American Idol 2012: What To Expect Top 8 Week

American Idol 2012 What to Expect Top 8 Week

This week on American Idol 2012 Gwen Stefani returns to mentor the Top 8 finalists on their performances rather than wardrobe selection like last season. Probably a good change for the ladies, all things considered.

No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani was accompanied by the band’s bassist Tony Kanal on Friday when the remaining American Idol finalists met with them to practice their selections for this week’s theme: 80’s music. According to THR the remaining singers had a full five hours with Stefani and Kanal, giving each a little over 30 mins to refine their performances.

An 80’s theme should be pretty awesome and keep things wide open since that niche isn’t just your typical 80’s rock, but anything from an artist during that decade where rock was definitely not the only music out there.

Once we get past the Top 8 live show on Wednesday night we’ll be treated to a few special performances on Thursday. “The Wanted” will deliver “Glad You Came” live on stage while Jennifer Lopez will debut her music video for for “Dance Again.” You can listen to JLo’s new song now, but you won’t get the full video for a few more days.

Keeping this week’s American Idol 2012 theme in mind, which singer do you think will have the best pairing with the 80’s?




  1. Can Gwen Stefani eliminate Jessica? She did that with Pia Toscano last season .
    Fingers crossed!!!

    • Well dude… soooo to disappoint you but swaggernaut ain’t going nowhere accdg to polls YouTube views twitter and FB followers. Do some research 1st before saying unrealistic n rude comment.

      • Uh, Heejun had an explosive twitter following.  Dude is gone, man.  Online followers don’t compare to text voting teens.

    • Again….big disappointment in your head dude since shes at least top3 better than boring PToscano. Keep dreaming and may as well keep your fingers crosseed forever since gonna stay that way till Top3. 🙂

  2. I hope she does better than she did the last 2 times she had anything to do with the Idols.  Her mentoring session a few years ago, they all were terrible.  Then when she tried to plug her fashion line, 2 out of the 3 girls looked brutal.

    I don’t see why they’d bring her back.  I hope this week turns out different. Then again, Jimmy will be there too, so maybe it’ll work out.

    • I really thing Jimmie keeps everyone there sane! I really like Jimmie. He knows what he is doing. And he is such a nice person too. I have really enjoyed him. And I hope they keep him as long as AI exists!  Good job Jimmie!

  3. I think Elise matches the theme the best.  There were some great power female rocker type songs in the 80s.

  4. Of course, it will be Jessica.  She’s clearly the best every week.  She’s definitely gonna set the bar higher again (or highest) this week like she always does every week! 😀

  5. i dont think elise will make that far,she can sing but not a really good vocal,i prefer heejun’s vocal,it really gets into u”r skin when he  sings.

  6. Are you asking which singer  from the top 8 finalists do we think will have the best pairing with the 80′s? 
    Answer – JESSICA SANCHEZ ……………The most consistent, the most entertaining, the most talented, the most versatile and of course the most deserving to win American Idol Season 11!

  7. Elise should bring it home again. She’s the best left and should go all the way.

    • R_pataky you are simply ignorant and a racist. You hate Jessica but that will not make a difference. Racist people like you are a dying breed anyway. Jessica will make you eat your racist words!

  8. All these singers need to show some diversity and 80’s week is the chance. Congrats to elise for breaking out last week! I get so tired of shows filled with ballads and r+b numbers. I feel like I’m at a funeral every week. It’s no wonder these shows seldom produce commercial stars. The winner of the voice was just a skinny ruben! Only 2 people can consistently pull this off, George strait, and adele (and she is a once in a lifetime). Clarkson and underwood picked up the pace and became more than a flash in the pan! Sanchez is a clone of the x factor winner. If anyone does r+b or ballads tonight don’t vote for them.

  9. i thinkk deandre will do a great jod he is very talented but i still dont get why people dont like him he is the best singer there i think this competion is fixed no mather how many vote we cast the already know the winner and jimmy has to been so nice to deandre i think he is biased but no matter what he is the best ,if he goes him i will not be surprised cos they have hated on him for all this while,and honestly i think colton and phillip are teriible singers

  10. i think deandre will do very well i think he is the best singer in this whole competition this season is the worst season i have ever seen the judges and jimmy are all biase they dont like deandre but they do like colton and phillip who are the most terrible singers i have ever heard i wish simon was sitt on the show to tell them how awful they are give deandre a break he is the best

  11. I believe Elise will set herself apart from the rest tonight, she’s the only one with actual experience playing in night clubs. Jessica & Hollie are almost the same, one of them has to do something great. Phillips has that annoying vein in his forehead and doesn’t even come to even looking like a star! BTW, Colton has the best look of them all, and has a great voice of today’s music as well as can write his own music! Between him and Elise, one of them should win it all!!

    • Rjhardy03, I really think Colton has the whole package. He has the current rock style look. The girls are crazy about him. And I think his voice is very good!  He is quite talented. He’s cute. 

  12. I was convinced that either Colton (my fave) or Elise (2nd fave) would win the whole competition until tonight.  Skylar knocked it out of the park with Wind Beneath My Wings!  That little country girl can sing! She might really have a chance.

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