American Idol 2012 Results: Top 7 Round 2 Elimination

American Idol 2012 Top 7

American Idol 2012 results coming your way right now. After last week’s “shocker” there won’t be anymore opportunities for redemption or Judges’ Saves. The American Idol finalist with the fewest votes for this week’s performances will be going home and as far as we know there’s just one elimination.

Returning to the Idol stage tonight will be Kris Allen with his new single “The Vision of Love.” We’ll also hear from LMFAO with “Sorry For Party Rocking” but I don’t really think they’re sorry at all. Those performances will be peppered throughout Ryan Seacrest’s teasing reveal of tonight’s American Idol results.

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American Idol 2012 Top 7 Round 2 – Bottom 3:

  • Hollie Cavanagh Ryan reveals she is safe.
  • Elise Testone Ryan reveals she is safe.
  • Colton Dixon

American Idol 2012 Top 7 Round 2 – Elimination Results:

  • Colton Dixon

The following singers are safe and make up your American Idol 2012 Top 6:

  • Joshua Ledet
  • Skylar Laine
  • Jessica Sanchez
  • Phillip Phillips
  • Elise Testone
  • Hollie Cavanagh

What do you think of tonight’s American Idol results? Did America get it right?




      • to Rpolos81, Really? He can’t sing? I thought for sure this was a singing competition. What you so arrogantly and dumbly implied was that he lacks the ability to sing at all. I’m pretty sure he has sung before… Oh, you meant that he isn’t a good singer. Well anyone who has any sense would know that Colton is a great singer. Wait… Hold on… I guess that means you don’t have any sense Rpolos81… I guess that means you’re just stupid, unintelligent, not funny, unoriginal, uncaring, and probably ugly. There. I said it. :p

      • Daewoo, this person doesn’t have a good vocal so accept the truth. america voted correct this time. Also American’s are not ready for a freak show yet. 

      • Daewoo, if i’m ugly then why dont you take a good look at your profile pic? Hope you take off your mask in person, you don’t want to scare people away ok? 

      • dimsum, that’s what I thought!…. in your face ! that’s what happens when you start sh*t with people.

      • Rpolos81, Im sorry I snapped. Here, ya know what, let me come over to ur house. I’ll give you the time of your life 😉 if u catch my drift sexy <3

      • Wow, to be honest, I was thinking just the opposite. Colton is BY FAR, the weakest link of the remaining performers. So, I am not shocked at all that he was eliminated. But, I am shock that his legion of Teeny Bop and Bible Belt fans did not pull him all the way through to the finale. I am not exaggerating when I say, I am very proud of the way America voted last night. Because if Hollie or Elise would have been vote off, it would have been SO MUCH more of a loss. Especially with the way Hollie performed last night.

  1. I’m changing my mind now… I want a Jessica-Elise finale!!!! Okay enough of that.

    I’m rooting for Philip, Elise and Jessica to be safe this week.

    Roll the dice! Someone is surely going home and I don’t want these 3 in the bottom.

  2. go jessica! i hope american people voted wisely…a little and younger contestant is deserving for the spot “SAFE nyt! GOD’s WILL.

      • how can i be racist if i’m half filipino? its the fact that american’s are not ready for an asian idol. 

      • at LAUDEMHIR..  racist..?

        i’m not american but when someone ask to describe an american
        the first thing that flash in mind is either WHITE or BLACK people
        not Asian or anything else…

        if i say jessica is a Filipina Housemaid…i would be racist for you too
        but the truth is almost every country in the world has a Filipina Maid
        because thats what filipinos are good at….being a housemaid
        so i would be racist because i’m telling the truth

        don’t get me wrong….i dont hate jessica….she’s good 

      • Rpolos81 …. your right.. i’m a filipino… in my observation on american idol. the american’s dont want to win asian bloods.. thats what we called discrimination…. im sorry if my grammars are wrong… wahahah lol.

      • @yahoo-KEQG2GEVLDLL46MEMKRGUAFPYA:disqus , i may not be a Filipino but i have a lot of Filipino friends. Its true that  a lot of Filipinos work as domestic helpers abroad. Yes, they’re good at it. You know why? Because they are patient, hard working, competent, dependable, openminded, thorough and good hearted.  Due to lack of opportunities in their country, the Philippines, most of them go abroad hoping to be able to give their families a better life. they do this despite the fact that they will have to do work inferior to their  education. Most of them are university graduates and professionals — licensed doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, accountants, etc.  How about you??? Did you actually finish anything???? And you’re wrong!  Household chores are not the only thing these people are good at. They’re very artistic, they can sing (very well, i might add), they can dance… they can even speak good english despite the fact that it is not their primary language.  Be careful what you write…. you don’t know how many people are reading this thread. 

  3. Jessica can win the competition with her piercing voice. I hope she and Elise will be on the finale.

  4. I don’t understand why the judges always give Joshua a standing ovation even if he’s not doing an out-of-the-box performance. All his performances are very gospel coupled with epileptic moves. On the other hand, they keep on pushing others to explore. Don’t get me wrong, Joshua is good but with the judges always giving him praises and all, he will stunt and be complacent with his performances.

    • I agree.  Joshua’s performances are not that mind-blowing or superb but they keep on giving him a standing ovation.  Other contestants, even if they had a great performance, are not given the same treatment.  I guess they’re trying to set the minds of viewers so they would vote for Joshua and somehow guarantee him of a spot in the finals.

    •  I think that’s because Randy wants a black guy win. It’s been a while since a black person won Idol. Just a thought.

      • So it couldn’t be an any way that he is very talented? Get the he’ll out of here with that crap. There are two other non black judges that have praised him just as much you know. That’s just such a biggot remark.

      • thats not true i tired of people who deserve it and they b sent home its not about whit or black what about j-lo she loves black men and other races cant u tell ben eas the only white guy she dated so lets take the race card off the table

    • I couldn’t anymore with you and that is why one of the top performers of this year is going home. I don’t know if the judges are trying to even out the playing field by praising and giving standing ovations to certain people and not so much to other people to swing the votes. Colton had one of the best performances ever on the show about 3 weeks and got nothing. Please bring back Simon as a judge or somebody that tells it how it is. Even Jimmy would work.

      • what make u think simon would have safe him its about the vote and if he had a good performances america was have said different think about it why is holly still around

    • Same  with Phillip. They tell those two to keep doing the same thing, but they tell everyone else to change.

      • Your just a low life bro. Your comments are a joke and your a disgrace to humanity. Go crawl back in your hole!

      • thats so stupid everytime a black person do good the white always said something stupid

    • Nobody gives everything they got into a performance like Josh does. He puts his heart and soul and everything from his body into every performance, no other contestant sings with as much emotion as he does. He has done ballads, upbeat, no runs, heavy runs, he’s done way more than just one type of performance, unlike rerun Phillip who’s not deviated from his style or comfort zone one time, and he has sung his songs flawlessly. Many people here just can not appreciate a gospel, soul, r&b type singer, so just automatically want to discredit and bash him cause he sings a different genre than what people hear listen to. I don’t listen to none of those particular styles, but I can see how amazingly talented this guy is, just like the judges and Jimmie, one of the biggest record producers in the world, but yet many people just want to rag on him cause he gas a different style. He has deserved those standing O’s, except for maybe the Bruno Mars song, but since he sings a genre you might not care for, he doesn’t deserve the standing O’s? He’s great no matter what genre he sings and the judges and Jimmie recognize that no matter what his ‘dislikers’ think! Go Josh

    • well its what people see and hear it doesn’t matter if its sound  like gospel he had soul. also just b honest he is good jessica and phillip the rest is so outta hear maybe b cause jousha is black and he sing better than skylar i like his performance

    • Moussiegirl, I couldn’t agree more–I’m definitely praying that HOLLIE GOOOOO THE HELL OFF THE SHOW! She’s so FRIGGIN’ BORING!!! I can’t believe she’s even a contestant in this competition–let alone that she’s gotten this far in the contest. There is something seriously wrong with America–I am appalled by this nation’s taste or lack of taste in talent!

    • Jessica, Joshua and Jessica for my bottom three.   Always next week to here Jessica sing the same song the same way.

      • they are the best singer of this whole competition cant u see? jesica didnt sing the same song but always hit the big notes th live u WANTING more! 😛

  5. elise will go home…she is soooo arrogant!

    hollie will go home next. she is soooo robotic and has nio feelings!

    • She is British, they are all like that.  Walk around London sometime….They are all robots.

      • What is racist about saying British people are robotic, I am one, I know.  That does not mean Hollie is not very talented (she certainly is) BUT HER PERSONALITY IS MISUNDERSTOOD.

      • jessica an joshua are the best followed by the country girl an she is a eye sore but beautiful voice idol pushes pop because the new generation of african american are more into rap an josh records want sell well but thumbs up to him very talented young man if my fellow race would vote an he would win last two jess an josh

  6. If AI has its way, I don’t think they will let another teenybopper-serving contestant win. They past years winners were all looks but could not produce an over-the-top album that sells like a hotcake. They make induce shrills to young crowds but that’s just it. These young audiences don’t own the wallet so to speak.

  7. Jessica Sanchez is the best without a doubt. She can win the competition with her soulful voice. I hope she’s safe and looking forward to see her in the Finale. #BluJays #TeamJay

    • The best?  I don’t think so.  She didn’t win on “America’s Got Talent,” and I enjoyed her performance there more than most she’s done on AI.

    • Concur wholeheartedly. Jessica is great, and way ahead of all other 16 year youngsters because of hard work.  She has been doing this kind of stuff consistently, since she was 4 years old. She will be the star of Idol 11 even if she doesn’t win (and she should). Who is left in the final 6 that can sell a million records?  The answer is no one.  John S.  

  8. Nigel Lythgoe ‏ @dizzyfeet Reply  Retweet  Favorite · Open
    Yes, we have another BIG shock on #AmericanIdol tonight. Wow, we are going to have a lot of unhappy people tonight.


  10. unHollie Cavanagh is going home. The unHollies should go to sleep right now!

    • Nigel says tonight’s elimination is another big shock. Since Hollie and Elise are already in the bottom 3, I don’t think everyone will be shocked if either one of them is eliminated. So the third one to be named in the bottom 3 will be the one to go.

      • I’m guessing Jessica. Colton and Phil can’t possibly be in the bottom 3 much less be eliminated. Like what Jimmy said, these guys got the female voters.

  11. Top four will be Jessica, Joshua, Colton and Skylar!!! They will compete for the title. And these four deserves to be on top 4.

  12. This show is so rigged, Judges and voting are all pre-determined; maybe not in the past, but this too many things don’t make sense

  13. Hollie in the bottom 3?! This is so unfair. AI is such a manipulated show. But it happened before with that lovely girl Didi Benami (she’s was born in Tennessee not in Britain). There were other two lovely and talented girls that they didn’t passed Gabi Carrubba and Ashley Robles. I don’t know why judges passed Hollie through, they just don’t like her. Maybe it’s better she goes. I hope a lot of success to her. I don’t want to watch this show anymore 🙁

  14. I am on the road traveling and hate hate hate that I am missing the show!!! I am during and will see tomorrow but holding my breath on who is going home. I think it will be Elise…

    • Right. She’s a stunner last night. But as the judges say, consistency… consistency… consistency.

    • Actually Hollie did great last night. She has a very good tone in her voice. I rank her number 2 from last night’s show.

  15. Please be safe Jessica so that millions of people will get a good night’s sleep.

  16. If Jessica is going home it’s because of her underwhelming performances last night. I love her so much but I didn’t think she picked the right songs. Maybe if she sang We Belong Together by Mariah Carey, she would’ve had a HUGE moment with the power belting in the end of the song. Jimmy said, she needed to have a huge moment and I didn’t think she had one last night.

    • Jimmy said the most intelligent thing about Jessica tonight – after he apologized for not getting her to  sing more appropriate songs.  He is so right: her songs are too old for her. It’s not her fault, but unless she’s had a terrible life (which she has not) she is simply not old enough to be able to relate to the emotions some of her songs deal with.  She’s not only 16, but somehow  a young-ish 16.  Funny thing is that Hollie – who 18 – doesn’t seem any more mature than Jessica……

    • Not that I like it, but yes, I think he’s the one who will be going home based on Nigel’s comment that tonight’s elimination is another shock.

    • So sad! One bad night, and he is going home! Please everyone keep following him and support him after he records his record! Great job Colton on everything you have done! Also, don’t let this get this down; remain strong and continue to shine light in this dark world! You will change the world, one song at a time!

    • not all of us, just the cool ones lol. I still say Elise to go- No one didn’t suit her at all, she’s been in the bottom 3 more than once, and so has Hollie, but Hollie sang better. Joshua or Jessica, even Phil to win 🙂

  17. Omg wow. Colton is going home. I’m pretty positive after seeing a status posted by American Idol. 

    • I think Colton is not a contender for the top plum. But he should not go tonight, not yet.  Hollie should go first.

  18. colton needs to find himself.  a 1970’s rocker he is not.  he has a nice voice when he is not slurring to sound cool…he is a good musician.  stop with the hair, the clothes….its 2012 and you are a good kid from tennessee….embrace that for a change.  good luck colton.

  19. Phillip…so smooth, laid back ond ultra original – he definitely has my vote for taking this one out… well done for staying true to yourself and leaving us fans wanting more more more!! MIDNIGHT HOUR – has got to be the hottest rendition and the best performance of the night… love your style Phillip… keep it up…from Australia xx

  20. Guess the teeny boppers weren’t in full effect last night. It was time for him to go anyway.

      • In your dreams ITS_STILL_KC,

        you have eliminated her a long time ago but guess what  every week you were  wrong again and again !  You should try in the month of June you may hit jackpot that time. LOL

  21. I knew it, it’s between PP or Colton… but anyway, it was a good and fun journey for Colton. He will be missed but definitely will be remembered. Take a bow, Colton! Good luck and god bless!

  22. Well Damn. If that means Colton doesn’t make it Hollie better be in Top 4 because that’s where I placed him and I sure don’t want another two others in his spot they better be going home next. 


      • I agree with @google-d97f5c5b7cd5bf6c46e208742db24c3a:disqus ! hollie should go home… not because she is a threat to jessica but because she’s so inconsistent. and she sings nasal too. im getting sick of hearing her.  colton didnt deserve to go home… it should have been hollie!!!



  26. Another staged elimination. The producers know that Colton is hard to beat and that it’s unfair for the others because win or lose, Colton will have a big career (a la Daughtry). So it’s like giving the others a chance to land a big break. Like I said, Colton will outshine them no matter what after the competition. And FYI, I’m not his fan.

    • I’m a Colton fan too but Idol is not his stage. I like him but I don’t think he’s going to win it. What saddens me is that Hollie is still there because she should go first before Colton.

  27. awww why Colton? because of the wrong choice of Song? is it really Wrong? the judges really has the power to influence america on who they should vote.  Hollie should be out of the show! 


    • “deserves to be the winner”, you Parel …the only reason she was there tonight was because the Judge’s saved her …. so don’t say she deserves anything…she should have gone home last week, so instead of being so damn arrogant you should be thankful she got a second chance…
      You really are jerk.

      • I think you should take a look at yourself before calling people arrogant and jerks just because they have expressed an opinion different from yours.  It’s an opinion, a personal preference, so don’t go telling people what to think and who to like.

  29. Wow Jessica is saved!!!!Ouch why Colton?…..Who is the next big shocker?……Philip?……Hope not……

  30. i love jessica and i am happy she is safe but i am sad to see colton go. i am hoping for a jessica and colton finale but now that he’s out of the game, i am hoping for a jessica and elise finale. i don’t want another man to win this show. a girl should win this time!

      • hahahha…wrong analogy BITTER JAMES! It was Phillip VS Colton so Colton fans would VOTE for a GIRL coz JLO favored Phillip than Colton  last night!

      • I wanna hear your BITTER reaction because one of the best singer in America EVER was SAFE!!!! LOL  so sad James, you will have a bad dreams and an ugly nightmare! LOL

  31. Season 11 will be known as the openly rigged show, they took out the top guy so a girl can win, demn go phillip

  32. omgosh! Colton was my pegged dark horse, got it wrong! Elise to go next week-Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee= gutted us english can’t vote!

  33. i might be the only one who thinks this but…

    i would like to see a skylar and jessica finale!

  34. People must not know what talant is becuase y’all i have no idea what you juat lost on idol

  35. Colton seems to have slipped in his performances and last night was very average.  He destroyed the classic “Earth Wind and Fire – Sweet September”.  It’s probably what put him out of favour.

    Having said that, it was no disgrace.  The contestants this year are excellent or at least three extraordinary and four excellent.The results are becoming predictable.  Hollie next week then Elise.  The final four will be a hard pick towards the final 2.  Joshua can sing the soul out of them all but I’m not sure how popular he is with the viewers.

  36. This is a total crap. Colton shouldn’t be eliminated. It should be Elise or Jessica. Elise because she doesn’t give anything new in the competition anymore and Jessica because she’s already prepared and she already have a good future ahead of her—not to mention, for this drama about Jessica here in americanidolnet to stop every effing week. 

    • Just because one is prepared to go…does this mean she deserves to go??? Come on, give me a break. So, AGAIN ‘JUST BEING REAL” WE ASK YOU TO BE REAL…AND STOP PUTTING ELISE OR JESSICA OR ANYONE ELSE DOWN. JUST PRAY FOR YR FAVOURITES….AND STOP IT

    • Colton is not a risk taker so just accept it and the judges told Colton before how great he is at singing but his style is always the same so the fans got bored with him and as for Jessica and Elise those two are deserving to stay in the competition because those two are risk takers and to win on American Idol versatility is really needed and i never saw that to Colton sorry but this is just my opinion and Colton is very aware that there will be no more save on the next elimination so he shoul’ve chosen the right song for him

  37. Im completley shocked! Colton had no business going home! Judges should have never used thier save last week. They did not think it through for sure. All well, God has bigger and better plan for him. I cant wait to see what he does next!

  38. Now i can predict my top 3… it will be JOSHUA, JESSICA & PHILLIP. It’s a big voice battle if it’s gonna be a Joshua-Jessica finale.

    • I agree with your choices. Those 3 gave been the mist consistent all season, even tho I still have seen nothing different from Phillip

  39. Hope you guys wake up and realize how rigged the show is. The bottom become the top; and then the top become the bottom…the vote out-come changed to what the Judges wanted..period. Guess the Judges convinced everyone they were right. I supposed Phillip is going home next week.  You realize this means the finalist will be screaming Joshua and boring Jess, can’t wait to see their sales and watch as Colton & Phillip surpass them both.

    • Pls pls spare us yr uncalled remarks. There are millions out there who love Joshua and Jessica. So, just pray for yr favourite, and leave the rest alone..

      • Give it up, Vy. You can’t change what people have made up their minds  to do or say. You are just wasting your energy. Why not just save it to vote for Jess. Posting similar remarks all over this forum will just irritate other people.

    • Ehh, Phillip is boring. Im not surprised if he goes next week. He needs to change it up. It’s as if he is singing the same song every week. 

      I love Phillip though. I just want him to change it up so that America could see it too.

    • this bitter faggot James is here to stay…hahahah..  i hope you sleep well coz Jessica was SAFE! so nice to hear right?? ahhahaha

      • I can’t believe your comment was printed you pig.  James don’t dignify his pathetic comment.  U will have last laugh when his girl is GONE.

    • Hey James,why u really hate jess?im sick of u telling wats the future ahead of her…..u most like her right?so f I were u just shut ur mouth and watch her ok…..thanks….lol

    • Bitter bitter James. Simply marvelous. And yes those two should be in the finals. Nice prediction. Ha

  40. There’s a fine line between 1 & 7.  Colton went home.  I had him at #1.

    At the same time, it’s not a shocker that he’s gone. The difference between 1 & 7 is razor thin.  

    I did notice the first 3 to sing were the bottom 3.  I had thought going first only mattered when there were more people.  Then again, when they all do well, people are going to vote on the most recent.  

  41. Can’t believe it. Colton is not perfect but way much better than boring Holly ; come on i dont understand; she’s pitchy all over the competition only last night for one song she’s nailed it almost; she doesnt have emotion and feeling to connect with most of the song. Also Jessica; even though she has great voice flawless but ; just for me does not have spark and connection with the songs too.

    Who’s vote for Holly anyway?? can’t picture girls or boys in america like her???

    • again, as i said…..look u just pray that yr favourites is safe but stop criticizing others. For me, I love Jessica. But do you hear me putting Elise or Hollie or others down? No…this is not the way to do it, friend. We must be give praise for all the singers…they have put in their unfailing effort to be in the top 7. So anyone out there who has his or favourite, to each his own, I say. Just stop hating or putting the other singers down.

      • Vy, stop it already. I’m a jessica fan but I dont think you should react and type the same message to anyone saying something against jessica.
        accept that not anyone would like everything about our favorite. unless they are bashing her and saying something uncalled for then I dont think we should even react.

    • agreed, but as they said. it’s always been between colton and phillip, seems phillip won the overall battle. Love his individuality, but I do like coltons voice. Would’ve sounded great singing a 30 seconds to mars song. Shame. Wrong person went this week def. 

  42. It should have been Hollie. So next week, Hollie or Elise will be sent home. Colton, its time to make an album. Proud of ya buddy! 😀

  43. Why Colton? This show ugh must be drive me crazy. But I hope Colton could be sucess outside American Idol. Soon Release your album, I wanna hear your voices

  44. I think I’m the only one who is tired of Jessica!!! LOL She is still absolutely amazing, but I slept through her last 4 performances…. go figure

  45. very niceeeeee…..colton is out…that was my prediction 2 weeks ago  ,,,his full of himself,,,you gotta have the package  his missing 2 of them…let me see…ellise or hollie next week……

    • Rather than being full of himself, Colton has stage presence, confidence, maturity and accepts constructive criticism in the spirit in which it is offered.  The tone of his voice is something special. 

      It seems like he didn’t get good mentoring for last night’s performance.  The range of the first song being too low is something that should have been sorted out by Jimmy and the need for a different second song with more intensity is also something that he should have been helped with.  Even if “September” wasn’t a great song choice you can hear what a gift he has vocally. 

      The judges’ save can really throw people under the bus that don’t belong there.  There’s no way he should have been out next – it’s extremely unlikely he was second to bottom behind Jessica last week.  If there is a judges’ save, the next lowest contestant should be eliminated.

      Thank you for the great music, Colton.  Lots of us will be looking forward to hearing more from you as soon as we can.

  46. So sad for colton, but so happy for hollie…I actually don’t believe she was bottom 3, they are just creating drama…congratulations to the top 6.


  48. in all honesty, colton’s two performances were pretty bad last night, both visually and vocally.  but don’t fret, he has the exposure he needs…now lets hope he figures out who he is and exploits this opportunity. 

  49. that is the right and wisely vote that the bottom last week is the top performer of the night..I think the voter was learn to what are done last week. So go go go! top 6. Jessica you made it..

  50. I don’t know if America has the same ears as me but there is no way in hell Colton should have gone over Philip. Hell noob Philip is boring and the only reason he is till around is because of those dam teenage voter!!! Wtf!!! I wanted a Colton Jessica finale!!!!

  51. OMG!!!!! cant believe Colton left!!!!!!!! All american idol has now is Phillip!!!! BRING BACK COLTON PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. It’s better to see Colton sent home. He is a good singer and artist but that is not enaugh. I hope the grand finale will be Phillip and Jessica. Nuff said 🙂

  53. Well at least most of Colton’s fan s will go to Phillip…maybe he can upset the Judges fav Joshua the screamer

    • Josh the screamer… Seriously people you might want to study music and be open to all the many different genres available to us, so when you listen to gospel and r&b you will know and understand that type of singer puts runs in a song, a singer like Josh that when he sings he’s feels the hokly spirit move through him and he delivers his performances with every emotion going through every part of his body. He feels the music through the holly spirit, and when he delivers it that way, it captivates the audience abd we know ge sings with every fiber of his being. Josh doesn’t ‘scream’ , he SINGS with a gospel and soul base, so he will always have who he is in every performance and song. Josh hasn’t done any ‘screaming’ the last 3 songs, but yet that’s all some people can muster up as their criticisms. Educate, open your mind, listen to different genres, understand the beuties of music, then you might stop with the ‘screaming’crap and realize he sings beautifully Don’t hate him cause he’s not a pop or country singer, accept him for who HE is as an artist. If you all would just listen to him sing and have his emotions go right through you, you FEEL his performances. People need to listen with an open ear and mind to discover his great talent. Give him a chance guys, regaurdless of the type of music you prefer.

    • Joshua was safe tonight, but remember that he might have been in 4th place behind Jessica, Phillip, and Skylar.  No reason to think he placed any higher than that. I do agree that Colton’s fans will mostly slide to Phillip, some maybe to some of the girls. But not to Joshua. He’s a good kid, a good singer, but I don’t see him as the winner…..

  54. Now I think Elise or Hollie will be going home next week ….
    then Skylar…
    then Joshua
    then Phillip
    then hopefully Jessica for the win .. that’s only my opinion …

    but as I have said this season is the most watched. most talked about season coz everybody is so good . Each is great and will become #futuremegastars.

  55. Colton the reason why your leaving is because you murdered The Earth Wind & Fire’s September song… Go back to school… Dream boy!


    • Well well well, you can ask all america to vote colton back! next week vote jessica and im sure your not regret!! peace

    • why must Jessica’s name be always pulled in in every comment?? Will all the jess haters STOP IT. LEAVE HER ALONE !!

      • i think they see Jessica as a threat  that’s why her name is pulled off on every comment. haven’t you noticed? the idols step up their game right after what happened to Jessica. i think they were challenged. Go Go Go Jess!

    • colton’s performance last night was indeed the exact reason why he was eliminated. he may be good looking but hey this is a singing competition and they are judge on each performance they made. all of them are great but jessica is at the top of their class. phillips was good but he doesnt have variety in his voice and performance, elise voice is raspy and sexy but she fails to wow the audience due to lack of connection. joshua?hmm he’s good but not the champion material, he’s perfect for gospel music only, no less. skylar was great in the last few weeks and i just so love her performance and the way she connects and sounded. hollie looks good but her performance is not consistent and her voice lacks the maturity and appeal.

  57. REJOICING!!!! yes yes yes!!! omfg my wish came true. but honestly that was expected, dial idol never declared him safe and the median age of AI is 48, not 15…therefore the cougar power keeps Phillip safe! 

  58. waiting for Jessica Haters here….where are the BITTERS??????
    Prepare for the new JESSICA SANCHEZ next week! hahahahah

  59. OMG i’m shocked that colton was eliminated because i thought he and philip are leading the competition when it comes to vote wow i never saw it coming but thank god my idol Jessica is safe

  60. OMG! colton!???

    HOLLIE should really thank her fans! she was supposed to be gone a long long time ago! damnit!
    also elise! horseface beyotch should have gone from the start but the judges pimped her!!! Grrrr

    • I guess someone forgot to tell Hollie that she was supposed to go home cause she really brought it last night.

    • I don’t think Elise feels “pimped!”  She gets more judges’ criticism than anyone else….

  61. The result is so disappointing, colton was very good! and so is jessica and so is phillips.  whats wrong with you guys? it should have been the other way around…

  62. I knew it would be poor little Colton’s last week with the show. I didn’t want it to be the case, but it was obvious he’d be out this week. The judges are horribly biased and really gave Colton a crappy review for his songs last night. (I was one of the few who actually liked his version of September).

    Look I’m not all that sorry he’s out – this show is total rubbish. The judges go on and on about PP (who is ok) but he does the same bladdy thing every week it’s getting boring and then they give him a standing ovation. I just don’t geddit.

    They have their stable of little pets and the rest get scraps, it’s disgraceful.

    Nah I’m done. I don’t really care what happens from here. Elise is talented. I like Hollie’s voice when she’s on key, but I’m not at all interested or invested in the others.

    They really need a good judge on that show a la Simon Cowell. Someone who will actually tell it how it is and isn’t concerned if he gets boos from the audience. Tyler and esp JLO are too worried about appeasing the crowd and are frightened to really speak their mind. Sad, cos they’re not doing the contestents any favours…

  63. I can’t believe that America didn’t keep Colton. I like the values that he stood for. Karen 

  64. Looks like all the JSan pushers want Hollie out! They can’t stand the competition. Will you all notice that Ryan does not say who is bottom 2. He only says these are your bottom 3. Then he sends one to safety. But he doesn’t say these are your bottom 2. He only says one of these two are going home. Therefore Hollie wasn’t necessarily bottom 2. Anyone else notice that?

    Gotta watch that Ryan. He’s a clever one. He is always trying to mess with our heads. 

    Colton and Elise deserved to be bottom 2 tonight. Elise has been dodging the bullet so many times. It’s got to be her time to go next unless they really pimp her next week and she makes the right song choices.

      • That’s right but I referring to the bottom 2. ….was it too difficult for you to follow the point I was making?

    • you’re stupid, dumb or dumber whatever.. it is what it is..bottom three. and then bottom 2. in that order. 

    • hey Taymaro how can you be so sure that the JSan pushers really want Hollie out? i’ve read a lot of comments here and they said that hollie is more deserving to go home and i don’t know if those people are fans of Jessica but majority of them are saying they want Hollie out so don’t accused some JSan fans ok  be fair

    • Hi Taymaro,

      You have written off my darkhorse since round 12 and by golly gee she must have some Irish blood in her because she is till around, can’t be always luck, she can sing you know.

      just saying………………………………….

      • I’m not writing her off. I was just making the observation that we don’t always know who the bottom 2 are. We know the bottom 3 and we know the lowest vote getter but we never know the order of the next two above the bottom. 

        People always make their predictions based on who was left standing there with the person who goes home. That is not always the second lowest vote getter.

        This week Hollie was indeed the second lowest so Elise is safe again. What happens that causes one person to keep landing in the bottom 3 but someone from above her falls down? I didn’t like Colton’s performances but it wasn’t that far off of what he has been doing all along so why did so many people bail on him this week? 

        This has been a crazy year as far as the voting being so unpredictable. You explain it to me. I can’t figure it out.

        This week:
          Highest votes of the Season over 53 Million.
        TOP 3
        1.) Jessica Sanchez – 54.65%
        2.) Phillip Phillips – 22.73%
        3.) Skylar Laine – 12.67%
        4.) Joshua Ledet – 5.45%
        BOTTOM 3
        5.) Elise Testone – 2.5%
        6.) Hollie Cavanagh – 1.45%
        7.) Colton Dixon – 0.55% —————-> ELIMINATED (X)

        Last week:

        TOP 3
        1. Hollie Cavanagh – 30.56%
        2. Phillip Phillips – 24.81%
        3. Colton Dixon – 20.72%
        4. Skylar Laine – 13.15%
        BOTTOM 3
        5. Joshua Ledet – 3.588
        6. Elise Testone- 3.587
        7. Jessica Sanchez – 3.585 —–> (SAVED BY THE JUDGE)

        Look at those numbers and, if they are accurate, give me a reasonable explanation.

      • Hi Taymaro,
        Predictions are fun to make , but it is what it is , just predictions.  I have seen so many this season that failed miserably in their sure fire predictions of who is going home, although I don’t find anything wrong
         with that.  Music is music, I like a wide range of styles and genres.
        What is different about me  if you don’t know  it by now is I really don’t give a hoot if Elise wins or not, would be nice if she does.  And if she gets eliminated next , so be it, that does’nt change why I like her in the first place.  Don’t get me wrong, I am curious who will take the title.

        It is fun how some of the posts here gets way out of line,  way over board and it beats watching TV, LOL  One thing though, that if they do not make changes especially the judging they will slide some more in ratings and we may see an ending to this fun show.

        Last item, it is unfortunate that as people we can’t  seem to shake our personal hatred to other people that don’t share our views, I am saying this in a general term and not directed  to you or anyone in particular.

    • On the contrary, there are a number of Jessica fans who are also rooting for Hollie and in fact voted for her thinking Jessica was safe last  week. Do not make sweeping generalizations when you are not certain of your facts.

      • I am going by the names and past posts. A lot of the people that I see rooting for Hollie to be eliminated have voiced their support for Jessica in the past. 

        It’s not a sweeping generalization.

  65. Oh please, here we go again with the “I’m so frustrated I’ll stop watching Idol” bickering. Let’s face it, Colton did not perform as greatly as he was performing before last night (not to mention what he did to ‘September). I pegged him as the darkhorse who could steal the show away before his performances last night. Let’s all move on, and give him a break. He sure will be going places with that vocal range. Let’s just be happy that this season, the amount of talent is ridiculously good as compared to last season’s.

    •  I agree with you completely, except, the Judges have interfered in this year’s contest in the most inappropriate ways. Something has to change next year; new judges, different way for Judges input, and the voting process needs to be reformed. Something funny has gone on with the votes this year and I’m not necessarily talking about tonight.

      • Yes. I particularly didn’t like how the judges saved Jessica Sanchez last week. I like the girl, I did not approve her elimination last week, I wanted the judges to save her, BUT NOT IN A MANNER WHEN THEY SORTA MADE THE OTHER 6 SINGERS FEEL THAT THEY WERE PRACTICALLY WORTHLESS. The judges sure have favorites, but they shouldn’t go as far as inappropriately influence the voters. Just my cheap two cents.

      • You know, the viewers don’t have to listen to what the judges say.  There is no reason to vote for someone just because the judges like that singer.  The judges tend to be too kind to the singers most of the time, so my advice to you all is to ignore what the judges say and vote for those whom you feel do well.  The only power the judges have is what you give them…..

      • Yea it seems like it. This was the first week I ever received a buisy signal when trying to vote for someone. So according to those numbers, the person was in the middle, so why would we be getting a buisy signal so often for someone who supposedly only had 5% of the total, when someone else gets 50% and I haven’t heard anyone that voted for her say they got a buisy signal. People I work with said they voted for Jessica and never got a buisy signal. So I just texted but only got one conformation although I voted several times. Just doesn’t make sense, something doesn’t seem right about that. Fishy???

  66. Jessica or Elise should be the ones eliminated tonight. I can’t get over the fact that Colton went home. He’s more original and composed than these two. 

    • hhahahaha  move on honey…you will be BITTER until the finale…i feel bad for you….BITTERNESS for long periods of time is bad to your health!!!!

    • Jessica or Elise are you kidding? hollie is more deserving to go home and you’re talking about originality so why colton? what’s original about colton? he’s good no doubt but he’s always playing safe like Jimmy said yesterday all the girls are always there for colton so he thought he always have their votes but he’s wrong

    • It is really hard to make bold predictions about the results like some know-it-all and have to fall flat on your face when you’re wrong. Don’t worry- you’ll get over it.

  67. Wow. Last night, as I was watching the performances, I wished Colton would go home. Tonight it came true. Now if only all my wises came true so easily.

  68. This means Philsquared now has a clear path to finale and to win this making him WGWG #5 to win American Idol in a row!

    You keep playing that guitar Phillip Phillips!

    • They said the same thing about Colton.  Maybe this year the teenies are voting for GIRL POWER!  LOL..  But seriously folks, Phillip can sing and shouldn’t be punished bc of the past and the fact he is white boy with a guitar.

      • Colton didn’t play the guitar, that was his major fault.  Plus two WGWG’s can’t win in the same year.

        I was thinking Philsquared would win from the moment he sang Thriller.

  69. Of course America got it right. I did not like either of Colton’s performances last night. 

    I think this outcome was appropriate according to last night’s performances. Over all maybe not the worst of the ones left but definitely fighting for the bottom last night with 3 other people. 

    • All true and maybe Colton should have gone home…just like Jess should have before the Judges saved her. Show is rigged for drama…period.

      • it’s hard to sleep right….hahahahhahah… accept the fact dear James…Jessica Sanchez, one of the best singer in America EVER was safe! LOL

    • Not really, im pretty sure Philsquared is the winner.  WGWG’s are the only ones who can win this show, remember the last four years?

    • I agree he should be gone…BUT…as annoying as he is, he sang better than Hollie.   He should demand a recount, send Hollie home then him next week!   All the rest with the possible exception of (don’t scream haters) Jessica could or should be the next idol.

      • why exception of Jessica….Another Jess Hater……Stop it. You pray for those you like to stay in but STOP IT YOU JESS HATER. IF WE DO NOT SCREAM HATER THEN WHAT SHOULD WE SCREAM?

      • LOL you are soooo funny…colton sings better than hollie? wow…some people don’t see past their hate.

      • *sigh* I’m glad at least you’re still a hollie fan @c29c66a3f5ddc47d0eda0b4ad94f0906:disqus 
        Oh and @4de139fc9f5e7dd604b2f8264f4ab368:disqus you should scream nothing and leave people alone. 

      • oooppss gave vy a like by mistake lol… whattt are you telling me I should stop praying for whom I like? seriously? gosh hollie haters are unbelievable

    • heck yeah KC forever a hollie fan, no matter what…haters won’t change my mind.

  70. To be fair, Ryan always says in no particular order-so bottom three or two, it’s never a given which. People aren’t announced in order, it’s like a lucky dip kinda thing I guess. I like Ryan, he’s the best host for it. Wouldn’t be the same without him

    • He never said in no particular order, it’s a bottom 3/2, it’s the X Factor/The Voice you are thinking of

      • ah, okay, I thought he did. Still giving Ryan the love though-He’s a cool guy. Big fan of voice and x-factor and american idol, so just figured that was the norm thing they say, ah well.

      • He says this is the bottom 3 but when he sends one to safety that could very well be the second lowest. He leaves two standing there and one is the lowest and the other could be 3rd from the bottom. So definitely they are the bottom 3 but not necessarily the bottom 2 is left standing. You see what I mean?

  71. Now I am afraid because Jimmy finally said what I have been saying all along. Jessica is singing songs way to old for her. With this change of mindset you might have to look out for her in the weeks to come. She can sing and with the right songs she just might be able to pull it off. JSan pushers might get their wish. 

    I think after tonight’s results P2 voters just increased by at least 75%. I could be wrong about that but you got to watch out for him too. What do you think about a Phillip/Jessica finale?

    • you’re right and i think it will be Jessica and Philip in the finale now that colton is gone

    • Don’t think so I’m watching out for a JSan and Hollie for finale I think Phil is jut about the charm if I am the one to choose the American Idol I would really go with JSan without thinking twice.

  72. Colton will have a career, I don’t doubt that! Where will the judges favorite, Jessica be if she win? She has a great voice, but she won’t appeal to the youth. Maybe on broadway? I think her music is entirely too old for her.
    She said she had never sang rock and roll or country. The youth won’t go to her concerts IMO. I don’t care who wins. The winner isn’t always a success on A.I. Joshua never missed a note, not once. Maybe he will win:)

    • The winner is Philsquared because he is a white guy with a guitar and thats all that wins American Idol anymore

      • Maybe if the show wasn’t rigged and the Judges so biased. I hope the judge’s favorite wins…because it will be such a huge rip on them when he has the lowest sales of any idol winner, look at season 9, the Judges SUCK and their interference in this year’s contest has been totally inappropriate.

    • hey girl look at Jessica’s facebook or twitter most of her followers are teens so why are you saying she won’t appeal to the youth and you think Joshua will win? who will buy his album? and you’re saying that Joshua never missed a note i can still remember when he sang the Mariah Carey song he got emotional and messed with the last note that’s why Jimmy told him to never get emotional when performing and Joshua is not perfect and his screaming is so boring

      • There’s a lot of people that would buy his cd. You ver heard of gospel, soul and r&b music? Don’t hate on him cause he’s not a.. non talent pop singer. Plenty of people listen to that type of music. So in your opinion he doesnt deserve to win cause won’t buy his cd cause he sings a different style than what you listen to? Laughable to say the least. And people need to get past the Josh ‘screams’ crap, its no different than what Steven Tyler and Christina Aguleria put in their songs, which are musical runs, or extending a musical note with a tone or tones for several bars. Most young people don’t appreciate his vocal talent cause he’s not on stage half naked and lip singing like Lady Gaga, Niki Minaj and Britney Spears. So he will be successful, he will make records, and people WILL by them, that is the fact, and you are 100% WRONG!!

    • Excuse me, Colton will be just like a Taylor Hicks.  I’m sorry, where is he?

      Jessica will win it and will be the next Kelly Clarkson!

      • Funny you should mention Taylor Hicks, Mr. “Soul Patrol.”  Did you see him in the audience tonght?  Apparently he has an upcoing gig in Las Vegas, so he’s still doing something.  But he, Reuben Studdard, and a couple of the other guys don’t seem to be making the big marks that Chris Daughtery is …..

  73. if the judges let go of jessica ,,they would have  used the SAVE for colton….but that wasn’t the case  ,,,jessica is a more deserving contestant in the competition…nobody else….

    •  “more deserving” sounds like the words of a jerk to me. No one deserves wining the contest, they just win it. What a jerk….

      • It is just an opinion, like the rest of the comments here.  That doesn’t make the person who gave it a jerk. Btw, you meant “winning”, didn’t you?

  74. Jessica’s voice is just screaming. I’m tired to hear that.
    IT’S JUST BORING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • based only on your BITTER feelings…..but not according to America…that’s why she was safe! got it????

    • Look, ‘Sun’ to you her voice may be boring. How can anyone who delivered Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you’ and touched so many ppl, be boring. Anyway…..AGAIN I SAY TO YOU AND ALL JESS HATERS OUT THERE. STOP IT. YOU PRAY FOR YR FAVOURITES BUT STOP WITH THOSE CRUDE, RUDE REMARKS. IT IS NOT NICE YOU KNOW. PLS BE CORDIAL. Personally, I do not like Elise, but do i put in hurtful remarks about her? No. She is a person…..DO NOT DO THIS TO JESSICA YOU JESS HATERS OUT THERE. JUST STOP IT !!!

      • Just leave them alone. If Jessica wins, she wins. I think she is a great soulful singer but I like The others that are left better, with the exception of Elise, who I really dislike. Just be careful you don’t make people hate jessica because of your little campain to stop them. It isn’t going to work. You think they are going to stop because of your mini-fit?

      • It’s not hating, I just think she’s way overrated. She had an awesome  moment, and won over million fans. That’s it, but the moment she got complacent, sticking to the same beyonce kind of acts, people realized she just isnt all THAT amazing. Yes, she’s has a massive incredible voice, but she faults in comparison to an entire ensemble of contestant that have artistry and more soul than her. I’m not a country guy, never was, never will be, but even i think that Skylar, whose voice irritates me a bit because of that nasal quality, has more artistry than jessica. Now, i’m not saying she should’ve left the competition, because i dont think she should’ve, she sings good, she’s just lacking in versatily and heart. 

      • Jeez! Let’s give credit where credit is due!  The “Whitney Houston” song, “I will always love you” was written and originally sung by a country star: Dolly Parton.

    • can you still remember what J.Lo told Jessica before? she wants Jessica to be like Joshua (who is known for screaming too much) so don’t blame Jessica for doing that because she’s just following what J.Lo told her and if you’re bored to Jessica then don’t watch her performance ok

      • Oh good grief. Some of you people can take what a judge says and totally misinterpret and misquote what was actually said. That is NOT what J Lo said, she said Jessica has a beautiful voice but she was waiting for her to have a Joshua type PERFORMANCE, so how do you get that she needs to be like Josh from that? J Lo was referring to how Josh puts his entire soul and every ounce of his body into a performance, where you know he is FEELING the song and the EMOTION of it, whereas Jessica at times seems to be just singing the song, kind of robotic like sometimes. Yes she has a beautiful voice, most people don’t deny that, but her overall performances don’t seem heartfelt and from the soul like Joshua’s are. J Lo was not knocking her, she was giving her advice on how to enhance her PERFORMANCE! But you Jess fans take it the wrong way as usual, and only hear what you Want to hear. And Josh doesn’t scream for the 50th time, it’s called an extended note or a run, many artist do it, including Steven Tyler and J Lo, so come up with something more original would ya.

    • You must buy a better quality TV set with a good audio system or better yet,  check with your ENT coz you might have an otitis problem.  Peace. 🙂

      • That’s a very valid comment. I’ve got my TV hooked onto a hifi system. The performances are much much better with big speaker stereos. When I watch on a PC, they really all sound bad (unless you’re using those stereo earplugs).

    • Well at least until next week, you either have to suffer through it, or not watch it at all. Your choice.

    • more and more artist/singers are rallying beside Jessica Sanchez, i can name some few Akon, Adam Lambert, Jesse mccartney
      it seems that u hate jessica because you are fan of other Idol, and you treat jessica as a big threat

      • Yes, you hit the nail on the head. I mean, to each his own….If you hate Jessica, you hate….but stop making hurtful remarks about her. WE LOVE HER. PLS GO TO YR LITTLE CORNER AND COMPLAIN. IT HAS TO STOP……

      • Yes Adam Lambert, Jesse McCartney wants a duet… Gabrielle Union, Ms. Jennifer Holliday,Apl de Ap, Pia Toscano, Mario Lopez, Jazmine Sullivan, Jennifer Hudson herself, Jane Lynch (Glee), even Beyonce posted Jessica’s video on her official website. It just shows that she has a talent .. Just like the other Idol Hopefuls… they are all great!

  75. when i watched the replay of all the performance last night i was really pissed with the judges first they criticize colton then elise then jessica, those 3 performed the most difficult songs that night but instead of praising them they give them criticisms which for me is not fair then they praised hollie, skylar and joshua, hollie is a good singer but not that good so i don’t understand why the judges praised her (no offense to her fans) then skylar well she performed well but for me her performance is just the same every week and for Joshua (no offense to his fans) i don’t know why the judges always gives this guy a standing O even though the performance is always the same and sometimes boring and as far as i can remember the judges never gave him constructive criticism because for them Joshua is perfect damn and i’m not a colton fan but i really feel sorry for the guy for going home so early but i know that colton will be famous

  76. It is unfortunate at this time of the competition that any of the singers gets eliminated.  This is the first year when I have no real favorite in the competition because they are all so good.  Unfortunately Colton was the weakest during the second song of his performance.  I think America got it wrong putting Hollie  in the bottom three.  She has been one of the most consistent along with Skylar.  I always hate this time of the competition.  Just call it a draw and lets call them all America’s Idols!!!

  77. I can’t believe Colton was the one to leave. To me the show won’t be as interesting . I could think  of 3 others who should leave.

  78. America got it so wrong!!!!!! Colton has real talent, and he should not have been eliminated!!!!

  79. America did right for letting Jessica Sanchez stays for a while now,where are the teenie boppers that vote mostly for Colton and Phillips?Massive voting for the real qualified AI11 contestant pours to right to be on top.Few more weeks the winner will be declared & hoping America  vote for the best this time.
    My poll rating:
    1. Jessica Sanchez…………………………………..Go FTW or 2nd
    2. Hollie Cavanagh………………………………….Go FT2nd or 3rd
    3. Elise Testone………………………………………Go FT2nd or3rd
    4. Joshua Ledet………………………………………Go FT3rd 0r 4th
    5. Phillip Phillips…………………………………….Go FT4th or 5th
    6. Skylar Laine……………………………………….Go FT3rd to 6th

    Coming week is very crusial for all of them,they have to give what they got now.Now we’ve notice that cute guys is not a factor to win,fanbase 
    shifted votes to the most qualified this week.I hope they did the right thing now.

  80. Let’s face it, after all, only Girl AI winners/contestants really get to be in the top: Kelly, Carrie, Jennifer… Even if teens vote for the”cutest guy” they will never rise… Where is Ruben, David or Lee, I can’t even remember the name of the white haired dude!!!! At the end it’s all about talent!

    •  Scotty’s having some good success. His album went platinum and his album debuted at number 1.

    • dont forget also. Jordin Sparks…..doing well now. Where is Taylor Hicks? forgotten also.

    • the white haired guy is taylor hicks he beat katharine mcphee before and i don’t where he is right now and look at katharine the girl is famous and it only shows that not all AI winners will become famous and most of them are forgotten already

  81. No America got it wrong!!! Colton was my favorite person on idol! He didn’t deserve to leave. He’s better then a bunch of people on this show. Colton was #1!!!

    • he’s your favorite but listen yo america didn’t vote for him so just accept it and move on ok and he’ll have a better future after idol

  82. Honestly I think most of the 7 are great, but I don’t understand how Joshua will sell a single song and I don’t understand his appeal. I love gospel music…but I don’t like the Joshua version….what’s left? Even when he doesn’t scream in volume, you can still hear it in his voice. Who is voting for him?? Explain to me some recent hits on any chart or genre that he could have performed?

    • i aree with you, i was a joshua fan at first, but after hearing him sing wek after week, they sound the same, and i also dont understand why judges always give him a standing O… although i still like him since he looks sweet 🙂

      I think when it comes to screaming instead of singing.. that would be Skylar… she sounds unique at the beginning of the season, but dragging and lately, her voice hurts my ears. as for hollie, i really think she has a very sweet voice, but not idol material (she doesnt suck though like what others say).

      I think Elis is staying strong! (she’s been in the bottom 3 a lot of times but i still safe)
      I PERSONALLY.. want jessica to win, but i think its going to be Phillip “because he’s a white guy with a guitar” <– well said :)))

      • yes totally agree. Jess will never win. But then so many years, it’s always a good looking guy with guitar………would have loved a girl to win

    • you’re so damn right and he’ll be famous if he will sing like justin bieber and move like usher

  83. I did like Kris Allen’s performance.  I’ll buy that CD.   Not so much for that other pair of jokers. 

  84. I thought it will going to be a girl who’s gonna be eliminated tonight…

    I don’t mind seeing a Top 4 All-girls battling it out to the finals. 

  85. You’re only good as your last performance…Colton didn’t deliver, but I could buy one of his albums.  I think Philip will is a shoe in for finale, but the other spot is wide open.

  86. lmfao make me puke…how could you do that after you honored such an awesome person as  Dick Clark….

  87. i relieges poeple didn’t vote him beceuse he did gaga but he has an AMAZZEING VOCIE and will get snapped up by a record compey.

    • He was the best of the night in my opinion.    Was not expecting the Colton cut.  I could see him doing a concert with maybe a Muse like feel to it.

  88. why colton??????????  it should have been hollie!  she’s the most inconsistent of them all!!!!  

    • I dig Hollie, but have to agree with you; she’s had a couple shakey moments.  But when she’s on, that voice is sweet poetry.  Hope she does well next week.

    • Cause Hollie actually had some of the better performances. I like Colton, but he goes from singing a Christian song and strongly voicing his Christian beliefs,which I admire, to coming out and looking like Billy Idol while singing a Lady Gaga song. I think that turned off a lot if his Christian voters. He even admitted and apologized for not being himself. That’s what cost him in my honest opinion.

  89. Wow!very surprising  to all Colton followers,1st time in a bottom3 to be going home already?What happen to those teenie boppers who protected him since the beginning.
    If Colton was eliminated earlier than expected is Phillips would be next in the line,perhaps their fanbase got tired for supporting them already or the teenie boppers votes were over powered by the adult votes when Randy Jackson told them select best.

    • I think you underestimate Phillip Phillips. And if it is teenie boppers voting for both, do you not think that these girls will transfer all of their votes over to Phillip now. He may be stronger than ever now. 

      Also, referring to your later post, if you think that Phillips isn’t worth listening to globally (please note spelling of this word) then I believe that you are wrong.

      I think that all of these guys are great in their own way.

      At least we won’t have any racist comments with Colton going home this week, that was getting really old

      • Its unfortunate that Colton had to be eliminated…He’s very good, but I believe his rendition of September did him in…That was just really-really bad… But I’m sure he’ll have a great future! Good luck Colton!

  90. No , America didn’t get it right = ( so sad that colton is out of the show ,but with that said Colton will be fine ,I can’t wait for Colton to get a record deal , I want to see him in concert live ! That would be AWESOME !

  91. I’m happy we have so many girls left! So that guarantees at least one girl in the top 3!!!

    I’m sad for Colton, but someone had to go. At this point everyone is pretty great.

  92. Didn’t I told you people that only Deandre can sing EW&F……it was a very wrong song choice of colton……

  93. i think reglies people didn’t vote for him beceuse he did gaga but he has a AMAZZING VOICE and will get snapped by a record compeny good luck colton im rooting for you.

  94. A little shocked! I thought it would be Jessica, Colton and Phillip for Top 3!
    Personally I would love to see two girls battle it out in the finale! (Jessica, Hollie or Skylar)

  95. what is america thinking once again they got it wrong. i am so done with america idol. this show is starting to be for little kids ,colton i hope you have a great future ahead of you .and to think they wasted a safe on jessica last week

    • I disagree. Jessica deserved to be saved last week.  I think what was disagreeable last week was the manner by which the judges saved her, but the decision to use the save option was correct.

    • you should not blame the save. blame the fans that do not vote for him all the way. You’re a fan so you should know it yourself.

  96. After reflecting about last night’s performances, here is my take:
    Elise – she has the voice but does not connect with the audience as if you notice she never smiles with her eyes, there is no real emotion  there and no real sincerity….
    Jessica – she has the vocal ability to sing “the phone book” but she lacks in choosing songs that are too old for her.  She really needs to leave the comp soon and then go away for a while and mature a bit…the worse thing that will happen to her is if she wins…she is not ready yet…she will be in a year or so time, but not yet.
    Philip – think he is great.  Also think he should not win, not because of anything else other than it would be better for him not to win.
    Hollie – I understand what the judges are saying, she is a bit stiff in her performances.  She really needs to work on that.  Which is why she won’t win and will go away and come back a few years after taking the time to hone her performing skills.
    Joshua – while he does to the screaming thing, he is current, he is ready to record right now in an area that is still a major component in the music bus.  He could win.
    Skylar – now I am not a big fan of Country but I do love a country singer who has a bit of rock in her and she does…she could win and would probably benefit the most if winning as she has both voice and performances down pat.  She is current and will do well.

    Just because someone wins AI does not mean that they will do well.  For some it is better if they don’t win not because they are not deserving but because it is more important for them to be noticed by the industry who can then make them into the artist they want to become.  Being a winner of AI will make some or send some into oblivion.  I think that both Skylar and Joshua would do great as winners, the others will do great things if they don’t win.

    Just my opinion…

  97. Bullshit….Colton should NOT have gone home!!!!! No offense but he is way more talented than Elise or Holly

  98. I thought there will be 2 “idols” will be eliminated tonight

    Colton should stay!!! I want Elise and Hollie to eliminate!!
    I will never watch AI again….

  99. Colton is an awesome artist. I would’ve loved to see him win but I know the Lord has better plans for him. Go Colton! We love you!

  100. America is stupid…Elise, Jessica, Hollie and Joshua ALL should have been voted off before Colton.  At least he is an artist.  Go Phillip!!

  101. Colton was eliminated? no way! American Idol is really unpredictable. I was a little bit expecting that Hollie might be going home. I was expecting Colton to reach the finals because of his charisma and talent… but it was not enough though… Anyways… Colton is a great singer and producers and song writers might be interested to render his services… 

    • Hopefully he will become big:) I expect Joshua to go, next week yes America and thank you

  102. Well, well.. first time I made my version of Branden’s recap and specifically put Colton last…and this was the first time ever his perf did not grab me and OFF he goes…guess his fans slackened or the others’ supporters worked real hard..

    Should I keep my thoughts to myself? Let’s see next week..

  103. Colton totally shot himself in the foot with the lady gaga song.  It was not the image he was putting out but ?I wish he would have stayed on longer

  104. Not ever in my dreams that Colton Dixon is out now,there’s no guarranty now that fanbase bets go FTW.
    Was Randy appeal to America did touched them to shift for the best and not for the cutest only?

  105. this is a SHOCKER!!!! I have bet for Colton to make it to the TOP 3 but why oh why??? so so unpredictable..I hate it. Colton is a great artist/singer/musician .. there are other contenders deserve to be eliminated this week rather than Colton.. 🙁 sad to hear this

  106. Hollie should go home next week,I don”t know why she is always safe she cannot even pronounce some of the words, and sorry to say she looks like an alien LOL…..

    • None of the girls are eaasy to look at but Hollie (in my opinion) is the best looking. 

      • yeah, best looking… but the worst singer (of the top 7)!  let me remind you this is a singing competition to begin with. it is not ms. universe beauty pageant.

  107. I would like to have to have all new judges this next year;) After the favoritism they pulled….that should never be allowed to do that again.
    Who would you want to see in a whole concert? I want someone that is going to put on an exciting show. And not just stand there. So who is that?
    I do think this years idol tour should be great with so much talent!!

    • I support you million times for new judges I am bored with the 3 jokers around, they are really pissing me and I have paid lots of money for the cable and have to endure the 3 – not free show judges – so I have the right to dislike them

  108. I saw that coming…Colton just doesn’t have any chance of being a winner over Jessica or even Elise.  It’s gonna be an all female finale, I can assure you that! Oh my gosh..this is waaaay overdue.  This should have happened like a year ago: Haley vs. Lauren, with Haley making it to the top!

  109. l wasn’t shocked at all,,,first time in the bottom 3….next one will phillpis  he hasn’t been in the bottom 3 yet….let him taste whats like to be on the hot seat…philipps style is getting to be boring now,,,thats what happen to colton,,,his  boring personality…his looks didn’t go to far…..

    • boring to you, but not to me – enjoy the show. I would love to see Joshua, Jessica, Hollie, Elise than final two Skylar and Phillips finale, if it happen fantastic, if not I will sulk for 2 weeks, but that’s it…chill

  110. sad that Colton is gone.. should have been hollie!!! that hollie girl has been safe for quite sometime should go already! 

  111. I’m for Phillip all the way. And the others r great also. But Phillip is the whole pkg..

  112. Really Happy to know that Hollie made it through to the next round. Between the bottom two, I would have voted Colton out, just as it happened. Nevertheless, I must admit that I think Colton SHOULDN’T have left before Joshua. Joshua needs to go already. The way he almost always want to cry at the end of his songs for no special reason and the way that the judges give him a standing ovation for what I truly feel are just eh to OK performances is cringeful. His voice is annoying when he sings. :/

    If I had it my way, this is how I think the continuing eliminations should unfold. Joshua, Skylar, Jessica, Elise, Phillip. Hollie for the win. I am a huge fan of Phillip and think he is the winner but just to throw in a female winner, I’ll go with my girl favorite. Elise should be #3. Jessica is good, but she is starting to bore me, and is only on top of Skylar because I have liked more performances of Jessica’s than Skylars. And Joshua, well he should not make it past next week.

  113. I’d like to see some hacker rig the votes against who the judges like most. I’m getting sick of them.

  114. let’s just make this a popularity contest so the cutest guy would win the “singing contest”  I bet ya, the people who likes the cute guys to win, have no GF’s and are tone deaf so to speak

      •  overrated! of course not! you’re underrating her
        artists/singers are behind jessica, to name a few akon, jesse mccartney, adam lambert, naima etc.
        is your idol being supported by industry artist/singers? i guess not!

  115. people…..
    view the voting results and tell me who’s the best!
    it’s JESSICA…
    now and then…
    and even until finale…
    so stop any arguments…
    coz it’s already clear as the sky who’ll gonna win…hehehe

    • I am sorry to say you will eat your words in the finale – she is the best for you, but not for me, chill jm, chill – the best might not win

      • she’s not the best for you but who cares everyone here has the right to pick the idol that they want

  116. Joshua makes me sick, his screaming and flaming prancing around. I’ m not a hater at all, some of my best friends aren’t straight, but that over flaming personality is obvious. BTW, I love Adam Lambert, so that’s not why I don’t like Joshua. His performances suck, are the Judges nuts for being so much behind him or am I retarded. Sitting through a Joshua concert would be a sickening experience, even with a 5th of good scotch.

    • Again, I remind everyone, NOT TO OVER CRITICIZE OTHERS. PLS PRAY YR FAVOURITES BUT STOP THROWING OUT UNCALLED FOR REMARKS. I personally do not like Elise but do you hear me criticizing her?? It’s not right

      • joshua is amazing. clean out your ears. The judges wouldn’t be standing every time otherwise. He’s the best

    • Billy I agree with you, but we have to understand – the voters has cast their votes. I am outside the range to vote, I accept with open heart. And yes! all I hear from Joshua is his shouting. The judges are clowns anyway – have fun with AI matters – we can see some circus in action. Chill bro chill

  117. It is amazing to me that the comments are so much the same when the contestant you want to stay is voted off. I thought the show was determined by votes from the public not by standing ovations. If enough of the public takes the time to vote then the contestant would have a chance. Look at what happened to Jessica, She had numerous standing ovations, and yet she was voted off, but was saved by the judges. Standing up judges and comments did not do her a bit of good.
    I really think the biggest problem with Idol is the song choices they make thes kids choose from. That never helps, it hurts. They put them in an stressful situation and most end up falling by the wayside.

  118. Lessons Learned from Colton’s Elimination:

    1. Tween/Teenybopper votes are not enough.

    2. Being from the South and having good looks do not always guarantee you a win.


    4. Voters listened to Randy when he said last week, “VOTE FOR THE BEST.” So far, only Joshua and Jessica have gotten the most standing ovations from the judges.

    5. Finally, AI is looking for a winner who is fresh and can SELL RECORDS GLOBALLY.

    • If AI is looking for a winner that is fresh and sell records gloabally, can tell you that Jessica won’t sell records globally yet…I am not from the USA and outside of the USA the only artists who have sold records globally is one winner and one runner up – that is Kelly Clarkson and Adam Lambert.  Just because someone wins AI does not make them a global star. While Carrie Underwood is massive in the USA she is not globally as the country market is not so dominant anywhere else other than the USA.  If you are looking at an artist that has the potential to sell globally and could win, then Joshua could potentially do that…the others, maybe Philip, definately not Colton.  As for the others, again, as I said before, Skylar because she is also a bit of a rock/country chick, she could do well globally….as for the others, nope.  Won’t happen.

      • are you sure that jessica’s album won’t sell globally??? hey girl jessica is not only known in the US she’s also famous in Asia and you’re saying that skylar’s record will sell globally hello!!!!!!! she’s a country singer and like carrie and scotty she will be famous only in the US get it?

    • Joshua will sell records only for his family and church. Jessica will sell most of hers in Asia and for Asian-americans ( I would buy a Hee jun record, who is much more original and good looking). Hollie maybe if she had good songs and producers. Elise could sell records around the world, like James Durbin has the same potential. Elise has a good voice, nice look and she’s a experience muscian.

    • 1. Colton has a teen fan base. 
      2. Good looks can be a quality of a singer. Though, it doesn’t really guarantee a winning title. 
      3. Let’s hope a female will win this year. Let’s never assume unless it’s stated.
      4. Not all listened to Randy. All of them are great but this is a competition. Only one will bag the title.
      5. Colton is fresh. Hopefully, he can sell records globally. Christians are located everywhere buddy.

    • me vs you – since when the AI winner can sell CD globally? only a few! 
      finale – Skylar & Phillip – the winner is Phillip and thank you as he is the best among all – well you can dream I can dream too – dreaming doesn’t cost money at the moment so we dream on. 

    • You forgot something, the judges inappropriate favortism will effect the vote results that are announced (irregardless of whatever the real vote is).

      The only “Fresh” and different sounding person(s) is(are) Elise and maybe Phillip. Everyone else is nothing different.

  119. Go Joshua, I think you are the best. Keep up the good work. Cause you are one in a million.

  120. Dat sucks! Ameirca got it wrong! Should have been Hollie going home! Not Colton! He is so much better singer!

    • American voters are not wrong – they voted for whom they want to vote – I want Joshua to go this week, but he is still in, will wait for next week to see him or Jessica or Hollie and then Elise:) chill

  121. Wowww! I can’t believe Elise survives at least another week! There must have been a miracle! Please vote for her, BB Chez and Skylar for the super top 3!!! 😡

  122. Colton is an awesome artist. I wouldve loved to see him win but I know the Lord has better plans for him. Go Colton! We love you!

  123. Tonight’s elimination was TOTAL BULLSHIT!!! Once again, America got it WAY WRONG! Colton was supposed to stay in this competition for obvious reasons–he is a REAL MUSICIAN with ORIGINAL TALENT and the sensibilities of a real singer and musician. Hollie Cavanagh was supposed to be ELIMINATED for obvious reasons–she’s a karaoke singer, of mediocrity at best! Her last performance was simply a pale impersonation of Adele–an exact copy of the song’s arrangement and all of Adele’s vocal licks–and just an example of her total lack of originality or creative ideas as a singer and a true artist’s sensibilities. Her second number, “Son of a Preacher Man” was nothing more than pure karaoke. Again, she lacked originality in her singing, did nothing to the melody that could’ve been hip, funky or soulful–which was supposed to be the whole point to even selecting that song! OMG, she’s such a BORE! Is she even American?! Isn’t she from Liverpool, England? It’s a damned shame that a truly competitive singer like Colton had to bite the dust because of America’s absurd euro-centric fascination with a PALE, SOUL-LESS, UNORIGINAL KARAOKE SINGER LIKE HOLLIE!

    • Hi Ecstreet,

      Why don’t you get that posted in the New York Times tomorrow
      “Hey America , you got it wrong again , you don’t know what good music is all about.  Listen to me , I don’t care if there are millions of you out there, I am right and you are wrong, get it”   LOL

      •  Hi Ed,

        Thanks for the idea–I think I’ll take you up on your BRILLIANT idea! As it turns out, I was editor of the cultural section of a well-known NYC newspaper. Why bother wasting my writing skills and brains when it comes to music on twits like you! NY Times, here I come!

      •  Hey Eddie–dude,

        You OBVIOUSLY REALLY LIKED MY COMMENTS ABOUT A.I. or you would not have read it in its entirety, replied to my comment AND even recommended I write for the NY Times. LOL!!!  Hey millions of American Idol viewers I have a fan who not only agrees with me, but suggests I take my opinions to the NY Times. Perhaps I should become one of the show’s judges too! I know I’d get it right and kick that pale bore Hollie Cavanagh kicked the hell off this competition and keep it about REAL MUSIC not bullshit karaoke! Get it Eddie?!!!

      • Hi Ecstreet,

        So you were an Editor , uhmm, and for a cultural section of a well known NYC ( of course you are referring to New York City right?)
        newspaper, I see, thats why you have such a colourful post above.
        Well done!

      • Hi Ecstreet,

        You are welcome.  Anytime you want some more ideas please let me know Ecstreet dude LOL

  124. Jessica’s days are numbered..I am thinking an Elise vs Hollie finale!!  Hollie will win it all..mark those words!! 

    • oh really? if hollie will win then that’s the last of the American Idol and how can you put someone like hollie on a solo concert if her voice is always pitchy and out of control come on dude wake up and if you still don’t believe how horrible hollie is watch her performance when she sang “honestly” damn i love that song so much but hollie ruined it

      • Sorry, your lies don’t work when the truth is prevailed…see sailor moon, hanzthedancer delivers the truth!!  Can u handle it?  

  125. Oh no!!! He’s one of my favorites.. 🙁 but so glad Jessica made it!! Go Jess!! for the Win!! :))

  126. I dont think joshua can sing, he does more hollerin n yelling…. If anybody shld wim, ut shld be jessica or even phillip….

  127. Jessica, Joshua, Philip has a good voice and are ahead of the pack. The rest are a little too forced. so please America, vote for the person that can’t freaking sing like Colton- good choice!  Hope Skylar goes home next, she has this freaking annoying face and voice., followed by Holly, Elise, ….Be real everyone! And all these freaking annoying teens out there, stop voting for contestants that can’t sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. Colton could not keep up with the real singing talent on this show.  He may have song-writing ability and can play piano, but he definitely does not have the voice that the others have.  Now, if Jessica goes next week, I will say that maybe there is still some integrity in this show!  She should have gone home last week, but they had to stage some drama to keep viewers interested.

    • hey move on jessica is still in the competition because she’s really good  and a lot of famous singers have tweeted her telling her how great she was so stop saying something stupid ok

    • I don’t know who you are rooting for.  All I know is that you are a Jessica hater.  I guess you don’t appreciate true talent.   I pity you….

    • i feel it’s going to be philip and joshua based on nmber of fans. but it could also be philip and skylar….

    • Hi Tonycvf,

      “Mustang Sally” Cocker style would be nice  😀

      Or “Hey Jude” Beatles

      Or John Mayer’s – Your Body is Wonderland

      or “Mama Told me Not To Come” 3 Dog Night

      Just saying…………………………………..

  129. I think, maybe , Jessica, Joshua and Skylar for the Finale… They are so great this last three weeks.

  130. Very sad Colton is sent home (tears)! Although, he couldn’t have pick a better song to sing at his departure. Colton, God is good – HE has an awesome plan for you! God bless you always!!

  131. The road to the finale:

    6. Hollie
    5. Elise
    4. Joshua
    3. Skylar
    2. Phillip or Jessica
    1. Jessica or Phillip

    53 million votes were cast last night, 20 million more votes a week after Jessica was saved.

  132. Too bad for Colton. He, like Jessica, hasn’t been in the bottom line-up before. That result was a little bit tragic for him. Anyway, he’ll be signed-up for sure. Jimmy has, I guess, will sign them all 7 already if I”m not mistaken.

  133. it’s stoerge how somebody goes home altfor having only one bad week when others have had sevael.

  134. Enough with your words J LO!you are the reason why some of the contestant voted out,just like what happend to PIA last year!!

  135. Hi friends,

    Please explain to me the” teeny bopper theory” again because I am confused here.  Last year we blamed the so called teeny bopper for power voting Scott to victory, ok I swallowed that a little bit, although I thought it was more the older country music fans that got him the win.

    So several posts had gone by and I keep telling some of my buddies here that I still don’t buy the teenie bopper dilema of power voting.  I think
    you are now catching on to what I am saying here.

    Colton – Young male , good loooking , good singer (really, I mean that)
                      what more does he need to get these teenie bopper to go bananas
                      on him.

    I was told that the reason my favourite singer is going home in round 12 and every week after that is she is designated by the teenie boppers and all the famous gurus here  “the oldest among the singers and deserved to be the permanent botom dweller due to the fact that these notorious teenies will never support her.

    So my million dollar monopoly play money question is “Whoa Happen????
    Maybe this show is still under “rigged mode”???????


    • It was recently reported that the voter demographics have changed a bit for AI. Apparently there are more and more “older”voters–that are at least not the teenies. This can influence the old theory of the teenies’ rule. Maybe this is why Elise is still in, other than the fact that she really has a unique voice and is a more seasoned (experienced) singer. Colton would be mostly forgettable in the main-stream radio play. Elise has a niche that is not main-stream but there is a market for her to stand out in a sea of Beyonce sound-a-likes…and she’s fun. Colton looked like he was in pain most of the time when he performed. That’s because it does not come easy for him–limited range. Oh well, for what it’s worth, eh?

      • Hi Tj,

        Yes! good explanation.  I wondered if only she will realize that she can take this competition and turn it upside down.  She need to have a “do”
        so not to look like Mariah, he he .  Then she needs to pick the right songs and sing it like it was the end of the world. 

         I seriously believe that if she will only believe in herself that she can do this she will blow this competition sky high, she need to have that confidence in herself. She has the “tone” the maturity in her vocal control, and the right style she jsut have to deliver it with the right choices of songs that fits her like a glove.

    • Hand over that million dollar monopoly play money, Ed.  I know an 84 year old lady who rooted for Adam Lambert and Scotty McCreery; she just bought a PC last week, got internet and an email account.  Facebook, too.  Guess she’s off the land line and voting online like crazy now.  I’m a 60 year old lady who broke down and learned how to speed dial Weds. night to vote for who I thought was the best.  (And, no, I didn’t vote for those who the judges hyped mercilessly.)  We’re the ones dragging that average age demographic to 48.  Scary, ain’t it?  Granny boppers rule!

      •  Hi oldschool annie,

        You now belong to one of my favourite posters on this site.  Good on ya!  I knew you guys exist out there somewhere , just laying low, but just the same very much into the game.

        Please , make these naysayers eat their words, vote for the one that deserves the votes.  I don’t care who it is , as long that they earn the votes.  Don’t let these teenie boppers , who don’t have the financial resources and will depend on daddy anyway,  take over our show.

        I am now a big fan of  oldschool annie   😀

        Just saying…………………………..

      •  I’m a 50 year old teenager. Very involved in the music industry and IT technology. Have watched AI since season 1.

  136. I think this is the right decision, but i guess Hollie should go home first then Colton then Phillip, then Skylar, then my Top 2 would be one of these 3 Elise, Jessica or Joshua. 🙂

  137. I think it’s still early for Colton to go home. It’s should have been Hollie or Skylar. I don’t know why Skylar is getting so much vote with her nasal voice flowered by too much screaming. I can’t feel her soul since she always comes fierce and loud..not much dynamics and soul. I want to see Jessica, Philip and Joshua at the finale. If America will vote for the best as Randy says, these three will be at the two weeks of AI. 

    • I totally agree with you about Skylar. Such ugly girl with a nasal screaming voice trying to be the nice Miranda Lambert.

    • You are right about skylar… Too nasal. If she’s good enough for the judges, then I  guess all people with cold/ runny nose can join contest and become American Idol.  🙂

  138. Time for Jessica to bring out her aces ….time for her to show what real talent is all about. Last week was just the turning point. Go Jessica!

  139. i don’t see the point where others are blaming Jessica for Colton’s elimination…. 

  140. most of the kemperlu like jessica and colton… I also like him next to jessica. Why does he have to go home??? T_T it should be the less talented. You’re not listening for personality. If all would be put into CD, personality would not be there.  c’mon! Colton should have stayed!  

  141. He would have left in the next couple weeks. BUT why does randy always standup and clap after Joshua sings?!

  142. It seems to me that even Elise or Hollie are not going to win AI. People don’t want Elise and “judges” don’t want Hollie. When they were not in the show I am going to watch only the finale to see them again. But someone has to win it, so Phillip then. Ok, he’s always trying to be Dave Mathew (who is a great singer and musician) though he’s a nice guy.

  143. The voters get it right for their rights – but we still could debate this anyway as written above don’t insult – so chill people chill – I hope Colton will make it big into the real world, all the best for him and may the voters be guide to vote for Phillip to win:) realistic enough I hope and thank you voters, I am depending on you people to make Phillip the winner this year……

  144.  JESSICA SANCHEZ for the win! needless to say
    Artist rallying behind her were,
    Akon, Adam Lambert, Jesse McCartney, Gabrielle Union, Ms.
    Jennifer Holliday,Apl de Ap, Pia Toscano, Naima, Mario Lopez, Jazmine
    Sullivan, Jennifer Hudson herself, Jane Lynch (Glee), even Beyonce
    posted Jessica’s video on her official website.
    Jessica haters treat JESSICA as a big treat! lol!

  145. Joshua will not win. I like the guy, he sings well, he can do all the high notes like no other (except for Jessica, that’s obvious). However, he’s singing is not as versatile as the others. He’s very predictable. Not even comparable to Fantasia (one of my favorite idols), her songs were more or less in the league of what Joshua has been belting out this season… but the major difference is that Fantasia has character, Joshua hasn’t (sorry by that’s the truth). The judges giving him a standing O will do for a while. But as the contestants are narrowed down to 5 or 4, you’ll see how boring he is (that is, if he’s not voted out next week). He has not enough following to pour in the votes, proof of this is him being in the bottom 3 last week despite the great singing. 

  146. I am not really wrong, there are really haters and sour grapers here… blaming someone for going home, wherein the save has been used and the one that was saved was already safe. people, the AI title will be destined to whoever is deserving… sure it will depend on votes but let’s face it now the competitions lies not on the looks, i guess it’s with picking up the right choice of songs… what happened to Colton will be an eye opener to everyone. no one contests about his talent and his voice but his song choices ruined it…

    • I thought his song choices were pretty good. I bet this wont be the last time we see of him. I honestly think he was outstandingly talented and his style is courageous :3 who did u think was going to be in the bottom 3? I never suspected it.

      • this week was really been tough, i really expected the 3 of them to be in the bottom thought Hollie redeemed herself thru the Adele song, Elise has a good voice but i guess she was branded to have a bad attitude and we  must face it that it was a plus factor, judges and mentors can accept reasons over what they’ve noticed on you but i guess some reasons they can accept it rather that as an excuse. Colton, i think no doubt he is talented and with the voice that you will really love to listen but he gambled on the song choices, he might have picked up the right ones like what he did last week when he wow’ed the judges for his stunts but this time it didn’t push it though it’s like suicide… judges right now might be concentrating not only with the voice but on the difficulty of the songs as well….

  147. America got it SOOO completely WRONG , I cryed my butt off because of him going home . Now I’ll probably not watch anymore American idol untill the finale. Colton getting eliminated really effected my mood :'(! I loved columns performance of lady gaga’s “bad romance” and his clothes I was like in love. I honestly think that he should of stayed now and just about to go listen to coltons “bad romance” song as I’m in misery .I was looking forward to him to go to the finale :p It was to bad he got
    eliminated . I’ll miss him deeply <3

    • colton doesn’t need to win AI because he’s already famous and i’m a huge fan of Jessica and i want her to win but now with all the crap that the AI is doing i’d rather want Jessica out because i know that she’s already famous and i think AI wants hollie to win thanks to Nigel

      • I know but I always look forward on his performances but since he’s not on idol I’m like 🙁 but yeah but we will probably be seeing him alot more later because of his talent :D.

  148. This absolutely wrong! Colton can really rock the stage and his voice is amazing! Hollie shoudve gone home..such a pitchy!

  149. America got it wrong i tought elise or skylar shouldve went home enough with the country singers already phillip or joshua for the win or jessica

  150. skylar bitchy screams…….joshua yells……colton—absolutely talented….ELISE—BORING….Why not Elise, Skylar, and Joshua in the BOTTOM 3……Or Hollie! :< Colton deserves to stay…I'm not a fan but when I listened to his rendition of "Spetember", it was awzm! 😐

  151. In my opinion,  Colton was consistently good the previous weeks. Last night, he was good too but the other 6 were far far better. That’s what happened…

  152. Just rename the show “Country Idol.”  The judges just love the country singers which, no disrespect to them but there is another contest for that.  I guess you have to hand it to the country fans, they also vote for her.  I’m just sick of good singers getting booted off and no I don’t like country music.  So it’s “The Voice” for me. 

    • last year a country singer also won the competition so they should change the title to “The Country Idol” or “The Weakest Idol”

    • I know that Joshua’s style of singing wasn’t everybody’s cup. But let’s be honest…every note that is coming from his mouth is a melody.

  153. I am a big Elise fan. But, Elise and Colton did deserve to be in the bottom three last night. I am just glad that Elise will have one more chance to redeem herself with what I think was a off-night for her.

  154. i really don’t undestand the “emotion or the feeling” thing that J.Lo and the 0ther judges are talking about, if they want Jessica and Elise to be emotional like what Joshua is doing then it’s not a singing competition anymore damn hey J.Lo they want to be a famous singer not a drama actor/actress

  155. There should be an investigation before it’s too late.   Hollie is talented but any objective judge can see she is not quite as ready as the others.  It’s been obvious for weeks.  She lacks the connection or soul that the judges keep pointing out.  I would not be surprised if the Hollie fan base runs call-in centers to vote for her and perhaps even rewards them in some way.  Something is just not right because I’m sure the results do not reflect a true sampling of the viewing public.  I’m so afraid that one of the truly gifted people will lose because of this misrepresentation.  Maybe Colton is not one of the top three, but he definitely should not have gone before Hollie.

  156. I am saddend by Coltons’ early departure at american idol. It should hollie be voted off out of the bottom 3. She’s a good singer though, but i did not like her last  performance. She’s the weakest amongst the 7 in my opinion. Now that colton is gone. im now rooting for Jessica.

  157. after Colton, Elise will be next then followed by
    5.   Hollie 
    4.   Skylar
    3.   Josua
    2.   Jessica
    1.    Philip
    producers should have renamed it Americans popularity Idol…we’ll see next year..

    • I agree but it’s not the way I like it. I love Elise because she rocks, she has soul, and she displays a mature talent compared to the very talented and gifted Jessica.  It’s just a personal preference.  I’d love to see 1) Philip, 2) Elise and 3)Jessica and 4)Joshua

  158. guys and gals be sincerely sensitive its only singing competition not a global war the one who is very good at it will win the competition and those that are not will have their moment in the near future.

  159. I guess I am disappointed in Colton fan base…yes, he bombed the earth, wind and fire song…but he should have made the top 6…but the biggest part of the disappointment, he never got his standing ovation…not once…so disappointed in the judges treatment also

  160. Guys Lets triple what we doubled yesterday of votes, campaign, effort all over the world to push jessica to finale! We are confident to show our votes and support, because we have Jessica who is brilliant, prowes, excellent and consistent voice that showcase everyweek! Music Icons believe her capabilities to become the next american idol!

    Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, Jasmine Trias & David Archuleta supporting her as their bet this season!!!

    Way like this updating status, its a big way of support!

    Go Jessica!

  161. Guys, it is not the end of the road for those who were eliminated. First off, there will be The Top 10 Tour. You’ll be seeing your Idols rounding up TV shows. And then, there’s the record deal.

  162. Breakdown of the 53 million votes that were cast Wednesday night:

    1. Jessica Sanchez – 28,964,500
    2. Phillip Phillips – 12,046,900
    3. Skylar Laine – 6,715,100
    4. Joshua Ledet – 2,888,500
    5. Elise Testone – 1,325,000
    6. Hollie Cavanagh – 768,500
    7. Colton Dixon – 291,500

    • Is this true?  If so, people might not vote next week because they see that Jessica has the highest votes… and she might be voted off because of this.. so continue voting pleaaseeeee…

  163.  yes, america got it right! Colton isn’t the best singer…..he sings girls songs with his nose and is self conceited…But who is next?

  164. Hollie did great yesterday but she’s pitchy in most of her performances. Maybe she needs more practice. Also, she’s thinking too much. But she can work it out. Although, I really want her to be eliminated already because I think she’s not ready yet. It’s not that I hate Hollie or whatever but she’s not just ready to be the American Idol. 

    I’m rooting for Jessica, Elise and Phillip. 
    The problem with Elise is that her “rough” voice is unfit for some songs. She needs to find songs that will fit her very unique voice.  Maybe that’s why she’s always at the bottom three. Just maybe. She doesn’t deserve it though. 

    As for Phillip, some of his performances are too noisy that I want to cover my ears >_< Although his personality pulls it off. And for that, he's such an artist. 

    For Jessica, sometimes I get bored. She needs to put more "character" in her performances perhaps? I don't know. But I love her voice. I can't believe that she has a soulful voice despite of her petite size. I wonder how huge her diaphragm  is? xDD

    Just sayin' =) 

  165. I thought Colton will make it to the top 3. He’s like James Durbin, the judges can’t save them.

  166. they kept Joshua ledet and jessica Sanchez ????…… what is wrong with you people !!!!!! Wow not a fan of this show if Phillip phillips goes home too!!!!!!! Colton was the it factor! !!!!!!!!. This just sucks to hear this….. i guess the judges should have saved there safe card to save Colton!. BIG mistake judges!!!!!!!!!!! WOW BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!

  167. America got it right.  At this point in the competion Colton has the weakest voice and should be eliminated.

  168. I loved Colton, as usual, this year is following the same pattern as last year.  I don’t know if I will continue to watch the show.  It has been nothing but dissapointments in the last few years.

  169. Season
    11 summary table

    asterisk (*) below indicates the very early elimination of Colton Dixon.




    Top 25

    Top 13

    Top 12

    Top 10

    Top 9

    Top 8

    Top 7,

    first week

    Top 7,

    second week

    Top 6

    Jessica Sanchez

    1 (f)

    1 (f)

    1 (f)

    1 (tie)







    Phillip Phillips

    3 (m)

    1 (m)

    1 (m)








    Skylar Laine

    3 (f)

    3 (f)

    3 (f)








    Joshua Ledet

    6 (m)

    2 (m)

    3 (m)








    Elise Testone

    7 (f)

    4 (f)

    5 (f)








    Hollie Cavanagh

    2 (f)

    2 (f)

    2 (f)

    1 (tie)







    Colton Dixon

    1 (m)

    3 (m)

    2 (m)








    DeAndre Brackensick

    4 (m)

    10 (m)

    5 (m)






    Heejun Han

    2 (m)

    4 (m)

    4 (m)





    Erika Van Pelt

    6 (f)

    8 (f)

    4 (f)




    Shannon Magrane

    5 (f)

    6 (f)

    6 (f)



    Jermaine Jones

    5 (f)

    6 (f)

    6 (f)



    Jeremy Rosado

    7 (m)

    8 (m)

    6 (m)


    Reed Grimm

    5 (m)

    5 (m)


    Jen Hirsh

    4 (f)

    5 (f)


    Creighton Fraker

    8 (m)

    6 (m)


    Aaron Marcellus

    9 (tie) (m)

    7 (m)


    Hallie Day

    9 (f)

    7 (f)


    Adam Brock

    10 (m)

    9 (m)


    Chelsea Sorrell

    11 (f)

    9 (f)


    Haley Johnsen

    8 (f)

    10 (f)


    Baylie Brown

    10 (f)

    11 (f)


    Chase Likens

    11 (m)

    11 (m)


    Eben Franckewitz

    9 (tie) (m)

    12 (m)


    Brielle Von Hugel

    12 (f)

    12 (f)




  170. Good Judgement of songs that fit the person is the most important. Colton found that out. Next Coaches that are in tune with the voice is the next important step. They are all good but which one is going to bring out the best performance amoung thier peers.

  171. His cocky lil “whatever” remark came back to haunt him, lol Should of been Hollie! GO ALISE!!!! YOU ROCK GIRL 🙂

  172. I was watching the first try-outs and my 36 year old son, who has no interest in idol, was in the other room.  When Philip performed, my son came into the room and said “wow! who’s that? He’s really good.  He’s going to be the next idol.” Every once in awhile he’ll watch a show with me and he still sticks by his original prediction.  I agree, Philip is the most talented.

    • And what is ur point? That ur son is good judge of a good singer?
      Does he still llive with you? He’s 36 years old…time to leave the

    • Hi Kathijkg,

      Off topic, is your 36 year old son living with you or visiting.

      On topic, is your son a record producer.

    • My 5-year-old dog barked like crazy when she heard Phillip growl while singing. She must be saying, “The singer and I have something in common.”

  173. If America wants another talented diva to entertain them, then by all means, vote for Jessica. She works very hard to sing her little heart out!  But if America wants someone unique, a creative, soulful singer/songwriter who reaches out so joyfully and effortlessly to connect and touch your heart, then you have to vote for Philip.

  174. I like Skylar and Phillip for the two finalists.  Every time both of them sing it is fresh and they make me smile.  Joshua’s voice is irritating to me and Jessica keeps drifting to the same style of singing.  Hollie and Elise are ok but they are not the creme of the crop.

  175. Does anyone care what the judges have to say anymore?  I am so tired of the “you are one of the best in the whole competition!”  REALLY?!?  You mean there is ‘one of the best’ contestants in the final 10. Thank you for stating the obvious.  Or, “You can sing the phonebook!” Or, worst yet, “You had a few pitch problems, but . . .”  I’ll give Jennifer a pass because they need a Paula-like judge, but Steven has to put on his big boy pants and tell it like it is.  As for Randy, ask some people for a few new catch phases.

  176. I don’t think America got it right.  I think Elise should have went home.  Colton has had mostly good nights with song choice and presentation. Elise hasn’t. Of course, America screwed up royally with relegating Jessica to the lowly seventh position last week. What a super bummer. One can also speculate that Hollie should have went home ahead of Elise. This would be conjecture!  All eligible voters had better get their act together to support their favorite (s).  No guy left can win and sell a million CDs.  Only one of the remaining ladies can accomplish this feat (probably Jessica).  John S. 

  177. Ian, never humiliate Filipino housemaids, it’s a noble job. They’re good at it because they’re not only patient, hard working, competent, dependable, openminded, thorough, kind hearted and also trustworthy.  Due to lack of opportunities in their country, the Philippines, most of them go abroad hoping to be able to give their families a better life. they do this despite the fact that they will have to do work inferior to their  education. Most of them are university graduates and professionals — licensed doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, accountants, etc.  How about you??? Did you actually finish anything???? And you’re wrong!  Household chores are not the only thing these people are good at. They’re very artistic, they can sing (very well, i might add), they can dance… they can even speak good english despite the fact that it is not their primary language.  Be careful what you write…. you don’t know how many people are reading this thread. The world should be grateful for having Filipino maids and baby sitters (Thanks Musician for believing in us)  

  178. I want Phillips and Skylar in the final!!!  Would love to see Phillips take it all!!Talk about gossey’s when he sings.  Phillips you got it!!.  And I’m 62 years of age!!!

  179. lm gonna narrow it  down a little bit more,,,,,top 4  skylar…….top 3 joshua or philipps….top 2 philipps or joshua,,or jessica,,,,,and the winner   is….philipps or jessica

  180. Phillip Phillips is the “Vote for the Worst” website’s official candidate for their Amercian Idol voting.  Since the voting is close this year, they should be able to carry P2 to victory.  Sorry everyone……..

  181. i think the top 3 is gonna be jessica, philip, and joshua. they are obivously the best!
    get rid of skylar(she sucks)elise, and hollie. i think hollie is pretty good. but not enough too win!

  182. Jessica your the best. Judges know Jessica’s talent ..and they good as a judge plus they are professional..I believe she deserved to stay and be love by the judges   . she is not arrogant but Humble.

  183. Please SIMON come back. we need someone to tell it like it is. boring that everyone seems to be terrific, over the top, ovation………….JOSH is without a doubt absolutely terrific, Sklar screams, Philip looks like he’s in pain, a boo would send Holly running, and neutral on ELise…..

  184. i think dat u guys made a huge mistake by sending colton home he needs 2 b brought back judges plz . truth be told holli should have gone a long time ago randy u will agree here do someting before d series end . message coming from all the way in trinidad and tobago d caribbean plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz judges

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