American Idol 2012: Top 9 Results Show Tonight

AMERICAN IDOL 2012: Skylar Laine. CR: Nino Munoz / FOX

Tonight on American Idol 2012 we’ll possibly say goodbye to another singer as we find out the latest American Idol results.

Of course the judges’ save is still in play, so there’s a possibility we’ll have two weeks with a Top 9. After last night’s great performances, it’s going to be hard to say goodbye to any of the remaining American Idol contestants.

Also tonight, reigning champ Scotty McCreery returns to perform “Water Tower Town” live. Also taking the stage will be Nicki Minaj to perform “Starships.” Preview both performances below. Too bad they couldn’t get Stevie Nicks to come back another night to perform.

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Scotty McCreery – “Water Tower Town”

Nicki Minaj – “Starships”




  1. Last night was a good night even fro regular bottom three seat filler. I don’t know, maybe shocking elimination will happen and cost the judges their save.
    Btw, did you hear JLo comment on Deandre “I wanna hear it for some more weeks” or something. It’s obvious Deandre days on Idol is numbered. Maybe tonight is a wrap for him?

    • I don’t think so, DeAndre can sing, JLo knows it. That guy is like magic when he’s sings, I tend to think Jessica is leaving tonight!

      • Ha Jessica is def going to be top 2 and even if she goes the judges will use the save on her .

      • No she is not leaving, she is losing leverage,  she is getting boring,
        but she is still more talented than Heejun or Elsie or Joshua

    • No thanks.  If I want a flawless “mechanical” performance, I’ll buy a Mercedes.  I want true emotion from a singer.  Jessica doesn’t have it, and it can’t be “learned”.

      • I agree, Jessica is getting really boring. still talented but losing ground

      • tough crowd… can you sing like she does?  Didn’t think you could.  No matter, I know talent when I see and hear it.  How?  I’ve been in the music business for over 45 years. Jimmy said it straight from the start – he would sign her, no problem.  Go Jessica!

  2. Scotty and Nicki Minaj?  Really?  (showing huge amounts of disappointment on his face)……

    I know what parts I’ll be doing dishes — 🙂

    I usually like to judge the performances on how often my kids get up and walk around during the show.

    The songs that everyone stayed to watch?


    We’ll see….

    •  yes i agree with this Bahloo2000 and i am getting tired of  Heejun Hun i know he is asian but he thinks his Butt has won and he can’t sing with a hoot,  Phillip, Joshua, Elise,Colton and Skylar . They knocked the audience out with their songs and i hope they are the ones i want to get .

  3. I like that measurement guide or at least the idea depending on how old the kids are?

  4. As much as I would like Jessica to win this, I think Colton will be this season’s winner. His support *in the US* is massive. 

    • Phillip Phillips is gonna win it, he is the total package. I’ve never heard anyone like him.

      • Or Bruce Banner — because I thought last night in the last 10 seconds of his song — he was about to go HULK SMASH on the entire audience.

        One intense dude!

        Fun watching him — and he’s an extremely talented dude with a HUGE upside…..

        I’d trust Stevie’s judgement — he’s going to be famous.

    • If we’ve learned nothing else in the last 10 seasons, we did learn that in many cases the national exposure is at least as important as winning.  Making top 10 is a huge career boost.

  5. It would seem pretty obvious who should be in the bottom three tonight. 
    DeAndre BrackensickHollie CavanaghHeejun Han That is assuming, of course, that it really is based on the singing.

      • I love Hollie more than Elsie thats for sure, Elsie is just not very good to me.   but for Hollie to stay in, she is going to have to do something, move around the floor more, something,  I love Skyler is my fav

    • DeAndre can sing, I heard the same comments being made last time about Scotty. 

  6. I like Hollie,,, but I think our ragin cajun– Joshua will take the cake this year.. js

  7. Best show ever – I hope the judges use their SAVE because I for one don’t want any of them to go home.
    Lets declare a 9 way tie ……………..

  8. Hollie is my favorite and I enjoy watching her perform, but was that the best she could do! It was her time to shine, it was everyone’s time to shine, she could have picked any song she wanted and that was her best, greatest idol song? I wouldn’t be surprised to see her eliminated, although she performed well, it was a horrible song choice. You would think after watching 11 years of American Idol, with all it’s upsets, that contestants would have learned to stand out! She may have reached her peak and top 10 is a good peak but not the peakiest!

  9. Not sure if that’s fair for you to post.  Joshua has his own voice.  He’s not Harry Nilsson — he sang it like Joshua Ledet.  He did a great job with it  too as far as I’m concerned.

  10. wow.. after such a great performance night they’re going to follow it with possibly the worst results show ever! I mean seriously, Scotty’s song is already enough to put almost anyone to sleep and then they want us to watch that Nicky “Stupid Hoe” Minaj?

    • I dont like Nicky either, not a good role model
      but I love Scotty, maybe its not his best song
      but he is talented and I like him

  11. I dont know, I was not as enthused as the judges, giving standing ovations
    Deandre and singing so high the whole song, not me
    Heejun came up alot but not the best
    Elsie dont like her she is not Idol materal
    my favorite is Skyler
    dont really like Joshua, he will fade
    but Colton and Phillip will stand out
    love Hollie, but Jessica is getting boring

  12. First off, we could not understand all the Standing O’s. It was a good night but 5 out of 9 – really??

    Colton Dixon:  We did not get the enthusiasm for this performance. I like Colton but this was not a great performance and it was hard to understand many of the words. He wants to go the way of Kris Allen into Christian Music and doesn’t need AI to break into that genre. 

    Skylar Laine: She is a real bundle of energy and we (our household) agreed that she nailed the song. Not sure how far she will go in the competition but am sure she has a future in Country music. Based on the voting on this site, it seems she could be in trouble tonight.

    Heejun Han: Initial reaction was “wow” but after listening  to the playback, I think it was more the fact that he sang straight and did not fool around. Still, it was a big improvement but I’m not sure he did enough to convince us that he is serious about this competition. 

    Hollie Cavanagh:  As I am originally from Liverpool and sang in a group and then solo in clubs for years, I guess I have a bias for Holly. However strong her voice may be, she really needs to start doing more than standing still and singing. She also has a habit of switching the mike from hand to hand, which is distracting. 

    DeAndre Brackensick: Apart from DeAndre’s fans, I agree with the majority of comments. That was a mess last night and no way did it deserve a standing O. I think he is in danger of going home this week.

    Jessica Sanchez: Technically she is incredible and for a 16-year old, has a great sense of style. She blew everyone away with her “I Will Always Love You” and, despite the urging of the “judges” that they all need to get better each week, it is pretty darn hard to better that performance. If I recall, they all said it was the best they had ever heard on AI so expecting her to better that week in and week out, is impossible.  

    Phillip Phillips: I love his vibe and style of music but he is lost without his guitar, looks in pain every time he sings and is starting to sound the same each week. I know he has a big fan base so will be safe. I admit that I love listening to his recordings but he is hard to watch sometimes.

    Joshua Ledet: Mixed reaction here on this performance. We had two thumbs up and two down and I was one of the down ones. To me, he started too high and lost a lot as the song built to the higher notes and sounded as if he was almost screaming to keep up toward the end. 

    Elise Testone: This was the performance of the night and the one that did deserve a standing O. I don’t understand why people say she has an attitude because all we have seen is someone who has supported the other singers, enjoys their performances and has shown a pleasant sense of humor. I’ve read comments like; “she is too old” or “she looks like a cougar”  She is 28 and has been one of the best for the last 2-weeks with Vienna last week and Whole Lotta Love this week.  

    Almost all the winners of AI have been from the Southern States and there own Stats show that more votes come from Southern States than anywhere else.  So far, Jeremy and Shannon from Florida (despite its location, it is not considered a southern state) and Erika from Rhode Island have gone as has Jermaine (for alleged irregularities) who is from New Jersey.

    Colton is from TN
    Elise from SC
    Hollie from TX
    Joshua from LA
    Phillip from GA
    Skylar from MS

    DeAndre and Jessica are from CA
    Heejun is from NY

    I suspect DeAndre and Heejun will be in the bottom three tonight and would not be surprised if Jessica was there as well, although it is more likely to be between Hollie and Skylar.

    If nothing else, it will be interesting to see how the demographics impact the voting and it seems that, according to the voting here, Jessica is the only one this year who may break the Southern domination.             

    • wow I agree with everything said, nailed it
      I do like HeeJun but we all know he is not the best singer
      but he has a nice voice. 
      only thing I dont agree with is Elsie
      dont like her for some reason, Not IDOL material
      drab and no personality and to old, and she wont go far.
      i dont know  just my opinion who knows

      • If you read her bio, you will find that she is a voice coach and has also sang with a band and solo plus has opened for some top acts.

        She may not go far in this competition but there is no doubt that she has a hell of a voice, knows her rhythms and phrasing and the exposure will enhance her career,

        Since I have sons older than her, I guess I don’t consider her old. :):) 

    • Finally someone else is saying, what I have said for 3 weeks now. Phillip Phillips has is a good performer. But, he pretty much sings every song the EXACT same way. I would go bat crazy if I had to listen to more than 2 songs in a row by him.

    • that is really dumb,,,,, he is a young boy and does have talent
      just not good enough. 

  13. they say it’s going to be shocking. i hope hope hope it’s not hoille becuese i don’t think she’ll get the save. if it’s jessica she’ll get the save or joshuoa or colten or p2 will get the save.

  14. Nikki Minaj should be embarassed to lip sync half a performance and sing off key for the other half.

  15. Skylar needs to go. This is America though. We will end up with another country singer who sings Georgia peaches, whatever! Or mayb Mississippi
    Mudpies! Jessica is the best. But she will not make it cause of her color. Fact. Someone else will pick her up. This is AMERICAN idol. Who went tonite? Hejun. Why?you got the answer.deandre and Joshua will go next. Then they will start on Jessica. Southerns are the majority of voters. Cause they stay at home more. Nothing to do out there. I know I lived there.

    • I am not a big fan of Skylar either. She is a country singer wiith a less than average voice. And with country music, voice is pretty much everything. But, she has one thing going for her. There are a lot of country music fans who watch American Idol. And with no other country performers left … she is the one they will vote for. This is not a good season if you only like country music.

  16. There was a song that was briefly played when they were looking up at the hotel, calling out which rooms they wanted. The song mentions “in the backyard”. Does anyone know what this song is?!? It was NOT a song any of yhe contestants sang… Just a background song while they were talking to each other!!!

  17. between deandre and hee jun – I prefer hee jun’s voice, but deandre is good-looking – sometimes voice will go, look stays – hee jun has more uniqueness in his voice. Up to the voters. I don’t know, but as long as phillip phillips win don’t really care who & who will go – this phillip – his talent is rare – he is an artist – I seldom find or hear somebody like phillip phillips. American voters I thank you all for voting phillip all the way – well I can vote, being in Malaysia – I depend on you beautiful people – God bless you all

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