American Idol 2012: Top 4 Performs Tonight

AMERICAN IDOL 2012: Joshua Ledet. CR: Nino Munoz / FOX

Tonight the American Idol 2012 Top 4 will sing for your votes and the chance to make it to their Top 3 homecoming next week.

This week’s themes are songs from California based artists and songs the contestants wish they had written. The themes, if you can even call them that, are a bit odd this week, but I still managed to make my Top 4 song suggestions.

So that means the contestants will at least be singing two songs each. We can also likely expect some duets. I’m guessing we’ll see a Phillip Phillips/Hollie Cavanagh pairing as well as a Joshua Ledet/Jessica Sanchez pairing.

Be sure to check back later for Matt’s live coverage of the performances and for my recap shortly after the East Coast airing. With fewer and fewer Idol finalists left the competition is getting tougher and big favorites are inevitably going to start being eliminated. Don’t forget to show up tonight and support your favorites on American Idol.

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    • We are ready to vote for Jessica and whatever happens, we will support her whatever it takes. We’ve been watching AI again because of her and always looking forward for her perfomance since her audition in San Diego.  Goodluck to Jessica!

      • Still hoping that Jessica will sing “And I am Telling You”  to show her amazing talent.  I’ve been waiting for her to sing this in AI, hopefully!  I like her version of “I’d Rather Go Blind” as well and enjoy listening to it.  I hope she can sing these songs.

      • Fellow Jessica supporters, let us show our support tonight and make sure that Jessica keeps the lead until she is crowned the champion!

        She deserves the title AI for 2012 for her extraordinary singing talent. 
        Her beautiful voice and style is like soothing balm to my aching soul.
        It is my best stress reliever!

      • I was searching the internet and I found these:

        I was so happy to see “And I am Telling You” as one of the songs tonite and I hope Jessica will sing it.  Probably, she might sing You Raise Me Up .  Big songs for her and I am sure she will give justice to these songs.

        I am very happy and excited.

        American Idol Season 11 Top 4 SpoilersCalifornia Dreamin’ Songs“Have You Ever Seen the Rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival“Steal Away” by Etta James“You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban“Faithfully” by Journey
        Songs You Wish You Wrote“And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” by Jennifer Holliday“I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt“Volcano” by Damien Rice“It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” by James Brown”

    • Yes! Jessica all the way!
      My wife and I will not stop voting for Jessica until the last second before the lines are closed.


    •  When will you get it that Jessica doesn’t have it- I think that’s why you’re trying to vote 1000 times.  Her song choices are bad, she can’t do rock
      She hasn’t done anything decent since the Whitney Houston song
      and Beautiful was at least decent.  Everyone is allowed at least one bad week-Jessica has had too many-give it up and vote for someone who has earned it.


    • Never would vote for her like the boys and have a telecomputer where I can vote 1000 of times faster Jessica going down that little childish girl

  1. I’m sure it will be a great night again for Hollie tonight. She commented in her twitter that she is pushing hard this week. I will also be a great night for Jess as alwys. Hope for the best for these two girls. Hopefully PP will mess up tonight and will go home tomorrow. There is only place left for the big vocalists now!!!

  2. Dont you have the songs line up yet? Usually you post the spoiler list hours before the show…

    • Ray Chew ‘leaks’ the song line up on twitter. He hasn’t done that yet, so I guess we’ll have to wait…

      • here are the list : American Idol Season 11 Top 4 SpoilersCalifornia Dreamin’ Songs“Have You Ever Seen the Rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival“Steal Away” by Etta James“You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban“Faithfully” by Journey
        Songs You Wish You Wrote“And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” by Jennifer Holliday“I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt“Volcano” by Damien Rice“It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” by James Brown

    • It will be posted by midnight or before. Ray Chew of AI usually is the one posting a spoiler for the song choices. Just be patient, we’ll have the official list in a few hours.

    • here are the list : American Idol Season 11 Top 4 SpoilersCalifornia Dreamin’ Songs“Have You Ever Seen the Rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival“Steal Away” by Etta James“You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban“Faithfully” by Journey
      Songs You Wish You Wrote“And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” by Jennifer Holliday“I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt“Volcano” by Damien Rice“It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” by James Brown

  3. are you ready to sing JESSICA SANCHEZ?..cause im im 1000% ready to VOTE!!!!!!!

  4. Million times for jessica sanchez,you are the winner,goodluck and godbless


    • Jessica is a talented and gifted young girl. But not ready to be the winner she doesn’t sing with the  emotion needed for the songs she continues to choose.

  6. Joshua everyone in my neighbour hood behind you lets show them you have what it take to win…loveeeeeeeeeee

    • to all jessica fans all over the world goodluck and keep on voting for her,we  can make ,,please .. vote…

      • Yeah, I know she’s the best. However, I’m not sure if my twin sister, @e2cda677ca8daf153fb0282a01c6bb48:disqus, will agree to what you’re saying. She’s a solid Phillip fan, you know.

      • now there is a Pally35? LMAO..well, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery so…thank you.

  7. I’m looking forward for a Hollie/Joshua and a Jessica/Phillip pairing. 

  8. Ready to Rock the Vote for Jessica! Love that kid!! She is amazing! Very talented Top 4 but from now on all my votes for Jessica!

  9. We love you Jessica. You are an inspiration to everyone. We will support you all the way…..

  10. Seriously..why do you feel the need to beg for Jessica’s votes? I said it over in another blog. Even if the girl came out tonight and knocked my socks off, you couldn’t PAY me to vote for her. Her fans have totally turned me and quite a few other people off.

    • bitterrrrrrrrrrrr pally45…… we love jessica so……… stop talking nonsense ok…..

      • I’m not bitter..just kind of disgusted with the lot of you. You don’t LOVE the barely know her. Doesn’t your obsession and stalker mentality ever scare you?  Get a grip. It’s a talent competition, not life and death.

      • @Tara…see, there’s that Jessica fanbase mentality I’m talking about. Lol…you do realize you sound like you’re a couple of cans short of a six pack, don’t you?

      • Pally45 are u 10?or 11? stop it! stop criticizing Jessica.Just love your favorite that’s it.

      • I’m not criticizing Jessica..I’m talking about her completely gone nuts fanbase. Not that it’s any of your business how old I am anyway..but as my name says..I’m 45.

    • why should we pay you? you’re not even worth a single penny? why, do you have any talent at all?

  11. VOTE THESE BOYS OFF!!! We need a girl to win this . Moms and dads hide your phones from your 10 years old girls , because all they do is vote for the cute boy .

  12. I vote because I want Jessica to win and I am happy doing the extra mile. Everybody is welcome to do their share of voting whether it’s for Jessica or not.

  13. There was a YouTube comment that Phillip is VFTW ( vote for the worst ) Site’s pick among the remaining contestants… am wondering if anyone knows if that Site still holds clout… have not seen any other articles mention it anymore… and for sure DialIdol has been off for a while now ( maybe from online votes ?)

    • I heard the same thing the other day and went to check it out, so I can verify that VFTW is definitely rooting for Phillip. They want another WGWG win. I’m not sure how much clout they have, though. 

  14. Whatever happens people, just dont forget to vote!!! As much as possible! Our favorites need to make it to homecoming week! Let’s do it!!!

  15. Imagine all internet shop in our community will be ready to vote online via facebook for jessica sanchez for 2 hours.. Thats how we support jessica…and we have at least 30 internet shops in our community!!!

  16. Hollie is gonna sweep the floor with the other contestants again tonight!

  17. Looking forward to Jessica and P2 tonight. And hoping Joshua to be booted out! 😀

    • Yeah,saw it too. I hope Jessica chooses the Etta James song and the Jennifer Holliday one.

      • but i have a gut feeling that hollie will going to sing the song by jennifer holliday…

      • Hollie can’t do runs. And that Jennifer Holiday songs is so riddled with runs. But then again, if ever Hollie sings that, she’ll sing it ala Bleeding Love.

        In an interview with MTV, Jessica said that she’ll be singing big songs by big guns. So maybe hers is the Jennifer Holliday song after all? Good luck to the Top 4,esp. Jessica.

      • you bet it right…. jessica all the way. if she sing that song by jennifer holliday she will definetly killed it 🙂

  18. I was waiting for AI yesterday only to realize that it was only Tuesday. And I was like…huh? No AI? Lol!

  19. without JESSICA SANCHEZ ,this site and AMERICAN IDOL will not be interesting..lets keep jessica on the running..VOTE VOTE fellow blujays,please vote only for JSAN…:-)

  20. Jessica might be singing an Etta James song or Journey’s Faithfully for California Dreamin’ theme and Jennifer Holliday’s And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going for Songs You Wish You Have written-theme.

  21. Next one to go should be Philip Philips; he’s not versatile enough… getting boring.   Joshua is good but he screams too much; he has a good voice and not need to do what he does.  Jessica is a fabulous singer but please dress her more age appropriate.  Hollie is the whole package. She looks great, excellent singer; should be between her and Joshua although I would rather see her and Jessica in the finals.

    • They pick they’re own clothes! Why do you think someone picks for them? We’ve all seen them do the wardrobe thing. They get advice, but they have final say!

  22. Jessica might be singing And I’m Telling you I’m Not Going and Journey’s Faithfully…. can’t wait to see her perform. 🙂

    • My guess for JS:
      Steal Away – by Etta James &
      And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going – Jennifer Holliday

      I would like it to be:
      You Raise Me Up – Josh Groban 
      I Can’t Make You Love Me – Bonnie Raitt 

      PS. still doesn’t like the song choices~ 🙁

  23. Top 4 Song List

    California Dreaming:

    1.Have You Ever Seen the Rain – CCR, 2.Steal Away – Etta James, 3.You Raise Me Up – Josh Groban, 4.Faithfully – Journey

    Songs I wish I wrote:

    1. And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going – Jennifer Holliday, 2. I
    Can’t Make You Love Me – Bonnie Raitt, 3. Volcano – Damien Rice, 4. It’s
    a Man’s Man’s Man’s World – James Brown


    1. This Love – Maroon 5, 2. Eternal Flame – The Bangles

  24. Here’s the AI Spoiler list, from mjsbigblog:

    California Dreamin’  Theme:
    Have You Ever Seen the Rain – by Creedence Clearwater Revival
    Steal Away – by Etta James
    You Raise Me Up – by Josh GrobanFaithfully – by Journey

    Songs You Wish You Wrote:
    And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going – by Jennifer HolidayI Can’t Make You Love Me – by Bonnie RaittVolcano – by Damien RiceIt’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World – by James Brown

    This Love – by Maroon 5Eternal Flame – by The Bangles

    • this is the best they can do???????  no mamas & papas, about as california as you can get!!  no beach boys!!  who picks out these songs for the contestants to sing??

    • “Have you ever seen the rain” & “Volcano”- P2
      For me, the easiest to guess is P2 songs~
      NOT SURE. but I don’t see him singing other songs from the list~ 🙂

    • Another Craptastic song list.  Why with all of the great music in the world, do we keep getting this overdone, second rate junk?  I might not watch.  This is just BS!

  25. Guys if you voted for jessica X times during the top 5 you’re gonna have to vote 10X times now in top 4 to beat the 10 year old girl!let’s goooooo!!!!!

  26. Well the songs are out and I must say, they pretty much suck! Why does idol continue to give these kids such crap? I would love to see the list they can choose from! Because if this is the best they could come up with, I want to see what they passed on! Sorry to see both girls will do nothing new, nothing to fit there ages! Josh as well, will do the same old same old! Once again Phillips looks to at least be more original. And I bet they pair Josh & Phillip again with the Maroon 5 song!

    • I think their song choices must be VERY limited. Phillip and Joshua doing Maroon 5? Yikes.  I don’t know about Phillip’s choices. It HAS to be him singing Volcano and it’s kind of blah…

      • I think idol likes the Josh Phillip awkward love song moments. I agree that Phillips will be the one to do Volcano, but at least it’s not been done to death. Id almost bet Josh takes the Journey song. Unless they try something out of the box, like Josh taking Creedence & Phillip taking Journey. You can almost bet money on which songs the girls will sing! Wish them all the best! I don’t see much of anything on here to change anyone’s favourites.

      • @Armond. I really like Phillip’s style of music but he was pretty bad last week. I like him though. I really like Hollie also.

  27. No very pleased with the song list…if these ppl are competing to be the next american idol, i think they should be able to pick their own songs..or at least have a wider variety to pick from. Oh well…i will be rooting for Jessica and Joshua!! I think its time for P2 to go home.

  28. Here’s my guess as to who is singing what:
    Phillip – “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” and “Volcano”Hollie – “Faithfully” and “I Can’t Make You Love Me”Jessica – “Steal Away” and “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going”Joshua – “You Raise Me Up” and “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” 

    • And I think the duets will be:
      Phillip and Joshua – “This Love”
      Hollie and Jessica – “Eternal Flame”
      Don’t see either of these songs being a male/female duet.  Pairing the two guys and two girls will give us a chance to compare them to each other.

      • Agree, but I don’t think they’re wanting us to compare as much as they want another funny awkward Josh & Phillip moment. They got a lot of extra press coverage with that last time.

      • Hahaha!  I think you may be right, Dfonvergne.  Another funny awkward Josh & Phillip moment. 🙂

    • Almost same except for 2 songs (I’ll interchange) 

      “I Can’t Make You Love Me” -Joshua (Josh might relate into the lyrics best than Hollie)
      “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World”  -Hollie (I just think a girl who do it since I’ve seen Juliet sings this in “The Voice” hehe.)

    • I’m with you except I’d switch Hollie & Josh. I think Josh will do Fairhfully & Hollie will do. You raise me up.

  29. here are the list : American Idol Season 11 Top 4 SpoilersCalifornia Dreamin’ Songs“Have You Ever Seen the Rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival“Steal Away” by Etta James“You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban“Faithfully” by Journey
    Songs You Wish You Wrote“And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” by Jennifer Holliday“I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt“Volcano” by Damien Rice“It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” by James Brown”

  30. Just one last comment. Tonight, just vote for the one you would like to hear more from! Don’t vote or not vote because someone is a guy or a girl. Don’t vote or not vote because of a persons race or religion. And don’t vote or not vote because the judges love someone or they pick on someone. All these kids are so talented and will all produce an album. So stop hating on people and just vote for your own favorite! Good Luck to All, and most important, Have Fun!!

  31. Great list of songs tonight. I can’t wait!!!! GO Phillip and Joshua

  32. I want hollie to win she is young but has a fantastic voice it is very hard this year they r all great but I think hollie is the best out of the four.

  33. My Guesses:
    Phillip: Have You Ever Seen the Rain & Volcano
    Jessica: Steal Away & It’s A Man’s World
    Hollie: You Raise Me Up & And I Am Telling You
    Joshua: Faithfully & I Can’t Make You Love Me
    The only one I’m sure of is Phillip. In an interview Hollie said she was picking two songs that everyone knows, Jessica said she was picking two really big songs, and Josh said he was picking songs that he wouldn’t normally sing.

  34.  1
    Phillip Phillips
    “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” (Creedence Clearwater Revival)

    Jessica Sanchez
    “Steal Away” (Etta James)

    Joshua Ledet
    “You Raise Me Up” (Josh Groban)

    Hollie Cavanagh
    “Faithfully” (Journey)

    Jessica Sanchez
    “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” (Jennifer Holliday)

    Hollie Cavanagh
    “I Can’t Make You Love Me” (Bonnie Raitt)

    Phillip Phillips
    “Volcano” (Damien Rice)

    Joshua Ledet
    “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” (James Brown)

    Joshua Ledet & Phillip Phillips
    “This Love” (Maroon 5)

    Hollie Cavanagh & Jessica Sanchez
    “Eternal Flame” (The Bangles)

  35. Our family and friends from Hawaii will again vote for Jessica Sanchez tonight. Our facebook friends from ” ROWA ” an association we formed in 2010 have also expressed support and will be voting as well. Aloha and let us all enjoy the show…ariel and robbie

  36. Um… okay. There are a lot of Jessica supporters here today. Anyway, I’ll take this time to wish Phillip good luck tonight. I hope he gets well soon.

  37. Josh still the best…..Something just not rt about Jess.  She is a perfect copier, but w/out emotion and heart. Just my opinion.

    • I respect that,  🙂
      but I also think there’s something just not ryt with Josh also for me~?? even he has this great voice,,..probably, not just my type of genre? hmm.I think JS is somehow getting the emotion now,.especially if she’ll do her own record, own songs…nevertheless I think she’ll get there~ Long way to go for all of them~ they’re all young~ 🙂

    • Joshua is a great gospel singer but I don’t see it commercially. I hope he goes this week, but he won’t because the show is pushing so him so hard. Rumors are that Randy says he will quit if Joshua doesn’t win. It would be great to get rid of them both.

  38. I hope jessica sing and i am telling you! The songlist is already out!

    •  Yeah, I can’t believe it. It’s like I entered enemy territory here.

      • It’s been awful. I was told to go to hell..shut up..and now someone is now posing as me. Well, their name si pally35 instead of 45 but whatever. Phillip and Hollie to the final 2! lol

  39. Come on HolliePops lets get the votes going for Hollie  tonight.  She’s got range and a beautiful voice and she can hold those notes.
    I’m tired of Joshua’s screeching and yelling,Phipps faces and bad voice and Jessica’s poor taste in songs and inabiliy to do rock.
    If Hollie goes home I’m not watching the rest of the season-it will stink.
    Come on lets get the votes going for Hollie

    • Hollie has pretty much the same taste in songs as Jessica and she can’t do rock either…

      • yah…jessica cant rocked it out..ur points are shattered by hollie last week when she rocked tina turner’s while jess didnt…

      • @b86fcb07ba174645ed077dc9015e80e6:disqus Tina Turner isn’t rock. Rock is a genre of music. Rocking is a verb. Two totally different things. And imo Hollie most definitely didn’t rock Tina Turner. She did a mediocre cover, as did Jessica. 

      • You’ve got to be kidding.  Jessica’s songs have stunk the big one= unknown artists and antiquated songs Besides that I’ve hated them

    •  hollie is trying too hard to equate the other three’s prowess. she knows she’s where she’s now just becasue she’s a blue eyed girl with a blonde hair and has many rich brit supporters. just so you realize.

      • @tadan..really? Maybe Jessica is where she is now because of all her filipino supporters. Good God, STOP!

  40.  Bonnie Raitt Classic or Adele or Kelly Clarkson or AI version? Hmm. #excited
    I so love this song~ Hope it will be sung great~ 😉

  41. No spoilers from AI?   No list of songs to sing by the hopefuls, like they did last week?

    • keep reading.  yes, there is a list and several comments about it. see below.

    • wait i just saw it…WOW!!!
      Just saw in the AI via FB:

      California Dreamin’ Theme:
      Have You Ever Seen The Rain – I don’t know the song, Maybe Phillips
      Steal Away – Either Jessica or Joshua
      You Raise Me Up – It would be Hollie
      Faithfully – Either Jessica or Hollie

      Songs You Wish You Wrote:
      And I’m telling You I’m Not Going  – Maybe Jessica, but Joshua Could do this too
      I Can’t Make You Love Me – Its going to be Hollie, but Jessica could sing this too
      Volcano – Surely, Phillips
      It’s a Man Man Man’s World – Would be Josh here

      This Love – Phillips and Hollie, the cuties…so they say the good and the beautiful…LOL
      Eternal Flame – Jessica and Joshua, belters…so they say the screamers…LOL

      • just heard this from youtube:
        CALI THEME:
        steal away and i think it would be joshua’s pick…obviously it is so soulful

        have you ever seen the rain and i think it would be phillips…from the first sound of stroked guitar i got the feeling that it is his, it is so folk.

        faithfully and like everybody is wishing for, i also wish that it would be jessica who would sing this…from the original singer to the latest gig with arnel pineda, she could nail this one.
        like any filipino fan of the journey who sing this one in a karaoke/videoke, lets us raise our glasses and cheers to jessica LOL!!!

        you raise me up, Hollie’s name is written all over it LOL…it felt like it would be like Adele or Miley all over again…she wont have any problem with the vocals.

    • And you wonder why people are voting for anyong EXCEPT Jessica? It’s posts like this. I never knew people from the Phillipines were like this.

  42. Jess is best, go Sanchez. Kick those boys in the nuts and slap the whitie girl silly.
    Joshua is fairy screamer
    Phillip is constipated monotone
    Hollie pitch like cat in heat

    Only Jess is worthy to get votes, all others just no good

    • All I can say to your post is unbelievably WOW!!! Why not just promote/pimp YOUR favorite WITHOUT blasting/bashing other contestants?!?!

  43. Jessica you are deserving to become AI, you are a newly born star, so please go for final and get the crown!

  44. OMG…..Joshua did the DANG thing w/ that James Brown song!!! Now you Josh haters chew on that.

  45. Jessica is an amazing singer and performer, This girl can go far and as far as I am concerned she is already a winner! even if somebody else wins because many people don’t bother to vote she will be the best, come America get off the couch and vote! it is easy and you can make a difference

  46. There is a very good reason these four individuals r  AIs final four, & its simply because they all deserve to be there.  Each one of them is a winner in his or her own way!  All four are extremely talented & I believe they all will have a very successful career in the music industry. 
    However, my vote tonight is for Joshua, he amazes me with his crazy talent.  Then there is Miss Jessica, wow what a tremendous voice that beautiful young girl has…..I may have to extend a vote to her also.  Fantastic night of singing from all.   Thanks American Idol!

  47. It’ll be hard to choose between these last three.  I never got it with Hollie though she’s a sweet girl.  I think they nailed it when they said there is no emotion in her singing. Even though she has a beautiful voice she just didn’t have the passion or drama that the other three have.  I do wish her well. 

  48. Some comment about these artist’s sounding like someone else seems silly.  Of course they will sound similar.  They’re singing their songs.

    Others comment about them sounding the same is also silly.  Of course they do.  They have only one voice and their own personal style. 
    So give them a break.  They’re all great singers.

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