American Idol 2012 Rankings: Top 7 Week In Review

American Idol 2012 Top 7 rankings

After a surprising week of results our poll’s American Idol 2012 rankings for Top 7 Week are practically wiped out after accurately predicting only one of the week’s actual Bottom 3. We’ll still take a look through the numbers though as it’s always interesting to see where the finalists are settling in as the season progresses.

The weekly leader in our polls, Jessica Sanchez, dispelled the notion that she was a sure thing for the win this season of American Idol. Despite pulling in 43% of the American Idol Net poll Jessica found herself with the fewest votes on the show and up for elimination. These results reinforce what I’ve been saying that our unofficial polls are open to readers from around the globe while Idol’s voting system is limited to US residents. All the same, Jessica continues to be a very popular singer and will no doubt find success even if she does not win this season.

Moving on to the middle of the pack we’ve got three American Idol 2012 finalists each pulling in 10% of the vote: Colton Dixon, Skylar Laine, and Joshua Ledet. Joshua has continued his steady upward trend over the past four weeks and is likely poised to stick around in this competition for several more weeks. Keep in mind that Joshua found himself in the Bottom 3 last week, but that could signal an increased voting campaign by his fans. Skylar has had a rocky past in the rankings here on American Idol Net but she’s now had two strong weeks in a row. Will that be enough to get her to the end? I’m doubtful of that, but if she can keep this up then she’ll be safe enough for a little while longer. That leaves us with Colton Dixon who has held steady in the midfield for nearly the whole competition. If there’s one singer in this batch of three that I could see making it to the Top 3 then Colton is that finalist. He’s quickly usurping Phillip’s role of WGWG in exchange for WGWP and it seems to be working.

At the bottom of the stack in this past week’s American Idol 2012 poll you’ll find Elise Testone at 9%, Phillip Phillips at 8%, and Hollie Cavanagh at 7%. Hollie was the widespread bet for last week’s Top 7 elimination but didn’t even end up in the Bottom 3. That could be contributed to the judges’ overt trashing of her performance even to the point that Nigel agreed via Twitter that they went too far. If they judges really want her gone this week then they’ll just have to tell her it was a “good, but not her best” delivery. Phillip Phillips is likely on a lot of lists for the finale show in late May, but I’m not as convinced about that as I once was. Jimmy warned Phillip and he’s continued to ignore that advice. He wasn’t in the Bottom 3 last week, but I won’t be surprised to see it happen sometime soon considering he’s done nothing but steadily decline in our weekly polls for the past month. Can Phillip get out of that rut?

Elise Testone rounds off the Bottom 3 from our poll this past week and sure enough she was in the Bottom 3 during the results show. Elise was the only finalist our poll correctly identified this time around. Even with her pimp-spot performance it just wasn’t enough to power through the results show. Elise is in an incredibly weakened spot these days on both the show and our polls. I’ll be expecting her and Hollie to jockey for an upcoming elimination.

How would you rank the remaining American Idol 2012 singers?

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American Idol 2012 Top 7 rankings




  1. Personally, I’m betting on Colton to take the prize.  And I predict a huge backlash against Jessica, not because of being saved, but because the judges were so overbearing about it.   Between the judges forcing her down our throats and the abusive comments on these sites by  pinoys, Jessica is being sandbagged by her fans.

    • Get a life. How small minded to want to punish a talented young singer for what the judges did or said. Young Jessica has shown more dignity, class and maturity than many of the AI commentators and fans. How sad.

      • Yeah. Wrong basis for voting~ 
        To conclude ‘Templar just said, JS will never win not because of her talent but because of such inappropriate reasons~ 

      • To be clear, I wasn’t saying this was a good thing.  Just the opposite.  I am saying that through no fault of her own, others are diminishing her chances.

      • yes your right .. she’s the best .. and you TEMPLAR, what ate saying about pinoys? .. GET LOST ..

    • It isn’t Jessica’s fault her fans are overbearing.  I think she’ll be back at the top.  I hope Colton doesn’t win, but Vegas odds have him doing just that.  Still love Phillip but his odds of winning have slipped.  All the people I’ve rooted for in the past and didn’t win are doing great and hopefully PP will do the same.

      • I agree.  It isn’t her fault.  But every blog I’ve visited has people screaming that the judges disrespected the other six and that they won’t vote for her because of it.

      • They were caught up in the heat of the moment.  Simon always named his favorite…like Adam…and he didn’t win.  Simon further pushed 4 Carrie who took it all.  Someone above posted the Southern vote usually decides and they’re correct…at least in the past, so that may hurt Jessica.  I have never seen a contestant as loved or hated as Jessica.  If she can bring out that kind of emotions in people, she’s got something.

      •  Phillip may just win yet, there are a lot of us that have not started power voting.

    • @Templar..I just wanted 2 tell u to stop apologizing and explaining ur post.  You didn’t say anything wrong and like usual these guys r all over posts that aren’t their sentiments.   Now they’ll come after me again, but STFW!

      • @Essa your line “i have never seen a contestant as loved or hated as Jessica. If she can bring out that kind of emotions in people, she’s got something.” is probably the best line I’ve saw on any blog and deserves a standing ovation it is probably the best way to explain jessica (and the truth behind it is scary).

    •  Hi Templar,

      There was nothing wrong with what you said.  Just stating what happened.  I said it before her own fans combined with the judges
      foolish bravado can backfire against Jessica.  And it is too bad because
      it is no fault of her own.  What she needs to do is pick a song that can redeem her out of  that hole and back into contention.

    • I agree totally with this.  Jessica will not win this year due in large part to the way the judges are forcing her down our throats.  This all really shows how poor the voting system, both on Idol and on this site.  I can sit here and vote over and over and over for Jessica, along with others, thus making it look like everyone is supporting her.  Same thing with the inferior voting system on Idol.  In two hours, a person could vote hundreds of times for their favourite.  How is that giving a true picture of support?  It doesn’t.

    • I know for a fact this Thursday America will vote for Jessica a backlash from last weeks. My co-workers itself they are upset about the outcome and they said they’re going to VOTE FOR JESSICA!

      • love jessica she can sing look how she did whitney shes great hollie is too but we had country winner scottie xx

  2. love hollie but she needs a lot of seasoning.  with more experience she could have a helluva career.  p2 is an arrogant waste of time.  i like elise but, unfortunately, she won’t win.  josh and jessica are brilliant.  but as we’ve seen in the past, the brilliant singers don’t  always win.  skylar is adorable and will definitely make records.  colton is too pretty for his own good, with not enough talent.  the looks may give him first place. pity.

    • oh my goodness–phillip is not arrogant at all–at least he knows who he is & just because he doesn’t want to change doesn’t make him arrogant.  You are probably from the same group that if he did change his style would be criticizing for not staying true to himself.

      • Actually, P2 sometimes did look arrogant with his actions but I think he’s not really that kind of person~ Just my opinion~ 🙂

      • i’m not telling him to change his style, just to listen a bit to constructive criticism from someone who is established in the biz

      • i’m a big fan of jessica and i have to say that when jessica is saved by the judges phillip is smiling like he’s happy that jessica is saved unlike the other contestants who really look so pissed when they heard that jessica is safe and for that i love phillip more so now i’m a jessica-phillip fan

    • phillip is not arrogant and should not change for jimmy and 3 judges or anyone else.  don’t forget pia tascano.  week after week – a ballad.  they kept telling her to change.  she came out with an all over the stage performance with an upbeat song wearing a cat woman outfit and the next night she was kicked off!

      • If you ask me, Phillip is a talanted musician. But the I think everyone who says “he takes a song and makes it his own”, is not looking at it the correct way. In my viewpoint each and every week, he takes a song and makes it … into the ONLY style he knows. So, yes, I guess he is making the song his own. But, for people who say he is arrogant … Where the hell you come up with that. As I get just the oppoiste feeling.

      • If you ask me, Phillip is a talanted musician. But the I think everyone who says “he takes a song and makes it his own”, is not looking at it the correct way. In my viewpoint each and every week, he takes a song and makes it … into the ONLY style he knows. So, yes, I guess he is making the song his own. But, for people who say he is arrogant … Where the hell you come up with that. As I get just the oppoiste feeling.

    • so you are saying not to change his style but to take constructive criticism?  the only criticism he’s gotten is to “do something different”, which wouldn’t be his style.  i’m confused…

      besides, every single other contestant does the exact same thing week after week and they don’t hear that garbage from the judges.  as soon as jessica sanchez picks up a guitar and sings a blues rock song i’ll be impressed.

      • they ALL do the same thing every week!!  maybe arrogant is a bit strong.  how about “attitude”?  the last really original contestant who changed it up every week was adam.  

  3. l hope jessica sings songs that american public  knows or heard about it,,,,stuttering song wasn’t really a popular song,,,thats why america didn’t really like the song ,,,even though she sang it beautifully… if jessica can sing songs that s in the top 40 she might have a chance to win it all,,or at least 2nd place,,,,the others are just SO SO  singers….

    • Personally I do not like her though I think she has a lovely voice.  Her performance and physical appearance the week of the ‘supposed’ vote-off made me think of a used-up 40 something cabaret singer who was
      trying to resurrect her career.  None of the over 40 men in the room were
      even remotely interested in her and would not believe me when I told
      them her age.  My beef with her, other than singing age non appropriate
      songs is her constant whining about  how hard she has worked all her
      life.  It is a turn off for her age and suggests to me that she has been
      forced to sing by someone in her family and that singing is not her real passion. JMHO

      • Wow Maggie!! So in your mind these 40 yr. old men should be interesteid in her , a 16 yr. old girl. You must be hanging out with pedophile . After all you are amazed that she did not excite your kind of men. Please don’t talk about music because you are clueless. Stick with your dirty old men…

      • You are absolutely correct, Maggie!  She chooses songs way too old for her, and she sounds monotonous when she sings; everything has the same tone to it.  I have thought from the first that she was one of those children that was pushed by the mom, or family member, like one of the little pageant girls.  She probably has worked all her short life, but, that don’t make her the best.  I am pulling for Joshua Ledet because he is a true “performer”.  Jessica has something missing.  I believe she is as good as she will ever get and she will start to have a meltdown very soon.

      • you really need to clean your ears old lady. they were so clogged up.

        Besides, she is just 16 year old amazing talented kid. Give her a break, will you? Just go do the laundry or wash the dishes. please.

      • Yea Maggie, singing is not Jessica’s passion? but she sound great, infact the best singer in AI ever. I can’t imagine if she passionately love singing she  will be the greatest singing voice in the entire world. 

      • how about joshua and philip philips? if you play all their songs after the other how does it sounded? i bet you would notice that no matter what song it is it sounded as they were singing the same song…clear your ears please…or maybe you just couldn’t accept the fact that jessica is a great singer or maybe you’re a racist..well, truth hurts they say…

  4. Matthew,
    I think another reason why Jessica is always on top of your polls is because the voters here more likely will only vote once or twice for their idol. Which is a reflection of how many people/fans Jessica has.
    In the official poll, a fan votes multiple times until their fingers fall off. They need to do this to keep their idol in the game. Which I think is really not an accurate measure of how many fans a contestant has. The official voting system has to be modified so the real talent stays in and not the heart throb that has a mediocre talent.

  5. Although I think jessica has an amazing voice and loaded with talent, I dont like the Diva atttitude,  I think she needs to show more humility, and a bit more maturity.  All the singers are each amazing in their own way, randy said it best when he talked about the diversity in this group.  American Idol isnt just about the best singer, its about who America falls in love with, the whole package.  Those amazing singers we all love, if they are as great as we think they are..they will all end up with recording contracts.  Isnt that the point:)

    • can you please explain the diva attitude that you’re talking about? if your saying that america should vote on the person that they will fall in love with then all the contestants should be guys because i heard that 80% of those who are voting on AI are teen girls

      • I cant help it if girls are the majority of the voters…good for them:)   I am sure i am not the only one who sees the Diva side as being somewhat unattractive, it is just an observation. 

    • If that is your concept of American idol then they should change the title it should be called American Reality Show.

    • the diva attitude,show more humility and a bit more maturity are just all your  brains work

  6. This week’s American Idol theme, via TVLine

    The Top 7 will perform two songs each. One , a Billboard #1 hit from 2000 to 2012. The other a “soul” song from a previous decade.

  7. Jessica does have a great voice for her age or any age, but I feel her talent is not what the show is looking for.  I see Jessica as more of a cabaret or maybe even an opera singer, and not America’s next top recording artist.  Jessica is just a teenager, and I was taught in choir that your voice continues to develop until about the age of 25.  Therefore, maybe Jessica should take a break and go home. I am not trying to be mean, I just feel like now is not her time to shine.  The clouds have covered up her beam of sunshine, and it is about to pour on her. She has a huge future ahead of her if she keeps to it. However, she needs to discover her voice more and work on pitch, voice control, and breath control.  Maybe, one day they will create a show for unique singers like Jessica, however until then, it’s time to say “later gator” to Jessica.

    •  I knew this phony last place stunt would hurt her, but I didnt think people would be so hard on her.  It wasn’t her idea.  As far as your description goes, it sounds more like Hollie ur speaking about.  Her voice isn’t even close to Jessica’s range.   People never used 2 b so nasty about the contestants..but it’s been ten yrs and I guess the times are changing.   I am not challenging ur opinion as people always do to me, your comments simply caught my eye.

      • The stunt may have hurt her, but I know they were hoping it would help her.  Her facebook likes have surpassed Colton’s now since all this publicity!!  She is amazing no doubt and I would never want to be hard on a 16 year old.  This is tough, but they just haven’t shown her as likable at all.  The thing with Hollie and Joshua last week made her look uppity and the diva alter ego thing does too. I think everyone is tired of the standing Os too!  I know she is young though, I just don’t connect to her performances like I do some of the others either.  However, I have always thought she was crazy talented!!

      • @kpete..agree that alter ego has 2 go.  She may be good…but not good enough to pull a Beyonce yet!

      • Hollie has a higer range then Jessica, her voice is crystal clear. Don’t be putting her down. Her voice doesn’t rattle at times. nor does she scream.

    • “she needs to discover her voice more and work on pitch, voice control, and breath control” – hey are you really watching jessica on AI? maybe your watching another channel

  8. I know it doesnt look too good for Elise however I’m hoping she picks 2 great songs and hits it out of the park. I’m for Elise all the way. The girl, in my opinion is leaps and bounds better than the rest.

    Never say never. Lol

    • Im with u RudyP… Elise pricked my ears up right from the start.  I would find it easier to listen to a CD of her covers, way before the other contestants. Remember, covers is all we’ve heard them do, originals are a whole new ball game. 

      • Colton did one of his originals in Vegas.  Listen to some of them on Youtube – he is amazing!

  9. OK, I’m usually pretty good at figuring these things out, but doh!!! What’s WGWG and WGWP mean????

  10. As much as I like Jessica and want her to win, she won’t.  America rarely get’s it right.  Only twice since Idol started, Kelly and Carrie.  Your poll shows global popularity, and more of a one to one vote which would say she has a big career ahead of her, but she’s from the wrong state and wrong genre.

    She is the last contestant not from the South.  Idol has long lost it’s “cool” on the West and East coast.  This explains the WGWG syndrome.  Most of the voters are teens and grannys from the South.  They are the ones holding the voting parties and casting multiple votes.  You don’t see that kind of support from the communities on the coasts.  I never saw one sign or poster or anything supporting K McPhee when she was in the running.  Small fish in big pond.  If you’re from the South, like the rest of the contestants, you get your communities rallying behind you.  All those people casting multiple votes with a passion add up.  

    Bottom line, this is a great Top 7 and most of them will get a record deal and a shot at a career.  Look at the feedback Jessica is getting from industry professionals (and yes, that includes Jimmy and the judges) and you’ll see that she is one of, if not the best.

    I pains me to see all the negative comments from everybody about the contestants.  Jessica seems the get the most, but all of them are getting some.  They are all kids.  Elise and P2 are the only 2 over 21.  Why make disparaging remarks about a 16 year old girl?  So unless you yourself are 16, you get a pass.  Otherwise, STFU and just enjoy the most talented Top 7 because you can make an argument for any of them to win.

    • Are you going to post this under every topic? It is a simple fact that America cannot get it wrong. It is our decision to make. Who ever gets the most votes is who deserves to win the contest. The result of this show has exactly zero to do with post Idol record sales. Most people just don’t care about that. They have a favorite that they would like to see win the title and they are going to vote for that favorite. 

      If someone other than the winner goes on to sell the most music then God bless them. But that is and should not be the deciding factor on who to vote for during this contest. 

      • You must be someone that thinks they actually vote for the president too.

        The result of the show is supposed to have EVERYTHING to do with post idol success.  That was the premise of the show, the winner gets a recording deal.  That didn’t last long because it turns out, the best singer doesn’t always win, so they started handing out contracts to more than just the winner rather than let some talent slip away.

        I’m glad you find it so easy to throw tons of money at a contestant to promote and distribute their music with no concern for how successful they will be in the real world.  OH WAIT…it’s not YOUR money.

        You’re right, America can’t get it wrong because there is no right or wrong, but somewhere along the way, it turned from a singing contest to a popularity contest and that’s why there’s so much disagreement.

      • Actually, I know exactly how our electoral college works. Also if these contestants are not winning based on our votes then how is it you claim that America gets it wrong every time? Either its rigged and AI is getting it wrong or the person that is winning is our correct choice. America can’t get it wrong but if it’s rigged they can blame it on us.

        Now as far as other people besides the winner getting recording contracts. I think they found out that talent scouts from other organizations are going to be watching and they are going to offer the finalists contracts and it just might turn out that one of those contestants might be more successful than the winner. Now instead of letting those potential stars slip through their fingers they offer them all contracts and then weed out the less successful ones even if it happens to be the winner.

        If I were a recording company or a talent scout I would much rather narrow it down to a dozen or so and only have a handful to sort through than to have several thousand to sort through and lose money in the process. With AI and other contest they can actually make money off of their potential prospects and at the same time test the market to see how those contestants are going to be received by the public.

        All that said. They knew full well from the start that it wasn’t just going to be classically trained individuals watching the show. The average viewer doesn’t know one thing about whether or not the performance was technically perfect. They don’t know about pitch or if they are hitting the exact note or if they are a quarter beat behind or any of that stuff. All they know is whether or not they enjoy listening to this person, watching them perform, if they like the personality and the looks of the individual.

        At the end of the day it is a toss up as to whether or not this person is going to be able to land on the right song at the right time and perform it in the right way to make it a hit.

        Look at other things that become popular for example. How does a company know if a video game is going to be a big hit or not? They keep flooding the market with all sorts of games until on goes viral so to speak. Then they sink all of their money into that. Who would have ever guessed that a game as simple as “Angry Birds” would have been such a huge success. It’s a crap shoot and that is what this is.

    • unfortunately American Idol is no longer a Singing contest anymore . joshua, Jessica and ellise should have join the X Factor USA.  We all know it, that nowadays AI voters seeks for who they think is handsome and hot, MALE contestant is an A+ and the chance of winning is 100 percent . funny but its true! 

      • AI contestants got the chance to go international – that is why young girls & boys still opt for AI – round the globe – sooner or later AI will die a natural death. I personally do not enjoy X Factor and the Voice , not yet a fan, I am still AI’s fan. The glamour of the show is still there. They are success or not after winning AI is another story. I still like Scotty, I love country song and still love his voice. Young people voting, they choose what they like, so far only once or twice since 2000 I did not agree with them – it is all about preference and the power of voting – dig it all or bury it deep – the way of the world on certain matters – why the anger and saying uncalled for words to the contestants – lash the anger at the judges is okay by me hahahaha – enjoy all this while it last otherwise let us watch NCIS or criminal minds

    • AmateurIdolJudge – I very much agree with what you are saying about people on this website and their negetive comments. But, nobody this season is getting a fraction of the negetive comments the bible belt crowd and country music fans gave Haley Rhienhardt last season. On a weekly basis, she was called vile names such as, slut, tramp, whore, pole dancer and hotchie mama. I am seeing nothing like that this season,. Thank God. As last year masde me embarressed to be a county music fan. And it did not show religious folks in good light either

  11. I read online that the theme for the week is “The Top 7 will perform two songs each. One , a Billboard #1 hit from
    2000 to 2012. The other a “soul” song from a previous decade.”

    So I’m happy with the theme again.

  12. While Jessica might be losing some ground with the judges and rowdy supporters you have to understand that she`s a pretty strong chance for AT LEAST final 3 – if you take all the factors that show an overall popularity and liking for a finalist Jessica is for sure in the top 3: 1) when you go on all the polls of blogs of Amerian idol some have Jessica like double the second to highest finalist in voting, and the others have her at least in top 3, 2) all the news reports when they recap the show she was always in top 3 in performance ratings by the EDITORS (which ranges from NY times to Billboard and beyond), and many of the articles have Jessica`s performance as part of the caption, 3) in the social network Jessica is also in top 3 – she has the most likes on facebook, 2nd to most followers on twitter, and her performances are the most viewed on youtube – while a lot of the numbers are inflated a drop because of her `out of america fans` – she still is in top 3 – her facebook page is nearly 3 times more likes than about 5 contestants, her twitter count is 2-5 times more  than 4 of the contestants, her youtube views are 5 times more than half the contestants!  So i think she should do pretty well in the near future and with all the bickering you cant deny she is at least top 3. While she was nearly voted off last week (or more correctly – she was voted off but the judges saved her) it is very hard to explain with all the facts in front of us and either her fans thought she already had it or it was just a scheme – but i dont think she`ll be leaving for another few weeks.

    • How do you figure she’s likely to be in the top 3 when she was dead last thursday?  If anything the judges behavior is going to spur a huge backlash against her.

      • she’s not dead because she’s still alive and kicking and better watch her comeback this week because this girl will really show everyone that it’s not yet time for her to go home

    • All of those social networks and all the online polls are open to international participation. All of those facts are skewed by out of the country supporters. All of the facts you stated still don’t convince me that she has a great deal of support in this country.

      I will withhold anymore comments on the matter until we see the performances this week. I still think people are going to vote their favorite just because the judges told us our favorites are not worthy of our vote.   

      • I agree with this..As a Filipino, I am pretty much aware of how Filipinos tend to show overwhelming support to every Filipino who gains prestige in shows like the American Idol. Dont get me wrong, I am not saying this is bad. All I am saying is that online polls which are open to the world, many voters of which wont be able to vote for any contestant,  does not reflect their success or following in the US. Just saying..  

      • jessica may not win AI but she already captured the attention of other countries… thanks to all who did not vote for her and who doesnt love her, without knowing it, u r making her a star!!!

  13. jessic sanches are the best so far in this season,  god blass her win this time, even american’s most time goes wrong, voting system should change, one phone or pc account only can vote once, that will be acurate result!

    • Jessica is a great singer. But, I predict right here and now that even though she is a great singer, she will not make the finale. I perdict at best, a 3rd or 4th place finsh for her. And it has nothing to do with racism. I say this because:

      1- As great a singer as she is, she seldom (OK, never) makes me feel a emmotional connection with a song. And I suspect a lot of others feel the same way with her performance.

      But, the biggest reason she will not win is … she is not a cute young man, with a nice smile (Like Colton). Since young, pre-teen girls are the one who will each vote 500 times a night, based soley on how cute the boy looks … This can only hurt Jessica. Plus, Colton has the Bible belt vote locked in. Skylar is the only country performer. So, she might get that vote locked in.

  14. HOLLIE is AMAZING. and her fans have her back, that’s why she wasnt in the bottom!!!

  15. Yeah, that’s why I’m done checking on polls. Still, I’m glad Jessica is being loved around the globe. I was relieved by the tweets of the some celebrities. Gheez! I never expected them to be that sad. 🙁 I’m just tuning in for Ryan.

    Anyway, Go Jessica! 

  16. America rarely gets it right. I havent been voting, so i promise that now i will. Will go for JS.

  17. I will not waste my time voting on the poll.  I will just vote as this poll is nothing to compare to votes.  This is a joke.  It is anyone’s game at this point and honestly, I wish Jessica will go all the way but I think she will not even if she is the favorite and best in this competition, it is because she is different than the rest.  If she is blonde, she will get the crown.  I am just being honest especially world wide contest like this.  However, I am still voting for her regardless because she deserve it.  I know this because it happens everywhere here in US.  I am not surprise if Hollie becames the next american idol.  For one thing, she is British and fan of Nigel.  This is her second year and last year she was booted earlier.  I have nothing against any nidol, I am just speaking for the reality.   Be yourself jessica, don’t let anyone tell you to change your humble heart.

  18. Jessica’s dad is also from the South, from Texas of Mexican descent.
    Her dad was in the military and once deployed in Iraq, when Jessica
    was 10 or 11 years old.

    • Most Americans don’t consider Texas to be a southern state.  It’s considered western along with Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada.

  19.  For me I think Hollie needs more practice.. She may be older than Jess but her voice seems so natural and cannot do something special in her voice.. Just look at their trio last week with Jess, and Josh.. She cracked up when she belt “lighter”.. Not like Jess, when she belt she has that amazing voice that can avoid cracking.. But, it’s still america’s choice “whatever happens happens” right

  20. Jessica’s family was originally from the South before they relocate to San Diego. His Dad was born in Texas partly of Mexican descent and was in
    the military and deployed in Iraq when Jessica was 10 or 11 years old.

    • Again, Texas is not considered a southern state.  The south is considered to be states that border the Mississippi river or are east of it and below the Mason/Dixon line.  Texas is considered western or at best southwestern.

      • Texas is considered a Souther state. It fought with the Confederacy in the civil war. The eastern part of the state is very southern. The western portion is more of a western mentality. I am a native Texan and have lived there my entire life. Phillip and Skylar will be the final 2. They are the complete package.

  21. whether jessica wins america idol or not, one thing is for sure, a lot of doors will be opened for her.  this may just be a stepping stone for a fantastic singing career later on.   

  22. I also think Colton will win the season. Which is a shame for me. As I think others are far better than him. But, he has the look and smile, young girls love. And young girls are the power voters, who burn up the phone dial 1000 times a night. Plus, he has the Bible Belt vote going on. Those are to powerful voting groups. Look what it did for Scotty last season. Sadly, my favorite Elise, well most likely get voted off along with Hollie this week. As it is double elimination this week.

    • he may win but i don’t think he has the staying power to last in the biz.  twenty years down the road he could be in retail.

  23. Rumor says that Jessica Sanchez will sing Listen by Beyonce and And I Am Telling you by Jennifer Hudson.. Sweet revenge huh? Back off haters 🙂

  24. I think Phillip sounds the same week after week. I can’t really remember him having any “moments”. The others have. I think all the other singers have better voices. And I can also see the arrogant thing as well. He won’t follow anyone’s advice on anything!! They are all there for a reason! I like Joshua and Skylar! They are all around entertainers, the full package!

    • thank you.  i’m getting blasted for voicing an opinion.  people forget that an opinion is just that…OPINION.  everyone is entitled to it but it doesn’t mean that it’s the gospel truth.  it’s okay to rag on jessica but not p2, i guess.

  25. If Jessica is eliminated this week I wonder if her votes will start going to Hollie.  That could push her up to the top 3.

    • I’m guessing that if JSan gets voted off her votes will not get transferred to anyone else.  Her fans are so zealous that IMO they will be bitter and cease voting entirely.

  26. I think before there’s a rule that there will be an automatic elimination for a contestant to be in the bottom 3 for three times. 

  27. I LOVE JESSICA !!!! I’M GOING TO KEEP THE FAITH SHE WILL BE IN THE FINALE !!! Wednesday night will be her best ever !!!!!! Jess is burning up twitter ! and youtube ! For you negitive people out there blaming this poor girl ! I hope the he** she can prove you wrong ! VOTE YOUR BUTT OFF FOR JESS ! all the way to the finale !

  28. my mom once said to me, if a mango tree bears more fruit expect people to throw stones to it just to get one of its fruits… now i understand why jessica is in the hot seat today, this pool explains the answer.

  29. jessica sanchez,,,,,is not gonna win this competition is the thing,,..she will be a big winner if she gets  2nd place,,,,thats more appropriate……..

  30.  Still think it was wrong to keep Jessica,and the way it was done was totally wrong.Made you dislike the judges! The judges desided in the beginning who they wanted and have pushed her to the point I would not vote for her no matter how good she sang,and will not buy her music anyway.I like Colton and Skyler. But I vote for who ever is best that week,that I feel and NOT the judges.How many CD’s can they buy.Let the public have a say,we are the one’s who choose to buy or not!

    • you will vote for whoever is the best that week but not jessica even though she will be the best? or your mind is already set that u wont vote anyone except Jessica? why?

  31. Jessica has no personality. Did you see the way she hugged Elise? Very cold and distant.

  32. Make sure America please vote for Jessica the fashionista and stylish soulful voice. Call as much as you can its toll-free….FREE FREE FREE

  33. JS should not win this thing anyway. If voters don’t like her enough to vote for her, then send her home. The judges save is terrible. If she wins the show, then her victory is invalidated by the fact that she was saved by the judges. The only girl who has a chance at winning this thing is Skylar because she sings country songs.

  34. I am really tired of the judges acting as if they “know it all”  they are just 3 people put in a judging position. They have their “picks” and they push them with everything they have!! They do not realize they are getting under the american voters skin. They do not HAVE THE POWER, like they think they do!!

  35. Yes for Jimmy and the rest. Every show is of the highest standard. What Jimmy do to the Idols is amazing. The judges are fantastic.
    Top 3 Jessica, Phillip and Colton

  36. Why is there such disparity between the AmericanIdol Net poll and those cast on the TV show?  I can understand when there are just a few percentage points separateing people how one that has more votes here might not have more votes in the actual voting.  But how can one who has a greater percentage than the total of the next 4 highest vote getters here be at the bottom of the actual vote tallies.

    And this is not the first year we have seen this either.  What is it that is so significantly different about those voting here than those casting the votes on the TV show?

    • That’s not hard to explain. Our poll is open to every person around the globe. 
       Their poll is limited to only US residents.  Several thousand voted in our poll. Several million voted in FOX’s poll for American Idol.  Our site ranks very high in the Philippines for “American Idol” and we have a large influx of voters coming from there to support Jessica Sanchez. 

      It’s just an entirely different group of voters. All those international voters showing up (and we can see how high of a percentage of visitors are from overseas and which countries) are slanting the results in a different direction than how those eligible to vote in the real poll are voting.

  37. Jessica is a JOKE. She is unidementional with no showmanship. Joshua or a Hollie has more believeable. I hope you vote the real performer. The fact that the judges had to shove her done our throats means she is not good on her own. PLEASE DONT BE FULLED!!!!!

  38. i think jessicas is a great singer with a beautiful voice america is not  giveing her a chance she is very talent  i love her between her and josh r 2 great singers

  39. I believe Phillip and Skylar will be the final 2. They sing music that is well liked by a large percentage of the population. JS sang Caberet songs for the elderly. Jimmy finally snapped to it in his comments last week. To late.

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