American Idol 2012 Top 13 Photo Shoot Pics

American Idol season 11 Phillips and Sanchez

The American Idol 2012 Top 13 were busy this weekend getting all fixed up for the celebratory finalists photo shoot. Each of the American Idol season 11 finalists were dressed and prep’d for an interview and accompanying photos.

All that media will soon be released on the official American Idol website, but in the meantime you can preview what Idol’s Twitter account released over the weekend as a teaser. Click on the small thumbnails below to see the full-size.

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  1. I had no idea Deandre Brackensick could sing in traditional Hawaiian falsetto. I saw his interview where claimed he Hawaiian culture as his background. Coming from Hawaii, I had my doubts. But looking into it more, I found YouTube videos of him singing Traditional Hawaiian songs in a style that few Native Hawaiians have actually mastered. He can also dance hula like a true local, and speak the language as well. This is the culture of my heart, and hearing his voice singing in this rare art form brought tears to my eyes! There are many who are Hawaiian by blood, but who have lost so much of their culture, art, language, music and dance. Although Deandre is not Native Hawaiian by blood, he is truly one by heart. Thanks for keeping our culture alive, I hope you go far in this competition!

  2. Predition Biggest shocker of the week will be Deandre Dont make the bottom 3
    and Phil Does

  3. My prediction for who goes home in what order, just for fun, I will most likely be wrong.

    Top 13: Unless somebody gives an awful preformance, it is very likely the bottom three will consist of one of these four, Erika, Jermaine, Jeremy, and DeAndre.  My guess is DeAndre will be the guy who overstays his welcome (happens everywhere, with people like Stefano and Tim Urban, etc.  that you think why are they still here) it could also be Jeremy, but im guessing it’s DeAndre because usually the overstaying welcome people are tweens.  So I predict out of these Erika will go home first, girls always go home first nowadays.

    Top 12: The bottom three will consist of Jermaine, Jeremy, and x (possibly DeAndre), one could be replaced by a person who lacked in their performance the other night, but it most likely won’t send them home.  Jeremy goes home here.

    Top 11: This will be a fairly predictable week, unless they want to throw out a shocker elimination (last year they had a ‘shocker’ result every 2-3 weeks) Most likely not and Jermaine goes home here.

    Top 10: Now is when it gets harder, in right thinking you would say, DeAndre goes home here, well most likely it won’t happen because he will most likely end up overstaying his welcome and lasting till around the top 7-8, like most of them do.  Shannon goes home (possibly Hollie) since there will be to many powerhouse singing girls still in the competition to make it through.

    Top 9:  Heejun’s joking attitude by now would have grown old with a lot of America (despite how much I love this guy), so he is the bottom one here, judges save him.

    Top 9 pt2: The double elimination night, DeAndre and Colton are sent packing.

    Top 7:  By now although Elise has some mad talent, this will be the big ‘shocker’ elimination, and because I don’t think America will be smart enough to keep her any longer than this.  Also because there will be to few guys, meaning they will be getting tons of the normal female votes.

    Top 6: By now Joshua will become Jacob Lusk 2.0, and be more annoying than he is good and be sent home.

    Top 5:  Although Jessica is really good, a girl will go home this week and Hollie is the secret chosen one, while Skylar is country, leaving Jessica left to be sent home

    Top 4: This obviously won’t be the year a country artist wins again otherwise American Idol can just be called Country Idol, Skylar leaves here.

    Top 3:  You would have three people left, there would be several interesting finales.  A Heejun vs. Phillip finale where its bff vs. bff (American Idol would try a finale like this) or they could go for a girl winner with Hollie vs. Phillip/Heejun.  Most likely they will go for a girl winner and Hollie gets the first top 2 spot, and it’s left, which of these two bff’s will be in the finale and which goes home?  If Heejun goes home there will be a boy winner again, if Phillip goes home there is a good chance at a girl winner, AI wants a girl winner Phillip goes home.

    Top 2: Heejun vs. Hollie, Hollie Wins it giving AI their girl winner with their secret chosen one.

    • DeAndre is there because vocallyhe is one of the mose skilled and original people in the competition

    • huh? jessica will sending home on top 5?  I thinks its a joje. And thats funny though 😀

    • u know what i think … deandre will not be overstaying instead it will jeremy rosado… i find deandre is quite gay.. and u know people if a gay idol doesnt sing like adam lambert or maybe clay aiken then u better be out…  and  had a feeling that deandre will keep on singing in his Falsetto… that people will get annoyed and fed up.. so by may be top 10 or 11 he will be sent packing..

      and i had a feeling about Phillip, Hollie, and Jessica getting to top three

    •  about heejun… i think not a lot of idol getting saved gets to top three or 2…so maybe heejun gets eliminated after the double elimination…

      i dont know if its me …but i feel like erika van pelt is like Kelly clarkson u know the big body great voice.. kinda dark horse/underdog…
      and shannon magrane could be carrie underwood but lesser…

      i have 3 possibilities for top 2
      jessica vs phillip…either of those 2 could win it.. but probably philip
      jessica vs hollie…more likely to be hollie
      phillip vs hollie… either of the two could win but a good Fight!!!

  4. Best place for Heejun will be top 10 since judges will criticize him every week. 
    Best place for Jessica will be top 5.
    Top 4 will be Phill, Colton, Hollie, and Skylar.

    • mmm.very subjective post…please note that jessica is way better than pia. pia is boring much that is why she was eliminated coz of boring and safe songs. 

      • ummm….Safe songs?  The pretenders Ill stand by you is one of the hardest songs to sing, as well as Celine Dion’s All by Myself.  River Deep, mountain High is tough…and so is Dont let the sun go down…so what exactly are you talking about?

  5. Since Jeremy has been elimanated, I think Erika and Jermaine are next.  They were saves by the judges, although I do respect the three judges.  These three were not voted by America to be in the top ten.  This is not to say that they aren’t talented.

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