American Idol 2012 Top 5 Performance Recap: British Invasion

American Idol 2012 Jessica Sanchez top 5

Tonight the American Idol 2012 Top 5 took to the stage to perform hits from the 1960s and songs by British artists.

It was a night of big voices and great songs and as the contest is winding down, it’s getting to the point where anything can happen. But right now, what’s about to happen is I’m going to review each performance and assign the letter grade I think each deserved. In order of performance:

Hollie Cavanagh, “River Deep Mountain High.” Hollie left the nerves back at the American Idol mansion tonight. This performance was probably her best all season. She hit all the notes and her stage presence was right up there with the bet. Very good job and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Will it be enough to save her this week? A+

Phillip Phillips, “The Letter.” Phillip had been putting me to sleep the past couple weeks, but this week he woke me back up. The energy level on this song was great and his blues-y vibe was there. It was a lot of fun. A

Skylar Laine, “Fortunate Son.” When I saw this song on the list, I never thought it would be Skylar who was going to sing it. But she did. And she kicked its butt. She pulled out all her tricks. The performance was spunky and energetic and just plain good. She is so ready to jump right into this business. She doesn’t even need American Idol at this point. A+

Jessica Sanchez, “Proud Mary.” Here we go again. Another person singing “Proud Mary” doing the Tina Tuner dances. How many times do we have to see this same performance every season on every show? OK, enough with that rant. Jessica handled the song well. I wasn’t jumping up and down or anything, but it was OK. B

Joshua Ledet, “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg.” This performance I enjoyed more than his others because he showed some restraint. He’s an amazing singer, but he over sings most of his songs. So it was nice that he kept this one simple while still displaying his amazing talent. A


Hollie, “Bleeding Love.” Hollie was really on tonight. This was good too. It was sweet and tender mixed in with some power and emotion. A

Phillip, “Time of The Season.” This was a little gentle, a bit smooth and a lot cool. Phillip doesn’t have a huge range, so his high notes were a bit iffy, but he’s got such a flair that he can do little wrong among his fans. B+

Skylar, “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me.” Skylar delivered this one like she always does – with ease and filled with star-quality. This time around though, she traded the spunkiness in for sweetness. But the power and poise remained. A

Jessica, “You Are So Beautiful.” First of all, I hate this song. And that has nothing to do with Jessica. What I’m getting at is, I think Jessica’s song choices tonight were questionable. But her performance this time around, I did enjoy more. She’s a great singer. I just found her a bit snoozy tonight. A-

Joshua Ledet, “To Love Somebody.” Great song choice. Joshua started the song out tender and smooth and I was loving it again. I was begging my TV screen to not let him cut loose and start screaming the song. He kept it smooth a bit longer and then started screaming it. And that’s when he went from an A+++ to just an A. I think he’s very talented, but I hate when people over sing constantly. A


Now I’m going to share my thoughts on what I think MIGHT happen tomorrow night based ONLY on how America’s votes MIGHT play out. So if I suggest someone who I just gave an A+ to might be going home, that’s because my grades have nothing to do with this predictions. These are not my personal opinions. And to those of you who read me every week and wonder why I always over-explain myself here, I’m sorry. But if I don’t explain myself, my predictions are greatly misunderstood (hell, some people still don’t get it despite my DETAILED explanation).

100 Percent Safe: NO ONE. For the first time in my three years covering this show, I’ve never found myself in this position.

Most Likely Safe: Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez

Possibly the Bottom 2: Skylar Laine, Hollie Cavanagh

Possibly Going Home: Hollie Cavanagh

My Thinking: I can’t put anyone in the 100 percent safe spot because I have no idea how people are going to vote this week. Has Phillip finally plateaued? Has Jessica’s near-eliminated wave crested? Has Joshua and Hollie’s big performances edged Skylar to the bottom of the pack? ANYTHING is possible this week.

It’s all too close to call. I imagine the results will play out as I’ve suggested above, but I think it’s very possible that Jessica and Phillip could end up in the bottom. Even though Phillip landing in the bottom would mean the VERY rare occurrence that everyone remaining on the show had one time or another been in the bottom. I can’t remember the last time that happened. If ever. And it’s also possible that Skylar could go home instead of Hollie. It’s going to be a crazy results show, I’m betting.

What did you think of the performances tonight and how do you think the votes will play out Thursday night?




  1. Jessica Sanchez FTW!!! She moved her that stage with proud mary and moved our hearts with you are beautiful. Randy did not know what he was talking about with Jessica. Do not compare a teenager to a grown woman even though Jessica has a voice beyond her years.. jessica for the win!! A+

    • I meant she moved around the stage*** typosss because I’m so damn excited for her, she a long career ahead of her. She doesn’t even know how good she is…. ahhhhh xiodfjsdfnjdfn Jessica!!

    • Every time contestant did well…They usually go home when Thursday come.
      That means HOLLIE is going home Thursday night. 

      • It thought “Bleeding Love” was Jessica’s pick last night. It could have been better, livelier and more entertaining if she did it. Honestly kinda disappointed again with her song choice again and again. Jessica is the tough contestant that I have been rooting to win but in the other side, there is another contestant out there who is not only a tough singer but who has a consistent good choice for a song and that’s Joshua though honestly his constant over singing in singing is annoyingly distracting.

        To Jessica : From the time I  heard you sang “I Will Always Love You”, you gave us momentum that we started to crave for more but until now I believed many are still waiting for that moment to get duplicated(?) again. You have the best vocal prowess there so please choose a song that entirely matches on what we saw and belived in you because this is a “big singing competition” before it’s too late to realise things.
        Every remaining finalist should think that every coming round is a finale that they are like singing for their lives because this is a very critically vulnerable stage with very unpredictable result and I see other contestants aware of this.

    • if she didn’t want to be compared to Tina Turner than she should not have sang one of Tina’s songs. When you sing a song people are going to compare you to the original and she was NOTHING compared to Tina Turner…

      •  how about hollie and phillip and joshua they are also sang of other singers’ songs but they were not commented to act like them, Philipp had been corrected by his mentor but did not follow, so where is justice now?

    • i dont get it when people who are trying to be objective in giving their
      reviews are judged as being a fan or not a fan.. maybe he’s not a fan
      or maybe he is.. people have different opinions and they’re entitled to it.. so if you like her then like her, if you dont then dont.. there’s so much hating between fans in this site and i dont get it.. im a solid phil fan but if people think he didnt do well then fine.. dont have to go hating on those who doesnt have the same opinion as mine..

      •  I do agree.  Even though Phil didn’t do the best last nite, I’m still a supporter of his and would go to his concerts.

    • Blog write is so right! AMERICA sent her home and the dumb judges saved her and will regret it now! She is nowhere near AMERICAN IDOL potential!!!!!!!!!!!

      • DB, you have every right to your opinions, however those “dumb ” judges as you call them sit in those seats because they have music career experience! They are fit to judge is all I’m saying.

      • who will make her your American Idol, isn’t it’s the Americans are the one voting?

      • Is that so…alright then we will see about that…for the mean time keep your nonsense and very biased opinion to yourself. It is not very pleasant really maybe i am not in the position to say that but honestly sooo irritating. cant stop myself…hontooni gomen nasai..anta wa warui yo.

      • Those dumb judges are professionals, and Randy has been sitting there for ELEVEN YEARS. I think you are the Dumb one, why you want to comment that way. Will see who wins…

      •  You really speaks among the poor standard generation. Please study hard to keep up your standard. That’s why we have crisis because majority in our country are in poor standard. Blame it to where you come from.

      •  Hello! Good to know that there are still Americans are in the state of common sense, but you DBPhillips, I pitied you for you belong to the uncertain people with uncertain mental capability.

    • This blog write is about Skylar and Hollie in the finals. They are convincing people to vote the “not so good” people in this competition.  Media is powerful and there are a lot of people who are being fooled. Come on don’t tell me Hollie is as good as Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood!

      • I love Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood…and guess what…I love Hollie Cavanagh!!  Think what you want about her, but she is amazing, and is only going to get better!!

      • Ditto Kris. I was actually thinking last night that Hollie reminded me of a younger Carrie Underwood. The girl has some pipes..and her voice is much easier to listen to than Jessica’s.

      • I agee as well. I just don’t get how PP is still in the running,
        to me he should have been gone a long time ago. I think
        it’s his good looks and lots of young fans that want him there
        just to look at him. He Is NO match for Joshua. It’s almost
        embarassing to compare them.

    • what???????she should have went home weeks ago.i thought last season was the worst season.but it seems that the current season can be the worst IF hollie reaches the final us dear God.have mercy on us.

      • No transient soul, you should be asking God for help to open a closed bitter mind. I ask God to helpHollie overcome the damning you and others like you bring to Idol

      • You have no idea what you’re talking about! Hollie is definitely the best this season, an she is only going to get better!!

        I’m sure she will go home tonight, but I am praying she doesn’t.

        Based on last night’s performances, Phillip or Jessica should go home!

    • I just noticed that Hollie is actually copying Jessica’s style — what
      she wears (from her dress, rings, etc) and her performances (the way she
      taps her mic, sitting on top of the piano, etc)… SO who’s your idol

      • That is sooooo not true!!!  What are you watching???  Hollie has been wearing the sparkle from the get go!!  Hollie has much better style than Jessica!!! 

      • Indeed…hollie is obviously struggling although she is doing her best but she cant be compared to jessica, i think so. Jessica sings flawlessly so the expectation is so high. She is different to hollie. Have you been listening to hollie? there are times she is not hitting the right tone. She can sing…But not like jessica….hollie cant even mimic jess. 

      • Hollie has a much richer voice than Jessica. To compare them is kind of silly since they have completely different voices. I, personally, prefer Hollie’s. It’s different. I like it. Jessica sounds like Beyonce.

      •  They have BOTH been doing the annoying mic tap since day 1. Trust me…I’ve noticed. It drives me absolutely INSANE! But at least I can watch Hollie sing. Jessica gets the fast forward button and I catch her excessive vibrato on the recaps 🙂

      • Watch the videos of Hollie singing on Youtube, and you will see that Hollie taps her mic on them, she isn’t copying Jessica.

  2. JOSHUA DID NOT SCREAM AT THE END!!!!!!!! ITS CALLED SINGING!! That is his style and he is amazing! 5 of the biggest people in the music business tonight were already talking about his record deal!!!

    • It’s funny with Hollie I cannot understand a word she is saying unless she is singing and with Joshua I cannot understand a word he sings.

      • can you also mention skylar? haha…i can’t understand a thing!!! NASAL!!

      • you are right, a great singer can interpret his/her songs clearly and with feelings of course joshua, hollie, philip, skyler are just screaming all the time. 

    • No Joshua is annoying sounds like he hasn’t hit puberty yet screaming is not music and the stuff he sings is not music

      • So some of the biggest names in the music industry are lying to you then? Get real, like him or not the guy can SING, saying he can’t is just an ignorant statement. Period

      • yea…he should be in a horror films. Its annoying now..everytime he sings, the judges always standing…whatta F….

      • who ever you are you don’t know about music.  Joshua and Jessica are the top singers on the program.  Get rid of Hollie, Philp, and Skylar.  We heard enough of their singing.  Learn about true music before you judge a singer.  Coming from a Singer

    • Joshua was screaming his head off, and I had to mute the volume. I cannot listen to that dreadful sceaming. Joshua oversings every song, so that I despise listening to him. Screaming is not singing.

      • Joshua is great when he calms down and sings but there is no way I could put on a CD of his for more then one song. His screaming is getting so very old. I hit the mute button after half of a song from him.

    • I like Joshua and his choice of songs… But It’s too much for me when he screams, I feel like his eyes will come out.

    • Get out he does scream that isn”t singing I THINK THE JUDGES ARE PUTTING HIM UP THE TOP AND HE DOESN”T BELONG THERE.


    • I agree. JOSHUA deserves to win this thing. he has a enormous talent and can sing anything. he has been my favorite from the start. who else got that many standing ovations, not even Carrie Underwood!!! GO JOSHUA!!! Phillip needs to go.

    • I totally agree with you Cenge13!!!  Joshua is absolutely amazing!!  Jimmy Lovine is already talking about a record deal with him.  It is really hard to understand the Joshua haters out there.

    • for me, you dont have to push the person  you want to stay, you dont have to stand for him,  just let the people of america be the judges. and i noticed every week the 3 judges giving a standing ovation for joshua for me that’s a clear campaign for him. . . 

    • Like praying will help if god says she will win she will win. BULL PISS god has nothing to do with it.

    • Stop interrupting God’s busy time with something so stupid as a TV show, he’s got all kinds of problems to deal with and Jess isn’t one of them. Gee…you know if you annoy God, he might just send her home so you stop annoying him over something so stupid and trivial. yeah yeah…call me jess hater I don’t care. Just leave your praying off the site, this isn’t a Theocracy.

      •  I believed you…God has a business with His faithful ones and not with the wordlings like you, muahahahahaha!

    • jessica made that connection tonight.. she really pulled off that first song.. Im thinking P2 and Jessica for the finale! Hollie is good but she does not have a fan base.. joshua i cant take anymore … i loved him but the church screeching has to stop .. skylar is just nasal..

      • You know Jigs, I think Hollie is creeping up..gaining momentum & oh yeas…gaining a fan base! The tide is turning!! 

      • You know Jigs, I think Hollie is creeping up..gaining momentum & oh yeas…gaining a fan base! The tide is turning!! 

      • I agree.
        Skylar: too Nasal
        Phillip: to predictable and boring. He seems to always stay in his comfort zone.
        Joshua: he has a strong voice but just not my type of voice that I would listen to n my car
        Hollie: I find that she’s trying way too hard to impress. she should have been gone a long time ago – lacks consistency
        Jessica: would be the only CD I would buy

      • Doesn’t Hollie have a famous Father that was in sports?
        I do believe so…. so if she wins???? just sayin

    •  believe me Jesica will be going home tomorrow..she ever going home but judges save her!!!  u should reminds this!!!

      • u dont know what ur saying. It should be: “u should remind this” not reminds, stupid!

      • thats not true maybe its because her fans FORGET TO VOTE or they think that jessica is safe because of her great performances every week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • To  Grinjasmine: it’s misttype, how dare you say stupid so quick!!!? like you’re perfect and never make mistake…God forgive you!

      • you fool! you do not know what you are talking about. shame on you! Jessica Sanchez is the best in the competition.

      • Jessica is the best in the competition! She won’t be going home tomorrow. She’ll be going back to the mansion instead. 🙂

      • ha,ha,ha….ur thats a funny prediction, they save her because she has the voice compare to hollie that is always pitchy and trying to be innocent but she is plastic….

  3. I loved Hollie’s performances. She proved that she deserves to have a shot at winning.

  4. All of them really did well tonight.  Sad to say,  tomorrow one of them will leave the show.  I hope the three ladies will remain.

  5. Yeaa it’s time for Hollie to go home. She just not as good of a singer/artist as the other 4 and even some that had left before now.

    • BOO Dimond!!  Hollie deserves to win..she did the best tonight!! If you agree with me thumbs up…oh yeah, and the momemtum is on hollie’s side now!!

      • I agree with Dimondkill06. There were other performers way better than Hollie who got eliminated. She should of definitely been gone a long time ago but due to all the Judges criticisms her fan base gave her “pity votes”

    • amen to you dimond!go home hollie!you don’t deserve that spot in the final 4.heck even in the final 24.

      •  i think she deserves her spot  a least she does not scream on every song  joshua is my pick to go i would not spend my money on him or phillip for a cd or to see in concert

    • Grow up and stop bashing. Promote your favorite, don’t bash their competition. It only shows you are worried Hollie can or may win

    • I don’t know if you know what music and vocal abilities are. If you are talking in terms of popularity and consistency maybe Hollie is not as good as the other 4 or someone like Colton. However, in terms of vocal abilities and song choices, even those who always receive standing ovations from the judges like Jess or Josh are sometimes not good enough for Hollie to even care about not to mention be afraid of. Please know that the top 5 are all good. If you don’t agree ask yourself if you are as good as them before you want to criticize anyone in the top 5.

  6. I agree with Branden. Jessica’s a bit boring tonight. Hollie’s song choices may have edged her out this week. 

  7. I think it will be between Jessica and Hollie and Jessica will be gone. God I can’t wait

    • sorry…gonna happen only in your dreams….wait Jessica until the finale sweetheart…

      • Yeah it will baby it’s ridiculous that 80% of her fanbase is from the Philippines. They are illegally voting and they shouldn’t be able to.

        Go Josh!!!!!!

      • Hey DY since you know all of these, can your “crystal ball” show their names too so we can report them to the authorities????

      •  Same here…with 2 phones…but i think, the song “You are so beautiful” didn’t impact me…but i still like her, it wasn’t her good choice.

      • Do you really keep track?  Why…it is a waste of time to keep track..I voted for Hollie the max online (50) & had both of her numbers programmed on my phone & just kept voting until the lines closed! 

    • If Hollie wins I will NEVER watch American Idol again. I’m sorry cute and sweet is not enough to win the title. Sorry to blow your horn.

      • thats funny I feel the same way about Jessica, I do not think she is ready for all the pressure and the life of a singer, she needs time to grow up. She is not ready to deal with the stage life and it would be crule to throw her out there. She has an amazing voice but she has no idea what to do on stage but try to look sexy.

      • wouldn’t watch it until next year..haha..Hollie FTW!!!!!!

    • you should go to hell Dy! dont deserve to live…jessica is the best!..

      • American Idol would not allow that…. I believe that Jessica has a big fan base here in the US alone so shut your face Dy!

      •  To Dy: and how did you come up with that percentage? Jessica has multitudes of non-Filipino followers here in the US, i think only smart people who know what real music is…. Please don’t be bitter! You bitter go to bed now…. sorry, i have a Philippine-Visayan accent, muahahahaha!


      •  You’re like Mdm. Auring….bakit mo na guess? Manghuhula ka ba?  Baka mapahiya ka huuh! Kasi masiyadong proud ang dating mo sis!! Sana huwag sobra…low profile lang….para mag vote din kahit hindi Pinoy….baka maasar naman sila sa kayabangan natin…

    • No! Only in your dreams! Jessica is the next AI. It’s written in the stars! 🙂

  8. Hollie : She did great, great vocals.

    Phillip – Great singer, but i feel he is doing the same. I can’t connect with him anymore.

    Skyler – Love her, she did well. Somethimes i wish she choose diferent songs.

    Jessica Sanchez – She did a good performance. Not her best but i love the last song.

    Joshua – He is such a great singer, he did well.

    If i have 2 choose a winner i will choose JESSICA! Only because joshua is over singing all the time and Hollie don’t have that emotion that i see in Jessica.

    • i disagree, I saw Hollie’s emotion in the 2nd HOllie!!  It would be so great if Hollie made the finale & I’m pleased as punch that she is creeping to the top!!

    • what????? Hollie has no emotion like Jess??? they can sing but honey they both lack that emotion Jessica the most.

      • at least jessica’s vocal technique is better than hollie’s cockroach voice technique..

    •  I think Jessica’s 2nd song wasn’t smooth…she shouldn’t have sung it…but i know she’ll still remain…Honestly, i love the first song, it was a solid rendition!! I just don’t understand Randy sometimes…. You can’t compare Tina Turner to her coz she’s only 16…and Tina T is a diva and legend….

  9. I want Joshua to go home. Hollie was amazing tonight, as was Jessica. I think the girls remaining are going to be the Top 3. I’m so tired of guy winners

    •  yes me too,im tired of guys winning this show….i want jessica to win!

    • It shouldn’t be about guy or girl, it should be about the best singer winning. The two best singers throughout the competition have been Joshua and Jessica hands done. To root against someone just based on their gender is kinda ridiculous.

  10. American Idol Top 5 :
    British and 1960’s Music


    1960’s Music

    Hollie Cavanagh – River Deep, Mountain High – I thought
    this was her best performance! I liked the big band around her it made it more
    entertaining and she really did a great job. The singing was in tune the whole
    way through. Nothing to really complain about. She probably could have moved
    around a little more, but overall this was really good. (A)


    Phillip Phillips – The Letter – Another typical
    Phillip performance. He changed the song some, because he didn’t like the original.
    I think because he couldn’t handle the original. I preferred when Lee Dewyze
    did this song, surprisingly. Overall I didn’t love it, I didn’t hate it. (B-)



    Skylar Laine – Fortunate Son – Another very high
    energy Skylar performance. I really enjoyed it. I thought it was a really good
    song choice. When I listened to the original for the first time today, I knew
    this was a Skylar song. She did her thang with it. Although this wasn’t my
    absolute favorite performance of hers, I thought it was a really solid job. (B+)


    Jessica Sanchez – Proud Mary – It was fantastic getting
    to see that big personality that I knew was there. She did a really good job
    with that song! I’m sooooo happy too! She did her THANG! My only complaint is
    that there seemed to be long spaces of nothing going on.. but overall fantastic
    and randy can just shut up cause Tina Turner can’t sing as good as Jessica can
    in my opinion. But, nobody can perform like Tina. (A)


    Joshua Ledet – Ain’t to Proud to Beg – I thought
    he done a really good job with this performance. He sounded really great! And he
    moved around a little bit. It was nice to see the judges not stand up for him
    once. (A)


    British Pop Hits

    Hollie Cavanagh – Bleeding Love – I’m really mad
    right now, because Jessica should have sang this song. Hollie cannot do this
    song justice. She did okay, but she couldn’t hit the powerful notes as hard as
    they needed to be and she couldn’t hit the high notes. It was okay, but it was lack luster in my opinion. (B-)


    Phillip Phillips – Time of the Season – One word
    BORING!!! And he sounded bad trying to hit the high notes. I was not impressed
    with this at all. It was really pitchy, one of the worst performances of this
    season. (D)


    Skylar Laine – You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me
    – There is always a little something that is kinda boring about this song. But,
    I think that this was the best I’ve heard this song done on the show. She may
    have had a pitchy moment or two though. But, still really nice job. (B+)


    Jessica Sanchez – You Are So Beautiful – That was
    just BEAUTIFUL! I think that will go down as one of my favorite American idol
    performances of all time. I thought she sounded AMAZING. (A+++)


    Joshua Ledet – To Love Somebody – That was
    another fantastic performance! I loved that! The ending of this show was
    amazing tonight. That was my favorite performance of Joshua’s since the top 24.


    Duet / Trio

    Phillip Phillips and Joshua Ledet – You Lost
    That Loving Feeling – I thought it was kinda one note until the end. I wasn’t
    expecting this to be a good duet at all, so it was better than I thought it
    was. However, Joshua’s reaction to that was pricesless!!! He was a total
    douche. That is all.. lol. (B-)


    Jessica Sanchez, Skylar Laine, and Hollie
    Cavanagh – Higher and Higher – So much better than that Joshua and Phillip
    duet. They all did there thang with this song. (A-)

  11. well i dont think you are right i feel Hollie and Skylar nailed it tonight and are 100% safe and no way do they need to worry about being eliminated tomorrow, as for Jessica she was boring tonight to me, and Phillip was the same ole same ole and getting quite old to me..and Joshua although he is a judges favorite in this thing, I dont think he is all that great..and for me it could be either Jessica, Phillip or Joshua in a toss up of who will be going home tomorrow..but then again, you are right it is going to be a close call for all five

  12. only 1 standing O for joshua this week.  judges must not be feeling well.

    • Steven and Randy stood for Hollie. Don’t forget that. I don’t know what was wrong with JLo.

      • Isn’t that the first for Hollie, well first 2/3. I think the judges finally cleaned their ears….JLo is just into her fav’s.- she needs to go

      • No they gave Hollie an SO for her version of “The Climb”. I actually didn’t think that one was deserved. But it was a good performance nevertheless. 

    • Thank you i really do like that note Jessica is safe and Phillip is in the bottom. I really do like Jessica she is the best one ever and to keep her all the way to the finals. Caroline Ashley Vincent

      • How in the world can you say she is in any comnparison to PP, because she only wishes! He is SO MUCH ETTER THAN SHE WILL EVER BE get over it America voted once and got cracked by some stupid judges. Hope America votes right again, I know I voted!

      • in three years, she’ll have more money than you in your whole life!!!!

      •  Ahuuuh! Are  you a family member of Philip Phillips? You sound like the Supreme Court judge… I like judge Judy better..she’s for real…

      •  You said: “How in the world can you say she is in any comnparison to PP, because
        she only wishes! He is SO MUCH ETTER THAN SHE WILL EVER BE get over it
        America voted once and got cracked by some stupid judges. Hope America
        votes right again, I know I voted!”

        Sir Phillips, you looked like you’re very upset!!!.. you were not composed… U missed the letter B for better….but i hope you are not bitter….Sir.

        You said: “How in the world can you say she is in any comnparison to PP…

        Sir, you forgot your punctuation mark at the end of your sentence… and the letter n ?….sounds like a German shepherd… Bye bye, pls give my regards to Sir Phillip Phillips… the way, i’m from the Philip-pines… Mabuhay!

  13. Jessica’s first song really shows that she is a performer.. we grade here right now because she is a contestant.. but do we also grade artist on their concerts once they do such performances? the versatility of JSan both in voice and performance levels is so obvious.. everyone is really good at this point of the game.. and I think Hollie did a great job.. she does not deserve to go home.

    The Proud Mary performance for me is not a performance night in American Idol.. it is a Jessica Sanchez Concert Experience =)

  14. Good review Branden.  I DO NOT HAVE A FAVORITE.  So I try to analyze results fairly too.  My picks for tonight:
    #1 Hollie   has a great voice and tonight was the best.
    #2 Skylar  by a “whisker” over…..
    #3 Joshua  I don’t like his style and oversinging but it was OK
    #4 Jessica  I really like her but “Proud Mary” was not her song.
    #5  Phillip  Noone even close to being as horrible as Phillip.  Cannot sing.

  15. OMG Branden!! How does this happen? I actually agree with all of your reviews but one. I don’t think that Joshua’s last performance went south at the end. Yes he was screaming again but it wasn’t the same. It was in tune screaming coupled with a diaphragmatic support that didn’t sound as if he were about to cry. I would have actually left him with all the ++++ on that performance. 

    Other than that I think you are absolutely correct on everything else. Miracles do happen…LOL

    No need for me to write a review because you nailed it! 

    I would just like to know what brought Hollie from an A+ to an A on her second performance. I would like to see if it was the same thing I heard. I agree with the score.

    Also Jessica to an A- on her second performance. I think we may have both heard the same things there too. I also agree with this score.

    • we dont need to expect an A+ grade from you Taymaro…so obvious, you are one of the bitters, but that’s ok… we welcome HATERS….how many of you again????? LOL

      • What are you talking about? I would give Hollie and Joshua an A+ tonight. Are you a JSan pusher?

      • Leave Taymaro alone, everyone is entitled to their opinion without being called a hater. I disagree with them on Phillip, but they entitled to their opinion.

      • Taymaro is a certified Jessica hater but she don’t want to admit it

  16. You don’t have to apologize even though your predictions are greatly misunderstood as you say…but I think its just that we all have our own take on the performances of each idol contestant. A lot of people may or may not agree with your opinions but hey… its still your opinion, and I respect that…  Keep with the reviews as I’m sure me and everyone posting here will keep on reading it! In the meantime… Jessica FTW!!!  😀

  17. Hollie was the best… In British night Hollie was the only one who sang a modern and difficult song… The rest, was the same

      •  Easiest song, you sound ridiculous. That was the hardest song of the second round.

    • Let Hollie sing “Proud Mary” and come back tome if she can hit that song. 

      •  Let Jessica sing Proud Marry and come back to me…..oh wait…she did…..and did terrible.

      •  To scorpio09: You, Taymaro and James should replace JLO, Randy and Steven… I’m sure you three make a terrible judges

      • Bobtomkat,
        Wow…that’s the first time I got to give you a “liked”. I would gladly invite you to be a guest judge also, if not a full time judge. I like people with other opinions, it makes life much more interesting. I sure wished two female judges would get into a cat fight over a contestant sometime and roll around on the ground or in jello…in bikinis.

      •  ur right…i dont know if Hollie can sing proud mary…lol…she is pitchy…as i mentioned again, she keeps on picking easy song as she is apraid and she knows herself that she cant and she sings pitchy all the time. I dont if thats the american idol that they are voitng. There’s lot of good singers than Hollie was elimanated…She should not be in the top 24 at first. She shoud join americas got talent…much better.
        With Philip Philips, sorry i am not interested with his voice…borring….Joshua…He always screaming. Its like you hearing like somebody is killing a cow…He should be in the horror film.

        With Jessica, win or not, she will have a career as she is popular all over the world. Not only in america…..

      • Uh Joel, did you actually listen to Jessica on the first song? If anybody ‘screamed’ it was her! Funny how y’all constantly criticized Joshua for doing the exact SAME thing that Jessica does. If it’s such beautiful ‘runs’ for Jessica, why is it so called ‘screaming’ for Joshua? Get real. Jess fanatics are so blinded by her, they see nothing or no one but her, and it doesn’t matter how she sings, y’all will always say she was the absolute best of the night no matter what. You can actually give other contestants credit and still love and vote for Jessica, that’s not a bad thing. And by the way, Hollie outshined her lastnight without a doubt, and showed she has just as big of voice as Jessica.

      • @ Btledoux1229 I’m giving your post a standing ovation! Very well said!

    •  coz holie cant sing a hard song..she always pick a simple song as she is trying hard not to be pitchy as it was obvious that she sings out of tune. thats the reason why she picking easy song….

  18. 1.Hollie

    That’s what went down tonight. Hollie obviously won the night. i think Hollie will be in the bottom, not because of the performances. And p2 along with her. And Jessica might have been in the bottom too, so i guess who’s going home tommorow is Jessica

    •  As Branden basically says…no one obviously won the night…maybe they they all won. But I disagree with Branden on Phillip being likely safe…I don’t think so.
      This group is so good, it is going to come down to the genres that people like and that they vote for that genre. That is where I am at because I think they all great, but screamer Joshua I can’t stand, but everyone else seems to think he is great so it must just be me.

    • P2 will be home tomorrow and absolutely not Jessica…94 million Filipinos supporting Jessica

    • I agree with that order. Phillip should go no question. Both his songs were beyond boring. He proved on his second song that he cannot sing high notes, or low tender notes, without sounding silly, like he was squealing. It was really bad and was nowhere near as good as Hollie, Joshua and Jessica. Please pack your bags Phillip, he’s got to go!!

  19. 1.Hollie

    That’s what went down tonight. Hollie obviously won the night. i think Hollie will be in the bottom, not because of the performances. And p2 along with her. And Jessica might have been in the bottom too, so i guess who’s going home tommorow is Jessica

  20. Based on DialIdol ranking predictions:
    1. Skylar 15.409
    2. Hollie Cavanagh 14.145
    3. Joshua Ledet 13.85
    4. Jessica Sanchez 9.718
    5. Phillip Phillips 7.404

    • If you’ve noticed the buttons on the DialIdol are colored yellow. It means all of them could be safe or voted off.

      •  What the? Talk about inaccuracy. They can’t all be voted off. They can’t all be safe either.

        Anyway, I’ll just keep on voting for my favorite. Will wait for the Top 5 results night and hope for the best.

    •  DialIdol does not measure text and online voting, so it could be wrong, as it has many times before.
      People, do NOT trust Wikipedia and DialIdol for your Idol predictions! 😛

    • Dialidol last week’s prediction was
      Hollie was leading and next is Skylar. Who was bottom 3 that time? Skylar,Hollie and Ellise.

      • you’re right bout that because last week some people here said that hollie is leading on dialIdol but why is it that she’s in the bottom 3 with elise

  21. Based on DialIdol ranking predictions:
    1. Skylar 15.409
    2. Hollie Cavanagh 14.145
    3. Joshua Ledet 13.85
    4. Jessica Sanchez 9.718
    5. Phillip Phillips 7.404

  22.  No i think she will be in the bottom 3, nt that am against her, it seems dial idol had been pretty accurate lately. but i have voted for her 50 times, and that’s it.
    Good luck JESSICA!

      • YEAH youre right,,,, AKON wait for JESSICA tomorrow.. give her a big big BREAK … and if jessica make it through u…. hahahaha american idol youre a loser

  23. This is so nerve-wracking right now! Like you said, ANYTHING could happen, these are 5 potential winners here! (Yes, after tonight, even Tinkerbell Hollie could win if she continues like that!)
    Well, everything happens for the best, and whoever goes home will be alright…
    Just please VOTE people! This is really important at this stage!!

  24. Skylar killed Dusty Springfield’s “You don’t have to say you love me” and I DO NOT mean that in a good way. It had pitch problems and suffered from a nasal twang; just plain bad. Jessica’s second number was indeed elevator musak, very sleepy, Hollie did a great job for once, Philip Philips was okay, but a bit boring and yes it was Joshua’s night – great job. The judges, however, are full of it. They are too invested in their choices and careers to say anything that borders on constructive. Everything is amazing, awesome dude and nothing seems to get anything close to a Simon-like  critique. Not the best season as I am not jumping up and down about any of the contestants.

  25. MY bottom three: Skylar, Phillip, Jessica, with Jessica leaving.

    Probably bottom three:  same ones, but with Phillip leaving.

  26. I really want Jessica and skyler and Philp to win it all. And Holly and Josha in tthe bottom two and i really do really want Jessica and Hollie to go to the finals and they are the best ever and know it is true because i am so more happy with that and i know Jessica and Hollie is the best singer ever and i really want them to be safe.  Caroline Ashley Vincent

  27. Hollie was the best of the night, but i thought Jessica was great too. Philip i fell asleep, to boring. Leave the girls and send one of the boys home.

  28. Yo Man! I am so sick of the standing ovations that the judges give Joshua! I do not believe that having the talent to scream at the top of your lungs makes you an American Idol. Have to say if he wins I think my American Idol days are over! Not my cup of tea!!! Wouldn’t spend a dime on his music!

    • Good thing you don’t have to spend your money then, prob couldn’t afford it anyway. Hr absolutely deserved the standing O he got lastnight!! You can dislike him all you want, cause the judges, Jimmie and guest mentor Steven, all are absolutely blown away by him and his vocal abilities. His passion for his music shows more than any contestant, and he will go a long way in the industry, with or without your $20. Your certainly entitled to your opinion, but it’s a FACT that joshua does NOT ‘scream’, you could only Wish that you could scream that good. And I’m sorry but a black gospel/soul singer einning, would NOT mark the end of Idol, that’s just an idiotic thing to say. If anybody winning idol that would hurt the show, per say, it would be Phillip, not Joshua, because it would be the 5th WGWG winner in a row, and that says predictable.

      I’m not gonna call anybody a ‘racist’, cause to accuse someone of that soley based on words from a post, is just silly…..But…. To say it doesn’t exist on this site, or in the voting, at all, is just foolish. It sadly does exist, but its not just limited to caucasions, it can come from all races and nationalities. I just hope that if race, nationality, creed, color or sexuality is the basis and premise for why some people vote a certain way, that you would realize this is 2012, and it’s time to move past the hatred. So if someone of a certain gender, race or color wins this show, it will certainly not spell doom for Idol, they are ALL very good and worthy of the AI title, based soley on their musical abilities.

  29. dialidol said hollie on top 2……she will not going home……forsure….

  30. Hollie Cavanagh > A+?????? is that a joke?????? ahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha:-Dahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahah

    • im wondering if you’re just plain mean or you’re in love with hollie with all your heart.. im guessing A+ is not enough for you to react like that.. A+++++ should i say? 😛

      • I THINK A+++++ is not enough to @f744c4d874b29fbfed83c465761a3873:disqus ….it supposed to be HOLLIE   AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++mAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA+++++++++++zing

  31. I have to say, the girls trio tonight really helped in comparing the three…
    Every week…Hollie is winning me over more and more..
    Skylar…may be peaking too soon…we’ll see, I think she is great, but worried about her getting voted off
    Jess…I do love Jess’s voice…but she isn’t my genre, but in the trio, honestly she looked the weakest.

  32. hollie A+, skylar A, joshua A-, phillip2 B+, jessica……….ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (i’m sleeping)

  33.   International Cool Music Critics of World (ICMCW) AI rankings effective post 5/02/12 performances:

    *quote from Sir Paul “Really a great group the last 5, so hard to
    chose, but we base our bloody rankings on just the quality and talent of
    the artist.”

  34. I can’t wait for the result. I agree nobody is safe at this point. These 5 contestants left are all great but sadly one has to go tomorrow.

  35. I hope it’s Jessica going home. She oversings all the time. Hollie better stay. She was right on again.

      • Easy Anna… looks like Damian is a 6 year old still learning to write…

      • Disqus even has spell check for Christ’s sake! 

        Then why does it show Disqus as a misspelled word when it’s the name of the discussion application? Duh!!!!

      • She is american, born in the US with american citizen parents. It just so happen that her parents have different race/blood other than US soil natives. Therefore, dont drag the race issue here. She spent her whole life in the US and just making her American Idol dream…FYI

  36. I think Jessica is overrated overall. She’s got a great voice but just feel like she’s lacking something. Personally like Hollie more.

  37. Hollie has improved a lot but at this stage of the competition I think it’s too late. To win American idol you need to show consistency and the only two contestants that showed consistency is Jessica and Joshua. Jessica raised the bar so high early in the season that the Judges now expect her to go above and beyond. I say Jessica and Joshua top two but then who knows right?

    • I totally agree Anna. They have been the two most consistent, and biggest voices throughout the competition. That would make a very good, and well deserved finale, despite all the Josh haters that have no clue about SOUL music or just how good he really is. J&J for the finals. So James, Diva, junk….whatever the heck you want to call it, but they ARE the best singers in the competition, and have been the entire season.

  38. For the first time, I agree with Branden’s rating :)) He played safe when he said that no one is safe!

      • joshua is a great singer and it’s true but when he starts to waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh (screaming) i want to throw my tv away

      • James you are just clueless bro. Are you more qualified than the judges, Jimmie and Steven to say that Joshua was horrible?? Nope, didn’t think so Don’t buy his music, but to say he’s horrible is just plain ignorance, not an opinion. Sorry, just the truth.

  39. I know you all want your favorites to not go home but let us be honest who was the best tonight?

  40. All 5 will have amazing careers. The judges found great talent this year. I wish all of them well. However, I could never vote for Joshua because Randy sells him too hard. It annoys me and I am not fond of the screaming at the end that Joshua does. I know many fans love it.I like country music and voted for Lauren Alaina last year but I am not fond of Skylar’s country style.  I am voting for Hollie this year.

    • And Joshua has a crush on himself.  I voted for Hollie, too.  Then I voted an extra 100 times for Hollie because of the rude comments by Anna Trodat.  And now I am going to hit re-dial another 100 times on behalf of the rest of the hate filled Jessica fans.  She is great and stands on her own.  Her fans are rude, though.  Get a life.  Really.

  41. I hope Hollie will be eliminated tomorrow just to prove that producer’s move was wrong, if you know what I mean…..

      • British Invasion is the theme for Top 5.
        Hollie is British.

        Get the connection? The theme is clearly in favor for Hollie.

      • She is TCO but less support from fans. Producer try to pimp her to the limit.

    • Really? I would think Adele, Natasha Bedingfield, would have been fantastic British choices for Jess to sing and would have favor her. Don’t blame the producers for Jess’s choice of songs.
      If anything “British Invasion” would subconsciously work against Hollie…Americans didn’t like getting invaded by the British in case you didn’t know.

      • Well it’s happening all over again if you look around. From within and outside the country.

      •  Actually, Americans did like the British musical invasion of the 1960’s starting with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.  Oh, you thought they were talking about the British invasion during the Revolutionary War in 1776!!

      • I don’t believe every contestant has freedom to choose the song, except given selected list from producer. I hope you’re right about this “invasion” thing….

  42. I wish all the Jessica Sanchez fans would shutup. She is so overrated and I’m tired of every single fan of hers hating on Hollie. All because she has finally surpassed Jessica doesn’t mean you have to make hateful comments about her.

    • I wish all the Hollie Cavanagh fans would shutup. She is so overrated
      and I’m tired of every single fan of hers hating on Jessica. All because
      she has finally surpassed Hollie doesn’t mean you have to make hateful
      comments about her.

      There. I corrected errors in your typing. 🙂

    • poor @93e33b68def242e683f27dd62b1af8a5:disqus  . 
      I hope you’re reading your post before commenting. Please do and you’ll be ashamed of yourself… and again and again…..

    • Wow, why don’t you chill. No need to bash Jessica Fans. For your info it’s not just Jessica Fans that agree that Hollie is not a great singer. I’m sorry if you cannot accept the truth. Hollie is a try hard. If she wins I will NEVER watch American Idol again. She doesn’t deserve it. She totally lacks consistency and feeling.

      • Wow, aren’t you just the little authority on everything.  You should know you don’t speak for the group that watched here at my house.  How rude. And Jessica doesn’t need your kind of support, either.   Just for that I am voting an extra 100 times for Hollie.

    •  Hollie is just a pretty face with several flats or sharps in each of her
      songs. Try listening to all her songs over and over again.

  43. Jessica fans…..  I hope I’m not right, but after 2 solid hours of voting on the phone,  the lines were much less busy tonight then the past 2 weeks.  Perhaps that dial a thing or whatever may have been correct.  Not wanting, just sayin’.

  44. You’re right…Joshua Ledet is a great singer but sometimes I find his voice annoying. When he over sang the songs he sang…I don’t like it anymore. =)

    • “sometimes”..I would think it would be consistent, you either like that kind of scream voice or you don’t.  I hate it his style. I like other screamers. I actually listen to lots of Emo/Screamo music…just something about Joshua drives me crazy. You ever see the “Gospel Competitions” on TV….they scream just like Josh…ahhhh

  45. Who here voted for Phillip over the phone? Are the phone lines busy as ever?

    • None of the voting I did was busy.. I voted for Phillip, Skylar, & Hollie- phone & test both. Did website in addition for Phillip.

      • Yeah I do the website thing too. But people are talking about busy phone lines and I haven’t had any busy signals to date this season.

      • thats good to know that none of the voting was busy cause i got through a record of 620 votes on phillip last night with two phones which has never happened.  oh how i hope dial idol is wrong. the busy signal is a blessing most of the time.

    • I have yet to get a busy signal on the voting lines this season. I have Verizon Wireless Cell and also Digital Phone Service. I use both lines at the same time and vote for the full two hours. 

      I started out voting for DeAndre—two full hours back to back to back and no busy signal at all EVER!

      I voted for Skylar one week the same. Two phones for two solid hours back to back to back calls… busy signal ever…i always got the recording….

      I voted for Phillip one week with the same result….no pause in between the votes…just click the end button and send again over and over and over

      I voted for Hollie tonight with the same result. 

      Does anyone else get through every single time? If I am not getting busy signals and you are then I must be the one tying up the line….LOL

      Let me know your voting experience on the phone voting.

      •  I never get a busy signal but I love in Denver and maybe it is because there are not that many people in the Mountain Time Zone.

      • My voting experiences very much the same as yours. However, I also text vote AT&T…and sometimes the text confirmation that comes back…varies quite a bit…maybe a new indicator to start tracking. For instance, tonight the confirmation for text voting for Phillip, took a very long time compared to the confirmations for Skylar and Hollie.

      • i got a few busy signals when i tried calling for hollie p2 and joshua

    • I voted for my favorite several times and the phone lines aren’t as busy as they should be. Should I be worried?

    • JOshua’s was constantly busy, but its been like that pretty much all season for him

    • Know your time zones….EST, MST, CST, or PST that way you will not encounter a busy tone.

  46. i don’t think hollie is that good.. her performance were just so so..

  47. JESSICA SANCHEZ FTW!!!!  Were anxious and excited everytime you perform on AMERICAN IdOL. Can’t wait for the results tomorrow… God bless!!!

  48. I just got done, watching the performances again….second time around you notice more…
    Of the girls…
    Hollie really was great and deserved all the credit the Judges gave here.
    Skylar I have said all along was the dark horse, but after looking at her again tonight…she may have peaked, performance wise.
    Jess, can’t handle up tempo, if that had been what she had been singing all along…she be gone long ago. If slow ballads are your thing…Jess is the Best.
    Guys–well one at least?
    Joshua…I can’t forgive him for how he makes my cat have a nervous breakdown every time he sings. And my Siberian Huskie starts doing the wolf talk.
    Phillip is my fav because I like fresh, alternative original music and he is that! 

    •  That’s why it is more appropriate to do one slow ballad and one up tempo song because at this point of the competition they are allowed to. It was safe for Jessica Sanchez to just sing ballad on single performances. Actually, I did enjoy Jessica Sanchez’s “Proud Mary” and Hollie’s “River Deep, Mountain High” tonight. They were all awesome tonight! I quite enjoyed the whole show.

    • jess can do up tempo songs. it just wasnt her week maybe. remember “i love you i do”

  49. I just realized that Skylar reminds me of a female version of George Jones.  Appropriate since they are both country.  Really like her attitude and voice.  Holley was great tonight, as well.  What was with Joshua pushing Phillip away after the duo?  I think Joshua has a crush on himself.  And yes, he does oversing everything. 

  50. hah. all of u haters just shut up ok!? Jessica is the most consistent and versatile performer on the show.. I give her props for being consistent since day 1 until now! Did Hollie give any consistency??, BIG NO!!! She should be the one who should be out last week or the week before or the week before or…… the billy joel week.. Elise,Colton,DeAndre,and Erika are sooo 1000000x better than her.. I shouldn’t be insulting Hollie this way, but u Hollie fans r soo annoying, and too much.. How dare u judge Jessica, when she is a billion times better than her? Y??, because Jessica never crack her voice when singing, Jessica is pitch perfect while Hollie is Pitchy sometimes… and Jessica can do vocal gymnastics while hollie can’t .. Her voice is so plain, and I think I never heard her do falsetto the way Jessica does it.. Can Hollie do falsetto the jessica did, during her performances, like I will always love you, Everybody has a dream, dance with my father, It doesn’t matter anymore (with DeAndre and Candice), and You are so beautiful??? OF COURSE NOT! Among them, Jessica is the best singer and she is already a pro than Hollie who is still amateur!!! SORRY HOLLIEPOPS! 🙂 

    • Hollie wiped the floor with Jessica tonight.  In the solo performances and especially in the trio.

      •  Hollie is just a pretty face with several flats or sharps in each of her
        songs. Try listening to all her songs over and over again.

      •  Ramos_marcy,Ramos_marcy  is just a pretty face with the same incorrect posting over and over again.

    • i agree with u!! i can’t find any reason comparing Jessica and Hollie just for a night! This night might not be Jessica’s best show and Hollie stealed it but that doesn’t mean Hollie is waaayyy better than her. Crap! Hollie fans should be ashamed! 

    •  But then again, Hollie’s fans have many reasons to defend their bet. I do only hope that no one bashes other contestants. I agree to all the positive things you said about Jessica Sanchez. Maybe next time let us just stay away from comparison. It wouldn’t do us any good. We’ll just always have something to compare between them. All we’ve got to do is, if we love a contestant, then let’s do our best to support him/her.

    • that is why hollie joined am idol. she is amateur and she needs to grow. and that is what american idol does. improves contestants and makes them shine. and that is what we see in hollie now. better then ever. 🙂

  51. jessica doesnt hav the charm at least she has exceptional talent and has a good choice in fashion.. superb i voted her 200 times…

    •  I beg to disagree. Everyone has a different perspective of charm. There are those who aren’t charming to one’s eyes, but are charming to the others.

      Oh well, I do agree with you in terms of Jessica Sanchez having an exceptional talent! I do love her as well.

  52. Wow, such bitter Jessica Sanchez fans.. SMH. Jessica is lifeless and has no emotion when she sings. Hollie has had only two bad performances the ENTIRE season. “Honesty” and “What a feeling.” It’s just like Haley Reinhart last year. The judges pick on her for no reason. While Jessica gives average performanes all the time and they freak out about it trying to sway America’s votes.

    • Wow. Reread your post and you’ll see who’s bitter. Such an irony.

    • Wow. Reread your post and you’ll see who’s bitter. Such an irony.

    •  Tyler Judd, I for one don’t try to sway America’s votes as I can vote. I don’t give a damn if you like Hollie….just vote for her and let’s see what tomorrow’s result will be. Try to integrate more maturity as well as intelligence in all your comments.

    •  Thank God I am not a bitter Jessica Sanchez fan! To tell you, you shouldn’t be bitter as well. Just keep the positive comments going. We all know that anyone from the top 5 deserve to get in the top 2. How else would they still be in the running for the next American Idol? To your favorite Hollie, I do love her performance tonight.

    •  Hollie is just a pretty face with several flats or sharps in each of her songs. Try listening to all her songs over and over again.

  53. let’s give it to hollie…. she did well tonight… but i still believe joshua p2 and jessica deserves the top 4 place more… so i guess it will be between hollie and skylar for the last spot……. just my opinion….. but they are all great…. i can see myself buying all of their albums….

  54. I agree with you. Phillip is my favorite but he is not holding up against the others. Skyler did not appeal to me as much as she did to the others. I think Joshua is the only one that might be safe.

  55. Yeah who cares now anyway. I like Hollie best of the remaining lot. But I was just thinking that this years batch (who showed so much promise early on) aren’t a patch on the talent of last years crop (with the exception of the two country singers, who whilst good, were nothing out of the ordinary).

    None of the remaining five hold a candle to Haley or Casey in terms of voice or musical sensitivity. Crimeny! Even Stefano was more interesting. And James was brilliant.

    This year: snooze-a-palooza!

    • I think this year’s top 5 is better than last years. And all of them are better than Casey and Stefano!

    •  If all of us are fighting for our favorite this season, it is also the same as people compare different seasons. One having the better batch than the other. Surprisingly, I do love last year’s batch equally as the batch this year.

  56. This year the competition is really tight. So it was getting harder and harder to pick my favorite two. But, based on the past two weeks, my favorite performers have consistenly been Jessica and Joshua. Which is odd … because up until recently, neither of these two really touched my soul, on a emotional level very often. Jessica always had a great voice, but lacked as a performer. And Joshua’s gospel style was never my cup of tea, But for the past two weeks these two have been ON FIRE. Those that always seem to put down Joshua for his so called “screams”, must really have a idea what crow taste like these days. And yes, Jessica seems to have always exceled at ballads (how could she not, with that voice). But, for the past two weeks she has been rocking with the best of them. Skylar, Holly and Phillip are all good performers … But in my view point, I think Jessica and Joshua are starting to pull away from them a bit, vocally as we get closer to the finish line.

    •  Very well said! As weeks go by, I am also starting to like other contestants, but the more that I like them, the more that I like my bet. By saying that, I’m becoming to love them all in their respective styles. They are all unique in my point of view. I want anyone to be in the top 2 as long as Jessica Sanchez is in it. I’m excited for the results show tomorrow!

  57. I have a questions for Jessica i have been watched your performance on the stage you have it on Top no 1 and you are the best singers and i ever heard. Your Voice it was so perfect and you ever miss a note of a song

  58. i didnt surprise Jesica will go home tomorrow!! she’s bad today. and btw i dont like her because of herself but because of her fans. who never respect for other contestan. say all the bad things bout others contestant. instead of saying sarcsm here bou others contestant you should pick up your phone and vote for your idol…so she cant eliminated tomorrow…Good luck y’ll

    •  Because Jessica Sanchez has a big fan base, we can’t deny that it covers several people with different personalities. It so happens that there are those who are just plain nasty. By the way, I’m a Jessica Sanchez fan, but I do love all the contestants this year. Love to hear them week after week.

    • Don’t ask him that. It’s impossible!! Since the very beginning of this show he has been hating on Jessica!!

  59. Is it really that JESSICA was in the bottom tonight? Are people stop voting for her? I’m afraid. I don’t want her to go home.

  60. I don’t think I can sleep knowing that NONE OF THE CONTESTANTS ARE SAFE THIS WEEK. We may think that they are safe because of their performances but in reality they are actually in great danger of getting eliminated from the competition.

  61. It would be a great idea they ALL SING THE SAME SONG. Then I’d be very fair and we could compare them with more objetivity.

    • i was thinking along the same lines as you. i kept telling myself that hollie and jessica are pretty much the same kind of singers, and to have them sing the same song would be so cool. let alone, have ALL of them sing the same song. it would be amazing to see that on the show

      •  Sadly, we will all just end up supporting our favorite. We will all have different opinion defending on how well our favorites give justice to the song. Nonetheless, I like that idea, but I don’t see it ever happening on American Idol.

      • they should bring back the old AI where one IDOL song was up for the grab…
        Kelly Vs. Justin “A Moment Like This”
        Fantasia Vs. Diana “I Believe”
        Carrie Vs. Bo “Inside your Heaven”
        Jordin Vs. Blake “This is my Now”
        Kris Vs. Adam “No Boundaries”

        and ….
        Jessica Vs. Hollie

      • Ask them all to sing The Star Spangled Banner.  That would put them all in their places!  That song requires a voice with a great range as well as a singer with a strong diaphragm.

    • interesting concept!  i remember adam lambert and kris allen singing a queen duet and there was just no comparison.  adam was so way above anything kris could do.

  62. Hello

    That will be it for me if Hollie goes home. It was bad enough last week when Elise went home.

    Hollie for the win.

  63. i think Jessica, Hollie & Joshua were AMAZING TONIGHT! they were fantastic! i dont want Hollie to leave (even though she might) i want Skylar to leave, she’s fantastic but the music industry and the american idol doesn’t need a country singer again. Phil should be bottom 2

  64. Phillips deserves to be in the BOTTOM 3 this week!!!! Thumbs up if you agree!

    •  By saying bottom THREE, that would most likely happen considering that there are only 5 people left. I watched all their performances, and I liked them all. By saying that, I’ll just support my bet Jessica Sanchez. Good luck to the other contestants. They are also equally as deserving to win the title.

    • I have been saying that for several weeks now. And I’m not saying that because I am a die-hard fan of one of the other performers. His very narrow vocal range is wearing thin with me.

  65. Went through the thread and I’d have to say.

    James, don’t you have a life other than commenting/being obsessed with Idol?

    • I multitask beyond your conception. And there are more than one person posting under name James, I believe there are several.

      • Who are you to judge my conception capabilities?   I can believe,  if pushed, that you are a human being of some sort.

  66. I never thought that the words “Hollie” and “emotion” will ever be in the same sentence, at least not so soon.

  67. So you hear a lot of people say Phil gets a lot of votes from young teen girls bc he is cute.. does anyone think he’ll be in trouble tomorrow bc it was revealed he has a gf? lol

    •  Maybe not because I remember Kris Allen before, he said that he was married and yet he still won.

      • very true but i know that people pretty much knew from the start kris was married and last night a gf(though i already knew) was sprung on a lot of girls.  its just hes been on top of dial idol this whole time and now hes on bottom. coincidence? no way. ryan needs a beaten lol

    • it won’t hurt him.  kris allen supposedly had the girl vote and we all saw his gf at the show.  adam should have won though.  kris was totally shocked he won and rightfully so.

    • Hollie could just quit if thats ever gonna happen. Haha Jess vs Hollie is a death sentence to her just sayin

      • at least she was in the finale, and we all know she would be humbled if jessica wins. that is how good her character is.

    • Okay. I see comments here that they hate Jessica not because of the way she sings but because of her fans bashing Hollie. And now I see a Hollie fan bashing Jessica. I don’t know what is wrong with you people. I’m no Jess or Hollie fan. I just don’t like fans bashing each other and such.

    •  FTW with several flat or sharps in her songs? Try listening to all her songs over and over again 

    •  Hollie is just a pretty face with several flats or sharps in her every song. So sad for you not to accept a FACT! In DENIAL I suppose?

  68. I do not have a favorite performer that I root for every week, like many on this website do. I evaluate on the performance on that given week. My thoughts on the performers this week are:

    Holly – I was not nearly as impressed with Hollies first song as the judges were. A bit boring and mundane for me. But, her second song was fantastic. As most of her performances have been lately. But, was it enough to give her the “moment” see needed? I don’t think so, as her fan base is not as big as the others.

    Phillip – Even Phillips most die hard fans will have to agree that Phillip does not come close to having the vocal range that the others do. But if one likes that bluesy, folk singer style, I can see why he has so many fans. But, even though I am a big blues fan … Phillip performances are leaving me a bit under whelmed lately. In my viewpoint, he should easily be the next to go. But, his fan base is too big to let that happen.

    Skylar – Skylar has always been a spunky ball of fire when she performs. But, she proved tonight that she can not only slow things down and do a slow ballad … But she can do it rather well. She has also been rather consistently good, for several weeks now. And American Idol does seem to draw a lot of country music fans. And with no other country performers to split those votes with, she has a good chance of making it at the very least, to the top three.

    Jessica – No one can say that Jessica is a one trick pony who can only sing ballads these days. As she has been rocking with the best of them the past few weeks. But when Jessica is able to do a tender ballad and use that crystal clear voice of hers … She is in a league of her own. Two weeks in a row she was the best of all the girl performer.

    Joshua – In the past, Joshua has received undeserved standing-O’s and praise from the judges. And that upsets some people. He got another standing-O this week. But, this time he so deserved it. To think that he only practiced that second song for a very short while and was able to do that with it … freaking incredible. Plus, he seems to have stopped with that gospel style I am not a big fan of and stopped the so called “screaming“ the past two weeks. Two weeks in a row he was the best of all the guy performer.

  69. Jessica should pick more appropriate songs; if she does, she can win this thing flat out. But she’s slowly going from top to bottom faster and after being saved by the judges, she should step it up especially now when the results are just damn unpredictable and crazy just as her close curtain call. 
    Early to say but I think Jess and Phil already called dibs on the final 2, haha. Phil bcuz of the fanbase and Jessica with her pro vocal range compared to the others. She has a shot since her type of voice to me is what this sorta reality karaoke singing competition needs, she’s a vital part of the season.  Hollie did good tonight…not entirely gonna make me believe she has a chance of actually winning I mean, Phil and Josh has more potential but enough to leave Skylar on the bottom tier based on their performance (has a big fanbase though, i think). The boys are def safe though. Bottom two for me is Skylar and Hollie… well that’s just me.

    •  Yes, i think Jessica’s song choice lately are not really impressive. She’s been singing tender ballads for the past two weeks now ( sounds good though but at this point in the competition she needs something explosive.)  I wish she would sing power ballads again.

  70. Hi! I’m sensing you put an unreasonable parameter in rating Jessica’s performances. We all know she’s a LEGEND in the making and pitch perfect, but please those A+ or A++’s won’t hurt you?! probably come finals you’d grant her those and eventually revert the B’s you usually give and have given her for past performances.. LMFAO with CHOPS OF MILLENNIAL GRAMMY AWARDEE BEYONCE and a lot of artists on the side… she may just be over your league! (a Critic’s critical critique to a critic ) 

  71. the best PP can do  now,,,is 3rd place,,,his slacking off,,,,,on top of that,…he will be in the bottom 2 or 3,,but nevertheless he wiil be safe,,,,

    • I’m expecting Phillip to go home tomorrow night or soon. He is my fav and his quality far exceeds winning AI, it would be the kiss of death for him. Cool people and cool music don’t win AI, it just isn’t done that way.

      • Maybe that’s exactly why he joined AI…  He’s not cool and so is his music!

  72. lets say jess vs hollie in the finale
    1. i will always love you
    2. everybody has a dream
    3. idol song

    1. the climb(ROFL)
    2.bleeding love(rofl)
    3. idol song (with less range and vocal ability)

    guess who wins this one??

    • So damn true. Agreed that Jess has a fat shot but at least make the other one someone like Josh or P2 just for the dignity of the show. It would be a joke if Hollie gets to the final 2. She also tends to pick songs from her most played songs in high school. So typical, so Hollie. 

    • Best post of the day! Veeg, you just made my day!! That is really-really funny! LMAO    

      • you’re the only who’s laughing on his post so you’re the one whose funny

    • Very much like this post…
      She should sing EVERYBODY HAS A DREAM…its like a winning piece for the finale

  73. All the people here are like HOLLIE FTW! And then
    Prob bottom: Hollie

    Makes me laugh. 

    • Lol 😀 Whenever Hollie is in the bottom 3, her fans either get shut up or try to bash other contestants. Haha. Funny them.

      • Okay, I respect that. But I dont think I can imagine her ever entering top 2 not even close! And winning? Not. Not with the competition so close to the finale. She’s made a mark already and I dont think she can redeem herself that it would equal what the other four has, I’m not saying she’s not good but everybody’s working hard to stay on top and I dont think she can level any further she deserves the 5th spot, its too much for her already being able to sweep over Colton and Elise.  I’m just being honest too man. 

    •  yeah I know Hollie has been through a lot of a rough road but I still believe that she has still something to show. I get your point and I agree but I have another perspective, and thats hope. I am hoping nd praying that she gets another week even though it sounds a little impossible but still, the faith and hope…. u know? its hard to explain
      i just wan to see Hollie happy

      • I thought you said “She will win” but then again you said you were just hoping. I rooted for her in the beginning esp. in the “Power of love” performance it was surreal and then she started to sound as if she were bothered with the way she sings the past few weeks it reflected completely on stage. I tried to like it but I cant believe in the way she sings anymore. Shes really lucky in where she is and I think shes happy. Compared to the others, she’s at the bottom cuz everyone else is just great. 

  74. Did anyone notice is Jessica is EXTREMELY sexy while singing Proud Mary especially when she was shaking her booty and flipping her hair and her curves… my good Lord.

      • You mean girdle? I’m not sure, if she have one then good, it shows her curves. If not, damn her future isn’t all about singing but fashion. Haha

    • In our country, she is considered a child and it is very creeper like for you to refer to her as EXTREMELY sexy. She’s going to need to many restraining orders poor girl.

      EWWWW you people are sick.

      • Once u decide u want 2 b a star, ur putting urself out there for everyone 2 form an opinion.  If she needs restraining orders, it’s nobody’s fault but her own.  Do these 16 yr olds have parents? 

    • No, it was inappropriate for a 16 year old.  The show needs to do a better job of managing song choices and wardrobe so its age appropriate.

      • Though I have to agree with you, yes it was a bit unappropriate for her age. Short skirts. No, no. 

      • She looked like she was playing dress up.  Without the heels, she prob isn’t even five ft tall.  I don’t understand the love 4 her, but I realize this site is Jessica crazed..even the wk she got booted.  Hollie is getting better, her dress was cute, she does have a couple of yrs on Sanchez…who should have waited til she was at least 18.  A yr from now, win or lose, people will say Jessica Who?

    • that’s the problem with idol opening up the competition to 15 year olds

  75. You are right Branden: it’s anybody’s game. I’d like to see Hollie stick around at least a bit more so that she can enjoy this new freedom of just having fun.  Don’t know if song choice will hurt Jessica or not.  I sort of got a kick out of her doing Tina Turner.  Yes, tons of people have done that song, but it was rather out of Jessica’s comfort zone for HER to do it.  Phil – whom I love – was himself tonight, and that might be enough since he seems to have a large fanbase.  Skylar, too, delivered the kind of performances we’ve come to expect from her. Even if she got kicked off, she’s going to have a country singing career.  I can see her touring with and opening for Jason Aldean.  What an energy-packed tour that would be!  As for Joshua, he did show some restraint, but I really think the “screaming” as you call it, is just part of him.  Let’s see what Thursday brings us……

  76. 100 percent safe: Joshua Ladet, Jessica Sanchez
    Most likely safe: Skylar Laine
    Possibly Bottom 2: Hollie Cavanagh, Philip Phillips (it’s about time…!)
    Possibly Going Home: Hollie Cavanagh

    My thinking: I think Jessica is still on a roll since her near elimination, I think Joshua killed it tonight and I cant see him in the bottom (I am not a fan of Joshua at all!!!)
    If it was a bottom 3 it was easy…Skylar Phillip and Hollie but since it is a bottom 2 I still think Skylar is more safe than Philip because of her beeing in the bottom last week and her fans will vote like crazy for that to not happen again…and on the contrary I think some of Philip’s fans got to much lazy because they think he will be safe without a doubt.
    So it’s Philip and Hollie and from this Bottom 2 it’s a 100% for Hollie to go home even though she killed it last night.

  77. Jessica Sanchez nailed it! Her performances was out of the box! Her song ‘You are so beautiful’ was trending on twitter. Still Trending right now.  She wont be going home for sure! Still she can make it to top 2 and be the next American Idol.  

  78. Skylar and Hollie were desperately trying to outsing Jessica in the trio… unfortunately, to no success =D

    • Goo, The trio was very telling indeed, Jess sounded and looked the weakest and Hollie was the strongest. Tonight, if anyone looked desperate on the show, it was Jess….I think she knows…she’s in trouble. Hollie and Skylar both displayed great confidence without being arrogant in any way. Right after Proud Mary…you could see this attitude in Jess that she thought she really nailed it and was great…too bad she didn’t.

      •  Have you tried listening to Hollie’s songs over and over again?! OMG, so many flats or sharps in each of her songs. Is that what you call the strongest?! Been in the bottom 3 so many times?

      • Jessica looked desperate?? My, my James… I can’t wait for tomorrow’s results, come back here and gloat at your pathetic comments..

      • you’re more desperate than jessica and what’s your problem with her?

      • Jessica is desperate? Duh! Hollie’s rendition of Bleeding Love is pitchy. I am not that totally impressed especially in the middle of the song. Though she owns it but not that likable compared to the original one.

  79. Phillip, Phillip, Phillip. He will sell more albums later on than the rest other than maybe Skylar. We forget about the country base sometimes. Large fan base there. Colton should NEVER have went home. The judges save thing sucks. When America votes they vote and should be final. Jessica should have went home when she was voted off. Then Elise would have went home the next week.

    • my God, I cannot believe what you just wrote. Jessica has good vocal talents by far…..Philip sell more albums?? How can you make such a sweeping statement……sigh. feel sorry for u

      • I’m SICK of repeating this to all these naive Sanchez fans.. Vocal ability ALONE does not necessarily sell albums!! SHE is a more talented technical singer, but HE is a more talented musician. 

  80. Jessica should have not sung “You are so beautiful”…it’s not for her…but i voted over 100 x with 2 phones… 🙂 

  81. I just played back tonight’s performance. I was out of town. Could not vote. Jessica Sanchez blew me away. Made me cry tears! This girl is gifted!! She needs to win!!

  82. I think  Phillip will experience what Colton had. He is most likely for elimination tomorrow.

  83. Dear Branden! It’s very clear that you don’t like Jessica. Shame on you! Don’t be blinded by  your fanaticism to other idol contestants. You are too biased with your opinion. Jessica has done great job tonight and should received an A+ rating.

  84. They are all gifted, and talented or would not be there and after all these years as a viewer I have to say the judges are on point! J.Lo your so Beautiful! Randy is cool, Steve you rock! I must say, Jessica blows me away. I usually watch the show with my patients as a Nurse @ UCD in sac. I work nights. This you g girl moves me to tears! The other two Skylar and Hollie are great too. It may be a Girls season! My opinion. Good luck to all the top five!! Judges keep doin your thing. Like I said before, you are so on point!!

  85. why did AMERICAN IDOL BLOCKED THE NUMBERS OF JESSICA WHICH IS 1-866-436-5704!! why?? SO that no one gets through!!! SHAME ON YOUR SHOW!!!!


    • What’s that now about blocking Jessica’s numbers? Details my man … we need details !

  86. Jessica’s performance was just good today. Joshua’s usual. Phil’s getting boring. Skylar is nasal. Hollie did a great job. I guess, Skylar should go home. 😀

  87. Jessica a 16 years old performing at this level is just amazing!! This makes you want to see her win so bad.Jessica sing like a pro and no wonder Akon and Toby Gad the songwriter and record producer can’t wait to sign her.

  88. yeah, instead of bashing… vote for your fave it will be good for them. they are all talented in their own right it’s just the levels are not the same. God gave Jessica that powerful voice and she just wanted to share it to pursue her dreams…. a 16y/o kid just trying to help her family earn some more since the father always deployed somewhere else to work for your country…. 🙂 peace to everyone!

  89. The setup of Hollie’s “Bleeding Love” performance is very much like of Jessica’s “Stuttering”. It is just that the latter’s is classier and stronger. Her rendition of Stuttering is still fresh on my head. 

  90. the author of this site is so biased
    always blocking my post 
    james post should be the one to blocked
    f**ck you branden 
    f**ck you james

    • Person calling my mother a b****,
      1)I don’t think you know my mother
      2)You are a coward for not posting under your name
      3)There are others posting under my name, and I know who they/you are
      4)I have had several postings blocked, really not sure why since they weren’t really mean or anything.
      5)You are taking this site way too serious, have some fun, it’s just a TV show
      6)You should see some of the un-moderated sites I frequent…maybe that is what you want.
      7)The site owners can do whatever they want to, it’s their site, you can leave and to else where.
      8)Take an anger management class….I really think you need it

    • sailor moon, My sweet “Usako”, let me sooth your aching ears (from Joshua) with a very sensual ear lobe and foot massage. You are such a spitfire goddess.

      • Eh tarantado ka pala eh ! Marunong ka palang mag tagalog hayup ka. Galit ka sa kakulay mo ha? Hayme? Pinaka-mahusay na sa AI galit ka pa?

  91. According to the viewers:

    hollie c-“river deep mountain high” kinda PITCHY again (her problem),but at the middle,she pulled it back,bleeding love was good,not the best , it seems one tone start to finish,she didn’t pull the climax part,review it again…..hanging    i guezzzzzzzzz…

    philip p- actually his cool tonight,he stick to his genre,i just don’t know if   people still get him at all,so far tonight is not his night….he still handsome..

    skylar l- remain stagnant i think, in this competion,,,just same,same,same,,
    nothing special at all…hmmmmm,thou shes good…..

    jessica s-VERSATILE?fast to slow songs, stole smile away,her proud mary was very entertaining actually,she really moved,and she captured the audiences…and then you are so beautiful,she made it her own,so far ,,,she still the frontrunner,,,,,,,and it proves,,,watch it….

    joshua l-oh!his powerful voice!!!!,there is a point that you wanna sing with him,but the rest,ouchezzzz,people can’t jam with him at all,,,thou still it’s good performance!

  92. sailor moon, My sweet “Usako”, let me sooth your aching ears (from Joshua) with a very sensual ear lobe and foot massage. You are such a spitfire goddess.

  93. The only person in the final 5 who is being eyed by big producers such as Toby Gad (producer of Beyonce) and Akon (made Lady Gaga famous), and being eyed by composers such as Jesse McCartney and being dubbed by very talented artists and songwriters such as India Arie, Colbie Caillat, Richard Marx, Jennifer Holiday, as the best in the competition is the one and only… Ms. Jessica Sanchez. I’d rather believe in these experts tmore than anyone else. Thanks.

    • Takes one to know one right ???   :-))) Jessica is the singer’s singer.

    • You are absolutely right!

      Why do we care so much about these non sense annoying people who is trying to be a good commentators, where in fact those professionals in the music industry agrees that Jessica is the One and Only Great in these competition as per her chosen music Genre(s).

    • Well is she is being eyed by these producers what point is she competing against all of them? She’ll definitely book a record deal like YOU better let others win it since they need it more… 

  94. I think Joshua is the clear standout to win, and I have believed in Hollie ever since we first saw her first tearful audition. I’m so glad she seems to have gotten over her nerves. I say that we see Joshua and Hollie in the finals with the win going to Joshua and a long successful singing career for Hollie, as well as the other runners-up. 

     I have to disagree with comments regarding Joshua oversinging and screaming. I think he did display those traits sometimes up until they got into about the second or third week of the live shows when they were brought to his attention by Jimmy, I believe. Since then, he has been showing restraint and allowing the songs to build and build, capturing the audience in his spell, and giving his full passion when the type of song he is singing calls for it.

    I believe that because all of these contestants are very gifted, very young, and learning at an extremely high rate of speed, that we should appreciate the fact that they put themselves out there each week. I can only imagine the guts it takes to get out there on stage. Of course, they are trying to reach for a dream for themselves and their families, but look at all the enjoyment that they give us mere “mortals”. I most assuredly couldn’t do it myself.

    • Music fan, I very agree with your assement  of Joshua. It seems mst everyone else is failing to see and/or hear it. But, Joshusa has completely stopped singing everything in that over-sung, gospel style he used to do. Yet, there are STILL many that say he is “screaming” every song. Which I find very odd, as I have not seen that in him for at least two weeks now.

  95. Based on Branden’s ratings bottom 2 are ————–Phillip and Jessica
    Based on this websites weekly poll bottom 2 are —–Phillip and Skylar
    Based on dialidol prediction bottom 2 are ————Phillip and Jessica

    common denominator = Phillip —– OMG Nooooooooooooooo….

    • Yes, you are correct, Phillip my fav will go home probably.
      Which is fine because a coolie cannot win AI and stay a coolie.

    • i still don’t believe phillip will go home no matter what the various polls predict.

  96. Sorry, but I can’t disagree with you more.  I think Phillip x 2 is very much in jeapordy of going home after his performances, especially the second one.  Of everyone, the judges were the least enthusiastic (read: Standing Ovatations) of him. 

    I also think Jessica went a bit safe and shmaltzy on her song choices, especially the lounge version of “You are so beautiful” and that may have her in the bottom 2. 

    I didn’t like Joshua’s screaming either, but he was in the pimp spot this week, so he’s pretty much safe.  Hollie did not pull a good spot, but she nailed it and I think she’s safe; and I think Skylar is in the same boat as Hollie.   We shall see, now, shaln’t we? 

  97. I think Philip is a dream but he sounds the same every week.  His sweet looks are keeping him there…along with a “plwasnat” voice.  Hollie is gorgeous and a sweetheart  with a great voice but I can’t see her wining…I try to imagine her as Carrie Underwood…also sweet and gorgeous with a great voice…but the comparison stops there.  She doesn’t have that star quality.  Skylar…she is amazing…so poised and what a voice.  Although she is country, she has proven she can sing just ab0ut anything and sing it well….She is so fun to watch…but will she win???  I kind of wish she would…I didn’t vote for her last night.  Joshua…he is a great singer…but again, he has that “old”sound…I love it but would he sell albums.  That’s a difficult one.  The young lady I have enjoyed all season…Jessica…she is absolutely amazing.  What a voice…what stage presence.  My picks are still Jessica and Skylar…I hope they both hand on tonight.

    • I kinda like Skylar… I agree that she is kinda Southern but when she performs, she has energy and confidence.  Something I think that Jessica should pick up.  Before Jessica fans everywhere start hunting me down, I do think she sounds amazing, but you have to be more than a voice to win American Idol.  If she only puts some energy in her performances, she may just be this season’s Idol.  Cheers everyone!  🙂

    • phillip and skylar are the only ones who we know what kind of music they will put out once this is over.  they are marketable.

  98. JLo is so 2-faced with her comments.  Like Randy, I think Jessica did an awful job on Proud Mary.  JLo tells  him, “You can’t compare a 16 year old to someone like Tina Turner.”  Well guess what? The judges are always telling the contestants when they sing Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston that they shouldn’t do it, the songs are “too big” and they’ll never be as good as the original.  Well, how come it’s ok for Jessica to take on Proud Mary “but shouldn’t be compared to Tina Turner because she’s only 16.” ?  I was a teenager in the 60’s and I know how Tina Turner sang Proud Mary…Jessica did not do it any justice whatsoever!    And for the record, I like Jessica, just not her Proud Mary performance.     

    •   Hollie had several flats on her 1st song esp. when she hits the low notes. Try listening to her 1st song over and over again

  99. What makes me laugh is how aggressive people can be. You like who you want to like but there is no use slagging the others out. You claim that freedom of speach is excepted in your country but when some one has an opinion watch out…. You like who you want to like and if you truly a fan then vote and when they release their CD buy it as that is what a true fan will do.

    Each one of these contestants will have a CD released within a year and guess what you can buy it if you want or NOT none the less some will suceed and others will not. Take a look at some of the past contestants and see what some of them had done eg – Jennifer Hudson who came in 6th but has a huge career and then some of the winner Lee Or Taylor who????

  100. singing sitting down? with tune, vocal gymnastics, and emotion very much in place? for a 16 y/o?  wow! 

    •  randy was right about jessica’s ability to hold a note for a long time without being out of tune. Hollie does it but not as consistent. I like them both. I was sad when Hollie did’nt get in last year but I think she’s much better now. Skylar can do high notes but it really sound different. I wish one of them wins the title this year. Based on previous years,  country singers always have the edge. But all of them deserved to be the AI’s Top 5. Goodluck…

  101. Have to agree with Jigs and Hanzthedancer (from 6 hrs ago …. Hollie is ‘creeping up’ with her confidence AND her fan base! Way to go Hollie!!!

  102. Joshua is flowery gay,he’s holding back, watching out for nega votes..

  103. Not being an American myself, and not really knowing about how the voting usually plays out, can I ask you what role you think VFTW really plays in it? Phillip being their pick, will it be enough to save him tonight? 

  104. I’m starting to hate the judges.  There are 5 candidates, not one.  Forever pimping Joshua.  He is good, maybe the best this year,  but come on…

    • the judges are clueless, brainless, and biased. not to menti0n obvious in their choices.  even ellen degeneris was better.  the show needs the brutal honesty of a simon and the objective view of a kara, who i thought was pretty good at that table.  even paula was more intelligent. 

  105. Is J Lo’s butt permanently affixed to her seat unless Joshua is singing?  There were quite a few performances that deserved standing o’s besides or instead of his. I, for one, am sooooo tired of his screechiness!!!!!!  Sometimes it looks like the veins are going to pop out of his forehead.  It makes me sick to think he might win this (and before anyone says anything, it has nothing to do with race just what I like to hear)!!!!!!

  106. it’s too annoying to hear the diction of Hollie, no dynamics on the voice and no originality on the song and that’s the fact

  107. Hollie is in a danger this week:
    1. she’s got that awful spot no.1
    2. she sang “River Deep Mountain High” same song Pia sang the week she got booted off
    3. she received judges SO (read: kiss of death)

    For whatever it’s worth, I really hope she’s staying. She’s progressing in the past three weeks.  She’s shown the most improvement of the remaining contestants. Some of them just “okay, have seen it”

  108. Absolute fast facts
    1. Since season 3, TPTB @ AI have had basically a molded image, clean, not controversial, no skeletons in the closet winner. Someone they are comfortable with in wearing the crown and promoting their product. The word “wholesome” may work. Contestants who could have won like Adam ( sexuality ) Crystal ( image ) Allison ( minority ) Bo ( image )Blake ( image ) are a few who come to mind. Where does that leave us in regards to the Top 5?
     2. Joshua, minority and unfounded questions on his sexuality
          Jessica, minority and maybe age
          Skylar, does AI really want to deal with possible issues with PETA
          Hollie, not born in USA
          P2, hmmm, can’t find anything, other than WGWG
    3. Unless AI is trying to change their image and really want a female winner, P2 
         seems a lock.
    4. The Top 5 should all get signed, from someone. The two execs I know, are
         foaming at the mouth and going stir crazy for an opportunity to sign/speak to

    • LMAO…I don’t think American Idol is worried about PETA. They have pretty much become a joke anyway.

      •  Dude, seriously. No where in this comment was the word “worried”. Look up the word “perception” and the if you understand it you can LYAO and then world will be all the better because you actually learned something today.

      • Tcody325 you said..and I quote. “Skylar, does AI really want to deal with possible issues with PETA”
        I said I don’t think they are worried about PETA. Should I have said I’m sure they don’t give a rat’s butt what PETA thinks?

  109. Okay, Phillip is good at certain things……….but when it comes right down to it he cannot sing that well.  I thought he was flat at certain points in every sone he sang last night and “Time of the Season” was just off key at times.  I am all for Hollie…………I think the judges have given her the least praise and that she has improved in spite of it.  I am tired of Jessica the Diva too.  My final three Joshua, Skylar and Hollie

    • i agree about phillip. he is still my fav though.  i think hell do a lot better with his own stuff.  time will tell.

  110. joshua ledet is the best, when  he sing al i can do is scream . love  you joshua

  111. Hollie really did well tonight.. but the show/music industry is all about consistency which i’m afraid she doesn’t have yet.

      • Edric..her falsetto is weak? LOL..oh..heavens! NO! Honestly, falsetto is a joke anyway and I thought she sounded good.

    • why a lot singer in this season don’t reach the high pitch of the note except for Jessica, instead of pulling it off at the end they will shift to yeahhhh yeahhhh or tone down  the note i notice that with Hollie’s Bleeding Love and Skylar’s  you Dont Have To say You Love me…she’s so very Diana de Garmo

  112. From the top 5 performances all of them gave stellar performances. Based on what I’ve heard and seen tonight:

    Part 1 – 
    Hollie – liked her overall singing of “River Deep, Mountain High” = A-
    Phillip – “The Letter” has a melody but lost got somewhere in the singing = C
    Skylar – High points for energy but average for the singing = B
    Jessica –  Did it it make me proud? Impressed me with her effortless voice transitions from slow to fast and low to high but her foray into rocking is wanting in terms of fun. Jess, if you want to rock it, just let go – no half measures! = B+  
    Joshua – pleasantly surprised that the screaming is toned down, enjoyed it = A

    Part 2
    Hollie – good take on Leona Lewis hit but she still has a tendency to to belt out losing the nuances of the song; needs voice control = B
    Phillip – liked him singing “Time of the Season” with its melody delivered in the unique Phillip touch = B+ 
    Skylar – I am very familiar with this Dusty Springfield piece, no comparison there= B+
    Jessica – “You are so Beautiful” to me, what else can I say? This was a  “moment” for her= A+

    Sorry but I think it is time for Phillip to go to bottom 3, being unique can only go so far with all other the  4 with more range and excellent vocals. He could go if his fans don’t work hard.. 

  113. i think they all was very good joshus just told my heart good job joshus i love you

  114. joshua should go home, its annoying to hear him was impressive at the start of the competition but as the show progresses it becomes a pain in the ear..can’t stand to hear him sing next week…..

  115. Who promoted Jessica to use the slutty look on her first song. This is a sixteen year old….wow what a shame….pimping for votes

  116. last night the last guy standing did just OK.. 
    Hollie and Jessica are the standouts. 
    as for the 2 girls. …
    Josh and Skylar – I felt like they are shouting the whole time..

  117. DISAPPOINTED TO THE THREE JUDGES,, THEYRE ALL GIVING GOOD PRAISES TO jessica TO her second song (you are so beautiful) but still no SO for her,,,  but for JOSHUA an SO again..  …. VERY DISGUSTING….. YAIRKZZZZZZZZ.. hope jessica will not be eliminated tomorrow… oh my .. soooo NERVOUS

    • me too….it’s kinda weird that they’re not giving jessica SO but that not the standards in voting right?…..SO doesn’t matter…..what matters most is the voice; not pitchy(hollie); understandable (not like skylar’s); over singing it for the judges’ SO’s (gayshua)….

  118. I think Jessica made “Mary Proud” last night.  It was good to see her turn up the “Juice”……as for the slutty comment made earlier about her dress….that’s the entertainment business……’s called “Marketing”.  What would have been a real blast to see last night….Tina Turner surprise everyone and join Jessica singing “Proud Mary”.  Now…that would have been great.

    • Dude, you could see all the  way up the dress when the camera hit a certain angle.  Inappropriate for anyone in the entertainment business to do on national television.

  119. yeah! i agree with Yaboyanthony10….and how about hollie’s bleeding love!!?!? ey?!?!…her notes here are mostly under the notes of the original song..i was like waiting for her to reach it but i did not get it..really disappointing!!!! :((((


  121. He better not go home, if he does something is wrong. He is indeed a great artist and a great FRESH music genius. You are right, many people don’t know what music is, let alone good music. No matter what——-WE HAVE NOT SEEN THE END OF PHILIP, HE DOES HAVE A LONG CAREER AHEAD! Hope AMERICA realizes this is not just a contest of popularity, it is about a true artist. PHILIP IS MORE THAN TALENTED. By the way I am not a young chick, I’m 62 years old, and yes he is pretty YUMMY! That was pretty funny, Phillip is so humble. He doesn’t have to scream to present his wonderful talent, he is just “PHILIP PHILLIPS”————GO PHILIP.

  122. I have to agree with pretty much everything you said.  I was loving Joshua’s second song and then blech. I mean, come on, it’s the Bee Gees..not Aerosmith! I thought Hollie and Skylar had the best nights. I love Phillip but I think he might be in trouble. Jessica’s first song was bad. I also hate that Joe Cocker song she sang and if I’m being honest, I fast forwarded through most of that.

    •  Hollie doesn’t deserve the standing O from the judges. Listen to her song over and over again. She had several flats especially when she hits the low notes.

  123. The one thing that came to mind was that the judges are always telling the contestants to sound current, and sound young (as is the age of most contestants) but they then give them themes like this one. Its like Simon telling them not to sound Broadway, then making them sing Andrew Lloyd Webber. I dont get it. This week, each of them had one excellent performance, with the exception of Phillip. I think its his time to go. Hes great, and he’ll have a record out, but he wont win. Alas, Jessica wont either. The only sure safe ones this week for me were Skylar and Joshua. Both took risks, and it paid off…big time….

  124. Joshua will win! his talent is over the top! he gives me chills every time he takes the stage! Jessica is a great singer, worth much talent….but she sounds like every other soul/r&b female singer out there. i think Philip is good also, but to me he’s getting boring. not that anyone cares, but i predict Joshua, Holly, and Skylar…top 3
    top two…Joshua& Skylar

    • Hmmmm……Not sure about  Joshua…..or Philip……Philip creeps me out and Joshua, when he sings….always looks like he is having a hard time going to the bathroom…….the bottom line is this…..they are all suited to sing certain types of songs…..if you like rock, then more people should have voted for Elise….if you like Soul and R&B, then vote for the best singer.  Philip…I have to agree with a comment made below…he is getting boring. It’s a shame we viewers here in Canada cannot vote……..

      • NO, RNRPFX, it’s not a shame. If you could vote, it would be called WORLD Idol, not American Idol.

      • This is for “Pally45″…….you forget…..Canada also watches “American Idol” and contributes to the so called…”TV Ratings….” for that show.  It’s really too bad we can’t vote……If “America” does not want an opinion outside of your borders…..then call the FOX Network and have them pull the plug on that show……Tell me……Do you have a hate on for Canadians watching your American show?

      • No, I actually love Canada and have been there on vacation. I’m from the upper midwest so I actually border Canada.  I think I  might have accidentally taken my frustration with other posters on you. Sorry about that.

  125. The girls out shined the guys last night by a mile.  All Phillip’s songs sound the same and he has a week voice that needs a lot of back-up.  I find Joshua’s voice irratating and not pleasant to listen to.  Hollie was at her best last night and really surprised me.  The standing O’s for Joshua are way to prejudicial and un-professional by the judges.

  126. ROUND 1

    1. River Deep, Mountain High – I was so certain that Hollie is improving. However, I really don’t get the way she moves when she sings. But, she’s done well. A
    2. The Letter – This was fun and electrifying but nothing new to this. A-

    3. Fortunate Son – I enjoyed this song. It was flawless. A

    4. Proud Mary -The song choice is a nightmare However, Jessica did a great job with this. It was her do-it-all style I enjoyed. She was into it and yep! It was still powerful even though she was dancing.  A-

    5. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg – Wheww…. I thought Joshua was the one doing Tina. LOL But, this song is good. No growling and over-singing. A

    ROUND 2

    1. Bleeding Love – Contradict to what Branden said, her performance was not powerful. Yeah, her voice was great but the way she sings—it was like when she sang “Jesus Takes The Wheel”… B+

    2. Time Of The Season –  This is not a good song choice for him. It was flat most of the time. Nothing amazing. B-

    3. You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me – Skylar did pretty well but I found it was nasally. However, she’s glamorous and poised when she sings. A

    4. You Are So Beautiful – Jessica is such an edge performer. I’m just wondering why her stage is a little dark every time [she should make it lighter]. But, her performance was really great. A+

    5. To Love Somebody – I went from ^_^ to O.O….. Joshua, did I just hear you scream again??? B+

    I hope Joshua goes home……. -_-

  127. did you felt the awkward feeling when phil had the duet with gayshua??….has chemistry though(EWWW!)….

    • classic!  joshua showed his true colors in an effort NOT to show his true colors.  thanks phillip for pushing the issue!

  128. OK, now it  is my turn.
    Hollie:  F irst song, amazing, second song almost amazing.  She is adorable but I think the judges have done the damage and she will not survive.  I heard them trying to redeem themselves last night with her, they must have gotten the word that her fans are unhappy.

    P2:  Sounds the same every week, he is just weird but the females just love him.

    Skylar:  She is so good but another Reba.

    Jessica: Great voice, bad song choices. Proud Mary, give me a break, she looked rediculous up there. Second song, beautiful.

    Joshua:  Ugh, nice voice until he starts screaming, then I get turned off.  I do believe the judges expect him to win.

    Finale:  Joshua and Jessica, that is the way it has been planned from the beginning.  Just my observances over the course of the competition. 

    They will all do well (not sure about P2), he is so weird.

    • I think PP is trying to tank it and set up a career as Daughtry has. Jessica truly bombed Proud Mary. While she does have a good voice, that song was so out of her realm. That is one of those songs that screams for life experience. That’s why Tina could sell it. Skylar seemed flat to me last night (not pitchy, just not memorable). I am guessing either Jessica or Phillip is going home tonight

    • Reba is one of the most successful country singers out there. I don’t think being another Reba is a bad thing at all. I love Skylar (granted, I’m a country music fan), she’s fun to watch and she sounds great and she seems like she has a great personality. Rooting for Skylar and Hollie. I’m totally bored with the other 3.

  129. I just noticed that Hollie is actually copying Jessica’s style — what she wears (from her dress, rings, etc) and her performances (the way she taps her mic, sitting on top of the piano, etc)… SO who’s your idol copycat?!

    • CThomson, this is a totally ridiculous post. She is NOT copying Jessica. If she did, she’d wear heels so tall that she’d look stupid trying to dance in Jessica.

    • Oh please, why would Hollie want to copy Jessica.  Her dress is much classier and she is head and shoulders above Jessica in the looks department.  She is very talented, as they all are.  Elise sat on the piano also, was she copying Jessica, I don’t think so.

    • It’s funny because Hollie has dressed and wore rings and tapped her mic like that since the beginning. I know because I have them all recorded 😉

    • Hollie has always done what you say she is NOW doing..Didnt you watch the whole season. She is not copying anyone….before you accuse anyone of anything, please be sure you are correct in your assumptions. This time, you were not. Hollie is amazing and has never copied anyone and does not need to copy anyone.

  130. I thought Hollie was better on her first song than her second; Skylar sang both well, but took all the grit out of “Fortunate Son”; Phillip’s range limitations made me uneasy with his second song; Jessica was much better on her second song than “Proud Mary”–she doesn’t have enough rhythm to snap or walk in time!; and Joshua got a little screechy on his second song, but overall performed the best. I think Joshua is safe, and probably Skylar too; any of the others might go.

  131. Good Job Jess…and so with the others…Hope you’l make it to top 4. You rock.

  132. I think it’s clear that Randy Jackson is trying to persuade the vote away from Jessica and towards someone else. Shame on him. Thanks to Jlo and Steven for defending Jessica.

  133. From the first moment I saw Jessica perform in the auditions I said “she’s the one”.  I think from the begining it has been Jessica and Holly all the way due to their vocals.
    I must say though I will be heart broken if Jessica does not win the Idol crown.

    I still don’t get Phillips, yes he’s probably a talented muscian, but what he’s doing here I still do not understand , it’s a mystery to me ?
    So, I think it will come down to Joshuaha,Jessica and Holly in the final analysis with Jessica on TOP. 

  134. Jessica’s performance of Beautiful was breathtaking.  Proud Mary sort of gave me the creeps as Jessica was doing her almost juvenile porno kind of dance.

    Holly was great but I hope she doesn’t go too far over to the dark side by becoming vulgar.  Why do all the women have to sing songs where theyare basically saying they are nothing and their men are everything…

    I liked Philip’s Letter song.  He certainly has that certain something even if he does scrunch up his face when he sings especially when he couldn’t hit the high notes in his second song.

    I too wonder why the judges didn’t stand for Jessica.

    Have to think Philip will go which is a shame as he is always very entertaining.

    • How was Hollie being vulgar at all? She wore a dress in both performances that showed her legs. That’s not vulgar. She looked beautiful and classy. And she nailed both of her songs. Last night was definitely her best.

  135. I hope Phillip goes home tonight.. He is so boring .. Same performance all the time .. He has only surprised me once , when he sang a Jonny Lang song.
     I don’t like ” Proud Mary”  and” You Are so Beautiful” either , ban those songs from American Idol…   Jessica did a great job.  She is incredible. 

    • I agree with you. When I saw Phillip and heard his song, I wondered why he could be in top 5 ????? He should be eliminated right now…

  136. No matter what you predict, Jessica will be safe tonight with my votes and my campaign.

  137. Everybody knows Jessica is the Voice in American Idol… She is a very young girl under pressure! I hope there is someone out there in AI to guide her, in her journey to win it! Baby Jess have fun in the competition don’t let the pressure gets into you. Just be who you are, be confident, keep the humility and let your beautiful voice soar every time because that is your BEST!

  138. Shannon and Heejun is still the best! Oh god, I miss them. I hope jessica goes home tonight. And Hollie will win for sure! Go girl!

  139. I did not vote for Hollie or Jessica, just so you know. That said, I’d like to point out that Hollie also sang Tina Turner. She had no problem singing it or moving around the stage. She caught no flack from the judges, for singing Tina. So to say she picked an easy song isn’t fare. Jessica did well in the first part of her Tina Turner song, but she can’t move and sing at the same time. She’s had the same problem every time she does that. Same problem with Queen last week. And yes you can compare them to Tina, just like you compare them to any of the singers they cover. Hollie can move around and sing Jessica can’t. They do both have beautiful voices though.

  140. Ok…well enough of the “Idol” bashing for today.  I have a very simple solution to settling who will win American Idol this year.  This is a modified quote from one of TV’s greatest show…”MASH”…and I quote…..”Invite all the contestants to a cocktail party…last one standing “WINS” American Idol……Problem Solved.

  141. I think Jessica or Phillip should be packing their bags. Hollie was the best last night with Josh right where he needs to be to make the final two. Skylar could go at any time as well but I think she will be safe to be dropped at another time.

  142. I think Phillip will go this time before Skylar.  My top three are: Jessica, Ledet, and Hollie.

  143. I am SOOO bored with Phillip, Josh and Jessica. Please let it be one of them that goes home.

  144. Jessca 0r Joshua are going home, they are both boring, Phillip win the whole thing, he has the votes.

  145. For the first time it seems like all five contestants are similar in level of talent.  Phillip has somewhat of an appeal but maybe less range in his voice.  The girls are all powerful singers – hard to pick among them.  Joshua seems like an average churchy type  singer to me but the judges get crazed and seem determined to ramrod him into the finals.  It gets annoying when they constantly give him “standing O’s and now he is “the best singer in 50 years”.  Give me a break.  I think they shouldn’t show so much partiality.  Oh – to have Simon back!

    • agreed!  we need simon, the only “true” voice.  although i do enjoy jimmy’s critiques.  he doesn’t hold back what he really thinks.

  146. HOLLIE IS MEAN.  She chuckled when Jessica was eliminated, and tried to pretend that it was because she knew Jessica was not going anywhere.  How can anyone chuckle during an elimination.  Next, she imitated Jessica’s vibrato, but it was obvious that there was some malice to her joke. HOLLIE IS MEAN!  

    • oh and you are so nice and perfect huh? You dont even know her, never even met her and what u deducted is based on what you have seen in the show from A TV COMPETITION…. what you see in tv is never what it seems…. duh…

      • Precisely, I am not on TV, but Hollie is. So she should NOT act or be mean as a lot of girls are idolizing her.

      • Dude, you should watch the video “Still Rolling” of AI after Jessica’s elimination.  Hollie herself explained her “chuckle” during Jessica’s elimination.  Who would chuckle when you know that somebody’s dream has just been threatened?  That was mean!  Hollie and Joshua’s BFF act of excluding Jessica out during their trio was also mean.  You should see AI site, there’s already discussion of “Mean Girls”.  

  147. it’s time for Phillip to go home. I really can’t stand his boring performance anymore.  His face and the way he performed just make me not want to listen to his songs… And I think the others performed well last night, especially Hollie and Skylar. I love this two girls. I expect that they won’t be eliminated. The person who deserves to go home is Phillip

    •  The name of the game is not deserve my dear, but who you predict will go home. Phillip’s fan base is too large. He is the only one never to be in bottom 3.

      • but who knows what will happened right??? he’s voting mass might just be derailed this week….

  148. If these remaining 5 don’t get contracts then there is definitely something wrong with the music industry today………This is the first time in 11 seasons that I can’t even guess who is going home.   These performances last night were the best final 5 I think I’ve every heard…….BUT  I don’t agree with Randy as far as Joshua goes.   He was not the best performer ever on Idol…..sorry but that honor goes to Adam Lambert……….

    • I agree. Except that Phillips’ performances where the worst he’s given on idol so far.

      • Phillip is one of my favorites.  I liked him last night because he is his own person and does make the songs his own.   I LOVED the duet with Joshua.

    • didn’t see the show last night. triple overtime for the rangers and finally THEY WON!!!   and yes, the best of all time is, naturally, adam.  i’ll probably see the show tonight, tape the results and then watch someone go home.  don’t forget may 17, as if  you could!!

      • Hello Namesake…..It was an exciting game last night but the end result is they won…YAY…NY……I think you will enjoy the show last night.  They all did so well……..hard to say who is going home!!!!!

    • Something happened to my post so I will start over.. Adam Lambert is the BEST singer/performer ever to appear on American Idol. Even Simon stated ” we have been searching for a world wide star and we have found him” I am 75 yrs old and have heard all the great ones starting w/ Sinatra…Adam is in my all time top 5  and still gaining!!!

      • I like your thinking Elizabeth……Even my husband couldn’t wait to hear what he was going to sing.  Talk about goosess!!!!!!!! He should have won but it didn’t matter, he is doing great……… husband hasn’t watch Idol since Season 8……LOL

      • adam is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!  i gave up ringo starr, keith richards, and simon lebon for him!!!!!!!

    • Adam Lambert was so much better than the rest of the performers that season, it was really a easy guess as to who “should have” won that year. This season, All 5 performers are very close in talent … Which makes for a more interesting show than the year Adam was performing. As there was no doubt who should have won that year. This year, could be anyone.

  149. Mister Branden dear, I actually agree 100% with your rating of the performance and the grades you gave them, BUT, I disagree with your prediction on one point only : Trade Jessica with Skylar.

    Other than that I think it’s spot on. Sadly I think Hollie’s time has run out, which is sad to me because she peaked at the right moment in terms of performance, but I think she doesn’t have enough fan base to keep her safe.

  150. To me, Phillip sings as if he’s not in a competition~ it feels like he already doing of recordings “revivals” 🙂 He’s definitely an artists and have a great future ahead. For that, I think P2 should go, he hasn’t shown new~ 🙁

  151. I think it is going to be Phillip or Jessica who goes home, not that it should be that way, I just think they are all so good. Hollie won’t go home after last nights performance. She was flawless and she keeps this up, she may be the winner. Never thought I would say that, but I do fee that now. She has matured just over the past couple of weeks and it show.Jessica is great, but still has no stage presence, which she will eventually grown into and also be great. Now is not her time, though.

    • Jessica performance last night was really great! Tina Turner is Tina Turner no one can replace her. Hollie is hollie,  no one can replace her. But hollie & philip need to go home. Your simply the best jessica, whatever happen win or lose, you will always got our support & you are our american idol 2012.

  152. Phillip disappointed me last night with the songs he picked and I like  his style a lot.  But just seemed to laid back for the final run.  Think Hollie is safe.  Beautiful young lady and can sing anything once she stops over thinking her self.  Skylar was good, not her greatest songs.    Joshua, more standing ovations from the judges.   Everything he sings sounds the same, too much screaming instead of actual words.  The only ones still “in love” with him are the judges , who are still trying to force  him as winner.   America is tired of Joshua.   Jessica, think she just sings for the jodges approval.   Much the same status as Joshua.   Think these should be the bottom two and Jessica goes home.

  153. I think it will be down between Phillip and Skylar which saddens me, because Phillip is my favorite.  But every week I watch their votes on here and then their comments on their videos they post one facebook to see who gets the lowest amount, normally Phillip is right behind Jessica in the leading amount of comments this time he is not he has the second lowest, Skylar has the lowest. which is kind of following the same as the poll here. When Jessica was voted off I also noticed her comment count was very low compared to her normal.  Also on Dialidol Phillip has the lowest by a large amount =[ I just hope that means a lot of people voted for him online or via text.

  154. Holy hell am I sick of the judges excessive, ridiculous pimping out praise of Joshua. Yes, he can sing. But they can all sing! And he oversings so much, his voice gets screechy, and I don’t see him being a mainstream star at all. Ugh. Give it up already. Judges are supposed to be neutral and provide constructive criticism. The way the judges are going, Joshua and Jessica will always sing exactly the same as they do now because the only feedback they get is “oh my god you’re so amazing, I love you, dude!, yo!, you gave me goosies”. 

  155. Philipphilips is the best singer ever. He just wanna show to the world that he is an idol, so he tired to choose a very different song than he sang on the previous show. He’s gorgeous. He’s great with any kinds of song.

    • How can Phillip be “the best singer ever”? When he is by far, the most limited vocally of the entire top ten? Seriously, that makes no sense. Who in their right mind would say such a thing. Now if you said he was the best performer, of those that remain … that might have had a microscopic amount of credence to it. No, I am certain even that would have been a highly over rated statement.

  156. Sorry, Jessicas performance was like a fish out of water.  Love her voice, however , she does not have the full package for American Idol.  She can’t move wrong song pick Proud Mary.  Someone needs to show her how to dance.  The other 4 were perfect this week for me.  My favorite Phillips a unique talent….Love his soul… Randy’s critique was on the money, when he said It Just Didn’t Set Right with Him.  You go Randy…Right on time with that one.

  157. I think it should be Skylar, this is a tough call but she does nothing original. She plays it too safe and I think this will be the shocker.

  158. Dude, I usually like reading your comments, but this one really pissed me off. That one line talking smack about rap was completely unnecessary and rude. I like rap, and that DOES NOT mean that i don’t know what music is. Give me a break!

    • sorry for writing that twice, i didnt think it went through the first time cause i swore.

  159. After the final performance I’ll add a poll so you can support for your favorite. Share your thoughts on tonight’s American Idol show and who was the best!
    American Idol 2012: Top 5 – Who Was The Best?Hollie Cavanagh 17%
    Skylar Laine 9%
    Joshua Ledet 12%
    Phillip Phillips 10%
    Jessica Sanchez 49%Total Votes: 7,502

    •  so twangy!  twang twanger twangest!!! lol….. at first it was cute but after a few rounds it was nail on a chalkboard!!!

  160. My wife says I can’t keep a tune in a bucket so my comments probably don’t mean anything.  So when I say they all were fantastic last nite may not mean much but even Holly knocked it out of the park.  And Joshua!   As much as I hate to say it probably Phillip sang the least best.  I hope he doesn’t go home tonite but I wouldn’t be surprised.  I think Holly will go home ’cause she came in singing great so late in the game that the viewers had already picked their favorites.  I had picked Jessica and Phillip for the top 2 a long time ago.  Hope it stays that way but they are all great singers and I’d buy records from each of them.  Don’t you think Phillip and Joshus would make a good return of the Ritcheous Brothers?  Sure was good last nite.

  161. Jessica is going to win because no one in this competition even comes close to the power of her voice. Hollie trys to hard, Joshua screams everything, Phillips has too much trouble even getting his mouth open, and Skylar just need to go hang with Kellie Pickler cause she is trying so much to be  just like her.

  162. Jessica has a great voice but I do not think she is anywhere near ready to be the American Idol, she has no idea how to work a stage. she is very cute but not ready she needs a year to grow up. in every interview she has NOTHING to say. she only sings one kind of song.

  163. I think Phillip should leave and then Joshua, the girls are so awesome
    Jessica can sing great but she cant preform, when she was dancing across the stage, she looked rediculous.  shes to young yet
    hollie sings great, but shes coming in late, maybe
    I love skyler, she is the whole package, sings, entertains and cute as heck

  164. Bye Byes to Philip Phillips. Competition is too tough, but you had some outstanding nights, wished you still had one or two of those preformances left in you. America will never forget you, and that is quite a feat.

      •  WRONG!!!! forgotten by someone like you hopefully!!!  check her youtube views dimwit!  in the millions and more than all the other contestants combined…..and that’s even since day one!!!! lol…. dream on

  165. Great great contestants but I still dont get Jessica. I would hate to predict how this will go

  166. Favoritism. . .They go with that guy Ledet. . .another Reuben and Fantasia who can not sell an album. Who get sucessful anyway? Most of them are the runner ups, to name a few: Jennifer Hudson, Jordan Spark, Clay Aikens, Catherine Mcphee, etc. Who cares who they choose? Ledet is their favorite. . .

  167. Sorry, but Jessica and Joshua will not win idol.   Over singing is what they both do best and I am bored to death with both of them.  There’s only one Beyonce so little Jessica needs to get over herself.  She also needs to stop looking and sounding like shes 30 years old already.  

  168. Sorry, but Jessica and Joshua will not win idol.   Over singing is what they both do best and I am bored to death with both of them.  There’s only one Beyonce so little Jessica needs to get over herself.  She also needs to stop looking and sounding like shes 30 years old already.  

      • I seriously despise the word “hater” It’s so over-used. Try to be original next time.

    • Why do people always seem to continue this worn out line of “screaming or oversinging” when it comes to Joahua? I just don’t get. Sure, earlier in the season Joshua was guilty of doing both those things. And I was put off by it as well. But, is the American public that tone deaf were they can not notice he has not done either of these things in two weeks now. How sad your lives must be if you can not see the differance and must continue to use the same, worn out line … that makes little sense these days.

  169. Phillip brings us a whole new sound in my opinion. He’s different from all the others. A sound we haven’t heard. I’m thinking Phillip to be in the top two.

  170. Wow. Skylar is out. Never underestimate the stupidity of the voting public.

    • Is it really that much of a reach that Skylar was voted out. Seriously? If she made If she made it past this week, she most likely would have not made past next week.

  171. i think skylar was the best she is deffently better than holly and jessica

  172. Who cares who wins. Elise was and is the best of the crop. If i had to pick one, I’d like to see Hollie win it but I know that will not happen.

  173. lets face it,,,,,jessica ,phillps and joshua,,,,top 3,,,,who will win it?…one of them….the thing is,,,,they will all go home,,for homecoming,,,thats the beauty of that,,,,,they’re all winners………

  174. Every one of them AI Top 4 deserves to win because they ALL CAN SING.  They may have different voices, fortes and strengths and weakness BUT THEY CAN SING. Those people that are bashing each of the finalists, CAN THEY EVEN CARRY A NOTE AT ALL? If they could, maybe theys hould audition for AI or any other singing competition next time.

  175.  I know Jessica Sanchez makes number one of this contest
    that’s the BLOOD of the Filipinos…we want to hit the number
    one,, like Charis, Manny, a very young boy Green and many other

  176. joshua’s voice is great but when he started screaming usually towards the end of each song that’s when i started to hate his voice…but the judges seems to love it…i don’t know why!!!! 

  177. Phillip never puts me to sleep!  He’s the best singer to be on this show in years and GOT to win.

  178. I didn’t predict this elimination. I thought it would be Phil Phillips. He has an attitude problem, and doesn’t even want to be in the videos….An American Idol….I don’t think so! Secondly, I think the judges should keep their mouths shut! How people vote, for those people on the fence or are totally influencedby what the judges say, is unfair in my opinion. lso, if they hadn’t saved Jessica, I wonder how this would have played out? I am totally disgusted with the opinionated judges! Saying they sand terrific or are aweson is one thing, but, to say they are number one, and will be in the top threee is another…..It is making me ill…People can judge for themselves!

  179. Anywhere in the Media frontpage pic, Jessica Sanchez always in front cover because people keeps on believing on her. To those who stick to their standard live it and you will die first.

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