American Idol 2012 Top 7 Results Show Recap: Elimination Shocker

American Idol 2012 Colton eliminated

For the second week in a row, the American Idol 2012 results show ended in quite the shocker.

It wasn’t Hollie Cavanagh or Elise Testone who ended up heading home at the end of the night, but one of the show’s frontrunners. Before we get there, let’s back up to the beginning.

At the top of the show we get a terrible group number where half the microphones weren’t working and Phillip was watching everyone else to figure out what he should be doing. And if that mess wasn’t enough, we had to sit through an American Idol Ford Music Video.

Ryan starts the results and asks Joshua Ledet and Hollie to join him at the center of the stage. At this point, I thought Hollie did enough the night before to pull herself out of the bottom and Joshua would be taking the first spot in the Bottom 3. Wrong. Hollie is again in the bottom and Joshua is safe.

We get a performance by season 8 winner Kris Allen next and following that some more results.

Ryan pulls Skylar Laine and Elise to center stage, and what’s about to happen is obvious. Elise joins Hollie in the bottom and Skylar is safe.

Next we have to suffer through a performance by LMFAO, which gives us time enough to realize that Phillip Phillips, Colton Dixon or Jessica Sanchez will be joining Elise and Hollie in the Bottom 3.

It’s finally time to find out. Let’s see. It can’t be Jessica again, because the person who gets the judges’ save ALWAYS rides that wave for weeks following. But maybe she broke the streak. Or maybe it’s finally time for Phillip and Colton to start splitting the votes. That female vote has to go to one or the other.

Jessica is sent to safety. So it’s Phllip or Colton… Either would be a shocking, but as the competition thins out, someone has to be in the bottom. It’s Colton. Phillip is sent to safety.

So it’s Colton, Elise or Hollie. Surely it’s Hollie or Elise, I thought. It’s Colton’s first time in the bottom, but Elise and Hollie have both been there more than once. Ryan sends Elise to safety.

So Hollie then. No. It’s Colton. He’s eliminated. And I’ve never seen so much anger in a person’s eyes after being eliminated from this show. Usually it’s sadness, but for Colton is was all anger. And just when I thought America made a mistake, Colton started his swan song and I got it. He was singing to Jesus. And that’s perfectly fine. But when you’re connected only to Jesus and not the audience, you’re going to be in trouble.

This just clearly wasn’t the right competition for Colton. He’ll be a very successful contemporary Christian artist, I’m sure.

What did you think of the results? Did America get it right?




  1. America deffantly got it wrong this week should of been Hollie and I thought the LMFAO peformance was really good

    •  LMFAO was obviously a group made up of a number of people who were let through to the audition stage of American Idol so that everyone could make fun of them.  Utter joke. Hollie, and Colton, are wonderful.

    • All of them can sing. But someone will have to go. I hope people not blaming on Jessica. She is a great singer that’s why they use their power.. I hope everyone of us knows this show has only 1 save power and the judges decide who they want to save. People please stop being racist. Let’s vote who is the best on this competition!

      • No way I’m voting for either a Nip or a Nig; but i’d vote for a dead Nig before I’d vote for a Nip. BTW, American used to own you Pinoys…lol.

      • You pushy Pinoys are the racists and causing the racial backlash, that how u get your way

      • @e8c0556bde2ed4405a4e2519ec4924a9:disqus , fighting racist with a racist comment will make you worst than a racist.. and btw i think ur filipino too coz americans dont call filipino pinoys…  just enjoy the show and vote for your idol and stop the racist comment… ty @_@

      • Why does the racist card have to be thrown around?  I have friends of almost every race and I can’t stand Jessica.  To me, she comes across as cold and unfeeling.  I think I’ve said it before but I have never connected with even one of her performances, but that’s just me.  Sometimes it seems like she has a holier than thou attitude and that turns me off.  I always vote for who I think has had a great performance, even if it wasn’t one of my “favorites.”  I guess what I’m trying to say is who gives a crap what race she is – if you don’t like her, then you just don’t like her!

      • Thank you Suhdt, well said. people are forgeting the through meaning of American idol; its a show to get the best talent not pretty or handsome faces

      • What does racist have to do anything!!   Jessica was voted off by the voting public which obviously means a vote is a vote.  The judges saving her was not acceptable.  Making over her like she’s a queen bee.  Well I’m sorry, but she’s not the best there is.  She’ll be going home soon, but not soon enough.  Phil Phillips all the way!!

      • What does racist have to do anything!!   Jessica was voted off by the voting public which obviously means a vote is a vote.  The judges saving her was not acceptable.  Making over her like she’s a queen bee.  Well I’m sorry, but she’s not the best there is.  She’ll be going home soon, but not soon enough.  Phil Phillips all the way!!

    • Just for the record, Branden you are very wrong. He did connect with the crowd. He wasn’t singing for Jesus. Give me a break. 

      • I think he was singing about the Lord Jesus Christ and I’m so glad! Colton has his priorities right – God created us to live for His glory!

    • I like Elise, maybe its because I’m from the old school and I like that wraspy sound.  Reminds me of Fleetwood mac when she sings, hey stevie Nicks said herself.

      • Her voice is great, I love it too, but it’s her attitude that will kill her career… her eyes when the judges are critiquing her…..she thinks she knows it all! My hope is she is off next and the “real” people continue on!

      • Elise is one of the best, she is trained and has a great voice, herproblem is her age, shedoesn’t have the teen votes, she belongs on Xfactor or the voice.

  2. Colton shouldn’t be the one to be sent home. It should be Jessica or Elise. America got it wrong. So wrong.

    •  America got it right for once. Colton was clearly the right one to go after last night.

      • I have to agree with you on that! Honestly, I got bored with Phillip and Colton but what made Phillip different with Colton is that, he took risks at the right time! Singing without his guitar on his “In The Midnight Hour” performance and singing the hell out of that Usher song!!!! Gahd! 

        Also, I love how the girls dominated this season 🙂 Go Jessica-Elise-Hollie-Skylar!

      • They should have sent Jessica, Skylar or Joshua. home, ;I hate to say it but they are boring. so boring.

      • I disagree; Colton  was so unpredictable. Who would’ve thought that he’d sing Love the way you lie, or sing Bad Romance and make it such an original. He did not deserve to go, not this week at least. America was SO wrong!

      • NO NO NO….Even Colton admited he was Not his self Wed. Night,
        and Maned Up Thursday night and apologized..Not that took GUTS..Colton DID NOT deserve to go home!!!…Who’s Keeping Hollie on?..Thats my question?..She is Not a Pro. at anything

      • And you got it so wrong. Colton is incredible. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I’m sorry, but Hollie deserved to go home before him. I’m not saying I don’t like Hollie, because I do, but she is definitely the weakest. And Colton is one of the strongest.

      •  Absolutely wrong. Hollie has the strongest voice among them. Colton is weaker than her. Hollie does not derserve to go home. The one who should go home on that night is ELISE.

    • it’s the end your dream my friend… move on… :(((((

      BUT :))))

      be ready for your worst nightmare.. coz it’s will be Elise and Jessica in the finale..

    • JustBeingReal how does it feel now?Your fave idollete voted off , sorry America didnt supported him, imagine Hollie and Elise was save and Colton didnt? Well tell your fave idolette to join the Voice next year  or America’s Got Talent etc…

    • Last week when it was Jessica who got the least vote…America have spoken. This week, because its your favorite that got the least vote, America got it wrong. Does the voice or vote of America change when its your favorite that gets the least vote and not the one you dont want to win? Make up your mind…its either America has spoken or the vote is useless and does not speak of the true sentiments of America. Just saying…

  3. America wrong once again. I like the end were you can read Jennifers lips she says ” we should have not used the save last week we messed up”. And I agree jessicas really immature and isn’t even that good well now I guess I vote for philp and skylar.

    • Did you really read that in jennifers lip or is it just in your biased mind? Cause if you did you could be useful somewhere.

      •  I think Jessica is too mature for her age. I would like to see a bit more teenagecharm. She is 16 and not 26.

    • Really??
      You’re saying jessicas immature??
      Have you heard her voice? She has the most control in the competition. Remember in her first performance, even the judges praise her for how mature her voice her is. I disagree with you. She is a very talented singer for how old she is! Only 16!!!
      @Utahwoody I totally agree with you! What the heck is the username joshuas a queer?? Youre the one that’s immature. And I’m guessing you don’t like Amazing soulful singers like Jessica or Joshua, two outstanding voices. And honey, Jennifer didn’t move her lips at all and I’m pretty sure the save was meant to be used in Jessica cuz it had to be unanimous. Sweetie please get ur eyes checked, k?

      • I saw it to. Jennifer did move her lips but I just couldn’t make out what she said. I also think Jessica’s immature. In my opinion Colton is better than Jessica. Im just hoping that Hollie wins. Or at least a girl.

      • Jessica sings ok but she’s not all that. I like all kinds of music but would turn her off if she were on tbe radio. She don’t have as much control as some of you think she does, her voice rattles at times. I would have saved that save for Colton had I been in the judges shoes.

      • I saw Jennifer saying something but no one has any idea what she said. It is all speculation.

    • Now I know where you can be useful. As a lip reading instructor for the deaf and dumb!

    • Excuse me…what have you the nerve to say that?  You depend on your very low standard coz you really don’t know what music is…. R&B and soul music are the hardest type of music… I tell you, Jessica is so versatile! Hollie and Skyler are limited to one singing style!  Jessica could really sing like a recording artist on stage LIVE!!

    • yes, America got it wrong, but they shouldn’t blame Jessica. she deserves that save, so does Colton, but unfortunately the judges already used it. the voters are the ones to blame. THEY DECIDED IT. they shouldn’t vote based on race or looks……

      • Huh? did America vote based on race or looks this time? Honestly people, if your favorite gets the boot, it has NOTHING to do with race or looks. Stop trying to turn everything into something sinister. It’s a singing competition..not some civil rights movement!

      • I’d sure like to know when this season became a race issue.  We don’t vote on race, we vote on talent and who we believe is the best.  Jessica was voted off by the voting public!!  She has developed an extremely conceited attitude, thanks to the judges.  She’ll go home soon with no more saves available.  Colton is what AI is all about and someone with the know how in the music industry will sign hime on, you can be sure of that.

    • what’s immature about jessica.  It was only her age.  And she is more mature than her age and even more mature than you are.

  4. Wow the girls are dominating.

    My top 3
    Joshua, Skylar and Jessica. But I’m rooting Jessica and Joshua for the finale.

  5. I haven’t watched it yet, but I think it’s like what happened last week with Jessica. Their fans got complacent, feeling that their Idol will be safe. I thought Colton will be at Top3.  Anyhow, whoever will be cut the following weeks to come, I’m sure they will have a career ahead of them. AI11 got some real talent. It’s hard to predict who’s gonna win. But I’m rooting for Jessica. Whoever wins is alright for me though. 🙂

      • @e9e9f6c06bd0e1ff511d4af13c3b3e88:disqus >> No. Hollie deserves to be there. The one who does not deserve is Elise.

    • I totally agree… this year they were all good. hard to let anyone go home at this point

    • Hollie deserves to stay. she’ll be consistent from now. a person who commits mistake and do great after, only shows that she is the one improving throughout the competition. Every person has a room for improvement and Hollie taking every little constructive criticism. 

  6. Colton so deserved to go home, he sounded like a whiny baby every time he performed

    •  I would have agreed with you last week; but Hollie was better than Colton last night.

      • Yes, she was better last night… but she’s so inconsistent!  Colton was great all throughout. To win American Idol, one needs to have the talent, the star quality and most importantly, he or she needs to be consistent.  Hollie’s not!  

    • It’s kinda funny that the show always make Hollie the villain. With the judges and now angry fans of Colton. Colton’s leaving has nothing to do with Hollie.

  7. I’m a Jessica fan and i’m gonna root for her till the end.Elise is also very good & special.Wish the best to Colton.

  8. It is very obvious that the show is fixed this year for a girl to win. They even all but said it the night the top 12 girls performed. I for one and done wasting my time and energy voting. You can vote all you want in the end it is the producers who make the decision. 
    When they start releasing vote counts I will believe the vote is not fixed.

    • Releasing vote counts and controlling the voting process and getting rid of bias judges

  9. holly should of went home LAST week!!!!! and tonight! I love Colten he was amazing and I truly am mad that he went home.

    • Your wrong. I love Hollie and will until the end. And I’m going to keep voting for her.

  10. people come and people go : vocally he was the weakest 😐 but music wise he was the best 😐 it’s a singing competition not a music arrangement competition 😐 still go COLTON 🙂

      • Oh please..Phillip is awesome. You don’t have to be a diva singer to be good. Try listening to something besides divas. 

    • Colton’s song choices were off – and his delivery of the Gaga song did not showcase him at his best – it looked forced.  My problem is with Joshua – everything he sings sounds ‘churchy’ – Coltons swan song may have been a religious song but his music has never sounded like he was standing in the choir loft. EVER song Joshua sings does. It doesn’t help that they bring in the choir behind him to help.  It is unfortunate that someone has to go home and last night it was Colton’s turn. 

  11. The vote 53 mil is because of Jessica’s last week lowest score that upset the silent majority fan of JESSICA! I know coz when I was voting for her it was busy constantly because of huge amount of calls for her. The 1st place was JESSICA!

  12. The Judges SCREWED UP  bigtime by using their save last week! I WILL NOT watch Idol anymore with Colton gone! The voting can’t be fair if Colton was kicked off. I will now watch “The Voice” I am done with “Idol” and the other boring singers on the show.

    • Sorry for you Theduckspond you never got the nod of readers , The Judges did the right thing and even the idolettes agreed if you read or watch their comment about happened .They know that Jessica is the best among the idolettes and AI season11 will never be the same if no Jessica in the stage. She inspires all the dreamers and she will break the curse that no Asian or Latina will win the contest..

      • Honestly. STOP! This is AMERICAN IDOL..NOT ASIAN OR LATINA! Even if  I liked Jessica, it’s people like you that would make me not vote for her.

      • Come on now, jessica is half filipino half mexican, why is she always criticized as just being filipino? We’ll let america decide and thats it.

    • Goodbye Theduckspond, you are 1 in a Million. Jessica is going to win so….no need for you to vote.

    • Hi Thedusckspond,

      Don’t quit, get even first transfer your vote and convince your friends to vote, but vote wisely and teach these rude people that your vote will count, do it this week and eliminate someone they like.  That will teach them not to be arrogant and in the future they maybe less annoying.

       I call on the Colton supporters and pour all your votes to whoever is next in line as your favourite.

  13. After i saw the part where they showed Colton saying what the judges said hurt and then he said it may sound cocky but he didn’t care.Its then i decided he needed to go home.

  14. Maybe if you understand faith in Jesus, you would know Colton’s look was not anger.

    • I kinda agree.  And what is wrong with singing to Jesus.  Colton may have lost here on AI, but up there, he will always be safe.

  15. If Elise Testone will win the competition then that would be the biggest shocker of the season.

  16. Yeah it’s fixed. If people are voting 100’s of times a piece then how is they only got 53m votes? If only 1m people vote every week that’s still only 53 votes a piece and you are allowed 50 per FB account. You know the hard core fans are voting 100’s of times a piece if not 1000’s. 2 hours is a long time on speed dial. You can get in about 20 votes a minute. I for one am not getting any busy signals at all when I vote for Skylar. I voted over and over again for 40 minutes. That’s 800 votes. You know there are far more than 1m people voting so that means that even fewer votes than what I stated above per voter are getting counted. 

    The only explanation I can think of is that it’s all contrived and the voting doesn’t count at all. 

  17. my top three for this season……Jessica, Elise & Joshua….and my American Idol goes to………JESSICA SANCHEZ!!!!!!

  18. my top three for this season……Jessica, Elise & Joshua….and my American Idol goes to………JESSICA SANCHEZ!!!!!!

  19. I was reading Steven Tyler’s lips when he said, what’s going on, Why Colton.  I think they may be re-thinking their save from last week.

  20. I really feel like American Idol will soon be coming to an end for good. We are suppose to vote on the person we consider to be the best singer, not the person/persons that the judges have decided should win. Obviously the final seven should all be gifted artist/singers, Colton and Holly are however, and have been the two very best! It is very disturbing that the proud Christian is the one sent home. I can only hope now that Holly, the one left with all the singing talent will survive. Certainly not if the extremely bias judges have any input.

    • Finally!!! Your like the only person that agrees that Colton and Hollie are both the best!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Not shock at all–I must have been the only one.
      I really think that the judges need to be more true with their comments. They keep on telling the singers how great they are even when they are dull and boring. This is causing the problem because coulton really didn’t sound all that great. And those comments about –I love you elise–what’s that?–this show shouldn’t be about who love who–its about who doing enough to be America’s Idol.

      Joshua and Jessica are clearly the two standouts–and thats where my shcok would come from. 

      • Gotta happen eventually.  Steven and Randy ready to collect their SS checks! And poor (not literally poor) Ryan…he’s turned into an AI robot. 

  21. He didn’t choose the right songs and at this stage of the competition, ecery song counts. One mistake and anyone is out. Too bad for him. His elimination made the girl competition tighter. Oh well, hollie is still there huh. 🙂

  22. America did get it so wrong .. and as for the comment of him getting only connected to Jesus… wrong .. There are thousands of Christian’s out there who will make his career a successful one… Andorra would buy his record any day..

    •  Yeah, we’ve got Jessica and Joshua in the final six; and two of the three judges are persons of color. I guess that makes us real racist.

      • What did Filipinos have done to you that you have such hatred, are you a human being or animal?

      • Can you refrain from calling names, you shouldn’t be making comments here if you have that much hatred in your heart… go box something…, we are human beings same as you, you are such a racist!

      • man, you’re so pathetic and full of hatred and insecurities with your racist comments. Is that what all you can say? huh?  Please get a life. 😀

  23. Yeah, fight over who will win. For me its obvious, its philips. Jessica is good but she is asian.

  24. Everyone has a bad day. Yes, his was yesterday and he admitted that. But to be sent home for it? That’s where the big problem is with this competition. I think the voting public needs to be reminded that the winner is supposed to be someone who you could see as a music artist a year from now or more. I could see Colton filling those shoes. And Phillip. But the rest are not. Where’s Simon when we need him to remind everyone what the purpose of the show is???!!!

  25. I know we all have our disagreements with the judges as well as the American public.  But I do agree with one of the comments of the judges that any of the top 7 deserves to win it all.  This group really has awesome talent.  Probably will come down as the most talent-laden season ever.  So if your fave loses, do not fret.  Because if he or she continues the journey, I am quite sure he or she will make a name for herself.  Thanks for the music and the artistry, Colton!  And good luck to the remaining 6!  Just enjoy the moment.

    • And don’t forget that the top 10 go on tour. They will get lots of experience and lots of exposure.  It will be interesting to see how many of this top 10 end up with contracts somewhere….

  26. Hey everyone, especially jessica fans have you seen her youtube video sing “Whatya Want”? Just go and check it out. No wonder jimmy iovine is pimping her to win, she is relevant. This girl can sing anything!

    Please repost so all jessica fans can see it themselves.

      • so tell us, what do you want to feel on her singing? do you want some gooooosssssssssssiiiiiiiiieeeeeeessssssssss

      •  I agree wholeheartedly… this girl has got the techniques down pat but I find her too clinical in her singing – rather see or hear someone making errors in their singing but doing it from their soul

  27. This is wrong! Elise dodged so many bullets now, she should go home! Jessica’s fans are Filipinos here in USA only. She’s not an American Idol!

    Colton deserves to be in the finale! Not these two divas.

    • I am not Filipino aaand I’m a fan of Jessica. Who wouldn’t be, she can sing better than most people I’ve heard on AI. Prejudice like yours has no place anywhere, especially in this forum. Your comments should be deleted, your opinion isn’t relevant.

    • Wrong. I can name at least two other Americans who are fans of hers. So to say that her fans are only US-based Filipinos is ridiculously unfounded.

    • Careful…your anti-Asian ethinicity  bias is showing! 

      But hey dude, thought America is for unity in diversity…Jessica was born in the US & has never even been in the Philippines..knows only the American way of life..Hollie is is even less an American having migrated to the US only 10 years ago..she has white skin though and pretty..

    • just being real colton deserves to go. he has talent but it wasn’t good enough to get more votes for him. His last performance with lady gagas’ song knocked him out. it was just like wtf!!!for me. i am a colton fan but i was so dis appointed with the song he sung. IMO jessica is hundred miles ahead of colton in terms of singing talent so i’m now rooting for her. so goodbye for colton you may now leave american idol. for the bitter fans of him… move on.!!!in a competition there’s always a loser… 

    • hey bitter if you want colton then say something only about colton and don’t drag Jessica or Elise and are you nuts? Jessica has a lot of american fans so stop using the filipino people on your useless opinion

    • you’re not real.. if jessica go to the philippines and stay there long sure there’s law there that she’ll be deported.. so what makes her filipino..she’s an american..and at least one or more white and black americans rooting for’s about the competition in the land of the free..get it.

    •  Dude, I’m white from German decent and I voted for her.  Get off the race thing….

    • @45fe856f3b4c4f96bb4790ddee183b35:disqus , how can you be so sure?  im not a Filipino but i like Jessica!  She has a fantastic voice!  what’s not to love?  

      • I’m sorry. Victor Pison Jr.  only “WANTS” Jessica to win. What’s wrong with that? He did not write that Jessica is the one deserving to win; or anything to that effect. Why demand the commenter to “shut up”?

      • why shut up when he is just expressing his opinion?  you would not want people to tell you to shut up if you voice out your bet on this page. right? Respect begets respect.

  28. But when you’re connected only to Jesus and not the audience, you’re going to be in trouble. – “thumbs down”
    He’ll be a very successful contemporary christian artist, I’m sure. – “thumbs up”

  29. I’m definitely not watching American Idol anymore. Not without Colton. It’s damn obvious that a lot of people LOVES this guy. Something tells me there’s dirty business going behind American Idol. THIS SEASON SUCKS without Colton. Full stop. Everyone else is plain boring. Colton, I hope you’ll make an album because I’m sure your angry fans(including me) are gonna buy it. LOL

    • Not that I agree about nothing without Colton…he was good and I would have liked to see him continue.  But I have absolutely nothing invested in this year. None of them rock my socks like others have in the past  – like David and Adam.  There is just no heart there. And Jessica can sing, but I think she gets boring and is a copycat.

      • what’s your problem with Jessica? Colton is the topic you two are talking about then why drag Jessica here all of a sudden

      • Did u see what she said to judges when they asked about elimination.  I thought you didn’t like me.   PLEASSSSSE, nobody is buying it Jess.

    •  Totally agree with you. I will say that I’ve noticed something amiss since Johnny Keyser was removed and then they didn’t bring him back as one of the reinstatements. Remember that fiasco? Something is going on and it’s not fair. I’m happy for Johnny now, he’s in the recording studio where he should be. Colton will not be far behind – Randy or Jimmy will sign him  and probably already have.

      • That’s kinda what I’m thinking too, i figure he already has several recording offers.

    • And how long will that angry buying last? The “I’m not watching AI again because this contestant got eliminated”-bickering starts again! Colton will sure get signed, try his luck in the business, and probably be successful. He got the exposure that he needs; same with the remaining contestants. I’d still watch Idol because amidst all the “foul play” which have been unfounded, the talent this year is much better than last year. Just my cheap two cents.

  30. Colton did good last night! Why him??????? I think his better than some of them. It’s too early for him to leave the competition. 

  31. Jessica is a much better singer than Colton, that’s why she got the save. I still go for Jess and Philip. Elise would be the dark horse and she may even win. 

  32. it should be either elise or hollie who should go;  skylar is overrated.  all she does is sing country, a one-trick pony;   philip is stretched out and will not get any better;  joshua is good, but is only a church singer; jessica shows versatility, best vocal quality and obviously, best singer.  it will be jessica against joshua or skylar (because country singers have strong fan base) in the finals; the winner = jessica.

  33. He is totally original with emo catchy tunes last night…yep, totally shocker…

    that’s the problem with no save anymore…

    • Im still rooting for Jessica but Colton should not have gone home…there are two person in AI who should have gone before long before…well

      • I think we have the same assessment haha. Is the other girl’s name starts with H? Haha

  34. Results were OK…Colton is a great guy, musically talented, an average singer. There are others with better voices (Jessica, Joshua, Elise, Hollie), better performance skills (Skylar, Joshua), and more charisma (Skylar, Skylar and Skylar).  Phillip could be next.

    • i think skylay can perform, connect, and most importantly sing. she could go very far in the country industry and i could definately see her doing some crossover music

  35. No America got it right. This is about how far I originally saw Colton go.And yes, he never had a connection with us. And I hated how he tried to use religion to get votes, plus his Bad Romance was FAKE.
    Glad Hollie made Top 6, she did really well this week and deserved it!

  36. had america voted wisely, the top three finally should have been joshua jessica and colton, colton for being a top favorite of the young viewers but the real competition should be between jessica and joshua who really are a new discoveries and future gems of  american music following the likes of dionne warwick, james ingram, irene cara, streisand to name a few


  38. it is a stiff competition…everyone has been doing their very best…but Colton going home is very much unexpected like last week’s.

    why is it like that at all, you’re doing good for the past weeks then all of a sudden you become the lowest??? (Colton and Jessica’s case)…weird.

  39. Colton is a great performer and should not have been voted off.  He deserves to win American Idol.  I enjoyed watching him performed and would still want to see more of him…America got it all wrong!  

  40. don’t blame other contestants on colton’s elim. blame yourselves because you didn’t vote hard. I really like colton but i can’t vote form him becaus I’m from other country. Too bad that you pass the fault of your own!!!!

    • Is America the only country with singing competition shows.  It must suck 2 b u 2 have to watch our tv 2 get entertainment.

  41. Colton, this is not the end of your singing journey…This is just a beginning and you will have a great career ahead of you. Your record will be a hit!  Can’t wait it come! Go Colton, Go!

  42. I am disappointed with the results…Colton should not have been sent home.  I love seeing him performing.  For me, he is my American Idol!  

  43. Hey everyone, especially jessica fans have you seen her youtube video singing “Whatya Want”? Just go and check it out. No wonder jimmy iovine is pimping her to win, she is relevant. This girl can sing anything!

    Please repost so all jessica fans can see it themselves.

  44. “I” made an analysis of my own on how things goin on AI-11.

    Based on judges comments for their performances 

    1. Joshua
    2. Jessica
    3. Skylar
    4. Philip
    5. Elise
    6. Hollie

    Rank Based on Public comments and Polls (from different sites)
    1. Jessica
    2. Philip
    3. Skylar
    4. Joshua
    5. Elise
    6. Hollie

    If this will put together to give a sort of a result, below is the sequence of who will be going home one by one
    1. Hollie
    2. Elise
    3. Skylar
    4. Joshua
    Possible on Final 2
    Jessica and Philip

    • No. it will be Skylar and Phillip for the FINALE. have you heard what Jimmy said?only the two of them didnt receive a negative comments about (going to the finale). thats the FACT period. 😀

      •  Do you know how to read Risalofamia? can you read again? from top to bottom of my post…maybe you can read but to understand? NO!!!

  45. WTF America.  Colton is clearly the one with the most talent.  He is original and is charming and amazing.  I can’t believe the outcome of idol this week.  I think the judges used their save way too soon.  So disappointing.  Not sure I want to continue to watch the rest of the show:-(

      • I think Colton is the Best… Then Skylar, Phillip and Hollie.  At least they are themselves and don’t pretend to be someone else.  Come on people we should celebrate differences and who wants to hear another american clone and screamer.  Celebrate individuality. 

      • you’re saying something about originality? well yo guess what your Skylar she’s copying Miranda and Kellie, Hollie Karaoke she’s the fake version of Carrie Underwood and Phillip is  copying Dave Matthews so where’s the originality you’re talking about? there’s nothing wrong if a contestant sounds like the other singer because it’s natural

    • no it’s not a question of whether it is too soon or too late. it is a question who is worth saving. Frankly, jessica was worth saving. i guess if colton had been eliminated last week instead of jessica he would have been saved. The save was not wasted on jessica

    • you are entitled to yr opinion and whom you wish to idolize. So, to everyone else, one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

  46. I really loved Colton but someone had to go. I hope America vote for someone who can make an international career because some of the past winners of American Idol have never been heard again, at least in other countries

      • Word has it that David A had to take a two year missionary assignment and stop singing just to get away from his stage father.

  47. IMO, the reason why colton had a least votes is coz of the song choice and the song arrangement , last night was not his strong performance, if  fans vote based on each performance night then america got it right, well it shocked me seeing him leaving ,that was his first trip to b3 then sent home  so sad 🙁

    theory: colton is all about god, and religious thing and his fans are probably big christian community im wondering since he picked the LADY GAGA song last night if that has something to do with his elimination tonight . We all know that GAGA is a very controversial figure and she’ve done alot of things that upset the christian community, just saying lol

    my final 3 is



    ellise or skylar

    what do you think guys of the final 3 ?

  48. Well to be fair at this point of the competition ANYONE can be eliminated. In this case Colton deserves to be eliminated. Last night he was just okay. His “September” rendition was the worst attempt of changing a song, I bet a lot of people were pissed by that. I mean how bad can someone be to turn such an upbeat and joyful song into a song fit for mourning the dead?

    Imo he should have been eliminated a long time ago and the only reason he survived this long is because he’s good looking.

  49. I am suprised Colton was eliminated, I did think he deserved bottom 3 based on the performance he did the night before…but surely his history and fan base should have pulled him through…Elise is a cat with 9 lives…no way she should be top 6 and send Colton home…I know, you know it and I am sure she knows it…wrong wrong wrong

  50. Idol now is quite interesting. You will not know what will happen next. First, it’s Jessica. Then, it’s Colton. So I must say, last week’s elimination is not rigged after all. Personally, I would put Colton in my Final Two. It seems to be unbelievable.

    So this elimination gives a clear message. NO ONE IS SAFE. EVEN PHILLIP. IT IS STILL ANYBODY’S GAME. 🙂

  51. By beginning of competition, I predicted WGWG and country girl on final. I see it become true.  Since Colton left the competition, final two will be Philips and Skylar.
    I say it again, Jessica’s best spot will be top 5.

    • i agree! it will be the two of them in the FINALE. with SKYLAR WINNING :D. country votes goes stronger and STRONGER each week. 

    • well, let’s wait and see. after all, last year top 2 positions were country singers. Who needs another country singer right?

  52. Branden
    I really STRONGLY disagree with your demeaning Colton Jesus Story. I didn’t see anger in Colton’s eyes at all, I saw acceptance and disappointment in himself for making a mistake in his song choices. He was wearing his blame for elimination. Connecting with the audience was one of Colton’s biggest strengths. I thought his exit was very classy and his performance was as open to the camera and audience as as always. Jesus is all about connecting with your fellow man. I’m sorry you don’t know and understand that.
    BTW, Kris Allen is a christian singer also and oh yeah, he won the competition season 8. It seems to really bother you that Colton has something in his life that allowed him to face defeat with such strength.

  53. WOW! Im shocked! I thought Hollie would go home for sure being in australia iam yet to view the elimination, I like Elise and Phillip they are true artists they are atleast original! All the other artist are too common in the music industrie!

    • Well said, Elise and Phillip are the only real singers on show, the others
      truly copy the original singer, so sick of Jessica love fest.

      • I don’t get it either.  I think its bc of her first Whitney song.  After that, she’s just another singer…who happens 2 b of a different culture and that’s attracting attention..I guess, dunno.   Doesn’t do it for me, but then again neither does her counterpart, Hollie.  All the rest I believe are good singers AND performers.

  54. I am ashamed of these people hating on Jessica or to whomever they think
    that should have gone home instead of their idol. Pathetic! They are
    all great! Each has a unique talent and will become future stars! It
    just so happened that Jessica got the lowest votes last week… fans got
    complacent and / or busy saving others like Hollie or Elise or Skylar
    or Joshua or Colton or Phillip… She TRULY was more deserving to be
    SAVED… Colton being booted off is part of the competition…Blame
    yourselves for not voting extensively for your idol…

  55.  Alright, so this is a singing competition right?  So if we are judging
    on who are the best singers it would be Elise, Joshua, and Jessica.   If
    Elise picked the right song every week that show off her voice she would
    win hands down being her voice is the most unique.  I mean when she
    sang Led Zeppelin I was like Oh my god!  The song she should have sung last night to show off her voice for the then performance should have been either Son of a preacher man or Try a little tenderness.  If she picks the right songs she can definitely make it to the finale.  Joshua also has a wonderful voice but I agree with some comments I have read that he continues to sing slower songs which is getting quite boring it almost like he is bragging to us showing off his singing ability.  When he sang the faster song a few weeks ago I actually quite enjoyed that .  Next week if they sing two songs one should be up tempo the other slower to show his range.   Jessica, as everyone says, is actually a great singer.  What I want from her is a little more believability.  That she actually understands the lyrics and that the emotion is there as well.  Emotionally, out of the three, Joshua shows the most when on stage.  The other two need to convey it more. Now with the remaining three.  Phil sound way to much like Dave Matthews, do we really need another.  Hollie is way to technical and I do not believe her when she sings.  I feel she is trying to hard to try to show us she a great singer.  She sang Adele good not great.  We also can say Son of a Preacher Man was not great either and Elise would have sang it ten times better.  That song definitely needed Elise’s raspy voice.  Skylar: everyone has been praising her but if you  compare to some of the other country singer out there right now she is not that good.    What it really comes down to is whose Album you would by after the competition.    For me if Elise made a Rocky/Bluesy album I would buy that. Everyone needs to stop voting on who is the best looking, who is the most popular or who they would hang out with. Some of you complained about Colton going home.  You should not because he was not the best singer in the competition. 

      • Sorry, but I felt it needed to be said.  If any one reads it.  I feel there is a lot of truth about what I wrote.  However it is only my opinion.  Feel free to comment if you do not agree.  I would love feedback.  Positive or negative.

    • Okay..honestly..Hollie is way too technical? Jessica is like watching a freaking robot on stage!

    • Ok I read it, now my eyes hurt, try some paragraphs next time.

      I wish we had more Dave Matthews. He makes great music, sells tons of albums and his concerts are wild and awesome. But I don’t think Phillip is another DM, he is different, but yet still crazy like a monkey. He’s like a child of DM & John Meyer with a little country thrown in…..unique.

      What has been killing the American music scene is the over saturation of Diva music and we sure don’t need another Diva, there are way too many of them and their music is very boring. So I guess that wipes out needing Jess, Hollie, and lol, Joshua. Sitting through a Joshua concert would be so painful and I would need ear plugs for sure. This is why a girl hasn’t won AI for a while, because every year that’s what these girls offer up and it’s boring and we already have tons of it. None of these girls are better than the Divas currently on the market.

      The reason Skylar has done so well is she is the anti-Diva girl contestant, which means her performances are not boring. However for a general audience there is too much country in her voice and others who are like her are better than her. But she has strong appeal and she will be the next “Kelley Pickler”, and likely surpass her.

      Elise, like Phillip, is refreshing and not a Diva….and yeah I guess those two are my favorites because they are interesting and different. Can’t decide which one yet, so I vote for both of them.

      My guess is the finale will be between a Diva (likely Jess) and Phillip. Unless the Judges pull more inappropriate interference and change the course again to their favorite (Joshua). If a Diva wins, another nail into the coffin of  the American music scene and AI.

      See what happened Robert, you made me go on and on. lol.

    • You took way too long to say what has already been said on this blog.  Nothing new there.

  56. 6 OUT OF 7 DESERVES TO BE ELIMINATED. the only question is who would go first and so on and so fort? The bottom line is there should only be one left standing and singing his/her winning piece.

    Who do you think would it be?

    • SKYLAR LAINE WILL WIN THIS SEASON. 😀 it will be SKYLAR and PHILLIP IN THE FINALE battling it out 😀 .

    • Truthfully, I’ve felt all along that there isn’t a true “Star” in this season’s line-up.  There are some talented singers and many can make a decent living with their talents.  but, I don’t see a Carrie, Adam, Kelly in this crop.
          I don’t have a horse in this race and don’t particularly care for the two supposed frontrunners.  I’d probably spend $ in future on Deandre, Hollie or Joshua.  Maybe.

  57. Honestly, it’s anyone’s game right now. We all react differently because we all have our own favorites. We just hated how the results turn out not in favor of our favorites. We blame the other contestants for being safe, when in fact, it is the voters who makes the decision and not the contestant. They just sing their heart out & belt their voices but at the end its the voters who decide. 

    Anyone can win now. We have seen so many time where America voted people to win but the one’s who got booted out first were the ones who make a name for themselves.
    We can hate all we want. Or love all we want. But in the end, it is us who decide who will win. But their music will decide who will be a diva, a rockstar and a country superstar.

    •  I would agree completely with you. But I think the high emotions this year are more about incredibly inappropriate behavior by judges and seemingly strange voting results. If the Judges would be professional, voting controlled and reported…then the show might regain it’s following…but I see this year as the beginning of the end for AI.

  58. i think  Hollie IS  THE REASON why many great singers in A.I. eliminated like when she is with Heejun Han and Erika Van Pelt and finally with Colton Dixon huwaw!!! Hollie must eliminated in this competition she can’t reach the level of her co-contestants…tsk…another decision of america is wrong.

  59. Guys Lets triple what we doubled yesterday of votes, campaign, effort all over the world to push jessica to finale! We are confident to show our votes and support, because we have Jessica who is brilliant, prowes, excellent and consistent voice that showcase everyweek! Music Icons believe her capabilities to become the next american idol!

    Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, Jasmine Trias & David Archuleta supporting her as their bet this season!!!

    Way like this updating status, its a big way of support!

    Go Jessica!

    • whether you like it or not it will be SKYLAR and Phillip for the FINALE :D. its the FACT.SKYLAR will win. 😀

      • agreed. skylar n’ phillip are the only ones who have been consistent in the show.

      • I agree.  You just don’t know how to spot and appreciate true talent.  Down with crab mentality!

      • you are the reason why people are keep on posting about “hating”. I’ve read all of your comments and all of those are against jessica sanchez. c’mon! if you don’t want to buy her album, that’s fine. No one’s stopping you. but you should quit interfering with others’ comments if you don’t have nice thing to say. i know you like hollie but those people whom you are giving comments don’t bash hollie.

        if you don’t like jessica just say it/type it. no need to go overboard. you have your freedom but know your limitations. Kay?

      • @Chenezefalequa, I like them all, including Jess, I don’t like Jess pushers. I don’t like Jess’s performances….she need to change them up is she wants to win this thing…boring Diva won’t do it. My favs and who I have voted for the last two weeks are Phillip, Elise, & Colton. I like them because they are interesting and different.

  60. It shold have been philip. i really dont think his voice is good enough to be the next idol. in his facial expression he seems to be havin difficulty reachin the high notes. colton is a good singer…but his last song selections sucked big time

    • Guys Lets triple what we doubled yesterday of votes, campaign, effort all over the world to push jessica to finale! We are confident to show our votes and support, because we have Jessica who is brilliant, prowes, excellent and consistent voice that showcase everyweek! Music Icons believe her capabilities to become the next american idol!

      Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, Jasmine Trias & David Archuleta supporting her as their bet this season!!!

      Way like this updating status, its a big way of support!

      Go Jessica!

      • dude, that pestering the Net with pleas for Jessica will be her undoing in the competition, betcha!

      • black&whiteonlyftw?

        Hahahaha! Find ways to support your bet!
        gago ka! bay.e lang kami ya kung maano kami! amon ni ging gusto! kalangka mo!
        jackfruit ka!

  61. votes percentage.1. jessica 54.65%2.phillips 22.73%3.skylar 12.67%4.joshua 5.45%5.elise 2.5%6.hollie 1.45%7.colton 0.55%

  62. America got it right when Colton got the ax. His mellowed down September rendition was terrible; he just took away the Soul Train spirit and threw it out the window with that number. And he shouldn’t have done the low-key refrain in Gaga’s song. It sounded weird, if not ugly. 

    What’s up with overly pimpin’ Jessica here?! Too bad people from the Philippines who drop their comments here can do only just that. They can comment all they want but can’t vote to save her on the show. What truly matters is America’s vote, whether we got it wrong or not. It’s our show so we rule, supposedly. Besides, not to crush the Philippine ego, Jessica’s talent (as how the judges pimp her) is now beyond this competition so she can leave it anytime with a promising career waiting for her. Remember Akon and Jimmy wanting to sign her up? Who knows, Beyonce can even take Jessica under her wing with part-Filipino Jay-Z being her husband?

    Joshua should be out too, if you take a page from the judges’ book about the pimpin’ and all that. Phillip can be the last man standing along with Skylar, Hollie and Elise. With these 4 Idol hopefuls, it can be anybody’s game.


      Supporting Jessica!

      Fil-ams all over america suporting jessica, many filipinos based already ther, and some marriade to americans, ofw also working there! This is the spirit of filipinos even jessica an american citizen, we making our way to vote her! we did through magicjack phone and paying added to our bill! Go Jessica!

      • I m Asian but do not support Jessica. She is just a plain singer with no x-factor , in other words she is FAKE!

      • I really hope all Fil-Ams, Mexicans, Latinos, and Asians would support her all the way to the finals.

      •  Can do what I want because I am entitled and better than you in all respects.  Sorry dude.

        And yes I do know a lot more than you.  Not my fault.

      • remembering Taymaro’s comment last time, Jessica IS American: her family lives here and her parents pay taxes here. and she’s talented so she deserves the vote and support of AMERICANS here. so Sherwin, don’t get blindsided by the mere mention of your country here. americans WILL vote for Jessica, win or lose.

    •  LOL There are Filipino’s, Spanish, and all kinds of Asians in America and they are American citizens.  Believe it or not, many of them are 1st, 2nd, or 3rd generation Americans.   Sends regards to people stuck in the stone age LOL.

    •  America’s vote counts and that vote is made up of what.  omy gosh, asians that are americans also.  Go back to Europe. LOL

      • agreed with Shelly & Buxster. whichever descent they are from, as long as they are on American soil, watch American Idol, and have access to the phones for voting, then fine by me. ranting over & over when you don’t have the power to vote simply sucks.

    • agreed with both Shelly & Buxster. american voters, whichever descent they are from, as long as they are on American soil, watch American Idol, and have access to the phones for voting, then fine by me. ranting over & over when you don’t have the power to vote simply sucks.

    • People outside the US cannot vote ‘coz they are not allowed to…  but these non-Americans still have the right to speak out and support or rally behind a contestant whom they think is talented or deserves to win.  Besides, America is proud to say that it is a melting pot of races which is very true.  There is no true-blooded American except, I guess, the American Indians or the Inuits.  The advances in technology has made the world smaller.  People from all around the world can watch this show, and so they have their views on the contestants.  So people of all nations, race or creed, keep on posting your views.

  63. Colton Dixon’s elimination from American Idol this week is disheartening. Last week was shocking enough – Jessica almost got eliminated. Had it not been for the judges’ saving grace, she would have been UNJUSTLY axed.

    Seemingly, American voters do not have a taste for pure talent. I mean, Hollie is still there! Geez!, she should have been out a long time. (She should NOT have been in the top 12 to begin with). Her flat and sharp notes are “sharper” than the right ones. And then there’s Skylar, the voice-from-the-nose. I hate her nasal voice, not to mention her irritating face! Skylar and Hollie are the two “nuisance” contestants spoiling my idol pleasure. I hope there’s a double elimination next week for these two. (Make it three to include Elise) Jessica, Joshua, Phillip and Colton deserve the top four spots. With Colton gone now, the three are the creme de la creme. But it seems American voters love a nasal and an out-of-tune audio, so they’ll probably keep the irritating Skylar and the pitchy Hollie.If that happens, I’ll stop watching American Idol for now. I’ll just resume next season. I am certain Jessica and Joshua will have huge careers anyway. As for Phillip Phillips, his photo remains in my timeline cover.

  64. It was really a bad song choice that causes his elimination. With a wide range of song selections of NOW, why Gaga’s song? He could have sung “Drops of Jupiter” and then doing his thing on the piano. Anyways…moving on.

    • I think the producers give 7 songs for the contestants for each to pick. So the songs list are given by the producers, and contestants must choose one from the list.

    • It’s American Idol, not World Idol. You don’t like it when the US invades other counties, but its fine when non-Americans invade our TV shows.

      • FYI, Americans promote and sell their stuff all around the world such as  American movies and song albums.  Are you not proud if an American of any race or creed is known for his/her talent internationally?  If you’re not, then you should renounce your nationality.

      • @golden_voice , If Americans quit pushing world wide, maybe the world wouldn’t hate us so much. Globalization has been a big loss for Americans and the biggest mistake this country has made. America is big enough for all Americans and we need to strengthen our nationality.

  65. Hahaha, The whole america will decide so ranting about who’s gonna win wont do any good for your fave. VOOOOTE! :))) be part of the american voters!

  66. America has gotten it right twice, Kelly and Carrie, and that’s it.  The problem is the voting system, any time you can cast more than one vote you skew the results.  Do you think the person voting 20 times a week for their favorite is going to buy 20 of their albums when it comes out?  They may buy 1, even then, maybe not.

    • it should be one vote per phone.  the voting system, and the judges, are  ridiculous

      • I so agree with you Pr63. One person being allowed to vote 50,60 or more times is ridiculous. One vote per person.  And the judges should not be allowed to try to sway votes one way or another.
        The voting system and the judges….are ridiculous.

  67.  JESSICA SANCHEZ for the win! needless to say
    Artist rallying behind her were,
    Akon, Adam Lambert, Jesse McCartney, Gabrielle Union, Ms.
    Jennifer Holliday,Apl de Ap, Pia Toscano, Naima, Mario Lopez, Jazmine
    Sullivan, Jennifer Hudson herself, Jane Lynch (Glee), even Beyonce
    posted Jessica’s video on her official website.
    Jessica haters treat JESSICA as a big treat! lol!

    • Jessica will still face white racism, but it is okay.  World is getting better /less ignorant about racism.  Heck we have a black president.

      Anyways, time is on humanism’s side.

      The more brown people are on center stage, the less ethnocentrism will exist / through learning and understanding.

      (Fear of a black planet / Age of Disintegration)

    • Yeah right! Mexico & Asia specially Philippines making way for Jessica, I have friends &relatives based at us is suporting jess, newyork, chicago, l.a., new jersey, texas voting for her! To all haters, we still love you!

      •  Laugh all the way to the win and watch Jess’s career tank with poor song sales. You are hurting her career.

  68. NO they did not Jessica should ahve gone last week. She can sing there is not doubt but she does not entertain, and after all is that now what we want

    • talent wise. jessica is way miles ahead with colton. he deserves to go. it’s him that does not entertain. colton is meh!! next

  69. Breaking news….there may be infact other races that are considered “American.” 

    In other news, Obama is not a muslim…Kleenex corp. to offer free tissues.

  70. I can’t believe COLTON was voted off…he’s talented, may be ONLY this week a little hard for him…

    american idol is like jokes  to  me…how can  the best artist get voted off too early…it supposed to be elise or hollie get voted off …urrghhhh..

    however, i will always support for colton forever… I can’t wait to buy his album… I know he can be a GREAT artist…..he’s talented…he’s indie artist which makes song for his own…..he will be like paramore, simple plan, avril lavigne or taylor swift..I THINK SO…..FAILURE IS THE MOTHER OF SUCCESS!!! RIGHT…

    I think my vote after this will goes to my second choice, PHILLIP PHILLIPS….GO PP!!!!…. 

  71. Poor Colton.. Next week would’ve been perfect for him.. They’re doing Queen

    • What?  You think Colton would identify with Queen?  His weak voice is no match for any Freddie Mercury song. What Queen song would you have given to Colton?   Like maybe Bicycle Race?  LOL

  72. Agrees, Colton should not have been voted off. 

    Top 3 (talent-wise) IMHO is Jessica, Joshua, and Colton. 

    Phillip is too much DMB cover and most voters look like Hollie.

  73. Top 3 – JOSHUA
    Any of the 2 guys are deserving of the spot to be on the top 2, there has to be  a consistent girl to match the prowess of any of the 2 boys. If it’s Joshua & Jessica it’s the battle of the big voices (i hope with less screeching from Joshua). What i couldn’t wait for are the 3 judges choices of songs to be sang by any of these 3 contestants but i know it would be worth the wait….

  74. Yep! America got it right. Haven’t rated him from the start…..thought his sister was a much better singer! Go on Phillip……..he’s in it to win it! 😉

  75. Colton Out???? Goodness!!! Reality yes, can’t believe it. I thought he can last until the fourth, with Hollie and Elise out first.  If other singers can make it out there, even without AI Colton can go far…..

  76. Hey, Truth, you might not know this but you’re still owned by the British. There’s no need for labels. This is just a friendly competition among you Americans, both natural-born and naturalized. We’re supposed to build bridges, not walls. Anyway, good luck with your economy.

    •  Someone lied to you.  Sorry.

      We decided to leave you long ago and kicked your ancestors to the curb when you got pushy.

      Step aside while we police the world.  Peace be with you.

  77.  2 more girls will be eliminated in the coming weeks,,,to balance it out…2 girls and 2 boys,,,,will be in the top 4…..jessica,,,joshua ,,,philipps  and skylar….in that order….again,,,my prediction  based on their talent,,,,,,

  78. The problem with AI us they need some white Judges instead if what we got. Very obvious they favor Nips and Nigs . Do you think for one minute that southerns would vote for a Nip or Nig; that’s how I know they are rigging it.

  79. American Idol votes percentage.
    1. jessica 54.65%
    2.phillips 22.73%
    3.skylar 12.67%
    4.joshua 5.45%
    5.elise 2.5%
    6.hollie 1.45%
    7.colton 0.55%

    • im sure phillip gets the most votes right now, the majority of voters are white teenage girls and he is the most attractive guy on the show to them.

      • That is exactly what everyone was saying about Colton and he’s gone.  Teenage girls get too much credit 4 voting for the boys, it’s looking like they’re voting for bb chez and holliepop.

      • OMG..Again? The median age of American Idol is 48.  I am 45, I love Phillip. My coworkers are in their 40s. They love Phillip. My Dad is 73 and he loves Phillip. My mother, who is 72..doesn’t. lol None of us have seen the teen years in a long time!

      • I’m thinking the teens would like Colton, guess not.  To say that Phillip will get the girl vote doesn’t seem guaranteed like in years past.  If he wins, it’s simply bc  he is the best singer.   I

    • i’m not believe you… me the proof……


  80. have you seen the photo for this article? it like gradma(elise) consoling her son (colton) with her granddaughter (hollie)….hahahaha

  81. I am really sad that Colton has to be the one to be eliminated. I like the way he sang his songs, and I know that he has a lot of fans ,too.  I hope this is not the end for him in the music world.    

  82. every people try to compared colton with chris daughtry,, but in my opinion,, colton is so far from chris, colton just has charisma and if we talking about chris, he has all of the package,, its to much people out of there can sing like colton,, maybe its a shocker voted off because  he are so cute and handsome and in our opinion he maybe going true to the finnale coz so much a girl teenager there to take him a vote,,, just it, TRUSTTT meee IN THE NEXT SEASON OF AMERICAN IDOL, THERE IS ANOTHER CONTESTAN SING LIKE COLTON,, i think  soon or fast colton must be get eliminated and this is the time,,,,, so tired to see american idol winner just by their cute or handsome face,, we need a true tallent……. (just my opinion)

    • i don’t think people want to compare chris daughtry with colton…and I think what people trying to say is , hoping that colton will be success like past idol contestant, chris daughtry, jennifer huson and adam lambert…

      for me, colton has a whole package….he can sing well, can play music instrument, singer-songwriter, he’s know how to perform on stage, and his a good- looking guy….IN MY OPINION…..

      #And how about people compare jessica with whitney houston,..mariah carey and beyonce…OH PUH-LISE..LOL…

      • comparing Jessica to those famous singers is unacceptable but the judges, those guest mentors/artists and even jimmy who’s a record producer cannot deny the fact that the girl is very talented and consistent and her vocal abilities are way amazing for her age. 

        So I would suggest you stop bashing Jessica if you do not want me to bash your bet. Get it?

  83. If Joshua sings “we are the champions” by queen next week, I think he has the voice to do it and might win.

  84. Its funny how people pull the racist card so quickly, when in fact its really part of the show, just like how some filipino voting for jessica because she is half filipino, you know what? Many americans too vote for americans.

    I love jessicas performance, shes a class above the other contestants, except for phillips. But the sad truth is philips is an american and jessica is half asian, Whether you like it or not her being an asian would be a factor on the show.

    •  Uh, close-minded.

      Phillip is European-decent

      Jessica is Asian/Latin-decent

      Both are American Citizens and both were born in America.

      Are you trying to say one is more “American” than the other?  A flawed argument, as our country is a nation built from immigration.

      High school material bro LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

      • @Buxster. Very well said! Thanks you! I’m so sick of all this Asian/  /Filipino/Latino nonsense  They’re all AMERICANS!

    • Uh..they’re ALL Americans on the show. How ridiculous. You completely turn people off of Jessica because they only reason you vote for her is because she is Filipino.  I really could care less if she were part Martian. It’s people like you that leave a bad taste in my mouth.

  85. Of all the people going , Colton Dixon shouldn’t be the one ! He’s amazing !

  86. I expected this but I really think it was Hollie going home (again like last week) because for the past few weeks she delivered weak performances but last night she redeemed herself by singing Rolling in the Deep! I think that performance alone was enough to keep her going to another round.

    Performance wise yesterday, Colton is the weakest. His bad romance version is not that catchy and the arrangement to September was really really off (Sorry Colton fans). At this point in the competition votes really do count! I don’t believe that his fans’ votes were not enough to keep him in the competition, it’s just that maybe Colton fans were caught off guard, just like what happened to Jessica last week! Sad thing about his elimination? He didn’t get a chance to receive a standing ovation from the judges before he left the competition.As for Elise, her voice is something unique compared to the others, I think America still wants to hear her sing for a few more weeks.  And also she’s unpredictable in terms of vocal ability.  The others are very, VERY predictable! I hope she stays for a while in the competition, I hope she’s not next to go.

  87. What happened tonight is called voters sharing. Colton and Phillip fall into same categories of voters. Yesterday Phillip delivered strong performances, while Colton is doing okay. So the votes tend to Phillip’s side thus leave Colton in disadvantage side. Now, that Colton’s eliminated, I think Phillip just secure his spot in final 3.

  88. Colton deserved to be eliminated. In the first place, he didn’rt even want to audition. Am I right???

  89. A stern reminder to white racists and ethnocentrics: Jessica is an American of Filipino descent. She’s one of the 4-million Fil-Ams living in America today, the biggest Asian American immigrants thus far. Discarding Pinoys with colonial mentality, solid votes come from this block plus Asian Ams.

    Filipinos had been in America since 1587 and the Philippines became a US territory in 1898. Long lists of Fil-Ams in US politics and showbiz are impeccable  in their fields. We don’t demand respect but recognition.

    Yes, only American votes count! Just like Obama being commented and campaigned by Africans during election. AI is a global entertainment show and nobody can take away the right of commentary that can influence Americans regardless of ethnicity in voting for Jessica.

  90. They are all good at this point and judges input seems to gave little impact on the public popularity contest. I’m not sure America can be honest enough to get it right, but.I see good futures for all of them from here on out.


  92. I myself love Jesus, Colton messed up when he sang September I believe and after the judges said what they thought he walked off stage and said he didn’t care. I saw hurt in his eyes last night I think.

    • Well, that’s the price Colton paid for taking a risk. He took a risk and it didn’t pay off.

  93. so colton bit the dust.  no suprise there.  his performances left a lot to be desired.  when you sing lady gaga you’re supposed to have fun with it. to me, for what it’s worth, he looked like he was suffering.  and his earth wind and fire performance did not burst into flame (sorry for that!)  i adore jessica but i think she plateaued out.  i’m hoping next week she really brings it  because her voice is tremendous and she’s  got a helluva future.  my favorite, skyler.  that little girl is the whole package, great voice, great look, great entertainer.  next in line is josh. i like elise and hollie but i think they’re falling to the back of the pack.  no comment on p2 except for the fact that he reminds me of charlie mccarthy.  sorry, p2 fans

  94. If Jessica leaves, it’s because she screams her songs too much.
    Joshua, Hollie and Elise have some real tones.
    Skylar is pure entertainment, maybe not the best singer.
    Philip will get Colton’s votes , but he needs to step it up with some variety.

  95. My uncle was in WW 2, when he fought to regain the Philippines, he said the Japs bribed the Pinoys with dead mice to get them to fight for them. He was a flame thrower operator and said when he fired up the Pinoys, they smelt like burnt pineapple and burning rat hair. Looks like a bunch of them Pinoys escaped and snuck into the mainland. How come we didn’t concentration camp them like we did the Japs. To bad we didn’t get them all back then. Lol, I heard that people was sending Jess pineapples instead of flowers, Pinoys are so cheap, they like pineapple Jews

    • before you say anything to the Philippines or Filipino People better search the History…

    • The funny thing is…you yourself is a Filipino. Lol! There’s no lower than a Filipino badmouthing a Filipino. Lol!

      • @makemebeliver, how do u know he/ she is also a Filipino? R u just assuming so all Filipinos will look stupid to you? Why don’t you just vote for your fave and see who wins at the end. At this point all of them are talented.

    • We, Filipinos are still humans! so don’t act that way! you looked cheaper than us, because of the way you act! Yes some of us were so proud because Jessica have a blood of a filipino people, but, please, We Filipinos just wanna Support Jessica in that way! Dont think of anything about it [although, i admit that some of us were EXAGGERATED !] I just wanna say sorry for those Filipinos who act in a way that you, people thought that we are so CHEAP! But please, stop throwing bad things about filipinos! I REPEAT, WE are STILL humans! We have our own Feelings! Please watch your words FIRST!

    • Take your filth elsewhere. You think you’re being clever by insulting the Filipinos but what it actually does is show the kind of lowlife you are.

  96. please dont blame Hollie just because Colton was sent home! We are the ones who have the power to EVICT one of them, and unfortunately, Colton is the one who got the lowest Votes! Look, Hollie was shocked because [i think] she also thought that she will be the one to go home! She is inocent! don’t blame her. Indeed, i am not a Hollie Fan! [im a Jessica Fanatic]

  97. You used to be able to come out here and have intellectual chat. Now it’s full of kids, racists ( yes, Asians are part of that group too ) — if you vote for someone just because they are Asian, you are a racist….

    Anyway, now….there is no real discussion of talent…or songs…..just bash, bash, bash

    95% of the posts are garbage….the good posters leave….

    All that are left are those leaving Jessica Propaganda or stupids kids acting like racists…

    • then you must be one of the garbage posters because you’re still here…Hmmmm, I smell “garbage” and that’s “Interesting”

    •  IMO, because he did not have a good performance.  I think Jimmy’s comment was absolutely right.   Voters like me who voted for our favorite contestants also voted for a good performer.  I had voted for Colton in the pass but did not vote for him that night.  I’m sorry for you but hope you pick someone else the next time around.

  98. if it’s true that next week is queen, is ADAM going to show up…please please please!!!!!!  he’ll show them ALL how to do it!!!!

  99. stop any arguments…just vote for who you want to vote to..
    for me, its Jessica…the ultimate American Idol…

    • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! saveing Jessica and Now Colton is outtt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what the helll….they shoudn’t have saved Jessica

      • Jessica Sanchez fans chaaaaarrrrrrgggggggeee!!! Let’s demolish everyone, one by one, ’til she’s the last one standing! Girl power =D

  100. Never liked that Lady Gaga song, so that didn’t help Colton.  Weird lyrics.  And his outfit was also weird.  Still Steven Tyler loved that performance so we can’t say all the judges dumped on him.  I think the same mistake was made as with Jesssica – people thought he was so popular they didn’t bother to vote.

    I wish it was Joshua who was voted off.  Please turn down the volume.

    Hollie is really maturing.  Go Hollie, go.

    Skylar is great but I can’t take that nasal country voice and stomping around in unfeminine boots any longer.

    Elyse is fantastic but it is true she doesn’t show enough vulnerability because she knows she is so good and doesn’t like baring her soul.

    • Am I the only one who noticed how sharp his voice was that night? Lots of flat notes.

  101. Everyone of the contestants are really good but Elise is my favorite and so thankful I get to hear her unique voice again next week. I hope she pulls out another night like her LZ night!

  102. If we’re actually voting on a week to week basis, Colton DID have the worst night. I didn’t notice the anger in his eyes though?  LMFAO was horrible! Who the heck is buying that crap? The one guy’s pants would fit my 7 year old nephew. Ish. I liked Kris Allen though.

    • yeah LMFAO??!!!!!!!what theeeeeeeeeee……….!!!!!!!r u kidding me??!!!Aaaa yeah Colton was too much for American Idol stage when they pick LMFAO to sing there!!!

  103. Last season the top 6 was comprised of 2 girls and 4 boys. Now, it’s the other way around. 2 boys (is Joshua counted one? Just kidding.) and 4 girls!

    I think we’ll have a Hollie-Skylar or a Hollie-Phillip Finale! Hollie needs to show her true talent next week! Go Hollie! #holliepops

  104. I am really mad at America. How could anyone let Colton go?????? H e is a star – HOPE HE GOES FAR! he left waaay too early. Now all I’m going to do is wait for Phillip to win this. COLTON ROCKS!!!!

  105. Jessica & Skayler Are Both great Singers . But We Have all great Singers this year and Colton was one of them !!!

  106. Wrong decision America….should have been Elise and her snooty little “better than thou” attitude (waste of a great voice!).
    Also, LMFAO was a disgrace to the show and the human race! Couldn’t even have the decency not to swear on a prime time live show!! (real class!) what was Idol thinking ? Just shows you where our country is heading!

    • I don’t think Elise has a snooty attitude but I have to agree with you about LMFAO. That was horrible.

      • The judges are harder on her.   At least they didn’t kiss Jessica’s butt as much Wednesday.  I think they got their message across and now realize they have to pull back on their favortism.  We ge itt AI, you want Jessica to win the title.  Try just a little more 2 b discrete about it.

  107. i cried and cried…u Got to be KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!whatttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!one of the stupidest thing i’ve ever seen in my life and stupedest thing i’ve ever seen on idol…aaaaaa GOD Hollie is on the show Schylar is on the show Elise on the show Joushoa on the show and NoT Colton???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!HEY AMERICA Heyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

      • Siculari yeah i didn’t i’m not in American i’m from IRAN yeah i’m 22 year old persian girl (oO no i just turned 23) but hey America what r u doing this is soo wrong i can’t imagine Colton & Philip out of Finale!! 
        still can’t believe it …O GOD…UNFAIR WORLD

      • no if u shut up then we dont have any problem … im not some teens who…im talking about true music that insipre me  not the look or…
        well u better shut up and watch LMFAO and lady gaga

  108. If people are voting on just this week’s performance, yes, they got it right. Colton had a rough week. However, if that same person is saying that the LMFAO performance was really good..I start to wonder at their judgement. They were horrible!!! Those pants on the one guy would fit my 7 year old nephew. Besides, their horrible fashion sense..they can’t sing. I bet they are LMFAO all the way to the bank at the stupidity of the people buying their records!

  109. one night picking the wrong song dosn’t mean Colton should be eliminated!!!!the rest of them had many wrong songs but they haven’t but once Colton did he was eliminated!!!!!!this is STUPID

  110. Why are people always thinking Elise is the attitude Queen of this season? I haven’t even seen her getting hysterical. Yeah, it’s pretty sure when she’s not happy or playing goofy but gheez, leave the lady alone. That strong and straightforward personally is bold. Every singer has their own personally and she doesn’t have to fake a face just to satisfy the people’s taste on personality [That is… if she has the attitude which I really haven’t even seen yet!!!]

    I thought that Hollie will be the one going home this week. It was sad to see Colton go. 

    Elise and Jessica for Finale!

      • Another problem I’m seeing with Elise are her rollercoaster performances. Rollercoasters are great for amusement parks, not AI.

      • Her facial expression moves people in a bizarre way [LOL].  When she’s happy, people feel fine. If she’s in her odd expression, people find her peeving. Worst—when she’s in that jaded or depressing face, people become hysterical. Enough with that already. Maybe because people compare her looks with that of Lady G. or Amy W. without even noticing it. Those two artists are far more depressing in my own opinion. 

        I find her true at heart. And I love that raspy voice she brings on the stage without making herself as ludicrous as Gaga.

    • that’s why its a reality competition…right…it should not be staged 

    • Oh I like her voice. In fact her vocal skill is arguably one of the best in American Idol. I don’t know, I just think people find it hard to connect because of her facial expression. That’s why she’s been struggling. Just my thought.

  111. I don’t understand why he chose to sing Lady Goo Goo but in the the end I think he is much better off being connected to Jesus. I think that relationship will prove to be much more lucrative in the long run.

    Just sayin….;-)

  112. Jessica Sanchez fans chaaaaarrrrrrgggggggeee!!! Let’s demolish everyone, one by one, ’til she’s the last one standing!

  113. How could there be any more racist remarks than the number of people who “hate on” Hollie, a blonde haired blue eyed Brit?  She and Jessica  have two of the best voices on idol.  Jimmy finally got it right about Jessica.  She needs to sing songs more for someone her age to be believeable.  I think this year more than in the past a bad performance night will get you sent home.  That is why Colton went home.  He performed poorly on Wednesday night.  I suppose I am a Phillip fan.  I also like Joshua and Skylar.  Joshua is an R&B singer with class.  A throwback to the really good Motown singers of yesterday.  Phillip is a true original/  Skylar is just very dynamic and a feel good singer.  I wish all of this bunch much success.

  114. Good lord. People are so ignorant sometimes. Even the front runner Katharine McPhee was in bottom 2 as early as top 10 or so. She might have gone home then. Before Chris Daughtry went home in top 4, he was actually in bottom 2 also in top 9. Going home and bottom 2 is THAT close. Calm down people. This is not even new. It has been like this for years!

    • But the judges inappropriate behavior showing obvious and extreme favoritism is new….why I am upset. Simon would never have acted like these judges….then need to go! Randy’s obsession is starting to make me think he is a racist.

  115. I liked Jimmy’s comments regarding Jessica moving forward…I agree they are having Jess sing songs that a 16 year old should not be singing…looking forward to seeing the adjustment and seeing Jess sing the proper songs

    • It may sound crazy, but if she did a Britney song or something totally wack like that and pull it off with excitement and show us a party…she could win my support.

    • but unfortunately they keep bringing old themes…next week  QUEEN…if the contestant can keep it current, likable, catchy, hip, whatever they should do to have that WOW factor on stage.


      •  OMG! Is this true? I’d love to see Jess perform a killer version of “Somebody to Love!”…..sorry, just a QUEEN! =)

    • While I agree that Jessica try to sing songs more of her age, still she nails those songs people say she should not be singing… I say she’s pretty consistent and showing her versatility in several of her song choices..

  116. Some compare Phillip to Dave Matthews. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. He makes great music, sells tons of
    albums and his concerts are wild and awesome. But I don’t think Phillip
    is another DM, he is different, but yet still crazy like a monkey. He’s
    like a child of DM & John Meyer with a little country thrown

    What has been killing the American music scene is the over saturation
    of Diva music and we sure don’t need another Diva, there are way too
    many of them and their music is very boring. So I guess that wipes out
    needing Jess, Hollie, and lol, Joshua. Sitting through a Joshua concert
    would be so painful and I would need ear plugs for sure. This is why a
    girl hasn’t won AI for a while, because every year that’s what these
    girls offer up and it’s boring and we already have tons of it. None of
    these girls are better than the Divas currently on the market.

    The reason Skylar has done so well is she is the anti-Diva girl
    contestant, which means her performances are not boring. However for a
    general audience, there is too much country in her voice and others who
    are like her are better than her. But she has strong appeal and she will
    be the next “Kelley Pickler”, and likely surpass her. She will be a commercial success.

    Elise, like Phillip, is refreshing and not a Diva….and yeah I guess
    those two are my favorites because they are interesting and different.
    Can’t decide which one yet, so I vote for both of them.

    My guess is the finale will be between a Diva (likely Jess) and
    Phillip. Unless the Judges pull more inappropriate interference and
    change the course again to their favorite (Joshua). If a Diva wins,
    another nail into the coffin of  the American music scene and AI.

    I liked Colton, but he was not my favorite, but one of three. I thought he had the best
    shot at commercial success and likely he now has a better chance since he
    didn’t win.

    • I think you hit that spot on. I’ve been hoping for an Elise vs Phillip finale for a long time, it would be very interesting to watch. I’ve also been secretly hoping that Phillip will do some sort of on-stage arrangement of his version of Thriller (the one he played during his first audition). If he makes it to the finale and they give them one completely free choice of song like they usually do, I hope he does that. I think it would net him a win on its own.

      • Lewkis,
        An Elise and Phillip Finale would be awesome!  Does America have the guts to keep these two best singers to the end?  I’m starting to see much more support for Elise……every week that she is on, people appreciate her voice and tone more and see her extraordinary talent.  We know that all the IDOL contestants are great singers, but both Phillip and Elise are singer/songwriters and excellent musicians that have more than standing still and singing ballads.  These two I would definately support with seeing them in concerts and buying their CD’s.  Good luck to the remaining top six.  You all should be so proud that you have made it so far. 

    • I’m just hoping that a girl will win this year…may it be Hollie, Skylar, Elise but I would like JESSICA to win.

  117.  JESSICA SANCHEZ for the win! aartists rallying behind her were, to name a few
    Akon, Adam Lambert, Jesse McCartney,  Gabrielle Union, Ms. Jennifer Holliday,Apl de Ap, Pia Toscano, Naima, Mario Lopez, Jazmine Sullivan, Jennifer Hudson herself, Jane Lynch (Glee), even Beyonce posted Jessica’s video on her official website.
    the list is growingJessica haters treat JESSICA as a big treat, thus end up saying bad things about her! 

    • OMG..again with the word “hater”? Really? Grow up..and I do not treat Jessica as a big “treat'” think I think she’s an ice cream cone?

    • Okay… Unless people are bringing the word hate in here, don’t open up the issue. No one feels that Jessica is a threat. Can’t you just be as sporty as every Jessica fan should be? You are one of those people who are always looking for a mess! 

      Yeah… I know a lot are rooting for Jessica to win [Wooopeee! -_-] but quit with the hating word, sit on the couch and most importantly—-VOTE! 

      Reminder: Don’t give a damn out of what I’m stating. I’m just telling you what it feels to be annoyed with comments like that. It’s melting the ice in my forehead every time people like you are doing that. And yeah, I’m a Jessica fan—so don’t worry.

    • You just lost my votes for Jessica. I’m so tired of the word “hate” being used during this season. Most of it seems to be from fans of Jessica. I don’t hate Jessica. I don’t even know her. She is a contestant on a reality show about singers. I listen to her and the other contestants. Some I like better than others. But putting a word like “hate” into this situation spoils the entire contest.

      • Hey..its not like you really hate someone when you say I hate her or him…most of the time it’s just an expression… so chill…don’t be so literal… I hate it! LOL just kidding…   😉

      • Rico:
        There are a lot of people here who “hate” that “expression” because some of the time it’s not just an expression. Don’t be so casual. The trouble with reality shows is that sometimes they get too real.

    • it’s a good thing you mentioned those names hopefully after the competition they help her in making her record…but as of now it is not enough that you only like her but they need to cast their vote…

  118. Colton’s gone a boltin..disproves two of my theories…that the Southern vote didn’t back him and he wasn’t the little girls heartthrob.

  119. I think they should save Colton they can they have one week of Jermain and they can call him back …O God Idol is about to use a unique and so talented and whole package and… singer O no i think they lost it!!!!i’ve never seen someone like Colton on Idol they should do something they can they should be brave and do that cause all of us know this elimination was SoOO wrong!!poeple who voted don’t even know what they did right now!!!
    be brave IDOL and do it

    • they call someone back and to find out that person was not suitable due to personal background…next time AI should stick to rules they’ve set before.


  120. I’m gonna have to watch the tape again. Didn’t see the anger on Colton’s eyes.

    • Yes he was mad…think about his remark to the judges about I’ll keep your comments in mind when I make my first record.  That was kind of in your face….which I liked.  Colton has had way too much pressure put on him because of his faith, which I don’t think he was over the top with during the shows.  Elise was definitely ticked off with them and thnks she is being singled out for criticism….give me a break…At this point all of them are extremely talented and have a shot at stardom whether they win AI or not. 

      • hmmmm…maybe just not Elise…she’s good and all…. but not really star quality material.. I mean Really??? 

  121. Colton has bored from the beginning. He was mediocre at best.he was skating on his looks. He personifies all that is wrong with popularity contests like this one. Good riddance. My fast forward button will get a rest now.

    • well excuse me who was better????all of them has bored Joshua Elise Hollie Sckylar…all…
      but u always want to watch Colton and Philip performing 

  122. the performance round, Sanchez received praises from the judges for her rendition of Alicia Keys’ “Fallin”. But for her second song choice, Otis Redding’s “Try A Little Tenderness,” she received mixed comments.i myself never heard that song and surprisingly it has more than 5M views on youtube. and maybe some oldies voted for her since this song was circa ’60s

    • probably, but the incident last week is what awakens all JSanchez fans… its not the song afterall. . .

    • maybe it reach that number because they were curious about the performance and the song.

  123. If you remove the judges hype, inconsistant comments, meaningless standing o’s, and favoritism, you are left with some talented contestants.

       Hollie has a pure, powerful voice, and when she doesn’t let her nerves get the best of her, her voice is outstanding. Her youth and inexperience may be her downfall, because it causes her to sometimes be robotic in her performances.

       Joshua is a very good singer. When he sings, it sounds great. If he would reign in the screams, his performances would be more enjoyable. His talent is on the same level as Hollie’s, but he has been more consistant than Hollie, and his stage presence is slightly better.

       Skyler’s spunkiness is her strength. She too can sing very well, but she turns everything into a country song. Scotty won last year by turning everything into a country song, it could happen again this year with Skyler. For overall talent, she is on the same level as Hollie and Joshua.

       Elise has the flakiness factor. Her performances have been up and down. When she is on, she wows the crowd, but when she is just a little off, she falls flat. She has the most interesting voice, but lacks consistancy. When she has a good night, she is just as talented as the others.

       Philip is the non-country version of Scotty, and has followed Scotty’s lead all season. He is very consistant, and sings every song the same way. His onstage presence is a little quirky (like Scotty was last year). Philip needs a strong out of his comfort zone performance to rise above the other contestants.

       Jessica has a strong, versatile, powerful voice. Her experience shows in her stage presence. The save was not wasted on her. So far her peak performance was “I Will Always Love You,” and she needs to have a comparable performance to keep her above the pack.

        The problem with this season is that everyone is very close, talent wise (with Jessica being a possible exception). Each contestant is talented in their own way, but none of them have had more than one “wow” performance. Each of them has a strong appeal to different segments of music lovers. So, each week, when a contestant is eliminated, it will be a SHOCK to their fans, because these contestants are so close in overall talent.

      I like country, and Skyler is definately country and she is good. I enjoy Hollie’s pure voice. I like it when Joshua sings (not screams). I like Elise’s flakiness. I like Philip’s voice and whatever “it” is that makes me like his performances so much. I like Jessica the most, overall, and I hope she wins. The talent is so close to equal this year, everyone is very good, but it just seems no one this season is outstanding with any consistancy.

    • Isn’t it funny how different people’s tastes run? Jessica is probably my LEAST favorite. I’m not a big diva fan…we have enough of them already and they bore me. I’m not saying the girl isn’t talented because she is, it’s just not my taste. I love Phillip and hope he wins. That said, I like country music also so I could live with a Skylar win. Elise does have a pretty cool voice..I’d probably buy her cd., your favorite is my least favorite. But, they really are all talented.

      • You’re so right…Let me put it this way…. AI is a singing competition.. Potential winners are chosen from thousands around America, but the fact remains that even the most talented and deserving person however obvious  that may be will not win it every time because almost all the time the voters will support their favorites whether they deserve it or not… it becomes a popularity contest more than a singing contest with a few exceptions of course.. like Carrie and Fantasia to name a few…   just my 2 cents worth… peace all!

  124. Colton is very talented but he alienated voters on performance night.  After leaving the stage on performance night Ryan asked him about the judges feedback and he said, “I don’t care.”  I know it was a spontaneous utterance because he was on a performance high but it came across as arrogant.  American voters don’t like whiners (Elise) but they like arrogant jerks less.  I liked Colton and I think he has real potential as a Gospel artist but he wasn’t going to win Idol.

      • I disagree… No one’s to blame actually… The judges can only say things.. whether to criticize the contestants or praise them..whatever… But it is the american people who still votes, so don’t blame everything on the judges…nor the voters, for no matter who deserves to win, voters will vote for their favorites!

  125. My bet is Jessica and Skylar in the final.  Now having said that, the only one of the folks whose music I would actually BUY is Elise.

  126. Clearly by this author’s statement he is anti-Christian. How can you say Colton was angry – that was your biased opinion. What is wrong with him singing praise to God. Obviously, you don’t understand what that means.

    • Eh..I disagree. Casey sounded like a goat half the time and Haley tried too hard to be sexy instead of just singing.

    • Sorry but I disagree with Haley…I really like her voice and she come up with a nice album this year…good for her.

  127. While Joshua is an amazing singer, he is not as current as all of the other contestants. He will not win American Idol & I don’t think he should still be there taking up someone else’s chances of winning. 

  128. wow!!! with 5 girls and 1 dude left on the show, it might be that a girl will take the crown this year…

  129. American got it wrong colton shouldn’t have went home they should have use the save on him they pushed him into the show in the first place just like with Casey American they got it wrong

      • because the save should be for Pia…but hey that so last year, right…lets move on with this season.

  130. Idol has been so unpredictable this season.  There is such a difference of talent here and everyone has their favorites by now.  We all know its only a matter of time but Elise & Hollie will probably go.   It seems that the votes depend on the peformances, if your off  that night people change their votes to the better performers……
    I’ve also noticed that this season a lot of the familiar names on this site have not been here and I have to blame it on all this racist BS going on.   People, lets stick to the talent and performances……..Period!!!!!!!

    • Totally agree…..And with Elise & Hollie gone…that is when the real competition begins!

    • My Friend Phyllis G,

      You have been saying that Elise will go since the the final 12, I have been waiting for her to leave so I can stop watching all together like I promised.

      But alas my chosen darkhorse is proving to be a  tough girl to  get rid of
      and so I may have to suffer a little bit longer , what do you think?

      promise me  this time that you are right, heh heh……………

      Just kidding my friend.

  131. Isn’t it funny how different people’s tastes run? Phillip is probably my LEAST favorite. I’m not a big street singer fan…we have enough of them already and they bore me. I’m not saying the boy isn’t talented because he is, it’s just not my taste. I love Jessica and hope she wins. That said, I like country music also so I could live with a Skylar win. Elise does have a pretty cool voice..I’d probably buy her cd., your favorite is my least favorite. But, they really are all talented.

  132. More fast facts
    1. Last night’s results only solidify who’s pulling the strings. This is a reality show and producers/Nigel want ratings
    2. First time since the top 12, they announce how many votes they got ( see #1 )
    3. No hate for Elise? She said she works really hard, during one of her “explanations” last night. When Sanchez said the same thing last week, the boards were loaded with complaints about her.
    4. Speaking of ratings, doesn’t seem feasible for the WGWG PP2 vs Country Bumpkin Skylar finale….Joshua just may win this thing, unless the AI stereotype comes into play.
    5. This season is prime example of just making it through and peaking at the right time. Hollie has been awful, at times, but now that’s all pretty much forgotten. She’s not the best singer but she’s likable.

    • It’s a completely different story to say you’ve worked hard your whole life at 28 than to say it at 16!

      • well, lets put it this way…Jessica started singing when she was about 5 or 6…now she’s 16…that’s pretty much her whole life don’t you think? She did work hard all her life that’s why she’s where she is right?

  133. Colton shouldn’t have got so cocky should he, lol “whatever”.  Well he paid for that remark didn’t he! lol GO ELISE!!!!! ROCK OM GIRL!!!

  134. If you look at this competition from a business POV than I believe the only 2 left with staying power and the ability to sell albums are Philip and Skylar.  I can see them both having dedicated followers. Soul/Gospel albums don’t sell(Josh), most pop stars have short shelf life unless you have something special (neither Hollie or Jessica have that although they are good singers) I Like Elise but again there is nothing that setsher over the top.  I think Jimmy realizes this to a point. Let’s see if he starts “pushing” Philip and Skylar even more. Personally I hated to see Colton go. I think we may see him in the future.

  135. YO RETARD WRITING THIS BLOG….where was this anger in Coltons eyes you were talking about!?!?!??I watched it over again and again….all I saw was that he was very gracious and accepting of the bad news and even apologized for how his performances went the night before …. I’m starting to resent alot of the things your write in your blogs….I hardly agree with you …EVER!!!!

  136. Skylar is a pop-country-underwood wannabe.  she’s next to go.  Hollie is good but not too confident. she’s always on the brink of going pitchy. Joshua may have a powerful voice but he is so predictable with his gospel style performances, and he gets to the point of being annoying. The top 3 would be the power growlers of the group, Jessica-Phillip-Elise. Here’s the thing, Phillip tends to overdo his growl (growling from start to finish) and he gotta have to change that or else we will see Elise battling Jessica to the Finale. 

    • By the way, as for Colton,  this season of American Idol’s Top 6 is a batch of growlers! And that probably was the reason why Colton had to go as he’s the odd one among the group. So next week will be a growling competition! Who is the best growler for you??

      • I would have to say Elise is the best growler of ’em all! Always reminds me of Tarzan — now off to the jungle!!!

  137. colton is so awesome………he is not afraid to give praise to his Maker!!!!!! God bless u Colton!

  138. I was shocked about Colton as well. I honestly thought Hollie, Elise and Joshua would go before Colton, but oh well. He wasn’t going to win it anyway and to be honest, that’s probably a good thing. What I can’t stand it the attitude of the judges and Jimmy Iovine. I was absolutely furious when he apologized for having Jessica sing songs that are way too old for her, when Hollie is exactly the same age! Playing favorites???? Mentor the contestants, not the audience! We can decide for ourselves who to vote for. Then again, we chose Kris Allen and Lee DeWyze……..

  139. Elise sings well, but there is something about her that is just not likeable.  I don’t know what it is……  I MIGHT buy one of her records……MIGHT, but I wouldn’t walk across the street to a free concert to see her perform.  Holly and Jessica are very young and have difficulty relating to a lot of the songs, but they have come a long way from their first audition.  I wish them luck.

  140. i’ve read some comments on facebook and some of them are blaming jessica because the save was used on her and they think the judges wasted it. i remembered steven saying that they will definitely use the save during that week because of the outcome of the votes. for example colton was the one who was eliminated during that time, i am very sure that they will use it to colton. it’s just that he was safe that week and jessica isn’t. all of them are great. all of them are friends too. we don’t need to blame anyone but ourselves because we didn’t vote for him. i was hoping for a jessica and colton finale but now, it is just impossible to happen. 🙁 

  141. I dont know about anyone else but im not crazy about joshua. he can sing,yes,but i cant stand when he gets screamy,which he does in almost every song hes ever sung. yet he gets standing O’s & people compliment him for “going to church” yet people are criticising colton for singing a song about your love for God??  wow, people just dont get it. btw, hollie does have a good voice but how many times can you be in the bottom 3?? same w/ elise & i love her but if people are judging you on the first bad night than elise,hollie & joshua all should have been eliminated already!! this show is starting to make me not watch it.

  142.  I believe the judges have been the hardest on Holly. Secrest’s statement the they have been the hardest on Elise isn’t true, they even saved her in the beginning! The judges have put a sour taste in the mouths of America as far as Holly is concerned. They have created this doubt in Holly’s mind now. She used to be very confident in the beginning. The way the saved Jessica and rave about her is very disturbing. In addittion living on the west coast , our votes don’t even count. Last night I spoke to my cousin in New York and I knew the Colton was gone before the show even started out here. ???????? What’s up with that?? I also don’t think Secrest should ask the judges their opinions  at the end of Wednesdays shows before the people vote. This puts ideas in the voters minds.  We all know the judges are pushing for Jessica, I hope she goes home next week.

    • I am disgusted too by the display of favoritism by the judges. It’s just too much. Of course they can have a favorite, but please. A bit more composure. Less slap in the face to the other contestants.

    • While I completely agree with your comments about Hollie, I don’t understand your comment about your votes not counting? We vote on performance night, not results night. They would have known in NY first because they results night show is aired in Eastern time which is obviously earlier than Pacific time. You can only vote for 2 hours after the show on performance night (Wednesday). They tally the votes and tell us on Thursday. Your vote was still counted.

  143. …what happen America? colton is a good than skylar, shes suppose to out first not colton…be wise american, vote for the best…..

  144. …yes right!  Colton supposedly stay and skylar out! she doesn’t deserve for top 5 anymore…come on america, vote for the best!…

  145. Colton was awwwfull. He was fine with me until he became a preacher about Jesus. Doesn’t anyone know the rules…Don’t talk about sex, politics, or religion. He got what he deserved. He is a wanna-be. As soon as he started doing the Jesus bit I was completely finished with him. Plus his voice is like every other screetchy emo voice. 

  146. F*ck this. I swear to God. Colton was one of my top three. I have nothing against Hollie but she certainly should’ve gone home before Colton. I’m sorry, America, but you got it terribly wrong. If only I lived in America, then I could vote for the truly talented performers. Colton, I will always support you!

  147. First of, you Filipinos annoy me. Stop using the race card as to why Jessica was in the bottom 3 last week, and why people want her off the stage. I am of filipino descent myself, and don’t see the need to pull the race card where ever I go. Grow up!

    Moving on, I agree that Colton should’ve stayed a bit longer. Although his performance this week was not the greatest. Bad romance with a christian rock twist is a big no no! I think that Hollie or Elise should’ve gone home because they have both been in the bottom 3 numerous times, and their singing is just FLAT.

    I personally don’t like the contestants that are felt, however, if I had to pick people that can actually sing it would be Jessica and Joshua. Philip sounds like a constipated Dave Matthew’s band. Skylar is a wanna be country singer that can’t deliver finesse.

    • If you are of Filipino descent then you would’ve not said Filipinos annoy you because you’re actually saying you annoy yourself… I’ve been to a lot of states in the US and sad to say racism do exist in every one of should know because you live there… so save your self-righteous opinions to yourself half-breed!

  148. What is it with you yanks & country & western singers?
    Skylar to win OMG please no. Phillip Phillips he can sing me to anytime day or
    night what awesome talent. All you teenie boppers that can’t see past all the
    vibrato crap that Jessica & Josh dish out week in & week out yeah sure
    they can sign but true musicians I don’t think so.

  149. Holly had a great night. She deserves to go to the finale show. America got it right.Holly has been getting better each week. Her voice is more mature than Jessica’s voice. Top3-Holly-Jessica-Joshua

    • I completely DISAGREE! Hollie, though a good singer herself, is not at the same league as Jessica “PERIOD”

  150. i do not think the judges should be plugging votes for any certain contestant, but giving their comments only on their performance.  also, standing ovations for certain individuals such as joshua ledet seem out of line for a judge, especially a plea to the voting public to always vote for him makes me think for the first time it seems to be rigged.

  151. Ok, lets keep it real here…Jessica should be gone right now..she is always pitchy!!  Skylar, Joshua, Phillips should be soon to go & Hollie should be winning the whole thing..obviously she is the best looking & performing person that the show right now..end of convo!!

    • Obviously you can’t differentiate pitchy from in-tune! Jessica’s always pitchy??! BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA….You are such a LOSER!!! WA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!

      • loser or not…i speak the truth on this matter!  Just listen bro, Jessica can’t sing and hollie can sing like an angel from heaven above!!

      • First of all “ur” isn’t a word- I believe you meant “You’re”, but still then you’d be saying “You’re loser” which isn’t proper grammer. Go back to school 🙂

  152. To me it looked like a toss up between Colton and Phillip to be eliminated. They are the two weakest singers although both are very personable. Colton just didn’t have it last night.  I hope to hear him in the Christian music scene. The women rock this year, but in my book,  Joshua should win.

    •  You do know that Phillip is the ONLY one who has never been in the bottom 3, while Jushua has been several times?

  153. I ageed with the majority of americans who place colton at 7th place yesterday morning malaysian time, live on starworld. I like jessica, she have power in her voice made for singing. So goodluck jessica you are the best so far

  154. I do think America got it right this time on American Idol.  The three I vote for are Skylar Laine, Jessica Sanchez, and Joshua Ledet.  These are my three favorite singers of all time!  I would love to have the whole group sing “I’d like to teach the world to sing” by The New Seekers.  This would be a fantastic performance! Can you make this happen, Steven, Jennifer, Randy, and Jimmy?  I also want to wish all of the contestants the best of luck! 
    Diana LaCroix

    • I forgot, when I said the whole group to sing “I’d like to teach the world to sing” by The New Seekers, I meant:
      Skylar Laine, Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips, Holly Cavanaugh, and Elise Testone.
      Diana LaCroix

  155. Oh please give me a freakin’ break.  AI sucks so bad this year with 2 of the most pathetic judges, JLO and the “Great” Randy.  Okay here goes with my opinion…….Colton should not have been eliminated.  He is a singer of many options but does rock like rock should be done.  2 shows ago, the snot nose 16 year old was voted off by the voting public and the judges saved her.  Okay well lets hope she’ll be the next to go and they can’t use their save.  My pic for the winner of AI 2012………Phil Phillips all the way!!  He’s the best we’ve seen in a long time and he’ll rock your soul with his music.  And as far as Colton goes, he’ll have a record contract coming his way.  People in the music business, know who’s music will sell and who’s won’t. Enough of the ballards already; rock is here to stay!!  AI also needs to desperately change the voting to 1 vote per telephone number, in all fairness. That’s all for now, toot toot toot!!

  156. adam didn’t come out until after idol but everyone knew he was gay all the same.  he lost because middle american can’t deal with a gay jew even though he’s the most brilliant performer ever on idol.  kris allen is “safe”.

  157. I am still sick over the way the judges handled the situation with Jessica, what a ridiculous way to get people to vote by running up on stage.  How do they think the rest of the contestants felt when they did that – I am sure they felt like they were no good at all – all the judges care about is pleading with the viewers to vote for Jessica and Joshua (isnt that right Lopez!!).  Elise and Phillip are the most talented because they do and learn it the hard way, not have there parents put them in singing lessons and contests (Jessica) you can tell she has been polished and very robotic.  Holly is geniune too but she too has been abused by the judges & Jimmy, do this don’t do that, how many times do you string someone along before they feel hopeless themselves and get scared to perform.  Shame on the judges and I hope that with the fans of Colton, that they share there support an vote for Phil & Holly because those two felt the pain of Colton leaving, you could see it in their faces.   Phillip is geniune and should win.  He is definitely a performer and  BBChez is phoney.

  158. It is like Daughtry…………………he got voted off at the same time as Colton. People probably thought that everyone was going to vote for Colton, so they voted for someone else. I hope he makes it as well…………

  159. No America didn’t get it right Colton Dixon was the best he should have never been voted off I will not watch this show no more they let good singers. So Colton is the American idol.

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