American Idol 2012 Top 5 Results Show Tonight

American Idol 2012 Top 5

Tonight on American Idol 2012, we find which contestant won’t be moving on to next week’s Top 4 performance show.

And after last night’s performances, that person could be any of the Top 5. It’s a tough call this week guess who is going to be safe and who isn’t. But I tried to nail that down last night. Check out my elimination prediction and please jump in on the discussion. It’s quite possible we could be in for another shocker tonight.

Also tonight on American Idol 2012, Coldplay will take the stage to entertain us in between the results and filler. Idol alum Carrie Underwood will also be on hand to perform a single from her new album Blown Away.

Check back later for the live Top 5 elimination and for a complete recap of the American Idol results show.

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    • I sure hope both of them are safe! ūüôā They both deserve to be in the finale. As for who is going home… I’m thinking skylar. Or even Phil. Or Joshua… Man, this is going to be one crazy results show.

      • Where have u been?i’ve been missing u!200% agree now that elise is gone jess & hollie for the finale…

      • lol¬†@cd04dbc952cf443c032143d48b9f3746:disqus¬†then we really need to protect Hollie and get her there, don’t we? ūüôā

      • Up until recently, I didn’t like Hollie.¬† But she is funny.¬† The way she imitated JS’ over the top Whitey was hysterical.¬† She seems 2 have her head on her shoulders.¬† Even tho the world knows I’m not a JS fan, I do believe she will be completely different in a couple of years.¬† Everyone changes after 16, it’s not an insult, it’s a reality.

    • Yeah I like that………………………cool
      Jessica Sanchez…………………winner
      Hollie Cavanagh………………..2nd placer

      • Switch Hollie and Jessica’s place and you’ve got the winner based on talent.¬†

      • ¬†Love this too, Jessica is the best, Hollie’s next to hear, tired of the screams and mad face performances

    • Hi Sound-check / Branden,

      Am I the only one who noticed that the above pictures of the five singers are all holding their mikes up singing except for Hollie?
      Is this coincidence Branden? or is it a test to see if we will notice.

      • totally agree with you. Seriously, Hollie can’t just sing!! she’s pitchy all the time and one has just to wonder why she gains praises from the judges despite how horribly sang her songs were/are.

  1. I can feel that a girl is goin home. Hope its HOLLIE (although she did great last night)…

  2. I would like to see Joshua leaving the stage tonight. I wish that Jessica and Hollie [Yep, it’s her—Minds do change] are safe tonight…

    Go Hollie and Jessica!

    • I also like them both from the start, i am really hopong they are both! Go JESSICA and HOLLIE!

    • Joshua is the best singer on the stage…¬† My bottom 3 is¬† Joshua, Jessica & Skyler.¬†¬† This is all about who is the best singer not the most popular.¬† Hope if you are all voting¬†–¬†you are voting for the one with the most talent!¬†

      • You can see right there that all of them are talented in their own unique way. It just goes down to a person’s preference. You like Joshua [Woopie! -_-]….. I like another. You choice. Our choice. Peace and harmony.¬†

  3. Based solely on last nights performances, Hollie was the slight winner of the night, followed very closely by Jessica and Joshua. Skyler’s performances were almost as good as Jessica and Joshua, and although Philip was the least impressive last night, his performances were just a little less entertaining than Skyler. Of course, all of this is just my opinion. On a scale of one to ten, I think all five had performances that I would give a solid seven, in other words, better than average, but not outstanding.

    Even though I thought Hollie was the best of the night, I think she is in peril. The bottom three should be Skyler, Philip and either Jessica or Joshua, with either Skyler or Philip going home. The bottom three probably will be the three girls, with Hollie going home.

    As far as having a shocking result, there can be only one. If Joshua gets eliminated tonight, that would be a shocker. Hollie has been in the bottom three repeatedly, Skyler has been in the bottom three, Jessica was saved by the judges, and Philip had the poorest performances overall last night, so if any of these four are eliminated it would not be a shocking result.

    • ¬†I think Hollie doesn’t deserve the standing O from the judges. If you listen to her song over and over again, she had several flats especially when she hits the low notes.

      • Curious as to why you would listen to her song over and over again, especially since you don’t seem to like her.¬† Hmm

      • I can’t say much, can’t really comment today – have to view & listen to repeat – I only switch it on when Phillip singing, I can’t stomach most of the others by now (my ears) – doesn’t mean that they are not good just not my cup of tea/coffee:)

      • Hi JoeLand208 / Ramos_marcy,

        Repeated observations my foot, that’s a lame excuse to critcize a pretty good performance.¬† Best way is to keep admiring your favourite and vote.¬† essa has a very valid point, why waste your energy on that unless you are looking for something.

        My guess is that Hollie has now become a serious contender to win and I can tell that there will be numerous attacks on her from another camp.  I hope not because it will be a real shame if it happens.

      • Hollie didnt hit the high notes such as Leona Lewis’ version instead she did it one pitch lower. It was not as impressive as the best performance of the night but it was a safe rendition of the song and overall, she was way better than phil and skylar.

      • yeah, that girl should have been voted off since deandre. it’s a huge mystery why she’s always being saved.

    • Omg! I will really be a crazy nighy! They are all sooo good you cant predict who’s going to stay or who’s leaving! Although its kinda scary, im loving this part of the competition! Go jessica and hollie!

    • it’s not about the best performances any more.¬† people have chosen they’re fav and will vote that fav regardless!

      • If that were true, since Phillip has been fan favorite from the get-go, the internet wouldn’t have him¬†packing his bags.¬† I do agree with you tho, there is a certain young lady who could stand there and burp and the masses on this site would proclaim her a Goddess!

    • What do you mean that¬†Joshua leaving would be the only shocker? He was in the bottom 3 twice already.¬†

    • better but not outstanding is a crap…do you sing or technically know how? yes it’s your opinion and am very thankful. By this time, one contestant showed skilled and gift I mean not by vote….if Joshua will be eliminated, he deserves it as DeAndre is much far better! Philips in the final would be another joke just like last year’s winner! All of you are just rooting for someone who can get more votes and not base on singing ability! ¬†

  4. Did you heat the humor. . . battle of the champions . ? or maybe all stars?

    • Last year at this time Haley was at the bottom and she didn’t leave.¬† Phillip is the only left that some of us really like. He has a style that nobody out that has. I love to hear and watch him sing.

  5. Dial idol SCORE/PREDICTION:  

    1. Skylar Laine–12.248
    2 .Hollie Cavanagh–11.346
    3. Joshua Ledet–10.53
    4. Jessica Sanchez–9.154
    5. Phillip Phillips–5.59


    • dont rely on dial idol that much…especially now that there’s online voting already….but if ill base it on last nights performance, P2 was the weakest so i wont be surprised if he goes home tonight. his performance last night was just flat out boring (just my opinion). Skylar, for me, was the best last night, and im not even a fan of her….its either P2 or Hollie whos going home….

      • ¬†Katrielle, you are a big fan of Skylar. Don’t pretend. You’re too plastic!

    • As much as I wish JS would finally leave, it’s prob Phillip.¬† He hasn’t had his act together for two wks in a row.¬† Negative, he’s leaving, positive, I can stop watching show for this season and not have to see, hear or read about Sanchez ever again!

      • @arnulfo…Dude, or whatever you may be…calm down.¬†¬† Can’t debate with crazy, so I won’t even try.¬†¬† Can tell u tho in all certainty, without any doubt whatsoever in this lifetime or any other, a little skinny 16 yr old girl on a singing competition show will never be my God.¬† Blasphemy is the only word that applies to you.

      • @yahoo-XQFNGFCVRRZMFMQTGKIDBESTXY:disqus¬†…. OK then… She isn’t THAT good. You actually worship her? That’s really scary.

      • essa, how are you? one piece of advice, dont read when you see Jessica Sanchez name –¬† see you’re reading my post.. it¬† has jessica’s name on it.

      • @a87462b07855ba00f20c7d808ebd7ded:disqus¬† Did u skip school today??¬† Just Wondering.¬† Lunch time where I live, think I’ll have a mango!

      • Wondering, just kidding dude..of all the JS lovers that hated on me, you are my favorite, bc u r not mean, just analytical in a sweet way.

      • Kidney stones are hell to have. Phillip sang his first song great, while Jessica’s was bad. If Phillips fans gave him the votes last night he’s safe.

      • @Gail..I know he is in pain and I’m sure it is effecting his performances.¬† I mentioned it last wk and received so many snarky remarks I didn’t even bother this time.¬† I do feel for come all this way. Whatever happens does, but I’m still his fan no matter how the internet is attacking him¬† today.

    • I had Joshau I have to admit I had never been a fan of his until last night. He learned that song in 15 min and a song he didn’t know. I pray Phillip goes home. He is to boring and doesn’t take chances. I don’t remember on past shows them using props.

    • Dial Idol must be a country site. Skylar is just too karaoke to be on top. May tied for third with Joshua is more likely.

    • ¬†this is a complete mess.. saw this site first time and it sucks! nothing sure with all their predictions. since the top 13. i still hope that phillip’s turn tomorrow night but still this site SUCKS MUCH!

    • Look back to the show this week last year and see if Haley wasn’t at the bottom but she didn’t go home. Dial I dol t doesn’t include other votes by text or computer.

  6. I predict Jessica will go home tonight by beginning of the season. Let’s see whether it is true.
    BTW Hollie and Bleeding Love is such failure……

    • no….she wont….she has legions of fans! so im 100% sure she’s safe! do you have any idea how filipinos support her…and im not even a filipino, but thats what i see and observe! makes me want to be a filipino! :))

      • @Noor139:disqus¬†i think they can vote through skype :)) w/c can be a little bit “unfair.” it’s “american” idol after all¬†

      • Flip, Mex, who cares….she can be a Flip’n Mex and it should not matter. Jessica should be judged only on her talent, not parents origen. Where are you from. Maybe we shouldn’t let you comment or vote because of your heritage

      • She failed to hit high notes in this song, but I agree she was amazing for the first song.

      • Hollie is not amazing she’s holding back she tone down her last note instead of pulling it out, she had a bad falsetto in the trio and i wasn’t amazed but that

    • Will see tonights result if JS will go home….If so, then I will wait for your future predictions who will be the next idol to be eliminated. If not, you are simply a JS hater.¬†

      • My predictions were:
        – Heejun eliminated 10th > wrong
        – Jessica eliminated 5th > let’s see
        – Final 2 WGWG+ country girls > most likely will happen
        I like Jessica but I don’t see her winning the competition. ¬†However it’s fun to make such predictions, right Branden? ¬†ūüôā

    • ¬†Your prediction will go to waste! who are you to predict that Jessica will go home tonight? You’re¬† out of your mind girl. Jessica performed very well tonight.

      • Some may like her but she’d never last long on the radio, there are just too many singers that are out there now that are doing the same thing. She brings nothing new.¬†

      • NOOR…you can’t make money as a fortune teller….HEEJUN was the weakest of the top 10. He stayed up till top 10 coz america is amused coz he is funny…

    • I don’t think so…Jessica was totally safe tonight. And so therefore Joshua or skylar will go home tonight.

  7. Loved Hollie!!!! She has really stepped up! Randy & JLo make me want to puke with their constant praising of Joshua! He is NOT the best singer in 50 years – quoting JLo! Hopefully he goes home!

    • ¬†I wonder how they feel when are at Grammy’s Red Carpet then some legend like Diana Ross, Tony Bennett, Elton John see them then think “You said that young boy is on our calibrate? Oh, how I hope you don’t sit next to me”

    • so true!¬† but he only got 1 standing O last night.¬† shocker!¬† i wanted him gone a LONG time ago.

    • joshua will go tonight…if not, perhaps phillips will…

      bottom 2 tonight will be the boys

  8. I sure hope Jessica goes home, just so I can enjoy coming back here to read posts again…..the fact that she gets so many poll votes from people who haven’t even seen the show…….has totally blown the credibility of the site.

    • as much as you want JS to go home, it wont happen, she has legions of fans!¬† You know why? check out her twitter, she reaches out to her fans, out of all the AI contestants this season, she’s the only one who replies, retweets ALL THE TIME! and that can make a fan really happy and enough to vote for her! Im not a filipino but i like JS, she’s amazing considering that she’s only 16 YEARS OLD….a lot of incredible artists keeps on tweeting about her, mentioning her, praising her….AKON even wants JS to be voted off already so he can sign her!! The talent is there, and as much as u hate it, you can never put a good talent down!

      • Right on! ..and imagine with the likes of Haley Reinhart, who has a totally different style of singing and genre of music (exact opposites, I believe) to be giving such praises to JS…doesn’t that even tell you how talented this 16 year old girl is? Let’s see…stage presence is boring, they say? So how come whenever she stands (or just simply sits) there and starts singing, everyone becomes quiet and actually listens? Isn’t that a sign that her mere presence on stage commands attention? It’s not always about the moving around and the stunts while you sing; the singing basically still has to be there and I believe along with most, that she has that more than anyone else. Plus the fact that she has tried and succeeded in trying out different styles of singing….doing Whitney, Gloria Estefan, Alicia Keys, Motown, rock, lullabys, Dream Girls….all of which she did good despite some of them not really being her forte…doesn’t that show you how versatile she can be compared to the other singers who cannot deliver their trademark songs without their guitars? Can anyone from the group sing incredibly like that even by just sitting down? I’d watch her not because she gyrates like a porn star on stage, but because I’m excited on what else she can sing….even if it’s just the alphabet song or any nursery rhyme, I’d still listen to how she will sing it…imagine, Baa Baa Black sheep with trills and runs! =)

        Oh and might I add…Ryan even helped her put her shoes on…cute! =)

      • If the show was fair she would be gone.¬†What ever happened to Pia after her first song? I don’t recall it going up the charts.

    • Haven’t you ever considered that Jess receives a lot of poll votes because she is REALLY deserving? She is gifted. A 16 year old kid, who sings in a caliber 20, 30 year older singers might have difficulty matching?

      I BELIEVE … that the people in this site are NOT idiots. They see the gift this kid has …. and are responding to it. Actually … I am surprised that there are a few … who FAIL to see Jessica’s uniqueness.¬†

      It baffles me.  

      • as always ur post makes no sense.¬† she said nothing about anyone being an idiot.¬† i believe she might be referring 2 the nasty biggoted comments coming from what appear to be men that religiously post it seems 24/7.¬† Can u imagine the greatness you could achieve if you applied your determination to a worthy cause instead of a girl on tv.¬†¬† kind of makes you wonder doesn’t it?

    • ¬†really? she gets poll votes from people who haven’t seen the show? do you have proof of this? if so, call the FBI and have AI investigated……hehehehe! :))

  9. why a lot singer in this season don’t reach the high pitch of the note except for Jessica, instead of pulling it off at the end they will shift to yeahhhh yeahhhh or tone down ¬†the note i notice that with Hollie’s Bleeding Love and Skylar’s ¬†you Dont Have To say You Love me…she’s so very Diana de Garmo

  10. I feel like a girl is leaving tonight. Of the three, Jessica is most likely safe. It is between Hollie and Skylar. Based on their performances last night, I think Skylar must walk the aisle of farewell.

    • i agree.¬† i think skylar is out.¬† it will be a so-called “upset”.¬† the judges tried so hard to oust hollie but she’s hanging in there.¬† reminds me of what happened to haley reinhart.¬† the judges put her down over and over but she ended up at #3.

      • yes, hollie c is this year haley r…

        i was rootin for haley last year!!!

        and hoping for hollie to the finale but im still a fan of jessica…it would be nice to see a girl vs. girl finale with one coronation song to sing.yohooo!!!

      • when AI tour to asia (philippines of course)…the loudest and most applaud performance was Haley’s…

  11. Why do some of the songs the contestants sing have studio versions and others don’t???

  12. i just lost my belief and respect to randy jackson as a judge and as a musician. he has not been objective with his comments. he is clearly rooting for joshua “screaming like fa**ot” ledet. he advised jessica to sing ala tina turner, and when she did, he compared the 16year old young singer with the legendary tina turner. isn’t that quite stupid??? those with musically trained ears would know that jessica sang and performed exceptionally well, especially at her age.¬†

    her performance of proud mary even deserved the standing ovation compared to the screaming like hyena voice of joshua. i cant understand the taste as well as the ears of the 3 judges. though i root for jessica, i would have accepted if they give the standing “O” to Hollie (she did good with “bleeding love) or Skylar. simply because they sang, and also sang well and did not scream like joshua or growled like philip. it seems like the judges have lost their musical wisdom and taste

    and jLo even said joshua was the best singer in 50 years??? is she out of her mind? joshua is nowhere near the likes of stevie wonder, james ingram, or even jacob lusk. the judges have been over the top in praising joshua. is there politics or race happening here? i hope the judges and voting public stick to pure and real talent, musicality and stage performance, or else the show will lose its credibility.

      • @ ITS_STILL_KC
        really? why is it so that you lost your respect for him?

        @a0f0d7ac94bb4c47990f303f75e8caba:disqus : hahaha! hilarious comment. so he’s just desperate for attention.


      • he thinks he’s so cool with his outfit and vocabulary…don’t think so.

    • If you do a song that is a trademark song for an artist (“Proud Mary” is an iconic song for early Tina Turner) — you MUST do it as good as the original OR change it to your own style.¬† OTHERWISE – it looks like a karaoke act. It can be a good karaoke act, but karaoke none the less.

      Joshua, Phillip and Skylar — make songs their own

      Jessica and Hollie — try to copy the original

      No one on this site questions Jessica’s vocal ability — but many of us are completely bored with her Pageant Style Singing — and her lack of personality.¬† She’s BORING!

      I thought “You Are So Beautiful” was pretty — but boring — she’s got¬†a good voice — but I find we never listen to her Itunes stuff —

      But we sure do listen to Elise and Phillip and Skylar and Joshua over and over….¬†

      If you would take your head out of your “I love Jessica” tattooed butt, you might notice that if you were truly grading “musicality” and “stage performance” you desire — that the one singer out there that can’t read music, play an instrument, or understand what a 1-4 count VS a 1-7 count is, and may have the worst stage presence of the 5 left is Jessica.

      You might be surprised about who really does have the Musicality and Stage Presence is — and you’d be left with Joshua, Skylar and Phillip — and we’d be bringing back Elise and Colton —

      You stressed me out ūüôā

      • Hey, be nice to Randy.. He’s got a hard time. He didn’t get the contract to X Factor. He was thinking “Now that Simon and Paula gone, I can be in the spotlight on this show”. Yet He didn’t because everyone was buzzing about JLo. Then he was going desperate for attention by wearing some crazy suit but Steven trumps him by wearing more bold outfit..

      • hahahaha….tell that to all the artists that praised jessicas talent and all, EVERY WEEK! can i name a few? jennifer holiday, jennifer hudson, beyonce, Akon (wants to sign her immediately), latoya jackson, adam lambert, jesse maccartney, Pia toscano, melinda doolittle, kris allen….and a lot more! so im guessing they dont know who has d real talent, musicality and all…tsk tsk…STUPID DUMB ARTISTS! oh wait can i ask u a question….u have a very smart opinion, are u an artist? singer? with awards? hahahahahahahaha….ur so funny!

      • lets name some few more artist that praised jessica…Colbie caillat, Cris rene of the x-factor, richard marx, Billy Idol, Haley reinhart, Lauren Alaina……and wait, theres more, hahaha…..all this people are so stupid for praising JESSICA (sarcasm overload) hahahaha! tsk tsk!

      • ¬†i must agree with your “interesting” opinion about colton and elise. they really deeply know their music. they got the skills and can play musical instruments. 1/4 and 1/7 count is time signature in music and you cant expect jessica to know that, unless you are elise who, if im not mistaken is a graduate of conservatory of music.

        but singing skills of jessica is beyond her years. as said by the judges. the power, the control, the style. it is incredibly outside the tenets of a conservatory school of music.

        although i love how jessica sings, i dont intend to tattooo her name on my butt. i use my head, my heart and my ears in objectively listening to the contestants. in fact, i would have loved if elise was still around. she is a better match for the finale with jessica.

        your definition of musicality is joshua, skylar and philip. i am curious if you are tone deaf. joshua doesnt sing but instead screams like a hyena, philip growls like a lion and skylar sings so nasally she sounds like a sheep….mmeeeehhh! you were right, Katrielle, he gives “interesting” and smart opinion. i wonder if this guy can carry a tune. hehehe! :))

      • ¬†oh come on?! jessica??? BORING? are you kidding me or are you kidding me?! are you out of your mind or are you deaf?! you can listen to elise and phillip sing all over and over again??? oh my… what a crap… try to clean your ears babe for you to know the true meaning of being boring… and it is spelled as… P – H – I – L – L – I – P… Snoozefest much… no variety and nothing special with his voice. oh comeon.. hes not even comfortable singing songs out of his genre and same as not singing with other singers. he is just a plain boring hotguy. thats all. and shut the hell.. WORST STAGE PRESENCE??? JESSICA? you asslikeface! do you really know what stage presence is? oh.. maybe you describe stage presence as:

        wearing the same colored boring clothes every week… CHECK!
        standing still… and doesnt know how to connect with the people… CHECK!
        playing guitar 6 out of 8 performances… CHECK!
        constipated like performance…. CHECK!
        sounding alike each week… CHECK!


        wow.. stage presence?! comeon… your not just deaf your also DUMB and BLIND! pageantry like? jessica? THATS ANGST! you moron!

        (IM SO ENRAGED WITH THIS FREAKIN moron commenting on jessica’s singing ability and stage presence.. such a HATER such AN AHOLE!)

      • Hi Katrielle — I am a singer! I’ve won countless awards!¬† You’ve listened to several of my records!¬† I am in your Ipod!¬† You’ve sung my songs in the shower!¬† You’ve told others how awesome I am……

        Thanks for being a huge fan!

      • oh i mean @INTERESTING, not INTERETING…see? ur the one streesing me out because of your dumb comments! oh my im fighting with my idol BEYONCE, since u said ur a singer and uve won countless awards and ur on my ipod….hahahaha!! oh please tell me ur BEYONCE, hahaha!

      • I listen to DeAndre. Not disagreeing with what you say but DeAndre was a natural both in vocals and performance. IDK if he knows about musicality but he sure could sing in tune and he knew how to harmonize better than any of the rest. Sometimes it’s just the “ear” and not the notes on paper that make a great performer.¬†

    • Joshua is a SISTA! It was funny when he tried to brush off PP tried to show he’s a dude….PLEASeeee! everybody knows Miss Mary!

  13. i was watching the episode again…… philip was so out of tune. and his face looks constipated. and randy thought he did good and had a nice performance??? the judges thought he did a good job and he sang it well. are they kidding??? the judges should have a check up with the EENT….hahaha!

  14. I think last night may be the night that P2 fans got complacent. Phillip is in real danger of going home tonight. The attitude of the judges will change dramatically if Phillip goes home. That will be the last conventional WGWG although there is technically one more still in the competition (White Girl With a Guitar). I think you will see them start to throw Skylar under the bus once Phillip is gone. They have been praising Skylar until now but once Phillip is gone all of that will change. 

    • I don’t understand your logic re Skylar. ¬†I agree, Phillip may be in trouble after last night’s performances, but your comment that the judges will turn away from Skylar once Phil is gone baffles me…

      • I actually think they have been trying to push Phillip to the bottom. Idol does NOT want another white guy with a guitar to win this year. It would mean 5 years in a row and it’s starting to get monotonous and the show’s credibility as a contest that is about the talent is being destroyed (although I think they should embrace the fact that the show is about the whole package and appeal of the contestant rather than just the vocal ability). Also another country singer would just pigeon hole the show into a regional, stereotypical, very limited demographical viewer base. I think they feel they would be playing to a very specific audience which means the ratings wont be there compared to other talent shows. And there are more of these shows scheduled to come out next year so they have to expand their appeal to include a much broader group of people or they are destined to continue to fall in popularity. ¬†

        Idol’s goals in order in my opinion:

        Get Phillip out
        Get Skylar out
        Get Hollie out

        Ideal finale for the show in my opinion: Jessica vs. Joshua

    • @Taymaro..don’t think his fans got complacent, I think he did.¬† Like Casey Abrams last year, Phillip wants to do his own thing and not compromise.¬† If he just wants to be heard, that’s fine, if he wants to win Idol, he screwed up. I personally like his style and humor, but think the gig is up for him.¬† If he leaves 2nite, prob won’t watch show anymore until last five minutes of finale when¬†hopefully Joshua wins.

      • Phillip wants to do what he wants to do. That’s why he’s Phillip Phillips… and that’s the reason why he’s so cool.

        I’ll still buy his record even if he goes home tonight. Phillip fans should do the same.

      • @b2953154239c47791351fc8ccddd7907:disqus, exxactly! I like the way you phrased “that’s why he’s Phillip Phillips.”¬† All the others looked so wound up like they just must win or die..and Phillip is just¬†strumming his guitar just thanking the Lord for his fingers.¬† (I stole that line from a Paul Simon song called Lincoln Duncan, listen 2 it, awesome, from the 70’s I think).

    • Taymaro … the weakest link is … has always been, Hollie. She is a great singer … only in this five, there are four more singers greater than her. Period. Can’t be changed ¬†… period.

      To be precise and final … the golden … rounded VOICE … lacks the precision that makes Hollie INFERIOR to Jessica Sanchez.

      SORRY !!!

      She, Hollie is prettier … but then this isn’t a beauty contest.

      • Ahhhh! How sweet of you to say that Hollie is pretty.¬†

        You are right. She is very pretty. Too bad she also sings better than Jessica too! That’s a win win situation for Hollie!

      • @taymaro thank you for defining us your meaning of beautiful(typical blue eyes & “ditzy”blondes)..unfortunately not everybody share your opinionssss including Phillip Phillips (lol), me + my hubby and tons of people.
        We believe more of those successful celebs tweeting Jess compared to your opinionsssss (thinking your the man)

  15. After the Joshua-Philip duet…I realize how mediocre Philip was. I’m sorry but it’s true. The whole “real artist” thingy just went down the drain.

    • I came to quite the opposite conclusion…Phillip was interesting, entertaining, and charming…Joshua had no connection with the audience whatsoever. ¬†In general I thought it was a great duet by them, but to me Phillip was the clear standout.

  16. The greatest performance EVER EVER EVER in American Idol was not a single. It was a DUET. Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Lodett’s version of ¬†‘I Knew You Were Waiting’ … by Aretha Franklin and George Michaels. When I watched that … I knew that in a perfect world … the finals SHOULD be between Jessica and Joshua.

    I think the judges realized that too. ONLY … Joshua, despite his IMMENSE talent, ¬†had difficulty bringing in the popular vote. Jessica got her front-runner status courtesy of three (almost) successive STANDING O’s (Love You I Do, I Will Always Love You, Everybody Has a Dream). Meanwhile Joshua was singing BRILLIANTLY, but was always in danger of being eliminated (or bottomized).

    Solution … standing O’s for Joshua (as deserved) / no standing O’s for Jessica UNTIL after Joshua has gained enough prominence to SURVIVE all the way to the top 2. Jessica ALMOST got eliminated because of this gambit … but it worked for Joshua. I’m worried that they (the judges) might have cut it too close. If Jessica does not make it beyond tomorrow … then this showdown will never happen.

    Tomorrow, there will be four singers remaining. Joshua’s place in the TOP 2 is firmed up. Jessica NEED NOT be deprived of the accolades she deserved.

    I expect the judges to begin STANDING UP for Jessica as they should have when she sang Falling, Try a Little Tenderness, Dance with My Father, Sweet  Dreams, Stuttering.

    Jessica and Joshua, in a perfect world, are the TWO finalists.

    • i couldnt agree more! they need to pimp joshua so he could last until the finals…they know for a fact that jessicas already a front runner, popular and has legions of fans!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I am hoping for both Joshua and Jessica to be gone by the top 3. ¬†I find any of the remaining 3, Phillip, Hollie and Skylar to be far more entertaining and enjoyable to watch and listen to. ¬†Jessica and Joshua always seem to be in pain and overdo their vocal gymnastics. ¬†Just plain unpleasant, IMO. ¬†It’s no wonder the judges have had to go to great lengths to keep them in the competition. ¬†They have done quite the opposite with Hollie, yet here she is in the top 5.

    • ¬†great comment. that was exactly what i also observed. the judges have been holding out on praising jessica which she deserved more than joshua.

      and a showdown between jessica and joshua would really be an exciting finale… a perfect world.

    • Wow, how should one performance determine the winner…you
      are as bad as the Judges.  I have fast
      forwarded thru songs by both Joshua and Jessica, but I don’t condemn them to
      loose on the one song.

      • The songs sung are the songs past ended.

        Between Joshua and Jessica … it is the songs to come that will settle the contest.¬†

        NOT UNLESS .. Skylar, Hollie and Phillip manages to pull out a rabbit from the hat to do an upset.


        Which makes everything a lot more exciting.

        STILL … IT’S Jessica.

  17. dial idol has the bottom being joshua, jessica, and phillip with phillip leaving.. Skylar with the most amount and Hollie in second

    • last week on dial idol, Hollie ranked first…and yet she got in the bottom 2…so dont rely on dial idol that much!

      • The dial idol logic got messed up when two numbers were assigned to each idol. ALSO …. internet voting has become a factor … which wil likely supercede phone voting (as always).

  18. Jessica’s AI videos reach 16 million views, 38% from total views in AI official YT till TOP 6. It will be the highest views in their AI history ever. Not mention the in-official ones.
    Ps: I wonder that TOP 5 videos are not uploaded yet. Is it sign for her elimination? Don’t forget JLo’s comment on her second song “It’s sad to let her go home…..

    • NOW … here’s an idea. American Idol has always been about the AMERICAN VOTE.¬†

      Only… cable channels are selling the program via cable TV to EVERYBODY.Here’s the million dollar question …. if viewership has become INTERNATIONAL, why the HELL shouldn’t VIEWERSHIP CUM VOTERSHIP become INTERNATIONAL as well?Is the american dollar worth MORE that the cost to bring the show to Asia, Europe, China etc … etc ….PLUS the MOST important consideration … can the universality of music bring this fragmented planet together????Cheers !

  19. 100% safe Joshau & Skylar¬† 80% safe Hollie & Jessice. Phillip needs to go tonight. He should have gone the week Colton went home. He is just to lame and doesn’t sing the correctly. He will regret singing the song that way. Colton at least admitted he made the wrong choice. Personally I like the song and I thought it was better than they way Gaga did it.

  20. Top 5 Performance Night Review
    I was recently so ¬†excited about the theme of the Top 5 week and I was a little bit of shocked that they will be tackling songs from the 60’s. But after the show, I misled myself and thought that this night was the probably the best of all episodes to date.

    ROUND 1
    In order:

    1. Hollie Cavanagh – “River Deep, Mountain High” – Randy is right for branding him the girl who peaked at the right time. Contrary to what other expectators are saying, she was not pithy at all as I am very familiar with the song. She was very dynamic (for the first time) and for that she deserved the credits that the judges gave her.¬†

    2. Jessica Sanchez – “Proud Mary” – Overall her performance of this Ike ad Tina Turner stuff is good but I agree with Randy that Jess lacked the ferocity since it is what was needed to perfect the performance.¬†

    (For the three remaining idols,I won’t give my comment. I think you already know why I put them in these places)

    3. Joshua Ledet
    4. Skylar Laine
    5. Phillip Phillips  (Weird Song choice)

    ROUND 2
    1. Joshua Ledet – “To Love Somebody” – Honestly I am one of his haters. I am very familiar with the song since my dad always sing it when I was a child. All my hate turned love as he sung the song like he was telling a chronologically-ordered story. He sung it from a mid-energy level to a WOWing moment.

    2. Hollie Cavanagh – “Bleeding Love” – It was a little bit of the “Stuttering” arrangement but I thought it was very good.

    3. Jessica Sanchez (It got me a little bored, but it was good especially in the end)
    4. Skylar Laine (Too nasal)
    5. Phillip Phillips

    5. Phillip Phillips
    4. Skylar Laine
    3.5. Joshua Ledet
    3.5. Jessica Sanchez
    1. Hollie Cavanaagh

    Tip for Jessica: Choose songs that you could relate to yourself so as to make you feel like you were the one character in the song.

  21. Wonder why AI hasn’t uploaded yet last night performances. And they didn’t even bother to take down unofficial uploads from last week.

  22. I am still rooting for a top 3 of Hollie, Phillip and Skylar. ¬†The judges have tried their best to bolster Jessica’s and Joshua’s chances, but I am hoping the voting public hasn’t been swayed by the judges’ antics.

  23. OK, so I’m thinking the rest of the season will be a battle, but let’s see…
    5th place: I’m thinking skylar. She had a lackluster night and when it gets to this point you HAVE to pick up casual voters every week. And she failed to do that.
    4th place: I think this place belongs to Joshua.
    3rd place: Jessica. Shocker, but it leaves girl with powerful voice vs. WGWG.
    Finale: I’m not even going to predict who will win between Hollie and Phil. I predict the closest finale ever.

  24. The BEST singers in American Idol Season 11 are Joshua and Jessica.

    Let them do the finals.


      • If either Jessica or Joshua won …. I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

        Joshua simply does not make mistakes. Correct songs … perfect power … perfect emotion. On the other hand Jessica, being a girl singer … has the advantage with the heart-strings. She is like a harp, every note sweet and precise. She will make you cry. And she can be edgy if needed.

        Joshua’s edge … power. Jessica’s edge … emotion and subtlety.

        What counts? SONG SELECTION !

        Interesting CONTEST !

      • @Eve Lambert…I agree with you.¬† We are the minority on THIS site.¬† Obviously many other Americans agree as she was eliminated already.¬† Damn save…also love your Adam snap!

    • Although I’ve been a Phil Phillip fan from day 1, I have to give it up to Josh. ¬†Technically, his voice is leaps and bounds above everyone else. ¬†I say this from a music theory POV. ¬†Jessica is up there too… ¬†With proper coaching, Josh will go far. ¬†Phil is cool but if you close your eyes and listen, Joshua steals the show. ¬†

      • Jessica is my girl BUT Joshua is flawless. His weakness has always been TIMELINESS. He is a STAR meant for A DIFFERENT generation.

      • ¬†jojoandrada” meant for A DIFFERENT generation”…yeah most of them died long ago.

    • Hollie and Jessica at the finale would be much better.
      Skylar as third.
      Phillips as fourth.
      Joshua goes home this week.

  25. Wow, the duet and trio were good comparison situations. In the duet, Phillip seem to show his inability to be versatile. Sorry to say, but, getting him out of the Phillip style, and it’s time to go home. Likewise for the trio, Skylar only sang to a level of a bad night at karaoke, while Jessica didn’t meet her norm, stepping way back to good karaoke. Hollie seem to shine in the failures of the other two girls

  26. Im a day-one P2 fans, but his performances last night did not look sharp enough to edge out Skylar/Hollie (Jess is boring but I dont think she has much to worry). That said, what annoyed me the most is Joshua screaming like a mad man in such beautiful, sweet song like TLS. Im sure there’r many ppl who would make the connection of that with Jacob Lusk’s annoyance last season (despite the fact that Joshua is brazillion times better)

    So it’s gonna be either Josua/P2 to go home, sadly

  27. joshua ‘s standing ovation is like a standard,,,the judges has to stand up,,,for no reason….is not an indication that his gonna win….remember jacob lusk?……

    • Amen to that.¬† She calls herself a singer??¬† More famous for being¬† a fly girl from wayyyy back in the day and all the many many many men she’s laid…..down with.¬† A true musician obviously would know The Letter.¬†

  28. my rankings based on performance last night!

    Round 1:

    1st – jessica
    2nd – hollie
    3rd – skylar
    4th – joshua
    5th – phillip

    Round 2:

    1st – hollie
    2nd – jessica
    3rd – joshua
    4th – skylar
    5th – phillip

    most boring – phillip
    most entertaining – joshua
    most immense & subtle – jessica
    most improved – hollie
    most ecstatic – skylar

  29. I think Skylair is the best…. But at this point of the game, it’s anyone’s ballgame! Will see tonight

    • Skylar’s problem has always been …. country is big …. but not quite as big as mainstream.

    • Ah, a country person…like most country followers, you have the BS on the inside of the boots.

  30. Should be interesting tonight to see who goes home tonight. No-one really deserves to, as all had at least one good performance. Skyler might have already peaked but her performances are still good and consistant. Joshua gets a lot of critism some of which is justified. Still last night he nailed the Bee Gees song. Think he shrieks a bit too much but then the judges seem to keep urging him on to do more and more. Jess was very strong with her second song, but proud mary was easily the worst performance of the night. Philip I enjoyed with the Box Top number, but didn’t like the Zombies number. Normally P2 takes a song and adds a new rhythym and tempo to a song making it his own. In the Zombies song he took out all the interesting parts/runs of the song and then added nothing. Was looking forward to that song and was left feeling empty. Hollie was the best overall last night (which included a rendition of a song I don’t even like), and yet she might end up being the one going home. Hard to imagine P’2 fans abandoning him so quickly but one never knows.

  31. If you guys look at the poll posted in Entertainment Week,  Hollie got the highest votes, followed by Joshua, Jessica, Phillips and Skylar.

  32. If Phillip will be eliminated,…. I guess the ladies including Joshua (feels like he is a she) will have a group performance with a Lady Marmalade song. Lols

    Christina = Joshua ( he can scream a lot better than christina)
    Pink = Jessica ( she can do screech and poweful vocal)
    Lil’ Kim = Hollie ( cute like lil kim)
    Mya = Skylar ( now she will loose her country style into rap ) lols

  33. i would agree with jessica (most subtle), skylar (most ecstatic), and hollie (most improved)…
    but i would disagree with phillips and joshua, i’d prefer the first as consistent…i could not think of any adjective for joshua right now.

    Hoping Phillips would be in the bottom 2 or 3…just to make it interesting, to make it even, so all of them has slot in the bottom.

    i would say that it is a toss up between skylar, joshua, and phillips (to go home).

  34. I’m expecting Phillip to go home tonight. He is a true artist, fresh sounding, and very hip. He is my fav and his quality far exceeds winning AI, it would be the kiss of death for him. Cool people and cool music don’t win AI, it just isn’t done that way. Only Phillip’s fans understand what I am saying.

    The only thing that really bothers me is that flaming screaming Joshua will still be around to annoy me and my pets.

    When Phillip goes, watch out, the dynamics are going to change. Phillip’s fans will not support Joshua or Jess under any circumstance, it’s just not compatible with their musical likings. That’s leaves Hollie & Skylar to the spoils of Phillips’ fans’ votes and that it seems like they should likely be the finalists. However, there is still this issue of judges/producer interference.

    I believe 100% that the show is rigged one way or another so the ultimate wishes of the judges/producers prevail. It will be played up that most of Phillip’s fans will leave the show and what’s left get split evenly all over the rest of the reminders. This allows the judges/producers¬† the wiggle room to move Joshua & Jess to the finals, which is what they want.

    I believe the Joshua love is fake….and only served the purpose to place an opponent against Jess that she can easily defeat to win AI. They wanted a girl from the beginning of the season and one way or another, they will get it.

    The only twist to this, is if Joshua would agree to a sex change operation, which isn’t out of the question. Now if Phillip doesn’t go home tonight…the judges/producers manipulations will become quite tricky and will be interesting to see what they do.

    • I understand what ur saying….but how many true Phillip fans will continue 2 watch the show.¬†¬† I honestly can say if he leaves tonight, which my stomach is telling me he will, I CANT listen 2 the rest of them compete.¬† Like I’ve said before, tune in to finale 3 minutes before end of show!

    • Agree that P2 is at risk tonight. Also think he has the least to lose if voted out this week. For P2 to make it in this industry it will come down to his song writing ability. The signs are positive as he has clearly shown how he can take a song and adapt it to his own style. He has done this from the onset. If he can adapt this to writing songs from scratch he has a good chance to become successful whether in a solo role or front man for a band. Colton probably also fell into this category. Also agree that P2 votes would most likely go to Skylar or Hollie.

      I think Joshua though has taken a bit of a bum rap. Agree he shrieks too much but believe the judges have been largely to blame for this. I think he does have a marketable voice, and he does adapt songs to his style, although not always with success. I thought his Bee Gee’s number last night was brilliant. Can understand how you find his shrieking irritating but mostly because he does it too often. The frustrating thing, is DeAndre did his falsetto constantly because he had nothing else, while Joshua can sing. Don’t really care if he is feminine as it has nothing to do with his singing or ability to entertain. I think the judges bias towards him, and often without justification (at least in regards to the numerous standing O’s)¬†have turned many viewers against him.

    • sourgraping already??? face it, P2 really didnt perform/sing well last night. .. though I also hate how judges praise and give SO’s to Josh! annoying!! ;(

  35. If p2 will be in the bottom, then I can say it’s anybody’s game. Anybody has been in the bottom then. A more great show it will be~ Anybody really is deserving to win for me. ūüôā

  36. Y give a standing O to joshua who always screams… Skylar & skylar sings fr their nose. & philip sings weird & w/ dificulty… is dat your best singer? … C’mon no one can sing like jessica, just being real…

  37. i really hope all 3 girls are safe.its been to long since a girl has won.have a top 3 girls its never been done!!

  38. Jessica is the best among the other contestants ¬†because she could sing flawlessly!!! ¬†I’m sure she could earn the highest votes among them AGAIN! HOLLIE will be kicked out from A-I’11

  39. i was totally disagree with Randy Jackson’s comment to Jessica Sanchez last night, for Phillip should be the one to go home tonight, i must say that for the past few years contestant like phillip always the same style and it getting boring on the stage to watch, its not entertaining anymore, im am lookin forward that the three finalist should be Jesica, hollie and joshua…Skylar ahh! i dont see the stage for those kind of performance and i hate the quality of the voice…..Come on jessica beat hollie’s performance at the Finale….

  40. Bottom line all 5 are talented artists and no matter who wins, we should see all of them as BIG STARS in the near future.  While some are young, others soulful, country etc,  each has a unique and gifted voice.   They will all survive just fine without this show. That includes Clinton and Elise, who are also amazingly talented.  The Magic Seven ROCK

    • Quick…name last years top 10.¬† Fame is fleeting.¬† Ask Lee DeWyze.

  41. i cannot watch this show any more.  Its a wast of time stupid judges especially applauding Phillip and wanting to clap after his performance. Really???

  42. This is not right at all.  the bottom 2 is Hollie & Skylar.  I guess I dont get it at all.  I am tired of this set up show.  Stupid judges, and stupid voters.

  43. Holly made it! She is on the show for one more week. I am so glad. She really deserves to have a shot at the top three. Philip made it and I can’t understand why. He just doesn’t cut it. A cute face is no reason to keep him on the show. If he wins, there is no justice in this world. His voice is definately not as good as the other three Idols. I wish everyone good luck next week, but please only vote for the best voices. We do not need another Taylor Hicks to win.¬†

  44. I agree that the judges are pushing Joshua. Come on… Standing ovations all the time? What about the other contestants? I though Philip’s “The Letter” was great. Did he get a standing ovation? Noooooooo !!!! They did the same thing to Adam Lambert¬†. He had his own style and made each song his. Remember “Ring of fire?” Who would have thought that Johnny Cash song could sound so great! And the way Adam sang Long time coming,a¬† Change is gonna come. Listen to it. He blew Joshua out of the water. Joshua can sing as long as he keeps it in church with all his “screaming”.

  45. Something is not right. Skylar is one of the best of the five. She should not be the one who has to go home. She was better then Philip and holly, I don’t understand how people can’t not vote for her. She’s just a natural idol. Any way some day, she will make her own way without american idol show. She’s just a talented young girl. She don’t need to push to show she can sing and knew how to sing. Good luck to her.It’s just not right.

  46. Hey¬†@JSanchezAI11¬†Just watched you sing “Dance With My Father” online. Killer job! You did Luther and me proud. Good luck! –¬†Richard Marx¬†‚ÄŹ¬†@richardmarx
    Lastly,¬†@JSanchezAI11¬†needs to win¬†@AmericanIdol!!!!!!!!! –¬†Colbie Caillat¬†‚ÄŹ¬†@ColbieCaillat
    @JSanchezAI11¬†YAY,JESSICA!.From the Bottom 3 To The”TOP FOUR”! ONLY GOD Can Make Us “The HEAD and Not The Tail”!…SING &SOAR, “SOUL ANGEL”! –¬†Jennifer Holliday¬†‚ÄŹ¬†@Jennifersspot
    hey@JSanchezAI11 ….I’m ready girl! Kill it!¬†She’s got my VOTE! For real! She’s unbelievable!¬†–¬†Jesse McCartney¬†‚ÄŹ¬†@JesseMcCartney
    Jessica Sanchez better sing. Jeeeeeez. That first run was nuts.#futurepopmegastar¬†–¬†Adam Lambert¬†‚ÄŹ¬†@adamlambert
    “I know I shouldn’t be saying this, but I kind of want her to get voted off so I can sign her,” ¬†– Akon
    I am a Jessica Sanchez supporter (isn’t that obvious already?!), She’s done well to be on the Top 6 and I’m sure that somewhere, somehow, she’ll get a record deal. I, alone voted 250 times last Wednesday night. And I intend to vote each week until the finale. Of the 10 million more votes this week than last season (totalling 58 million votes), 250 of those is mine because I never cast a vote on American Idol. РRYAN SEACREST  

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