American Idol 2012: Top 8 Results Tonight

AMERICAN IDOL 2012: Hollie Cavanagh. CR: Nino Munoz / FOX

Tonight on American Idol 2012, we find out which member of the Top 8 didn’t impress America enough during last night’s performances enough to pick up the phone and vote.

The judges’ save is still in play, so the person with the least amount of votes will have one last chance to sing for their lives. So there’s a chance we’ll be seeing that person again next week. Keep in mind that the judges’ save expires at the Top 5.

Download the American Idol Top 8 studio performances now

Also tonight season 5 alum Kellie Pickler and The Wanted will take the stage for some extra filler, I mean entertainment. Preview The Wanted’s performance of “Glad You Came” down below. The Wanted looks to be a painfully manufactured all-male singing group from overseas. Enjoy.

Check back later  for Matt’s live Top 8 results and for my complete recap of the results show.

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  1. hope american won,t send the wrong person go home……go Jessica,Philip,Colton,Joshua,Elise,Holie,Skylar

  2. Most people think Hollie will go home tonight. But usually the one that go home is not the one that is expected to go go home. So, I think it’s Elise, maybe? Or Deandre? idk. The judges may use their save tonight also.

  3. To those outside of the US: you can vote via Facebook. Just search for American Idol Online Voting now. There’s only allowable time for voting. In the Philippines, I think you have to be online between 10am to 2pm to vote. Up to 50 votes is allowed. Please spread the news!

    • We did that to Heejun the Heejunies was the one who knows and spread to all Heejuns fans but i dont think it was counted Heejun voted off. we were shocked because the Heejuns fans had use it Heejuns has a lot of fans outside the US or they just manipulate the results and they let Heejun go on that week! we dont believed Heejun got the lowest votes

  4. At some point, the fact that Hollie has pitch issues *every single week* has got to send her home. Singing is part of this contest and, despite her obvious potential, she just doesn’t measure up. I think it’s her turn to go home. The guys all did well–I’m expecting an all-girl bottom with Holle, Elise & Skylar.


      Thank You for your interest

    • I never liked Hollie…she had one good performance this season. Time to go.
      My favorites are Phillip, Skylar and Colton. There’s something about Jessica, though talented, that I just don’t like…maybe she lacks personality. But, she can sing!
      Elise gets a look on her face when criticized that makes her unlikeable. It’s hard feel for her and wish her another chance. De Andre had his place, as does Joshua, but I don’t see either as an “American Idol”.

  5. The only person from whom I don’t get bored is DeAndre! Everyweek he comes with  something new……first reggae,ballad, uptempo, RnB/soul, etc…. so much varieties….i cant say that about the other contestants!!!!! They don’t like him coz he doesn’t sing crap like justin bieber, lady gaga, nicky minaj………

    • I agree!!! I didn’t have a clear favorite at the beginning of the season, mostly because I thought many of them were great. But Deandre has maked me like himore and more each week… Aside from his great talent, I think he has a lot of what others lack in this competition.. Charisma!!

    •  Preach! Brackensick is frackin’ SICK! He has shown the most diversity and flair so far this whole season, and all he ever gets in return are opening to middle performance slots and insults from Jimmy Iovine. At least the judges gave him the respect he deserved last week, but what’s up with giving him first slot after he’s been struggling so much with votes!

  6. GO Jessica you are the sole SURVIVOR on the LAST PIT STOP AMAZING,no FEAR  FACTOR ,you have the X FACTOR and THE VOICE to all BIG BROTHER of America, SO WE THINK YOU CAN DANCE to the tunes, and you GOT TALENT, and THE BIGGEST WINNER,you are THE NEXT TOP MODEL SINGER and the number one AMERICAN IDOL

  7. If we all already know that Jessica is the winner of Al…….why are they keep doing the show??? lets call her out as the winner…….untill season 12!!!

    • you are too sick play it out to the end i personal joshua ledet  is good

    • I dont agree it depends who get voted off, if Hollie goes to nite I think her votes will go to Skyler mostly if Deandre goes, his votes will probably go to Colton.   so it all depends who get voted  off and where those votes go so nothing is a sure thing at all

  8. interesting about last night singing,,tonight is the result…they gonna have some shocker…to me  colton,,ellise and skylark are in danger to leave the competition…if that happens,,l don’t think the judges will used their  SAVE…….not tonight anyways

    • Colton not going ti get kick off and even if he did they probably well use there save …..colton could win this whole thing ……I’m a Phillip Phillips fan ……

    • IMO Hollie & Elise will be in the bottom 3. The other 1… i absolutely no idea. Yes, it’ll be between Colton, Deandre & Skylar base on fanbase, not performance wise.

  9. If Hollie gets eliminated tonight, it makes her a truly this year’s Pia Toscano.

    Think about it. Doing great at ballads, then switch to up tempo, and meet Gwen Stefanie at the same week, then go home. What are the odds?
    My advice to her, go date Mark Ballas, dump him and make an album  ^^

    Then next week it’s time for Deandre to go, as this year’s Paul McDonald. As in unique but a lot of people don’t get it. My advice to him is to marry a Twilight chick. Since Nikki Reed is taken and Ashley Greene is dating the guy from Glee, that leaves Kristen Stewart. Mary her, Deandre! And don’t worry about Robert Pattinson. He’s got nice hair, but yours is more awesome 😀

    • LOL. Well if we look on the similarities, it should be
      Jess = Pia (power balladeer)
      Phil = Paul (guitar)
      Ele = Haley (bluesy tone)
      Josh = Jacob (gospel/choir background?)
      Dre = ?
      Skylar = Alaina (her physics & genre)
      Colton = Durb’ (rock & their get-up)
      Hollie = ? (Thia is a soft balladeer, so maybe not. But to be align equally with Pia, thats a bit stretched)

  10. I want to hear Joshua singing a Britney Spears song .. maybe it will give me a thrill to watch him because he’s doing the same renditions of each song every week.

    • I want Elsie to go, I dont think she fits in the IDOL theme of it and I dont think she is that good

      • What is the theme? Teens  or the Jessica show? Elsie has more talent than any of them.

  11. My bottom 3:

    America’s bottom 3:

    •  Going home, probably Elise. Hollie’s fans got a scare last week, which probably made them rally last night. Deandre’s fan base may have done the opposite, thinking he was safe since he wasn’t in the bottom last week, they may have slacked off in their voting last night. However, I hope it was enough to keep him in, and see Elise going home tonight. They’re all so talented, but this is the point in the competition where things just HAVE to start getting cutthroat!

  12. I don’t understand why don’t you people want elise to go she was HORRIBLE this week and two other weeks. hollie should get another shot over her.

    • her rendition of the greatest rock band of all time, Led Zeppelin is amazing and so the Top 10… True, this week she’s bad, but so does Hollie. Not only this week, but Hollie been givin a not so good/so-so performances in the 2 week previously. Sang her specialty; a ballad but didnt made a great impact as she sings the song the same as the ori… but yeah, maybe Elise will get booted, but not due to the reasons which u states above (“HORRIBLE this week and two other weeks”), but due to fan-base. 🙂

  13. Jessica Sanchez!!!! I hope that you will be safe tonight! I know you will!
    If JSan goes home tonight, we all go home. 🙂

    Also Philip and Elise! 🙂

  14. Jessica will be safe that’s for sure. we may see deandre, skylar colton or holly home tonight.

  15. For me, Colton is the overall package. Great pitch, very comfortable, cool look, ……. I think I would buy his CD over any of the others. The rest are all very good, but, other than Philip (who I like but I feel his voice is too strained), I dont find them very unique or sellable. Just my view!! But I do think they are all very talented!

  16. Just kinda wonderin’ (new to posting and somewhat new to Idol)….if it’s ‘country’ week….why don’t they have country mentors for Wed/country singers for results show?  If it’s ’80’s weeks….why wouldn’t they have an influential 80’s singer/mentor and then a couple of 80’s bands/singers for the results show? It was so odd to see Stefani mentoring 80’s week….was she even born yet? I’m just sayin’….

  17. Keep it up jesss….for me win or loose we are proud of you and support…god blessss.

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