American Idol 2012: Top 2 Revealed After Latest Elimination

American Idol 2012 Top 2

After Joshua Ledet’s elimination last night on American Idol 2012 we’re down to just two Hopefuls left: Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez. These finalists will face off in an vocal battle next Tuesday where there can be only one!

Nigel Lythgoe has revealed Jessica and Phillip will be performing three selections: a favorite performance from earlier this season, a pick by Simon Fuller, and the single they’ll release if they win the season. These performances should make for a pretty exciting final round when they hit the stage.

Fox All Access’ producer Jeff Axelrod sat down with both singers last night after the American Idol 2012 results show and continued his streak of dominating the monotone interviews. They discuss the road to get to this point in the competition, what they’ve got left to do, and even shower each other with praise.

Just to highlight how out of touch Axelrod comes across to these two is when he opens with a reference to “hopping in the DeLorean and powering it up to 88.” Jessica Sanchez was -10 years old (yes, that’s negative ten years old) and Phillip was -5 when “Back to the Future” came out. But if your idea of a fun interview is lots of awkward silences and dull narration then watch it all below.




  1. I love watching both of them in an interview. They built a very happy family with the other contestants over the past few months. Whatever happens next week, ¬†both of them are winners. No doubt. But I hope Jessica will win. Miami, Florida is rooting for her. ūüôā

      • This whole thing is wrong! ¬†It should have been JOshua standing there, However American¬†Idol¬†is just worried about it’s bottom line and it was most ly like rigged. ¬†With Phillips cuteness NOT talent, the young teenie bopper girls will buy his record and that is what sells. ¬†But that is not the way American Idol promotes itself ¬†This is the second time the real talent got cheated! ¬†I will never watch again. ¬†I was a loyal fan in the begining but not it is overly commercialized and glitzed. ¬†We need new judges too!

      • I agree…and if there was a major “snoozefest” quoting jimmy..that reporter was it for sure! ūüôā

    • ¬†I love seeing Jessica with her family, she represents the true American Dream…In America, your dreams really can come true…if you work hard and stay humble!!!

      I am ALL IN 4 JESSICA 2 WIN


      • “she represents the true American Dream…In America, your dreams really can come true…if you work hard and stay humble!!!” That’s so true.
        I came to America with nothing in my pocket. But I worked hard and honestly.
        I now have 4 houses and 2 sons in college and one graduated. 3 houses are paid in full.. One graduated as nurse and one graduating next year as aerospace engineer.
        I hope Jessica wins.


    • ¬†yeah indeed they are both happy and not feeling insecure..only the fans are making bad comments for each other..let us unite people of the world..stop commenting bad to fellow contestant cuz they are both deserving..

    • I was listening to the radio the other day, and Jessica’s version of “My All” (AI version) was played and I thought she was flawless. I also thought she sounded so much like Toni Braxton.

  2. Sing it out from your heart…this is your song, i imagine you singin’ this one one right now…Pls!

    • But she can only pick a song from the earlier performances..If so I would like for her to sing Love you I do…

      • How about “Everybody has a dream” by Billy Joel?? That was one of my favorite renditions of her…just perfect for her! Thanks Di!¬†

      • yes. I will agree with BobTomKat. I wish Jessica will sing again “Everybody has adream”. That song begins to flourish her idenity.

  3. What a strange interview. :-/ 

    Couldn’t they have picked a better reporter to do that interview?

    • That guy is the “Fox All Access” show’s producer, so I’m guessing he’s self-appointed and no one wants to tell the boss he’s bad at his job. But oh boy is he bad. He’s been doing them all season and it’s boiling over for me.

      • That’s very strange. I was emailed a reply to my post here and it doesn’t show on this page nor did the post link in my email make the page jump to it.¬†

        Maybe a glitch? 

        It was from bobtomkat accusing me of having an agenda? If you know what happened there Matt please explain. Might just be a glitch.

    • Totally agree – the reporter was old and not funny or creative.. they should hire like teen interviewers tha would talk their language – or, at least, someone more exciting that this zumbi

  4. They are both great. Who ever wins, the second person will also do very well. Both very very marketable. Josh too.

    • This response is to Iloveusa914 ( Sorry Dianne just used your post as there is no reply on this comment from Iloveusa914).¬†¬† I agree with you Iloveusa914 in disliking anyone just a matter of taste, however, disliking someone and attacking them personally and giving nasty cruel comments also saying things about their family is really not nice and MEAN and RUDE.¬†¬† Those people doing those kind of attacks actually portray who they are as you are what you say.

  5. Josh and Phillip r 2 best. Jessica should have been cut 2 months ago when AMERICA voted her off fairly!
    While the east coast is asleep at midnight its 9pm in Calf and still voting = unfair.

    • I am so sorry to hear how deaf you must be.¬† That girl is spectacular.¬† She can sing anything with the finesse of Mariah, Beyonce, Whittney, you name it.¬† She already is a star and you need your ears checked out and your brain retuned.¬† Maybe you just don’t know music at all….¬† Good luck recovering……….

      • ¬†Disliking Jessica does NOT mean something is wrong with the disliker.¬† It’s all a matter of taste.¬† Jessica simply must not be his taste.¬† Not everybody will like her.¬† Get over it, people.

    • Bently….Do you not realize that the show comes on in CA at 8pm LOCAL TIME…i.e. 11pm ET. No matter where are u are, the phone lines are only open for 2 hours.

    • Sometimes, because a singer is sooooooo good, people take for granted that they will be safe and not vote.¬† Most likely, that is what happened to Jessica.¬† Either that or because she was slaying the competition, the producers had to make it more interesting knowing that they had the save.¬† Look at what happened with Daughtry?¬†The only ones losing out on that were the AI people.¬† They did not own him afterwards. He was clearly the best that season.

      • I and my wife were the ones who did not vote when Jessica was eliminated.¬†Jessica ¬†was so good we thought she was safe.
        After that save, we were voting like mad until today and next week.
        Vote for Jessica you guys!

      • I was guilty of that. I didn’t bother to vote for Jessica that week when she got the lowest votes. She performed so well that day so I thought she’ll be safe. I guess a lot of people thought that way.

      • That is so true… for the producers, the idea is to keep the show interesting and with lots of twists and turns. I bet they will give terrible songs to Jessica and crowd pleaser do Phillip… like, as usual…

      • That is a good point — considering the American economy these days, it is important to get an artist with a global appeal – to sell records worldwide… Jessica not only is a great singer, but she has that global look… She also has a kind of sad story – her dad being in the navy, she¬†probably moved a lot, little friends, home schooling, I see lots of sadness in her that she makes it better through music – an ingredient for a singer¬īs success… you go girl!

    • Bently — nxt wk is the finale pls mOve on, are u 6 yrs old? I can send
      Someone to exlpain to u the whole thing if u want.

      • Bently is right…yeah she was saved (we’ll never know if that was fixed or not), but BEFORE the save, she was history.¬† As I and many others have said, should she win it won’t be the same as anybody else, because in the 11 year history of the show, no one that America voted off ever won the show.¬†The save is a¬†gimmick¬†used¬†solely for¬†ratings. It spits at¬†Daughtry and JHud.¬†¬†I don’t believe they would have wanted a win that truly wasn’t earned
        That Ms. Kayla is a tainted victory….which I hope she doesn’t endure and Phillip wins fair and square.

      • BEFORE: not the lowest vote getter but use the “save” for ratings/fanbase got lazy instead of voting like a maniac
        NOW: not the lowest vote getter but use the “save” for ratings/fanbase got so FRUSTRATED but vowed to vote like maniac.

        It is simple if you want for your idol to win, simply vote like a maniac + add more device + endorse to people vote for your idol OR create a software/robot who vote for you automatically LO

      • This is in answer to Essa’s post: Your statement about” tainted victory” and “a win that wasn’t truly deserved” are so downright unfair and could only come from a twisted mind. Every game has its own rules and AI surely has its own (e.g. the save). Following the logic of some people here like you: It would be grossly unfair if it is Jessica who is “saved’ but perfectly all right if it is Philip or Hollie?You’re saying now that no one that America has voted off (but saved by the judges) is going to win? You better watch out ¬†the harsh and untruthful words you’re spewing because you just might swallow them all once Jessica sings her way into the hearts of America and ultimately win.

    • ummm no matter where you are, the phone lines are open for two hours where ever you are¬†and ummm get over it pls. like serioulsy they used the save because she is GOOD! end of disscussion! now wheter you disagree with it is not up for discussion. For ex i think philiph should have gone home and joshua¬† should’ve stayed but it is what it is, and what happened happened.

    • i dont like philip, he sang same kind of songs every week, no variety, cant even sing high notes.¬† joshua is 75% better than him, colton is even better.

      • You aRe right on the money. Phillips makes that funny rounding of his notes because he can’t carry a tune. He has good tone to his voice but you can find him all over the south. Joshua can sing everything Phillip and Jessica can. They should all sing the same song.

      • Essa….sorry you feel so bad about Jessica being saved…here’s why she got the least votes….all of us who have a keen understanding of vocal prowess, are guilty of complacancy…we were confident that America voted for the truly talented contestant…apparently there were more like you who perceived AI to be a popularity contest!… that’s quite demeaning to tne show since it strives to create true artists…Jessica will conquer the world with her gift of music…hey u should be proud bec. she will help boost your economy!. peace ūüôā

    • ¬†so?
      if you really want to support your idol, you’ll make sure that you will stay awake!. especially next week. phillip phillps needddddddd votes¬† very very badly

    • Do you mean that it’s unfair for California to vote? LOL. The last time I checked it is still a part of America. So it must be also unfair that you were voting for your favorite 3 hours earlier than California. LMAO

    • Yes it is sad for Josh, to be cut so shotly before the finale. But don¬īt put the¬† hate on Jess or Phillip.¬† Josh clearly oversung the most of his songs wednesday. I saw the ratings of their performances on You tube and Josh had the most dislikes. And to a big part I would blame the judges because of the countless standing ovations, they gave him.

    • Bently, have you read back your blog…way ridiculous but really funny. You can be a comedian.

    • Awww that’s just too bad isn’t it?..what you gonna do bout it?….well we voted for Jessica Joshua and Philip…any of the 3 would have been deserving don’t be bitter and stop hating Jessica for her amazing talent… ūüôā

  6. man I hate that “previous song” selection. I want all fresh¬†
    Finale song selection should be Jimmy’s choice, Jimmy choice and Jimmy’s choice

    • “Unbreak my heart” by Toni Braxton would be great for Jessica!! i just thought.

      • @eafc4757ee0c74fe77b8a8ad3d0449f1:disqus¬†STFU! ¬†You are obsessed. ¬†She’s too young for that song anyway.

      • Again, why do people keep suggesting old songs for her by old people…they have been done!!¬† She is only 16!

      • Too young??? I wonder where i am??? ¬†so, she can’t sing songs that she like because she’s 16 and it’s forbidden!? Oh! You want Jessica to be a role model for America?? ¬†I hear you!!! Your Britney Spears was bad influence to little girls as young as 10… I remember watching at my 10 year old niece imitating Britney songs and nasty dance steps…. no wonder teens are so sexually active!!! ¬†Great! you’re not only making jessica a star but also a role model…I don’t get it!¬†

      • Jessica, please sing “Somewhere out there” ¬†or….”When you wish upon a star pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

      • James: Okay, i’ll watch you on Messenger…I’m sure it would be great!¬†

      • “Love on the top” What does this song imply??? Somebody requested Jessica to sing this…. lol…

    • ¬†they really need to do the favorite song selection because some people do not watch the entire season…this is a chance to display the best of their songs in the finale to gain new fan base…it really does make sense

    • I disagree. He picked the wrong song for Jessica which necessitated for Randy to say ” no moment” on Jessica’s song. And that’s what Jimmy wanted to happen. And Randy.¬† They are doing their best to eliminate Jessica.
      It’s a good thing that did not happenned.

  7. Did PP just conceded the AI title to JS at the end of the interview? Hmmm…it just spoke volumes when he said he doesn’t want to be the center of attention that’s why he always has a band behind him onstage. How is he gonna sell records if he’s not proactive in promoting his songs? I liked PP since when he covered the Usher song “You got it bad.” I hope he sings that for his favorite performance song selection next week. For Jessica, she got a variety of songs to choose from but I hope she pick “I will Always love you” because it was that song that¬† made an impact on people that got her first noticed on the show. Let people know why she deserves to be the winner. Well again, both of them won’t have control on their other 2 songs since it’s gonna be the producer’s pick and the coronation song which I hope will cater to their musical ability. OMG OMG OMG I just can’t wait already!

    • P2 or has my 4 yr twins call him Phil Phil…is a very humble person according to the other contestants..they all seem to love him.¬† I honestly think he would be happy for Jessica if she won.¬† Do I think she would be happy for him..not a chance.

      • ¬†Yes she will be happy if Phillip won. ¬†¬† She is not what you are saying she is.¬† How can you judge someone by just watching them on tv and listening to their songs.¬†¬† You do not even know her.¬†¬† Set aside hatred and be fair and judge these contestant by their singing ability.¬†¬†

      • Just root for your favorite and stop attacking Jessica.¬†¬† I just cannot understand how people can be so immature in posting their criticism on the poor girl when they do not really know her.¬†¬† You kept saying other contestant, they must be the jealous sore looser contestant???

      • @Funnelzoom, you don’t know me, you think you do and u r responding 2 all of my posts.¬† If you love JS as much you seem to, start a fan club or something, stop reading my posts, ur annoying.

      • Yes she will be happy for him. She would have been happy if it was josh who made it? Why are you soooo bitter and why do you always jiudge jessica’s character. You don’t even know her, do you? So SHUT UP! If you want philip to win, vote for him like mad. At this point, no need to bash because you are talking non sense! ūüôā

      • You emote so much negativity. You should be thankful for the entertainment this show brings to you. Just vote for your favorite just like I do.

      • ¬†Essa in reply to your statement that I do not know you, guess you do not know Jessica too.¬†¬† Stop reading my reply if you are annoyed, guess truth hurts.¬†¬† You are not nice and very cruel to all your comments to that sixteen years old.¬† How would you feel if that is your daughter.¬†¬† Your comments are personal attack, you need to grow up and limit your comments to their singing ability.¬†¬†¬† I prefer Jessica to win but I do not attack Phillip because he is also a good singer.¬† Hoping you will come to your senses and be fair on that young girl.¬†

      • You are a war freak!! ¬†You’re pre-judging people you don’t know personally! Get a grip!!!¬†

      • You show how ugly and cheap you are on this blog… I know how you are so obsessed with Philip and you hate Jessica because she’s really enjoying every moment of this show, and because…she’s in the good company Philip… You white trash…get a life!!

      • You show how ugly and cheap you are on this blog… I know how you are so obsessed with Philip and you hate Jessica because she’s really enjoying every moment of this show, and because…she’s in the good company of Philip…and you’re so bitter and jealous!! You white trash…get a life!!

      • Very well said, Funnelzoom…I really feel for Jessica. She’s just trying to pursue her dream yet there are people who keep on bashing her…so cruel!

      • Essa do you know these 2 personally?..u seem to have passed judgement as if u did!.. poor 4 yr old twins to be building their character on such terms!.. teach them instead to be wise to know “innocent until proven guilty”!…oh and just so u know AI is a talent show more than a personality contest….so ur presumptions on Philip’s and Jessica’s attitudes are moot and academic! ūüôā

    • Why does everyone suggest such old song for her byold artists?¬† They have been done!!!

      • Because she can’t do hip, up tempo modern songs; they think the old slow ballads let her show her vocal range, which really isn’t all that great

      • @James:¬† Agree with you, therefore why would she win.¬† We already have Celine, Barbara, Beyonce, etc.¬† I don’t get it, what am I missing?

      • Well I wouldn’t suggest that song but there are classics that show if someone has it. Being able to sing those types of songs says a lot. It’s like learning an instrument at a high level. You simply have to demonstrate that you can perform a certain repertoire.

        Celine and others like her represent high standards. People build on high standards, not low ones.

        There are timeless songs and then there are songs with a 6 month held life. Just because you are young does not mean you should be singing trivial stuff.

      • Hey, Sandi…I’ve read most of your posts and it’s pretty obvious that you are jealous of Jessica…BITTER!

      • ¬†It is because one of the song that they need to sing is a favorite song and for me I like Whitney Houston song.¬†

  8. It’s great to see that the contestants have a lot more love for each other than the fans on these posts do. LOL.¬† I think they genuinely like each other.

    BTW, Jessica is so adorable and sweet.  Phillip seems genuinely nice too!  Still cannot believe that voice comes out of that little girl.

    • No they DON’T like each other. Reliable inside stories from the mansion…Jessica is a spoilt brat/diva that the produces have fawned over since Day 1. She always got to choose her owne songs when others were TOLD what to sing. The week she was ‘saved’, she practically had to be sedated after the show and was throwing a fit. Take a look at the reactions of the other Top 12 in the audience Wed/Thu…there’s genuine love/respect for Josh; they ‘like’ Phillip; they can’t stand Jessica

      • ¬†I wonder how reliable your stories are?¬† I think this is your way of¬† showing your hatred envy for Jessica!¬† She would not have gone this far, earning million you tube hits , 300,000 tweets and landing to top 2 if she is having this attitude as you claimed!¬† Jessica is genuinely sweet and talented!¬† Her other fellow idols like Heejun, Josh, Hollie, Skylar , Philip, Jeremy, Deandre have fun together!

      • Oh contrar Lissy..there are a lot of performers who dislike each other immensely and must work together, just as people in the business world, it’s just a fact of life.¬†¬† She is still of the age to have mini trantrums if she doesn’t get her own way.¬†¬† I saw no bonding on her part with any of the others like Hollie and Joshua, Phillip and¬†Colton, Skylar and¬†all the other girls.¬† In fact, on P2’s facebook he asked why she wouldn’t talk to him.¬† I think this speaks volumes of her social immaturity.

      • ¬†Not true at all and info is from the one working inside.¬† Jessica is well likeable and those contestant that detest her are jealous and you know who she is.¬†¬†¬† She is a sore looser.¬†

      • ¬†this makes me laugh sooooo hard… must like watching soap operas while snacking on bonbons!

      • Where is the basis of your allegation? I do believe that they both have genuine love and respect for each other as seen on the interviews. Also they both are grounded people. Jessica comes from a religious military family background. You think they would tolerate her if she is being a spoiled brat as what you’re accusing? I don’t think so. And you’re just making ridiculous story about her throwing a fit when she was saved??? LMAO what a contradiction of emotions you’re stating. You’re just making up stories and it’s point blank unreliable. Whoever is your source is just jealous and pathetic sore loser.¬†¬†

      • What? Phillip doesn¬īt like her? Did you watch the resultshow, when Jessica was eliminated and saved? The reactions of Phillip spoked for itsself:
        Firstly in shock, later waving to the Judges to go to the stage and saving her, and after her save totaly happiness in his face. And comparing to the other contestants he was the only one really being glad about her save!

      • @BDSCHK:¬† What does coming from a religious military background have to do with being¬†a spoiled brat?¬† I¬† was an air force brat and trust me, I was also very spoiled.¬† Most of us grow out of it (except Paris Hilton) and I am sure if Jessica is a spoiled little dive she will get a wake up call.¬† No one said she is not talented, she is amazing, just immature.

      • ¬†now now PKed do not be bitter and hallicinate…to be spouting such negativity at this stage, bring on the evidence and point out your sources! We hope Jessica wins!

      • poor losers….they are still having a fit jessica made it to the top two…move on guys…you will feel better…

      • I saw Jeremy, Colton and Skylar really happy when Jessica’s name was called as one of two finalists. ¬†The others who were not so enthusiastic were Hollie and Shannon (those who are pitchy) and Elise (who pouts almost all the time). ¬†

      • I really don’t expect Hollie to be happy for Jessica as they are the most compared throughout the competition, with Jessica being held as the better between the 2. ¬†Also, Hollie is BFF with Joshua so she was rooting for the latter. ¬†Anent Shannon, she and Hollie are what you call birds of the same feathers flock together. ¬†This is classic – mean girls vs. good girl scenario!¬†

      • I wish there’s a dislike button here. You’re such a storyteller Pked! lol

      • This really made me laugh…as if I¬†am watching America’s Funniest Videos!

      • I wonder what have you been taking before you write this comment, PKed. You sound hallucinating. LOL

      • There, there baby. Don’t worry, you will be happy again (or miserable) after next week.

      • Pked, tell you reliable stalker to¬†get¬†their facts straight.¬†That’s a¬†big fat lie and to those EX’s AI, they are just jealous of Jessica that she still standing tall coz she the best!!!. You bunch of¬†LOSER!!! hehehe. Jessica TO WIN!!

    • Not necessarily.¬†¬† Bo Bice lost to Carrie Underwood.¬† In an interview he said towards the end when someone left he said “Next!”¬† During a party people love each other, it’s afterwards the truth comes out.¬†¬† What could 21 year Southern born and raised Phillip have in common with a sophmore in high school in California.¬†¬† I can’t imagine anything except for the show.

      • I watched an interview with Elise and she said she was close to P2, nothing in common with the rest.¬† She is 28, cannot imagine what she would have in common with the other girls.¬† I also watched Hollie’s and Skylar’s interviews, they became very close.¬†¬† Hollie was not happy last night because she is also close to Josh, she was sad for him.¬† Remember, he cried when she left.

      • Jess and her fans just act like they are better than everyone else.
        Jess acts like she’s thinking she’s super superior to a redneck southern good ole boy P2. She acts very arrogant the last couple of shows.

    • Essa – the same way that you dont know jessica for you to judge her character. This is a blog site! If yoi dont want your posts to be read, then dont post it, moron!

      • During the elimination last night if you noticed when Jessica was announced to be in the finale the back row consisting of Colton & De Andre applauded but the next row consisting of Hollie wasnt that happy at all. ¬†You cannot deny that there are divisions & jealousy among contestants while they are at the mansion, that’s inevitable as a human being. They are still young, even mature people dont get along well how much more younger people in a competition at that. Let’s not take this against them, they are human beings, have different characters. ¬†Liking & disliking one is understandable. Why the BIG FUSS?????? For me I like Philip as an artist & Reed if you remember him . ¬†I also like Joshua as long as he doesnt overdo his screaming. ¬†I also like Jess & Im rooting for her. Again, it’s a matter of taste.. Lets not judge these people w/ their characters because we dont know them personally we only see them perform on stage. Not all you hear is true especially in showbusiness…I cant wait to next week’s performances..

      • SHERI, what a DIMWIT. Don’t you know looks fades, talent is forever . Oh! You don’t get that. You’re DUMB!

      • @ everyone in this site…I dont understand why i feel so much ¬†“hate” in some comments, sound as if they know each & every contestant. It’s so childish. Why dont we just be “happy” for these 2 hopeful singers & wish them well til next week???

      • Thinkers are the doers… i thought you meant what you said…. You said you’re gonna’ dress up like jessica and sing ¬†that song for me! lol

      • I personally like the way she dress up. I believe she dresses up maturely on the performance days to suit herself with the songs she sings, but if you notice on the elimination days, she dresses up fit for her age.

      • For a man, you are obsessed with the girl’s dresses. Your slip is showing.

      • ¬†That was no her fault, whoever is dressing these contestant sometimes seems to not think on how they will dress them because some other outfits look good but some not appropriate with the contestant.¬†

      • I have a 17 yo and she says her sense of style is awesome. nasty? That’s a very harsh comment. She is featured in some mags including Tommy Hilfiger as the best in fashion. So there, eat your heart out.

      • james, why do you keep on criticizing jessica’s outfits? not normal from a guy like u.. unless… hehe.. (if u’r smart, u know what i mean)

    • Haters gonna hate no matter what….. They are negative energies,… No matter how you try to convince them….. They are still and will always be till they die. Goodluck to them. Lols. Spice it up!

  9. She should definitely do “I will Always Love You.”¬† I think “And I am Telling You” was phenominal, but I think so many more people like the Whitney song and I am not sure the other could be as powerful and full of passion,¬†like the first time she sang it.¬† Don’t think it would have the same “WOW” factor.

    • “Everybody Has a Dream” was incredible too and would fit what she is trying to accomplish, but people don’t know that as well.

    • I Will Always Love You is the song that made her interesting in the first place but it was right after Whitney passed away.¬† It may not have the same impact now.¬†¬† Since I’m a P2 fan, hoping she does that song.

  10. Hmmmm did u live in the mansion? I saw that everyone looked happy for jessica except hollie who was smiling when she was eliminated

    • No..I didn’t live in the mansion….but I’m the uncle of someone who DID!¬† So , yes….first-hand, VERY reliable.¬†

      • ¬†okay PKd, now show yourself and schedule some interviews! Please for your own credibilit. DO NOT post here while being able to hide anonymously.
        Still Jessica for the Win!

      • It’s not first hand reliable if YOU yourself did not witness your bogus stories.

      • wahahhahaha! i cant believe you. ¬†she’s a nice girl. youre just jealous hahahahha.

      • It’s easy to say that…I myself can say I have lived in the mansion, too! It’s just that there are people who have mastered making up stories.

      • I didn’t live in the mansion too….but I’m the sister of someone who DID!¬† So , yes…. VERY reliable. LMAO! Everyone can claim like that. Stop drinking insecticide before commenting here. No one is taking you seriously.

    • ¬†I know she really resent that Jessica was saved.¬†¬† I have watched AI and saw Skylar moved away from her when Jessica was announced that she was at bottom three because she was saying something.¬†¬†¬† I really like Sylar too she is a very good singer.¬†

      • Nathalievanegten, really, did you? But I saw Jessica so sad and teary eyed. If that looks like a smile to you, I think you should stop spending so much time on soaps.

      • ¬†This is to Audrey, you misunderstood my comments.¬†¬† I was referring to Hollie not Jessica.¬†¬† Skylar moved away from Hollie when¬† Jessica was announced to be in the bottom because Hollie was glad that Jessica was in the bottom and that was classy of Skylar.¬†¬† I am all for Jessica although if Phillip wins he deserves it too.¬†

      • Hi Funnelzoom! No, I did not misunderstood your comment. My reply comment was for¬†Nathalievanegten as I indicated there. There was no reply button on her comment so I had to use the button on yours but I put her name before my comment. ūüôā

  11. I only got though about 8 seconds of that video.

    I Hope¬† Jessica does “I Will Always Love You” and I hope Phillip does “Volcano.”¬†

    Then “Unfaithful” by Rihanna for Jessica and either “Hurt” in the style of Johnny Cash or “I Don’t Love You” by My Chemical Romance for Phillip.

    ANYWAY, should be an interesting finale, if the song choices are made with thought and consideration.¬† If not, it’ll be a snooze-a-thon.

    I hope Phillip wins, since I’ve loved him from day 1.¬† But he’ll have a career regardless.

  12. joshua should’nt of gone out joshua and jessica were the only two¬† that had talent¬† philip phillips shouldn’t of made it this far what are people in america thinking¬† of i wish british people could vote maybe that wouldn’t of happened its put me off watching the final i hope jessica beats phip and his stupid faces

    • I agree with you that Josh shouldn’t be gone.¬† He and Phillip would have made an interesting finale with their totally different vantage points.¬† Jessica is just way too young to compete with either of the guys…she will go out and belt a song just like Rudy did all dressed up and comical on the Cosby Show!¬† All voice and no substance.

      • ¬†Get your ear cleaned essa.¬†¬†¬† You are too cruel to Jessica.¬†

      • Okay Funnel, it’s obvious you don’t like me, do yourself a favor and skip my posts.¬† Duh¬†I don’t like JS, what gave it away.¬† If you read the posts, which you¬†obviousy do, people vent and if¬†you can’t take it, leave.

      • define substance ESSA. are u sure? Then root for your fave. You’re just like a sore loser too. Essa is so bitter. Essa is the one. I hope you will compete Jessica for the Finale and let’s see who’s got substance at all. Poor ESSA. Essa Essa Essa. You are truly magnificent! Congrats!

      • OMG!!!! Myself and my husband feel the same way watching her sing.However, Rudy did perform and not sing.Jessica needs to learn to perform also.I think with age it will come.But right now I close my eyes and just listen.

      • @eklavu09..first thanks for your kind words.¬† Substance amounts to more than a voice, more than standing straight up and singing the words (although nicely) with some sort of swag or style.¬† Yes, indeed I am magnificent but not the AI kind of a girl.¬† The words bitter, angry, jealous, etc. are the favorites of the likes of you.¬† I am none of the above but if it gets you through the night go for it.

      • Missig…I’m starting to agree with you….I’m on the wrong site to be a Phillip fan.¬† I promise after next week or even before I’ll be gone and you can continue with your nonexistent boring life.¬†¬† Buh bye

      • ¬†In reply to your post that if I do not like you leave so if you do not wish to read my reply either you leave or do not post your comments.
        Yes I do like Jessica and also Philip and whoever wins is fine but I will prefer Jessica to win but I will not be so low like you to attack that poor girl.  Leave  this post if you do not want people to reply to your nasty comments.   

      • Funnelzoom¬†is Jessica’s protector and guardian angel… and you are the wicked witch!!!

      • essa is obviously affected by Jessica’s talent…she can’t probably sing like¬†Jessica and that makes her so00000 jealous.

      • Oh Essa , stop the non sense. I will take the opinions of the qualified singers in the music industry and successful producers who root for Jessica and sadly not P2 and any other contestant for that matter. Now that says a lot. That make sense. A voice that could sell millions. After all they produced the likes of Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey .

    • Oh but such absolutely sexy cute faces!¬† And too be able to enjoy someone in concert you have to be able to look at them.

  13. Josh proved to be the much better singer & performer. ¬†He can sing anything. ¬†While the last song performed by Phillip was the ONLY one I enjoyed, and he did that one right, ¬†I cannot believe that all the teeny boppers that voted for 2 hrs. solid will embrace his style of music. ¬†When you hear 3 or his songs….You’ve heard ’em all. ¬† Joshua will be another Daughtry…Count on it!…Skylar will on the country side. ¬†Count on it.

  14. Philip is too amazing to lose. Jessica has a beautiful voice. she is very immature and not ready for the spot light!

    • ¬†I do not think that Jessica is immature unlike those people that are commenting on this post, they are seem to be the one immature.¬†¬†

      • ¬†She seems very immature for a 16 year old to me.¬† The whole BB chez thing, being all “Oh I’m secretly 65 shhhhh” thing, or her talking about “parties” in school and how everyone else “wasn’t invited.”¬† Then how she’s always laughing and giggling like a 5 year old…I understand a lot of it though, because she is a homeschooler, so she lacks some of the socializing most her age get, but I was homeschooled most of my school years and was far above that at her age, like most people I knew.¬†

      • Yes, she’s a home schooler..and you want her to socialize?? and what does she get out of it? ¬†You know why many parents home school their children, don’t you? Because true education begins at home!!!I’m sure essa wasn’t home schooled, i’m not sure either if she had education… because of the way she behaves herself ….

      • To Iloveusa914¬†¬†Yes, she’s a home schooler..and you want her to socialize?? and what does she get out of it? ¬†You know why many parents home school their children, don’t you? Because true education begins at home!!!I’m sure essa wasn’t home schooled, i’m not sure either if she had education… because of the way she behaves herself ….

  15. I have been trying to figure out why I feel such a connection when Phillip performs and something closer to aversion when Jessica does. ¬†I have decided it is that I feel Phillip is a genuine person and performer who sings and plays guitar for the love of it, while Jessica comes across as a “packaged product”, groomed from an early age to take the stage. ¬†She may be able to belt out songs, but it doesn’t feel like it comes “from her” but rather, it’s an imitation of what she has been told a “performer” should do. ¬†Give me the genuine article every time! ¬†I want to watch and listen to someone who is who he is, not someone who is trying to be something she is not.

    • I totally agree with you.¬† Phillip is the kind of guy you could sit down and have a beer and bs with.¬† Jessica seems very regimented and like she wouldn’t be that interesting to be around.¬† It probably comes from her parents pushing her so hard…and Phillips’ family being grounded and proud of who he is…probably why he is so laid back.¬† I still think JS will be a different person when she hits around 21, most of us are.¬† Think back to 16 and cringe!

      • Essa if u want someone to drink beer with and talk bs with, why don’t you just invite your other trailer trash friends to do it with? lol!

      • Alotofnonsense…..if you read my post in its entirety, I actually said she’d grow into a more mature young lady.¬† Most of us were awkward at 16.¬† You just want to fight..I don’t know why I am bothering to respond to you, I just don’t understand your hatred of me in particular and anyone you even think is remotely saying something negative regarding Jessica.¬† I have to make an assumption here, not knowing Jessica Sanchez, but I highly doubt she’d want you representing her image in this dark negative fashion.

    • ¬†I disagree wtih you because Jessica since she was a little girl wanted to sing.¬†¬† She is not trying to be something she is not.¬†¬† Please give the young girl credit because she was not groomed to sing.¬† She has a god given talent.¬†¬† She has a hard working parents, father is in the military as well as grandmother who served in the military before.¬†¬† She seems to have been brought up by good family value and I do not think her parents are what you and John Dee are saying.¬†¬† I like both of them and whoever wins is fine.¬† You need to fair to Jessica and not criticize her family not nice.¬†

      • Tell me this then. ¬†Why, when Jessica should have been getting braces to fix her teeth [which the military would have covered] did her mother instead enter her in America’s Got Talent? ¬†Now, at 16 she has a messed up mouth and is in yet another talent competition. ¬†Her mother took away her childhood and she will crash and burn when her career goes nowhere after Idol.

    • You and your kind are the one so immature. You are all posting here attacking a 16 yr. old girl who does nothing to you. Her only fault is being brilliant at what she does and because you can’t accept that , you are commenting about her looks, teeth , dress ,giggle and etc. Do you realize you are getting so personal. You are saying she is immature , what does that make you. Also , remember the prize of becoming AI ? It’s a record deal . When you buy their CD you don’t look at them much less their teeth . ( paging SHERI )

  16. Jessica is a good singer but not necessarily a star in the making. I’m a little uncomfortable with the way her parents have driven her career from a small child and drilled her to believe this is her way of life and that she must succeed above all else. Why was she home schooled? I hope it wasn’t because her parents were fixated with singing competitions and any event to gain attention. She doesn’t seem to have had a regular childhood( like Hollie) and it does feel rather like she was groomed to be her family meal ticket for life. The whole situation surrounding her is very intense and when she was voted off a few weeks ago I can’t have been the only one who noticed her complete meltdown/breakdown even after being saved by the judges. Not sure America is doing this talented young girl any favors by voting for her because she is clearly not ready for the rejection and criticism she will receive from the music industry and public. Phillip is better prepared emotionally and his talent more marketable in the industry today. Hope he wins.

    • ¬† I disagree with you because Jessica since she was a little girl wanted
      to sing.   She is not trying to be something she is not.   Please give
      the young girl credit because she was not groomed to sing.  She has a
      god given talent.   She has a hard working parents, father is in the
      military as well as grandmother who served in the military before.   She
      seems to have been brought up by good family value and I do not think
      her parents are what you and Ruut are saying.   I like both of them
      and whoever wins is fine.  You need to fair to Jessica and not criticize
      her family not nice. 

      • Do you know Jessica personally?¬† You seem to know what she wanted as a child (which she still is by the way).¬† ¬†I think Jessica has an amazing voice and with some maturity she will be an amazing entertainer.¬† Her social skills will get better as she matures as will her stage presence.¬†¬† I am a P2 fan but I wish they could both win, they are AMAZING!!!

      • It’s my turn FZ.¬†¬† She was indeed groomed to sing.¬† She has an infamous stage mother and was on AGT at age 11.¬† Sometimes fact checking helps.

      • I agree, and for ESSA, you really have to drag jessica’s parents on this huh! Com’on, you’re soooo pathetic, sooooo bitter! Jessica is not the youngest contestant to have ever tried auditioning in singing competitions (remember connie tabot of BGT, she was just six, for heavens sake and was just starting to lose her milk teeth and barely out of diapers) So, you’re saying all the parents of this kids are staged parents???? So, what’s the big deal with jessica auditioning at 11??? Or are you just singling out jessica because she’s competing head-on with your beloved philip???? And she is undeniably soooo talented! Do i sense a feeling of insecurity here hmmmm??? You have 2 hands and 10 fingers, so use them and vote like crazy for your beloved philip on tuesday, instead of wasting your time pouring out non sense emotions in this bog (and then telling people to just skip or not read your posts? Really??????)….. Goodluck!! You know what, i wish i have a way to see and capture youre reaction everytime you hear ryan declares “JESSICA! YOU ARE SAFE!!!!!!!)…. and that went on week after week after week! That could have been a MOMENT for you ESSA!!!! ūüôā

      • This blog is infested!!! non of your business how we raise kids…Truly, Asian kids are more productive,well disciplined and are thought to be respectful of others… Your style of raising kids rots!!¬†

      • by John Dee: ”¬†It seems to me that she has been told to practice constantly over the years and her performances have an air of stage parent pageantry.”¬†

        John..”It seems to me” …implies you’re just being presumptuous!!Presumptuous is a sin! You’re making up stories…So evil!! You don’t know jessica and her family personally…and why do you talk this way??? ¬†You, Essa & Co have something in common…. You’re all cheap and so low class!!! get a grip!¬†

    • It was Jessica’s dream to sing in front of everyone. Her parents are just there to support her. Do you even know who you’re talking about? She has a pretty normal childhood. It’s not the same as with Hollie’s but you don’t get to expect every youngster to have the same childhood. It would seem to be robotic, don’t you think? Yeah, she’s not yet ready but she will be. It’s a step-by-step process dude. You don’t just stay in one area of a stair. Criticism and rejection is always there in front of them whether they like it or not and Jessica knows that already. She has been criticized well enough in the course of the competition. She received everything first-hand. It would sound stupid if she hasn’t recognized any of them.

      • What the heck is this whining statement she makes when under stress ‘ I’ve worked hard all my life’. What? Does that sound like a carefree childhood to you? Is singing as a child actually work? It seems to me that she has been told to practice constantly over the years and her performances have an air of stage parent pageantry. This contest should have a minimum age of 18.

      • Wow… So you mean, everything that she is now is scripted? All that she should do and all that she should answer are written on her mind? C’mon….. That’s what you call her passion, not work. You don’t even know what kind of parents she has to even tell that.

      • John Dee,¬†
        Her statement about worked hard ¬†all her life¬†¬†sounds well rehearsed. Anyone that really¬†loves¬†singing don’t find it work. It’s something they love to do.

      • ¬†Every single child star/singer that has grown into adulthood always talks about how much they regret giving up their childhoods to careers…I don’t know of a single exception. Its child exploitation and is why as fans of AI we must demand they go back to 18+

      • A 16 year old on her way to regretting giving up her childhood to careers? There are so many ways to enjoy life as a youngster. Even if she’s in the spotlight, it doesn’t mean that she’s never gonna enjoy her childhood years. Give the¬†kiddo¬†a break and don’t even dare bring child exploitation in the issue. She isn’t being pushed by her parents to stardom. That’s what you call family’s support.¬†

      • Guys, she is not perfect! We are just humans, and who are we to question that? Despite of that, a lot of people like her, she has huge fans. Its not really that you like a person because of her great talent etc. but even the imperfection too. Name any big stars that you can recall, and tell yourself if 100% in the world really likes them.

      • Its so sad how much people can downgrade a ¬†contestant like being ugly, has eating disorder because she is thin, spoiled brat, etc etc & now you even include her parents..What is this??? Are you for real?? You dont have the right to put down Jess parents because you dont know them personally!! Dont also forget that his father serves the country & is being sent away to defend your country leaving his wife alone to take care of their children. I cant believe Essa will go this LOW just because she doesnt like Jess..

      • I have to agree with you. I’ve seen videos of soldiers returning home and hug their love ones and it makes me so sad. They sacrificed a lot of blood for their country. The same goes to Jessica. However, she is strong despite of everything that has happened to her. I know she’ll get through everything. She’s the last one standing FOR ME. Take it or leave it.¬†

    • If going to a regular school would make one a mean and jealous girl (Hollie), I would rather be illiterate.

    • Non of your business John….take your bath now…you stink to the head!!!

    • So what’s wrong with pursuing one’s dreams at a young age?¬†Who is immature then? I think the ones who are¬†immature are you people who keep on bashing¬†Jessica and her¬†family! AI is just a singing competition, why take things personally?

  17. hey i think this week sunday funday Jessica is alone in the Ford video!!!why this Philip is NoT in the Ford Videos????:DLOL…i think he doesnt like Fords Car …just kidding but hey maybe this is about his kidney,health problem on sundays…!!

    • Phillip is very ill.¬† That’s too straining on his body.¬† He probably even has a recommendation from a doctor saying he can’t do it.¬† He’s doing amazing considering all he his going on.¬† Leave him alone about the damn videos.

    • Phillip has had four kidnery surgeries I believe through out the show and he¬†has been in great pain at times that’s why he’s missing alot of the fun like the Ford video’s ¬†it’s not be choice and nobody should hold it against him. He has never said a word and always stays upbeat, I love his voice he is so humble, Phillip is a rare one. May the Lord watch over¬†him and bless him greatly.

      • yeah i think so:( he is great though with all these he is always great
        God bless him

  18. I think one of them should do a tribute to Donna Summers and I think Jessica could do it..These two finalist are so close ; I really hate to chose..Phillip has such creative ability;”one of a kind for sure”and Jessica has abundant vocal ability..they’re both winners to me.You chose /I can’t!!!

  19. for people that only watch the final shows of American Idol, the favorite selection Jessica and P2 chose will be a huge factor in them gaining new fan base…I think Jessica has a huge edge with this song choice…she had the best song of the season when she did “I will always love you”…P2 needs to do the Seger song he did last week, by far his best song of the season, but not even close to Jessica…

    What in the world will Fuller choose for them…not sure that is fair…if he chooses a better song for one contestant than the other…wont be a level playing field…

    reality though, at this stage of the contest, it is all about fan base…clearly, Jessica has the best international fan base…however, the head to head fan base that is actually voting in America…that is gonna be a close battle to the finish…


     (click like if you AGREE)

  20. I would like to see P2 sing Bob Seger, ” Ole Time Rock and Roll” or Bryan Adams, “Everything I do, I do it for you”


    • Seger’s Sunspot Baby would be nice too. She packed all her bags and she took off down the road……..

  21. Look at the picture above!¬† Everybody looks so happy and together, except for Miss Thing who looks p’d off and like she¬†has cramps!¬† She has all her fans bending over backwards to support her and she looks like she simply doesn’t care.¬† Maybe it’s too much for her to be surrounded by Steven and Phillip!!!

    • ¬†Essa you must hate Jessica or you are one of those sore loosers?¬†¬†¬† She is sixteen stop being personal with your criticism.¬†¬†¬† Keep your comments on the singing ability.¬†¬†¬† Grow up whoever you are.¬†¬† Just remember KARMA is not nice and it seems to come back more than what you have given.¬†¬†¬†

      • @Funnelzoom..can’t even imagine how you picked that name, kinda scarey.¬† As I told your cohort above, I’ll comment any way I please.¬† Look at the photo, pictures don’t lie.

    • ¬†Essa, Jessica Sanchez will be the next American Idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • @ Jessica’s haters —– Please leave her alone!!!!! That’s enough!!! And leave her parent’s alone too!!! Just vote who you like!!!

      • i agreed. jessica will the ai winner. she a a strong determination, varsified and dynamic voice. although i am white our family from new york will vote for jessica.

    • ¬†there’s nothing wrong with the picture above. They all look happy and ok….are you wearing glasses???????????

      • Look at her face, she does NOT look happy, although I do admit she doesn’t usually smile in her photos.

    • essa…be cool…stop the hating ok? you cannot stop jessica’s win¬†with your sourgraping…it will just eat you up…poor girl…

      • Last comment, my eyes are bleeding.¬† I feel like this is my site is mine, it’s not. ¬† You guys try to keep up with me and¬†its useless.¬† I like Phillip Phillips, period.¬† Do I wish Joshua was competing against him, yes, but he’s not.¬† I think your Jessica will win, so what.¬†¬† I can’t keep defending myself, I suggest you go watch DWTS and relax.

      • Essa wow… You just don’t give up do u????
        And what u think ur the queen of this site????
        Umm yeah, well sweetie. Uh I’m pretty sure the world doesn’t revolve around ur humongous body.
        And wow u think ur so good at insulting ppl. U don’t think anyone can “keep up” ssooooo pathetic!!!!!!
        Btw don’t look in a mirror anytime soon. Ur ugly body mite break it…
        Yeah so… Plz have a horrible day. And don’t compare me to hitler, cuz honey, whenever u try to insult anyone, it doesn’t work.
        Srry sweetie but it’s the truth…

    • Essa plz go away. Honey you are a horrible person making fun of Jessica. Jealous much? On all of your comments you’ve been hating on Jessica since day 1. I’m sick and tired of you. Unfortunately you are probably deaf, blind, and an old hag, so you can’t hear jessica’s miraculous singing. And sweetie i don’t care what you say. I bet now your going to say something stupid like my username is dumb or jessica fans are so defensive. But Jessica fans do have a right to be angry when ppl like you make fun of her appearance! You can say something polite like she isn’t your favorite. I respect ppl who kindly say that jessica’s singing isn’t their favorite because we all know we have different oppinions and tastes. I cross the line when you make fun of someone’s appearance. Essa, you stupid moron, plz go back to wear you belong: the garbage. Oops i spelled “where” wrong. Are you going to do something now like judge my spelling. Tsk tsk I look down on ppl like you. You must be really really BITTER!

      Jessica fans, next week we have to vote as much as possible! Jessica Sanchez for the win!!!!!!!

      Btw essa. I’m pretty sure half of the ppl on this site hate you. So plz fall in a hole. Thank you and I hope you have a terrible day ūüėČ

      • Thanks for the love and kind words.¬† May God bless you and keep you.¬† Oh wait, I believe it was Hitler that wouldn’t allow people to speak either.¬† If I’m hated sobeit, at least I’m not in his company.¬†¬† Peace.

      • Ummm ya 2 things for essa:

        I NEVER said that you can’t comment! Comment all you want. It seems that you just want the last laugh!! Ha!
        It just gets annoying when ppl like you say how ugly contestants are or hOw they look! This is a singing competition, not Americas next top model.

        And YOU comparing me to HITLER???!!!!
        What does that even have to do? Don’t change the subject. This is the problem with you!! You just stir up fights all over this site!!!
        You are just a horrible person. K ya.
        Sooo plz go away. You’d be saving lots of ppl the trouble….

      • Essa¬†7 hours ago¬†in reply to¬†Vbrocks1
        Thanks for the love and kind words.¬† May God bless you and keep you.¬† Oh wait, I believe it was Hitler that wouldn’t allow people to speak either.¬† If I’m hated sobeit, at least I’m not in his company.¬†¬† Peace.TO Essa: Wow! I couldn’t believe that the word ‘GOD’…..and ‘PEACE’ are in your vocabulary(?) You’re not only a wicked witch…also a hypocrite!!!¬†

      • Essa¬†7 hours ago¬†in reply to¬†Vbrocks1
        Thanks for the love and kind words.¬† May God bless you and keep you.¬† Oh wait, I believe it was Hitler that wouldn’t allow people to speak either.¬† If I’m hated sobeit, at least I’m not in his company.¬†¬† Peace.

        TO Essa: Wow! I couldn’t believe that the word ‘GOD’…..and ‘PEACE’ are in your vocabulary(?) You’re not only a wicked witch…also a hypocrite!!!¬†

    • hahahaha, another epitome of a true bitter!!! come on, Essa show us some more jealousies…. you talk too much, if i were you if you have nothing good to say than make some bashing why not VOTE for your bet??? Poor you, yuck!!

    • You are sooo narrow minded to ever make a judgment about one’s character based on one picture alone! ūüôā get a life! ūüôā

    • Essa, you are really a hateful SOB. I would like to say to Jessica fans on this site don’t answer this creep anymore . We can disagree on which one is a better singer but this creature is nutty, bitter and evil. This person can’t defend his arguments and resorts to personal attacks. You don’t really want to go there . It’s called trashy.

    • Nice try of trying to make Jess fans turn off. But you’re obviously failing. LOL. Honestly, I’m having fun reading you comments here.¬†¬†You’re hating Jessica so much that you can’t even mention her name anymore. ¬†Hahahaha,¬†

    • I noticed this ESSA is such a hater on Jessica, even her pic she has something negative to say. This is now the final 2 and we should rejoice even though it is not the contestant we are rooting for who made it (we liked Deandre). These kids really worked hard to perfect their pieces during the show and we should give them credit for that. We should get over it and move on. Too much hatred in the heart is not good for the soul. Chill, raise your legs up and watch the show. We thank these contestants for bringing us joy every Wednesday even if only for 2 hrs. Good luck and may the best idol wins!!!!

  22. This season has been the most dramatic ever. And now, they’re down to two contestants. Jessica, take home the crown sweet angel!!!

  23. The fact is that Jessica should not still be in the competition, isn’t this about who the public vote for? It is apparent that the show producers want a female winner and just by watching the body language of other contestants it has to be said that some type of preferential treatment was given to Jessica even before the judges cast their vote to save her. The contestants probably have to sign contracts of confidentiality related to their time in the mansion but judging by the lack of camaraderie between Jessica and the others it is my guess that they saw the show producers ladle favoritism. Scottie appeared to be genuinely well liked by his fellow contestants last year but that is clearly missing this year between Jessica and the others. Any way this contest isn’t about who is the nicest person so I guess we should not judge on whose character and personality we prefer.

    • ¬†hmmmm.¬† how do freak do you know?¬† are you perhaps a fly on the wall…..i vote you’re just a friggin fly…period!

    • I agree with you 100% but be prepared to be bombarded by JS fans, they come out in droves!¬† They’re a a lot of people who agree with you but aren’t as loud and overbearing as the ones you will hear.¬† I’m with ya, just telling you they’re coming!!!!

      • so sensi essa….just stop the hating ok? ¬†you will feel better…: )))

      • I agree essa, not sure why JS’s fans are so insecure and attacking everyone.¬† I am sure she would be very embarrassed if she read these posts, what class these folks have, yea right!!!

      • ¬†You are being bombarded because of your MEAN NASTY personal attacks to Jessica.¬†¬†¬† Grow up little girl or young boy whoever you are???

    • ¬†yeah Boo Haa right on!!!!!!!Jessica will be the next AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!!!!!!

    • In truth Jessica shoudn’t be there,¬†I read in here how she can sing anything, I recall Randy saying a good singer can sing the phone book, the only one that nailed¬†his songs the other night was Phillip.¬†

      • I am a fan of both so in fairness to Jessica she has performed quite nicely and beautifully the entire season.¬†¬†¬† I like Phillip too but I have to see how he will sing as he has not had many moments during the season.¬†¬† He always come flat.¬†¬† I have to see Tuesday if he can deliver¬† but for now I am clinging to Jessica.¬†

    • Whew!! What a nice story you have there, but i don’t buy it! ūüôā they are the final two, DEAL WITH IT!!!!

    • C’mon, everyone knows that Joshua is the judges favorite. That’s sooo obvious every week and if you did not see that, you need to watch all the replay episodes. I even felt so bad when they make it so obvious that they give not-so-good comments to other contestants performance and they praise each and every Joshua’s performance. ¬†I think that the judges save Jessica because it’s too early for her to be eliminated and that many believe that people did not vote for Jessica that week because they thought she’s safe. This was proven after that when Jessica never landed in bottom 3 again.

  24. COME ON PHILLIP! Your voice is so sexy And amazing! If you don’t win it’s ok cause you’ll get a better deal then American idol. CMON PHILLIP!

    • Phillip is the only one I heard said would have been offered a ¬†contract if he would have been heard singing Volcano outside of AI,¬†

      • Gail…so sorry that some of these haters have lumped you into a category with me.¬† We are all individuals and should be treated as such.¬† You always post very eloquently and don’t deserve to be treated¬†with disrespect.¬† I know we both want the best for Phillip, especially his health.¬†¬† Have a great summer!…..essa

  25. i got this from mj blog. Phillip and Jessica dominated the voting, Nigel revealed, ‚ÄúNO IT HAS CHANGED WEEK ON WEEK, JOSH, SKYLAR, COLTON, ELISE!]‚ÄĚjust wanted to share this with you

  26. The interview was great.  They have all bonded, the finale will be fun to watch, all of them together again.  I wish all of them a wonderful future, they have all worked very hard.

  27. God this essa is a bitter bitter person. Usually when u have hatred towards someone as she does with jessica, u are really saying u are jealous of them. Either that or her favorite got eliminated and the only way she can feel better is by bashing a 16 year old girl she doesnt even know personally

    • I’m so glad this is the last wk.¬† I’m so sick of you sanctimonious boring people analyzing me.¬† To set the¬†record straigt freak, you have no problem attacking me but are crying for a girl who will make more in a year than you do in a lifetime.¬†¬† Jealous is a word all dudes use which sucks too, come on pal jealous of JS, don’t think so.¬† And my personal favorite.. bitter .. Jesus Christ, you¬†are nuts.¬†¬† You said not one word of why you like whomever you like, you used all ur time on me.¬†¬† You bitter bitter person!!!!!¬† BTW in all the excitement, I almost forgot…P2 for the win.

      • Thank u by your comments u just proved how bitter u are. Have a blessed day

      • Hi essa: I have noticed on this blog that if you are not a JS fan you are not allowed to give your opinion of her. if you do you are a racist, hater, envious, jealous, oh and I almost forgot, BITTER. The fact that you do not care for her music, stage presence, etc is irrelevant.

        Now on the other hand (not all) but most of the JS fans are very willing to give very negative feedback regarding all of the other contestants. But they are not haters, racists, jealous or BITTER. What they are is juvenile and ridiculous.   Oh and I almost forgot, P2 for the WIN!!!

      • There are obviously 3 very dedicated and loyal fan of philip roaming around here here – – essa, sheri and gail!, clap, clap clap If essa makes comment, the other 2 follow through! This is soooo funny! lol Goodluck, you three! Use all your fingers and effort to vote for your philip on tuesday!

      • @lindsey:¬† I repeat,What they are is juvenile and ridiculous.¬†¬†¬†¬† Oh and I almost forgot, P2 for the WIN!!!

      • ¬†Really and you have no problem attacking Jessica?¬†¬† If you are not jealous of Jessica then why do you give some harsh and nasty attacks on her?¬†¬†¬† If you do not like her singing or personality as if you know her why do you hate her so much.¬†¬† Why are you picking on her?¬†¬†¬† Limit your attacks on her singing ability not her looks, personality and do not include her family.¬†

      • If you’re going to throw some trash with Jessica, make sure your better singer than her. oh well, haters gonna hate. stay pressed dear.

      • ¬†If you don’t want to be analyzed the way people here do, then change your behavior. your mother must be very upset because she thought she reared you to be a good person. I feel sorry for your mother for having a child like you.

      • essa, & sheri too
        I generally enjoy your comments, even if I don’t agree with them because you speak your mind; you’re not a conformist. It takes thick skin and courage to speak your opinion when 80% of the people are against you before you open your mouth.

        Underdogs are what changes societies….keep barking loudly!

      • If you can dish it, you should be able to take it too. You have been dishing it out, just so you know.

      • Essa,

         Please stop attacking JS  mentioning Jesus Christ  What kind of person you
          are. Are you working or doing nothing setting down emailing people
           hating JS .  Just vote period.

    • If you’re good hearted it shows, you don’t have to say a word people can see it. What I do know is Phillip is very humble and he’s real. He’s a leader. And when he sings he is awesome.¬†Jessica seems,¬†at least ¬†to me, to be trying to please the judges she¬†seems to be use to praise and when you get use to something you don’t value it as much as you should¬† There are a lot of singers out there that sing the high notes too, what I do see is bias judges that want to give her the win. Randy about said as much when she was voted off.

      • Gail, what would you say Phillips refusal to grow and extend himself on the show would be called? When your a nobody from Alabama, who works in a pawn shop, and plays gigs at the local bar or coffee shop, and you have a chance to soak up advice and criticisms from successful people in the industry your trying to break into, but you defiantly reject it, it’s not called being real, it’s called being hard headed, stubborn and disrespectful. A fashion icon tries to give him advice and tips on how to dress better, and tells him grey is the worst color you can wear on stage, and he not only wears one grey shirt, but two for almost every episode, that’s not real that’s defiant. Then he says he doesn’t touch fans hands, he’s to good to walk about the stage and touching his fans, that’s just beneath him. He’s changed every song to fit what HE is comfortable with, never pushing the boundaries and the limits of his talents. He’s only sung songs that he could adapt to fit in his wheelhouse, never trying anything new such as a tender ballad. He sang an Usher song, big deal, any singer can change a song to fit their strengths. He’s had an ‘I’m above attitude’ throughout the show. His quirks while he is performing is discomforting to watch, and his vocals are very limited.

        Do you P2 fans realize that you would actually be doing him a disservice by voting for him to win? By winning, he would be contractionaly obligated to doing whatever record that AI sees fit, and can you imagine Phillip being told what’s gonna go on his record? If he actually finished 2nd, he would have a choice on who he wants to sign with, and what stipulations he wants to out in a contract. So I think winning this show could actually be detrimental to his career. But it would actually be kind of funny to see what kind of creative control issues and quarrels that would most definately arise with AI having full control over him, so please do vote for P2, cause you could actually be the reason he flops, just like AI has done with Kris Allen, David Cook and Lee Dewyze. Joshua got to Choose what record label he wanted to sign with today, he had several to choose from, and the opportunity to have Hos voice and opinion heard before he signed on the dotted line, Phillip would be much better off having those options. So let’s vote for Phillip everybody!!

      • Bdedoxx, I’m gonna vote for Philip, I love his voice, and you don’t fix something that isn’t broken…..t¬†Reading your post I can see you don’t really know much about him. He’s from Georiga, he is somebody¬†I don’t care where a person works they are still somebody. About his clothes,¬†they look great to me. You want him to run all over stage and touch hands but he’s been sick witrh kidney stones. That’s why you see him drinking water at times. It’s all over the net.¬†¬†Every singer that does another singers song does change them to their style they’ve been doing it for years. Phillip can do that because he is a true artist.¬†Scotty has done well with AI as I’m sure Phillip will, btw Scotty never changed his style because he wasn’t broken. He won.¬†

      • Excuse me Gail, Georgia not Bama. The ‘nobody’ I was referring to, was that before the showhe was a ‘nobody’ in the music world, cause before this show you did not know him correct. My whole point about his seemingly ‘I’m better’ attitude, is that if he only wants to be the exact same kind of singer he was before he came on the show, and doesn’t want to take styling tips or push himself musically by going outside of his comfort zone and trying new things, why even come on the show?? If he was so great before, and he doesn’t want to change anything about himself, why hasn’t he already been discovered and turned into a star? Every contestant has grown musically, and have pushed themselves, tried new things and have gone outside their comfort zones, everyone except Phillip, because he thinks that who he already was before the show is good enough, musically speaking. He’s got to be willing to change SOME things about himself, and to grow into a BETTER performer, he just hasn’t shown he has the want, or ability to do so, at least from what I have seen and heard from him. But you see it one way, and I see it the other. One more point, if he can’t go a short distance for one day and shoot a commercial, how in the heck is he gonna make it on a tour??? I see them having big problems with Phillip, just saying, sick or not, he is obligated to do so. Guess we will see.

  28. IMO This outcome is to be expected.  Idol gets it right once every 3 years.  This is an off year.
    S1 – Kelly – Right
    S2 – Ruben – Wrong should have been Clay
    S3 – Fantasia – Wrong should have been LaToya
    S4 – Carrie – Right
    S5 – Taylor – Wrong should have been Katherine
    S6 – Jordin – Wrong should have been Melinda
    S7 – David C – Right
    S8 – Kris – Wrong should have been Adam
    S9 – Lee – Wrong should have been anyone else
    S10 – Scotty – Right

    So this year some of the eliminated contestants will outshine the winner.

    • is it really hard for you to be more positive than negative? These kids just trying to reached their dreams and it wouldn’t hurt to be a little supportive even they are not your type? Well I guess they need to deal with people like YOU (no moral support)

      • What he said is almost spot on accurate – neither negative nor positive.¬†

        Season 2:  Clay Aiken has had a much better career than Ruben. 
        Season 3:  Jennifer Hudson was the most successful from that season.

        Season 5:  Katherine McPhee & Chris Daughtry have been the pick from that season.
        Season 6:  No-one has really had a real successful career.

        Season 8: Adam Lambert has been the top by far from that season.
        Season 9:  The top 2 bombed and Casey James, Siobhan Magnus & Lacey Brown have all had bigger record sales.

        Season 10:  Scotty went Platinum and we have to wait and see how well Haley Reinhart & Pia Toscano do with their debuts because Lauren did not do so well with hers.  

  29. jessica supporters¬† VOTE!!! don’t sit back and think oh yeah she will win, no worries. VOTE!!! as much as you can!!! please

  30. P2 said he doesn’t like being in the spotlight. If he wins next week, he will be doing something he doesn’t like for quite awhile, because the AI machine keeps the winner in the spotlight as much as possible. I hope Jessica wins so P2 doesn’t have to be in the spotlight as much LOL.

    ¬†¬†¬† As far as Jessica not being marketable or ready, I call bs on that line of thinking. Have you seen Lauren Alaina’s latest video? Last year, at this point in the competition she was no where near as collected as Jessica has been, yet a year with the AI machine has Lauren looking fantastic, singing fantastic, and very confident, at least in the latest video. Jessica’s vocals are much more versatile than Lauren’s, and Jessica can not only sing anything :Lauren can, but Jessica can sing it with far more power. Lauren has marketability in the country genre, but Jessica has marketability in several genres. The AI machine will do their magic to Jessica (whether she wins or not), and Jessica will have a video out that shows her poised, powerful, and looking good. Lauren’s first song was not so great, but this current song is pretty good. When Joss Stone started out, I loved her voice, but had no idea she was a kid, and the same with Leanne Rimes. When a song hits the radio, you don’t always know right away that it is a kid singing a song, especially when that kid sings the way Joss Stone and Leanne Rimes sang as kids, or the way Jessica Sanchez sings now. The judges saying she songs that are too old for her is just stupid. All songs are too old for her, she is only 16. Maybe the judges should have chosen “The Wheels on The Bus Go Round and Round,” for her, if they wanted her to sing a song that was not too old for her, but then again, she probably would have put a Tina Turner spin on the song and nailed it.

         This has been an interesting year on Idol, not so much because there was one or two super outstanding singers, but because they had 10 singers that were very close in the talent category. I think P2 and Jessica are the right two for the finale, but on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give both of them a solid 8, with Joshua also a solid 8, followed by the rest of the pack ranking right around a 7.9. It has been an entertaining season, and unlike last year, this year I am looking forward to the  finale.

    • Well said, I believe the Top 7 will all do well, some better than the winner!

    • I’m a Phillip fan, but I hope he doesn’t win as this will hurt his career and it puts him where he himself has said he doesn’t want to be.
      Get him in the studio, cut an album ASAP and let him tour smaller venues. He will be a great success.

      • What? No comment about dresses? I’m starting to wonder. Your slip was showing there for some time.

    • Enough Mariah, Beyonce, Whitney…how about something that hasn’t been done on The Voice, X-Factor.¬† Something age appropriate.

  31. P2 all the way. It’s not easy going on even when you know you are sick. Philip did that because he is a survivor. I hope he wins.

  32. Both Phillip and Jessica are great artists in their own genre of music. ¬†Its futile to even compare them with each other…. they’re as different as night and day. ¬†Come on guys, just wish both contestants well. They both deserve to be where they are now. ¬†Vote for your favorite! ¬†

  33. Ok, the Jessonians keep saying all the teen and tween girls are voting for Phillip and is what makes up his fan base.

    So for all you teen and tween girls currently voting for Jess, they don’t value you, don’t recognize you, don’t respect you, and they are making fun of you and saying you are doing something that you aren’t.

    I suggest you do what they claim you are doing and are making fun of you for doing, vote for Phillip because he respects and values you, unlike the Jess crowd.

    Why else would they keep trying to bash Phillip for having a teen or tween fan base? Phillip thinks you teen and tween girls are great and as a contestant he respects you and highly values your votes. As a Phillip fan, I think tween and teen girls are important and he is very lucky to have you as fans. You saw in his trip home videos, he is a very caring and emotionally connected person, something that Jess seems to have problems with.

    So Jessonians, you bash young tween and teen girls, might not be so smart. All fans should be treasured and that’s something Jessonians don’t understand.

      • Pythagoras — check your numbers. The voice initially led the ratings but decreased in viewership till the finale vs. American idol. AI is still the number 1 reality show in terms of viewers and 18-49 demographic.

    • Yes, I too was wondering why it is OK for teenagers to vote for over and over for Jessica because of her talent,¬†but not for Phillip. We can’t always assume why someone is voting. I know that some are probably voting for him because he is cute but I think his fan base is bigger than that. I doubt he would’ve come this far if he wasn’t talented. If you’ve read my posts before, you will know that I think that Jessica has an amazing voice, but I really prefer Phillip’s style and so does my husband. Anyway, we’re in Sydney so we can’t vote!

      I think the whole problem is really the need to limit the votes per phone/ip address etc and we’ll see if AI has the courage to do this.

      • X-Factor does it, The Voice does it and every other realty show does it – that is restrict the number of votes per person per method and The Voice rated higher than AI this year.

        All American Idol wants to do is brag about the number of votes it receives, especially as its ratings have been dropping.

        If you note, before Jessica was “voted off” and “saved” Ryan never once mentioned how many votes had been received.

        The following week, he said they received 60 million, then for the top 5, it was 65 million and for the top 4 Р70 million. Would you believe, for the top 3, it went up to 90 million Рamazing!! 

        When there were 6 left in for the 2nd week, the average was 10 million per person but this week, it shot up to 30 million per person on average – amazing!!!

        Unlike other seasons when he has made a big deal about the number received, this year he almost whispered it because he knows, as does, Lythgoe, that it is a bunch of BS.

      • I like your post IF and only if votes are what got him there. I am not so sure the votes even count. So you have to take that into consideration as well.

      • I think AI needs the number just to say there still at the number 1 position in reality singing/talent competition.

    • Since Phillip Phillips is as close as anyone can come to having a name like the Philippines, I think everyone who is of Philippine origin should vote for Phillip Phillips. :):)

    • For all people who voted for Phillip Phillips who are not teens and tweens, seems like his fans did not recognize you.
      I suggest you do what they claim you are doing and vote for Jessica because she respects and values you, unlike the Phillip crowd. Oh and by the way, who could value the teens votes more other than a teenager herself (which is Jessica) ?

      • LOL, i re-wrote also (trying to be funny):Ok, the Phillip fan base keep saying all the people who are not teens and tweens are voting for Jessica and is what makes up her fan base.

        So for all of you people that is not teens and tweens currently voting for Phillips, they
        don’t value you, don’t recognize you, don’t respect you, and they are
        making fun of you and saying you are doing something that you aren’t.

        I suggest you do what they claim you are doing and are making fun of
        you for doing, vote for Jessica because she respects and values you regardless of age and race,
        unlike the Phillips crowd.

        Why else would they keep trying to bash Jessica for not having a teen or
        tween fan base? Jessica thinks you people (not teen and tweens) are great and as
        a contestant she respects you and highly values your votes since not only teen/tween fans are capable of voting. As a Jessica
        fan, I think people who are not teens and tweens are important part of the demographic that votes also in AI and she is very lucky to
        have you as fans. You saw in her trip home videos, she is a very caring emotionally connected,and a family oriented person

        So to those who bash Jessica that doesn’t belong to the young tween and teen girls, might not be so
        smart move. All fans should be treasured and that’s something the other crowd don’t understand.

        Does it make sense? LOL

      • what’s your problem missg????????????????

        Actually my problem is two items:
        1. Annoying Jess fans who bash everyone and so, you reap what you sow

        2. People trying to cheat vote and/or AI misrepresenting voting

    • Try harder james! You think americans (old and teens alike) do not an individual sense of judgment? You make us appear stupid!!! Wow! Just a great way to campaign for your beloved philip! Even without you saying it, AMERICA KNOW VERY WELL since season 1 that voting is the only thing that ultimately matters for american idol competition. You are underestimating americas ability to think and decide! Wow, just wow, james!!

      • Try re-reading my post…I’m critiquing Jess fans for bashing Phillip for having teen/tween fans. Your response makes no sense.

    • You are an expert on cheating…you can’t get cheating out of your mind. It must be in your blood. They say people usually judge other people by their own standards. You think what you do is also done by other people.
      You are also obsessed with dresses. What’s up with you? Don’t let your slip show.

  34. i hope jessica sings her i will always love you again or everybody has a dream

    i hope nigel chooses ave maria by beyonce
    and i hope the single she releases is catchy and shows her sweet voice

  35. Dear
    Matthew, while I understand our “Producer” (he is a writer/producer)
    was not entertaining enough for you, I am happy that you found his line of
    questioning and the content of his interviews entertaining and informative
    enough to repurpose and use to create many of YOUR “recaps” and
    stories. I’m glad we could be of service and your welcome. BTW, I’m the
    “boss” and for your information the only way one learns to do the job
    is by doing it. Fortunately I have a small dedicated staff that is willing to
    go for it, stay up late hours, and give it a try – even if it means opening
    oneself to mean spirited “journalists” like yourself. Might I recommend
    you apply the same rules to your own writing that you ask of your readers….
    “Insulting the author, American Idol Net, or
    other commentators will result in comment removal and possible ban”¬† Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.

    • Actually, I agree with Matthew, it is a very awkward interview. I understand when you say that the only way one learns to do a job is by doing it, but obviously this would not apply in all circumstances – and maybe a bit more practising behind the scenes would be helpful for the interviewer.¬† I appreciate your comments and support of your staff, however, and also appreciate your use of the¬†word “repurpose” which I had to look up and¬†will try to use myself should the opportunity arise.

  36. I cant believe america voted Joshua off, Him and Jessica are the best. I really feel Phillip should have went home last night…..Jessica will win this

  37. For her song which she previously did in AI, Jessica could sing either “I Will Always Love You” or “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.” It would surely bring the house down again.¬†

    Click if you like.

  38. we supported jessica because of her singing voice not because she had a filipino blood…It!s a competition were in the best must prevail ¬†not because yo!re 100% american… a wise voter think many times and look many aspect of whom , he gonna ¬†gave the precious vote…we work harder, to earn , and we have a family who is a needy…we spent wise to save money… voting is a symphaty were we can express our emotion… were not a die hard fan…but still ¬†we vote ¬†because ¬†SHE is the BEST…..

  39. To be honest the producer doing interview did a good job. Have you seen the
    other interviews coming out of American Idol from other outlets? This interview
    was unique because it showed an aspect of Phillip and Jessica that is not shown
    as much as it should be. It showed how classy both are, and personable they each
    can be.

  40. I’m not one to talk about conspiracies or rigging, but it is being reported all throughout South Louisiana that when calling in to vote for Joshua, the recording said ‘thanks for voting for Phillip’. Aside from saying that, several other problems were reported when trying to vote for Josh by phone. Several stories about this has come out in the news, and it’s been reported that the Idol producers are being contacted for an explanation. I’m not a bitter person trying to find an excuse as to why my favorite idol was eliminated, I’ve personally felt like he would do better NOT having the title of AI winner, but a lot of people are upset and wanting an explanation.

    I will say that I question the near 30 million spike in votes, that’s a huge increase, and with 17 million viewers, just makes you wonder. We all know what James has been saying about the out of country voting so??? Who knows, I’m sure once this show becomes a memory, someone will spill the beans and reveal some dirty little secrets.

    Arguments could be made for any of the top 3 winning, or whoever else was voted out, but actually the non winners have much more leeway and options available to them. For example, shortly after his elimination lastnight, Josh had several record deals offered to him, and he signed what is reported as a ‘Huge Deal’ this morning. I would assume that it is with interscope, since executive VP Larry Jackson was tweeting immediately after Josh’s farewell song of ‘this is a man’s world’, that it was one of the most incredible performances ever, and he wants in on his album.

    So wether or not there’s anything fishy going on with the voting, it really doesn’t matter, cause Josh has received the prize that ultimately all of the contestants were striving for, a record deal. I’m sure many of the other contestants will sign one as well, so they are all winners in my book. They will soon make their dreams come true, and that should be commended, regaurdless the type of music they sing.

    • The show is rigged. I stop watching after Lambert loss. I started back this year and Ai is up to the same tricks. I’m gone again. Phillips is boring and cannot sing. He has good tone but I can round off every note the way he does. He sucks. Jessica is better the Phillips but not josh. Josh can do what Phillips and jessica does.

    • I agree that Joshua shouldn’t worry, he probably will do better than the AI winner does. But if the AI title was stolen from him…it’s not fair and that should be set straight.

      The voting this year is the most irregular it has ever been and the growth of total votes is totally illogical. Come on 30 million???? If one swallows that without suspect, then one probably thinks Richard Nixon was innocent.

      Why are so many upset at a FCC investigation? Are they afraid what they might find out? If not then it should make everyone happy to have this issue cleared. The only reason for one to be against it is if the allegations are true and one is involved.

      What is AI hiding? There would be no questions if AI would be
      transparent or just admit the voting results are not taken literally as
      the show is currently representing. Why would anyone be against finding
      out the truth? What if cheating on a large scale is going on? How would
      every one feel then? Fool you 11 seasons, and do you want 12?

      I’m seeking truth and have the desire to see integrity restored to an American institution by demanding honesty and transparency.¬†

      • From 70 million to 90 million… Is the difference 30 million? It’s 20 million guys.

      • There you go again…obsessing on cheating. You should be named cheating expert. Must be in your blood.

      • 17.29 million viewers at 10 votes each will yield 172,900,000 votes. Some people vote for two hours–that can bring in at least 500 votes. So 90 million votes is not unbelievable.

      • James learn the facts and do the math so you can stop being paranoid. As I said before usually cheaters think other people are like them.

    • 90,000,ooo votes is not that impossible. if you have 17,000,000 viewers mutiply that by 10 votes each, its already 170,ooo,ooo. im not saying every viewer votes ¬†BUT considering the actual number of times the each voting viewer make, which are 20, 50 , 100, 200 times, some say more, its not impossible at all. ¬†we’re ¬†at the end of the race, more fans are determined to put their idols on top., which means much more votes. i myself voted at least 100 times, much more than the usual 10 times that i did at the early part of the season. just keep on voting so your idol wins!

      • So what do y’all think about the claim that’s been made by so many people down here in South La. that when calling in a vote for Joshua, the recording said ‘thanks for voting for phillip’? I can’t personally verified that that happened, because I text the votes, but that claim and, and other complaints when trying to call in a vote, have been made by large numbers of people throughout south La. A few people I work with told me it happened to them when they called, that it said ‘thanks for voting for Phillip’. The local news station has been reporting that they are getting bombarded by people making this claim. They are reporting that they have been making several attempts to reach the AI producers for questioning, but have been unsuccessful thus far.

        Personally I feel he’s better off not having the ‘AI winner’ attached to his name, but if there’s any truth to this claim, it should be responded to with an explanation from AI. So has anything similar to this happened to anyone here? FYI… I’m in no way proclaiming that AI is cheating, rigging votes, or fixing the outcome of this show in anyway, I’m only passing along information that is being reported in the news in our reigion. Just curious to see what y’all think….

      • Btledooux1229, they could have jot down or dialed or texted the wrong number–as simple as that.

    • Hahaha… I could say the same thing to TYler (a lil’ gross to him) LOL… I’m so sad for Jackson because he’s juststicking to his tummy.. hahaha

  41. I hope Phillip will win. In my opinion he has a spectacular voice and his last name rhymes with his first. Anyways, my vote is for Phillip

  42. Jessica should sing:

    1. I Will Always Love You=past song.  tribute to Whitney
    2. McArthur’s¬† Park-contestant song , tribute to Donna Summer
    3.  Original song

  43. Congratulations, Jessica Sanchez! Likewise to Phillip Phillips who’s very unassuming. ūüôā

    When Joshua Ledet was eliminated, I can imagine the disgust in Hollie Cavanagh’s face. If you think about it, he has been in the bottom 3 for how many times. It’s no longer that surprising as compared to the final two going home.¬†

    Rooting for Jessica Sanchez all the way! ūüôā

    • When Jessica’s name was called, Colton, Jeremy, Deandre and Skylar were clapping and looked genuinely happy for her, but can’t say the same thing to Hollie and Shannon! ¬†The look on Hollie’s and Shannon’s faces were soooo funny! ¬†I saw a glimpse of the green monster! ¬†Anyway, I like Phillip, Joshua and Jessica. ¬†I will be happy with either Jessica or Phillip for the win!

    • Yes! Please, please, please, please ESSA! show us how beautiful you are! ūüôā

    • I am so curious as to why you two teeny boppers want to see a woman’s face?¬† Nevermind, that’s ur business.¬†¬† Do your thing.¬†¬† I, on the other hand, want to see a man’s picture!¬† Although I do have a husband, nothing wrong with looking!.¬† Sorry SM and Lindsay no pictures for you!¬† I will reiterate that I am SO¬†HAPPY season is over!¬† Feel better Phillip, winning a tv show isn’t worth dying over.

  44. Heck… Both sides of the fence have rabid and vile fans. Just vote for your favorite idol. Because these idols, win or lose will have careers of their own. Some will shine. Some won’t. Who are we to forecast who gets lucky after the competition? They, and they themselves, will seal their respective fates. This is just a competition in a boob tube. The real winner here is the show who gets the ads, sponsors and the ratings. The blinded fans will still be the blinded fans.. year in and year out. ¬†Prove me wrong…. Get a LIFE. A real one!¬†

  45. These are three very good performers.  However, just as was the case last year, the last two standing were  not the best.  Joshua was head and shoulders above the others.

    This is the second year I’ve watched this show.¬†¬† They really need to look into the voting.¬† Either that, or just leave it up to the judges, because either the voting process is flawed, or the voters don’t have a clue.¬† I believe it’s the former.

    • ¬†I kind of disagree because if leave it to the judges then it will not be fair to the¬† other contestant as they do not have a chance.¬†

    • Well…you produce and conceptualize a singing competition that will never going to need the masses vote.
      Until then..just enjoy the show

  46. huh…im tired when jessica’s fans said that p2’s fans are so rude…but they(jessica’s fans) doesn’t know that jessica’s fans are 10 times more rude than p2’s fans…it’s reality,..please don’t deny it jessica’s fans, even though I knew you will do…

    • everybody has it’s share of rudeness, so stop comparing saying how many times fans are being rude to who…. being rude is different from being below the belt and that is what happening why Jessica fans is commenting….

    • well, ¬† same too…p2’s fans are making their comments becoz they are hittin’ and bashin’ p2…it’s reality…

      • well..the conclusion is both jessica’s fans n p2’s fans are rude…done….BOTH RUDE…

      • hahahaha, that’s what i am saying… fans here had their share of rudeness, can’t you read between the lines? so stop complaining if you know why all this things are happening… bottom line is IF YOU BASH ON HER, WE WILL BE HERE TO DEFEND HER, period!

    • ¬†I am a Jessica fan and also like Phillip but if just read Essa’s comment on Jessica it is really nasty and personal.¬†¬† Jessica’s fans are just replying to cruel comments on this young girl.¬† She is only sixteen years old, give her a break.

      • i’ve been commented here from top 9,…..and mostly, jessica’s fans were bashed more than p2, joshua, hollie, skylar, elise….some of them calling skylar a chipmunk, duck, and ……….u know what i mean

  47. super_base..did i say p2’s fans not rude( check my comment again) …haha…obviously..u the one who not understand…

    • i am not blind it’s you who can’t comprehend, i am not gonna waste my precious time on you… sorry dear. i guess you didn’t understand the words when i say “everybody has it’s share of rudeness”, then why complain and only pinpoint on Jessica fans? i think i am done with you…

  48.  Be careful James on labeling Phillip ethnicity.   I like him too also well deserving to be in the final two. 

  49. oh James, ¬†don’t forget the Kidney Institute of America Pride. I mean…hello.

  50. I love PP, i once predicted here that the final two with be him & Jessica & i am right but when PP fans bash on Jessica i couln’t take it knowing i know for a fact that PP loves Jessica and he proved it when Jessica was being sent home and afterwards being saved by the judges and right now seeing the video above it only meant that PP has high regards for Jessica pinpointing to her when the interviewee asked who can be the next AI and PP is so nice to do that, she believed in Jessica’s talent and that she find the girl sweet… so maybe let’s enjoy the remaining days that we will be seeing the 2 perform, i’ve said my piece already regarding my reactions on some bashers here so i will leave it that way…. Good luck to Jessica & PP but all the way i will be a forever Jessica Sanchez fan and my votes will go to her. One step closer to your dream, Jessica!! I know God will bless you more… ūüôā

    • i meant Interviewer not interviewee, hard to comment using a celfone on a dictionary mode….

      • Team CD (NOW P2)…¬†.. it’s ok dear, i understand what you are trying to say… ūüôā

    • i love it¬†@22dede333462901d3c7fdc36d8a7e98d:disqus¬† and¬†@16eaac23a2364122fbd2e6457ab93f0c:disqus¬†! ¬†you guys are perfect examples of fans rooting for your own idols! No bashing, no discrimination, no degrading each other… clap, clap, clap… come on guys! lets vote for sUpEr_base and Team CD (NOW P2) FTW! i meant, vote for jessica and phillip!!!! lol

    • I only wrote (all the time) for Phillip Phillips to be in the finale – who or what doesn’t matter – well of cause I want him to win and whoever wrote winning is not everything that is for them – me winning is everything…hahaha, well what do you guys expect from the dragon lord’s clan from the southern hemisphere – winnin” huhu

    • Hey, you can’t blame just the P2 fans for bashing Jessica. A lot of Jessica fans bash P2, as well.

  51. okayy.. i think i wanna stop basing jessica and everyone here..i hope i can delete all of my comments that saying a bad things about jessica…..sorry if i make u guys mad..super_base., joelando, sailor moon….now ,… i just wanna say gud luck p2,..gud luck jessica,..gud luck everyone…

    • hey, no worries apology is accepted¬†
      Team CD (NOW P2)… (tapping your shoulder in appreciation) …. let’s just support our Idol’s and make our remaining days here memorable… ūüėČ (*wink*)

  52. Wow! So kind of you to pinpoint Phil’s ethnicity. I think you are an ancestral analyst. LOL What a brain! Kudos to you mi amigo!

  53. everybody has a dream …. should be jessica’s pick for the contestant favorite performance… thats like a winning song… i dont like her to perform i will always love you… boring…¬†

    • i am with you on that… that will be a moment for her as if telling everyone that it’s within her grasp now…. as one part of the lyric is saying “this is my dream”….. wow, moment. ūüôā

  54. I cannot believe the idle time wasted writing this BS. If you don’t add value, please stop posting the garbage.

  55. Quuuuuiiiiiiieeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!! ¬†Come on guys… this thread makes me think World War III is about to start! ¬†First of all, nobody’s cheating. AI management will never allow that. I hope everyone understands that. Secondly, lets just all be happy that both Phillip and Jessica made it to the top 2. ¬†They deserve to be where they are now! ¬† At this point in the competition, they are already WINNERS. ¬†AI is just a title to add to their prestige… I’m sure they will both be signed and have a fabulous career in their own genre of music! ¬†Let¬†us wish them the best of LUCK for the finale. ¬†P2 fans, vote for Phillip!!! BluJays, vote for Jessica!!!¬†

    • As certain as you are that cheating isn’t occurring, I’m certain that it could be as many things point to it. The voting this year is the most irregular it has ever been and the growth of total votes is totally illogical.

      Why are so many of you upset at a FCC investigation? Are you afraid
      what they might find out? If not then it should make you happy to have
      this issue cleared. The only reason for one to be against it is if the
      allegations are true and one is involved.

      What is AI hiding? There would be no questions if AI would be transparent or just admit the voting results are not taken literally as the show is currently representing. What have you got against finding out the truth? What if cheating on a large scale is going on? How would you feel?

      • I am so with all you said here James.¬† People are afraid of the truth and the truth does matter.¬† This show has definitely got some very deceitful tactics going on and I believe in all the years I’ve been watching that this is happening now more than ever.¬† If AI rules concern the FCC being involved than let it be.¬† After all this is American Idol, not World Idol.¬† Give it up you jokers and get a real life.¬† Phil Phillips all the way because he is Phil Phillips and¬†you are the biggest quintessential¬† part of AI this season and that is why America loves you and all you stand for.¬†¬† Good luck buddy and¬† wishes for you to be well very¬†soon. Def. clarifeied = quintissential = ” of or pertaining to the most perfect embodiment of something”, that is you Phil Phillips

  56. music is created to unite everyone from different countries…why we need to fight , this is not politics…from europe, africans, asian, american, australian,..we united for music…plus, this is top 2,…at the end,.. everyone enjoy the music and american idol,….or did u guys wanna fight like FOREVER….??? come on everyone….think about that…

      • omg..first time in my life people said.WELL SAID to me….usually people always said my grammar’s sucks…probably..@twitter-533045406:disqus¬†…u r THE BEST reply to my comment …EVER,,..THANK U SO MUCH….*IM CRYING RIGHT NOW BECOZ IM HAPPY

      • hahaha! you’re welcome. what matters is the message you want to convey. ¬†Spelling comes second, then grammar. don’t worry… we understand you. ¬†

    • Team CD now P2, I wish all fans are like you, I’m tired of the arguments here. ¬† Anyway, It wont really break my heart if Phillips will win this season because I like him too and his music entertains me as well. ¬†In addition, he’s cute ūüôā

    • It is the others from outside the US who turn it into political and racial drama by virtually invading the US and attacking the integrity of a US institution. Of course there are the illegals who are physically invading the US illegally as well. Go home and stay out of US culture unless you are a US citizen. If you are a US citizen say what ever you want. If this was International Idol, I would feel different, but it’s not; it American Idol.

      • james im with u…u know we same, support p2… I have already consider you as a friend….so, what i mean in my comment is team jessica vs team p2… not talking about us politics…and im sorry james, if i make a mistake and make u mad..maybe i should watchout before posting any comments…sorry friends,jamesport p2,…i promise never do that again!!

      • Team CD (NOW P2,JESSICA)…You fine. I¬† just trying to explain….well I think you know, I don’t like how non-US citizens attack US citizen for speaking their opinions about US things. I really not against outsider participating in the conversation if it is done with respect and integrity, but so many don’t know how to do that, they are just very rude and I will protect any US citizen rudely attacked by an outsider…took that oath a long time ago and can’t change that.

      • once again im sorry…sorry…sorry….to james and all american….

      • ¬†I am a US citizen so I will post my thoughts.¬† We are all outsiders in this country and came from different parts of the world.¬†¬† Indians are the real Americans.¬†¬† These illegals are here because of hardships in their countries which we are very lucky that we do not suffer here even though that trend seems to be not too far away and I hope not.¬†¬† If any contestant get supports internationally then it is better for the music industry as more sales more taxes being paid and move revenues.¬†¬† Both contestant deserve to be where they are and why not just vote whoever is their favorite and no need to give rude, nasty, personal attacks to Jessica and Phillip.¬†¬† PEACE WHY CAN’T WE ALL GET ALONG.

  57. look that i changed my what do u guys think…huh…gud luck p2 n jessica…for the win for p2 n jessica…hey,..for me…both of them alredy won…

    • so nice of you Team CD. I agree with you, they are both winners including Joshua. I will miss this blog too ūüôĀ

    • There you go…you have become wise in your youth…James should learn from you!

      • ¬†I have been a supported and voted for Jess each week….I too must make a decision on Tuesday….and it will be tough. I appear to be just pro P2 because I’m busy fighting the evil Jessonians and their bashing efforts.

    • I am a Joshua fan and I will miss him but I feel embarrass for James. He makes the Joshua fans look pathetic. This is a singing contest. Whoever wins will make me happy. No need to bash other people.

    • Yeah…Jeremy is right…you gotta chose….of course if you wait to see who performs best on Tuesday before deciding that makes all kinds of sense. However, you might want to remember all the hate the Jess fans had for CD; you didn’t get that from P2 fans, at all.

      • didn’t get any hate from P2 fans? really?¬† uhm actually i know someone who’s a P2 fan and he’s very rude to Jessica and he even called Jess a sl*t and hooker and his name is James “the douche bag”

      • ¬†@twitter-583414316:disqus

        I might be a Douche Bag, but a lying one I am not. I never called Jess a hooker or a sl*t and you know it.

  58. American Idol will end next week… I will miss reading and reacting to this blog. ¬†I wont miss the drama and the bashing though. hahahaha! ¬†I will definitely miss readinng you comments¬†@twitter-570711058:disqus¬†,¬†@16eaac23a2364122fbd2e6457ab93f0c:disqus¬†,¬†¬†MirrorMirror,¬†@22dede333462901d3c7fdc36d8a7e98d:disqus¬†,¬†@yahoo-3EVFHKEKYBC7BJLUFNUW6TRFJA:disqus¬†… I wont miss ______ and ______. ¬†hahahaha!

  59. Last nights result were nothing new, because I feel that Joshua career has already started all he needs is a manager and producer and I am sure he will be back in a year,he is the next Sam Cook, James Brown and Marvin Gaye is life is already mapped out for him, he has stage presence and can milk the audience. Last night i watched Adam Lambert in concert on Star world, he is a showman and his concert was fantastic to think that in 3 years he had come this far, he was marvelous. Who ever wins next week there will always be someone who thinks differently. But they are winners and have changing careers ahead of them that will change their lives. As they are going to be singing songs from the passed weeks, well if Jessica starts with the body guard theme tune then PP has his worked cut out for him. Who ever sings the best and performs the best on the night will win along with the fans help.  There is no second place everyone is a winner in the end.

  60. Finale’s songs would be:
    1. Their (final 2) favorite song of theirs trully from the entire season.
    2. Simon Fuller’s choice.
    3. The winning single.

    So what are your picks? (^-^)

  61. The music business is mean and cynical and whichever one wins will come to know what it is to feel the full force of it. Only the truly powerful artists steer their own careers. Jessica is old fashioned and her style falls neither here or there. There are some markets around the globe were generic sounding emotional balladeering is still in demand but these days this type of performer is more often seen performing at weddings and in hotel lounges. Phillip is current, his sound and style more marketable and whether or not he wins, he has the better future of the two at a higher level. There are people commenting on this blogg who are exaggerating Jessica’s talent, she is good, not great, not amazing. The judges are being paid to go over the top, you all are not and need to just vote. I was in the promoters side of the industry for over 25 years in Europe, promoting and selling tickets for a wide range of major artists and with typical bluntness of all promoters I can say that after the hype goes away, most of you will not vote with your wallet and buy an expensive ticket to watch either. Nothing unique about either one but my vote for what it’s worth goes to Phillip who at least isn’t locked in 1980’s presentation and material.

    • Seenitbefore, with all due respect, are you saying that Jessica won’t make it as a singer? I would like to make a bet. Let’s say, a year from now, if Jessica’s career won’t progress, I’ll publish an article acknowledging you as a genuine¬† music expert, but if you are proven wrong, then you’ll have to write an article about Jessica’s success.

      What do you think? Are you on?

      And by the way, Phil will also succeed just like Jessica, because just like Jess, he is also a very talented singer.

      PhilJess for the finals.

      • If either had sent a demo tape to a record label, music management office or touring promoter and been very fortunate to be given a face to face interview, my comment would be perceived as kind by industry standards. This competition has given the finalists an opportunity to gain exposure, a pay day on the American Idol Tour and for a few, a one off album. If it fails they are unceremoniously cut loose. Good luck to both, won’t take your bet, wouldn’t be fair. I’ve made a lot of money out of the industry(recently retired) and it wouldn’t be right to take yours. Hope to be proved wrong, not likely though.

    • You know, it is very hard to tell these days. For example, Adele does not have that pop singer look, and her songs are on the ballad side. I believe there is no recipe for success these days — you just do not know what will make it a hit… and what will make folks buy tickets for concerts – it is very unpredictable these days… My personal opinion: the singer has to get a great song that connects with people – or in other words, the holy grail of the recording business…

    • ¬†There is some merit in what your saying but, the performances on the show is not a true measuring stick of what these two particular contestants can sing. I, too have been in the industry and have a couple of friends/producers that work for a well known label company and they have been salivating for an opportunity to work with Sanchez. AI has these ridiculous themes and song limits in what they sing. Today’s music obviously covers many genres. The balladeering your seeing is by AI choice, which I understand. AI doesn’t want to have, let’s say Sanchez rap,¬† which is a huge market but not something AI allows because they don’t want to alienate their audience, hence lose ratings. Not to create WWIII here, but there’s a reasons these 2 made the finale, but mainly to give Interscope first crack at them. If they find or create another Clarkson or Underwood, they promote their product and ratings go up and the show goes on. Why these two? The others, to me, fall into everything you describe. AI does present the platform and they will do whatever is necessary to protect their product.

    • Actually the new breed of song listeners are now hungry for real melodies. It sounds new to them. Why do you think Adele is soaring?

    • ¬†Seenitbefore, I know, being retired, you have all the money and the experience that come with that status. I salute you for that. But I was not talking about “money” bets – just articles… you know…writing about Jessica’s success if you lose.

      I know you’re also a seasoned writer, so I’m not going to compete with your writing style, etc – just a post that she had succeeded.

      It would be fun!

  62. Why would anyone put either one of them down! They both worked hard for this title! Everyone has there own taste in music and style. They are both good! Just vote for your favorite.

    • This tv show does not represent the realities of the music business and no reason it should. It is not designed to be so. Top industry executives who can make or break an artists chances are not emotional although this program falsly gives out the impression that it has a caring kind side, which it does not. Better talent than the AI finalists are shown the door, that’s if they are lucky enough to ever get thru it in the first place. Very little money is made anymore on album sales, it’s about touring and neither the artist, record label or management will make a dollar unless promoters believe an artist can sell tickets, I mean thousands of tickets, through out the world. Jessica will no doubt be popular in the Far East however ticket prices are low there and so with it, performance fees. Never mind that, it’s about enjoying the show and who ever wins has a rare opportunity to make the most of it. Jessica if it’s you, get up to date please, your repertoire and performing style belong in another era, the sound is dated and dare I say it, boring to hear and to watch.

      • My teen nieces and nephews like her songs. They seem to be tired of noisy songs and found her songs to be a novelty. You may have been there but when we drive we look forward primarily and we simply glance at the rear view mirror. What you have is the rear view mirror.

    • I was born in Kuala Lumper!!¬† Can you please send me some satay…..yum yum!!¬† Gosh do I ever miss that.¬† And yes go Phil Phillips all the way, you are so for real!!

    • ¬†He is neutral, I think which everyone of this people should be.¬†¬† Jessica and Phillip deserve to be in the final 2 both are already winners.¬†

  63. pp’s sexiness compliments jessica’s cuteness… them… and my dear joshua…:)

    • Jessica: I give my all…just one more night with you.
      Phillips: We’ve got tonight, who needs tomorrow…why don’t you stay.


      • ¬†Jessica: I’ll be there…I’ll be there…just call my name…I’ll be there…no need for Beggin’.


    • Sorry, but there’s way more Jessica fans like this than Phillip fans. Plus, the Jessica fans are WORSE.
      Not a Jessica fan nor a P2 fan; I’ll always be on Joshua’s side.

    • ¬†I thought it was a talent contest, not a beautiful contest. Do you know them personally? Why say such a thing if not? Maybe the both are devil worshipers….you have no idea.

      • Do you even go deep into beauty???? My God,¬†@twitter-570711058:disqus¬†, she is just appreciating Jessica’s beauty! What do you want? Oh, I get it. Okay…

        “You are so handsome my friend, James. And so is your inner ego.” May the power of the people bless your pride my dear friend. You are a ¬†total fool.

      • @yahoo-3EVFHKEKYBC7BJLUFNUW6TRFJA:disqus

        Well I’m a rich fool blessed with many friends and family….so I’m happy your blessing for me worked! Thanks!!

        You are right. I’m one of those “total” people, I never do anything halfway…so thanks for the “total” fool complement…

  64. Jessica: 1 Choice (In order)

    Everybody has a Dream —- This one is a finale winning song!!!


    I Will Always Love You

    And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going

    Dance with my Father 

    Phillips: 1 Choice (In Order)

    Volcano —- This one marked a moment!!!!

    U Got It Bad


    Give a Little More

    • How about The Prayer? ¬†She sang said song beautifully and powerfully. ¬†It would be good to sing it again as her whole performance was not shown on TV and as such, there would still be a surprise factor.

    • @Lawrence Hemlock :

      ¬†I hope Jessica decides to sing that Deborah Cox ‚ÄúNobody‚Äôs Supposed To Be Here‚ÄĚ song that she didn‚Äôt finish singing on the night she almost got eliminated.

      • but this is the finale guys…songs and performances should be amazing…i think EVERYBODY HAS A DREAM is the right song for that spotlight.

        for the WGWG…it is a toss up with VOLCANO and U GOT IT BAD…

      • @b7adea155dca5d6ca0dea9530a276a0a:disqus “everybody has a dream” or “and i am telling you i’m not going ” for Jess¬†

      • @twitter-583414316:disqus¬† but Nobody’s supposed to be here isn’t exctly a song used in the competition right?

  65. Egh, Joshua’s gone, so now I guess I’ll just watch the finale without knowing who I want to win. Out of either of the two, I’d pick P2, though.

    • Here is a suggestion for you … Rather than already knowing who you are going to vote for, BEFORE the singers even perform, try unbiased voting on the one who voted the best on that given night. Makes the show much more interesting, I think. It might for you as well.

      On a side note: I voted for Joshua a lot the past few weeks based on that theory I mentioned above.

      • it’s more exciting if it’s a J&J finale because those two for me are the best singers in the competition and they’re always giving their best but sadly josh is out¬†

    • Here is a suggestion for you, which is a strange concept for most on this website. But, it might make the show much more enjoyable for you. Rather the already knowing who you will vote for because they are your favorite … Try voting with a open mind, on who performed the best on that given night. It really does make the show more interesting to watch. At least it does for me. As¬†I personally¬†can’t imagine how boring it would all¬†be if I already knew who I was voting for … before the show even aired.

  66. Get well soon Phillip Phillips. I pray for your health and immediate recovery. Don’t give up the fight.

    I am a Jessica fan but I care for P2’s health.

  67. I just saw the interview video – both kids looked burned out and exhausted and the reporter should be replaced – dumb questions… considering the two of them are not big talkers and were just too tired to answer stupid questions…

  68. I think that Jessica¬īs father for being on the Navy are doing some lobbying for the navy and army folks to vote on his daughter…

      • exactly – I commented that support as a good and positive thing… especially knowing how hard it is to serve overseas etc… cheering of the daughter of one of them may get them to focus on something light for a change… I hope Jessica wins because of her voice – amazing.

    • ¬†lobbying?? it is probably an order, they probably have power voting drills and maneuvers. “ya vol herr commandant”

      • James, sometimes I have¬†roll my eyes¬†in disbelief,with all your nonstop conspiracy theories claims, as to why “this show is rigged”.¬†But, you actually have me laughing here. That was funny.

  69. I just hope that IDOL has never kept Philip’s girlfriend. That way, those girls will think twice who to vote. Either way, I believe both of them have talent and great future ahead of them!


    Is there a way to have a “where are they now” regarding last season¬īs performers? What is going on with Lauren, the winner that looks like Mad magazine cover – Alfred E. Neuman look-alike…¬†etc. It would be great for us to have an update, at least of the final 7.

    • Scotty McCreery was awarded a Platinum disc for his debut CD and was voted best new C&W artist of the year by CMT.

      Lauren Alaina sold less than 300,000 so not so good.

      Haley Reinhart has her debut CD coming out on May 22 and you can hear 90 snippets of each song on iTunes.
      James Durbin went rogue from 19, released a CD on an indie label and it bombed. 

      Other than those top 4, the only ones with plans for CD’s are Pia Toscano and Stefano at this time.

  71. To all Jessica fans please note that the finale is on Tuesday and NOT Wednesday. We have to power vote, all of us.

  72. SHERI, what a dimwit you are. I bet you have no substance. You probably do not rely on talent to move up in life. I wonder if the only thing you know is selling yourself in order to eat. You implied that Jessica will not succeed because she is ugly ! Have you seen Barbra Streisand ? I just really hope you don’t have BUTT FACE ….

    • Don’t have to rely on my¬†talent to be successful in life, ¬†I educated myself.¬† Perhaps you should consider doing the same thing.¬† It is obvious by your comments and grammar¬†that you have no education.¬†¬† Bye!!

      • Why don’t you point out the grammar you think is problematic to your obvious second grade education. Go back to your nasty numerous post and no decent person would. like it.

      • FYI, Bill gates and Mark Zuckerberg are both college drop out but because they are both very talented people , they are who they are now. And yes they are not cute like P2. So there you are ! Jessica can still be successful ( although according to you, you can’t stand her teeth unlike Philip who is soooo cute to YOU ) seriously, you are one mean woman.

    • I Love the episode of South Park where Streisand turns into a Godzilla monster. And the ButtFace family episode. Guess you watch lots of South Park too…awesome!

      So Lyn, are you saying Jess is like Godzilla? That really isn’t very nice at all, so stop bashing Jess.

      Dimwit? Definition is someone with crazy ideas that could be considered…

      Sheri, you want to go out?….I love crazy girls with crazy ideas that could be considered…hehe

      • James, I don’t watch South Park. I guess I just can’t stand people who behave like bullies. A lot of people on this site are really mean and I regret to have stooped down to their level. When I started reading personal attacks to a 16 yr. old girl it brought me back to my high school days where I was bullied because one of my leg is shorter than the other.. I walked with a limp and they made ffun of me. It hurts but it made me a strong person . I was determined to be successful in life. We are individuals with different opinions and criticisms should just be about that specific subject . Calling Jessica a hooker, ugly, criticizing her family , her dress , her laugh , her teeth , her demeanor is uncalled for.

  73. my thoughts:

    ¬†I still believe that a joshua vs. jessica finale would’ve been the best ai finale ever… But not to take anything away from phil (I love all of them.), although seeing him in the finale is definitely no surprise for me..

    These two good looking individuals(jessphil) are totally equal, but different, jessica being the girl wonder that she is, just brought back the good singing idol mentality that in the past decade has been replaced by some electronically fixed vocals and songs that really sound different when sang live. Jessica thrilled the world with what her tiny package has to offer.Phillip on the other hand, being the artist that he is, is always a breath of fresh air whenever we watch him, the way he puts himself into a song is just brilliant. He can make you fall in love with him in an instant.

    ¬†So I think it’ll boils down to who has more voting followers.. They have tons of fans already that’s a given, but the dedicated fans who sacrifice two hours of their time just to try to contribute to their idol’s success…. Are they deserving? Definitely, and so is joshua…… I really believe that this is the best top 3 ai has ever had..¬†

  74. Phillip should win. He’s got the voice, the look, the talent, and the performance; the total package! What can I say, he’s pretty unique. He keeps me entertained on this show. ūüôā

      • @twitter-583414316:disqus

        Well. I did sign the band “The Devil Wears Prada”
        and yes I have some Pradas,  athletic shoes

        “Angels Or Devils”
        Are there angels or devils crawling here?
        I just want to know what blurs and what is clear to see

        Still I can see the pain in you
        And I can see the love in you
        And fighting all the demons will take time
        It will take time

  75. Having reached the finals Jessica and Phillips deserves praises. Of the 90 million votes announced Jessica was on top, Phillip in the middle, and Joshua down below. Assuming a 40/30/20 shares of the 90 million votes, and Joshua’s fans will stop voting on the finals, who do you think will get the most number of votes on the finals? Youtube viewers, Faceebookers, and Twitters seem to favor one vs, the other and you know the result. AI viewers outside North America who are fan(atics) are urging their friends, relatives and colleagues internationally to support their idol. And that is People Power the AI process…the result is clear as daylight.

  76. yoonashi, You are right in your thoughts that it’ll boil down to who has more voting followers.¬†
    Having reached the finals Jessica and Phillips deserve praises. Of the 90 million votes announced Jessica was on top, Phillip in the middle, and Joshua down below. Assuming a 40/30/20 shares of the 90 million votes, and Joshua’s fans will stop voting on the finals, who do you think will get the most number of votes on the finals? Youtube viewers, Faceebookers, and Twitters seem to favor one vs, the other and you know the result. AI viewers outside North America who are fan(atics) are urging their friends, relatives and colleagues internationally to support their idol. And that is People Power the AI process…the result is clear as daylight.

  77. The best song of the season for each performer (in my viewpoint) that they should peform is:
    “Dance with my father”, for Jessica and “Volcano” for Phillip

  78. Thanks for all the free publicity, Matthew. 

    Granted, not that I was looking for it.¬† See, I come from the school of journalism which teaches that the star of an interview should be the one answering the questions, not asking them.¬† (Those reporters who try to “be the story” are some of the most annoying people on TV, don’t you think?)

    I’m not trying to put together an audition reel for “Extra” or “Access Hollywood”… I already have a pretty cool job.¬† All I’m trying to do is put questions out there that will hopefully elicit some interesting answers.¬† And if you hadn’t seen value in the answers I’ve been getting, you wouldn’t have been posting so many of them.

    Oh, and just to give you a little bit of background on what you call the “awkward silences”: Part of the reason we’re backstage is to get sound bites that get fed out to hundreds of radio stations nationwide.¬† If I talk over an answer, that instantly kills the bite — renders it completely useless.¬† And I’ve learned the hard way that sometimes, when you think somebody’s done speaking, they aren’t!

    If you want to debate journalism and journalistic integrity, I’d be happy to put my J-school degree, eight years as a newspaper editor, and 24 years of professional writing experience up against whatever you have to offer.¬†

    But you know what?¬† I’m out there in the real world, doing this for a living.¬† And I’ll take that any day over sitting behind a computer screen, “borrowing” the information other people are getting, and trying to put a spin on it by making fun of those other people.¬† If that’s how you feel you need to distinguish yourself from all the ¬†other bloggers out there, that’s fine.¬† But it says a lot more about you than it does about me!

    Thanks again for helping get our Fox All Access videos out there, and enjoy the “American Idol” finale.

  79. the last to survive is only right.  joshua was good but i believe that the judges got him his loss.  how.  standing ovation after standing ovation.  rediculous.. sure he had a couple of awesome performances, but i believe the public rebelled against him because they were sick of the judges pushing and pushing everyone to vote joshua.

    jessica, i would like you to sing the song TITANIC..  it would be awesome for you and good luck.  at this point you should be the winner

  80. Life existed before Jessica was -10 and Phillip was -5…And I am pretty sure I am not the only viewer over the age of 20.¬† So, I do appreciate references to the older songs, registered at a time where TALENT took precedence to techno and electro… Which was exactly what Joshua was; TALENTED enough to bring good songs on stage every week. I wish Jessica and Phillip lots of luck and may all of the contestants succeed in a career they love.

  81. I will not be watching anymore American Idol¬† With their flawed voting system, the best contestant yet was eliminated.¬† How you they justify allowing 1 person to vote up to fifty times for any one contestant? So sad!!!!!! Until this is corrected, I will not be participating….

    • The only reason Phillip will win is because all the teenie bopper girls like him.¬† He can’t even sing.¬† It sounds like he is talking sometimes.¬† Joshua Ladet is the best, even in the history of American Idol.¬† He has soul.

      • yeah, its pisses me off cause the competition is not on who’s cute! but he can sing if he couldn’t he wouldn’t have been in the competition. jessica deserves it more and plus its about time a girl wins.

  82. Phillip – no talent?¬† Are you watching the same show?¬† He is the most ORIGINAL on there.¬† Joshua was the best vocalist but they kept picking old songs for him – he needed to sing more modern type music.¬† Jessica is a good singer but I can’t watch her perform – it bores me.¬† American Idol is about the WHOLE package.¬† Are they current, original, good looking, etc., and guess what, whether you like it or not -thats Phillip.

    Good luck PHillip!!

    • Jessica boring?¬†

      Defenitly, you’re watching another show. (I’m not watching the same show as you, I guess.)

  83. Would love to see Phil Phillips do the Grateful Dead version of “Not Fade Away”, originally written by Buddy Holly.¬† I think Jerry would be proud and giving the high five!!¬†¬† Deadheads even watch this AI stuff, if you can believe that.¬† Anyway, Phil Phillips you go buddy and show them what real music¬†is all about, just be yourself and hope you’ll be feeling really good soon.

  84. I would like Jessica to sing One MOment in Time by Whitney (for me this is such a powerful and winning music, and I truly believe she will nail it big time!! … I hope this song will be chosen by Simon for her to sing in the final ūüôā

  85. please Jessica sing again Nobody supposed to be here by deborah cox.. 

  86. if you are looking for originality then AI  should be a contest about people creating their own songs and then singing it.  People saying that Jessica copies other artist are those mostly listening to Beyonce, Rihanna, etc. ofcourse those are songs you are familiar with. While those people saying PP sounds the same as Dave Matthews Band and those same genre are ofcourse familiar with that type of music. Everything that have been sung on AI are just covers by these talented artist.  Jessica having sung songs with different style that we have heard before is surely more talented.  PP although he is good in his ways sings the same genre everytime which coming from the south is what he knows.  Jessica being in California is more exposed to different types of genres.

  87. Simon Fullers’s choices in the past AI seems like going to old songs and not current ones. So the last song will be the most important one for them. Anyways do they still get to sing duets with their idols?Is it likely on the wednesday show?

  88. you people all diss¬† phillip are out of your minds or must be out of this country or teenagers your self i have 5 grown children and my daughter is graduating high school this girl should of not been on american idol unless she was out of high school/¬† there should of been ateenager idol for her.¬† she has sung songs she issnt even old enough for dressed the same….Put her on Glee.¬† Phill has pushed thru pain all year and has all that is needed.¬† you sll mudt be wasy behind times.¬† Coming from countries that dont release different music…….Phillip didint get this far by looks…..He had to sing songs someone else recorded……He didnt need coached….he so humble and not a show off like teenagers are…..What do they want to call it now Teen idol usa or what a teen won last year along with the runner up.¬† Most likely teens will let it go to their head and fizzz out before they are 21.¬† parents get your kids in real school then put them in beauty contest, reality,ect¬†¬† it is the parents for homeschooling¬†¬†¬† im trying be mature why cant all of u.

  89. Joshua Ledet deserves to be the winner. America got it wrong letting him go.

  90. The fans who vote for Phillips are not busy posting on youtube clips and articles like this, that’s why. I thought that was clear.

    I don’t understand why this question keeps coming up every week.

  91. Jessica, you are such a wonderful person and people of the world loves you so much..don’t get affected of so many bad criticisms¬† against you..because at the very end you are the only one knows exactly who the person you are.. God will not permit anyone to let you down..God bless you on the performance finale night..we love you¬† as well us PP too..both of you are very talented and exceptional in this very volatile world.

  92. I love watching American Idol & I want Ms. Jessica Sanchez to win.  More power to American Idol! We love you Jessica Sanchez

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