American Idol 2012 Top 6 Revealed

American Idol 2012 Top 6

Last night we said goodbye to Colton Dixon in one of the most shocking eliminations since Chris Daughtry, leaving us with the American Idol 2012 Top 6.

After Colton’s unexpected departure, anything is possible, so the contestants really should start taking Jimmy Iovine’s advice or they could be just a background singer at the finale as well. At this point, I would say Phillip Phillps is the only person who doesn’t have to worry, but I also would have said that about Colton. So this season, nothing is as predictable as it usually is.

Next week the Top 6 will take on songs from Queen and will even take part in a group medley along with original Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor. That all goes down on Wednesday. On Thursday, Season 11’s Stefano Langone returns to perform as does pop star Katy Perry.

Here’s your American Idol Top 6:

Hollie Cavanagh
Skylar Laine
Joshua Ledet
Phillip Phillips
Jessica Sanchez
Elise Testone

Are you happy with your Top 6? Who do you wish was still in the game instead?




    •  I agree! She’s a sweetheart with with her cute accent and personality ….but her voice isn’t as good as the rest….america stop giving her the sympathy vote!!!

      • got it grrl..she stands there so straight and dumb almost feel sorry for her…but God not sorry enough to make her American Idol.   The show would never be the same.  William Hung would cry…please listen with your ears and not with your EYES!!!!

    • Ummm pitchy. You mean Jessica singing Try a Little Tenderness?

      Did you not hear Hollie sing Adele’s Rolling in the Deep with perfection, if not maybe you should watch it again.

      Holliepops need to push Hollie to the finale!

      • Uhmhm, youve heard it from hollie herself that she has been singing that song all the time, so i dont think there’s any excuse not: to perfect it. Saw her cover of rolling in the deep in youtube, i didnt see much difference. She could have tried putting a little twist to it.

      • one needs to have consistency to win AI…Hollie doesnt. she sings good in one performance then a bad for another. tsk tsk…. and she sings nasal at times too. definitely NOT my AI. 

      • i agree with @f475a863e32460224d6c865494fdc187:disqus ! i’ve heard her sing that song before…. no difference. and yes she may have killed it last wednesday… but how about her other performances???? unfortunately they weren’t good. i’m a fan of all the others… but not hollie. she should have gone home… not colton. sorry to say.

      • Like james_who wrote, Hollie killed that song because she has been singing it like forever and is confident that she can sing it well.  Hollie herself said that she gets quite nervous when she is about to perform, and that is her problem.  She needs to be able to let go of all her fears when she sings and get into the song.  Unfortunately, with different themes each week, she is placed in a position of having to master a song that she may not be so familiar with, and her insecurities start to kick in again.  I really think she should have waited longer before joining AI again, so she could have prepared herself better for the demands of the competition.

      • AIFan so you agree she did GREAT, even killed it on Rolling in the Deep because shes sang it before? ummmm what does that have to do with it? it only matters that she did great.  AND has she been singing Son of a Preacher Man before. Dont think so and the judges agreed that she sang that better than her first song.

        Just admit that she was the best of the night and right behind her was Phillip. That’s how the cookie crumbled wednesday and she should not have been in the bottom 3.

        And she has been CONSISTENT. the only bad performance she has had was with What a Feeling.

        You guys only think she’s “inconsistent” because of the judged continous harsh comments to her.  If we want to talk about inconsistency then bring up Elise.

      • scorpioo9, one great show does not make her the next american idol. i agree with all of them. hollie had one great show and that’s it. nothing else. i dont like her voice. its like she couldn’t breathe every time she needs to reach a high note. she needs to go. colton’s a far better singer and performer than her. 

      • yeah we all that rolling in the deep is a best song nowadays but DO HOLLIE can sing TRY A LITTLE TENDERNESS with the way jessica did… stop campaigning for HOLLIE.. she’s is not the best to be on the TOP 5…. i want her go home.. i want JESSICA SANCHEZ TO STAY UNTIL FINALE..

      • AIFan you are ridiculous. you just sound ignorant. If Colton was better than he would have stayed. Simple as that. He sounded like a dying emo girl singing Bad Romance and him changing September was the biggest fumble of the season. 

        Hollie is far better than his fake christian rocker image he is playing.

        and sorry Markilicious_2688 Jesscia just screamed Try a Little Tenderness. That was awful. Didn’t know screaming constituted as singing now.

      • Well, guys. That is @a890acae99451172f31a21d7f2ff9490:disqus ‘s thoughts. No need to bother about it. 


        One good performance doesn’t really prove a title. Consistency? Everyone has been doing that since the start of the kick-off so no need to brag that she’s been this and she’s been that. She becomes so nervous when she goes up on the AI stage and performs. I know she is a total sweetheart but emotion doesn’t totally affect beauty as it does with voice and performance. She becomes nasally and pitch-y at times but hey, no need to backfire on that. All of them had their pitch-y moments up the stage so relax. Yeah, she did it well—that’s just it. There was nothing special about it.  Her AI cover and Youtube cover are more or less the same. If you want your favorite to pass through like what we are all doing, then you should vote and vote ’til your fingers numb.

        However, I understand you as a fan of her. 

        Have a great time! 🙂


    • The only person who thinks Hollie is “pitchy” is Randy, and only because the judges for some reason want her to go.  She hit every note as well as Adele does on her rendition of Rolling in the Deep, yet Randy took exception with her hitting all the notes…yet he said nothing when Colton and Jessica missed numerous notes.  You may or may not be a Hollie fan, but she can sing, and does not sound “pitchy” to me or millions of her other fans.

      • It does seem to me they are trying to get rid of Hollie.she has a clear voice and she don’t yell or growl.   My question is why pick her if they didnt’ think she was good enough. They should not be allowed a save because Jessica is no more deserving of that save then the others it’s unfair and bias.  

      • Amen. Hollie is the best to me. After singing Rolling in the Deep she should have gotten a standing O.

        It was the best of the night.

      • Hollie is pitchy.  So is Phillip (big time) and so is Elise (ditto on the big time).  Jessica is by far the most on-pitch person in this competition (some of her performances are flawless).   Phil hits the note under pitch and then rides it off into the sunset.  Elise is probably the only person left that can sign almost every note off key, and then show suprise when she is labelled “pitchy”.

      •  So true. I think Randy is the one for decide standing. At Colton performance, Jlo has to look him standing first n then she also stands.

      • I know what it is and it was Jessica Sanchez on Try a Little Tenderness and Elise on BOTH No One and Let’s Get It On.

      • You don’t know what soul music is… It ain’t screaming….listen to Joshua, don’t he sound like screaming too….that’s an expression of Soul music! You people are so limited when it comes to understanding  music in general…Probably, it’s not just your type of music….Soul is deep music, it’s not shallow and not easy to sing…. 

      • You don’t know what soul music is… It ain’t screaming….listen to Joshua, doesn’t he sound like screaming too….that’s an expression of Soul music! You people are so limited when it comes to understanding  music in general…Probably, it’s not just your type of music….Soul is deep music, it’s not shallow and not easy to sing…. 

      • AI Judges Randy, Jennifer, Steven and mentor Jimmy all mentioned that Jessica Sanchez CAN sing. Jessica’s forte is Power Ballad and by the end of each song/performance she needs to belt the song out.. if for other people they define THAT as screaming then that’s their opinion. Hollie Cavanagh is good.. but as what the judges/mentor are/is implying, “not good enough.” Bear in mind that Hollie is not only competing with Jessica for the title.. fans also have to worry about Powerhouses Joshua & Skylar and Rock Icons Phillip & Elise. Ease on the Hollie-Jessica issue a bit.

      • JESSICA IS GOOD. she is not screaming.. her voice is flawless unlike hollie has a pitchy voice.. she will be going home… end..

    • It will be a SHAME for the show if Hollie wins American Idol.
      She is SO NOT WINNING!!!

      • Yep. But it will also be a shame if Phillip will win. He’s great but he should step up.and stop doing the same boring stuff he does every week.

      • She might win you never know it might not be Phillip Jessica Elise Joshua or Skylar

      • Please tell me why it would be a shame? Honeslty it would be a shame if Jessica wins because we as fans will see that this season was “rigged” by the judges and their flat out favoritism and unprofessionalism. 

        I honestly have nothing against Jessica; just the fact that the judges love her so much and trying so hard to influence and brainwash everyone to vote for her and that is making me sway against her.

        I want Hollie to win it all and throw it in everyone’s faces. She has grown the most and will stick around until the end.

      • your absolutely correct markybaba.. AMERICAN IDOL WILL STOP IF HOLLIE WILL WIN.. GOSH its not about the accent… I WILL ASK YOU GUYS..  IS IT ABOUT THE ACCENT AND BEING HOT FOR WINNING AMERICAN IDOL?  not a good comment… nonsense comment from 

    • You little backstabber are totally wrong I think Colton should of gone home at the beginning 

    •  She has the most clear voice of all.  Very powerful.  Jimmy and JLo know that very well. 

    •  Definitely not nasal (not Skylar).  You need to be able to uplift one performer without cutting another one down.

    • I totally agree. Hollie is in over her head. I don’t think she’s as strong as the other contestants.

    • yeah i dont want her to stay on top 5… i want her to go home… its not colton went home last week… pls dont vote for HOLLIE this week she deserves to go home.. i still vote jessica sanchez.. LETS VOTE JESSICA SANCHEZ…

    • Hi Ayaaya,

      I will remind you of your post next week when your favourite girl goes home.  Alright? 

  1. For next week, wherein the Top 6 will take on songs from Queen, I think Jessica should sing a real powerhouse song; Say.. Bohemian Rhapsody? Like if you agree.

    • Aww yeah. She would definitely slay and give justice to that song. Cool. Anyway, I am thinking Somebody to love or We are the champion?

    • Jimmy says she needs to do something more age appropriate. So how about “Bicycle?” Just kidding (get it? “I want to ride my bicycle”). Anyway, Jessica should do something more in your face. If allowed to do the full medley of Rock You/Champions, she should do that. Not sure if they would consider that two songs…they shouldn’t because either is nothing without the other. Picture her coming out doing 20 seconds of We Will Rock You…only a drum in the background and her powerful voice going at it, fans into it stomping/clapping to the drum. Then fade into Champions, soft in the beginning and then powerful. I could see Elise doing this too, but I’d rather see Jessica do it since I’m not a big Elise fan. Jessica is probably the only one with the full range to do all of that medley.

      • Jessica has a great voice but does not have a musical identity- much too contrived…I don’t enjoy watching her… More of a copycat who doesn’t connect except maybe with teenagers or preteens

      • yea, but shallow people here think Jessica is always screaming…because i think they know very little about Soul music…So much more if Jessica sings rock….. Don’t rock singers scream???  Bet Jessica could sing all Hollie’s songs….but Hollie can not do Soul rendition as good as Jessica. Thanks Kevin for believing in Jessica…..

      • @8f8211ba0404cf32bae26f3cd0afa672:disqus  of course coz u like performers who are feels like constipated. ok phillips? lmao.

    • I agree with you! Bohemian Rhapsody is the best for her! It’s age appropriate since she’s the youngest….she has all the right to sing “mama, just killed a man…..”! :))

    • yea, but shallow people here think Jessica is always screaming…because i think they know very little about Soul music…So much more if Jessica sings rock….. Don’t rock singers scream???  Bet Jessica could sing all Hollie’s songs….but Hollie can not do Soul rendition as good as Jessica.

      • Shut Up Hollie could sing really good Jessica cannot if I here her sing one more time I am going to shoot myself

      •  Actually, I like the way Hollie sings.  I do like Jessica too, but do not care for what they call “runs” or “vibrato” (I call it yodeling).  I like it when a singer holds a note (yes, that means I don’t like R&B- it is extremely boring, as is (c)rap).  Hollie holds notes, and no, is not pitchy. Some of us just like that kind of singing.  It is does not make us bad or racist. Some people like R&B, and that is fine for them.  I will not belittle and berate someone for liking Jessica or R&B music and voting for her. And others should not call those who like Hollie stupid or bad. I am sure that the contestants like your praise but do not like it when you then, in turn, cut down their friends. In sports, and music, cheer for your team but do not boo the other team.

    • There you go…. That would be a very tough week! I wonder what song would be good for Hollie?? coz i think, that’s not a problem with Jessica….

    • its gonna be a REAL CHALLENGE on her part…but I have the feeling that Joshua will sing this.

  2. queen without adam????????  i thought he was going to be on!!  and katy perry??  now there’s a real bundle of talent!!

    • Well Adam Lambert will be on the TOP 3 results show as per the info posted on Wikipedia. Thank should be exciting. 🙂

    • I thought the exact same thing…..but when is Adam coming on if not with Queen but I saw Ayaaya comment so I guess we have to wait a few more weeks…..SUCKS!!!!! I think his appearance is going to be the highlight of this season for me…….No body stands out.   To me they are all OK…….At this point I like Phillip but it just might be a girl (for a change)!!!!!!!  I haven’t seen the papers, how are THE RANGERS doing?

  3. Landslide victory after Jessica’s fans rallied back!
    American Idol votes percentage.
    1. jessica 54.65%
    2.phillips 22.73%
    3.skylar 12.67%
    4.joshua 5.45%
    5.elise 2.5%
    6.hollie 1.45%
    7.colton 0.55%

      • I don’t think these numbers are ever revealed. Probably came from some blog where 100 people voted. I like Jessica, but there’s no way she did that much better than Phillip. I didn’t like Colton, but there’s no way he didn’t get at least 1%. But I could be wrong.

      • Hey, leave Thia out of this. Thia is awesome! 🙂 Anyway, this garbage actually was posted on one of Thia’s FB fan pages. Though, I’m not sure how “official” the FB page really is…I’m almost 100% certain Thia has nothing to do with it…she pledges allegiance mostly to the iThianatics site.

      • i think i agree with that results…because when the judges used the “save” to Jessica..the ratings were way down to about 23millions+…then after that or last thursday results the ratings of AI went up to the roof to 53millions+…see people how hot Jessica is…because of her AI’s ratings went up !!!.

      • Sweetie, that’s an expression of Soul music…not many White people appreciate it. Doesn’t Joshua scream too?? It’s Soul babe…Soul! Not easy to sing….

      • That’s correct, the “screaming” you are complaining about is called “growling” – look it up on Google. It’s part os soul music

    •  No way that happened unless everyone in the Phillipines voted 50 times each on Facebook.

      • Nobody outside U.S can vote. I’m from Canada. I wish I can vote but I can’t.

  4. I think all of America has lost there hearing. There are 2 singers on the show right now that do not belong and should have never made it to the top 10. Colton should have never gone home and if Skylar or Phillip get voted off I will boycott American Idol just like when Chris Daughtery was voted off.  Hey America this is a singing competition not a popularity contest. Get it right next time. 

    • Well I think America got it right tonight. Colton is good but is just a mediocre singer. Yep it’s a singing competition. See, Jessica, Joshua and Skylar are still here. Well as I was hoping Hollie should be the one to be booted..

    • let me guess those 2 singers, it’s skylar and philip. philip is like street singer and skylar is nassaly as usual. i had a rny nose right now and guess what? i could sing exactly like her.

      •  Jessica? No way! The jugdes are crazy saying she’s the best singer in
        america today! She can sing, but let’s not make a big deal of it. She
        has a good voice, but joshua is better, and Hollie has a stronger voice,
        just need to let go a little bit. Jessica looks like an 80 years old
        frog each time she goes out, she overdoes and over dresses too!
        Phillip!!!!what an artist!! He’s gonna be huge! Nd Colton wil sell millions
        of records( If Justin B, does why not a truly talented boy???)I vote
        for Phillip-Hollie-Joshua and somebody please make elise go home once
        and for all! She can sing sometimes better than others but it is painful
        to watch her sing!

    •  face it  the boy …colton… would have NEVER won idol  so it really don’t matter when he was voted off..  just as long as he was

      • Hollie has a stronger voice? Lol. Shes very pitchy. Jessica and Joshua stands out from the rest
        Colton is gone so no need to discuss
        I can’t stand Justin Bieber and I’m Canadian lol

    • I love Phillip Phillips and Elise.  When they do a duet they are off the hook!!  Hope Phillips wins.!!!!  He has the whole package and the american idol image.  Sorry Jessica does not know how to move or dance. She can sing, however, she is not the  American Idol !!!!  Phillips and Skylar should make the final 2. I hope, they got the full package.  Sorry Jessica cannot entertain, she can sing can’t stand to look at her.  And she dresses like an old lady. Nothing youthful about her.  Don’t think Jessica should represent  American Idol. !!!!

      • If Phillip is the ‘whole package’ plase tell me the last ballad he did????? You can’t To be the whole package as an artist, you got to be able to sing a variety of tempos, Phillip only knows one tempo!! He doesn’t have the voice to pull off a tender ballad. What he does, he does good, but he has NOT tried to stretch or enhance his vocals whatsoever. Every contestant has gone outside their comfort zones to try and grow theirselves as artist, EXCEPT for PHILLIP!! he used to be my favorite, but his defiance and down right refusal to take advice to better himself, not to CHANGE him, by Jimmie and Tommie Hilfifer, and his repetitious song styles, I’ve been completed turned off to him. If he would maybe NOT wear a grey shirt for a change, or kill a ballad, I might get back on the PP train, but I don’t see that happening, so I’m taking a plane, the Joshua plane cause he soars to new heights for me…ha

  5. I want Josh to win ,every time he sings im feeling it i get goose bumps,he makes me want to cry everytime he sings he is another Fantashia.

  6. just saw the result show… when colton sang you can see hollie crying and really emotional and then next to her was skylar, who was jumping up and down? lol.

      • Colton just said in an interview her tears were tears of relief, said he was kidding but sounds about right to me.

      • Don’t insult Hollie. She was crying for Colton. U guys really don’t know the feeling of losing a friend!

    • aren’t they friends or something, maybe she’s crying becuz a friend said good bye???
      but other comments seem more plausible

    • Hollie was crying because she knows to herself that she has no match with Colton. XD

    •  Or she was crying because they have all become good friends of each other and hate to see anyone leave.  There can actually good, noncynical reasons for people doing things.

    • I would love her to sing a well arranged Bohemian Rhapsody version with all her falsettos going up like crazy, her raspy belting and runs till the last part, and end it up with a mind blowing highest note ever! That would be a well deserve standing ovation! 🙂

      • good suggestion…it will do her good  with the black background and spotlight on her then the faces of QUEEN on the screen.

  7. Queen…this will be a Joshua and Philip comfort zone! For sure somebody from the ladies will get eliminated.

    • Philip singing a Queen song!!!!!! you have to be kidding, this guy sounds exactly the same every week, every song, I honestly can’t understand all the hype about him. Philips  trying to reach a high note would cause him to burst blood vessels in his eye (and mine)

    •  You mean Joshua and Jessica! They are the only two people with a vocal range for a Queen song! Hollie could do well and maybe Skyler but i`m not shore! But Phillip and Elise will have huge pitch problems this week! They have better low range than high range!

      •  Hi Ana,

        So you don’t think “Robert Plant” of Zeppelin is not high enough of a range for you?  You don’t know what you are talking about.  Listen to
        Elise again when she did “Whole Lotta Love” and then tell me if she is in a low register.  Next week , there will be a few singers that will falter on Freddie’s selection of great classics.  It will take a lot of experience to sing his songs to my opinion.

        Just saying………………………………………

    • two guys remained standing…i agree next will be a girl saying good bye…don’t know who 

  8. Hrm ok I was hoping Hollie would be going home this week but I don’t mind Colton going actually……hoping Elise or Skylar wins

  9. So far so good.  My top 3 from the start of the show are still in it:  Hollie Cavanagh, Skylar Laine and Phillip Phillips.  At this point there are a good number of votes that had gone to the eliminated contestants that will be allocated to the remaining 6.  I believe Colton’s fans would vote for Phil as he was likely splitting a good chunk of the young female teen vote with Colton, and for Hollie, as she is the “alternative to Jessica”.  If they weren’t already voting for Jessica, I believe they won’t join the bandwagon now, but rather vote for an alternative to her.  Anything can happen, as the number of votes looking for a new home are larger with every elimination.

    • you picked exactly the worst contestant from they 6 revmaining!!elise is the most unique from this competion then joshua and the rest they really not intersting from me!!jessica is good vocalist but only balad???elise has the versatility and that raspy voice of her is just unique and beatiful…but really you picked hollie ? (nothing could i remember even his voice is not that wow…his pitchy on the higher notes….skylar the same, mediocre singer….philipp has problem to songs they arent in his zone…jessica good voice but i think is not a marketability singer…and remaining joshua who have and intersting and powerful voice …but the best ,unique and with more intersting voice is elise,who picked  the wright song for her could win this competion !!!because she sounds very intersting in did!!

      • Phillip has a problem with songs that aren’t in his zone. Almost every artist does..that’s why you usually hear the Stones on Classic Rock, Carrie Underwood on country (sometimes crosses over but it’s not like she’s going out of her zone) Green Day on alternative…I mean really…another silly statement. Do you hear Brad Paisley on a hard rock station? No.

  10. would love to see someone sing radio ga ga!!! Look at the live aid video and see if you think any contestants can pull it off. If they could, they will bring down the house!

  11. what’s wrong with you people? Holly is not pitchy/ She always sings perfect and it’s very obvious that the judges do not like her.

    • She isn’t always pitchy, no this week, but last week and the week before and the week before that and the week before that she was

  12. What happened? Have the army of Jessica’s fans spent their week pay on voting so she didn’t fly off this time?

  13. Funny thing I see from the picture.
    Left group is top three…
    Right group is bottom three…

    • yes i see that one too…joshua maybe ranked number four along with the bottom two.

  14. Elise is great in her own style.what we need is fresh,new kind of voice.That is what she shows to us .Jessica is great in her singing, but I dont see her own style of just jennifer hudson-like or Alicia-like or any other existing singers sound-alike..

  15. I don’t get why hollie is still in the game. She’s a great singer but, to me lacks that special something that makes a star. Unfortunately colten may have come across a bit too arrogant when he said “i don’t care” in response to the judges comments & that may have cost him.

  16.  Some compare Phillip to Dave Matthews. I don’t think that’s a bad
    thing. He makes great music, sells tons of albums and his concerts are
    wild and awesome. But I don’t think Phillip is another DM, he is
    different, but yet still crazy like a monkey. He’s like a child of DM
    & John Meyer with a little country thrown in…..unique.

    What has been killing the American music scene is the over saturation
    of Diva music and we sure don’t need another Diva, there are way too
    many of them and their music is very boring. So I guess that wipes out
    needing Jess, Hollie, and lol, Joshua. Sitting through a Joshua concert
    would be so painful and I would need ear plugs for sure. This is why a
    girl hasn’t won AI for a while, because every year that’s what these
    girls offer up and it’s boring and we already have tons of it. None of
    these girls are better than the Divas currently on the market.

    The reason Skylar has done so well is she is the anti-Diva girl
    contestant, which means her performances are not boring. However for a
    general audience, there is too much country in her voice and others who
    are like her are better than her. But she has strong appeal and she will
    be the next “Kelley Pickler”, and likely surpass her. She will be a
    commercial success.

    Elise, like Phillip, is refreshing and not a Diva….and yeah I guess
    those two are my favorites because they are interesting and different.
    Can’t decide which one yet, so I vote for both of them.

    My guess is the finale will be between a Diva (likely Jess) and
    Phillip. Unless the Judges pull more inappropriate interference and
    change the course again to their favorite (Joshua). If a Diva wins,
    another nail into the coffin of  the American music scene and AI.

    I liked Colton, but he was not my favorite, but one of three. I
    thought he had the best shot at commercial success and likely he now has
    a better chance since he didn’t win

    • Yeah, i agree. We need refreshing voices…currently there are too many Diva-ish music.

    • When was the last time we had a diva winner?

      Ans: last season 6and when was the last time we had a winner with guitar  and good looks?

      Ans: season 7, season 8, season 9 now sucked that!

      • Adam…oops he didn’t win, but actually he did.  Having been crowned American Idol isn’t always a win!

    •  James, your attempts to try to re-route your so nice comments with your favorite idols and at the same time trying so hard to unintentionally drop nasty comments on Jessica is rather immature. Get to the point, girl!

      • It’s not immature to express one’s opinions if done with respect and I always try to. I try to give honest criticism without resorting to name calling, though sometimes it is hard to without using descriptive characteristics that offend immature thin skin folks. No, I don’t like the Jess pushers and I make that clear.
        Jess is boring, but I have also stated she has the best voice. I have also stated if she figures it out and gives a performance that was a party, the girl would have my support. Do I still have favs? sure. But I don’t hate on those who aren’t my favs and I certainly don’t resort to name calling as you have done. But I don’t care if you call me girl or whatever….I have very thick skin unlike many on here.

    • James you just don’t know Diddly squat about music in general, If you did, you would appreciate singers from ALL genres, not just the type of singers or genres YOU prefer! Phillip mimics both Joe Cocker and Dave Matthews, but you don’t see the problem with that? He sounds like someone already in the music industry, but yet you say we don’t need another diva, so it’s ok that we get ANOTHER Dave Matthews? Contradictory just a bit there buddy. You’ve had nothing but horrible things to say about Josh, so that just shows and proves that your not as versed in music knowledge as you let off. What other artist out there does Joshua sound like???? Nobody! So because he has a different sound than what’s out there now, he’s not WORTHY of you sitting through one of his concerts? Well don’t go then, spend your money on Dave Matthews and shut up about it. Theres plenty of people that appreciate the true SOUL and ARTISTRY Joshua exhibits in every single performance, unlike Phillip who does the SAME thing every single week, so we will gladly pay for his cd and gladly go to his concert and enjoy REAL musical talent, while you go watch a skipping record, if that’s not over your head, in Phillip. Hatred takes years off your life, slow down there buddy.

  17. One thing I haven’t read anyone write about and I’m  calling you all out on it. If there is one thing most of us agree on is the Judges behavior this year has been very inappropriate, unfair and very biased.

    So far, Elise is the only one who has tried to call them out on it. She wasn’t disrespectful at all, but tried to let the judges know that their behavior was hurting people and confusing. The Jess save incident was a huge slam on the remaining contestants, not that they saved Jess, but how they did it. Not to mention the standing Os and love affair with Joshua.

    You have to give her credit for her courage and she should pick up some votes for standing up to them. I also think that says lots about the kind of artists she will be, she won’t just go along with what the producers tell her, she will take a stand when she needs to and try to do things the right way.

    Again, I give her personality lots of credit for this. This is a good example why they should go with older more mature people. They are less likely to be pushed around by the producers and judges.

    •  Hi James,

      Agree 100% , One thing that I always ask myself every time  I listen to  singer/artists is do I like what I am hearing?  Is there something about that singer that will make me stop what I am doing and listen to the song.  Does it move me to listen some more ? and if I don’t know the artist because it is the first time I have the opportunity to hear the song  I would try my best to find out who he/she/they are.

      I can name a number of artists that did that for me, but it is not important right now,  what is important right now is there are only two
      in this competition that has enough style that so far has not stopped me from watching.   Philip and Elise.  Now they are still a  long way to go to develop themselves and fnd the right groove to make albums, but their style suits my type of music that I would listen to, once they stop singing cover songs.

      I have always said that if an artist will do cover songs they have to make sure that it is better or different than the original.  As good as the original is not good enough for me, why should I listen to a fake when I can listen to the real thing?  My own opinion only.  All of us are different and that is why there are many genres to choose from.  LOL

      Just saying…………………………………..

    • When u guys write short novels as posts, not too many people read them. In others words, shorter is better..get to ur point.

    • James, I very much agree with you in regard to Elise being the only one to stand up to the judges. To be honest, she was put in a VERY awkward position when Ryan Seacrest ask her “if she felt the judges are being more harsh on her than they are the other performers”. Talk about a awkward question to have to answer. But, she answered it honestly and with class. So, much for those silly Bible belt Biddies on this board who like to say Elise is “arrogant and disrespectful“.

      Colton on the other hand was so freaking disrespectful when the judges for the first time criticized his performance. He then said “I don’t care” when later asked by Ryan Seacrest what he thought of the judges comments. So RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL Colton was. Maybe that is why people voted him off? Can you imagine what the Bible belt Biddies would say if Elise answered that same question in the exact same way.

  18. I personally would have voted off Jessica or Joshua, Jessica is too contrived and doesn’t seem “real”, no emotional connection. Joshua gets too screechy and his mannerisms bug me where I can’t watch him if I want to enjoy his performance. Hollie was better Wednesday, great job on the Adele song, but she still needs to relax and have fun to be more comfortable onstage. I thought Colton should be 3rd or 4th… Phillip and Elise are my favorites… Have character and raw emotion in their voices and are real artists, not copycats like Jessica.

      • Silly statement. I’m assuming you’re at home and can’t sing either. Neither can I. What the heck does that have to do with anything?

    • To me Hollie and Jessica r one and the same…Jessica is just a thread ahead of the other one.  People simply aren’t listening to their voices.  Once  a teenager has made up their mind, it’s hard to change it (voters).  Sadly one of these two may be in at finale…hopefully since Hollie spends most weeks in the bottom 3 chair, it won’t be her.  Poor Skylar who performs like a pro doesn’t get the attention bc she doesn’t have the cutsie thing going like the two gidgets.  Things are supposed to work out like they should, but they rarely do.

      • @guest.  it isn’t miss america…there are no beauties here.  it’s a singing contest.  further, i didn’t say skylar was my fav, not into country but shes ok.  if u don’t like their looks, don’t know may radios where u can see the singer mr or miss guest.

    • haters always be haters. the truth is jessica’s still the best on the show. i vote for josh. you can vote for your fav too.. just stop draggin’ names. it just shows your hatred towards jos and jes..

  19. I think Skylar and Philip are the best, they really touch me with their singing and their faces that reflect their emotions. Colton was the right one to go!

  20. Hollie is my favorite.she is a tiny girl with a huge voice and no doubt that she can sing. The judges are harsh to her because they know she can be one of the greatest. Many can sing but only few can have that power. I hope she makes it in the top 3. Jessica is so overrated. She comes off as fake to me. I hope the top 3 are-HOLLIE,PHILLIP PHILLIP AND SKYLAR. It should of been Elise going instead of Colton.

    • You praise hollie too much, that backstabber you will find out soon or you know it already? Cute but she is a little devil. Big voice and pitchy most of the time

  21. I feel like this is Survivor, Hollie used her immunity idol last night. Cocky Colton blindsided.

  22. 53 million votes were cast last Wednesday, 20 million more votes from the previous week when Jessica was saved.

    Here’s the breakdown of how America voted:

    1. Jessica Sanchez-28,964,500 (54.64%)
    2. Phillip Phillips-12,046,900 (22.73%)
    3. Skylar Laine-6,715,100 (12.67%)
    4. Joshua Ledet-2,888,500 (5.45%)
    5. Elise Testone-1,325,000 (2.5%)
    6. Hollie Cavanagh-768,500 (1.45%)
    7. Colton Dixon-291,500 (0.55%)

    If this voting trend continues:

    Top 3: Skylar, Phillip and Jessica
    Top 2: Phillip and Jessica
    Winner: Jessica

    Bottom 3 next week: Joshua, Elise & Hollie

    Going home next week: Hollie or Elise

    No matter what, all 7 are already winners.

    • What is your source for this? I asked you twice in the other thread and you never supply it. Idol never leaks out this kind of info. I say it’s bogus.

  23. What happened last night? Colton is gone,not happy about that. He was never in the bottom three. He is a great singer with a unique flair! On to bigger and better things for Colton, I hope. He needs a record deal real soon. Hollie needs more time to practice her singing and being a performer. My view is she should have gone home. Miss you Colton.


    • Seroiusly its wrong………..WRONG choice of song, lady gaga song 1st too hard to handle, then maybe the church didnt vote for him for the image and the song of gaga is too wordly sin for them

  25. I looked up the video in YOUTUBE first, hopefully they’ll pick these songs:

    Jessica: Somebody to Love / Bohemian Rhapsody

    Phillip: Fat Bottomed Girls / Radio Gaga

    Joshua: I Want to Break Free / Now I’m Here / Don’t Stop Me Now

    Skylar: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

    Elise: Love of My Life / Save Me

    Hollie: Too Much Love Will Kill You / A Kind of Magic / The Miracle

    • i think the bohemian rhapsody suits elise..while somebody to love for jess..for joshua it would be the show must go on / dont stop me now..only for these still thinking for the others..kinda agree for hollie to sing too much love will kill you..

    • I was totally thinking Fat Bottomed Girls for Phillip..good call. I think Bohemian Rhaopsody might be a mistake for any of them to sing. Jessica would do well at Somebody to love though.  Crazy Little thing called love is perfect for Skylar. You don’t have anyone singing Another One Bites the Dust!

      • i did think of ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST becuz it would be a suicide if anyone sings that and fail to everybody’s expectations.

        if ever Phillips should cover this one.

      •  I initial thought of CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE for Phillips becuz of the guitar thing but the song is kinda upbeat and this suits Skylar’s persona on stage…like she did with last week’s songs im sure she could make this hip and country.

      •  Glee covered the FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS and surely can do the trick, he could growl anytime he wants. LOL

    • Jessica needs bigger and known songs that’s why she better pick these two — SOMEBODY TO LOVE / BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY

      Hollie needs one too if she wanted to compete and level up with Jessica — TOO MUCH LOVE WILL KILL YOU

  26. this is more easier to predict now,,,top 6…you don’t have to think hard,,,,,top 6 ,,ellise or hollie,,,,,,,top 5..hollie or ellise… 4 .skylar,,,,,top 3 ..johsua  or philipps,,,,,top 2…philipps or joshua or jessica,,,,,,winner,,,jessica,,philipps or joshua…..

  27. My song choice for the contestants this week:

    Jessica Sanchez- Love Of My Life and The Show Must Go On

    Skylar Laine- I Want To Break Free and Too Much Love Will Kill You

    Elise Testone- Don’t Stop Me Now and Bohemian Rhapsody

    Hollie Cavanagh- Radio Gaga and Who Wants To Live Forever

    Joshua Ledet- Another One Bites The Dust and Somebody To Love

    Phillip Phillips- I Want It All and We Will Rock You

    •  I have to say, I would love to see Elise do Bohemian Rhapsody…that might save her another week…Joshua, Another One Bites The Dust…would love to see that too…but your best choice, Phillip…We will rock you…that would be so so awesome to see him take on

    • No comfort ballad song for jessica again, she will be in trouble, give her something challenging, its a kind of magic is good or we will rock you

  28. To PHILLIP:  Simply a racist!! If you don’t have anything good to say about other people, keep it to yourself. This isn’t a beauty contest….Your armpit and your brain stink!!!!!

  29. Jessica screams every song, call it soul if you want. She copies the artist that sings the song, down to hand jestures. She contorts her face, which isn’t attractive to start with but her attitude sinks her for me. Her, I have been working for this all my life comments, give me a break. She should like the toe jam of the judges for saving her, America voted her off once, they will do it again.

    • I AGREE WITH YOU . She always screaming. So if she likes copies I THINK THAT she must goes  to the immitation shows!!! and not America Idol!!!

      • meilin she screams ehh? how about u do u even know how to sing? all u can do is criticize..thats y..

    •  When I see Jessica perform I do agree with Jimmy she is singing songs that are way to old for her and when I see her smile I see a 16 year old baby who is so precious and talented and does not deserve to be treated like this by anyone…

  30. I will NO longer be watching “American Idol” or SUPPORTING their sponsers! COLTON deserved ANOTHER chance. WHY did the judges HAVE to USE their ONE SAVE when they did! IDIOTS! ALL along it has been said that A.I. WANTED a female to win and GUESS WHAT??? LOL

  31. So, SO disappointed. Colton was my fave. HE is truly talented, an amazing performer all the way through (even though Wednesday night wasn’t his strongest) and he should still be on that stage.
    He didn’t even get his standing ovation :'(

  32. The judges, just like last year, wasted their save . . . They should only save someone who has a chance of winning AI . . . Jessica has zero chance of winning . . . Colton at least had a stronger chance than Jessica . . . When Jessica, Elise, and Joshua sing, I am not interested . . . Jessica is a boor, Elise has a scratchy voice, and Joshua’s screeching his head off is a total misery, and I must mute the volume . . . Colton at least made me interested enough to listen . . . Holly is also great to listen to . . . I am sick of Philip Philip’s bedraggled appearance–old, rumpled, baggy clothes, scraggly unshaven face . . . He is a nightmare to look at . . . Philip should show some class, get a razor, and shave his face every day–and take a shower . . . He looks like a homeless vagabond . . . definitely NOT sexy! . . . The star in this group is Skylar Lane.

    • Is the show done for you to say jessica has no chance of winning, i like all of them coz i watch all of them perform in your case youre so selective, enjoy the show dude….then vote for your favorite, not bashing or demoralizing other people. Even i dont like the other contestant i keep it 4 myself, i dont want to hurt their supporters by saying something mean and apropriate

      • well said Flubber32…

        why watch if you don’t like the show…why bother to comment if you don’t like the contestant

  33. Jimmy said at this weeks results show, he takes on the responsibility of getting Jessica to sing music more her age, how in the world will they do that singing Queen songs? Huge huge disadvantage for Jessica and Hollie this week with Queen… 

      • yes, everybody should learn their lesson from now on …they should pick the popular songs and make it their own.

    • Actually this QUEEN theme will be favor to Jedsica she can showcase her raspy vocal with queen’s song specially if she will sing, another one bitrs the dust or its a kind of magic

    • it wouldn’t be hard for Jessica because she is quite versatile…Hollie on the other hand if she pick the right song, quite ballad in some way, like TOO MUCH WILL KILL YOU i’m sure she will stay.

  34. I’m satisfied with the top 6 for the most part but kind of wish it had been Jessica or Joshua instead of Colton–he was very entertaining.
    My favorites are Elise & Phillip. I REALLY hope they will be the final two with Phillip winning. I’ve been watching American Idol since the beginning when I was about 13 and this is the first season I have ever purchased music from one of the contestants–Phillip. I cannot wait for him to put out an album. He is so amazing!! Can’t wait for Wednesday!!

  35. hollie go home please,.,,,go jessica and elise in the finale!@b5db6bc3556bb97e1c0b8e8b459426c0:disqus

    • I like jessica and Elise. And, lately I am liking Hollie as well. In fact, I like all the remaining performers. This very well could be the season were everyone is rather close in talent.

  36. we all have favorite in AI but if you listen carefully with your heart the best voice in this competition is no other than the BIG 3s 
    Hollie, Elise and Jessica.. this 3 must be in the Finale… 

    •  Sounds good to me! Finally, a person who likes Jessica who also appreciates Hollie!!

    • Joshua is leagues better than Elise. Elise has only had ONE stellar performance, Josh has had many. After what she did to Marvin Gaye’s song, an all time classic, she deserves to go HOME next. She’s way to inconsistent to make it to the top 3, Joshua has been more consistent than anyone, like his style or not, he deserves top 3 for sure!

  37. ContestantDialIdol ScoreDialIdol RangeAccuracyJoshua Ledet1-4–Jessica Sanchez1-6 (B3)–Phillip Phillips1-6 (B3)–Hollie Cavanagh1-7 (B3)5-6Elise Testone2-7 (B3)5-6Skylar Laine2-7 (B3)–Colton Dixon4-7 (B3)7

  38. Let those people hear the soul queen sing…ARETHA FRANKLIN for them to know how to sing soul songs. So for them to stop complaining about the other contestsnts performance.

  39. My suggestions for the Top 6:
    Philip – Another One Bites The Dust/ Fat Bottomed Girls
    Hollie – Love of My Life/I Want To Break Free
    Elise – Bohemian Rhapsody/Too Much Love Will Kill You
    Joshua – No suggestion
    Jessica – No suggestion

  40. Elise,Hollie and Phillip need to leave. Colton deserved redemption to at least get in the finale while Hollie and Elise have the max count in the bottm3. If Joshua was to win well I’d have no problem.Skylar and Jess are my fav if u notice but I was surprised to see Colton go.Im amazed Elise even has a fan base.Hollie already has fame I nher family.

  41. Elise will surely rock this week. Jimmy advised her to sing rock and roll to be in the finale. And the good thing is, one song from queen and the other they will freely choose which makes me excited for her I hope she shows her range like when she sang It’s a Man’s Man’s World

  42. Another One Bites the Dust seems to fit Phillip Phillips for next week’s theme. 🙂 Hoping for Jessica to do Bohemian Rhapsody too… 🙂 though I wouldn’t mind if she sings Too Much Love Will Kill You… 😀

  43. With Advantage to this week’s theme: They could slay this QUEEN theme if they pick the right songs for their voice and persona —Jessica, Elise, Philips, and Joshua

    Needs the mentoring and the right songs, its not their comfort zone that’s why — Skylar, Hollie
    (But Skylar could lead first and leave Hollie behind if she can continue what’s shes been doing every week, making the song hip and country)

    • actually its everybody’s game…Hollie and Joshua and Jessica with great vocals, Skylar and Phillips are great performers on stage, Elise has unique voice and experience.

  44. Queen Song selections to let them shine

    Hollie Cavanagh – Somebody to Love, I Want It All

    Skylar Laine – Killer Queen, Don’t Stop Me Now

    Joshua Ledet – Bohemian Rhapsody, Fat Bottom Girls

    Phillip Phillips – You’re My Best Friend, Under Pressure

    Jessica Sanchez – We will Rock You, Seven Seas of Rhye

    Elise Testone – Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Another One Bites The Dust

    I hope they stay with the up tempo songs like above and please Divas stay away from the slow boring ballads.

  45. I don’t want another “Scotty-Lauren” Finale. So Phillip and Skylar should not be the Top 2. 

  46. Elise, Phillips – they have own tone.different from current artists. if both not finalist, they still can make real & original music.Phillips adore DM, but he himself has his own way.

    Joshua- not many male singers nowadays have his tone which is a bonus.

    Skylar- country +rock for sure.she will survive.
    Hollie – still working to find right one.

    Jessica- has big voice, thats all .she able to copy amazingly, no doubt.but how about own tone/music?try minus all big hit albums and all divas songs, what is actually her truetone? can she differ from all other existing divas? or just copycat?

    just my opinion.

  47. hit the like button if you want jessica to sing BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY of Queen :]

  48. They’re doing Queen? Phillip should do

    “Another One Bites the Dust.”  Or “We will rock you works” just fine.  Who agrees with me? 😀

  49. now that Colton is eliminated, Phillip will probably win for he will get 100% of the female votes.. so sad, another guy will win.. 

    i hope i’m not right.. 🙁

  50. FINALE: 
    >>>Phillip (he will be the best in choosing the right songs and will surely get the female votes; especially now that Colton is eliminated) 
    >>>Jessica (she will outshine the other girls for the coming weeks and could probably win because many people wants to have another female American Idol after Jordin Sparks)Top 3: Skyler (will be consistent but not enough to be in finale.. the country singers dominated AI last year and Americans will probably get tired of voting for her)Top 4: Hollie (will continuously improve but people will realize that she needs to go home despite her adorable character)Top 5: Elise (unfortunately, only few appreciate her type of music.. its time for her to leave)Top 6: Joshua (most people will be irritated by his screams, shouts, and growls & many will realize that he is oversinging oftentimes)

    *please don’t get mad at me.. these were just my OWN insights..*


    • Jordan Sparks, Really? Scotty has already sold more total albums than her with his first release. Her last album only sold 177,000, very sad; where are all her fans now?
      Divas don’t sell music in an already over saturated Diva music market. Sales statistics don’t lie. You want a girl to win and be successful? You got 2 non-diva choices: Skylar and Elise. Skylar will be a country commercial success. Elise I like lots, she’s diff and fresh, but not sure of her commercial fit.
      Phillip’s style is diff and fresh also, his closest kin are Dave Matthews and John Meyer. DM sales 40,000,000; JM sales 20,000,000. Look at the top Diva;s album sales, nothing close.
      Is there any question who has the most potential commercial success? Each year AI has a group of fans and judges obsessed with Diva music. Unfortunately they don’t pay attention to what the market wants and needs.

      • Kelly Clarkson one and only diva and best female singer on Idol ever…Carrie has a limited audience.  Kelly was over ten years ago..what does that tell ya.

      • The judges are obsessed with the ones who can hit the highest notes and the biggest voice

  51. Queen has difficult songs, and not easy to sing….this will be a real test to the top 6…Who do you think will sing the BOHEMIAN RAPSODY???

  52. As a lifelong fan of Queen, Im nervous for the contestants. Filling Freddie Mercurys shoes are next to impossible…and with the exception of Joshua (if he does We Are The Champions) I dont see anyone doing exceptionally well. As for Colton, he was good on the show, but as Jimmy said…you have to do well every performance. He did not. I see him having a career in Christian music, and wish him well. Pop music was not his forte. And as for the rest of them…I say good luck, cuz their gonna need all the luck they can get with Queen….

    • A better fit for Joshua would Bohemian Rhapsody, much more interesting for his voice.

      Someone tell me, where would Joshua fit commercially besides gospel?

      •  Yeah, cause one person can sit there and vote the tens of thousands of times it would take to keep a person in all during the 2 hour time frame that the voting lines are open.  TOTALLY possible.  Jeez.

  53. Come let’s hope they chose some interesting songs like Another one Bites the Dust, or The Show Must Go On, Fat Bottomed Girls, and of course there’s always Under Pressure.

  54. Why is everybody talking about Hollie? She is not the only who is still on idol! Yeah, Colton left, that is not Hollie fault! She is just singing and living her dream, live her alone! She is my favorite and I know she is not the best singer. But stop hating her just because she’s still on idol! God!

  55. I am happy with the results. His comment backstage after the judges comments about him, “I don’t really care about the comments, I am going to do what I do” cost him big time as being arrogant, and I so not think that set well with his female supporters. Goodbye Colton. Go girls!! I hope one of you win this year!!

  56. I don’t mean to be critical or pedantic but here’s my opinion about the top 6
    1. Elise Testone: She’s a real rocker. She’s good. Of course, everyone in the top six is good but she lacks the consistency, she doesn’t know what songs will suit her best for each week and each theme. It’s her biggest weakness. Besides she doesn’t even know how to kill the song when she’s chosen one.
    2. Hollie Cavanagh: I confess that I’m her fan but I will be objective this time. Jimmy once said she and Jessica are the best technical vocalists of the AI this year. And they actually are. You can get bored of her trying to hit the big notes. But here’s the issue: How many people can do that with every single song that they want to perform? Jess and Hollie are the two exceptions. Their technique is undeniable. But like Elise, Hollie lacks consistency and experience. She’s a little bit too young and yet has enough power to control her “overloaded” voice, which makes her in the bottom 3 so often lately. I don’t doubt about her song choices since she always has wise song choices, at least wise enough to show her big voice. Just take “Reflection”, ” All the man that I need”, “The power of love” and “Rolling in the deep” as examples
    3. Jessica Sanchez: When I talk about Hollie’s age you may want to ask me what about Jess. Jess is young and talented, compared to her very young age. But Hollie wasn’t the person who took part in America’s got talent at the age of 12, or has recorded so many songs with outstanding celebrities like Jess was. Jess has had too many opportunies to train herself and get the right technique for the competitions like AI. Besides, Jessica is not that flawless. When too obsessed with “I’ll always love you”, you’ll forget that she has many pitchy moments on AI’s stage despite her remarkable experience. The week she was saved, I had no surprise of her presence in the bottom three since she was not that good that week. Moreover, her connection to the songs and the audience is not as consistent as her voice and performances which can make the fans disappointed. But she has many advantages over Hollie since she’s 2 years younger than Hollie and she’s already experienced. I’ll not be shocked if she stays over Hollie or even wins this season. But who knows? Everything can happen.
    4. Joshua Ledet: I am not sure about this man. He’s good, he can hit the big notes, he’s got the emotions, he’s got consistency despite his occasional presence in the bottom three. He’s got the judges’ love and even the fans’. He can release many hits post-AI but to win this? I am not that sure. He always screams, yells, cries sometimes. I even once asked myself what he was doing on the stage. During the weeks form top 13 to top 10 I did like him and his powerful voice but I got bored soon after that and I changed the channel whenever he sang. He can sing, I can say that But sorry to say that AI is not just about who can sing. Only 1 idol will be left till the end of the finale because AI’s about all the  singing, performing and feeling skills. Even when you kill the song with big notes but you’ve got too emotional or too emotionless, nothing makes sense. That’s Josh’s prob.
    5. Phillip Phillips: Like Elise, he’s a real rocker. He’s good and gorgeous in many ways. He can rock it out but he’s “too consistent” which means he do the same thing every week. If  you look back like I did, you can tell that “Moving out”, “Still raining”, and “The midnight out” were great. They all were. And I admit that I love them and even Phil when he was performing those songs. But I am starting to think that maybe that’s all he’s got. He can have many endless abilities hidden inside but when will he show them to us, till he’s got eliminated or till he becomes an American singer or recording artist? I am not sure. He said he wanted to be who he was but who he was is not good enough to make him the next AI. When I say that he needs to change it up, I don’t mean that he has to be somebody else but he has to manage to fit in the requirements of the competition.
    6. Skylar Laine: Till the top 10, I didn’t like her at all since I can only hear her screaming, not like Joshua but she didn’t shine or stand out those weeks when those like Jess, Col, Hollie and Phil did. The the last three weeks like JLo said she’s been that good, consistent and perfect. Well-done. But does she has what it takes to be the next AI? I am not sure since so many people are lured to vote for Jess, Phil and she’s just like a new horse in this year’s competition.
    And America, all I want to say is that the top 6 are good and capable by all means since that is your vote. Don’t you ever blame the contestants for staying too long or showing off something since the truth is that they are not deciding their fates in AI but you are and they are trying to give the best performances on your favorite show, they are pushing themselves not to let you down every week. Just imagine how Liverpool club will feel when Hollie is eliminated or how her band will be upset when Elise is no longer on AI’s stage or how many girls will cry when Phillip goes home? We all want our favorites stay. The best is a relative definition. Don’t you ever think that you know it all. Just hope we will get a good show eventually.

    • Sorry readers there’s a stupid grammar mistake: “Does she have” not “Does she has”

      • Looking back, I realise  I made so many grammatical mistakes in my comment 😀 so sorry 

  57. what??JESSICA can’t dance and move..?? and phillips can?? phillips when he sings jst stay in one spot and his face distorted and his left shoulder always up like a hunchback at notre dame..and this is dancing to you?? u must be high in drugs lady !!! and skylar move..u call it dance too..she’s just jumping around like a bouncing ball and u call it dance !! oh my god !!  did u see JESSICA  performs ” love u i do”..” how will i know”..and at the vegas with deandree ? and those are not perfect performances ? geeezzz wake up lady !!  and u said also: ” don’t think JESSICA should represent American Idol !!”…why???..because she’s not white enough compare to  skylar,elise and phillips??wow …how prejudice and racist u are….JESSICA is an Asian American …no matter how much and deep ur hatred at her…she’s not going anywhere but to  the FINALE…see u there LOOOSER !!!!

  58. ellise and hollie is sticking around very long,,,,l wasn’t really expecting that…even skylar still there,,,,for the next 3 weeks,,,this girls will be gone,,,,leaving just 3 for the top 3…..joshua…jessica…and  philipps not necessarily in that order….

  59. hollie should be out next week or the idol rating will go nose diving to the floor…..

  60. Just re-watched Rolling in the Deep and Hollie absolutely NAILED it. She totally deserves to still be here. You can tell she is trying to take the advice (if you can call it that) of that judges and she is improving. She’s trying to be more dynamic in her performances and the girl can SING. She has so much power in her voice. I would way rather watch her than Joshua any day. She at least has done a few different styles of music and she’s gorgeous and will be able to sell records.

    • no offense Linda but “Rolling in the Deep” is not a very difficult song to sing and she sang it like the Adele version so there’s nothing new to what Hollie did and no doubt that she has a very beautiful and powerful voice but she can’t control it and like Jimmy said in his past interviews that Hollie is not ready and needs to train more

      • Rolling in the Deep isn’t difficult to sing? You sound ignorant.

        And she sang it like Adele? Is there something wrong with that.

        Hmmm didn’t know that sounding like the biggest breakout star of the past decade with the best selling record was a bad thing.

  61. don’t you think PHILLIP PHILLIPS ACTS LIKE HE IS AN EPILEPTIC PERSON lol… when he tries to reach the high notes.. he looks like he is going to die.. lol…. he tries to reach the high notes even though he can’t about jessica, screaming is not the term lol… STEVEN SAID: “SHE HAS THE RIGHT TO GET MAD AT THE SONG” cause that’s it…  she needs to do that .. lol..



    6. SKYLAR LAINE :))))))))

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