American Idol 2012 Top 13 Guys Recap

American Idol 11 Phillip Phillips

 The  American Idol 2012 live voting has begun! And even though we had 13 chances to get excited, I didn’t find myself doing much toe-tapping. And I certainly didn’t find any goosebumps on my arm. That’s because I thought the American Idol Top 13 guys kind of played it safe. Some were boring even. Not all, but some. I did discover a couple favorites. Did you?

And of course we also learned who the 13th spot went to. If you haven’t heard that news yet, jump to the bottom of the page and then come right back. One with the recap.

Just like last year, I’ll review each performance and I’ll assign the letter grade that I think they deserve. And feel free to agree with me or let me have it in the comments below.

(In Order of Appearance)

Reed Grimm, “Moves Like Jagger.” A little scat. A little drum. A lot of soul. That guy blows my mind. I think he’s completely fun to watch. He’s a true musician. And I love that he can’t sit still. If I don’t get to see more of him because he got the terrible first performance spot, I’ll be totally bummed. A+

Adam Brock, “Think.” This guy is clearly a good singer. But he’s just not exciting enough for me and probably America. I just kept waiting for him to wow me. And he almost did at the end, but come on, you can’t just save the fireworks for the end when you’re in a contest. B

Deandre Brackensick, “Seasons.” His smooth and soft tone transitions easily into a strong vibrato, but again, he was just a bit too boring and safe for the very first performance. B

Colton Dixon, “Decode.” OK a couple things. 1: I like Colton. 2. I think he needs to ditch the cookskin hat hairdo. He looks like that bully, Scut Farkas, from “A Christmas Story.” Seriously. I’ve posted a visual aide. Anyway, his performance. I liked it. He surprised us with a nice dark, indie rocker vibe. I think he easily earned himself a spot in the Top 13.

Jeremy Rosado, “Gravity.” He’s a fantastic singer. He’s sweet and tender. And we’ve seen that he appears to be an amazingly nice guy. But his performace again was not very exciting. SO many safe performances for the first night of voting. So confused.

Aaron Marcellus, “Never Can Say Goodbye.” Aaron is effortless when he sings. There’s a reason JLo is such a huge fan of his. But once again (broken record alert) I was not wowed. I was all ready to give him a B but he finally came through at the end and snagged an A.

Chase Likens, “Storm Warning.” Finally, some upbeat sounds. Chase sure has the smile and the looks. And he has the voice. And he has the energy. But did he have the screen time up until tonight? Nope. That will likely be his downfall and it’s totally American Idol producers’ fault for unfair airtime. For his energy alone, I think he deserves an A.

Creighton Fraker, “True Colors.” This guy is quite unique. I really got into his version of the Cyndi Lauper hit. He’s so tender and effortless. A

Phillip Phillips, “In The Air Tonight.” When I heard this is what he was singing, I was all “no way!” In a good way. That song is bad-ass and his version was even more bad-ass. I loved it. That’s one voice that couldn’t bore me no matter how slow and sleepy his song choices are. A+

Eben Frankewitz, “Set Fire to the Rain.” What a cute kid. But will someone please tell me why he picked a great big Adele song like this? Ugh. I want to say nice things about his performance but I can’t. So I’ll just say that he’s a cute kid again. C- (sorry readers, please don’t kill me)

Heejun Han, “Angels.” OMG HEEJUN! STOP the contest and crown him now! Ugh. I like Heejun, but I’m tired of the blown-up over-hyping already. My thoughts have nothing to do with whether or not he’s a good singer. I just hate unfair pimping. Sure he’s funny, in a sarcastic way. And yes he can sing. His performance tonight wasn’t the best I’ve heard him though. But it was still good. He has nothing to worry about. He’s definitley in the Top 13. A

Joshua Ledet, “You Pulled Me Through.” Now THIS is a voice that deserves the kind of hype Heejun is getting for cracking jokes. Joshua nailed that song. That is how you sing in a competition. You sing like you’re there to prove a point. And a point he did prove. So powerful. A+

Jermaine Jones, “Dance With My Father.” The 13th spot goes to Jermaine. We all knew it. They just couldn’t pass up that deep, smooth voice. I’m going to be honest here about something. I’m not used to hearing a voice like that, so I don’t know exactly how I feel about it. I can tell it’s good, but I don’t know if I like it or not. It’s kind of a weird phenomenon. So for now, I’ll just say B+

So after Thursday we’ll have the Top 5 guys. Then the judges will pick three wild cards. They could be guys or girls, who knows. So for now, I’m going to predict who I think will be the Top 5 guys. And remember, these picks are NOT MY OWN. They’re what I think will happen based ONLY on America’s votes. OK? Do you follow me? Last season some people had a hard time understanding that. And I’d love to just point that out right away this season. OK.

Top 5 Guys prediction: Heejun Han, Phillip Phillips, Colton Dixon, Joshua Ledet and Reed Grimm.

Now if the judges pick some guys to fill in the wild card choices (and I’m sure they’ll at least pick one), I think it could be from these three (in this order): Creighton Fraker, Jermaine Jones and Deandre Brackensick.

I must point out that I’ve gone back and forth between what I think will happen with Reed and Creighton. I think their possibilities are interchangeable at the moment. At any rate, I think they both have a good chance of getting one of the judges’ wild card picks.

What are your thoughts on the performances? What are your predictions?




  1. I think I agree, but Jermaine Jones might snag Reed’s spot cause he sang first and Jermaine last.  I love Heejun but im kind of worried about him tonight, im really hoping (and voting) that he makes it, and the judges like Deandre I don’t at all, his falsetto annoys me actually.

    But I would be fine with those top 5.  Phillip did really impress me tonight so I think I will cheer him on in the sidelines next to Heejun, and Colton was good enough.

      • True, but he needs to learn to get used to the mic…sometimes he sways a little too far and the background music drowns him out…but he did a great job, not trying too hard yet still nailed it…

    • Totally agree with you on that annoying falsetto thingy, but don’t worry about heejun or phillip, i’m pretty certain that they have the biggest fanbase so far…wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the top 13.

    • I will be totally disappointed if Reed Grim doesn’t make it through. I think he is the most talented artist entertainer in the entire idol group. Phillip Phillips is also an artist and creator. The rest are making copies and spinning, which is fine but not as interesting for the viewer. You never know what wonderful creative things either of these two artist will come up with. The rest you can guarantee that they will copy and sing someone else’s song beautifully, but there will be nothing new. Last year Kristal and Casey were the two that I couldn’t wait to see. I was totally surprised when Scotty, who started with about six notes and finished the season with ten, won the entire thing. You just have to remember than a lot of this is a popularity contest, not a singing contest at this point on. All the teenies are going to vote for Deandre and Eban, and that is a great atvantage that is hard to overcome with adult voters who will generally vote once or twice even three times. But these teenies will vote for two hours striaght for one guy or gal and it skews the votes. In years past young artist who were just not mature enough or talented enough lasted much longer than more talented and more entertaining contestants. But, that’s what Idol is all about. It’s hard to accept sometimes, but its the brest we got.. Good luck Reed and Phillip. You got my votes for what its worth.

      • unbelievable maq  im in shock…for once they had someone different….they booth him out.  they want the screaming yelling hair in the face type.  im so mad i accidentally broke the remote

  2. Heejun is a remarkable singer. I also like Jermaine. Reed REALLY lost some points for me tonight though…

    • I agree Reed could be in trouble tonight, but I have no doubt he will be a wild card pick if he is not chosen

      • That’s my line of thought exactly. That’s the only reason I didn’t vote for him tonight. I figure right now Jermaine and Heejun need it more.

      • I agree I am voting a lot for Heejun, and I would vote for Jermaine but I almost never vote split

      • Heejun has secured my votes every week for the rest of the season tonight. The only person to do that last season was Casey. Jermaine I really hope goes through.

  3. Liking the prediction list. Heejun’s in there, and that’s all I wanted. xD

    The wild cards… the only one I’m not liking is DeAndre, his flasetto is really annyoing and doesn’t suit him.

    • That’s the reason he did not make it the last time on Idol,  I am not sure if he can sing in his normal tone and vocal range , what do you think?
      Somebody should tell him that falsetto is outdated and Philip Bailey is still around and can still do a pretty good job, no need to replace him yet. He can also try and look at some of Prince’s song list if he is still around.

      Me like Heejun too, he needs to open up and show his range, I know he can do it.  Hey Heejun if you are reading this , stay away from Bolton,
      and or guys that shouts all the time while singing, no need for that.
      Look for the unconventional but stay in your range and be as buttery as you can, LOL.

      • That Falcetto, musically, is pretty fantastic.  Remember the kid is only 17.  He still has a chance for his voice to develop. 

      • Falsetto outdated?  You don’t know what you are talking about!  Sure does reveal how much you DON’T know about music or the music industry!

      • Hi Daniel, You are right , I don’t know too much about the music business, just a fan, how about you?  You must know a lot !!

        What I meant is “Deandre’s falsetto version of a great Earth,Wind & Fire song is outdated, nothing new there, I was hoping if he was to do a version do it better than the original so he won’t be open for critical comparison.  He did not do a good job and he is at risk in being eliminated.  For the record I love listening to songs done in Falsetto.
        Even though I am more into Rock and blues , Soul and R&B are still a
        favourite 🙂

  4. My top 5 guys who I think will be in the top ten.

    Wild Card – Jermaine

    I will wait until the ladies sing tomorrow night then I will pick my favourite girl and guy.

  5. I think the top 5 guys are:
    1. Heejun
    2. Jermaine
    3. Joshua
    5. As much as I hate to say it… Colton
    The only reason I have Reed as a wild card is because he was the first of the season. That is a cursed slot.

  6. By the way Branden, no grades below a C-? I thought DeAndre and Creighton did AWFUL. This is how I graded it:
    1. Reed: B
    2. Adam: A
    3. Deandre: F-
    4. Colton: C+
    5. Jeremy: A-
    6. Aaron: A
    7. Chase: D+
    8. Creighton: D-
    9. Phil: A
    10. Eben: C- (I agree with you on him)
    11. Heejun: A+
    12. Joshua: A
    13. Jermaine: A+

      • Meh… David is 17. He can try for the next few years. Jermaine, however, is running out of time. The top 5 should be
        Wild card: Colton

    • Give Eben some credit. He hit most of the notes and yeah, his performance wasn’t the best last night, but it was definitely better than a C-. I feel he deserves a B. 

      • I think the kid will be eliminated, but he took on a song bigger than him. He has the potential to do some wowing, he can work a crowd, but it’s not his time. He did deserve a B.

      • i personally love Eden, I thought he did great, hes 15 for crying outloud, he deserved a B plus or an A  he was great

  7. Joshua Ladet wins American Idol 2012!!!! That kid has some sick talent!!!!! If he doesn’t win it all he will for sure get record deals!!!! Go josh go!

    • I think Joshua is amazing, but I don’t want him to win over Heejun, Hollie, Haley, and Jermaine.

      • I like Jermaine voice but I dont want him to be in
        he is taking away from  the original group of guys to go on
        not fair at all

    • The moment I saw Phillip a little voice said “that’s the next Americon Idol.” I found that many other s in my family had that exact same reaction. I like Colton alot, and was very disappointed that Jermaine was the “surprise.” All that crying  on national tv just turned me off to him.

      • I agree, all that crying and then his mama running up on stage sheez
        We all love our moms Im sure, but this is a little rediculous, I dont want a mama’s boy to be an IDOL
        and with the girls, the one that has the stage mom
        she has to go
        the mom and the girl….

  8. Reed- C+
    Adam- B-
    DeAndre- D
    Colton- A
    Jeremy- B+
    Aaron- B
    Chase- C
    Creighton- B+
    Phillip- B
    Eben- D
    Heejun- B-
    Josh- A-
    Gentle Giant- C

      • Yeah, I’m not really a fan of his, I just thought he did rather well tonight. None of the males are really my “taste” so it was hard for me to like any of them, I feel like it’s a girl(Jessica or Hollie)’s year.

  9. Agree with you completely. Not blown away by anyone but my fav was Phillip Phillips. Thought deandre was horrible! Maybe the judges couldn’t hear too well with the music because they seemed to love them all. Where is Simon when we need real judgement?
    I was really annoyed with the audience lighting. Why was everyone purple? They looked dead. It was so creepy!

    • I agree. And as I said in a reply above, I think Phillip will be the next idol. I noticed that the judges only started giving critique to the best performers( except Deandre,) and just gushed over the rest. Maybe that’s a strategy on their part, hope it doesn’t work against the performers, then again maybe it’s a bit of reverse psychology to get people to vote for them. 🙂

    • Whats going on? the judges are so sappy this year they love everyone
      we need a simon type judge so many sucked or were just average. dont get me wrong there were some realy good singers but only about half

  10. My Top 5..
    1.Joshua Ledet
    2.Phillip Phillips
    3.Colton Dixon
    4.Reed Grimm
    5.Creighton Fraker
     My Wild Card Choices: Aaron Marcellus and Heejun Han

    America’s Top 5..
    1.Phillip Phillips
    2.Joshua Ledet
    3.Heejun Han
    4.Colton Dixon
    5.Eben Frankewitz
    Judges Wild Card Choices: Reed Grimm and Jeremy Rosado

      • Eben will have the young teeny booper vote, may not be enough but I like him
        my fav is Heejun, and Colton

      • I hope Jermaine and Eben both make it. I think Eben has potential for teeny bopper votes and middle aged women’s votes if he stays away from the Bieber wanna-be and tries to go with more of a Nick Jonas or Damien McGinty (from Celtic Thunder.) 

        Regardless, Eben will be big in acting, I’m sure, since he has been doing that since he was tiny with Cincinnati Theatre.

    • How can anyone think that Heejun’s performance tonight was worthy of making it thru? I like the kid and his personality, but my gosh this is a SINGING competition! Good tone through out Hollywood week, but tonight was awful! Sorry, but no way he was in the top 5 tonight

      • Finially someone spoke against Heejun’s performance.  He will make the top 5, not because of talent but because of exposure.  Chase does not have a chance because he got hardly no exposure.  Heejun, Colton, Reed, Phillip and Adam will make the top 5, and all most likely had the most air time.  The more someone is seen the more likely they will win.  Chase had no chance of winning no matter how well he sang last night.

      • Totally agree! I really don’t care for Heejun. I don’t think he has the singing ability and he really reminds me way too much of that “she-bang” guy from a few years back.

  11. I know you like reed and everything Braden but he needs to be careful with his image on stage. One moment he’s dull And looks almost gay the next (Vegas round a thousand eyes). I think Jermaine deserves a spot and I don’t feel a connection with creighton at all or Jeremy I think J.lo just has a crush on Jeremy and loves him

  12. what about aaron?  the judges gave aaron and joshua a standing O.  they don’t want to see jermaine cry again.  there’s no way they’ll leave out reed or phil but i think both will make it on votes.  thursday will be a tough night!!

    • 3 standing O’s. WOW. Was it deserved? no. Except MAYBE Jermaine’s. When did this ever happen in the days of simon, paula, and randy? There was maybe 3 standing O’s a SEASON.

      • yes!  where were the criticisms?  did they make a pact not to criticize before the first cut?  i miss Simon.

      • Hi KC , because there is no need to embarass anyone anymore, Im tired of Simon’s antics ! Why not give praise, besides all 13 guys were hand picked by the judges just last week and defeated hundreds and hundreds of would be contestants.  So now it is time to build their confidence up and why not, there is no harm in that.   We know who sang the best don’t we?  I know in my experience , nerves can be a real bummer especially performing in such a large venue, these guys have done well in my books.

      • I agree with Ed here.  Why blast these singers with critiscm unless it was actually deserved.  They are all good singers. 

      • Personally I don’t think that Jermaine deserved a standing ovation at all if you ask me. But of course nobody asked me did they? LOL

      • I am not saying to blast them with critiscm, just give it when it is deserved. Also, I HATE simon. I don’t want him back at ALL.

  13. 1. Phillip
    2. Colton
    3. Reed
    4. Heejun
    5. Joshua
    Wild?  clueless at this point

    i voted for phillip and colton and i’m sticking with those 2 until they’re gone.  phillip is definitely my fav!

  14. I think maybe DeAndre sounded better in person bc I thought he sounded really bad on TV. I was so shocked when they loved him! Phil is my favvvv!

      • The judges sucked tonight!! We want truthful criticism.
        1 Josh
        2 Phillip
        3 Colton
        4 Reed
        5 Jeremy even tho I don’t think he makes it. Think Heejun get voted in (undeservedly)

        Wildcard. Creighton, Aaron

    • Actually, him and Eben were really bad, no offense to Eben, both of them are better than tonight, and sadly tonight is the night they need to stand out.

      Hopefully Heejun can make it, im worried for him.  Phillip Phillips im not woried for at all though, but I do really like him.

  15. Brandon you were way too kind to Eben in this post. That was a terrible performance. Wow! What was he thinking. I think he could actually blow that song out of the water in any setting other than this. His nerves got the best of him tonight and he choked badly!

    I think the top 5 are  gonna be Colton Dixon, Heejun Han, Joshua Ladet, Reed Grimm, and Phillip Phillips. The wild card will be Adam Brock.

    Okay I have made my prediction but I hope the girls really bring it tomorrow night cause none of these guys have my vote at this point. If one of these girls doesn’t wow me tomorrow night I will have to settle in and start voting for Colton Dixon. I think he had the best performance of the night that fit within my taste.

    You know there could possibly be two wild card guys. There is gonna be three over all. We will just have to wait and see.

  16. Well nothing about tonight have changed who I said I was likely to vote for before tonight. I voted for the ones that I said that I was going to vote for last week, because nobody has done anything that changed my opinions.

    I move that they replace Randy with Jimmy Iovine and replace JLo with Peggy Blu. Really is this the judging panel we are going to have this year where everything was beautiful. Well based on what I feel will be the top 5 guys voted through(not what will happen just what I think will happen)
    Possible wildcards:Reed(only because the judges love him I find him annoying), Deandre, and maybe Adam.

    Here’s to hoping that the girls do some uptempo stuff as with too many slow songs tonight it turned into a real snooze feast.

    • I agree that Reed is annoying. Is he ADHD or what? Is he gonna play drums in every performance? He has a naturally good voice and he really doesn’t have to put a lot of effort into his singing but it’s hard to concentrate on his voice with him all over the place like that. I mean I like a good performance but it’s like, IDK if chaotic is the right word but  he is way over the top to say the least. It’s like a wiry rat terrier just running all over the place and jumping around. It gets annoying after a while.

      • Wait until Reed starts growling like Casey , hahaha.  I honestly do not find him as good as what others claim him to be.  Besides anyone told him he is not “Sheila E” ha ha.

        How are you my friend, I guess we are back 🙂

        I still do not have a favourite, still waiting for the ladies to sing tom0rrow and like you I am waiting for that especial someone to blow my mind away, so far no fireworks yet.

  17. From what I remember, there are 3 guy wild card choices and 3 girl wild card choices.. the judges each pick a guy and a girl.. so Idk why ppl are only naming one wild card???

    My guy wild cards…

    1. Aaron Marcellus
    2. Reed Grimm
    3. Deandre Brackensick

    The judges guy wild cards…

    Jlo would pick Jeremy
    Steven would pick Reed
    Randy would pick Adam

  18. Ladies and Gentleman, i hope you enjoyed the preformances.  I had to work late and couldnt watch it, but judging by the comments by all, as well as the authors, everything went pretty well!  Nice points Branden! 

    Audiophile is pretty slick, so I will try to have the ratings for tonights preformances, plus the overall updated ratings by 6pm central tomorrow night.  I know Mary can’t wait to see them. 

  19. I’m suddenly remember the top 12 guys from last year. Just a few that made the finals whose performances stand out in my mind.
    James Durbin- You’ve got another thing coming. James had gotten mixed reactions from people before this performance but this performance showed that he is a true performer.

    Scotty McCreery- Letters from home. Scotty had a rough time in Hollywood and seemed to only sing Josh Turner songs for the most part, and the one non-Josh Turner song he did he messed up the lyrics. His doing Letters from Home is what for the most part put him in the final and made him the eventual winner.

    Casey Abrams- I put a Spell on You. I am first to admit that I am not a Casey fan, but I was the first couple of weeks of the live shows. This performance impressed me as I liked his jazzy sound. It was a shame that he moved away from that.

    Paul McDonald- Maggie Mae. This was without a doubt Paul at his best. It showed exactly what kind of artist he is. It’s a shame that Paul ended up either by his choice or another person’s choice decided not to pick songs for Paul that played to his strengths.

    I’m thinking of those performances that basically got me excited and going for the contestants and I think about tonight and I’m like what in the world? Were there bad performances last year? Yes there were, but  last year it wasn’t every performance that was a bad performance. Hopefully the girls will impress tomorrow.

  20. Even though its a singing competition remember people are gonna turn it into a popularity competition as well….. Sad to say but true. 

    But I hope Jeremy makes it through. I know Philip will make it no problem and I think Reed will make it as well.

  21. Phillip Phillips! Someone just needs to give him a record contract and get it over with! Why is he wasting his time on a show like this he’s way above anyone who performs on this show.

  22. Reed Grimm – I thought it was a good thing that he atleast
    made the song his own. I enjoy the original better, but I will give him credit
    for making it his own – (B)

    Adam Brock – His performance lacks something. He puts me in
    mind of Danny Gokey, but he isn’t as good. I’ve heard better versions of this
    song. (C+)

    Deandre Brackensick – I like this kid, but I think this was
    the completely wrong song choice for him. It’s hard to understand him when he
    sings in his falsetto. He was kinda pitchy. I found his performance mostly boring
    and disappointing. (D)

    Colton Dixon – My favorite performance so far tonight. I
    thought his song choice was good, he was mostly in tune, and he just seems like
    a current artist to me. I was actually a little surprised by how good that he
    actually was. (B+)

    Jeremy Rosado – He has a pretty tone to his voice, but he
    didn’t pick a great song for him. He just doesn’t stick out, and his big note
    was pretty pitchy. (C-)

    Aaron Marcellus – This guy has a really good voice. But, I
    thought that he could have picked a better song than this. Also, there were a
    few parts that I thought were flat in his lower register. But, he wasn’t the
    worst thus far tonight. (B-)

    Chase Likens – Not a fan of him, just isn’t my type of
    artist. He started off pretty pitchy for me. I’m not a fan of the song, and he
    just doesn’t stick out to me. I found him to be pretty boring, he did hit once
    pretty good note in his performance towards the end. (C)

    Creighton Fraker – I’m a fan of his voice, I think he also
    has a beautiful falsetto voice. Although I do think this was the best song
    choice for him, I think he did a pretty good job with it. Overall, I was happy
    with this performance. (B+)

    Phillip Phillips – Wow, I’m impressed. I went into tonight,
    not liking him at all. But, actually I thought this was in the top 3 best
    performances so far tonight. I can actually see him going far in this
    competition, and he has a much better voice then what I originally thought he
    did. He was pretty much pitch perfect too. (A-)

    Eben Franckenwitz – EWWW this was AWFUL!!! I was expecting
    more from him. I didn’t think he would make it to the top 13, but I wasn’t
    expecting a complete trainwreck like this. He was soooooooo flat throughout the
    whole performance, and was just extremely pitchy. Awful! One of the worst
    performances I’ve ever heard on American Idol, and I don’t understand how the
    judges praised him for it. (F)

    Heejun Hun – You can’t help but to love Heejun. However, I
    don’t this was the best song choice for him. I kept thinking of David Archuleta’s
    performance of this song, and Heejun wasn’t as good. But, it wasn’t bad either,
    it was just a little under my expectations for him. (B-)

    Joshua Ledet – Just WOW! I thought he killed it! This was my
    favorite performance of the night. This guy has so much soul, it’s just
    ridiculous, but in a good way. I love his voice, and I LOVED his performance
    tonight. (A)

    Jermaine Jones – He was alright, nothing fantastic, don’t
    really see why he was brought back. I think he was a little pitchy with some of
    his low notes, and his voice is just a little too low for me at times. (C)

    The Judges tonight were pretty awful. They were worse
    tonight, than they were last year.

    Overall, I was pretty disappointed tonight. I thought there
    would be a lot more standout performances, but I guess I was wrong.

    I think moving on will be: Reed Grimm, Phillip Phillips,
    Joshua Ledet, Creighton Fraker, Colton Dixon, and Heejun Hun. However, Deandre
    Brackensick, could also make it because the judges obsessed over him.

    • I have to say I mostly agree with your ratings and critique. At this point my only horses in the race are Phillip and Heejun. I like Joshua as well and I think he will make the cut along with Colton,  Chase and Reed.
      We’ll see Thursday.

  23. Really! Heejun come on boring!
    1. Colton
    2. Philip
    3. Reed
    4. Joshua
    5. Deandre

    Heejun go home!

  24. I agree with what your saying, but you’ve also got to feel how the people voting feel. Like alot of people may vote for deandre because of his abnormaly beutiful unique voice. And others to because of past performances. But the #1 problem for us idol fans, are the simpathy votes; like Eben Frankawitze may get through because of how different he is from the others and that he was the only one who truely did not that great of a job. I personly like your top boys, but honestly i’m almost positive that Crayton through because of uniquness, popularity, personality, the judges likeness towards him, and of course his consistancy.

  25. Joshua  is tops for tonight followed by Adam…    Heejun was horrible and there is no way that dude could possibly win, is all the hype hes getting some kind of sick joke???

  26. And my favorites are heejoone(sp),  Deandre,  and Jeremy.  I didn’t really watch the auditions, but I did catch Deandre sing ‘A Woman’s Work” and I thought he was amazing.  The other guys who sang tonight were boring, IMO, and what was up with all the slow songs, someone needed to liven it up, such a let down.  Oh, with the exception of Joshua, he was amazing too.

  27. 1. Joshua       A+
    2. Phillip        A
    3. Colton        B
    4. Chase          B
    5. Aaron         B
    6. Adam          B-
    7. Jermaine   B-
    8. Creighton  C
    9. Jeremy       C-
    10. Eben          C-
    11. Heejun      C-
    12. Reed          F
    13. DeAndre  F  *

    * Beware of the teen girls vote!

  28. Vote when you find you find yourself spontaneously standing up fisting, squinching your toes, smiling, crying, laughing…wow, there are so many talented singers right now, I hope they all go on to amazing careers.

  29. It’s amazing reading your comments here, people.  Perhaps I miss Simon, but I don’t see HeeJun or the 4 others even below him, in the same league as Joshua.  C’mon.  This guy has range, power, pitch control and it’s all natural. 

  30. My ranking based on the performance:

    Top 3
    1. Philip Philips(he’s just simply better than the other 12 contestant)
    2.Heejun Han( clean, very clean)
    3.Reed Grim(so cool not forgettable , but stop that weird feet movement) 

    Upper-middle 3
    4.Creighton Fraker(I’m not a fan before,but great rendition) 
    5.Joshua Ledet (there is something in his voice that annoys me before.)
    6.Colton Dixon(very current)

    7.Chase Likens(he was not forgettable good performance)

    Lower-middle 3
    8.Aaron Marcellus (nice vocals, but i forgot him because of the song)
    9.Deandre Brackensen(his my FAVORITE to tell you but very safe)
    10.Jeremy Rosado(it was fine but it lacks impact) 

    Bottom 3
    11.Jermaine Jones(low voice like Scotty, don’t like them both, small range)
    12.Adam Brock(why? it hurts me to place him here)
    13.Eben Franckenwitz (why didn’t the producers and staffs tell him to change his song, he was having a battle with the song and he was clearly defeated)

    • I agree about Aaron Marcellus his voice is crazy amazing, but that was a bad song choice. I would remove jermaine jones and move jeremy down 1. His performance wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. Jermaine perform a song that I feel was great for his voice.

      • ya I’m having doubts about jermaine and jeremy’s position but since i had same feeling while they were performing, so i basically  judged them on the range of there voice.

  31. I don’t want to pick on the little kid, Eben should not have made it through. The justin bieber comparisons are cool, but he’s no justin. As bad as justin sing to me I think Eben is ten times worse, and tonight was the worse performance this late in the round ever.

  32. Hey someone give Aaron some love he was one of the best of the night. I think Joshua Ledet was the best though. 

    Prediction: 1. Phillip
                          2. Heejun  
                          3. Joshua
                          4. Colton
                          5. Creighton 

                          6. Reed
                          7. DeAndre
                          8. Aaron

    How i think it should be: 1. Joshua
                                                    2. Creighton
                                                    3. Aaron
                                                    4. Phillip
                                                    5. Heejun
                                                    6. Colton
                                                    7. Reed
                                                    8. Adam

  33. Sorry but Heejun is ok…a great singer? I think not…no personality, a negative person, and not much range or character or originality in his voice.  The antithesis of Heejun would be Joshua Ladet and Reed Grimm…tons of originality not to mention tremendous range and personality from both singers.  Plus, Ladet and Grimm have an extremely up tempo attitude in general.

  34. I am shocked that so many want to vote for Heejun and Phillip…reminds me of how America voted in 2008 for President…buncha morons.

  35. ive watched american idol since the beginning. last year i said it was over when casey abrams was axed. but i love this show so much im back.  and im crazy for……REED GRIM…if he doesnt make it im not watchin.  hes an entertainer a showman always smiles dances and genuinely happy to strut his stuff.  never seen a guy like this before……SIMPLY AWESOME.  hope he keeps up the footwork  its fun and refreshing  rick dumesnil

    • well another disappointement…reed didnt get picked because  he doesnt scream…hair all over the place….singing sappy ballads… canadian and if he had been here we would have made him our idol.  im so mad now its not funny   for once  american idol had someone different…….they dis him.  promised i wouldnt watch the show anymore  but i like it .  so  good luck  elise holly  jermaine colton and jeremy.

  36. my top 5 guys:

    1. Phillip Phillips
    2. Joshua Ledet
    3. Jeremy Rosado
    4. Colton Dixon
    5. Heejun Han

    Wild Card:
    6. Reed Grimm
    7. Dreandre Brackensick

  37. top 5 result(my own prediction)
    1. creighton
    4.joshua (i guess, but let’s see, i dont like him much but countr fanbase is so huge)
    wildcard pick: philip

  38. Well i am still Phil all the way.  I agree Brandon, Jermaine has a nice voice i guess…but was it worth changing the rules…i don’t think so.  I am mixed on the judges…i hated it when Simon humiliated some of the contestants or was overly critical…but i am not sure i love the all positive comments either…I am not so sure about Reed either.  I know he is talented but he seems on the edge of insanity and not in a good way.  My top Phil, Chase, Heejun, Colton….I would vote off either Eben or Adam or Jermaine.

  39. top 5
    1. Joshua 
    2. Creighton
    3. heenju
    4. Jeremy
    Wild cards spots should all go to the boys (sorry not impress with the girls so far) 1.Phillip @de51e87e88d4af93ff63deed36f18ea4:disqus . Reed 3. Deandre. Sorry this might be an unpopular opinion but i think Colton is overrated. Jermaine did not impress, nor did chase, adam or Eben. 

  40. I love Heejun. But I can honestly say that tonight wasn’t that good of a performance. 

    He wasn’t bad though. He was just really lacking today.

  41. All I have to say is I want Phillip Phillips to marry one of my girls ! Future son – in- law ! Love love love him ! His voice is great !!!! He’s precious 🙂

  42. Heejun 1st Philip 2nd. I don’t care about anyone else. If Heejun doesn’t make it, I’ll finish with AI.

    • Don’t know what happened with the judges … they kept praising anyone eventhough it was terrible …

  43. I have to say, despite the great amount of talent, last night’s performances were not that exciting!!!

    I will say that I voted for Creighton a few hundred times, as well as Philip and Deandre quite a bit. 

    I hope all three make it to the top 5 spots, but I’m guessing only one may make it.  I still do not understand what everyone sees in Colton.  I understand he is commercial and current, but only because he sounds like so many people already on the radio.  I also do not understand why people love Hejuun so much, except for his personality.  I like Eben, but he does not deserve a spot after last night’s performance. 

    Joshua definitely deserves a spot.

    So here is who I think the top 5 will be:


    …and here is who I think the top 5 should be:


    My other worry is that the judges are going to use all of their wild card picks on guys.  In my opinion, I think the girls are better and more deserving.  Hopefully I will not need to take back that comment after tonight’s performances.

  44. OK.  First, I’d like to congratulate Ryan for winning the Simon Baker clone award. [Blew my mind!]   My rankings:
    Best of the night = Joshua Ledet and Chase Likens
    Worst ” = Reed [forgot my Ritalin] Grimm and Phillx2 [total crap]
    Everyone else = Lazy and poor song choices

    • I agree with u >>> I don’t see something special about philip and grimm . I have to say , NICE PLAYED by Jlo / he is not the idol or even close . why ???? we were talking about u just like ” u know the rest “.
      that is a disadvantage I think .

      • I personally dont understand all of you
        the guys were great,  they all sang great
        I loved Eben, and Chase and HeeJun and the guy that got on the piano drawing a blank, i love Reed, Phillip is ok,  these guys all deserve something, they are talented and entertaining
        gee people

    • How could you say Chase likens was the best?  Ugh! 

      He sounded like a cow giving birth to a walnut tree.

  45. Ouch  Have been an Idol fan for years and will certainly not threaten to stop watching but that group last night was painful. Cannot believe this is the best of the bunch nationwide.  Jermaine is a fav just due to his unique and incredible (whether you like bass or not) voice.  Don’t think he’ll go far as he won’t have the diversity of song.  Do think others did ok but Colton – no offense but hard to compare you to James Durbin and /or Adam Lambert.  Just didn’t do it for me.  Judges had to be complimentary last night – heck they chose these guys – yet their comments were ridiculous and meaningless. Agreed – no need to butcher them their first time on stage but a bit of constructive criticism would serve them well.  Not looking forward to female singers tonight either .  Most of them are screamers.  However, from what I’ve seen to date, Jessica is an absolute front runner. 

    • I don’t think Colton was going for a comparison with Durbin or Lambert. Why does everyone have to be compared to some previous idol contestant? Judge the competition based on the talent this year why don’t you! Durbin and Lambert are not competing this season. And what happened to Ryan. Why has he lost so much weight. He wasn’t over weight but he is really bony now. He almost looks sickly to me. Has anyone else noticed that?

      • Maybe because Colton is probably the only rocker wannabe in the guys!!  But please his voice range and style is very different that James or Adam. I like Colton but , no!  can’t compare him to the other two.

        Yes , I did noticed something about him but can’t put a finger to it cause he is to bony, LOL

  46. My picks for best performances by the guys:

    Reed, Deandre, Jeremy, Aaron, and Josh. These guys can really perform and stood out to me. I think Colton did well also. What about the big hype guys? Im with those who like heejuns personailty a whole lot, but just dont think he is that great a singer. And as much as i think philip is good, he sounds way too much like dave matthews. Adam and Creighton were also good just not top 5. For me, Chase, Eben, Jermaine, Philip, and Heejun were just ok.

    • Deandre is really good >>> but he played it very very very safe
      I don’t know why ??? He might get cut but I hope one of the judges
      chose him as a wild card .

       If he got another shot, I think he will do great >> I don’t know why some peaple gave him F >>> !!

      What about Philip who screamed at the end of  the song >> That wasn’t a note

  47. Well here we go again…..Season 11… predictable the judges are awful.  I really hope as the season progresses they start to give some constructive critizism……All 13 we not great……..I still don’t know what they see in Grimm Reed….He is awful to watch……
    As always Branden I enjoy your recap…….
    I was very impressed with Phil Phillips but not sure if he will stay that consistant…….There really isn’t any stand out performers in the group…unfortunately.
    Looking forward to the girls tonight……..

    • I think u have a girl or two u feel that they are the real talent !!
      If u were , than the feeling is mutual >>

    • Phyliss,

      If the judges blast the preformances on the first live show, its going to more bad than good.  They are going easy on them to give them one week to shake off the nerves.  I bet its tougher next week.  If you go back and look, it follows the same trend every year.

  48. Nobody blew me out of the water today, there were ok performances. See i dont see why everybody is throwing Grimm in the top 5 or the wildcard its not going to happen. And out of the performances these are the ones that are going to go through:

    1)Colton Dixon ( personally one of m favorites, and he has alot of votes behind him, to the new age rockers, and im ready to see what he can do with the classic rock)

    2) Joshua Ledet(? he gets voted through, do u really want to hear him scream those notes every week, its going to get old fast)

    3)Phil Phillips(nothing bad to say about Phillips, will go very very far in this competition if not win it)

    4)Heejun Han(not by my choice, the pablicity wins it for him ,too safe tonight)

    5)Jermaine Jones(great baritone, when he sings, he sings it from his soul, he will make it through)

    Wild Card: JLo-Aaron
    Randy: Adam
    Steven:? who knows with him

    *Unfortuntly i think that Chase Likens will not make it through, because of lack of air time in hollywood and vegas. But for the only country singer in this competion he did a great job. The only slight chance he has of getting in is that if one of the judges saves him

    *Grimm will not make it on one being the first to perform, and he just wont hang with the competion,sorry to the Grimm lovers

    * Jeremy, Creighton i cant complain about them good voices, espically Creighton but they will just miss out. The standing o for jeremy was over the top, he was good but there were better performers than him that did not get a standing o

    ***Eben and Deandre well first off i dont believe anybody besides 11 year old girls and younger want to see another Justin Bieber. I think that would be the end of idol and nobody really wants that. Deandre sounds like a dog whistle, irratates there ears. The people home heard the annoyance. But apparently not the judges.

  49. I’m beginning to think that what I like best about American Idol is this site. I look forward to seeing other opinions. Have to admit that at one time I actually fell asleep and missed at least one performer. Hopefully, tonight will be better. I would have liked to hear at least one comment that actually “judged” the performance. How is anyone going to improve with all the judges saying the singer is great already. It’s just the beginning, and there is room for improvement. Those same comments could come from anyone in the audience. Saying that there is something missing in a performance may get a judge booed, but it will get my respect for trying to help a singer improve.

  50. I personally thought that overall last nights performance from the guys was very lack luster.  There were no stand out performances as there have been in past shows and to be honest right now I don’t see any of these guys actually making something of themselves in the industry.  Are we going to end up with another boring final like last year???? I hope the girls pull something out of their hat tonight because the Judges picks for the top 13 guys left little to be desired. 

  51. As Simon would say… “If I were to be honest here, you chose the wrong song, sang it poorly and bored me to tears!  It was horrible!  Sorry…”

    Thats what American Idol is now…  an overproduced, pile of rubbish.  The brainless judges, calling everything, including themselves,  ‘Beeeooutiful,” is enough to make me wanna poke out my eyes and ears.  I used to LOVE this show.  Now I can hardly watch.  Basically, once they voted off Pia last season, I realized how BAD the show had become.  Simon was the only credible thing about this show.  Without him, it is a total waste of time.

    No wonder the ratings continue to drop.  At this pace, the show won’t last that much longer and that is fortunate.  I had hoped Steven and Jennifer woud be replaced this season, but alas no such luck…  What is even more surprising is that Randy has turned into a total Joke as well.  It’s like they all have cotton in their ears…  congratulating singers for sounding like poop!

    I don’t get it!  I stopped watching last season after Pia was ousted…  clearly the most talented singer on the show.  I will watch tonight to see how the girls do, but I doubt I will make it too far into this season, because without smart, accurate critiques, the show is just an exhibition and popularity contest…  not a singing competition.  Boring!

    • I dont think the judges are completly bad. i think they will be better in the top 10.

      Pia was NOT  the best last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she was really good, but NO WAY the best. I loved James Durbin, Casey and Paul.

    • Although I agree with you about Pia, she might have been the best technical singer the show had ever seen, I cannot allow you to take that trip to negativity town. 

      I bet the critques will be tougher next week.  Remember, alot of these singers have never sang in this environment before.  Give the judges a break, its the FIRST WEEK.  They were cutting the singers some slack to shake off the nerves, and you should too!  Wait one more week before taking the negative trip. 

    • And I hope his middle name is not Morris , imagine having a son named “Philip Morris”  Phillips , in case you don’t smoke and you are not as old as I am then you wan’t get this one. LOL

    •  His dad’s name is Phillip Phillips.  I think it’s kinda cool. It beats naming a child something that no one can pronounce or spell.

  52. The guys performances last night were absolutely BORING. No one really stood out :/ But, If I had to pick the top 5 guys and the 3 wild cards that I THINK AMERICA and the judges would pick here are my picks..

    America’s Top 5
    Phillip Phillips
    Heejun Han
    Colton Dixon
    Joshua Ledet
    Eben Frankewitz

    Judges Wild Cards
    Jlo picks Deandre Brackensick
    Randy picks Creighton Fraker
    Steven picks Reed Grimm

    Bye Bye
    Chase Likens
    Jeremy Rosado 
    Jermaine Jones
    Aaron Marcellus
    Adam Brock

  53. American is dying for good ratings. It’s not Hee Jun’s fault. He’s naturally funny and a nice guy with a great voice. American idol is misusing him.

  54. My top 5  i would like to see go through are:

    Joshua Ledet
    Creighton Fraker
    Phillip Phillips
    Reed Grimm
    Colton Dixon

    with the wild card going to Heejun Han

  55. The ones that made lasting impression on me were:
    1. Phillip Phillips
    2. Colton Dixon
    3. Creighton Fraker
    The were original, memorable and distinctive. End the funny thing is – they weren’t my pick before tonights performance.
    But, witch 5 will America get trough? I think:
    Heejun Han

    Phillip Phillips

    Colton Dixon

    Joshua Ledet
    Jermaine JonesWilde cards . I really don’t know. There is few to chose from. 

  56. I’m so frustrated. We can’t hear the guys songs over the orchestra or background singers. It’s like their mikes are turned down. Argh

  57. At, first, I too was a bit under-whelmed with the guys performances this evening. It wasn’t until Colton Dixon woke me up with his indie-rocker performance that I could even wake myself up from the sleep inducing performances that came before him. Anyway, here is my top 5 picks … for the guys.

    1- Crighton Fraker – In my viewpoint this guy had the best all around performer of the WHOLE NIGHT. And I was shocked, as this guy got virtually no airtime at all, up to this point. I feel that it is that lack of air-time, along with his average guy looks that will not help him with the pre-teen voters. And that is a shame … As this guy really opened my eyes last night. Every year we have at least one person who did not go nearly as far as he should, if this show was based strictly on talent. Crieghton will be that guy this year.

    2- HeeJun Han – Another huge surprise, with a silky smooth voice that was much better than I expected. And this guy was lucky enough to get a butt load of airtime up to this point. Because of that, he will go far, if the pre-teen girls can overlook his nerdy looks.

    3- Chase Likens – Is a good looking, country singer, who had a great performance last night. With the way so many American Idol voters have this love of all things country, we might as well end the season now and crown the this guy the winner.

    4- Joshua Ledet – Not the style of music I like. But, there is no denying that there is a certain quality of Joshua’s voice that should make him a top contender.

    5- Colton Dixon – OK, I might be giving this guy credit for nothing else than waking me up from all the sleep inducing performances that came before him. But, he deserves to be in the top 5 guys for that reason alone. As he is definitely a strong performer.

    Just like Crieghton is the guy who unfortunately will not go as far as he should. There is always one guy who goes MUCH FARTHER than he should (think Sanjaya or whoever he was from a few seasons ago). Well, this year that overrated person will be the young guy with the long blond haired, curly locks. He has the looks that young pre-teen girls love. And pre-teen girls are fanatical voters for who they think is the cutest.

    • it appears either the teenyboppers forgot to show up, or Chase’s preformance just wasnt that good after all!

  58. Phillip Phillips’ “In the Air Tonight” was fantastic.  If that version went on sale tomorrow, I’d buy two.  It was the best version of that song I’ve ever heard.  I don’t agree with the judges who said he needs to “stick to the melody”.   I hope he’ll record that song just as he sang it last night.

  59. My top 5 (in order)

    1. Phillip Phillips. Okay whoever doesn’t like this guy is completely weird. He will win this. LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2.Colton Dixon. I love his rock voice. Awesome.

    3.Creighton Fraker. Awesome voice this guy has. Amazing.

    4.Reed Grimm. Love his personality, very great voice to!!

    5.Heejun Han. Very pretty voice. I like him a lot.

    As wild cards, I think one of them could be Jermaine or Adam or someone, I really don’t know. 

  60. Hello all!  Ill post my personal comments first, then Ill post Audiophile’s predictions.

    Overall,  I was suprised to see all the comments on here about how the top 12 boys last year were so much better.  I disagree.  I thought Scotty sounded terrible with “Letters from Home” and James and Casey killed it.  Also, those comments about the sound problems, I disagree there too.  Sounded just as smooth and clear ans last year, if not better.  But i have a nice sound setup, so that could have helped.  During last nights preformance, there was definately a select group that stood out. 

    Here is my personal comments to all preformers last night.

    Reed Grimm “Moves like Jagger”
    Song Choice: Good
    Mr. Grimm displayed his jazzy, Casey like style with a great rendition of moves like jagger.  He sang well, he scatted, he moved around, he got the crowd up and on its feet.  The mark of a great preformer is never knowning what they will do next.  Reed has that.  He did look a bit nervous out there, even being on the stage the whole night.  That could have lead to the few flat notes I heard during the chorus.  But he held the singing together while drumming…which is a RARE feat to be able to accomplish.  You just don’t see that.  I’ll say it again, the guy is a musical saveat.  Wonderful to listen to. 

    Adam “White Chocolate” Brock
    Song Choice: Bad

    I am sorry, Adam…you may have a large black lady living inside of you, but she aint Aretha Franklin.  Yes, I said aint.  Don’t try to handle the best if you cant.  He took a risk here, and it did not pay off.  The judges went way to easy on him.  Shake tone, Shaky nerves…but had good moments. 

    Deandre Brackensick
    Song Choice: Good
    I am a fan of Earth Wind and fire, and this seemed to fit his style.  But he just could not pull it off.  The boy looked nervous out there…he is only 17.  It was horrible for most of the song…but he got it together finally in the end and erupted some amazing notes in the end.  That goes to show you that he can sing and probably will not be eliminated.  He has one of the best falcettos I have heard.  Dont give me the “its outdated” stance either.  Overall, it was a bad preformance, but he can pull it together next time.

    Colton Dixon
    Song Choice: Good

    I am constantly being heckled by my friends for liking Paramore, and I have given my man card away many a times for admitting it.  But in the end, its worth it.  Colton Dixon is commerical modern rock personified.  I cryed during this preformance.  WOW with the high notes that I didnt think his voice could handle.  A pleasant suprise.  He has the Muse, Red, Coldplay, My morning Jacket feel.  Loved the preformance, and love him.  What a great preformer. 

    Jeremy Rosado
    Song Choice: Average
    What a nice boy.  He didnt let nerves get to him.  Held the tone together.  Shaky on the power notes though.  If there is any time to nail a note, its the power ones.  He didnt do it.  As a general rule, its better to be flat on the chorus, not the breakdown.  He also needs to work on the stage presense….but overall I liked the preformance. 

    Aaron Marcellus
    “Never can say goodbye”
    Song Choice: Good
    The Jackson family will always have a special place in my heart.  They make great toe tapping music.  Aaron had great moments during this song, but to me, he just couldnt fully capture the feel that Jackson 5 was trying to get accross.  He didnt “make it his own” either.  What he DID do, is build some momentum in a hurry and explode in a good way at the end.  This is what Jeremy should have done with his previous preformance.  I like this guy.

    Chase Likens
    “Storm Warning”
    Song Choice: Good
    Reminds me of a young Rick Perry, which isnt necessarily a bad thing.  Cool Guy.  That being said, dont quit your day job.  Wow was this bad.  Super bad. It sounded like my cat when he is hungry in the morning.  I was in tears, in the BAD way.  Please go home, and never come back. 

    Creighton Fraker
    “True Colors”
    Song Choice: Above average
    I keep trying to compare this guy to someone, and its really hard.  He sings like this guy at my church, but so much better.  Great tone, great pitch control, great range, the complete package.  I am just not sure America will see it.  Looked a tad nervous, but those notes can make you cry.

    Phillip Phillips
    “In the air tonight”
    Song Choice: Awesome
    I dont care what anyone says, this guy is a jar full of Dave Mattews, Jack Johnson, and John Mayer.  He plays the guitar like Tim Reynolds and holds it together.  Smooth and sweet with his style, gotta love it.  Hit every note, preformed above and beyond my expectations.  Stephen Tyler was spot on with his analysis of P.P.

    Eben Frankenwitz
    “Set fire to the rain”
    Sound Choice:  Terrible
    This guy is such a nice kid, which makes this hard for me to say.  My dog can do better.  Arg!  Even his power notes were flat.  Audiophile killed him on this.  Bad preformance.  If it was nerves, maybe he can turn it around next time.

    Heejun Han
    Song Choice: Average
    I dont care that this guy is overplayed because I am loving every minute of it.  Great tone, even though he looked nervous.  Showed off brilliant range.  Love Heejun!!!  Wow, what a great falcetto that I didnt know he had. 

    Joshua “Manteshia” Ledet
    “You pulled me through”
    Song Choice:  Incredible
    AMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZINGGG!!!! The tears are falling from my face and all over this great nation of ours.  Amen Brotha!  Everything about this preformance makes me proud to watch this show for as many years as I have.  The falcetto, the range, the pitch, the tone, the diminished scale runs, the majors, the minors.  this preformance had it all!  This guy has R/B Gospel running through him.  Picking up where Luther Vandross and Marvin Gaye left off.  Motown uprising!  Praise the Lord! 

    Jermaine AKA “Mystery Man” AKA “The Gentle Giant” Jones
    “Tears from my father”
    Sound Choice:  Brillant
    Luther Vandross is one of my favorite artists, and I love it when people can mimic it.  Jermaine couldnt make it his own, because well…he sounds just like Luther.  WOW!  That doesnt matter though.  Ill take Luther 2. 

    So there you have it folks.  Agree?  Disagree?

    • I agree with most but not Chase…..I thought he sounded really good, a little bit country but not overbearing……..JMHO…
      I also liked Jermaine but I don’t think he will make the top 5.

      • Agree to disagree.  I thought Richie Law was better than him.  So…how does that work exactly…top 6 from each gender and then a few wild cards?

      • Salvatore…Definitely agree to disagree thats what makes this blog fun!!!!
        The voters will pick 5 guys, 5 girls and than the judges have 3 wild card choices either boys or girls or both.

    • It’s ok Salvatore, though make sure that if you give,  be prepared to receive (comments) everyone is entitled to who they like and who they don’t like.  Just a friendly advise from a musician like you!!

      • Yeah i know.  thanks for the advice…is that it?  How did you feel about the contestants?

      • Hi Salvatore , most of your comments I agree with.  I do like Joshua’s
        performance too last night, others think he was screaming but I know he nailed it for me.  I always say that if you are going to perform make it as if it is your last one , one that everyone will remember and sing it  untill everyone looks at you with awe. That’s how you win competition.
        Great singers do best  under pressure, and does not make excuses.

        Winners are never satisfied with their performances , loosers do!!
        Just a thought, keep it up I like what you are doing.

  61. Alright folks, here is the Audiophile preformance rankings, and then the updated overall rankings for each singer.  Remember, Audiophile measures pitch, tone, harmony, frequency, and range…averaging the values in a 1-10 number 

    Reed Grimm
    Preformance Rating: 8.1
    Overall rating goes from 8.9 to 8.5

    Adam Brock
    Preformance Rating: 7.2
    Overall rating goes from 8.6 to 7.8

    Deandre Brackensick
    Preformance Rating: 5.9
    Overall rating goes from 9.5 to 7.9

    Colton Dixon
    Preformance Rating: 8.9
    Overall rating goes from 8.5 to 8.6

    Jeremy Rosado
    Preformance Rating: 8.4
    Overall rating goes from 7.9 to 8.1

    Aaron Marcellus
    Preformance Rating: 8.6
    Overall rating goes from 8.0 to 8.2

    Chase Likens
    Preformance Rating: 5.6
    Overall rating goes from 6.9 to 6.3

    Creighton Fraker
    Preformance Rating: 8.9
    Overall rating goes from 8.5 to 8.6

    Phillip Phillips Phillipss Phillipsss Phillips the 4th
    Preformance Rating: 8.3
    Overall rating goes from 7.4 to 7.9

    Eben Frankenwitz
    Preformance Rating: 8.3
    Overall rating goes from 7.4 to 7.9

    Heejun Han
    Preformance Rating: 8.7
    Overall rating stays 8.5  (slight decimal change)

    Joshua Ledet
    Preformance Rating: 9.5
    Overall rating stays 9.4  (slight decimal change)

    Jermaine Jones
    Preformance Rating: 8.8
    Overall rating goes from 9.0 to 8.9 

    Audiophile’s predictions for the Top 6 Boys

    Joshua Ledet
    Reed Grimm
    Phillip Phillips
    Colton Dixon
    Heejun Han
    Creighton Fraker

    Wild Card picks
    Jermaine Jones
    Aaron Marcellus
    Deandre Brackensith


  62. I love the judges, but did they have to be so disgustingly nice last night? I don’t think they should’ve crushed souls like Simon used to, but they didn’t have to act so fake either. Eben picked the wrong song, and he did NOT sound very good last night. I felt SO bad for him because he was obviously super nervous (who wouldn’t be at that age), but it doesn’t change the fact that he had the weakest performance of the night. Chase Likens also had a lame song choice and had some pitch problems like Eben, but not as many. Those two needed to hear some REAL feedback from the judges. Not mean, just honest. Anyway, here are my top 5 (btw, I think people are nuts if they have anyone but Joshua and Phillip as their top 2!)
    1. Joshua Ledet
    2. Phillip Phillips
    3. Creighton Fraker
    4. Heejun Han
    5. Aaron Marcellus 
    My wildcard would be Colton Dixon. I think he did a good job last night, but that performance seemed a little awkward to me for some reason. He tried to be somewhat of a rocker, but I thought his movements were too stiff and he just looked uncomfortable in that role. Having that said, I still think he’s capable of having some “non-awkward” really good performances in the future!

    America’s Top 5

    1. Phillip Phillips
    2. Heejun Han
    3. Colton Dixon
    4. Joshua Ledet
    5. Eben Franckewitz or Reed Grimm

    Judges Wildcard- Creighton Fraker

  63. Most everybody else seems to agree that Phillip Phillips performance was the best of the night Well then, let me be the first to disagree … with EVERYONE. I give the guy props for trying to make the song different. But, taking a great song, and slowing the tempo down to a pace that seems as is everything is running in slow motion gives the song a erie and gloomy feel alright. And I know youth today are all about songs that are dark and gloomy. But, that doesn’t make it better. But again, I will give him props for making it completely different than the original. But the best of the night … No way.

    • I agree Creighton was the best of the night in my viewpoint. Not sure why I am not seeing his name mentioned more on this website. For some reason, it seems most people like Phillip Phillips. Original yes, best of the night … ot even close. In my viewpoint anyway.

  64. What’s with the sound quality?  I am watching from eastern Canada, and there is a hollow tone to the voices not only of the singers but Ryan and the judges too.  

  65. How can that add up to 13? I think what Ryan meant was T0p5 voted boys+Top5voted girls and the judges get 1 wildcard each( regardless of boy or girl)

  66. My top 5:
    1. Joshua Ledet
    2. Jermaine Jones
    3. Phillip Phillips
    4. Aaron Marcellus
    5. Creighton Fraker

    America’s Top 5:
    1. Phillip Phillips
    2. Joshua Ledet
    3. Colton Dixon
    4. Heejun Han
    5. Creighton Fraker

    • being real…you my friend have an eye for talent.  the kid is multi talented and he gets dis over frizzy hair  ….who i hope gets an electric shock and he swallows the mike and falsettos back home.   gees im sorry deandre fans…im a sore loser.  good for u being real

  67. phil phillips is cute, but he definitely can NOT sing.  America is so caught up in what the “american Idol” should look like they forget that this is a singing and performance competition. His voice isn’t even unique, he is trying so hard to look and sound like Dave Matthews.  It’s sad really. 

    • other than that i pretty much agree with your grading.  I’m hoping America Votes through
      1. Reed Grimm
      2. Joshua Ladet
      3. Colton Dixon
      I honestly wasn’t super impressed with most of the guys, even though i know there are some really good singers. I guess i don’t really care who the other 2 spots go to.

  68. Brenden, I agree with you.  I love the sound out of  Mr. Phillips want more every time I hear him.  Reed is another one that has something new to the table for sound.

  69. Chase I just vote you I thick hard time vote you best and look I like you I what vote you three judges kick you out I try vote you I can I understand judges no right why judges let chase win why I try vote chase best sing that last night tueday I haer nothing about it judges you not understand I am alone sing up I what sing too I vote scoty mccreery is best sing chase pleess let chase stay on american idol he I never vote chase one time

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