American Idol 2012 Top 25 Results Show Tonight

American Idol 2012 Top 24

Tonight on American Idol, we’ll see the Top 25 get cut to the Top 10. Then we’ll see it grow to the American Idol 2012 Top 13 as the judges reveal their wild card picks from the contestants that didn’t get enough votes.

I’ve already made a couple predictions based on how I think America might vote. So putting those two nights of predictions together, I think the Top 10 could go something like this:

America’s Top 10: Jessica Sanchez, Hollie Cavanagh, Sklyar Laine, Jen Hirsh, Shannon Magrane, Heejun Han, Phillip Phillips, Colton Dixon, Joshua Ledet and Eben Frankewitz (pesky teen girl voters). Wild card picks: Elise Testone, Deandre Brackensick and Reed Grimm.

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  1. I am happy as long as Jessica, Hollie, Elise, Jen, Heejun, Philip, Colton, Joshua and Reed are in the Top 13. Then the competition begins. 🙂 And to complete the Top 13, I think it should be Erika, Creighton, Shannon and Deandre or Jeremy. Gu’Luck to all of them. 🙂

  2. I am very confident the guys will dominate the competition this year…again. They let go some strong girl voices during holloywood week and the Vegas round. I have narrowed down my top ten, plus my 3 wild card picks. Top 10:
    Skylar laine
    Jessica Sanchez
    Hollie cavanagh
    Elise Testone
    Hallie day
    Phil Phillips
    Josh Ledet
    Heejun Han
    Colton Dixon
    Reed GrimmWild CardsJen Hirsch, Creighton Fraker, Deandre Brackensick I also no its a little to early, but i am gonna say that Phil Phillips will win the competition. Here are my thought on that:1. The main voters are teenage girls and older women2. good lookin dude that can play the guitar3. has a unique voice that is relevant and versitile

      • 1. – going home ??? 2.-came out ??? 3.-Gay ??? —The only way this would ever make since is that you have made Many Many Type-O’s. You Left out alot of key words – Here I will make the corrections for you : 1.- Yes he is Going Home*Home With The Win and Title of The Next American Idol 2012.-  2. -Yes he Came Out … Came Out Swinging – and hit a grand slam Home run everytime he got up to bat-  He was called out First because everyone but you Knew without a doubt he was in the top 10  3. – Gay -as in Happy, Confident, Ecstatic, overwhelming Joy and Amazing Personality, A “Gay” Ole Fellow as my Great GranPappy used to say. I too am from Phillips home State of Georgia, a Ga. Peach, and here in the South we know a star and have produced many, many Ga. born stars. Comments like yours are called Slander and here in Ga. we don’t take to kindly to slander. You need Jesus, I have a direct line to his home and I left him a message about you.  

  3. I am really hoping a girl wins it this year, and I think Jessica Sanchez has it!! None of the guys really impressed me.  I think Phil Phillips is good, but after awhile his weird facial expressions and ackward movements will turn people off.  JMO!!

      • First off *** NO He Is Not *** and 2nd So What If he Was — What does that have to do with his singing? Why does his sexauel preference matter? Gay People can sing or have you forgotten- Clay Akins, Adam Lambert, Elton John, Ricky Martin, etc. etc. ect. Wake up people – If This Mattered they would have a Q&A at the auditions and ask “Are You Gay” ? Sounds Stupid right….

  4. My top 10 predictions:
    Jessica SanchezSkylar Laine (love her, but love the next 2 more)Hollie Cavanagh (my vote for girl, tied w/Shannon)Shannon Magrane (my vote for girl, tied w/Hollie)Elise TestonePhil Phillips (my vote for boy)Heejun Han (really want him to stick around a long time, as he is hilarious, as well as a good singer)Joshua LedetJermaine JonesColton Dixon (not my cup of tea, but likely popular w/people who want a rocker)Wild cards (not crazy about any of these possibilities, with exception of Creighton, who I like a lot):  Deandre (JLo), Reed?/Creighton?  (Randy), Brielle?/Erika?/Hallie? (Steven)A possible spoiler to my list could be Eben, due to the young teen girl vote…I think he has the talent to continue in the competition, but his last performance was terrible.  I wouldn’t mind if he took Colton’s place. We’ll find out tonight! 🙂

  5. total ranking(i already ranked the girls and boy seperately):

    based on the performance(7 boys and 6 girls):

    1.Jessica Sanchez
    2.Elise Testone
    3.Philip Philips
    4.Skylar Laine
    5.Heejun Han
    6.Reed Grims
    7.Creighton Fraker
    8.Joshua Ledet
    9.Shannon Magraine
    10.Erika Von Pelt
    11.Colton Dixon
    12.Chase Likens
    13.Hollie Cavanaugh

    but one of my favorite is Deandre Brackensick and Jen.

  6. BOYS:
    1. Phillip Phillips
    2. Heejun Han
    3. Joshua Ledet
    4. Colton Dixon
    5. Jermaine Jones

    1. Jessica Sanchez2. Hollie Cavanagh
    3. Skylar Laine
    4. Elise Testone
    5. Erika Von Pelt

    1. Deandre Brackensick 
    2. Reed Grimm
    3. Jen Hirsch
    4. Shannon Magrane

    There’s a crazy chance that the teeny boppers of this nation will vote in:
    1. Eben Frankewitz

    As for the rest? I’m calling it ADIOS!

      • Swap Shannon for Erika and I agree with you!  I like Creighton and hope he makes it instead of Colton.

      • Seeing as how accurate most of our predictions were, I wonder how much of those who are leaving were really just cannon fodder…

  7. Joshua Ledet, Colton Dixon, Heejun Han and Phillip Phillips for the guys. Jessica Sanchez , Elise Testone and Hollie cavannaugh for the girls. Lots of really great talent out there. 🙂

  8. I think the guys as a group were outstanding…my face of the girls is
    Skylar … thought she was terrific last evening!

    • Hollie because she had such a great performance last night. Also, she seems like a very likeable person. I don’t judge based on personality, but I will not vote for a person with an attitude. (See Reinhart, Haley; Von Hugel, Brielle; Gamboa, Clint.)

  9. I wish Crighton was on more people’s top 10 list. And that Deandre was on less people’s list. But, in typical American Idol tridition, I KNOW the pre-teen girls will kill any chance of that happening. Heck those pesky pre-teen girls might even vote that real young guy through much farther than he should be going. 🙁

  10. America’s top ten in order of how many votes they got:
    1. Jessica- Can’t wait to see more of her. It WILL be hard to top her SF performance though… I hope she doesn’t become Pia Toscano II.
    2. Hollie- She is the girl I am voting for this season. She has a powerful voice, not cocky at ALL, and very likeable.
    3. Skylar- Has the country vote locked up. She will make it pretty far. 
    4. Elise- Last of the night. Nice, Jazzy voice that comes out very smoothly. Not forced at all.
    5. Shannon- She has a nice voice and is a very pretty young lady. We will see her progress as she goes along.
    1. PP- Overdone, but he has an OK voice. I will NEVER vote for him this season though. Also, he doesn’t deserve the number 1 guys spot. Joshua Ledet does.
    2. Joshua- He was easily the best of Tuesday. Like, no contest, best. I am a Heejun fan, but who knows, I may end up on Team Josh this season.
    3. Heejun- Likeable, amazing voice, lock.
    4. Colton- I really don’t like Colton. As in, I would rather pour concrete in my ears. But he has got the teenage girl vote.
    5. Jermaine- He had the last spot of the night. Even with that he barely slid through. Great voice, and I hope I’m wrong, but he won’t make it very far.

    Wild cards:
    Jlo: Deandre- He does not deserve to go through. Really. Never. Not even in season 9. But Jlo likes him for a reason none know.
    Randy: Reed- Reed DOES deserve to go through. The reason he won’t is because he got the cursed first spot of the season.
    Stephen: Jen- It was between her and Erika, but Stephen is not exactly a genius in talent, so he won’t choose Erika.

    Any thoughts? Did I miss anybody?

    • jesssssica all the way,she is verry entaitaining on stage,shes nice and she have the most powerful voices in this season,i cant wait for the next performance..

  11. Totally agree with the girls…..Definitely hope your wrong about the boys.
    HeeJun, Reed and Eben should not be in the Top 5…..I really hope America got it right and your prediction is wrong.    I’m sure tomorrow I will  be complaining about the voting system…..AGAIN!!!!!

    • Hahaha, Phyllis, we always need something to complain about with this show. 

    • Please dont let there be 4 wild cards then the nest 2 weeks 2 will be elinmated

  12. Philip, joshua, reed, colton, creighton, skylar, shannon, elise, hollie, erika

    Judges’ picks
    Jen, adam, jessica

  13. Please get credible judges to evaluate the singing talents of these contestants.  I have no singing background and even I can judge better than these people.  It is about time America quit all the hype and get real about what they are doing.  Way too much glam and not enough sensible judgement.

  14. I thought your country always promoted freedom of speech.  My comments are constructive.

  15. I am just upset over Reed Grimm not being one of the 13! He is extreemly talented. Perhaps not American Idol type but never the less very very talented and should have had the chance to show his stuff. I hope someone signs him!!!  Such talent!!!

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