American Idol 2012 Top 5 Elimination: Who Goes Home Tonight?

American Idol 2012 Top 5

Last week on American Idol 2012 we didn’t have a “shocking” elimination, but this week I think we could be looking at a surprise when it comes time for the lights to dim and the results to be read. Time to take a look at how everyone is voting in our Top 5 performance poll.

Jessica Sanchez is handily winning our poll here, but when America voted her out earlier this season it proved that we can’t rely on her status here to reliably predict the show’s results. All the same, I don’t think this is her week to go and she can thank her fellow Top 5 finalists on American Idol.

Making an impressive leap this week is Hollie Cavanagh with 17% of the poll at the moment. She’s comfortably in second place which sounds great until you realize it’s the last position before the Bottom 3. The walls are starting to close in on these singers! After last week’s near-elimination an escape from the bottom would be a big victory for Hollie.

If those top two spots are accurate then we could be in for a surprising row of singers at Ryan Seacrest’s Stools O’ Sorrow. Joshua Ledet, Skylar Laine, and Phillip Phillips round out the rest of the poll with 12%, 10%, and 10%, respectively. Considering JLo declared Joshua one of the best singers in the “past 50 years” then it should be “shocking”, downright shocking I tell you, to see him in the Bottom 3. Well, I wouldn’t find it shocking, but the judges will be devastated for sure.

Skylar and Phillip holding down the last two seats is somewhat more surprising. Somewhat because Skylar took a visit to the danger zone during last week’s results show, but Phillip coming in at the bottom of our poll is quite a change of pace for WGWG. If Phillips exits stage right tonight I’ll be “shocked” even if I’m not terribly disappointed. Breaking the streak of the four straight past seasons would be a relief, but I don’t think that’ll happen.

Since the voters here have offered up a tie between Skylar and Phillips I’ll have to go with Skylar Laine for tonight’s elimination. She’s no stranger to the Bottom 3 and simply not one of the singers I envisioned as part of the upcoming finale.

Who do you think will be in tonight’s American Idol 2012 Bottom 3 and which one of them will be saying goodbye?




  1. I have a feeling it’s Jessica or Skylar……just because I think Colton and Elise’s fans have moved to Hollie and P2……leaving us a bottom three of Joshua, Jessica and Skylar….

    I think Joshua’s performances were too strong to be cut this week.

    So Skylar or Jessica

    • no Jess isn’t leaving this week. I can guess that she won’t win but I think she has another 2 weeks… 3rd place seems accurate enough with a phil skylar final (which is NOT FAIR)

      • I WANT her to win but the votes doesn’t work that way anymore. Not the best singer wins. Let’s take Scotty. He was the cutie little teen hot guy of the season. He WON even though he could barely sing! Phil is like the Scotty this year

    • I will settle for anyone going home other than Hollie or Joshua.  Those two owned the night.  Skylar sucked, P2 sucked even worse than usual and I believe more and more people are realizing how limited Jessica is as an entertainer.  So, of those 3,  I guess IMO Skylar should go home.

      • Joshua sux hugely . He only has a gospel voice. He dose not deserve to be here still

      • Templar, what planet are you in? Jessica limited? I don’t think you have the qualification of Jennifer Holiday, Jennifer Hudson ,Akon,India Arie, Jazmine Sullivan,Adam Lambert,Haley Reinhart, Kris Allen and a lot more people in the music industry. They are vocal with their praises on her and nobody else.

    • Hi Interesting,

      I also have a feeling that someone is going tonight for sure.
      heh heh !  Let me see, there’s  Joshua , Jessica , Philip , Hollie and Skylar.

      yep , for sure one of them is going. LOL

    • normally elise fans will move to jessica, because they know what singing is about..

      • Elise fans to Jessica……what have you been smoking?  Elise is a rocker girl, thank goodness, and she will continue down that road.  Ballards are NOT a part of Elise’s genre.  She knocked it out of the house with her rendition of “Whole Lotta Love”.  Elises’s fans will move to Phil Phillips as we continue the quest to reign him in as the American Idol 2012.  As for JS, just what this country needs another ballard singer……..NO THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!  Peace…….

      • so true! i find it so disturbing that ai is marketing hollie when it is so obvious that she can’t hold a tune! she doesn’t even have a good voice. i watch her every week and she can’t even open up her mouth properly… it’s because she is what you call a typically blond american!

      • Your so right Jessica should be the next america idol ,she Have the talent ,and the best of all her voice is lovely and strong

    • normally elise fans will move to jessica, because they know what singing is about..

    •  joshua is always screaming when he sang.god for him at the church become a choir

      • that i do not doubt, but the judges loved him every time he screams! joshua is a good performer but when it comes to real singing, he’s not… and ai is a singing contest, not a screaming contest!

      • Yea, he might do some screaming but he is a great singer. Do u remember Fantasia?? She did screaming and had a choir voice still won America Idol.

      • Joshua can’t sing without screaming!  It’s ear-breaking!  We have to turn down the volume of our TV set every time he performs.

      • Calling Mr. Lidet. Ru paul’s drag race is calling you! #screamingfag

    •  thats ur feeling not mine.jessica is safe tonight. she can sang verry well.

      • america doesnt want another fat cowgirl. Lauren is enough!!! I want Hollie and Jess to be in the finale. That would be awesome!!!!

  2. the closest ever…my god…all of them were all deserving……. god bless them all..

    • I’d gladly send Phil home. He is VERY boring and it was obvious that he can’t sing the melody with the 2nd song.

      • Philip is a true artist and if anyone knows anything about music or would do some research on music artists they would know. Philip really feels the music, he is mature and will be signed  regardless of the outcome of tonights vote. He sings “Philip Phillips” melody, thank goodness for some of us that knows what good music is all about. If you would listen to th 60’s,70’s and 80’s music, anyone would know. Go PHILIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Phil should go. I heard more flats coming out of his mouth last night than ever from anyone this season. Plus he bores me senseless. Even his last name is just a copy of his first name. Not much original about him, despite what the tonedeaf judges think.

    • The judges haven’t been giving PP much love lately.  Lopez hasn’t called him sexy in a couple of weeks.  I don’t think Tyler ever liked Phillip.  Randy is just Randy dawg.  Anyway, Phillip will probably be taking the Midnight Train Back To Georgia, even though I like him the most.  And, Lord, not bc he’s cute..bc he’s unique.

      • I felt like there was some strategy used last nite in disclosing P2’s girlfriend – maybe cooling the ardor of some of his female fans.  I sincerely hope not.  His are the only performances that I replay from my dvr.  And I LOVED the duet with Joshua last night – Phillip’s part anyway.  If  he would leave the show – so would my interest at this point.   And he IS most certainly unique – he has the whole performance package.  . . . I think the judges don’t really know what to do with him, as he’s going to do things his way and if he wins the votes, he does – and if not, well I, for one, will be waiting in line for his first album to come out.  Would LOVE to see a live performance also (but not necessarily the whole AI line up.  I don’t think Steven Tyler has been really “into” his judging since they got past the audtiions.  Think he’s got other iron in the fire that have him distracted.
        America missed the vote-boat when Adam Lambert didn’t win – PLEASE!  Let this year be Phillip Phillips!!

      • @Noodlesoup50 –  I thought the same thing when they introduced the gf.  Sometimes I think people forget this is a reality show and everything that happens is for some sort of a reaction, the save, JS father, Elise dog, it’s all part of the hype to garner votes or distract votes.  Whatever, all signs point to P2.  What r ya going to do.

    • Philip is the only one that is different all the rest sound like the rest all the same great voices but u hear that same stuff all the time phil is all but that his moves his grasp his personality he is not normal not at all but who is he is like some one we all can relate to to. he is him self and his tone his out of norm thats whats great. to me i never get tried of hearing his voice. boring not close u gotta really understand the difference, and yeah he is yummy!

      • Totally agree. The others all bore me because those girls all sound like every other pop diva/ country singer out there, and it hurts my ears when Joshua yells.  I always appreciate something a little different, and Phillip’s got it.

      • Phillips songs were beyond BORING lastnight. What was he doing on the 2nd song, he tried to go into a high note/falsetto during the melody, and then added little painful looking, and sounding, yelps at the end of each of em. It was downright awful. He just proved he is not diverse, besides changing up the original song, he has NO range, can not sing a melody and can not sing a ballad. So I guess he should win because he can play a guitar and is ‘yummy’? He plateaued weeks ago and is beyond boring and predictable He needs to go!!!

  4. Don’t think it’s necessarily fair to link all these guys together as WBWG.   David was better than little David, Lee was way better than Bowersox, Scotty sang better than Lauren.  I like Phillip the best but if he were singing against Adam, I’d say no way.  It’s all about the competition and for the most part the better person won..again given who they were competing against.

  5. I love this show look forward to it every week, I do wish the teenage girls would recognize the vocal talent of the contestants not just there looks .   I think that Jessica is the best.

    •  Jessica is ok but I don’t think she is the best.  I watched her on America’s got talent when she was on there and she just does not connect with the audience at all.  Bottom line thats what counts.  You can have the best voice in the world but if no one wants to buy your music then you end up singing for your family.  Sad but true.  I like Hollie  but think Skyler connects with the audience the best.  Except for Phillip and I have not idea why that is.  He does just not float my boat.

      • This Jessica can’t perform, no emotions, doesn’t dance, etc … is just being propagated by the judges and so people keep repeating it. It’s nonsense. Her 2nd song placed her miles above the others. In general the group did a poor showing of the 60’s. Song choice was poor. Joshua ruined a Bee Gees classic. I don’t know what the heck the judges are listening too. PP ruined She’s Not There in a major way. Hollie was very good for both songs and was dramatically better than in previous weeks. Skylar keeps screeching those high notes. Entertaining but doesn’t have a nice tone to her voice.
        The standing ovations for Joshua are truly becoming meaningless. Neither song was particularly good in my opinion. I still would rank these talented “singers” as Jessica>>> Joshua>Hollie>Skylar>>Philip.
        This nonsense of true artist that is the judges keep spouting is ridiculous, almost as bad as the too prepared label they throw at Jessica, as though any of these young people are jazz singers.


      • when she was on America’s Got Talent she was only 6-7 years old! How could you expect a CHILD to know how to connect with the audience?? I perfectly get captivated and connected to her EVERY TIME she performs and I’m not one of those weird fanatics

      • pmed: didn’t you watch the show last night? Jess was dancing!!! You don’t watch it and come here talk about things you don’t know about.

      • skylar’s voice is all over the place, hate to say it!! she can perform, but her voice sucks!!

      • @OzbilEdge:disqus 
        I am not sure if you were indicating that I didn’t watch the show. I did. Moreover, I didn’t say Jessica couldn’t dance. The judges have been saying it ( in a very sneaky way to try and put her down). I don’t care about the dancing. I want to hear singing and to my mind there si only one outstanding singer there and that is Jessica. Hollie is also a very good singer, though inconsistent. Joshua has a nice tone but I guess I am just not into the screaming and I find it hard to understand how the judges could have thought that his Bee Gees song wasn’t terrible. Just like Phillip with the Zombies She’s Not There, he made it his own but in an atrocious way.


      • Phillip Sand – “TIME OF THE SEASON” different song from “She’s Not There”

      • Didn’t know she was on AGT! …and still recording contract. That says something!

      • @59df35286d8b4b831ac22a0a8b9ffa93:disqus 

        “Phillip Sand – “TIME OF THE SEASON” different song from “She’s Not There””

        Yep, sorry about that. I was just listening to both before I posted that and kept getting them mixed up. Both great songs from the Zombies. In any case PP ruined the song. Since he could basically sing in a different key than the music and not get sent home I can only assume nothing can stop him from winning. All he has to do is give a reasonable performance to win. It’s incredible that anyone could survive the two pathetic performances that he gave (The Letter was in fact an atonal version of the original!). Discouraging. You now have  3 capable singers and one strummer trying to match Dylan’s inability to sing. Perhaps AI can become a poetry contest.


    • I’m not one to usually police grammar on here, but come on ya’ll….

      Your — You’re
      There — Their
      To — Two — Too
      Read — Red
      Lead — Led

      Please learn the words — if you aren’t from the US please make an effort to at least TRY to use the right tense — it makes it extremely hard to even understand your points when the wrong words are used over and over and over….

      Ok — I’m good now.

      • Whenever you correct someone’s grammar, just remember, no one likes you. (taken from 9gag)

  6. I think Joshua or P2 will leave tonight.  I agree, it will be another shocking elimination.  I would love to see the judges faces if Josua or Jessica went home.  Their pathetic attempt to redeem themselves to Hollies last evening was just that, pathetic.   Again, music is a matter of taste and I just don’t get either P2 or Joshua.  P2 is just weird, sounds the same all of the time and Joshua belongs in a gospel choir.

    • Sure, people in gospel choirs sing with passion, but that doesn’t mean that people who sing with passion only belong in gospel choirs.

    • I’m not a Joshua fan – but it’s more to do with his whole persona.  He has a really exceptional voice  though(reminds me of Johnny Mathis – which is, I’m sure, waaaay before most of your time).   And as for P2, take a listen to Eddie Vedder some time.  He’s just soooo unique and his performances are riveting.  You don’t have to stand and shriek and leap around and grab at fans to be a stellar performer!

      • Dear Noodlesoup, You don’t need to stand and shriek and grab girls hands but you do need to be able to sing without grinding the notes out and making stupid faces, which is what Philip has done from the beginning. Have always said that Hollie has it in her to win and lo and behold the silly judges are just waking up to that fact. What are they on there for if they don’t know what they are talking about. What is Jennifer saying when she says that Joshua is one of the best singers she has heard in 50 years. Come on!! Maybe it’s because I’m British that we like to hear our singers sing. The Americans seem to like their singers shrieking at the tops of their voices. Thought that Jessica might go to the final before but she is a bit limited in what she is able to do and again she tends to scream a bit instead of actually singing.

      • Lescox,

        I agree with you about Hollie. I have been wondering why the judges had it in for her. They have criticized performances by her that they would have praised Jessica or Skylar for by saying something like ‘even when you’re not perfect you sound great’. Btw, I’m American! Would love to see Hollie win!

      • I agree 100% with you about Eddie Vedder, he is some much like him! I can’t believe it has not been mentioned on the show. His sound and even his facial expressions remind me of him so much. I am a huge Pearl Jam/ Vedder, McCready, Gossard, Ament etc…. fan so it takes a lot for someone to even compare.

  7. I want either Phillip or Joshua to go home, time for the girls to become the face of American Idol 2012!

  8. If Colton’s fans and Elise’s fans transfer over to P2 and Hollie then I would say that JL , JS and Skylar are in trouble.  It is hard to say who will go for sure.  At this point there are no more shocking eliminations.  Anyone of them can go and then again can win it all. So therefore bottom 3 should be
    Joshua , Jessica and Skylar, just a guess.

  9. to all jessica’s fans ,i have a very strange feeling today for jessica,i hope not did you vote for her enough,coz i can’t vote in my country. let’s pray  that she will make until to the finally. peace everyone ,

      • i hope you are right jojoandrada,strange feeling today really .iwill myself if jessica will go tonight.she is my favorite since the audition ,

      • Agree d that she deserves to win but the question is: Have you voted for her to help make win  or can you even vote? It’s the votes that counts not the POSTS..  

      • Keeping the buzz alive is as important as voting. Is that too complicated for you Ems?

  10. To Jessica fans. Expect nothing else but WINNING the AI crown for her.

    She deserve’s nothing else, nothing more.

    To expect that somebody else MIGHT win … is a accepting LOSING.

    NEVER !!!!!

    • I agree she has a beautiful voice but would like to see a little more emotion and connection to the audience she sings to.  I would like to see P2 go home.  My favs are Skylar, Hollie then Jessica.

      • This comment is all played out. Find something else to say smurf. It ain’t catchin’.

    • Jessica already WON. Common! She is one of the best singers in America!!!! did you ever tried to listen to tha pannels? OMG. you guys are so Pathetic .. 

    • Hi jojoandrada,
      promise me you won’t jump over the Pasig river if she did not win ok?
      Just kidding. relax guy you are taking this way to seriously.  You are going to get a heart attack if you don’t calm down. She may go tonight!  She is already a winner regardless.

    • She’s going home. Yeah, she can sing, has a beautiful voice but she’s young and lacks connection with the audience. 

      • Of course she is young. So was Scotty who won last year. You must be watching a different show to me. She connects just fine with people. There are still plenty of people who appreciate outstanding singing.


  11. everybody’s prediction is jessica going home tonight,she’s not bad last night it’s phillip who’s very bad last night (sorry phillip fans).i hope he’s going home.i’m scared for jessica leaving tonight,please hope not ,

    • are you kidding me, Juvy? shut up, nobody care about your prediction, are you a fortune teller, what the heck,kindly shut up…and please read again the comments , not everybody is predicting JS will go, its only YOU  YOU YOU you and yourself ..

      • hey ! romeo my sweety don’t you dear  tell me to shut up,your are not in anyposition to tell me that ,i respect your comment and respect mind,simple as tahat.sweety!

    • Jessica’s first song was made Phillips second song sound good. I looked back to last year at this time and Halley was at the bottom but she didn’t get sent home. I’m hoping Phillip stays or the show will be boring. We have enough power singers and their getting boring.

      • gail whatever, i don’t think the show will be boring if phillip goes ,show must go on ,the way it is ,the remaining four stiil they are more capable than phillip (just sayin,please don’t nail me).

    •  It’s not EVERYBODY Juvy!  I am a bit concerned because when I was on the phone voting for her for two straight hours, the lines were not nearly as busy as they were the last couple of weeks!  Keep your fingers crossed……

  12. I wish it would be Joshua to go home tonight, but I’m afraid it will be Phillip. If you base it on last night solely, he really did not do well. I personally just think that of all of the 5 left, Joshua is the least appealing to a mass audience at this point. Nothing personal. I definitely did NOT agree with the judges on Jessica’s “Proud Mary” performance! I thought it was one of her best. She actually moved and put on a bit of a show! I was proud of her proving that she could do that.

    • I think all of you have to realize something about American Idol…it doesn’t matter who sang bad last night or any night.  Its the fan base…Alot of you last year said Scotty would never win…love it when he had a bad night..but it just doesn’t matter…Its never been based on singing..its who people like and they will vote that way…sorry>>>>

      • yes, it IS a popularity contest.  but remember,those who don’t win usually do better than those who do win.  the best voice will always do well, winner or not.

      • i agree its not all about singing its about what the fans conect with jess is very good but young she needs growth, josh just seems like he dont  relate enough no personality, but a beautifull voice but thats all. phil good to look at usher song still stock in my head . weird but we all are! holly tries to hard.

    • I voted the two hours for Phillip last night. I’m wondering if it’s not him just who is at the bottom, they will go out of the way to trick people right now we’re scared for Phillip but it may well be Hollie or Skylar leaving.

    • i agree with jessica’s performance being one of her most energetic yet

  13. There is only one POSSIBLE outcome for the Jessica FAN !


    Why? It is about both TALENT and VOTES.

    Let Jessica worry about the talent.

    WE SHALL DELIVER THE VOTES, no matter what.

    SPREAD the word !!!

    •  Are you her brother or something?  I like Jessica but man her fans are fanatics.  They go on other contestant sites and start fights, insult and just aggravate everyone.  I have to wonder if she is aware of this or is it something a family member is organizing.  Just saying.  Everyone should respect all contestants.  What you are doing jo jo is actually hurting her.

      • hey gregoryd are sure it’s jessica’s fans or somebody else fans posting as jess fans to sabotage her chances of winning.theres nobody hurting anybody here,don’t think that way,

      • Juvy : I think it’s a combination of both. There was a very nasty post on an earlier thread yesterday that to me stunk of someone pretending to be a Jessica fan, on the other hand there are many Jessica fans acting like bully’s who are probably doing her more harm than good. No idea who started nor do I care.

      • Juvy : I think it’s a combination of both. There was a very nasty post on an earlier thread yesterday that to me stunk of someone pretending to be a Jessica fan, on the other hand there are many Jessica fans acting like bully’s who are probably doing her more harm than good. No idea who started nor do I care.

      • What would hurt her is too kill the buzz … by being silent and inert.

  14. Although she is my favorite and I only voted for her non stop last night, I still think there is a good chance Hollie is going home.

    I really hope I am wrong!!!  I think I am just trying to prepare myself ahead of time.

  15. Joshua should be out based on this last performance.  However they all sounded bad.  This year the top 5 are all terrible compared to previous years.

    Joshua does not really have a strong Negro voice.  His voice sounded strained, but for some reason the judges were clapping, pushed on by fellow Negro, Randy, saying “you are one of the best singers ever on this show”. What a total joke. Lost all respect for this show after watching it for 12 years.  American Idol is not what it used to be.  Bring back Simon !

    •  are u kddin me? this years top 5 are all terrible? haha.. when did u start watchin ai my dear? 2012? haha… this is the wackiest comment ever. why? season 11 has the best talents and best voices ever. you crazy half meat! haha…

    • Strong “Negro” voice?  What century are you living in?  You need to think before you comment.  Or maybe you just like to wind it up?

    •  Gimme a break!!!  They are all bad.  This years contestants out sing most of last years and this includes the winner.

    • U must be a hater. This is the best season in amlong time. U need to clean your ears! Joshua sounds good every week. What planet r u on! HATER!

    • Negro voice…fellow Negro…? You’ve got to be kidding me. That post is in such bad taste that its kind of sad. Wtf…is it the year 1955?

  16. No matter what I’m for Jessica I watch AI bec of her.If you can’t rely on the poll so what’s the use of voting..

  17. Could you imagine if Jessica gets eliminated! American Idol will be so BORING! All the web sites have no comments …omg…. so BORING!

    • No. this the only year i actually like and its not her. it well be the big talk for a while. twice being voted off. it well be a good shocker!

    • “Jessica is definitely an INTERNATIONAL STAR”

      I can’t vote because i don’t live in America but here in Europe evry country have a little Celine, Byonce, Mariah, Whitney ….boring … but Phillip is so unique, fresh, interesting…He is a true artist…

       Phillip  is definitely an INTERNATIONAL STAR.

      • I almost like Phillip except that he can’t sing very well. He is not a true artist, whatever that means. He is an Indie type who is a mediocre version of Dave Matthews. In a way he reminds me of Casey last year except Casey was a real musician.


  18. I read somewhere that American Idol Producers and Telescope work in conjunction to analyze the votes and that the producers can manipulate the voting if for instance a large number of votes are cast in a certain time frame or if an unusually significant amount of votes come from a specific geographical location. This is supposed to correct any unfair advantage gained from what we call “power voting” and also the ability to use automated methods of voting a huge number of times in a short period. 

    My beef is that the producers of this show should not have their hands in the matter of analyzing votes for the purpose of disallowing certain votes. Telescope is perfectly capable of doing that themselves. I am sure this has to do with the Kris Allen controversy some years back if this is indeed true. Also, if true, then it also explains why the vote totals are kept secret which has always been a topic of controversy. 

    All that being said I don’t think that anyone can predict who is going home because American Idol can basically change the vote tally to keep whom ever they want on the show. All they have to do is say that the votes were suspicious so we cast them out. 

    • Yep. They have it listed on the official Idol site that they can disqualify “power votes” both online and via phone/text as they wish. So yes, they manipulate the results, but they’ll never say by how much (ie. only the real voting issues, or as they see fit).

      • Thanks for verifying that Matt. I don’t know where I read it. Most people don’t tend to read the fine print. 

        I think I was reading the transcript of a contestant from a previous season who was quite bitter about being eliminated before the live shows. So I was still questioning whether it was actual fact.

    •  Ya I don’t know about this conspiracy theory but I think they play with the position of the singers.  For example it is well known the first singer is at somewhat of a disadvantage wheras the last singer benefits. (the pimp spot)  Now two weeks ago Hollie was first then last week when she was almost certain to go she was last.  Now last night she was first again.  Jessica is most always near the last or last.  As well joshua is usually near last.  I would of assumed to be fair if you were last you would start at first and work your way up.  This leads me to beleive they do try to manipulat the vote with this.  Also when they crapped on Hollie so bad and jessica almost got gone, the next week they did an about face.  Gotta wonder. I notice now they don’t really criticize anyone much and if they do they disagree some for and some against.  I AGREE  THE VOTE SHOULD BE SHOWN ON RESULT NIGHTS OR AT THE VERY  LEAST BE AVAILABLE AT THE END OF THE COMPETITION.

      • Jessica has never gotten the last spot! And that is totally unfair because all the other contestants have gotten the pimp spot.

  19. I’ve said it before, they were all good last night but to the people who are saying that P2 always sounds the same…are you listening to Joshua?  Its the same every song…..starts out ok and than screams the ending and the judges give him a standing O…….Seriously……are they nuts…….I hear pitch problems with Joshua but they never address that issue……….I think he is in danger of going home tonight and if he does its the judges fault……too much pimping.

  20. Phillip is the only one who isn’t boring me to the point of turning the station. I agree his second song wasn’t his best, but, Skylar sang through her noise as usual and it’s getting bad to hear. Jessica’s first song wasn’t good. and the rest were so so. I didn’t like anything but Phillip’s first song. I did vote the two hours for him. I know a winner when I hear one. He brings soemthing new earch week the rest don’t.  

  21. Agree with Phylliss 100% —  how can the judges be so biased to support Joshua, when his voice is so strained and unnatural.  Randy “best voice ever in Idol history?”  WTF.  

    I don’t think anyone sounded good compared to previous Idol winners.   There is no obvious winner, because there is no one with an outstanding voice.  Worst Idol year ever.

  22. I’m expecting Phillip to go home tonight. He is a true artist, fresh sounding, and very hip. He is my fav and his quality far exceeds winning AI, it would be the kiss of death for him. Cool people and cool music don’t win AI, it just isn’t done that way. If you are Phillip’s fans, you understand what I am saying.

    The only thing that really bothers me is that flaming screaming Joshua will still be around to annoy me and my pets.

    When Phillip goes, watch out, the dynamics are going to change. Phillip’s fans will not support Joshua or Jess under any circumstance, it’s just not compatible with their musical likings. That’s leaves Hollie & Skylar to the spoils of Phillips’ fans’ votes and that it seems like they should likely be the finalists. However, there is still this issue of judges/producer interference.

    I believe 100% that the show is rigged one way or another in such a way that the ultimate wishes of the judges/producers prevail. It will be played up that most of Phillip’s fans leave (80%) the show and what’s left get split evenly all over the rest of the remainders. This allows the judges/producers  the wiggle room to move Joshua & Jess to the finals, which is what they want.

    I believe the Joshua love is fake….and only served the purpose to place an opponent against Jess that she can easily defeat to win AI. They wanted a girl from the beginning of the season and one way or another, they will get it.

    The only twist to this, is if Joshua would agree to a sex change operation, which isn’t out of the question. Now if Phillip doesn’t go home tonight…the judges/producers manipulations will become quite tricky and will be interesting to see what they do.

    If the show isn’t rigged/controlled by judges/producers….then any of them could be packing

  23. Jessica Sanchez is handily winning our poll here, but when America voted her out earlier this season it proved that we can’t rely on her status here to reliably predict the show’s results. All the same, I don’t think this is her week to go and she can thank her fellow Top 5 finalists on American Idol.  NO OFFENSE, but so many times i always read this to ur post since jessica was eliminated and saved. anyways, im just wondering.

  24. Based on performance last night, Hollie should not go home. I hope she pulls it out. I think Phillip should probably go – his second song just wasn’t that great. He couldn’t hit the high notes and sounded so strained. I love him – have since the start, but that just wasn’t good. I think the bottom could be Phillip, Jessica and Jessica. If DialIdol holds any power anymore, that’s the way it looks like it’ll play out. We shall see – I’m nervous!

  25. I smell conspiracy at the fact that P2’s gf was revealed last night. Girls will gone brokenheart and not voting for him. Poor guy

  26. Does anyone remember at what point last year they stopped having the “bottom 3”?  With just 5 remaining, I am wondering whether there will be a “bottom 2” or if they will just go one by one and tell them whether they are safe or “they’ll get back to them”…I have a vague recollection they did that last year w/Scotty–he wasn’t in the bottom anything, but left him hanging so there would be some suspense.  Wasn’t it around final 5?

  27. Be prepared… if your favorite is going home, don’t get too upset !!!

    Anyone can go tonight !!! No one is safe !!!

  28. joshua will say good by tonight. jessica get ready next week will be your turn to say good by. final two—-skylar and hollie…  UNLESS voting is rigged. all this show needs ???????????

  29. I think Joshua, Jessica and Hollie are the three top and I think Skylar will go come tonight.  Phillip needs to do more songs that agree with him instead of making him look constipated.  I wish and hope that Joshua is one of the top 2 left in the finale.  He did a great job on his part of the song – You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.

  30. next week ,,lm gonna have to buy some ropes  so l can tie the 3 judges to their seats so  they can’t stand up for  joshua,,,,l think  his gay,,,what do you think  people?

    • paul rey ,you make my day your brilliant,i’m thingking the same way but i’m not gonna used rope rather i’m using chain .he..he.. he…

  31. Bottom 3: Josh, Hollie, Skylar 
    going home: could be either three 😐 , although I pray it’s not Skylar or Hollie! 🙂

  32. I still think Colton should have won!!!!  I don’t really like anybody else….

  33. Wouldn’t that be the coolest shock of a surprise if they brought Colton back!!!!

  34. did you forget David Cook? he did his own thing just like Phillips, and he won.

  35. as much as i like phillip he should go home really couldnt     hit the high notrd

  36. I graded Hollie as best for the week, Phillip 2nd, Skylar and Joshua tied for 3rd, with Jessica last. As for the Elimination, I think Hollie loses because everyone else has a fanbase that power votes. 

    • It would not be a “super shocker” if Hollie or Skylar left, as they have been in the bottom 3 more than once each.  Even though Jessica has been previously eliminated, it would still be a shocker, but not a “super” one, I think.  So, Joshua, who has had non-stop SOs from the judges, or Phillip, who has never seen the bottom 3 stools…hmmm…I don’t know.  Would prefer Joshua departs, but this poll and DialIdol seem to suggest it’s Phillip’s time to go.  

      • Oh. well, I didn’t see any tweets from Nigel about tonight’s elimination.
        or did I just missed it? :))

    • The only shock left is Phillip or possibly Joshua.  All of the girls have been in bottom 3 or eliminated and brought back.

  37. Jessica was as shallow as ever with the musical ability of a two bit lap dancer, shame on your dress sense you give teenagers a bad name!

      • No no no no.  When it comes to singing, I give Hollie the edge.  On fashion, Hollie runs away with it.  Her dress was fab last night, plus she can walk in heels unlike others we saw last night.  She’s had a couple more yrs of practice.  Jessica ur day may come, but it isn’t now.

    • You are so right! We wonder why the young girls are sluts today, it because that’s all they see on reality shows. Her father should be ashamed for letting his little girl pimp herself like a common whire

  38. If everyone else feels like I do then it will be Jessica….I just can’t get into that girl for some reason.  She reminds me too much of PIA…..beautiful voice and that’s it.

    • I thought Pia could sing well and she looked like a star, unlike Sanchez.  But, they speculate that is one of the reasons she got kicked off…people thought she could do it on her own.  But as it turns out, Pia got her shot from Jimmie and she’s no superstar…nor will Sanchez be.  I’m with ya Joy.

  39. It’s always rather refreshing to read your thoughts on all of this Matthew; “in a perfect world ” for me – it would be either Phillip or Joshua going home tonight. I’m getting a little bit tired of both of them.

  40. Phillip has the most talent of anyone on the stage and the most potential.  If he goes home tonight, people do not  know how to vote.

  41. Crossing my fingers & hoping Joshua goes home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it will probably be Skylar unfortunately!

  42. Skylar! She’s a country fair performer, won’t click with international or american audience.

    • Aiye,
      I liked Colton too, but he’s gone. But he will be back in a nice “praise Jesus” christian rock album that you and I can both buy 🙂

  43. Skylar is the absolute worse! then Philip is right after her! I’d like to see Hollie and Jessica in the finale with The best being Jessica winning it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    all your morons out there who keep saying jessica sucks……….YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jessica is by far the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Skylar is by far the worse!!!!!!!!!!  Skylar is out tonight!!!!!!!!!! 

    •  I don’t know anyone who says Jess sucks. You are the only one who has brought up sucking….hmmmmmmmmm

  44. I hate to say this, but Skylar might be going home tonight. It would be pretty surprising, but I really want Jessica to be in the finale! If Hollie doesn’t end in the bottom 3 tonight, I wouldn’t be too surprised as she did pretty well last night, at least in my opopinion.

  45. Not a Jessica fan but I think that she is getting votes because she has a bit of the Whitney thing going. Hollie has a great voice technically but zero stage presence. Not sure who I want to go home this week …

    •  Great voice technically? Try listening to all her songs over and over again. She had several
      flats or sharps in each of her songs. Her 1st song last night doesn’t
      deserve a standing O cause she had several flat notes esp. when she hits
      the low notes. And she looks stiff when she performs.

  46. It will be between Hollie and Phillip!! Even though Hollie had a breakthrough performance!! They are both very talented and will go on tour with them and get record deals!!

  47. All 5 are fantastic in their own way. People will buy their records and go to their concerts. I personally would buy Hollie’s music before the rest. I think Skylar is going home tonight. 

  48. I am disgusted with the conduct of all three judges!  Steven: Stating that Joshua is one of the best idol singers ever.  And Jennifer: Joshua is one of the greatest singers to arrive in the past 50 years.  Are you kidding me!  What a crock! Jessica deserves lots of praise for her performances.  But only because she is 16 years old.  None of the 3 aforementioned idol contestants could carry the water for  Kelly, Carrie, Clay, and a host of other winners or runners-up.  This is a fine crop of contestants this year, but none compare to the idol all-time greats.  John S.   

    •  Yes, too bad we can’t send Joshua home, can you image the look on their faces. But not going to happen,  they are in control of things and it won’t happen.

  49. I think it is Jessica or Philip, they both put me to sleep last night.  Jessica can sing, I just do not think she is ready (mature) enough for prime time!  Let her finish H.S. and get more stage presence.  She hasn’t lived life enough to really make me believe what she is singing.  Philip reminds me more of a artsy, coffee house singer/small bar venue.

    •  “An artsy, coffee house singer/small bar venue.”
      Like those hole in the wall places where you find the most original and coolest music. Also some of the wildest times of your life. Yeah the best! I hope Phillip is going home soon so AI doesn’t destroy that in him and then he makes some really cool albums of his stuff so I can buy and listen to them without any Hippity hop, rap, diva music in the way. lol.
      So who do you think should win AI, you didn’t say?

  50. Performances wise….
    The TOP2 is: Jessica and Hollie
    The middle 2: Skylar and Joshua
    The WORST: Phillip

    I really hope in the bottom 2 tonight there will be none of the girls…
    Hollie made it so hard for me to not put her in the bottom 2…but she was so good last night!!!
    Philip is the only singer I am realllllly bored from…he is just singing everytime the same way….
    Joshua is just not my favorite on the show, I dont like his screaming.
    Skylar had two great performances, I really like her and I think America does too.
    Jessica should stay with R&B and ballads, when she does that she sounds amazing!!!!

  51. Jessica or Philip.  Jessica can sing, just doesn’t have the maturity to pull off the meaning of the songs.  She needs to finish H.S. and live a little bit.  Not ready for primetime.  Philip is more of an Art House/Coffee House/small venue type of guy.  I am not buying either of these two.

    • geez she’s only 16 yrs old and that being said, she still delivered her songs fantastically what more when she reached her maturity (as you say). Fact is, tons of people likes her and appreciates her talent including me and my family & she’ll have our 100% votes until this season is over 🙂 we love Hollie too

  52. Hollie gonna win ’cause she’s got a beautiful voice and she’s so freakin’ cute!

      •  Just because she’s what American??? She was not even born in the US and is color an issue here? Define class? You sound too Filipino for me. Another epic example of crab mentality.

      • Define Class? Define beauty? but thank goodness that there’s tons of people who appreciates beauty not only from ditzy blondes 😉

    •  Hollie is just a pretty face. Try listening to all her songs over and over again. She had several flats or sharps in each of her songs. Her 1st song last night doesn’t deserve a standing O cause she had several flat notes esp. when she hits the low notes. And she looks stiff when she performs.

    • Wow, give a little love to a cute white girl and look at the hate that it brings out. Look in the mirror people!

  53. Hope it’s Joshua, a remake of Otis Redding. Yep, I liked Otis, but that was 40 years ago!  Nice voice, but too outdated.
    I’d also be happy with Jessica leaving but that’s doubtful.

    •  No way is Joshua’s voice anywhere near as rich and full as Otis Reddings. Joshua’s voice is strained, scratchy, and he just screams. Don’t insult Otis like that

  54. I think it’s time for Phillip Phillips to go home tonight.  The judges gave him more credit than he deserved. He wasn’t all that good, not really!:-)

  55. It will be impossible for Jessica NOT to win!! Only the deaf and the brain dead would think anyone else would win.  Hopefully a new Whitney can continue to warm our hearts….

    • The old Whitney put me and most people I know to sleep and nearly no one had bought her albums in over 10 years. Jess is the same

      Sanchezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………the natural sleep aid!

      • Again, another irresponsible immature comment without the basis of facts. Just wasting my time to put some sense to another seemingly fast growing characteristic of today’s Filipino youth…. CRAB MENTALITY!

      • Just 1 of those people who doesn’t know better. You simply can’t stand the fact that there’s tons of people who appreciates Jessica’s talent. Geez leave these people alone, be mature and simple admire your fav

    • Winner is decided by votes and not by the ability of the contestants to belt it out and hit the note. At this stage of the competition, it’s no longer a singing competition but a popularity contest.

  56. Let me put it this way:

    I don’t care if PP gets eliminated. I found myself fast-forwarding his performances, because they ALL SOUND PRETTY SAME.
    And I know he’s a VFTW’s pick, and as much as I like VTFW, I don’t care about him at all.

    I don’t care if JSanchez goes home too. I’m not a big fan,  though I gotta admit she has some pipes, and if we were in the 80’s, maybe she could have be as popular as Donna Summer. If she’s that huge as judges think she is she’s gonna make it on her own despite of elimination. Besides, that fake elimination was so fake, that I thought my eyes will bleed. Every freaking recap of every website suggested that it was fake. Made many people hate Jessica (also because of her crazy fans), even though it was not her fault.

    Same goes for Joshua. Great singer, great performer and unlike Sanchez I actually like him. But really Jennifer?? one of the best in 50 years???!!! How many standing ovations did he have? Like 20? Overrated!!! Next.

    I really don’t have anything bad to write about Skylar, because; a) I’m a big  fan of hers (and I don’t even like country), and b) She had very strong and flawless performances. Could have chosen songs more carefully, but hey… After JSan’s “Bohemian rapsody” I am not going to talk about bad song choices.

    I like Hollie. She’s likeable and sweet. Two excelent performances yesterday. But all she did the entire season was trying to sing, to impress instead of just singing. That’s where she loses to Jessica big time. But I’d like hear more from her.

    Bottom line, I hope PP goes home. I hope Skylar will stay.

    • Bottom line, I hope you’ll be more logical and rational with your comments. Pulling other contestants down just to push your bet would hurt your Skylar.

      •  I’m not pulling anyone down, clearly don’t posess that kind of power. Just writing my IMHOs. I could be more logical and rational, but that would take me about 4 pages each contestant. So bottom line, clearly all of them are talented, but at the end I stand by my personal taste and intuition.

  57. I think philips time of the season was crap! not a patch on the original from the zombies! philip is good at gurning tho, as if he is siting on the toilet forcing one out. 1 trick pony me thinks. I agree Skyler and Jessica are the ones who get it

  58. I think Hollie will be eliminated tonight..Jessica is still my protege to bring home the bacon… Whatever, good luck to all of you…God bless!

  59. One thing is for certain, ALL of the remaining 5 have a long career ahead of them.  The unfortunate thing is that at this point, you either stand out or you end up going home.  Last night I think that there was only one that did not stand out and unfortunately that one was Phillip.

  60. i am hoping that Jessica will still be in the final 4 since i am a pilipino!!! but this is a contest and someone has to go. 

    • This is out of the topic but I would like to correct it anyway.
      Sir with due respect, I would like to correct you on the use of  the word “Pilipino”:Pilipino – refers to the language (Philippine’s National Language)
      Filipino – refers to the people (also citizenship)


  61. jessica should be in the final four since i am a pilipino!!! this is a singing show so someone will go your guess is as good as mine. 

  62. Phillip is most definitely not “boring”
    However, I know he may not be the best on here, he still has a really good chance.
    And he will definitely get a record deal.
    Yes, girls may just be voting for Phillip because he’s cute but if you really listen to him his voice is awesome. It’s unusual. Skylar is a typical country girl. Although, I love her too.
    Personally, I don’t like Jessica. All her songs sound the same. It’s like ballad after ballad and her voice always shakes.
    So, Go Phillip 🙂

    • So you were saying that Philip’s song or the way he sings it doesn’t sounds the same? Why pick Jessica if all of them actually sounds the same. Joshua with his screaming at the end, Skylar with her country twang, Hollie and her belting, Philip with his growling. Yup, it’s easy to pick up on Jessica. Poor girl.

      • I think she is doing that for effect.  Like when she did her Whitney impersonation.   Hollie doesn’t need 2 hear, she already knows.

    • Listen again to Philips voice…slow or fast…SAME CONSTIPATED VOICE…have ur ears checked for a start….

  63. PP might be in trouble tonight. I think he has the most unique voice in the competition. The girls are good singers but I personally wouldn’t buy an album that consists of ballads…….boring.

  64. The extent to which the judges keep shamelssly promoting Phillip and Skylar is disgusting and an obvious effort to manipulate the voting!  Phillip’s odd facial things and very off falsetto notes creep me out.  Everything Skylar does sounds the same to me; void of dynamics; no color, just same volume throughout, lacking expression and her manic jumping around makes me motion sick.  My favorite is Hollie: We had a wonderful opportunity to compare the quality of her voice to the other girls in the trio, and she makes Jessica sound ok, but Skylar too nasal and nearly “screamy”.  Phillip and Skylar should be next to go.

    • Really makes jessica sound ok you must be deaf… jessica blew her away on the trio and has been wayyyyy more consistent then hollie through this whole competition

  65. The bottom three Jessica, Skylar and Phillip.  I think Jessica Or Phillip going home

  66. How I judge someone vocally is quite simple: I determine whether or not I could listen to that person’s CD for an hour.

    Skyler:  I just can’t get into listening to her for more than 5 minutes.
    Phillip: I think he’s got talent and I’m more-than-confient he’ll get some kind of a recording contact.
    Jessica: I could listen to her voice for a FEW hours at a time.
    Holly: I think she’s pretty good and she’s got some potential down the road a bit.
    Joshua: I think he’s a phenomenal talent and leaves everyone else in the dust.

    If America were to vote based on vocal talent alone, Joshua would walk away with the grand prize. Unfortunately though, America doesn’t vote that way — it seems to be based more on looks and personality, and that’s sad since this is a VOCAL TALENT show.

    • If that were the case it would be on the radio, We are voting for the whole package. How will they performance in concerts, are they a good rolemodel, do we connect with them, and finally can they sing.

    • Music is a matter of taste, I personally do not enjoy listening to Joshua.  He belongs in a gospel choir.   I vote for the whole package.  If I won’t purchase their music, no vote and I would not purchase Joshua’s music.  As I said, all a matter of taste.

    • America likes a screaming quacking squawking squealing mouth? His physicality is fine for me…his voice…no…it’s a nuisance.

    • Dude I can record my cats and dogs screaming if you like listening to Phillip so much, but they are a bit better than him

  67. Phillip is my favorite, but from what I am hearing on the radio and websites like dial ido and zabba search, Phillip is going home tonight.  He is the one that I can’t wait to see on performance night.    He had all the teen girl votes;  Ryan messed that up for him last night introducing his girlfriend.

    • Simon said Kris Allen blew it by letting the girls know he was married, and he went on to win.  With that being said, they want a girl to win so bad this year, they faked an elimination for a big moment knowing they had the save, come on..Phillip shouldn’t go, he’s the only non-teeny bopper, but I guess we’ll see.

    • Zaba Search predicted that Hollie Cavanagh was going home at the top 9, top 8, top 7 and top 6 stages and has her in danger this week, despite her higher ratings elsewhere.

      I don’t find their rankings very reliable, based on what I have read today.   

  68. Last night Phillip was having trouble with his equipment on stage I recall seeing him take that ear thing out. I heard the song today with his equipment working like it was suppose to and he was Great. It would be so wrong for him to be sent home. The judges knew he was having trouble but never said a word.

  69. I gree Imfletch The judges have always had it out Hollie I would love to see her win.

  70. I freely admit that Phillip might go home tonight, but he is my favorite and I hope he sticks around.  If he doesn’t that is ok to–I get my Wednesday’s back!!  But after listening to the studion edition of ‘Seasons’ something definitely went wrong technically during his performance–because he had no trouble with the high notes on this or the ‘The Stone’ performance last week–both versions are amazing.  Here is hoping you stick around Phil–but if you don’t you have given me a lot of music to listen to while I am waiting on your album.  Good luck to you.

  71. Am all for team Jessica I voted for her 150 times … All others just need to go home because its a well known fact that team Jessica is the winner…

    • You think she is so pathetic u have 2 vote 150 times.  So this is how they win, fanatical fans.  So sad and unfair.

  72. Time for Phillip to go.  He is different, but really not all that good.  He struggles so much.  Looks like he is taking a crap in the middle of every song.  Skylar offers nothing new.  Each week it’s the same thing with her.  Those two spell boring and I see either one of them hitting the highway tonight.

    • Go brush your teeth with some Crest dad, you can’t mention boring without putting Jess at the top of the list

  73. Jessica is the best! No any if them is versatile coz thet have their own thing they have their own genre of music.what
    Atter is their quality of voice.

      • I agree. I don’t know about you guys but skylar really can’t hit those notes! Jess,josh and Hollie all sound amazing when they go high but skylar hurts my ears. Anyways I wan P2 to go home tonight

  74. While I think Jessica has a great voice, I can’t help but feel she kinda has a big head! I mean we already have a Beyonce….GO IMITATE someone else! Did you see her strut around after “Proud Mary”? Who needs that? The AI winner needs to be likeable and well rounded. I thought Hollie did an amazing job. Rany is right. She is peaking at the right time. I’m kinda hoping she is not in the bottom tonight!!!

    • It would have been SO GREAT if her wig flew off like in her youtube last wk on TMZ.  Timing is everything, Hysterical!!

    • Hollie looks so tense and amateur when she performs….no stage presence…no appeal…no voice control….just a Barbie opening her mouth the widest capacity drops them when she runs out of air and choke….she has a voice to start with, but she needs a lot of training to be at par with the other finalists…she can’t even parallel THE NOSE for now.

    •  …don’t you worry…she will be again as usual and deservedly so!  just because jessica’s talent is wayyyyyyyy above what hollie will ever accomplish doesn’t mean she has a big head….. may i ask how you know that?  have you hang out with her lately???? omg…..that’s an imbecilic comment if there was one!!!   holly is talentless…..if there’s anybody that tries to imitate (Celine) with poor results….that’s hollie!

      • He should go JUST because of the judges constant worthless standard ovations.  Part of the American Idol drinking game.  Voters did the same thing to Jessica when the judges were pimping her.  

  75. I am not a teen girl, I am older male-  a music fan- and Phil has been my pick from the beginning and has never disappointed…do all the other 4 singers have a better voice range than Phil- yes, but they are not better artists, Phil is a musician- not boring in the least — it’s the whole package folks not just the voice (another show for that) this is about someone who can sell albums and be an artist not a karaoke singer– and Phillip can do that- should he win- or will he win, probably not- but I guarantee you he will be one of the best selling artists of this season–

    • The past 3 idols we have WGWG winners but none of them really could claim a blockbuster success. I like Phillip and would like him to win too. But I think the winning streak for WGWG will end this season. Let’s just support Phillip’s album once released.

      • It’s not like the girls have done that much better.  Carrie, Kelly and Hudson.  There are others who have had a small success, but that is true for the guys too.  This WGWG bs annoys me.  It makes it seem like a girl HAS to win to break some silly streak.  Reality shows are out of hand right now, and AI 2012 pales in comparison to the early years when there was no save..and JHud still became successful, not as much internetting, etc.    Oh well, it is what it is, take it or leave it, and leave it I sure will if P2 leaves tonight.

    • He is boring!!!i tried listening to all his songs…they sounded the same…phlegmatically gritting technique. He eats the words and spit them out like enormous puke. It is not at all pleasing to the ears. For once, yeah, but repeatedly, he is totally boring…fast or slow he sounds the same…..TRY PLAYING HIS SONGS AGAIN. Much so look at his face when singing…HE LOOKS THE SAME….CONSTIPATED.

    • rely he got the whole package?  
      do you think that his voice can even get in billboard top 200? almost 5 years now… who have a  looks always winning this competition..  pls give a chance to the 2 girls with a great voice… so that we can called AI as a singing competition…

    • Dude, he sucks. I get so bored that when it’s his turn to sing I change the channel. I hope he goes home tonight

    • Its now Saturday and all America has known for two days that those who predicted Phillip would go have been proved wrong again and we in the UK have known since yesterday, morning in my case because I cheated and checked it online before the programme viewed.

      The thing about Phillip, something I think as lot of people fail to realise is that he has different types of fan bases, I think a lot of older viewers like myself like him because his music is original, maybe this is a strange thing to say after calling it original but it also takes us back to when bands were original, when you didn’t have to have a brilliant voice to succeed. Paul Weller hasn’t got a great voice but The Jam were phenomenal in the UK, it wasn’t all about who could reach the highest note and do loads of voice aerobics, it was about the song, the words and the way they were presented.

      He also attracts the young female voter too because even at my ancient age I have to say he’s pretty hot to look at as was Colton and I expect he sucked up most of Colton’s young fans when he sadly got booted off.

      As for the others I was sorry Skylar  went, though not a country fan at all I did like her, I like Holly too and think her underrated, I don’t like Jessica at all, when interviewed she always seems so false and at the age of sixteen she’s not been alive long enough to give a song true meaning, not in the genre she sings anyway. I don’t like Joshua, I have to turn the sound down when he sings as his aerobics nearly burst my eardrums and there’s me thinking music is supposed to give you a feeling of well being.

  76. Phillip is the only true artist!! Hollie should have been gone WEEKS ago!!!!!

    • Your wrong. Hollie will be in for many more weeks while I hope that pp goes out tonight. He sucks. He only gets vote cuz he’s hot. Only I really don’t think he’s hot. Colton has the looks. Boo pp

  77. I feel P2 should go, after his performance last night.  You could tell it was very difficult for him to hit the high notes, yes, it showed on his facial expression.  The only reason he’s still around is because of his looks, because we know voters don’t vote for the best singer.  This is a popularity contest!

  78. p2 is only winning because of the vote of the teens and gays.. who don’t know about   good voice they only rely on the looks…
    im i right?  

  79. If the voting went according to performances and not whether the person is “cute” or “bouncy” then, based on last nights two performances, I would rank Hollie, Joshua and Jessica as safe.

    Hollie gave two excellent performances, as did Joshua, except for the 10-second manic piece at the end of song #2 and, while Jessica did nothing for me with Proud Mary, she was excellent with You Are So Beautiful.

    Skylar was ok but I really felt she chose the wrong songs and, if Jackson is going to compare Jessica with Tina Turner, how about comparing Skylar with Dusty Springfield.

    Phillip, as we are constantly reminded by the “judges,” is Phillip but I honestly think he has been the weakest for at least the past 2 weeks and I would not be surprised if he is in the bottom 2 tonight.

    If Hollie goes, it will be a travesty but we all know that the voting system AI allows is crazy when one person can vote 700 times, using 2 PC’s and the phone, as one person claimed today.

    We’ll find out in about 2-hours so good luck to each of the remaining 5 because whoever goes home tonight, all will have great futures. With Phillip being the “old man” of the group at 21, the average age of the final 5 is 18½ so we have some great, young talent in this group. 

    Off topic a bit, did anyone hear Juliet Simms sing “It’s A Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” on the Voice. That was a performance to remember.           

    •  huh?  hollie needs to go…..she’s  lucky to have survived the bottom of the barrel all these weeks….. hollie’s talent is “high school” musical at best.  pitchy, out of tune, always sharp or flat!  she needs to go!!!!

  80. win or lose jessica, i will always believe in your talent..all of the top 5 are talented but if you go home tonight then American idol season 11 is also over for me..i just watch because of you performing out there..nothing more nothing you jess!!!

  81. Unless the country vote really got out last night I think it might be Skyar going home.  I don’t agree she should be the one but it wouldn’t be the worst thing for her to go. The same for Phillip.  I believe those are the only 2 who will sell records. Gospel albums don’t sell, thats a fact, no matter how good you are. Ballad singers are a thing of the past and neither Hollie nor Jessica, although talented singers really have an “it” factor to make it in the pop world.  That being said I don’t think it matters who wins at this point. it would probably mean more to JS and Hollie but I think they would have short careers.

    •  LOL….are you kidding me?  short careers?  ballads are the thing of the past?  jessica is not just a balladeer deer!!! lol…. check the views on youtube and tell me that millions of views on jessica which amounts to more than all the other contestants since day one of season 11 combined will have a short career…. well, i wanna know what you’re smoking dude!

      • I stand by this. Time will tell but I’ll be right.  As far as what I’m smoking… can’t find any good stuff.

    • i think Skylar should go home she’s very Diana de Garmo and a lot of female singers in the competition, no uniqueness she can’t sustain a long note and do the yeahhh yeahhh thing to cut off the note a safe thing to every singer

  82. i think that skylar should win, joshua is good to and hollie, but phillip should leave and jessica has built herself up so high that she is going to fall. 

  83. My rankings
    1:Hollie cavagh
    2:Joshua ledet
    3:Jessica Sanchez
    4:skylar laine
    5:Phillip phillips

  84. if jessica voted out, i will stop watching american idol season 11.. the remaining contestants not my type… hahhahaha

  85. I think Hollie should go home tonight. Last night my husband and I didn’t like her performance.

    • i agree,  i would say that’s their no uniqueness on the voice of Hollie she always holding back and can’t sustain a long note, on the trio she  did a falsetto but came out weak, it’s always a roller coaster performance no consistency.

  86. hollie needs to go home already, shes been at the bottom 3 for numerous of weeks already.. Josh always gets standing novations from the judges which saves him from being eliminated.. i think josh is not an idol.. therefore he should go home also.. phillip is what people are into now a days. that voice he has and the genre and originallity will get him to stay, hopefully. jessica and skylar can both sing but its something that we hear everyday. nothing new.. boring.!

  87. people can always provide their opinions on who will win… especially if on the basis of talent, they will say it’s going to be a Joshua and Jessica showdown… but this is all a question of votes… this is not a singing competition in the real sense, i.e., a talent search, but a popularity contest, and based on the trends so far, no one is safe from elimination…

  88. Jessica has a fabulous voice but not a fav;  She is strange after she sings

  89. Its late for hollie to catching up… Fans has thier own chioce goodbye hollie….

  90. Hollie did the best…even in the girls trio song.

    Love  P2, but I’d say that was his worst week.

    It all comes down to their fan base.

  91. Jess is the best singer ever, she took you to another world  last night night performance..Jess and Josh will be in top 2

  92. send hollie packing! she should’ve been gone a long time ago! why don’t they show the real votes to the public so that we could really tell who’s really in the bottom? always in the bottom 3 but never voted off! who’s playing?!

  93. Joshua is sooo full of himself, why he hasn’t come out yet, he’s in love with himself and it sure showed in his safe announcements

  94. there is a discrimination in AMERICAN IDOL! no asians allowed even though they were born and raised in the US having US citizenship!!!! only certified white, blonde american!!

    • I have to agree to… No asians & hispanics have ever been in the top 5 up until this year w/ Jessica.. 

      • Jasmine Trias on Season 3 of American Idol. Born and raised in Hawaii from Filipino parents placed 3rd behind Fantasia Barrino (1st) and Diane DeGarmo (2nd) 

  95. Skylar SHOULD make the finale even if it doesn’t happen that way.  Hollie or Jessica should be the other one I would say.  It’s time for an all girl finale and I don’t think Phillip or Joshua should make it that far anyways.

  96. josh has had this won hands down since the beginning of the season…elise should have been runner up with Jessica and colton should still be in the running….Steven Tyler is the sexiest man alive!!!!!!!!!! Love love love this man!!!!!!! Weeeeeeeee

    • Could not agree more and Hollie should have been gone a very long time ago.  I don’t care how much everyone loves her; she’s a talentless little twit with a speech impediment, GET RID OF HER!

  97. Not sure about all of this blah, blah, blah comments.  All I want to know is, can the Philippines vote on American Idol?  If so, then you might as well crown Jessica now because if there is one thing Filipinos do, it is to rally around anyone they perceive (sometimes blindly) to be a winner, ie. Pacquio, Ferdinand Marcos and Imelda Marcos, etc.   I’m pretty sure that they can’t but now I’m not sure what with all of the Filipino postings I have been reading lately, some of which are not too flattering.

    • No they can’t.. You can only vote inside the states. Btw, Philippines have their own version of Idol…  Although I’m not pinoy, I have to call you out on this…. ARE YOU RACIST TOWARDS FILIPINOS? 

      • You’re wrong, Pinoys outside of the country are using anonymous proxy servers in the US to power vote for Jess, I know for a fact, they have posted web pages to explain how to do it and I have the technical background enough to tell you the instructions would allow anyone, anywhere to vote for Jess if the wanted to, via Internet or VoIP.

      • That I wasn’t aware of. Is it wrong? umm, yea. Do I blame them? umm no. For some reason a lot of people don’t want to see a non white person to win. Asian/ Mexican American, is Amercian… HATERS ARE GONNA HATE! But wtf is the big deal of having an Asian as a American Idol winner? Talent is talent. And she has it… Check her resume bro. 

  98. Hollie is not deserving to stay anymore… she should be out from the past eliminations!!!

  99. Skylar will probably go home tonight, even tho she was the only one with entertainment ability on the stage….she is way too young to have earned a crooked foot from entertaining, huh Steven???!!!! My handsome honey bee!!!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeee

  100. You can do it jessica.. We will pray for you to win ..From philippines with love …Joseph C. Kabiling

  101. It just goes to show, it is not about the singing, it is a popularity contest. No way was Phillip better than Hollie or Skylar. And based on last night, neither was Jessica. Oh Well, remember Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson lost the popularity contest too. Another waste of time, remember the Next American Idols, R. Studdard , and who could forget the one and only Taylor Hicks(now playing at the Holiday Inn down the street… What a waste…,

  102. Ha…jimmy said the same thing I said, Jess was dressed and pimped out like a slut. Where is her father, he needs to control his 16 year old daughter

      • Just be thankful that your beloved philip is still in the running (duh!)! No need to drag jessica’s father here. Com’on!

      •  Bitter…I’ve raised 2 daughters to adulthood and I know what reality TV has done to tell our young ladies they need to be pimped like sluts. They need to their age, not try to be 20 year old something sex pots like Beyonce. I hope you have a daughter some day, then you will understand.  Mothers are way too permissive and it is the fathers place to stand up and put a stop to it if he loves his daughter at all. Otherwise, the father is responsible for letting his daughter be pimped out.

      • Whew! You’re going too far dude! This is just a competition, and what they wear on stage does not reflect what they are as a person, or how they were raised by their parents! This is going wayyyyy toooo far! You need to chill down a little! Let’s try to avoid using words such as “sluts, pimped out, sex pots”…. If you have really raised 2 daughters to adulthood, i think you will make them even prouder by showing the depth of breeding that you have passed on to them! Did you let them grow up hearing you utter these words? Oh by the way, i have a daughter, and i wish her to grow up exactly just like jessica – talented yet humble, unassuming yet a fighter! Peace! 🙂

      • @James who:  u obviously didn’t hear the comments Jimmie and Co. made last night about JS dress and demeanor.  It does make a difference.  You can make pretty music without the bumping and grinding and skin tight short dresses.  Even JLo said middle America (us) may be turned off by this exploitation.  I have almost 4 yr twin girls and want them to grow up as ladies.  So far, so good!!! 

    • if Jessica was dressed and pimped out like a slut.. AI should fire their fashion consultant… they’re the ones suggesting and doing the contestants wardrobes… lolz…………….. too much hate from u James!!

  103. the fact is i can guarantee that skylar has a better music career than jessica sanchez…and i am not a big fan of country music at all.. 

    • Big – Really??? Even if jessica sanchez already has akon waiting for her??? You must be a HUGE FAN of jessica (#sarcasm) for you to make such a prediction! Oh well jessica is in the top 4, and skylar is out! You can sourgrape all you want, but the sooner you deal with it, the better! 🙂

    • I can guarantee that Skylar has received substantially less interest in her youtube performances than Jessica’s. If you tranbslate this in to popularity as an artist, Skylar will not be as big as Jessica !

  104. Voting performance only of we’d nite only Philip Phillips should have been on one of the stools, poor performance of both songs IMO of we’d mite only not past performance’s. And Jessica should have the other seat.
    Joshua, Skyler,&Holly should have been safe, I Believe Joshua will walk away with the title this yr.

  105. I am so mad that Skylar went home! She was such a better singer than Hollie and performs much better too! I was shocked, so I hope Hollie goes home next week!

  106. Are u kidding me???!!!! Skylar!!!!! America got it wrong again!!!!!! Jessica should have left!!! They need to put a VOTE limit in place!!

    • Country is overrated… This fan base is tired of it. Therefore, she got booted off =)

  107. The show, American Idol, should be eliminated. It is no longer effective and enjoyable to watch. No wonder Simon left the show. This year has been the worst year with these judges. They have shown, many times,  that they cannot be impartial.

  108. I think Skylar was the best on the show. Jessica is too stiff, she has a voice, but that is all. She is painful to watch. Phillip is not very good and Joshua screams more than sings. Holly is gettin better all the time. Skylar should not have gone home. She will probably be a bigger star than whoever wins now. Just look at Kelly Pickler. She was not the winner her year!

    • I never recall a comment from the judges or mentors or even jimmy which states that “skylar will make it big”. Or did i just miss that one? 🙂

    • Skylar was good at times; but not the best on the show; especially if you look at the number of hits her youtube videos gets; its around 25% of what Jessica’s  is !

  109. born with the brilliant voice…huh!i dont think so that she cant win this competition!..and we know that people! jessica will be the next american idol…! GO GIRL…:)

  110. The real winner tonight was Carrie Underwood.  What a voice, what a song, and what an incredible dress.

    Coldplay too were fantastic though I have to say all that prancing around in the second song reminded me of a chimpanzee.

    Wish the girls would stop wearing those ridiculously high high heels and Skylar would stop with the cowboy boots with a longish dress.

    Holly is peaking at the right moment, but not enough to win.  Jessica deserves to win but who knows, the teenage girls might come through for P2.

  111. those people here who have a lot of bad things to say about jessica are definitely and 100% envy of her oozing amount of talent and vocals. those were the bitches and fags who wish they were Jess. i am watching alot of ANTM and definitely seen alot of envious bitch.lols. Come on admit it,you were all dying to be on her shoes.

    • nuff said..stay away from such comments pls… let Jess haters do d bashing if that suits them… such act from Jess supporters will not help Jess win.. to all JSanchez fans… just keep voting and praise her if u want… stop bashing other contestants nor commentators here.. what happens after AI11 is the true of luck Jessica! ;p

  112. J LO, you get your turn to speak stop interrupting the other judges.  Your opinion is your opinion.  Get a life!

  113. I personally think the votes are tampered with to their liking… We the People have no way to know the actual vote tally..

    • Holly has been peaking at the later stages; which is good for her.
      I prefer Jessica all round though.
      I get tired watching Skylar – my eyes can’t keep up with her on stage.
      Joshua has some good moments, but in my opinion he usually over performs; throws his jacket off etc; screams like he’s being saved by the holy ghost and all that – Less is more appeaking.

  114. I don’t get it???!!!! How does Hollie keep being saved? Sweet girl, nice voice, but not a “star” type. We’ve lost The last 3 people voted off should never have gone. Plus, can’t see what everyone see’s in Philp; he’s so cocky smug grin. Sings okay but no Colton.  
    Can say that since the new judges came on board, we’ve had the most talented performers on the show.  Guess that goes to show that you have to be a performer to choose performers.  Unlike Simon who has never performed, yes he’s picked out some good talent, but he was off the mark more than on.
    Hope these judges stay around for a long time. 
    Went to see last years American Idol tour, it was the 3rd show I’ve been to, it was awesome, did want it to end.  Think the same will be true of this group also.

  115. I feel like I’m typing to the dust…maybe somebody will listen


    IN CASE….

    Imagine this….Jessica Sanchez doing

    Taylor Dane’s “I’ll Always Love You”.

    She’ll blow the roof off the American Idol Stage…really, She will, trust me.

    Don’t believe me…play it an imagine it!  Somebody Please Get this to Her…

    Mom, Where are you!  Help your daughter.

  116. Calm down everyone…I think we all need a rest just like all AI contestant that were supporting.

  117. Just cant understand how Philip Philips stays once again…he should have been gone instead of the last two or three that left the show !!!

    • Because he is the only artist in the competition, mybe he doesnt have the big voice but he is the whole package, something that the rest are missing now with Skyler gone. Jessica has not appeal at all, she has the voice but she is like a robot, Hollie, great voice but not personality, and Joshua, well enought said, too much drama and screaming….

      • Yes I would agree that he is an artist but you can be taught to be an artist – You cant teach vocal ability. Either you have it or you dont! He doesnt have it! We all commenting on how the contestants are either robotic, no personality or too much drama BUT we forget that we are not in there shoes. They are doing the best they can! Stick to your fav and accept it and move on!

  118. jessica will be a great ai champ.  in the finals, a great song “You’l never walk alone” is winnable

  119. Ok, guys, enough of this hype! Lets forget all the happenings of the night whether they are good or bad and greet the new sun with confidence the next week will be the best week of their life!

  120. I don’t get these judges, Jessica is a singer and singer only. She can’t perform for nothing, all she sings are ballads and when she has to do something uptempo then she falls short of breathe and lacks the charisma and persona of a true performer. At best she is another Celine Deon and that’s it. Skylar, Hollie out perform her and Skylar is the best and Hollie has the better voice. OMG! sending Skylar home is a freaking JOKE! Out of the top 5 she is the best of them all! She is a performer extrodanair! If anyone deserved to go home was Jessica! Skylar has it and Jessica doesn’t. I am so pissed! America missed out on the true Idol winner to actually win it! I also blame the judges as they continued to push someone with a good voice but a horrendous performer in Jessica. It is time for the judges to shut their mouths and stop pushing one over the other and let the people decide instead of them swaying the peoples vote. Jessica was supposed to be gone three or four weeks ago she didn’t deserve the save, Colton was the one need to have the save used on. The judges and America got it wrong in regards to Jessica! America really got it wrong with Skylar………………………..BS……….. is what Idol is becoming.

      •  well sailor moon it’s great see that you have a limited vocabulary equal to Jessica’s ability to perform.

    • If Skylar is so good, why is there a problem. She can do her own album, stuff without winning teh title; just like any of the remaining 4. We should enjoy the show, as though it were a shop window, where the display their talents; we laugh, cry and vote along the way. Any that are that good can easily carve a career for themselves. I’m a Jessica fan, though Joshua may win, no problem to me, I’ll still follow Jessica.

  121. The fix is in and it has been for a few weeks. There is only one the judges want to win and you are a fool if you think your votes really count. They decide who will be the winner and not all the voters. Jessica Sanchez was the judges choice and the fix is in. Hope people will realize it but even if they don’t you will get your reward because she will never become a star in any way like many of your previous winners and even some that did not win. Have a great day American Idol. You suck   

  122. Kudos Jessica! Choose powerful songs and you will surely be the AI winner. Go for it!

  123. Skylar Laine got eliminated…. Philip Philips,Joshua Ledet and Skylar Laine was in the bottom 3

  124. Joshua should have been voted off tonight .  They judges over rated him .  He’s a good singer, not a “great” singer as the judges said .  I predict Joshua will follow Skylar next week .

  125. I am a huge fan of Phillip Phillips….that been said, I think he should do “Play that funky music, white boy”..
      On his terms….

    • that would be a cool one, I’d also like it better if he could stretch his neck while he’s singing it.

  126. I am a Filipino and i am rooting for jessica but its going to be between Philip and Joshua in the finals…and it will be Joshua because of his big voice and he can  sing all kinds of songs..with the final performance they will given 3 songs to sing,,so its joshua with a 🙁

    • I hope you don’t mind, but Jessica is by far the best among the remaining AI hopefuls. With regards to Joshua , he is good but he tends to be a torment when he keeps on shouting and screeching all the time.

      • Her version of Tina Turner’s classic was horrible. She should have gone home weeks ago.

  127. I think tha hollie is going next week, And she is My favorite,

    Regards from mexico, Many people see this show And this page 😉

    • of course some people will, its teh way of the world, but the majority will vote based on how the music makes them feel, image etc .

  128. Philip Sand, what programme were you watching Philip never sung She’s Not There, one of my favourite songs of all time, he sung Letters and Time of the Season. If you don’t know what song you’re listening to I don’t believe you’re fit to judge.

    I love Philip, he’s different, he couldn’t give one iota about how he dresses, it’s all about the music. He reminds me of some of our British singers of the past not the screeching rubbish we have now.

    I will be watching the results show tonight in London, knowing already that Philip is safe…AGAIN, he’s never been in danger yet and must have picked up votes form Colton and Elise fans. I can never wait for the results show to check thank goodness for the Internet.

  129. How the hell Phillip Phillips was not in the bottom 2 is beyond me, he is the most boring singer of all time, he stands there with his guitar week after week, singing the same music time after time, I am surprised that the judges especially Randy has not complained that PP leaves the instrument alone, other people have been in passed be told to do sing without their instrument.
    He doesn’t deserve to win and although I have not watched the results if Jessica goes home then its Randy’s fault

  130. I am thoroughly disappointed in the american audience , Jessica or holly should have gone a few weeks ago . Top 3 should have been Joshua. Phillip and Skylar

    • I am thoroughly delighted that Jessica gets the most number of views on her youtube videos; the american audience knows quality, and is pleased that she was saved a few weeks ago. I can’t choose the top3, because it is done by a majority. Win or lose AI – they are all winners at this stage.

  131. For all the PP supporters are either tone deaf or just blind, the man has the worse dressed contestant going,his hair looks like it has never seen a brush or comb, his clothes are more like you’ll find in a pawn shop and his singing is so boring, all his records will do is fill the spaces to make the shelves look full. The man is boring, previous contestants have been told not too close their eyes in fact Stefano was told that last session, so why does PP get away with it?
    Tonight Jessica was lucky,it was a scare for her, she has now got Joshua who is her biggest threat, next is Hollie, as full pp I hope he goes home next week if he performs like Wednesday. Because if he cannot sing without his instrument then he will not make many records and he is not top 20 chart material, maybe top 500  

  132. I have been watching the American Idol since it started and I’m no particular fan of any of them. However, Joshua is the greatest singer I’ve ever heard. The Last song he sang by the Bee Gees was out of this world. Best Song I ever heard and I’m usually extremely critical about stuff. You’ve got to be born with such gift!!!

  133. They really need to dress Jessica like a fashionable teenager..get some ideas from The View..flower prints are in.

  134. For now on, I am logging in with my twitter account “AgapeAgent” because
    I’m tired of the sick person who keeps logging in as James and posting
    crap as me. So if it’s not the twitter account “AgapeAgent” , it’s mot
    me, it’s the sick devil who I will deal with if ever given the chance. I
    suggest other people do the same because I know this sick person is
    posting as other people too.

  135. If this is the best ever on AI, then they need to cancel the show or get new judges, because the judges now have nothing to offer. And the fake assed drama, is so sad, it makes the show more like the gang on J-Shore. You want everybody’s ratings to go up? Take the Voice(top 5), A I(top 5), and X-Factor(top 5), one judge from each show, compete for the best singer in The Showdown. Then the drama will be REAL. And just to keep it real. Keep the Judges away from each other, just judge the talent and performance of each singer. America votes 70%, Judges 30%, and let the chips fall. Week One(5 go), Week Two(4 go), Week Three(3 go), Week Four(1 goes), Week Five( The Final)

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