American Idol Results: 2012 Top 11 Elimination

American Idol 2012 Top 11

We’re ready for the American Idol results for the 2012 Top 11 elimination show. Despite Jermaine Jones’s untimely dismissal during last night’s Top 12 performance show Ryan Seacrest has promised us that the singer with the lowest votes will be “at risk of elimination.” Those seem like carefully chosen words. I’m still expecting an elimination, but I also won’t be shocked if they decide to forgo the chopping block tonight and let all of the Top 11 singers through to next week.

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American Idol 2012 Top 11 – Bottom 3:

  • Elise Testone – Ryan reveals Elise is safe
  • Shannon Magrane
  • Erika Van Pelt – Ryan reveals Erika is safe

Now Shannon will have to sing for her life then the judges will decide if they’ll use the coveted Judges Save or let Shannon go on home… Nope, no luck for Shannon. The judges won’t save her and neither will production as many of us suspected would happen after Jermaine’s elimination. Shannon is out of the race.

American Idol 2012 Top 11 – Elimination Result:

  • Shannon Magrane

The singers who make it to the Top 10 this season will be on the American Idol Tour. Of course, it’s still possible that there will be more than 10… Nope! Just 10.

The following singers are safe and make up your American Idol 2012 Top 10:

  • Joshua Ledet
  • Phillip Phillips
  • Skylar Laine
  • Colton Dixon
  • Jessica Sanchez
  • DeAndre Brackensick
  • Hollie Cavanagh
  • Heejun Han
  • Elise Testone
  • Erika Van Pelt

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  1. Ten minutes into the show…has anything happened?  On the left coast, so can’t see it yet. 🙂

  2. I’m not usually a conspiracy theorist.  But this whole Jermaine drama wreeks of it.
    – AI does background screenings of all the contestants.  But somehow Jermaine’s 4 arrest warrants slipped through.
    – Bringing him back to the top 24 after he had already been eliminated was completely unprecedented.
    – Then we was removed before he could make it to the top 10 and go on tour.
    – He was removed in a very sensationalized way, with the taped interview.
    – The shows producers didn’t seem at all concerned for their safety during the removal.  Jermaine’s a big guy and this could easily have turned violent as they confronted him with his criminal past and had him arrested.  But they didn’t seem at all worried about that, just sitting on the couch with him.
    – At the same time, Jermaine seemed to take the news really well, almost like he had been expecting it.
    – They’re still eliminating a contestant tonight.  It seems that they had already built Jermaine’s removal into the season schedule.

    • Really?  You think that?  Why would the producers fear for their safety?  How do you know this?  Were you there?  I am pretty sure that there would be security in the background which would not be shown on camera…also  Jermaine (if you know anything about facial expressions) was scared.  Fear showed on his face and he knew what was coming.  I doubt if  the producers planned this as what was the point of bringing him back just to elimanate him that way….don’t read too much into it and stop taking it so seriously, really…

      • Yes, I think this.  AI has proven that they love to sensationalize stories for ratings.  They do it over and over again with contestant profiles.  They always milk the drama in the contestants lives.  If someone’s girlfriend is sick or they have terets or their mother just died or whatever, we hear about it over and over again.  The Jermaine story just follows along that same path.

        We can debate about whether there was security in the room or not.  We can debate about whether Jermaine was scared or not.  But you can’t even debate the rest of it.

        The deciding factor for me will be whether or not they send someone home tonight.  If they don’t then it proves that they needed to adjust their schedule for the unexpected departure of Jermaine.  But if they do then it proves the opposite.

      •  Who knows if he did what they say he might have ? 

        But if he did then any agggressive behaviour is serious .
        American Idol or any other group place or person should take a stand and say “No Way “. Very fickle just to say stop reading too much into it ..

    • the whole think is strange.  why did they have to film him being told?  sounds like scripted reality tv to me.  So maybe when they cut him, they knew and brought him back just for this drama…if they just filmed him being told for exploitation that is really sick.  too bad he didn’t punch nigel in the mouth…now that would be worth seeing. 

    • the whole think is strange.  why did they have to film him being told?  sounds like scripted reality tv to me.  So maybe when they cut him, they knew and brought him back just for this drama…if they just filmed him being told for exploitation that is really sick.  too bad he didn’t punch nigel in the mouth…now that would be worth seeing. 

    • Maybe they were going to eliminate two tonight. Ever thought of that? I was in the same boat. I thought there would be no elimination but I was wrong.  And I am sure they had security in the room and I am sure they made a deal to show a clip of Jermaine’s rehearsal if he would let them show his dismissal.  They didn’t have to do that. On the other hand they probably wanted to show that particular rehearsal because it was pretty good and validated their decision to bring him back in the first place. I am usually a conspiracy theorist but in this case it was a sorry father who outed his criminal charges to get back at him for saying he was abandoned by that same father and thus the father could not come to any of the shows and root him on because then he would look like he was trying to capitalize on any new found fame that Jermaine came into. You got to look at the whole picture here. The conspiracy theory just doesn’t add up in this case.  

      • As he was introduced at the beginning of the season as part of his back story he was supposedly abandoned at a young age by his father and raised by his mother alone. And TMZ reported that it was his father who brought to light all the criminal charges that Jermaine had against him and that led the producers of the show to contact the police and then is when they discovered he had past and pending charges against him.

    • I didn’t know that the POPO were waiting to arrest him. Never seen them wait for a show to be taped before moving in for the bust. Well, maybe a tad different in Hollywood lol.

      • There are no California warrants, and the charges are not federal, so, the Cali cops would not factor in at all.  The warrants are in New Jersey.

  3. I don’t think Elise has shown what type of artist she is yet and also she doesn’t really have the audience/artist chemisty which Joshua does. 

  4. I think it’s going to be either elise, shannon or heejun…wouldn’t really care if shannon went home.

  5. I don’t think Heejun should be in the top 10, he performs but not when it comes to his music stage presence….there really is none.  Like Elise and also Erika and Shannon, there is no audience/artist chemistry.  He has a great voice, but no stage presence except for his comedic stance..but this is not Comedian Idol…

  6. I knew that Heejun had the fan base to escape elimination tonight, but to escape the bottom 3 all together? Something’s up there.

    • No, Heejun really has a strong fan base. If you look at his Twitter followers, FB likes and YouTube views, he is high up there, along with Jessica and PP. Even Hollie and Colton don’t measure up to his stats. 

      He is, of course, starting to bore many, including some of his dedicated fans. He really needs to come up with something fresh to validate them keep him in for much longer. I’m not his biggest fan, I think is alright, but right now I do believe he still has a fighting chance. 

      I am afraid that Deandre, on the other hand, is really on borrowed time. He is definitely my #1 pick, and I support him all the way, but I just don’t think America is getting what a talent he is, and his showing last night was super sub-par standard! He may have a few more laps to  go, but that’s ONLY if he can KILL it next week. And even if he does, I do believe it’ll still be no more than a few more laps.

      • I agree that Deandre has lots of potential and talent, but it looks like he doesn’t know how to tap on these properly.  Someone knowledgeable should give this young man advice, so that he can present his best in this competition. He might not win, but at least there would be no what ifs. 

    • absolutely disagree about DeAnde. He sang the wrong song but still sounded great and last weak was great, definitely didnt deserve bottom 3

    • It’s hard because everyone has great voices in this competition, including Shannon. It comes down to the littlest details that can get a person kicked off.

      Sure, Deandre isn’t the most consistent or powerful, and not even the most current sounding or cool, but I think he has beautiful style, and his voice can do things that the others can’t. Last night was just a terrible song choice. It was way too mature for his young years, like something a 50 year old man would sing to his wife on their 30th anniversary. His songs needs to be chosen better, for sure!

      But I think he has talent, marketability and a certain swag that can attract fans. If you listened to his studio version of “Endless Love”, he actually did a really good job on it, all things considered.

      • if he did stick to his first song choice like Skyler…maybe he could have sang it better. but i agree that his studio version of Endless Love is better…..

  7. I can really feel a JessiPhil finale or HollieJess finale vibe around this season. 🙂

    Sometimes, The judges’ comments are inaccurate to my ears. With the “You have the best voice in this competition” —hahaha to every contestant who shines each week? And, “You have to stick to ballad/upbeat/etc……” but then, “We want to hear you sing not just ballad/upbeat/etc….Go out of your comfort zone! Take a risk.” I mean, What the…. I wish Jimmy will also sit down as one of the Judges. He really sounds Simon-ish. 

    • Lol…. Totally agree with you. They are soooo inconsistent most of the time. But there are a few occassions that i imagined them giving good and constructive criticisms, but they’ruin it when they give another comment to the next contestant with their “you’re the best singer in this competion….. I think you’re the one!!!!” etc. Lol

      • Clap clap clap! You’re right about that, too! I always feel that their criticisms are way safer than the contestants’ performance! LOL

  8. have to say i am very surprised by this.  i don’t think she is the best, but she has been better than elise and heejun

    • I am really pissed now that Shannon is gone, I completely agree with you, she did better than Heejun or even Elise for this matter, Heejun for me doesn’t have  the vocal ability the others do. I know Shannon wouldn’t have stayed till the end  but I believe she deserved to go farther.

      • Biggest issue she has along with Elise, Erika and Heejun is they have no real audience/artist chemistry…

      • Biggest issue she has along with Elise, Erika and Heejun is they have no real audience/artist chemistry…

    • Shannon was clearly way out of her league singing all those diva-esque songs; she was out of pitch and screechy…very weird. I’m not saying i didnt like her, i really liked her and i think her version of “wonderfull world” was one of the stand outs of the whole season, but when she came to the live shows…she just faded away, so it comes as no surprise she was eliminated. Heejun was boring and it looked like he just came from joggingor sum’ like that, but he has a very unusual voice, very honest and hearted. And Elise, well, she’s in a league of her own, that’s all i can say. Go on youtube, and carefully listen to every riff and run she does; it takes serious skills and musicality to create something as beautiful and melodical as she does. And in relation to last night’s performance, she should be in top 3, not bottom 3. 
      That’s the one thing i don’t get, what do people have against  Elise, i mean, she has the most potencial, except for jessica sanchez, to make it big in real life.  She’s like an american version of adele.

      •  I agree with watwat. Looking at Elise is like looking at a top star performing with that voice and emotion that tells you she is giving it her all. I guess american idol voters are 15 to 21 and can’t spot real talent when they see it. I’m sure that she’ll be out there like so many others who didn’t win but become mega stars eventually. Good Luck Elise !!!

      • I think that is a big reason why she and Erika were cast, trying to find the American Adele. I think they are both killer talented and such, but this the wrong outlet for doing that. Adele was more grass roots.

      •  Hi Lou, hi watwat,
        if you like Elise then express your support and tell all your friends.
        Next week she won’t bein the bottom 3 iuf we get everybody to support her.  all those people that supported Shannon, Jeremy, move over to Elise’s Camp 😀

    • I am surprised that she got voted out before Elise. I do believe that Elise did a great job last night, they both did, but Elise sounded more polished. But I thought Shannon had a more solid fan base comparatively. 

      As for Heejun, his fan base is way too strong to be getting kicked off just yet.

    • true, she probably lost some fan base. I was rooting for her since the audition round. but i was starting to notice that she’s a bit of spoiled princess. she’s very defensive about her performance, talks back to the judges (not in a rude way, but still) and I feel like she thinks she’s more talented than she really is. I guess the trick is, you gotta be more humble/down-to-earth so Americans will love you. Look at HeeJun, Colton, Hollie and Jessica, they come off as sweet and down-to-earth. It also helps that they are so talented.

      • What are you guys talking about, Maybe I had my eyes shut and did not see all the things you are talking about.  Maybe I am in a different show and did not see all this attitude thing you are spreading around.  And if she was talking back to the Judges, she would not received the same praises the judges gave her tonite. Am I wrong or not?  Gosh are we this bored that even a lack of smile in a picture is deemed being spoiled????

  9. Ah, Elise… As usual, a grown up sexy woman has no chance on this show (and a grown up sexy BLACK need not even apply). Are ya gonna save her every week, Ryan? The 13-year-old girls who are voting multiple times have no use for them. So both AMERICAN IDOL and X-FACTOR have no use for a large bloc of singers, and therefore no use for a large percentage of the audience, of which I am part. If you don’t change the voting procedure soon, you will start losing us in droves (if the change in comments here is any indication, it’s already happening). Ya shoulda gone to THE VOICE, Elise, or pulled a group together for THE SING-OFF.FOX-TV, you are gonna have to choose between the money you get for the phone/texted votes, and the money you get from your TV advertisers. I think I know what your choice will be, and I’m gonna miss you.

    • teens are the largest viewer block…who you kidding?  its a tv show…and they have been making tons of money for years…even with ratings down its still a money maker.

      • Mary,

        I contest your assertion that teens are the largest viewer block.  Can you provide proof of this?  They are most certainly the largest texting block…but the largest viewing block?  No way.


      • Not viewing block, VOTING block. Know any grown ups who have an evening to blow voting multiple times? Biggest voting bloc = teen girls… YOUNG teen girls.

    • teens are the largest viewer block…who you kidding?  its a tv show…and they have been making tons of money for years…even with ratings down its still a money maker.

    •  Hi Saaagit,
      It is not too late yet, you want Elise to go farther, then express your support for her, tell everyone you know to vote for her next week.
      Billy Joel songs should be a no brainer for her.

  10. Sorry to see any of them not making it to the tour, but don’t think it should of been Shannon…..however, she took it well.  She’s one classy chick!

  11. Sorry to see any of them not making it to the tour, but don’t think it should of been Shannon…..however, she took it well.  She’s one classy chick!

  12. An all female bottom 3 and I bet it’s teen girls voting over and over again. Sorry but Heejun should have been in the bottom 3 and maybe Deandre. When is Idol going to get that the voting system needs to change to only a certain number of votes per device. DWTS does that. The Voice limits the number of times a person can vote to 10 times per device, and that show has been beating Idol in ratings this season.

  13. An all female bottom 3 and I bet it’s teen girls voting over and over again. Sorry but Heejun should have been in the bottom 3 and maybe Deandre. When is Idol going to get that the voting system needs to change to only a certain number of votes per device. DWTS does that. The Voice limits the number of times a person can vote to 10 times per device, and that show has been beating Idol in ratings this season.

  14. Ooooh I know its hard for Shannon, her family, and her fans… Im sorry about that. But I think that was a right choice by America. Now lets celebrate!!! JESSICA, HOLLIE, and HEEJUN are on tour! Yeah baby!!! 🙂

    • Ah! I can’t believe you put Heejun in the same sentence as Jessica and Hollie but I guess that’s who you want to see on tour, it just, kind of, turned my stomach when I read it!

      • oh well… i admit Heejun is just above average when it comes to singing. but he can siiiiiing. he has a very funny personality that makes me want to put him on tour! Love his humor!!! hahaha

  15. Ooooh I know its hard for Shannon, her family, and her fans… Im sorry about that. But I think that was a right choice by America. Now lets celebrate!!! JESSICA, HOLLIE, and HEEJUN are on tour! Yeah baby!!! 🙂

  16. This is AMERICAN Idol…RIGHT….. So, this should specify that ONLY AMERICANS can vote for OUR country’s idol. Who monitors where these votes are coming from…seriously!

    • It isn’t so much that. I’m sure there’s ways to keemited p from people voting from other countries. The problem is young teen girls who vote over and over for the guys that they are crushing on. They are able to power text vote. Where an adult who has to get up and go to work on Thursday morning has might vote a couple of times online or might phone in and vote a couple of times.

      I believe the elimination tonight is right. What I don’t believe is right is having an all female bottom 3 tonight. Heejun did worse than Elise and Erika, so I believe he should have been in the bottom 3 tonight. Deandre was just plain boring last night and he should have been in the bottom 3, but because teen girls crush on the cute guys they will vote over and over for the guys. Like last season with the exception of Casey Abrams elimination and getting the save at the top 11 the first five contestants who were sent home were female including Pia Toscano who many felt was going to win. Instead we got Scotty McCreery as the winner(who was helped by not only the teen girls but the country vote). Yes Scotty has been more successful in his career than what the two previous Idol winners were, but the fact remains that if there was a limit to how many times a person can vote per device then Scotty would probably not have won.

    • Canadians are blocked from voting, so I presume that other countries are as well.  The voting is “All  American”!

  17. I think they got it right.  Heejun could have been in the bottom 3, but overall I think it’s pretty much the right decision. 

    • Heejun deserves to go on the tour.  Last night’s performance was bad, but I think he will be able to connect well with his audience when they go on the tour.

  18. Ed, your safe for one more week. I was wrong on two counts. I guess Shannon had no fans at all. She was backed by vftw and still had the fewest votes. So Erika stays another week. She deserved to stay but I hope in the future she has enough confidence to say “no” when she is given bad advice. That is if she can tell the difference which I think is a big part of being a great  artist. So we will see if she has a good musical ear or not in her future performances. Glad she didn’t go for your sake Ed.

    • I really had high hopes for Erika up to the selection of the top 24 because she could really sing well.  My only misgiving was her marketability as far as AI viewers are concerned.  She needed to nail EVERY performance in order for the viewers to take notice of her and disregard whatever biases they may have   against her type. But last night’s performance was very disappointing.

    • Hi Taymaro,

      What have you been drinking,?? I did not choose Erika???
      Go back to the previous pages, LOL  I said “ELISE” my friend.
      Although, I scratched every inch of my scalf wondering why is Elise
      in the bottom 3, I rest my case, this show has gone nuts!!  Doesn’t anybody likes good music anymore?

      Yet we put 2 guys in the top 10 who can’t seem to  hold on to a pitch,
      out of breath like an old geezer, and boring , boring , say what again? boring……………………

      • Heejun was out of breath but you know nerves can do that too. I still think they should have sung my list. But there may have been copyrights problems with some of the songs. IDK. They need to give Heejun  some glasses with lenses in them so he can look at JLo and gain some more inspiration. LOL Sorry I was thinking you said Erika. So Elise it is. She might be at risk next week. America might be judging on the wrong criteria but I still think the right one went home this week. 

      • Hi Taymaro,

        I have to give him credit because his good sense of humour is keeping him alive in the competition.  But the time will quickly come when it goes down to the final 5 singers, that is if he is still around, he can do as many one liners all day long but the bottom line is he has to sing his heart out to stay alive.  I like him though and I like his persona 😀

        Yes I know Elise is at risk, I am still in awe why?  But that is why I chose her as an underdog, I love people who will fight for it, no crying, no complaining and no joking around.  She has to prove that she can sing
        and sing very good, I believe she can do that, but America has to see that as well and give her a chance to develop her confidence.

        Ali is looking for ya!  This is going to be fun!

  19. Erika needs one last chance to prove that she’s actually worth fighting for. I’m glad that she was put through and she can be on tour. Go EVP! 😀

  20. usual patterm for elimination always the girls.  maybe they should have american idol the boys and than  american idol the girls.  thought it was disgraceful of the producers to air their disqualification of jermaine – shame on them

  21. I just don’t understand the voters sometimes.   Elise is amazing why the heck is she in the bottom 3 AGAIN.  You know the judges will waste a save on her if it comes to it…then when Jessica gets eliminated due to the text bias, the save will no longer be available.  (DO I smell shades of Pia, Melinda Dolittle, Siobonne Magnus).  It really just makes me sick sometimes. 

    • I completely agree with you. Elsie is definintely the one to watch in this competition, and the US doesnt seem to appreciate her at all. 
      Only thing comming out of american idol every single year is country music… they should rename the show actually, to Country Idol. 

      • I disagree.  Elise is not at all marketable in today’s music business.  For starters, she’s off-putting.  Did you see her behavior when Ryan said she was in the bottom 3?  Stank face, swift turn around and to h*** with it.  She’s physically unattractive.   Not a career killer if the personality overcomes it.  Hers doesn’t.   If she was tending bar in a place I walked into, I’d go elsewhere.

      • You sounded like you are jealous of her Templar, cause I did not see that at all tonight.  What are you talking about??  if you don’t like her, thats fine but the insults are a bit too much and very low, very low indeed.

      • Templar
         . I agree and disagree with u . Elise is not at all marketable in today’s music business.  For starters, she’s off-putting.  Did you see her behavior when Ryan said she was in the bottom 3?  Stank face, swift turn around and to h*** with it. .   Not a career killer if the personality overcomes it .ALL THAT CHECK. She’s physically unattractive !!! I think u went too far here .

        Ed ,
         My friend , u gotta admit that she is not a sweetheart, To me , She is the complete opposite of Josh . I still remember her face when
        Hollie and Jessica hugged , The contestants were all happy for them exept her. too much pressure …  I don’t care . They were all in the same boat.

      •  Hi Ali,
        Nobody says you have to be Snow White to qualify on American Idol,
        LOL , but that is besides the point.  This is a singing competition.  Of course if I was Elise , and I am in the bottom 3 again, after hearing what Judges and Jimmy have said, I will be more than disapointed. Human nature, that’s all it is.  What do you expect as a reaction, you want Elise to say she is glad she is in the bottom 3 after performing a near flawless song??? C’mon Ali be a little objective.  Oh by the  guess what she is still around, right???

      • @d2c4e8b902a48a74153aa98d14563f26:disqus I’m not alone in my assessment of Elise.  Hit some of the other recap blogs.  The chatter about her attitude is all over the web.

      • Hi Ed ,
        the look on her face when Jessica and Holli hugged .. that was on the first result live show.. That was odd to me coz Erika and Shannon were happy for them except her . Ur point is valid as mine , u say she should be upset after her performance + judges comment. I agree on that but in that incident * Holli and Jessica hug* , I guess that was before  Top 13.

        She is not marketable ..  I like her voice . AI turned into a popularity contest and she is not popular as u can see( Second time  , bottom 3 , Just a slice of  truth )  She is not popular .  

    • Why is Elise in the bottom three again? Simple, the young people- teeny boppers did not vote for her, that’s what! People her age or thereabouts are at work, busy with careers already…unlike the teens who are home or in school with spare time to vote, vote, vote..

      But I must say, I do not like it when her face and eyes go all fierce and sharp when things are not going her way…look at the way she looks at Jessica in the previous results show!  No grace there!

    •  Hi Salvx,
      I know you like Joshua, but for the time being give also your support to Elise, who you know is a good artist.  😀

  22. im so glad they still give another chance to erika and elise. both are great. they just need a perfect song to show their capabilities. girls its just a matter of song choice!!!!

  23. I was right.  At least she got an extra week in AI.  I believe that with her height, she could someday become Miss USA.  I will then be rooting for her….

    • shes not that beautiful, miss universe finds rarer beauty,
      shannons beauty is common but  her talent is rare

  24. If Shannon will join Miss USA years from now, i bel she’ll win. She pretty, she has the height plus talented. :)))

  25. ERika- ADELE
    Elise- Lady Gaga
    Jessica- Beyonce
    Skylar- lauren alaina
    Shannon- Celine dion
    Colton- james durbin
    Jermaine jones- KINGKONG?

    comment or reply!! ^^

  26. Hollie, Skylar, Jessica have much better voice than Demi Lavito. She made me cringed.

  27. America gets it wrong again! Cannot figure out how Shannon would get voted off before Heejun.  He was horrendous!!!!  Shannon was lightyears better than Heejun. This is not the first time something like this has happened.  I think the rules should change and judges should continue to make cuts until maybe the final 5 or 3.  Once again, hating Idol

    • Look at it this way:  America usually gets it right once every 3 years.
      Season 1 – Kelly Clarkson  = Got it right
      Season 2 – Ruben Studdard = Wrong, should have been Clay
      Season 3 – Fantasia = Wrong
      Season 4 – Carrie Underwood = Got it right
      Season 5 – Taylor Hicks – Wrong
      Season 6 – Jordin Sparks – only sort of wrong
      Season 7 – David Cook – GIR
      Season 8 – Kris Allen – Wrong, should have been Adam
      Season 9 – Lee DeWyze – Wrong
      Season 10 – Scotty McCreery GIR
      So if the pattern holds, they’ll mess it up this year.

    • You heard her sing…right? When she sings, the notes becoming just too damned heavy and wobbly.

  28. Right on the money, although I think Shannon is a really talented girl! So glad DeAndre is still in there…can’t wait to hear what he is going to do next! He needs to sing an Aaron Nevell song…DeAndre is the only person that I’ve ever heard that sounds like Aaron.

  29. Give me likes for JESSICA-HOLLIE face-off or PHILLIP-JESSICA one-on-one in the finale!!! :))))


  31. she is not a totally good singer at all. she deserved what she get this night. I think Jessica will improved this week. the pride of PHILIPPINES!!

    • Yyyyyyeaaahh….. about that. This is not You Tube by the way and she’s a from San Diego, CA. 🙂
      There are really some Amazing talents in every country, so kudos!

  32. i’m not a fan of heejun but I believe that he has the potential to stay and tour. not because he is funny but because he has an angelic voice. if you hear his studio versions, you’ll get it. i know that last night’s performance was not good but he deserves to stay more than shannon.  

  33. My first thought was that after Jermaine’s dismissal there would be no elimination. I thought they’d milk the whole thing, and then, at the last minute, say that for this week everyone was safe since someone was already eliminated.
    And yes, as someone said, a double elimination this week probably removed a double elimination further along on the show. I liked Jermaine’s voice. What would have happened if they had allowed him to sing this week since he had prepared a song for the competition? We saw him singing during one of his practices. Why allow all the preparation work and then dismiss him? Would he have been eliminated by America without all the big deal by the Idol brass? He was in the bottom 3 before. This season has not been one of the most appealing for me. I could eliminate at least 4 contestants right now and not miss them. If the competition is so much about song choice, then why doesn’t Jimmy and his helper just let the contestants choose a song and help them through it. I hate Jimmy telling a contestant that the 3 songs choices were not good enough and then Jimmy suggests a song that bombs anyway performance night. At least one contestant stuck with the song he/she chose and performed it. Good for you! Life is not over for Jermaine, either. Remember Frenchy on the Voice last year? She was dumped by Idol and went pretty far on the Voice before she was eliminated. Lastly, get rid of the “Songs of the Birth Year” week. Find another theme. That theme never seems to produce interesting results, and the contestants complain that the song choices are not good.

  34. Shannon, there is a LUCRATIVE Porn career waiting for you, you’ll make tons of money out of this exposure Im tellin ya

  35. The quality is down each year. i really believe it must stop production next year.

  36. Can’t believe how truly mediocre the contestants are, age discrimination sucks and this year proved it, …Looks like the good ones were all taken by ‘THE VOICE’

  37. well its America that voted and decided..we will see if heejun survives the next round

    • I agree with Jimmy. If Jessica goes home, then everybody will go home as well. I’m rooting for her. And she’s doing right. Taking it slow a bit coz there are still easy eliminations so far. She’s the one to beat in this competition!

  38. I challenge the Judges not to be afraid in criticizing the contestants. They should also change some of the praises that they make to each contestant. It becomes inaccurate already which, at times, kinda annoying. I mean, c’mon…. They are a big factor in the voting system. Just an opinion, ya’ know?

    • I agree, and that goes for the comments at the end of the show as to who was best or worst. Judges’ comments influence the voting. Ryan should stop asking the question. Then the judges wouldn’t have to be put on the spot to answer. For someone just catching the last 15 minutes of the show and hearing the judges say who was best or worst–that could influence their voting. They would then vote on what they saw the week before, rather than what actually happened this week.

  39. There is no way Shannon was gonna fmake it any further. Period. If it came down to pure talent, there wouldn’t be a question about DeAndre. People keep saying that he’s boring but he does the same amout of vocal acrobatics as Elise — more efficiently, might I add. Elise, though talented, did not execute the task at hand well. I like her voice but I was personally offended to hear her butcher a classic, with her over-confidence and lack of finess. Plus, she has no warmth. An idol should have more connection to the people they want to support them. Now, ‘Endless Love’ was a terrible choice for DeAndre, no doubt. But it’s an old ballad meant to be a duet! Like, was Jimmy trying to get him sent home? And even so, he did a beautiful job. It’s not fair that the only people who make it, are “powerhouses”. Let the boy get his Prince on. He is veeerrrry talented and has likability and indeniable swagger.

  40. Amyone realized that the bottom 3 were girls? Seems that we’ll see girls going home one by one again….

  41. America is so right. Shannon is not ready yet. Her failure i guess is she’s taken big songs which she can’t do justice.
    By the way, another ballad from Hollie??? I start to get bored huh? The way I am with Heejun now. and Colton? his thin scratchy voice just annoys me. I want to see either of these guys in the finals – Erika, Jessica, Phillip, Skylar

  42. Seems like all the little tweens are going to get rid of allthe girls again……….this is so unfair.  The girls are far better than the guys this year!!!  It’s a shame these kids determine who moves on………mostly because they are cute guys………..come on………what happened to voting on talent!!!

  43.  Hi Templar and Ali,
    I do realize she is not popular.  That is the whole point.  that is what I am trying to appeal to you guys.  Frankly I am loosing a lot of respect by some  of these comments because it just doesn’t make sense to me.

    Is this or is this not a singing competition?  And did Elise sang that song very well or did she not?  Yet you two are still focused on whether she
    made faces while Jessica and Hollie are hugging, c’mon. It really does not matter to me if she wins or not.  All what I am trying to point out is
    we seem to be focused on who is naughty or who is nice not who sang the best.  Please don’t get upset at my remarks, I am just trying to understand what is happening to this blog.  Are we still into enjoying watching a singing competition or not? just saying………………………

    •  she is a good singer . I stated that before . but I think she not better than Jessica .   Hollie = Elise >>> at some degree ..    I think we will see that in the upcoming weeks .  
       Taymaro … where r u ?? I need a backup   LOL …

    • @d2c4e8b902a48a74153aa98d14563f26:disqus She’s a fair singer.  But this isn’t American Singer, it’s American Idol.  The voice matters, but the music industry is about making money, and if someone has a good voice, but no charisma [cough .. Pia …cough] they won’t sell concert tickets or digital downloads, CDs or anything else.  Kris Allen won Idol and Adam outsold him tenfold.  Because he’s a star.

      • Hi Ali & Templar,

        You guys still don’t get it.  We are talking about who sang the worst and who sang the best last wednesday.  Let me ask you again for the last time, based on your own assesment on last Wednesday’s performances
        would you send Elise home.  Remember based on the performance not
        whether Elise has appeal or not, have problems smiling or not or she is too old for the Teens to get their votes. 

        Please keep in mind that I too have watched Idol since day one of season one  and I amvery familiar with the music industry.  Even if I am not,  I do know what I like and what I don’t like when it comes to listening to music.

         I have chosen Elise as an underdog and never claimed that she is going
        to win American Idol, although she has the potential in my own opinion.  I would hire her as a vocalist in a blues and Jazz band.  She won’t be a pop diva, she never intended to be.

        Let’s drop this who is right and who is wrong, and why don’t we just have fun.  All I wish for us to stop being mean, even if you do not like the person. My point is try to sing in front of millions of people, see how you would react. LOL

        And Ali, you do not need Taymaro to answer this question right my friend?? LOL

      • @d2c4e8b902a48a74153aa98d14563f26:disqus  Based on Wednesday’s performances, my bottom 3 would have been Heejun, Elise and Shannon.  I would have sent Heejun home.  This was the first week I saw anything remotely entertaining about P2.    My top 3 are Hollie, Joshua and Colton.  Deandre and Erika are somewhere in the middle.  My least liked are Elise, Skylar and Jessica.    Make what you will of that.

      • Hi Templar,
        That’s more like it, thanks !  You see , I can accept that and even agree on who should have gone home. Although who I thought should have been in bottom 3 based on their Wednesday’s performance were Heejun,
        Deandre and Shannon. 

        Times have changed, I know and I have no problem with that at all.  But it was not that long ago, before MTV , we used to buy an album based on how we like the music played on the radio.  I often had to pay attention on who was the singer/group so I can go to the store and get the LP.  Wow I must be getting older.  Most of the teens today may have not actually seen an LP Album.  What I am trying to say is  at the time, physical appearance of the group or singer is not an issue at all.

        Finally , yes American Idol is not just singing anymore, but part of that change was our own fault because we have allowed bias mixed  in with the music and the result is what we have now. Unfortunately there is no turning back.  Thank you for your response,  😀

    •  Hi Ed,
      her performance was one of the best …. I didn’t say that she can’t sing.
      In terms of ” popularity ..etc … ” She is not ‘ Period .

      • Thanks Ali!
        That’s all I’m looking for,  being popular is another issue that doesn’t concern me too much.  I already told you it is win or loose for me when I choose Elise.  If she was eliminated next week because of poor popularity so be it.  As long as she sang her songs well. Have a good weekend.

      • @d2c4e8b902a48a74153aa98d14563f26:disqus As the Buggles said “Video Killed The Radio Star”.  Nowadays, singers don’t make their money from music sales, they make it touring.  And for that to be profitable the public needs to really want to see that singer.  Concert tix are spendy and by the time you throw in the price of refreshments, the souvenirs and the t-shirt you’re looking at $200 each person.  So, star power is an extraordinarily important factor.

      • Hi Templar,

        And did you say you are familiar with the music Industry???
        Please check your facts first.  I tell you what , I’ll give this one a break,
        do your research , get back to me later and tell me again how the music industry makes their money one more time cause I really would like to know.

        Some Facts:  to get you started

        Music concerts are an important vehicle for the musicians and the artists since they make more money on concerts because they are paid directly. You are right on the money on that one.

        Digital music sales is booming because of new technology and very cost effective for the fans since new music access is a finger and half away
        from getting it, while like you said by the time you lined up to see your favourite artists in a live concert it will cost you a mint and Templar
        $200.00 is a bargain , you need to bring a powerful binocular to see your favourite group at that price.

        Do you honestly believe that a middle class teen and a working class american will spend that kinda dough for an American Idol winner???

      • Yes, Ed, I do.  In fact, having seen Clay [multiple times], Ruben [twice], Adam [at least 3x] and met Scotty, and judging by the mixed demographic of the crowd, I know they will.  And I made no claims about knowledge of the industry.  I merely stated truthfully that successful singers get their biggest income from touring via % of the gate and merchandise. As far as needing more than $200 per person, that depends on the venue and the performer.  Madison Square Garden would double that estimate.  Outdoor venues, especially group events [Rock Fest, Country Jam] with multiple acts are quite reasonable.

  44. Phillip Phillips could win the whole thing by working just a bit on image and song choice.  With Johnny Keyser out, he could fill the handsome heartthrob spot, but he need to show a little skin and dress a little hipper (not too much or he will lose the youth).  Varietyh in songs and sexy slow songs from time to time…..   always Well Known!!!

  45. Yes heejun did not perform well, but he really has a smooth beautiful hearted voice. He has the most twitter followers, already reached more than 75,000 , 4000 followers difference after his buddy PP.
    He really has strong fan base. All he needs is to step up and pick up right song. Though he’s not winning, he will still famous anyway, beating whoever the winner is.
    Only people who has selling artists who can stay, Kelly, carrie…
    Fantasia? She has great voice, but where she is now?

  46. Elise is a good singer but to win votes the girl has got to show some smiles and less twisted mouth, be nice to the next contestant like the rest do – this is a competition – good goes with the bad

  47. Jessica Sanchaze 100% deserve to win American Idol 11. Do not vote because of the look only please.

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