American Idol 2012 Top 8 Elimination Predictions

American Idol 2012 Top 8

Season 11’s Top 8 face elimination tonight as we prepare for the American Idol results to be revealed. While we wait for the lights to be dimmed, let’s take a look at your votes in our poll which continues to be a reliable indicator of the bottom placed contestants. Things are starting to shift as we approach the American Idol 2012 finale so it’s interesting to see how the finalists are sorting out.

In the “definitely safe” category we’ve got Jessica Sanchez, Skylar Laine, and Joshua Ledet. Jessica has maintained her top spot all season, so no surprise there. Skylar is the surprise rocket this week and I’d say that’s thanks to the pimp-spot on last night’s show. The final performer has routinely seen a boost in his or her rankings each week and it happened again this time. Joshua recovered in to the double digits this time around after falling from his previous pimp-spot ranking. All three of those singers shouldn’t bother to pack this afternoon.

Moving on to the “safe, but not too safe” category offers up Colton Dixon and Phillip Phillips. Colton is a frequenter of this category, except for last week when he had the pimp-spot at the end. I don’t think Colton is in any danger this week, but he’s still not too far from the bottom once again. Phillip is making his debut in the near-danger grouping and I’d attribute that to his consistently unadventurous approach to doing the same shtick each week. Like Branden pointed out last night, Phillip knows his wheelhouse and he does very well in it. I just question if his audience will grow weary of the same “shrug one shoulder, scrunch face, hold” approach week after week.

Now we’ve arrived at the Stools O’ Sorrow section which looks to feature DeAndre Brackensick, Hollie Cavanagh, and Elise Testone. Week after week we’ve seen DeAndre sing his way to the bottom of our polls and he didn’t let up this week either. But for whatever reason he avoids the hangman each time as well. I’d have to guess that he’ll do it again this week and carry on. That leaves us with Hollie and Elise. These finalists seem to be charting an inverse course of one another. Elise has had to claw her way up from the bottom as a finalist while Hollie seems to be in a free fall. I’m expecting tonight’s elimination to be one of these two women, but if forced to pick I’m tempted to say Elise, but it’s more likely Hollie.

Who do you think will be in tonight’s American Idol 2012 Bottom 3 and is most likely to go home? Will the judges finally use their save?




  1. Let Hollie go home. did you hear her annoying vibrato when she sang last night! watch it! pls she’s actually really pitchy, and inconsistent.

    Elise is awesome, unique, versatile, and captivating. No doubt the judges will use their save on her.

    As for Deandre, he could falsetto his way home to, gawd, how can he call what he sings music.

    • OMG Elise SUCKS period every time she sings i have to turn the channel, shes a wanna-be adele.

    • Listen to Debarge, Earth Wind and Fire, The Temptations, he does sing good.

      • dont forget Prince, lots of rocker lead singer (Steel Heart, Dream Theater, Journey, Queen, Aerosmith, Van Hallen, Guns n’ Roses, Mr. Big, Skid Row, Scorpion and so on), Bee Gees, MJ and so on…. thats only the male sections.

        Aretha Franklin, Barbra Streisand, The Cranberries, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Leona Lewis, Sara Bareilles and so on. Even Adele use a falsetto in the Set Fire to The Rain song…

        @12345v : but yeah, if u want to hear the kind of music Deandre’s falsetto-ism/esque; BeeGees & Prince. They create a wonderful music though.

    • old saying at my school’s music dept: there’s no such thing as bad music

    • Elise is good, but she is hard on the eyes just like Jennifer Hudson was. Unfortunately, that matters unless you dress like Lady Gaga and that diverts attention away from the dogface syndrome.

  2. Please send the annoying Skylar home so we don’t have to put up with listening to her fake country voice one more week.

      • Skylar sings awesome when she picks the right song i didn’t like her performance last night i loved her douet song with Colton i loved her many weeks ago performance when she jumped up and down!
        i think for sure Colton is one of the finalists….
        Philip im fan but last night i didnt like his song choice he should do sth new next week to surprise us

    • I like country music but I agree with you. I’m surprised she didn’t drop the accent for that song.

      • its so to make the song to be her own rendition (country-genre). If she drop the accent, than it wont become a country-genre…

    • She’s from MS and is a country gal who speaks like many of the Country artists including Reba. I don’t see what is fake about it because she has spoken the same way since we first met her at the audition stage.  

      • I agree with u about Skylar not being fake…I find her so refreshingly down-home southern gal after Lauren A….who I thought and still think was/is fake w/ a capital F. LA  played like she was a female version of Scotty when she saw that wagon leaving the barn…the girl didn’t audition as country, and readily jumped for colab. w/Steven T when op  arose….I knew when that girl said she was gonna get a pick-up she’d end  up w/the stang. Nothing wrong w/being Mustang kinda girl, just own it. If Skylar say’s something she stays consistent and doesn’t change to accommodate the wind. However, unlike Phillip P..she does realize she’s in competition and has to be flexible to accommodate the spirit of show and show her range. She did drop the accent to some extent on WBMW  and her enunciation was clear….I really like that she supports her fellow contestants and that they all seem genuinely supportive of each other.  I’m more impressed with her maturity and genuineness the more I watch. AI does not have the drama and tension among the contestants as was the case w/some last season and I think Skylar is big part of the team spirit.

  3. I’m sorry. I want to give Hollie one more chance to prove herself. I enjoyed her perfformance.

  4. I agree on the above three mentioned for the bottom three based on how America is gonna vote.  I personally would have swapped Deandre for Colton as I feel that Deandre did a good job last night on the El Debarge song that was right up his alley while Colton still comes off as “Rocker-lite” but, the teeny-boppers are probably gonna keep him safe. As for Elise and Hollie, my feeling is that if Elise is not voted in by America, the judges are gonna use the save but if it’s Hollie’s turn to go, the judges will not use the save. And that’s my two cents…  

    • I agree. DeAndre does not deserve to be bottom three tonight. I would also put Colton there if the voting was based on talent instead of popularity. I disagree that the judges would use a save on Elise. Joshua or Jessica are the two most likely to receive the save. 

      • I believe they will use the save on Elise since Joshua or Jessica are far from the bottom 3 until top 5.

  5. Colton was great, Philip was good, Jessica was good but not that great and Mr hair need to go is always the same ,jushua for me to much screaming sometimes you connot hear what he sing Hollie and Skylar was so so and Elisse bag 1 bad song but she is good please poeple sent Mr Deandre hair go home

  6. I don’t think DeAndre is singing his way into the bottom three. His style is polarizing and that is why I figured he would be bottom three tonight. But he does what he does well and is a great performer and singer in his genre. You and Branden just fail to appreciate that and it’s okay. To each his own. You always try to figure out a way to word your posts in the most critical way when it comes to DeAndre and that’s okay too. I agree that Hollie will probably be gone tonight. So I think you got that right. She did a great job on the duet and while that is not the competition performance, I do think America uses any performances they do to judge the talent.

    I think DeAndre should go back to mostly falsetto if that part of each performance is going to be the only thing you guys seem to be able to hear each week. The hair seems to bother you a lot too. You guys seem to praise unique qualities in contestants but I guess he is too unique for your taste. I’m still pulling for DeAndre because he did a great job last night as usual and I think if you be honest you will admit it. But he continues to be the least popular among your readers here so I guess you will continue to cater to them instead of judging the contestants fairly in your comments. 

    • Deandre is far from “polarizing”, genre-wise (dont misdirect due to the beats, they’re not only reggae; f.e. Top 9). As vocal tone-wise… of course he is. Well, if its based on vocal tone, than everybody are “polarizing”.. To be a great musician/singer/artist, shouldnt they have their own trademark or uniqueness that whenever you heard a song, u can determine the singer eventhough its ur 1st time hearing them…?

      • By polarizing I simply meant that the people who like him, really like him and the people that don’t like him just abhor him. I wasn’t talking about his vocal ability at all. I am a fan myself. 

    • Deandre is the total package, but hey most of the guys didn’t like our Scotty last year and he won. I’m hoping Deandre wins this year, he’s the one that stands out in the group. I love it when he hits the high notes. his lower voice is good too, he sounds like he might have a 3 octave voice.  

      • 3 octives of annoying Either you love him or you hate him, don’t know why exactly, pretty sure it’s the falsetto, you either like it or hate it. I have to say I’m one that hates it, but I’m not gonna say he is not talented or doesn’t deserve to be there, just do not like his sound. Sorry Dre fans, trying not to be disrespectful.

    •  my point is i agree with ur general estimations of Deandre but not the polarizing point 🙂

  7. I think Hollie is going home. I think your bottom 3 predictions are spot on, I just hope its not Elise!

  8. I hope I am wrong but I think Jessica, Hollie and Elise will be bottom 3 with Hollie saying goodbye. She wont get the save.

  9. I have one advice for those who doesn’t know what falsetto is and says that falsetto is no music……….GO AND LISTEN TO CLIMAX BY USHER!!!!!!! If DeAndre sings this at AL Jessica and Joshua are doomed!!!!!!

    • De Andre is not as good as Usher. Singing falsetto is like crossing a thin line between being praised or being  condemned. You must be a very good singer and the song piece has a good melody for the falsetto to be appreciated.

  10. i say holly, skylar and elise bottom  3 and holly leaves. i believe if she brings it when singing for her life the judges will save her though. this season its hard to compare all the singers because their genres of music are so different your favorite is based on what type of music you personally like. as for deandre not many people are fimilar with his type of singing but the ones who are love him you could figure that out by seeing eric benet come and telling him how good he did last week no artist has done that this season. colton and phillip based of their twitter followers are going nowhere and jessica and right behind them i wouldnt be suprised if they are the semifinalist. josh is a great singer and if he does end up going home he will be saved.

  11. Deandre wasn’t at the bottom last week, you’re right about Hollie and Elise being in the bottom I think tonight but surely Deandre won’t be there, he sang that song great last night, I happen to like Debarge and think he sang it well. I’m thinking Phillip or Colton might be in the bottom three. but you may be right. And I’m pretty sure the judges would save Deandre if need be, nobody sings like him today and he sounds awesome.

    • Hollie is going home. Too bad, she’s cute but the judges don’t like her so she is homeward bound.

  12. I think it’s funny how Jessica tried to outdo Joshua only to lose her breath and come out sounding like crap. Joshua for the win!

  13. I think the contestants are all pretty uninspiring and rubbish…they should bring back David Leathers…!

  14. Deandre is annoying to watch (constantly flipping his hair) and hear!  IF he could really sing I wouldn’t mind – could close my eyes.  Phillip is getting to be the same with his facial expressions and stilted body moves.  Elise needs to go as well – SSDD for her.  Holly is more capable, but needs to just sing and stop listening to everything from everybody. 

  15. At least they have some true talent this year. The last couple of years have been awful with David Cook (who I imagine is a cook by now) Lee Dwyer (Mr. Personality) and the gray haired guy (soul patrol) who works exclusively at Holiday Inns now. In fact other than Kelly Clarkson and especially Carrie Underwood, they don’t produce any major talents.

    • i agree  that this year they have some really really good ones …we can’t pick from Colton,Philip,Joshu,Jessica who would win!

    • Scotty’s album just sold 1 million copy… just sayin (im not Scotty’s fan). I think AI begins with last season are getting more n more like the early AI, which produce a top contender in music industry such as Kelly & Carrie (as the winner). And maybe will produce such as Chris Daughtry, McPhee (being a lead actress in a TV series) & Jenifer Hudson (Oscar Winner) eventhough they didnt won… just give them times 🙂

    • Season 10 winner: Scotty McCreery – Platinum
      Season 10 runner up Lauren Alaina flopped with 266,000 sales.

      Season 9 winner: Lee DeWyze – Sold 148,000 and dropped by 19
      Season 9 runner up Crystal Bowersox flopped with 205,000. 

      Season 8 winner: Kris Allen – Sold 348,000 new CD due May 2012
      Season 8 runner up Adam Lambert sold over 1 million on debut and has #2 coming out in May.

      Season 7 winner: David Cook – Platinum and 7th top seller of AI Alumni overall.
      Season 7 runner up David Archuleta sold 765,000 and went Gold. 

      The grey haired guy to whom you refer was Taylor Hicks who was the Season 5 winner and sold 705,000 with his CD.

      Season 5 runner up was Katharine McPhee  but the best sellers from Season 5 have been:

      #4 Daughtry who is #3 in overall sales for AI alumni behind Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson.

      #6 Kellie Pickler who is on tonight and is #8 in overall sales for AI Alumni.

      Top 10 with Debut Albums of AI Alumni:

      1. Carrie Underwood – 7x Platinum with 7.18 million
      2. Chris Daughtry – 4x Platinum with 4.87 million
      3. Clay Aiken – 2x Platinum with 2.78 million
      4. Kelly Clarkson – 2x Platinum with 2.75 million (her 2nd went 6x Platinum with 6.22 million)
      5. Fantasia Barrino – Platinum with 1.8 million – almost 2x Platinum
      6. Ruben Studdard – Platinum with 1.79 million – close to 2x
      7. David Cook – Platinum with 1.34 million
      8. Jordin Sparks – Platinum with 1.05 million
      9. Scotty McCreery – Platinum with 1,03 million
      10.  Adam Lambert – Gold with 1,01 million (not sure why no Platinum)

      Kellie Pickler is in 11th place with her debut with 877,000.

      So the only season that has had flops in the top 2 positions was Season 9 with Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox.  I can’t find anyone else from Season 9 who had any success with a debut CD and I have gone through the top 60 AI Alumni sellers which goes down to as low as sales of 1,000 for Michael Sarver who was 10th in Season 8. 

      Apart from Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina, only James Durbin has released a CD from Season 10 and it flopped with less than 100,000 sales.

      Haley Reinhart will have hers released in May and Pia Toscano is supposed to be releasing one around the same time.

      David Cook and Adam Lambert are doing very well with tours as well.

    • Yes, Carrie Underwood with 12.53 million sales from 3 albums and countless awards is #1 and Kelly Clarkson with 11.45 million from 5 albums, including current one and many awards are way ahead but you overlook many other achievements.

      Daughtry with 6.62 million from 3 albums.

      Clay Aiken with over 5 million sales from 5 albums plus Broadway awards for 2 shows.

      Fantasia with 3 million sales from 3 albums and a total of 17 awards, including Grammy, NAACP and Theater awards.

      Jennifer Hudson with an Academy Award plus BAFA, Golden Globe and Grammy awards. All told she has won more than 30 awards for music and acting.

      Kellie Pickler has won 3 CMT Awards plus 3 from ASCAP for most played songs of the year. 

      Adam Lambert has won 15 awards including 5 international ones for artist of the year, new artist et al. He is very popular overseas.

      David Cook has won The New Music Awards twice in 2008 and 2009 plus the Nashville Music Award for Time of My Life.    

      Scotty McCreery won the American Country Award for Artist of the Year – New Artist in 2011 and has just won the ACMA Best New Artist of the Year last week.

      These are just some of the awards I can recall and right now, Katharine McPhee is doing great on the TV Show “Smash.”

      I think AI has produced more than just Carrie and Kelly as stars.

  16. My heart breaks for Hollie. She has such a beautiful voice and I so enjoy listening to her. It just seems that the past two weeks (and the judges!) have been tough on her. It’s too bad the voters cannot look back at some of her outstanding performances and give her one more week. I will miss her terribly.

  17. I agree with what RJ told Deandre last night….to only use the falsetto at certain times and not the whole song like he has in the past. I still cringe when he performs just cause his falsetto is usually not on pitch. I was SO happy Joshua and Jessica were paired for that duet!!! Wow!

  18. I guess Elise was awesome last night. Okay, I guess she didn’t fit the song last night but she was still good.

    When I watched Hollie last night, I was sad.

    Deandre can falsetto his way home. 

  19. Hollie is an example of how Idol can take good talent and turn it upside down and inside out. By now, in trying to please the judges, Hollie has lost herself. How can anyone be so good in the beginning of the competition and lose more and more confidence each week? Randy says the comments he makes are trying to help. It’s pretty obvious they are not helping. Remember in the beginning many of us were saying it’s probably between Hollie and Jessica? Well, Jessica has now turned into a whenever possible Whitney Houston song-choice and Hollie has gone to the Land of Oz to find the wizard for some courage. Why is it that the judges say “make the song your own” when they mean “sing the song the way we want it sung”? Once again, the bottom 3 should be the judges. Send one home for the next 3 weeks and let Jimmy judge the rest of the shows with the mentor/s of the week. These 3 judges are not helping anything except their own bank accounts. 

    • I like Tyler — but he is useless on the show.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Phillip, but he was awful last night, never felt comfortable with the song, but he liked it?  He called Elise and Hollie pitchy?  But Colton wasn’t?

      He’s useless as a judge.

    •  Hi Legion,

      You took the words out of my mouth,  Well said.  I know I am not the only one who have noticed a continuous deterioration in the way these Judges make their analysis on the singers performances.  It is so biased
      it is not even funny anymore.

      Randy was the worst last night, I am not sure what he was talking about anymore.  And Steven , everything is so beautiful, I could almost see him spring out of his chair and start singing ” The Hills are alive with the sound of music” the way Julie Andrews did, just kidding  LOL.

      All we want is a fair assessment of each singer’s performance and an honest response instead of “you are in it to win it” crap, and “you are so beautiful combined with the goosies medley sprinkled  with” you must make the song your own” line they have been feeding us all year.

      There, I feel better now, LOL.

      • Hi, Ed
        We forgot to mention that JLo will save every male contestant, but would send the girls home without having a “goosie.” She is on this show to promote herself as shown by her video this week. Can we vote off her video or her upcoming “live” performance? I think promoting the judges’ personal projects should be eliminated from the show. I guess after JLo, Steven will promote his “new line of swimming pools” (kidding) and do another of his “diving demonstrations” as he prepares for the Olympics. LOL, too.  

  20. With the risk this will be not allowed, I found it a great show and watched all performers but really dislike the performance of Skylar, the rest was even in effort but Skylar was for me like a cold shower.


  21. X Factor USA was loads better than this drivel…the diversity of the performances was a joy to watch…these muppets on AI are repetitively boring – I have yet to use the replay button to watch a performance twice…Jlo and co don’t know what they are talking about either…the plums didn’t even put David Leathers through but they did Heejun…need I say any more dudes??

    • XFactor was bad — not sure what you were watching.  Their Top 4 wouldn’t have made the Top 12 of Idol ….

  22. With what was offered last night, I think DeAndre did respectfully well in his solo and duet performances.  He is not the popularity prom queen who sings everything so well that she has the folks fainting in her glory.  This is a kid who can sing and did so well last night.  Not so well was Hollie.   Look at her, she knows it.  Every week after she gets scolded by the judges she woefully agrees then runs backstage to cry.  Give her a break and let her out of this before she breaks like a little twig.  Aww.

  23. Bottom Three Prediction: Hollie,Deandre,Elise
    If Deandre is in the bottom with lowest votes the judges won’t save him.
    If Hollie is in the bottom with lowest votes the judges will most definetly save her…and give her another chance because she is amazing!!!

  24. I think Colton and Phillip are great. They are the most interesting ones in my opinion  -and they sing the kind of music i like. I hate country and ballads. COLTON AND PHILLIP FTW!

  25. I am sick of Phillip.   I don’t get what his appeal is.. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Joshua, and Hollie pack their bags.   I think Deandre is cute but not the next idol..   I like Skyler but I don’t think she has staying power for the end… I think Elise is very unique and I like her a lot..  Sadly, I doubt she will be in the final two.    I think the final will be with Colton and Jessica, for me they have the most appeal..

  26. Many of you really are exasperating with regards to “ONLY MY IDOL IS GREAT and YOURS SUCKS!” crap. 

    I’m not a Deandre fan, but he was good last night.  He is a little clumsy on stage, but when he’s in the lower parts of his register he sounds a lot like Joshua. 

    Joshua does a great job on the duets and trios, BECAUSE he sings under control.  Many of us don’t care for the SCREAMING JOSHUA, because it’s uncomfortable to watch…..but pure voice?  He’s awesome.  He gives me the chills at some point every week — but then I tend to squint when he goes all crazy at the end.

    P2 – is unique, he’s fun, he’s repetitive — yes — but he’s an artist, and very talented, and is likely to be a star…. like him or not, like that music or not, he’s going to find his niche and have a great career.

    Elise — best pure voice of the bunch — she’s amazing, but not versatile.  She should stick with Rock and Blues — and be “all that” in her genre.  But, she’s awesome.

    Jessica — great voice — but I always feel like she’s in a beauty pagent instead of a singing competition.  She is TOO polished, TOO poised,  TOO orchestrated, and TOO arrogant.  You don’t have an alter ego at 16….I have a feeling she’s HOLY HELL to deal with when things don’t go her way.

    Colton — Christian Rock singer — and he’ll be a great one — not mainstream enough to be the American Idol — and probably doesn’t care.  Not as talented as the others — but a great alt/indy Christian Rocker — and will make a great career at it.

    Hollie — her voice is not as developed as it should be.  She was probably still a couple of years away.  Her lower register gives her trouble…..but when she sails, its gorgeous…..but you can tell her confidence is gone…..

    Skylar — she’s a good country singer.  She actually has a better voice than I thought, but the “TWANGY” thing is tough to handle at times.  But, she’s got a good voice and is just as talented at the two Country singers we had last year.

    Overall — all have flaws — all have talent…..The winner is likely to be down to P2 and Jessica.  But, they all are very talented in their own niche — and you can all be proud of your favorite.

    Oh — one more thing — Jessica’s fans are perhaps MORE annoying than McCreery’s fans were last year — didn’t think that was possible.

    • agree with you 100% its ok to like your favorite and cheer them on but to go on here and say so and so suck no talent ew bleh its annoying at the end of the day you gotta remember all of these people minus Elise are ONLY TEENS! most of us should remember what its like to be a young teen and saying rude and hateful things is not cool on any level. and to be that young and doing what they are doing they are all amazing in my book. yes i have my favorite and have voiced that on here before but lighten up people! is not cool to be ragging on kids!

    • WOW, I’m not sure where that last comment came from. When it comes to Jessica’s fans, I kind of got the impression they were as class a act as I have ever seen on American Idol. I see a “LOT” of repetitive calls for support to vote for Jessica … to the point were it can be annoying. But, I seldom see any obnoxious name calling from them. When it came to obnoxious fans, those Bible belt, country music loving, Haley bashers from last year were the worst I have ever seen. She was called names like slut, bitch, tramp and hotchie momma last season on a regular basis by those fans. I’m not seeing that at all from Jessica fans this season. And I bet no one else has either. And by the way, I am not a Jessica fan.

      In fact, the ONLY name calling I am seeing “this season” is those that pick on DeAndre by saying “he sucks”. And you have to know those are immature 13 year old boys who have a very limited knowledge of music, that talk like that. Maybe it is time for you to MAN UP and admit you were wrong. Because you were.

    • If you are loved by others that means you are doing something GOOD,but if you are hated  ( just like jessica hated by this so far the most arrogant ignorant person ive ever encounter.)  that means JESSICA is doing something BETTER,AWESOME,GORGEOUS,DELICIOUS,BEAUTIFUL NAME IT SHE GOT IT..

      • Ignorant? Arrogant?


        Because her fans annoy me, I am arrogant?
        Because she is 16 and has an Alter Ego, I am ignorant?
        Because I started out supporting her and was annoyed by her fans who put 100s of messages all saying the same thing, I am a hater?

        I love this site….

        Please contribute by clicking on the advertisers….

        If BBChez ever gets sent home this site will become wickedly fun….

        Finally, I truly appreciate your comment Dragmaze, but would love for you to define ignorant for me so I can know what you really were trying to tell me…


  27. The performances of the top 8, with the exception of Hollie & Elise, were very good. I think Hollie should be heading home. I’m not a Joshua fan at all.
    I’d like Phillip to win this.

    • I do like to read all the predictions here, but I’m noticing one thing.  Many of the predictions for Joshua to win or be in the top 2 is highly doubtful.  He does have an amazing voice, but he is really appealing to the gospel side of music which isn’t mainstream.  I think there’s great potential for him in the gospel genre, but I don’t think that the majority of the idol voters would vote that way.  I do agree that Hollie and Elise will be in the bottom 2, but unsure who will be there with them.  I don’t think it will be Colton or Deandre because they are probably getting a lot of the teenage girls voting and texting for them.  I think Joshua may have a possibility of joining Elise and Hollie.

  28. Another fine job this week Matthew on your predictions; my feelings on this are that Hollie, Elise, & Colton will be the bottom three with Colton getting sent back to safety leaving Hollie & Elise. I also feel that the judges’ one save will be used tonight whether its Hollie or Elise.

    • I don’t agree Rharzler, Colton is safe!!!, and he’s not in the bottom three

    • I think Colton should be in the bottom 3. But, I doubt Colton will be in the bottom 3 anytime soon. As between the pre-teen gilrs who vote on looks alone and the Bilbe Belt voters who vote on who is the most religious … his fan base is HUGE

  29. to: just a fan,
    I don’t think that you’re called gay any longer once you’re lying in a pine box!

      •  umm Bamm1, Elton is really gay and i dont mean it to be rude, as old saying goes “Love comes in a mysterious way” (as in God’s ><)… i just pointing out the obvious to Rhartzler1950 above 🙂

  30. i think it’s Hollie who’ll be out (if the text voters would appreciate skilled talent more); if Elise gets booted out, then that means cute and potential won over…just my opinion…(thanks simon!)

  31. I think this season is the best ever of all time::::::::)))):)::):):):)):).):):):)

  32. I think if you don’t have a nice answer here don’t say it at all I think they all rockkkk;) :/?????????? IDK what is going to. Happen

  33. Can we just send Hollie’s clothes home? I don’t want to see her go but those damn ridiculous clothes should be sent home and be delivered overnight.

    • Yeah, her outfits eat her alive. Who’s her stylist anyway? Love her hair but not her clothes.

  34. I think colton and phillip are great because of how defined they are musically. Both know what they are doing and they do it great! So yeah if i had to choose bottom three i’d say deandre sadly because he sounds great sonetimes), hollie because she was pitchy in her last performance, and skylar because well personally she annoys me sooo much with her borderline nasal voice. Now its not up to me but phillip or colton for the winnn!

  35. i think deandre, elise and hollie are the bottom three.  I think deandre should go, but i think he might have just enough of a teen following.  Elise did poorly last night on her solo, but her duet shows she really has a rocker voice.  problem is she never picks the right song or she does karoake…i think lounge singing is the problem.   people expect her to sound like the artist in a lounge so often she has forgotten how to be original.  i hope she is back next week and i think she needs to be more like Phil.  pick a non rock song and rock it.  i did watch the duets over and really enjoyed hers…ok jessica and josh…great radio but watching josh is like watching a drag show….jessica looked awesome.    colton not understanding his popularity, fake rocker, very uncool.  Love my Phil though…even if he has a little too much joe cocker in his duet.  he seems usure what to do without that guitar, but i love em.

    • Elsie needs to improve a bit, shes out of tune to me
      and I dont feel she fits in with the IDOL character, to old, not to friendly, I dont know, not my fav.

  36. I think Skylar capped the top position (see dialidol) because she’s very good, consistent, mature and likable to audience, not b/c of “pimp position”.  I for one am getting tired of Phillip P. for the very reasons u describe; everything he does sounds exactly the same. I think he made huge mistake last night; saying it just wasn’t him to go out touching hands w/audience, etc. Previously, typically humble, he just sounded  stubborn and disrespectful dismissing Jimmy L’s comments as he did.  Jimmy was right about him needing to push himself out of comfort zone….and yet he refuses to change a thing including his damn grey shirts….I mean what did he expect upon coming to AI…Like, has he never watched the show?  His dialidol scores reflect his attitude as well…as he was way down this week.

    • you know I was thinking the same thing on Thurs nite, watching him,
      he does not want to do a number without his guitar, he wears the same top or one that looks the same. he did not dress up when they had the stylist there. and he says I just have to be me.  Well Im thinking yeah it cool to stay true to yourself but if you want to be a star, you have to do things to entice your fans, you have to be out going, and in touch.  I dont say things right but I got the general idea.
      yes he has talent but he is getting boring.  as for his clothes, maybe he is financilly restricted, as his family was having trouble gettting here.  so I should not critize his clothes.  who knows  but hes not as likable for me any more.

  37. Of course they got it right.  He should have been gone a long time go.  Too much falsetto, sounds like a girl, and that hair, he just couldn’t stop playing with it !!  I don’t think I could take him another night.  The teeny boppers are the only ones that like him because he acts like them.  

  38. Colton for the win!! with Jessica or Skylar for 2nd. .. When Philip said “I dont touch hands” comments, I was annoyed by Him.. he’s really arrogant..

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