American Idol 2012 Top 12 Girls Perform Tonight

American Idol season 11 girls

Last night we saw the American Idol 2012 Top 13 guys take to the stage for your votes and tonight it’s ladies night as the Top 12 girls sing for your votes.

There have been rumors that there would be a 13th girl added, but I’m not so sure about that. I think they would have hyped it up by now. And from a Tweet by American Idol Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe, I doubt it any more. ““I agree with America’s top 5 boys,” he said. “It will now be interesting to see who the judges pick. If the girls are good they may pick 3 extra girls?”

As we wait for tonight’s episode, please join the discussion below and also check out how I think the girls might do in our Top 24 analysis.

Of the girls, who do you think is going to wow us? Who do you want to see make it into the Top 13?

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  1. I hope it’s Lauren Gray if there is a 13th girl. I would like to see her get one more shot. If she can ditch the nerves she will do great!

  2. jessica and shannon are brilliant.  the rest are good to very good.  but we all know that idol is a popularity contest and not a talent contest, so at this point the winner is anyone’s guess.  in the end, though, real talent will be signed and making records as we have seen.  some of them are even coming back “for your entertainment”!

  3. Erika will show us tonight how much more she can do. She can sing anything! Check out her youtube & myspace clips…Fantastic!!

  4. I think for sure Shannon, jessica, and Erika will stay. I’m kind of hoping the judges bring back all girls for wildcards cause this is going to be tough and the boys definitely did not bring it last night. I want Skylar, Hollie, Baylie, Jen, and Chelsea to stay also. The girls are gonna bring it.

  5. the best: Elise, Erika, Jen, Hollie, Hallie and Jessica

    maybe: Skylar, Chelsea, Baylie, Hayley

    no: Shanon

    never: Brielle

  6. I hope the girls do better tonight than what the guys did last night. Last night turned into a snooze feast with too many slow songs. And please let the judges keep their mouths shut tonight as after their overpraising of the guys last night even when they sucked was a little much for me. I almost turned the channel.

    • Shawn You Make sense last night sucked i thougght i was the only one who thought that there losing ratings like crazy so they brag on all to make it act like these is the ebst year ever and bringing back people
      come on i want the old american idol back no wildcards no getting brought back

      • I don’t know about all three wild cards being girls, but the girls are better than the guys this year.

  7. I think the top 5 girls SHOULD be…
    1. Hollie
    2. Erika
    3. Jessica 
    4. Haley
    5. Jen
    Wild card: Elise
    Like if you agree!!! 🙂

  8. I’m excited about the girls tonight……Don’t have any favorites yet but maybe after tonight…….I take that back…..I really like Jen Hirsch and Jessica Sanchez but to be fair I really haven’t heard a full song from most of these girls so tonight should be interesting.

    Its really hard to get excited about the guys because the voting stinks and the right guy doesn’t always make it into the top 10………
    I think this season we should really help out the girls and vote for the best singer not the cutest guys!!!!!!!

    I already feel that I am going to be disappointed with the Top 5 guys because Grimm and HeeJun should not make it and probably will   thanks to all the pimping they got during auditons, Hollywood & Vegas…JMHO and past knowledge of this show. 

  9. As long as Erika, Elise, Jen, Hollie, and Jessica make it through I will be very happy. I feel like Haley is going to surprise us for some reason.. lol. Should be a good show. Can’t be too hard to be more entertaining than last night.

  10. The girls may be the only thing to save the show this year. Sweet kids but wow the vocals really need some work.

  11. Is it just me ! It’s like listening to bad karaoke. The kids are so sweet, please get some vocal coaches or something. I can’t say enough how bad the show is so far.

    • Yesterday Its still kc tried saying she didnt have a good voice
      she proved them wrong she is the best 

  12. I like Jessica, Erika, Shylar, Hollie, Elise,  Really like Shannon the way she sang her song,,

  13. You Know, Ive been watching Idol for all 11 seasons, I consider myself to be quite the reputable ear when it comes to whats hot and whats not. Im very disappointed in america NOT voting REED GRIMM into the top 10, and even more dissapointed in the judges for not at least giving him the nod for one of the three spots remaining. YOUR LOSING VIEWERS!!! I Know what I heard on TV and YOU Know what you heard as judges!! If thats the way its going to be, then Ill switch channels and watch the voice, ot the X Factor from now on!! You Skrewed a guy out of a career and you know it!! 

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