American Idol 2012 Rankings: Top 7 Round 2 Week In Review

American Idol 2012 Top 7 Round 2 Live

The safety net is gone on American Idol 2012 and anything can happen. Case in point, a surprising elimination this past week with the departure of the oft-praised Idol Hopeful Colton Dixon. While his elimination may have been surprising in the grand scheme for the Top 7 week, it was nearly predicted by your votes in our Top 7 poll this past week.

Despite having been one beat away from elimination the week before, Jessica Sanchez scooted to safety this week on the results show while earning an impressive 44% of the vote here on American Idol Net. Now if only our poll was official we could go ahead and call it a wrap and hand the crown over. Fortunately for the rest of the Idol Hopefuls it isn’t over yet and there’s a whole different set of official votes out there which means Sanchez won’t be able to rest on her laurels anytime soon.

Coming in next in this past poll is up-and-down Phillip Phillips. 15% of the vote earned him his second best count of the season and his best in four weeks. After four previous straight weeks of decline it’s a promising sign for the shoulder-shrugging guitar slinger. Also climbing in our charts this past week is Hollie Cavanagh with 10% of the poll’s vote. Similar to Phillips, this past week was the second best outing for the American Idol 2012 hopeful, but with a vacillating history of performances this season there’s still no clear indicator that she’ll be a lock for the final stages.

Skylar Laine and Joshua Ledet took another lockstep move this past week when they each earned 9% after last week’s 10%. Outside of their pimp-spot performances both Skylar and Joshua have struggled to climb from the middle of the pack and this week was no different. Both are obviously strong enough singers considering they’ve made this far, but unless they can start to reliably move the needle in our polls here I’m not expecting them to get down to the finale stages.

Closing out the pack we’ve got Colton Dixon and Elise Testone with 5% and 4%, respectively. It was a surprising drop for Dixon after four solid weeks of mid-level rankings to find himself at the bottom of our polling results, but the results here were prophetic and close enough to spell the end of the road for the hair-dye aficionado. Meanwhile Elise Testone, the expected eliminee, skated by for another chance to compete during the Top 6 week. Things appear dire for Testone, based at least on the results here, and she’ll need an outstanding round of performances this week to woo your votes both here and in the official counts.

How would you rank the remaining American Idol 2012 singers?

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American Idol 2012 Top 7 Round 2 rankings




  1. Your rankings always seem to be off anyways. I don’t think this is an indication of what is to happen

    • They’re not “my” rankings, but rather the results of thousands of Idol viewers’ votes.

      I’ve noted before that Jessica’s votes are inflated by demographics that aren’t eligible for the official vote, but overall the bottom groupings, as voted by the readers, have been pretty reliable.

      This isn’t intended to be anything official, just a tracking system of how the readers here are ranking the American Idol finalists.

  2. My rankings would be
    1= Joshua 
    3= PP
    4= Hollie (I was stuck here b/c Skylar is very good too, but I am just a fan of Hollie’s)
    5= Sklyar
    6= Elise (I know she is good but her voice bugs me sometimes)

  3. @Cenge, how can you say the rankings seem off when Colton was ranked last and he went home?

    • Just because they have not always reflected the bottom 3 and when Jessica was at her 40 some % she was actually voted off. & I don’t think that many know of this site and come on here to vote on this poll as they vote for the actual show. It was just a thought

      • Well, I do think Jessica’s numbers are off. You have all the Filiinos saying she was the greatest no matter what she does..and they can’t vote.
        My rankings would be

      • @Pally45:disqus  here is my rank…

        1. Jessica
        2. Joshua
        3. Hollie
        4. Skylar
        5. Elise
        6. Phillip

  4. My rankings are
    1= Joshua
    2= Jessica
    3= PP
    4= Hollie (I was stuck her b/c I think Skylar is very good, but Im just a fan of Hollie’s)
    5= Skylar
    6= Elise (I know she is good but her voice just bugs me sometimes)

  5. my personal rankings but not how expect it to turn out:
    1. phillip
    2. elise
    3. jessica
    4. hollie
    5. skylar
    6. joshua

    • i am a big fan of colton. most colton fans will power vote on jessica. colton’s bet is jessica from now on. 🙂

      • And, Colton and Jessica really look cute together! Colton and Jessica fans, please unite :))))

  6. My personal ranking:
    1 – Phillip Phillips
    2 – Skylar Laine
    3 – Elise Testone
    4 – Hollie Cavanagh
    5 – Jessica Sanchez
    6 – Joshua Ledet
    Reasonings: Well, Phillip (and Colton) has been my favorite since auditions. Now with Colton out, he’ll get my other hour of votes (the hour that used to go to Colton). Skylar is such a sweet, cute girl with an amazing voice. Love her to death and I love that country twang. Elise’s voice is unique and can be raspy – Love that! Hollie has been my second favorite girl (Next to Skylar) all season. However, I think that Elise has her beat out within the last few weeks. Jessica, to me, is a complete bore. Beautiful voice, but she has no personality. She needs to connect with her audience, which she does not (in my opinion). And Joshua, I’m just not a fan of his voice. Obviously he’s a good singer, but I can’t even buy any of his songs off iTunes because of his voice. It just isn’t my cup of tea.

    How I think it’ll turn out:
    1 – Phillip Phillips
    2 – Jessica Sanchez
    3 – Skylar Laine
    4 – Joshua Ledet
    5 – Hollie Cavanagh
    6 – Elise Testone
    Reasoning: Phillip now has both his and Colton’s votes put together for the rest of the season. He’s got an amazing, unique voice and he’s got that sexy look that all the girls love. Great stage presence. Also, he’s the only one who has yet to be in the Bottom 3 all season (Knock on wood). Jessica has been an Idol favorite all season. ‘Nuff said. Skylar has all the country-fan’s votes and they’ll vote their heart outs to try and get another country winner this year. Joshua has also been an Idol favorite all season. Hollie’s been building up her fan base a lot recently. But not enough to win the whole thing. And Elise, well, for some reason people just don’t find her likable. They say she always has a bad attitude (Which I don’t see?) and I’m sure that’ll turn off a lot of voters.

    However, at this rate anyone can win it. I honestly thought the Top 3 was going to be Phillip, Colton, and Jessica. Well, yeah, we all see how that one planned out.

      • Didn’t know you were a teenage girl. Just looked at your twitter account. I’m jealous that you have more followers than me.

      •  Oh okay, haha. I just don’t understand if you were trying to insult me with the sarcasm or what you were doing. But everyone seems to think that just because I’m 17 means that I only like Phillip for his looks (which is not true at all). Didn’t mean to jump to conclusions.

    • Jessica having no personality?? come on. I am not a fan of her but I am a believer that she has a lot of personality even at the age of 16…I tried to read your comment as ‘objectivity wise’ is concerned but come on! lmao. you tried to be inhuman. just my two cents. 

    • you were 17 but Jessica has more personality than you coz she can really SING in front of 20 million viewers…. okay dear? peace 

      • Jessica has a beauty pageant personality….fake smiles, calculated actions, totally staged, nothing is natural…

        Great voice…..

        Boring to watch

      •  I just don’t find her entertaining. I just feel like she has no personality and stage and I find her performances boring. I was just stating my opinion, ‘dear’.

        And just because I don’t sing in front of 20 million viewers doesn’t mean I have no personality. Just saying.. Haha.

  7. Here are my rankings based in how good I think each contestant is.
    1. Phillip
    2. Hollie
    3. Joshua
    4. Skylar

    This is not in order of my favorites, it’s strictly on how good I think each contestant is.

    • Wow you really think Hollie is better than Joshua, Jessica and Skylar? I like Hollie but I beg to disagree on Hollie being better than the three.

    • Wow!!!!!!!!!!! I like your ranking  it’s nice,but for me goes this way within this week.

      1.Phillip…………….voted off this week
      2.Hollie…………….voted off next week
      3.Joshua…………..voted off the other week

      Grand Final winner:
      1. Jessica…………1st placer
      2. Elise ……………2nd placer
      3. Skylar………….3rd placer

  8. When Jessica was voted off (well, she got the judges save) she also got the highest number in the poll here. That means the poll is not indicative of who is safe.

    • I remember last year when the poll had Scotty behind James every week and truth be known Scotty was at the top all along never in the bottom three.

    •  Jessica was not ever voted off. It was clearly a publicity stunt planned out by American Idol producers to boost ratings and send her to the #1 spot. They want a girl to win this year, and they don’t want it to be any of the other 3. This way, everyone will be voting hardcore for Jessica to “ensure her safety” and it will carry her to the end. They did this earlier this season when they brought Jermaine back, just to kick him off for “outstanding warrants”. Like a background check isn’t done on the contestants beforehand? With the other singing competition television shows, they have to do something to keep people watching. Screwing with the votes seems to be the way they are playing it this year. 

  9. Hi, everybody our ranking in this competition:
    1) Jessica Sanchez
    2) Joshua Ledet
    3) Phil Phillips
    4) Skylar Lane (Her voice annoying us, it’s coming from her nose)
    5) Hollie Cavanagh (must go home and take a singing lesson)
    6) Elise Testoni ( she has very nice and husky voice but she don’t know how to use it)

    • My ranking
      1. Jessica Sanchez
      2. Joshua ledet
      3. skylar lane
      4. hollie cavanagh
      5. phil phillips
      6. elise testone

      Jessica-joshua finale would be ideal. This 2 can make a history (dunno with vote turnouts, but with performances, breathtaking)

    •  Not to disrespect your opinion, but saying that anyone in the Top 6 (or even Top 24 for that matter) needs a singing lesson is going a wee bit too far. Obviously they all have amazing voices if they’ve made it this far.

  10. My personal rankngs
    1. Skylar Laine
    2. Jessica Sanchez
    3. Phillip Phillips
    4. Hollie Cavanagh
    5. Joshua Ledet
    6. Elise Testone

    How I think it will actually turn out
    1. Jessica Sanchez
    2. Phillip Phillips
    3. Skylar Laine
    4. Joshua Ledet
    5. Hollie Cavanagh
    6. Elise Testone

  11. Phillips’ mom facebooked that he was in a lot of pain, having trouble with the kidney stone issues he faced earlier in the season.  She asked that people pray for him.  So if anyone is a Phillip fan, our boys is hurting.

    • Maybe Colton should pray for him. I noticed how sad Phillip looked when Colton was voted off. Or maybe he was just looking down so we couldn’t see the huge grin on his face…LOL

      • That you find it funny that ANY human being, especially a young person is ill and in pain, then u r a sadistic bully.  What goes around comes around.

      • I don’t find it funny that he is in pain. I find it funny that an announcement has to be made publicly about his urinary tract difficulties. Hardly a life threatening situation. Looking for a few sympathy votes I guess….LOL

      • Finally a human being!  His mom simply posted to her FB that she was sad her son was in pain.  Maybe u 2 have a mother’s heart to understand.  Some of the nasty posts reveal the ugly side of people.  One day they may have to pass a kidney stone..and I’m sure they wll cry like baby girls, not sing in front of millions of people like a man.

      • What a douche…how could I possibly gain anything from any of these kids wins.  I don’t care who votes for who.  Been watching this show 4 yrs and never voted.  Strictly 4 amusement.

    •  oh.. i hope that it will be the cause of his elimination. actually im not happy with his boring performances.. since the start.. nothing change. nothing new. and this is what you call talent?? yes im sad for his situation but honestly i dont like to see him any further.. please go home phillip and rest.

    • Kindney stones are hell, and yes you can be in pain a lot of the time..  Some of us know from experience. Nothing wrong in asking for prayer. Phillip is still a great singer and I enjoy his muisc. btw they can be life threatering.

      • I know you understand the pain.  In the sea of negativity, it’s nice to see a kind person around.  Hope your problems are behind you.

    • Kindney stones are hell, and yes you can be in pain a lot of the time..  Some of us know from experience. Nothing wrong in asking for prayer. Phillip is still a great singer and I enjoy his muisc. btw they can be life threatering.

  12. My favorite is Hollie, because she has a great voice plus she has the look of an idol; she’syoung and a beautiful. My thoughts on Elise are very different, I personally can’t stand her attitude, she always has an excuse for everything that goes wrong with her performance!! I definetley think she should have been gone long ago. skylar gotta love her, she’s my mini Reba!!love all the rest of them.

      • in a beauty  pageant maybe, but not in vocal abilities, professionalism and talent.

      • this is not ms.universe… its  a singing competition!  i am not a filipino but i stayed in their country for a while back. i think filipinos are really talented…they have a lot of great singers, dancers and artists.  my vote goes to jessica instead of hollie. sorry @09d16120056b2f3337c5a4940210e6e7:disqus …

      • @67f67edf051ea42cbbf5d77b7ba090a0:disqus  hollie is petite. Pageant is not for her. 

      • yes any day but mondays to saturdays. unfortunately american idol airs on wednesdays and thursdays so that pinoy girl is gonna beat your white (hollie/skylar/elise) girl.

  13. Based on vocals alone:

    1.Hollie Cavanagh
    2.Jessica Sanchez
    3.Elise Testone
    4.Skylar Laine
    5.Joshua Ledet
    6.Phillip Phillips

    Based on entire performance:
    1.Skylar Laine
    2.Phillip Phillips
    3.Joshua Ledet
    4.Elise Testone
    5.Hollie Cavanagh
    6.Jessica Sanchez

    Hollie and Jessica switched places after last weeks performances IMO.

      • I wasn’t a Holliepop but if she keeps singing the way she did this past week and the way she has done in several performances in the past and the way she did when she did the duet with DeAndre I might just become one. She has a great voice. Much better than Jessica. I can’t stand the growling and screeching. Sorry if you feel differently. You have the right to your opinion. 

      • Hey Taymaro….Didn’t you notice Joshua growling too even longer on his last performance, and even Elise herself …. What is really your problem?!!!
        I think simply because Jessica is Asian. Jessica does that because she’s into R&B, Soul-ballad renditions!! unlike your Holliebut, she has an ordinary vocal, sings simple songs, and at times pitchy!  haven’t you heard Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, James Brown before? they do/did the same expressions? I think you have your own world, and if you don’t like Jessica’s singing style, it’s your problem.  Honestly, i’m not into jazz music, not the kind of music i listen to….but when i try to listen to jazz singers, i can discern how good the person is. You’re too opinionated…do you have any credential?

      • @Taymaro:disqus – You rated Jessica as second best vocalist and now you say u can’t stand her growling and screeching.  Dude, u seriously btr start reading ur posts…getting a little confused, right?

      • I said that about all but one of the performances last week. Not just Jessica. Only Hollie sang last week without growling. I don’t like it. I am allowed to say that.

      • Just had a holliepop dipped in rum. MMMMMM! Starting to feel a little flush and I can’t stop smiling. What does that mean?

    •  seriously?? are kiddin me? jessica last? oh come on. what planet are you from?! dumb much!

      • I am from the planet Ubutwype! 

        Jessica is not last in the first list as you can see. Jessica is too preoccupied with not falling down in those spike heels to give a good performance. I get annoyed of her tapping the microphone with her fingers when she is reaching for a big note. She cannot move naturally because she is not comfortable on stage in her shoes. She needs to wear flatter shoes. The things they say about Hollie’s performances are also true for Jessica but for some reason they don’t mention it. The difference that Hollie is improving and Jessica isn’t because nobody is giving her the feedback that she needs to improve. Thus Hollie is now a better performer on stage than JS and I think Hollie will continue to get better. How can you improve if everyone is already telling you that you are the best when it’s not true.

      • LMAO on above comment(t*****o) simply hilarious. Better stop reading her comments before something else happens to me LMAO

        Anyway all the remaining 6 idols are all great and I can’t wait to see who will be in the finale…

    • Taymaro…. U really have a serious problem…. Coz u are abnormal!

      • Thanks! At least I’m not just typical like Jessica Sanchez. There are too many people out there already doing what she does. She needs to be more unique and have her own style. By the time her stuff hits the market people will be on to bigger and better things. She is just a copy cat artist of who is already on the market today.

    • if i were you’re music teacher and going to grade you based on your rankings on vocal ranking above, am gonna give you an F. “F” = FAIL for putting hollie at the top of your list. 

      another “F” for putting hollie above that sanchez on your performance ranking. 

      hollie ain’t scraping that bottom 3 for consecutive weeks for no reason. 

      darling you need to take your music class this summer. 

  14. AI Producers Rankings:

    1.Jessica Sanchez
    2.Joshua Ledet
    3.Phillip Phillips
    4.Skylar Laine
    5.Elise Testone
    6.Hollie Cavanagh

    • I think thats exactly right. Joshua is my favorite and I think he is better than Jess in the way he performs and he is amazing at fast & slow songs. Whereas whenever I have heard any fast songs by Jess I didn’t think she was very good at them. That’s just my opinion. I still think Jess is an amazing singer and I think she has a bigger fan base as of now, but after the past 2 wks anything can happen. I also like Hollie but she’s just not consistent. I also love Phil’s voice but just do not think he has the power that Jess and Josh do

      • AI is not an international contest, so  even if jessica has a very good voice,  I don’t think she can make it to top 3.  My guess would be Philip- the winner, Skylar, second place and Joshua 3rd.  I’m ok with philip, he’s so sexy…

    • Your ranking is not only for the producer ok?Poll survey in mostly  sites followers it appears like your ranking.

      Youtube:Jessica Sanchez most visited and uploaded video to all AI11 contestants.

      • I don’t think you can use Youtube hits as a basis for voting. I’ve watched a ton of her Youtube stuff multiple times just because I’m trying to understand the cult following she’s developed.  For the record, I still don’t get it. 

    • Yes this ranking is true because as a producers they know who is much marketable, more talented, powerful voice and who can sell a records. if you are a rpoducer do you think you will just settle for least..hhmmm it should be for the best and this case jessica is the best…

  15. I go for Jessica Sanchez , who, to me is the best singer or performer among the remaining contestants. Barring an unlikely incident of getting the lowest number of votes, which can’t be predicted, she’ll, without question win the top spot in this season’s American Idol.

  16. New rules for voting on AI. No teenage girls allowed!! Then, the best singer would win the show.

    • yeah that would be the greatest idea. NO TEENAGE GIRLS!! Because they don’t have brains and heart to vote. They are just very useless, they forfeit the essence of finding a true talent.. shame for those teenagers who are very premature…

      • This is a YOUNG persons show, not an elderly show. I’m 20 n I disagree with what ur saying! I think if u have a phone, VOTE

    • what about the matured women, like  cougars and the gays ? lol u should’ve  add them to d list too! LOL

  17. I’m a teen and I don’t vote for Phillip. He’s not good. I don’t like his style. I think most of his fans r old mature women, like cougars! Lol! Im sure there’s plenty cougars on this blog! They r pathetic!
    I love skylar and Elise. I hope phillip gets voted off next!

  18. MY Personal Ranking and surely will be in the finale is

    1. Jessica sanchez
    2.Jessica sanchez.

    Nuff said.

    • Hollie first?? Did you know this is a singing competition? It’s not AMERICAN NEXT TOP MODEL. Maybe you got confused. LOL!

      • Nothing wrong with his idol choice besides Hollie’s trying to keep up, she might had some off nights but it doesn’t mean she can’t be on top (5 more Weeks before finale, anything is possible)…
        If she keeps getting better and hold on to her momentum plus more fan base, might as well expect her on the finale

    •  If you like Hollie that’s perfectly fine.  You don’t have to put Jessica and the rest of the Filipinos down because of it. Brown American lover.

  19. Don’t Look at Jessica in her “RACE”.. LOOK at her performances, and think how good is it compared other participants Left in the show :] [its extraordinary :]]

  20. All I want to see is two girls in the finale…! Jessica and Hollie or Skylar would be perfect!
    We haven’t seen an all-girl finale since Season 3 and it seems now the time is right! Come on America! Let’s not let another White Guy with guitar win!!!

    • For me it must be………………….FTW
      1.Jessica Sanchez…………………….winner
      2.Elise Testone………………………..2nd place
      3.Hollie Cavanagh……………………3rd place
      4.Phillip Phillips………………………4th place
      5.Joshua Ledet………………………..5th palce
      6.Skylar Laine………………………….6th place

  21. Has anyone else noticed that DeAndre Brackensick went home and the next week they had R&B song choices and now Colton Dixon goes home and then they have the Rock Group Queen the week after that. Anyone else find that incredibly coincidental? The genre that each of these contestants would have most likely excelled in they missed by just one week…..hmmmmm I wonder???

  22. In Vocal technicality jessica and joshua are the best, great control with runs and riff plus they can vocal fry. Skylar can growl and grunt but i haven’t heard her do ridiculous vocal runs. She has so much emotion that she is fun to watch and she’s better than lauren vocally. As for Elise, well this girl can sing her butt off.Her problem? “song choice and arrangements.” if this girl can keep up the game, she will be in the same league as jessica and joshua. Well Philips on the other hand is not really great vocally but he is the most music wise. meaning he can pick songs and alter them to his fitting. Now, Hollie has the biggest voice in idol, she can hold her note and control it with a vibrato. Problem, she always have a pitchy moment. I guess she is always nervous. If she can deliver a perfect performance w/out a pitch problem, Then she can win this competition.

    In terms of genre
    Jessica Sanchez- Mainstream Urban, R&B and Soul Music
    Joshua Ledet – Soul, Gospel and R&B 
    Skylar Laine – Country and Country Rock
    Elise Testone – Heavy Metal(capable of doing), Rock, Pop Rock and Soul
    Philip Philips – Pop Rock, Indie Rock and rock.
    Hollie Cavanagh – Soul, Gospel and any big songs she can sing. (she’s a ? when it comes to genre cuz she can sing any big songs)

    Producers pick
    Jessica Sanchez – even if she lose. Akon and Jimmy grantees her record label.

    Peoples Pick

    Well we can’t deny a lot of  teenage girls would vote for Philips.

    Jessica also a has a strong fan base world wide.

    Joshua also has a strong fan base.

    Elise may have the weakest fan base PEOPLE VOTE THIS GIRL!!.

    Hollie same as elise have weak fan base and still she deserves better..!! PEOPLE VOTE!

    Skylar has a strong fan base cuz she sings country and we all know country is number 1. and she deserves this fan base cuz she can really sing

    Personal pick ( Don’t Hate Me people! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.)
    1. Jessica – She sings Pop, Urban music and she can make any song known.
    2.Joshua – He always over sing, I haven’t seen him sit and sing w/out screams and growls.
    3.Elise – Reminds me of Haley, Enough said 🙂
    4. Skylar- I like this girl, but sorry for being bias.. We had a face off of country last year. :
    5. Hollie- she can sing! I would put her on number 2 or 1 if she can have an 0_0 moment on stage. I just find her nervous all the time : But she was back last week.
    6. Philips – well he is the most music wise in the comp.! but, This is a singing competition. : vocally he is the weakest. He does everything repeatedly : the arrangements and singing style. I wanna see versatility. he will be in idol for long cuz of he’s great looks i assure that 🙂 

    they are all winners. but, people come and go .It’s just sad to see them go one by one.

      • Ken’s post might be long but very coherent.. Read it again Ernie… maybe your too dumb to comprehend perceptive analysis! And given he’s a babysitter, then you’re the baby brat stupid! 

    • I’m not impressed. Please list your credentials and the authority on which you make these proclamations. Sounds like more Koo-laid to me. 

      • You may want to consider that he’s not trying to impress you, probably he’s simply voicing out his opinion just like you and the rest of us here

      • I know but it’s my opinion that I’m not impressed. His post was written with such conviction that I thought maybe this person has some course of study in music or something like that. In the absence of that I’m not impressed. It’s just more lip wagging. I was just asking.

      • Oh and you copied this words @Taymaro:disqus ? lmao. you dont have an originality too. lol credentials? 

      • Haven’t you read 
         “( Don’t Hate Me people! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.)”
        It is his opinion friend~ let him, no need for credentials. 

      • I didn’t say you hate him either, I’m just pointing, you being hard on him when he just actually shared his opinion. 🙂

  23. Rumoured song choices.

    JESSICA – “Radio Ga Ga” / “Listen” by Beyonce
    JOSHUA – “The Show Must Go On” / “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers
    PHILLIP – “We Are the Champions” / “It’s Not Over” by Daughtry
    HOLLIE – “Love Of My Life” / “Candle in the Wind” by Elton John
    ELISE – “Somebody To Love” / “We Are” by Ana Johnsson
    SKYLAR – “The Miracle” / “As You Turn Away” by Lady Antebellum

  24. Of all AI11 contestants that were left  Jessica is ahead of them especially in vocal technics and abilities.This coming week is very crucial to all of them really,the best way they can do is focus very badly in all songs they may select.Singing ‘QUEEN” is a big challenge for all of them.Well just watch and see who will delivered the the best and acceptable to 3 judges,followers and the voters.
    Being observer in this game I’m anticipating for the 3 qualified contestants.
    1. Jessica Sanchez  (1st place in every poll ratings online)
    2. Elise Testone       (Mostly bottom in all poll ratings survey online)
    3. Hollie Cavanagh(Now being 3rd place in poll survey)

  25. 6th – ELISE TESTONE (sick and tired of her attitude. its getting worse and worse and worse each week.. we cant do anything if america doesnt like you. she’s freakin’ annoying.. her facial expressions and the way she express her side? duh? please go home.)

    5th – PHILLIP PHILLIPS (why?! hes talented, YES! hes gorgeous, YES! hes likeable, YES! but HE’S SO BORING… why? performance wise. good voice. but nothing new in every performance he do. he is just plain and ordinary. he sings like a constipated man who’s in pain of having cerebral aneurysm — google it if you don’t know what i’m talking about.. sounding alike each week is like hell pouring its screemingly hot juice on you.. snoozefest everytime he performs. i like colton more than him. i cant stand another week seeing him sing. and hes not worthy of winning, why? another guy? a semi good vocalist? oh comeon. seriously? go home phillip..)

    4th – JOSHUA LEDET (i know he deserves to be on the finale or even in the top 3, but i know it wont happen.. nothing much against joshua because he’s a great performer and has a great voice. i just dont think he has the appeal to sell album.. sorry josh, but i still love you..)

    3rd – SKYLAR LAINE (she’s better than lauren alaina, she has a lot of stage presence, incredible range of voice for a country singer, she’s punk and shes hot.. and i want to see her on the top 3. showing more of what she can show. go skylar!)

    2nd – HOLLIE CAVANAGH (honestly, she’s one of my faves since the start of ai.. even the fact that jessica is there too. i love her since last year. and i think she deserves to be in the top 2. image wise, check! voice, check! stage presence is somewhat lackin’ but i know she can pull it off at any time like what she did last week.. she’s getting stronger i think.. she can give jessica a good fight.. go hollie!)


    VOICE – impeccably and astonishingly SUPERB!
    IMAGE & STYLING – a certified fashionista! and style trender!
    STAR FACTOR – with all the angst and edge undeniably great!
    STAGE PRESENCE – like a PRO! no one in the group can surpass her with this..
    SOUL – yes! she has soul, and only the haters cant see that..
    CONNECTING TO THE AUDIENCE – she can do that and she’s doing that, you blind morons.. she looks into you straight and sing her heart out. reach for the hands of the audience. smile. smize. what more??

    she definitely is the one deserving the crown to be the winner.. with any means.. she’s versatile and shes the best! haters can slit their throats and drink their blood. you cant see the goodness in her. shes very down to earth and she is nice. she just wants to perform and give all her best every week. haters will never win! GOD is in her side. for her to achieve her dreams..

      • That’s right! Jessica is connecting to her fans and has soul and emotions.  She has millions of hits on Youtube… that only means that people are going crazy over her performances … That defines her connection to a lot of fans .. not only in America but worldwide ..

    •  maybe im wrong with the stage presence.. joshua and skylar can pull off some great stage presence..

    • Very good insight Benj! ( specially with Elise) …But ”
      haters can slit their throats and drink their blood?” Whoaa… go easy my friend…chill… lol

      • Oh, please. Another racist here? Oh, by the way, have you, by any chance, wondered why you are making that comment thinking that Jessica is in an American singing contest? If you have nothing to comment other than that one, please visit a doctor.

    • I like your opinion. If Jessica can’t really connect to people, she wouldn’t have a lot of viewers in youtube which means, people are tuning in to her every performance just like what Shirwin has said. 

    • I like many of what you said, but Jessica has to improve in many things just like the others. I hate what judges made with her image. It seems like she’s overprotected by them, it’s awful. But she’s is talented, has a lot of fans, seems to be a sweet girl who is pushing for her dreaming since too young. Deserves a lot success.

    • If/When Jessica makes it to the final 2 I think we’re going to find that there’s going to be ALOT of support for AnyoneButJessica.  After the way the judges unfairly pimped her out when they used the save (and not saying the save was unwarranted, so calm down, just saying the judges could have been less googly-eyed about her when they used it,), I think there are alot of fans who will consistently vote AGAINST Jessica at every turn because they feel like their favorite was cheated. I know alot of people who watch who have sworn that if Jessica ends up in the top 2 they won’t even watch the finale, but will vote as often as possible for whoever she’s up against.  Not saying this is right, just saying I think it could be a common sentiment.

  26. those who can’t appreciate elise are not really musically inclinde.. people who have EAR knows how good she is.. 
    those who cannot appreciate Jessica are  mostly fans of some idol and got irritated coz people are praising her insted of their idol thinking that their idol is better or maybe just jealous.. or maybe bec theri annoyed by jessica’s fans. guys of course what she does will be always best for her fans. show love
    those who hate hollie loves their idol so much they tend to be very defensive and blame hollie for their idol’s lost of others… hollie may have bad perf. but she is staying bec her fans love her and are voting.. this is POPULARITY “SINGING” CONTEST.. people will decide.. again, don’t be so stupid, this is a populaity contest, like the show’s name.. AMERICAN IDOL, those who won are idolized by america.. most of them
    those who hate joshua are people who cant appreciate the effort he’s giving everytime he sings.. guys he’s giving his all!!! and if he sings gospel, them let him sing, if you dnt want him, dont bash him… that’s who he is and dont let him sing something he’s not… let hi do what he think he  should be doing.
    those who don’t like philip are people who always think that he is still their bec of teen girls vote… guys, dont forget the gays and old ladies… kidding…. hahaah he’s their bec the fans love him and he’s singing and the people like it.. no problem about that..
    those who are bashing skylar are people who always think that 80% of the people watching are country music lover… wow,, she’s good ad cmon she’s giving her best everytime.. plus she’s vesatile.. you guys are having something like POST TRAUMATIC SYNDROME bec of what happened last season… if she wins, so???
    ****AND TO THE CRITIC/owner/writter on this page
    GIVE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISISM AND AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE and dont’ be to rude sometimes…..
    been reading your reviews since last season.. keep it up!

    • Thank GOD it’s yours. But I’m sure that stupids judges (excluding Tyler just because he is an amazing rockstar) would agree with you. There only two talented, prepared and original singer: Elise and Phillip.

  27. this is anyone’s game.. Im for Jessica but however wins this will already make names after the competition.. this is a very good top 6 (and 7 to include Colton) =)

    • I would say the top 8 are pretty good but the best already went home a couple weeks ago. 

  28. Totally agree with you 100% Hollie is the top girl and Phillip is the top guy. That’d be an amazing finale.

    • I 100% agree,… They both 100% top contestants for the worst! It would be an amazing finals of course!!! Singing with some choir of frogs,….

  29. With 6 weeks left before AI’s season 11 winner is selected, here’s my ranking based on the likely voting outcome;

    1. Jessica Sanchez
    2. Phillip Phillips
    3. Skylar Laine
    4. Joshua Ledet
    5. Elise Testone
    6. Hollie Cavanagh

    A female contestant is VERY LIKELY to win AI this year.

    • Say what you mean, Jessica is VERY LIKELY to win AI this year.

      Maybe she will win AI, however, Divas don’t sell much music in an already over saturated Diva music market. Most Diva albums sales peak well under 500,000. Sales statistics don’t lie. You want a girl to win and be successful? You got 2 non-diva choices: Skylar and Elise. Skylar will easily be a country commercial success with good sales like Scotty has done. Elise is very likeable, she’s diff and fresh, but not sure of her commercial fit and potential.

      Phillip’s style is diff and fresh also, his closest kin are Dave Matthews and John Meyer. DM sales 40,000,000; JM sales 20,000,000. Look at the top Diva’s album sales, nothing even close.

      Is there any question who has the most potential commercial success? Each year AI has a group of fans and judges obsessed with Diva music. Unfortunately they don’t pay attention to what the market wants and needs.

      • Who says that Jessica only does Diva songs? Have you watched her covers dude? With a world so modern to go back to belting? Yeah, tell me about that. Music producers are not dumb to place their wealth to people that doesn’t even guarantee Millions of fortune. I know statistics don’t lie but have you heard about Adele? 

        Tip: Before you consider statistics, update yourself. Have a great day fella. 🙂

      • U cant buy her CD’s as if ur really buying other,.. U dont much to pay even ur debts,…. Get real!

      • Ill rather patronize DIVAs with original recorded voice rather than the fuckin’ retard autotune of ghost singers….

      • YEAH, watch her Covers in youtube. I don’t think she’s just your typical diva. Agree with ‘JoeLand0208’ ,  update yourself first~ 🙂

      • just contradicted yourself! You say she isn’t your typical diva but she’s doing covers of the current divas!

      • @James:  Agree..she will prob win, at least u get that impression reading this site, but a whole lot of posters are not Americans and, therefore, cannot vote.   She is okay, will get better in time.  I love Phillip but don’t think he is all that unique..he’s fun..but don’t think too many get the joke yet.  For whatever reason, Idol has huge country following, look at #1 and #2 last year alone, so Skylar should sell well.   BTW, it’s John MAYER, just so ya know.

    •  I already said that so far, I think P2 will win this one. but since the save for JS, it could be her. I think JS fan will not let JS be voted again. and also will polls, and fan base and followers, she leads along with Colton~ 

  30. 1:Hollie (I have an odd feeling she’ll turn it around n end up the winner)
    2:PP (maybe his and Hollie will be swapped. He has female vote cus he’s “cute”)
    3:Skylar (country vote)
    4:Jessica (she’ll most likely slip up)
    5:Joshua (his voice is tiring and it shows in his music)
    6:Elise (not many young people can connect with her)

      • Well for Hollie to win and Jessica to lose WILL be my dream come true:) so i can’t wait to watch and see Jessica get voted off and Hollie crowned, then I’ll go to bed as happy as ever!!!!:)

      • Connordaeden81: Yes, it would be only in your dreams….Get over it! you people think that this is a beauty contest, muahahahahahaha! Go Jessica go!

      • Connordaeden81:  
        Yes, it would be only in your dreams….Get over it! Muahahahahahaha! You people think that this is a beauty contest, you lost it!! Go Jessica go!

      • Connordaeden81:   Get over it! Be real!  i hope your dream won’t turn into a nightmare!! Buahahahahahahaha!! Go Jessica go!  I’m singin’… “Fly Robin fly….Batman can not fly” bwahahahahah!

    • Connordarden81:

      I think u better check ur ears, its overflowing of wax… Or maybe u r just born Abnormal…

    • Anything could happen and I respect you opinion~
      But I just think if Josh, JS and Skylar will leave before her, Hollie will a have a great chance~ 🙂 so far, I think it could be P2.

  31. Hey Taymaro….Didn’t you notice Joshua growling too even longer on his last performance, and even Elise herself …. What is really your problem?!!!
    I think simply because Jessica is Asian. Jessica does that because she’s into R&B, Soul-ballad renditions!! unlike your Holliebut, she has an ordinary vocal, sings simple songs, and at times pitchy!  haven’t you heard Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, James Brown before? they do/did the same expressions? I think you have your own world, and if you don’t like Jessica’s singing style, it’s your problem.  Honestly, i’m not into jazz music, not the kind of music i listen to….but when i try to listen to jazz singers, i can discern how good the person is. 
    Listen to Joshua last performance, he (growled) too…. your own word!  I think you’re too opinionated…can you sing? Do you have any credential? 

      • I got very offended when someone called Jessica an 80 year old frog! That’s very, very rude! It’s character assassination!! I don’t care how pretty a person face is….it doesn’t mean anything if it stinks in the inside!  I believe, we are all equal in the eyes of God….  I apologize…i’m not going to write that again….

    • I have two very good credentials on either side of my head. I have said that they all growl too much if you read my posts. I don’t like the growling at all and it seemed to be the theme of the night last week instead of R&B. Growling is not singing. It can add a unique touch but not when everyone is doing it. You have to be different to be unique. That is the definition of the word. 

      You asked if I sing? I will just say that I have not entered any contests for people to judge my abilities so I don’t think that is a valid question. Many people who don’t sing still listen to music and they know what they like to listen to. And I don’t like to listen to the growling and screeching and screaming. 

      • Growling is Singing~ 🙂 It’s part of soul music~ Many people have done it before, even big names. and you are saying not everyone is doing it? You know why???? Not everyone can do it~ :))))

      • I didn’t say that NOT everyone was doing it. I said everyone WAS doing it last week and it was irritating. It’s called reading and comprehending. Please don’t misquote me.

        It’s not singing. It’s decoration. If it is done skillfully and sparingly it can add to the performance but if it is done too much it’s not good. When everyone is growling every performance it loses it’s punch and uniqueness.

      • Yes, but there are people who like growling and what to you seems to be screeching.  And it doesn’t mean they have worse taste in music than you do.

      • Yes it does. If I don’t like the music then how am I supposed to feel that someone who does has good taste. If I don’t like to eat broccoli and someone else does that doesn’t mean all of a sudden broccoli tastes good to me. It still doesn’t. Musical taste is relevant to the listener. So if you like music that I don’t I consider it in bad taste. That is the natural flow of things.

      • The growling that you call decorating is part of musical style. How will a performance come to life with just plainly singing it? You are right. Music is relevant to the listener. And yes, it can add up or tear the whole song apart. However, not all the things you hear bad is bad to everyone. Everything you said is opinionated and therefore doesn’t state the whole natural flow of things. 

    • LMAO…it’s pretty ironic after reading your post that you had the balls to call someone else opinionated!

  32. i think jessica will really stand out for the next performance because like what happened in their last performance [hollie sang rolling in the deep, and of course it was so famous, so many people thought that Hollie stand out that night], Jessica will sing LISTEN, and that was also a famous song [compared to the songs of other contenders] and so i think, Jessica will really stand out :] but still, they will sing Queen’s song [just an opinion]

    • How did you know Jessica will be singing Listen? Just asking… I am getting excited to hear her sing that song on Idol..

    • Listen by beyonce? oh god! im excited, but how did you know that ? i just hope jessica pick a good,  popular Queen song too 🙂

    • If Jessica sings “Listen” I think it will be tragic because she doesn’t have the lung capacity to really take the song over the top. She will be compared not only to Beyonce but also to Melanie Amaro. If she can’t do as good as both of them then it will be a big FAIL! She shouldn’t attempt it because she will shoot herself in the foot. A less powerful version will not be a good thing IMO.

      • You are right about Melanie. L.A. is taking his time to make sure that she comes out of the box swinging. That audition performance on “The X Factor” left me out of breath when she got done. That’s a great performance! None of these top 6 contestants have ever wowed like that. You see Paula and Nichole standing up before she even got done and then Simon and L.A. That was a genuine and deserving standing O. Not like the fake ones that the judges on Idol give way too often.

      • Based on Her performances, I could really say She could nail it but I still think it’s not a good idea for her to sing that. Hope she’ll not sing it~ 

      • Beyonce is enough, are you trying to ruin it for her? Melanie and Jess are both Beyonce wannabees and one Beyonce is more than enough. What has been killing the American music scene is the over saturation of Diva music and we sure don’t need another Diva, there are way too many of them and their music is boring. The revenge of Rock and Alternative genres is brewing and the time of Diva and Hippity-Hop/Rap hate sounds (I refuse to call it music) is coming to an end.

    • If jessica is beyonce wanna be, what about:

      Phil Phillips – Dave Matthews wanna be
      Skylar – Miranda Lambert wanna be
      Hollie – Celine wanna be
      Joshua – Fantasia wanna be
      Elise – she is exceptional

      • I agree with you. Elise is more mature than the others, she has her way, thou her sing and moves remember many rockstars too, but not a special one.

      • About elise,… She has a lot of rivals from The Voice, a lot of female rockstar wanna bes…..

    • Yeah… No need to remind us. Jessica herself told everyone about it already. That’s what you call inspiration from a young performer so relax…. She’s still young.

    • So what? At least, she can sing  really well,she gets to that level…How about your Holliebut and Skyler? Have them sing and dance Waltz… or maybe outdated Oh my darling Clementine…Muahahahaha!

    • So what? At least, she can sing  really well,she gets to that level…How about your Holliebut and Skyler? Have them sing and dance Waltz… or maybe the outdated Oh my darling Clementine…Muahahahaha!

      • Have a life! Jessica is good, but has to improve a lot. She’s only sixteen and it’s clear she’s moves and sings like Beyonce many times. That’s ok. She’s a fan and Beyonce is amazing.

      • Tatiane, you sounded like you’re an expert….lol.. music has been in jessica life since she was a little girl…and what the hell you think that she needs to improve more?!!!!!  you guys don’t understand….you lost it! Go Jessica go! 

      • Tatiane, you sounded like you’re an expert….lol.. music has been in jessica’s life since she was a little girl…and what the hell you think that she needs to improve more?!!!!!  you guys don’t understand….you lost it! Go Jessica go! 

    • and you….hater wanna’ be! You have no place in this world, not even in heaven… I’s just your fried-chicken!!!! eat and swallow it! 

    • Don’t get me wrong….I also believe in Elise’s talent!! I wish her the best of luck… 

  33. Joshua’s moves and facial mannerism reminds me of “Roderick Paulate” i’m having fun watching him since i realize he really does, lolz!

      • What are you suggesting Diane? He looked at JLo’s abs during his performance. Doesn’t that disprove your theory….LOL 

        You think those remarks weren’t scripted at the end of his performance?

    • Let Joshua come out on his own. But yes the mannerisms are just too natural for him, but it doesn’t what.

  34. Still so sad that our idol, Colton, was sent home…  Oh well.  Its a contest. Anyway, here’s my ranking of the top 6:
    1.  Jessica – our new idol… our votes will be for her, all the way.
    2.  Philip – 
    3.  Joshua
    4.  Skylar
    5.  Elise6.  Hollie – and going home this week (she should’ve gone home last week instead of colton)The winner of American Idol needs to have a fantastic voice with good control (not pitchy nor nasal), he or she should connect with the audience, has stage presence, has  his or her own style, competent and consistent (in every performance).  

    • not pitchy nor nasal than Skylar must have gone four weeks ago. Hollie is less experienced than Jessica, Elise and Colton, but the other two are not better than her. A church over performer singer and a country girl sings nasally trying to be Miranda Lambert! Give me a break!

      • @yahoo-2H2APB42YOZFEZXHPH72XE2AQM:disqus , let me guess, jess-hater? what i wrote is MY point of view. i did NOT ask for yours. so please respect my opinion and i will respect yours.  you love hollie, we don’t. we think the other girls and guys are a lot better than her.  nothing you can say can change that. give me a break too! 

      • People complaining about Skylar’s nasally singing really don’t “get” country music..

      • Dr. Kris, who is this WE you are speaking about? Do you have split personality disorder?

  35. I would like Phillip Phillips to win. Maybe him -v- Elise.

    However, I do think that Jessica, Hollie, Skylar and Joshua all have great voices and/or do great performances.

    My husband is going for Phillip to win, too.

    • Awesome~ opend-minded. 🙂
      They’re really our the best top 6, or the best batch for me. 
      Anyone could be a winner for me with their talents, and yes it’s just a matter of Consistency with performances and VOTES~ 🙂

  36. For Dr. Kris, who must be filipino. I’m not a Jessica hater. She such a sweet talente girl, how could I hate her. But you for sure hate Hollie and this is STUPID. It’s my opinion, you give your and I give mine. It’s democracy!

      • Ok. I respect your opinion and I am sorry if I was rude. I don’t hate anybody. I really like music and hope the best wins. I like most of all the contestants, including Jessica.

      • James, this site is not exclusively for Pinoys… so what point are you making here? Filipino and Pinoy(slang) are the same thing…. Hindi naman Pilipino ang kausap mo, so why expect them to know pilipino/Tagalog.

  37. It will be very nice when this season ends! I remember last season there were nothing about hating, racial things. This is so irrational. If Jessica wins that’s why american people will be decide that! Congras to her! She is very talented. Love her voice in “TRY a little tenderness”. But people are despiting other contestants, and talking about hate and racism. This is really sad! 🙁

  38. i love reading all these comments.  this season has turned into a racial, ethnic, religious, age contest.  what happened to TALENT, people??  what happened to picking the best SINGER in the bunch??  correct me if i’m wrong but isn’t this a SINGING COMPETITION???  many of us are turning into ugly little haters, trying to spread the venom.  get a grip.  vote for the person you would support (financially) down the road by purchasing records and concert tickets.  check the hate by the door

  39. I really don’t believe that Jessica will make it to the final.  Her amazing rendition of “I will always love you” was and will remain an AI highlight for years to come but she relies too much on those high-pitched screaming notes and honestly, it comes off as arrogant…and I honestly don’t think she is but I think she does that because of habit.  Joshua, the same thing.  His choir boy style is not enough to overcome the bias of appealing to a mass audience and I predict his ending is very near.  Elise, who is my favorite, probably won’t win but her appeal is growing and I predict she may actually be in the final with Mr. Philip (and kidney stones?  Maybe that’s why he looks like he’s in pain all the time because he is!)  Let’s see how they do with Queen songs…I’m intrigued to see how each of them tackle those choices.  Hollie may have the hardest time…

    • Honestly, you call reaching high notes Screaming? Who taught you that? Are you even musically inclined? To tell you the truth, the only one relying on screaming is Joshua and Skylar.When a singer reaches for a high note they should rely on their diaphragm’s capacity to exude that voice. Come on! you should really watch what you say!

    • Excuse me, i think, it’s just your personal opinion… but who cares?  How do you know that there’s arrogance in Jessica’s singing? How did you figure that out yourself? Wow! I think it’s just how you feel….you’re prostrated!! Bitter! Bitter! Bitter!! See people….you dwell so much on your impulse(feelings), that’s is evil!! selfish!! deceptive!! and domineering!! that rule over the principles, that is, if you have principles! Just because Jessica is not of the same color you guys have, you are so bias!!! Thinkers are the doers! You are the real arrogant!!! and I believe racialism is still alive in America. Go and see the world and study other cultures…. so you learn to respect other people not your kind.

  40. wow another Fil Am making name in America… Go Cheesa “The Voice” Go Jessica “American Idol”

    • Camille Velasco and Jasmine Trias Season 3 Finalist, Ramielle Malubay Season 7 Finalist, Thia Megia Season 10 Finalist & Now Jessica Sanchez … wow…

    • So, let me get this straight. You don’t care what they sound like, just that they’re Filipino? like them because they kind of look like you and not because of their talent? Unbelievable.

      • i really care for what talent they have did you think they become part of singing competition if they not have it. common sense …. ok

      • What I’m saying is…even if someone else has the better voice, you will not vote for them because they are not Filipino.

      • hey for your info i like colton and skylar ok….  im being proud that some Fil Am making name in America…. ok thats all…

      • @cr8zyOLgal well, have you seen some of the posts? Its like if you don’t like Jessica, you’re against everyone that has a drop of filipino blood. I didn’t even know she was filipino until all this nonsense started happening! I just thought she was hispanic. How come we don’t have every hispanic coming on here demanding that we vote for her?

      • @ WOW..the point I’m making is..I don’t research every singer looking for one that has some Irish blood. I just go by whether I like they way they sound or not.

      • @pally45 Get your point & true that “some”of them are just simply way over the top(irritating in some point) but the way I see it, beside from being proud that another AI hopeful (have some Asian decent) is part of this season they are simply being passionate on how they feel. Maybe way too passionate to some of us but still “NOTHING” wrong with it and probably that is just how their culture works… That’s just my opinion, nothing more nothing less

      • Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohou! Jessica obviously is mostly everyone’s choice because of her talent. 

  41. wow another Fil Am making name in America… Go Cheesa “The Voice” Go Jessica “American Idol”

  42. I think the next obvious 2 to go home are Hollie and Elise…
    which means the top 4 will be Skylar Joshua Phillip and Jessica…
    I think those are the choices for the FINALE: 

    65%      Jessica VS Phillip
    20%      Jessica VS Skylar
    15%      Jessica VS Joshua 
    first of all now that Colton is out…the obvious one to be in the finale and will be in the finale is Jessica…so the question is who will be with her. Phillip is also an obvious choice to be in the finale (he never was in bottom 3…)
    If Phillip will not make it to the finale…the second choice is skylar or Joshua but I think it’s Skylar who has more chances to be there than Joshua after all she is a country singer….and America loves country music

  43. “I have two very good credentials. They are located on either side of my head. That is all the credentials I need.”

    Hahahaha I love that. 

  44. i wasn’t crazy about deandre but i know where you’re coming from.  the judges (since simon left, anyway) have always been biased and very blatant about their favorites.  what is good about the show is the exposure the contestants get.  it’s kind of like minor league sports.  the scouts are out there and the talented players/singers get signed eventually.  remember idol’s track record.  the winners do not necessarily make it in the biz.  some of the best never won.  i like watching the show to see the new talent.  but the voting and the judges are absurd.  i miss simon and even kara.

  45. I have to admit…you’re right. Hollie was probably the best last week. She had a great night.

  46. no. one phillip
    no.  two skylar
    no.  three jessica
    no.  four elise
    no.  five  hollie
    no.  six Joshua

  47. when is someone going to sing halleluah?  its a gorgeous song and i think either joshua or jessica would do it proud

  48. I THINK phillip and skylar will be the final two. this week elise will leave then josha then jessica. holly will be in top 3.. unless votes are fixed this is how i see it going down 

    • Yes this show is American Idol.  These people who call their favorite singers as African -American or Mexican/Asian- American, they are not
      aware that their contestants are losing votes because of their isolationist
      attitude or maybe insecurities. I know it’s part of their culture but please don’t rub in it to us.  We think ourselves as Americans and united not apart because of our fore-father’s culture.  We know we are all sons and daughters of immigrants coming into this country of USA.  I bet these people who are bragging about their contestant because she or he is of the same skin even she or he is only 50% of their race.  

  49. jessica is an epitomy of perfection (as a singer), unfortunately the world hates perfection, it wants a reflection of its own, which is imperfect. the world envies perfection to the point that it hates it.

  50.  I think all the performers are fairly close in talant this season. Last week my favorite (Elise) was the worst of the bunch, along with Colton. Other weeks, she is the best. Holly was very impressive last week. Phillip, is always good, but rather a on trick pony. Jessica and Joshua are always good vocally, but seldom touch my soul emmotionally. And Skylar has some strong weeks some average weeks. All I can say is this season it is rather hard to predict who will win. And that might be why I like it so much.

  51. Sometimes today’s singers are too focused who can hit the highest notes and has the biggest voice. They lose the soul.

    • You know, I agree with you. And as much as I consistently like the vocal ability of Jessica and Joshua, I seldom ever feel a emmotional connection with their performance. And that migh be why I like Elise, Hollie and Phillip more than either of those two.

      • I think because you don’t appreciate black music…. Everyone has different taste in music..that’s why you can’t connect, but it doesn’t mean your choices are better than mine. YADA, YADA, YADA!

      • Robertomcat … You are probabley correct about me not being a big fan of gopsell music. But, I was not aware the gospel music is what is considered as “Black music” … in this age of rap and diva pop. If anything, gospel music (which requies  good voice) is the polar opposite of rap.Which reqires little more than a pounding base beat.

  52. @Anybody – not sure everyone knows what “drinking the koolaid” means.  Rev. James Jones slaughtered hundreds of people at Jamestown by having them drink poison that was infiltrated in the koolaid.  This has been a saying thrown around for yrs and sucks as a large percentage of the dead were children.

  53. we all know who is the best in this competition… 
    its the 16 year old girl.. 
    if this is a SINGING  competition she will win it 100 percent..
    but if  noT …ITS no other than P2 will win… 
    that a fact…

  54. Maybe it is just me… but I reaaaallly want a girl to win… and honestly, any of these would be just fine!

  55. I have watched American Idol from the start, BUT I thought the judges were there to give positive and negative advice. When the judges stand up for one Idol over another I feel it is a slap in the face for other contestants. Randy is  for Joshua and it shows. I thought judges were suppose to be impartial. If this continues I will not watch next season.

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