American Idol 2012 Top 12 Girls Recap

American Idol 2012 Elise Testone

Is it just me or did I just watch the same 10 boring girls sing the same 10 boring songs followed by two knock-out performances by Jessica Sanchez and Elise Testone?

Seriously. I thought the American Idol 2012 guys were boring Tuesday night, but at least there were more decent singers in that group as a whole. As you’ll see, the girls definitely scored lower than the guys. But to be fair, I was being generous last night. After four hours of American Idol in two days, I’m done being generous.

As always, I’ll review each performance and assign the letter grade that I think they deserve. Be sure to let me know if you agree or disagree with my reviews. Let me have it!

Chelsea Sorrell, “Cowboy Cassanova.” I hate when contestants sing former “Idol” winners’ songs. Chelsea was kind of just Lauren Alaina Part 2. Nothing to really write home about. And she didn’t seem very rehearsed. I think of the two girl country singers, she’s the weaker one. B-

Erika Van Pelt, “What About Love.” I thought for sure I was going to love Erika. When she said she was going to rock out to Heart, I was SURE I’d love her. I didn’t. She just never got anywhere with the performance. It just kind of stayed on the same plane. I like her tone, though. But she just didn’t push the performance. B-

Jen Hirsh, “One and Only.” Are we going to have to hear Adele all season long? Ugh. So where was the Jen we heard during Hollywood Week? I didn’t think the Jen on American Idol tonight was even the same person. She was just kind of average. And pretty boring. I’m so confused! C+

 Brille Von Hugel, “Sittin on the Dock of the Bay.” I give her bonus points for song choice, but there’s just something about her that I find unlikable. Maybe I’m wrongly judging her based on her disgusting mother. Oh well, it doesn’t matter what it is, if I don’t like her, I don’t like her. She sounded fine. But I can’t see myself ever wanting to listen to her music. B-

Hallie Day, “Feelin Good.” UGH. This song? Really? EVERY SEASON. Ack! Ban it! I dont’ even want to review it. I’m so over that song. And she was flat most of the way through it. C

Skylar Laine, “Stay With Me.” This show is going to make me a country fan yet. I love Skylar’s sass and spunk. And her voice is so true. It’s raw and old-school country. I’m not really sure, but her voice is what country is all about. Kind of like a throw-back kind of voice. Kitty Wells and Loretta Lynn come to mind. Not to mention Reba. I think she’s got her spot in the Top 12 locked in. A

Baylie Brown, “Amazed.” The perfect song choice since I’m amazed she made it in to the Top 24. She had some very very bad notes. And when she wasn’t completely terrible it seemed very pageant talent-ish. If there are any guy voters out there, she might make it into the Top 13. But since I think most of the voters aren’t teen boys, she’s probably doomed. D-

Hollie Cavanagh, “Reflection.” I hated her lame song choice, but she did showcase her range. She’s a great singer with a lot of power. Easily the third best singer of the night. A-

Haley Johnsen, “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).” A applaud her song choice. Very bold. But she did not sing it well. Sure she might have shown some technical abilities, but… um. Not good. And even worse were the horrible backing vocals. Total mess. D-

Shannon Magrane, “Go Light Your World.” And the worst song choice of the night goes to Shannon Magrane! Wow, what was that horrible song? And why would you sing it the first night of voting? It’s a good thing she’s a good singer. She does have a pretty powerful voice and was able to show it with that lame song. Cannot deny her talent. A

Jessica Sanchez, “Love You I Do.” For someone who had lost her voice and had no rehearsal, she freaking nailed it. I wanted to use other F words to describe it, but this is a family site. She was fantastic. Such a huge voice for such a small girl. Top 12 for sure. A+

Elise Testone, “One and Only.” Really? The SAME Adele song? The good news is, I couldn’t even tell it was the same because Elise KILLED it. She slayed it. Her performance was flawless to me. She’s so effortless. She just opens her mouth and magical sounds pour out. Jessica might have the best vocal ability, but Elise has the best voice and tone. I think there’s a difference, I’m just not technical enough to exactly eplain it. If she doesn’t make the Top 12 then there’s something wrong with America. A+

So how is this all going to play out? Who will be the Top 5 girls tomorrow night? I’ve got a couple ideas. I’ll make my predictions and please not that they’re based ONLY on how I think American MIGHT vote. These prediction are not based on my own personal opinions.

My Top 5 Predictions: Jessica Sanchez, Hollie Cavanagh, Sklyar Laine, Jen Hirsh and Shannon Magrane. And I think the judges will use a wild card pick on Elise Testone. I seriously think voters are not going to be smart enough to actually vote for Elise. But I’m pretty sure she’ll end up in the Top 13.

Other wild card possibilities would be Brille Von Hugel and Chelsea Sorrell.

What did you think of the performances from the girls? And what do you think will happen Thursday night?




  1. Jessica Sanchez… WTH?!? She’s amazing… I luv the Beyonce vibe on her take of a Jennifer Hudson song. =)

  2. America’s Top 10
    1.Phillip Phillips
    2.Heejun Han
    3.Colton Dixon
    4.Joshua Ledet
    5.Eben Frankewitz
    6.Skylar Laine
    7.Shannon Magrane
    8.Hollie Cavanagh
    9.Jessica Sanchez
    10.Elise Testone

    Judges Wild Picks
    Reed Grimm, Creighton Fraker, Deandre Brackensick, Brielle Von Hugel, Erika Van Pelt, Jen Hirsh.

    Bye Bye
    Chase Likens
    Jeremy Rosado
    Aaron Marcellus
    Adam Brock
    Jermaine Jones
    Chelsea Sorrell
    Baylie Brown
    Haley Johnson
    Hallie Day

    All my choices listed above are what I think will happen tomorrow night.. I’m still unsure if the judges would pick Hallie Day or Brielle for the wild card.. I feel like they would pick Brielle(brown hair + a tan) over Hallie(blonde hair) to add a different look if one of them gets picked.. there are already 3 blonde headed girls and that makes me think Hallie Day would go and won’t get picked for wild card.

  3. Although there were some plain bad performances in the girls, there were a lot more standouts, and when they get the standouts the girl section will be 10x stronger than the guys (who have a couple good ones)

    My Top 10
    1.Phillip Phillips
    2.Heejun Han
    3.Colton Diction
    4.Joshua Ledet
    5.Jermaine Jones
    6.Jessica Sanchez
    7.Skylar Laine
    8.Hollie Cavanagh
    9.Shannon Magrane
    10.Elise Testone

    Most Likely Wild Card Picks
    1.Reed Grimm
    2.Deandre Brackensick
    3.Jen Hirsh

  4. OK, Here is my prediction for the top 13
    top 10: 
    Hollie- Amazing voice and VERY likeable
    Jessica- Extremely powerful voice
    Skylar- Has the country vote already
    Shannon- Adorable and good voice
    Elise- nice soulful rasp and went last tonight
    Heejun- Likeable and entertaining. Great singer
    Phil- Rasp in his voice. Splitting the teenage girl vote with Colton
    Jermaine- Unique voice and went last
    Joshua- lots of range. Let’s just hope he is not Jacob Lusk II
    Colton- teenage girls

    Wild cards- 

    • I agree, I would prefer Erika over Jen, but the judges seem to really like Jen so although I dont think she will get voted through, I bet she is getting the wild card over Erika sadly.

      But I agree with you 100% on everything else, and although I don’t like DeAndre that much he most likely will make it one way or another.

      • Rinsewash, I thought he sounded like a dying animal the other night, but Jlo will probably pick him. It’s kinda sad that they are going to let others that are more talented go home.

      • I agree, im not sure why people like DeAndre, if he didnt sing in his falsetto he would be decent, but with it, *warning to DeAndre fans dont take this to offensively* it makes me want to mute my television and take a bathroom break.

  5. Elise truly awesome!!  can’t stand brielle either. don’t like country and even though they’re all over skylar she was way too animated.  she ain’t tina turner! i like erika because she’s a rocker although heart is not a good pick.  very embarrassed for haley the sweet nightmare.  thank you randy for finally giving an honest review!  hallie and hollie both have good voices.  beautiful baylie needs to be signed by victoria’s secret.  jessica is awesome but not sure if she’ll sing music i enjoy.

    my top 5 are elise, jessica, erika, hollie, haley

  6. I usually agree w/ ya but this time not so much.   Except for maybe Haley, I wouldn’t have given any of em less than a B+.  Even Baylie I thought was good.  Maybe I’m tone deaf.  I don’t know.

    It just seemed like one song built on top of the one before it & it turned into a fantastic show. 

    I do agree w/ ya on Brielle.  Something about her I was prepared to not like.  Yea, probably her mother.  Yet I thought she did a pretty good job.

    My favs were Hollie & Skyler for tonight. 

    • Oh, meant to add.  The biggest downer for me was Jessica talking about how she was sick.  I just don’t like it when it seems like they’re going for the sympathy vote.  She sang it extremely well, don’t get me wrong.  I just wish people would stop w/ the sympathy ploy.  Even if it is the producers doing & not the contestants. 

      Other than that, pretty much an awesome show.

      • He did an adele song that he can’t live up to. In fact, I don’t think any of the singers this year live up to adele.

      • How did you think Eben was good?  No offense but he was flat for most the song, I liked him before, but with that performance he does not deserve to make it, and will show a flawed voting system if he does

      • I liked him alot also, i wish he would move on, but doubt it
        I wish they would not compare them to the singers of the song they sing, they are just beginners, and need to learn just judge them on their singing I thought he was great, and no one will be as good as Adele, right now. gee people

    • Baylie was flat the entire time, Hollie and Skylar were really good though.  Jessica was amazing

  7. Okay so I was not impressed tonight anymore than I have been all season long. I was hoping I might be wrong and these contestants were just trying not to peak too early…….Someone please tell me that I am wrong and that there is a great singer among these. 

    I guess I’ll have to pull for Colton because there is nobody left that I can honestly say I would vote for. The only thing with Colton is that he has nothing to prove. He’s a seasoned professional already and he will just get up there and give a good record quality performance each week. And that isn’t gonna get him to the win. He is gonna have to sing like he has everything to lose and give performances that knock your socks off or he will be voted out early. 

    So I hope you all have good taste. If you like old school country with a kick then go for Skylar but if you like a little rock and a little pop and some ballads and throw in a couple alternative tunes too along the way you have to go with Colton. He’s current and relevant and his vocals are effortless. He wont make any mistakes in his vocals but he might have a couple of arrangement bloopers along the way. But all in all he is very versatile and ready for the big time right now.

    And Branden, thanks for following the judges cue and giving some honest feedback tonight. I didn’t detect any personal bias in your review at all and that is refreshing to say the least. I think these judges finally got the message that they appeared as if they didn’t know what they were doing when they praised every single person whether they were good or bad. But I am afraid it’s too late for them to try and prove that they can still hear because the talent that made it through just sucks! And they get all the credit for picking them. Now we are stuck with them and we have to pick the one that sucks the least. So disappointing.

    • I am glad I’m not alone feeling deflated.  Before  Hollywood and Las Vegas , I remember saying something like “this year’s Idol is boring, full of drama, no singing and I have yet to hear one talented singer I could cheer for.  Of course I was quickly chastised for being tone deaf and called foolish for not  seeing past the fainting, crying , falling and whatever comes what may to our beloved contestants, so what did I do, I bit my tongue and waited patiently.  So what happens now, NOTHING.

      It is still boring and I can count a handful of competitors that may bring a bit of thrill in watching this show.  What grabs me most is some of the people here is going nuts on some singers that made it to top 24.

      Honestly, would you spend money in lining up to a concert right now, the way these singers are performing??  I know it is a competition and they are not pros yet, but please isn’t this show called “American Idol”?

      Yes I will keep on watching this show, I already invested a bit of time so , as much as I am not pleased with the singing so far , I will most certainly hope it will improve as the show move on to the top 10 plus 3
      wild card ( it will be wild alright) One thing though , no favourites for me this time, unless someone improves in a hurry.

      My friend, am I crazy to say tonight’s ladies sounded alike except maybe for 2 singers?? It is like hearing a bunch of wild cats in the middle of the night doing their midnight revere, just kidding folks don’t get upset LOL

      • i hear ya.  i’ve only seen half of the boys perform (recorded the rest) and so far there’s no one really blowing me away.  they sound recycled. no one is truly original. from what i’ve seen of the girls, i like jessica and shannon.  the rest are also recycled.  where is the truly  unique talent?  coming back march 15 in the person of adam lambert!!  on a completely different note, so sad about the original artful dodger, davy jones, the tiniest monkee.  gone too soon.  if there’s a rock and roll heaven….

      • I am sure ur fav will be one of those girls
         ( Jessica , Elise ) . My advise is to pick a male fav , just to bring
        the heat up agian ” u and Taymaro”  . LOL

      • Hi Taymaro,
        Yeah , I agree !!  did you also click on her cover of Etta Jame’s I rather go blind, wow , she is only 16.  I guess there is still some hope here.  My biggest concern is , it is going to be a long road to the finals and if no one can come close to her singing it will be another boring trip to the finals.

        It is not because the contestants are not good singers, they seem to have no clue on what songs and what genre and style to do.  Somenone should give these poor guys some direction somehow and guide them quickly and find out what is inside of them musically.  They all have great voices that is why they were chosen.  But like I said it seems none of them knows who they are as an artist except for 3 or 4 guys and 2 girls.
        The rest of them will continue to be , I wannabe Adelle , Carrie  , Jennifer and the guys well, I don’t think they wannabe anything.
        Just my own thoughts, my friend and thanks that boosted me a bit 😀

  8. According to dial Idol Eben, Chase, Adam and Jermaine are all safe(in the green) which scares the hell out of me!

    • You need to look at the raw stats for dial idol those were right last year while the official predictions werent

    •  If you look at Dial Idol’s predictions last year you will see different predictions than what the results actually were. For instance for the girls last year it had Tatynisa Wilson at the very top and she was eliminated that week.

  9. My comments on the songs
    Chelsea- I thought it was brave that she chose a song from an Idol, but abviously she paled in comparisson. I thought she did well though- C
    Erika- I just never liked her? She’s good but rubs me the wrong way. Ok I realize she’s an alto, but she sang WAY TOO low for my liking. (She sang lower than lots of the boys)-C
    Jen- I hate writing this because I REALLY liked her, but this was a baaaad song for her. It just can’t be sang without a raspy voice, or at least some grit. She could’ve taken a song from someone like Diana Ross and slayed it, but sadly no.   D-
    Brielle- I don’t know how I felt. C
    Hallie- Meh, she was kind of flat. C
    Skylar- I never thought I’d say this, but she was my favorite of the night. She had spunk, and sass, and sang very well! I liked it a lot! A+
    Baylie- Flat. Emotionless. She sucked. Goodbye. (I’m saying this and I’m a teen boy) F
    Hollie- Hollie’s my favorite of the season! I thought she did very well with this monster of a song, some moments could’ve been better, but still very good! A
    Hayley- Um. F
    Shannon- To me she is utterly boring, and forced. C
    Jessica- Amazing! She killed it tonight, she’s gonna make this competion her *****! Just watch. A++
    Elise- I wasn’t as crazy about this as everybody else was, it was good, but I just can’t like someone who sings an Adele song… IN the YEAR OF ADELE. It just won’t work! Regardless she sounded nice B+

    1. Jessica
    2. Skylar
    3. Hollie (The only person I voted for 🙂
    5.Chelsea, Erika, Brielle, Hallie, and Shannon (I’d put Brielle through)
    7. Hayley and Bailey.
    I think it’s a girl(Jessica)’s year.

      • Yeah, I think Shannon will probably go through over Brielle. Mostly because most people love shannon,  and want to throw Stagemom Von Hugel out of a window. I think it will be Elise over Jen. Jen seems to be losing her groovesauce.

  10. Skylar Laine is a little disgusting. It makes me sick that she loves klingon beautiful deer so much. What a redneck!! Get rid if her!!!

  11. MY TOP 10 +3:

    1)Phillip Phillips
    2)Joshua Ledet
    3)Heejun Han
    4)Colton Dixon
    5)Reed Grimm
    6)Skylar Lane
    7)Jessica Sanchez
    8)Shannon Magrane
    9)Hollie Cavanagh
    10)Elise Testone

    Wildcard: Creighton Fraker, Eben Franckewitz, Erika Ven Pelt

  12. Thank you judges for being honest tonight! Unfortunately, there were quite a few weaker performances tonight. I was super disappointed with Erika Van Pelt. She was one of my favorites, but I thought she had a very poor song choice. Not as bad as Baylie’s though. “Amazed” never goes over well on Idol. Plus, she had LOTS of pitch problems. Here are my top 10

    1. Joshua Ledet
    2. Jessica Sanchez
    3. Phillip Phillips
    4. Elise Testone
    5. Creighton Fraker
    6. Shannon Magrane
    7. Heejun Han
    8. Brielle Von Hugel
    9. Aaron Marcellus
    10. Skyler Laine

    Hollie is very close to top 10 for me. The first half of “Reflection” sounded like a poor attempt at trying to sound like Christina. But then she opened up in the chorus and her sound totally changed and I was really impressed! 

    Wildcard picks

    1. Hollie Cavanaugh
    2. Colton Dixon
    3. Jen Hirsh

    The only one from my picks that I really don’t think will be in the top 13 is Aaron Marcellus. He’s obviously an excellent singer, but America won’t remember him.

  13. Chelsea Sorrell – She has a pretty good  voice, but with this song choice she just
    proves that she isn’t good as Carrie, so what was the point in her even singing
    this? Her voice wasn’t strong enough for this song. But, she wasn’t horrible.

    Erika Van Pelt – I think she has a really good, powerful
    voice. This song was alright. She could have picked a better one, but she could
    have also picked worse songs. She was pretty well in pitch. (B)

    Jen Hirsh – I don’t like this song choice for her. Parts of
    it were okay, but other parts were a mess to me. I don’t like the ways he sang
    the song. I felt as though she was out of timing with the music at times. She did
    hit one nice big note, but overall I was disappointed with Jen, I was expecting
    more from her. (C-)

    Brielle Von Hugel – I thought she started the song shaky.
    Some of her low notes were flat, and I think she also hit some sharp notes as
    well. But, she does have a nice voice. She was a little better than I expected.
    Not a complete trainwreck like I was thinking. (B-)

    Hallie Day – I loved the way she started this performance. I
    thought she was going to completely smash it. Even though she was good, she
    didn’t have the moment that I thought that she could have had. She didn’t hit
    the big notes, as big as I would have liked. Plus, I think she could have
    picked a better song. She also had a little more personality than what I was
    expecting her to have. (B-)

    Skylar Laine – This girl has a lot of personality, and there
    is something unique about her. She has a pretty big voice. She hit some flat
    notes, and parts of it were pitchy. But, performance wise she did a good job.
    Overall I thought she did a good job. (B)

    Baylie Brown – I never thought she should of made it to the
    top 24. Her voice is just weak, and she has always been pitchy for me. But,
    this takes the cake, it was pretty dreadful. It was a bad song choice, and she
    didn’t do well on it at all. The worst performance so far tonight. (D-)

    Hollie Cavanaugh – I really do like this song, and I think
    she did a really good job on it. I think she did start the song a little rough,
    but she had some really beautiful powerful moments in this song. (B+)

    Haley Johnsen – Going into tonight, I was expecting her to
    be the Didi Benami of this year, by having a stellar break-out performance, but
    this wasn’t the case. I think the girl has potential, but I think she pretty
    much blew it. There were a lot of pitchy issues, throughout. I was expecting
    more. (D)

    Shannon Magrane – This was pretty much what I was expecting
    from her. She is a good singer, but there’s nothing special about her. I just
    don’t feel like she sticks out. Although I’ve never heard this song, I think
    she did a good job with it. She’s good, but there’s always something lacking
    with her for me. Also, some of the lower notes were pretty flat. (B-)

    Jessica Sanchez – This was pretty much perfect. I think she
    started slightly rough, but she is just easily the best singer in this
    competition, and has the most powerful voice. I think she is in it for the long
    run, and I expect great things from her. (A-)

    Elise Testone – I think she is the most unique out of all
    the girls. She is my second favorite next to Jessica. I just love her tone. She
    started out this song so perfectly! I think she did a much better job than Jen
    Hirsh. In the middle of the song, she hit some pretty rough notes, but I will
    give her the benefit of the doubt because it was emotions that caused it. She
    ended the song well, and I think she is a contender in this competition. She is
    my dark horse. (B+)

    I think the five girls going through will be: Jessica
    Sanchez, Elise Testone, Hollie Cavanaugh. I’m not sure who the next two spots
    will go to. I think Jen Hirsh still has a good chance of going through, based
    on all of her camera time. I think Skylar Laine will be the country girl who
    makes it.

    Shannon Magrane and Erika Van Pelt could be possible Wild
    cards. I really want Erika to make it.

    I think the judging was some better tonight, which was good
    to see.

    Overall, there were a few girls who did a great job, but
    once again I was unimpressed, just like I was last night. I’m just ready to get
    to the top 13.

  14. I thought Elise totally ruined the Adele song. No one should even think they can sing Adele songs. I dont know what the judges heard but for me it was out of tune and there was no feeling in the song.  Anyway thats my take and I don’t think my hearing has gone.

    • I think the two best singers are Jessica and Josh by far. They show more range and power than anybody else. Comparing Josh to Jacob, hmm can see why people would, but Jacob was just way over the top and Josh has been on key, in tune and on pitch with his nicely placed, and thus far, not overdone Runs. Just hope he doesn’t try to go overboard cause he has a beatiful natural voice.
      Phillip is just fun to watch, different and very likable, and a really good voice to boot.
      Hollie, call me crazy but I liked her 2nd to Jessica. Doing a Christina song is either brave or crazy, but I thought she did a really nice job
      That’s my top 4

      5. Colton think he’s the most commercial of all
      6. Skyler. She’s just a spunky lil thing definitely has the country vote
      7. Erika I like her raspy voice don’t know if she’ll get the votes tho
      8. Reed. Still up in the air on him. He seems to be alienating himself from the rest of the competitors, from what’s being reported, and possibly the audience as well. Just got a feeling he’ll get in
      9. Elise. Unique voice. Wasn’t her best performance, but I think she’ll bounce back
      10. I hat to do this! Heejun. I’ve liked him throughout the show, mainly his funny personality, but he does have a ‘pretty’ voice,, maybe?? His performance was not good tho. Bad song choice that didn’t show off his voice. Wish he would fully pronounce his words to, can’t make out what he’s singing a lot of the time. He’s gonna get thru based more on his personality than his voice, my opinion only tho

      Wild. Judges will pick Deandre no doubt. Don’t know what the judges hear, but his entire song was off key. I’d rather listen to a song full of screaming than one in falsetto! Blah. Mute
      Jen. Probably be based more so on past performances
      Aaron. They seem to like him, but think he’s just average.

      Josh, Phillip and Jessica I think are just in a different class.

  15. Not only do I completely disagree with Brandon. I don’t think I ever disagreed with him more. As I personally thought the girls were 100 times better than the guys. Last night I could barely come up with 5 guys to put on my top five list. And yes Brandon, you pretty much over-rated every guy with your giving most all of them an A or B score. The way you gushed over every male performer last night … Your ready to be a American Idol judge, with all that sugar coating they have been doing. Since I thought 90% of the girls were great tonight, my top five list tonight was a much tougher challenge than last night. But, here goes:

    1- Elise Testone – I love a girl who can make me feel the emotion of a song. And Elise did just that. Top performance of the night for her. But, not by as much as yu might think. As the next few girls were so close, talent -wise.

    2- Jessica Sanchez – If this girl truly had a sore vocal cord, as she was claiming and performed as good as she did tonight … I can’t wait to see how she sings when her pipes are healthy. She could be the one to watch.

    3- Jen Hirsh – I loved, LOVED her performance. And thought she would be the best of the night when I first heard it. As she has some powerful pipes.

    4- Hallie Day – With a hot, bluesy performance like that, how could she not make my list. As I am a big fan of that type of music.

    5- Shannon Magrane – At first, I was a bit under whelmed. But, as the song progressed it showed the power and range she has. So, I ended up liking it a lot.

    Bayle Brown and Brille Von Hugel are both someone I hoped would make it into my top 5. As I really do like both there looks. Especially Bayle’s, as she is flat out gorgeous and fun to WATCH sing. But, it was obvious that both their voices does not have the power and range that other girls had. If only I could bring myself to vote based solely on looks, like the pre-teen girls do … Both of these girls would so be on my list.

  16. well here goes for me….french canadian from canada…5   favorite guys…1.REED GRIM….2.. jermaine……3.colton…….4.creighton…..5.phillip…6.joshua……and a thought for deandre.       GIRLS……1. ELISE…..2. jen…….3.holly…….4. erika……5. jessica….6.skyler…………….ALL IN ALL…..i like a performer who as well as sing great….is able to make us  laugh and feel good.  PLEASE LORD  SAVE REED…..canada cant vote here.   rick

  17. My Top 10:
    1. Joshua Ledet
    2. Phillip Phillips
    3. Creighton Fraker
    4. Heejun Han 
    5. Jeremy Rosado
    6. Skylar Laine
    7. Jessica Sanchez
    8. Elise Testone
    9. Hollie Cavanagh
    10. Erika Van Pelt

    Wild Cards:
    1. Jermaine
    2. Shannon
    3. Hallie

    Not getting all the Reed and Colton hype

    • come on! Colton is amazing and with so much talent! He can give a lot more compared to this week

  18. Both girls and boys performances were great, can’t wait to see their next performances.

    My top 10:
    1. Colton Dixon
    2. Heejun Hn
    3. Joshua Ledet
    4. Philip Philips
    5. Eben Franckewitz
    6. Jessica Sanchez
    7. Elise Testone
    8. Hollie Cavanagh
    9. Skylar Laine 
    10. Brielle Van Hugel (kind of reminds me of haley reinhart)

    Wild Picks:
    Reed Grimm, Jen Hirsh, Erika Can Pelt, Creighton Fraker

    Hey guys, i know you might be commenting that Eben shouldn’t go through and everything, because of the horrible performance he had. Take note he’s still 15, and hes trying his best to express his love of music, and he’s here to kick ass and have fun. C’mon guys, lets give him a chance, he might be horrible now, but he managed to win over David Leathers Jr. and he has some good high notes in the past, lets just see what happens on his next performance.

  19. 3 words boring boring boring……both judges and performers.  You guys need Mel B

  20. TOP 10:

    1. Jessica Sanchez 
    2. Jessica Sanchez 
    3. Jessica Sanchez 
    4. Jessica Sanchez 
    5. Jessica Sanchez 
    6. Jessica Sanchez 7. Jessica Sanchez 8. Jessica Sanchez 9. Jessica Sanchez 10.Jessica Sanchez wild picks: Philip x2s, deandre, shannon, hollie

  21. Some peaple complaining about Jessica . The sob story again!! NO NO
    What I would say  ”  The show needs that . Don’t forget that she did not mention it on Twitter ” . Why would she hide it ?? It’s  Media , FOCUS .

  22. I HATE 
    Brille Von Hugel SO much. She can’t sing, her personality bothers me, and she thinks she’s all that. And with her annoying mom. The only thing she can do is perform. thats it. I hate her. 

  23. Branden, yours comments are spot on. My thoughts exactly.
     Jessica Sanchez was the best performance of the night. Shannon Magrane, Hollie Cavanagh, Skylar Laine and Elise Testone were really good, but  other girls almost made me fall a sleep. Some of them I couldn’t bear up listening trough the end.

  24. This is by far the least talented and least interesting group of “singer” ever on Idol.  The only performances that were worse than the singer’s were those of the judges and the stylists.  I think this franchise is just about finished.

  25. about these girls, ill say they’re voice quality and they’re performances in top @31f909dd0395798a7c627ae71e10ee6d:disqus 
    2 girls about chelsea sorrell, its just like a ordinary pop singerin her top 24 performance she just retained her voice in the middle rangefrom the start to end and her performance was not exciting but she sang it livelyErika Van pelt was also good rough voiced singer, she did sang it good but still flat and she was also like adele to meJen Hrish-  i like her performance form start to end she have sharp voice and i think theres no negative about her performance but still im not astonishedHallie Day- i think she did it well but she wasnt likely shouting everytimei love her performance but still she need to improveBaylie Brown- im comfused to her performance because she was whole flat and i dont like it much and muchHollie Cavanagh- i think many teens would vote for her, i dont know why but still i dont like her and i dont know why toobut about her performance, she chose a boring song and she made more lively with her angelic voice her perfromance is beautifulHaley Johnson- i think i would like her but nother performance made me turned off to herthe song she chose was not suitable for herthough she have a beautiful voice, she sang it notits very pitchy and flat, but she gave her best at the endi think she was trying to be like SIOBHAN MAGNUSShannon Magrane- did well and beautifully but i dont see uniqueness about her voice still she is high ranged.she did well and beautifully in her song but I’m a little bit boredJessica Sanchez- WHOA, take it easy girl! she is so crazy even though she have a sore troat she could sing it “energeticly, beautifully and many many more that could make you a american idol, your too perfect to have top 12 and im proud of her, she have a rough, high ranged, stunning voiceand keep imroving it. ONE THE BEST PERFROMANCESElise Testone- one of my favorites, even i dont exactly think many of america will vote for her, but still she is a great singerwith her rough and deep voice, she  could overcome other singersand shes  perfect to be like gaga and she is way better than gaga

    Skylar laine- just like lauren alaina, she did great and lively

    so my top 6 girls are

    please comment to my post ^^

    • i agree 100 percent its not always i get to say that shannon is my fav i voted 600 times how many times did ya’ll vote

      • uhmm! i cant vote cause im from philippines
        but if i were there i would vote for elise and jessica

        i think many people vote for looks and favoritism but the actual point is american idol is for singing!

        elise is endangered because shes way too old
        and jessica is an asian or a filipino!
        so lets see who will win this competition

  26. Here goes:
    Best of the night Jessica Sanchez, Hallie Day, Hollie Cavanaugh.  The rest;
    Chelsea=Too green, too sure of herself
    Erika = forgettable
    Jen = Too shrill
    Brielle = Like a kid practicing in a mirror
    Hallie = Kim Basinger lookalike whole pkg good
    Skylar = Brenda Lee meets Snookie
    Baylie = Just a pretty face, nothing more
    Hollie C = Lots of potential
    Hayley = Drops the last word of each line and off pitch
    Shannon = Beauty pageant Pia part 2
    Jessica = Best of the night
    Elise = Not a fan, but she’ll be around a while

  27. Here’s who I think will make it to the Top 13
    1. Phillip Phillips
    2. Joshua Ledet
    3. Colton Dixon
    4. Heejun Hun
    5. Deandre Brackensick
    6. Jessica Sanchez
    7. Elise Testone
    8. Hollie Cavanaugh
    9. Jen Hirsh
    10. Skylar Laine

    Wildcards : Erika Van Pelt, Reed Grimm, Creighton Fraker.

    Shannon Magrane may be able to get Erika’s spot, but I hope not. We need Erika. lol.

  28. Branden, great review.  American Idol is such a GREAT production.  The new set this year is awesome and just blows away the lousy X Factor show.  The singers, the talent are unbelievable.  The talent just seems to get better each year.  It is too bad the judges don’t get better each year.  They picked at two of the best performances by the girls and complimented a couple of the crummy ones; same story every year.  The young girl Hollie has a great career ahead of her, the same as the boy Eben.  Can you imagine Eben with 5 more years of maturity?  But yeah, last night Jessica and Elise were far and away the best of the girls.  Great job.

  29. Hi Branden,
    What I hope that will happen in  tonight’s show:

     The  fans ( that means you ,me, and them ) voted the top ten smartly.

    Hopefully they went back and listen to the singers again with eyes shut this time and ignoring physical appearance and paying attention to the singing
    ( reminder, it is also a singing competition besides being Idol’s Complete Pkg )

    And finally the judge’s wild card is not WILD  at all but worthy to be in the final 13.  I really don’t care too much about being off key a little, some maybe not in the right pitch because of nerves, but they have to sound good
    and worth listening to!! 

    I was one of those people hoping that this time the Judges will ease up on the embarrasing comments, I forgot Simon is gone! So these guys went to the other extreme, everybody is good, beautiful , the best season yet, wow,
    I’m sorry to say that is pure fertilizer, LOL

     Honestly last night , I started flipping channels back and forth watching sports just to keep awake between commercials and the awfull singing!!
    That is a first for me while watching Idol in 11 seasons.

  30. Memorable and enjoyable: Erika van Pelt, Hallie Day, Jessica Sanchez, Skylar Laine, and Hollie Cavanagh.   I hope they continue.  The rest had nice, but not memorable, performances.  I’m with you about Brille Von Hugel.   Haley Johnsen?  Oh, my goodness.  Her performance did not go well at all.  She didn’t seem to hear what the judges said about her song choice.

  31. Branden, last night gets a “B” for boring from me. I’m already tired of Adele songs. She’s a great singer, but there are so many other good songs out there. I find that so many of the girls look alike–tall and blonde. Ryan looks like a little brother beside most of them. As the show neared the end, once again I missed some of the best performances due to boredom-induced sleep. At least the judges tried to make some constructive criticism last night. I still think Steven’s best contributions to the show are in the auditions. When the real competition begins, his quirky sometimes x-rated comments end, and all he says is “Wow.”

    • Hello Giselle…..I totally agree with you about Steven…..He never has any constructive criticism…..He really is useless.  Since its only the 2nd show, I’m going to hope that he changes… I’ve noticed the same thing about the girls…..Tall & Blonde……whats with that……
      I find myself liking the quirky Skylar and I don’t care for Country but at least she sounds different (than Scotty….thank God)….

      On another note…..I think Jen Hirsch is a much better singer than she was last night.

      • Hollie is actually short and blonde.  🙂  Also, Hallie Day, Erika Van Pelt, and Haley Johnson are in danger of getting booted so that eliminates three tall blondes. 

      • Hi, Phyllis–I look forward to seeing you here. This year I decided not to pick someone as a favorite until the top whatever was chosen. That way I don’t feel disappointed from the get go. But I did like Skylar’s performance. She seems like “country rock” and that is a different approach plus I like her energy and stage personality. But, I’m still sticking to my decision and have not chosen a real favorite until I see more of the performers. I have found that in other seasons I have changed my mind as the competition progresses and, believe it or not, even after the season is over. Some of these performers grow on me more quickly than others, and I think it is because of their personality and stage presence.

  32. I am very confident the guys will dominate the competition this year…again. They let go some strong girl voices during holloywood week and the Vegas round. I have narrowed down my top ten, plus my 3 wild card picks.

    Top 10:
    Skylar laine
    Jessica Sanchez
    Hollie cavanagh
    Elise Testone
    Hallie day
    Phil Phillips
    Josh Ledet
    Heejun Han
    Colton Dixon
    Reed Grimm

    Wild Cards
    Jen Hirsch, Creighton Fraker, Deandre Brackensick
    I also no its a little to early, but i am gonna say that Phil Phillips will win the competition. Here are my thought on that:
    1. The main voters are teenage girls and older women
    2. good lookin dude that can play the guitar
    3. has a unique voice that is relevant and versitile

  33. My ranking based on the Performance:

    Top 3
    1.Jessica Sanchez(great great, she knows her voice so well)
    2.Elise Testone(it was heart felt and her vocals were just on the spot)
    3.Skylar Laine(i love how shakes her head with her voice, so professional)

    Upper Middle 3
    4.Shannon Magraine(she had the moment with the song)
    5.Erika Von Pelt(her voice is so strong, it was effortless for her)
    6.Hollie Cavanaugh(didn’t like the song, love the highnote and hate the low)

    Lower Middle 3
    7.Jen Hirsh(it bored me,  but love the highnotes)
    8.Brille Von Hugel(forgettable, the song didn’t showcase her vocals)
    9.Chelsea Sorrell(the vocals were fine but it wasn’t current)

    Bottom 3
    10.Hallie Day(hard song, should have prepared more, she lost control)
    11.Baylie Brown(very forgettable, i felt like her vocals were weak)
    12.Haley Johnsen(first unlike Baylie it wasn’t forgettable because how would you forget that kind of performance and 2nd like Hallie she lost control of her vocals but way too much)

  34. Cannot stand Brielle (or her horrid mother).  Shannon needs help with correct song choice and attire, as this was not church or prom, but her voice is good.  Erika and Jen kind of disappeared here, would love to see their spunk back.  Skylar did great, if a little frantic, so she should settle down and sing.  Hollie Cavennaugh gave an outstanding performance.  Hallie Day was not at her best, but her voice is beautiful, and Randy doesn’t need to try to pigeonhole where that awesome voice belongs.  Baylie had no business trying the Lonestar song that Scotty performed so well near the end of last season, she was a flat disaster.  Chelsea also erred in song choice, as she is no Carrie Way too many gushy useless comments from the judges both nights.  Best 5:  Hollie, Skylar, Hallie, Jessica, and then either Jen/Erika/Shannon.  Not likely to see any girls in the wild card 3.  Boys:  Philip (best), Joshua, Jeremy, Aaron M., Jermaine or Eben.  Wild cards:  Reed, HeeJun, ?  Please  spare me from having to hear anything more of Adam and the falsetto hair model.

  35. Whoops, left out Colton Dixon in the boys top 5, although he was not in his best voice at all with the leaping on the piano thing.

  36. Branden….I totally agree with your America’s Predictions.

    So far this season no one is jumping out at me…..Colton Dixon was the only one that came close to show casing a little excitement on the stage.   I think this is the first season ever that I don’t have a jump out favorite right away.
    I’m hoping I won’t be disappointed tonight but I have a gut feeling I could be!!!!!!

  37. The solid truth is just that the girls were a thousand times better than the guys.  Even the not so great performances from a few of the girls were at least not boring like most of the guys.

    In my opinion, two of the three wild card spots should go to girls instead of guys. 

    In my opinion, the top 5 girls that should go through tonight are:


    …but this is who I think America is going to put through:

    -maybe Shannon

    I was so disappointed with Baylie…I had high hopes for her.  I think the girls that have no chance of making it are Haley, Baylie, Chelsea & Brielle.

    I’m excited to see what happens tonight.

    As long as Hollie makes it to the top 10.

    • A thousand times??? I had to switch channels back and forth watching
      the cooking show so I don’t fall asleep while the girls are singing, LOL
      just kidding Kris, but you got to admit this is not even up to par with
      previous seasons, even I can see that and I am blind as a bat, LOL

      Let us hope everyone improves, or this will be a four way competition.
      Cause I can only count as high as 4, heh heh.  Seriously I think you know who the four singers are.  I was hoping based on their vocal abilities that the playing field will be much closer.  The producers better bring a lot of good old fashion rock n roll music selections or it will be a snoooze fest.

      • Pepe, I honestly think this is a talented group of singers.  I would even say that they are just as good if not better than many past season.  I think there was just something off about the past two nights.  I’m not sure if it was an issue with the mics or what.  Something just seemed off with the balance of the music and singing.

        Which 4 do you like?

    • Alright Kris, just for you
      I do like :
      Jessica – But she has to stay away from mainstream pop once in a while
                         and do some of her own favourites, I’ve seen and heard some
                        of the songs she recorded like Etta Jame’s I Rather Go Blind
                         she did an excellent job and she sang with such maturity 
                         it is hard to believe she is only 16.
      Elise      –  I believe she has the potential to go very far.  She needs to
                          find the  right songs that fits her vocals and style, if she does
                          then watch out for Elise.

      Joshua –  great pipes , good style , mature singer and knows what kind
                         music he wants to do.
      Jeremy – Call me nuts but I do like him a lot, his voice is silky and he
                          sings without effort , he may not look like some of the guys
                          in the competetion, ie Colton and Philip but he is a 
                          better singer to my opinion.
      You asked me one time who was my dark horse, then guess ??

  38. I know this is a competition and yes some of them are definitely better than others. But before you dis any of these contestants think about how hard it is to do what they are doing.

    Is there something you would like to try? Would you have the courage they are showing and put it all out there regardless of what others think?

  39.  Ok Folks, my personal opinions about last nights performances, and then Audiophiles preformance ratings and overall ratings. 

    Chelsea Sorrell “Cowboy Casanova”

    Nice moves, nice swagger…but shake off the nerves!
     She was flat on the key pretty much the whole song, and not flat like the twang that Carrie Underwood brings, but flat like a half note off the melody…the WHOLE SONG.  She is pretty though.

    Audiophile Performance Ranking 5.2
    Overall Ranking goes from 8.1 to 6.7

    Erika Van Pelt “What about Love”

    After Ballad singer Pia Toscano wowed us every week last year, they just are not the same coming from anyone else.  Erika, your power notes were decent, but you had flat tone…for half the song.  Again, i get it, its the nerves…but your range is better than this.  She needs more practice on stage. 

    Audiophile Performance Ranking: 7.1
    Overall Ranking goes from 7.8 to 7.4

    Jen Hirsch “One and Only”

    While I am becoming more and more tired of hearing Adele, Jen Hirsch can make anything sound good.  First girl with good tone tonight.  Looked nervous, but had some incredible moments, which can turn a shaky performance into a good one.  I know you can do better than this Jen, your one of the front runners…pull it together next time and rock it. 

    Audiophile Performance Ranking 7.9
    Overall Rating goes from 9.7 to 8.8

    Brielle Von Hugel “Sitting on the dock of the Bay” 

    Idol has really made her family out to be a bunch of snobs…which they are not.   Her Mom is a huge fan of hers, and very supportive…almost to the point of being too critical of other singers.  We all get that.  Idol ZONED IN on Brielle’s mother and all of a sudden she is a terrible person.  All the other moms were doing the exact same thing, I am sure.  Now that I am off my soap box, here goes.  Nice bluesy tone, went Lowwwww to places I have never been.  She is trying to be Haley Reinhardt and just cant pull it off.  Sorry Brielle, but if you aint got the chops, it aint gonna fly.  Decent Preformance.  I just LOVE her New York Accent though!

    Audiophile Performance Ranking 7.4
    Overall Ranking goes from 8.7 to 8.1

    Hallie Day
    What makes me tearful about her is her personality, and her relationship with her husband.  They seem to have such a strong bond.  FINALLY!  A singer with some PASSION!  First tears of the night.  She has power and swagger, but i still detected nerves, which makes the audience just as uncomfortable as you.  A bit shaky, and not that great. 

    Audiophile Performance Ranking 7.9
    Overall Ranking goes from 8.2 to 8.1

    Skyler Laine “Stay with Me”
    How can you not like this girl.  She’s not just country…She’s CAWNTRY.  Wow!  She doesnt give a dern about anything!  A true preformer!  Haha!  Im digging her!  What a power note at the end too.  She has just the right amount of twang for her style, and she gets excited when she preforms…which gets the audience going…WOOT!  reba reba reba reba reba reba reba

    Audiophile Preformance ranking 8.5
    Overall Ranking goes from 8.7 to 8.6

    Baylie Brown
    I found myself just staring at just how beautiful this girl is.  Wow!  What a hottie!  At any rate, it was bad.  Not just a little bad, i mean REALLY REALLY bad.  She would not win a high school talent show contest with that performance.  Even when the notes were on it just wasnt that good.  Janelle Arthur could have done better.  I know Baylie can sing better than this.  The dress was too tight, you couldnt get your heart to slow down….i get it.  But in the end, you are still gone for good.  bye bye!

    Audiophile Preformance Ranking 3.9
    Overall Ranking goes from 8.7 to 6.9

    Hollie Cavenaugh “reflections”

    Let me just say that I have been waiting and waiting and WAITING for this girl to get her chance to shine.  I had the wonderful opportunity to work a bit with her overseas at a musical outreach seminar in Wales about 5 years ago.  Let me just say that the neighbors had to come check on me, thats how excited I was to see her do well.  The best preformance of the night, according to audiophile, and my personal opinion.  This girl just shot up from the darkness.  Wonderful singer, the range, the dynamics, the runs, the power.  Its just great.  Cant say enough good things.  Tears are falling!

    Audiophile Preformance Ranking 9.2
    Overall Ranking stays at 9.1

    Haley Johnson Sweet Dreams
    Worst preformance of the night.  She doesnt deserve the time it takes to write a review here.  Good bye Haley.  I will spare you the audiophile ranking, simply because it was lower than Baylies.  Farewell!

    Shannon McGraine  “Go light your candle”

    Showing off her Gospel side.  MORE POWER! Keep pushing Shannon!  You really can sing.  I enjoyed watching your Dad pitch for the Saint Louis Cardinals.  Rock n Roll!  This girl has range, and a technically bluesy side I didnt know existed.  Kinda like a Pia Toscano + Haley Reinhardt.

    Audiophile Preformance Ranking 8.7
    Overall Ranking goes from 9.0 to 8.9

    Jessica Sanchez

    Crazy Good.  Sooooo good.  Tearrrrss!!!!! It looks so effortless for her.  Its amazing!  Her voice sounds as if she has been preforming on stage her whole life, and she has had 30 years to prefect her craft!  For a 16 year old girl to sing this well….is heaven sent.  Runs, vibrattos, falcettos, swagger…she is a front runner!

    Audiophile Preformance Ranking 9.0
    Overall Ranking stays at 9.1

    Elise Testone

    Her voice sounded extremely tired.  Flat notes through most of the song.  Too much rehersing maybe.  Not really impressive for me.  Did you hear her coughing?  How could the judges give her such high marks?  It may have been bluesy, sure, she was crying…I get that… Preforming is about harnessing your emotion and controlling it through the notes, not letting the emotions control you. 

    Audiophile Preformance Ranking 7.8
    Overall Ranking goes from 8.6 to 8.3

    There you have it folks!!!

    According to Audiophile, the top 5 girls are…

    Holly Canenaugh
    Jessica Sanchez
    Jen Hirsch
    Skyler Laine
    Shannon Mcgraine

    Possible WildCard spots
    Elise Testone
    Hallie Day
    Chelsea Sorrell or Brielle Von Hugel

    • I have to agree with your Top 5 picks but if a girl gets a wild card it will probaby be Elise…..

      • yeah i agree.  I do think its going to be a great year.  I cant wait to see how this all plays out!

    • Salvatore…

      I do believe that an Idol and a star is more than a voice for sure, but first and foremost it should be about the voice.  I am certainly guilty of picking someone I love or dislike and not letting go of those emotions no matter what.  For example, I just did not like James Durbin or Adam Lambert becuase of their arrogance (although Adam was much more talented than James in my opinion).  Arrogance always ruins it for me no matter how good you are.  I know a lot of people disagree with me on those two, as well as Pia.  People are going to have their favorites and opinions no matter what. 

      With that said, I am LOVING what you are adding to these comments.  I find this information so interesting and very significant! 

      The crazy thing…The Audiophile top 5 were almost the same as my top 5.  I just had Hallie Day switched out with Skyler Lane.  Skyler is better than I thought she was, but I much prefer Lauren Alaina.  Plus I’m from Baltimore, and I have to support Hallie.

      • Yeah, I understand that for sure.  Thank you so much for the comment.  I cant wait until it gets down to the top 12…then I dont have to spend so many hours extracting results from this darn program.  We are experimenting with a measure called dynamics, which measures the ability to stay in tune while moving around.  The problem with this is we have to integrate video settings….which may prove to be too complicated.

    • Hi Salvatore

       Don’t forget that Jessica sang an up-tempo( I think ) while Holly  sang a ballad .
      I think it was much tougher for jessica than Holly . I am not an expert but if u know what I mean , Enlighten us …

      Keep up the good work

      • Thank you so much for the comment Ali!  I agree that Jessica sang a tougher song, with a strained vocal chord, and still nailed it. 

        Both preformances were spot on, and both were probably number 2 and number 3 for me all year.  Number 4 probably was Jen Hirsch’s rendition of “Georgia on my mind”

        Number 1 preformance for me this year so far is Joshua Ledet singing the Jennifer Hudson song.  My girlfriend calls me a big baby because tears roll down my face when singers blow me away. 

        I do agree that Jessica nailed a tougher song.  Since you commented about the difference between Jessica and Hollie, let me break down the numbers even further.

        Audiophile Performance Breakout Ratings.

        Jessica Sanchez
        Range: 8.8 <–would have been higher but she held back a bit, audiophile caught some "pulled punches"

        Frequency 9.2

        Pitch 9.4

        Tone: 8.6

        Average 9.0

        Holly Cavenaugh

        Range 9.2

        Frequency 9.2

        Pitch 9.2

        Tone 9.2

        Average 9.2

        So i guess you could say, considering that both were what they would consider "elite" vocal preformances, Jessica's control was hills and valleys, whereas Hollies was a level road on a high mountain. 

        But gosh, Im just nitpicking.  They both brought tears to my eyes.  Jessica clearly has more stage presence.  FAR MORE.

  40. I’m sorry, but the beginning of this article with awful! The girls were FANTASTIC. 100% better than the guys. These girls will steal the show this year hopefully.

  41. I just hope the America won’t commit the same mistake as what they did to Jennifer Hudson. Jessica Sanchez FTW!

  42. I agree mostly with you except for Jen Hirsh.  My pics? Jessica,Hollie, Skylar, Elise, Shannon and possible Brielle. In that order based on last night’s performances.

  43. A guy is going to win again I think..Only girl really in competition is Jessica Sanchez and maybe the one they told to let her hair down..young..Terrible when I don’t remember the name..Reed, Phillip or Deandre????

  44. That was bull shit that deondra didnt make top ten he can sing circles around all the guess on that top ten bull shit who the f Is voteing not people

  45. come on guys we are looking for the best singer with outstanding technique and amazing performance,,, stopp voted because their charming or they are from your city or whatt,,, n this season technically jessica sanchez is the top  of they top, open your mind guys

  46. I am out of watching it since the 1st year.  If they cannot see that Reed Grimm is so much more of an entertainer than a couple of them that made it into the top 13 then I do not want to watch it.  It is really funny that last year the first year of new judges the winner and runner up you never hear about on the news or radio.  So it goes to tell you that without Simon Cowell the winner will not do anything after winning on the show.

    I am finished so for me year 10 was my last year of watching.

    • agree kathi  same feelin i never agreed with any winners….lost katherine mcphee   melinda doolittle   danny gokey   casey abrams  and now   reed grim….im devastated and tierd of this

  47. This seasons contestants are soooo boring. The talent pales compared to last year. I probably won’t beable to watch the entire season. I still wish all of the contestants best of luck.

  48. The guy Jimmy that give his comments doing the show, we donot need him. He is  annoying.  Please do not let Jimmy “Water Down” Joshua Ledet voice and in the process taking away his soul and try to make him something he’s not. You let Country singers stay true to there music like last year winner. Therefore Let Joshua stay true to himself and build on that soulful voice. Do not try to make this guy Pat Boone.

    • I hated him . What is his role in the competition ???
      and ur point !!! what can I say ?? Spot on ..

  49. I named a top for of Josh, Jessica, Phillip and Hollie. And thats just what happened last night. I believe they pulled them from the highest numbrr of votes te the lowest number
    Phillip was first. Got the most votes
    2nd was Jessica
    3 Hollie and 4 was Josh

    I’ve said the four singers are in a different class, and I think the way the rusults went down, the judge and and America agree.
    What say you?

  50. i just realize i got them all right  except for  reed and jen…who unfortunately were my 2 favorites. but i will watch the show anyways cause i like  jermaine…..colton…..heejun…….holly….elise….skyler……deandre………the only one i dont like is  ppia wannabe  shannonand joshua is so good but he gets on my nerves….cause i know he will yell right through the competition. love the show  love jlo and randy comments love new stage….but i find it cruel to have this  music savy  give comments after songs. judges are enuff. WILL MISS MY REED GRIM.

  51. Bets for this season: Jessia Sanchez, Hollie Cavanagh and Elise Testone plus Philip Phillips.

  52. I don’t know if it’s just me but due to so many contestants making it this year who were rejected last season, it feels to me like this is the “ok, just take what we can get”-season. Besides that, I think this season’s contestants lack serious it-factor. When I just think of last season’s top 13 (especially top 11) – PERFECT CAST! This season, the judges seriously failed to find people (especially girls) with great voices and character faces 

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