American Idol 2012 Top 8: Where The Finalists Stand

American Idol 2012 Top 8

American Idol 2012 is getting serious now as we’re at the Top 8, so it’s time to take a closer look at who has what it takes to make it to the end.

I’m going to take a look at each of the remaining contestants and their chances of making it to the American Idol Top 3, Top 2 and the title. And these are just my thoughts, opinions and predictions. Feel free to share yours in our comments section.

Jessica Sanchez. Even though it might be a little early to say it, there’s a big chance Jessica will make it to the Top 3. She has a large fan base and the judges love her. The only reason why I say it might be  a little early is because of what happened to Pia Toscano last season. Pia went home around this time after almost everyone thought she’d be going all the way to the end. And Jessica reminds me of Pia a bit as far as song choice and singing style. I think Jessica does need to connect to the audience a little more to gain a few fans who, like myself, look for a strong connection when the singers perform.

Jessica’s Highest Possible Ranking: Runner-up. Sorry, folks, I still don’t see a girl winning the show. It would be nice, but history has shown us who the voters are. But if any girl can win again, it could be Jessica.

Hollie Cavanagh. I think Hollie’s days are numbered. I used to think she stood a chance of Top 3, but I think she and Jessica are fighting for the same voters. And I think Jessica is probably getting the edge, and will continue to do so. I feel like Hollie would’ve been more popular last season when she had a lot of people rooting for her. But the judges cut her at the Green Mile and this season they didn’t show Hollie until Top 24. She lost a lot of early fans because of lack of airtime.

Hollie’s Highest Possible Ranking: 7th place. I think she might be going home sooner than later.

DeAndre Brackensick. I think DeAndre is one contestant whose performances actually count. You know how some contestants become so popular they can have an off week and it not matter? DeAndre isn’t one of those people. He stands a better chance of staying if he has a good performance and positive judges feedback.

DeAndre’s Highest Possible Ranking: 8th place.  I think he and Hollie will be the next two to go. But it’s hard to say in what order.

Elise Testone. Elise has been gaining momentum after the first couple weeks of being in the bottom. Her performance last week really put her on the map. She has to continue going strong though, because I’m sure there have been a lot of in-the-moment votes for her. So she’s got to keep going long enough to build a real fan base. But right now, I think she’s sitting pretty for a couple weeks. But I could always be wrong.

Elise’s Highest Possible Ranking: 4th place. There’s a chance she could pull a Haley Reinhart and make it to the Top 3, but I think 4th place is where I’m feeling her cut off to be. At best.

Skylar Laine. I’m not sure where the country voters are this year. Last year they were voting for both Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina, but Skylar has already found herself in the bottom 3 and we’re only at the Top 8. So all my theories on Skylar are out the door. I think she might want to take Jimmy’s advice and sing a song with a strong chorus and hook. She needs to have a major week this week to not return to the bottom.

Skylar’s Highest Possible Ranking: 6th place.

Phillip Phillips. Phillip has a lot of fans. And the judges love him. And Jimmy loves him. I think there’s little Phillip can do no wrong, but he might want to stick to familiar songs for a couple weeks, just to make sure he doesn’t alienate any of his fans. But I think he’s definitely in the sweet spot right now.

Phillip’s Highest Possible Ranking: Winner. And please don’t accuse me of being some biased teenage girl in love with Phillip (I’m a guy, for starters). This isn’t my opinion or where I’d personally rank him, it’s just what I’m going on right now. To be honest, I think it’s time for a girl to win again. I’d love to see Elise or Jessica win this thing. But do I think that will happen? No comment.

Joshua Ledet. Joshua is a wild card right now. He’s a great singer, but he’s going to end up painting himself into a corner with all the gospel take on things. Just like Jacob Lusk, last season. He needs to do something unexpected. I think he is probably the best singer in the contest, but maybe not the most interesting.

Joshua’s Highest Possible Ranking: 5th place. I think Elise and Joshua will go home around the same time. And depending on which one goes first, they’ll get the judges’ save. As long as it’s by 5th place before it goes out of play.

Colton Dixon. I think Colton is going strong right now. And I’d love nothing more than to see who has more votes each week between him and Phillip. The fact that there are two guys making the girls go wild could be good for Jessica. The two guys could end up splitting the votes and pushing Jessica to the top. I think Colton will eventually annoy some people with his praise and worship songs, but by the same token, he might gain some fans others wouldn’t because of those song choices. I get  a bit confused when it comes to who will outlast whom between Phillip and Colton and Jessica. At any rate, I think there’s a strong chance that will be your Top 3.

Colton’s Highest Possible Ranking: Runner up. RIght now I’m leaning more toward 3rd place behind Phillip and Jessica. But it could be a two-man Top 2 again.

Of course it’s still early and things can chance. And I’ll make another assessment when we get closer to the end. But right now this is just how I see things. How are you seeing things?




  1. thank you for your opinion, i really agree with you for jessica’s part. as she reminds me of pia toscano… she really sounds great, but need to connect with the audience more…

      • Def. I can connect with her! Based on the review..I think the pia toscano this year is hollie(though she is not good as pia)..jessica is versatile..

        I really do hope that this season will end up with a Jessica-colton: philip-jessica finals…

        my rank: 
        1. jessica 
        2-3. philip or colton
        4. joshua
        5. elise
        6. hollie
        7. skyler
        8. deandre

      • I`m not interested  watching AI. My sister and some old friends posted a vids of Jessica singing The Prayer, Boom! I instantly connect with her! She`s the reason why i got interested watching AI now.. so what are you talking about??

    • no connections?? did u recently visited  a website called you tube? and if u did.. look how many views she got.. :))

    •  you cannot connect with someone you never like, because your heart and mind is close when it comes to that person.. or just because she doesn’t look at the camera when she sings it already means not being able to connect.. she is always looking at the live audiences and the judges.. besides, people should be able to connect more with the song being performed rather than the artist.. and I think most people knew that Jessica is on a level untouchable by the other hopefuls.. that’s the reality..

  2.  Jessica Sanchez is my favorite this year! go Jessica! I think she can win this season 🙂

  3. I believe that when connecting to the audience, JSan doesn’t have any issue to that department. IMHO, it depends on the viewers on who they liked best, on who they can feel a connection with. And you cannot deny, that 3million+ views (and counting) on Youtube (summation of all the views of JSan on AI account) is a living proof, that Jessica Sanchez, connected to her audience. Numbers don’t lie, do they? It is just a matter of the viewer’s perspectives.

    •  Agree! Jessica Sanchez is my top favorite this year, followed by Elise and Phillip. 🙂

    • guys are wearing me down with this already.   Jessica, Phillip…ain’t going 2 make you any better or richer or happier for more than ten minutes after the show.   Whomever wins, wins…yay

  4. I think Jessica has a lot of fans too. More than Phillips. 
    I’m just making a point based on the weekly polls here and around the web.

    Jessica and Phillip will be the finalists for sure.

    Hollie reminds me of Pia. Jessica is versatile, I think. It’s not all belting, she’s a mix of belting and holding back and upbeat. Whereas Phillip is the same old style. He will still get the votes up til top 2, David Cook won because he was mixing it up.

    My opinion is Jessica as the winner, Phillip as runner-up.

  5. I feel    the  bottom  will be   colton,  jess and philip with  th   winner     will be  jessica

  6. Branden, I agree with you. Jessica will not win this.  I guess her best spot will be third after Colton and Phil.
    BTW do you really believe that Hollie and Skylar were bottom 3 last week? I doubt it. I guess it’s more shock therapy for both of them to step-up their game against Jessica and Elise.

    • really >>> They can manipulate the votes … If this is true, Then, Why r we watching ??

      • I heard rumor somewhere else about it. I hope it’s not true…

        I like Hollie and Skylar and expect them to go far, at least big 5.

      • Look at Twitter! So far Colton has the most followers who vote! Last week he gain 20,000 in one day! Never forget the power of tween voters! Phillip is second with Jessica third. Elise has a great voice but she is too gruff on twitter and doesn’t connect with people. She comes off as too phoney!

  7. DeAndre has been my favourite since the show started,no matter how good the others pull it it off..HIS voice is just SO SO Unique,..actually cant wait to buy his cd’s….

  8. I like Holly and Skylar the best, of course I am a big fan of country music. I think we have a lot of great singers this year. However, if someone else were to win, I would not be unhappy. I do think we need to be fair and give everyone the same chances. I think that does not happen when the judges give some a standing ovation and tell everyone to pick up the phone and vote for others. This is so bias I am surprised it is allowed!

    • i agree. it was quite ridiculous the judges did a standing ovation 5 times. it kinda diminishes the value and impact of standing ovations. i am a jessica sanchez fan and supporter. but for that night, it was elise alone who deserved the ovation. jessica and the others would be good enough for just long applauses and good comments.

  9. Well explained opinion Branden. To all Jessica Fans let support her till the end. Hope Jessica will win.

  10. If things go as I expect them to, Phillip will definitely win but if the voting was based solely on talent the winner would be DeAndre Brackensick. He is the most unique among all the remaining contestants and has the widest vocal range. I think that DeAndre has the greatest potential to go on to have a huge recording career. All the rest of the contestants are talented but they don’t bring anything new and refreshing to the table. Of course neither did Scotty McCreery or Lauren Elaina so that doesn’t mean squat I’m afraid. So hopefully America will find something exciting and special in DeAndre’s vocals and keep him around for a while longer but I fully expect Phillip to win the whole thing.

    DeAndre fans we got to pull out all the stops this week. If we want to keep him in it and show the nay-sayers that they haven’t got a clue we all need to vote, vote, vote and power vote!!!!!!!!! Everyone is counting him out and not giving credit where credit is due. Let’s not let them be right. We got to make it happen. It’s up to us!  

    • I cant agree with you more. Based on talent…..Deandre is the best!!!! His performances and his voice are so different from the other ones.  I’ve watched all the idol seasons and as long as i can remember I’ve never seen such a contestant like Deandre. All the other ones reminds me of  a contestant that I’ve already seen the past seasons…….he’s so unique!!!

    • Taymaro, I know you’ve been very outspoken for Drandre, and I’m gonna try not to offend any Dre fans, but I strongly disagree that he has more range than any other contestant. He sings in a tender voice ebb hr doesn’t go into falsetto, but it’s all one tone. But his falsetto is what a lot of people dont care for. When he is in his falsetto, he shows no range at all, besides going from his normal falsetto to a very high pitched….shrill maybe (what it sounds like to me anyway, sorry), but it’s all in his falsetto, and that’s not range because it is still in that same style of voice, just goes from soft to loud. Joshua is the contestant with the most musical range than anyone, with Jessica right behind him. Deandre has two sounds, normal low tender and falsetto, no range in that. Listen ti Josh and Jessica at how many different sounds they produce, that’s Range, that’s Not Deandre. That’s why the finals should be Josh and Jess, they do more with their abilities than anyone.

      • We just have to agree to disagree because I have heard DeAndre sing in many different tones and styles and the shocking thing for me is that none of it sounds bad. Joshua’s voice sounds whiny and shrilly to me. I don’t know how it sounds to others. But where you can compare just about everyone else to one musical instrument or the the other by their vocal tone. I could only describe DeAndre as the “entire orchestra”. That’s just my opinion. Everyone has their own idea of what art truly is.

      • True. I think they are all talented and all will have success because of fans and supporters like us. The world would be a very boring place is everyone agreed on everything. Music is universally appealing due to the vast amounts of variety that comes along with it. Thank goodness we are free to find what type is appealing to us. No wright, no wrong, just preference 🙂

    •  I must be watching a different show   Deandre should be at the bottom of the pack   He has no range, he screeches and his falsetto  was terrible — I had to leave the room..

    • I would quit watching American Idol if Deandre won.  I cant stand his screeching.  My opinion of course… but he is the one I hat FF on the remote as soon as I can.

    • For a contest named American IDOL, I wouldn’t judge on talent alone. Talent is only 50% of what being an idol really is. Stage presence, star power and audience impact comprise the other half. Talent is not everything and there definitely are a lot of talented people. But for American Idol, it should be the whole package and not just talent. So, they should all hone that other 50% to make up for the 50% that they already achieved over time.

      I believe anybody could really be the next American Idol as long as they prove it on stage week every week. They should keep impressing people. It’s not even the votes that matter because after Idol, if they have that star quality they can always be famous and considered idols.

      American Idol is a really good starting point for them to harness their star power. If they just realized it, they all can do it. 🙂

  11. jessica is a brilliant singer, but as we all know, the brilliant singers rarely win.  in any event, this little girl will be making records for a long, long time.  elise was awesome last week and skylar was adorable.  the win at this point is still up in the air.  but at least we’re getting rid of the dead wood

  12. Colton – Philip – FINAL TWO!  It is a tossup right now and will depend on their song choices from now on.  Both are stars and deserve to be the final two this year.  Jessica – probably third, but she is getting very tiresome.

    • Jessica  is phenomenal! She has poise,style ,a  fantastic voice & is versatile–very versatile!  Philip is also very good & so cute & down-to-earth ( like Scotty McCreery) however, not as versatile… Jessica is the standout!! She deserves to win this!!
      Don’t count out Joshua Ledet – I think he is also brilliant!
      Phil and Colton are great-Jessica is the total package….
      I love DeAndre because of his unique gifts ,talents & genuine/authenticity!!

    • Jessica , Joshua and Deandre r much better than ur Philip and Colton dude !! :))

    • Could not agree more.  I really enjoy listening and watching both and I am an “oldie” – not a teenage girl.

  13. ” And Jessica reminds me of Pia a bit as far as song choice and singing style. I think Jessica does need to connect to the audience a little more to gain a few fans who, like myself, look for a strong connection when the singers perform ”  
     I will feel free , THIS IS TOTAL RABISH …

    • HI Branden :
      Hollie sang  almost 5 to 6 Ballads in a row and yet she isn’t like Pia .
      Pervoiusly >> Phillip can do wrong and NOW There’s alilttle can do Wrong !!!!   If u only sticked to ur openion. After all, it’s ur openion and yes u will be criticized for but to say opposite  now ..WHY ??
      to please who ??? C’mon …..

    • check her yout ube views and weekly polls .. i think ur not deaf only u r also blind.. :))

    • Yeah, there is just something about Jessica that I’m not getting. She is technically a good singer, although I think she needs to work on her vibrato–slow it down a bit and not over-do it. It reminds me a bit of a really well-programmed player piano–technically perfect but just something missing. I know I’ll get slammed for that but as a pro concert and recording player, I have had the good fortune of backing some incredible vocalist over the years. Although I’d be fine backing her, I have worked with many who are much better. Just my take folks…

  14. I cannot agree more. I think you’re right Branden!!I think all d way Phillips and Colton will be top 2. But I believe it’ll be power of the teenies..

    • Dear Lord, keep the faith.  The teenies love Jessica.  She has a very good chance of taking this thing.  I just wish her fans would come down to earth and not HATE all of the other contestants just because they LOVE her. As  posted above, if Jessica reads some of the comments her so called fans make..she would gringe.

  15. Probabilities dictate that Jessica is the strongest of all the contestants. If being objective, let the numbers in YouTube viewing sums it all. You may add up all of the other contestants’ and still come up short than jessica’s. She will win in the finals. As of the moment, the bigger picture is, she had won the world already!

    • The people watching JSan vids on youtube are not the ones voting like maniacs on Wednesday nights.  Teens texting will determine the winner as they have for the last 4 years.  You may vote up to 50 times for your fave.  Teens grab every cell phone in the house [mom’s, dad’s sib’s etc] the landline and the computer and vote a thousand times for their fave.  Until they limit the number of votes per device the winner will always be the cutest guy.

      • Seems you are just interested in bashing Jessica. Your postings look concentrated on just contradicting positive postings on her. What’s your pleasure?

      • No wonder I didnt bother to watch the show since Melinda Dolittle was voted off.   What is the point of voting in a corrupted scheme?
        Jessica brought me back to the show.
        What more connection do they want?

      • AI already picked the winner for this year .. same as last year .. Scotty already forgot some lyrics and still end up the winner..just enjoy the show !!! :))

      • I`m a young  lady and I love this girl Jessica 16? she got so beautiful voice,  she will be a good example of an Idol. Her hard work and determination to win… I`m amazed of her will power to keep going on  to achieved her dreams you can see there`s magic on her stage presence..  she really loves singing she learned it without anyone teaching. She`s extremely talented, she will win.  she`s  deserving  every bit of it!  Parents and old people love her and I`m gona vote for her  if  it needs to be like crazy  I`m ready!

    • That’s why Jessica’s fans and those of the other contestants as well should imitate the tweens and vote like crazy. It’s the only way to override their control over the voting results. 

    • but some of that people can’t vote in there country….voting is not available in there.that is the biggest problem,can you help them to find a way to vote ,your help is much appriciated.

  16. its not that she cannot connect with the audience depends on that person whos watching her..if ur mindset is disliking her when she performs surely you feel not connected with her..i think thats the bestway  how to describe all that “not connected” thing your talking..

  17. I wish jessica could do a remake of “Break my Stride” by Matthew Wilder way back 1983 but a mix of reggae, rap, hiphop dance and synchpop. It would be a big hit then….

  18. While a two-girl finale is now a distant dream, I still believe Jessica Sanchez can win. I think she does connect with us, and has THE best voice this year… Next year at this time, she will be receiving a Platinum Certification for her debut album from Jimmy Iovine… 🙂

  19. By the way, I think Colton has the younger girls’ vote, while Phillip has the older women’s vote. So yes, both could make it to the finale (shudder, hope not….! Time for a girl to win!!!)
    All I have to say is Please, please, please VOTE for your favorite!!! Nobody is safe!!!

  20. This is the best season by far!!! I love them all, and feel confident it will be hard to choose!!! I think Skylar needs to sing her butt off like before, she is selling herself short! She is a great singer

  21. Brendan please…could you stop the “not connecting with audience” thingy? It is plain and simple that you’re not a Jessica Sanchez fan, that’s why you can’t connect with her. You’ve write as if you asked the millions of people who’s watching AI if they were getting her or not. If Jessica wasn’t connecting, she will never going to have a huge fan base and can be voted off even before Erika.

  22. “if Jessica goes home, we should all go home.”
    If Phillip has a lot of fans, how come Jessica is always number 1 on polls.

    • Because people voting in the poll are not the ones voting a thousand times for P2 and Colton.

    • Vegas odds have Phillip Phillips as the winner.  I was starting to get down with Jessica, now after reading all this crap about PP, it makes me think Team Jessica wants to start a war.  I’m sure she wouldn’t be happy people were representing her this way.

  23. Wow it’s weird that what Branden is writing here is what I have in mind, like 90% of it. Strange!

  24. Branden, I disagree with you. Jessica will win. She can connect. Maybe not to you because, from your articles, I feel her style doesn’t really suit you. You say Phillip will win and say it’s not your opinion? What then is it? The Truth? The Fact? I’d rather you say it’s your opinion so I can respect it. 

      • Just because of some data on pattern from previous seasons doesn’t make his analysis factual or even accurate. He interpreted the data the way he saw it, that made it an opinion.

  25. Philips’ voice was so unique eventhough he is a great vocalist/rock singer…Jessica Sanchez still the best cause she deserves the title she knows how to sing any kind of songs Jessica and Philip have an edge cause first of all philip can get a high grade from the judges but not in votes voice,instrumentality,unique, check! but apperance and poise..i don’t know…and finally for Jessica she got it all!!! from the judges and voters, from her voice, creativity, originality, standing out every performances, appearance…check! i don’t care that she’s not beautiful but voice can carry her beaty…”)

  26. Every week it’s like Phillip is singing the same song. He has no versatility and only depends on his growl.

    • 100% agree !!! he is monotonous. people are starting to get bored. one day we will ask for versatility from him

      i just dont understand some people are quick to criticize jessica  asking her to be versatile which she is already doing but with Phillip ???? is he verastile at all???

      • I listened to the original artists of the songs and compared it to Phillip’s rendition..he sang it all at the same tone and totally ruining the songs.

      • at first philip is entertaining. but it is the same thing all over again. he makes the songs of other people his song by constantly growling like a lion. if he cuts an album always sings like that, i’d be bored by the third song. he is a one-dimensional singer. colton is much more talented, and jessica is much more versatile and the total package.

    • i agree too..and im tired seeing him sing like his in pain all the the question now is at this point is he up to the challenge to change a bit so that viewers satisfy to the praise he gets  every week but same performance..i dont get it.

      • Can you even imagine that he will going to do that in a 2-hour concert? GROWL! GROWL! It’s like seeing someone transforming on Dragon Ball Z  :p

    • Seriously.  Are you sure you’re not thinking of Colton?  Phillip is AMAZING and btw…growl…we’re listening to different Phillips.

    • Agree! An Idol shouldn’t be just good looks, i want to see him singing a ballad song and how will he connect to the audience and how will he put emotions to the song, maybe by then i can say if he deserves to be an American Idol…

    • true, i do not see any variety of Phillip’s songs, just shouting, growling. i like him as a person, but to win this thing is not an idol thing. his voice range is limited…

  27. No matter how hard I try, I can’t connect with Philip…different songs every week but same tone and approach…monotone. Is that the ideal AI winner?

    • Growling is like listening to a lion or a  tiger, it`s not pleasant at all… atleast do it smoothly but its just the same old growling at the end, try something new to show your versatility.  AI winner? Nope!

  28. Hi Branden,

    A pretty good analysis of the standings so far.  We usually have a surprise or two around this time in the competition.

    Although I am no longer speculating in who will win, it doesn’t matter to me this year.  Win or loose , Elise has become my favourite singer among the 8 left and I am basing this on how much I like her style of singing.

    At this point in the competition I say they are all ok, no one really stood out
    for me as the best since they are so different from one another and that is good since we are going to witness a variety of styles from Deandre’s falsetto,  to Joshua’s Gospel Soul , Philip’s unique style , Jessica and Hollie’s
    power house , Skylar’s country flavour and Elise’s smooth and effortless singing.  At least it won’t be boring from here on.

    Who goes home this week is  a difficult one to speculate especially that
    there are so many good songs they can choose to sing.  The one that choose
    a monotonous, boring and overdone song should go home.

    Keep up the good work Matt and Branden.

  29. Standing Ovation don’t measure a good singers (from jessica’s last performance..

  30. Jessica has great audience connection in my opinion.  In fact, she is the best at it plus an undeniable stage presence. I like Phil. He does have charisma but I want to hear him sing a really melodic song – a stripped down ballad –  just to see if he can do it and can sing on key. Up to this point, he has done songs which clearly hid his flaws well.  

    • Couldnt agree more! I like both jessica and philip (in this order). So far ive already seen jessica’s range and versatility. I want to see philip do songs other than what he was doing in past. I want to hear his voice minus the growling… And without his guitar. Only then will i be convinced if i could rate him at par with jessica 🙂

  31. I don’t see Jessica as a “Pia Toscano” of this season. I think we can move on with that disgraceful event last season. Also, Jessica couldn’t be restricted to purely ballad and slow melodies just because the judges say so. If they can still remember the group song she performed with Deandre and Candice, Jessica displayed not only her smooth, powerful side of voice but also the raspy tone. Her voice cannot be restricted to ballads alone. 

    Rather, I can see Jessica as a female “Adam Lambert” of this season. I am a fan of Jessica but as we have witnessed since season 8, the best vocalist rarely gets the title. I don’t know if that is even plausible, but I can see this as a reason why Jessica won’t win……and by the way, anyone who made it far on Idol didn’t need to win the whole thing to make it big.  😉

  32. I feel Elise has connected with the audience bif time. She is getting better and better each week and look for another “great” song this week.

    Elise, in my opinion, has the best voice out of all contentents. She has the whole package, and is out of her shell. Watch out everyone.

    I cannot understand Phil P’s popularity. To mee, he has a controled scream. No tone at all. Oh well I guess I’m getting old.

    Elise, can sing any genre, Haley R. cannot. Benny and the Jets was lame in my opinion.

    Go Elise….

  33. Deandre and Joshua scream and sound like girls alternately while JSan sings like a bird but is too young to take possession of songs and emote that to audience. Elise has interesting voice but ultimately just won’t be versatile enough. The Colton Hollie Skylar crew just sound like any other country twangy mess on the radio today. PPhillips has it all, the whole package. If he doesn’t win they should just change the name of the show to American Bonehead.

  34. Well Branden — a well thought out article.  I agree with you on most parts….. but looking at Idol Past — it makes sense how you see it play out.  I see it very similar to you……..

    8th – Hollie
    7th – DeAndre
    6th – Joshua
    5th – Skylar
    4th – Colton
    3rd – Jessica
    2nd – Elise
    1st – Phillip

    The reasoning is simple — there is starting to be Jessica Backlash — she peaked too early.  Elise has the ability to adjust to the song — Jessica sounds like she’s doing Karaoke — I even can see Jessica coming in 4th — with Colton 3rd…..

    Joshua doesn’t have the diversity he needs.  I love his voice — his success will strictly be due to how the theme weeks flow — he has at least 2 more weeks of getting through on his voice.

    I just hope when it gets to Top 6 — that he gets a song he has heard of — then he might get to top 5….

    But, overall, nice article!

    • Jessica > Karaoke !!!    And u put her 3rd !! WEIRD !!

      Just keep voting and we will see …

    • From your mouth to God’s ears!  That is the order I would have chosen too, but have a feeling it will be Jess.

    • And only few people liking your comment…  I like Elise too but putting Jessica on third??  It will be Jessica on 1st. I hope Elise can top the guys for second…

  35. You’re right on about the tween girl vote.  It’s hard for a girl to win.  Jessica and Elise are the best singers, but will probably lose out to a guy.  Really doesn’t matter though, technically they’ve already won since they made the top 10, plus winning the title is no guarantee  of a career.

    Jessica needs to go up-tempo and try to connect to the girl voters.  She’s proven she can sing a ballad already and those voters would connect more to something uptempo and contemporary.  She’s got great videos of herself singing Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and Rihanna on YouTube, plus she can even rap!

    Colton and Phillip are splitting votes (so are Jessica, Hollie, and Elise).  If she can steal some of the guys votes, she’ll can make the top two and possible win.

  36. Wow, this season started off so slow and boring,but now it’s like BOOM! This is one of the best seasons I’ve ever seen! Mostly thanks to Jessica, Colton and Phillip, to some extent Hollie and Joshua…
    And I think I really like the judges panel now. Even better than Randy, Paula and Simon…! YES I DO! Steven, Jennifer and Randy have some wonderful energy and really draw me into the show. As someone who has watched the show since it’s inception in 2002, I think this is one of the best ever seasons! And all those who say that us old women only vote for cute young guys, I’m 64 years old and power vote for Jessica every week!

    • Thanks Doris_981. If women voters are thinking like you..Jessica will surely win.

      • I`m a young woman and i know those guys are really cute but  I love Jessica my parents and my sisters love her too. It`s all because of her real and total performance and her amazing voice power and controll. And let`s all admit it she got a bautiful voice to envy.. ohhh… amazing!

    • I just can’t rap my head around Jennifer, Steven & Randy being better judges than Randy, Paula and especially Simon (who was the most honest judge EVER!).  JMHO

      • Simon was not the most honest judge.  He was just the one most willing to take an unnecessary pot shot at someone.  Although sometimes at guys, he usually got real tough with the girls. Lisa Tucker, Carly, couldn’t remember Haley S’s name that one time, Shiobhan couldn’t win w/ the guy even though she was great.  Didi is another one.  There’s a whole slew of girls he got tough with. 

        When a guy got tough with him back, we saw the true sissy in Simon come out.  Micheal Lynch was a dink.  I’m not disputing that.  Still, he basically pansified Simon, & Simon sat there like a little squirrel.

        Simon was basically an effiminate bully.  Strange one to figure out.  I often wondered if he was picking these kids to be on the show to help them develope or take shots at them.  After their perfomance, so many of these kids used to have this “whew, I got through it” attitude rather than being happy to perform. 

        Oh, & his comments were wrong a lot of times too.  I’ll give him the thing he said about Carrie.  Then again, to predict that an excellent singer (Carrie) who was going into the biggest market (country) was going to be the biggest seller from American Idol would be sorta like me predicting Wayne Gretzky was going to win a scoring title. 

        Steven started out slow last year.  He knows what it’s like to play in front of no people & work his way up though.  He’s also a pretty decent guy.  There’s other sites on people who’ve met celebs.  Generally Steven gets pretty good comments on the average person who’s met him.  The same can’t be said about Simon (or JLo for that matter). 

        Steven’s dad didn’t hand him the keys to a music studio like Simon’s did.  He had to work his way up.  Therefore he’s got an understanding of where these kids are coming from where as to Simon they’re on stage to be his personal punching bag. 

        I know Jimmy Iovine isn’t a judge, but I’ll take the current judges-even if I don’t like Lopez- with Jimmy’s comments a day later, over the previous regime.

      • I don’t know any true Idol fan that wanted Simon to leave.  Except possibly the cry babies who said he was too mean.   Jennifer doesn’t do it for me..oh baby you gave me the goosies.  Shut up.

      • Essa,

        Azz kissers like you probably liked the guy.  Keep bowing down at the guys’ feet.  He likes people like you.  We do agree on Jblow though.  I can’t stand her.  Overall though, the judges + Jimmy are better now than in the past.  Replace Jblow with someone like Melinda Doolittle and Randy with pretty much anyone and it would be better.

        I’m not saying the judges now are perfect.  They’re better than before though.  My lasting image of Simon is Miceal Lynch pansifying the guy.

      • Phyllis, I agree. Steven’s best comments are always during the auditions. After that everything is beautiful. I’m not sure if Jennifer’s “goosies” are a  rash or a draft, and Randy ran out of original comments two years ago at least. Simon was the one judge who told it like it was. Sometimes he was a little harsh, but he never would have given out 5 standing ovations in one night. When someone got a standing ovation from him, the performance was exceptional!

    • wow, ma’am… way to go! Keep power voting for Jessica, votes are not wasted with such talent like her! 🙂

  37. I kinda agree with you! I think the top three will be Jessica, Colton and Phillip!

  38. Branden? is this really you? what on earth happened to you? sudden change of heart commending jessica now huh? Woke up from a sweet dream?

  39. Branden….You kind of said it all.  I feel that Phil P. will definitely be in the Top 2.  I’d be very surprised if he isn’t.  I really don’t feel that a girl has any shot at this because of the younger generation and their voting skills.
    Best vocals to me is Jessica without a doubt but this is a very finicky group of voters……..too bad because she can really sing.

  40. What I’m wondering is who’s selling the most on i-Tunes?  That’s a pretty good indicator of who truly has the most fans.

    All in all a pretty good assessment.  I think in a 1 vote system-or limited votes- a case could be made for any of the top 7 except Deandre. 

    I’d only disagree a wee lil bit on ya comparing Elise to Haley.  Similar runs by both of em in that they started out in the bottom.  So I agree there.  The difference I think is Haley was by far the best one last year, along with James.  This year Elise, while she’s very good, has 6 others who are pretty close to her in ability.

    This year I think is more going to be what style of music does someone like?

    And the comment ya made about Skylar/Country votes.  Yea, the fact that she’s in the bottom already makes me think last years voting was rigged.  Skylar is easily better than both Scott & Lauren.  If there’s all these country votes, as suggested last year, then no way should she be in the bottom.

    • Skylar is seriously deficient in one key attribute that Scotty and Lauren have in spades.  It’s charm.  Country music fans want to like their singers.  Skylar is too brash, too wild and not nearly charming enough.  She’s too much of a tomboy and dresses like trash.  She won’t last much longer.

    • I think Scotty and Lauren looked so much nicer than Skylar. Likability may be the reason. Also maybe the AI producers are not giving her good spots.

  41. No doubt Phillip FTW, but would love to hear him singing ballads at least once..

    • I agree. While Jessica is my personal favorite, I realize that there’s a real chance she might not win.  In that case, Phil would be most acceptable,  as he seems to be a genuinely likeable guy and is really passionate about his music.  But I think he should do at least one song where the melody has not been customized to his style, much like what Casey James did with Jealous Guy and Dont two years ago.

  42. One of the problems with AI is that a lot of people who vote for the best voice have either gone away to funnier things (hello Modern Family) or are just watching recorded episodes after voting has been done.  

    I still feel there is no way the best voice/most deserving wins (i.e. Jessica) but for once I would be more than happy to be proven wrong.

    • very true. i usually watch the recorded version over the weeken.  no patience with the endless commercials. or there’s  a ny ranger game on or there’s survivor.  and yes, the best voice does not always win.

      • Case in point…Adam….Daughtry……James…….Haley..etc…..

      • I knew a girl who megavoted Lee every week before she even saw the show..not that she liked him so much, she hated Crystal.  She wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box…but I’ve heard others that have done similar things to try to make their favorite win.

      • And sometimes it does get boring, yeah? Especially now with those group numbers. Ugh. 

  43. I’d rather choose joshua than philip..but still Jessica sanchez for the win no matter what..i hope this year  the girl winner drought in AI will over

  44. Everyone’s looking at these contestants the wrong way. You have to look at them as if you would buy their album when the show ends. Their style of singing, their music genre, and voice all matter. If one of those 3 things don’t mesh with you then don’t even consider the contestant. Right now considering those 3 things I see myself buying PHILLIP, ELISE, HOLLIE, or SKYLAR’s albums. The rest seem like boring albums or blah to me regardless of how good they can sing(ex Jessica/Joshua). 

    P.S. Can’t wait for Haley Reinhart’s album. Her music sounds classy and funky and full of soul like real good music from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s. In today’s “music” Haley’s blast from the past is much needed. That’s why I voted for her last year! Please vote for the good music not just the good singers!

    • even your haley reinharts bet is Jessica sanchez..thats for sure and no one in ur list that im going to buy their album.. and as u mentioned them they are the one boring to me..

      • you are right! I agree Jessica has probably the best voice in the competition. She has powerful lungs for being so small and young. Just personally I am not a fan of R&B and looking at her song choices and style I feel she may make that kind of music. Old R&B was the best, but now I feel it went downhill. Thank God for Beyonce and Rihanna.  Maybe Jessica can save it who knows.. 

    •  I can’t think about it that way because I can tolerate most music, and I would just over think it and get in my own head trying to think about whether I would listen to them on the radio.  Honestly I would probably listen to all of them on the radio but for some reason when I actually think about it I can’t imagine listening to Phillip, and I’m actually a fan of his.  When I think about it he comes off as just yelling manly sounds like he’s getting out his frustration but I also know that’s not all he does.

      My favorite type of music, though, is pop and R&B I think but I like some rock and country too.  I’m with you on Beyonce especially but Rihanna as well.  Going off that Phillip is probably the last person I should be voting for actually, but otherwise I like Colton.  I like Jessica too, but I’m just annoyed with singers that sing like she does, i.e the powerful notes and runs like Melanie Amaro, Pia Toscano.  There’s enough of them out there now.  I like Phillip because he’s unique, even if in the end I don’t listen to his music.

  45. I believe the top three will be Jessica, Elise and Phillip (in any order).  4th and 5th…will either be Colton or Joshua.   I still believe Elise is the best singer and has the best potential to sell all kinds of records (CD’s).   Elise has the unique type of voice that anyone can relate to, no matter what your style of music is.  Skyler is too “hard” when she sings.  She does not have the voice or popularity of Carrie Underwood.  Deandre, for me does not cut it.  I don’t care for the high pitched sound…..I don’t hear the words that he is singing.  I also don’t like him jumping all over the stage and shaking his head and hair around?  Sorry…I really do not understand when JLO asked the public to vote for Deandre.  It obviously looked like she wanted to save him last week, but what was she thinking?  Again, I believe all the top 10, and now the top 8 are talented (they can sing much better than I, that’s for sure), but there are just a few standouts for me and they are Elise, Jessica, Phillip, Colton and Joshua.  It should be an interesting week!

  46. The problem with Jessica is the fans. If you look at youtube, do you know how many people got pissed with the fans? I feel sad that this will be another Thia / Pia case again where non Filipino fans detract from her.

    • i think  your one of them  got pissed by the fans because you say something bad bout well thats how they love and show support to thier idols u cant argue to them or else ..

      • No, I was the first one who WARNED them to tone it down a little bit. This was back in top 24 round. I reminded the fans of what happened with Thia and Pia (same situation, it’s like a deja vu).

    • yes..i totally agree with that sometimes fans tend to say anything they want without knowing the consequences to  their idols…but lets accept the fact that we cant stop them they are in their own ..

  47. JESSICA Sanchez for the win!!! JSans let’s VOTE VOTE VOTE for her big time!!! As in, big time! And when i say big time, we’ll vote for her till we drop! LIKE if you will participate in this voting campaign for Jessica! :)))) 

  48.  Elise  should sing 
     Hall and Oates classic, ‘I Can’t Go For That’   I heard a great version of the song by a musical group Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers  on facebook.   A Fan Debbie Johnson from San Diego California.

  49. Branden..your views is quite misleading to all the AI fans.. next time be honest and accurate.. :))

  50. I agree a lot. Colton and Phillip for the win. Personally, I think Jessica is going down, I like Hollie and Elise the most out of the girls. But I still think – COLTON AND PHILLIP FOR THE WIN!!! This year, I want 2 people to win SOOO badly!!!

    • where is philips voice?  he’s like a wolf growling all the time. Every week the same performance, the same tone… I’m so bored!

      • It seems whenever a performer sings in a rock style (that some people like for it’s passion) there are alway a certain number of fools who will call that style of music “growling” or screaming”. And I guess if I grew up in a 1950’s, era of blandness were all music was supposed to sound alike … I might agree. So, I can not agree with that part of your post. But, I will agree the Phillip sure does seem to sing the same song EVERY week, with just the lyrics changed around.

    • Olivia please open ur eyes … do u have tv radio and internet ? truth will set u free…. go Jessica :))


  52. At this point in the competition, it seems like the writer has it correct.  Phillip/Colton/Jessica.   However, I’ve got a gut feeling that although I prefer Phillip, Jesssica will prevail.  I’m judging by all of the posted comments over the past few weeks.  It seems girls are really into Jessica.  Whatever, whatever, when it’s over, it’ll be summer for us and $$$$$ for them!

  53. I really hope that Phillip doesn’t win.  If it has to be a guy, I’d rather see Colton win.

  54. ok i will preface this with saying im a hollie fan. however, in the beginning of the season when her performances were near perfection, she was considered able to make it very far. 2 off weeks and she’s supposed to be gone within 2 weeks. obviously, her performances affect her voting. with that being said, i feel that should she 1) go upbeat and 2) bring her vocals back to all the man that i need level. she has showed us she can do both (she killed it in the madonna medley!!) i wouldn’t count her out yet.

    • totally agree, one great performance and she could be back as a front runner with the voters

      • I agree to a certain extent in the sense that Hollie has the vocal chops to do it, but she should have made her move around two weeks ago before she slipped in the rankings.   It is not just the voice that wins you the competition, you must be able to captivate your audience.

    • I’m not gonna beat around the bush. I just don’t want a Brit to win American Idol. A Brit won the X Factor UK(of course), a Brit won the X Factor Australia, a British Virgin Islands girl won the X Factor USA and I supported her. They brought a British artist in to sing on finale night for the X Factor USA. There is talent in the USA. But enough already with the Brits. A person with a US accent needs to win American Idol. I am not picky about race, infact I hope it’s DeAndre. But I would be satisfied with Colton, Phillip, Joshua, Elise or Jessica. Not Skylar though…LOL. And I’m not being prejudiced I am just being patriotic. Do you think the British would vote for a person from the USA to win one of their talent shows? I doubt it. You would have to fake a British accent just like one guy did who auditioned over there and was going to college over their. He never made it past the judges houses and he would compare to any of the contestants we have on AI right now. 

      But I really do hope it’s DeAndre. Justin Bieber = Canadian…he’s not even from the USA. One Direction, a British boy band, is taking this country by storm as we speak. One of their members was on a local radio show and they received 900+ tweets in one hour of questions to ask him. They are playing in Charlotte on June 27th and they are already sold out!!!Where is all the talent in the good ole USA? I think they packed it all into one individual…..DeAndre “Kamele” Brackensick.Everyone don’t forget to Vote, vote and Power vote for DeAndre this week! 

      • Not to get off the subject but I love One Direction.  They will be in Vegas on June 9th and I’m hoping to see them……I could care less as to where they come from…….. they are just great…..!!!!!

      • I think they are very talented but I was just sayin it’s time for some born and raised US Citizens to step up to the plate. Don’t ya think?

  55. I think you are probably pretty spot on with your predictions. If you’re wrong at all I hope it is because Elise sticks around longer. I think she and Phillip have the most potential as real, original artists. But, because of that I think they will both have success post-Idol regardless of how they place in the end.

  56. It’s so funny, Jessica and Hollie are the most likely to make the most money. Girl idol winners always do better in the industry.  Phillip and Colton will be the next Lee Dewyze and David Cook.   

  57. first of all, just cause hollie was in the bottom once doesn’t mean she is bound to go next. a good performance can shoot her right back to the top. AND you claim you don’t know where the country voterss went for skylar since scooty and lauren made it to the finally BUT you maybe forgetting that lauren was in the bottom three very consistantly and always escaped going home..Jessica has the biggest fan base right now and if she can keep it up she has an american idol title in her future! this is how the order of elimination should go..
    8. Deandre
    7. Joshua
    6. Skylar
    5. Elise
    4. Phillip
    3. Hollie
    2. Colton
    1. Jessica

    • lauren in the bottom 3 consistently??? she was in the bottom 2 once during top 5. as much as i love her, haley unfortunately landed in the bottom 3 consistently. glad she stuck around though 

    • Unfortunately, in the AI voting system, fan base does not necessarily equate  to number of votes. One thousand fans voting once each can not compare with 10 fans voting for a thousand times each.

  58. no. of standing ovations if im right…correct me guys if im wrong…
    Joshua – 1
    Elise     – 1
    Heejun -1
    Colton  -1
    Jessica -3

    • How many times have Jessica received standing ovation from the audience?
      If that is not “connection to the audience”, I dont know what is.

    • For me, Hollie at least deserved 1 standing o with her performance of Whitney Houston’s  All the Man That I Need compared to Heejun’s and Deandre’s performances when they received their Standing Ovation 🙁

    • If my memory serves me right, here are the actual standing o’s count:

      Jessica – 3
      Joshua – 2
      Elise – 2
      Heejun – 1
      Deandre – 1
      Colton – 1
      P2 – 1

      • Standing ovations mean nothing this year. As happy as I am that Jessica is getting them, those judges seem high sometimes. 

    • Uhm, Josh has had the exact same amount as Jessica. People need to give this guy more credit. Everybody wants to go over the top for Jessica and say how she’s got the best voice and range and on an on, but I just don’t get why Joshua isn’t getting the credit he deserves on this site. He has just as much, and my opinion more, vocal skills and ability as Jessica. His range is matched by no one. I get it that his gospel based style may not be the mainstream pop that so many voters listen to, but the guy deserves to be recognized for his vocal abilities and range. I wish more people would recognize the pure talent this kid has vocally regaurdless of the type of music you prefer to listen to. I know he’s not going to win this competition, largely based on what everyone has been saying, that the best SINGER hardly ever wins. I don’t listen to gospel and I don’t listen to r&b, but I can recognize talented singers when I hear them, despite wether it’s the type of music I listen to or not. I think they are all very talented and can see why any one of these contestants can be people’s favorites, just wish Josh would get a litte more recognition for his voice instead of his personality, mannerisms, genre and whatever else people put before his voice

      • I agree with you 100%. If one is talking about strictly overall tonal quality of the voice and not looks, connection or stage presance. Joshua and Jessica would be at the top of my list. But, because I personally like to feel a connection to the performance … Joshua drops a couple notches. But, you will never here me say he can not sing.



    • I would not say DeAndre has the best voice in this compition. But, I will agree that he has a great falsetto voice. But, falsetto is hard to listen each and every song. Espcially if it is sung the whole song. Not my favorite style. But, I will agree that he does not get the respect he deserves.

  61. You said that Jessica needs to connect on her songs?  Really????  Are you sure you are listening to the same Season 11?  Jessica is the only one that connects to tell you the truth.  Colton connects as well. Skylar jumps up and down and people say she has stage presence…really?  I can jump up and down on stage and that won’t give me stage presence.  Phillip sings well but it’s the same notes, the same sound, the same constipated facial expression each week.  Imagine having 12-16 songs on a cd with his songs, I don’t know.  Joshua sings very good as well but there are times that he oversings a song.  He is a little more versatile than Phillip but not really.  He sings the same style on each song as well.  When he sang, “When A Man Loves A Woman” that’s the first time he connected with a song.  He and Hollie have a hard time connecting to a song.  This last week was better showing emotion but it was too much where Joshua actually overdid it at the end and choked.  Hollie was emotional at the beginning of her Carrie song and it came out subpar from the original Carrie song.  It came out 3 notches lower than Carrie’s version and thereby getting the bottom 3.  Elise, on the other hand, was amazing this week but because she’s unique, it is also harder for her to find a good song for herself.  Lets see if she keeps it up.  In the beginning she had a problem with her personality and people saw that.  Also, because she’s 28 yrs. old, many younger voters might not relate with her as well like Erika.  In terms of Deandre, again like Elise, he is unique.  It doesn’t mean that uniqueness is always good.  Yes, Marilyn Manson is also unique but even if you pay me money to listen to his songs, I would listen to it.  Deandre’s problem is when he over uses his falsetto in a song.  Falsetto should be the icing on a cake but not the whole cake itself.  If you over use it, it becomes bad for my taste and many people think the same way.  I think Jessica is so mature with her age that I truly think she is Amazing!!!  Her voice has lots of range.  She has that very good slow melodic low tone, a very good mid range voice, and various types of upper range where she can even belt out the highest note.  She has that unique gritty growl and that unique beautiful vibrato.  She also has power in her voice but and has perfect pitch whether in low, medium or high.  She is also the most versatile singer that can sing many genres of music from upbeat songs, ballad, r&b, pop, dance, rap, soul, gospel and urban.  I have a feeling she can even do rock.  She also has that stage presence, good looks and style in clothing.  She’s the total package and it’s no denying why all the guest judges, the actual judges, Jimmy and famous artists like her.  Many artists tweet about her and why do you think that?  No, they are not pimping her or because of favoritism, it’s because she is Exceptional and one of the Best Artists out there.

    • Good grief guy, you sound like a fanatic stalker instead of just a fan. You’ve seen the girl perform 5 times on live tv and already she’s one of the best artist out there, and she can sing any genre, really. Over exaggerated doesn’t even begin to describe your statement. The girl is 16! She’s not the greatest singer in the world like you and so many Jess fans think. She’s on a reality show, she’s not a recording artist, yet. She has not been perfect and flawless in every performance like so many believe. She was out of breath on ‘turn the beat around’ and it was an Average performance. The first half of ‘sweet dreams’ you couldn’t understand what the heck she was saying, and it was beyond boring. Josh, Elise and Phillip have had better performances than her. And she doesn’t connect with a lot of people and some of her songs cause she seems at times robotic and just sings the song with no emotion. I agree with him on that observation. Let the girl get out of diapers before she’s crowned a powerhouse, best singer in the world, diva. Good grief some Jess fans are just way out there and over the top!

      • I’m picturing you with steam coming out of your nostrils when you were writing this post…lol!
        I think you need to relax and have fun. Sorry if Jess’ fans are making you mad….hehehehehe!

      • i hope america wont give u a gun license..coz u have an anger problem … its a just a battle of opinions so dont take it seriously.. and lastly dont mad at me coz im rooting for Jessica.. peace!! :))

    • I so agree with what you said about Skylar and Phillip. Skylar does not even come close to having a good enough voice for country music. As country music is most always about the quality of the voice. And Phillip is talented and unique I will agree. But few of his fans seem to notice that all (and I mean ALL) of his songs are sung exactly the same way. The only thing differnet is the lyrics.

  62. I am really pulling in for Jessica, because I feel that she is the one who deserves it the most.  However, I have to agree with Branden that the tween votes have ruled this competition in the last few years, and may do so again.  

  63. i think there’s no comparison to Pia and Jessica, Jessica has more soulful,distinct  and classy voice with good vibrato and she can sing a song with her  own rendition while Pia Tuscano doesn’t have that.  She’s yelling the song.  Sorry!

  64. I do agree of your opinion. Young girls will be voting for guys, the fact that voters generally composed of girls. Let the two guys Colton & Phillip combat & win the title & let Jessica signed up contract for recording companies. We do believe in talent & end up successful. Jessica Sanchez is a winner in her own right

  65. I love Haley! Please don’t compare Elise with her. Very different level! and Haley is higher by a mile. 😛

    • I am one of those that does compare Elise to Haley. But, only because BOTH were bottom 3 dwellers for some time before people started to notice how talented they are. But, I have to agree … Haley had a certian bluesy style of singing, that Elise does not quite have. But, I wish Elise luck all the same.

      • Ya, you are actually right about them starting low in the bottom 3.  But i don’t know,,, i’m not feeling Elise as compared to what I felt for Haley last year.  Yeah, Elise is good nevertheless. 🙂

  66. And this year, ‘m rooting for Jessica.  Clearly a deserving winner this time.

  67. To Richard:  Very well said, cannot agree with you more.    With all these different talents in the show, it is indeed very hard to select the best singer.   I like these top 12 this year.    Everyone is so so talented in many different ways, that’s why they were chosen.    So it all comes down to the audience’s personal preference and taste.     

     If you like rock music, you will pick Phillip, Colton, Elise.  If you like ballard, you will pick Hollie, Jessica.   If you like country, you will pick Skylar.  

    I do believe Hollie can be a come back kid.   She has one of the best voice in the whole competition.   She can come back and amaze everyone.   
    You can do it, Hollie !!!!!
    So far, if Jessica can keep up with her momentum in the coming weeks, she will be in the finale and be the winner !!!    I find her to be the most versatile contestant in the show:   her voice, her style, her look, her fashions,  her emotional connection with the song every time she performs.   She is so talented that she can sing any style of  songs.

     She is no doubt  a very mature young lady who can  perform in such an extraordinary and  exquisite manner.    A coach can guide her along the way,  but no coach can teach her how to perform  like the way she performs.   Her innate abilities  are inborn !!           

    Wish her best of luck in this journey !!!! !!  All the Jessica fans, please keep VOTING for her !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Not actually hater, just not a FAN. If Jessica happens to be a blue-eyed bloned all-american girl (like Hollie), the author might have a dif’rent opinion. And that’s the TRUTH y’all.

  68. I hope a girl will win this time because all of the guys who won before didn’t succeed..

  69. until now jessica sanchez still talk of the town on how good she is..every single minute i cant imagine her gone in AI till the end

    • If she is in the final two, when they get to sing their fav. song of the season, we all know what that will be…Whitney..then she’s pretty much a lock.

  70. I agree with your predictions, but hoping that Jessica will win this competition. If Phil win this thing I will be happy too because he’s very unique and talented, but not Colton. I love to see Phil and Jessica in the Finale:)

  71. is this a WIFI thing, that jessica really needs to connect
    JESSICA already connected and the internet came fast
    this proves jessica how great she is!!!!

    i dont even know where CONNECT come from this competition

  72. I agree that it might be another male winner again. I really think it’s going to be Philip or Colton who will win. As much as i want Jessica to win here, sad to say with the history of AI voters it’s going to be a guy again. Big factor here is we have two good looking contestants right now Philip and Colton and they are both good singers too. That is why it’s hard to predict a girl to win this season. Remember Jimmy said last week Jessica is a girl power but with past history it’s always guys who win.

    My top four would be:

    The rest doesn’t matter to me.

  73. I fairly believe that Sanchez won’t win this season, but winning isn’t always your passport to stardom. Phillips or Testone might get this, if Testone, like Syesha Mercado or Reinhart, could pull this off with songs that showcases her voice calisthenics. Fan-base measurements, its going to be an onslaught between Phillips and Dixon, but Dixon is a reflection of Sanjaya Malakar when it comes to being famous, all superficial. If Cowell and Kara were still judges on this season, Dixon might not be on the Top 12, they might ‘lead’ some percentage of votes to Sanchez, Cavanagh and Phillips. And with Ledet and Laine, they might be a mish mash of contestantts to go in the later half of the show. Sanchez might end up as Trias, interchangeable with Dixon or Testone for her to move into the finale. Dixon and Testone should give their golds every week so as to avoid the Diva Syndrome (this also applies to frontrunners Sanchez and Phillips) by where America thinks that a lot is voting for that contestant and chose to back the second favorites, which in the end, will shatter solid fan bases. And Brackensick will just go off the competition because of inconsistency and a doublesided stand on the season.

    Right now, I might compare all of them into past contestants under the parameters of how I like them, how people like them and their trends with their performances.

    Phillips – vocals of Yamin, fanbase of Archuleta, luck of Cook, problem with being so great, Diva Syndrome
    Sanchez- vocals of DooLittle, fanbase of Brooke White, luck of Trias, problem with fanbase, might shoo away potential fans
    Testone- vocals of Mercado, fanbase of Hudson, luck of Velasco, problemm with proving so much in so little time
    Dixon- vocals of Malakar, fanbase of Durbin, luck of Archuleta, problem with living up to what people are expecting
    Laine- vocals of McPhee, fanbase of no one, luck of no one, problem with star quality and exaggeration on stage
    Cavanagh- vocals of Underwood, fanbase of no one, luck of Megia, problem with having better singers on the competition
    Brackensick, Ledet- good vocals, less fanbase, no space for the season

    By far, Im a fan of nobody, I wanted to see a girl and a guy at the finale, i really do.

  74. I think it’s time for Jessica fans to start texting like tween girls so Jessica can win this whole thing. She deserves this more than colton and his army of teenage girls. This is just my opinion. I think Colton Is a good singer. I just hate all those annoying teen girls voting for the cutest guy

    • Colton is lucky. Not only does he have all the pre-teen girls who vote solely on who is the cutest, voting for him. He has the vast majority of the Bible Belt voting for him as well. Look what those two voting groups did for David Archeletta a couple seasons back. I think he is in the middle of the pack talent-wise, of the remainging performers. But, with his fan base … I see a first or second place overall finish for him.

  75. It just amazes me that so many people on this site discredit Joshua to this extent. People that say he doesn’t deserve to be there or doesnt deserve to be mentioned as one of the best singers in the competition, or that he doesn’t have the fanbase. He’s gotten more praise by the musical EXPERTS on this show than anybody. They’ve said he probably has the best voice of anybody on the show. Jimmy even said the only one that could of done justice to one of the five most difficult songs to sing was Joshua. They recognize the tremendous voice and talent this guy has, but most people on this site overlook and discredit him when it comes to talking about the best singers on AI. I trust that the judges and Jimmie, people who have had tremendous success in the music industry, know talent when they hear it. He’s not a white pop or country singer so automatically gets discredited on this site because of it, instead of recognizing his voice and how good it is, like the judges and Jimmie see in him. You got fans Josh and you deserve it just as much as anybody does!

    • I agree 100%. I may not be a huge fan of gosple style singing. But, I would be a fool not to see that with the exception of Jessica, he has the best musical voice on anyone remaining on this years show. Is he my favorite? No, simply because I like a defferent style of music. But, I would be foolishing not to recognise his talent.

    • Joshua is definitely a great singer. Jacob Lusk was a great singer. But that type of singing just does not appeal to me. It has nothing to do with race as you implied. Not being pop or country or not being white has zero to do with the fact that the shrilly, gospely sound doesn’t appeal to me. It is amazing in  a church setting and I understand that the ability to hit those notes and the ability to have that vocal range comes from the emotion of his religious back ground. But sometimes it just doesn’t work with mainstream music. When you are in a setting where worship service is going on a voice like his can soar and it is very moving. If he wants to be a religious singer that is fine and he should pursue that definitely. He broke down when he was singing the words “I can’t give anymore” and that was very telling that he is aware that he doesn’t have the support right now. Maybe his support will grow. We don’t think he is a bad singer. We think he is amazing but his style is just not suited for the main stream music industry in that we want to be entertained with emotional music as well as upbeat and fun tunes as well. IMO

      • So the reason he broke down at the end of another amazing performance is because he knows he doesn’t have support? Are you freaking kidding me! What an ignorant comment that was. Nobody in this show is more ‘SHRILLY’ than Deandre, and it’s not even close. He us painful to listen to. Thank goodness for the invention of DVR and the fast forward button!!!

    • I think he has a great voice and stage presence. The problem is he overdoes the theatrics and people like me do not buy that. However, if he does a Michael Jackson this week, which I think he would, he would win me over. 😉

  76. i wish jessica will sing a different song other than ballads…i kind’a expect her to sing that way each week and i know she’s really really good at that. But i feel like, i wanna watch the others’ performances instead,cause it’s interesting to watch how they step up in their performances…just saying ,ok. i still love jessica!!!

    • I also thought of this. I have watched some of her videos and I’m thinking if she could do her *rapping thing in AI. Wahaha. :)) that would be a big surprise and could be surprisingly great~  🙂

  77. I tuned in The Voice last night and have to comment that even with all the liberalism ,laser light show,dancers,and tutors,that AI still has the best talent.What do you think?We should see a super show this week don’t you think?

  78. I hope Skylar stays a few more weeks. I adore her. I’m startin’ to like Elise. And I love Hollie. Skylar, Elise, and Hollie! The rest can go.

  79. I know this is your opinion but I think you are sleeping on Joshua.  I think Joshua will make it to the final 3.  Because he sings so much soul and passion behind his music whether it is more churchy, still puts him on the map along with Jessica and Phillip.


  81. . I hope my ranking will be the same results.

    1. Jessica – has a very big range and a smooth voice
    2. Phillips- soulful and very unique
    3. Hollie – a cute girl and fun to watch. She has a great voice.
    4. Deandre – cool , bluesy and unique
    5. Colton – good but not great. he seems predictable.
    6. Joshua- very great voice but not interesting
    7. Skylar – her voice is cool but sounds the same every week
    8. Elise –  a raspy cool voice but im tired hearing her voice. boring. and not likeable.

  82. Branden jessica is the female winner america’s been waiting for,5 seasons.Guys keep on voting for jess as much as u can and she will win!go jessica,ur not alone!!!

  83. I think it will come down to Phillip and Jessica this year. I would really like to see a girl win because its getting close to point where talented girls are going to stop auditioning for this show if they know there is no chance of them winning. Idol is not the only game in town anymore, there are other avenues these girls can travel.

  84. attention:                                                                                                                                                       to all jessica’s fans please less talk and more vote ,what she needs is vote ,please keep on voting for her,coz in you tube not all the fans of jessica there are voting ,voting is not available some of the countries where jessicasfans are leaving that is a big problem ,we rely only in america .

  85. I agree with the author to on some parts.. I think Phillip will be the winner 🙂 and Colton will be behind him..  

  86. Here’s how I rank them:
    1. Jessica Sanchez
    2. Phillip Phillips
    3. Colton Dixon
    4. Elise Testone
    5. Joshua Ledet
    6. Hollie Cavanagh
    7. Skylar Laine
    8. Deandre Brackensick

  87. To Carl, I agree with you that Idol has more talents than The Voice.  The only reason I watch the Voice is to see the coach Kelly Clarkson.  Haha.. 

    Idol has a better way of selecting the contestants,  a better public voting system, and they know how to connect the audiences at home with the contestants by asking them to dial their phones to vote. 

     The Voice has 10 contestants for each judge, each time they have 2 to compete with each other.   What if these two people have the best voice, they are forced to eliminate one of the best voice.   What happen if they pick the worse two to compete with each other, you will have a bad contestant remain.   The five left are not necessary the top five.
    The contestant will be selected by ONE judge only.   How impartial can it be based on one person’s opinion ?    Idol has three judges to decide.

    Idol has a better approach to eliminate the contestants.  Contestants went through many many rounds  before they were selected to be the top 24.   They were being screened again and again before they present the top 24 to the public.     For The Voice, the contestants were being voted off too soon, they do not have more chance to present themselves. 

    For Idol, people had a chance to know the contestants ahead of time before the night of the top 24 performed.   But The Voice, you know the contestants very briefly before they performed, you don’t really know who those 40  contestants are.

    Every time they perform is a NEW FACE, another NEW FACE.   Basically there is not enough time for the audiences to know and connect with the contestants.   We don’t know who he/she is, and we don’t really care who is going to be voted off.    Then another week, is another NEW FACE, another NEW FACE……….  there are 40 new faces and the public barely know who they are.    But the Idol is different, you know the top 24 and you can name who they are.  

    Would  you rather  watch a show and see how Hollie, Phillip, Colton, Jessica……… are doing ?   Or you like to watch a show and you do not know who you are watching ?   That’s the difference between Idol and The Voice.   For Idol, people  talk  and discuss about their contestants every week,  but for The Voice…………     

    The critics for the contestants in The Voice are practically none or minimal.   All the judges praise ALL the contestants ALL THE TIME, they sugar coated the contestants,  so it leads the public to BELIEVE that everyone is so great there and lead people think that is a great show, but in fact, the contestants are not that great.   Where is the last year winner of The Voice ?    I like to see Simon being a guest judge there ….. hahaha.

    Idol is more successful and they know what they are doing, and they have been doing it for 11 years…………..  Whoever invented the Idol system will be credited as  a genius !!!!   These are just my opinions.



    that’s all! i don’t like to see a woman vs. man finale.. for sure the guy will win. i doubt that the viewers especially the tiny winnie girls and oldies who will vote for the goodlooking guys with limited talent and cant sell records more than enough to surpass carrie nor kelly or even daughtry or jhud or lambert.

  89. if hollie cavanagh can pull it out this week with a strong performance not a boring one.. i think she will be the darkhorse at this point.. i dont like elise. big voice as in literally big voice like a man. shes old and i dont think she’ll sell records. i dont like to see colton or phillip win or go in to the top 3 because im so sick of hearing KRIS ALLEN/LEE DEWYZE/DAVID COOK wannabeeeees….

    I WANT AN ALL GIRL FINALE and TOP 3! period!

  90. I am with you Benj_John.     JESSICA vs HOLLIE !!!!!!

    Hollie has beautiful voice, she only had a couple of bumped notes, and everyone jumped at her……..  Calm down, people.   

    Phillip is a great performer.  He is charming and good looking.  But his voice sounds like he is in pain in all….lllll his  performances.  He sings exactly the same way everytime he performed.    I wish he can sing some melodic songs for a change.  

    DeAndre has a lovely tone in his natural voice.  He needs to get rid of his falsetto, period.  If he stands still and sings a melodic love song without his falsetto, that will sell tickets. 

    Elise has good voice and an amazing performer. But is not as good as Haley.  Haley reigns  Hearts  !!! 

     Colton has great voice, good performer.  Lambert wannebe, but not yet !!        

    Joshua has beautiful voice and connects very well with his songs. When he became too emotional, he lost the voice too.  He can perform well.

    Skylar has very strong and beautiful country music voice.  Not sure Americans want another country music winner again though !



  91. I could see Jessica Sanchez winning the show, as she is getting more fans as time goes by. She will catch up with Phillip Phillips by the time we make it to the finale. The winner is not always the best singer, and the first to go is not always the worst. Even if Jessica loses (the finale) to Phillip, she will go on to become a platinum-selling and Grammy-winning artist, while Phillip Phillips will go the way of Lee DeWyze.

  92. that saved is very important at this point,,,the judges will have to used that for very deserving contestant,,,,l remember when they used it on casey adams which for me was not a very good singer,,,and when pia toscano got voted off   ,,the judges couldn’t save her,,,,,so the judges have to be very careful ,,4 people for me doesn’t deserved the saved…..if they get voted off .too bad,,,they have to let them go,,,,,skylar,,,deandre,,,,colton,,,,and elisee testone….

  93. Here goes the gay man again,rooting for the two equally handsome colton and philip,how biased you are,you love them come on,stop playing hypocrite!

  94. Obviously colton and philips cannot do anything more with their voices,you cannot expect more from them as they sound and perform the same week after week and its boring!while jessica and elise are more of a surprise week after week,who amongst us know what will jessica and elise will offer next week?while colton and philips has a very predictable boring routine!and yes im a jessica and elise fan!

  95. I agree with most of your comments Branden, but for me….Jessica Sanchez really connects very well to the audience and the camera. She gives her emotions, facial expression, body language, hand movements and dance moves to each of the words she sings. So I don’t see any reason why there’s no connection…..

    Still remember what Jennifer L said, that she loves how she really puts all the emotions to the songs? The one that doesn’t connect to me is Hollie. She only sings standing on the stage like Pia Toscano. She lacks movement and the emotions to the songs. She is definitely boring to me. Sorry.

  96. 1. Jessica 
    2. Joshua
    3. Elise
    4. Phillip
    5. Hollie
    6. Colton
    7. Skylar
    8. Deandre

  97. Thank you for acknowledging that Joshua is the best singer in this. Unfortunately most of the american idol fan base does my generation wrong and prefers the Biebers, Kesha’s and Usher’s to the Marvin Gaye’s, Percy Sledge’s and Ray Charles’s. 

  98. I believe the viewers are influenced by the comments the judges make.  This year they have, for some reason, decided that Hollie can do nothing right.  They tell her she is too stiff that she should move around.  She moves around and they say she moved around too much.  They never have a good word to say for that girl.  Why were there no comments from Gwen Steffani tonight about Hollie?  Everyone else had at least one.  Why didn’t the judges mention that there had been a mechanical problem at the beginning of her song?   This girl has a great voice!!  What is up?  All of our family members and friends are asking the same question.

    • I agree, Judges’s comments do influenced voters~ 
      I think Hollie’s voice is great but just didn’t do good today~ (just my opinion 🙂 With judges’ opinions, Hollie could be at the bottom 3. Same way, Jimmy could be a big reason if DeAndre leaves tonight~ 

  99. At first, I already think Jessica could not make it to the finals because the past season’s front runners usually end up 3rd or 4th placer and she is I guess one of the best this season, yet, her consistency always makes me feel she could pull it off till the end~ 🙂 For me, Jessica could win followed by Phillip~ 🙂
    But I would love to see Joshua and Jessica in the finals after the great duet~ 🙂

  100. “Annoy people with his praise and worship”

    Maybe i’m taking words out of your mouth but serious do you think Christian praise and worship is annoying?

  101. Tonite skylar was voted off! So Hollie got to go sit with the others! So glad Hollie stayed! She sounded really good last night!! Keep it up hollie, and you could win!! My guess is Hollie and Jessica will be the two left standing!!!! :))))

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