Ranking The American Idol 2012 Top 13

American Idol 2012 Top 13

I could spend all day ranking the American Idol 2012 Top 13, but it’s way more interesting to listen to the thoughts of thousands of readers rather than just mine. So instead again this American Idol season we’ll be looking at the weekly rise and fall of the various Idol Hopefuls according to how you vote for who was the best. This week we’ll be starting with a simple view of which American Idol 2012 singer is the most popular based on your votes.

#8 – Shannon Magrane, Jermaine Jones, and Erika Van Pelt. There’s a three-way tie for last place in our poll and two previously eliminated singers shouldn’t be a surprise, but Shannon as well? I’m surprised she’s not getting more of the youth vote as she’s one of the youngest this season. Jermaine has a unique voice in this contest and won his spot as a finalist, but can he maintain he underdog support? Erika will need to convince America she should have been one of the Top 10 finalists all along or back out she goes again.

#7 – Joshua Ledet and Elise Testone. Tied at seventh, Joshua and Elise looked to be solid locks for the finalists row last week. I’m surprised to see both of them this far back in the ranks, but as the live shows continue anything can happen.

#6 – Skylar Laine and DeAndre Brackensick. Tied for sixth place, Skylar Laine and DeAndre Brackensick continue to hold a middle of the road position. DeAndre has already been eliminated once by America, but thanks to the judges he got a second chance. Can Skylar be the more raucous, outgoing version of Lauren Alaina? After last week’s energetic performance it looks very possible.

#5 – Hollie Cavanagh. Hollie is the last female performer we’ll see for the next several rankings, so she better work to hold this position for the ladies. Steven Tyler suggested she let her hair down, hopefully he meant metaphorically as well as literally. Hollie looks poised to be a contender for American Idol season 11, at least in the girls category.

#4 – Colton Dixon. Back for another chance at the title Colton Dixon should go far this season. Jimmy Iovine recommended Colton to pull back on the throttle at the start, but clearly the audience likes what they’ve seen so far.

#3 – Heejun Han and Jeremy Rosado. Tied for third place are two of the more emotional guys. Heejun has his emotions of humor and Jeremy is often on the verge of tears and in need of a hug. Having been eliminated by the viewers once already it’ll be interesting to see how long Jeremy can hang on after his wildcard save by Jennifer Lopez. Heejun’s following of fans should keep the wise-cracking singer in the running for a good bit longer.

#2 – Phillip Phillps. Phillip is the guys’ counterpart to Jessica Sanchez. He’s got a healthy lead over the other male singers though not nearly as wide as Jessica. He’s easily the girls’ biggest threat to a win this season. He’s a guy, plays a guitar, and has a bit of the scruff to him. If an evil scientist created a mash-up of David Cook, Kris Allen, and Lee DeWyze then you’d have Phillip Phillips. He’s been genetically engineered to win this season.

#1 – Jessica Sanchez. Jessica held 40% of the Top 12 Girls vote last week so it’s no surprise to see her leading again here in the mixed company of guys and girls. Ms. Sanchez currently stands as the one to beat heading in to the American Idol finalists stage. Will she be the one to break the multi-year dry spell for a female winner?

If you haven’t voted yet in the American Idol 2012 Top 13 popularity poll then jump over there and let your choice be known. Otherwise, what do you think of the voters’ choices so far? Are the singers where they should be?




  1. Versatility, skill, talent, vibrato, confidence, attitude = JESSICA
    16 years old? Are you kidding me?? Look at that girl! freaking awesome!
    Go Jessica! Show them what you’ve got. 

    • I like Jessica, but I’m getting the same vibe I got with David Archuletta.  David was pushed from birth by his overbearing stage father.  I’m beginning to think the same with Jessica, overly ambitious parents who’ve driven her all her life.

      • me too, I think Jessica is the best vocally, but i think she’ll end up as a runner up.

    • Well yeah. It’s been like that since season 1. And yet they discovered Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. 

      • Actually, Season 1, 2, and you can even argue…3…had distributed demographics with regard to age and gender. After that, the teens and grandmothers dominated american idol’s market. So in my opinion, its been a popularity contest ever since Season 4.

      • I would have agreed with you last season, but they tried that on the x factor. There were still PLENTY of shockers. Like Drew and Rachel, just off the top of my head.

  2. Let’s go Hollie!!! FTW!!! If Hollie goes, I will vote for Jeremy and Heejun. Never in my life will I vote for Phil. I like Jessica, but for Hollie’s sake I’m not gonna vote for her.

      • Phew!!! I thought EVERYONE fawned over him!!! Thank goodness some people agree with me!

      • Dont create Scotty/Pia divisions like last year.  Lord knows if Phillip wins, its MUCH better than the tradegy of Scotty winning last year.  I would prefer Hollie, Jessica, and Joshua to win it over Phillip

      • you honestly think Shannon will stay longer than Hollie? Then I see no point in trying to reason with you. You must just be tone deaf.

  3. Agree that Jessica is the best female vocalist but think that Phillip Phillips is the best bet for American Idols – he has everything. Surprised that Elise is so far back – she should be in third place – love her voice. 

  4. I am shocked that Shannon hasn’t done better in this poll.  She’s my second favorite girl, after Hollie.  I love Phil, but think it is time for a girl to win.  Also like Skylar, but prefer to listen to Hollie and Shannon.  

  5. I love Erika Van Pelt voice, I think she is going to be great… She would be like Healey Reinhart… Nobody believes in her at ht begining and then…

    • No cause haley made it on her own it makes me angry when someone
      says the best is a wildcard who didnt get votes probaly lower than most of the peiople who wouldnt selected so no Erika Sucks
      Deal with it

  6. They also discovered Scotty McCreery, and that kid is going to be as big as Carrie.  What a talent AND a personality!  All last year they said it was the pre-teen vote keeping him alive, but it was also the 50-90 year olds like me, that appreciate a great voice and like to see someone who’s clean- cut and SO polite.

    •  Ssshhhh, not so loud, Let this guys keep thinking it is the tweens that
      are doing the over voting .  These guys think this is why Scotty won.  They have no idea, no clue how big and how much influence country music fans have in this industry so let them keep blaming it on the teens. LOL

      • umm, its common knowledge that grandmas and pre-teen girls are the dominating demographic for American Idol.  Sure, country music fans have influence here, but how do you explain Lee Dewyze?  Or Kris Allen? 

      • I’m neither a preteen nor an old lady, but I had Scotty picked out from his audition to win it last season. He had that deeeep country voice that I like. I love country music and he just adds character to the genre. It’s about time the country music industry had a young male vocalist. All of them are gaining years. Plus I was hoping he would push Justin Bieber out of the picture. Didn’t exactly happen, but oh well. I loved Lauren Alaina last year as well. I didn’t care who won as long as it was one of those two. I am going for Philip Philips this year I guess, but I don’t know who else. No one has really caught my fancy.

      • Hi SalvX
        I’m curious to know if you have anything to back up your claim? Since
        you are pretty good in compiling statistics, I’m sure you can come up 
        with somehting to substantiate this once and for all.

        Maybe I am old fashion but I have pre-teen grand-children that stays with us once in a while and I am sure they are already asleep when Idol starts, so I can’t see how they can sneek out of their bedrooms to use my smart phone, I wonder how many of this pre-teen you are talking about
        are awake past bedtime just to vote for an unknown 16 year old country
        star wannabe like Scotty.

        And when did you say KrisAllen and Lee Dewyze converted to country music???

      • SalvX did not say anything about kris and lee converting into country. He just asked how could you explain that they won in their respective season. He is just pointing out that ”
        It was the pre-teen AND the grandma vote.”

      •  Pepe,

        try as I might, I cannot find statistics to support my earlier claim.  The only thing I could find was median age.  Season 1 started at 35, and now its right around 50.  This suggests that either less and less people under 35 are watching the show, or more and more people over 35 are watching the show.  Therefore I must withdraw my previous claim….FOR NOW! 🙂

  7. Elise Testone should win this whole damn thing… talk about soulful singers and raw talent and genuine love for music, she transpires it! 

    If not, jessica sanchez it’s definitely one to watch, that girl stands for power house !  

  8. I would be worried if it wouldnt for heejun Elise and jeremy
    at the top lol gosh i thought this was a talent contest not a joke

  9. Prediton bottom 3 will be
    Jeremiah Sent to safety Shocker
    Elise will be returing next week
    Erika leaves us

      • i saw that you comment again saying …………..
        well i dont spend my life on a blog to defend myself when someone like you says something i dont care if his name is jerry fish
        Your just mad cause i said erika leaves

      • I’m mad? No. I am voting for Hollie, not Erika. Also, I certainly don’t spend my life on a blog.

  10. You do realize you can hack a poll my friend does it all the time and his fav
    is heejun so maybe he got his hands on this poll and dont tell me im lying
    i saw him before

    • Why would any bother to “hack” this poll? It’s an unofficial, nonbinding popularity poll. Lots of people “can” do lots of things, but doesn’t mean it happened. The results here are legit.

      • You said why would anyone hack a poll that dont matter it is obvious
        so they fav will be the highest Duhhhhhhhhhhh

    •  Tell me Randy, why bother hacking a poll and put your fav  tied for third place and not put him in 1st place, it does not make sense, LOL

    • i will comment these one cuz it is the latest one i said you can hack a poll im not saying it was but i think so
      but my friend does hack polls he hacks all kinds of things i dont know why but he does. However it was a joke that he hacked it he probaly didnt cause he wouldnt care he dont like Idol to much but his fav is heejun so there is your answer
      By the way dont you people have lifes than to all comment on me

  11. the three best are jessica, shannon and elise.  they’ll all get contracts come the end of the show.  no need to go ballistic yet

  12. Anyway, LOT’S of talent this year. It’s gonna be a tight race. Hopefully there are no shock eliminations this season. Unless it’s phil or Colton. I’d be happy with them going home.

  13. Elise Testone’s voice is one we LOVE.  She not only has the voice, she has the talent and spirit.  She would be a wonderful Idol for my children!


  15. Beware Phillip Phillps, he’s an imposter-It’s like a Saturday Night Live skit the way he is imitating Dave Matthews. To a “T”!! the way he holds the guitar, the outfit, facial movements, left leg lift, head tilt. Watch some video of Dave and you’ll be amazed at the rip-off. Kinda smart though cause the ladies LOVE Dave.

    • I totally agree. I cant believe more people (esp the PP fans) dont see the overwhelming similarities btwn him and Dave Matthews. I love Dave and i guess its not PP’s fault that his style is almost a replica of daves(that is if he is not intentionally copying his style, which i doubt) but its just not as impactful for me since there already is an artist so similar. Again, i like PP but feel sorry for him that an already amazing talent like Dave has made his mark and that his style will be compared.

    • Gargling Rocks
      By any chance have you ever heard gargling rocks dont make sense
      Phillip is great i bet you are pulling for a loser like heejun or elise

      • Nope. Also, again, you are tone deaf. Actually, I am voting for Hollie. Phil does not have the talent of the other contestants.

      • Im tone deaf cause i think phil has talent well excuse me he made it to the top 13 the worst is hollie speaking of tone deaf you make me lol

  16. I for one can’t stand Phil Phillips. If I didn’t have to watch him I would probably think he is great, but he is just a little weird for my tastes. Like Paul McDonald…I could only take so much of the weirdness and dancing. I think America will get annoyed with it as well. At least I hope so. I think Colton will do better than you do.

    •  Lol, well with Paul I totally agree but his voice didn’t help him with me either.  I like Phillip’s voice a lot better so that helps

  17. Your #3 is Way off!  Both of those two are Mediocre AT BEST.  Honestly, would you really pay to sit and listen to either of them for more than 5 minutes?  It’d be the same thing over and over again. Jessica, Hollie, Phillip and Joshua.

  18. Why would we considring it ranking it is just 7000 rankings
    i wanted to see The runners of americanidolnet say there favs not 7000 votes becuase 7000 votes dont mean nothing
    i vote 7000 times every night

      • 7,000 votes is just overdoing it. Sorry, it’s just my opinion. I agree with you Pepe when you said that is the reason the voting is out of whack. I hate to say this, but American Idol doesn’t have much time left. 🙁

    • There you go Matt , here is one 7000 votes and proud of it, wow!!
      No wonder the voting is out of whack.

  19. I think Jessica is the BEst of them all watching her grow in youtube,,

    you dont have any idea how Good she is she can sing everything She raps she has soul ,she can belt i even know she can do opera also!!:) you know she can do everything !!!

    you havent seen yet so far what she can do..and i know she will slay any houston song Tomorrow..

  20. Maybe Shannon should have been higher. Her song, style, dress, and hair made her seem older and not in a good way. Hopefully, she’ll come alive next time. Her voice is great. I think Skylar might be better because of that quality of life she has! (And she probably shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence as Lauren Alaina, another very overrated singer.) My female preference is still Hollie, but future performances could change that. On the male side, Joshua’s voice is unmatchable. I am surprised he isn’t mentioned more.

    • This week is the time to shine or fail
      I think skylar is going last i feel she is kinda like lauren and haley
      wrapeed up in one she will be a front runner before long.
      Hopefully shannon will shut everybody up about jessica

  21. Top 5 for me at this point

    Anyone’s game between Colton, Heejun, Elise and DeAndre I think

    Those first four are the clear favorites of mine  though, the others just haven’t made a big impression on me but I have a feeling that they could.

  22. Also I feel that this year the talent is pretty mediocre as a whole.  I do believe they eliminated some better people pretty early.  Very few of the top 13 would be any more successful than Kris Allen or even Lee Dewyze as far as I’m concerned.  It is sad to say but that’s what I believe.

  23. I can understand that Jermaine is last, he is pretty lame. No offense Jermaine lover.  I reall agree with no. 2 and 4. I say Jeremy is lower as his emotianal side help him be a wild card. HeeJun’s emotianal side only happens when its too good to be true. Well Jessica is okay but I think phil and heejun and colton are better. Boy better that girls! ( except for hollie, she awesome!)

  24. Hey runners of this website i would just like to say this is the best american idol website.

  25. If talent really means something in this process, Erika is not going home on a Whitney challenge!  I’ve heard her sing Whitney live and she does an *awesome* job with it.  Keep an open mind and open ears.




  27. 13.  Jermaine Jones –
    I don’t think he will make the tour, and if he does I will be upset. 13 – 11.

    12. Erika Van Pelt – I love this girl, I’m just not sure if
    America does. In order to make it to the tour, she is going to have to kill
    whatever Whitney Houston song she decides to sing. I’m pulling for her. This
    week will decide if she leaves or if she makes the tour in my opinion. 13 – 8

    11. Jeremy Rosado – I think this kid has a decent voice, but
    just isn’t the next superstar. I hope he doesn’t make the tour, but who knows.
    He is another one of those contestants that if they screw up this week, they
    will be out. 12 – 8

    10. Shannon Magrane – I think this girl is highly overrated.
    She has a decent voice, but there are other girls in this competition her age,
    that just blow her away. I also think she lacks personality. Sadly, I think
    that she will make the tour, but hopefully I’m wrong. Her chances of winning
    are zero though. 11 – 8.

    9. Deandre Brackensick – This competition could go either
    way for this kid. He could totally be screw up and be out early, or he could
    become amazing after some mentoring with Jimmy Iovine and it far in this
    competition. So, he is a tough one to call for me. 10 – 6

    8. Heejun Hun – Heejun is extremely likeable. I think he
    will be the Sanjaya/ Tim Urban of this year. The only difference is that this
    kid has a pretty good voice on him. So he could actually make it pretty far in
    this competition. I think he will definitely make the tour. 9 – 6

    7. Skylar Laine – Her style is different from everyone else in
    the competition, so that is a good thing for her. I think she has a big voice
    on her, and I don’t think we have seen her best yet. I think she has potential
    to make it far in this competition and she will make the tour. 8 – 5

    6. Colton Dixon – I think he is very talented. I just
    wonder, if what we saw was the best he had. I hope he didn’t peak too soon.
    But, I think he will make it pretty far in this competition, and he is going on
    the tour. 8-4

    5. Hollie Cavanaugh – I think Hollie has a very powerful
    voice, and I think she can go a long way in this competition. Can she win? I
    don’t think so. I could be wrong, but I just don’t see her going all the way,
    because I don’t think she is unique enough. I just see her as a really good
    singer, and not really an artist. 7 – 3

    4. Joshua Ledet – This guy can SING! Many people compare him
    to Jakob Lusk but I think he is much better. He has much  more control over his voice, and is just a
    really great vocalist. 7-3

    3. Elise Testone – I think this girl is very unique. She has
    her own style, and is a great vocalist. I think she will give some fantastic
    performances this season. I hope she isn’t the shock elimination of this
    season. I expect a lot from her. 7 – 2

    2. Jessica Sanchez – This girl is going to go extremely far
    in the competition. I think she definitely has a shot at winning this thing. I think
    she is just going to blow our minds this whole season. 3 – 1

    1. Phillip Phillips – I think he will be the winner this
    season. I hope Jessica is, but I just feel like America will get behind him,
    before they will Jessica. He is very talented and unique. I like his style. If
    he wins, it would be the first time I was satisfied with the winner since
    season 7.  3 – 1.

  28. @gedgbe um first HOLLIE IS THE BEST! k !? She is amazing she has a great tone and a beautiful voice! Go hollie 😀

  29. Jessica, as a man i have to admit that i was one of the 40million who shed a tear this evening. YOU ROCK!

  30. Um no! Everyone’s ears must me messed up because it colton that’s going to win this!!!!! GO COLTON!!!!!!

  31. Jessica is the cream of the crop, she’s the best in the batch, vocally, but I think she will not win. Just like Adam Lambert who got it all, the best in his batch, but just a runner up in the end. Hollie Cavanagh and Phillip Phillips have higher chances of winning this all



  33. jessica is getting better and better. the probability of her winning the AI 2012 is 60%. hope i m right….aint i?

  34. Love p2 he is unique and also i would buy his cd just to hear his growling haha love him he is definitely one of the best alot of people just like someone with a good voice but american idol is not a voice. jessica has no personality and people think she is amazing and say heejun sucks but yet he is trying to win to give back to the specail needs kids it just shows that somepeople dont know what they are doing when it comes to voiting for ‘american idol’

  35. Deondre and Jermaine suck monkey balls. It’s true. I’ve seen them. Why the fuck would the producers have these mediocre performers sing Whitney and Stevie? Unreal. This season can be described in three words: BORING, BORING, BORING. BRING BACK SIMON, OR CANCEL THE DAMN SHOW. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! J-Lo had camel toe tonite, as well. Piss off!

  36. For all those who think philipp is so original… I cant believe more people (esp the PP fans) dont see the overwhelming similarities btwn him and Dave Matthews. I mean maybe they have never heard of the guy. Dave is a unique artist and i guess its not PP’s fault that his style is almost a replica of daves(that is if he is not intentionally copying his style, which i doubt) but its just not as impactful for me since there already is an artist so similar. Again, i like PP but feel sorry for him that an already amazing talent like Dave has made his mark and that his style will be compared. I would suggest all those who would buy a cd of PP’s right now, go check out dave first.

  37. Hollie and Erika are the best female singers in the competition- not Jessica! Jessica has Christina Aguilera syndrom in that she attempts too many runs and she can’t pull them off like Christina can. Joshua has the best male voice but he will not win based on previous year’s voting patterns. I hope that America will realize very soon just how good Hollie and Erika really are! 

  38. Jessica is the same Mariah Carey and Jeniffer Hudson shit..look for something differnet..DeAndre is very talented..music is not all about a good voice..its being marketable and having stage presence as a performer.This idiot who won the X-Factor sucks big time….these comptetition focus on getting someone with a good voice but not someone they can mould into a brand and a global superstar..That’s what set Kelly,Carrie and Daughtry apart…Noone will ever be like that again..idiots!

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