American Idol 2012 Top 7 Round 2 Performances: Doubling Down

American Idol 2012 Top 7 Round 2 Live

We’ve seen them once. Now we’ll see them twice. The American Idol 2012 Top 7 finalists will take to the stage tonight with two performances each as they tackle a Billboard #1 hit from this century and a soulful selection from the past. If you can’t wait to find out what will be on the songlist, then check out those spoilers now.

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American Idol 2012 Top 7 Performances – #1:

  • Hollie Cavanagh – Rolling in the Deep – 1-866-436-5701
  • Colton Dixon – Bad Romance – 1-866-436-5702
  • Elise Testone – No One – 1-866-436-5703
  • Phillip Phillips – U Got It Bad – 1-866-436-5704
  • Jessica Sanchez – Fallin’ – 1-866-436-5705
  • Skylar Laine – Born This Way – 1-866-436-5706
  • Joshua Ledet – I Believe – 1-866-436-5707

American Idol 2012 Top 7 Performances – #2:

  • Hollie Cavanagh – Son Of A Preacher Man – 1-866-436-5701
  • Colton Dixon – September – 1-866-436-5702
  • Elise Testone – Let’s Get It On – 1-866-436-5703
  • Phillip Phillips – In The Midnight Hour – 1-866-436-5704
  • Jessica Sanchez – Try A Little Tenderness – 1-866-436-5705
  • Skylar Laine – Heard It Through The Grapevine – 1-866-436-5706
  • Joshua Ledet – A Change Is Gonna Come – 1-866-436-5707

After the final performance I’ll add a poll so you can support for your favorite. Share your thoughts on tonight’s Idol show and who was the best!




    • Yes, I liked Hollie as well, especially the first song.  Amazing what they can do when the producers don’t force them into some old 1970’s genre.  I dig her voice cause there is nobody out there that has her sound. 

  1. YAYYYYY HOLLIE did amazing..that was really good…she slayed that song..but let’s not get complacent, and VOTE like crazy for her tonight.

    •  lets get real she sings good but not enough like the others…please dont let people that doesnt really deserve it (Win it).  As I said before shes not great everytime and still gets saved…not fare…people that really sings great and awesome every week and deserve to win it are Joshua, Jessica, Colton or Philip… in my opinion.

      • Jessica doesn’t deserve it yet, i don’t feel the emotion in the song yet.

  2. Hollie brought her A game on that one, sadly I had counted her out after the past few weeks. Great job.

  3. Directv had no sound for her performance.  They actually had a message showing for almost whole performance where we couldn’t even see her perform.

  4. colton did ok..but he is a fake rocker…but so was donnie osmond..donnie was cuter though..elise did good…but as always she will be in trouble. 

    • Mary, he’s not trying to be a fake rocker. Quit judging just because Colton is not your favorite

      •  She can judge him even if he is not her favorite. And listen to his voice,  he’s forcing it to sound like a rocker.

      • he is dressing like a 70’s alternative rocker but he is not even close.  he went to christian school and i guess he looks tough around those types..but he is a good kid from tennessee not a sid vicious or a rocker from the east end of london.  i could dance around the room in my underwear but that don’t make me madonna.  he dresses like people who did drugs, had indescriminate sex and stayed out all night…more like me than him…lol.

  5. SKYLAR! SKYLAR! SKYLAR! I cannot wait to hear her sing; I know that she will be great! Everyone get your phones ready to vote, vote, vote, VOTE, VOTE!!!!!
    LETS GO SKYLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Phillip Phillips, the bomb…i love this man.  he did great.  youtube his videos before idol..when he is jamming in bars…he even raps in one.  love my man.

  7. Phillip a standing O, but not Hollie? Wow. These judges are so stupid, giving stand o’s out like candy.. and thanks Jennifer for saying Phillips performance was sexy, now he’ll millions of more votes -_-

    • Phillip and Hollie best of the night.  Colton, Skylar, Elise pretty damn good.  Jessica and Josh well executed, but just boring for me.  Same old, same old. 

      •  Diddy, you just nailed it… you really had a good taste when it comes to music……… Josh, jessica, phillip good work

    • Speaking of judges, who picked that dress for JL?  She looked like she was getting ready to perform in some cheesy spaced base porn movie.

    • I like Phillip but he wasn’t all that tonight. Hollie should have got a Standing O, And did you see the last song that Joshua Sung and Randy stood up and nudged Jlo to stand up then Steven was I guess I should stand up too. LMAO what a joke. 

      • I’m glad someone else saw that.  I think Joshua and Jessica are really boring.  Why don’t the judges tell them to change it up a little like they tell everyone else.

      • America you should be proud that we have a young girl that has influence us in so many ways… I am talking about Jessica Sanchez.. She’s a fighter..

  8. Colton was AMAZING!!!!!!!! Loved his version of Bad Romance!!!!!!!

    Hollie 8.5/10
    Colton 9.5/10
    Elise 9/10……. for the first round secind round will better!!!

    • Enough is enough. Just stop it…with all the uncalled for remarks. For me, i personally do not like Elise but do you hear me criticizing Elise?????Just stop it. There are many of us out here who love Jessica. So stop it…….you vote who you love and praise who you help….for those you dislike….just stop it…..

  9. jessica did well…i think her last performance was her best, so i was surprised when she was dead last.  i suspected a stunt really.  but maybe she is not connecting with anyone, teens or adults.  i think she did well tonight and with the pimping she might survive…but who then?  we are at that point were somebody’s favorite is going home.  i do not think she was the worst last time, but she should not have been saved…so we will see.

    • the Pimping was necessary with a soulless and often forced Hollie still in the show!

    • On the contrary, she should be saved. Can anyone deliver Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you” the way she did? She touched many hearts including mine with that rendition. It is not easy to sing Whitney Houston’s song but Jessica delivered. Have we all forgotten that? AI is a singing competion, and last week’s song was done well…..What is AI heading for? Popularity contest. In short….if I like you I vote for you. Voice does not seem to count any more. In the past Simon Cowell himself reminded America time and again that AI is a singing competition. I rest my case

      • yes whitney does it better..and she was screechy and at times yelled.  if you are going to do the exact same arrangement you need to be better.  if you had both whitney and jessica you would just play whitney’s was better…but you could enjoy both whitney’s and dolly’s version because they are totally different…i think jessica’s whitney was karoake and if i were drunk in a bar i would be thrilled.

      • Vote for her as much as u can…..i will vote for tonight no matter what….6 pones are now ready.

      • @Mary what do you do in a karaoke bar ?? You sing other people’s songs. What do you do on American Idol ?? You sing other people’s songs. Of course Whitney is better, she’s the professional of the two, plus she is also the original singer, Go Figure !! If it weren’t without Whitney Jessica wouldn’t have anything song to sing the night, and the other contestants wouldn’t have a song to sing either. The point is that they aren’t at a stage where they can create and sing there own songs. American idol is supposed to be an experience before they take on the real Singing Shtick. So saying Whitney and Dolly were better than Jessica doesn’t even need to be stated, it’s known, but for her age and level compared to professionals now, she is good !

      • @lalala you clearly don’t get my point.  this is not a karoake contest.  its about singing songs to win..if you want a karoake contest i am sure there is one near you.

      • Agree with mary, You hit the nail on the head.   JS ALWAYS does the same arrangment, thats why I think its not interesting for some folks, even though the singing is for the most part exceptional.  I forget what she did 3 seconds into the next performer.

      • For one thing it isn’t Whitney’s Song she borrowed it from Dolly Pardon who wrote it for her Mentor. She didn’t even want to sing the song to begin with but was for the Movie the Body Guard so She  had to. And actually Vanessa Hudgens sings it wonderfully. Jessica has been getting to much hype. She can’t sing in Duets or groups because she always comes in late or off cue. She is boring to watch and has no Charisma. 

    • a karaoke? come her version got 6 million hits in the youtube? BITTERNESS is here to stay until the FINALE…hahahahah

  10. Colton was AMAZING!!!!!!!! Loved his version of Bad Romance!!!!!!!

    Hollie 8.5/10
    Colton 9.5/10
    Elise 9/10……. for the first round secind round will better!!!

  11. So does Colton know what kind of singer he wants to be? Christian or rock dude, Lady Gaga…..not so Christian. So it doesn’t ‘matter’ that Colton sang under, but yet Hollie can’t go one performance without the judges making a comment about her pitch! These judges are aiding the teenie boppers by not giving Colton a fair critique about his tone or pitch. So it was ok that his performance was Not good, he gets a pass right. Come on! I can see why so many people are getting behind Hollie.

    • Hollie gave more than one reeeeeeally bad performance, Colton gave one for the first time tonight. Go figure!

      • James, I’ve laughed at a lot of your posts cause your taking the brunt of Jess fans, but come on, Colton was not good. Judges said he sang UNDER, I didn’t say it, so why does he deserve a free pass? He doesn’t know what kind of artist ge wants to be. He does a Christian song then he sings Lady Gaga, what the he’ll man, polar opposite, right. He was NOT good tonight. Don’t have to know the business to hear that!


  13. wow loved skylar.  she really does great with high energy songs.  and that fiddler was so cute…she should keep him

  14. Gosh I love love love skylar, but I don’t think that performance was that good, yet she gets no critique from the judges, but hollie does…WOW.

    • Again, the judges/the show wanted to eliminate Hollie which is the right thing to do. She hasn’t learned nor shown any progress that can amount to something worth pimpin’!

      • It is NOT the right thing to do…It’s america voting, not them and obviously we(her american fans) DON’T want her gone…so it’s totally unfair what they’ve been doing.

      • Hollie had the best performances of the night. She killed both her songs. The judges has had favorites since day one. Jessica to them can do no wrong yet she can’t sing in duets or groups. She doesn’t have an ear she will come in late or miss a beat. She screams or yells and is off key and I’ve seen many flubs over the last weeks. 

    • Sorry but Skylar is not my cup of tea for the main reason that she seems to be singing thru her nose. Sounds very nasaly. Everyone entitled to his/her opinion. Just my opinion, that’s all

    • Every season the judges have someone they do not like, last season it was Haley.  Well folks are tired of it, I do believe Hollie will not be eliminated because the judges are so blatantly prejedice against her. 

    • hollie should have been gone 4 weeks ago…fans are just saving her A-s! c’mon people she’s not an american”idol”

    • i think fans are the one whose retarded because you can’t accept constructive criticism for your idols. as a matter of fact what they usually say are true because they  are experienced and they know what they are talking about….well, they are”the judges” right? so rest your case, they dont give a damn whatever you think because your not the one sitting on the judges table!

  15. Randy said Hollie had pitch problems?(which she didn’t) and doesn’t point out Colton’s clearly heard pitch problems

  16. i always pick on joshua for his feminine mannerisms, but tonight not so much.  he tended to oversing it towards the end.  he is a gospel singer really..he sings like in church…not bad at all, but sometimes it full of his personal emotion…i don’t think it always connects..but i have to say its a tough night to pick the worst..the best is Phillip..the second Skylar, the third its gets bit hazy…..maybe hollie…….just my opinion.  now we get a second round.

    • Ummmm . . . Phillip always seems to go first on your list . . . Why not try to be different and original from your other biased rankings, just how your idol Phil was !!!

    • Go look up on youtube the version of Haley Reinhart from last year and see how that performance of the same song would put Hollie’s to SHAME!

      • But the judges didn’t like Haley either, remember.  Must be something about cute little blondes!!!

    • there’s nothing new to her performance and she sounds like carrie underwood in most of her performance i’ve noticed that when she sang “jesus takes the wheel”

  17. Wow. Imagine that, Phillip with guitar behind the mic with a grey shirt……still pushing yourself to be a better artist huh… Old, tired, boring, predictable, constipated growl….nuff said. Go figure, judges goo goo all over him again, he and Colton will win and there will be yet another WGWG or WGWP if these damn judges don’t start getting real!! Geez I’m so tired of those two

    • colton dresses like sid vicious, but sings like he is doing lawrence welk.  get real..phil is real..guess you hate real.

      • Don’t hate ‘real’ Mary, I hate repetive music and listening to the same type of song over and over and over….like phill!! Josh is the most ‘real’ singer on the show ! Phillip is not real, he’s a ONE note arrogant, take no advice wannabe.

    • u can render the song u got it bad like him? old, tired, boring, predictable, constipated growl? u r lame…. nuff said.

  18. This is really a GREAT season! It makes you really have to listen and watch, they are all so incredible. I even found myself watching their facial expression and courtesy to fellow contestants! After all, they are going to be an AMERICAN IDOL and a role model–totally incredible

  19. a lot of people are saying that hollie is good and yes she is but her version of “rolling deep” is no different from the version of adele she should’ve put a little flavor into it to make it her own version

    • i think that is so true for a lot of them…its like they think they have to copy the original arrangement like a lounge singer.  Phil is the only one who does his own arrangement not matter. 

      • Again with Phil, I mean I think he’s really good but you pampering and obsessing over him just turns me off from voting for him !! Sooo if you were commenting about another contestant please leave Phil out of the picture because you cannot compare any of the other contestants to Phil, he is in a genre of his own

      • clearly hi mary you are an alt..most like btl or whatever…get real.  you are not voting for phil anyway..and your creepy alting to pimp josh is a big turnoff…not to mention goofy and childish.

    • Exactly! Obviously her fans are pre-schoolers who know nothing about music and “real” singing.

      • STFU you broken prince or whatever…we get that you don’t like hollie, but really get over it. 

      • I’d been happy to put my credentials against yours any day. Your comments are at best juvenile if not totally stupid.

      • A matter of taste!  I am  an avid fan of Adele, I think Hollie did an amazing job with her first song.

      • i liked her first song better than this one.  when it sounds too much like the original it needs to be better..and it was not.  she needed to do it totally different..but she is young and beautiful.  not worried about her being successful.

      • I’d been happy to put my credentials against yours any day. Your comments are at best juvenile if not totally stupid.
        – *rolls eyes* right *straight face*

  20. philip… tired of this guy’s constipated face singing skills… is there anything new?

  21. Because of sucky songs, no one is doing anything outstanding….Judges are worthless on feedback and their standing Os shouldn’t be allowed

    • j-lo is required to stand at least three times every show so the audience can dutifly admire her caboose.

  22. OMG colton is bleeding from his head..oh wait its silly hair paint…his low register was bad..very high school performance.  got to be his worst yet…colton just be a nice kid from don’t have to pretend for us.

  23. Hands down first performance goes to Joshua!!! Great job. He did NOT go overboard with the runs so don’t give me that crap line ‘he screams’! Wow he was great……Again

      • Don’t care What you think You obviously don’t have any musical taste and appreciation for talented people. I’m sure you probably fall into that certain category of voters, so move along with the I’ll watantef hatred buddy.

    • I so agree with u. He did an awesome job. Jessicas song was way to safe. Almost boring.

      • joshua sang like fantasia on his version so there’s nothing new to it that’s why the judges didn’t give him a standing O and jessica’s song is not boring because if it does then why is the song “fallin” became no. 1 on the billboard so please think before you speak because your comment here is more boring than jessica’s song choice

      • Uh sailormoon, he did get a standing O. Yet again. At least the judges recognize pure talent, no matter what genre of music they sing, unlike many here!

      • Better than listening to the same ole CRAP on every song on a cd. Prob never guess who I’m referring to tho huh. At least Josh has done a number of different types of performances, Phillip…,,.not so much

  24. jessica’s version of fallin’ is really good and once a again she made the song her own and to skylar i love your song choice but your version is awful (sorry just being honest) you’re very mad at the song and you keep on screaming all the time but the judges still praised you wow what’s wrong with all the judges today they’re all so very kind today is it because of the drama last week that’s why they’re behaving now

    • hey dude stop it we don’t need another jessica hater here because that girl is really good

    • Just give comments on those you like…spare us yr sentiments on Jessica. We all love her and even she gets ousted out, once her record is out, we will rush to the stores. So……to each his own. Spare us yr feelings please

    • Nice respectful post Thank you. You can teach a lot of people here a thing or two. I swear that this site is a bunch of teenagers quarreling over whose wright and whose wrong. Just sad you can’t dote on your favorite without being verbally attack by someone. Gets really childish and ridiculous to stoop to the levels that ..stoop at !

  25. Elise was better than colton…but not sure it will stand out enough to beat him.  it was more a lounge performance. 

  26. Not much is being said about Elise. I didn’t care for her first song, but the second was better. Thoughts?
    My little Hollie was amazing!

    • I actually like her 2nd better..thinking the judges are doing a hollie on her…but glad to see colton getting some real criticism.

      • The judges are handing out more criticism tonight than usual, but it’s mostly deserved. I don’t connect with Jessica very much. The girl can sing, no doubt, but I don’t feel anything.
        On a non musical note… Who the heck convinced Jes to wear those purple pants?!

  27. Embrace the rejection of these biased Judges, vote against their obvious pimping and vote for the unjustly criticized.

  28. not to be repetitive and boring…i just love Phil…how could anyone not?  oh wait i am sure we are about to hear…but who cares…Phillip you da bomb.

    • It wasn’t that great lol she sucks so bad. She is boring and the most unoriginal contestant in ai history.

      • most unoriginal in AI history? that is too much jessica hate you moron

  29. Phillip can sing well, but it always sounds the same.  I also am growing tired of Colton. I am ready for either of those to go. 

    • i don’t get that…we all know a bob dylan song, a paul mccartney song, a whitney houston song, a bruce springstein song, i could go on..but we know these because they have their own unique sound…Phil has his own sound..the others mimic the original artists because they have no real sound…they have not found themselves….

      • Sorry Mary. Have to disagree. To me he is just so so. Good but not that impressive. Sorry. I agree with Slloyd474

      • vy you would have said the same thing about all the great artists of the last century…you might not like sinatra because he sings the same way every song, but millions of his fans disagree..most of these singers think they need to recreate the original sound…phil makes whatever song he sings his sound…you cannot tell me you cannot identify the best singers in the world by the first few words of a song…but if you have a mimic you would be confused.  would you rather see the rolling stones or a band that does the rolling stones?  In a few years people will try to mimic Phil, but nobody will mimic Jessica because she has no sound that is hers.  when she does whitney she almost sound like whitney, when she does alicia, she almost sound like alecia…get it?

      • Mary, if anybody ‘mimics’ a singer it’s Phillip without a doubt. Watch Joe Coker and Dave Natthews perform, Phillip has MIMCED everything about them. So even tho he may still sing in his constipated growl kind of way, he has copied those two performers to a T. So actually he not original at all.

  30. Come on Jessica! This is your ONE LAST CHANCE to BLOW US AWAY! YOU CAN’T FAIL AMERICA THIS TIME AROUND! I know you can still WOW us! WOW US! PUHLEASE……

  31. skylar kept the hot fiddler.  i like that…she did well..the first part was shaky but then she got into it.  i would love to see her in concert.

  32. Oh dear…..Just when you thought she was already at it, it was the time to wrap up her performance…..I don’t even what to to say now! All I can is: I wish nothing but the best for our Diva…..

  33. don’t get me wrong, i loveeee Jessica’s voice but she always picks the wrong songs!!! urggghh!!!

    • yeah youre right!. she should have pick Listen by Beyonce. its all about the song choice jess!!!!. i wasnt impress by her performance. im not familiar of the song she sang..

  34. So far the best performance is the very first. Yeah. Even though I am not a Holliepop but surely she did the best act, tonight.

  35. Jessica has an amazing voice in term of range, but that’s all there’s about it. No soul nor emotion.

  36. I don’t really care who the final two are as long as it’s not a Country Finale like last season. I didn’t even watch the finale last year. I’d like to see Hollie and Jessica in the finale, but that’s just my opinion!

      • So, you seem to know well, yet you’re just too moron here! tsk tsk what a wasting James.

    • I highly disagree with your statement. Her emotion isn’t there yet. It’s getting there but It needs to really show from her it’s coming out a little I can feel it but it’s not there tonight.

  37. Wow lots of jessica fans … she can sing, give her that but she ends up sounding too much like the original singer … she needs to find her own sound. Colton has been my fav from the very start when the judges made him audition … not impressed with his bad romance performance, love how he sings with his heart and soul. Joshua, another good singer but he brings out the gospel sound in anything he sings. Elise, still dont know how she keeps sliding through?? Phil … yeah he puts his own twist on whatever he sings but they all end up sounding the same. Skyler, she is the new Reba, even sounds like her! Hollie … really did out perform everyone tonight. This is just my opinion!!

  38. My favorites are Joshua and Jessica, but that’s because I like strong R&B singers. Judging by the posts here, most people don’t agree. What many call screechy and screaming is part of the soul of R&B. Either you love it or hate it. Honestly, I would be fine with either of them going home. AI does not do a great job at marketing R&B singers, so it would be better for them to get picked up by a record company that can help them become breakout artists.

  39. My prediction is that Elise, Colton and Hollie will be in the bottom three and Elise and Hollie are going to go home tomorrow. Colton might “eke” (sp?) by based on the teeny bopper votes. I think Hollie was awesome tonight but I think she may not have the fan base. Elise was good “Now” but not so much “Then”. I know that a lot of folks may be predicting a Phillip/Jessica/Joshua top 3 but don’t rule Skylar out just yet. She just may be the dark horse. This is based upon how I think America will vote. 

    • Wait a second. Do two go home tomorrow or one? I thought that after the save two normally go home the following week but I thought I just heard Ryan say that one is going home tomorrow. Anybody know?

    • I don’t know, Hollie was so good tonight. Cliche,  I know but no losers here tonight. My favorites tonight were a tie. Hollie, Elise, Phillip. In second I choose the rest. To hard to pick. Even Skylar, I’m not a country fan but she is so good. I like her, too.

  40. Sigo el programa desde hace muchos años, me encanta. Son todos los chicos súper buenos cantando, pero son fan absoluta de Phillip Phillips. Un saludo desde Argentina

  41. Really a pity with some of the people here, imagine putting down a 16 yr old girl coz the judges believed in her talent, leave Jessica alone coz she just wanted to pursue her dreams… she just wanted to sing, she did not ask the judges to praise her everytime she performs. You all grow up, if you can’t say something good about her then if you just shut up you are giving her a favor not your votes. Come on, be matured…. if your bets were being praised Jessica isn’t doing anything, you are only showing that Jessica is much more matured than you people here who only knows how to bash and very good at putting a hardworking 16 y/o girl down… very low life, tsk tsk tsk…..

      •  of course for you… she is not but how about RESPECT on each ther’s opinion..,ACCEPT THAT

      • i know how to accept things especially i don’t find nothing wrong with my ears, it’s not a pity wagon either just stating a fact coz that’s what i’ve been reading here… so that puts the equation down, you find Jess not the best and we find your bet not the best too so why sour graping in bashing her? be mature in saying things… most importantly stop the HATE. get it?

      • @fan super and whoever.  i don’t bash jessica..saying she was too loud or screechy is not bashing.  i know for some filipino posters in here its all about the race..didn’t want to bring that up, but my guess is you guys are filipinos.

      • whether i am an American or Filipino or any nationality, it doesn’t matter… what matters is you know how to respect, i could understand if you can’t give it to me, Mary but hello…. give it to Jessica. she is 16y/o and yes everyone here has a dream but it’s not Jessica’s dream to be praised by judges which you clamor to give that to your bets. If i am gonna say i am a Fil/Am or i am Spanish/American but had years of staying in the Phillippines will it matter to you? if you want to praise your bets do it as much as we want to say good things about our bets here but don’t bash, don’t have… it shows on the way you comment. 

      •  well mary you got it wrong i don’t know if my opinion here matters since i’m from another country which is AUSTRALIA…. and I’m not a fan of anyone in particular but “OPINION” cheers mate… 🙂

      • you better stop hating on jessica, all of the 7 top contestant are the best! 

        @ mary, is that what your parents taught you when u were young ? to be the GREAT bastard on the planet? i wish you well sweety .

      • i gotta agree mary she screams when she sings and it distorts her voice…and superbase you dont show respect ya get none.myself i dont give 2cents who wins it. i have a fav of course but i wont lose sleep or call any of you names on a computer screen lol..just silly..everyone has their favs vote forem and let everyone else vote for theirs the end

    • Lauribug1  for one i know how to respect, who ever you are that’s why i won’t buy what you have said… so if you really know how the real meaning of respect you may start doing it now coz i haven’t calling names here, if you can scroll on to all my postings… admire your bets, i will admire mine, wouldn’t care less if my bet will go home but i can sleep very well knowing contracts will be waiting for her, i can bet for that.

  42. Wow according to the poll I must have watched a different show. Jessica was not even in the top 3. Colton, Philip and skylar were the top in my opinion tonight. Joshua and Hollie tied for 4th and Elise and Jessica were at the bottom. That’s just my opinion.

    • No, you did not watch a different show. You must change your conventional tv to an LCD or LED and make sure you have a good sound system. Peace. 🙂

      • He did his first song choice the best his second was a bit pitchy but he ended it nicely. Props for that.

      • Jessica did not do well enough for her to dominate the poll. Yes Colton, Philip and skylar all took songs tonight and owned them. Jessica absolutely ruined her second song.

    •  You are so correct!  I agree with you TOTALLY!  Jessica wil be, and should be, in the Bottom Three. 

  43. The Sanchez sang great, but once again, a copy cat performance–nothing in either song said this is a new original artist.  Just blah for me.   Conversely, PP has a sound like no other–I can see buying his CD.

    • LOL. Hahahaha This made me laugh. “PP sound like no other” haha. 
      You know Otis is a guy right? Her version is waaaaaay different from Otis. Just saying.

  44. Joshua, Joshua, Joshua….He’s got it all.  I don’t know why the voters only vote according to whom they like best, regadrless of how good/bad they are.  Joshua has been good from the beginning, and he sings greater each week.  To me, he is the only one that if he wins will be a success and sell plenty of records. Jessica is the 2nd best, specially if she goes along the lines of Whitney.  All the rest are good singers but they seem to be a one time sensation or one time hitters only, nothing specially different about them. Joshua has the magic touch and feeling when he sings.

  45. Joshua has a beautiful  voice he knows how to sing very good!! i vote for him all the wayy:)..HE’S AMAZING!!..YOU DID A GOOD JOB



      • Thank you guys! I thought I was alone on this site taking up for josh all the time. He was by far the BEST lastnight and it wasn’t even close!

  46. Phillip has done a great job on all his songs. Skyler looks like she is always having fun at what she does. I like Elise but I think she will go. Lots of talent up there.

  47. jessica Puerto Rico see excellent artirts, god bless you.. arriba jessica desde Puerto Ricooo.. i like Jessica.

  48. the  TOP 7 Are all GREAT SINGER.. NO Question about that.. BUT if YOU LISTEN VERY  CAREFULLY WITH YOUR HEART… A HEAD  OF THEM is>>>> JESECA.. agree? 

  49. Hollie is gorgeous but my picls for the best are Jessica and Skylar.  They are so good…I hope they both make the finals.

  50. My prediction for elimination would be Skylar and Elise.

    Bottom Three would be Skylar, Elise and Phillip.

  51. Oh dear…..Just when you thought she was already at it, it was the time to wrap up her performance…..I don’t even what to to say now! All I can is: I wish nothing but the best for our Diva…..

  52. Elise got so shafted by JLo tonight.  She’s all about her Mantasia and looked like she had a vendeta what with the comments she presented.

    As for Hollie, I thought she did a much better job than the last few week and was great.  Skylar was her usual, awesome self.

  53. hollie was the best i think on both of her shows the  amaican idol showis the best show yet  yall keep up the good work.

  54. Must be a Reba thing.  Or maybe some Bonnie Raitt.  Which is why I think she needs to sing some ballads that don’t show off her tone so much.  Or get a nose job. 

  55. The only people I felt did the best on both of their performances is Skylar, Joshua and a little bit of Hollie and Phillip too 😀 I really liked her tonight. I’m so glad to see her open up a little bit more. 🙂 go Hollie! and Phil man that dudes got it. He could win the whole thing almost.

    Nobody did terrible I just thought they were the standouts and Jessica’s was ok I guess not feeling the emotion, but it’s getting there.

  56. Does Skylar stays always on a country songs?Why not go beyond her limit to be appreciated globaly,after AI11 finish for her dreams finish for her,many country singers in America who are far better than her.She is isolating herself in this kind of single genre.

    • you’re right and ti think she’s following the footsteps of her idol kellie pickler

    • Screw globally.  This is American Idol and country music fans will give her all the fame she needs.

  57. Just curious..does anyone know if Sons of Sylvia played during Skylar’s first song “Born this Way”? The fiddler looks like a member of that band.

    • hey dude try to find her on facebook, twitter and youtube and that will answer your question why she’s always on top

      • Not really.  The internet is worldwide, Idol voting is only for America.  A million youtube hits or a million tweets is easy to accomplish by fans who can’t vote on Idol.  So that and the poll on this site are meaningless.

  58. Please bring Simon back! Nigel, get some better judges please. These judges are soft and TERRIBLE!!!!!!!

    • simon would have told your man, josh he is too much broadway and church..stop over singing.  he sounds like he is being attacked.

      of course in a british accent

      • Well I guess when your raised singing in church, you’ll probably always have that in your soul. And the judges gave him standing O’s again, so they obviously like him. Funny how you can bash Josh for staying tru to his vocal talents, but it’s ok for Phillip to do the same boring crap every single show! You might want to listen to the show again, cause hostess actually very controlled and left out a lot of his churchy runs, or in your small mind, ‘over singing screams’. You should probably attend church and learn how to be a respectful human being. Oh. And Phillip Sucks!

  59. Mostly voters does’nt really know who are the best AI11 singers,teeny boppers are only for cute guys and not for quality voices.It will happen again that winner could not sell record globaly it will be isolated for fanbase only,wrong choice happens everytime and the one did not won is more lucky than the winner.

  60. This show is DESPERATELY trying to kick Hollie off. Yet, she did great on an ADELE SONG for crying out loud!!! I expect to see her next week; Hollie is back for sure. 🙂

  61. American Idol 2012: Top 7 Round 2 – Who Was The Best?
    Hollie Cavanagh
     10%Colton Dixon
     5%Skylar Laine
     11%Joshua Ledet
     12%Phillip Phillips
     15%Jessica Sanchez
     40%Elise Testone 4%

    • yeah but jessica got 50 percent on this poll last week and was to be sent home.  meaningless.  my guess lots of foreign people who cannot vote spam this site.

      • I agree with that… some people’s English isn’t too good on some of the comments, so that would explain that…

  62. American Idol 2012: Top 7 Round 2 – Who Was The Best?
    Hollie Cavanagh
     10%Colton Dixon
     5%Skylar Laine
     11%Joshua Ledet
     12%Phillip Phillips
     15%Jessica Sanchez
     40%Elise Testone 4%

  63. It is my opinion that P2 was the best by far tonight. Joshua Ladet is not my cup of tea. Hollie followed P2 in a close 2nd with Skylar 3rd. Sadly if Colton or Elise go home tomorrow it is because they didn’t perform well tonight. I don’t think Colton will go because it would vault P2 out of reach. I am almost sure it will be Elise. 

    Who do you think Elise’s supporters will turn to if she leaves?

    • I am a Elise supporter. Finding someone else I like besides Elise, would be hard, if she is voted off tomorrow (and I suspect she might). As few of them can make me feel the emmotion that a good song has, like Elise does. Perhaps Phillip, I like him. But his same old, same old performance does turn me off a bit. Skylar, She is a nice person, but she is not very consistent. Jessica and Joshua are BOTH great singers, but I am NEVER moved by there performance. Colton, I see as being mid level talant that will probabley win the whole thing, because of the pre-teens who vote just on looks. So, I am not sure who I will turn too. probably Pillip “if” he can show me some range.

    • So somebody has to be your ‘cup of tea’ and only sing the genre you listen to get complimented on a good performance? Hmm

      • No not really. But I can’t complement something that sounds bad to me. I can only say what I am hearing. 

  64. American Idol 2012: Top 7 Round 2 – Who Was The Best?
    Hollie Cavanagh
     10%Colton Dixon
     5%Skylar Laine
     11%Joshua Ledet
     12%Phillip Phillips
     15%Jessica Sanchez
     40%Elise Testone 4%

      • we’re not doing anything to you mary,were just supporting our idols,why are you dragging filipinos here?

      • @mark because the filipinos are the ones that come here and attack anyone who says they didn’t like jessica’s performance and label us racists..look at the posts…you guys hate america and white people.  so who is the racists?  get over yourselves..i have always been fair to jessica…read my posts..i judge her performance not her you.

      • Duh! What’s your problem Mary?? I completely agree with John, Mary really needs to see a psychiatrist… ASaP!

      • Yea but Mary, you might have been fair to Jessica, but what have you been saying about Josh? Exactly

    • no i do not have a problem with filipinos, but they have labeled americans racists because we do not blindly vote for jessica..if americans voted like these filipino spammers then all the contestants would be white.  they should take a lesson from us…but john i do have problems with punks like you.,

      • did i label you a racist?i did said it yourself.i love americans and i love colton and hollie.i think you need to see a psychiatrist.

      • @john read the posts for the last few weeks..about this time every night a filipino launches into an attack on america…because jessica hasn’t won…i am tired of it…the world is full of racism..and quite frankly with all our faults, america has done quite well..but an apparent filipino asked why does jessica win this poll but loses the show..and its because of filipinos who flood this room and vote here…it throws the count off…i really could care less if you want to vote in a meaningless guess is you guys even use alts…but don’t come here and act stupid and ask how she could win here with 50% and lose the true vote..and just because someone does not like her voice that person is racist…it demeans her and you as well. 

      • there are reasons why some filipinos here are reacting on the “racist” issue and i’m a filipino too and admit it or not but some americans here not all called jessica ugly and have said so many rude things about her and even saying some harsh thing to some filipinos and because of that they made some filipinos angry so don’t blame them and please for the last time the filipinos are just showing their support to Jessica and Mary we are not labeling the americans as racist

    • Hello Fellow Pinoys .. have you forgotten that we don’t stoop down to a low-lifer’s level like Mary’s? Let’s continue to support Jessica Sanchez instead. Don’t exert any effort to some comments such as hers!

      • stop, you are the reason for jessica’s downfall! I hope you people realize that!  I’m pinoy too, pls be matured enough.

      • it’s obvious that this Mary is a racist and she’s very obvious on hating the filipinos

    • I think you don’t have a pair. Maybe you should stick your finger in your ear and clean em out really good.

  65. With Elise signing the old Marvin Gaye song, “Lets get it on” … I wonder if the Bible Belt biddies will attack her and call her a slut and whore like they did Haley Rhienhart last season. We shall see.

  66. i know a some people here will disagree but i think Jessica’s 2nd choice is really amazing and i don’t think that any of the girls can nail that song and i don’t care what the judges think because this girl can really sing, the power, control, versatility and the technique that she uses every time to make each song her own is really just AMAZING

    • America is still a racist country even they say the’re not….its alway about thewhite, white and more white…black are second class and brown is just a color… the end its all about the white men in the finals…Colton and Phillip and thats it….

      •  you sound like an old fag trying so hard to sound cool… why don’t you
        just go to your chair and start knitting… oh wait check your diaper it
        might be dripping wet or it even has a sh*t

      • hey there it’s not racism ok he’s only showing his support to Jessica and please read carefully before you react

    • i just wish u would stop mentioning filipino here or on any other sites. I’m pinoy too.. I just feel it wouldn’t help jessica mentioning that again and again…. so pls stop.

      • why should he stop?are you aware of how many filipinos living in the US right now? there are a lot of filipinos in the US and most of them are voting for Jessica and why should you stop someone for mentioning the filipinos because we are allowed here to support our idol  whether he’s white,black or browned skin

      • The entire asian [not just filipino] population of the US is less than 5%.  The african/american population is less than 14%.  The American Idol viewers are overwhelmingly white.  Do the math.

  67. My Top 10


    10. Skylar Laine – Heard It
    Through The Grapevine 

    9. Elise Testone – No One

    8. Phillip Phillips – In The Midnight Hour 

    7. Skylar Laine – Born This Way

    6. Joshua Ledet – A Change
    Is Gonna Come

    5. Jessica Sanchez – Try A
    Little Tenderness

    4. Phillip Phillips – U Got It

    3. Joshua Ledet – I

    2. Jessica Sanchez – Fallin’ 

    1. Hollie Cavanagh – Rolling in the Deep

  68. @yahoo-YJ4U44YIOORDMXJB2JISXUWZNE:disqus you sound like an old fag trying so hard to sound cool… why don’t you just go to your chair and start knitting… oh wait check your diaper it might be dripping wet or it even has a sh*t

  69. Voting like a mad person for hollie…jessica’s filipinos fans wish they could do the same…not hating,just stating the truth.

  70. No one could sing like Adele but Hollie’s version of RITD is definitely better then Haley’s last year. 

    And for the record, my first time to say Hollie is the best tonight. 

    Skylar and Jessica were also very good.

  71. Hi.  This is the one formely called Wolram.   I was banned from making comments on this site because I agreed on someone else’s comment that there is racism in America.   I know I promised not to return in the guise of another name,  but I just couldn’t help voicing an observation.   The person who actually made the comment that there is racism in the USA was not banned and is still actively participating in this site,   but I who merely agreed on this person’s comment was banned.  Why is that?  I do not wish you to ban this person I’m talking about,  but I hope you could reconsider your ban on me.   I love commenting on this site,  and although  I know I could always return using another name,  I would want to be reinstated as Wolram.  Please!!! 

    • you’re right and there are some people in this site who’s saying some rude things but they can still post

      • Thanks, Sailor Moon.  I guess my appeal for reconsideration has been denied, based on the lack of reply from Matthew/Branden.   Good-bye to all.  I would still always open and read this site for updates on AI,  but I promise not to return using the name WOL.   It’s WOLRAM or nothing for me. 

  72. I would like to see either, Colton, Elise or Phillip win, reason being the other 4 a fabulous and you know they probably already have deals being offered to them. The other 3 are unique and have something new to bring to our society, and new is always good, they have an amazing talent and perform well. They all are great performers, although Hollie needs to sing and perform, she is a bit stiff. Skyler, Phillip, Colton and Elise you rock, I love you all. Jessica, Josh, and Hollie, your amazing, but too many ballets for me. I am afraid the younger generation is going to vote you all out. Who knows, I could be wrong.

  73. Jessica Sanchez better sing. Jeeeeeez. That first run was nuts.#futurepopmegastar – Adam Lambert

  74. for me 1st song : elise A+
    hollie A+
    colton A-
    Phillip B
    joshua A-
    skylar B
    Jessica B+
    2nd song
    elise A+
    hollie A-
    colton B+
    Phillip A-
    skylar B-
    jessica A+
    joshua B

    • You are pretty much right, except i don’t think Elise was to great last night. I guess you really have to like her style of music.

    • Elise’s version of ‘let’s get it on’ was by far the worst performance of the night. No way that deserves an A+, more like a D. Listen to it again and you will hear her little child like yells throughout the song. Sorry but she absolutely ruined my all time favorite song. Her Zeplin song was a top 3 song for the entire season, but last night she murdered a great song. And I like Elise, but not even close to an A+, no way

  75. Loved Elise in orange gown. Very nice modern look that complimented her shape and cloloring and individulity. Love her song choice tonight.

  76. Philip Philips, I truly enjoy watching and listening to you sing. My family’s from the innercostal water ways of N.C. close to Myrtle Beach. We have a rich culture and often head down the cost and into the Gulf for good music and good times. I can see you playing venues along the cost line from NC to TX  with your sultry southern/bluesy/rock. Don’t change.

  77. Trying to be Honest. I will rank the top 7 base on their PERFORMANCES LAST NIGHT! This is my own preference so respect eheheeheh
    Hollie deserved to be the #1 I am not a fan of her but she really did a
    good job last night. I hope that it was enough for her to be save.
    2. Skylar did good too.
    3. Joshua is still on he run not as good as Skylar though it was promising.
    4. Colton just placed another taste of his performance which makes him exciting and grab more fans.
    5. Jessica did a really nice job but others was just better last night.
    6. Philips is becoming predictable and boring and last night was not enough to put him in the top spot.
    Lastly Elise would be on the bottom. I am a fan of Elise but I was
    really diappointed of her performances last night. Theres is soemthing
    lacking and I am wondering what it is.100% safe:
    Probably safe:
    Jesica and SkylarIn Danger:
    Hollie Elise Joshua and PhilipsBottom and might be eliminated :
    EliseDark horse: Philips might be eliminated tonight lol… thinking about the possibilities but he is good he just needs to put something better from his sleeves

  78. Jesse McCartney ‏ @JesseMcCartney Reply  Retweet  Favorite · Open
    Just turned on American idol! Whoaaaaa!!! Who is this Jessica Sanchez??? She’s got my VOTE!!! For real! She’s unbelievable!!! 

  79. Jesse McCartney ‏ @JesseMcCartney Reply  Retweet  Favorite · Open
    Wow! She’s a 16 year old version of Jennifer Hudson. Who’s watching this? Somebody tell her I want a duet.

  80. Jessica i love your voice i just trully hope you can lessen belting. only on the highlights. it destroys the impacts, the drama. its just becoming loud. i listened to michael buble’s rendition i hope you can subtle it a little bit than you did with a LITTLE BIT OF TENDERNESS

  81. i like jessica please vote for her she got a superb voice….wish her goodluck

  82. love jessica..please vote for her…the judges will not save her if she is not worth…bcoz she worth to win…bcoz she absolutely amazing

  83. I’ve heard Hollie sing the Adelle song as I am not surprised she can do it.  I just got bored seeing same songs same on youtube version.

  84. I sure wish the 3 judges would just give prase and stop the critisim, the fans have already picked their favorites and we really don’t care if they are off pitch or off key in their opinion, we like what we hear!

  85. AI  is just a stepping stone to getting idols to be popular, its the aftermath of the idol fever that matters. You may win AI but that doesn’t mean you can sell hit songs….a fact. A talent is a rare gift and only those who possess them can succeed no matter what the obstacles maybe and Jessica Sanchez has this just like Jennifer Hudson.

  86. Why did Jessica get the most votes when America knows she had pitch problems and was unemotional ? To many people wanting her to win and not voting on who was really the best….Sorry my opinion ….

    • pitch problems? are you a singer? since jessica started singing on AI i never heard any of the judges saying she has pitch problems or maybe you have a problem with her and your taking it too personal

      •  No I am not a singer and I love Jessica ,I think she is amazing but this is a singing competition and the votes are every week based on who is the best singer ..And if we are all honest who was the best singer this week?And it was not Jessica…

  87. I’m from France and i watch the show.Jessica sanchez is just God’s gift to us.America make sure you don’t lose her.

  88. Save Elise! Let Elise be safe! plsssss!
    She’s the only real unique artist there.

    • I would love too share part of my votes for Elise, too. She and Hollie were my bets and I Know Holliepops would vote for Elise too.

  89. I hope that people can really consider the real people that have done
    it well since they began.  Joshua Ledet, Jessica Sanchez, Philip,
    Colton and Skyler.  Those are the ones that should be totally saved
    this week with no low votes.  The ones that should be really in the
    bottom 3 are Hollie, Elise and Colton or Skyler.  Going home
    Hollieeeeee…shes been saved a lot of times and shes a great person
    and haves a cute voice but doesnt have the hole package to deserve to
    win the competition thanks for the votes.  Thats my opinion and I hope
    this week my favorites dont go home tonight.

    • Total package huh? Are you thinking of a meat package in the convenience store? Go Hollie!

    • The ONLY one who has been saved is Jessica.

      Of the 6 rounds since the top 13, here are the bottom 3 results.The ONLY two who have not been in the bottom 3 have been Colton and Phillip. Skylar and Jessica once each with Jessica being saved.Hollie and Joshua have been in the bottom 3 twice each.

      Elise has been there 4 times.

      The closest Hollie came to elimination was when she was in the bottom 2 with Heejun and he was eliminated.

      Unlike Jessica, she has never been the last one standing.

      So please explain to me and the other posters, how Hollie has been “saved a lot of times?” 

  90. OMG..Phillip was AWESOME! He was easily the best of the night. Hollie had a pretty good night too. I liked her first song better than her second. Colton, Colton, Colton…you don’t mess with September like that! He could be in trouble. I think Elise might be in trouble also. Skylar was great! Jessica bored me agains, as did Joshua.

    • Phillip was far away the best of the guys last night and I thought Hollie was great. She finally forgot about the judges and sang to the people. Skylar is the best stage performer – by far – and her personality is the brightest of them all. 

      I agree with you that Colton slaughtered “September” and that he may be in trouble. 

  91. Jessica Sanchez irks me.  Yes she can sing, but nothing is hers, it is always an exact replica of the original.  And she puts too many notes in! It becomes tiresome.  Phillip, now there’s an original.

    • I agree on both points and, originally, I thought Jessica was a cert for the final 2 and did not particularly like Phillip.

      Now my opinions have reversed because Phillip has progressed and Jessica has regressed.  

  92. Did anyone like Skylar last night?  I think she is great.  She should win in my book because she can sing and perform.  She does it so naturally.

  93. I prefer the top four to be Hollie, Skylar, Joshua, & Jessica. I believe Elise should be the one to go home this week.

  94. They are all great coz its not easy to perform in front of many people specially millions of ears listening if they are sound not good enough and million of eyes watching them if they are doing great or not. So pls! just vote who is the best and post a humble comment guys….  

    • I agree; the final 7 all have great potential and, whatever happens, will have a future in music if they chose to pursue that as a career once the tour and debut albums are released.   

  95. Elise might be the one to go home tonight.

    Her voice is great, though.

    Phillip and Jessica are definitely safe.

    Colton might be in the bottom three for the first along with Joshua.

  96. Who knows how the public will vote? Jessica is still open to the southern bias vote but may get the sympathy vote after last week.
    Hollie was excellent with her first song and good with her second and did more than enough to survive to the final 6.
    The weakest singing performance was Colton’s second song and he may find himself in trouble because Phillip has the young and old female vote locked up. I have been critical of Phillip and still don’t like the Joe Cocker style twitching and facial expressions but he did a great job last night with both songs.
    Skylar uses the stage well and relates to her musicians very well, as did Phillip last night, but I think her bubbly personality hid flaws in her performances.
    Jessica did nothing to inspire me last night and Joshua was good on one song and awful on the other. By the way, Joshua, while I think JLo sucks as a judge, she has a great bod and all you could comment on was her abs – really??
    Tyler was generally full of his usual comments that had no meaning or relevance and Jackson was biased and awful. Hollie’s performance of Rolling in the Deep was flawless and even Steve Tyler was complimentary. Pitchy she was not and Jackson has become a caricature of himself.
    JLo’s speech to Elise was awful, especially as she is not exactly the best singer in the world. What does she want? For Elise to break down in tears when she is singing? I have watched both of her performances over and her 2nd song was one of the best of the night.
    Once again, the judges showed their biases, especially Jackson and it has become predictable and, frankly, embarrassing. JLo talked to Elise last night longer than Elise sang. 
    All the fuss about Jessica’s age has become old. She may be 16 but, as I pointed out in other posts, she has been groomed for stardom since she was 11, has appeared on AGT, was awarded a full scholarship the Theater of Arts in Hollywood and has made public appearances and records.
    She sang at the Apollo when she was 10, got a standing ovation and brought back for an encore by Whoopi Goldberg. She has sung the national anthem at Chargers games twice; once when she was 12 and again at 13 and had two singles released when she was 13.
    Hollie is 18 and her experience started last year when she auditioned for  Season 1o. Skylar is also only 18 and both have limited experience singing in public.
    The guys are 20 (Joshua and Colton) and 21 (Philip) and, apart from Phillip playing in local bars/clubs, none have any real experience.
    Elise is 28 and is the only one, apart from Jessica, who has had experience. She has been a voice instructor and sang live with her band or alone. The two primary impacts on voting in most years have been the southern vote and the age factor.
    If that holds true, Elise and Jessica are statistically in danger this week but, as I think Jessica will get the “saved ones” vote, I suspect Elise will leave tonight. If there is to be a surprise, Colton may be in danger.
    Instead of rating with A’s, etc, I took the ratings and applied a number so A+ gets a 10 down to D getting a 1.
    Phillip 18; Colton & Joshua both 14
    Elise & Hollie 18 each; Skylar 16 and Jessica 15
    As for the judges:
    Steve Tyler: 5
    JLo 4
    Randy 2, being made up with 2 x D’s for Dope, which is a word he uses himself a lot so maybe he realizes it.

  97. I like Jessica Sanchez. She has got powerful soul voice, very relax,confident and very professional singer at very young age. Excellent performer and the best young DIVA.

  98. I love Elsie and Phillips especially the duets they do.  Jessica has the pipes, however, she has no entertainment ability.  She can’t dance to match the voice.  She doesnot  have the full package.  Elise , Skylar and Phillips have the American Idol image.  Hope to see them in the final 3…..

  99. Before last night’s performance Jessica did not learn a thing about being landed in the bottom 3 also being almost voted off last week. She should have come out pumping with catchy hip hop up beat number and she did not, her second song choice was no better, it was weak and with all the songs that were around then with all the female vocalist then it was poor. Last night Jessica let the other girls in big time,yes the judges used their save and in the passed sometimes the save has back fired! Last night Hollie for me was outstanding, she stepped up to the plate and belted it out with both of her 2 song choices. i predict that Jessica will be packing tonight and it will be her own fault for not learning a single thing.

  100. As one of the judges said “vote for the best cause this is about finding the best” so vote for the best and not because she/he is your favorite and vote the best

  101. With the top 6 singing Queen that could be interesting Elise should be in her element and able to belt it out should be worth watching providing she picks the correct song.With Jessica and Hollies they need songs that their voices fit properly. For Philip Philips he may struggle as well maybe Joshua.Freddy Mercury had a talent to reach the high notes as well as the low ones. Perhaps we will see another male going and end up with an all girls group of 4. At least even though Colton is out of the top spot they are on the tour and being paid as well, that is more then anyone else. I think Hollie is the dark scouse lass[liverpool girl] who could spring a few surprises, and being a liverpool scouse lass she has to sing “You’ll never walk alone.” For those who have never heard it sung by LFC supporters on a Saturday afternoon whilst standing in the kop end you have never lived!

  102. i really like all 6.  saying that in my style of music is country.  and my girl skylar is from my area.  i have have two thing there for me to vote for her.  if skylar was not in it i would not watch, but im involved now. they are welcome into my living room on wed and thrs nights. but i dont think i would buy philip or elise cd. it just about skylar for me. if she gets voted off i will watch but want vote.

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