mariah Carey and Luther Vandross

  20. Just to let you know Branden, I dont appreciate the holy water comment.  I really like your reviews, but dont you think that is a bit disrespectful?

  21. Your thoughts are spot on – but on another topic – do these folks get stylist advice? If not – they NEED it.   Unfair, but how the girls dress makes a difference – and with the exception of Jessica – there is a cry of help from these girls.  RISD students – do the country a favor and help these these girls!!!

  22. 100% on the final four:
    Jessica Sanchez
    Phillip Phillips
    Hollie Cavanaugh
    Colton Dixon

    100% on the finals:
    Jessica Sanchez 
    Phillip Phillips

  23. I think that Heejun is most definately going to be in the unsafe list, my second choice would be Shannon, then DeAndre. Top five choices for me that I think are going to go and battle to the end are Phillip Phillips,  Colton Dixon, Joshua Ledet, Skylar Laine and Hollie Cavanagh

    •  I really don’t care who goes next. As long as we see a Jessica- Hollie finale.

      • I have a duet she should do with Joshua: “Somewhere Out There,” from “An American Tail (animated movie)”.  Original song done by Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram.  It’s romantic song and could be done well by these 2 kids.

      •  I really wonder why, everytime you mention the name of Jessica more people will like your comment.  Well, I think she must be reallllly goood.

  24. Shannon needs to GO! 2nd week in a row and shes horrible!!! She needs to stop picking songs that are tooo big for her!

    • Well she did great.
      shannon dont have problems you have problems.
      you have made about 9 different accounts slamming down shannon why cuz she is pretty. and your just a old ugly hen

  25. knowing what happened to Jermaine, I wonder how other hopefuls who did not make it to Top 24  might think… While it is true that he’s enthusiasm for this contest was very evident…. there are more deserving talents out there who could have taken his place.

    • I find it more unfair to the contestants that were originally in the top 24 but were voted off as one of the bottom 12.  During the Top 25 week Jermaine was in “pimp” spot last to perform and he got extra air time so he was going through.  Seems to me like someone like Russ Grim for example who had to perform first during that week got a bad break all things considered.  I think one of the bottom 12 should be brought back to replace Jermaine.    

      • They can’t bring back ANYONE from the bottom 12 because it will mess up the very idea of the show – which is “voting to save your favorites.” America’s already eliminated one of the “least favorite” – Jeremy Rosado – last week. If they do decide to bring back anyone, they have to prioritize the latest one eliminated.

        Which, personally, I wouldn’t recommend for the show. What they could do, though, is run one whole week without any eliminations. Just not this week… Shannon should go…

        And, to everyone who commented on how good Jessica is… I couldn’t agree more.

  26. I actually like them all. On performances, i thought heejun (my favorite) and deandre were the weakest. I thought joshua and elise were the best. The whole thing with jermaine seems curious. They bring him back for no apparent reason and then kick him off. Seems staged to me! And speaking of needing stylists, who dressed the producers that fired jermaine? They looked more like government employees. (i can say that because i am one.)

    • hahaha nice.  I thought that line was funny.  “I can say that because I am one.”  Thanks for making my night!

  27. Hi Taymaro and Ali as promised:

    Based on what I heard tonight, I want to stop watching this show all together. But I will continue on 🙁  I can’t back down now!

    Why I said that? Wow I could count 3, 4 at the most that did ok singing.
    What  terrible song choices!!  Of all the hundreds and hundreds of songs available, I can’t believe Jimmy agreed on these song selections.  Is he serious.  He maybe  a great record producer, not tonight though.

    What bothers me the most is what I anticipated to be a good night of singing since the selections (their birth year) are many, turn out to be worst than any year I have seen in Idol.  I agree with Branden.

    Except on what he said about Elise.  She is one of the 3 singers tonight that I thought did a better job in selecting their song,  the other two was Philip and Joshua.  Still way too dull and predictable for the rest of the singers.

    I can go on and on tonight but that is not going to change what took place tonight.  So without further delay I have no choice but to choose Elise as my favourite under dog singer.  I based this on her tone of voice and a potential hint of having a signature style with her raspy voice.  Win or loose !!

    I know this could be a long shot for me but, at this point unless this show improves it will be  a long and boring season, so Elise , do something, please! 

    Hey guys do you think that those producers did not know of Jermaine’s past or they just neglected to check, but why now after him being there for many weeks.  Checking criminal records is not rocket science especially in today’s hi-tech world.

    • Ed,

      I believe it was a conspiracy theory to get better ratings. 

      While i  appreciate your blogs…I have to wonder your opinion on the following.

      What do you think about Holly?

      What do you think about Jessica?

      Elise is fantastic, in my opinion.

      • Elise has at least one testicle… And she really needs to work on her triceps.

        Naw I’m just kidding, but she do got some floppy ass arms though

      • Hi SalvX,

        They did good! But  Hollie and Jessica needs to step it up a few more notches. They have the pipes to do it.  But both are afraid to step into the plate and hit a home run, I don’t know why???  If they don’t the guys are going to win again, Joshua , Colton and Philip are more than capable of taking over this season.

        Surely by now both Jessica and Hollie knows doing cover songs by great artists like Whitney , Mariah and Adele are good, but not enough to move them to a level where they will be assured of the top 2 spots.
        Nothing wrong with singing cover songs but give it a fresh version.
        Carbon copies of the original is like buying an imitation Rolex , it looks and feels like a Rolex, but it is still a fake!   Just my opinion 😀

        Jessica – I wondered who she listened to in singing that song?  It is a song
                         that we normally don’t mind listening while driving to work.
                         But to put the CD in my Audio equipment while I try to mellow
                         after a hard days work, naaaahhhh.  What am I saying then?
                         Last night and the remaining competition nights should be     
                         deemed as their final night, so choose a killer song, why not?
                         Joshua did and look at the results.  Who ever advised her to
                         sing that song wants her to loose.  She sang it well enough
                         but I am not jumping up and down liking it. LOL

        Hollie   – She did better, but again a cover song?  I really don’t think she
                         knows what style she should choose to win this thing.  She has
                         to find that signature style that is “Hollie”, right now to my
                         opinion she does ok  with singing cover songs of famous artists
                         just like Jessica.

        I am not trying to be mean to this two, just being objective since I too don’t mind seing a girl winning this for a change instead of another WGWG, if this happens we will not have any peace in this blog for a million years, ha ha.  But it is not going to be handed to them on a silver platter.  Carrie and Kelly sang their hearts out that is why they won.
        Even the girls in previous seasons that were runner ups had done better in performances and song selections than last night.

        I know that these girls can do much better, when?  I hope before they get eliminated.  Just saying…………..

    • hey ed, as usual i won’t see last night’s or tonight’s show until the weekend (rangers tonight) but it sounds like i’m going to get a really good nap while the show is playing.  even with the law and order drama going on.  do you think at this point in time that all these singing competitions are getting a bit old??  the only quote reality show unquote that doesn’t lose its appeal is the amazing race.  even survivor is starting to get a little bit boring.  (what is it about people named colton??)

    • Hi Ed >>>> I really upset coz I think if u decide last week , ur fav will be Jessica  … Now and after last night , U picked Elise .. U always like to go with the underdog as u said .. I think u will see great things from Jessica .. last night performance was OK . She needed to take it slow ..
      I think she is a stratigest. She knows how to play her cards unlike Hollie. TBH, she was good, her only fault is that she sang IWALY right before TTBA. Don’t u think ??? after all. It was an OK song choice .
      Elise !!! I like Josh by faaaaaaaaaaaaar . I guess I am always on the right side *wink

      # UR Name is really hard to find …  CTRL+F = many Ed’s … LOL
      TAYMARO, still waiting …

      • Hi Ali,

        If I have chosen Jessica then there won’t be much for us to talk about.
        At least you may have a winner with Jessica, along with the rest of the Jessica campaign managers, ha ha.

         And then of course there is our friend Taymaro, if he also choose Jessica, then I might as well pack it up and wait for next season.  I want us to have fun with this, so I chose who I like as an artist not necessarily the winner, but you never know.  I believe there are  still hope for the hearing impaired musicians and supporters of real artists like me.
        Just kidding.

        Short story:  A few years back, I was at a Kmart Store and as I walk thru the aisle, I stumble into a bin full of CD’s.  One in particular caught my eyes and I grabbed it immediately.  It was a 4 CD collection of 60’s , 70’s
        80’s and 90’s greatest hits.  I said wow, this might save me from playing dozens and dozens of albums If I want to hear my favourite songs.
        I cut short of my shopping and was delighted to bring home my new acquisition.  Open up a new bottle of Red and immediately put on Album 1.  It started ok but then to my biggest dissapointment the group
        and the entire collection are not original artists, but cover artists.  Sounded very similar but alas not what I was expecting.

        I stopped, ejected the CD, I went upstairs and crawled into bed. The following morning I took the CD’s and put it inside the box where my wife and I used to donate stuff.  I don’t mind Cover Artists but to my opinion if I want to listen to a Whitney Houston song then I will put on her album, sorry I am an old fashion son of a gun, hard headed and stubborn. LOL

      • I already posted just after last night’s show Ali. Look back at the previous posts. I picked Phillip Phillips to win the whole show. Even though I think his performance last night was kinda flat but after all he was recovering from surgery.  I agree with most of what Branden said up there but I personally think that if anyone is going home it will be Elise. Heejun is still good for a couple of more weeks I think. I would like him better if they would get him some glasses with lenses in them. LOL just kidding. He still has a couple of more weeks before people start jumping off his band wagon. I didn’t really like any of the performances tonight. If I have to pick the best of the night it would have been Joshua.

    • Oooooh! Ouch! So sorry Ed. I thought we were trying to pick the winner since we both know that the best vocalist never wins American Idol. I never expected you to pick Elise. I actually am afraid for her this week. If anyone goes home I am afraid it might be her. Maybe you are playing your cards though and if she does go home that’ll give you another week to pick another contestant. Hmmmm. Is Ed that smart?

      • Hi Taymaro,

        I  used to say “I am smarter than the average bear”, but Booboo 
        ( my wife) told me that bears are generally not too smart, yikes !!

        I will stick to what I got and promise that I would not add a second one, since there are no second choices for me.  I am mean am I.

        If she did go home then it is the sidelines for me.  However I will still participate and make sure I stir enough rowl in the pot to keep you  guys on your toes. LOL

        So be it :  this is it

        Ali – Jessica ( no surprise )
        Taymaro – Philip  ( no surprise )
        Ed – Elise, ha ha ha ha I am out of my mind but I really like her though.

      • Phillip …..
        He is talented … not a great musician for sure . Do u really want another WGWG to win .!!! after all, It’s ur openion.
        I think Jessica will have a bright future more than Elise and Phillip ..
        Ed, If u picked Erika , ur chance will be better . I think she might be the dark horse . ” not my fav ” . 

      • I definitely don’t think Phillip is the most talented but I think he will win. That is why I chose him. I don’t want another WGWG to win but I can’t vote for all of America. I think maybe Colton is a little too punk rock and DeAndre’s long hair and different style is too over the top. I think that Jessica and Hollie are the two best vocalist and Erika just has a cool tone to her voice. I think Joshua, while talented,  is going to go the way of Jacob Lusk and the rest just don’t measure up IMO.  Like I said, I was just picking the contestant that I think is most likely to win.

      • If you want to know whom I have grown to enjoy watching the most it’s DeAndre. I think he did a great job on that song last night. He just doesn’t have a power house voice and it was arranged to suit his volume and to showcase a little of his range which by the way has no limits. And also they’ve managed to calm him down on all of the hair flipping and he doesn’t rely on the falsetto as much as he used to. But there are gonna be songs where he can do that and it will just be awesome. He has been very consistent and hasn’t made any missteps vocally as far as I can remember and should be generating more support as the competition progresses.

  28. Speaking of remakes of remakes, let’s not forget that the song Jessica sang last week, which everyone talks of as “Whitney’s song,” is in fact Dolly Parton’s song.  Dolly wrote the song for someone very specific that she knew, and she recorded it a couple of different times.  It was a big hit both times.  I like her version much better than Whitney’s.  Nothing the matter with remakes; what matters is how well the song is sung each time.

  29. Holly has it all.  She is going to go a long ways.  When you look at who could be legitimate star material, Holly, Jessica and Phillip edge out the others.

  30.  What happened to Jessica tonight? Nothing. She actually did a pretty good job (definitely better than a B-). The problem is that she came off of two back-to-back standing O’s from the judges and a performance last week that some say was one of the best in the history of the show. I think between the pressure she must have put on herself to sustain that level, and the expectations that everyone watching the show has set for her, it was a no-win situation. But if you watch the performance without thinking about weeks 1 and 2, it was pretty good. Certainly not the best. But probably a B+. I’m curious to see what she does and how she performs next week. Hollie no way was an A+. Better than Joshua? Seriously? I don’t think anyone gets an A+ if their voice cracks noticeably during what’s supposed to be a powerful note near the end of the song. This week probably a B or B+. Though, I don’t really see the allure with her that others see.

  31. Since that so called “gentle giant (what a joke!!)” Jermaine got disqualified, does that means everyone are saved this week??

    •  No. Someone still goes home unless they’re saved. But what’s interesting is that the show now loses a week off of the season.

      • Actually, no, it won’t.  Idol usually has a week where there is a double elimination.  Also this year they started with a top 13 rather than a top 12, so it will follow it’s reg. schedule.

  32. As much as I love Deandre, I don’t think he’s all that safe for tomorrow’s results. Now was not the time to play down his talent, and “Endless Love” did nothing to show us what more he has. I really hope you’re right, and that he is ‘most likely safe’!

  33. Hollie is a good singer! But she always sing ballad, i want her to at least sing an up beat song to prove that she can sing other genre’s. She does pull it iut of the bag everytime, but its getting really boring and predictable every week

    •  For me, Hollie, lacks feeling when she sings. As if she is thinking or preparing for that high pitch. No flow

  34. oh my goodness!!!! of all the perfs this week, i AM still going for JESSICA SANCHEZ big time….why?!? because she can prove to the world, especially to AMERICA that’s gonna vote for her that she can do upbeat songs…and now since she had done an upbeat, she can go back to ballads anytime she wants and she is gonna nail it again for sure….so far, she is the one TAKING RISKS (not being consistent on the POWER BALLAD thing, not like another white guy playing guitar and especially not the ones who screams like JACOB LUSK, for goodness sake!!!)and hopefully america loves her for that!!!! Jessica Sanchez FTW!!!

    • I bet two of your favorite contestants the last two years were Adam Lambert and James Durbin to huh. They were ‘screamers’, Josh in no way should be labeled a ‘screamer’! He is far superior to Jacob and absolutely should not be constantly compared to him. You people that keep comparing the two are premising it based on the fact that they are both black and have gospel backgrounds, but if you actually ‘listen’ to both singers you will see they sound nothing alike. It’s called carrying a NOTE, that’s what Josh does better than anyone in the competition, even your precious Jessica you seem to be in love with. Don’t get me wrong, I do like her and she deserve to be praised as one of the best, but Josh should be as well instead of being labeled a ‘screamer’ and comparing him to Jacob constantly when neither are true. If anybody screamed lastnight it was Jessica, go back and listen, that’s what threw her off and caused her to lose her breath going into the most uptempo part of the song. Jimmy and the judges know music, it’s their profession, so when they constantly praise Josh and have yet to say one negative comment about any if his performances, I’ll take their word and ear over someone who’s not in the business and is just a fan of the show. But hey, we make the ultimate decision on who stays and who goes right. Everyone’s got an opinion and free to express them, that’s what makes country great, so there’s mine. TIFWIW.

  35. Jessica did exactly what she needed to do and that is vary her performances.  She has to lower her expectations so she is judged agains’t the other competitors and not just being judged agains’t her past performances(Pia downfall).  There are to many easy eliminations still in the competition(Shannon, Deandre, Erika to name a few) so the top competitors can hold back a little now and WOW later when it counts.  I actually think Jessica sounded good tonight definitely in the top half.  

  36. i cant stand joshua, i might be the only one  hes just a little to much for me. go holllie and philip

  37. Predictions:

    Top 3

    1.  Jessica(she is still the most popular she has had over 6million hits on youtube from her performance last week the next closest competitor Heejun roughly 260,000 and Hollie and Phillip around 225,000.)
    2.  Phillip(He is not going anywhere he can make every song his own and sound good doing it as he did this week.)
    3.  Hollie(She does need to change up her style a little and show us all that she can do if she wants to continue to stay in the top but for now based on performances and tonights performance she is one of the best.)

    Bottom 3

    1.  Shannon(By far the worst performance last week if not the worst of the season so far and I disagree with the judges she didn’t sound very good this week, I agree with Branden great song choice wrong person.)
    2.  Erika(Nothing really against her she sounds good I feel like she is still holding back and could really blow it up but she hasn’t her performances are forgettable she just gets lost in the shuffle.)
    3.  Deandre(Just as he was when he was voted off originally he was very boring tonight with no energy.)

    Wild Card Maybe #3

    Elise(She had the lowest amount of hits on youtube for last weeks performance at 90,000 so she has a very small following.  But I thought she sounded great tonight hopefully that saves her for another week.)

    Voted Out

    Deandre(He was just to boring and forgettable he was voted off once before and I think this is the end for him.)

    • I agree with your perspective but i think it is not the time for Deandre, its time for Elise to say goodbye

  38. deandre will be next,,,,,l have a feeling,,,jessica sanchez proved she can sing  pop and ballad,,,,,

  39. Btw Jermaine Jones was a total setup of course the show knew about it you don’t think they do a complete criminal background check on the top 24??  The competitors are representing the show and it’s brand image.  Not to mention their credibility is on the line plus if something were to happen the show could be held liable.  So yes it was a setup and very sad they brought him back into the top 25 just to sandbag him later.  I wish that when the producers asked Jermaine why he didn’t say something before about it he answered with; “Because my name is not Jermaine Jones it’s Randy Jones so I have no idea what you’re talking about, Warrants??  That Jermaine guy sounds dangerous.” 

  40. Fuck you Branden XD Heejun was AWESOME <3
    Other than what you said about my favorite, everything's correct. ^_^
    And about jermaine…
    I had a feeling he was the one eliminated… He just seemed the most likely 😮

    • Totally agree. 
      Heejun may not be super super great.
      But he has very good reason to stay a little bit longer.
      Branden can’t stand that reality. He wants really badly to get rid of 
      Heejun out of this competition. I think that makes him really happy.

    • BRANDEN, Are you going to let people talk in this nasty LANGUAGE? i DON’T LIKE IT~~ And if he is talking to you, ot Heejun it doesn’t matter. His sordid talking should be removed!!  I like to come on here and see other peoples opinion. But not to read SMUT LANGUAGE!!   IN CASE YOU DON’T SEE IT, IT IS FROM heejunHanFTW   PLEASE TAKE IT OFF Branden!!

    • Jessica has it all. She jst need to pick the right song that fit for her. If she will be consistent, then she will be the next American Idol

  41. if the first spot is the cursed-spot and the last spot is the pimp-spot…the second spot would be the harsh-comment-by-the-judges spot and the second to the last spot is the standing-O-for-the-judges spot….we have new cursed and pimp spot now…better be in second to the last than second…and the remaining spot…ahhhh,…lulla-byE…lol

  42. I think Hollie beats Jessica tonight… And Joshua, sure he was great tonight but he has ups and downs so I wouldn’t bet he’ll make it through top 5.

    • it can’t be. It will be a boy vs. girl. And it will be Jessica Sancez and Phillip Phillips

      • Yeah, less likely and but more interesting. It is just a wish though. I just think it’s about time 2 females belt it out in the finals. 

  43. I think Phillip has the only real male singing voice. The others are forced, or false or something.
    Hollie has the best female singing voice. I think Jessica sounds like every other female singer today.

  44. Skyler reminds me of a mini Reba, she should do what scotty did and stay with country songs. Hollie and joshua nailed their performances! Phillip and Colton could have picked better songs but sang good. Shannon did so much better than last week and the other 3 girls were terrible! Everyone loves heejun so I’d be surprised if he gets voted off yet bur he needs to stay with songs that fit his voice too.

  45. I think hollie is kinda lame coz she always sings ballad songs. She don’t sing up tempo music like what Jessica just did… I think if she keeps on singing ballads people will get bored with her. I like what Jessica just did singing a fast song that shows her flexibility as an artist. It’s not really that bad, I don’t think that was an easy song tho, so I say good job to Jessica 😀

  46. My Ranking: (From Least to Best)
    11. Erika Van Pelt
    10. Shannon Magrane
    9. Elise Testone
    8. Deandre Brackensick
    7. Heejun Han
    6.Joshua Ledet
    5. Skylar Laine
    4. Colton Dixon
    3. Hollie Cavanagh
    2. Phillip Phillips
    1. Jessica Sanchez

    Do you Agree =)))

  47. I actually agree with J.Lo, I felt Heejun’s performance. There were emotions there. He sang the song with emotions. I don’t know, Im not a huge fan of him, but I think his performance was not that bad.

    • Randy was very picky today. None of other contestants except  few of them like Joshua, phil ….were better that him but he was very harsh and unfair on HEEjun.

  48. i think the judges are doing reverse psychology to the public.. giving Jessica those criticisms would let the public vote for Jessica so that she will be safe and make sure will be safe despite the bad comments the judges give. another thing is that Jessica herself on an interview says she is not perfect and glad she was provided constructive criticisms.. talk about humility

  49. I think they should vote off Steven Tyler… he is boring… if he says “that was just beautiful man”   one more time… I’ll barf… he needs to go.. His crtiques  have no value.

    • At the first when the show started I thought Steven Tyler was going to be much better. Perhaps someone had spoken to him about ” Oh that was beautiful.” Like From last year. But as the show rolls on he is starting that up again. I think he gets bored just sitting there. So he is pretty much back to where he was last year. Look at his face sometimes and he looks just plain bored like he is not even listening. They get paid big money to do their jobs. So they need to step up to the plate!  Actually Jenninfer is doing the best this year. Step it up will you Steven! Please.

  50. Deandre needs to go along with Shannon they are both so boring. she is way out of her league and his screeching and hair annoys me.

  51. Stop hating on Joshua….  The dude is just AWESOME!!!  You act like you didn’t want to give him an A and gave Hollie an A+….  Please….  She cracked on her last note and she was incredibly boring!!!  Give the man his due….

    • Joshua is great….In Branden head there are people who he hates mostly and he fits the reality on his very narrow perspective.
      And when it happened the way he wants he is very happy.

    • There is no hating on Joshua. Are we aloud to have an opinion? Dude is not awesome. IMHO he is boring and unoriginal.  The most original is Phillip P and Colton . Best singer  is Jessica S and Hollie C. The rest is just a big blur.

  52. All the IDOL competitors are good singers, otherwise they wouldn’t be on the show.  Although, this week honestly there were only a few standouts in my opinion.  I thought Elise was awesome.  She has a very unique voice and she gives me the chills when she sings.  She is a true professional.  I’m sure she is being looked at from many Music Company Exec’s.  She will definately sell many “records”.  From the guys, I thought Philip did very well.  He made the song his own.  Joshua did OK, although I felt he shouted parts of the song, instead of singing the song…that’s why I do not agree with JLo as this being the “Best Performance” on IDOL???  You have to be kidding?   Although I like Heejun (funny)…but this is a singing contest, so he should go.  He would be great in the show, “The Big Bang Theory”.   Elise and Philip are the Stars this week!  Their voices are one of a kind. 

  53. I love HeeJun, and I want him to stay, but I think he’ll be in the bottom three. I predict the bottom three will be HeeJun, DeAndre and Shannon.

    HOWEVER…I don’t think anyone’s going home tonight.  Picture tonight: DeAndre, HeeJun and Shannon are up there on the stools, sweating the boring performances and whatnot. Then, HeeJun gets to sit down. Then Shannon. And then…dim the lights…DeAndre sits down.

    And this week gets a pass, which it should, because the songs were all dull as a number 2 pencil after the SAT.

    Also? “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” would have been a way better song for DeAndre than the one he did.

  54. shannon does great this week.
    best of the girls.
    and hollie who voice went out gets the rpaise.
    last week when shannon went out everybody treated her like crap.
    but since its hollie we will let it slide.
    shannon did the best by a mile and everybody is still denying it.
    it is just like haley i was the only one who liked haley.
    and know everybody says how haley was awesome.

  55. It means that she’s [Jessica] a great contender. She needs to have constructive criticisms sometimes in AI. She’s 100 % a future money-back guarantee!

    This week’s performance showed versatility! Not her best—but it sure is great! 🙂

  56. I replayed Joshua this morning and it was not perfection and not the best performance ever on Idol.  I would rank fantasia among the top memorable performances…i bet we don’t remember josh in two years…but he most likely will make it another week at least with all the judge pimping. 

    • Yup, i think the performance was good, but not THAT great where the judges have the standing-o…

  57. I replayed Joshua this morning and it was not perfection and not the best performance ever on Idol.  I would rank fantasia among the top memorable performances…i bet we don’t remember josh in two years…but he most likely will make it another week at least with all the judge pimping. 

  58. The Polls say a lot. Many of those the judges rave about, great singers with flat personalities- it didnt surprise me they sit at bottom of this weeks polls as usual- shannon, erika, elise, deandre. Dont know Heejun, he has personality galore & a not too bad voice. Trust me- he will be around for  a while, no matter what the judges say. The guy is adoreable, likeable & fun & without doubt, he can also sing. This week was just a bad week for Heejun, but 3-4 will go, before he does. Even Colton- I find a bit flat personality wise. I mean really….

  59. Ugh i’m starting to hate AI. Like I dunno what they want. I applaud Jessica for not singing a ballad because that was what everyone who have expected and than it would have made her predictable like PIA. Even though it wasn’t a ballad or her best it was still good enough to not land her in bottom 3. She is smart she knows PIA was eliminated early because all she did was ballads so she knows what she is doing. I swear someone needs to hit Steven with a book. He told her to stick to ballads. I don’t get it people cant stick to the same thing than they become boring.  Than he critized Colton? He was great. No one knew the song but the best part was that he made it seem like its a song that could be on the radio now. I think Steven just thinks he is the only rock star lol. 

  60. Since Jermaine already left this week, my guess is they are going to carry over the votes to next week.  FOX already has programming lined up and they need a certain number of shows.  This happens every other year or so. 

  61. I dont like Skylar for some reason she never grew on me. I think Josh did a good job with that song but the problem is he seems to churchy for me lol.  Shannon did a good job too at least she didn’t cracked this time lol. My top three of the night were Hollie, Colton and Josh. I loved Heejun in the beginning but no he is starting to get boring. I didnt like Erika’s rendition of that song. I love Deandre voice but I must admit the performance was boring. My bottom three are Deandre, Erika and Heejun. I would send Erika home since she didnt get America’s vote from the beginnig.

  62. I liked  Joshua Ledet better than you did and disliked Heejun even more.  I punched up a site that had top 100 hits by year and found a better song choice for each contestant as the program progressed.  Bottom three . . Heejun, Shannon, and it doesn’t matter because one of those two will go home. The judges . . ‘that was beautiful man’ . . ‘you really nailed it’ . . ‘you’re one of the best singers in this whole competition’ . . ‘dude’ . . ‘make it your own’ . . ‘why fix it if it ain’t broke.’   I miss Simon Powell ripping hearts out but being spot on . . just saying.  Nice column. 

  63. You know what guys, one thing’s for sure… There are lots of song choices the contestants could choose from, that’s a fact, BUT, the thing is that the AI producers have limited songs which they can acquire the rights as for the contestants coverage of that particular song. So, many Idol hopefuls just stick to the song closely fitted to their wants, options, compatibility as a singer.

    • …..depending on the availability of rights for the song. They cant just cover any songs whenever they want, it must and should acquire the rights from the original artist/producer of a particular song.

      • Hi Sid21,

        I am assuming that acquiring the rights from the owners and the writters of the songs should not be that difficult and theywould be happy that their songs will be show cased on America’s most popular Talent Show watched by millions of people around the globe.

      • to Ed, yeah its simple as that….but still this is business, they’re making money out of it, the copyright holders don’t donate their rights just as simple as 1-2-3. AI producers sell all the songs done by the contestants every thru Itunes, i betcha know all these sir… I know you know it wasnt that easy to produce on your own, but then others will re-sell it for free without consulting you as the original…

  64. My ranking  for this week based on the performances!
    My Favorite contestants: Heejun, Jessica, and Phillip.1.Joshua Ledet (rank 5 last week )2.Hollie Cavanagh (rank 3 last week )3.Elise Testone (rank 11 last week )4.Skylar Laine ( rank 4 last week )5.Colton Dixon ( rank 8 last week )6.Jessica Sanchez (rank 1 last week )7.Phillip Phillips (rank 2 last week )8.Shannon Magrane (rank 13 last week )9.Erika Van Pelt (rank 9 last week )10.Deandre Brackensick (rank 7 last week )

    11.Heejun Han (rank 6 last week )


  65. Still rooting for Jessica Sanchez , she’s the voice to beat. Show them next week who’s the real star of the stage.Take it as a challenge.FTW

  66. I think giving Colton an A for last night performance is outrageous. Colton and Heejun are the 2 worst singers in this competition, although Heejun performed better and had an R&B swag earlier in the competition. The Judges were right last night. He was out of breadth and could not hold it for the entire bars.

  67. I think this is the first time I ever agreed with Randy but HeeJun should be going home.  
    Branden…I agree with you…I thought Holly was great last night, vocally she seemed to sing with such ease….Joshua was great, put on a great show but the best EVER on Idol……did someone forget Season 8??????? Adam L. singing Mad World!!!!! Tracks of My Tears!!!!!!

    If HeeJun doesn’t go home, because of Randy’s prediction, than probably Elise.  JMHO

      • toNZvara – i certainly am serious…about adam lambert.  it doesn’t get any better.  he’s the complete performer.

      • ADAM LAMBERT is the best. He is alway going to be a popular singer. I wish all the best for ADAM. He is going to the UK with Queen to perform at one show he said. It would be nice if they showed it on tv. But that’s probably not going to happen.

    • Yepp! Adam is the best so far! I couldn’t found any fav. this season! None of these performance is memorable tonight! If Hollie keeps singing ballads, she’ll be end up like Pia of last season…& she’s not even as good as Pia!!  The worst one tonight is, IMO, Shannon…she should be the one to go home!

      • This season is so strange to me because by now I would have my favorite.  No one is jumping out at me and everytime they sing I like somebody else….No WOW factor yet.  I really liked Phil Phillips last night and Hollie.  Last week , Jessica blew me out of the water.  Pia never did that for me……Joshua is good but I’m not over the moon for him and he is definitely better than Jabob Lusk was last year.

        Good to see you back on the blog….

    • Have to agree with you there wholeheartedly about Adam’s songs… They were hauntingly beautiful and heartfelt, so memorable!!! And I was pulling for Matt Giraud that season, Siobvan the next and Naima and Scotty last year…Joshua, Jessica and Deandre this year.  I don’t always stick with one genre.  This year I was floored by Joshua’s “jar of hearts”, Jessica’s “Prayer”, and Deandre’s “A woman’s work” (also love his last week’s song -jamaican style. I’m one of those older women…have several children in teens and 20’s so I stay young with their music that they have brought home…coldplay, colbie cailliet, etc.

      • I totally agree…..Music keeps us young……My kids can;t believe the music I listen to.  I love all the current music and the old st uff too.  I just love music!!!!!!

  68. I think Heejun trades places with Elise.  I also think if it is Ericka who is voted off she gets saved by the judges.

    Shannon should be the one to go at this time.

  69. All you Shannon haters need to shut the hell up, she did great last night. She also picked a really difficult song to sing, and still pulled it off.

  70. Shannon Magrane did AMAZINGGGG:) so she won’t go home:) she is great:) love her:))

  71. Shannon Rulez.
    pay no attetion to the shannon haters there all the same eprson with the same ip address.
    so there you go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shannon is possibly the worst singer I’ve ever heard and no I am not whoever the same person is.  I am a person who can hear. 

  72. dude.. were you high or something? Joshua’s performance was not really “the best” ever on Idol but it was by far the best of the night! I expected Hollie to top that because she had plenty of chance with Celine’s song but somehow she fell short. I kept waiting for that killer note but she failed to reach there. It was good but not the best from Hollie. The rest of the night though was terrible (well maybe Philips and Colton did okay).

  73. Heejun might be the one that should go home, but he has a following and one very boring performance probably won’t send him packing..i don’t think he should make it much longer though.. I think elise, deandre and perhaps erika will be the bottom three…but maybe erika will beat heejun slightly.  look for elise or deandre to go home.  If the judges stop pimping josh he will be going home soon too. 

    • Hi Mary! 🙂  I agree with your bottom 3, although I love Elise’s voice and wish she would get more support.  I hope she doesnt go home soon.  🙁

  74. I am in a difficult situation at the moment problems:) To make it simple I agree with everything you wrote on the show tonight – my 2 cents worth the last man standing & winning could be Phillip Plillips  – top 3 huh!Phillip, Colton @??? Only two for me that make the grade – since the beginning of AI the choices of female singers always not my cup of tea – sorry girls. Nah! not even Jessica can steal my heart

  75. Heejun Han should leave he is a horrible singer, should change his career and become a comedian, that will work out so much better. Shannon did better but why! did she have to choose a Mariah Carey song!!  Erika is a great singer but she sang the wrong song last night which hurt her, my fingers are crossed that she makes it to next week and gets another chance to prove herself.
    I do agree on your 100 perfect safe picks!!

  76. Joshua Ledet tore the house down of Percy Sledges song “When a Man Loves a Woman”  I’m from Louisiana and he has been one of my favorites since day.  Way to go Josh!!!!!!!

  77. I am still wondering why Johnny Keyser was dropped from Idol? His 
    departure seems very suspicious…. if they would add another person
    to take the place of Jermaine, it should be Johnny Keyser.

  78. I think Hollie is 100% safe. I hope she wins it all. She has an amazing voice and a very sweet disposition. Typically, I am a country music fan, and I think Skylar does a nice job overall, but I am not as ” in love” with her as the judges seem to be. She has a little too much “twang” and sometimes seems to be “shouting” instead of singing. She doesn’t have the same richness in her voice as some of the others do. Finally, I disagree that last night’s show was disappointing. I think there are some extremely talented singers in this years 2012 Idol, regardless of how many remakes are sung! 

  79. I don’t get it! when a contestant keeps on singing ballad songs every
    week, the judges tell them its kinda boring and now Jessica took the
    risk of showing her talent on an uptempo song and they told her it is
    not a good song choice. What the heck! for me everything was perfect
    from using the stage, the look, the moves and the audience connection is
    just PERFECT! Jessica’s song is a difficult one and I believe Hollie
    will not give justice to the song either if the judges will let her sing
    that song too. Jessica tore that song up! i think the judges were
    hating. like come on now, they didn’t clap. That is kinda harsh! I
    just hope they gave those comments so she won’t end up like Pia Toscano.
    I hope that the producers told the judges what to say. I just hate it!
    look at the reaction of Will I Am and the crowd! Nevertheless, let’s
    just keep supporting her! She deserves to go far or even claim the

  80. Would have loved to hear the girls sing Melissa Etheridge or Sheryl Crow, and the guys Replacements or R.E.M. C’mon, there was a lot of good music from those years and they didn’t pick any of it.

  81. Perhaps afterall, these are not the best top 13 AI season 11.
    The judges are so boring and predictable in their comments for the ones they favour.The song choices are so uninteresting.

    Please bring in a guest judge each week .

  82. I hope Heejun goes because I can’t stand another week of his singing. Elise might be voted off before Shannon and that would be a shame in my opinion. Deandre is not great but better than Heejun. I wouldn’t want to pay for a top 10 concert and listen to him.

  83. if joshusa goes home i would be surprised he should be at the top of the list to stay but the voters always like the country singers very rarely r ad b singers

  84. heard jessica say something like if she will still be lucky to stay on for the next round, she will make sure to choose the right song…what is being over-confident in that statement?  she could have said i will  choose a better song next time…like she is sure she won’t go home…but heard her say clearly the word “if”…so jessica, just stay grounded and sing from your heart…you are a natural…thumbs up!

  85. Branden, I totally agree with you about the song choices. I do not exactly remember who sang what! But as they were singing the song I said to my husband . WRONG song choice! Yes Hollie did sing the hell out of that song. I was holding my breath when she came out. But she really did do a good job with it. I also will go easy on you with Heejun Han! I am also a fan of Richard Marx. And that song happens to be one  of his songs I love the best!  And Heejun is kind of just Blah. I also had a problem with Deandre singing Endless love. And no he did not sing both parts. He did not look at ease when he was singing it either. As I said once a long time ago I think you and Matt pretty much are spot on with your choices. It’s the voters who get it wrong.  Oh well, We will see what happens tonight. I am curious as to who will go home. Have a great week end!  Sherry K

  86. I disagree with the writer of this commentary. I heard one of the girls say they were limited to their choices, and I took that to mean they were not allowed to pick any song they wanted. I also think most of them did fairly well with the songs they were given.  I did not find Elise to be shrieky in the slightest, I really enjoyed her rendition.  Hope she will go through tonight.

  87. Thought that the way they publicly made Jermaine Jones look like a fool on national television was dispicibly wrong in soooo many ways! Regardless of what he did he was done WRONG for America to see! WTF folks?! Smack yourselves for being soooo GD cruel!

  88. for me it is a little to early to have a super favorite, because i like and root for them all… I always am sad when one gets kicked off.  (ok usually, last year I could not stand Naima or Casey) but this year… I really like Hollie and Skyler and Jessica, and Heejun.
    ok Colton is not my fav, but the song he did last night, did not know it
    but he had me liking it.  Skyler is just entertaining and I love country, Hollie is great. Phillip is good but something about him bugs me. I love Shannon, but she is not quite ready for this. just my thoughts

  89. hii again, what makes me mad about the judges is, when a contestant sings the song normal, like the song is normally sung.  the judges go, hey man you did not make it your own, you should make the song your own.
    Last nite they told 2 if not 3 contestants that they should have sang the song as it normally done and not changed it.  Gosh judges make up your mind,   I just laughed when i heard them say that and then went gosh confuse the contestants will you

  90. I think Deandre should sing songs more like lenny Kravitz style, it goes with his style as well and it’s more groovy!  C’mon Deandre, go for it!!!

    • See what I mean, she said more groovy.  Who says that, this is so sad, the kids have taken over.

  91. IMO, this is the worst ever ever ever season for AI.  I used to love the show and always had a favorite.  This year it’s all wrong, picking the best of the worst to root for.  I think I’ve just outgrown the I see by the other comments I think it’s the younger kids still into the show.  Oh Daughtry, Jennifer, Kelly, Clay, Adam and a few more…miss good ole’ days when the new contestants were babies and toddlers.

  92. I’m reading comments and freaking out…gotta get outta here, I’m afraid I’ve entered it’s neat to be sweet and to read the Teen Beat!   Cioa

  93. Just B- for JESSICA?! that’s UNDERRATED. SHANNON got B? SKYLAR and PHIL an A? You’re DEAF

  94. Anyways, i dont care about the others. as long as JESSICA and HOLLIE are safe… and HEEJUN as well.

  95. As expected Shannon is in the bottom three! @Jimmyjack11:disqus  you said Shannon lines are busy last night?! You see, you’re lying!!! that’s bad you know. Hooray for JESSICA!!! She’s on tour!!!

  96. wow. it was horrible last night. some of them were so bad i had to turn the channel until they finished.  unless they get some new judges who really know talent i don’t think american idol will be around for many more seasons. seriously though you guys really new to watch The Voice  it’s great.

  97. I’d like to know why no-one seems to like Elise. I’m seriously baffled by this. Is it because she’s older? That’s the most likely reason, I think. It broke my heart in season 6 when they sent Melinda Doolittle home. She was a much better singer than Jordin Sparks HANDS DOWN but didn’t have “the look.” Sad. I’d like to hear opinions!

    • In our house, we love Elise. Philip, Colton, Hollie, Joshua & Jessica too. Skylar makes me cringe but only bc country music drives me nuts. Especially Reba-ish country music. Elise IS good with an interesting voice. It’s not a beauty pageant although she’s attractive. I think she comes off as older than she is in comparison to the baby girls on the show. 🙂

    •  Hi Erin & Mrr524
      I share your thoughts as well.  Many here seem to say to me that I am alone here liking Elise.

      Suggestion go to the latest page of this blog and just say your support for Elise, so next week she won’t have to be placed in the bottom 3 again.  They are doing a Billy Joel tribute so Elise will do very well.
      And don’t forget to tell other friends.

      Oh, I am not related to Elise, LOL  ok?

      • I love Elise.  She has such a unique voice.  I don’t think she will win but I enjoy listening to her.  So does most of our team.

    • Erin….agreeeeeeeeeeed.  I loved Melinda Doolittle.  She was/is soooo talented.  I like both Jordin and Melinda but I thought Melinda was better.  Do you think it had anything to do with the texting?

  98. Skylar bores me senseless. Why do judges keep bringing up Janice Joplin? She was homely AND didn’t sing. She yelled and shook around from drug induced hysteria but that was it. Love love love Philip, Colton & Elise. They’re good. Oh and Hollie. Love Hollie! Joshua was good last night but not mind blowing. He’s sweet though and a pleasure to listen to. But I’m older & have different tastes. I was glad to see the big guy go. I didn’t think he deserved it in the first place. Heejun needs to go next. I like all the others except Skylar and that only bc her style & music type makes me want to be deaf.

  99. Correct prediction again! It was Shannon who got elimininated! What kind of sorcery are you using? haha… just kiddin’ man, I’m impressed! 

  100. I disagree with this post.  American Idol is getting boring.  It seems to be more about how much you can belt it out than how your personality can shine on stage.  It’s as if if you can’t sing a “big” song then you can’t be considered “good”.  Of course you also need to be in tune and in pitch.

    Joshua did best, Hollie’s “Power of Love” was really shaky at times, Heejun’s Richard Marx was perfect (I grew up listening to that song, I don’t know what more people want).  The other ones are good but not “great”.  But then again I’m not the judge.

    I only watch American Idol because this year there are some interesting talents.  But at the end of the day it’s not about how talented you are but about how many votes you can get.  You can have the worst voice but still make it.

    And at the end of it all, true talent will never be discovered because mainstream pop just does not have room for real talents.

    • Victorian,

      Interesting tidbits.  Regarding your comments about personality shining on stage…i definately agree that this is a factor.  So tell me what would make you vote for a contestant more, is it the voice, the charisma, the looks or the stage presence?


  101. I agree with your take on the performances but the grades didn’t seem to fit.  I found almost every performance boring with the exception of Elise and Joshua.    

  102. Joshua’s performance was like watching him channel James Brown. What an awsome performance! Amazing talent and great spirit!!! 

  103. I would love to have a gospel cd done by Josh!!! God has given you a beautiful voice, you give me chills when you sing!!! Good luck,but I personally do not think you will need it,but I think you will,let me rephrase I know you will go all the way,my vote if for you!!!!!! Hopefully one day I can have a gospel cd of you!!!!!!!!

  104. For me, this week’s show is not as good as the previous
    week’s performances. Generally, most of the contestants didn’t really justify
    their choice of songs.

    Phillips – He really did a great job in this song. There is something in his
    voice that’s making the song very effective. Good performance, amazing “show


    Sanchez: I really don’t think that Jessica Sanchez was horrible that night. In
    fact, I do believe that her performance was the most entertaining. I agree to
    the judges that that song doesn’t need so much vibrato but that is Jess’s style
    and that’s the way she’s making the song her own.


    Han: I, honestly, think that his performance is the weakest out of all the
    others. I agree to Randy that he sounds out of breath throughout the song. It
    feels so weird watching his performance because it seems like I am listening to
    a different person, not HeeJun from Top 24 and Top 13. I did not feel the song
    at all!


    Testone: Judges made the right decision to save her last week. With this
    performance, Elise proved to America that she really do have what it takes to
    be on the show. There is something in her voice that is making her different
    from other girl  contestants and the
    beauty of it is dignified in this week’s performance.


    Brackensick: Like HeeJun, it feels like I’m listening to a different person
    singing. I can still hear the DeAndre’s style of singing but it is not that
    effective in this song. One of the weak performances of this week.


    Magrane: In spite of her age, Shannon is indeed amazing but, because of her
    facial expressions and that something which I cannot point out, she seems like
    trying too hard to reach the high note. I am not saying that she cannot reach
    it but she doesn’t look so comfortable on stage unlike Jessica and Hollie.


    Dixon: He made the song his own. After this performance, I wonder why almost no
    one knows this song. It’s amazing and it sounds totally new to me, it doesn’t
    sound too oldie.


    Erika Van
    Pelt: Like Shannon, it seems like she’s trying too hard to reach “it” while, in
    fact, she can definitely get there by just doing her own style because, for me,
    she seems trying to be someone else while she can definitely own a song by her
    own diva style.


    Laine: A true “performer”. Unlike Erika, you can hear Skylar in her
    performance. I think she’s safe for think week.

    Ledet: He do really deserve that standing ovation. I am very thrilled watching
    his performance and I’m like “whoa!” all throughout. But when he did that “high
    pitch” thing, I kindda feel bothered or something. For me, it doesn’t sound
    right. There’s something that is really weird and, in my opinion, that “high
    pitch” part is off the song.


    Cavanagh: She’s a true diva. She can definitely hit it so hard like a rock. I
    mean, that voice is phenomenal. But her performance that night is boring. Like
    when she’s getting into the high note, I’m like “Here she comes again”. She can
    definitely do “it” but what else she can do besides “it”? Another thing, I don’t
    know if I’m the only one who finds that last note weird. It sounds weird like
    there’s something wrong with it. I don’t really like it.


    Top 5:







    Bottom 3:






    • Justbeingreal.  I enjoyed your analysis! 

      Regarding Joshua, there are quite a few folks that dont care for Joshua’s power notes.  I like them, it puts me in tears sometimes. 
      Have you ever listened to Otis Redding?  He used to growl like that too.  Is it just Joshua’s power notes you dont like or is it the Gospel Rasp/Falsetto that you dont care for?


  105. I think ‘American Idol Net should think about to replace Braden. What of comments you have posted Branden… Do you really understand music and or singing competition… if you think so, you better start doing your homework and really watch “American Idol”. I think you are watching another singing competiton instead of I would give you (F) for your comments and points of view…
    Hey we need someone that really understand music… Someone that has been watching this show since day one… lol

    • Branden If this person is talking to you! Ugg, Don’t pay any attention to him. I have watched since the day you started doing this blog along with Matt. I know you watch the show every year!!! And I always like your commnets. YES BRANDEN REALLY UNDERSTANDS MUSIC!! pcaugusto Branden knows what he is doing. You need to go read your home work. I give you this for Branden~~~(FFFFFFFFFFFFF) for every thing you said. I think you need to shut your mouth! EVer heard of courtesy??????



  108. I think Joshua did Super! he can sing and he song the heck out of that song Wednesday night!!

  109. Hollie is not that impressive. She has no feelings when she sang and the last note kinda turned off… not impress with her.

  110. Hi

    I live in South Africa, and just want to say you all sang great, butthe best performance was Joshua Ledet, and if i could vote he’ll be my no one on the charts

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