American Idol 2012: Relive Highlights From The Top 8

American Idol 2012 Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet

The American Idol 2012 Top 8 performed their favorites from the 80’s last night and in a few hours we’ll find out who goes home, but for now let’s enjoy last night. Here are the top 3 performers based on your votes in our poll of “who was the best?” If you haven’t voted yet in our unofficial poll then get over there and do it now!

Jessica Sanchez: “How Will I Know?”

Skylar Laine: “Wind Beneath My Wings”

Joshua Ledet: “If You Don’t Know Me By Now”

At the time of writing this, it was a close race between Joshua Ledet and Phillp Phillips for third place in this week’s poll. Both had a great performance last night, so I’m not surprised how tight the race is right now.

Based on these American Idol 2012 performances, should these three singers be this week’s Top 3? Don’t forget to vote in our Top 8 poll.





    2. STill cant figure that stupid mannerism of Joshua…

  2. You should do a poll every week on which duet was the best and who they think will be eliminated! Like if you agree 🙂

  3. For this week:

    BEST – Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet
    WORST – Elise Testone
    SHOULD BE ELIMINATED – Elise Testone (Looks Boring, no Likeability Factor, Nothing Special… sorry!)

  4. Random :

    joshua got a standing O…? no great singer improvise 30% duration of a song they sang. Every great singer knows that they only improvise 15% top of a song  they sang, 20% for duets… Joshua..? every song he sang he always improvise more than 30% of a song. Instead of awesome, its only made it worst.

    Jessica; out of breath,  & not a great choice of wardrobe befits to the song. I know she wanted to match the style & the song on era-wise (80’s), but come on… that fashion style will mixed perfectly with the song if there is a choreography dancer too in her back/side. She should’ve think a choreograph, given its an upbeat poppy song in the 80’s, there is no way u can live up the stage without a dancer LOL (her only “not great” week so far)
    *But yeah, they nailed the duets.

    Elise; flat here n there, horrible timing & notes of improvise here & there…  (like jessica, her only under performance so far in the show)

    Philip; horrible song choice & horrible interpretation cover of the song.
    *please add more of ur elvis’s swaying legs phil.. and please more connection & chemistry between the 2 of u…

    Hollie; there are times when i ask “where art thou voices & notes wonder, lil’ ones, lost?”…

    Deandre; so many people underrate this guy, thats a shame… True, his tone & voice style not the majority cups of tea. But the way he sing this week… simply amazing! his mix of notes, dance/body movement (enjoyable to watch & moves harmoniously with the rhythm of the song), soft, growl & falsetto run should’ve gotten a standing O this time, not the previous week.
    *deandre sang & move great, but hollie… not so much.

    Colton; his unique tone (nasal tone ><) when he goes high or in somewhere in between trying to be Steven Tyler… not worked for me so far. Maybe the song choice is wrong, i dont know. I hope to hear a song that at last fits perfectly with his nasal tone later in the show.

    Skyler; the only 1 who knows when & which part she has to go soft, loud, high, low, stay with the original or improvise the song she covered. Mixed with her country twang makes it more perfect to be a new version of the song. Standing O it is!
    *hmmm, lets just say the duets are owned by Jess & Josh.

    • I’m an avid fan of Joshua, the problem is the screeching thing he does in the end, I know that’s his bread and butter for Standing O of the judges,  but if he kept on doing that, the appeal of it will be boring in the finale. I think he has to hold back a little like Jessica’s doing.  Save those crispy voice in the finale Joshua, let people crave for it.

      I still go for Jessica! #2 Joshua.

      • yes, he tend to screechy growl and vibrato too much. Its a double edge sword. He’s an amazing singer, thats a fact, but as u said… he should’ve mixed it wisely like idk, X-Factor’s Josh Krajick maybe. Jessica too tends to overdoing her vibrato too much it makes it sounded like opera singer; the beginning, middle & end of a notes altogether. And yes, Jessica should sing like the week be4 (Beyonce song) which she composed her god given talent perfectly(im surprised she didnt get a standing O that week).

    • I saw J.Lo was standing up but i think they were slightly affected by the last weeks 5 SOs criticism. Though i thought deserved an SO.

  5. I was afraid that JSan may not get the “thumbs up” from the judges and the viewers but looking at the internet, the way the majority felt with her performance it is kinda overwhelming. It is crazy. Why? Because she sang an upbeat song, she could easily killed and get a standing-o performance if she sang a ballad, but she showed her versatility with this song. She is a force to be reckoned with. She always arrive!

    P.S. And people always demanding her to change things up, sing this and that, but heyy why don’t they say that to P2 and Joshua (sorry to drag names) but Joshua keeps singing ballad and he always get away with it. Though I repsect both of them, but c’mon! That is unfair! Why do people gets hard on JSan? Really!

    • maybe because for this era; for a woman singer, if they wanted to be big & survive long enough in nowadays music industry, they can’t survives with ballad only. Even Whitney who’s known as a balladeer diva have an upbeat song back then (as jess’s sang yesterday), Mariah too, etc. The no further ado of introduction today’s diva Beyonce on her versatility… Well, if jess wanted to be like the phenomenal Adelle, that’ll be great. But the question is, “can she writes great song like Adelle or not?”… eventhough its not fair to compare or ask whether she can or not at this time of age, but Adelle is like 1 in a decade or maybe (i repeat, maybe) even a century phenomenal woman singer song-writer the world has ever seen nor heard before… its just MO.

  6. Well last night tryed to vote for my favorites but all I got was busy signals or not in service so hope my favorites don’t get voted off because others never got to vote for them either.

    • yeahh, not even queen, mj, bon jovi… heaven knows (a quote, not the Rick Price’s).. LOL

  7. jessica sanchez for the win…. she is highly exceptional….. voice of an angel…..

  8. What separates Jessica Sanchez from the other singers is her voice emanates from her diaphragm or midriff. Having that, more air is available to navigate high or low tones in long stretches without fear of air loss. Of the 8, she is the OUTLIER.

  9. jessica is good , great technic. But I will not buy any CD from her. There are many singers with beatifull voices but NOT personality. I want a voice with personality…sorry.

  10. hei.Sss……Elise …not personality?…what channaaaal are U watching….her voice is her “personality”…may be the question is How old are U….sorry

  11.  The best season for american idol ==love JESSICA  & JOSHUA IN MY BOOK THEY ARE THE WINNERS ====WAY TO GUYS====cheers===

  12. It goes for Jessica and Philip for the top spot. Last spot will be up between joshua, Colton and Elise.

  13. Jessica and Joshua sang “I Know You Were Waiting” by the Great Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin and George Michael and they didn’t just rocked it out and slayed it, I think they were even better than the original and it was not an easy song to sing either.  Pls. go check the original song on youtube and check it how Jessica and Joshua changed it to fit it and make it their own….They nailed it!!!  Amazing!!!

  14. Jessica is so versatile and she can sing a variety of songs from uptempo songs, dance, ballad, pop, soul, urban, r&b, gospel, rap etc.  She is simply Amazing, Phenomenal & Outstanding!!!

  15. The biggest question is who will win in the finals?  Would it be?
    Jessica vs. Phillip (This two are goodlooking superstars w/ fireworks)
    Jessica vs. Joshua (This two are two powerhouse singers that has superbelting powers)
    Jessica vs. Colton ( This two artists can sing a song like telling a story)
    Jessica vs. Elise  (This two women can show vocal gymnastics like no other kind of finals)

  16. Joshua is best~!!! i want him to be a winner… others are just too plain… Jessica,Skylark have some skill but i don’t like their voice.

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