American Idol 2012 Top 24: Breaking it Down

Last week we saw the American Idol 2012 Top 24 come together, and while we wait to find out who that 13th guy is (and possible that 13th girl), it’s time to go through our Top 24, one by one, based on what we’ve seen so far.

Deandre Brackensick: I remember more about him from last year’s American Idol, than this year, but what we’ve seen from him so far has all been good. He’s got a very strong voice and a great look. He might lack a tiny bit of energy though. Or maybe it’s confidence? I think he’ll get past those issues fast after a live performance or two. I think his chances of making it to the Top 12 are somewhere in the middle.

Adam Brock: Adam has a stong voice, but I’m not sure he’s the complete package. Hey, it’s not me who makes those calls, it’s mostly teenage girls. I think he could be at risk of not making it to the Top 12.

Baylie Brown: Baylie has a strong voice and a nice sound, but she might be hard to stick out. I mean she’s gorgeous, and if there are any male voters out there, they’ll probably throw their calls and texts her way. BUT, she looks like several other of the girls. Her chances are still pretty decent of going to the Top 12.

Hollie Cavanagh: She’s got a great big voice and a lot of control of that voice. She’s had a somewhat large following since she was cut last year, so I think her chances of landing in the Top 12 are very good.

Hallie Day: Much like Baylie, she doesn’t stand out. Yet. I think she earned her spot in the Top 24, despite some Hollywood Week misteps, but I’m not so sure how long she’ll last. I think her chances of making it to the Top 12 aren’t that good.

Colton Dixon: Colton is one of those artists that are at home behind his instrument, so I’m not sure how he’ll do without one for a couple weeks. I think he’s a great performre and will definitely get a lot of teen fans. I think his chances of going to the Top 12 are about 100 percent.

Creighton Fraker: This guy has one of the best voices in the Top 24. I think he’s ready to have a contract already. I think he was shown enough in the audition process that he will do well for a while, but won’t go all the way. Top 12 for sure, though.

Eben Franckewitz: This kid has some voice for his age. I think his range might be limited though. I could see him struggling with certain themes. His chances of making the Top 12 aren’t too bad. 

Reed Grimm: I think Reed’s a genius. And I think his wacky stage presence is very charming. I think he’s been shown enough to already have a fanbas that will vote him into the Top 12. Let’s just hope those people who hate “different” stage presence (think Paul McDonald) can learn to love him too.

Heejun Han: Betweem this guy’s camera time, comedic timing and singing ability, he’s going to the Top 12 for sure. I don’t even have to say anymore.

Jen Hirsh: I think Jen has already developed a nice following, as well. I think she has one of the stronger voices in the Top 24, and since she’s not a blonde, she does stick out more than some of the others. Her chances of Top 12 are pretty good, I think.

Haley Johnson: I barely remember Haley. I’m not sure if it’s her fault or editing. I think she falls into the “doesn’t stick out” category and is probably not too likely to break the Top 12. Unless her live performance is stellar, of course.

Skylar Laine: Once she got past the dramatic passing out phase of Hollywood Week, she soared. I think she has a great sound. But as one of our readers pointed out, comparing someone to other singers, like I have Skylar (to Reba), means she’s not exaclty unique. I still think she’ll get a lot of the coutry vote and easily slide into a Top 12 spot. 

Joshua Ledet:  I think Joshua is one of the best guy singers this season. I think he could easily blend into the background though if he doesn’t do something to make himself stand out. But his name comes up a lot in our comments section, so if half of those people vote, he should be just fine. His chances of Top 12 are somewhere in the middle, I’d say.

Chase Likens: A victim of no camera time, Chase’s chances are slim. We’ve heard him sing for all of three seconds during a Vegas round. I know he can sing because I’ve heard him sing in real life, but America doesn’t. He could pick up some country votes after the live performances start though. But I think his chances of breaking the Top 12 are not good. At all. Unfortunately. 

Shannon Magrane: I think Shannon might be able to just slightly edge above Baylie and the Haley/Hallies, but she still needs to make sure she stands out. She has similar sounds and looks to the others. They sure didn’t go with diversity when it came to the girls this year, did they? I think her chances of Top 12 are somewhere in the middle.

Aaron Marcellus: Aaron is a great singer and I hope he makes the right song choice. I think his chances all rely on that. His name has come up a lot in comments, but I think he could easily be overlooked by voters. His chances of Top 12 aren’t too bad. 

Phil Phillips: With his unique sound and camera time, Phil is definitely going to make it into the Top 12, I think. And even though it’s early and I don’t want to jinx anthing, I think he might be one of my favorites.

Jeremy Rosado: I’m wondering if Jeremy might be the Brett Lowrenstern of the season. He had a lot of camera time and a lot of buzz but then didn’t make it past the first live votes. He’s a great singer, but as we know, that’s not always enough.

Jessica Sanchez: I’m just going to say it. I think she’s the BEST female singer this season. Not one of the best, but the best. If she doesn’t make it to the Top 12, there’s a problem.

Chelsea Sorrell: Can Chelsea and Skylar both make it through this competition? I think so. They’re both good enough to. If it does come down to a which one of these, I think Skylar might edge her out, though. Her Top 12 chances are pretty good.

Elise Testone: I love Elise’s hard edges. She’s a little rough and raw. And raspy. I think she will put on a great show and will definitely stick out. But, I have a bad feeling she won’t get enough young voters and might be at risk of not cracking the Top 12. Sigh.

Erika Van Pelt: Erika is another great voice and unique sound. She reminds me of Kelly Clarkson. I think votes for her could go either way. She probably shines through a little more than some of the other girls, but I could see her being overlooked. I think her chances of making the Top 12 aren’t that bad, though.

Brielle Von Hugel: Hmm. I think she’s a good singer. But her attitude and her mom’s attitude left a bad taste in my mouth. And if we learned anything from last year with, attitude can definitely make or break you the first couple week’s of live voting. Just ask Clint Jun Gamboa.

Now what’s your take on this year’s American Idol Top 24?




  1. I’m thinking Jessica and Deandre’ in the finale, but it’s early days and there’s insufficient data to make any bets.

  2. My top-ten by votes:

    Guys: Phil, Eben, Reed, Colton, and Deandre
    Girls: Skylar, Jessica, Jen, Erika, and Shannon

    Finale two will be country vs cuteness as usual…. 😛

  3. My favorite are JESSICA SANCHEZ, HEEJUN HAN, & PHIL PHILIPS. I think they have better chances of making it to the TOP 12.

  4. I like your picks Branden but for me its too soon to say.  I do like Jessica Sanchez.  I do hope a girl wins this season……but probably not…Unfortunately!!!!

  5. ok Folks, now that we have the top 24, lets see what our companies audio
    engineering program has to say about them all!  What i will nickname,
    “Audiophile” is our proprietary sound engineering program that measures
    every nook and cranny of a singers voice, based on their Idol
    performances and any youtube videos they have put out.  Granted, this is
    all preliminary data, and the more performances they have, the more
    accurate the data becomes.  Audiophile measures vocal range, frequency,
    harmony, and pitch.  We average all those values together and spit it
    out in a 1-10 format. 

    We have been putting this together for 5
    years now…and Audiophile has never predicted who wins the
    competition.  But we always predict a winner at the top 24, and most of
    the time we come close.  The past two years, Audiophile’s rating for the
    actual winners was in the 4s….(yikes).  THIS YEAR we will hold our
    vote until the top 12 in hopes of actually nailing it. 

    Season 6 Predicted Winner: Melinda Dolittle, Real Winner Jordin Sparks
    Season 7 Predicted Winner: Carly Smithson, Real Winner: David Cook
    Season 8 Predicted Winner: Adam Lambert, Real Winner:  Kris Allen
    Season 9 Predicted Winner:  Siobann Magnus,  Real Winner:  Lee Dewyze
    Season 10 Predicted Winner:  Pia Toscano, Real Winner:  Scotty McCreery

    Here it is folks…the tabulated data our engineering program spit out for your American idols!!
    • Jen Hircsh  9.7 (She also had the highest power rating ever recorded by our program)
    • Deandre Brackensick 9.5 (Whenever he preformed a falcetto, the rating was higher than 9.9)
    • Joshua Ledet 9.4
    • Hollie Cavanaugh 9.1
    • Jessica Sanchez 9.1
    • Shannon Magrane 9.0
    • Reed Grimm 8.9 (His scats registered high values)
    • Skylar Laine 8.7
    • Baylie Brown 8.7
    • Brielle Von Hugel 8.7
    • Adam Brock 8.6
    • Colton Dixon 8.5
    • Creighton Fraker 8.5
    • Heejun Han 8.5
    • Hallie Day 8.2
    • Aaron Marcellus 8.0
    • Haley Johnson 7.9
    • Jeremy Rosado 7.9 (although his last performance spit out a whopping 9.4)
    • Phil Phillips 7.4 (surprising, i need to double check this one)
    • Eben Franckewitz 6.9
    • Chase Likens 6.9

    Remember, these values will go up or down based on better or worse performances in the future.  Comment!!!!

      • Ozbil,

        Thank you so much for the comment.  If this gets popular enough, we will create a website.  Our calculations are quite propiatary, so we do wish to be as limited as possible, and due to the fact that we have worked with a few of these singers in the past.   As you can see, the overall singer ratings are better than last year, (Which i didnt think was possible, with as many amazing singers as there were.)
        Also, they are very close…which is going to make for some heartbreaking cuts.

    • To be honest- these numbers really mean nothing.  The most important factors are marketability and originality, and there is no way to measure those. Although it is nice to see numerical rankings on each of the singers, it is pretty redundant.

      • To say these numbers mean nothing…is kind of a slap in the face, if you ask me. 

        We work really hard on this. 

        Considering this is a SINGING competition, we judge the folks by their voice.  Marketability amd originality help singers be successful, but that doesnt mean the the person that wins American idol was the best SINGER. 

        You can say all you want that the voice isn’t everything, but we believe that it is 90%.  Would you consider Aretha Franklin marketable?  There was Albertina Walker, Mahailia Jackson, and Clara Ward in her time…all similar singers to her.  Aretha stood out, and thats because she had a better voice. 

        Elvis Presley stood out and became the king of rock n roll, due to not only his good looks and stage presence, but his ability to wow the crowd with the raspy tone and incredible depth of baritone. 

        U2’s singer bono can go into the clouds with his voice, and thats why U2 is one of the most popular bands in the world. 

        Steven Tyler, Ben Burnley, Chris Daughtry, Taylor Hicks, James Hedfield, Patsy Kline, Dolly Parton, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Beatles, Janis Joplin, Freddie Mercury, Reba Mc, Green Day, Weezer…

        They all add something special, a great voice.  A voice doesn’t have to be unique and original to stand out, although that helps.

      • This comment is a response to Salvatore’s response to me.
        I DO think what you are doing is interesting. Of course a singer must have a good voice to be in this competition, but what I’m saying is that music is subjective. 
        Personally I am a Phillips fan. Does he have the widest vocal range, or the best pitch in the competition? The answer is no. (Noticeably and according to your numbers). But does this mean that the other singers are BETTER than him? No, it does not.  If the world listened to only 9.0+ ratings, well there goes the variety. 
        A machine  cannot say which singers are better than others. If it could, why doesn’t EVERYONE listen to the “worlds best singers”? The answer is because people have the ability to select which singers sound the best to THEM. 

      • This is in response to Jeremys response.  I agree on all fronts.  Music taste is about variety, but in the context of this contest, we just like to push for the best singer to win.  🙂 

      • Sorry, what I meant to say was, according to the numbers, the 9.0 ratings have better pitch, harmony, range, and tone.  All quinisential qualities to a good voice.  Also, a 7.4 voice is still pretty darn good. 

        I retract my previous statement, a stronger singing voice does not necessarily mean better, because better is subjective.  You are correct.  But at some point, a singing competition shouldn’t be a popularity contest.  1 vote per device should do it.   That is really what we are trying to accompish here,  but also just to make things interesting.  Thanks Jeremy.

    • Hi Salvatore,
      I am not surprised that your pick in season 6, 7 , 8 , 9 were also mine and I was downhearted when they did not win , I am still scratching ny head from time to time wondering what happenned??  But it is now history. Melinda Doolitle ,  Carly Smithson and Adam Lambert  almost gave me high blood pressure when they did not win, LOL.

      I am so looking forward to this year’s competition since most of the competitors according to your report is so close together.  It will be very interesting to see who will be set apart away from the rest of the  pack.  I believe song choice will again play a very important role in this competition.  Overall dynamics and entertainment value will definitely count and a smart contestant should realize this from the get go.

      It is nice to be quirky, different and stylish and technical but this does not last and fans get bored with it  quickly.  I still have not decided who to cheer for, waiting until they sing a full song tomorrow night.  By then each singer should have an idea who they want to be.

      I really like what your group is doing, keep up the good work!!

      • Pepe,

        Thank you for the compliments.  As more and more data is added to their averages, it becomes tougher and tougher to for the numbers to change…much like a batter’s batting average throughout the season.

        Yes, I agree.  This year the singers are very close, whereas last year they were not quite as close.  But there is ALWAYS time to change the numbers. 

        Jacob Lusk started at a 9.9 with his rendition of “God bless the Child” during hollywood week (and made all of us cry with the breathtaking preformance), and divebombed all the way into the 6s by the end of the competition.   

        Whereas, Lauren started at a 9.3 and ended up at a 9.1

        Haley, however…started at 8.5 and ended at 9.1  She was very consistant the entire year.

        Scotty Mcreery was always in the 4s.  Some weeks he had 6 preformances and some weeks he had 3s.

        We definately were wrong about Pia.  We thought it was a runaway contest the whole time.

        Pia’s preformances were consistantly above 9.5 the whole time.  Except for her goodbye preformance after she got eliminated, which was a 7.0.

        No one knows, on American Idol, but we try to pretend we do.  🙂

    • I don’t think this is all that accurate you can’t measure how good a singer is with a machine, maybe pitch accuracy, but all in all judging singing is subjective, it’s like trying to get a machine to rate how good a movie or actor is.

      This is interesting, but you again can’t judge singers with machines. It is always subjective

      • I agree with your subjectivity response, but it is interesting that the machine’s prediction for the last 5 years has always been the “shocker” elimination that everyone was upset about. 
        But the voting system is still a problem, one vote per device would make this compeition more interesting and what we are doing a whole lot less relavent.

      • True, but im just saying although they were ‘shocker’ preformances, out of all those predictions I still thought there were some lower rated contestants that preformed and sang just aswell.  The voting system is partly flawed, or at least the people voting.

        I do however think its interesting to see how a machine rates them, and technically a lot of the higher rated singers were a lot better technical singers.  This would actually probably be a good way to rate choir and formal singers, because if you do it for singing competitions im going to bet this will be the order they come out from highest to lowest.

        Powerhouse technical singers
        Soul/Bluesy/Jazz type singers
        Country and Folk

      • Your order of operations of singers would be hard to come up with considering we rated thousands of singers, but I will put them in a spreadsheet and try to come up with a trend.  If you didnt read my posts previously in a different article, then note that Lauren Alliana got a 9.1.  Also, Carrie Underwood recieved an 8.4. 

        Brief List of scores from Country Singers:

        Keith Urban 9.2
        Toby Keith 8.1
        Brad Pasley 7.8
        Lauren Aliana 9.1
        Garth Brooks 9.1
        George Straight 7.8 <– This is a shocking number and we are researching why this occurred.
        Scotty McCreery 4.6
        Kelly Pickler 7.2
        Carrie Underwood 8.4
        Taylor Swift 8.1

    • if you are going to post this nonsense you better get ready for some criticism.  your numbers mean nothing.  what are you looking for..why don’t you discuss who you like.  who would you vote for.

      • Mary,

        Thanks for the nasty comment.  This isn’t nonsense.  People enjoy it.  Actually, we make a living off sound engineering.  What is your story? 

        By the way, don’t ask me personal questions after bashing my posts.  Mmkay?

      • Actually, I don’t think it’s nonsense, I think it’s interesting. Do I feel that the top singers are my personal choice for winners? No! But I still think it worth seeing how their overall voice qualities rank. Thanks Salvatore! 

      • actually its a dumb idea.  how would aretha, or michael, or dianna ross, or the boss do under your model.  you are looking for praise for a stupid idea.  listen to each person and decide what you think.  who knows how you score someone with your silly idea.  get real dude.  you area bore.

      • Mary,

        Who do you think you are?  Mind your own business if you don’t like my posts.  I am not looking for praise.  I am doing what I love to do.  And Aretha scored a 9.9, the highest rating ever recorded by Audiophile.  It appears that YOU are the only one trolling my posts.  Dont you have something better to do?

      • Salvatore,
        Don’t let anyone get to you.  Your posts are very interesting.  You will never please everyone on this blog…..believe me!!!!!
        According to the comments the majority of bloggers enjoy your posts.  Keep up the good work…..You have a very interesting  job.  Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • i so love your technical and very objective analysis!

      i love numbers though it is definitely not everything…more of this please!

    • Salvatore, You seem to be missing Elise Testone, Erika Van Pelt, and Chelsea Sorrell and i was wondering what theirvalues were and if you even entered them?

    • Rog,

      Unfortunately there just isnt enough Data to give Johnny a reliable reading.  Jennifer and Randy were talking too much during Johnny’s audition.  Plus, even if they were not talking, there was not enough airtime for him. 

  6. @26d38d1bdfb622e8f957e54c36fff423:disqus  SalvatoreSx…enjoy your blogs with the rankings…curious to see where James Durbin ranked last year…
    @ Phyllis…Jessica Sanchez is really promising…oh…but…where is our “Rocker” this year~??? It will be interesting how this all plays out. 🙂

    • Rose3108
      I would be curious, too, to see how James Durbin ranked last year.
      I preferred to have him as the winner last year … and was very disappointed with Scotty McCreery winning Idol… I thought he was
      quite ho-hum …  James was terrific and has done very well without
      Idol crowning him … that tells you much about the voting procedure
      on Am. Idol … it needs to be improved so it is fair.

    •  Rose,

      According to audiophile…
      James Durbin only got a 7.5 overall last year.  Thats still a great score for a professional singer.  Especially a rocker.  For comparison, lead singer of ACDC only got 7.6.

      Others from last year….

      Casey Abrams 7.5

      Jacob Lusk 6.2

      Scotty McCreery 4.5

      Pia Toscano 9.7

      Lauren Aliana 9.1

      Haley Reinhart 9.1

      Sophia Shorai 9.0

      Ashton Jones 7.2

      • Again I don’t think you can really trust these scores, it’s a machine grading something subjective, the only thing the machine can judge is the pitch accuracy, tone can be very subjective same with dynamics, originality, etc.

        And some weaker voices ae actually more enjoyable to listen to, for example a singer from the voice named Dia last year was an amazing artist and I love listening to her songs yet I don’t think she would have scored well on your machine ranking system. All this is subjective you can’t grade a voice like you grade a math test

      • Rinsewash,

        Actually I agree with you about Dia.  I’ll run her preformances through the audiophile and let you know.


    • Rose……I know I am so bummed.   I guess there are no rockers to compare to Adam and James.  Unfortunately, Idol will never have a rocker win the show anyway.   I feel there is some good talent this season.  I’m just so excited that they are starting the Live shows so we can really see and hear the Top 24/25…..

  7. Well I would have to tend to agree with your predictions. Some ones that I think are stand outs are Phil Phillips, Heejun, Jen Hirsh, Jessica Sanchez, and I was impressed withe Hollie.

    One that stands out to me in a bad way is Reed Grimm. He just verges on annoying for me. If he makes the top 12 then he might last a few weeks, but I don’t see him anywhere near winning.

    •  Shawn, 

      He draws comparison to Casey Abrams, who made it to the top 7 last year. 
      Doubt he goes away anytime soon.

      •  You seem to forget if it wasn’t for the judges then Casey would have left at 11th place. I wasn’t a Casey fan and don’t think that he should have gotten the same but he didn’t verge on getting on my nerves like Reed does.

    • Shawn……I agree.   Reed Grimm is out there but not in a good way.  I feel eventually he will get on peoples nerves….JMHO….

      • nah totally disagree. Reed is just unique. His voice is actually pretty smooth. The scatting is just for our/ his own amusement. Likely, he will  straight up sing the next few songs, no scatting. You guys will see

    • Shawn,  you are right.  I did forget about that.  But after that, he got the sympathy vote that carried him along.  They should have saved that vote for pia. 

  8. have  any of the judges realized that rock singers can really SING!!  love jessica sanchez and that’s about it.  everyone else is basically “been there done that”.

    • Oh the judges knew Adam and James could sing, its middle America and teeny boppers that don’t know!!!!!

  9. i’m going with phil phillips all the way.  good looking, great sound, strange moves on stage.  i love him!

  10. I am a Phil Phillips fan.  He has his own style, and is more than handsome.  I saw a clip of him on a local fox affiliate from last fall doing an original song.  he might not win, but i am glad he will get this exposure.  Very charming, handsome and talented.  i will be very disappointed if he is voted off.

    • Mary,

      For the first time, I agree with you.  Phillip Phillips is a true musician, and very humble.  He has a John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson feel.  Very talented and a joy to listen to.  7.4 from audiophile, even though you dont care.  🙂

  11. girls: Elise, Erika, Jen, Hollie, Hallie, Skylar (maybe Jessica)
    boys: Philips, Deandre, Colton, Heejun, Aaron, Creighton (maybe Eben)

    I don´t like att all Reed Grimm and Brielle Von Hugel

  12. Deandre and Reed stand out in the crowd, if Johnny Keyser don’t come back I think one of them will be the American Idol.

  13. My predictions for the boys…
    Top 5 Boys (no particular order)
    Heejun- he’s hilarious and got a great personality/voice, he’s pretty much guaranteed
    Phillip- he’s got most of the teen girls on his side and has been pimped since the first episode, he’s also almost certainly in
    Reed- he’s developed quite the fan base with his quirky behavior, most definitely he’ll be in
    Eben- he’s also snagged the remainder of the teen fan base, he’s probably in
    Colton- he’s been pimped this year and also developed a fan base last year, he’s pretty much guaranteed
    Wildcard- either Joshua, Adam, or Creighton
    Most likely the top 13 (if  instead of 12), will be taken by two boy wildcard slots. However, I think that Eben shouldn’t be in the top 13. He’s young still and though his voice is impressive, it hasn’t done anything for me that any other of the voices haven’t already done.

    • I agree with this, and those top 5 boys you listed are actually the top 5 on twitter in almost that order (Colton was above reed, other than that exact).

      I believe the top 13 will probably be
      Baylie (number 2 or 3 followed girl on twitter so i put her here)
      Chelsea/Hollie (they were 5th and 6th most followed, I put Hollie here because im not sure if three country girls will make it through)
      And then Jen, Joshua, and x (Adam? Creighton? Deandre? Not sure for this one) as the final wild card

      • Hollie wasn’t pimped, and she is doing better on twitter than some of the other pimped contestants.  Honestly my thoughts may change when I hear them preform, that will be the biggest factor.

      • Hollie wasnt pimped because I think she is in for a Pia like showing.  She is going to wow everyone.  I listened to alot of her stuff on youtube.  Sensational vocals.

        I really like Hollie’s accent.  She isnt just a just a blonde hair blue eyed girl.  She is Dutch, so…technically she is a minority.  Go American Idol for being diverse!  🙂

    • In reply to Salvatore SX, Hollie is not dutch. She’s British, from Liverpool actually. Not everyone with blond hair and blue eyes are dutch/scandinavian.

  14. Id say the guys this season are way stronger than the girls. We are definitely looking at another White male winner season. Id say Jen is the only female frontrunner.

  15. I like them all this year, actually.  My goodness the crop is plentiful this year.

    I wish Candace Glover would have made it.  She is such a talented Gospel singer. 

  16. jessica sanchez is the best singer for this season…i think she is the big winner for this season!!!

  17. My top picks:

    Basing on the total package (Not just voice alone)Phil Phillips, Colton Dixon, Heejun Han, Reed Grimm, Deandre Brackensick
    Hollie Cavanaugh, Jen Hirsch, Jessica Sanchez, Hallie Day, Chelsea Sorrell

  18. I totally agree with the author’s view of everyone. I think my two favorites are Jessica Sanchez and Creighton Fraker.

  19. Oh yea, I have to add to my favorites…. I also looove Heejun and DeAndre. Shannon and Jen are pretty good too.

  20. This American idol season got great singers.All the best to you all.I go crazy with this shop.

  21. All I know is that one kid RIPS OFF DAVE MATTHEWS SO BAD. I don’t know his name but I think u know who I mean. He must be stopped!

  22. I like all of the American idol performers so far but my favorite would be Eben Franckewitz….he’s not the best singer but he’s just2 cute compared to the other singers.

  23. Hollie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I do not care what you think,  Elise Testone is tops with me, and with everyone else I know

  25. Jessica was a semifinalist on America’s got talent, right is that technically fair? I think she’s the standout of the girls to me besides Hollie, but if she’s had that is that honestly fair to other contestants?

  26. wheres the diversity in the girls? no minority and there was plenty in the tryouts. We watch american idol also…..

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