American Idol 2012 Top 13: Vote For Your Favorite

American Idol season 11 finalists

America has spoken. The judges have made their wildcard picks. Now it’s your turn to take back control of the American Idol 2012 Top 13 singers.

Cast your vote for your favorite Top 13 performer in our poll below and then share your thoughts. Which of these finalists will be the next American Idol?




  1. Really amazing performers…Heejun should not be in top 10 for he spent most of the competition complaining and he is not nearly as talented as some of the others who did’nt make it. It is concerning that he mentions he hopes his dad remembers how to speed dial….I thought Idol had resolved the issue of speed dialing to avoid excessive votes for one contestant. Reed and Chase should have made it. 

    • Heejun is amazing, you are just jealous you will never be as amazing him as the Han 

    • I totally agree Heejun isn’t that great alsothere were people who didn’t go through that were better then he was

    • Geez….relax!!  Some people just can’t enjoy the fact that he adds quite a different element to the show for several people.  Our family laughs everytime we see that guy.  I hope he at least gets a TV show deal on some channel somewhere.  Let him hang for a few weeks — and enjoy the ride.

      I really thought he did a great job with “New York State of Mind” — so he does have some talent!

      • No kidding, everyone just chiiiiilllll. I love the guy, but even I know he’s not gonna win it. Just let him enjoy the ride, geez!

    •  Thank you Mymailnancy i agree with you Heejun is a drama Queen  sorry but he needs to grow up and  Learn what show business is all about  not a party its all hard work and personality.

      • really?  And you know this how?  Show business is just as much fun as it is hard work!

      • Not technically! People can have fun, while working you know. Have you ever done it before I mean chill! What’s the big deal?

      •  I see that you are top 10000000 in idol, why bother get so jealoushahaha, Heejun is da best

    • I’d like to see Jessica and Phillip in the final spot. Hollie is bubbling up together with Shannon. I would love to see them in the top 5 plus Colton… HeeJun is a big joke.

      • not at all… heejun is crazy talented. you’re a big joke. give the guy some credit

    • so true! Heejun is overrated!!! The Cowboy, Richie only did what he had to which is SING! Heejun is the bad guy. he kept badmouthing Richie and he even ignored Richie’s handshake offer…TWICE! stupid asian c…k!

      • Yes HeeJun is overrated but dear please don’t be so racist! I love Asian people! 

      • Yeah true, but what he said was also true, during their practice, he only wants them to listen to his opinion. So maybe their both evenly mean but kind at some point and has lots of talent

    •  Yes, Heejun not supposed to be top 10, but top 1 … You said he is complaining, how about you, complaining in here hahaha lame

      • fer real?..colton is not even half as talented as jessica…I like colton also and i think that he will stay  long, but he will not win!

    • Jessica can sing!  I would have no issues if she won it all.  To be honest, if I had had to pick what 10 singers I thought were the best — I wouldn’t have picked any different…..I can’t argue with any of the 10 — 

      And so happy there is no Scotty this year — I liked the rest of the finalists last year except him….so, I will enjoy this season much more.

      Great bunch of kids that all can carry a tune….. I just wish Bailey was as talented as she was beautiful… girls were all in awe of how pretty she was.

      • I’ve never been a big fan of her voice, but one thing I noticed about Bailey as the 6 wildcards were doing their last chance save me songs is that she was in full support and awe of their performances. Even as the chances of her being called to be one of the last 6 narrowed down, she still had respect and admiration for the other contestants. That is one classy, gracious girl! 

  2. I find it really funny NOONE wanted to have anything to do with Heejun. His odd personality doesn’t give him fast friends.

    • Really?  Him and Phillips were like best buds, they even did a little dance together at the end of the show

    • Did you watch?  He and Phillips seemed like great buddies.  In fact Heejun’s family “adopted” Phillips — some little video my girls found….

      He appears to get along with everyone except the Law!

    • What are you going on about? He and Phil, (and Jermaine when he was on), are pretty tight bros. And if you look at Heejun, Colton and Phillips twitter pics, they’re all hanging out and making fun of each other. Fact check please!

  3. jessica is seriously good and for all intents and purposes she should win it.  i say “should” but not “will”.  we all know how the voting goes…

    • ok i guess he is good but i like colton better i think colton will win because he is sexy

    • I would root for Jessica but all the girls keep getting voted off these shows early. It’s hard for a girl to win American Idol for some reason. IDK what that reason is. But it’s correct to say it will probably be another WGWG. Just like the past 5 seasons.

      • White Guy With Guitar…Don’t assume my race and gender based on the fact that I am getting bored with a WGWG winning American Idol every year. I would like to see that change but I do think Colton Dixon has the best chance to win it this year.

  4. Why the standing ovation for Sanchez on wed.???? She sang with a cold ??? Who cares. I think the Que cards were off … The standing ovation should have been for Elise..

    • Maybe because even with a cold she still sounded  fantastic,  imagine if she sings without the cold how much  better she could do.  I like Elise too , but she did not do as good of job wednesday night, she almost did not make it!!  But I am happy since I also chose her as one of  my top 2 girls.

  5. Colton Dixon has what it takes and the Judges know it which is why they urged him to audition again with his Sister.  He has the look, the talent and in my opinion, will be the next American Idol.

    • You might not know it, but Phillip Phillips is already the unofficial winner, he is white, he is a guy, and he plays a guitar, thats all you need to win this show.

      • So if this is true what  you were saying is ,  Kelly , Fantasia , Carrie and Jordin are guys dressed as women, and worst one of them has to put on a lot of make up just to look like white, right? I do remember one or two of them did play a guitar, I could be wrong.  Maybe there is still hope for an old fart like me………………:D

    • you go man you are totally right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  6. everybody loves jessica cuz a aesome performance what if she sucks you vote her off

  7. Can someone please explain to my why Jermaine was asked back ??  And, why he is still there ??

    • Because Jermaine cried and thats all you have to do remeber jeremy
      he got in the top 13 cuz crying

      • Its not u guys its America Jermaine. Will remain standing crying or not.its a greater power watch and discover

  8. All of the contestants this season are great. But, I don’t get the over dramatic fan love for some of them.. an example of that would be Colton Dixon… Je can sing, but, calling him the next American idol is a little much?? To me he hasn’t proved what he’s fully capable of… Same for Heejun.

    • Preach! All these kids still have a lot to prove. Of course, there are stand outs, but still, the competition has just begun, and we have to see how consistent and pressure resistant each of these contestants are. That being said… Go Phillip PHILLIPS, Jessica SANCHEZ, Hollie CAVANAGH & HeeJUN!!! WOOHOOOOO!!!!

    • Not really, Jessica and Hollie are just as good of technical singers as her if not better.  Its personal taste, there isn’t a clear best

      • Not only are they just as good technically, but their performances are infused with passion, emotion, style, depth and an inner fire, something that Shannon, IMHO, has yet to learn how to project. But the girls voice is on point, no doubt.

    • You may feel she’s the best but others are entitled to their own taste and opinion

    • Shannon is boring, sometimes her tone is anoying… I think she is the number 12 of the list because Jermaine exists

      • Actually I think I’d even choose Jermaine over her, because at least he puts his heart, soul and emotions into his performance. That girl is missing some real DEPTH!

  9.  I think Heejun is a talented singer and has a great personality. He is unique and that is what I prefer to see.  I do agree that there were a couple talented people who should not have gone home.  Also, Heejun was only joking about the speed dial thing. 

    • I agree, Heejun is amazing, he won’t win because asians can’t win American Idol, I think its a rule or something, but he is still amazing

      • Ha…good one! Being half Asian myself, its definitely a rule that I’ve noticed being enforced year after year. Not to worry, the kid is talented, and he’ll have a career in entertainment if he wants it.

  10. i think phillip and jessica stoled all the votes up there
    however give them next week i think it will change

      • It is very emotional for these kids and they sing their hearts out.I also was in tears with Jeremy Rosado and I for one am glad he made it…He has a beautiful voice…

      • I agree Nanny. 
        Yeah, I was never a big Jeremy fan, he didn’t stand for me as much, but last nights performance was amazing. He dumped all of his brokenhearted emotions into that delivery and it pulled him through. Good job, Jeremy!

  11. Faves…
    As long as these six are the final six, I’m happy with any outcome!

  12. Next week singing Whitney and Stevie will be a challenge…..

    I would love to hear Elise do “Exhale” (Shoop Shoop – song)…..

  13.  Jessica Sanchez undeniably has got all what it takes to win it. I just hope tha tall her efforts won’t go to waste just like what happened to Pia Toscano last season, when she was eliminated so early. America, please vote for her and make her be the next Idol. And you’ll never regret it.

  14. if  America only Knows that this is a singing contest and not a popularity or Good looking Contest..If they really know how to vote Wisely,

    Then it should be!!!!!!!!


    like if you feel The same!

    • I’d like to see Jessica and Philip in the final spot. Hollie is bubbling up together with Shannon. I would love to see them in the top 5 plus Colton… HeeJun is a big joke.

  15. I’d like to see Jessica and Phillip in the final spot. Hollie is bubbling up together with Shannon. I would love to see them in the top 5 plus Colton… HeeJun is a big joke. Wake up America! This is a Singing Competition and not a Comedy Show!

  16. With Whitney Houston week coming up, I think Jessica will do great job. Good luck Jessica!

  17. It surprises me Jeremy is in third place. Honestly I expect him to come in third to last.

    • Why , is it because he can’t sing ?  Or maybe just because he is not as
      good looking as the other guys, LOL

      I choose him as my dark horse before the top 13 was announced.

      • His singing is probably one of the worst (just below DeAndre) and the main voting base won’t vote for him.

        He got cut the first time and really isn’t that good,  I see him getting cut next week or DeAndre getting cut next week.

      • Hi Rinsewash

        When you say “main voting base”  would that mean “you” and who else? did you take a look who is number 3 right now in this poll?

        I must be deaf, because I heard  him sing too and it sounded great!!
        Maybe you should listen to him again.

  18. Win or lose, Jessica Sanchez truly shines this season! I am confident she will be doing good next week, Whitney Houston theme. 

    My Top 5

    1.) Jessica Sanchez
    2.) Phillip Phillips
    3.) Colton Dixon
    4.) Hollie Cavanagh
    5.) Shannon Magrane

  19. okay so i haven’t seen much about skylar..personally i think she put on a really good show and she has an amazing voice. I have to say though i am rooting for those down-home country girls. Represent!!! 😀

  20. My top 3 is..

    1.Phillip Phillips
    2.Colton Dixon
    3.Jessica Sanchez

    But really, everyone is amazing, but i would LOVE to see Phillip win this, even if he doesn’t, he will get a record deal, FOR SURE.

    • I’m really bored of seeing males win the competition because of the female vote… They can’t even rise to success.. The females of Idol have always had a stronger career. ps. kelly, carrie, jennifer, etc.

      I think phillip is good but I’m definitely rooting for Jess or Hollie 😛

  21. Why people vote for JeremyRosado? I don´t think he is good enough. I love Erika, Elise, Hollie C, Philip and Colton… Please, it´s not necessary to be pretty if you wanna be a good singer. Vote for Erika, she is great….

    • Hi alan,
      This guy can sing , and given the right songs , the right look , the right
      support and guidance by his coach he may be on the top 5, I could be wrong and that’s ok too , but I know a good voice when I hear one and
      Jeremy is a natural and all he needs is to develop his confidence and
      watch out!!

      • Not really you could say that for any contestant.  Unless he makes some giant improvement in the next couple weeks, I don’t see him making it to the top 10.

  22. The next ones to go will be Erika, Jermaine, Jeremy, and Deandre. The wildcards never make it too far

  23. I hate when people say “This person and that person are for sure gonna make the top 5” or “this person and that person will for sure win it all!!” You guys don’t know, all it takes is for someone to give an amazing performance and just like that their back on top. Right now Erika and Jermaine have the lowest percentages, but, if they blow us out of the park they could have the highest… I gotta feelin Erika will do that.

    • Good point Coolkid19124, exactly where I am coming from.  I just have to laugh on how many people so far who were so sure of their predictions on who is going home and who is going to stay and be wrong all the way.  What gets me is after everything is said and done they are still crying why so and so went home and why so and so is
      in,  ha ha ha ha ha, that’s all I can say for now.

      • I’ll probably be wrong but I don’t care. If you hate that then don’t read this blog cause you’re gonna see a lot of it. And if my pick gets voted off I will pick someone else. I am not afraid to be wrong sometimes. If it starts happening pretty regular it might bother me though….LOL

      • I’ll probably be wrong but I don’t care. If you hate that then don’t read this blog cause you’re gonna see a lot of it. And if my pick gets voted off I will pick someone else. I am not afraid to be wrong sometimes. If it starts happening pretty regular it might bother me though….LOL

      • I agree with taymaro whats the use of this blog if you can say what you want to say thanks but no we dont need a sensor of this blog

      • Hi Taymaro,
        I did not say I hate it, actually love seing it.  It makes this blog much more entertaining, especially seeing the ones who are so sure of themselves, then they became quiet for a little while when they fall short of their fail safe predictions, oh by the way I was one of them,
        nobody is perfect LOL.

  24. X factor is coming to my state im not the best singer though
    but im afraid i wont make it my name is Jared vote for me if i make it
    im from NC

  25. The worst part is jeremy is in the top 3 lol
    i think he may be gone but either way i know he wont win

  26. It’s gonna be COLTON! Phillip has a GF already and a lot of girls,gay,and bi-sexuals alike are heartbroken right now! 😛 even dykes lezbos!

  27. dang jessica sanchez, girl! quit posting pics of u on fb/twitter… u look like a cheap mex/fil hooker in some of the pics! ew.

    • Hey Juancho why are you the only one posting what happen to everyone else Im Late Here

    • Why in the world would you hate phil? Like if you don’t hate Phil

  28. I dont see much Jeremy support in the comments at all, or from any talk here or other places.  How is he doing so well on that poll is making me wonder

    • Cuz Vftw Got a hold of this poll
      Vftw Vote For the worst
      Dont believe me Google VFTW they have a website

    • HI Rinsewash
      You don’t have to comment to vote, so again,we will see who goes to the top 10 if I’m wrong, then I’m wrong, LOL.

  29. I would just like the say Jen and/or Eben should have been in the top 13.  Other than that not too much to complain about besides Skyler shouldn’t be there and Jermaine probably shouldn’t either.   I can’t figure out whether I like DeAndre or not, just hit and miss I guess.  This is all just my honest opinion that I wanted to share.

    • Well i dont think jermaine deserved that spot
      but im glad That Jen didnt make it cuz she would take alot of votes from the rest

      •  My favorite? Hmm, a little hard to pick.  Going into the top 24 performances I didn’t see anyone I really cared for to be honest.  But I would say for me, Jessica and Hollie stand out and as far as talent should make it pretty far.  I like Shannon and Phillip as well.  There’s some other good ones but those are the ones I like at the moment.

  30. I Miss when alot of people where on this its boring now
    i guess i will wait till next week

  31. My top 5:
    1) Hollie
    2) Phillip
    3) Shannon
    4) Skylar
    5) Erika/Elise/Heejun – can’t decide yet

  32. HEEJUN is AMAZING anyone who says otherwise, I just don’t care.
    He has a great personality and has a great voice

  33. GO JESSICA SANCHEZ… we Filipinos are really really proud of you and we are praying that you will win this …… 

    we believe in your talent and we r very happy that you;ve inspired us here in the Philippines…… GO……

  34. not really interested with the girls (except Jessica) since most of them should join The Biggest Loosers first than American Idol 

    • Singing contest NOT skinny anorexic model contest . The av size of American women is a 12/14

  35. My top 5 :

    1. Phil
    3. Jessica

    Why did Jermaine came back? I would like it more if cowboy dude did. And whatever just because its AMERICAN idol doesn’t mean and indonesian (Heejun) can’t be in it! 😉

  36. Phillip, Elise, Jessica, and Joshua Ledet are the stand-outs for me. 

    Phillip’s voice is unique and I love how it sounds; it’s crisp, cool, and – I don’t know, there’s just something that I really like about him. Elise’s raspy voice also gets to me. When I heard her sang “One and Only”, I thought she sang it with heart. Moreover, I love Adele. Jessica sings like a professional, she gives me chills every time. Her vocal techniques and voice are undoubtedly one of the best. Joshua, too, have amazing tones and he sure knows how to sing well. 

    As for the others, I think they’re okay. I really like Heejun, though, he definitely makes me smile. He has a nice voice, too, but I would like to see him show more of his range and techniques. I’m not sure if I like Deandre and Jermaine or not. Their voices are something kinda new to me; I’m still trying to get used to them. Still, it’s early in the competition and my opinion could change. 

    Overall, great singers. Really looking forward to see more. (:

  37. I feel bad for Eben…He really was a great singer, but even though he’s not in the top 13, I still have respect for him. He was the only person who was standing up and supporting the last wild card. Everyone else was sitting there feeling sorry for themselves, except for a 15 year old kid. Pretty legit :0)

    And Go Heejun! and Skylar!

    • stupid judges should be blamed… bringing back someone who they think didn’t make the top 24! Eben could’ve been in the top 13! gentle giant my virgin @$$!!!

  38. gonna be Colton, jessica and Phillip… GO COLTON!
    Phillip looks deceiving to me. using his cuteness (ygh) and good looks ( argh)
    reminds me of Lee DeWyze! Simon kept saying “from being a painter to AI!” then I found out Lee had a band? or had a CD out bedore AI!? what a deceiver! Crystal should’ve won then!

  39. How come 2 out of the top 3 voices have such low percentage? Joshua and Elise, I mean.
    IMO, the best ones are Phillip (not that great of a voice as the next three, but I like him nonetheless), Elise, Joshua and Jessica, and maybe Erika. Then comes the rest. Deandre has lots of potential, though. Colton, HeeJun and Skylar are pretty ordinary (great singers, but not unique). And I’d love to hear Jermaine sing something from Barry White.

    • It’s early days yet, don’t read too much into it.   For me, I want to see more of Hollie and Joshua.  

  40. My prediction for who goes home in what order, just for fun, I will most likely be wrong.
    Top 13: Unless somebody gives an awful preformance, it is very likely the bottom three will consist of one of these four, Erika, Jermaine, Jeremy, and DeAndre.  My guess is DeAndre will be the guy who overstays his welcome (happens everywhere, with people like Stefano and Tim Urban, etc.  that you think why are they still here) it could also be Jeremy, but im guessing it’s DeAndre because usually the overstaying welcome people are tweens.  So I predict out of these Erika will go home first, girls always go home first nowadays.
    Top 12: The bottom three will consist of Jermaine, Jeremy, and x (possibly DeAndre), one could be replaced by a person who lacked in their performance the other night, but it most likely won’t send them home.  Jeremy goes home here.
    Top 11: This will be a fairly predictable week, unless they want to throw out a shocker elimination (last year they had a ‘shocker’ result every 2-3 weeks) Most likely not and Jermaine goes home here.
    Top 10: Now is when it gets harder, in right thinking you would say, DeAndre goes home here, well most likely it won’t happen because he will most likely end up overstaying his welcome and lasting till around the top 7-8, like most of them do.  Shannon goes home (possibly Hollie) since there will be to many powerhouse singing girls still in the competition to make it through.
    Top 9:  Heejun’s joking attitude by now would have grown old with a lot of America (despite how much I love this guy), so he is the bottom one here, judges save him.
    Top 9 pt2: The double elimination night, DeAndre and Colton are sent packing.
    Top 7:  By now although Elise has some mad talent, this will be the big ‘shocker’ elimination, and because I don’t think America will be smart enough to keep her any longer than this.  Also because there will be to few guys, meaning they will be getting tons of the normal female votes.
    Top 6: By now Joshua will become Jacob Lusk 2.0, and be more annoying than he is good and be sent home.
    Top 5:  Although Jessica is really good, a girl will go home this week and Hollie is the secret chosen one, while Skylar is country, leaving Jessica left to be sent home
    Top 4: This obviously won’t be the year a country artist wins again otherwise American Idol can just be called Country Idol, Skylar leaves here.
    Top 3:  You would have three people left, there would be several interesting finales.  A Heejun vs. Phillip finale where its bff vs. bff (American Idol would try a finale like this) or they could go for a girl winner with Hollie vs. Phillip/Heejun.  Most likely they will go for a girl winner and Hollie gets the first top 2 spot, and it’s left, which of these two bff’s will be in the finale and which goes home?  If Heejun goes home there will be a boy winner again, if Phillip goes home there is a good chance at a girl winner, AI wants a girl winner Phillip goes home.
    Top 2: Heejun vs. Hollie, Hollie Wins it giving AI their girl winner with their secret chosen one.

    • I agree with you a lot of things. The bottom this week will probably be the people who came in to the top 13 because of the judges, Erika, Jeremy and Deandre. I do not think Deandre will overstay his welcome, because he is a beautiful for one thing and I don’t think American really gets him, so I think he will get sent home prematurely.  I think Jermaine may overstay his welcome. I really like all of the finalist but my least favorite is Jermaine and Elise. And American Idol definitely wants a girl to win, so I would be surprised if Phillip goes to the finale, otherwise he will win. So I totally agree that he will be the third runner-up. Oh and totally agree that Joshua will turn into a Jacob. I love him, but he is over the top. But anyway, haha I really agree with you pretty much on everything. You must have watched AI as long as I did. You get to know how American votes and partly what the producers think.

  41. Jessica’s obviously my compatriot.But what even more drives me so to get hooked into American Idol, again, are the natural born singers of this season have.I vote for Jessica,so natural,such a performer.I like her not because we’re of the same race (I rooted for Jordin before), the girl has talent.I hope & pray she wins.

  42. we have been waiting for a DEANDRE in the music industry…I dont care if he does not win the competition but I will be sure to buy his CD…anyday..

  43. The 3 BEST singers/performers this year would have to be Hollie, Skylar, and Colton. Sadly, there is no way America would let Skylar win, so I say that if this season doesn’t get rigged like last season with all of the teenage girl votes, we should see Hollie and Colton in the finale.

  44. come on guys stop voted because the singger is charming or what,,, american idol is tallend show, and this year,, bassed on the technique and performances, jessica sancez diserved  to take d winner

    • She’ll definitely give the guys a run for their money. I could not believe the voice that came out of her. She is amazing. With only her and Jessica being amazing singers, I think the guys have the upper hand again this year. However as you said, she should be the next American Idol.

  45. All this certainty cracks me up every year when, after ONE WEEK of actual top 13 competition — ONE  WEEK — so many people get on here screaming that this contestant will win, or that contestant will win. I wonder how those people can even enjoy a full season of the show when it’s so clear to them already who should win. And they snipe at anybody who dares post a different opinion. And after the very first elimination, many will get on here to proclaim that the person who was cut was by far the best of the group and they’ll never watch the show again. I thought the show was supposed to be about DEVELOPMENT and IMPROVEMENT and somebody really rising to the top as the best overall vocal entertainer. The fun for me is watching the contestants grow, and become truly the best singer with the best overall stage presence/voice combination. That doesn’t seem to be true for the majority who post on these sites. Could so many already be so sure of the greatest talent after what they’ve seen already just through auditions, Hollywood week and one week of the stage show? Why aren’t all these people in the music-talent business?

  46. Love Heejun Han,

    He is an inspiration and has worldwide appeal. Someone who has an amazing voice but has English as a second language can be an American idol.  That’s what most of America is made of…immigrates who beleive in a dream.  Not going hate on others because they are all awesome and none of these idiots below can belt it out like the final 13.


  47. Erika Van Pelt is amazing! She will rise above the rest! She’s holding back! But trust me she’s amazing!
    SK rhode island
    Karaoke singer

  48. om..jessica got the highest thumbs up  from everyone! im proud shes filipino-mexican

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