American Idol 2012: What Should the Top 4 Sing?

American Idol 2012 Top 4

This week on American Idol 2012, The Top 4 will be singing songs from California bands and songs they wish they had written.

Since I have no idea what the Idols wishes are, I’ll just be suggesting songs from bands out of California.

Phillip Phillips,”Pumped Up Kicks,” by Foster the People. I could hear Phillip putting his acoustic spin on this current hit and doing a great job with it. I’m picking this for Phillip only because I think he needs to do something current. I’d much rather hear him sing something from the 1960s California scene like The Doors or Buffalo Springfield. OK, I change my mind, I pick “Light My Fire” by The Doors. 

Hollie Cavanagh, “Rhiannon,” by Fleetwood Mac. Fleetwood Mac has its origins planted all over the place, including Los Angeles County, California. So the incarnation of the band most people know today kind of qualifies as a California band. So I’d love to hear Hollie take on a Stevie Nicks classic like “Rhiannon.”

Jessica Sanchez, “Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey. Or something by Journey. I’m a little over “Don’t Stop Believin” thanks to Glee, but there’s not enough Journey on Idol. I think Jessica could handle some Steve Perry-like vocals. And it would give Randy Jackson a good chance to mention that he played bass for Journey.

Joshua Ledet, “Dance to the Music,” by Sly and the Family Stone. This would be the perfect song for Joshua. Now’s the time for him to do something energetic and powerful at the same time. It’s time to chill out on the screechy ballads for a week, if he wants to edge out one of the remaining girls and make it to the finale.

What songs would you like to hear the Top 4 sing?




  1. I wouldn’t mind hearing Phillip do Sugar Ray.. I think he would put a good spin on it but the Doors could really rock for him!

    • Jessica singing Faithfully? I should note that, according to CNN, Faithfully tops the list as the most overplayed song by,well, the Filipinos. I agree with Branden,though, Don’t Stop Believin will be a great and appropriate song for Jessica.

      • there’s nothing wrong about it…if she could nail that song then so be it…it doesn’t matter if it is overplayed or oversung by Filipinos, duh, atleast she knows it by heart by now.

      •  I can’t believe the intelligence level of some….just because Jessica is half Filipino and in spite of the fact that she doesn’t even live in the Philippines (lives and studies in CA)…she already knows Journey’s Faithfully by heart as it is allegedly  “overplayed or oversung” (???) by Filipinos?  Is this for real?

      • lest to forget, the lead singer of journey is ariel pineda…a filipino… :)) and sorry to inform you that the most overplayed song in the Philippines is still the standard song My Way.. :))

      • Wait..did Steve Perry have a sex change..and a nationality change? Or are you talking about the new Steve that is the lead singer? Is he a drag queen and goes by Ariel?

      • Why are you saying I’m playing dumb? Aren’t you the one that said some filipino girl was the lead singer of Journey?

      • fyi ariel pineda is a man, i didn’t mention anywhere here that ariel is a girl…

      • @pally this is for specially for you…
        Arnel Pineda (born September 5, 1967) is a Filipino singer-songwriter who has served as the lead singer of the American rock band Journey since 2007.[1] Pineda has had a successful musical career in the Philippines for the last 25 years.

      • Oh god. lol..totally my bad. I had no idea. I haven’t really paid attention to Journey in years..and I just assumed Ariel was a girl’s name.

      • @e2cda677ca8daf153fb0282a01c6bb48:disqus …this is for your info…Arnel Pineda (born September 5, 1967) is a Filipino singer-songwriter who has served as the lead singer of the American rock band Journey since 2007.[1] Pineda has had a successful musical career in the Philippines for the last 25 years. 

      • LOL. Sorry. Honest. I really thought Ariel was a girl’s name. I haven’t really paid much attention to Journey for a while. Sorry.

      • I’m tired of reading comments mentioning Filipinos or Pinoys. She’s half Filipino and half Mexican but she is an American citizen.  No one can claim Jessica as their own because America owns her.

      • Hey Pally45,

        Check out your facts first next time before you start crapping on people.  Steve Perry Left Journey a long time ago and left the band hanging by their toe nails until they found Arnel.  Het got them going again.  Maybe you will have a better understanding of the Filipino culture and their relationship with pop music. There are many others
        who are as good, you maybe surprise.  Enjoy the show.

      • @japsy, i stand corrected yeah its Arnel… my apology also goes to @e2cda677ca8daf153fb0282a01c6bb48:disqus 

    • or rob thomas SMOOTH for P2…  swoon more girls and woman 😉 lol
      honestly I think that really suits his style

    •  Yes…Sugar Ray is brilliant for P2…would really boost him. You get the prize for thinking out of the box! I don’t understand why people don’t get this…
      who wants to listen to really old, really tired stuff done by the legends that these contestants are never going to match. Bands today do covers of oldies, but seldom and few between, there is reason.

      The only one who can pull it off is P2 because he does remake the song, otherwise, no…!! Get them into current stuff and stay there!!  Every week should be songs in the current 5 years, maybe one or two shows of oldies.
      Journey????, next it will be ABBa. Oh lord no!!!

    • @pally45 the new lead singer of Journey is Ariel Pineda (from philippines) and honestly he’s really good & very impressive (of course Steve Perry is Steve Perry)

      • Why does everyone keep harping about Jessica being filipino?  She’s Mexican/American.  She carries her father’s name, not her mother’s.  The fact that Obama’s mother was white carried no weight with black voters.  The fact that Jessica’s mother is filipino should not even be considered.  Any honor if she wins would go to the latino community.

      • @Tico: you’re fighting just for Jessica’s nationality? Meh. It’s like you’re suggesting a world war. :)) I think JS will honor whatever nationality she have in her blood. She’s American/Mexican/Filipino. What’s wrong with that?

      • @google-acb79bb9d5a4485cf260144f2308a51c:disqus Sorry, but these Pinoys are so aggressive and annoying.  They make it seem like they are desperate for Jess to validate their existence.  I’ve never known of such pushy people.

      • got that right! What IS the deal? Is there nothing else to do in the Phillipines? I mean, honestly..settle the eff down.

  2. Jessica Sanchez – Faithfully by The journey

    Philips philips- light my Fire

    • Philips singing “Light my Fire” , a Jim Morrison vehicle ? Are you high. Phillips has no range and no dynamic – it’d be an abortion, which by the way is almost everything he does …

      • tsssss… your right //I’m not really moved when PHILIP PHILIPS sang. but he stays.. it is because his looks. I THOUGHT AMERICAN IDOL IS FOR CONTESTANTS WHO HAS THE FULL PACKAGE. BUT  P2 didn’t meet the standards.

      • Phillp is the total package, some of you just seem to think a person can only sing itf they can hit the higher notes and yell.  Phillip is awesome.

  3. I don’t think Hollie should take on Rhiannon. This music is really beaultiful, but it isn’t powerful enough for Hollie if she really wants to stay in the competition. She has to choose 2 blowing crazy vocal tracks if she wants to earn more votes. And I think that Hollie is the most inteligent on the song choices and will know that for sure.
    I believe she will take on some risky songs this week.
    Hope for the best!!!

    • If I were Hollie, I’d pick the Linda Ronstadt version of Blue Bayou or Different Drum [also Linda R. with the Stone Ponies], or You Don’t Own Me by Leslie Gore.  For P2, the Doors or CCR [preferably I Put A Spell On You].   For Joshua, [bizarre choice] the Eagles’ Get Over It or Take It Easy [which he needs to do].  I don’t really care what Jessica sings so I won’t presume to choose for her.

      • I think Holly has a beautiful voice, she and Linda Ronstadt have powerful voices.  I also think Holly would do well with a Stevie Nicks song their voices are alike.

      • Hollie could sing the heck out of Desperado.  And I think P2 could do really well with a couple of Eagles’ songs (Hotel California).  But Rob Thomas would also be a good fit.  If he were to look towards The Doors – I think People Are Strange would be a better fit, but I lived through the 60’s and Light My Fire was so over-played on every radio station at the time – I’m still burned out from it. P2 should sing something swoony/sexy for his female fan-group.

      • Oh, I absolutely LOVE the song You Don’t Own Me! Fabulous recommendation. It has fire; she needs some spit and fire!

    •  there’s not a bit of power in her voice in the first place. she should have been sent home the very day jeremy got the boot. she’s just a blue eyed girls with a blonde hair and has many british supporters out there.

    • That’s the whole problem, she’s not sweet (she’s giddy as can be) and she’s certainly not humble ever!!  Big diva wanna be…………can’t take another diva please America wake up

      • arnulfo  Stop it, your not funny and it just makes people not like Jess because you’re ripping on the other contestants.

      • Soulshines, do you know Jessica personally? You can not really judge her by listening and looking at her on TV. On interview before or after singing what I’m looking and hearing is an awkward girl who is not a kid anymore and not quite grown, seem to be still tring to figure out her identity. Quite adorable really especially when she out sing everyone in the competition. Still it should not be a negative since this is a singing competition.

      • Whats wrong with some of you Americans for hating on this girl, im living is South Africa, have never missed a season of American idols. Jessica is by far the best singer ever on the show.  For a 16 yr old to have that vocal abalities is beyond amazing. She is talented and gifted. America wake up and for once give credit where it is due, this is a talent show and not a popularity show. Lets be real now, for the past few years, the people that won, was not the best, they won because the young girls voted for them, thanks God its not gonna be another country singer, that was really get old now

      • Why diva?  Because she sings diva songs?   Grow up and stop imagining things.

      • soulshines your soul is setting…
        err…i mean your soul is missing…

      • you wake up! the only thing that matters is jessica can sing and she sings well.

    • Jessica has said she’s a daddy’s  girl and her father is Mexican/American.  She will bring Latino pride to Idol’s finale.

      •  I does not matter whether she is  of Filipino and Mexican descent. Jessica is an American citizen that’s why she is in American Idol  and she has the right as any American to  join and win the contest..
         The only true americans are the  indians who are neither white or black….all the rest latin americans ..europeans,,asians, africans  all came to america from other countries so they are  all equal under the american stop using the race issue against or for Jessica..judge her as an American singer. if you like her vote for her if not vote for your favorite…let’s all be mature about this whole thing …

      • Funny she’s never mentioned the Mexican side of her family, only her Mama’s side. 🙁 …… I Love PHILLIP!!!

    •  He has severe kidney stones.  That doesn’t make him a “drama king.”  That hurts.  He actually handles himself extremely well with all he has going on.

      • P2 has never made any big deal about his kidney problems.  He’s all about the music and is such a talented performer – he’s never been about a sympathy vote.  It’s obvious that he’s uncomfortable when everyone else brings it up.

      • Yes, being said that I really feel for him.  He should have quit A1 at the start and come back all healed and strong next year.  took care of his health first.  Then next year he can comeback strong and ready to show the world that he can win it all.

      • I have had 22 kidney stones in my lifetime. If he hasn’t had it taken care of by now I’d be very suprised. Kidney stones are painful, but they are easily taken care of in usually less than a day. Everyone is using them as an excuse to prop up a rather weak performer who happens to be cute and all the giggly little girls like and vote for him. Talent has nothing to do with it!

    • He hasn’t said a word about it except when asked. Have you ever had kidney stones? It is no walk in the park!

      • Yes, but once you’ve had them removed, it doesn’t linger for weeks and weeks. Phillip stays in bed and misses many appearances, photo shoots and commercial shoots, so from experience I cannot say that the pain is so intense to not be able to carry on with daily activities for more than a month, as I was able to return to work in less than a week. My personal opinion is that Phillip thinks of this show as corny maybe, and that he doesn’t see his style as fitting in with the whole AI persona, as he is somewhat defiant of anybody on the show trying to get him out of his comfort zone, and also his absence from many commercials and appearances. It seems to me as if he is almost embarrassed by being on the show. But I strongly emphasize that this is Only my opinion, and I can in no way answer for him or how serious his illness is. Although I do not care for his repetive style, I do wish him well.

      • @Mccracken5 I worked for a doctor for 15 years! I guess you are miracle case because people we saw with kidney stone problems say they are very painful women have described them to be worse then labor pain. We saw grown men cry with the pain.

      • Yes pita, they are extremely painful for however long you are trying to pass them. But I was just saying that once I had the procedure done, after several days of uncomort, I was able to return to daily activities. But I don’t have recurring problems, or serious kidney problems, so therefore cannot answer for how serious Phillips illness is to him. In my Opinion, Phillip is somewhat embarrassed by some of the duet or group songs, and the commercials, and thinks of them as corny maybe. I think AI will have problems from him when it’s time to go in tour, cause it will reflect doing things he is not comfortable doing. But that’s only a guess and opinion, that’s all, not saying the kid is not in pain.

  4. Love your suggestion for Jessica and some Journey songs will also work well for her like “Open Arms” and even “Faithfully”………..and for the other theme Jessica will pick “Listen” this time or she will pick “Can’t  Take That Away” by Mariah Carrey.

      • who told you she cant sing open arms, peanuts, we can sing it what more jessica, she got better vocal cords than us, maybe its you who cant sing it

      • It always cracks me up when someone says something about MY singing ability. Have I ever said I could sing? Would I be posting on her if I could? LOL. Grow up.

      • Don’ t overdo it, Pally.  I don’t want you to get sick now.  I will miss you on this site hehhehhehe. Lighten up buddy–all of the remaining contestants can sing “Open Arms” and I promise it will not make you “throw” up.  Stop imagining things.

  5. I kinda have some pity or sympathy with the shown picture above. It looks like Hollie hindering or holding the other 3 finalists not to let her go hehehe………..This is the very first American Idol season that I used to follow since its very start  and to have gone this far is like missing everyone one of them who leaves since Skylar. I maybe rooting to one contestant here to win but I love the other 3 remaining finalists too. They are all great singers!

  6. i’m sure we’ll be listening to IMAGINE this Week.. i mean.. songs they wish they had written? what else can they choose rather than  Big Classics on Music??’
    Take My Breathe Away?
    Total Eclipse Of The Heart?
    My All?
    Unbreak My heart?

    I mean…. there sooo manygood reknown song to be performed and killed!!

    i just wish Hollie Sings songs like You Lost Me… if she sing something like that perfectly, i can see her being celebrated…

    • I hope no one sings Imagine.  It requires zero vocal ability and doesn’t showcase the singer at all.  It’s all about the lyrics.   Not a competition song.  

      • @13d928286da444cd034887610bfc9879:disqus I think they were suggesting that for the song I wish I’d written part of the show.

      • Disagree and agree at the same time. Remember seeing Randy Crawford sing this song many years ago. A beautiful rendition it was, and did show vocal ability in a very subtle way, but agree probably wouldn’t be appreciated by the typical American Idol audience.

      • David Archuleta nailed it and got a standing ovation from the judges, including Simon Cowell who, at the time, said it was one of the best performances he had heard on AI. 

  7. I think Phillip should sing Something about a truck by Kit Moore just a little country!!!

  8. According to wikipedia (I don’t believe this list)

    1 Jessica Sanchez “California Gurls” (Katy Perry)
    2 Joshua Ledet “Whataya Want From Me” (Adam Lambert)
    3 Phillip Phillips “Mercy” (Dave Matthews)
    4 Hollie Cavanagh “California Dreamin” (Clara Ward Singers)
    5 Jessica Sanchez “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” (Jennifer Holiday)
    6 Joshua Ledet “Somewhere Down The Road” (Michael Buble)
    7 Phillip Phillips “Telephone” (Lady Gaga)
    8 Hollie Cavanagh “My Heart Will Go On” (Celine Dion)

  9. Love both ideas for Phillip–I think ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ would be great–but I don’t think he would do it, but you never know.  Have to say I am tired of people complaining that he is ‘milking’ his health issues.  He has only addressed it if asked–it is others bringing it up.  Judge him on his performance if you want to people, but don’t put someone down based on an illness–nobody should judge unless they have walked in someone’s shoes–its not nice and can be very hurtful to the person and their family.

  10. you know that all four will open the show with either “monday monday” or “california dreamin'”.  please, no jefferson airplane (no one can outdo grace slick), “california gurls”, or ”surfer girl”.  and please no david lee roth.  no one can out gigolo him either.

    • Elise was the only one who could have done Grace Slick and she probably should have instead of Hendrix.

      • possibly “white rabbit”. as far as hendrix goes, she would have killed “all along the watchtower”.

  11. Seriously? you still think about songs for PP? it would just sound the boringly same so why bother? throw him a “do re mi” or a “happy birthday song” it would all sound effin’ the same. btw, he looks like george bush so i get where his fans come from.

    • you really know he is good when he could do something like happy birthday and make it new like he does all his songs so that would be fine with all us phillip fans

    • All the other contestants sound the same specially Jes ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

      • It’s okay, you are entitled to your own opinion.  Enjoy the show tonight!!!    I will listen and enjoy everyone but only vote for the ones that I like the best.   And don’t worry I will not complain about any of the contestants.

  12. Well, I must say. You suggested ODD song choices for them..

    I would agree that she should take a journey song but not “Don’t Stop Believing”. James did that last year and was sent home.

    Second Choice: Through The Rain/ Can’t Take That away by Mariah Carey. These are big and inspirational songs. She could have a good moment with any of these.

    Something fun and current, so she could enjoy her “PROBABLY” last moment on the show as everyone predicts. But I’m rooting for a Girl to Girl Finale, and maybe it’ll just happen in my dreams.

    Second Song Choice: Footprints in the Sand by Leona Lewis. Is it a good idea to take on another Leona. But this is a good song! 
    Or I can imagine her picking another Miley. WHEN I LOOK AT YOU. 

    Please.. Something new! Something different from your past performances. It’s like I’m hearing the same song choice every week from him.

    Second Song Choice: Hallelujah. I want to hear this from him. 

    I’m guessing another screamy and screeccchy performance. I just keep on hearing that from him. Maybe something smooth this week.

    Second Song Choice: What kind of Fool I am? 
    If he can pull this off, I’ll crown him right now.

    •  Yes!  I’ve been dying for someone to sing Hallelujah all season.  Phillip could do it.

      • That song would represent an epic Faulure for Phillip Have you heard Anything all season that could remotely indicate that Phillip could pull that song off?? NO way, unless he makes it into a mid-tempo song with no melody, which inturn would destroy the integrity of the song. So there’s no way he could even attempt a song like that, the other 3, possibly, but Phillip…not a chance

  13. Hollie imitating Jessica, “I-i-i-f  i-i-i-i…shouuuuld stayayayayyy…”
    Haha, I cant stop watching that clip!!!

    • For Jessica Sanchez:

      I totally want her to sing:

      I don’t want a miss a thing
      And i am telling you
      California King Bed
      Love on Top

      I believe that she will have standing  ovation from the Judges.

      Let’s vote for that song for Jessica Sanchez

      • since she’s  so A+ on vocal technique, love to hear her sing ” I don’t want to miss a thing” just simply show how powerful her voice…

        WHEN/if  she’s in  the finale, would love her to sing LISTEN (the lyrics is just perfect) and if she nails it, just imagine the impact she’ll  give  to the audience. 

      •  she will not have SO no matter how excellent her performance will be. SOs are for ledet alone. You’ll see. Peace

      • @twitter-168893411:disqus Nice try to get her to pander to Steven Tyler.  But actually it wouldn’t,  because it’s a song that Aerosmith didn’t write.  Diane Warren wrote it for the movie Armageddon and Steven only sang it because his daughter Liv was in the movie and she asked him to sing it.  It was a hit, but it rankles that their biggest hit wasn’t theirs.

    • and she ruined the credibility of a beautiful voice. she sounded like a bleating goat.

  14. I prefer Jessica to sing “You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me” by Cher from the movie ‘Burlesque’. It’s a very good song. It’s like a statement song saying that her top 4 performance won’t be her last on idol ’cause we’re still gonna witness her bag the title. The first ever ‘saved’ contestant on AI to win the title. Jessica for the win!

      • Just concentrate on your own favorite, James.  Let everyonelse have their fun.  We all know that there is no sure thing at this point.  Whether they are acting like a 16-year old or not…just be happy and join the crowd.  Thanks, James.

  15. Phillip singing “Light My Fire” sure would!  I think it w/b amazing.  

    • Look, if you are going to a Doors song make it truly creepy…like “Riders in a Storm”!  Imagine P2 up there singing about a “brain squirming like a toad”!

      • Enough with the Vietnam anthems.  Riders is a depressing, melancholy song.  No.

  16. any kind of song for JESSICA as long as she can nail/kill it…. GOODLUCK JESS… 

  17. Jessica says that Cristina Aguilera is one of her idols. Maybe she should sing one Aguilera song (the ‘voice’ notwithstanding).

    • Having said that … do you guys think she could pull off … a Streisand?

      • Oh lordy, why are you trying to make this girl so old, in this case, grandma old. SHE IS 16, she needs to give us a fun, young, current, hip party song to make us believe she is real….I want to believe her smile when she smiles. I want to see what she is, an extremely talented 16 year old…playing an extremely talented 16 year old.

        Laugh if you will, the best song she could do to accomplish this is
        Miley Cyrus-“Party In The USA”. Jess needs new fans and this is how she could get them. The P2 tweens/teens would go for this, they don’t related to her now and they won’t till she gets on their level. Strategy people…that’s how you win, not singing what you want her to sing.

        If Jess or Hollie would do this…they would win, they would beat P2.

        Go Jess!!

      • I was thinking about it too, a Streisand’s “People”.  I know it’s an old song but I think Jessica can pull this off and will give justice to this song.  I am wishing that she can do Whitney’s medley (Judges’ choice next week) When I am Telling You and I Have Nothing that Whitney performed during the Grammy awards few years back.

  18. Hollie needs to a Katy Perry song
    It’ll keep it fresh and young and if Hollie can make it her own then she’ll sail on into next week.

  19. Branden is that the best you can do, how about some new material most of your selections were last year songs. 

  20. omg….pumped up kicks…i love foster the people… u always right branden

  21. All Jessica fans please don’t stop voting for her.just know that when you think you’ve voted enough for her you’re wrong.keep voting as much as you can.don’t just say “i want jessica to win” or “I think jessica will win”.JUST VOTE YOUR **** OFF FOR HER!

    • Yes, even if the odds are at 50-50, just know that every vote counts.  Support, support and support your favorite.  At least we can say, we tried our best.  Please vote!!!

      • Joe and others
        Please, let’s not use national heritage as the reason to vote for someone because that divides us as people. Let us instead vote for who each of us think is the best and wish each other luck. Would you like it if American’s of English heritage would only consider voting for Hollie? No this wrong to do, our world is bigger than nationalism and we must stop with this, please. Please just wish luck to the best and stop with pushing the nationalism/ethnicity.

    • Oh please vote, please please! Find it kind of hilarious actually that the Jessica fans are the only ones begging for votes on this site. What is with…..geez, have a lil self respect not to have to beg!

    • why would journey not let american idol sing their songs does anyone know ?

      • Lots of artists/groups do not allow AI to use their songs. This is why when Randy says; “You had thousands of songs to pick from” he is talking BS.

        Listen to the contestants when they tell you that they had a limited number of songs from which to choose. This is way we often hear the same songs being sung in different seasons by the contestants.     

  22. ROUND 1 – California Songs

    p2 – Heartache Tonight – The Eagles
    Hollie – Dreams – Fleetwood Mac
    Jessica – Say Goodbye to Hollywood – Billy Joel
    Joshua – Faithfully – Journey

    ROUND 2 – Songs I Wish I Had Written

    P2 – Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond
    Hollie – Somewhere – Barbra Streisand
    Jessica – One Sweet Day – Mariah
    Joshua – Sitting on the Dock of the Bay – Otis Redding

    • Hey Interesting: I love your suggestion, “Somewhere”, for Hollie! That seems so great! 🙂

  23. In terms of Californian artists, Phillip should sing Jeff Buckley’s version of Hallelujah, Jessica should do Etta James’s ‘At Last’, I’d love to hear Hollie do ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ and I was struggling for Joshua but Sly and the Family Stone’s ‘Dance To The Music’ would be excellent!

  24. i just noticed fro mthe pic above of the top 4, they represent the different regions of the world! jessica from asian-latin part, while hollie represent the european- british part, and joshua represents the black american, and philip represents the white american! sorry, im just carried away of what i saw! but they are good batch of top 4 🙂

    • That is what America is built on; a diversity of different ethnic groups and we should celebrate the diversity of the contestants and their individual singing styles. 

      With an average age of 18¾, this top four have a lot to be proud of and a great future ahead of them ,as does Skylar and a few others who were eliminated. 

  25. wishing on a star by “rose royce” for jessica sanchez. It would be perfect for her

  26. P2 – She Will Be Loved / This Girl
    Joshua – Sweet Child Of Mine
    Hollie – Light My Fire
    Jessica – Open Arms

    • She Will Be loved by Maroon 5? You can’t be serious. Joshua singing Sweet Child of Mine? Hollie doing Morrison and Jessica Journey? What ARE you smoking?

      • choose your own if you don’t want mine, you’ve got a problem with that?

  27. I like “Dont Stop Believen for Jessica” after “Proud Mary” (the most memorable performance by anyone this season) she proved that she can handle anything, for Hollie – she should now do her “do or die” songs for this week’s performance. I havent seen Phillip try a vocally demanding song. This is the time to do it. For Joshua, mmm – he can sing but he sounds ancient, he can try any current ones.  Good luck to all of them.

    • I have to agree that Jessica’s “Proud Mary” was the most memorable performance by anyone this season because it was laughably bad!  My husband, daughter and I stared in disbelief, looked at each other and asked “What IS that???”  We thought it was a joke.  Her voice was all over the place, she couldn’t dance (can you say “awkward”?) and her outfit was ridiculous.  I am not a hater, but come on!  Jessica needs to listen to Jimmy Iovine and pick songs and outfits that are more appropriate for her age.  “Proud Mary” was awful!

      •  h Guest, you’re making up a story. really you are. but if you say you’re not then you are a family of $@#^%$^&%*&^

      • @ Tadan…really? You’re going to slam someone’s whole family? I also thought Jessica’s Proud Mary was a complete and total trainwreck.

      • Didn’t your parents teach you how to respect other people’s point of view?  They didn’t say anything bad to you, did they?

    •  Oh lord please let the journey end for journey….puke. As for Proud Mary, Hey Nick, I got
      this bridge I own in Brooklyn that I can sell you for a song.

      • James, be nice.  If they liked it and you didn’t so be it.  I told you–be careful. Wow you must be rich–owning a bridge in Brooklyn?  You’re so out of the world!

  28. “Smile” Written by Charlie Chapplin & sung by Micheal Jackson. Said to be his favorite song.

  29. Perfect song for Hollie’s song: Somewhere Over The Rainbow. That would definitely give her the night and a spot in the Top 3

    • No, No and No.  Over the Rainbow needs to be retired from Idol as does Hallelujah.  I really want Hollie to sing a Leslie Gore song.  You Don’t Own Me or California Nights.  Or else, something by Linda Ronstadt.

      • @a890acae99451172f31a21d7f2ff9490:disqus Listen to the lyrics to You Don’t Own me.  It’s a teenage girl talking to her date.  You say those are ancient, after you suggest Over the Rainbow which was written 20 years before YDOM?  I’m confused by your statement.  My choice was younger chronologically, is a song for a teen and isn’t overdone on Idol.  What is your point?

      •  Younger doesn’t have to be the time it was from. River Deep Mountain High was in the 60s yet it is still a young song! we arent talking in literal meanings. 

        If she sang Over the Rainbow, it would be a beautiful young ballad that would captivate the voters since they know the song and her delivery on that song would be great.

  30. whatever they sing, it better  be good! it’s top 4!!! people are voting for song choices, vocals and stage presence… so i hope they pick the right songs…

  31. Or even a Taylor Swift song for Hollie because her songs tell stories and Hollie’s diction and delivery is so clear that it would just be great.

  32. “Don’t stop believin'” was performed by James Durbin last season during Top 4 and he got eliminated. The history may repeat. Not Jessica baby!

  33. i would love Jessica to sing The Voice Within by Cristina Aguilera or Better Days by Diane Reeves…. powerful vocals. 🙂


    Americanos para Jessica sobre todo
    aquellos con
    herencia mexicana/latina, y herencia de Pilipino.

    Jessica partidarios, voto no pare
    mañana durante dos horas con el uso de teléfonos celulares, computadoras y
    skype. Por favor emitidos por lo menos 500 votos por partidario.

    • Por favor, no vamos a utilizar el patrimonio nacional, como la razón para votar por alguien, porque lo que nos divide como personas. Vamos a votar a favor de que en lugar de cada uno de nosotros pensamos que es la mejor y desean suerte. ¿Le gustaría que América de Inglés de la herencia sólo consideraría votar a favor de Hollie? Ningún mal esto que ver, nuestro mundo es más grande que el nacionalismo y tenemos que parar con esto, por favor. Por favor, sólo deseo suerte a lo mejor y dejar de presionar con el nacionalismo / etnia. Gracias a mis amigos.

  35. I love the suggestion for Hollie. Rhiannon is great! But I just thought of… will that song put her to the Top 3? I hope it will. I hope she does it better than Haley did last season. Go Hollie!!!


    Todos los americanos,
    sobre todo aquellos con la herencia mejicana/latina, por favor vote por Jessica
    Sanchez para el título de Ídolo americano. Ella es un prodigio, cantante de
    maravilla de muchacha. Ella es uno de 16 años muy agradable y humilde que brota
    diva. Ella merece el título. VIVA AMERICA, VIVA MEXICO!

  37. I wish Jess would win, but Filipino People are annoying! bragging about Jess roots, Cmon Guys she is american!!! coz if filipno keeps on bragging america will get Fed up and not vote for Jessica

    • I hope people are smart enough not to generalize Filipimos and take it out on Jessica.  I for one thinks Jessica deserves to win–but  I am not bragging that she is the best.  The other contestants deserves to win too, but I just feel that she really has a shot to win with her talent.    Being raised here in America (my father was in the military) had taught me to embrace the American culture and why I don’t deny the fact that I am Filipino,  I love the whole of America–be that you’re white. black, Asian, Latino or whatever.  I understand that everyone is proud of their heritage but the bottom line is, you need to love everyone–this is America. 

  38. After much thought and calculation, I have determined that if P2 would sing
    The Fray-How to save a Life, it would be his greatest performance and he will win AI.

    • Maybe Colton could sing How to Save A Life but not phillip. He needs to do Route 66

  39. P2’s Cali song maybe, Fire and rain or Roadhouse blues by
    the Doors,

    For the other song, It’s been awhile, by Staind, Operator by
    Jim Croce, or Long cool women by the Hollies.

  40. Branden, so Joshua needs to do something different if he wants to squeak by one of the girls…..haven’t you made similar comments about his the last Several weeks…..and yet he is still there, and hasn’t even been in the bottom except for the crazy week of the save…so haven’t you learned by now that millions of people love Joshua no matter what you or many of the people on this site think of him?? And so why does Joshua have to do something different than what he has been tremendously successful with, while it’s ok for Phillip to keep doing the same crap week after week…could this be somewhat of a hypocritical statement, considering you’ve liked Phillip from the get go, and have voiced distain for Joshua several weeks?? I see that you are another one that wants to label Josh as ‘screechy’ or ‘screamer’, so even tho you blog about a musical competition, it’s evident that you are not versed in the many different genres music has to offer. So you will be proved wrong once again, when Joshua sings in his STYLE and GENRE, and gets VOTED to the top 3. So Josh, keep doing what you’ve BEEN doing, because millions of people recognize your exceptional talent, and WE will be the ones supporting you throughout your career, and Not people like Branden….so stay true to who YOU are as an artist, cause afterall, if it’s ok for Phillip to do so, it’s ok for you to!! Hmmm..Branden. Go Josh!!!

    •  So what genre do you think Joshua is in, because the genre I think he is in…has lots of other artists in it that don’t scream. Or are you implying there is a genre just for Joshua…”Screamers, post R&B retro”.

      Joshua is a screamer, he can’t help it. Haven’t you ever watched a black gospel hour on TV?.Not being racist, but only blacks can do it…and they should be proud of it. Joshua is one of the best black gospel singers I have ever heard and I love him for that, but I don’t see that as being strong enough to be AI. There was a time, but is in the past, long ago.

      • If you don’t know What type of genre Joshua fits in, then you have proven my point that you don’t know near as much about music as you have raved about. Do some research and you would be able to answer your own question. You think your opinion is above everybody else’s on this site, but your no better or more qualified than any of us. And the fact that you feel it necessary to keep referring to Joshua as a ‘screamer’ just proves your limited knowledge when it comes to music. To pretend that you know anything about gospel music is also laughable. Also Joshua has proven he has a place on AI as he is in the top 4, so to say he doesn’t have what it takes to be AI is laughable at best, as HE has already proven your wrong. So you act like you know a lot, but you’ve actually Proven you know little.

        One more thing…when someone that’s white makes multiple references to ‘black people’, says they have a close black friend, and emphasizes that they are not racist……. Well, I’ll leave it at that.

      • Btledoux1229
        Have you ever heard of the Dixie Hummingbirds? Ira Tucker was my great uncle and Lynda Laurence my second cousin, so yeah I know a bit about feeling Gospel music.

  41. Todos los americanos, especialmente
    aquellos con patrimonio mexicano/latino, por favor, vota por Jessica
    Sánchez para el ídolo americano. Ella es un prodigio, cantante de maravilla de
    muchacha. Ella es una muy agradable y humilde 16 yr viejo incipiente diva. Ella
    merece el título. VIVA AMERICA, VIVA MEXICO!

    • We will vote for Jessica :))) they say votes are now “international”. Can’t you vote in Mexico?

      • Not true!!  Votes are still within the USA.  A1 can block any outside votes.

      • really? even news channels in the Philippines say votes thru fb are counted

      • Well, they are wrong. You have to be a Unites States resident who happens to be out of the states at the time.  But..seriously..slow news day? The NEWS in the Phillipines is reporting on American Idol?

  42. one of my favite songs is I Never Told You by cobile callibet i really hope one of the girls picks this (perfoby hollie).

  43. No she won’t….for the last FRICKEN CHICKEN TIME….Jess is American and if she wins, it brings pride to all of America…not Mexico, and not the Philippines.

    P2 is half Amish, but do you see him wearing a black hat and do you see any Amish on her barking like dogs about Amish pride…ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!ARG

    • James you need to cool it a bit. I’ve lived half my life in Asia, and this allegiance by Filipinos is not a surprise. Just like Thai’s feel with Tiger Woods. Filipinos are a proud people and love their music. Unfortunately over the last 50 years their country has gone from one of the richest in Asia to one of the poorest. At one point it was better off than Korea even. It has a lot of beauty, and even though the people have a better command of English than most Asian countries, corruption population growth and many other factors have allowed the country to fall behind most of their neighbours. People like Jessica, even though she is born and raised in  America with a Mexican Am father, allow the opportunity for them to rise up and be proud. It might seem silly to you, but to them it is important. It might be hard to relate to, but I can understand their excitement, although I don’t share it.

      • very well said… filam here too but right now here in the US but after AI i will be coming back to the Philippines coz i feel much comfortable there, living simply and i missed my friends… i will just finish AI and the tour so i could [power vote and have a glimpse of Jessica… 🙂

      • I respect what you said. But times have changed, Americans feel, we were once a rich nation too, but now we are one of the poor too (99% of us). Asia is where all the new wealth is. We have 1% of our population that owns 90+% of the wealth, so the average person here is not rich.
        The pride of  progressive Americans is that we are the great melting pot; we are proud Jess is American and half Pinoy and half Mexican, but we want Jess, to be “American”; not Pinoy-American. Nothing against Pinoys or Mexicans, you are already part of America. Most Americans don’t like division, we like to be melted together and when groups (for whatever reason) try to splitter that melting, we don’t like it. 
        We just want American, with no hyphen because the hyphen divides us. Now there is another type of non-progressive American, who is a redneck and just think they are better than everyone else. They are an embarrassment to progressive Americans. Time and time again, America has learned, we are stronger when we are just Americans and leave our hyphenated heritage in our past.
        When WW1 & WW 2 came around, there was a real problem because 40% or so of Americans were Germans. However most all of them dropped their German hyphenation and became Americans and then went onto kick the Nazi’s butts. Most of the time, they Americanize their surnames. Americans are a very proud people. I am is about American as it gets; I’ve got the blood of 15 nationalities and 4 races in me, but in my mind, my race and nationality is American.
        So the rest of the world…this is why Americans get upset when you push your national pride in our faces…it’s not that we don’t like you, it’s because we can’t accept things that divide us…we fight it.

      • @James: i read somewhere that you claimed you are married to a Filipina so how are you taking it now that your kids are now hypenated? One day if one of your kids will run to you and say Dad, i wanna join AI how will  you gauge it and how can you explain it to them? Just curious….

      • James: Not trying to claim who is right or wrong, just giving a view from the other side. I appreciate your side of the argument but remember a lot of Filipinos have served in the U.S. military as well. I’m not American nor am I Asian and while we have a different set of beliefs I can understand your side whether I entirely agree with yours or not but then that is to be expected. I’ve not read any interviews with Jessica so have no idea how she feels. I’m not a Jessica supporter for reasons explained earlier, but I do think she has a fantastic voice.

      • It’s fine to be proud of her but to slam every other contestant because they aren’t from the Phillipines is just plain old fashioned racist.

      • @Guesty..if they served in the United States Military..they’re AMERICANS..not Filipinos! God! This is soooooo ridiculous!

    • I would be very surprised to see any Amish remarks on here….LMAO…now that is tooooo funny!!! They don’t even have electricity much less the internet!!! 

      • You’re not being funny.  James is being himself now–you should follow the lead Taymaro. 

      • Call me dumb but I don’t understand this comment at all. How can I be anyone other than myself?

    • James, thanks for your explanation. It explains a lot of the things you have posted here. I am surprised (and shocked) that I can now know where you are coming from 🙂

  44. I want to know the song list now besides from reading ppl ideas (got tons of ideas already)
    lol I know I’m being impatient 😉

  45. How about:

    Phillip Phillips: 

    1. “The March of the Dead”  -Country Joe

    2. “Everydays”  or “Mr. Soul”-Buffalo Springfield.

    3. “Rock Me” or “Touch Me”- The Doors

    4. “Southern Cross” – David Crosby


    1. “White Rabbit” – Jefferson Airplane

    2. “Woodstock”  – Joni Mitchell

    3. “Separate Ways” or “Open Arms”- Journey


    1.  “Long Time Gone”  or “Guinnevere” – David Crosby

    2. “Into the Night” – Santana 

    3. “For What It’s Worth” – Buffalo Springfield

    4. “Lay Me Down” – David Crosby


    1. “Blue” or “Carey” or “California”- Joni Mitchell

    2. “Down by the River”- Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (change “she” to “he”)

    3. “Faithfully” – Journey

  46. The songs that I believe would fit Jessica are “Better Days” by Dianne Reeves, “Get Here”  by Oleta Adams, or “Just Because” by Anita Baker.  Just a thought….

  47. America vote jessica .. she is from your place not Philippines nor Mexico

    vote! vote! for her….

  48. If ever,, i wish one of the 2 girls would sing “You’ll never walk alone”…

  49. About Jessica’s racial background, please remember it is not her fault. Her talent is God-given and not by any country. Let’s judge her on the basis of talent and put the race issue to rest. Let us all unite and VOTE for her, in that way we are doing justice to ourselves too!

    • Yes let’s unite but let the others vote for their own choosing–let’s  make it clear that we are reminding Jess fans to vote for her and let others also vote for their favorite.   I just want them to stop hating Jessica because of her race. 

      • Let’s get one thing REALLY clear. I don’t hate Jessica because of her race. I don’t hate her. I don’t know her. It’s her pushy and racist fans that have made me want to throw up.

  50. In the picture he’s holding off Phillips and Joshua to the finale, hoping she and Jessica goes since they’re both holding each others hand…LOL


    Por favor voten por Jessica Sanchez en American Idol
    2012. Ella es un prodigio,
    cantante de maravilla de muchacha. A los 16 años de la edad, ella es muy
    agradable, humilde una diva incipiente. Ella merece
    el título. Cada miércoles noche vote sin parar durante dos horas con el
    uso de teléfonos celulares, Facebook y Skype. Para cada admirador por favor
    emitidos por lo menos 500 votos para Jessica, cada semana, hasta los finales. ¡Viva América, Viva México!


    • let me translate!!!
      Please vote for American Idol Jessica Sanchez2012. She is a prodigy,wonder girl singer. At 16 years of age, she is verypleasant, humble budding diva. she deservesthe title. Every Wednesday night vote nonstop for two hours with theuse of cell phones, Facebook and Skype. For each fan pleaseissued at least 500 votes for Jessica, every week until the end.Viva America, VivaMexico! 

  52. Good news people! The Voice is over, and the space is clear for Idol to become a solid number one! What’s more, The Voice is rumored to be shifting to the Fall, so Season 3 may compete with The X Factor this Fall!
    January-May 2013 is clear for Idol! 😀

  53. AMERICA WAKE UP… Jessica is from your place vote for her. she not from Philippines or Mexico one’s she will win the American idol season 11 your place is the one who will be known!!!!  PLS. WAKE UP…

  54. Come on guys! vote for your favorites! i know i will… girl power for the finale!!!

  55. I never liked Hollie but damn, her journey throughout the competition was full of ups and downs (more downs I guess) but hey, she still alive and burning. I admire her that. I still remember last year I pity her during her audition and I knew she will shine somewhere in the future. What she need are practice, training and again and again. And in the picture, when I saw her holding Jessica’s hand, I want those two to be in the finale. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we have girls in the finale? Btw, I never liked Phillip. Bland. Also Joshua, OC and over in everything.

  56. Je vous aime Jessica! Vous êtes le meilleur. J’espère que vous allez gagner. Amour de la France.

  57.  sUpEr_bAsE
    Yes, it is true. By looking at my kids, you don’t know for sure what race they are, they are 5 races mixed, so it’s hard to tell for sure. They are half Me: White, Black, Native American (Cherokee), Hispanic (Cuban), & half Mother: Asian (Filipino) & White. I look like a dark skinned White and have passed white my whole life. Most people think my kids are Hawaiian. and I guess that’s what I would say they look like is dark skinned hawaiian. While not completely a “Military” family, military service has always been very big in my family and I guess where my strong pride in being American comes from. I guess being so mixed, I never connected to the idea I was Hispanic-American or any other hyphenated variant. I was just always taught about America the metling pot and I was something that was the result of lots of melting. I taught my kids the same way, they think of themselves as American…period. What else can they really claim they are? We still have some redneck white family members around who remind us that we aren’t white, but they never say we aren’t American…lol they call us a mutts.

    • love it when you say you think themselves as American…  but definitely you can’t deny the fact that they have a filipino blood too since you’ve said that their mom is a Filipina….  just like most filipinos like me being a half Pinoy-half american (my dad is American) i am proud being a Pinay coz of my mom & American coz of my dad.. i love them both, at home eversince  i never felt any racism at all, my dad even allow us to talk in Tagalog and later on hearing Him knows how to talk in our language also… so i guess now you know where we are all coming from, and i thank you for sharing some of your background here if i may call that…. lol. Let’s enjoy the show and whoever wins, i will be happy with that and i will respect it but ofcourse i will be more glad if it’s going to be Jessica. 🙂

      • Uh..American is not a race. We all came from somewhere. It’s a nationality and I’m pretty proud of it.  I NEVER say I’m Irish/American. I just say American. Sure, I’m proud of the Irish side of me and the German side but I seriously would never vote for someone JUST because they had some Irish or German blood. 

      • @Pally45:  I never mentioned that American is a race, just figure it out i support anyone who has Filipino blood whether they are half Pinoy, etc as long as i believe in their talents, and Jessica is one. If you put Jessica’s voice in Hollie i will definitely vote for Hollie even she doesn’t have a Filipino blood, do you understand what i mean? It’s like asking a question on why did Americans supports Manny Pacquiao everytime he is having a boxing fight, it doesn’t matter whether Manny is up against Mexican or any other nationality in particular, get it? 🙂 Americans supports and believes in Manny Pacquiao because they believe and admire Manny so as like what we are doing for Jessica.

  58. is it me? or jimmy is picking the wrong song for jessica? I MEAN .  C’MON ! >

    • Well they get to pick their own songs but he is supposed to help them decide if it’s the right song for them.  But i did notice a couple of times he said, “I should have stop her from singing that song or she is choosing songs that are too old for her”  after the fact.  Go figure.

  59. diddy32

    js is not american by blood, she is mexican/filipino.. who lives in america…so what if we brag about her being a filipino…. thats the norms…:-)

    • Her Father is a Mexican-American which makes her one. Who said that bragging about race is a norm? What kind of ethical value do they teach you at school? I raise my middle finger to you if that’s the case. .^_^

      Have a boastful day.. .^_^

      • Pally,  everyone else is a big “word”.  Maybe you should change it to “some”  Your choice of words gives you away.

  60.    One of the four should sing “Heartache Tonight” by the Eagles, because after tonight one of them will be voted off and have a heartache.

       One of the four should sing “Lying Eyes” by the Eagles and dedicate it to the judges.

       One of the four should sing “Already Gone” by the Eagles because after tonight one of them will be gone already.

       One of the four should sing “Take It To The Limit” by the Eagles because that is exactly what all four would like to do.

  61. It’s time for picking the best idol this week,by so far winner will be declared.But my choices were Jessica & Hollie FTW,between Joshua & Phillips I’m not quite interest in their careers if they won so be it.Just rooting for the 2 girls anytime it comes.
    Jessica Sanchez……………………………………….winner
    Hollie Cavanagh……………………………………..2nd placer
    Joshua Ledet………………………………………….3rd placer
    Phillip Phillips………………………………………..voted out

  62. Jessica Sanchez…………………………………….Go FTW        FTW   FT(Win)
    Hollie Cavanagh …………………………………..Go FTR         FT(Runnerup)
    Joshua Ledet………………………………………..Go FTL         FT(Loose)
    Phillip Phillips………………………………………Go FTE         FT(Eliminated)

  63. If philip2 wont able to pull his next songs then it will be it for him….thats a FACT !

  64. Jessica is a sure winner …very consistent ..never fail to amaze us!

  65. The lowest quality voice to all remaining idol would win the contest this year,non other than Phillip.This is how it goes now teenie bloppers dictates the winner not for the best but for the cute guy only.

    • Blah blah blah. We have told you isn’t all teeny boppers (not bloppers) voting for him!

      • haha………………whatever boppers or bluffers does’nt matter,he will be the winner for the most nonquality voice to all idol.


  67. these are all really great ideas..except for Jessica…all do respect ….she just needs to go….

  68. Hey Ed..Steve Perry left Journey when he should have.  Also..he was NOT replaced by this Arnel guy…he was replaced by another Steve and now there is this Arnel person. Regardless, they are now nothing but a cover band and Arnel is pretending to be Steve Perry.

    • Arnel Pineda is the new member of The Journey and as a matter of fact, just to give you an idea Arnel Pineda is a Filipino. 🙂

      • Yes, I know this. I have been informed plenty of times Basically, Arenl is a Steve Perry imitator just like Jessica is a Beyonce imitator.  I mean, honestly..Journey? Does anyone REALLY care?  They haven’t done anything relevant in over 20 years!

    • Huh??? You didn’t know about all those “sold out” concert with Arnel beign the vocalist?     

      • That is NOT the Journey that sang Don’t Stop Believing and Separate Ways…this is a bunch of posers. They have only 2 of the original band members. They shouldn’t even be allowed to call themselves Journey. Maybe they should change the name to Trip. lol

  69. Please PLEASE! stop with all the racist crap on here. And PLEASE stop begging for votes for Jessica. Do you see anyone else begging for votes for their favorite?  I have to say, even if Jessica came out and totally knocked my socks off, there isn’t any way I could vote for her.  Her fans are totally disgusting.

    • Pally, who is asking for your vote?  Jess fans are only reminding all Jess fans to vote.    You can give your vote to the lucky contestant!!!

    • Hope you felt good ath the expense of Jessica.   Good luck Jessica!!! 

  70. Branden, I had to laugh when you selected “Light My Fire” for Philip. I’ve been waiting for that to happen with him all season. Some enthusiasm in his performance would boost his votes.

  71. I think I would like to see Phillip try singing Stone Temple Pilots’ Wicked Garden. I know it isn’t his style at all, and it won’t happen, but the other day I had this Phillip as Scott Weiland picture in my head, and I had to admit it was pretty good. With a wall of gnashing guitars behind him, P2 would have every reason to growl all the lyrics, make odd faces, and stare at his shoes. I think it would suit him quite well, and could convert me to his fan. I loved Scott Weiland and STP back in the day!

  72. confirm songs for tonight:
    have u ever seen the rain
    steal away
    you raise me up

    and im telling you
    i cant make u love me
    its a man’s man’s world

    maroon 5  this love
    eternal flame bangles

    • Hoping Jessica will sing “And I am Telling You” and “You Raised Me Up”.  These songs will make her back to the top again.

      We are ready to vote for her. 

      So excited to hear these songs.

  73. I guess everyone needs to cool down on this racy thing. The issue here is who gets to sing the best and is loved by America. Maybe Filipino fans are so ecstatic about Jessica is, aside from the fact that she has a Filipino race, being a great great singer. Even past AI winners/runners up and other Hollywood celebs thinks she’s great. 

    And I do think that AI needs some fresh talent not just another guy that plays the guitar who is voted mostly by little girls. 

  74. I’ve wanted to hear Hollie singing Linda Ronstadt’s Blue Bayou since the first time I hear Hollie sing.  The hair on my arms rises now as I imagine that.

    Heat wave would also be a good choice

    • I add You’re No Good to the list.

      If not on the show, I hope that Hollie’s album will include some songs by Linda Ronstadt.  I’ve no doubt she’d do them all well.

      I wonder if Linda Ronstadt might someday server as a mentor to the contestants?

  75. I was very disappointed in the week that Jessica was voted off and all 3 judges acted like she was the only one that could win!  I will stay watching this season and vote for Hollie.  I am wondering if the judges don’t have this thing rigged to get Jessica as the winner?

  76. OMG…..Joshua did the DANG thing w/ that James Brown song!!! Now you Josh haters chew on that.

  77. Phillip should do a Joe Cocker song with his blue-eyed bluesy spin on it. Maybe ‘Love Lift Us Up’ could give him a power-point wow moment.

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