American Idol 2012: Top 9 Performance Show Recap

American Idol Season 11 Elise Testone

This week the American Idol 2012 Top 9 took on songs by their own idols and the outcome was scores better than last week. All of the Top 9 performances are available now on iTunes for download.

Jennifer Lopez asked what was up with the performances being so good and the answer is simple. They got to pick their own songs. Songs by people they love. If American Idol would just drop the ridiculous themes and stop painting the singers in a corner, all shows would end up being this good.

And aside from the good performances, Stevie Nicks as a mentor was amazing. I LOVE Stevie and she gave some of the best advice I’ve ever heard given on Idol.

As always, I’ll review each performance (but not those pointless trios) and assign the letter grade that I think each deserves.

(In order of performance)

Colton Dixon, “Everything.” I thought this was a terrible song choice. It was boring and it never went anywhere. Colton sang the same note all the way through. I don’t care if it’s his favorite worship song. American Idol is a singing competition, not a worship and praise concert. Sing a song that showcases your voice. This song did nothing for him. He’s a much better singer than this. (C-)

Skylar Laine, “Gunpowder and Lead.” Skylar got some spunk that can’t’ be matched. I love her stage presence. And I like her twang. This song was a little bit edgy for a little country girl. I loved it. And her vocal was very powerful and it turns out she’s not a bad song storyteller. (A-)

Heejun Han, “A Song For You.” This is a good song and Heejun actually wasn’t that bad. He decided to leave behind the jokes this week and I think that was a very good idea. He may have saved himself this week, but just barely. (B)

Hollie Cavanagh, “Jesus Take The Wheel.” I agree with Steven that she should’ve picked another song, but I DO NOT agree with Randy. I heard no issues with pitch. I thought Hollie was technically flawless. There was a lot of power and emotion in the song. I thought it was one of her best vocals. Even if the song was wrong. I have no idea why Randy is picking on her. Every season there’s one person he always picks on. Guess he picked Hollie this season. (A-)

DeAndre Brackensick, “Sometimes I Cry.” First of all, unless you’re a Bee Gee, NO song should be performed in all falsetto. Waaay too much falsetto on this performance. And I have no idea what the song was. I hated his performance. (D+)

Jessica Sanchez, “Sweet Dreams.” I wasn’t feeling Jessica this week. I think I was a little tricked by her during Whitney Houston week and so were a lot of people. The difference between me and everyone else is, my awe for Jessica has worn off. I’m starting to find her bland and kind of soul-less when she sings. I don’t think she make a connection to the audience. And this week I think she was just a Beyonce sound-alike. (B+)

Phillip Phillips, “Still Rainin.” I had never heard this song, but I now want to hear more of it. I thought Phillip was as fantastic as always. And had I not already been convinced, Stevie Nicks’ opinion of Phil would’ve have definitely changed my mind. She loved him. And I understand why. His performance tonight was oozing soul. He’s a true musician.( A+)

Joshua Ledet, “Without You.” Of course this was the Nilsson version of the song and not really the Mariah one, but they’re still technically the same song. I thought no one else could do this song justice, but Joshua did. He nailed it. It was completely flawless. He might not be the most interesting contestant, but I think he’s probably the best vocalist. He killed it tonight. (A+)

Elise Testone, “A Whole Lotta Love.” When I heard that one of the contestants was going to do Zeppelin, I had a feeling it might be Elise. I was a little worried and now I feel silly for ever being nervous. THIS is the Elise I always thought/knew/hoped she was. This was her zone. She was phenomenal. I’m still in awe. I never vote for anyone and I actually picked up the phone for her. I’m afraid that the teen girl voters are going to overlook her and she will unfairly go home too early. And I was completely amazed when Elise and Stevie started harmonizing on Stevie’s/Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.” Amazing. (A++)

Now we get to the part where I predict who is safe and who might not be safe based only on how I think America might vote. These are not my personal opinions.

100 Percent Safe: Phillip Phillips, Colton Dixon, Jessica Sanchez

Most Likely Safe: Elise Testone (let’s hope), Joshua Ledet, Skylar Laine

Possibly the Bottom 3: DeAndre Brackensick, Heejun Han, Hollie Cavanagh

Possibly going home: DeAndre

My thinking: I think DeAndre and Heejun will definitely be in the bottom. The third spot could go a number of ways. It could be Hollie because we’re getting to the point where someone has to go in that spot and people could be bored with her. It could also be Skylar for the same reasons. I THINK Elise has finally gotten herself away from the bottom for a bit, but it’s still possible she could end up there. Stranger things have happened. At any rate, Heejun or DeAndre will be going home, I think. And the judges won’t use the save on either of them.

What did you think of the performances? How do you think the votes will play out tomorrow night?




    •  Elisa was great this week and I think she was definitely the stand out. Not sure if she should win yet because her personality might not be reaching to the audience.

      • Hi Yaboyanthony10,

        Which personality is that?  if you meant the audience last night,   all of them were on their feet .  Objectively speaking, every time she is up
        to perform I take a very close look on this attitude that I  have been
        hearing so much, did you see any bad personality thing that she did last night? or did she appeared dis- interested in the audience?  Or did she rolled her eyes as if she did not care?  What , I need to know? 

        Yes, I admit that I am one of her strongest supporter, being a musician
        and who appreciates real talent, it is a no brainer for me to pick her as my favourite (picked her as my darkhorse before the final 24) I even said to friends here that I will stick with her “win or loose”

        It is no surprise that Stevie Nicks would like to hire her as part of her band. I would to in a flash (dreaming) LOL .  She is like most talented musicians I have met thru out the years, introverted , occupied with the music, shy, very few words spoken, sounds familair?

        Again, can she win Idol?  proably not, she should hands down just on
        talent alone, she is not a “Cover Artist” like most of them in this competition, with all due respect to all the singers.  I know this is
        American Idol and not American Artist.

        Have fun and have a nice day!   just saying……………………

      • please, too old? we don’t need a 16 year old that will go nowhere, she has more talent than most of them grouped together.

      • She may be too old to win this competition!  But my Lord, she is under 30 years of age.  Since when is that too old in this country.  Like someone said last wk, there should be a Teen Idol that airs on Saturdays.  Then alas, us folks over 21 won’t have to listen to Scotty, little David, Hollie and oh yes Jessica sing like they’re at the prom.  Just a thought…maturity adds to the strength of the vocal chords people.  TEEN IDOL..YAY

      • Actually, Scotty sings like a much older guy but I get what you are saying.  Elise is a great singer and I like her style a lot more than Jessica’s but I think Jessica’s fans are a little more determind with the phone. Maybe they all followed her from America’s Got Talent. I wonder what her next competition will be…is she just making the rounds?

    • Hi James,

      Where have you been?  who else likes Elise out there, now is the time to come out and say something.

      • Elise has been my favorite female contestant for several weeks now. America has been slow to recognize her vocal prowess and versatility. Hopefully this week will put that to bed so she can continue on to the Top 3.  She is considerably more versatile than any of the other females – actually – scratch that – than any of the other contestants period.  I love Phillip Phillips, but he hasn’t showed a lot of versatility, but I do like the groove that he’s in. 

      •  love her…she is the only one with true raw talent….I will continue to vote for her and only her…and buy her album and only her album. She is far superior to the others…others are great, but they cannot hold a candle to Elise and her talent.

      •  When Stevie Nicks says there are very few people she would sing a duet with and she sang with Elise…….I think that pretty much says it all!!

    • I agree with you James.  Me and my sister both been watching her from the very beginning.  I knew she had it in her from day one in the audition stages.

  1. Let me just start off by saying, the performances were AMAZING!! Hands
    down, the best live show this season.. Everyone did a great job.

    My fave of the night goes to Elise, I am soooo happy for her, her
    performance was great(I’m still singing the chorus “Whole lotta love” in
    my head).. She stole the show for me this week! Congrats Elise : )

    My Bottom 3:

    1. Deandre – He is a great singer, but imo, the falsetto isn’t something
    I enjoy listening to.. Idk why he continues to sing an entire song that
    way!? He has a great voice, I just don’t think he has enough fans to
    keep him around much longer.

    2. Heejun – He did improve this week, but, if we’re talking vocals and
    who actually sang the best, he isn’t one of those people. His
    performance was somewhat pitchy and he’s the least talented out of the
    top 9 (singing wise).

    3. Hollie – I absolutely love her! but, this week isn’t looking to good
    for her.. she did another ballad(although I enjoyed it) the judges
    didn’t, and the judges opinions weigh heavy when it comes to voting. If
    she stays, I want her to let loose and sing a upbeat song..

    Hopefully going home:

    Heejun – If people be honest with themselves, they’ll realize he isn’t
    up to everyone’s standards singing wise. Out of the Top 9 he is the
    worst singer. Period.

    • This is American IDOL not American Best Singer. Hee Jun got more personality than half of all the contestants combine! He is here to stay…at least for 1 week or two. I don’t deny other’s talents, but you are being a heejun-hater here. 

      • America, here’s the reason the voting has been faulty over the past few years. People judging on personality. Just… come on. Heejun is hilarious, but he isn’t even close in talent to the likes of Hollie, Jessica, Joshua, and Phil.

      • No he is being Real!!  I agree Deandre should go home next then Heejun, compared to everyone else they don’t measure up,  I am a Philip Philips and Skylar Fan since the beginning at tryouts, love that boy and love the country Reba kind of girl on her 4×4 🙂

    • Agree with everything but the Heejun going home this week.   Should be Deeandre this week and probably Heejun next.

      Glad Elise is finally getting credit.  Thought she did great jobs in the past but didn’t connect with the presumably teenage girl voters.

      • I don’t get where DeAndre should be going home, he was great. I guess some of you don’t like Earth Wind and Fire, or The Temptations, he picked out his own song and sung it well.

      • Weekend, are you related to deandre? And I love the Tepmtations, but how in the world does he get compared to them? I’ll tell you what it is, hopefully in a respectful way. When is the last time you’ve heard an artist sing in nothing but falsetto, every single song? Pretty much not since the Bee Gees in the Disco 70’s. It’s just not appealing to listen to that style and that voice from a male singer. It’s just not a natural way to sing an entire song, and it just doesn’t connect to main stream America. Not saying he isn’t talented, we are just saying that style is unnatural and not pleasant to listen to, that’s all. Hope that was a respectful way to shine some light on why many people don’t care for deandre 🙂

    • Heejun did great tonite and I don’t think he is going home yet. He can sing and have a very nice voice. Probably Deeandre or josh. I think you don’t like Heejun because he is Asian, right?

      • Quit trying to play the race card.  Look through these posts at the screen names of all those who pull that BS.

      • Heejun has a great voice, but he has made one big mistake: he has alienated a lot of people by acting as though the competition isn’t that important. That is a slap in the face to the other contestants and to the audience who watch and vote.  That is going to cost him.

      • I totally agree with you,  Cabusasr. I think most of these people don’t think he should have it because he’s Asian. I love his talent, beautiful voice, and his sense of humor. It takes both to be an entertainer and he has it all!

    • It’s not just about ALL VOCAL acrobats or whatsoever! No matter how great singer you are, if you dont have the personality, you wont make it in this business. HeeJun may not be the best singer, but he’s making this season of AI alive. Youre boring dude! Get a LII-IIFFE.

    • Don’t understand the thought of  “If you’re not a BeeGee you shouldn’t sing a whole performance in falsetto.”  OBVIOUSLY someone hasn’t heard of Maxwell (especially this woman’s work) or Prince.  They did it all the time and brillantly. 

      I thought he sounded great.

      • NO comparision to Prince!!   he sounded nothing like him.  he would be good in a Disney movie 🙂

      • I totally agree with you!!! Deandre is extremely talented. I think most of those who criticize his voice don’t know or listen to|R&B. They probably don’t know of artist like Eric Benet or Maxwell. If it isn’t your “cup of of tea”, just say that because Deandre is vocally gifted and the judges even recognize that. Stephen Tyler, a rock singer, can even recognize Deandre’s amazing vocal skills. If you don’t care for R&B music, your critique of an R&B performance is susceptible to bias! Just saying…

        BTW, Jessica Sanchez is my favorite! Vocally, she’s one of best. She just needs to work on her stage presence more and she’ll be amazing, She’s already a little star in my opinion. I think there are some serious haters out there! Jealous much folks?

      • Well, then, count me in as someone who just doesn’t get it…and the crew over at vote for the worst. Now that Heejun is gone, he is their pick.

    • You ARE completely wrong! Heejun is one of the best singers there! He outshines Colton, Skylar and Joshua. Is it because he’s Asian you don’t want him to win? You know he’s good!

    • You are definitely wrong! Heejun has a great voice and wonderful personality!  He brings some life into that very dull show.  Everyone thinks if you can scream loud enough you’re a good singer……..that is bull!

  2. i think joshua and skylar are in more danger than hollie, but great review. but on dial idol (yes i know) jessica has taken an ENORMOUS fall. its a little shocking

    • She screams alot when she sings,Llast night I just thought she was boring. But I haven’t like her since she messed up singing one of  Gloria Estefans’ songs.Her voice rattles at times.

    • Jessica is getting so boring…I fell Pia all over again..she has to stop the ballads, her and Holly both. Getting really old…nothing to look forward to.

  3. This author is definitely a Jessica hater.  Been consistently giving Jessica a low grade despite an impeccable performance.  I think Branden needs to retire.  A- for Hollie? Are you on crack?

    • I also agree with you, everytime I’m reading his opinion that what i noticed, he always give jessica a low grade despite of her excellent performance. I think that’s UNFAIR:)

    • Yea, that is some lol-sized bias, ranking Hollie above Jessica.  Hollie was one of the worst of the night even though I am a fan of hers.

    • If all you people don’t like the way he grades, then maybe stop reading his reviews? Just a thought.

      • I enjoyed Branden’s reviews — and grades — very much last year.  What ever has happened to him this year?  Is he watching performances in mute mode?  I keep hoping the good old Branden will return…

      • Thank you David. Excellent response!  I like both Hollie and Jessica, but I feel that Jessica’s biggest problem is that she doesn’t give the impression of relating to the audience. I get the feeling that she’s singing in an empty theater.  Maybe she’s a bit shy.  Well, she needs to learn to act like she’s not.

      •  To Idol Veteran – beautiful singer, performer….just amazing singing chops, however, I think the “relating to the audience” might be her age.  She may sing like a veteran, but she’s still a kid…….just an opinion.

    • @f5fc7770f5ebee9a7efbe52a191923bd:disqus you should be careful or else the author will block you. You cannot say anything against them! hahahaha but definitely he’s a Jessica hater. we should not care anyways

    • I agree. Jessica deserves an A+ for her performance tonight! Branden is basically racial!

      • Nothing racial about Branden! – It would be nice if we could get out of that mindset entirely here.  I totally agree with DAVID and IDOLVETERAN – No matter how amazing Jessica’s voice is – she just doesn’t seem to put her heart in it and therefore, doesn’t connect with those watching her – I’d probably like her better on the radio – and there’s NOTHING racist about that.  I LOVE Heejun’s mellow richness when he’s really singing his best – even like his diction – so get over the Asian bias thing thankyouverymuch.
        I feel like Hollie gets crapped on waaay too much.  I thought she was totally souful on JESUS TAKES THE WHEEL and without all the extra drama that seems to get thrown into many C/W songs.  (Skyler gives me a total headache every week.  While I’m betting Deandre will go home this week – I’m longing to say farewell to Skyler.)

      • I disagree. I feel Jessica’s passion when she sings. It “connects” with me and I’m sure it “connects” with much of the audience. She really wants to do well and its evident when she gives it her all every time she steps on that stage! He performances are superb!!!

    • I really like the people who liked the comment… go team jessica… maybe they just don’t know what is music all about and who has the ability to sing… Hollie is just a normal girl that can sing nothing special… that’s it… sorry but I’m an avid fan of Jessica… Go team Jessica… 🙂 81 people who liked your comment… 🙂

      • Yes!!! Go team Jessica!!! I also an avid fan so I feel the need to defend her as well. LOL! I feel there’s a lot of unnecessary hate of Jessica, but that’s what people do when you’re that darn good!!! She could win the whole thing with that amazing voice! They are just mad that she might knock their favorites right out of the competition because she’s a 16 yea phenom! That’s all…

    • As I stated..she peaked too early.  Girl needs a personality to go with above average voice.  If she had sung that Whitney song on week 5 instead of week 1, the whole world would love her (not that she had a choice, just unlucky)  People will compare all her songs to that one and that gives her average ratings from people other than her fans.

    • I agree. Jessica is brilliant! Thank goodness the author isn’t a judge! 🙂

      Jessica’s singing leaves me in awe! A 16 year with a voice that grande.  They are definitely “HATERS” LOL!

      • Seriously…stop with the whole  “haters’ thing. It’s boring and stale. Someone can have a different opinion than you and not be a hater. Grow up.

  4. Hollie? A-? and Jess? B+? And you blame Jess for sounding like Beyonce? I died just now. Hollie was just terrible.  

      • last week he said that he didn’t hear any pitch issues in Hollie’s singing, and yet again, this. ~_~  

    • yup. maybe he’s TV or internet connection has a problem. or simply just a Hollie fan

  5. How can i treat seriously someone who says ”
    irst of all, unless you’re a Bee Gee, NO song should be performed in all falsetto.”? Are you serious man? Are you 5 years old? Im done with the site if people who write like 5 year old children do recaps here.

    •  Yeah no kidding. I just laughed at the stupidity of that statement when I read it. This guy is a terrible judge of musical ability.

    • I had the same thought.  Way too much falsetto.  Its grating and annoying.  At least he wasn’t bopping all over the place this time and his hair flippping is driving me nuts.

      I’d like to see him go this week and Hejun next….he is the weakest singer by far

      • lol, read my comment one more time if it was reply to me, maybe then you’ll understand, deandre is easily one of the most skilled and special contestants on the show, not only this season

  6. Don’t fool yourself Branden. Heejun won’t be in the bottom three. He had a better performance than many you ranked higher. He was near the top this time. Your review is too biased. 

    • I agree! I think Heejun was THE BEST last night! No doubt about it! But I loved him when he did the Billy Joel song. I thought he brought some life into a very boring show!!! 

    • His scream into another scream is just “beautiful”.  I don’t know I am not a big fan of the same screaming rendition for every song but as someone said to me last week to each his own.  Or in Joshua’s case to scream his own.  I will give you this when he doesn’t scream he is one talented singer as he showed in his trio.  

  7. I personally don’t get the Phillip love, yea he’s great, yea he’s gonna stick around a lot longer, but imo, he does the same thing every week. Sings like he’s about to bust a vein and stands in one spot. Over It.

    • actually I get your point, but in Phillip, I can see him in an album cover, and making teenage girls route for him. I can’t see that on other contestants. I’m a Jessica Fan, but I can’t see her in an Album cover which will sell a lot. 🙂 #JustMyOpinion

    • I don’t get it either. In my opinion, he sounds like a motorcycle and it looks like it’s painful for him to sing.

  8. Branden noticed that hollie is being picked on by randy, just like I did..tonight she was wayyy better than colton, heejun, deandre and others, still they only criticized her…what’s up with that?…and you guys…if we don’t all agreed that jessica is perfection personified we are in the wrong?…really? I mean I know that jess is a good singer, and i’m voting for her also, but she’s just not my favorite.

    • Also, If they were going to give 5 standing o’s, give them to singers that did at least an OK job. Seriously judges. You were doing so well. And now we are even worse off than last season. Ugh. 

    •  I agree.  Hollie’s performance was great and a nice comeback after a sub-par (for her) showing last week.  Jessica sings well but seems a bit sing-by-numbers.  Pia anyone?

  9. I love Jessica and she’s my favorite this year along with Hollie and Colton.. the author is giving his opinion, and he is entitled to it 🙂 he’s commenting on how he sees the performances on the show, and “maybe” based on the music genres he prefers =)

    my fave performances for tonight would be Jessica, Elise Skylar and Philip

    let’s cheer for our faves!

    • I told you guys Branden’s personal pick is Philip..Branden really?? really really??? hahaha sorry but i find you gay branden peace hahaha…

      Jessica is always underrated..Branden again really???really really???

  10. Wow, the author of this article must be a girl because every week they are giving Philip Phillips A+, most likely for his looks lol he sounds the same every week. He’s a great artist don’t get me wrong, but he needs to change it up, bore….

    This author is also a Jessica Sanchez hater. She’s great and she changed it up this week. How can she be bland when she’s changing it up every single week. She should be the winner. It’s people like you that make American Idol what it is, a show that attracts teenage or younger girls that fall for the guys because of their looks and not their talent.


      • You just completed my point… “a few weeks ago.” This girl has been great every week and I think 90% of the crowd will agree with me.

        What bugs me is that these people are being biased with males and females on American Idol. They lean more towards the guys not because of just their talent but because of their looks. It’s not right and that’s all I have to say…

    • Why does he have to be a girl? Guys can’t think Phillip is awesome? He was pretty amazing and Branden is just giving his thoughts, end of story. 🙂

      •  Okay maybe I worded it wrong… but the point I was trying to get across is that each year people have favored the guys over the girls and that’s why their has been 5 consecutive years of male idol winners which is not right…..

        HOWEVER, look who has been the most successful, CARRIE UNDERWOOD AND KELLY CLARKSON and Jessica Sanchez will join them.. end of story.

      • yeah that’s why Branden the ‘gayish’ loves philip much. end of story. hahah peace branden…i tried to review all your reviews..your bet is the papable philip. lol

  11. hmmm, i really likes Jessica’s performance. She connected with the audience more than ever. She was like drawing people in with those soft but very difficult to maintain notes. An (A) is what she deserves.

    elise was woah!!!! im a fan of hers now… 

    i knew colton would do everything but this was not a good choice for him, this could mean trouble for him in the future if he doesn’t step up his game

    I do agree with you on DeAndre, too much is too much

    Joshua did good, but im not he has the “it” to win, the talent yes, but the whole package, i wonder

  12. Okay, I gotta agree. Elise was terrific tonight. However, a B+ grade with a comment “Beyonce sound-like”…. get over yourself man. That was a Jessica Voice. “The Jessica Voice” And peace…

    • At the start Jessica sounded like she was mimicking Beyonce’s voice perfectly. Way too parrot-ty. I’d like to hear Jessica’s version, not a spot-on imitation of Beyonce.

      • Dude, that was really natural for her to sound like  The Beyonce as she has stated in the video clip, that’s why she’s trying not sound like The Beyonce and she really sounded like The Jessica. ;p

        As I stated before—It went well. It didn’t sounded like she’s mimicking her idol. 

      • I agree, it was very karaokish — and she’s quite good — but I think she sounds like Jennifer Hudson some weeks and Beyonce some weeks.  Not sure what Jessica sounds like either.

      • Agree – she did the same with Witney’s “I Will Always Love You”.  She’s got a terrific voice – but she’s just not very authentic.

      • Agree… That’s why I’m not a fan of her… She’s good but she imitates the original which is boring

      • I couldn’t understand a word she was singing at the beginning of that song. That song was also verrrry boring. Did it look like she had a dress on that was more suited to an opera than this show? Nonetheless she’s still really good, but was not in the top 3 performances tonight, sorry. B+ was a generous grade considering several killed it lastnight.

    • I agree.  She has used up all the goodwill she garnered from her Whitney Houston performance….time for her to step up again.

      She is capable but its time to remind everyone how good she is.  This week didn’t do it.

  13. This was hands down the best show this season!!! And i agree with you Branden, it was totally because they got to sing their own picks. Wish they’d do that more often.
    I guess I’m biased but I absolutely LOVE Phil and I’m not so keen on Jessica. Honestly there’s no reason really, other than I just don’t feel a connection with her. I wish I did though because she has an awesome voice, I’m just not feeling it.
    Elise was so amazing tonight! The best of the night fo sho! She keeps getting better and better. I really hope she stays.
    One more thing–branden you do an awesome job of reviewing. Seriously reading your reviews are like as much fun as watching it. 🙂 Keep up the good work man!

  14. BRANDEN is in love with PP..bad or good performance,he always got A+..he’s bias,i don’t believe him!

      • Well how bout criticizing him for sounding the exact same every single week. Listen to all his performances and tell me what’s different about them. Stands behind the mic never moving an inch, guitar in hand, every single song sounds the same, same growl, same painful look. I mean come on Branden, you’ve called other contestants, ‘one trick pony’s,’ but you refuse to say anything negative about Phillip, who more than any other contestant, failed to show us anything different whatsoever. I don’t get why it’s ok for certain contestants to stay in their safe comfort zone, but not others. Come on B, Phillip is beginning to get predictable and boring honestly.

  15. Elise is the Haley of last year. In the first part they are mostly in the bottom 3 but now they are gaining momentum 😀

  16. I agree 100% with the recap.

    It seems to me that if anyone says anything bad about Jessica everyone starts yelling… its an opinion – you love her, others don’t. It shows extreme immaturity when all you can do is push everyone else’s opinion down because God knows only you can be right….

    Sadly, I think if Deandre gets voted off he will be saved – when he sings normally he does very well, I just can’t stand whatever that is.

    Bottom 3 predictions:

    Best of luck to all of them! No matter what they sing a hell of a lot better than me 😛

    •  Its an honest opinion from one person. Don’t let it get your panties in a ——. This was by far the best top 9 I have seen. There are some standouts and some obvious dropouts. We don’t need to worry for another 3 or 4 weeks.

      • and now this is my honest opinion..dontban me here branden but you love philip so much..good or bad performance still you gave him an A…for me branden is gay…my opinion…

      • magicball, you have no right to say that. Because he enjoyed a singer, he is automatically gay? Stop making a fool of yourself.

  17. This person is weird in a billion way! Consistent jessica hater! What is wrong with you? Good thing youve established your blog already but this has to stop. You are being unfair with jess. Jess (B) hollie (A) ? Youre having a nightmare right? For 3 weeks now!

    • Neonderson,
      yeah, enough already, you don’t like the posts, please move on we do not need you heere.  If you can’t receive, then don’t give, get it??

  18. Haha. This writer is so pathetic.
    Trying hard to sway readers to vote according to his taste.
    Well,  with your review and grading, I’ll give you an F.

    • Oh come on! If u don’t like what he wrote why u read? Go read other review from other people! You have a choice to read or not to read. Choose wisely..

  19. Branden, you should make peace with Jessica fans. Been visiting the site since season 9 and not to come to the rescue of the author, but his reviews are his. And, for the past years, he has made some really definitive predictions. Branden was not into Scotty last year, he won. But Branden, week-by-week predicted this guy to be safe. You can set up your own site guys if you don’t like what you are reading. I will still visit this site for my weekly AI dose.

  20.  If ever, you’re most likely to get worn off by the same Phil’s performances every week than by Jessica’s talent.

    • why should make peace with jessica fan?i think jessica has a good voice but i wonder in her versatily!!,and thats why i think they are 2 contestants very unique::::::elise and joshua are by far the best in this year show!!!wake up america because last year from same mistake that you doing now with jessica and philipp (every time first places even there performance not soo amazed),he won the  american idol scotty!!!!?????common…

  21. I felt the top three performances were easily Elise, Phillip and Joshua.

    Don’t think that they were in the last three slots accidently…..

    Those of you who don’t listen to the singers objectively — and are so focused on your personal favorite are SOOOO missing out on the fun.

    I thought all of them were very good tonight.  I really had no complaints about any of them and I enjoyed the entire night…..

    Elise absolutely blew me away…..that was a pro on stage and she totally rocked it.  Some of you “under 30” who have no idea who Robert Plant is….have NO idea how unfreakingbelievable that performance was.  She deserved 2 standing ovations….

    But, please everyone, put down your attitudes tonight, because this was a great show….and everyone did a damn fine job.  Quite bickering and enjoy it.

    PS — not a Skylar fan — but I thought she did great — and even though I’m not a big country music fan — I am always entertained by her…..she’s much fun.

    • Thank you! I am in the “over 50” crowd, and I do think many of the bloggers here are getting bent out of shape if Branden doesn’t like their favorite singers each week.  Grow up, people!  If you want to get your knickers in a twist about something, grouse about how the show’s producers actually have the final say about who goes home when.  Oh!  You thought the voting was sacrosanct???  I think not! The show’s producers want to make sure that they end up with good ratings and a marketable winner.  They will do whatever is necessary to achieve that!  No more Taylor Hicks for them!

  22. My order(most to least  favorite):





    Overall a great night (but not worthy of 5 Standing O’s) and I can see how any one of these nine could  be someone’s favorite.

  23. i just dont know how u judge every performance, u will say something not good for a person, then u will put them on the 100 percent safe ._.*coz u knw they have connection with people? that’s why they are safe? and its only u who hated specifically jessica sanchez, and u trying to bring her down? no matter how negative words u will give her, she will be one of the bests of this competition, sometimes be credible enough on ur judgement!

      • really?performance?are you sure?hollie A,jessica B?are you deaf?please be fair if it is based on performance..

      • @6c9b908be171c16501c7689e7da29e63:disqus : “Performance” wasn’t the operative word there. I think you meant to say “opinion?”

        @aa452a8599ff57e5a81efded97b3c804:disqus : What part was confusing? It’s like last year. I didn’t care for Scotty, but I knew he was going to win. So if I was giving my opinion on the Top 3 I’d say Haley was better, but Scotty will be safe.

      • Exactly! Don’t understand why people don’t like the review but still reading it. If you dont like don’t read.

      • @eab43cf282034e840a7cdb6ee1d5f9e4:disqus Here’s a thing to look at: how can they say they liked or disliked a post when they’ve never read it. The ones who commented – like yourself – merely expressed their thoughts of reaction after having to read the review. Think twice before you start to ask really obvious questions or go prodding everyone who thought otherwise to not read anything up on this site. And that also applies to everyone who kept pointing to that direction. I just can’t help but raise an eyebrow there. Sorry. Ehe.

  24. In order of performance:Colton- I really can’t seem to get the hype behind Colton. It seems like every week he is just a pitchy mess through the entire song. I’m scared that the tweenie vote will carry him for a while though. D
    Skylar- Skylar got to be back in her comfort zone for this song. And the fact is, she is quite simply a great country artist. She did get lost in the song at times, but overall just a stellar performance.  A-
    Heejun- This was Heejun’s best performance in a while, but the only reason a lot of people love him is because of his personality. And if he is serious about being serious, then he may lose some fans. B+
    Hollie- She leaves nothing to be desired with her voice. She has a big voice and a soothing voice. But seriously Hollie, STOP WITH THE BALLADS. Personally, I would LOVE to see Hollie win, but she needs to prove she can entertain us as well. A-
    DeAndre- Pitchy. Off key. Terrible. Done. Sorry. F
    Jessica- I can’t seem to find it, but there is just something about Jessica that just turns me off. In every way imaginable, she is a great singer, but I just can’t lay my finger on it… I don’t know… maybe it’s her complete lack of personality. Oh well. B+
    Phil- I hate what I am about to say… I’m starting to become a fan of a WGWG. Ugh. I can’t help it! Phil just has that unique quality that makes stars. I know many other winners had it, like, say, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, David Cook? And Phil Phillips has it. A
    Joshua- WOW. Joshua can SANG!!! This kid has a huge voice. He proved he can do uptempo songs as well. I can’t wait to see a whole lot more of him in the weeks to come. A++
    Elise- Again, kinda like Phil, I hate to admit it, but this performance was absolutely great. She nailed a Zepplin song. I still wouldn’t call myself a fan, but you’ve gotta have some respect. A
    Overall, In order of how good they did in my opinion:
    1. Joshua
    2. Phil
    3. Elise
    4. Hollie
    5. Skylar
    6. Jessica
    7. Heejun
    8. Colton
    9. DeAndre
    The bottom 3: DeAndre, Colton, and Hollie or Heejun
    Going home: DeAndre.
    Either that or… Hollie eliminated in a shocker and judges use the save. I say that because Hollie got that awkward forgettable middle spot. What do you guys think?

      • chrissy, I can honestly say I hate racist people. What color sky did you pull that out of? I loved Joshua… I said Jessica is a good singer… Oh, are you talking about DeAndre? I’m not being racist, I just can’t stand his voice.

    • I mostly agree with your review, but I liked Jessica and Elise doesn’t do it for me. Still, it was a great night, and I’m in awe of all of them–so much talent!

      My ranking tonight:
      1. Joshua
      2. Jessica
      3. Hollie
      4. Colton
      5. Phil
      6. Skylar
      7. Elise
      8. Heejun
      9. DeAndre

      • I’ve officially pulled your American Idol Opinion Card — sorry, but due to your inability to realize how dang awesome Elise is.

        You will be placed on probation until you have come to your senses.   You did earn some “good behavior” points with your ranking of DeAndre, however, that isn’t enough to get it back.

        We’ll reanalyze your performance next week — and if you have returned to Sanityland — we’ll consider giving it back.

        In the meantime, feel free to post over at “Vote for the Worst” — you might like it there.

      • YES! Someone who has the same bottom three as I do!!! I don’t like Elise at all. She just sang, like, one note the entire time. I can see everything she puts into her performance, but my disliking of her song choice and lack of passion almost immediately overshadows what she does. Two words for you, Elise: GO HOME. My hunger strike begins tonight! If Elise goes home and DOESN’T GET SAVED, I will eat again.

    • Jessica- I can’t seem to find it, but there is just something about Jessica that just turns me off. In every way imaginable, she is a great singer, but I just can’t lay my finger on it… I don’t know… maybe it’s her complete lack of personality. Oh well. B+    “lack of personality?  u dont deserve to say that!

      • She’s like a wind up toy.  Everything about her performance is calculated.  She’s not feeling the music, she spitting out data like a printer.  No emotional connection, whatsoever.   Jessica outside/Hewlitt-Packard inside.

      • @25ec7cf1afcc411464c89781fc53f8eb:disqus Too bad not many get her. If being a master of your craft and doing things technically precise and near perfection is detestable then I don’t know what cuts as good these days. That’s prolly why Adele made it so big last year where I do believe that it was her talent that made the breakthrough before people got to know her better. (Do note though that I am not trying to elevate Jessica to Adele’s standing because that’s just ridiculous.) I mean, after all the Rihanna’s, the Lady Gaga’s, the Katy Perry’s, the Madonna’s (with all due respect to them), maybe we could use another bout of masterful singing these days. But hey, that’s just me…

    • Jessica- I can’t seem to find it, but there is just something about Jessica that just turns me off. In every way imaginable, she is a great singer, but I just can’t lay my finger on it… I don’t know… maybe it’s her complete lack of personality. Oh well. B+    “lack of personality?  u dont deserve to say that!

    • Maybe you don’t feel Jessica because no matter how excellently she performs she is not an American by blood – bias still exists and it’s a fact;  was it this something you were looking for and could not name? Perhaps AI is not ready for an Asian idol – but I would love to be disproved!

      • Johnny Mathis sold bazillions of records….. In America. He was from the Philipines. Foreigners have made fortunes selling records…..including bands like Hiroshima and Kitaro…in the US.

        Her name is Sanchez….most people think she is Hispanic. Someone named Lopez has sold a few hereof.

        Not sure what you think about her race is holding her back?

        I think it’s her lack of individuality. She sounds like other singers. She is not unique

      • Uh… no. just… no. I am not racist. I  really don’t understand why people think I am just because I put there is something about her voice that I am not a big fan of. 

      • Get over the race issue, this is about talent. Yes Jessica can sing,so can a lot of people that have been on Idol. The judges hype certain people with their standing O, only need to give it for a really great performance. Branden is spot on with his reviews, he can’t make all of you fans happy. Elsie and Phil need to be the last two standing.

      • Emso713,
        Oh please, stopt it already, if you think you are going to help Jessica
        win this with that kind of thinking, think again.  This is not going to work.

        You are a fan of her, that is great, if we happen to like someone else we
        became racist? , does that make sense.  You are shoving this Filipino thing on our throats, is that going to work?  Think!!

      • I think most people know her to be Mexican. If you’re calling the Asian card, point it to Heejun. Then again, don’t point to anything. One more thing, pointing at other people for being racist when clearly they’re not is being RACIST. It’s your bias that’s working against you.

    • Hmmm…I like Hollie but I don’t see her as save material. If anyone among Elise, Philip, Jessica and probably Joshua got booted off after a really stellar performance then the save might be used by the judges. Hollie is pleasant to look at and listen to but she just doesn’t have that awe factor when it comes to singing. I mean, all though weird and annoying at times, these judges – one way or another – know a really talented singer when they hear it. Hollie, for me, even  with her totally marketable attributes is just downright average. And, she’s no Carrie at this time of the show. She could prove me wrong in the future but not for now if she doesn’t do anything about it.

  25. Braden, I totally agree.  AI shouldn’t be looking for the next great karaoke singer, or singer who can regurgitate someone elses songs.  They should be looking for the next great artist, singer and individual.  They should not be force to conform, they should be forced to prove to american that they know who they are artistically.  We should watch them develop as they hone their identity, not as idol dictates who they think they should be this week.  Let’s face it not everyone can sing Whitney, nor should they.  They should pick songs that indicate their style and what makes them unique enough to be the next idol.  If I want Whitney, I’ll buy Whitney.  If I wanted Celine, I’ll go for the original.  Not Celine lite part 16.  If you go after a powerhouse you better make us forget anyone else ever sang it.  I love the true musicians.  Wish some of the girls played more.  My favorites as of the 9, Elise, Phillip and Colton (not necessarily in that order).  I hope people start to see Elise.  Colton and Phillip are on the tween radar…so they should be safe still.  Not a huge Jessica fan, though she can sing the hell out of most songs…just not my style a little too stiff and too many ballads.  Hollie and Skylar will go far with decent chops and cute personalities.  Joshua and DeAndre are good, but not for me. Heejun, much better this week, but I don’t think he should go on as he made a joke about a competition that could and will change his life.

    •  Good words there Erin. I agree I don’t like it when the theme is narrowed down to one or two artists. This week proved it’s better when the theme is more wide open. Last week had me wishing for the Motown theme that I wish they’d retire, but after having a couple of weeks were the theme was narrowed down to one or two artists I wouldn’t have minded a Motown week too much.

  26. Ok here goes for me. I’m going to defend Brendan. There have been times that I have disagreed with him. I disagreed with him strongly on Reed Grimm, but he had his opinion about him and I had mine. I was able to respectfully disagree with him, and show that he that he has the right to express that opinion.

    Just because he’s not into Jessica like you guys are doesn’t mean he’s a “hater” as you are calling him. Who knows he might just think she hasn’t been up to par on her performances. Who knows maybe next week she will come out and do something that will have him raving about her. I think you guys need to simply respectfully disagree with him, but recognize that he is entitled to his opinions.

    • But he words his posts like he dislikes her as a person and not as singer/performer.  I read other AI blogs and they criticize Jessica every now and then but it does not sound this personal.

      •  Ok I just re-read his post reguarding Jessica. All he said was that his “awe” of her I will Always Love You performance has worn off and she seems kind of bland when she sings. Sorry I see no personal attacks on Jessica there. It’s all his OPINION ON HER PERFORMANCE!!!

  27. The only reason that the author can’t connect with Jessica was for a simple reason that he didn’t like her. Though hoping not hating her.
    That’s the logic of it…”not liking, not connecting”

    What can we do? He’s rooting for the ever-confused Hollie. So? Respect people.

    • Agree. You like Jessica, he likes Hollie. The only downside is he’s the one with the website. 🙂

  28. if Elise is the bottom 3 I think they might use the save.  She may be the only one who has been in jeopardy they could use it on.  Doubt Deandre, Hollie, Heejun or even Josh would get it.  Phillip, Colton, Jessica and Skylar would get it if needed…but I suspect they won’t need it just yet.  Elise should not be in the bottom.  Deandre, Heejun and Josh or Jessica were my least favs.  Jess (PIA part deux) bored me, Deandre overdoes the falsetto by 100% and unless he wants to karaoke “I whip my hair” please stop flipping it around.  Josh, talented check…zzzzz…check. Heejun…last week….ridiculous public tantrum by a spoiled kid on a worldwide stage.  Feel better big guy? I won’t til you are out of their.  

    • They’d save Joshua…..I have zero doubt.  They’d definitely save him.

      Bottom three will be DeAndre, HeeJun, and either Joshua/Hollie or Skylar.

  29. Song for You by LEON RUSSELL one of the most talented rockers this side of heaven…  Way to go Heejun

  30. My order of performances:

    1. Elise
    2. Joshua
    3. Jessica
    4. Skylar
    5. Hollie
    6. Phillip
    7. Colton
    8. DeAndre

    9. Heejun

  31. Why not Branden speak out for himself? Not other admin. Cmon admit it. You’re too biased. Giving Philips higher rate than jessica. U gay bro? Philip Phillips is boring. He’s like Lee DeWyze.. Wont sell albums if ever 

    • Really, I mean really.  I don’t like Jessica either.  Think she’s one dimensional.  In fact sadly think they all are this year.
      That said I think Branden gets it pretty right.  Last year Randy did pick on someone and this year it’s Holly.
      If you hate his opinions so much – why read?

    • This isn’t math, there isn’t a correct answer when it comes to whose performance you like.  It’s subjective.  I acknowledge Jessica’s talent but I also find her performances to be colossal bores.  You find Phillips boring.  Doesn’t make you right except on Lee DeWyze who was in fact boring and absolutely nothing like Phillips.

  32. Anyway, everyone did a really great job tonight. I really do love the performances of  JESSICA, ELISE and PHIL tonight. 

    Everything are just but grades. They only mean for only one person and for those who agree. I don’t agree with everything that Branden said but who cares? I’m not the only one who’s going to comment about it. However, I respect everything. I get everything.

    It’s just a matter of  votes. This whole damn business is just for money. And those who vote are the people who need to be pleased.

    I’m not gonna post my grade list here. For what? We already have Branden’s to be based. And as what I’ve said before, I am only picking Phil, Elise, and most of all… Jessica. 

    Deal with it. 🙂

  33. My top 4, 

    Elise was amazing!!!!  
    I love watching Skyler performing!  That girl is going places for sure.Joshua was outstanding!Phillip Phillips rocked!  I seriously forgot I was watching Idol when he performed.Great show tonight, just wish they could always pick their own songs.

  34. My bottom 3: Hollie, DeAndre and Heejun,
    Of course Colton and Philip are sure safe coz of these teeny girls who thinks they’re cute or Whatever

    I still see a Jessica – Joshua finale

    peace xx

  35. Deandre A+ I think he was awesome not many can sing falsetto and sound excellent like he did..Elise A+ I think she should win this after that performance…Hollie A+ she was amazing and made me cry..Skyler C+ she has a beautiful voice but needs to start singing instead of screaming…Jessica A+ I love her and she sounds great every week and has a great future singing..HeejunC+ Sorry if we were all honest he is not that good..JoshuaB+ I really to be honest did not think he was flawless  or good..Phillip C+ He does nothing for me and he is a screamer as well..Colton A+ He is the most handsome guy in the competition and has a voice to match it…That is my opinion..

    •  I agree with you on almost all accounts, all except Colton. I don’t think he did so good tonight.

      • I would give it an F! these judges are so biased when it comes to female and male singers. Think about it… ONE girl got a standing o tonight while 4 of the 5 guys left did. UNBELIEVABLE.

  36. Colton, all the way. You don’t get the song because your spiritual dead and in the world

  37. Hi folks,

    Remember me who was alone for a while liking Elise????????????????????????

    Just Saying………………….. I still don’t know anything anyway  😀

  38. Jessica did well.  She does connect to her audience. People are just starting to expect too much from her. She is in an *amateur* singing contest. Raising the bar vs her is a bit unfair.

    I think Hollie *had* pitch issues but I like her so who cares? :-p

    •  I could not hear any pitch issues on Hollie’s song.  Like the song or not her singing was flawless.  I agree with Branden and do not understand Randy ragging on her all the time and then giving a standing O to the dreadful  performance of DeAndre!!

    • Yes, EMC, I agree, Hollie has had *pitch* issues every week.  I make a tick mark on my notes every time she sings flat, or messes up the phrasing and runs out of air, etc.  Geesh.  I’m sure not hearing this “flawless” voice 100% of the time.  Maybe that’s the problem:  she is close to flawless, and when she misses the note, it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard.  I’m not sure how she can fix it.

  39. the admin cannot hear Jessica’s soulful songs with passion in it
    and of course the discrimination that she is a FILIPINO

      • all of you are not filipino who commented like that
        mikko is somewhat true
        look to the past asian contestants they have no chance to win because of their nationality
        jessica has a chance because she overcomes her talent over her nationality, and she would be the next american idol

      • @e86cb69801de0f5b7e1e9cd42cc55867:disqus and  @fcbc31d809b83bebac4e5a12e2469220:disqus it’s so tired with the racist call-outs. even if they were racists, it won’t matter if they’re Filipino. Jessica could pass for a lot of things ie. Vietnamese, Cambodian, Malaysian, Indonesian even Hispanic and most especially, Mexican which she pans herself most to be. If Branden were racist then he would not like her all the same. The thing is, if he said he’s not, take it. Give him credit much the same weight you warrant with your opinion. After all, you don’t know him much the same way he does about you. By the way, in turn, makes you the racist. PEASH.

    • Hi Mikko,

      Shame on you, this is not about race, this is a singing competition.
      Don’t make it a racial issue, use your brains for a change and not your
      emotions. Don’t drag the Filipinos into this.

    • Can you just please be objective in everything you say! This is not all about races. Every time people point out her race [And I’m talking to racist—INCLUDING you.], my boiling point reaches beyond the uppermost level of the mercury! 

      My gheez, don’t sound stupid people! YOU ARE NOT HELPING! 

    • First and foremost, people who matter in this competition (ie American watchers and voters) think she’s more Mexican than Filipino. Second, your reasoning is just flawed. Hell, stupid. Go to twitter, you’ll see your bandwagon there.

  40. OK, I’ll comment. After several years of hate from rabid fans I tend to write my reviews and stay quiet… because I, too, am human. And hurtful words aren’t easy to read. But since Jessica Sanchez fans are the ones to look out for this year, I’ll step in.

    First of all, I’m a MALE. I’m not a girl. Liking Phillip Phillps’ performances does not equate female. 

    Secondly, I’m not a “Jessica hater.” I loved her the first couple weeks. But as we go on, other people are emerging and it’s nice to get some honest competition going in the game. 

    Like several of you have said, and I thank you for that, this recap is just ONE person’s opinion. And like a reader pointed out, last season I didn’t like Scotty McCreery. But I called it as I saw it and deemed him safe week after week until he won the whole show. I think it’s possible for Jessica to do the same thing this season. If there’s even a chance of a female ever winning this show, it’s Jessica. But that doesn’t mean I have to love her performance every week. I just don’t feel a connection with her. And that’s that. 

    I do like Phillip, but I also like Skylar and Joshua. And I don’t like country or gospel music. So to those of you calling me “biased,” please think again. 

    And one more thing to keep in mind: This is a TV show. Its purpose is for entertainment value. And that’s why we watch. It’s not going to change the world in any way what I think or what any of you think about a singer on a reality TV show. So don’t take my opinions so personally. 

    And finally, THANK YOU so much for reading. Even if you hate what you’re reading, you’re taking advantage of one of my goals as a writer and that’s to create a forum for you all. 


    • Oh yeah. Everywhere you go, haters will be always there. Without haters, life would be boring. Just continue your work. Still, Jessica/Skylar/Colton FTW 🙂

      • all of you are not filipino who commented like that
        mikko is somewhat true
        look to the past asian contestants they have no chance to win because of their nationality
        jessica has a chance because she overcomes her talent over her nationality, and she would be the next american idol

    • I have always respected your opinion as far as the performances go but to tell everyone “oh I forgot DeAndre (or anyone for that matter) was even still here, snicker, snicker“. That was  a deliberate attempt to belittle and embarrass the performer IMO and it had nothing to do with his vocal ability. The web is available all over the world and I do think that anything that is written on these sites can possibly be viewed by the contestant and it can sway votes. Maybe you underestimate your own position of influence or something IDK. I used to be the same way. I had no issue saying anything to people because I didn’t really consider my words to be that big of an impact on anyone. I later discovered that people do take what you say to heart and it affects people in the most profound way at times. That is why I ask your age. 

      So that is what I had an issue with. Even in this post you say “I hated the performance” and that is your opinion of the performance so I have no issue with even that strong statement. I get equally annoyed with other people writing degrading remarks on this site but I just didn’t expect it to come from the author of the article. And you are 100% right that comments like that are hurtful to read and that is why you should think twice before posting them. If you still don’t see anything wrong with that post then I suggest we just agree to disagree and move on. You can’t un-ring a bell as they say. So I will continue reading your posts. For the most part I agree with 90% of what you say. 

      •  Wow Taymaro, that was perfectly said! Its those little personal jabs that cross the line from personal opinion over to just being plain mean for a reaction. All of the contestants are talented.

      • Come on Taymaro, be objective. Branden was giving his opinion of DeAndre as a singer. Try putting yourself in his shoes, having to read those words.

    • So here’s where the problem lies Brandon. You’ve said you like Philip, Skylar and Joshua yet you don’t like Country or Gospel. That being said, you’re turning this into a “personality” contest. Liking who’s pleasing in your eyes? Puh-lease…enough of those unbiased review thingy.

      • What you just said makes NO sense. I’m saying I like Skylar and Joshua’s PERFORMANCES AND SINGING even though their genres ARE NOT my favorite genres. Proof that I’m not biased. It’s MY OPINION! Plain and simple. You have yours, I have mine! Get it???

    • Thank you for giving your side Branden. As much as I disagree on some parts of your grading lists, I feel your side as a writer. 

      Honestly, I’m really a Jessica fan but you as an individual have your own judgment since you [yes, luckily you] are a writer in this website.

      Everyone has his or her own favorites and there’s no doubt about that. But, whatever you say about each contestant will surely be opposed or supported since you as a writer are the basis of this whole commentary.

      Thank you for acknowledging that you give a one person opinion and you are not bias which gives me the idea that maybe you have to sound objective on your reviews.

      However, I do understand you so please, take everything I said as a compliment. Have a great time! 🙂

    • you know what what if your weakness???you still graded Hollie’s pitch problem against Jessica’s flawless performance!!! and philip got always a rating of an A…anyways, this is honest opinion. hopefully people here do have also our honest opinion that you are biased MUCH!!!

      • IT’S HIS OPINION! I’m telling you, if anyone says anything less about jessica than, “Perfect! Amazing! Stellar! Winner!” Then we get attacked! Just let us have our favorites for crying out loud!

    • The difference between you and the judges is that you really listen and give an honest assesment of the show. The judges hype their favorite no matter how bad they are. I will say again only give standing O when truly deserved. Love your posting.

    •  hahahah dial idol is CRAP! They sound Pia was safe last year and she wasn’t, which was a shame………

  41. You can give Jessica Sanchez the lowest grade possible… But you can’t deny the fact that she’s STILL on TOP week after week..

    •  I don’t think Branden is a hater.  He seems pretty level headed to me and offers a well-thoughtout critique even though some may disagree.

    • @ab0d6eb6d0a2f671f45f717ce72bf491:disqus Why don’t you go post on a different site, if you’re so unhappy with this one?  Actually, your aggressive attitude toward anyone who doesn’t like Jessica is creating ill will toward your cause.

  42. Lots of amazing performances tonigh. 
    Elise you rocked tonight! We must have listen to your amazing interpretation of Zeppelin at least 10 times and where even dnacing on it!Phillip Phillips is the real deal and performer, what a soul!Heejun you are back that song was definetly coming from your heart.Joshua you’re gifted, there is no limit of what you can do with your voiceWhat a night! 

  43. I can’t wait till Jessica gets booted and her YouTube subscribers can shut up already. Jessica comes off as an arrogant spoiled brat. Ugh

    •  hahahahah you don’t even know this girl and your calling her a brat? Stop judging please because you sound like an arrogant spoiled brat.

      • Thanks for calling Dylanjrvs on this.  I think Jessica may be a little scared and not all that confident.  Remember, she’s only 16.  It may be that she doesn’t really look at the audience because she’s scared to.  Initially, I thought she could possibly win, but I’m afraid that she needs to show more of her personality when singing.

    • Seriously? She is a hardworking girl and if you read about her, Thia and Jasmine, you will understand how hard those girls have been working.

      • That doesn’t make her the best. Sure she is the best singer but she sounds to much like mainstream artists today. Elise is her own, Phillip is his own. Jessica is a beyonce/rihanna wannabe

    • Wow! 

      How sure are you that Jessica is nothing but an arrogant spoiled Brat? 
      Were you there when the mentors were Judging Jessica’s package every week? 

      Are you going to be there when the mentors are going to judge Jessica’s package on the upcoming weeks? 

      And, how important are you in the AI organization that you keep on downgrading her with those words? 

      Please, replay the video clips presented on AI. You don’t sound objective. Too much for your insecurities.

    • Oh dear, don’t wait for that time to happen coz the judges might use their save option… if they do that  it won’t save the person you are admiring… 🙂 just saying.

    • In what way does she come off as “an arrogant spoiled brat?” You have to back up your statement with facts in order to be believable.

    • well, if a brat is someone who’s working hard on her dream to give her family a better life then i say let her be a brat for as long as she wants. As for you, think and talk smarter. It’ll do you some good…maybe a lot. 

  44. Bottom 3 Prediction:

    1. Hollie Cavanagh – Constant wrong choice of songs might get her to
    trouble and america might get bored for her 5 consecutive ballad/slow
    songs. we must accept the fact that there are pitch issues on her
    performance because there really were. Strong fan base will perhaps keep
    her and at least she is looking younger every week. Her 2nd best performance for me following “All the man that I need”

    2. Skylar Laine – She doesn’t get much attention through all polls and
    sites I’ve seen and seems to not have a true moment yet. For me the only
    night I think she shined is on Houston night. I really love the studio
    version and the live version of “Where do broken hearts go” as well. Her 2nd best performance for me as well.

    3. DeAndre Brackensick – Even though the comments here seems not favoring
    his  performance, the judges’ standing ovation on him can be his ally
    and can produce hometown and girl fans votes.

    Predicted to be voted off:

    Skylar Laine (If voted off, she will not be saved based on her performance last night)

    *But I’m also having a feeling that a frontrunner will be eliminated
    because his/her fans relaxing(perhaps a Tuscano elimination moment at
    least the save is still in play) but of course the judges will surely save
    that person.

    What do you guys think?

    • I don’t think Hollie was pitchy tonight.  I think she changed a few notes in the song to make her performance different from Carrie’s.  I agree with Steven Tyler: not the best song choice because she will be compared to Carrie.

      As for Skylar – don’t know how long she’ll last but she won’t win because country singers came in first and second last year.  The show’s producers will want a different genre to win this season.

      DeAndre – I’m just not a fan of falsetto.  I think his voice sounds fine when he sings in a normal range.  The teenyboppers may keep him around for a while yet, but I don’t see him winning.

  45. Colton Dixon – B+
    Skylar Laine – B
    Hee Jun Han – B-
    Hollie Cavanagh – B+
    Deandre Backensick – C+
    Jessica Sanchez – A
    Phillip Phillips – A
    Joshua Ledet – A
    Elise Testone – A+

  46. It’s obvious that the reviewer is not a Jessica fan, and it’s also obvious who are his favorites in the competition. His reviews are only based on his personal tastes. That does not matters at all. What matters is we have our own tastes. We can agree or disagree with him.  

  47. I hope Elise is not in the bottom this week! She deserves to slide on through after that performance!!! Go Elise 
    HeeJun, Deandre, and Skylar is the bottom for me

    • well, if she wins everyone with her “personality” as what’s been said most of the time about her, she just might. right, “jessica-is-a-robot” tards?

  48. Not a fan of anyone though but after listening to all studio versions of the performances, Sweet Dreams by Jessica is the one to beat. Very current and Beautiful. 

  49. The judging tonight was awful as usual.  They did get some remarks right, but a standing O for HeeJun and Deandre??  Gimme a break.  Deandre was awful.  He sounded like he was in pain and hysterical.  Heejun did good but did not deserve a standing O.  Then you had Randy ragging on Hollie who DID NOT have any pitch problems and Steven who just didn’t like a song with Jesus in it.  Ridiculous.
    The best were Elise, Jessica, Hollie and Phillip IMHO.

    • Well the title of the song DeAndre was singing was “Sometimes I Cry”. So now go look up the lyrics and see if they indicate that the person is feeling pain or not. Now I know the words and I think his interpretation was right on the money. You might change your mind if you look up the lyrics and listen to his studio version on YouTube. 

  50. Guys, only believe Dialidol ratings when it’s the finale. They are really inconsistent when there are still 3 or more contestants.

  51. What is wrong with Randy ear, too much wax dude?? He always says pitchy, what are you hearing Randy?

  52. I absolutely agree with you about Colton, Branden. I always skip the mentoring sessions and go straight to the performance as I DVR it, but as soon as he started singing, I knew it was “Everything.” I thought to myself, really? Out of all the Lifehouse songs, you chose this one? It was bland all the way through, with nothing special. I really do not know how this performance was standing ovation worthy. AT ALL. And I also don’t care that this is your favorite worship song. Please keep your religion out of this. Geez, you did such an amazing job last week with Piano Man. And nothing but YOUR talents made it so.

    I don’t know what the deal was, but it felt like most of the contestants decided to sing songs that were too religious for my tastes.
    That being said, I have to give it to Elise. Best of the night. That performance gave me chills! My other favorites were Hollie (despite her song choice), Phillip, Joshua, Jessica, and Heejun. The rest were just…eh.

    Oh and Randy, give Hollie a break. You are pushing voters to do with her what you did with Haley last year. Not cool.

  53. Poor Branden.. well, guys you can’t blame him for his personal taste and opinion.. its up to you to believe him or not. But then, it seems fair, equality, and common sense is not a familiar word in this website..

  54. I think Adam Lambert’s version of “A whole lotta love” is a whole lotta better than Elise’s.  I just don’t get her 🙁

    • since adam, no one’s come close!!  i wonder what tyler and lopez would have thought of him

  55. I don’t think Branden knows what he is talking about. I don’t think anyone performed “all” of a song tonight. They were all just bits and pieces. So to say that DeAndre performed all of the song in falsetto is wrong from the outset. He didn’t even perform “all” of the song and what he did perform was not “all” in falsetto. So I respect his opinion that he didn’t like the performance as I have always respected his opinion. Contestant bashing is what I don’t respect……Okay, I said “unless I change my mind” I wouldn’t be back. Well I changed it. So I will give him a dose of his own medicine and say that he is misrepresenting what happened here and every writer should at least state facts. Don’t you think that should be expected of them? Even if you disagree with everything else I say shouldn’t you at least agree with that?

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I think if you go listen to the studio version of “Sometimes I Cry” by DeAndre Brackensick you will see that the part that he performed live does fit within the whole song. The song is amazing and moving and sang with soul and the passion for music that all of these singers should be performing with. And also some other performers have performed certain songs in falsetto besides the Bee Gees. They are not the only ones.  

    I don’t think Elise’s performance was THAT amazing. As always, who ever goes last is always the one that everyone remembers. You notice Stevie did not say that Elise would fit with FWM. Some parts of her vocals I could not even hear because she was drowned out by the back up singers and band. That may have been intentional but I don’t know that to be a fact. I just wasn’t as excited about it as everyone else. 

    I have a lot of respect for Stevie. She still looks great and is one of my all time favorite performers. So the fact that she touted Phillip as she did only confirms the fact that I picked him to win the season. He’s still not my favorite of the group as I think everyone knows by now but I still pick him to win. 

    I agree with everything else Branden says here except Elise and Joshua. I really didn’t enjoy Joshua’s performance at all. It was way too over the top and the whine in his voice is not pleasant to listen to IMO. It’s not as pronounced as Jacob Lusk but I think he is running a close second to him. I just don’t enjoy listening to him sing. I wish him the best of course but I don’t think he will win the entire season for sure. 

    And despite the bad comments toward Branden about his review of Jessica’s performance….I think he hit the nail on the head. That was exactly my opinion of her performance as I was watching it. It just wasn’t anything special….yeah it was nice but you have to be better than nice to win.

      • You know Branden I actually felt the same as you at the beginning. Every time I would hear DeAndre sing it I would absolutely roll my eyes and say out loud, “oh Lord!” But after he performed “Georgia On My Mind” I thought oh I get it now, and I was a fan. Simon used to tell the contestants that one performance can change their life. That was a life changing performance for him in some people’s mind. That is the last I have to say about that. But I will continue to support him. 

    • It’s funny how u say Josh has a whine in his voice and is over the top, but Deandre is just si effortless and passionate and amazing… Blah blah blah. Deabdre doesn’t hold a candle to what Josh does vocally!! If anybody on the show sounds like they ate whining and tries to take things over the top with a glass shattering high pitch squeal that could make dogs howl and us wince in displeasure, it’s DEANDRE by far and doesn’t even come close. He sings in one key and one voice every song, falsetto, which you seem to love, but the overwhelming majority disagree with you. Josh has more range in his pinky that Deandre has in every strand of that hair. No disrespect, only my opinion.

      • First go an listen to the original of that song by Eric Benet. Then go look up Maxwell and listen a little. Two already established artists. The song was sang by DeAndre exactly as it was suppose to be sang. Benet himself tweeted DeAndre to congratulate him. He said, “You did me proud.” Let’s see if that gets mentioned. 

        So you see there is a place in the market for a singer such as DeAndre. And I believe right now that is the singer he wants to be. Now that said he has so many different dynamics to his voice that he has other options too. We will see but I predict him to be recording music for a long time to come in all different ways. Not just the falsetto.

        As far as Josh goes I was just stating my opinion of his vocals. If that offends you then oh well. I aint gonna apologize for it. 

  56. How much more commercialized can this show get with Ralph Lauren telling the contestants that they need to find a style and then presenting them with HIS line of clothes for them to find their styel…puke…also the Coke ad/prize.  Also, they said that Mariah Carey was the artist for I Can’t Live when it was originally written and performed by Bad Finger.  Wonder if Joshua would have sang it knowing that and that the best version was performed by Nilsson.  But of course the teeny boppers today would not know this.

  57. You guys have no idea what talent is!! Colton, Heejun, and Phil are way below Deandre’s talent.

  58. Not happy 100% with this recap show review…Deandre did a magnificent job, don’t understand people saying: too much falsetto- the entire song in falsetto? and blah blah, I love Maxwell and I never heard people saying too much falsetto…it’s a style and nobody in the competition is able to sing a song the way he did…last week sucked but this time was the best with Joshua…bottom 3: Heejun-Colton-Elise

  59. ok here it goes here is my top 4 in the order that i write them all A+ they are Colton, Skylar, Elise, Philip then the next one to come in is Hollie then Jessica for me, i rated Hollie a A- and Jessica a B+, the bottom 3 for me are Joshua (B-), Heejun and DeAndre both tied for a C- for bottom 3 i know all will be saved tomorrow by the silly judges who stood up for them, i just didnt like their screechy voices tonight for those boys..and loved all the trios..they all sounded great….soooo who do you think is gonna go home or be saved by the judges..i say heejun or DeAndre but they will be saved by the wild card no doubt.

  60. I’m not a big Elise fan, but she was amazing tonight. With all the standing O’s tonight, I’m surprised it took the judges so long to stand for her. Unfortunately, I don’t think the voting majority on this show gets a song like that, and so she could be in trouble. I hope not…that was probably the best performance of the night.

  61. Tonights performances were amazing!!  

    Top 3 Tonight

    1.  Elise(She looked like a seasoned pro up there on the stage I loved the way she finished up and I really dig her voice.  She killed it even in her trio.)
    2.  Phillip(Not much can be said he is the most consistent contestant out of the group each week he puts on a top 3 performance as he did tonight.)  
    3.  Jessica(I thought she sounded great tonight without even having to push her voice to the limit the way we know she can.)

    Bottom 3/4 Tonight

    1.  Skyler/Hollie(I think they both were very pitchy tonight and I have a feeling one if not both of them will be in the bottom 3)
    2.  Deandre(The key to him is to close your eyes while listening to him sing he lacks confidence and stage presence.  However even closing my eyes didn’t help tonight I have no clue what the judges heard he is in trouble.)
    3.  Colton(The kid has talent but something was way off tonight for a while I thought his mic might have been turned off or something with the speakers was messed up but no it was just a poor performance.  He is still safe.)

  62. So Branden, another grade above an ‘A’ for Phillip? Well, I guess if you do the same exact thing every week, you get the same grade.  After auditions, Phillip was my favorite. Now he’s just in the middle of the pack. I’ve grown bored with him since I know each week what it’s going to be.

    • People thought all of Elvis’s songs sounded alike. Early Beatles tunes were all bear copies of each other too. Taylor Swift still has only recorded one song 25 times as far as I am concerned.

      Not sure what your point is?

      Skylar, Deandre, and Hollie are the same each week.
      Joshua too.

      • My point is that eventually the blog article should grade someone based on what they do and not just that they are your favorite singer. Otherwise you lose credibility. I agree with you that Hollie is the same each week too, but I haven’t noticed Branden grading her the same every week. I could be wrong. The others, I disagree with you…they have not been doing the same thing each week. Phillip though, every song he does sounds just like his cover of Thriller. When he first did that, I thought it was really cool…a really cool sound. But then he just does that same thing with every song he does.

    • AIFAN, you really think that Jessica is doing the same thing each week? ‘Love You Do’ was the same as ‘I Will Always Love You’ was the same as ‘Turn the Beat Around’ was the same as ‘Everybody Has a Dream’? You can’t be serious. There was nothing remotely similar in what she did for each of these songs.

  63. Just VOTE for who you think is the BEST. no more hate comments and crap. Opinions are here and everywhere but then again… its just an OPINION. I love Jessica and Hollie but i respect Branden’s opinion too. thats what he thinks and i dont agree with him. end of the story. again, its JUST an opinion. just enjoy the show guys. we are all smart and matured enough. (:

    •  Spot on! Everyone, including Branden, is entitled to their opinion. And ALL opinions are different. There’s no right or wrong; just personal likes and dislikes. If we could just put our views across without someone criticizing it, the world and AmericanIdolNet would be better places.

  64. Elise….all I keep saying to myself is, wow.  That was one of the best Idol performances I’ve ever seen.  I didn’t know she had that powerful of a voice.  Just wow.

  65. No idea why the judges are critical of Hollie.  She has an amazing voice, sings with real emotion and looks fabulous.  Her voice also has an interesting quality in the way she pronounces “Ss”.  I still think Phillip is the best of the best and will win–he is a true artist but also commercial.  Stevie Nicks was so right when she said he was gorgeous. 🙂  Would love to see Hollie and Phillip in the final.  Also love Skylar and know she will be a very successful country star.  Great stage presence and perfect country voice.  Tonight was a good night for most of the contestants, but I really did not enjoy either Colton’s or Deandre’s performances.  Tough to say who will be in the bottom 3…definitely Deandre.

  66. I think the reason Branden gets all the criticism for his grade choices is that he seems to put Hollie on top of Jessica/Colton/whoever even with a flawed performance. I have been open saying that I like Hollie too but she did not sing as well as she could (like on Whitney week).

    Anyway, I think Colton is just using AI to get noticed. He seems to be clear about what he wants to do after which is be a Christian rock artist. As a fan of the genre, I think he is doing well. 

    • You know what? Colton is a smart kid!  He knows what this show is all about: exposure.  These kids all know that only one can win, but all 10 who go on the tour get tons of exposure.  Any number of them can turn this into a recording contract with some company.

      • Very true. And you do not need to be the winner to be successful. In 2 years, we will forget all about these arguments and see who has really emerged the winner of this bunch. 

  67. Was it just me? Or did it seem like the judges were giving gratuitous standing O’s tonight to everyone who has not yet received one?

    • Yeah and mostly for guys. Skylar and Jessica deserved them too! I am a bit annoyed. This is why we always get male AI winners. 

      • No, you get male AI winners because such a large portion of the voting audience is young females.  Don’t have to be Einstein to figure that out.

    •  Typical grade inflation.  They fawned over the first act, so when when everyone else equaled or bettered Colton, there was no where else to go.

  68. My ranking for this week.

    1.Elise Testone (2nd last week)
    2.Phillip Phillips (5th last week)
    3.Jessica Sanchez (1st last week)
    4.Joshua Ledet (6th last week)
    5.Skylar Laine (8th last week)
    6.Heejun Han (10th last week)
    7.Hollie Cavanagh (7th last week)
    8.Colton Dixon (3rd last week)
    9.Deandre Brackensick (9th last week)

    •  Think you nailed it.  I might flip Joshua and Skylar.  Joshua did good, but so many amazing covers of that old Badfinger song, not sure he brought it to that level.

  69. Elise was phenomenal tonight!  Best performance overall so far this season.  I think I’ll actually go buy that song in iTunes.  She out rocked everyone tonight.

    I don’t get what all the fuss is over Phillip.  Every song he sings sounds the same.  There is no difference except maybe the words.  He growls his way through, stomps his feet, and then screams a bit and it’s over.  I’m really getting tired of him.  Show some variety.

  70. Listen to Jessica’s studio version of ‘Sweet Dreams’ and you will know what a true idol winner should be. 🙂

  71. AGAIN, watch a Dave Matthews video and you will change your mind about Philip the Dave impersonator. It’s SO gross how he is imitating Dave, stealing Dave. He doesn’t remind you of him, he’s copying him. WEIRD!!!!!!

    • Actually i do not like Dave Matthews at all…  Love Phillip.  Again the reason there are so many artists out there, is because we are all so different and enjoy the freedom of being able to express the kind of sound we enjoy without immature criticisms.   Why are so many people offended if we don’t think exactly alke.  Please enjoy the contestants that you like & give the rest of us the same respect. They all have come this far because of their talents.

  72.  And I personally don’t understand what the hell is going on with you. First, Phillip is a amazing singer. Second, he is a great musician and he has natural personality.

  73. First of all, there’s a big difference between disliking a contestant’s performance and hating them. Seems like the word “hate” is used too much tonight. Second, the judges went over the top on the standing “O’s” tonight. Some of the standing “O’s” were used to change opinions, instead of showing appreciation for an outstanding performance.  IMO, Jessica is a victim of peaking too early. Her “I Will Always Love You” was so impressive that it continues to be hard to top and may have given her a little too much confidence which is turning some people off. Stevie was a great mentor. I liked her comments and advice. She really seemed to connect with Phillip and Elise and helped me to see them in a different light. I really enjoyed her duet with Elise more than any of the trios. Lastly, please stop picking on Branden. He and Matt are the ones who allow the rest of us to make our comments about the different contestants. Whether we agree with him or each other, we still have the chance to make the comments. Idol is just a singing contest, and like the other 10 seasons the world will not end no matter who wins. I liked tonight’s performances. The show as a whole was lots better than most. I actually stayed awake for all of it which “hasn’t happened for the longest time” to quote Billy Joel.

  74. Heejun is the best and amazing singer i will vote vote vote for him.i dont care if people dont like him because hes an Asian that the only thing people hate him,,people are deniable to accept that Heejun has a good voice

  75.  I will be glad if some singer like Phillips win this competition. He got natural personality, hard worker attitude and surely amazing voice. Perhaps he will go to grand finale with Jessica 🙂

  76. its nice to read that jessica is 100% safe this week.  hope the voters agree.  i still want to see jessica in the finals

  77. I just have some comments.  First, I believe Colton did just fine and I was actually liking it.  The combination of this week plus “Piano Man” has me thinking he’s a contender for the title, or at least he should be.

    I never had an awe for Jessica, until “I Will Always Love You.”  The first time I even noticed her was once the top 24 performed, but that one performance is mainly what validated her to me.  Don’t get me wrong, this girl can sing very well and she’s even likeable.  Her and Hollie have just become a cliche or whatever in singing competitions now and it’s so obvious in my mind that they should win based on vocals, that I don’t want them to win.

    Nowadays I go for someone likeable but I like them to be different too.  Obviously the best voices in the world don’t make a star on their own.  So basically this season I’m going for the likes of Phillip and Colton, but I feel that Jessica is able to beat one of these guys out.  I will just say for the top three to be anything else would be wrong.  That’s just my opinion.

  78. i just listened to deandre’s studio version of sometimes i cry.  he was amazing. i know a lot of you don’t get his style and talent. but a lot of other people do.  

  79. To all the BRANDEN HATERS!!! I’m just giving you a very helpful tip! BE CAREFUL  in saying things against him or else he will  block you from this site hahahaha! We shouldn’t be believing in his ratings that much. HE’S NOT A JUDGE! He’s just like us – – – judge the contestant thru want he saw and heard from the TV/net. So whether or not he gave Jessica a B+ and the others, who are not deserving, higher grades IT DOESN’T MATTER!!! So let him write whatever he wants for it doesn’t matter!!! hahahaha

  80. as expected, giving Jessica a B and giving lesser singers in the competition an A, you’re the one wearing us thin Branden.  

  81. First off I agree with him about Jessica. Everybody blows her talent out of proportion. Just because she can hit every note and do vocal tricks doesn’t make her a great singer. She needs a little character and soul in her voice. She is talented but far from the best in the contest. I disagree on Colton I felt his performance was light years better than a C-.
    My grades for tonight

    Bottom 3 Prediction
    DeAndre, Heejun, and a shocker Jessica.

    DeAndre goes home and everybody votes for Jessica next week because they forgot to this week even though she buckles under the pressure and doesn’t perform well next week.

    • In your opinion, who among the contestants has that character and soul in their voice? The one who is growling, shouting or doing the same thing every week?

  82. jessica is the best singer in the competition.
    deandre has the most unique talent.
    when i first saw and heard PP, i was a fan. but then i saw the same performance week after week. i grow tired of him already. 

    •  so true! same facial expression! same styling! same growling voice! white with guitar.. so so long ago! what else… hmmmm

  83. elise got good pipes too. but i don’t think she’ll win because based on AI history, voters vote for personality too. and she doesn’t have the charisma that the other contestants have. 

  84. Randy Jackson said “You have an unbelievable talent. I love how you turned that song into a ballad and you told a beautiful story.” 

    Jessica Sanchez amazing

  85. Branden, I’m totally with you on Phillip.  Being a country music fan, I rarely know the songs he sings.  However, it doesn’t matter.  I like the sound that comes out of his mouth; he’s always entertaining.  Also, I agree with you on Elise. Would like to see her stay a bit longer.  So afraid her age is against her……

  86. the author who has been writing these reviews is very racist since you seem do not like Jessica and Heejun – every time…

  87. Will someone fire this sophomoric writer? He writes naively and with no sense of fair judgment. Another fu**ing racist!

    • Wow, a racist just because he doesn’t agree with you… now who is the racist ?  This is a singing competion not about race. We all have differences in what kind of music & voices we enjoy. If you don’t like his opinions don’t read his column.  period.    now for my Opinion…..  i loved.  Phil, Elise, & Colton.   Didn’t care for DeAndre & Skylar.

  88. Elise should win. I agree with Branden, at first I sooo love Jessica… but after each performance she becomes boring for me and honestly I didn’t like her perf today, last week was a lot better and her auditions, top 24 and hollywood was the best! she should showcase more of her voice she always sing ballad, she should sing other genre and make it her own… this is just my opinion and Im still proud to be a Filipino.

  89. 1. Elise 2. DeAndre 3. Phillips 4.Hollie 5. Jessica 6. Joshua 7. Colton 8. Skylar 9. Heejun that’s for me

    • She sings very well..but is too old for the demographic voting.  Read this site, Jessica will go to the top no matter how she performs.  Hollie so nervous and disorganized.  Joshua, Phillip and in my opinion Elise are the best performers.   Stars are more than a voice, they have to have the IT factor and some of the favorites just don’t have it.

  90. I think that Hollie is not as good as we all hope for this season. Lookin at her past perfromances and knowing she auditioned from last year and she was able to prepare for another year for this, I think her competency level as a singer is not there yet to be the next American Idol.

    Jessica Sanchez, well I agree with the judges… I was actually hoping she’d sing songs from Beyonce where she would showcase her range but this time I think this gurl knows how to be a great performer. I totally get the judges when they say she leaves u craving for more. And I guess thats why I still get to watch AI cus I am waitin for her next performance week after week.

    Skylar, I think she’s a force to reckon… She has great pipes and if there’s someone who can go head to head with Jessica. I think its her! And given that alot of country singers have been winning the past seasons.

    Elise, well she reminded me of Haley Reinheart but I think I love Haley’s personality than hers.

    Colton and Philip, I like their performances. For me, I think they’re the TOP 2 guys in this season. It might be a gurl and guy finale but I was really hoping for a Gurl to Gurl finale.

    Deandre and Heejun, I think they’ll go home soon.

    Joshua is in the middle of the pact. Let’s see his next performance.

  91. Who among the contestants can top Jessica’s amazing Voice control, swag, and stage presence? Anyone?

  92. i liked jessica’s rendtion of sweet dreams.. it was so relaxing… so awesome!!!

  93. Jessica had a very good rendition of Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams. I dunno why she got a low rating here. Well, each of us have our own opinions. I’m definitely rooting for her to win.

    Elise had a rockin’ night. Loved her showmanship. I’m sure she’ll proceed next week. Phil too! 

  94. what the heck Branden?  Why all the Hollie love?  I hope one day you come to your senses and realize that she has no musical creativity.  At least Jessica changed the song up a bit.  Hollie is the one who is becoming more and more boring.  Same goes for Skylar.  I like her spunk, but for some reason I feel like she isn’t growing as an artist.  With these two, we know exactly what we’ll get all the time.  For Hollie, high notes, and for Skylar, some growling.

    • I agree with your view on Hollie and Skylar. Not giving much of a surprise.

      Hollie is always singing covers. She’s not doing something new to the songs.

      Skylar is really the rockin’ country girl but she I feel like she delivers the same performances each week. 

  95. DeAndre Brackensick was great last night,I was bored until I heard him sing   Phillip Phillips was great too, Bottom three tongiht Jessica, Heejan and Colton. The judges can say what they want but I couldn’t make out the words when he first started singing and it went on until he was well into the song.

  96. I’ve come to the conclusion that Hollie is a threat to Jessica so the JSan fans want her gone. 

    • I’m not a Jsan Fan nor a hollie fanatic either.. it’s just that hollie is no longer the same hollie i used to watch. she’s inconsistent and pitchy. she’s not going to go far in this competition! i’d rather choose elise go up against jessica

    • I remember you KC..and actually agree with you.  The Jessica fans seem fanatical…and you’re right Miss Hollie is taking their girl’s votes…darn now I have to root for Hollie..just kiddin’ girls!

  97. Are you kidding me? Soul-less voice for  Jessica? Seems like you have a favorite here. Don’t drag her down though… 

  98. everything u have said to defend ur side was not really believable to me, ur opinions ” I wasn’t feeling Jessica this week. I think I was a little tricked by her during Whitney
    Houston week and so were a lot of people. The difference between me and
    everyone else is, my awe for Jessica has worn off. I’m starting to find
    her bland and kind of soul-less when she sings.”– come on every week u say something to her that for me huh is not really acceptable the girl trying each week to become better and better .,and i see her dedication just to help her family. not only her but all of them are doin’ great and improving every week and and U specifically targeting her of  words that way way out of her performance.. if you want ur readers to respect you and see u as a credible writer be FAIR.. i know its ur own opinion and we all have that. but please open ur eyes and heart for everyone .we readers  are feeling the so called “BIASED” here if u stay that kind of judging ..just saying

      • do u think its only for jessica..? cant u see a way better performance
        of her compare to hollie..?compare men..and see the gradings??lol oppss
        sori im i talking to a hollie fan here?

      • I agree hollie was not the best last night. BUT NEITHER WAS JESSICA! Best last night:
        1. Joshua
        2. Phil
        3. Elise
        4. Hollie
        5. Jessica
        6. Skylar
        7. Heejun
        8. Colton
        9. DeAndre
        1. Hollie
        2. Joshua
        3. Phil
        4. Jessica
        5. Elise
        6. Skylar
        7. Colton
        8. Heejun
        9. DeAndre
        There’s my opinion. Take it or leave it.

    • I noticed it too, every week, always negative with jessica. Anyway I still respect his opinions.

      • do u think its only for jessica..? cant u see a way better performance of her compare to hollie..?compare men..and see the gradings??lol oppss sori im i talking to a hollie fan here?

    • That’s the whole point in here. Branden, being an opinionated person with the right to place his reviews needs not to be subjective in everything he states. We all know he as a person with one opinion has the right to blast everything he notices in each idol’s performances but he needs to separate his personal feelings. I don’t know how but he’s the writer. 

  99. Did you listen to DeAndre’s performance? It was amazing! Definitely the best along with Jessica last night.Those who think that Skylar or Hollie did better must just really hate DeAndre. He got taent way above American Idol

  100. Skylar sucks. Her songs suck, her freakish stomping and flailing her hands is annoying, her face is annoying, everything about her sucks. But she’s the only country artist in it now and for that reason she’s not leaving yet. DeAndre is going home, and as far as I’m concerned it’s a couple weeks too late. Jessica is the clear front runner, the best raw vocal talent in the crop. Holly was my second favorite but Elise is really coming on and winning me over. In the mens group I have always liked Philip, but Colton has become a nice surprise. Heejun is good but unfortunately a step below the top performers… Here’s my power rankings…
    1) Jessica Sanchez
    2) Elise Testone
    3) Holly Cavanaugh
    *4) Phillip Phillips
    *4) Colton Dixon
    6) Heejun Han
    7) Joshua Ledet
    8) DeAndre Brackensick
    9) Skylar Laine
    (* tied for 4th and 5th)

    Although I do believe that Jessica is the most talented, it would NOT surprize me to see Elise and Colton in the end… America loves the underdog and both are winning people over as the show moves along. It will be interesting.

    The three I want to go home over the next three weeks are
    1) DeAndre
    2) Skylar
    3) Joshua

    Holly must sing better songs for her ability in order to not go home early.

  101. Elise – Awesome
    Jessica – Great
    Jessica’s Studio Version > Jessica’s Live Version

    • They still have the SAVE,  so I really DOUBT the Pia Toscano syndrome will  happen this week. 

  102. Thanks branden, at least you’re putting jessica on the 100% safe week after week That’s enough for me! Continue doing so until the finale! lol

  103. well, if everyone just notice , jessica is not a ballader for me.. She just follow what steven say, which “don’t stray to far, which is doing ballad” if you want to complain, it’s the judges fault. As much as she wanted to do uptempo , she couldn’t because she may be afraid getting criticized and lessen the people who vote for her.. That’s just really my opinion #teampinoyteamjay

  104. Skylar has a twangy annoying voice…I dont like the way she tries to sound like the artist she is singing. Too Fake! Not a big Heejun fan either…The guy is just sticking around for too long at this point. Not impressed with his goofy side. Some songs he can sing but he really shouldnt still be in. DeAndre is okay but I would rather see Heejun go home.
    Elise deserves to slide on through this week! She had the best performance and  one of the most memorable for the season!!! IMO one of the best I have EVER seen on idol! 
    Jessica had her best performance with “I’ll always love you”…I havent seen anything else from her to make me feel that she deserves the WIN??? What does everybody see in her that makes her that special????  I say its too soon to make that call!

  105. I think you’re always too hard on Jessica, and always bias with Phillip and Elise. I admit that they are a good singer. BUT I can’t see them in the finale as I can see Jessica and Colton will. I completely connected with Jessica this night. Youre  just thinking that she’s not connecting, its all in your mind. Try to open your ears and heart.
    5 standing O’s this night?! That’s too exaggerated! De’andre really? They gave him a standing O’? I dont think he deserve that! He’s going home tom. BYE!

  106. Heejun, DeAndre and Skylar should be in the bottom 3 this week… I dont see the judges saving any of them!

    • I agree with Heejun and Deandre but I would say the third should be Colton. He was  horrible!

  107. I agree with a lot of what you said but I don’t think Hollie was flawless tonight and I have been a fan of hers..I think she was off a bit. Colton was extremely boring. Lifehouse has a lot of good songs. I have never heard this one and now I know why. Jessica sounded like she was singing with a mouth full of food. I couldn’t understand a single word. Phillip and Elise were easily the best of the night.

      • Well..there is a thought out and very well spoken comeback. I’m crushed Jamesbell that you think I’m full of sh*t.  In case you couldn’t tell…heavy on the sarcasm.

      • @e2cda677ca8daf153fb0282a01c6bb48:disqus Good. Then that means you and everyone in your house really should do sanitary actions to save your hearing senses.

      • Or maybe JoeLando…you need to listen with an open mind instead of automatically thinking everything Jessica does is the best thing ever!

      • I did not say she’s at her best every week. I just said you need to clean your ears since you don’t quite hear her well when she sings. You’re stating that she mumbled in her performance, right? Then my tip dude, clean your ears and listen to her again. And if you still don’t get her, go to the doctor and ask for a hearing aid so you can give a more just negative comment… 🙂

      • Okay, I listened again..she was hard to understand.  She doesn’t finish her words. I don’t care what you say. It wasn’t that wasn’t original (Beyonce already slowed it down in concert) and it wasn’t all that great.

      • @e2cda677ca8daf153fb0282a01c6bb48:disqus 
        Okay, so I don’t see your so called “mumbling” comment anymore. Now I can clearly say that you indeed cleaned your ears. Good job. Still, I disagree. Go on…. Keep on making comments like that. 🙂 It’s good to teach listening comprehension. 🙂

  108. “But I see your true colors. Shining through…”

    Author obviously doesn’t like (hate much?) blacks, asians, and any one of ethnicity aside from whites, lol. For the past 2 weeks, he/she graded Hollie higher than Jessica? Are you tone deaf or something? Puhleaze! Go watch Glee instead. You had a case with Thia last year but I really don’t know where you’re coming from this year. Sad. And I’ll stop reading this racist blog.

    • You should have read the author’s reviews last year favoring Stefano
      Langone and Jacob Lusk over Scotty and the whites you were talking
      about. Everyone has their own biases. 

      • Sucks to be Jessica.  In a competition…generally people like to watch an artist grow.  She peaked in week 1.  Which leaves her nowhere to go

      • Who said she peaked at week 1—you? Gheeez…… She was just applauded because of her great delivery even when she was sick. How much more when she isn’t!? But, I get your point. Still, I don’t agree.

  109. Elise was awesome!  Everyone I speak to in my office is in awe of her talent and her performance.  She was awesome in everything she did last night.  I loved her jamming with Stevie Nicks and her performance with Philip and Colton was right in her element.  They truly saved the BEST for last.  Way to go!  This will be the talk around the water cooler all day today and for days and weeks to come!  Awesome!

    • You should have read the author’s reviews last year favoring Stefano Langone and Jacob Lusk over Scotty and the whites you were talking about. Everyone has their own biases.

    • Most memorable performance!!! IMO one of the best on idol EVER!  However its hard to top “Mad World” that Adam did….Super close though! She just rocked that song for sure…I bet she feels good about it! UNBELIEVABLE!

      • In my opinion, its hard to top anything that Adam sang in Season 8 but last night was the best show of this season SO FAR!!!!

  110. I’m not ready for Hollie to go home…she is a really good singer but she will have to get out of this funk with the “ballads only” style for me! Getting bored with that.  I’m so glad that Elise finally had her moment last night!  I hate that she is always in the bottom. She deserves to be there!!!  Not Colton’s best performance but he will probable be safe anyway. 

  111. i dont wanna stress my self thinking who will be in the bottom three, or who will be in the top three! but there’s one thing i’m sure! jessica sanchez is safe!!

  112. I am not a fan of Deandre or Joshua. Think they both need to go home. Deandre needs to cut his hair and learn how to sing. And Joshua also needs to learn out to sing. Screaming in high pitch it not singing at all.

    • That’s way off based and comments like that are just out of line. Saying you don’t care for their style of music is one thing, but saying they can’t sing and need to learn how is just an ignorant comment with no merit to it at all.

  113. Elise will go this week.  She and Zeppelin are too old for the musical tastes of the majority of AI voters.  She was stellar, but she picked the wrong song.

    • psugrad84,

      I can understand your musical taste, it does not belong here on Idol.
      So speak for yourself only don’t include us idol fans. Who appointed you spoke person for us?

  114. DISAGREE! Everyone knows Zepplin! Doesnt matter she’ll get new votes for that performance… She closed the show last night with alot of people talking and seeing what I have seen in her all along. Heejun needs to go! Boring!!!

  115. I love phillip phillips tonight so so much, of couse Elise too from the start of her song. I agree with you about Jes and Heejun. I like him, but he just good tonight and better than his previous nights. But it’s not fantastic or amazing or something that’s great, just good I feel. Jes, I think she’s amazing from beginning so this week it’s nothing new and special.

  116. This is my first time posting but having read all of the comments there are a few observations I would like to make.

    I am amazed at how many comments I read that state something to the effect that if you don’t think Jessica is the greatest it is because you are racist.  I have seen that sentiment about others as well.  I think so little about race that it always startles me when I read this and in my opinion, it just shows how racist the person making the comment is.

    I am also amazed that one is called a “hater” if you do not give someone’s favorite a glowing review.  Everyone has their own tastes and just because your favorite is not given the grade you think they deserve does not mean the person given the grade “hates” them.

    This is often called a singing contest but in reality it is not.  This is contest of people you like to listen to and see perform. It is about the whole package which means not everyone is going to think the person with the best technical voice is the best contestant.   Just look at the great artists who have sold millions of records who did not have a great voice:  Bob Dillon, Rod Stewart come to mind.  But something about them resonated with people.

    I do not have a favorite yet.  I think Elise was by far the best last night.  In my opinion, the lowest two were DeAndre and HeeJun.  I think Brandon got it right about  DeAndre.  I did not enjoy the entire song being done in falsetto.  And HeeJun, while much better last night, in my opinion, does not measure up to the talent of the others.

    I also agree with Brandon about Jessica.  She was good but in my opinion, not great.

    Everyone has an opinion and that is all it is.  We should be able to share our opinions without being called racist or haters.

    • Ruh roh… said Jessica was good..not great. You will probably be labeled a racist, hater, or just stupid. lol

      • Just because he thinks Jessica is not great doesn’t mean he’s a racist. I respect the comment @4608fdb939c6851fbde3668d65b24a6c:disqus  made. I may not agree with him totally but he has the right to say what he feels and who he likes [Well, even if it means not liking my favorite]. Anyway, that’s he’s choice and he’s entitled to it. 

      • JoeLando, I wasn’t calling him a racist. I loved his post. I was saying he might be called one by other people…

    • This is my first time to post as well. And I have to agree with some of the sentiments you brought forward.

      Just to be clear, I’m definitely a fan of Jessica. But even I have to admit that although (in my opinion) she does well each week, someone else performed as well as or even better than she did week after week. (And hopefully, we recognize others’ talents too, and not put others down because they are not rooting for our favorite/s.)

      That said, my early favorites aside from Jessica are Phillip’s raw and rustic appeal, Skylar’s enthusiam and energy and Colton’s romancing the crowd. And lately, I’m warming up to Elise. I respect her talent even if I’m not really a fan. But even if I’m rooting for Jessica, I cannot deny that Elise really does great on all her performances… so much in the last few weeks.

      At some point, we may agree on what the author has written about the Idol contestants… at other points… well, we’ll just have to agree to disagree. It is just a matter of preference. And one author does not represent the rest of America, but that one voice/opinion (or vote) does count.

      It is a little distracting (and saddening) to read about haters-comments for certain contestants as well as for the author and some of those who commented on this thread… that I just try to skip all those and move on to more positive reviews and comments.

      I think negative comments draw… just that… negativity. And it won’t help support our favorite Idol contestant at all.

      Branden’s B+ on Jessica this week, although not a low score, still hurts me as a fan when I’ve seen his As on others. But I’ve read harsher reviews in other threads that Branden’s review would actually seem on the fair side. hehe Just my take on it.

      Peace to all! Let’s just enjoy the Idol performances every week and wish our favorites the best of luck in their Idol Journey. 🙂

    • I keep agreeing with people for some reason this afternoon.   I don’t know if these people even truly know what a racist is. Perhaps they should watch the news of the 17 yr old kid shot and killed allegedly for his color and choice of that’s an alleged racist situation.  Further, u r correct in stating that you’re a hater if you disagree is ri GD diculous.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  This is why we live in America.

      • Actually..the man that shot that kid? His best friend is black.  I think the media has turned that tragedy into a racist thing.

  117. Giving DeAndre a D+ and saying he might go home is ridiculous.  His range & control are amazing, he’s beautiful to look at, & he connects with the song & the crowd.  I am frankly sick & tired of people talking about his falsetto, like that’s all he’s made of.  That’s just one part of his outstanding range.  Give this boy the credit he deserves.

    • I am not even a fan of his and I’d give him a B.  He was far better than last week.

  118. Branden hit the nail on the head about Jessica. I was totally awed by her, and here’s te qualifier: for her age. She hasn’t had the life experience to have that soul. She is a natural, a great mimic, and in time, will develop that “soul” quality. I wish that they wouldn’t have dropped the age requirements on the show. These kids that have great potential make it far enough to be disqualified from future contests. Or maybe the rules should be changed on that and must have a two year rest to be able to compete again.  Oh, and yeah that Johnny Lang song by Phillip rocked, and was great on the Lie to Me album. I wonder how many people buy that record as a result of that performance.    

  119. Branden ….lets just say I really look forward to your reviews the morning after Idol.  I don’t always agree with you but thats ok.

    I thought last night was the best show of the season so far.  Even HeeJun was tolerable but he still should be in the bottom three and should go home.

    Phil P. & Elise are starting to become my favorites.   This really is such a diverse group of singers……..each good in their own way.

    I agree that Hollie seems to be the Haley of this season.  I thought she was really good last night.

    Bring back Stevie Nicks…she was awesome last night.  I usually zoom thru the mentoring part but not last night.  She was AWESOME!!!!!!!

    • Hi Phyllis, Phillip is going to be my favorite…very soon! I like him more & more each week!

    • Hi Phyllis G,

      That 3rd line you wrote, can you repeat that for me again, please !!

      Music to my ears when finally people are recognizing true talent.
      It was’nt that long ago my favourite girl is suppose to go home.

      Just saying…………………….. have a nice day my friend, let me know who do you think will sit in the waiting room for the next 8 shows 🙂

    • I agree with everything except comparing Hollie to Haley.  Although I didn’t care for Haley’s voice, at least she had a presence on stage.  Hollie stands there and sings as though she’s at a school recital.   Maybe as her voice matures and she has more experience performing, she’ll do well in the biz.

      • I was referring to the way the judges are treating Hollie.  I really don’t feel that she  deserves the bashing that she is getting from the judges just like they did to Haley last season……sorry if I didn’t make myself clear!!!

  120. Hollie is definitely getting treated unfairly by Randy. A beautiful singer. No gimmics. She truly sings from her heart. I’m a 57 year old guy and she brought tears to my eyes last night.

  121. In my honest opinion, I think Elise needs to go. Her voice to me is like fingernails on a chalkboard. I will not eat. I will go hungry until she goes. And yes, I mean it.

    If they do save someone that’s not Elise, DeAndre, or Heejun, then that doubles the chances of either one of them going home!

  122. I always felt Jashua was great… I don’t see why you say he’s boring. I wud always go back and listen to his performances.
    I never fell for Jessica. I thought she was good but she’s kind of wanna be… not original. Eventhough i like her I’m not so hyped like some people here. Hollie’s voice is infectous. I like the Skylers energy on stage. And I too think Phillip Phillips is a great musician. But it’s time for him to do something little different.

  123. After last night’s performances, Elise, Joshua, Colton, Jessica, and Hollie should definitely be safe. Phillip is a good singer just can’t stand watching him..he tries to impersonate Joe Cocker. That said he should be safe. Skylar sings the exact same way no matter what the song is and because of this I think, unfortunently, because I am a fan of hers, she will be in the bottom 3 with Heejun and DeAndre, with Heejun going home!

  124. I think the judges were overreacting most of the time. Colton and Deandre were horrible but the judges gave them lavish praise anyway. I didn’t truly enjoy last night’s show until Joshua’s turn and then Elise gave the best performance this season has ever seen (yes, I think it’s even better than Jessica’s “I Will Always Love You”). Those two are the only contestants who deserved standing ovation.

    • I agree with you about the Judges overreacting to the performances.  They lavished praise on Colton even though it was pretty bad & boring and no way that Heejun and DeAndre deserved Standing O’s.  I really liked Phillip’s and Joshua’s performance and just loved Elise’s.  I think that people are starting to wake up and understand just how good a singer that she is.  It took a while, but she should cruise into the Top 4 from here and really deserves Top 2 at least, if not to win it all.  I think her versatility is really starting to show and so many of the younger singers are not versatile at all.  They do one thing well – not a range of styles.   

  125. Best of the night:
    Phillip: He grows on me each week & soon will become his fan…but not yet!Good:
    Elsie ( But I still prefer Lambert’s rendition!)
    Heejun: I like his Voice & has improve dramatically from last week!
    Jeesica: Not as good as the 1st week!Average:
    Hollie: So So…nothing special! Another ballad may risk her chance to go further!
    Joshua: don’t like his “throaty” voice & screech on the high notes!Suck:
    DeAndre: sounds like he got grabbed at where it hurts the most & my throat hurt after watching it.
    Skylar: can’t stand her over the top movement
    Colton: exactly waht Braden described on previous column…wrong song choice made him sounds so ordinary….terrible song!!Bottom 3 most likely: DeAndre, Skylar & HollieGoing home: either DeAndre or Skylar would be fine for me!!

    • I prefer all of Adam L. renditions when he was on AI.  These contstants should stay away from any songs that Adam sang on AI because they fail in comparsion………SERIOUSLY…

      Phil is starting to grow on me too!!!!!!

  126. First off I like Elise, she’s one of my favorites. I felt her performance was ok, I can see why everyone liked her, she was exciting and anytime you can sing a Led Zeppelin song good your going to get a good response, but anyone who has lived any kind of night life, go’s to live band clubs has seen this performance many times before, and of course she didn’t come close to Adam Lambert’s “Whole Lotta Love” version.

    • Hi Ron,
      Adam is still the best!  However since he is not competing anymore (wheew, I am glad ) Elise is pretty close LOL

      • I agree on 1/2 of this statement…..Adam is the best.  Elise is good but not that close to Adam’s version………

      • I loved Adam and still do.  Nobody comes close to him…but in this competition, the demographic proves the Bible belt rules the vote along with teenaged girls.  No bible thumber from the belt would ever vote for Adam.  This year the Jesus vote I think is for our tearful Colton.   He sings okay but Elise, Phillip and Joshua blow him out of the my opinion anyway.

    • And a big AMEN to that.  Hollie is just not ready.  It always looks like she’s ready to cry.  Poor little thing.

    • Thank God America doesn’t agree with you.  So..the two guys who are Vote For the Worst’s pick are better? Please.

  127. When we heard Elise was doing Zeplin’s “Whole Lotta Love”, my husband and I both groaned. The she started singing and our jaws dropped. WOW!

    I wish they would quit picking on Heejun! Without his personality, this year would be so dull it wouldn’t be worth watching! Let’s face it, the number of teenagers has dropped the personality level quite a bit. And the kid can sing! His English isn’t perfect, but so what? He needs to quit putting pressure on himself about letting people down and just have fun! If you can’t be proud of the kid for being in the top 9 of American Idol, then you need to get out of his life!

    Speaking of teenagers, why are all of these kids so boring?! They are all singing ballads and not moving! Sing something younger and with some beat to it! Skylar can move like fire, but Jessica and Hollie are starting to get dull. Its coming down to only needing one young ballad singer so one will have to go soon if something doesn’t change.

    PLEASE send Deandre home. Yeah, he has nice hair….but this is a singing competition. I can’t stand any more falcetto. And please tell both him and Joshua to QUIT CRYING!!!! Even Heejun can hold back the tears!

    This year is going to come down to Phillip (who is AMAZING) and maybe Jessica (if she can pick it up). Colton, God Love Him, is good, but he’s getting boring too. He needs to appeal to everyone, not just his chosen few if you get my drift.

    I think AI should continue to let the kids pick their own songs and quit with the kitch. Last night proves the kind of show that can bring. It was the best show they’ve had for quite awhile!

    • I completely agree. Stop with the stupid theme nights and let them sing what they want.  How well do they think Mick Jagger would do on Michael Jackson week or how well would some rapper do on country week?

  128. OMG I am still in awe of Elise…I was not a fan until last night and now, I cannot wait to see her again and get her album….she was flawless and what a hard song she chose. If everyone voted on talent alone, and not who was cute, who’s hair they like, who has nice eyes, Elise should win this whole thing hands down. Congratulation to her to doing something so different and unique…its too bad Jessica and Holly do not try that. I am getting so bored with Jessica and Holly…every week, its the same thing over and over ….a boring ballad..Didnt they learn from Pia that people want to be entertained not put to sleep. Best of the night? Elise, but far and then Phillip….none of the girls were good enough to stay except for Elise…a few of the guys were great.

  129. Wow! This is the best episode I’ve watched so far this season. I couldn’t pick anyone who didn’t do great. So, I would just rank them as to how their performances affected me.

    1. Colton –  I agree with Randy, he has that believability. I felt his performance and I’m glad that he’s not pushing too hard. I also could see him as a finale contender.
    2. Phillip – Like Colton, he could be more believable by not trying to be someone and pushing too hard.
    3. Jessica – I like the fact that she held back a bit and sing plainly the song without rendering it with big vocals. Her voice is just flawless.
    4. Joshua – Oh God, I’m bearing with him as he sings. I don’t know how he’s able to hold on to his emotions and end the song. He did really great!
    5. Elise – The song actually fits her. Though I was continuously being annoyed by her singing gestures and attitude, I have to admit that she nailed the song. It is a good end of the show.
    6. Heejun – Suprisingly, I like his performance. I can feel he’s trying to pull it off all together and do it seriously this time.
    7. Skylar – I’m not a fan but I love the energy. She’s a total performer.
    8. Hollie – Now, I’m getting bored with her. I can’t see anything new with her performance. Though, she looks great in her performance.
    9. Deandre – Yeah I got it! The song is what he should be singing. I’m just getting tired of the things he’s doing with his voice.

    Overall, everyone did great. I can really feel the competition now going on! 

  130. @Branden I really commend your longggg commentary regarding the performances last night. Are you a music teacher? How come you’re giving out grades to the performers whereas you know very well that some of those whom you gave a high grade doesn’t deserve it? B+ for Jessica? Are you sure? I think you need to get a hearing aid man 😛 it’s definitely not heejun who’s going home. Deandre it is. Bottom 3 for me? Deandre, Hollie and Skylar. Peace out 🙂

  131. The fact that Heejun is Asian has nothing to do with the facts that he is NOT one of the best singers. Stop accusing people of being racist because they actually listen with their ears and not the color of their skin.

  132. Why does everyone on this show have to scream to get noticed? Why can’t they sing without all the noise? 
    Heejun came through with a beautiful song last night. I really think when it comes to singing a real song, he is the best. I didn’t even have to cover my ears to listen. And I wonder if he is the only one that can sing with out blowing up our boob tubes?

  133. I have always thought they should pick their own songs.  Having some of these people as mentors or having the contestants sing some of these songs is asinine.
    These young people don’t know who half of these people are! OMG, most of them, like Steven Tyler, are old farts!

    • If they’re going to do these theme weeks then they should get that particular artist to do the mentoring. E.g. for Stevie Wonder week, Stevie should do the mentoring – THAT would be interesting. If the artist is no longer with us a la Whitney and MJ then at least get someone who worked VERY closely with them. Otherwise don’t do it at all, let them sing their own choices each week.

  134. Elise you were the best ….Led Zepplin   Wow!!  You knocked it out the ball park tonight.  I also have to give Phillips  a Wow!!  He hit a homerun , too!!!!

  135. WTH? C- for Colton??? i dont think that makes any sense. Phillip and Colton were the best (again) 

  136. Love Elise!!! Always felt she had it in her.  Phillip and her should be the last 2 standing!!!!

    • They are my favorites also.  But don’t count on Elise..I’m concerned because she isn’t a young teen.  The teens and tweens are all about Jessica, who sings well but doesn’t have the maturity or zing to make it in the real world YET.  I so hope you are right.  Been loving Phillip since the first time I heard his soul scorching voice!

      • Actually, the median age for American idol has not been the teenagers since 2009. It’s well into the 30s.

  137. Hi folks,

    At the start of the final 24 elimination rounds I was not even remotely interested on Elise, until almost everyone here had just about packed her bags for her and counted her out as an Idol Casualty.  Until then I really had not paid attention to her singing and her raspy vocals.

    I started to like her immediately and during the time when she was almost eliminated but chosen as one of 3 wild cards that I really decided that she will be my choice as the dark horse of the competition.  And still do.

    Given the right support by both the voters and the audience she can be a potential contender and can take this all the way.  I don’t consider her as
    a dark horse anymore but someone to watch out for.

    Why am I writing this right now is because I am delighted to see the recent
    change in her standings from going home to a potential winner.

    Now you guys had called me crazy , a nutcake , and even certain particular individual called me a “sizzypuss”, but tha’ts alright, he he he.  Win or loose
    it is sweet to be right once in a while. LOL

    • Ed you really are a diehard I give you that.  I really do like Elise but frankly I don’t think she has the fan base (especially the teeny boppers). She reminds me so much of  Haley, except the judges really like her.
      She has that raspy voice that I really like.  Whatever happens I am sure someone will give her a recording contract.  They gave one to Naima(?), she should definitely get one!!!!!!

      • She is NOTHING like Haley! Haley practically did a pole dance everytime she sang…and Elise has a much better voice than Haley. It’s effortless.

    • You have a point. I was always rooting for Elise, Phil and Jessica since the start of the Hollywood week. There’s nothing crazy about what you said.

    • Oh Puhleeeese! Give me a break already!! I don’t see anywhere that she is possibly a contender to WIN. Maybe in your dreams…you should be listening to that pathetic rendition that Jessica gave last night. …No I’m just kidding…LOL 

      Elise did good on that song. Still think she’s a little too dry in her vocals. But I really think she is still a dark horse. Don’t get too excited too early Ed.

  138. LMAO at Jessica’s face when she didn’t get a standing ovation this week. Hilarious.
    Don’t quite get all the Phillip love – yes he’s pretty good but it’s the same frakking performance every frakking week!
    Elise is brilliant. Really brilliant…hence she won’t win.
    Heejun – great come back.
    Skylark – yawn.
    Hollie – great pipes.
    Deandre – please. My ears are bleeding.
    Joshua – um. I don’t know what to say about this last performance. Only it didn’t do as much for me as it did the judges, clearly. Although I think a cat on heat is enough to get the judges outta their seats these days… Oh and I didn’t believe his little ‘break down’ at the end of the song either. He just wanted to emulate Colton and he failed miserably.
    Colton – well not a great song but sung with such passion and heart that I forgive the crumby choice.

    Jessica, Hollie and Joshua would do well to take a leaf out of Colton’s book when it comes to singing with feeling. He has real emotion going on there – not the manufactured, plastic fantastic you see some of the others serving up.

    • Colton didn’t. I don’t think he’s ever got one from them.

      The now seemingly obligatory standing ovations went to: Elise, Heejun, Deandre, Phillip and Joshua

  139. BlueJs are this year’s glamberts, claymates, haliens, and so on! And it’s EXTREMELY irritating. To me anyway.

  140. My Top 8 Rankings:1.  Jessica Sanchez – very consistent, versatile, dynamic and powerful with her performances for the past 4 weeks. The best vocalist in the competition. She has also a wide fan-based. 2.  Philip Phillips – consistent and puts his own style and arrangements to his songs, that’s why many loves how he sings.3.  Joshua Ledet – consistent except his last week performance. Great voice and he puts so much passion in his every performance.4.  Elise Testone –  she is becoming a dark horse for the last 2 weeks. She is gong back in the competition and if she keeps doing what she do best, she might catapult to the top of the rankings.5.  Colton Dixon –  consistent and a great performer. Handsome too. But his performances are not way over the top. He has to put more vocal dynamics to his renditions to beat Philip.5.  Skylar Laine – she is a dynamic performer and consistent. Great voice too. Country pop star. But lacks the versatility to her voice.6.  Hollie Cavanagh – she has one of the best voices and top singers in the competition during the inaugurals, but she is slipping down slowly because of her last 2 performances. She’s sounding too strained and pitchy at times. She has to go back next week to stay back in the competition.7.  De andre Brackensick – he is a great artist. But too much falsetto (which many ordinary people can do anyway) is becoming very inappropriate and annoying too. I hope he goes back to his natural and beautiful chest voice. Not too use too much of his falsetto which sounds too fake for me.You may have your own preferences and analysis. This is my own. 🙂

  141. My Top 8 Rankings:1.  Jessica Sanchez – very consistent, versatile, dynamic and powerful with her performances for the past 4 weeks. The best vocalist in the competition. She has also a wide fan-based. 2.  Philip Phillips – consistent and puts his own style and arrangements to his songs, that’s why many loves how he sings.3.  Joshua Ledet – consistent except his last week performance. Great voice and he puts so much passion in his every performance.4.  Elise Testone –  she is becoming a dark horse for the last 2 weeks. She is gong back in the competition and if she keeps doing what she do best, she might catapult to the top of the rankings.5.  Colton Dixon –  consistent and a great performer. Handsome too. But his performances are not way over the top. He has to put more vocal dynamics to his renditions to beat Philip.5.  Skylar Laine – she is a dynamic performer and consistent. Great voice too. Country pop star. But lacks the versatility to her voice.6.  Hollie Cavanagh – she has one of the best voices and top singers in the competition during the inaugurals, but she is slipping down slowly because of her last 2 performances. She’s sounding too strained and pitchy at times. She has to go back next week to stay back in the competition.7.  De andre Brackensick – he is a great artist. But too much falsetto (which many ordinary people can do anyway) is becoming very inappropriate and annoying too. I hope he goes back to his natural and beautiful chest voice. Not too use too much of his falsetto which sounds too fake for me.You may have your own preferences and analysis. This is my own. 🙂

  142. HI Phyllis G,
    Did you check the polls who was number 2  this week ?
    You already counted Elise out 3 weeks ago.  And for someone who does not have a fan base she is still around and climbing up pretty fast.
     Next week is 80’s week , you know what is 80’s week is, that’s cougar territory, watch out there may be a cougar on the loose, LOL
    You cannot compare Haley to Elise, for one thing Haley does have a nasty attitude.  Elise never argued or even said boo to the judges while Haley
    did that every single week until she was eliminated.  Although one thing that I would like to  happens is she will stick around as long as Haley did and maybe even longer.  Time will tell.

     I really don’t care if she gets eliminated even next week , I like her and that’s that.

  143. To rate Holly or Skylar’s performance better than hers, it’s clear you have something against Jessica. 

    • Oh stop. Maybe they just like country music more than pop music. That doesn’t mean they have something against your beloved Jessica.

  144. Branden, If you like the song Phillip did, you need to check out the original by Jonny Lang. It is soooo much better than the way Phillip sang it. I’m not saying I was not entertained but Phillip’s version. But for me, it did not compare to the original. And I am certain Jonny Lang was quite young when he first recorded it.

    • Actually, I LOVE Johnny Lang but I have to admit I liked Phillip’s version just as much. I would definitely buy his CD. I think he would be excellent in concert. It would be a fun show…

  145. Week by week  Hollie just proves she can’t do anything to beat Jessica’s performance. Skylar will be a better female opponent, but I love to see Elisa in finals with Jessica…Two great singer in different dimension.

  146. HeeJun went home? Omg Im like crying now. Now I have practically no reason to watch this. America I hope you guys are glad that this is out of your way, cause I sure aint. AMERICAS WHYYYYYYY! ( Not being a racist, I’m just soooooo angry…… )

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